On IIkley Moor Bout At’? : Feedback request Please

Matthew Delooze Talk in Ilkley West Yorkshire?

On llkley Moor Bout’ At”

Where has ta’ bin since I saw Thee?
On llkley Moor Bout at’?
Then we will have t’ bury thee.
Then we will have t’ bury thee.
On Ilkley Moor Bout at’!
That’s where we get us o’wan back
That’s where we get us o’wan back
On Ilkley Moor Bout at’!!

Hello all, I am seeking feedback from anyone interested in attending a full day talk, which I am planning to do in (Ilkley) West Yorkshire in September 2014, if it is wanted. If you could email me info@oneballmedia.com or leave a short comment below I would be very grateful.  There would be no ticket charge (small (non-obligatory) donations requested to assist the room hire costs).


  Burley Moor (Ilkley)

Thanking all

Welcome To One Ball – HAUL On The Bowlin’ – The Bowlin’ HAUL

Hello Folks…

I have been very occupied with many issues in recent weeks, and my physical health has been seriously poor. That said I would like to thank, from the depths of my very being, the 33 people who turned up in Blackpool last month. I’m sure your steps will serve you well in the future. Thank you!

I would like to remind folks of the initial newsletter I posted on reopening oneball 11 months ago. Haul on the Bowlin’ was not written as some sort of emotive bullshit introduction to the website. It was actually serious. It’s now very clear that not many folks actually read it and sadly even less understood it.  It is re-posted below.

I will be answering all emails sent to me very soon (health permitting) I apologise for my absence.

‘I will walk any desert to find my Rain and the Gates Of Hades shall not prevail against me’
Matthew Delooze 10th November 2007

Thank You.


HAUL On The Bowlin’ – The Bowlin’ HAUL

Haul the Bowline

Haul on the bowline, before she start a-rolling
Haul on the bowlin’, the bowlin’ haul!
On the bowline, the Captain is a-growling
Haul on the bowlin’, the bowlin’ haul!
(From the Sea Chantey Haul on the Bowline)

Hello folks,

I am happy to say that One Ball is now live. It would not be here without the generosity and / or good will of very, very few individuals that have faith in the information I have provided. You can visit One Ball via www.oneballmedia.com    or    www.matthewdelooze.com

I would be grateful if any of you could pass on those links to anyone you feel the information on One Ball could help. I will point out that there are no adverts on One Ball and there isn’t a shop, a Google checkout or a donate button to be seen either. One Ball is not after selling you anything. One Ball is not a website connected to a clique that will bombard the hell out of conspiracy punters or truthers with the same daily looping conspiracy fodder until they surrender and subscribe to some movement or leader.

My friend, just how many movements does a stupefied human race need to join to see that movements actually move us ‘nowhere’.  If you cannot see, or even accept it is possible, that soulless marketeers and even mainstream religions are operating covertly through the same truther business cliques whilst sharing the same alternative propaganda and sharing the same ‘customers’, then maybe One Ball is not for you.

One Ball is not a truth movement website.

My writings were/are actually suppressed, ignored or ridiculed by the vast majority of truth movement (the lie movement) in general, therefore the work will not be linked in many places and therefore it will be ignored or unseen by those now totally programmed by the very movements that claim only governments actually program them. Therefore I will obviously eternally remain an outcast by the deluded awakenees and ‘truthers’ that have now totally swapped one control system for another.

Sadly it didn’t take much to persuade them to actually swap one control system for another either did it? Or can you not see it yet?

One Ball is not a fake business that freely displays shit and mind controlling sensationalism, all stolen or taken from other websites of course, just to direct punters to click on adverts and donate buttons or lead visitors to their own shop to purchase their own goods (Ker-Ching). That scam has been going on many years through many movements and nothing will change.

Again One Ball does not display a donate button for the work displayed on it (Ker Ching – Ker Ching). The unique info and website itself has been supplied free because the information is ‘given’ to help, it is not here to take. The information on One Ball is simply there for those that actually connect to the information provided, whilst it can be provided. If you don’t connect to it then obviously its worthless to you anyway. If this is the case then please do not waste your time with it.

The information being displayed on One Ball (By Matthew Delooze) is sent to try and enlighten people from within themselves to help them try to see how this world enslaves its inhabitants. The easiest way to see this enslavement in practice is by actually seeing right through the things we all unknowingly but willingly do on a daily basis. One Ball is not here to ascend you, only you can do that if you believe that is what you need to do, but it is here to help you see the chains that are around us.

If you believe you are already truthful and free and have already chosen your guru or fully support a movement that you believe has made you free, then obviously again the work on One Ball is totally useless to you. The information supplied on one ball is and never was here here to help create a mindless mob of deluded ‘enlightened warrior drones’ or help to mentally prime them to physically overthrow our corrupt leaders.  Human history is awash with pathetic truth movements and their ‘ascended masters’ that simply brainwashed and then led the moronic stupefied masses to replace their blatant oppressors with more beguiling oppressors. It is fact that the so called truth movements of the past only ever led the masses to more pain and deeper physical, psychological and spiritual enslavement. My friends, the modern day ones can only ever do the same.

I’m afraid the most recent and modern day truth movement’s can or will inevitably only ever take us on another physical revolution that will lead to more enslavement, but of course only after we have been bombarded with enough propaganda to brainwash us to do so though.

Indeed I suggest, if you want to be part of or you are already in the ‘VIVA the truth movement brigade’ that you actually stop pissing about and actually reveal yourself to the corrupt governments from behind your cowardly avatars and start a massive, boots on ground, revolution now. I suggest you get right behind the big gobs and the millionaires (or wanna be millionaires) that are actually running modern day truth movements then take up a gun and start another bloody revolution, marching under the hypocritical banner of truther enlightenment (under the guise of being peaceful and true whilst murdering and lying of course). Please, feel free to be the most modern ‘mob’ to date and go march to the White House and Buckingham Palace and throw the buggers out. The problem will be solved then eh? Maybe a Free TV license to boot too?

Anyone wanting a physical revolution has my very best wishes in their endeavours, but it’s simply not for me and I know it’s simply not for other certain souls out there too. We have had enough of the Big Gobs and movements of freedom long ago eh?

One Ball is only here to help trigger and awaken individuals and to help free them from the DEEP hypnotism they live under and have lived under for many lives. It is here to help prepare certain individuals for future events coming to this world. It is not here to become part of some sort of robot rally call for what is basically a tin pot boys brigade of drones posing as brave enlightened truthers.

The Hypnotism we are under is not broken simply by chanting ’9/11 was an inside job’ for 12 years and getting the guillotines out again. It is certainly not broken by worshiping clever businessmen either. Well is it?  This website is definitely not here to inspire you to physically revolt or replace one corrupt movement with another, or even replace one leader with another. Changing the face of a leader solves nothing in the long term. I said many years ago if you need to choose a guru choose wisely.

The work on this website is totally unique, although some ‘truthful’ people steal the theories for their own ends, and the messages within this unique work are sent to help and enlighten those that connect to it. It is not for scoffers and liars. The messages cannot help them at all… ever.

One Ball is only here to spark something in those that are, like me, from the past too. It is to help some people remember who they are. It is here to help break down the hypnosis they are under. These people were put under many levels of this hypnosis a very long time ago by what I named the Serpent Cult in 2002.

One Ball is here to ‘eventually’ fully remind any friends of who they really are from the past, and show them the trickery and the rituals that has entranced them. It is also here, whilst it is here, to trigger and remind them of what is to come to this world. ‘The Past is Calling’ just as it promised you it would and one day you will see that! The past is the only thing that can help awaken you, because it was indeed the past itself that left a seed in you until it could come back and help germinate it. That seed has kept some of us from becoming one of the totally helpless morons, slaves for the Serpent, we now openly see in the sheer madness unfolding around us…  in this sick soulless world.

The past left many a seeds for many a souls. The past will never desert you or let you down, BUT it will always do what has to be done to help you come out of from your slumber, including hitting you on the head at times with a piss-pot full of piss if need be!

 Indeed, that said, if you feel I’m insulting you personally in some of my writings, as some have said I do, then the information on One Ball is not for you. Please take the hint that you are sent through the writings if you feel this way, and please go look elsewhere for guidance and support if you feel this way because I cannot help you. I have never purposely meant to insult any awakenee, the messages have usually come ahead of time, especially about forum drones etc. Sadly the forum drones will not realise they have been had until its too late, its the same with the moronic groupies too.

  Many people do not realise the power of certain writings or understand, metaphorically speaking, that if the wrong seeds come to the wrong water they will not grow, they will die. Some of the very few genuine writers and messengers, those sent from spirit and in this world at the moment, do not care about that kind of situation and will draw in any fish like any heartless trawler would and damage them just to find the sort of fish they want. I do not want to do that and I won’t do that. I care that I do not damage some fish, just as as much as I care about successfully awakening some fish.

So if you dislike Matthew Delooze’s water or indeed his fishing boat, simply stay away from both. Good luck to you.

Some of the writings in the past and certainly some to come soon may appear rude to those that take them personally. I don’t wish to appear rude but please don’t use your own stupidity to insult yourself. If you class yourself as a pathetic conspiracy anorak then that’s your doing not mine. I have never purposely insulted anyone personally writing in this way. Indeed how can I personally insult an ‘anonymous’ Avatar who hides in a corner pretending they are awake and free anyway? I don’t know who they are. I haven’t a clue. Indeed they even pathetically try to hide themselves from themselves, so how the hell would I know them then? I use the term pathetic conspiracy anorak in general. It is directed at no one on a personal level. The term was used ahead of time in the hope the term would be picked up after 2012.

My friend the truth is…  if you have to be buttered up and pampered to receive the truth, nay buttered up and pampered to be ‘sold’ the truth, then you will never ever get it. You could only ever receive lies that way…  but believe me many people like receiving lies….  its easier to live with you see.

  Please look at yourself and wake up, don’t look at me to help you run away from yourself by having me as scapegoat. It really is time to face yourself not hide behind phoney forum buddies, believe me your phoney forum buddies are just as fake as some of us are. I’m only really here to help you… face you.

I get all the dirty jobs. And for no bloody pay I can tell ya!  


The work on this website already includes, and will include more symbolic and cryptic messages in the future. Some of these messages, were sent through important shamanic ceremony experiences and rituals in South America too, and once these writings are completed, along with other information to be published, I truly believe they will help people in the future. There are forces in this world that are nearly ready to unite and help people. I’ve no doubt you will laugh at that statement but it is true.


One Ball is here to help you look and help you see…. YOU

Most of my past articles and news reports are on the website and I hope to add material as best as I can, if and when I can in the future. But it is time for friends to progress. I also have a project titled ‘Father’ to finish. I hope to complete it before I leave this shithole of a world. This material will appear intermittently and therefore I feel its important to register for newsletters to keep permanently connected to the site, especially so should there be long gaps between publications. Again One Ball will not bombard you with daily fodder and propaganda in any shape or form and it will only display information intermittently. I am not here to entertain you and entrap you as a ‘customer’.  If that’s what you want, daily entertainment and marketing,… go get it the internet is full of it.

I have only one pair of hands, my work is individually unique and personally created in the way it is. It is not copied and pasted from others, anyone can do that!  I have to do everything myself, I have no managers or arsewipers and unfortunately my health is up and down and although my heart and head is willing, my situation keeps smacking me in the nose and I stub my big toe a lot too, not that my nose is on my foot and although I’m still ugly enough to be a best selling Picasso painting I’m not quite that bad yet.

I have not published all the works I wanted to publish from the 2010-2012 period but it was clear I was not in a position too.

This website is not here to wake you up, but it is here to ‘help’ you ‘see’ for as long as it is helping you see. If it stops helping anyone its meant to help, it will simply go away and indeed those that come with a fake heart will not ever gel with it anyway.  I believe you can regain your true powers and although I truly believe a force is in this world and will one day be seen to be in this world/will be in this world to ‘help’ Break the Serpent’s Spell I have always believed only you can break the spell and you can only do that and you can only do it through your own eyes and through your own experiences.

You have to see things yourself, no one can sell it to you via proxy, and the information on One Ball was/is to help you do that as events in the world unfold in such a way in the future, no one can sell it you. You have to heal yourself too. Only you can do it! Only you can learn to realise what actually needs healing within you as an individual, only you can learn to see what enslaves you and binds you to this world, and when you do the means to heal yourself will appear, but only time and world events will show you… you.

The kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it.

(Ancient Proverb displayed in the Temple of Karnak Egypt)

The chains of your enslavement in this world are unique in a way and only you can break the links because only you welded those links together. We are collectively enslaved but our own individual ‘sins’, committed to and on our self, helped create those chains. I hope you can understand that.

I’m sure if you don’t now you will at a later date.

To friends I say the seed inside you is only in the early stages of germination and the beauty of what can grow in you is massive, far beyond the shit and the lies and the misery of this sick world.

You can have help, you can be shown things, but those things really are just help, they are not a guaranteed front row pass, with toffee popcorn included, ‘to enlightenment’. You can’t buy enlightenment no matter how glossy the cover of the DVD is or how many wonderful pages there are in a book.

You can’t receive enlightenment simply by reading a library full of books but still not accommodating just one free and unique thought in your head. That is not enlightenment it is programming.  Academia is one of the biggest illusions going, its simply manufactured manna for egotists not spiritualists.

We have to actually feel the truth getting into us and witness it shaking the dis-ease that has imprisoned our hearts, and we cannot fake that like we bloody well fake everything else in this world. We cannot buy it. We cannot hijack it. The spirit of truth does not visit liars and scoffers.

We have to want it, if you really want it…  it will be given, if you really seek it… you really will find it. It will not be easy for some to swap their comfortable fakery for uncomfortable truth and the Serpent will make it very difficult for those that actually want to, some will be very hurt by the truth they see unfold in their lives. I mean difficult as a ‘true’ difficult not a ‘fake’ difficult. It will hurt. IT WILL HURT! That’s why many run a mile from the information on this website and then seek to demonise the messenger.


I tried to make some folks ‘look’  through their own eyes for several years. I’m not a fantasist nor deluded (Well I may be deluding myself that I’m not actually deluded eh?). Indeed I mostly only tell folks about things that are going on right under their physical noses (and physical eyes). Most things on this website are about physical 5 sense things that you join in with year after year, time after time.

Its not about aliens its about your daily life. It’s about making vows. It’s about making promises and how the human race blindly defend the numerous rituals they wiilingly take part in yet do not even understand. Again it is not fantasy or silly tales of aliens, it is initially about physical things going right under their noses and the hypnotism is there for them to see and feel. But alas the masses keep defending the things going on right under their noses, therefore they are still enslaved and will remain enslaved. You are bound by what you defend.

I do not do science fiction or knowingly bullshit anyone. I’m not here to create business either. I’m here to break free and help others break free and to remember their past. I’m here to help germinate the seeds inside them. Sadly when they do remember their past they really won’t like what they have become.

Human beings have always pissed on any messenger that’s been sent to help them, but I do not expect anything else from a a very sick species of sex abusing stupefied apes (the human race). But I also know you will piss on the very messenger for having the balls to say, even though its sheer truth, indeed what else can an arrogant race of deluded academics and sick greedy selfish souls actually do? How else can any messenger of truth describe the human race but as a species of sex abusers and liars (See Dance to your Daddy?) Should the messenger of truth lie? If the messenger of truth lies then he is accepted and praised simply because this world only accommodates liars and sex abusers… Sex abuse and lies ‘are this world’.

How can a species of liars ever hear the truth and how can a species of sex abusers stop committing sexual abuse? How much truth can truthers actually accept before they simply kill the messenger because they don’t like the truth?

That said…  the spirit of truth is the spirit of truth…

I’m afraid none of us can invent the truth to suit our chosen fluffy wallpaper for eternity, we either eventually accept the truth or we will totally ignore it in the hope the truth goes away. (It’s not the end times are upon us) It’s easy for us to accept and actually ‘see’ the truthful things we like to see pointed out. It is not so easy to actually see and accept the truthful things we don’t like to see pointed out. I will always point both out. And of course I more than realise i can only be pissed on for so long.

I cannot supply the half of the truth you may want to hear or see. I can only supply the whole message as it was and is supplied to me. I cannot ever change the message, nor will I use guile or false personalities to deliver it. I respect you too much to do that.

I say and know through the massive experiences I have had to endure that…

‘The truth comes as a whole…  not as a segment’.

The truth is like an orange, and no matter who you are, you will need to see, taste and obviously accept that the rind, the pith and the pips actually exist and are truly ‘part’ of whole orange before you can be truly refreshed by the juicy follicles.  If you don’t there will obviously be no refreshment available in the future!

I can only promise to try to produce the messages that will help people that connect to them. I can only ask that the people on this list and visitors to the site actually spread links to the articles on this website to their friend’s email box, if only to those articles they connect to. I have no other means to spread the information. It is in your hands. It only remains for me to thank the very few individuals that have help build One Ball and the very few supporters that have always been so kind to me. It is for those few that have faith that made sure One Ball is here.

I ask those few to help me ‘Haul on the Bowline’ and make it taut.  It’s a far cry to pay day… but that day will come and you will have earned it when it does.

My contact details are on the contact page. Any response to this newsletter should be made to info@oneballmedia.com.

There is no official forum as such on this website, but please feel free to use comments sections to communicate with each other. I only ask its not used as a battle ground. There is a ‘contact us’ page if you want to say anything privately or simply email me.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

25TH APRIL 2013

(Updated and reposted April 2014)


Matthew Delooze in Blackpool on Saturday March 8th 2014

Beside the Sea?


Hello Folks

I hope this short message finds you healthy, in what is for some, very challenging times indeed.  My empathy and my heart is with those that are feeling the pains of change within themselves and I try to send my strength (if I bloody well have any) to those that currently see and more importantly feel the world around them literally not wanting those changes to take place.  (I will mention this in better detail this coming week)

Unfortunately I have had some distractions since the recent solstice rituals, some of them being very debilitating too, but that said some distractions have been educating at the same time.

Whatever the reason for the distractions I am very much not in the position I thought I would be in or would have liked to be in I would be in by this time. In this brief newsletter I would like to ask friends for a second time to please help pass on details of the talk I am going in Blackpool on Saturday March 8th 2014 (less than three weeks away) to anyone you may feel it is appropriate to do so. That is all I ask. I ask nothing else. I sincerely inform friends again that I need support at this time, it really is important and the event will affect my immediate direction and my immediate future. I am telling you the truth.

I wholeheartedly thank the few people that have posted links to details of the talk already. I can only ask friends to make one last effort to post details of the talk this week.

 I will be back on line/website in just couple of days.  If anyone wants any details of the talk please email me.  The Basic Details are below……


Matthew Delooze
‘Disentrancing the Entranced’

Saturday 8th March 2014

10:30 am  – 4:00pm  Doors Open 10:15am

The Global Room

at the

Solaris Centre
South Promenade (At The Mirror Ball)


There is no ticket charge (Hey that’s a first in Conspiracy ‘Sell Your Mother’ World)… small donations towards room hire are appreciated but not demanded.

The 4/5-hour talk will cover an overview of Matthew Delooze’s very unique theories and powerful spiritual messages.  Matthew will describe his strange childhood experiences and his eventual very traumatic awakening in the 1990’s. An Epiphany in October 1998 created a very forceful spiritual direction in Matthew that literally pushed him on a massive journey into general research and then onto yet unmeasured personal enlightenment. He will present some of the totally unique information gained from that direction in the same no holds barred way in which he received it. Matthew Delooze has been trying to expose the many ways in which human beings create their own permanent spiritual and physical enslavement through the very actions and traditions they perceive to be harmless and benevolent.


To reserve a seat please email matthew@oneballmedia.com (I won’t bite)

Matthew Delooze at the Blackpool Ball

Solaris-centre-logo722x213  Matthew Delooze
‘Disentrancing the Entranced’

Saturday 8th March 2014

10:30 am  – 4:00pm  Doors Open 10:15am

The Global Room

at the

Solaris Centre
South Promenade (At The Mirror Ball)


There is no ticket charge (Hey that’s a first in Conspiracy Sell Your Mother World)… small donations towards room hire are appreciated but not demanded.


Full Details coming soon…   but to reserve a seat please email matthew@oneballmedia.com (I won’t bite)

On Christmas Day In The Morning? By Matthew Delooze

On Christmas Day In The Morning?


By Matthew Delooze

  Then let us all rejoice, amain,
On Christmas day, on Christmas day,
Then let us all rejoice, amain,
On Christmas day in the morning.
From the song I saw Three Ships Come Sailing In.

It seems quite a long time ago (2005) since I wrote ‘So Is This Christmas?’. That said I realise that it is only now that a few folks will begin to see that it really is the truth. Please feel free to read it again whilst the Serpent’s hypnosis is in full flow around you again! Mind you I suppose I missed writing down a very important part of the Christmas deception in So Is This Christmas. I have brought it up in a talk or two but I never put it in writing properly. I will mention it now.

Please Click Here To Read It Now

The Parable of Prinny the Pigeon

The Parable of Prinny the Pigeon

_46674795_woodhouse_200911040002By Matthew Delooze

“As I find myself, soon to be moving on to the next stage of my journey, I am more than glad to mark the milestone with a parable. The parables have many meanings, but I believe the parable can and will help certain folks in the future and I say to those few that realise its meaning ‘at later date’, when I will not be around, that it was sent with great love from a powerful force to help you” 

Click Here To Read The Parable

There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium! – The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement on Planet Earth

There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium!

6a016764d242da970b016305a9a222970d-600wi The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement on Planet Earth

By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks, I hope everyone is OK in these difficult times. The need for faith in one’s direction is at a high point but so is the trust in one’s heart to adhere to that faith. It’s time to move forward for me, especially regarding information surrounding what I called the ‘second net’ in 2008.

Click Here To Read It Now

Matthew Delooze On WBAI 99.5FM Pacifica Radio Tonight

 …Tonight 10pm (EST)… TONIGHT 10PM (EST)... Tonight 10pm

WBAI 99.5FM In Other News With Geoff Brady


Matthew Delooze on the…

The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement


The Truth & New Age Movement Scam

18th November 2013 10 PM (EST)

Click Here to Listen Live

(Recording will be available later for UK Daytime Listeners)



David Icke: Exposing the Magicians We Believed To Be Real?

David Icke: Exposing the Magicians We Believed To Be Real?


Or…  It’s all Bollocks… But If You Touch Me Like This & I Kiss You Like That…..

A Delooze News Report

“When a man is running from his boss
Who holds a gun that fires cost
And people die from being old
Or left alone because they’re cold
And bombs are dropped on fighting cats
And children’s dreams are run with rats
If you complain you disappear
Just like the lesbians and queers”
From the Song Helpless Dancer

Hello Folks,

This is just a short news report folks.  It is not written with any bad intention or bitterness it is written for the few that might actually hear what’s being said.  On the face of it the actions I report only affects and upsets me personally, that said the principles involved may have important meaning on a far bigger scale.  I have good reasons for writing this news report.

Anyway I was very innocently alerted and then triggered by four or five different people recently.  I initially didn’t take much notice at first but then the same trigger kept coming to me and this persistent trigger eventually led me to break off from working to focus on the things actually being pointed out to me.

I was alerted, very innocently on one hand and intentionally on the other to some trivial events on the David Icke Headlines page. Obviously David Icke Headlines page needs no introduction from me.  It is a popular page that contains many news item taken from other sites around the net. Many truther /  new age websites use the tactic of using news on the Internet to keep interest gong and to attract traffic to adverts and sales outlets on their on site. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, especially if it brings traffic to the websites that the ‘news’ is taken from.

Obviously its vital to any business to keep interest alive and many websites end up spreading the same links. The only downside to such a system is that usually the links become more than just random news snippets… they create cliques.

That is not the point of this news report though.

Any it was openly suggested to me a while ago that David Icke had been slowly introducing my theories (Drip Drip effect) on his website as his own material. Basically ‘Thieving Work’ in working class terminology) Obviously I pointed out to my newsletter list last year that I believed David Icke had used my ‘detailed’ Olympics material as his own and sold it in his newsletter. I’d also noticed he had been slowly using small but regular indications on his website that he was using my detailed theories.   The most recent one being the info regarding how the Hymn God Save the Queen is used against the masses to get them to make binding vows of spiritual surrender. Anyone that read The Stars Are Falling will know I wrote about this specifically in 2005 and generally many times since then in articles. The Stars Are Falling is registered at the Book Legal Deposit. David Icke read the book several times and actually sold it his website in 2006/7.

I publish a screen shot of the words used by David Icke to sell his newsletter this week. The image and words used to sell the newsletter reflect my theories and my work from the past and those that know me and my work already know this.

icke 2

A most recent small example of theory and information theft David Icke Headlines 8/11/13

The Obviously this sort of claim does not/will not gel with David’s worshippers. Sadly, I’m afraid I’m actually telling the truth. But again I realise this thing only upsets me directly, no one else.  And theft of work is a regular done thing in the so called righteous awakened, truthful and love n light communities. Anyway the truth is the only noticeable growth in such communities is sheer blind hypocrisy. What a future they have! The image above was not used by David Icke in his Newsletter. he only used it on his headlines page when selling the Newsletter. His Newsletter this week is here you will see the image was changed from the one used on his website.

It is also clear to me that if David Ickes headlines page continue to use the ‘drip drip’ affect of slowly stealing theories, as it has done with mine for a few years now, then within a relatively short period of time the people visiting the site or reading books, or even going to lectures will believe that the theories are indeed Davids.  The work thieves then refer drones to their own manufactured references to the stolen material from when the drip drip affect process actually started.


Just steal a few lines at a time until you look like it was yours all along

Which is of course is a very well tested and regular scam used by many plagiarists and/ or businessmen that are deceiving people and leading them to ‘goods on sale’. I don’t want to drone on crying over work/theory theft. But feel its time to point out such trickery and the drip drip affect of stealing theories is not nice when the creation of the original theory caused so much suffering to the author and others.

Mind you there are also other small but very low down tricks being used on the David Icke website very recenly, either by ‘Team Icke’ or David Icke himself. That is the low down trick of using web ‘links’ that contain the titled work of others, for search engines etc, to redirect to another page. The fake link is created to direct the surfer to another website, usually a page selling goods.

My Swinging on the Gates of Hades article  used to attract a few folks at this time of year, especially when searched out by word of mouth. David used my Swinging on the Gates of Hades as his ‘headline page fodder’ in 2007 when it was originally written but it appears he decided to use the title this year.

I’ll explain… I was very innocently informed, initially by a very sweet young lady, but by more than one person that David Icke was now openly displaying my ‘Swinging On the Gates of Hades’ article on his Headlines Page ‘again’.  I knew he wouldn’t so i thought oh no he isn’t! (Well it is panto time all year round is the hypocritical truth movement isn’t it?) Actually being told such a thing confused me very much as I thought surely he’s not going to actually re-alert his readers to my own very detailed material again, in my name,especially as he is slowly hijacking my theories and information and has been doing so for quite a while.  My thoughts were justified and true because on actually checking out the claims I found out that my uniquely entitled Swinging On The Gates of Hades Remembrance Day Exposed article was actually being ‘used’ via twitter and Icke’s own headlines page as a link to something totally different. My title was being used as a link to a page showing a very short ‘poppy day article from mainstream media’ but more noticable was that the link went to a page of flashy adverts for bullshit health goods but mainly to his ‘forthcoming book’, his ‘major second talk at Wembley’ and of course sign up to the ‘David Icke Newsletters’.

My unique title of Swinging on the Gates of Hades was simply being used as a ‘link’. The actual article wasn’t even there. I post screen shots of the links below just to show. You will see Google display my article title and my brief description but the links via Icke Headlines lead to something totally different.

icke 4

Swinging on The Gate Of Hades Link David Icke Headlines 8th November 2013

The link to Swinging On The Gates of Hades actually went to a page with a mainstream news item and a page full of adverts.

icke 5

Swing On The Gates Of Hades to Books , Talks Newsletters and Fake ‘Quacky’ Merchandise.

My unique title of Swinging on the Gates of Hades was simply being used as a ‘link’. The actual article wasn’t even there. I post screen shots of the links below just to show. You will see Google display my article title and my brief description but the links via Icke Headlines lead to something totally different.

Obvious it’s just an error eh? Yes I have heard about these errors before when my blogs were hijacked and used to redirect any surfers and other links have been abused too. But obviously this error was contagious as the same error was posted on Twitter too.

icke swinging

Icke’s obviously fake Twitter Swinging on the Gates of Hades Link. 8/11/13

Mind you he did use a few words of ‘my words’ from the article just for Google of course.

icke 3

Google’s Swinging on the Gates of Hades link to Dave’s Book adverts, Newsletter advert and Wembley Advert

Maybe David really did want to promote Swinging On A Gate of Hades again as he did when he was selling my books and taking every penny of profit from them, and it is a clerical error? I can only hope so BUT his drip drip method of plagiarism would come unstuck if he actually republished the aerticle from its original author wouldn’t he? Again these things are trivial to anyone else other than the original author of material being slowly stolen, and therefore trivial to anyone else but the creator of the Swinging on the Gates of Hades that was used to deceptively attract visitors, no matter how small the number, to the merchandise of the ‘Business’ trading as David Icke Books Ltd.  At the end of the day the link entitled Swinging on the Gates of Hades didn’t lead to Swinging on the Gates of Hades at all. In fact it didn’t go anywhere near the bloody Gates. It went to Icke’s Merchandise.

Which is a bit ironic seeing there are no adverts or cash registers on this website. Maybe David or his nodding dog  webmaster simply want to take disrespectful piss. No worries I can take a joke.

That said, yes the lesson is emotionally harsh and very hurtful only for me but at least I easily see and maybe show a few the bigger picture behind the real mentality, the real true nature and the real intention of supplying information on the Icke website. And I say “If these principles are used with my humble work and fake links to my work then how many others receive/received the same treatment?”

How would Icke or Team Icke Ltd. react to receiving similar treatment from those in the truth business, which obviously becomes more of a greedy celebrity circus everyday?

Indeed aren’t we talking ‘business declarations’ of infinite love is the only truth here? Well aren’t we? We are not supposed to be talking con-tricks, hypocrisy and deception are the only truths are we?  Sadly we are though.  Maybe the directors of the obviously moral-less business, trading as David Icke Books Ltd., need to rapidly change their mission statement?  Well don’t they?

I wrote about the truth movement many times the latest being here. I wrote it out of direct experience not delusion.

I have only showed you a couple of examples of very recent activity regarding the drip drip affect of the unfolding plagiarism and low life ‘link tricks.’ I tell you the truth I have many other examples, dating back even before my Olympics material was shamelessly stolen and sold on Icke’s business website last year. Again this may not gel with David Icke drones, that often represent the three wise monkeys, but I assure you I’m telling the truth.

Please don’t get me wrong I’m not daft. I realise all businesses use such petty con-tricks, thievery and hijacking in this sick world and the point is, obviously, that the truther websites are sadly worse than most.  What sort of movement uses such tactics as methods of basic foundation and progress in a movement that claims to speak truth? The Fagin Movement?

I have written a few articles on the truth movement in recent times. This was the most recent one. I can only provide such info I can’t make you believe it. I also told anyone that connects to what I write, many times, to learn from what happens to me and how I am treated by the movement itself and from the many sections of programmed drones that literally wallow like begging puppies within it.  I came with truth but truth is really really not wanted in a fake, totally business run, truth movement and its groupie infested audience.

Therefore I sincerely and honestly say to those drone in the audience today.  You are told to get off your knees?  “Get Off Your Knees?” What you?  “Don’t make me laugh”… simply roll over again and wait for your next biscuit to arrive and have your belly tickled by the likes of pathetic forthcoming stooges and ‘script reader’ like Russell Brand.

I realise I shouldn’t be saying things like that at this time. But sadly I’m not under hypnosis in this shithole of a world.

I also realise that People’s Voice TV is coming next week. Wow! People’s voice TV is being hyped on a par with the official rapture arriving to the selected awakened ones eh? I call it Big Gob TV (affectionately of course) simply because of the logo, but sadly even the logo was stolen from the old Downey TV show, such is the continuous policy and honesty within the broader truth movement. I think the most accurate description is ‘David Icke TV’ (but shussshh it the People’s Voice) and it is obviously sponsored in a similar, but on a far smaller scale, way to the BBC via the TV licence subscriptions, although the David Icke TV license is totally voluntary. Hey maybe the Freedom on the Land folks can advise the sponsors of Big Gob TV how to dodge Big Gob TV subscription charges, such is the lunacy involved.

big gob tv

The original Big Gob TV Logo.

For anyone thinking I’m being negative about David Icke TV (DITV) or Big Gob TV  (BGTV) then you’d be wrong. I’ll happily promote BGTV on a link here. I sincerely wish it and its awakened clique all the success in the world.

I’ll also happily help promote David Icke’s latest book and his Wembley gig next year. Here please watch and purchase. The links are very respectful genuine. I don’t do cheap tricks.

The Dot Connecting Genius promotion. Order it Now!

David Icke Promo for Wembley 2014.

I also sincerely hope the Book isn’t another copy and paste with a bit of sugar on or doesn’t contain plagiarised material as it really wouldn’t suit the official business mission statement of David Icke Books Ltd or really gel with the aims of any genuine truth movement would it? But that is an illusion anyway isn’t it? What genuine aim does a movement full of liars and clique hypocrites have anyway?

As far as the future of BGTV is concerned I wish it well and I hope it brings truth seekers the truth they seek and the truth they need to Break the Serpent’s Spell.

I’m sure more and more fake celebrities will turn up if it’s a success (but entertainment is good eh?). I’m also sure pathetic script reading fakes like Russell Brand, pretending to be intellectual whilst being hyped in mainstream at the moment will happily be connected to any growing Web TV station.  But again I wrote my opinions as to the direction of the truth movement’s elite in this article. I’m happy to see new truther TV shows on air but sadly previous and present ones appear weak and materialistic creating cliques for fellow businessmen to sell their contradicting wares as the same truth.

I have no doubts that BGTV will probably be the most popular ‘alternative’ media outlet and rightly so. Celebrities and actors of the world unite and make it so I say. That said it can only ever be mainly a ‘big brother’ sort of situation with programmed conspiracy drones transfixed on the same contradictory propaganda and images of the movements elite, morning, noon and night, in-between the adverts and plugs for the merchandise of clique members and other business pals of course.  And just like some couch slobs are transfixed on all day TV the couch conspiracy and new age addicts will be transfixed to BGTV.


Sadly. Big Gob TV can only ever serve the biggest Brother involved and so can the awakened clique that serve it.

Don’t forget bandwagon jumping lovvy ‘celebrities’ will also soon be wheeled in to boost the audience too. Keith Allen today… hope he does Vindaloo.  WOW the truth movement’s now has its very own intellectual celebrities. Great stuff! The Serpent is laughing uncontrollably, or even shaking in its fake snakeskin boots, now Russell Brand is reading from a wooden actors script pretending to know about consciousness and spirituality?  Mind you these pathetic ‘actors’ can certainly memorise their carefully prepared scripts can’t they? But of course famous faces attract viewers.

Continuous screening of big brother ‘leaders’ is also good for programming the movement’s peasants, but alas bombarding the minds of the stupefied will only end up making them more stupefied than ever. Indeed it is clear that process is now in full flow and.  But I hope BGTV doesn’t turn into an Internet shopping site or at least the intellectuals on air at Big Gob TV don’t end up broadcasting the worthless moronic shite like the pathetic sex line businessmen at Edge TV did.

I’m being harsh before my turn eh?  My friend you really don’t know the half of it!

What else can I say at this time? Not much. I have said enough. That said I have sincerely reported facts regarding theft of theories and misuse of links. And I am speaking of other things based on direct experiences. Again I have only reported very minor recent examples of long-term examples of drip drip theory stealing.

I ask friends where they think the truth movement is going?  More importantly I ask them to ponder on what foundations it is actually built on and what ethical code it really follows, or did you not look when it was being built?

Hey maybe one day, the way things are going, fake script reader Russell Brand loses his guts in the field of blood with ‘Bad Actor For Hire ‘written on his back? The truth movement has always had some really shit actors in it, but where are we really going when script readers, like Brand are hyped as intellectuals, waffling new age scriptures written by someone else and pretending to be awake?


Cockle of Queer… I’m a nice boy… You say this and I’ll say that and the stupefied apes will be none the wiser. Can you do a duet with Keith Allen, Al Fayed’s puppet, by any chance? ‘Vindaloos’ perhaps?


On a lighter note,…. I often wonder what the truther movements would do if Jesus appeared to complete the second coming or the rapture by actually working in the truth movement in 2013, maybe alongside Russell Brand.

Maybe Jesus could wear a new robe that had Internet links printed on it, but they’d have to be true and genuine links on that robe though eh? No pathetic fake links on the messiah’s robes eh?  But maybe he could have a few genuine truther business logos embroidered on his clothes, just like a boxers or racing drivers do for their sponsors? Or maybe we could have a barcode tattooed onto Jesus’ forehead, under the crown of thorns in full view of course, and we could scan it for a discount on the price of a cheap early bird ticket for David Icke’s next gig at Wembley?  I wish I were joking.

Hey maybe we awakened and chosen ones, the righteous fully paid up subscribers to the truth movement, whilst they are full of the spirit of truth and on a path of righteousness of course, could literally crucify Jesus again if only for an excuse just to remove his outer robes so they can place further tatoo style adverts on his naked body too? Hey advertisement space on popular but bullshitting truth movement and spiritual sites is very valuable indeed after all isn’t it? Yup it sure is. Discounts are available for clique members and professional arse kissers though.

That said the biggest money maker for the truth businessmen, must be if they could get an almost dead Jesus to verbally scream passionate business adverts instead of him just using the cryptic but boring biblical words he shouted out the last time we shit on him and nailed him up for telling the truth?

Just think of it oh so awakened ones…  Instead of Jesus saying in agony “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”  We could have him screaming, “ Truly I say to you ‘Visit David Icke Books Ltd’ today and you shall be in paradise”

My friends. The movement is severely corrupted and always always has been… please wake the hell up! You don’t have to believe me but please don’t be so stupefied and programmed that you dismiss the possibility out of hand. Only you can wake you up!! Only you can set you free.

I thank you for reading this news report.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze  10th November 2013.

PS Anyone can steal this particular theory and place it on their websites in their own name or even use the title for pathetic dodgy links to their merchandise…    no problem.

I use the quote below from another, well meaning, puppet pied piper for the Serpent. Its used on  the David Icke website  (www.davidicke.com… credit given out of common decency)


I make no apologies for the unique material I have supplied and suffered to supply since 2002.

i have told the truth since 2002 and I tell the truth today.