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The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained! Matthew Delooze

The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained


Hello I have re-posted my my parable but I now also explain it (below). I hope you get something out of the parable…

The Parable of the Drunken Man

Duncan was a drinker who visited two local pubs on a regular basis. One was called The Cock and one was called The Bull. Duncan would pick and choose which pub he went in at any one time. When in the Bull, after drinking a few pints, he would claim The Bull served the best beer in town and the regulars were the salt of the Earth. When in The Cock, after a few gins, he would claim The Cock sold the best spirits in town and the regulars were the apple of his eye.  He was happy sitting in either pub and the two pubs were happy to serve him. One day the said landlords of each pub fell out over a trivial difference of opinion and they had a row over who served the best drinks and ended up having a price war to compete for custom. Duncan went in The Bull and was offered free beer to stay there and not to visit the Cock.

He merrily feasted on the free beer and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Cock, really just sold the crappiest gin and its regulars were a bunch of stupid idiots. The Landlord of the Bull heard Duncan’s words and offered him eternal free beer if he pledged loyalty to the Bull.  Duncan thought he was in paradise and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Bull because he was drunk.

The next day the landlord of the Cock, who had heard of what had happened, invited Duncan, who was really just seeking a place of comfort, to drink gin for free in his pub. Duncan again merrily feasted on the free gin and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Bull, sold the crappiest ale and the customers were a set of morons.  The landlord of the Cock gave him more free gin to stay in the Cock for his deeds and for saying these things. Duncan thought he was in paradise again and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Cock because he was drunk. Duncan still went in both pubs and spent more and more time in them.

 Eventually Duncan’s wife was sick of Duncan’s ways and knew he was being hypocritical and so she followed him to the pub,one Sunday lunchtime and said to him…

“Husband how can thee feast in one pub and criticise another when they both make thee the same drunkard? How can thee drink Gin and Beer and then criticise only the Beer and how can thee drink Beer and Gin and then criticise only the Gin. How can the salt of the Earth suddenly lose its taste and how can the apple of your eye suddenly make you blind? “ 

 Duncan’s wife then turned to the other visitors in the pub and said “Let him who is of sober mind supply my husband his next drink.”

Duncan never ‘swallowed’ another drop

(By Matthew Delooze 17th June 2008)


The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained!

I wrote the parable of the drunken man nearly 4 years ago. It comes from spirit. It did not come from a fairground sideshow or a conman’s market stall. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying but in my books and articles I only give out milk, and that is simply because some hearts are not weaned to take solids yet. Parables are always solid food and this one example amounts to a thousand pages.

 It is now time to explain it, well at least one low level of it, it has many more levels. If you have ears then please bloody well listen.

The Meaning of the Parable of the Drunken Man (2012).

 “Duncan represents man (human race) in this world. The pubs, The Cock & The Bull, represent ‘temples’ in this world, be they be churches or mosques. The Cock is one temple and the Bull is another. Cock & Bull. These pubs could also represent websites and The Cock could be one website (conspiracy etc..) and The Bull could be a another website (new age etc.). Indeed in these end times, various websites literally are temples and the website visitors are indeed worshippers. Temples have many different faces and worshippers have many different knees.

The landlords of the pubs are the heads of the temples, be they named Vicar or Archbishop or the Imam or the Sheikh, or in modern day website terms the heads of temples are the Conspiracy Researcher or New Age Guru. The Cock or The Bull.

The ‘drunkenness’ of Duncan, caused by the drink, represents the influence the heads of temples and websites has over their clients (Man). The drunkenness also represents the influence websites have over their punters (Man). The free drinks represent marketing and persuasions/temptations.

Duncan’s wife is the truth and wisdom sent from the one consciousness/ source/ God (Through Love).”


I say to you if you have eyes then see.

To the authorities I say the parable comes from those that sent me. Laugh if you like :).

The Parable was provided in 2008. Behold…  I explain it in 2012. The parable is true and trustworthy and is sent to help from the force that helps me. That said I shall provide no more parables to the Duncans out there until it is nearly time for me to end my journey. So please do not spit on this one, at least keep one if only to remind you of something one day eh? Be a Drunken Duncan if you must, the choice is always yours, be it in The Cock or in The Bull. I wish you well.

May Love Reign O’er You.

Matthew Delooze 5th March 2012.

 It is also time to remind people about my soothsaying ditty from 2010, again it is time through recent events. Don’t worry I haven’t got a messiah complex, nor am I ripping off Nostradamus :). I shall not explain this ditty today but it is below should you want to read it. The parables I have explained should at least show you that there is meanings to the writings.

From the Earth came Fire and Ice
The Sky a willing and welcoming host
Britannia’s slaves bow at the announcement
The path of Pytheas is reversed

From Thule where all things are suspended comes prophecy
On the day of midnight sun many days became one
The people of simple manners had no ruler
But the wicked still slept in their tombs

So from the Sky will come Fire and Ice united
The Earth will welcome the return
When Ophioussa shakes and a new idol falls
The hounds of justice will be unleashed

Raging Fire will approach the City of God
And the Earth shall witness mighty thunder
The abode of deceivers shall crumble to ruins
Both eyes of a blind man shall weep blood

Matthew Delooze 20th April 2010

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2010. All rights reserved