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The Parable of the Clogs and the Acid Tank.

The Parable of the Clogs and the Acid Tank.


There is an intro to this parable here.

Not too long ago there were two young boys, Harry and Tommy, who would soon to be leaving school. They were going to follow in their father’s and their grandfather’s footsteps and like most people in their location and situation, end up working in the local factory or mill.

 A long-serving and experienced ex-chargehand at the factory had retired from the factory and had taken up another job working for a very skilled cobbler, in a cobblers shop, making specialist made to measure footwear. The ex-chargehand worked mainly taking orders for ‘new clogs’ or boots because of his vast experience on the factory floor.

The very skilled cobbler, who was supplying made to measure clogs for all the youngsters was also very wise in the ways of the factory and what footwear was best suited for different jobs. He usually kept hidden away in his workshop, unseen by his customers.

All those entering the factory had the option of ordering their clogs and most came to the cobblers shop to help them prepare for work in the mills and the factories, and the two boys, Harry and Tommy were no different. And the ex-charghand happily measured their feet and the cobbler made both boys the clogs he thought fitting for their job and the future growth of their feet, and he did so showing great care and attention to detail. The ex-chargehand then delivered the clogs to the boys in their homes and vigorously tried to advise both boys on their roles in the factory, because he had worked in it a long time, and now, due to his new job he could not only tell them about wearing clogs but also advise them advise the how to look after them too.

 The clogs were not very fashionable at all, comical at first glance. They were made of very tough uncomfortable leather with thick heavy metal soles etc. They were indeed real brutes! But of course they were simply made for life in the mill or factory and fit for that purpose only.

 The two boys had no experience of working life within the factory but both the ex-chargehand and the cobbler knew what the two boys would be facing and so together they created the very best clogs they could. The ex-chargehand delivered the new clogs to the boys.

 The first boy, Harry, took one look at his clogs and started laughing about them. He tried them on and found them very uncomfortable indeed and he felt they felt too big. The ex-chargehand stressed their importance and tried to give advice, but Harry thought he’d been shortchanged by the cobbler, and after the ex-chargehand left, Harry simply threw the clogs down the steps into his damp cellar, vowing never to wear them until he was forced to start at the factory.

 The other boy, Tommy, also received his clogs and he too tried them on and they felt very uncomfortable and too big. The ex-chargehand also give Tommy advice, but Tommy unlike Harry knew the old ex-chargehand was experienced and wouldn’t have delivered the clogs or given advice if he didn’t believe the clogs would help him. So, instead of laughing he decided to take the advice and when the ex-chargehand left he immediately tried to break them in. He decided to wear them just for a short while everyday and rub dubbing on them and polish them. He cared about his clogs and took the advice.

 It wasn’t too long before the clogs felt much easier to walk and more comfortable on Tommy’s feet. They didn’t feel too big after all.

 The day came when Harry and Tommy had to face daily life in the dreaded factory. Harry went down his damp cellar, where he had previously thrown his clogs, and he found them all damp and covered in mold. He hastily tried them on finding them even more uncomfortable and ugly than when he first saw them. He laughed even more about his clogs and he decided they were useless, indeed he found his clogs so uncomfortable and smelly that he simply wouldn’t and couldn’t wear them.

 On the other hand Tommy’s clogs were fine and he simply felt at ease in them and used them without giving them as second thought.

Harry decided to wear his nice fashionable Sunday best snazzy shoes at the factory instead. They fit nicely and looked so trendy and attractive, they made Harry feel good he thought they made him look better too.

 Harry saw Tommy wearing his clogs whilst they were clocking on and entering the factory to work, and pointed and laughed at Tommy’s clogs and giggled at and mocked Tommy for wearing them. But Tommy didn’t mind he still trusted both the clogs and the advice from the ex-chargehand.

 A few months later, when both boys were working away on the night shift in the factory, all of a sudden out of the blue, there was a massive BANG and A Flash, and all the power went off leaving the room in darkness. A massive Acid Tank had split in the explosion and a large flow of Acid was pouring out of the tank and it flooded the entire factory floor in seconds, in the mayhem no one knew what to do. Screams of panic hit the air but then the rescue services appeared at the emergency doors, pleading with the workers to approach them in the darkness and find the emergency exit doors, whilst waving torches to guide them.

 Tommy heard the pleas and saw the torches and simply strode away towards the rescuers. His clogs literally helped him exit the factory securing his escape and the acid from the acid tank did not ever affect him

 Harry heard the rescuers pleas but could not react to them because his snazzy shoes had melted. He couldn’t see the torches or the exit doors because he was too busy looking at and trying to repair and protect his feet and footwear

His clogs were still in his dark damp cellar, still moldy, unfitting and unwanted, his snazzy shoes he thought beautiful and trendy were in reality, when it mattered, worthless and useless.

He wasn’t able to walk anywhere ever again. 

 Tommy later visited the cobbler’s shop and the cobbler came out of hiding from his workshop and simply smiled at him, presenting him with the snazziest, bestest and shiniest shoes ever made!

I say to those with two eyes and two ears that still can show their face… “use all four of them!”

 Matthew Delooze July 2015. (please don’t steal the work from this website.)



 The parable above has many meanings but whatever meaning you can see in it, that meaning is sent with love and to help.


The Centipede & The Serpent

The Centipede & The Serpent


By Matthew Delooze

Hello folks,

This is just a sort of observation and spiritual interpretation of things I saw in a news item a couple of weeks ago. I believe some of you may find it interesting and even food for thought if you pardon the pun.

o-SNAKE-570Centipede Eats Its Way Out Of A Viper’s Stomach Source

The above news item (Source linked) appeared to be reported around all parts of the planet, through many different news outlets a couple of weeks ago.

It’s about a Viper and a large Centipede.  I actually found the image both a powerful trigger and very symbolic story in many ways and I’m sure a few of you will have done/will do too.

Please take a look at the image as I ask you to ponder on any thoughts that it may set off in you. I see many many analogies in this tale but initially only the image of the ‘Centipede’ affected me and it sort of forced me to imagine putting myself in its position, going back in time if you like, before its death, to imagine what sort of scene really took place and what experiences it went through before it died.

It’s clear from the image that a battle must have taken place and the Serpent obviously truly believed it had overpowered and defeated the Centipede to believe it could swallow it.

On looking at the image more deeply I imagined actually being the Centipede myself and I imagined myself in a massive battle and taking all the venom from the Serpent. I then imagined what it was like losing the battle, being overcome and paralysed by the poison and then mercilessly being considered dead and swallowed up. Can you imagine it too?

That said its clear by the picture that when the Centipede was swallowed it wasn’t dead and maybe the Serpent, this vicious female ‘Nose-Horned Viper’, (and we all know what they are like lads don’t we?) was so greedy and hasty she either swallowed the Centipede without the expense of using venom or, for that matter, even bothering checking for a pulse.

Whatever the true situation was the Centipede had definitely not died and obviously the Serpent’s venom, if used at all, had totally worn off and the Centipede found itself alive and more importantly ‘fully conscious’ right in the belly of the Serpent. Can you imagine what that Centipede must have felt like after ‘waking up and finding itself inside the very guts of the Serpent’ that had enslaved and consumed it?

It should be remembered these types of Centipedes are known to being very vicious warriors and ferocious predators themselves! I’m guessing the Centipede was initially relieved to be awake and alive after its nightmare battle. I also assume it was bloody angry and more than slightly frustrated when it realised just where it was! I imagine it reacted just like a drunken teenager would, after being imprisoned in the police cells for the first time, and want to kick the bloody locked door off its hinges in frustration.


I then looked at the image again (above). I looked at the Serpent itself and again I imagined myself it its position, going back in time again if you like, to imagine what sort of scene really took place and what experiences it went through before it died. I pondered on the thought that the Serpent must have initially experienced a massive sense of victory, whilst also experiencing the emotional pleasure of a massive feast. The Serpent obviously feasted on it large meal in more ways than one.


The Serpent experienced a massive feast.

Then the Serpent simply swallowed down the Centipede and must have thought it had fatally destroyed it…  literally without giving it a second ‘thought’.

I imagine the Serpent had felt rather smug over its own victory and the fate of its victim and obviously fully satisfied with the proceeds of its greed. But after swallowing such a large meal can you ever imagine Serpent felt when it realised the Centipede was actually still alive and ironically ‘alive and kicking’ inside it.

How would you have felt knowing that you’d swallowed such a thing and found out it was fully alive?


 I then looked at the picture again and tried to imagine the final scene before death in where the Centipede was kicking and screaming and biting its enslaver for all it’s worth, but all along the Serpent was powerless to do anything about the Centipede’s revenge apart from know it was slowly being killed from the inside.

What were the last thoughts of the Serpent? What were the last thoughts of the Centipede?

whatever they were, It’s clear both ‘prey’ and ‘predator’ literally swapped roles several times. Indeed the one image, just one image, graphically showed us that a ‘dream’ situation can so easily become a nightmare, as it did for the Serpent and a nightmare situation change into and a provide dream like opportunity of hope, as it did for the Centipede.

Can you see a tale in the picture? What do you think?

My friend, I could describe several analogies and even write a massive parable based on just that one symbolic image that triggered me today. Both the Serpent and the Centipede symbolise many things all around the ancient world, especially so for the Mayan Serpent Kingdom and Centipede dynasties. (see El Peru-Waka )

Anyway, I found the picture and story we have gone through rather surreal in quality. Maybe the official news reports on this story actually got massive mainstream media coverage all around the world simply for predictive programming purposes or some sort of subconscious triggering event? I don’t know, but I do know there are many spiritually based messages and a lot symbolism in the story. I wouldn’t be messing around with ‘news reports’ if I didn’t. I also know that people I come across need to see certain images, at certain stages of their journey, and I’m sure this is one of them. I know that because I see many things on may levels in certain images and I am given so many stories through what I see. I’m sure the Centipede & Serpent image is a spiritual trigger, nay a spiritual seed to some. I say that because I know other images i have reported on in the past or taken myself are spiritual seeds and triggers too. Obviously if you don’t feel triggered in some way by images and you don’t believe what I’m saying then i’ll sound a right fruitcake to you, but no worries I’m only interested in those that are triggered by things and may folk on’t even know they are triggered anyway.


I will briefly write a short version of some of the deeper meanings I see in The Centipede & The Serpent story. I do this simply because I think its important to do so and I think its a symbolic ‘message of hope’ for some of us, if only subconsciously.

So if you understood the story I created about the image and you understood and connected to it then please try to understand this deeper explanation below. I do point out the symbolism very bluntly. I hope it doesn’t bore you!

So remembering the image again of course…

o-SNAKE-570The Serpent & The Centipede

  “I actually see the centipede as being certain human beings or a collective, (many bodies with two legs in symbolism) (strong legs = well travelled and experienced too).

  I actually see the Serpent in this story as officially controlling the world, this symbolism ‘strongly appears because the actual event took place on ‘Golem Grad’ meaning ‘Big Fortress’, also known as ‘Snake Island’ (symbolically snake prison). Golem Grad also holds a lot of other symbolism, but basically this battle and sacrifice took place in ‘Snake Prison’.

 The Serpent underestimated the Centipede (Symbolising Enslaver under-estimating food source (human beings or ‘collective’), again symbolised by many legs and bodies) The Serpent arrogantly swallowed Centipede down in arrogance, in greed and in selfishness without making sure its poison had fully worked. (World enslaver become incompetent)

The Centipede actually ends up in the very belly of the Serpent alive (Symbolises human ‘consciousness’ discovers the very nerve centre of World Control in Snake Prison) and the Centipede finds that the Serpent’s internal organs are its only form of escape (Symbolising humans finding the unprotected mechanism of its enslavement and seeing the power of its enslaver.  (The internal organs of the Serpent represent unprotected mechanisms)

 The Centipede (Humans) destroys the very heart (internal organs) of the Serpent (Enslavement) and then attempts to break through the prison wall. (The Serpent’s Skin).

The Centipede eventually breaks through the skin (Symbolises humans escape the enslavement) but then the Centipede realises it needs to leave a message to show other’s how it escaped. (Symbolises humans need to provide a legacy to help others) So the Centipede literally dies at the scene showing how escape was achieved (Symbolises Human sacrifice to help others escape the Serpent/ Enslavers). The Centipede does this so ‘the story is recorded and then told around the world! (Symbolises human creating a powerful story of struggle to cause massive attention)

Matthew Delooze 9th May 2014

 OK? Can you see?

 Without the Centipede creating the powerful story through the one graphic image of its own struggle and sacrifice, as daft and as surreal as it appears, how would we ever know its possible to escape from such a struggle in that way or how to arm ourselves to make it a success?

 My friend, does that deeper story make sense to you? It should do as I explain the symbolism in nearly every bloody sentence. If you can see it does it trigger you or is it just confusing mumbo Jumbo?

I promise it’s important to some and I don’t explain what I see in images these days unless it is important friends see it. So I tell you the truth when I say the message of the ‘Centipede and the Serpent’ by Matthew Delooze will help some of you understand some events later on, when I am gone. It is from the universe and sent to help. It will never let you down!

On a lighter note….

Hey I bet Jesus couldn’t explain one image of a Centipede and a Serpent better than that, but there again maybe the Centipede is simply plagiarising the Jesus story, because they are similar as far as the universe is concerned. Obviously Jesus was better looking than the Centipede but as you girls already know, ‘the ugly blokes in this world always have the biggest hearts and the biggest willies’ .

Sorry I should use more manners but… Am I right ladies?

I have said enough…

But Hey…. before I go…  if you think there was a symbolic story in the Centipede & Serpent scenario… what sort of symbolic story do you reckon this one single picture (below) could manifest ‘in words’ from a true heart?


 May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 9th May 2014


The Parable of Prinny the Pigeon

The Parable of Prinny the Pigeon

_46674795_woodhouse_200911040002By Matthew Delooze

A good hearted young boy, Edwin, used to always ask his mother for bread so he could go and feed the chickens, ducks, geese and birds on the Allotments that were located down the road to where he lived.  There were many different people working many different allotments, but they all seemed to cultivate the same crops and raise the same small livestock.

Edwin loved to stand throwing bits of bread over the fences that segregated the allotments, he didn’t have a particular favourite allotment and he tried to scatter bread and other crumbs, evenly and fairly, so every creature had a nibble.

One day the son and namesake of an allotment owner, Chad Chadwick (Chaddy), was working on his father’s allotment, which was probably the best looking allotment of all.  It had the strongest fencing and the nicest painted huts on it. Chaddy did everything on the allotment his father told him too.

Most people were attracted to Chaddy’s fathers allotment therefore his chickens, ducks and geese got the most food because of that.

Chaddy and his father had seen Edwin feeding their chickens many times before and they knew he was feeding other livestock on other allotments too.

One day, out of the blue, Chaddy asked Edwin if he’d like to see the inside the pigeon loft, which was located high at the back of the allotment.

Chaddy showed off all his prize winning pigeons and said his father had shown him how to train them and taught him how to raise them.

Edwin had never really seen inside a pigeon loft before and although he was initially amazed at the sight, he soon realised that Chaddy’s father was really mistreating the birds. The loft looked smart and nice on the outside but was just filthy and nasty hovel on the inside.

Edwin was attracted to one particular pigeon that seemed to stand out to him. Chaddy let him hold the bird in his lap and stroke it and as he did so the bird cooed and cooed.  Edwin instantly became a pigeon fancier and he adored the pigeon with all his heart, so much so immediately named the pigeon ‘Princess’. ‘Prinny’ for short.

Chaddy then told Edwin that his father sells the pigeons and chickens from his allotment and told him could actually buy Prinny for just half a crown, and an extra tuppence for food of course. Chaddy suggested to Edwin that he could perhaps start to build his own pigeon loft in his own back yard and have it just as he wanted, both inside and out, and even make Prinny have little baby birds too.

Edwin didn’t even have to think about it, he immediately went running back up the road as fast as his little legs could carry him, to his mother, to ask if he could buy Prinny and keep her in their back yard, in a hutch, until he could start to build the bestest and nicest pigeon loft ever.

His mother, who was very poor but wise, saw how smitten her son was and she smiled at him and said “half a crown is a lot to give for a pigeon and I know chaddy’s father well, but here is half a crown and an extra tuppence for food, so go, follow your heart, go buy Prinny and we will build a good loft in our back yard for Prinny.”

Edwin rushed back down the road to the allotment’. Chaddy and Prinny were waiting for him. Chaddy informed Edwin how to look after Prinny and handed him the bird food.‘That will last a week’ he said. “It will also take a week for Prinny to get used to you, so keep her in your loft until all the food is eaten up” he stressed.  “Once all the food is gone and Prinny knows you well enough, it will be time open your loft and let Prinny exercise her wings”. “That’s what you have to do” he insisted.

Edwin agreed to follow Chaddy’s instructions and after handing over half a crown and an extra tuppance to him, he took Prinny to his own back yard, smiling all the way, and placed her in a makeshift hutch. He loved her and fed her and she loved him back. He stroked her and cooed at her and she cooed back.  He started to build the nicest and bestest Pigeon loft ever, through some help from his father and neighbours, and a couple of days later the loft was finished. It was a glorious palace inside and out.

Edwin then placed Prinny in the new, nice clean Pigeon loft and he was glad.

The next few days he fed and loved the bird and the bird loved him back. Prinny looked so at home.

Edwin realised the food was running low and he remembered Chaddy’s words that he had to let Prinny out of the loft to exercise after she was used to him and the weeks supply of food was all eaten up. Edwin remembered his promises and he opened up the loft and Prinny took off into the distance.

Over the next few hours Edwin waited for Prinny to come back to his back yard but she never returned and Edwin was heartbroken.

He simply never realised when he went to the allotment that Prinny was a homing pigeon and he never realised Chaddy Chadwick knew all this all along.

Edwin’s mother also later explained that Chaddy and his Father took a lot of half a crowns from people and all the pigeons on Chaddy Chadwick’s allotment would always return to it.


Through the Kitchen Window

Through the Kitchen Window

DSC01695 copy

 By Matthew Delooze

I was really struggling to sleep one night recently and I decided to get out of bed and go for a drink. I was fumbling in the dark because I didn’t want to turn the light on because my eyes are very sensitive and I didn’t want to dazzle myself as I knew I’d end up squinting like a demented Japanese bloke who was giving someone the shit eye.

Mind you I opened the fridge door and was blinded just by the little light inside the fridge and I did end ended up looking just like feared. Anyway I squinted and clumsily fumbled about and somehow grabbed a bottle of orange juice. I then turned my back on the light and downed a few big gulps of the cold drink. I had my eyes shut. I felt the orange juice go inside me and refresh me, so much so that when I removed the bottle from my mouth I let out a big aaahhhh sound of satisfaction. I opened my eyes again. When I did so I immediately saw my own image reflection in the kitchen window because of the light from the open fridge.

I stared at my reflection because the shadows and darkness of the night made me look rather spooky. You know what I mean? It was like like when you stick a lighted torch under your chin and make a scarey face in the dark. (Not that I need a torch to do that these day!)

For some reason, and I really don’t know what made me do it, I started moving my head around like I was exercising my neck and when I did so my reflection turned very weird. Mind you it was quite entertaining too. I noticed the light coming from the fridge was literally creating optical illusions so, with the fridge door behind me I started swinging it open and then shutting it, which created rather spectacular effects considering the basic apparatus involved.

If there had have been any music playing it would have been like a bloody arty farty pop video. Not that I looked a pop star in my cheap vest and underpants.

In fact when I fully opened the fridge door it reflected on an old brass plaque I have on the wall and that somehow created a hall of mirrors effect on the window too. Indeed it reminded me, vest and undies aside, of an old Queen video and I mean the Bohemian Rhapsody video not a video of me looking like an old Queen. I’m sure most people in the world will have seen the Bohemian Rhapsody video over the years.

I moved my head from side to side. The images I created were quite surreal. Indeed they sent me a bit dizzy and my eyes were struggling to focus on what I was seeing.

As I opened and closed the door my face changed  to something like this…

Bohemian-Rhapsody-vid-2I saw my reflection change like something like this

My face changed in the window and I was seeing different faces appear around me. I started to feel even more queezy but I couldn’t seem to stop myself messing around with the apparatus. I continued to dance around opening and shutting the door to create images and then I’d just stand still again. When I opened the door fully and stood still I somehow became four faces like in the Queen video like this…


I became four faces when the light reflected in a certain way

I must have spent a full ten bloody minutes prancing around in my underwear playing silly games with the fridge door, changing my reflection in the kitchen window.  When I looked at the four faces of myself I noticed some each face changed in a clockwise direction, the four faces were like in a clock position, you know like some clocks just have the numbers  3, 6, 9 and 12.

My four faces seemed to change in a clockwise direction even though they were all the same reflection. It was like my 3 o’clock face started off as the broken wreck I am, but my image seemed to improve at the 6 o’clock position. The same thing occurred at the 9 o’clock position and when I looked at the image in the 12 o’clock position I’m hardly bloody recognisable as a wreck I am at the 3 o’clock position.

I was literally in trance looking at the four faces that I had created of myself. I tried to focus on the 12 o’clock face. I knew it was an image from the past. I also realised the 3’oclock image was me now. I stared again at my 12 o’clock face and it appeared to grin at me. I thought I was seeing things and then it bloody winked at me as though to say remember me do ya?  I was stood there stunned. I felt like I was on an Aya journey. The other three faces seemed blurred in comparison as my focus was totally on the 12’oclock face.

Then all of a sudden, because of the reaction of the juice I’d swigged down, I burped and farted. It was loud enough to wake the the dead and it brought brought me quickly out of my self induced trance. I immediately thought “What the bloody hell are they putting in the orange juice these days”  Well what would you have thought if you’d experienced such a thing?  I looked at the window again there was nothing there at all. Nothing. I started moving my head around again. Nothing. I opened and closed the fridge door. Nothing.

When I fully came to my senses I suddenly realised I was out of my bed in the middle of the night,  stood in the dark and the freezing cold with a bottle of orange juice in my hand. Not only that I was stood there prancing around with one grey haired testicle dangling out of my pathetic ill fitting cheap underpants.

My attention was drawn to the label on the bottle in my hand and I got a strong strange feelings inside my chest and I seemed to hold my breath inside me and get a glowing feeling. It was a Deja Vu feeling as though someone was telling me something.  Here is a photo of the label of the drink I swallowed.


The label that gave me strange feelings…

Anyway. I put the bottle of orange juice back in the fridge. I closed the door and then I staggered and fumbled my way back to my bed in the cold and in the dark. My thirst satisfied. I felt myself warm up and I must have fallen asleep within minute.

I fell into a dream-state. It began by seeing a long path. I realised straight away that I had literally walked up this path in real life just a few months ago but I was now looking down on it from above this time. I actually seemed to float down and land on top of the hill.

DSC01695 copy

The Path to Thera (top centre to right)

The part of the hill in which I landed led to another smaller path that had to to be taken to get up another hill to an ancient place called Thera. Again I had previously walked this path to reach ancient Thera on a visit to Santorini in 2012. I recognised it straight away because of steps I took.

The path I walked in 2012


Once I reached the top of the path I remembered this symbol. It was on a stone at the end of the smaller path. Iknew then i really was revisiting Thera. It was this one.

thera The image on the stone

I carried on walking down the path and realised I wasn’t revisiting the ruins I had seen on my recent trip to ‘Santorini’ I was actually ‘seeing’ the real ancient Thera as it once was. I was walking through Thera in its former glory. I wasn’t seeing ruins I was seeing it in it in its full splendor.

There were magnificent looking buildings all along the pathway and it was like I knew them well. I was feeling very tired and I felt like I was struggling for breath. I eventually reached the top of the path and it looked like I’d reached the summit. I walked through a splendid looking door as though I knew exactly where I was going. It was like I actually lived there or at least knew it well. (That said I feel I wouldn’t have known this place unless I had visited it myself recently)

I then went into a room and saw a man and he was lying on some sort of bed, in some sort of a smart homely looking place. The man looked very very ill and very frail.  I looked at the man and it was obvious that he was very close to death. I tried to talk to the man but he was oblivious to my presence. Then I noticed a lady had entered the room, she was wearing a long silk robe and wearing shiny jewelery. She came and stood over the man that was dying on the bed. She too was oblivious to me being there. It was obvious I was just seeing events.

She was a very beautiful and very healthy looking woman. She had a beautiful smile. She had pity in her eyes for the man on the bed and this made me feel very sad. The man on the bed tried to speak to the lady but he simply couldn’t, he was too weak. The lady then started walking around the bed and humming some kind of hippy sounding tune like she was carrying out some kind of a ceremony. I presumed it was some sort of death ceremony, like a last rites sort of thing. The woman was chanting away and her humming seemed to affect the man. He seemed stirred by the ladies actions. Her humming and chanting seemed to affect me too, it literally charmed me and I felt strange. I immediately realised that I had a strong spiritual bond to the lady and I felt a sort of telepathic bonding with the man on the bed too.

It actually felt like I had some sort of spiritual schizophrenia going on in me and it was like my soul was literally splitting in two. I could feel the connection with the man, like he was part of me and I was part of him. The lady kept humming a tune and chanting and the more she did so the weirder I felt. I started to feel so sorry for the man on the bed and as I looked at him and my emotions increased he suddenly seemed to realise I was actually present in the room. He somehow realised I was visiting him and he smiled at me. It was just like he had been expecting me to arrive at that time. It was obvious that the beautiful lady still couldn’t see me though and she was humming and chanting away like there was no tomorrow walking around the bed that the man was on.

The man then raised his hand and beckoned me towards him. I then felt helpless and I was literally automatically drawn towards the man. I couldn’t resist the beckoning and I approach him like in a trance and then somehow just as I tried to touch the hand that beckoned me I somehow magically entered into the man’s body, just like I was a ghost. It was like I floated into him and I was now wearing him like I’d don and wear a jacket.

I then literally became the man on the bed and I was now looking through his eyes.

I saw that the beautiful lady was far more real to me now it was like I’d somehow entered another world through the body of this man. The lady looked at me and she seemed to know I had arrived in this man’s body, as though she’d expected me. She instantly stopped humming her tunes and smiled at me, her eyes wide open in glee. She then produced a mirror from somewhere and showed me my face or should I say she showed me both my faces so to speak. My face and the face of the man that had been dying because the reflection on the mirror showed two faces alternating from one to the other. It was a bit like watching the Godley and Crème video ‘Cry’ if you know what I mean but only showing the same two faces changing places.

IT was like I was seeing my 3 o’clock face and my 12 o’clock face from my kitchen window again.

I wanted to ask the lady what was going on but I struggled to speak any words in my new body, so to speak, my tongue wouldn’t move and when I really tried to splutter some words out the lady stopped me by putting her finger over my lips in the shussshhh position. The lady stopped me trying to speak.

She then walked over to a mask that was hanging on the wall. It was a strange gold looking mask. She put it on over her face and it fitted her like a glove would. The lady then walked over to me, bent over me, and kissed me whilst she was wearing the mask. I still felt her lips through the mask.

As soon as that kiss hit me I instantly felt a powerful healing force enter my body and start to trickle through me. I suppose the best way to describe it would be by saying it was like taking a sup of brandy and feeling a glow go down inside me, warming me all the way down to my stomach, but I must add that the Brandy feeling was spreading all over my body too. I was literally tingling all over.

This lovely feeling eventually reached my neck and then flow fully into my face and head. I was literally in complete awe of the sensations I was feeling. I looked at the lady again and she had remover her mask and I could see her face alternating into two different images just like mine had done in the mirror she had previously showed me.

The lady then whispered in my ear, in a lovely soothing voice, she said “Welcome” she then said  “We had been waiting a long time for you to come here” “The Rain is in me now”

I tried to speak to her and get an explanation from her as to what was going on, but she simply placed her finger on my lips again. I simply couldn’t speak anyway. It was like my tongue was being operated on.  She then grabbed my hands and pulled me up off the bed. She got me on my feet and led me outside of the building.  She was still supporting me because I was so weak.

I was then taken to the edge of the cliff face and told to look out to sea. The view was amazing.

IMG_0727Part of the view from Ancient Thera today

The lady looked at me and smiled. She then pointed out to sea and said “look at what is coming”. I stared out to sea and couldn’t see anything apart from the blue sea and the blue sky. I looked at the lady in confusion and put my arms up to indicate I could see nothing. The lady pointed her finger out towards the horizon again and sort of jabbed her finger out in a look again you blind fool sort of way. So I looked again. I could just about see what appeared to be a large flock of birds in the distance and they appeared to be coming towards the Island and the mountain I was stood on.

It was a magnificent and enigmatic sight.

bird formation

I saw something like this in distance but on a much larger scale.

As the birds approached they seemed to glisten and sparkle and they mesmerise me. Then they appeared to move in formation like a Mexican wave would. I stared and stared at the birds and as the ‘wave’ got closer I tried to focus on just one bird. It was only as that bird got closer and closer and larger and larger that I realised it was not a bird. They were not birds at all. They were not birds in any shape or form… they were men. They were men.

They were men flying in the sky!

And I saw that these men were gliding around like very skilled eagles but they had no wings, they were simply flying in the sky on what looked like circular surfboards. They were literally surfing the air. I suppose the best way of describing them is as large subbuteo players stood on discs. I know that sounds daft but that’s the first thing that came into my mind and I assure you its not as daft as me dancing with my fridge in my kitchen and looking at my own reflection in the window. So again these flying men resembled giant subbuteo men and they were stood on circular surfboards.


As daft as it sounds or looks, this is how the flying surfers appeared to me.

They approached the Island at great speed and literally dazzled me. They were darting about in all four directions. North, South, East and West and the sound was like a massive wind blowing them. There was no engine sounds just a powerful wind sound. I started giggling uncontrollably as they zoomed around the mountain of Ancient Thera in a playful but very powerful manner. They seemed to create the sound of wind as they moved about. They created a whooshing sound.

The men were about seven or eight feet tall and the subbuteo style bases they stood on, the circular surfboards, appeared about twelve feet in diameter.

I could clearly see that all the men wore white robe type uniforms, like Roman Togas. It really was a sight to behold and but my eyes couldn’t keep up with the airshow. I felt part of such power. I then realised the ‘surfboards’ they were stood on resembled ‘golden’ circular disc-shaped machines. I felt a strong connection and I literally wanted to get on one of these machines and fly around the sky too.

Then one of the flying men then zoomed towards me and stopped still in mid air about 15 feet above my head. I could see an image that was stamped on the bottom of their flying discs, like a logo or designers label or even the identification plate on a car, if you like.

It was exactly the same image as the replica Assyrian seal I received in a village near my home town a few years ago. I used the image on the cover of Is It Me For A Moment – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell?  This is the image that was stamped on the flying discs.

This image was on the flying discs.

There were now literally thousands of men whizzing around on these discs playing games and showing off, just like modern-day boy riders would do. The men looked like were all full of health like  divine athletes would look in a way.  They were now zooming around the sky over entire coastline of the island at great speed, just like motorbikes would on a racetrack on the ground. I was giggling like a kid. The whole atmosphere was electric and I knew these flying men meant business and although they were playing comical games in the sky I knew they were not here to play games. I was laughing uncontrollably as they whizzed around my head.

The beautiful lady that had led me out to see these magnificent things also smiled and laughed and giggled with me too.

Then a man came up to me from nowhere and stood at the side of me and put his hand on my shoulder. This man was wearing robes, which were embossed with an image of the same bird I saw on the way up. His said name was Illias and he looked exactly like a man I had previously met in Kamari in Santorini, who was also called Illias.

I tried to talk to him but couldn’t. He smiled at me and simply pointed upwards. I looked up just as one of the men one of the flying machines was landing. It didn’t actually land it just hovered above the ground. The man that had been stood on it stepped off it and put his arm out as to invite me to board it. I felt too weak to climb on board. Illias told me he was a strong man and he picked me up in fireman’s lift mode and carried me to the hovering disc.

He seemed to just jump on board and then he placed me on my feet. As soon as my feet ‘touched’ the surfboard type machine it immediately changed into a much larger machine. The disc type surfboard base was just a façade, it was really a front hiding a massive machine. I don’t know how but in reality the flying disc I had stood on was really only a doorstep to a large invisible ship. You could only see this once you actually stepped on the disc. It was still a flying machine but its appearance was now literally like being in a large luxury type themed airship. It was literally like a large hotel.

IIlias smiled at me as I tried to work out where I was and he simply told me to follow him. I suddenly felt fully fit and healthy. I followed him to a room that had a large curtains across one wall. He opened the curtains and he revealed what appeared to be a movie screen, but it wasn’t a movie screen really it was just a large window. The window was an observation deck so to speak.

I was then led to a chair to sit in and given a drink from an ornamental fountain. I was really thirsty and I gulped the drink down and was immediately poured another one and then another one. I was told the drink would help me and I was happy to drink it down.

I was then flown at great lightening speed to several places around the globe that I had previously visited on foot. I was shown myself at these locations and I instantly remembered what I had seen and done at these locations It was like I was a passenger in some sort of test drive scenario. One minute I was revisiting South America the next I was revisiting Israel. I was shown myself in Egypt and in Cyprus.

I was told the the ship was being steered and powered by energy lines on the planet and the ship had to follow certain routes in a similar system to the way modern airlines have to use flight paths. But the ship could visit previous events and visit events in the future too.

I was then shown in detail certain events that had taken place on the planet in various places. I was then shown some people and I witnessed their behaviour.

I was then taken to a table that had a large book placed on it. Illias opened the book and showed me  several images which immediately reminded me of some of the images I was shown in my childhood. I wept at some of the scenes.

Illias said “Do You See?” I said “Yes”. Illias said “Will You Write And Speak Of What You See” I said “Yes” I felt like I was somehow renewing an oath I made in childhood. If I was then I have.

Within an instant of saying those things Illias closed the books and led me out of the ship. I was soon stood back on the disc, the deceptive front door of the ship so to speak, and the beautiful lady was still stood where I had left her. I stepped down off the disc. I was back on the mountain top of Thera. I could speak to the lady now. I felt rejuvenated and my tongue was healed.

The Sky was absolutely full of men stood on these discs. I looked at them with different eyes now because I knew their secret.

The lady looked at me and asked me to give her my hands. She took hold of me by my wrists and she clapped both of my hands together. For some reason, like a magic trick, they made a very loud noise. The noise literally echoed around the sky like a thunder clap and as it did so the men on the  discs immediately lined up in a sort of formation in the sky, just like some army would stand to attention when on land.

They formed some sort of geometric formation, like some kind of a massive glistening symbol. I was blinded by the sheer dazzle and the sheer power on display.

The atmosphere was unbelievable. I then started to hear trumpets play, it was just a simple five note tune that kept continually repeating itself, but the sound got louder and louder, the amount of trumpets grew in number and the tune started echoing around the sky. It was the same tune being continually played by different sections of the formation and the sounds bounced off each section  and they all came together like some massive divine orchestra was at work. Eventually it sounded like a million men were sounding the trumpets. I suppose it was like a massive multilevel fox hunt or Tally Ho type of thing was taking place. It was absolutely magical and my very soul knew this sight meant something very big.

The lady and I then hugged each other on the spot and we both danced around. It was like we were piggies in the middle and we were literally part of uniting the past and the future. The lady grabbed my hands and clapped them together again.

The trumpets suddenly stopped and the men on discs started to retreat back to the horizon. I watched them disappear into the distance. They then vanished into thin air. I looked around in despair trying to get another glimpse of them. My heart sank.

I asked the lady where they had gone and told her I felt very sad. She said they are still there but I cannot see them. “They cannot be seen again until they are allowed to be seen again”.  I was then told they would reappear when they could and they themselves really cannot wait for that day to come quick enough. I was told the people that wanted to see them appear in the future would be given eyesight to see them appear. There would be eyesight for the blind, if the blind actually wanted to see again.

I knew the lady was telling me the truth.

The lady looked at me and I suddenly felt very weak again. I felt faint. She took me back indoors and told me to lay on the bed that I had previously laid on and as I did she whispered ‘farewell’ to me in my ear. She then started chanting and humming again. I felt sick and very dizzy. The lady got the mirror again but it just reflected my face it was not reflecting two faces as it had done previously. I then felt myself immediately floating out of the man’s body in the same way I had previously entered it… like a bloody ghost, like I was removing my jacket.  I was suddenly in the third party again. I knew the lady could no longer see me. I knew the dying man had let me use his body to be shown what I was shown.

I stood there and watched the lady get a sheet from a chest and then watched her start covering the man on the bed with it. I got a glimpse of the dead man’s face before the lady covered it. I was shocked to see that the man on the bed was me.

I awoke with a jolt, I was burning up and sweating. I ran into the kitchen for a drink….

I thank you for reading about my dream.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 9th June 2013.

Copyright(c) Matthew Delooze 2013. All Rights Reserved.


From the Sky came Fire and Ice united…

From the Sky came Fire and Ice united…eyja-aurora-825x552

…The Earth will welcome the return

By Matthew Delooze

From the Earth came Fire and Ice
The Sky a willing and welcoming host
Britannia’s slaves bow at the announcement
The path of Pytheas is reversed

From Thule, where all things are suspended, comes prophecy
On the day of midnight sun many days became one
The people of simple manners had no ruler
But the wicked still slept in their tombs

So from the Sky will come Fire and Ice united
The Earth will welcome the return
When Ophioussa shakes and a new idol falls
The hounds of justice will be unleashed

Raging Fire will approach the City of God
And the Earth shall witness mighty thunder
The abode of deceivers shall crumble to ruins
Both eyes of a blind man shall weep blood
Matthew Delooze 20th April 2010

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2010. All rights reserved.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 20th April 2010

The parable of the Bluebottle fly and the lazy fat man

The Parable of the Bluebottle Fly and the Lazy Fat Man


By Matthew Delooze

A lazy fat man was asleep in bed. In the early hours of the morning he was awoken with a strange buzzing sound. At first, whilst in a state of sleepy confusion, the fat man didn’t know what the sound was. He knew the sound was annoying him though.

He started to awaken and after a while thought, “I know that buzzing sound because I have heard it many times”. “It is a Bluebottle beating its wings and trying to escape through the window”.

 The lazy fat man was still tired and weary. He had over indulged the night before just as he had done for years. He thought why doesn’t the Bluebottle just shut up and stop beating its wings and let him sleep in peace. The lazy fat man was willing for the Bluebottle to share his bedroom as long as it stayed quiet and let him sleep.

 The Bluebottle just kept buzzing and buzzing looking for an escape path and the lazy fat man started to get more and more irritated with the buzzing noise. The lazy fat man simply wanted to go back to sleep.

 The lazy fat man then realised that the only hope he had to stay in his blissful slumber was to actually help the Bluebottle escape and therefore get out of bed and go and open a window.

But he was too idle to do that though.

 He stayed in his stinking pit and placed the pillow over his head in the hope that he could go back to sleep. The Bluebottle just kept buzzing and trying to escape though. Buzz – Buzz – Buzz.

  He got more and more irritated by the Bluebottle. He was now enraged because he was being prevented from sleeping, especially so by a simple little meaningless Bluebottle and its desire to escape.

He decided that if he were ever going to be allowed to carry on sleeping he really would have to get out of bed and open a window to let the bloody Bluebottle out. He would literally have to help provide an exit route and release it. The Bluebottle was simply buzzing away and the lazy fat man was not going to be allowed to carry on sleeping and he was becoming more and more irritated because of the buzz that kept him awake.

 The lazy fat man eventually got out of bed in a rage, he marched towards the window and squashed the Bluebottle DEAD.

 The lazy fat man then went back to sleep.

 Matthew Delooze 25th April 2010

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2010. All rights reserved.

“The Parable of the Dirty White Van (2009)” (Explained 2012)

“The Parable of the Dirty White Van (2009)” (Explained 2012)


By Matthew Delooze

Hello folks, I have been asked a few times about my parables. I wrote the Parable of the Dirty White Van in 2009. I repost it below but I provide one explanation of it below it. Hope it helps you!…..

The Parable of the Dirty White Van

I had just been to the opticians after many years of putting it off, and for the first time in my life I had got some spectacles. I was driving down the road and had to pull up at some traffic lights. I noticed I was a few yards behind a large dirty white van. It had French number plates on it. Someone had written something in the dirt on the back doors of the van. You know what I mean? Lots of jokers write stuff on dirty cars, especially on filthy white vans.  Terms like ‘wash me ‘ or ‘also in white’ etc. You will know what I mean won’t you? This white van was really dirty but I could see some sort of verse had been written in its filth. Anyway I inched forward because I knew I would be able to read it with my new glasses on.

Well this large van had ‘Shuusshh Asylum Seekers Sleeping Inside Please Do Not Disturb’ written in the dirt. Well I started giggling about it and I realised that I wouldn’t have even seen the sign without wearing my new glasses. I stopped laughing at the joke when I thought about what I would do if the sign was true and there really were asylum seekers asleep in the back of the dirty white van.  Anyway the lights changed and off we both went. I was following the dirty white van down the road.

 Whilst driving on down the road I couldn’t stop thinking about the words on the vehicle’s doors and I started to imagine that if there really were asylum seekers sleeping inside the van then wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to knock on the van and tell the asylum seekers they had probably now reached their desired destination, and it was time they thought of getting out of the filthy van. After all they obviously needed someone to tell them that they had arrived at their perceived place of asylum (England), and because I had been the one that saw the sign, because I was wearing my new glasses, I thought maybe it was my job to actually wake them up.  Surely the driver of this van didn’t know he had asylum seekers in the van. The driver was obviously using the van to make a living and the asylum seekers only hid in the van to try to reach a place of asylum. Surely they didn’t want to spend the rest of their life anonymously in the back of a filthy white van, living without a clue where they actually were I thought?

 I pondered on that very thought for a moment and decided that if I did bang on the doors to wake them up then surely those asleep would be grateful to me for waking them. Maybe they would thank me for telling them that they don’t have to cower in the back of a van any longer. Maybe I would be a hero for waking these people up and maybe they would cheer me?

 Then I thought hang on a minute, maybe if I did bang on the doors and try to wake them they might think I was really the authorities and attack me for doing something they didn’t want me to do, after all they were nice and safe in their smelly dirty white van. No one really knew who each other were or where they had came from, but they felt safe wallowing in the dirt together.

  Maybe if I did bang on the van doors my actions would only have left them cowering in fear behind the said door, after it was their only world now. I started to worry over what I really should do about it and it was all because I could now see signs that I couldn’t see before.  If I hadn’t been to the opticians I wouldn’t have even seen how dirty the van was or even noticed the writing on the doors. Maybe if I banged on the doors or even opened the doors they would thump and kick me and run past me. I thought maybe they would spit and hiss at me because they see me as their perceived enemy. I didn’t fancy that, but was prepared to risk it.

What was I to do? I started regretting actually wearing my glasses and wondered if I hadn’t lost my vanity, and gone to the opticians, I wouldn’t have even known there were even some folks asleep, in their own little world, behind those van doors.

I worried and I fretted over the fate of these asylum seekers. My heart decided that I should help them but because I was hesitant the van had simply got away from me, further down the road and a large lorry was between us, blocking my view. The white van then sped off because the lorry slowed me down and it was soon out of my reach. I couldn’t bang on the van doors now, even if I wanted too. The asylum seekers, if indeed there were any ‘real’ asylum seekers in such a vehicle, were obviously going to be left fast asleep in the back.

I pondered on my dithering, my cowardice and my failures and I was kicking myself for letting the dirty white van get out of my reach.

  It stayed on my mind and that very same night I had a dream in which I saw the white van again. I saw the sign on the doors again. But then, in my dream, I put on some bigger aviator type glasses on and I floated up in to the sky and the big dirty white van became nothing but a dot and as I floated further and further upwards the scene changed in to a big dirty planet Earth.

 The sleeping asylum seekers in the back of the van had changed into the entire human race. The whole bloody dirty planet was full of asylum seekers. Yes, instead of me being a few yards behind a dirty white van I was now up hundreds of miles in the heavens looking down on millions of dirty asylum seeking people. It was the same scenario but different ‘dirty’ vehicles sort of thing.

 Anyway… because of my eyesight I could clearly see that Mount Everest had a massive words carved in the rock, illuminated with massive spotlights, that read “Shusshhh, Truth Seekers Sleeping Below Please Do Not Disturb’”

The dream started fading and I came back down on Earth. I gathered my thoughts and instantly remembered the single dirty white van and I remembered the poor asylum seekers too. I remembered the large lorry blocking the road between the van and my vehicle. I vowed never to get stuck behind that bloody lorry next time. I remembered the driver speeding off up the road, with a load of asylum seekers asleep in the back of the van. I thought next time I see a situation like that I won’t hesitate to open the door. BUT it will not be the dirty back door with jokes written on it, it will be the drivers door that I open. I shall let the asylum sleepers really sleep if that is what they really want, but I will for sure not ever hesitate to open the drivers door and ask them who the hell is paying them and where they are actually taking the passengers. I think I owe them that much!

Matthew Delooze 2009

The Parable of the Dirty White Van Explained (2012).

(Well one level of it anyway!)

 The optician represents a healer and eventually receiving the the glasses cured the spiritually blind. ‘I’ and Matthew symbolically mean the seer and the sight is a gift from god/oneness (Not me personally it applies to all). All these things come together (red traffic light means epiphany/sudden direction) The ‘Van’ represents the ‘a temple’ of religion or the ‘truth movement’. White means it is good on the whole but Dirty means it is tarnished and corrupted with some bad intent. ‘It is Dirty’. OK?

The asylum seekers represent the god seekers in a temple or truth seekers inside the truth movement.  The asylum seekers temple worshippers and  are seeking truth/redemption.  The driver of the van earns wages driving the truth seekers to the the place of their perceived truth/redemption. The driver represents a high ranker in the truth movement or a high priest in a temple. OK?

The Do Not Disturb sign on the van was written by the asylum seekers. (truthers or god seekers/worshippers). The ‘jokers’ are faithless members within the truthers/ temple worshippers themselves. OK?

 The Seer sees the sign and questions the situation and decides what they can to do about it. The seer doubts the asylum seekers will accept the help gained through the seer’s glasses and ponders on whether to awaken them by banging on the door or not.

 The lorry that gets between the seer represents a ‘heavy load’ of spiritual baggage, and it becomes a road/path blocker. It represents the ‘Earthy’ obstacles in the way of the seer truly intervening and actually awakening the sleeping ‘asylum seekers’ in the ‘van’. OK?

The van and asylum seekers disappearing up the road represents that they are actually driven away from sight by the driver of the white van. (The high ranker in the truth movement/high priest).

The dream is a place of unrestricted awareness (No Earthy baggage) The ‘aviator’ glasses represent the right to see such things. They are means of a higher level of spiritual sight. (Seeing the bigger picture). Noticing Mount Everest represents a massive challenge, the biggest in this world. OK?

 The sign on Mount Everest was written by the controllers of the human race and represents the current true collective consciousness of mankind.

After the dream the seer decides that the best course of action to help ALL sleeping asylum seekers/ truthers and worshippers, is to actually ask the drivers (Priests/high rankers) of ALL the vans (Movements /Temples), that All asylum seekers are actually sleeping in and hiding in, where they are are actually taking them.

Thank You

 Matthew Delooze 13th March 2012


 I wrote most of this parable in 2009. I have now provided it with an explanation and it is now the second parable of mine that I have explained in 2012. The first I ‘explained’ being the Parable of the Drunken Man.

I sincerely hope you get something out of these two parables. They were sent in the past with the best of intentions and they are now explained with the same sincerity in 2012 too. It is just something I have to do.

I realise a lot of people will not give my parables a second thought, they certainly didn’t the first time around, but I’d humbly and truly say it would be to their loss to do so now in my opinion.

I write on many levels, each level having different meanings at the same time. I have always done so. If you can read the parable now then you should figure out that my other writings were/are written in the same way.  (Or I’m simply round the bloody twist and living in cloud cuckoo land!) I find that most truthers simply seek out a few lines of sensationalism or gossip. They are not really ‘truthers’ at all.

“The truthers seek the turds from a Yeti to prove the Yeti lives, yet they would kill the Yeti and eat it if they found the actual Yeti” Therefore let us hope the truthers never ever find the Yeti eh?

Anyway, I don’t mind being round the bloody twist as long as I reach the people I am after reaching.  I  have come a long way to reach them and written many titles too. Indeed, symbolically, I  had to Spit Out The Feathers of the Benu Bird a long, long, long time before I suggested anyone else did. If I hadn’t I couldn’t provide such writings. Bloody hell it’s so long ago even those walking around in the days of Noah remember stories about spitting out the feathers of the Benu bird.

 But there is always a problem when writing on many different levels and that is simply because you have to ‘see’ on different levels first, or at least be guided. Another problem is that those who cannot even read on different levels will never ever know that different levels of writing actually exist.

  “They would never actually see the dirty white van, never mind the see the writing on it ” 

Therefore the bigger meaning being displayed might as well be on another planet.  So even the basic understanding of parables is wasted if the author does not explain them, or indeed if the reader cannot be bothered to attempt to read above the level of the  mind numbing education they received in this shit hole of a world. These people will never understand Matthew Delooze or those that sent him. (Even if it were only the fairies at the bottom of the garden that sent him). I can on one level show how uneducated I am, but that only shows the educated how clever they really are.

Anyway, thank you for spending time with me on the Parable of the Dirty White Van. I can only advise, with a big heart and an outstretched arm, that if you are a real asylum seeker that you actually ‘wake up’ for a few minutes. If you can then please focus your eyes and open your mouth and ask the driver of your dirty white van (Doesn’t matter who’s van it is) where they are actually taking you. You may find if you get a true answer that you don’t really want to go to that place and there is no asylum to be found there at all.  You may find its bloody well quicker to walk too! Sometimes you have to want ‘to do a Dorothy Gale’ and truly say there really is no place like home, but only if that is where you really want to go.

To the phony authorities I say Behold the Parables that come from the true authority that sent me.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze. 13th March 2012.

The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained! Matthew Delooze

The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained


Hello I have re-posted my my parable but I now also explain it (below). I hope you get something out of the parable…

The Parable of the Drunken Man

Duncan was a drinker who visited two local pubs on a regular basis. One was called The Cock and one was called The Bull. Duncan would pick and choose which pub he went in at any one time. When in the Bull, after drinking a few pints, he would claim The Bull served the best beer in town and the regulars were the salt of the Earth. When in The Cock, after a few gins, he would claim The Cock sold the best spirits in town and the regulars were the apple of his eye.  He was happy sitting in either pub and the two pubs were happy to serve him. One day the said landlords of each pub fell out over a trivial difference of opinion and they had a row over who served the best drinks and ended up having a price war to compete for custom. Duncan went in The Bull and was offered free beer to stay there and not to visit the Cock.

He merrily feasted on the free beer and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Cock, really just sold the crappiest gin and its regulars were a bunch of stupid idiots. The Landlord of the Bull heard Duncan’s words and offered him eternal free beer if he pledged loyalty to the Bull.  Duncan thought he was in paradise and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Bull because he was drunk.

The next day the landlord of the Cock, who had heard of what had happened, invited Duncan, who was really just seeking a place of comfort, to drink gin for free in his pub. Duncan again merrily feasted on the free gin and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Bull, sold the crappiest ale and the customers were a set of morons.  The landlord of the Cock gave him more free gin to stay in the Cock for his deeds and for saying these things. Duncan thought he was in paradise again and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Cock because he was drunk. Duncan still went in both pubs and spent more and more time in them.

 Eventually Duncan’s wife was sick of Duncan’s ways and knew he was being hypocritical and so she followed him to the pub,one Sunday lunchtime and said to him…

“Husband how can thee feast in one pub and criticise another when they both make thee the same drunkard? How can thee drink Gin and Beer and then criticise only the Beer and how can thee drink Beer and Gin and then criticise only the Gin. How can the salt of the Earth suddenly lose its taste and how can the apple of your eye suddenly make you blind? “ 

 Duncan’s wife then turned to the other visitors in the pub and said “Let him who is of sober mind supply my husband his next drink.”

Duncan never ‘swallowed’ another drop

(By Matthew Delooze 17th June 2008)


The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained!

I wrote the parable of the drunken man nearly 4 years ago. It comes from spirit. It did not come from a fairground sideshow or a conman’s market stall. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying but in my books and articles I only give out milk, and that is simply because some hearts are not weaned to take solids yet. Parables are always solid food and this one example amounts to a thousand pages.

 It is now time to explain it, well at least one low level of it, it has many more levels. If you have ears then please bloody well listen.

The Meaning of the Parable of the Drunken Man (2012).

 “Duncan represents man (human race) in this world. The pubs, The Cock & The Bull, represent ‘temples’ in this world, be they be churches or mosques. The Cock is one temple and the Bull is another. Cock & Bull. These pubs could also represent websites and The Cock could be one website (conspiracy etc..) and The Bull could be a another website (new age etc.). Indeed in these end times, various websites literally are temples and the website visitors are indeed worshippers. Temples have many different faces and worshippers have many different knees.

The landlords of the pubs are the heads of the temples, be they named Vicar or Archbishop or the Imam or the Sheikh, or in modern day website terms the heads of temples are the Conspiracy Researcher or New Age Guru. The Cock or The Bull.

The ‘drunkenness’ of Duncan, caused by the drink, represents the influence the heads of temples and websites has over their clients (Man). The drunkenness also represents the influence websites have over their punters (Man). The free drinks represent marketing and persuasions/temptations.

Duncan’s wife is the truth and wisdom sent from the one consciousness/ source/ God (Through Love).”


I say to you if you have eyes then see.

To the authorities I say the parable comes from those that sent me. Laugh if you like :).

The Parable was provided in 2008. Behold…  I explain it in 2012. The parable is true and trustworthy and is sent to help from the force that helps me. That said I shall provide no more parables to the Duncans out there until it is nearly time for me to end my journey. So please do not spit on this one, at least keep one if only to remind you of something one day eh? Be a Drunken Duncan if you must, the choice is always yours, be it in The Cock or in The Bull. I wish you well.

May Love Reign O’er You.

Matthew Delooze 5th March 2012.

 It is also time to remind people about my soothsaying ditty from 2010, again it is time through recent events. Don’t worry I haven’t got a messiah complex, nor am I ripping off Nostradamus :). I shall not explain this ditty today but it is below should you want to read it. The parables I have explained should at least show you that there is meanings to the writings.

From the Earth came Fire and Ice
The Sky a willing and welcoming host
Britannia’s slaves bow at the announcement
The path of Pytheas is reversed

From Thule where all things are suspended comes prophecy
On the day of midnight sun many days became one
The people of simple manners had no ruler
But the wicked still slept in their tombs

So from the Sky will come Fire and Ice united
The Earth will welcome the return
When Ophioussa shakes and a new idol falls
The hounds of justice will be unleashed

Raging Fire will approach the City of God
And the Earth shall witness mighty thunder
The abode of deceivers shall crumble to ruins
Both eyes of a blind man shall weep blood

Matthew Delooze 20th April 2010

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2010. All rights reserved

Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder (The parable of the missing rung)

Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder

The last adventure of Silly Simon
(The parable of the missing rung)

Hello Boys and Girls,

Today I’d like to tell you a little story about Silly Simon (AKA Peter). I hope you like it.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who didn’t realise he was silly, he thought he was clever…. so please say hello to silly Simon….. “Hello Silly Simon”

Hello Silly Simon (AKA Peter)

 Silly Simon thought he was a clever little boy and he decided he was so special that he must have been made of pure gold. Anyway, one day Silly Simon discovered a ladder that he also thought was made of gold too, and because he thought he was clever, he thought he would try to get to the top of the golden ladder just to see what was up there.

One Day Silly Simon discovers a ladder

 The ladder was missing the bottom rung, which as you know, boys and girls, makes it a bit wobbly and unsafe. Doesn’t it? The ladder should have been checked properly and I’m sure our mummy and daddy would be very cross with us if we went climbing up a ladder that wasn’t very safe, wouldn’t they? But Silly Simon in his haste, being so clever, decided to ignore the missing rung just so he could see what was at the top of the ladder without any delay. So to save his precious time he just used a worker to ‘hold it for him’ whilst he went to see what was up there.  Silly Simon was so quick and eager to jump on to the second rung of the ladder, that he soon forgot all about the missing rung and he even forgot all about the worker who had actually held the ladder so it would be safe for him to climb it.

Silly Simon was so silly that he thought he was made of gold and that the worker that held the ladder was just a Silly Billy who was only made of jelly and ice-cream, and therefore only there to hold the ladder for Simon because he was made of gold. Simon thought he was much more cleverer than someone made of jelly and ice-cream. Silly Simon only saw what he wanted to see when it suited him to see it. He was naughty silly Simon. And we know what happens to silly boys when they are naughty don’t we boys and girls.


Way-Up… Silly Simon was on the second rung, in a flash, soon forgetting all about anyone holding the ladder or that the rung was missing.

 Silly Simon decided he was so clever and it had been so easy for him to get on the ladder that he could just dance around on it and play games. He enjoyed playing games and he believed, because he was so clever, that no one else could see him playing games. Silly Simon got so wrapped up in his games on the ladder that one day he even forgot what the ladder he discovered was really discovered for. He was literally so lost in his own cleverness that, one day he even thought he was even cleverer than himself at his cleverest.

What a silly boy.

Silly Silly Simon decided he was so clever he could dance around on the ladder. He was lost in his own cleverness.

 People on the ground tried to shout up to Silly Simon but he could not and would not listen. He simply couldn’t hear anyone but himself because he was so so far far up in the clouds that all he could hear was his own cleverness. And of course don’t forget, boys and girls, Simon thought he was made of gold didn’t he? So his ears did not work anyway. We all need our ears to work if we want to hear don’t we?

Silly Simon’s golden ears could not hear anything

 Silly Simon was dancing around so much that even his clothes started to fall off. Because Simon thought he was made of gold he could not actually see his outer clothes falling off because his eyes did not work. Both his eyes and his ears were out of order simply because Simon thought they were made of gold anyway. Silly Simon didn’t know he wasn’t really made of gold and because he was lost in his own cleverness he didn’t know he was really only made of puppy dog poo and dirty puddle water. Poor silly Simon did not know what he was really made of. Silly Simon’s clothes start to fall off

But the more Simon danced around and played games on the ladder the more his clothes fell apart, and because of this the puddle water and puppy poo under the clothes started to splash around. Eventually Silly Simon started to see what he was really made of because his clothes could no longer hide the truth.  The puppy poo and puddle water splashed in his eyes and he had no choice but to realise the hard way that he wasn’t made of gold. He saw he was really made of puppy poo and he saw he was really only a dirty puddle, one that  showed his true reflection. Simon then started to panic because he realised that if he was indeed really puppy poo and puddle water, not gold, then where was the ladder really taking him? Silly Simon’s clever brain really started to hurt him then and Silly Simon realised that he was not as clever as he first thought he was. Silly Boy.

Simon realises he was not made of gold (Oh dear Silly – Silly Simon)

Simon suddenly realised that he was not made of gold and Simon suddenly realised that the ladder was not made of gold either, it was simply made of yellow plastic, just like Simon was yellow and plastic in a certain way too. Silly Simon realised he was made of puddle water and puppy dog poo! (Oh dear!)

Once the truth really dawned on Silly Simon he knew something would happen, then one day, right out of the blue, Simon heard a big loud voice in the sky. It was baby Jesus, boys and girls, but he was grown up now. Jesus’ Daddy had taught baby Jesus all about silly little boys like Silly Simon, when he was a baby, so he knew what to do with people like Silly Simon in this world, Jesus always knows what to do doesn’t he?

And sure enough The BIG voice of Jesus said to Silly Simon “Get thee behind me, Satan; thou art an offense to me: for thou savorest not the things that are of God, but those that are of men.” When the big voice said this a little bit of ‘puddle poo’ trickled out of Simon’s smelly bottom. Silly smelly Simon.

As we know, boys and girls, baby Jesus grew up to say things like that because his daddy was the big boss in heaven and he had authority to do so.

Well Simon did not know what to say because he knew Jesus was telling the truth. Simon knew that he was a fake, he wasn’t all gold he was all shit and brown water and his his mind was really all yellow and plastic.  Simon instantly lost his cleverness and the ladder started to tip over and Silly Simon just flipping well fell off it.

Oh dear…  poor Silly Simon. I hope he had clean underpants on or his mummy would have been cross with him.

But I think we may have been able to see this fall coming, couldn’t we boys and girls? I know I can. When Silly Simon was falling he suddenly remembered the man that he thought was only made of jelly and ice-cream and hoped that he was still holding the ladder…  but he wasn’t. The holder of the ladder realised Simon was silly and selfish and only cared about himself. So he let go of the ladder. Whoops… Silly Simon comes unstuck boys and girls!

Whoops… Silly Simon falls from the ladder boys and girls and when he did his bottom made a loud trumping noise when he did too. Trrruuuummmmpppp! Poor trumping Simon. We shouldn’t laugh should we? But sometimes big trumps make us laugh don’t they? Especially smelly ones coming out of someone made of puppy poo and puddle water. If Simon had clean underpants when he went up the ladder he certainly didn’t on the way down.

Silly Simon can’t believe what happens. He thought he was so so clever too.

 Simon banged his head, but unlike Jack from the Jack and Jill story, Silly Simon’s head couldn’t be fixed with vinegar and brown paper. It couldn’t even be fixed with super glue either, because if we remember children, Simon wasn’t made from gold he only thought he was. Can you remember what silly Simon was made of? That’s right children he was made from puppy poo and puddle water wasn’t he? So, mums and dads, we know it is blinking impossible to stick those two things together don’t we?

Poor Simon. Silly boy.

The ladder came crashing down with Silly Simon along with it!

When Simon came to Earth he simply splattered all over just just like puppy poo and puddle water would. Yuk. The ladder broke up because it was not complete to start with, but Simon didn’t think of that when he first saw it. He only thought he climb up it and play games on it and he got someone he thought was as silly as himself to hold the ladder for him. He thought the person holding the ladder was not important and only made of jelly and ice-cream anyway, but he was important and, unlike Simon, he was not made of puppy poo and puddle water either.

Poor Silly Simon came unstuck and broke the ladder as well.

 So children please, please, please heed the words of your humble story teller and be warned. Don’t be silly like Silly Simon/Peter.  Always check what you are really made of before you start climbing the ladders, especially ladders you believed you discovered, but in reality you only came across.  Do not ever lay your ladder on sand when you want to climb it, but most of all don’t treat anyone who willingly holds the ladder for you like a fool or decide they are unimportant simply because you think they are only made of jelly and ice-cream. If you do you may come unstuck and someone like baby Jesus, when he’s all grown up, will come along and tell you off and then you will fall down to the Earth like Silly Simon does.

Remember the story of Silly Simon and the wonky yellow ladder because we don’t want you ending up like Silly Simon will…   do we?

“Always remember, boys and girls, mums and dads, that more than one tune comes out of an ice-cream van and also remember that jellies come from many moulds.  All houses welcome jelly and ice cream and they are easily digested, but puppy poo and puddle water are not welcome in any home, and if they do appear they are simply mopped up and then discarded”

Bye Bye Boys & Girls.  Be Good

Matthew Delooze

The Parable of the Supermarket Trolley

The Parable of the Supermarket Trolley


By Matthew Delooze (April 2009)

I was in the Tesco Supermarket in Burnley the other day looking for some batteries and a print cartridge for an important job I have to do.  The supermarket operates an escalator ‘ramp’ system (See pic above) and whilst the trolleys are on the ramp they cannot move, something stops them from moving.  The car park is below the supermarket so to speak so to actually get to the goods on sale you have to go up the escalator ramp. You literally grab a shopping trolley and place it on the escalator ramp and then stand there like a lemon whilst it takes you and your trolley up at about 2mph.  I didn’t have a shopping trolley because I only wanted some camera batteries and a bloody print cartridge. But because of the way the system worked you couldn’t get passed the folk with trolleys in front of you so you just had to wait.

As we all approached the first floor on the ramp an automated voice said, “Please be prepared to push your trolley off the end of the conveyor”. (The trolleys work again when they reach the top or bottom of the ramp)

I eventually got to the ‘first floor’ of the supermarket and I saw all the folks filling their trolleys with food and household goods. It was a complete mad house of greed on the first floor. I thought I should abandon my mission after seeing such chaotic madness and greed. I was totally lost in the sheer size of this place. It was a monster. I eventually asked an assistant on that floor where I could get the goods I needed’. She looked downtrodden and depressed as she carried out her mundane and thankless duties.  She looked at me and then said she wasn’t really qualified to assist me but she quitely added that although she wasn’t qualified she was sure I really needed to go up a floor higher, ‘to the specialist technical department’, to get the information I needed.

“I know there is nothing like that on this floor sir but there’s another escalator ramp up to the next level and you should find all you need up there”. She pointed me in the general direction of the automatic ramp and I eventually found my way to it. I would never have found the ramp without the help of the downtrodden looking assistant. I was now determined to get to things I needed, the batteries and the print cartridge.

Again I was stuck behind trolly pushing shoppers on the escalator ramp and indeed their shopping trolleys were full and overflowing with stuff, mostly crap, but they were still holding on to their trollies trying to get to the upper floor to get even more stuff.  I didn’t have a trolly simply because I knew exactly what I wanted, but there was no way I could get past the slow shoppers on the ramp whilst they were holding on to their trollies and blocking the path. I had to stay stood behind them and all the goods in their trolleys didn’t allow them to move, therefore blocking my path even more.  As I approached the end of my boring journey I started to hear the annoying automated voice again. “Please be prepared to push your trolley off the end of the conveyor”.

Just as I reached the end of the conveyor it suddenly came to a creaking halt and the automated voice slurred and stopped. It had broken down. Luckily, because I didn’t have a shopping trolly stuck on the ramp, and I had no obstacles left in front of me I was free to enter the specialist technical department and look around. I then managed to get the equipment I need to do the job I have to do.

On the way back down to the car park, on the ramp that was directly opposite to the one that had broken down, I saw that all the people were still stuck there with their piles of shopping in their trollies, waiting for help to get the conveyor going again.

I smiled.