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Breathe the Air that I Send You – A Delooze News Special Report

 Breathe the Air that I Send You?


A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks,
I’m not an ‘I told you so’ type of person. I leave that sort of thing to the Willy Wonka golden boys that are scamming in this biz, so please don’t see this episode of the nearly world famous Delooze News Special Reports as an ‘I told you so’ situation. I do not put news on the net unless I believe it is either important at the time or it will be important in the future as a reference point. I do not simply google a subject and put dozens of links to news items either.

Those folks that follow the news I write or supply may remember a Delooze Special on the announcement of a symbolic ‘Breathing’ monument that was placed on the BBC building and All Souls Church. I recommend that you Click here to see it again. It was a popular report at the time so I’m sure some of you remember it. I wrote this at the time….

Maybe it is silly to suggest that old symbolic buildings and monuments can be awakened or re-ignited by new symbolic monuments. Let me please tell you that the esoteric knowledge held by the secret societies that built monuments ‘yesterday’ is the same esoteric knowledge held by secret societies that build monuments ‘today’. They are indeed connected and indeed that is why you find new religious buildings built on on the foundations of old religious buildings. The Serpent Cult agenda is taking place over a long period, of what we think of as time, and not over ‘two nights’ on a forum thread.


The Breathing Statue from a previous Delooze News Special

I reported on the Breathing statue etc but I also mentioned the All Souls Church. It should be noted that my favourite trouser leg, frilly apron wearing, architect John Nash built it. If my previous Delooze News report about Pazuzu is anything to go by there seems to be a link forming concerning things on the roofs of the buildings built by John Nash doesn’t there?

Last night Bono (U2), one of my favourite deceptive agents for the Serpent Cult, decided to do a ‘secret gig’ on top of the BBC roof.  (As Tommy Cooper would say – Just like that)

I have pointed out many times that the deceptive pied pipers like Bono and of course my mate Bob Geldof don’t do these things for their masters for bugger all. (Please note that good old Bob is quiet these days so something dastardly must be a foot)

Anyway… Sure enough I spotted straight away what was going on up on the roof with this secret gig. The sheeple had been summoned to be the energy source for another ritual and of course with a pied piper like Bono it was easy to have the muppets running from afar at the drop of a hat to see him and dance around in awe around the All Souls monument.

The term Oh my brothers give me the strength not to abandon these fools comes to my mind.

Moving on… the sheep turned up for this special ‘drop of a hat’ gig. Look at them in their hastily arranged pen below. Even Old Bill stopped the traffic and closed roads so the sheep were left undisturbed. Whoopee a free gig by U2… lets run!


The Sheep, on hearing of this ‘secret gig’ are herded by the authorities and flock around the All Souls monument (Which they wouldn’t have even noticed was there through their star struck eyes.)


U2 on the Roof and All Souls

As I said the official announcement about the Breathing monument was broadcast last year and I indicated that the symbolism was meant for breathing new life in to the The All Souls Church. I remember quoting the words on the ‘Breathing’ monument. So it should come to no surprise to those that didn’t scoff at me or scoff behind my back at the time that U2 sang a song called ‘Breathe’ last night.  Well does it?  It may be a coincidence eh? I may be breathing out of my arse again eh?

Here are a few words from the track ‘Breathe’

Walk out, into the sunburst street
Sing your heart out, sing my heart out
I’ve found grace inside a sound
I found grace, it’s all that I found
And I can breathe
Breathe now

(Full lyrics Here)

Maybe some of you now understand that a ‘breathing new life’ ritual is taking place? I’m sure its linked to the removal of hearts too. U2 are very symbolic too and are an ideal for this kind of official announcement..

 Actually, on a symbolic level, being on the BBC roof is the biggest and most symbolic place in the world to make a news ‘announcement’. It is also a symbolic acceptance and the free will permission for the meanings behind the ritual ‘to come to pass’ if you can get a large crowd to clap and cheer of course (free will acceptance) and of course the spiritual energy extraction scam that I have explained many times is also taking place.

Are the sheeple in the picture below joining in a ritual around this monument or not? What do you see?


The crowds gather around All Souls in awe of ‘U2’

The crowds gather round oblivious through their hypnotism and ego to what is really going on. Please don’t forget, as I know most of you will have, that I state U2 is symbolic for the Sun God UTU. So we have a situation that symbolises the ‘raised’ Sun God breathing (announcing) over the All Souls Church and the symbolism behind it. Again I can not stress enough to you to take note of the information sent to you and realise that establishments like the BBC and massive pied pipers like Bono and U2 (the Sun God Utu) do not end up around illuminated replica temples like All Souls Church for bugger all. I’m sure a ritual was taking place in All Souls either during or after this ritual on the roof and after the installation of the Breathing monument.

But I’m telling you the plot aren’t I? I should shut up, but it’s all done in the best pooosssibbllle taste.

It appears to me, as mad as the hatter I may be, that Bono and U2 are going to play a symbolic role in the near future and it will be interesting to see what gigs UTU breathes on whilst promoting the new album. No Line on the Horizon.

Hey please don’t get me wrong, as I said this, news report is not an ‘I told you so’ situation from the previous Breathing monument/ Bono news. I’m not trying to sway your mind if you think Bono is on top of the BBC roof singing over all souls church just for the fun of it and it wasn’t arranged for other purposes then that’s fine with me. Hey please live as you want to live as you see it. Please go and prance round all souls whilst worshipping UTU all you want…  ‘its your soul man’.

Whatever you think I’ll still say…

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 28th February 2009.