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Welcome To One Ball

Welcome To One Ball (Index to Articles Below)



One Ball Media hosts most of my ‘past’ website writings in depository form, apart from that contained in my books, available here. All my major articles are indexed and linked below in Alphabetical order. There are also tab links to pages that house the Ayahuasca stories, my parables and archived news reports and these tabs are located, with others, directly under the main website banner above.

The writings on this website date back up to 12 years (From 2016) but please do not assume the information is somehow dated. Most of the articles were purposely written well in advance for reference in the future and most are literally timeless anyway. My books of 2004-2007 were recorded in the official legal deposit office before they were published.

If you have arrived on one ball to seek out a particular article title then most of my past ‘major’ articles are linked below (in alphabetical order) for your convenience. I can only suggest to ‘newcomers’ to this information that they be patient enough to read all the archived articles in date order. This information is not sensationalised ‘truther’ fodder that was simply created to sell you entertainment as some sort of an intermission in your life as a human slave. This information is NOT  fodder ‘news’ that has been swiped off others and pasted on here just to attract your credit card to a shop either.  It is a part of a very powerful spiritual counselling program to help you Break the Serpent’s Spell. If you are happy in your slave life in this world then I beseech you to go elsewhere and suggest you do not read anything on this website at all. If you read the work provided it ‘will’ affect you, albeit mostly in your future, and I assure you it will affect you far more than you would believe or ever even realise.  The information WILL affect your mind and soul. You have been warned in advance.  It’s obviously entirely up to you if you believe anything that is written but again you have been warned that it will affect you.

A Flood of Tears for Viracocha

 All For Nothing & Nothing For All

A Mithraeum For The Damned

A Retinal Detachment in the Truth Movement

A Vitrectomy for the Deluded Lovvies in Alternative Media…

At What Price Comes the Daughter of Zion?

Beside the Seaside – Beside the Sea

Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian

Clipping Claws of UTU – Have You Still Not Found What You Are Looking For?

 (On) Christmas Day in the Morning. (Not Available)

Diana: Can You See The Real Me?

 Evicting the Selenites – The Moon Conspiracies

Extinguishing the Fire of Vesta

Getting High… You Can’t Beat It

Go, Swim in the Pool of Siloam

Hark How All The Welkin Rings (Christmas 2015) (Not Available)

Have you seen the person who provided your glasses?

Hey-Hey-Hey Wot Ya Doing To Me

I’ll Take It… What Is It?

In the company of Apollo – Beside the statue of Zeus

Is There Anybody There? – Dumbed Down in the Spirit World

Laughing At The Book Of Thoth

Litany To Mithras & The Fecundity of a Moronic Human Race

Looking in to the Eyes of Naga – (The Protests in Thailand Exposed)

Meet the New Puppet…Same as the Old Puppet – A Delooze News Special Report

Now I Know This Is The Greatest Robbery

No Tissue for the Tears of Ra

No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus.

Once Bitten Twice Shy? – Exposed: Subliminal Messages in Olympic games Promotional Video

Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras: A Nightmare on Stadium Street – The Athens Protests Exposed

 Reflections from the Looking Glass

See You – Heal You

Singeing the beard of Nanna/ Suen – The Ramadan Scam Exposed

So is this Christmas? (2005-2014) (Not Available)

Sniffing out the King of Little Farts – On the Road to the Palace. A Delooze New Special Report

Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird

 Sucking on the Bones of Rik Clay – The Conspiracy Con Men files

Superman – The Real Symbolism

Swinging on the Gates of Hades – Remembrance Day Exposed

 The Answer My Friend – Is Blowing in the Wind

The Heat Is Rising – 7/7 London Bombings

The Marionette & The Muppets…

The Past is Calling

There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium! – The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement on Planet Earth

They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie.

The Virgin Festival

The Winner Takes It All

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Ur

The Yellow Brick Road Meets Indiana Jones & The Temple of Moab

 Through the Kitchen Window

Treading on the Grapes of Bacchus – The Mardi Gras Exposed

Untying the Binds of Mithras – G20 Demonstrators Stitched Up On Threadneedle Street

Who’s that Dancing in the Headdress?

Who Wrote the Songs That Make the Whole World Sing?

 Yankee Doodle… Do or Die?

You Say She’s a Virgin?

The Festival of Light: Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside Too

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