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The Centipede & The Serpent

The Centipede & The Serpent


By Matthew Delooze

Hello folks,

This is just a sort of observation and spiritual interpretation of things I saw in a news item a couple of weeks ago. I believe some of you may find it interesting and even food for thought if you pardon the pun.

o-SNAKE-570Centipede Eats Its Way Out Of A Viper’s Stomach Source

The above news item (Source linked) appeared to be reported around all parts of the planet, through many different news outlets a couple of weeks ago.

It’s about a Viper and a large Centipede.  I actually found the image both a powerful trigger and very symbolic story in many ways and I’m sure a few of you will have done/will do too.

Please take a look at the image as I ask you to ponder on any thoughts that it may set off in you. I see many many analogies in this tale but initially only the image of the ‘Centipede’ affected me and it sort of forced me to imagine putting myself in its position, going back in time if you like, before its death, to imagine what sort of scene really took place and what experiences it went through before it died.

It’s clear from the image that a battle must have taken place and the Serpent obviously truly believed it had overpowered and defeated the Centipede to believe it could swallow it.

On looking at the image more deeply I imagined actually being the Centipede myself and I imagined myself in a massive battle and taking all the venom from the Serpent. I then imagined what it was like losing the battle, being overcome and paralysed by the poison and then mercilessly being considered dead and swallowed up. Can you imagine it too?

That said its clear by the picture that when the Centipede was swallowed it wasn’t dead and maybe the Serpent, this vicious female ‘Nose-Horned Viper’, (and we all know what they are like lads don’t we?) was so greedy and hasty she either swallowed the Centipede without the expense of using venom or, for that matter, even bothering checking for a pulse.

Whatever the true situation was the Centipede had definitely not died and obviously the Serpent’s venom, if used at all, had totally worn off and the Centipede found itself alive and more importantly ‘fully conscious’ right in the belly of the Serpent. Can you imagine what that Centipede must have felt like after ‘waking up and finding itself inside the very guts of the Serpent’ that had enslaved and consumed it?

It should be remembered these types of Centipedes are known to being very vicious warriors and ferocious predators themselves! I’m guessing the Centipede was initially relieved to be awake and alive after its nightmare battle. I also assume it was bloody angry and more than slightly frustrated when it realised just where it was! I imagine it reacted just like a drunken teenager would, after being imprisoned in the police cells for the first time, and want to kick the bloody locked door off its hinges in frustration.


I then looked at the image again (above). I looked at the Serpent itself and again I imagined myself it its position, going back in time again if you like, to imagine what sort of scene really took place and what experiences it went through before it died. I pondered on the thought that the Serpent must have initially experienced a massive sense of victory, whilst also experiencing the emotional pleasure of a massive feast. The Serpent obviously feasted on it large meal in more ways than one.


The Serpent experienced a massive feast.

Then the Serpent simply swallowed down the Centipede and must have thought it had fatally destroyed it…  literally without giving it a second ‘thought’.

I imagine the Serpent had felt rather smug over its own victory and the fate of its victim and obviously fully satisfied with the proceeds of its greed. But after swallowing such a large meal can you ever imagine Serpent felt when it realised the Centipede was actually still alive and ironically ‘alive and kicking’ inside it.

How would you have felt knowing that you’d swallowed such a thing and found out it was fully alive?


 I then looked at the picture again and tried to imagine the final scene before death in where the Centipede was kicking and screaming and biting its enslaver for all it’s worth, but all along the Serpent was powerless to do anything about the Centipede’s revenge apart from know it was slowly being killed from the inside.

What were the last thoughts of the Serpent? What were the last thoughts of the Centipede?

whatever they were, It’s clear both ‘prey’ and ‘predator’ literally swapped roles several times. Indeed the one image, just one image, graphically showed us that a ‘dream’ situation can so easily become a nightmare, as it did for the Serpent and a nightmare situation change into and a provide dream like opportunity of hope, as it did for the Centipede.

Can you see a tale in the picture? What do you think?

My friend, I could describe several analogies and even write a massive parable based on just that one symbolic image that triggered me today. Both the Serpent and the Centipede symbolise many things all around the ancient world, especially so for the Mayan Serpent Kingdom and Centipede dynasties. (see El Peru-Waka )

Anyway, I found the picture and story we have gone through rather surreal in quality. Maybe the official news reports on this story actually got massive mainstream media coverage all around the world simply for predictive programming purposes or some sort of subconscious triggering event? I don’t know, but I do know there are many spiritually based messages and a lot symbolism in the story. I wouldn’t be messing around with ‘news reports’ if I didn’t. I also know that people I come across need to see certain images, at certain stages of their journey, and I’m sure this is one of them. I know that because I see many things on may levels in certain images and I am given so many stories through what I see. I’m sure the Centipede & Serpent image is a spiritual trigger, nay a spiritual seed to some. I say that because I know other images i have reported on in the past or taken myself are spiritual seeds and triggers too. Obviously if you don’t feel triggered in some way by images and you don’t believe what I’m saying then i’ll sound a right fruitcake to you, but no worries I’m only interested in those that are triggered by things and may folk on’t even know they are triggered anyway.


I will briefly write a short version of some of the deeper meanings I see in The Centipede & The Serpent story. I do this simply because I think its important to do so and I think its a symbolic ‘message of hope’ for some of us, if only subconsciously.

So if you understood the story I created about the image and you understood and connected to it then please try to understand this deeper explanation below. I do point out the symbolism very bluntly. I hope it doesn’t bore you!

So remembering the image again of course…

o-SNAKE-570The Serpent & The Centipede

  “I actually see the centipede as being certain human beings or a collective, (many bodies with two legs in symbolism) (strong legs = well travelled and experienced too).

  I actually see the Serpent in this story as officially controlling the world, this symbolism ‘strongly appears because the actual event took place on ‘Golem Grad’ meaning ‘Big Fortress’, also known as ‘Snake Island’ (symbolically snake prison). Golem Grad also holds a lot of other symbolism, but basically this battle and sacrifice took place in ‘Snake Prison’.

 The Serpent underestimated the Centipede (Symbolising Enslaver under-estimating food source (human beings or ‘collective’), again symbolised by many legs and bodies) The Serpent arrogantly swallowed Centipede down in arrogance, in greed and in selfishness without making sure its poison had fully worked. (World enslaver become incompetent)

The Centipede actually ends up in the very belly of the Serpent alive (Symbolises human ‘consciousness’ discovers the very nerve centre of World Control in Snake Prison) and the Centipede finds that the Serpent’s internal organs are its only form of escape (Symbolising humans finding the unprotected mechanism of its enslavement and seeing the power of its enslaver.  (The internal organs of the Serpent represent unprotected mechanisms)

 The Centipede (Humans) destroys the very heart (internal organs) of the Serpent (Enslavement) and then attempts to break through the prison wall. (The Serpent’s Skin).

The Centipede eventually breaks through the skin (Symbolises humans escape the enslavement) but then the Centipede realises it needs to leave a message to show other’s how it escaped. (Symbolises humans need to provide a legacy to help others) So the Centipede literally dies at the scene showing how escape was achieved (Symbolises Human sacrifice to help others escape the Serpent/ Enslavers). The Centipede does this so ‘the story is recorded and then told around the world! (Symbolises human creating a powerful story of struggle to cause massive attention)

Matthew Delooze 9th May 2014

 OK? Can you see?

 Without the Centipede creating the powerful story through the one graphic image of its own struggle and sacrifice, as daft and as surreal as it appears, how would we ever know its possible to escape from such a struggle in that way or how to arm ourselves to make it a success?

 My friend, does that deeper story make sense to you? It should do as I explain the symbolism in nearly every bloody sentence. If you can see it does it trigger you or is it just confusing mumbo Jumbo?

I promise it’s important to some and I don’t explain what I see in images these days unless it is important friends see it. So I tell you the truth when I say the message of the ‘Centipede and the Serpent’ by Matthew Delooze will help some of you understand some events later on, when I am gone. It is from the universe and sent to help. It will never let you down!

On a lighter note….

Hey I bet Jesus couldn’t explain one image of a Centipede and a Serpent better than that, but there again maybe the Centipede is simply plagiarising the Jesus story, because they are similar as far as the universe is concerned. Obviously Jesus was better looking than the Centipede but as you girls already know, ‘the ugly blokes in this world always have the biggest hearts and the biggest willies’ .

Sorry I should use more manners but… Am I right ladies?

I have said enough…

But Hey…. before I go…  if you think there was a symbolic story in the Centipede & Serpent scenario… what sort of symbolic story do you reckon this one single picture (below) could manifest ‘in words’ from a true heart?


 May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 9th May 2014


Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder (The parable of the missing rung)

Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder

The last adventure of Silly Simon
(The parable of the missing rung)

Hello Boys and Girls,

Today I’d like to tell you a little story about Silly Simon (AKA Peter). I hope you like it.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who didn’t realise he was silly, he thought he was clever…. so please say hello to silly Simon….. “Hello Silly Simon”

Hello Silly Simon (AKA Peter)

 Silly Simon thought he was a clever little boy and he decided he was so special that he must have been made of pure gold. Anyway, one day Silly Simon discovered a ladder that he also thought was made of gold too, and because he thought he was clever, he thought he would try to get to the top of the golden ladder just to see what was up there.

One Day Silly Simon discovers a ladder

 The ladder was missing the bottom rung, which as you know, boys and girls, makes it a bit wobbly and unsafe. Doesn’t it? The ladder should have been checked properly and I’m sure our mummy and daddy would be very cross with us if we went climbing up a ladder that wasn’t very safe, wouldn’t they? But Silly Simon in his haste, being so clever, decided to ignore the missing rung just so he could see what was at the top of the ladder without any delay. So to save his precious time he just used a worker to ‘hold it for him’ whilst he went to see what was up there.  Silly Simon was so quick and eager to jump on to the second rung of the ladder, that he soon forgot all about the missing rung and he even forgot all about the worker who had actually held the ladder so it would be safe for him to climb it.

Silly Simon was so silly that he thought he was made of gold and that the worker that held the ladder was just a Silly Billy who was only made of jelly and ice-cream, and therefore only there to hold the ladder for Simon because he was made of gold. Simon thought he was much more cleverer than someone made of jelly and ice-cream. Silly Simon only saw what he wanted to see when it suited him to see it. He was naughty silly Simon. And we know what happens to silly boys when they are naughty don’t we boys and girls.


Way-Up… Silly Simon was on the second rung, in a flash, soon forgetting all about anyone holding the ladder or that the rung was missing.

 Silly Simon decided he was so clever and it had been so easy for him to get on the ladder that he could just dance around on it and play games. He enjoyed playing games and he believed, because he was so clever, that no one else could see him playing games. Silly Simon got so wrapped up in his games on the ladder that one day he even forgot what the ladder he discovered was really discovered for. He was literally so lost in his own cleverness that, one day he even thought he was even cleverer than himself at his cleverest.

What a silly boy.

Silly Silly Simon decided he was so clever he could dance around on the ladder. He was lost in his own cleverness.

 People on the ground tried to shout up to Silly Simon but he could not and would not listen. He simply couldn’t hear anyone but himself because he was so so far far up in the clouds that all he could hear was his own cleverness. And of course don’t forget, boys and girls, Simon thought he was made of gold didn’t he? So his ears did not work anyway. We all need our ears to work if we want to hear don’t we?

Silly Simon’s golden ears could not hear anything

 Silly Simon was dancing around so much that even his clothes started to fall off. Because Simon thought he was made of gold he could not actually see his outer clothes falling off because his eyes did not work. Both his eyes and his ears were out of order simply because Simon thought they were made of gold anyway. Silly Simon didn’t know he wasn’t really made of gold and because he was lost in his own cleverness he didn’t know he was really only made of puppy dog poo and dirty puddle water. Poor silly Simon did not know what he was really made of. Silly Simon’s clothes start to fall off

But the more Simon danced around and played games on the ladder the more his clothes fell apart, and because of this the puddle water and puppy poo under the clothes started to splash around. Eventually Silly Simon started to see what he was really made of because his clothes could no longer hide the truth.  The puppy poo and puddle water splashed in his eyes and he had no choice but to realise the hard way that he wasn’t made of gold. He saw he was really made of puppy poo and he saw he was really only a dirty puddle, one that  showed his true reflection. Simon then started to panic because he realised that if he was indeed really puppy poo and puddle water, not gold, then where was the ladder really taking him? Silly Simon’s clever brain really started to hurt him then and Silly Simon realised that he was not as clever as he first thought he was. Silly Boy.

Simon realises he was not made of gold (Oh dear Silly – Silly Simon)

Simon suddenly realised that he was not made of gold and Simon suddenly realised that the ladder was not made of gold either, it was simply made of yellow plastic, just like Simon was yellow and plastic in a certain way too. Silly Simon realised he was made of puddle water and puppy dog poo! (Oh dear!)

Once the truth really dawned on Silly Simon he knew something would happen, then one day, right out of the blue, Simon heard a big loud voice in the sky. It was baby Jesus, boys and girls, but he was grown up now. Jesus’ Daddy had taught baby Jesus all about silly little boys like Silly Simon, when he was a baby, so he knew what to do with people like Silly Simon in this world, Jesus always knows what to do doesn’t he?

And sure enough The BIG voice of Jesus said to Silly Simon “Get thee behind me, Satan; thou art an offense to me: for thou savorest not the things that are of God, but those that are of men.” When the big voice said this a little bit of ‘puddle poo’ trickled out of Simon’s smelly bottom. Silly smelly Simon.

As we know, boys and girls, baby Jesus grew up to say things like that because his daddy was the big boss in heaven and he had authority to do so.

Well Simon did not know what to say because he knew Jesus was telling the truth. Simon knew that he was a fake, he wasn’t all gold he was all shit and brown water and his his mind was really all yellow and plastic.  Simon instantly lost his cleverness and the ladder started to tip over and Silly Simon just flipping well fell off it.

Oh dear…  poor Silly Simon. I hope he had clean underpants on or his mummy would have been cross with him.

But I think we may have been able to see this fall coming, couldn’t we boys and girls? I know I can. When Silly Simon was falling he suddenly remembered the man that he thought was only made of jelly and ice-cream and hoped that he was still holding the ladder…  but he wasn’t. The holder of the ladder realised Simon was silly and selfish and only cared about himself. So he let go of the ladder. Whoops… Silly Simon comes unstuck boys and girls!

Whoops… Silly Simon falls from the ladder boys and girls and when he did his bottom made a loud trumping noise when he did too. Trrruuuummmmpppp! Poor trumping Simon. We shouldn’t laugh should we? But sometimes big trumps make us laugh don’t they? Especially smelly ones coming out of someone made of puppy poo and puddle water. If Simon had clean underpants when he went up the ladder he certainly didn’t on the way down.

Silly Simon can’t believe what happens. He thought he was so so clever too.

 Simon banged his head, but unlike Jack from the Jack and Jill story, Silly Simon’s head couldn’t be fixed with vinegar and brown paper. It couldn’t even be fixed with super glue either, because if we remember children, Simon wasn’t made from gold he only thought he was. Can you remember what silly Simon was made of? That’s right children he was made from puppy poo and puddle water wasn’t he? So, mums and dads, we know it is blinking impossible to stick those two things together don’t we?

Poor Simon. Silly boy.

The ladder came crashing down with Silly Simon along with it!

When Simon came to Earth he simply splattered all over just just like puppy poo and puddle water would. Yuk. The ladder broke up because it was not complete to start with, but Simon didn’t think of that when he first saw it. He only thought he climb up it and play games on it and he got someone he thought was as silly as himself to hold the ladder for him. He thought the person holding the ladder was not important and only made of jelly and ice-cream anyway, but he was important and, unlike Simon, he was not made of puppy poo and puddle water either.

Poor Silly Simon came unstuck and broke the ladder as well.

 So children please, please, please heed the words of your humble story teller and be warned. Don’t be silly like Silly Simon/Peter.  Always check what you are really made of before you start climbing the ladders, especially ladders you believed you discovered, but in reality you only came across.  Do not ever lay your ladder on sand when you want to climb it, but most of all don’t treat anyone who willingly holds the ladder for you like a fool or decide they are unimportant simply because you think they are only made of jelly and ice-cream. If you do you may come unstuck and someone like baby Jesus, when he’s all grown up, will come along and tell you off and then you will fall down to the Earth like Silly Simon does.

Remember the story of Silly Simon and the wonky yellow ladder because we don’t want you ending up like Silly Simon will…   do we?

“Always remember, boys and girls, mums and dads, that more than one tune comes out of an ice-cream van and also remember that jellies come from many moulds.  All houses welcome jelly and ice cream and they are easily digested, but puppy poo and puddle water are not welcome in any home, and if they do appear they are simply mopped up and then discarded”

Bye Bye Boys & Girls.  Be Good

Matthew Delooze

Once Bitten Twice Shy? – Exposed: Subliminal Messages in Olympic games Promotional Video

This article is dedicated to the innocent victims of the 7/7 London bombings. May they one day see the real perpetrators of a cowardly act brought to justice

Once Bitten Twice Shy?


Exposed: Subliminal Messages in Olympic games Promotional Video

By Matthew Delooze

I know what your mind is going through
You know my mind is going through it too
Through it too, going through it too
And you know my mind is going through it too.
(Hey hey hey hey what you doin’ to me by Slade)

Some of you folk will remember me writing about the Olympic games video / commercial that was released last year. If you don’t then I will say that the advert produced by the Olympic games committee (Lackeys for the Serpent) was full of subliminal messages and flash art that depicted, to me at least, ‘Chaos and destruction’ symbolism. The advert received massive attention but it was then suddenly removed from public view under claims that it may cause epileptic fits through the flashing lights etc.

Here is what I wrote about the previous Olympics video at the time…

I have mentioned in previous articles on this website and in other areas that I believe symbolic announcements are covertly made through mainstream media. Obviously newcomers to this site will have to read earlier articles to understand what I am trying to say. Anyway let us break down the official video and I will try and show you what I see. Please watch the video very carefully. (Obviously I do not recommend that people who suffer from epilepsy watch the bloody thing) What I will say is that please keep in mind that the video is there and was created for the sole purpose of manipulating your thoughts. If you do this then the subliminal messages will have no effect on you whatsoever. If you are skeptic about these matters then you have bugger all to worry about anyway. Have you?
Please watch it now: … Well then, what do you make of that bugger?…..

I went on to describe what I saw in the video. Which was, in my opinion, blatant trickery and a basic message of chaos and destruction in London in or after 2012.

Anyway as I said the authorities removed the video very suddenly, they later claimed it was only removed because of the logo part of the video at the end. (A waste of money on a 5 sense level eh?). That said I believe the removal of the video was all part of the subliminal message anyway. But there again I’ll keep stum about that for now. The press had a field day complaining about the cost and the stupidity involved in producing the video etc. The hangers on at the Olympic games waffled out some apology saying it wouldn’t happen again etc and oh how sorry they were. I knew at the time that it was all propaganda. Didn’t you?

Anyway you’d expect after all the shit that went on that the Olympic games committees and pied piper type celebrities like Sir Sebastian Coe would not to allow any more dodgy videos, containing subliminal messages or flash logos, to be produced never mind release one wouldn’t you? Well wouldn’t you? Well I sure would if I thought the previous claims were genuine anyway.

So let’s just suppose the previous claims and apologies about the original video was genuine for a moment whilst I prepare to show you another very dodgy official Olympic games video. Remember we are talking about taxpayer’s money here and so-called intelligent people so why the release of this video after the outcry over the previous one?

I invite you to take care in watching the video, but again I tell you that if you are aware that subliminal messages and subliminal geometry is being used in the video then they will not affect you on any level and if you are a skeptic about these things what does it matter anyway?  So please take time and watch the video NOW.

Now then! If I was working in Government or indeed officially involved in the Olympic Games, in London 2012, I would be giving someone a very severe bollocking for producing that video. Come on, thousands of pounds of tax payers money was allegedly wasted on the original and it was removed simply because of the threat of epileptic fits. So why produce another video that contains at least the same amount of subliminal messages and flash etc. Please someone tell me why another flash video has been produced as my fury is increasing daily over the deceptive liars that are controlling all aspects of our lives. Where are the journalists, can they not even remember what happened last year? Where are the art experts? Indeed after studying this video again I tell you the truth when I say I believe it contains more subliminal messages than the original that was removed. Granted the PTB are being sneakier when showing this video and have produced many red herrings to deflect attention away from it, but it is still a very symbolic announcement and they are still getting it embedded in to the collective consciousness of the human race. I’m sure the Fleet Street journalists know about it creation but it appears at the moment anyway that finding details about Paul Gascoigne’s bar bill is far more important news to give the masses.

“Hey people… we won’t show you how corrupt the system is but we will show you how Gazza drinks himself to death just like we did with George Best”.”

Hey… if anyone knows where a decent journalist is please let me know which unemployment benefit office where they sign on,  because they sure aren’t working anywhere.  ‘Journalism’…a pathetic and cowardly profession indeed. So let’s get going with the video…

The ‘chaos’ symbolism is just as rife in this video as it was the original. This video deeply upset me, as for why I will explain later. The initial images in the video hint at showing ‘collapsing buildings’ just like the original banned video but in reverse. (You see the buildings rising upwards) The ‘reverse’ symbolism is shown simply by the screen moving left to right. If you reversed the picture right to left you would see the buildings fall. It does not matter which order info goes into your subconscious because manipulation of the subconscious places information into your mind in a very jumbled up form, it is not straight forward as you see it on a five sense level. It is important to realise this. The Serpent Cult only needs to get you to accept and receive the images hence the use of ‘modern’ artwork. Anyway…the video…in the early stages it is showing you ‘falling buildings’. There are many subliminal messages going on in the background of the video and then the fast moving video appears to focus on a bus that is embedded in a wall.

What did you see in the video or were you not really looking?

Things start to go a bit sinister here because I can only tell you, not that I bloody want to, that it shows a bus exploding and someone is beheaded (artist’s painting on wall). Again the sequence is in reverse but it’s definitely an exploding bus and a beheading, possibly indicating a suicide bomber. If you don’t believe me about this symbolism that’s fine, but I tell you the truth when I say that image is symbolism of an exploding bus on many levels of understanding and that is the message going into your subconscious if it is NOT pointed out first…

The video then seems to show chaos and earthquake lines, just like the original video did, but this time it’s using the underground network symbolism to indicate where the chaos or destruction will take place. The music in the video indicates this as well.

The symbolism in the video indicates ‘chaos’ on the underground and this chaos will be in the same location of certain monuments. 
The symbolism in the video indicates chaos on the underground under certain monuments

After the cracking/destructive lines symbolism (as in the banned video) a falling man (woman) is shown.

Falling man (woman), same symbolism as used the original banned video

Before you think it’s just an Olympic diver for a commercial video ask yourself why no other sports get the same coverage in the video. Anyway, the bus in the video then seems to take the ‘starring role’ as many, many, subliminal messages are being used with the help of the London Eye and a near Full Moon and reflections in the bus and railings. The subliminal messages go into overdrive. (If you look at the video (45 seconds in) you will see very swift ‘sun symbolism’ over the Ferris Wheel being used but you’ll have to be alert.)

The bus has taken a starring role in this video, the symbolism and the subliminal messages are now in overdrive

The video then focuses on Buckingham Palace. There is a red haired man who takes up a position with a flying multi-dimensional deity that is hidden behind him. Obviously this symbolism could mean many things. This symbolism says many things, but how deep to you want to go? Do you want to be free or do you want to simply play at fairies on a forum in your spare time and think your mind is free? How can your mind be free if it can’t recognise everything that goes in to it?

I see the Buckingham Palace symbolism, on a slightly deeper level, as showing a ‘high ranker’ at Buckingham Palace (‘on the roof’ = High ranker in symbolic terms) using his high-ranking soldiers as a Nazi type force (goose step).


High-Rankers in Buck House? 

This high ranker is controlled (possessed/or through shape-shifting) by the inter-dimensional winged deity you see in the artwork. I suppose that seems a bit absurd to you but that’s the most ‘down to earth’ explanation I can give you that I believe can actually help you.


Possession / Shapeshifter: Absurd is it? 
Dimensional / puppet control symbolism behind the ‘heads’
“The winged beast is only seen if you look behind the high ranker”.
…Only if you really want to that is.

Laugh at me and laugh at the symbolism that I point out to you if you like. I really don’t mind at all, but please consider that you are laughing at your own imprisonment when you do. Anyway back to the video…come on…

You then see the Olympic logo again but it seems to have taken a darker tone and is the logo is the face of the moon.

The darker logo

Then you see the famous bus again and it comes hurtling towards you at great speed and then a great flash of light appears. Let’s just slow the bus down for a moment so you can see. Here are a couple of stills that you cannot see when the video is at normal speed.

Is it a bus hurtling at speed or is it an explosion on a bus?
OL_light_2 Again! Is it a bus hurtling at speed or is it an explosion on a bus?

What do you see?  Does it look like a bus explosion to you now? Well does it? I tell you what… watch the video again here  (go on watch it!) and really concentrate when the bus hurtle towards you and then listen when the bus flashes white. Listen to the sound straight after as well. It goes on quite a while if you can be bothered and wear bloody headphones too if you have them. Watch the bus come towards you and listen to the sound both during and after because that’s the best example of subliminal manipulation I can ever show you on a five sense level. Take heed and note that you won’t get a better example and remember it for the future.

I ask you again if the stills above look like a bus exploding and now I ask if the sound is suitable too, if you have listened of course? I assure all serpent slappers that whomever is blindly watching these subliminal messages that they are being affected subconsciously. If you can see the subliminal messages and recognise them and understand their meanings then they have no power over your subconscious thoughts therefore you cannot assist in the creation of events in physical reality.

What upset me most about the video is that, in at least two places, it indicates ‘explosions on buses’. No matter what you think of my interpretation of the rest of the video the bus explosion symbolism is obvious. Well isn’t it? Even to the blindest idiot there is obviously something not right with this video. We are talking ‘LONDON’ AND ‘BUSES EXPLODING’ HERE for fucks sake. Why have the Olympic games committee allowed this very dodgy video to go ahead? Where the humour in showing images of what appears to be exploding buses in London after what’s happened?

Go on ask yourself why the Olympic committee and the wankers that are supposed to be in charge of us are allowing this video to go ahead when (a) it shows more subliminal messages that the original video that was banned and (b) it obviously shows bus explosions?

Again even if my other interpretations are loopy or way off the mark, which they are not, you can’t hide or deny the bus explosions can you? Who’s sick mind actually created this video? It is claimed that students created the video? Were these students possessed or something? Or is that possibility bullshit as well?

To be honest with you I don’t know if the new video is creating triggers for the future creation of our reality in London or it is simply the Serpent Cult boasting and admitting it carried out the bus explosion in 2005. What I do know is that a very sick force created the symbolism being displayed in the video.

Why do they do this? Why do they create such symbolism and mind control trickery?

In the original article regarding the original 2012 video I wrote this….
Anyway let us have a look at why they do such things. In my opinion, by showing you such things they are getting your mind to think the way ‘they’ want you to think. They want you to see what they want to happen in the future but they disguise the information at the same time, so you can’t see it on a five-sense level. They ‘hide it in open view’ so to speak. Well let’s face it they are dealing with apathetic apes like you and me aren’t they? No wonder they mock us so.

They produce a video showing things you can’t understand on a conscious level (Arty- Farty videos showing cryptic messages) but your subconscious ‘accepts’ the information that is being directed to it. The result is that the collective consciousness ‘accepts’ and endorses the subliminal messages it is being shown and will therefore accept the inevitable creation of physical reality because of it. “What the masses think they get – they get.” In simple terms… if the majority of members in the human race (collective consciousness) all subconsciously accept and want the same thing to happen in this world then it will somehow be physically created. It really is that simple.

The Olympic logo and video is getting your subconscious to create physical realities in the future without you bloody well realising it. That is how this word operates. That is how things have been ‘invented’ in the past, it’s simply because the thought of such inventions had been placed in peoples minds and ‘accepted’ by the collective consciousness as being what we actually wanted to create and because of this it became our physical reality. That is how and why the Serpent Cult controls the collective consciousness of the human race. They get us to create the physical realities in this world by getting us to think how they want us to think. We think our physical things into existence.

We only need to change the way we think on a collective level and things will change dramatically. That is hard to do when the vast majority of people only think of themselves, their money, their football team, their clothes and their sex lives etc. That said, that is how mind manipulation works and you have all made the beds you lie in, you have all made the beds you make and you have all made the beds you defend unreservedly. How sad. Not that we had a choice after being made the pathetic sheep that we are. The video used for the Olympic message is only one of many. I am only writing this article because I believe it is announcing something that will be a massive in the future.The symbolism in the video in my opinion is announcing ‘destruction’ and ‘chaos’, especially by using the logo, which I believe is showing towers in all four sections, the top right being ‘twin’ towers and the other three being broken or falling towers. (Pillars)….

Well there’s not much I can add to that and obviously when I wrote it I didn’t know the Olympic committee were going to bring another very dodgy video out showing buses blowing up. The Serpent Cult uses their tricks to manipulate our minds. They will use their tricks and get you to laugh at claims like mine. I can only show you my version of events I can only show you what I see, I can only provide my interpretation of the mind games going on. It is entirely up to you if you want to laugh at them or think about them. I can only say that I’d be a very sick man if I were making these things up for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

The video showing the buses upset me very much and I am sending this article to the Olympic committee and the BBC. Oh I know I’ll be ‘the resident loony’ for doing so. I can only ask you to pass this article around to anyone you think will read it or the press in an area near you using a link to the article on this site. But that’s not all I have to say, my little band of Serpent Slappers, there’s more.

Before I go I’d like to show you another video (very short this one). Again ‘Sebastian Coe’s lackeys produce it’.  That said Coe is only a lackey himself but he has surrounded himself with even more pathetic lackeys that are hired to serve the serpent and help enslave the human race, sadly they can’t see this they only see the way of the world. This time it’s very simple even on a 5 sense level, there is no blatant subliminal messages and only one flash (The Sun). Here is the official announcement from the ‘Guardian’ newspaper (Quoted below).

Visit London’s ad campaign will include a 50-second film featuring a map of London imposed on to the Earth as seen from space, which will run online internationally and across outdoor screens in the UK as well as in the London Underground. There will also be an international press, poster and digital advertising campaign. The print ads feature a version of the globe that has been evolved to highlight different aspects of London. One ad features a microphone, to represent London’s music scene, and another features fireworks, to promote the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.


Do you need me to tell you again that this is Serpent around the Earth, Ouroboros type, symbolism? Can you see?

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go on watch it ….

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 20th September 2008

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