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The Centipede & The Serpent

The Centipede & The Serpent


By Matthew Delooze

Centipede Eats Its Way Out Of A Viper’s Stomach Source

The above news item (Source linked) appeared to be reported around all parts of the planet, through many different news outlets a couple of weeks ago. It’s about a Viper and a large Centipede. I actually found the image both a powerful trigger and very symbolic story in many ways and I’m sure a few of you will have done/will do too. Please take a look at the image as I ask you to ponder on any thoughts that it may set off in you.

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There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium! – The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement on Planet Earth

There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium!


 The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement on Planet Earth

By Matthew Delooze

Shallow are the actions
Of the children of men
Fogged was their vision
Since the ages began
And lost like a lion
In the canyons of smoke
  Brother it’s no joke.

“Monolith” T.Rex

 “When those that claim to expose the hypnotists and liars in the matrix mainstream world only do so through lying and hypnotising people themselves, it becomes the right time to realise the liars and hypnotists in the matrix mainstream actually worked on those exposing the hypnotists and liars in the matrix mainstream first”
From The Marionette and the Muppets By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,

I hope everyone is OK in these difficult times. The need for faith in one’s direction is at a high point but so is the trust in one’s heart to adhere to that faith.

It’s time to move forward for me, especially regarding information surrounding what I called the ‘second net’ in 2008.

I can only repeat that I do not like writing on this subject. It affects me enormously to do so. I didn’t like writing on it in 2008 and I certainly don’t like writing on it now in the years leading up to 2014 either. I’m hoping this is the last time I mention the ‘second net’ but that is simply because I feel I cannot spend any more time on it. As far as I am concerned, despite there being some very good people in the truth and new age movements, it was clear years ago that it had been corrupted in the extreme.

That said I am on a journey of truth and I will record things truthfully and fully. I’d sincerely like to sign off writing about the second net with this article, because it really is time to move on. If I don’t I’ll be trapped in it just as much as the drones that are trapped in it now.

I actually started explaining the second net in articles such as See You Heal You, You Said You Were High Classed (but that was just a lie) and more recently A Detached Retina in the Truth Movement, A Vitrectomy for the Deluded Lovvies in Alternative Media… and the very aptly title and very important article, The Marionette and the Muppets. I will list the previous second net articles at the bottom of this one.

I don’t and won’t ever apologise for writing such things as I believe they are vital and more importantly they are true as far as I am concerned. To the drones and those that have decided to hate me for telling the truth I can only say I understand and I do not harbour bad feelings over that. I am in this world not of it. When you can understand that you will understand what I have been doing for 15 years.

Sadly, the fact is, many in the truth movement prefer to hide or run away from these issues as soon as they are mentioned, but as I have said in previous articles on this matter, the punters have been actually been programmed by a fake truth movement, through low level hypnosis and propaganda, to run away from the issue. I ask those that claim to seek the truth why they run away from it in such a cowardly fashion?

The truth is that the very people that claim to help free people by promoting the free flow of alternative information have actually brainwashed their punters to ignore any alternative information that doesn’t fit in with some kind of shift agenda.  But hey isn’t that just what the Matrix media business elite did?

As we now approach 2014 even the most deluded truther, or new age groupie, must realise that many shameless merchants took them for a ride, especially over 2012. Is it not time to realise that the ‘Merchants’ were simply there place anyone showing the slightest bit of self-awareness into a pen.  Indeed frauds like David Wilcock are easily seen now in 2013, yet still the psyche of his duped customers are in such fragile condition that they simply can’t actually face the truth anymore, they actually prefer to delude themselves instead of see through the trickery involved. In a nutshell David Wilcock and his fellow ‘show biz’ friends and fellow frauds have actually re-dumbed down even those that believed they couldn’t ever be dumbed down again. That’s no mean feat and what a situation to be upon us in 2013 isn’t it?  The so-called awakening chosen ones were re-dumbed down by show biz con artists. They’d never have believed that in 2008 eh?

But the fact is that those that were actually selling their customers ascensions were actually dumbing down them down.

It’s laughable if you have that sort of a sense of humour, but in reality very sad at the same time, but it’s so true. I’m telling you the truth and those actually selling ascensions were actually dumbing down their customers.  That said those that were conned now actually pretend they weren’t. That’s how untruthful the truth movement is. That is how old age the new age movement is too.

I have said previously that the masses in the truther movements were indeed, in the main, only simply led by charismatic and slick ‘pied pipers’, posing as intellectuals and/ or enlightened spiritual leaders to take part in a massive ‘Summer/Winter Solstice thought ritual’ in December 2012.

The awakening ‘punters’ were indeed made to feel they were special but sadly it was only psychological programming taking place and smoke being blown up the arses of ego’s that thought they were on a winner.  In reality those deluded punters are no more special now than they were 20 years ago. They just got conned more that’s all.  Their teachers really did make them believe they were high classed but that really was just a lie.

The ‘pupils’, you and me, were so easily conned.  But that is what this world does to us, it cons us on a daily basis, through the everyday things we do. And that is what the so-called awakened teachers do, whether they believe their teachings or not, they cons us on a daily basis too.  So my friends if we really want to wake up then lets bloody well wake up eh? Lets start with actually seeing the second net con merchants instead of wanting our egos stroked and to be provided with expensive fantasy to entertain us. If we do we might just have a chance. Hey I may be daft but I actually wanted to wake up!

I knew in 2008 that I would be rejected for my claims back then. It was obvious to me that the deluded truthers were so high on the drugs of complex trickery, and very convincing propaganda, that they were wearing impenetrable blindfolds and earplugs. Sadly they still are in most cases.  Well aren’t they?

Come on let’s be honest. I know it is very hard but we can at least try.

Anyway to explain ‘The Second Net’ fully, indeed to attempt to escape from it, we need to remind ourselves just how we managed to see through the first net and we need to remember how we actually try to escape its mental and therefore spiritual hold over us.  You may think this is easy to do but it isn’t.

My friend.  As I look around in 2013 I can see that many souls are now hopelessly caught in this second net. Indeed the showbiz entrepreneurs and the hyped mystic charmers have really worked wonders on the gullible and I believe that many of their victims will never actually see the second net, never mind get themselves past it.

I certainly don’t want friends to be stuck in a second net so can we actually remind ourselves of the things that caught us in the first net? Can we remind ourselves what woke us up from the world we once thought was real but now we see as the matrix?

Because from where I’m standing we need to do just that to enable us to see the second net, and now is the time to do just that. So I say can you still remember how the first net deceived and controlled you through the sick haze that the second net has now created?

Can you remember?  Can you really remember?  Should you have to be reminded how deceptive the serpent really is?  I see many silly groupies that are now totally obese through scoffing the junk food the second net sells them and feeds them 24/7.

Anyway. Remembering the first net?

Can you remember somehow being triggered to see through the deceptive Serpent at work in the first net through, its elite puppets using massive hypnosis through the media?  The corrupt Governments and Courts? The drugs and stuff added to our foods? Come on please remember.

If you can you must also remember that something actually triggered you off to actually start seeking the truth. Obviously we were simply stupefied apes ourselves once eh? Maybe a one off shock like 9/11 set you off or maybe, like me, a drip-drip series of events took place in your life that eventually made you question your very existence.

It does not matter what the hell set us off. We were triggered to start to see the matrix world. We were pushed to see the lies and fakery we were wallowing in. Well weren’t we?

It’s been clear to me for a long time that some very special people on this planet have been triggered to wake up from the matrix world they are enslaved in. Something has ‘triggered’ a certain section of the people in this world to at least start to seek the truth and escape the first net.  I think we all agree on that.

But let’s also remember where escaping the first net has actually led us, because once we received the triggers we instantly thought we saw through the entire illusion, especially with the help of others that were in a similar situation, the help coming from anywhere from amateur bloggers to the professional authors and the showbiz entertainers, it simply seemed the easiest option for you to join the awakened righteous didn’t it? No wonder the Serpent takes the piss and has us tooting tooters at the Solstice.

At the end of the day we simply ended up, depending on our personal preferences, in various sections within the truther or new age movements. We had indeed literally escaped, if only mentally and spiritually, from the matrix net of deceptive lies of politics, religion etc. In reality we had literally only ‘found’ a bloody comfort zone.

This comfort zone, at least on the surface, seemed fine and dandy and it was already fully organised and prepared for us to just slip into it.  We had lovvy forums and nicey boy radio websites and enlightened bloggers all telling us their truth to help us adapt from previously being asleep in matrix life into the world of truth and to help bring in a new age.  We also had books and DVD’s, with arty and glossy covers on sale, to cover every subject imaginable, just to keep us on track, basically entranced and therefore occupied for years.  The path to truth was decorated with smiley lovvy nicey faces all doing their selling. Take it or leave it but the faces are basically just the same faces from the first net.

My god by 2008 some punters were literally living a proper scene from the Truman Show, with adverts and truther and new age products shoved under our noses every two seconds. People thought it was time for a spiritual shift, but ask yourself today what genuine loving spiritual force is going to SELL you a shift?  In reality the new age shift was simply a time of further massive programming and propaganda. The hypocrisy spewing from greed filled egotistical merchants, selling holy water and monotomic gold as accessories to total fabricated bullshit, especially leading up to 2012 reaching its peak, would be a shambolic disgrace to any movement never mind one preaching truth and a shift in consciousness to a higher level. Where are we shifting to? Sodom?


The Truth & New Age ‘Second Net’ sold us all what we wanted to hear

In fact the only thing that assists anyone shifting anywhere, as far as the truther /new age movements are concerned, be it an individual or collectively, would have been by people seeing just how corrupt and programmed the Truth/ New Age Movement actually was/is.

So yes oh awakened ones the bullshit truth and new age movement was indeed helping to create a shift to me.  I shifted to see how hypocritical it was.

I even remember purposely testing the programming of drones (sorry) by briefly mentioning a very low-level con merchant, who was openly peddling 2012 bullshit along with anything else he could hijack, named Ian Crane.  Sure enough when prompted I was instantly made a leper by drones for actually speaking my mind. My material was blackballed ‘in the shift’.

I was literally going to be left behind an ejected from a truth shift for actually telling the bloody truth! Bloody Nora I realised I would have to tell lies to actually be allowed back into a truther shift. Indeed those in the truther shift will have to live a lie everyday simply to keep it going.

Indeed another test of the programming took place when a young friend of mine, Rik Clay, agreed to take a small amount of some of my own Olympics material, as his own in his name, onto Red Ice Radio to see how they took to it after previously blackballing me and yes indeed Rik was then hyped by the shifters and lifters. That said even Rik’s death was used to hype Ian Crane’s 2012 bullshit. The whole sham is easily seen if you look, better still find the balls to actually test it an the truth will come right to you.Test it properly and I assure you see through the programming provided in the second net.  So if you don’t believe me simply get off your knees and test it yourself if only by going  on any major forum and ask basic but honest questions. You will be removed from it and become a leper in a shake of a lamb’s tale. Your connection to a collective shift will be over, better luck next time… sorry!

We thought this truther world, mixed in with new age love and light, was all fluffy angelic and honest. Jolly good show all round eh? I assure you my journey ‘behind the scenes’ when seeing ‘actual faces’ only led me to very grubby, tacky and very very shady liars. I never saw any truth at all.  I never saw any honesty or a heart that appeared to actually be seeking truth at all. I’m sorry to say that.

I’m not saying that as a disinfo agent either (please!). I seek the truth without any blinkers. I’m saying it because it’s bloody true and I’ll sadly add that the truth movement is now corrupted so much that it has totally forgotten what its supposed to be doing. ‘Seeking the Truth’ means absolutely bugger all.

But that said, we all thought we’d cracked it didn’t we. We thought the Matrix, or the ‘Serpent Cult’ according to my personal delusions, would simply fold and disappear because all us enlightened awakenees were now fully qualified righteous wise guys, and of course with those blinkers on why would the Serpent not instantly fold and disappear, after all we had intellectual and spiritually led individuals like David Wilcock and Georgie Hasasilliarse ready to beam us up in 2012/13 didn’t we?

The illuminati and the Serpent masters must have been rattling their rattles when Georgie told the world that the Galactic Federation of Tinsel Town Fairies and some other Federation of Galactic Bum fluffed Boys Brigade was here to sweep up the righteous.

Indeed I’m sure the Serpent Cult, or whomever you believe controls the world, actually shit themselves when Georgie Hasasilliarse showed them his Captain Picard style bald head and started reading his Star Trek scripts out loud on truther radio shows? Mind you so did I.  Well, I suppose the second net has Star Trek characters in it now, but please remember so did the first net.  Hey…  maybe R2D2 will turn up on Rense soon, but to be honest, if it did, Rense would only try to marry it or hump the poor bugger to death, or worse sell it advertisement space eh? Atta Boy Jeff.

I think R2 D2 should be on the forthcoming Big Gob TV if only to do the weather show. Sadly would it really surprise you if it did?

Whatever we individually want in the truth movement does not really matter because we have all simply ended up in ‘the second net’, a zoo, and it’s the second net I want to fully explain. The second net, the farce of a truth movement and forum drones you see around you today, was/ is simply a pre- arranged amusement park that claimed to be full of truth but in reality it was simply, in the main, a bag of trickery, full of half truths or down right fiction. It was/is full of entertainers and businessmen that saw/see easy pickings. I sure some of those that scoffed at second nets a few years ago are now actually feeling it right up against their skin. But that said didn’t we once scoff at the first net being fake until that net was broken?

I’m also sure that the second net is now literally on the verge of being totally hijacked by bigger businessmen and by audience seeking celebrities.  But businessmen and ego have always run most of the second net since day one anyway. Mind you if we want a celebrity collective shift special then why not?

Anyway lets start to get to the main point of this particular article.  What is the second net really all about?  Do you actually really want to know what its about on a spiritual level?  Or do you simply want to keep seeing it as it is.

My friends I asked you to remember how you saw through and then escaped the first net.

A major part of my work explained about how the Serpent requires our emotional energy. (Emotions create energy!)  Most of you have gone through many of my writings with me on the subject, including spiritual energy being created at events and rituals and how it is done etc.

I also wrote the basic principles of these things in my books and I clearly pointed out that giving our energy to the serpent not only gives them the physical right to rule over us, it also gives them the divine right to rule us.  I spent many years trying to provide drip- drip but very complex information in the simplest form I could, showing you how the energy situation is done is not easy and it takes time to really absorb the message. All those writings are now on this website for your future reference.

It’s time to see how and why this energy is connected to the truth movements and used against us.

Before we go down the energy involved in the second net and why, let’s just have a brief look where the truther/new age movement of the second net has now taken us in 2013 and lets just remember once more the first net, the world we used to mentally and spiritually exist in BEFORE we realised it was a just fake scam.

Didn’t we see after being told by teachers and parroting truthers that one of the major methods of control in the matrix world, the first net, was through using TV and Hollywood/ Disney trickery? Were we not told that subliminal messages flashed through TV and cinema was programming us?

Indeed teachers and their truthers parrot the exact same things continuously to us today in 2013.  Indeed some websites are on an eternal loop showing the same media or music industry trickery (no theories to explain why mind, but when did that matter).

There are many still vigorously selling the same subliminals in media information as we speak and the same elite in the truth movement continually reminds us of these TV hypnotists and other mind controlling media deceptions from our previous net of control.

But hang on a minute. Just let’s bloody hold our horses for a minute.  Let’s just take stock of where the truther movements have taken us since we were bombarded with their truther info warning us of hypnotic trickery being used in the first net.

I suppose the best example I can give you today to show you where our cutting edges have ended up cutting, after you have read the previous works on this subject pointing out the media creating capabilities of Alex Jones and David Wilcock, is David Icke’s current situation.

This because the pinnacle aims of the current elite in the alternative media seem to be getting the masses in front of screen. I’m sure everyone is aware of David’s actions and plans, which are great if that’s what we want, but where exactly are his plans are leading apart from getting us to watch a screen.


Its OK because The People’s Voice  are doing it now and say its OK. (Oh that’s OK then I’m sure they know)

Obviously, to programmed truthers at least, The Peoples Voice TV is the best thing since sliced bread, and of course I realise a few in the truth/ new age circles also started similar things in the past, but obviously the People’s Voice seems the most imaginative and the most supported.

That said the basic fact that should be smacking you in the face is that the so called awakened truther movements elite have now, in 2013, gone full circle and are now actually ‘selling’ you Hypnotic TV shows themselves. Err excuse me, you mean I have listened to 15 years of propaganda telling me that TV hypnotises me and mind controls me and now the truther movement itself now suggest we actually tune in 24/7 and subscribe to it?

Eh?  Is someone having a laugh? Obviously so and in more ways and on more levels than one.

I can only sincerely remind you again to remember how you escaped from the matrix thinking and matrix tricks. Sadly many have totally forgot and they are entranced again on a daily basis.


Please try to remember what the first net did to you before the second net completes the job! Please!

Again weren’t we told TV and similar Internet media was used to hypnotise and control us? TV was the hypnotist in the corner of the living room and simply a means of distributing slick propaganda and flash subliminals?  Well wasn’t it?  I certainly believed those that told us these things and I can see subliminals and symbolism in most shows anyway.

But if we were told to avoid the TV programming, by the elite in the alternative truther movements, then how comes, after many years of drama and slog in the truther movements, we are now being asked to vigorously promote it, subscribe to it and watch it 24/7?

I’m guessing the truther movement funded ‘Big Gob TV’ and the various other private business outlets of truther information are somehow totally immune from broadcasting propaganda and programming techniques themselves, either directly or indirectly then? Knowing or unknowing?  I’m guessing Big Gob TV is simply righteous TV and only going to be existence to contradict propaganda and trickery being used by mainstream? It will be a bit like God TV then? Don’t they only broadcast the truth or is God TV just a shopping channel in disguise?


Big Gob TV logo. (Borrowed)

OK I can accept the deluded believing their own righteous TV will claim the exclusive right to tell the truth. Which of course is on a par with a bomb called ‘alternative’ bombing people to show that their bombing is not as corrupt and infiltrated and a bomb called ‘mainstream’? Well isn’t it?

My friends, do you need me to tell you that the hypocrisy is now totally out of control. Do you?  What’s the official ‘motto’ for Big Gob TV could it be “ Big Gob TV: Our televised propaganda is the truth and everyone else’s is Rothschild’s controlled propaganda”

I point out again with the best of intention, as I did in the Marionette and the Muppets, that HD broadcasting, especially on the Internet itself, can be literally hijacked and literally possessed by forces that supply sophisticated subliminals. I also pointed out that the elite in the truther movements now suddenly have the means to broadcast HD material especially through streaming and DVD. I tell you the truth when I say that the Serpent can use subliminals and technology, we have not yet even comprehended, to slip the means to hypnotise anyone that watches the broadcasts. Any righteous or honest truther can broadcast top-level information but the Serpent will simply hide subliminals in the broadcast, which will render any info worthless buy subliminal hypnosis. Internet and satellite broadcasts can be tampered with!  Not that the truther movements have produced anything to worry the Serpent yet anyway, and again the Serpent runs most of the movement anyway.

TerrorITHHouse (0)

Those that rule our world also rule our technology

It is also time to realise, if you want to see through the second net, that it doesn’t matter which ‘pied piper’ is used to get you to the HDTV screen, whether it be David Icke in the alternative or Terry Wogan in mainstream, media is media, saying its alternative doesn’t make it true  The aim of the Serpent is to get all of us watching the same subliminals no matter what show is on screen and what show biz star is involved.

And again it does not matter what material they broadcast because it literally can be hijacked and literally possessed. It does not matter how honest and righteous the pied piper is simply because their material will be implanted with the same subliminals as all the other media. Crafty buggers indeed eh?

For some reason the truthers and new agers somehow believe the Internet and other technology was allowed into the public domain just for them to become free. (LOL) In reality it is there to ensnare them and get them to literally commit self-hypnosis and to unknowingly inform the Serpent what they are actually thinking and doing. It’s just like the major forums are there for business data and to see what sells.

Indeed the second net media will be used more intensely than any other simply because the audience actually saw through the first net.

The situation is laughable and hypocritical to me but it is not just about forthcoming hypnotising Internet TV stations.  For example I have also stressed many times in the past that part of the exploitation of human emotional energy scam is that the Serpent requires that masses of people be gathered at symbolic locations or on ‘energy lines’.  You know the crack … the masses are gathered to such events, their emotions are raised and the energy created feeds the forces that control the planet.

I have given many examples of these gatherings at symbolic places over the years, including Glastonbury.

I have realised for many years that many people can’t grasp the notion that their emotions are sometimes manufactured and used and the creation of this energy is simply through the feel good factor pied pipers create. People in this world cannot bare the thought that their emotions are exploited everyday especially when it involves their enjoyment and their heroes. But the deceptions of the Serpent Cult hold no boundaries.

The Truth Movement, as numbers grow, has slowly been working up to carrying out large scale events of its own for a long while.  It won’t be long before this really takes off. The punters are now all eager to go ‘where ordered’ to have demos or parties. (Same first net scams being repeated in second net movements)

To those that know of my theories I can only ask them what is the difference, if my theories are correct, in Madonna doing a gig on the Wemb-Ley energy line and David Icke doing one? What is the difference in being led to symbolic places to demonstrate against the perceived enemy (same first net scam being repeated again)? How long is it before the truth movement is dancing around the bloody obelisks themselves?  Maybe if David Icke doesn’t believe my theories he can explain why he is not only stealing them via drip- drip but he’s partying on ley lines after getting drones to dance on the same ley lines too?

Maybe the truth movement drones that will be dancing on the ley lines can explain it too? We can’t have it both ways. If the theories are shite, which I can accept, then why is David slowly taking them when he is also obviously practising the methods I try to expose?  I can’t get on his podcast to ask him so can someone ask him please? I’ll come and dance on the Ley Line too if it helps no worries.

Again what is the difference between different pied pipers doing a gig? There is no difference at all in the audience’s energy. The vast majority of people that visit Madonna gig because they are entranced by Madonna and her perceived skills and charisma. The same can be said for those at an Icke gig, because his audience is entranced by his perceived skills and charisma too. That said the Icke audience believe they attend as wise truthers, but in reality the vast majority haven’t unique thought in their head. They are simply parroting what Icke tells or passes on to them.  Are those attending Wembley suggesting Wembley Arena and other large venues were built, for benefitting the public? Yes?

Come on truthers wake the hell up.


So lets fully understand in 2014 that the truthers in the second net in reality are simply doing what the audiences did and still do in the first net, the matrix world they thought they’d out thought, and in my opinion they are still led to special locations to give up their energy, no matter what bloody movement they have joined. I could join the chimp’s tea party movement but if I end up dancing on a ley line then I’m dancing on a ley line.

Again it does not matter what the intentions of the actual pied piper are.  There is no difference in the energy created by the followers of David Icke or the followers of Madonna or the followers of Chimpey the Chimp.

Is that making sense?

I ask that because if you take a step back from the hype of the second net you may begin to see what is really going on. Please remember that movements and charming pied pipers have never ever got anyone anywhere, only where we are today, in the end times! They have only got us to where we are today no matter what brainwashing you followed. The likes of Ghandi and other sweet talking charismatic pied pipers, although nicey people and clever sounding, have only helped create the shithole the world is today and the movements have only ever empowered our enslavers.

It’s time to see that but if you don’t please tell me how I am wrong just to say it but not only that please show me where these pied pipers have created a world where we can all live in peace and health.

The Serpent controls all movements. There are no exceptions. Every one of them is the same.  It is all simply a personal and emotional connection thing.


Let’s try and go a little deeper and start to see and understand why the second net is really there and what is its real purpose actually is.

I’ll say again there are some special people in this world, and I believe that they need help to get through certain times and events, to help them keep on a path they have no conscious awareness of.

Firstly I need you to grasp the idea that our awakening started because of our own deep spiritual desires hidden deep inside ourselves and that universal powers will help those deep spiritual desires turn into reality.

Can you believe that the people that were showing symptoms of an awakening were/are indeed only reacting to triggers that stirred these inner spiritual desires? Those desires could have been triggered by many events and experiences in their lives or they could have been stirred simply by one big event like 9/11. The main symptom being that the individual themselves realise its because of things deep within them that they are literally being triggered to wake up to something. They need to realise that something is trying to reverse the spell they are hopeless trapped in.

Those individuals know their symptoms are not caused by the workings of slick authors and DVD producers, they know they are real inside themselves. There is a difference.

I want those individuals to grasp the idea that their spiritual desires were literally implanted in them even before they were born, or at least through other experiences early in their life. I want those individuals to know that universal forces will never give up on them.

I’ll say to those folks that this spiritual knowing has been mostly totally dormant inside us, apart from the times when had déjà vu feelings etc, and this spiritual knowing stayed that way until we were initially triggered in some way.

Please take in that until we were initially triggered all our emotions were concentrated and focused on the matrix world, and although we had an inner feeling that something was not quite right until we were triggered we just brushed these inner feelings away.

But now we see the first net of the matrix world as being totally fake.  And because of the triggering our emotions have been slowly directing us away from the matrix world.

Therefore can you grasp and accept that our direction, even our destiny, is always decided by our emotions? Can you see that whatever our emotions get ‘connected to’ actually becomes our destiny?

I hope you can grasp it because if you can accept that your ‘emotions’ were once totally connected to the matrix world, until your dormant spiritual desires were slowly stirred, then you can grasp the idea that our emotional connection to the matrix world has now at least been partly severed. Indeed the only reason we started to escape from matrix control was because our emotions were literally being triggered in some way.  You were losing the first level of the hypnotic control of the Serpent because you were losing your emotional connect to it.

 “No emotional connection  =  no physical control”

The reason of the existence of the second net, the bullshit show biz truth movement is simply to re- attract your emotions (your spiritual energy) or essence to it.  The reason for this is because the Serpent needs your emotional connection to this world! Can you see?

I’ll describe the process like this.

1. We were always controlled, directed and grounded by our emotions to what we saw as and in the matrix world.  Please recognise that it’s our emotions that are the spiritual adhesive.

2. We broke away from the matrix hypnosis simply because our emotions were literally unglued from it and only because of triggers we were sent or experienced. E.G emotional disconnection and therefore spiritual disconnection took place from the matrix because we physically saw it was as ‘fake’.  We simply didn’t want it!

3. Because our emotional connection the matrix world came unstuck our ‘emotions’ automatically sought out a swift re-connection to another world (A Comforting and Fluffy Truther/ New Age Movements World!) to satisfy spiritual needs.

 4. It was our ‘lack of emotional connection’ to something, that directed us seek a fluffy truthful world

5. The Serpent created the vast majority of the truther/new age movements, it simply created a second net to re-hypnotise those that broke through the first net.

I ask friends if that process rings true in their chest in 2013?

I want to point out that I’m not suggesting all of us were led to truther/new age movements. This is not the case. There are some awakenees that seek a solitary path to freedom but they would have at least been led to research the movements via an emotional pull.

Again I truly believe some of us were being initially triggered by a universal force, stirred by God like force if you like, to break free from the matrix world.

I cannot stress enough that initial process of a successful spiritual awakening is to remove the emotional connection to the prison. No universal power can help anyone do this unless its in conjunction with their free will and that free will was brought into the world at birth or certain individuals had special spiritual experiences in this world in which they were provided with deep inner spiritual desires, in this world, to be free and return to source and live as you did prior to the hijacking of this world by a parasitic Serpent Cult.

I also cannot stress enough the importance of understanding that ‘emotional energy controls the world’. It is vital to see, and I cannot shout it loud enough to you, that the Serpent has to attract your emotions to something ‘it itself provides’ simply to officially adhere and keep re-adhering you to the ways of this sick world, and therefore show the universe that you like the world as it is and you wish to remain in it. When this happens universal forces cannot help you and your triggering will cease.

If you can comprehend this information then I truly believe you can start to see why a second net is there to catch you and stop your awakening, and if you do I believe you will eventually work through it, just as you got through the first net.


Can you see that inner spiritual desires are led by emotion and a trigger is needed to set off the emotions that will break you free from deception? But a trigger from the universe, via fellow human beings through books or words or not, will only help trigger the realisation in the individual that their emotional connections to the matrix were fake and therefore create the need inside the individual to actually seek the truth.  This is an important point.

Because it should be noted that the universe couldn’t do any more than trigger you. It cannot interfere with free will. The universe obeys free will therefore only you can direct you. The Serpent knows this as I have pointed out many times and I tell friends again that the Serpent exploits our free willed emotions to the extreme. The Serpent will do anything to connect your free willed emotions to this world to try and stop your awakening and more importantly stop any escape. My friends please open your eyes and see that your emotional connection to the truth/new age movement will trap you in a net you may never see until its far too late.

I realise many people are now woefully emotionally connected to the ‘second net’ because of its strong emotional pull and basically they had nowhere else to go. I also realise that it is their free will to be connected to it. Everyone has the right to connect to what they want. I don’t like the dirty job of having to point this out and I didn’t enjoy it in 2008 either.

I can only point out again that the only thing waiting for those who had been triggered to wake up from the matrix, from the first net, was a more complex and more attractive second net of enslavement?

Some will say the truther/new age movements were righteous and created to ‘help’ those people being awakened and they are absolutely vital to their progress. I will say yes we can all learn from movements and find direction through them, but again not one movement has ever really helped mankind in any shape or form. Indeed all movements created the world you see now.

Movements were simply ALWAYS used to entrap and ground awakening spirits to this world. I want you to remember that that Serpent requires your emotional connection to this world and especially to the Serpent itself too to continue to rule over us. The Serpent will already know of attempts by universal forces to free those with the individual inner desires to be free and again I believe the Universe cannot help folks if they are truly connected to this world via free will. (Please don’t forget I believe we have given the Serpent universal rights to rule through rituals mentioned on this website either)

Therefore if my theories on emotional energy are true then surely what I am now saying in 2013 about the second net first mentioned in 2008, will make sense. I sincerely hope I make sense to some of you. One Ball Media was so quickly shit on and deserted in 2008 when it tried to help people then.  Maybe some of the 2012 hypnotism has helped a few of you see the second net. I hope so.

I truly say to friends that some of you will need to break free from the second net, just so your inner desires can be helped, and I assure you it is even more difficult to escape the second net than escaping from the first net. The Serpent already knows that many second netters will never escape and plans are afoot to catch those that actually really attempt to do so, indeed those plans were there since day one. I will show you the solution the second net plans to offer when they those plans are implemented more vigorously. But the Serpent has many heads within the movements since day one and that is entirely because it needs our emotional attachment to one of those heads.

It may take time to see the full picture of the second net there is no rush! That said some have been aware of the fakery for a while. It will be difficult to see through the second net but once you do it will easily collapse and we can move on. For those that can see through the second net I say please wait for those who can’t. We may need to wait for you at the next net!


My friends, it is important that your heart seeks the truth and you fully support it to do so. Indeed that’s what ‘praying’ actually meant before the Serpent hijacked the prayer system and got us to do prayers on behalf of Serpent’s religious middle men, because in a nutshell that’s all it needed to do to control us and enslave us, according to cosmic democracy. The Stars Are Falling was sent to help and was an announcement at the same time!

I tell you the truth. It is your own self prayer (Your true thoughts from the heart – no need to get on your knees) that will tell the universe your true spiritual desires, you cannot ever fake them though. It’s just like the law of attraction (no not The Secret – That’s the Serpent’s version) and if your heart is really connected to the fakery in this world then I believe that’s what you will receive.  ‘If your heart desires fakery it will receive fakery’ If your emotions are connected to fakery then so is your heart.

If your heart really wants spiritual freedom, and you are one that knows inside if this sort of journey is for you, then nothing will stop the universe eventually giving you that. But the Serpent will fight to the death to keep you, and I assure you weak and fake hearts will only make the Serpent successful. Therefore that’s why I say my writings are for the few that know inside where they want to go.

My heart want to leave this world and return to the universal source from where I know I came from and I know many special people, that are currently hopelessly lost in this sick awful world, came from too. I also know forces are already in this world and will becoming to this world to see those that truly seek freedom receive their true spiritual desires. Those that truly seek praise and comforts in this world already have already had their desires satisfied.

I wrote ‘ There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium?’ with sincere and good intentions. I send it to help not hinder.  I wrote that title because the truth/ new age movement’s are literally created by ‘Dolus’ figures, or the pseudologoi, and they too have now built a fake replica movement to pass it off as genuine truth, but just like with Mendacium, there simply wasn’t enough clay for any feet.

I tell you the truth, the second net of truther movements and alternative views is also a phony replica of truth, although it does have some truth in it, that truth is lost in a cesspit of fakery, ego and greed. I tell you the truth when I say it is also propped up and fed by mindless and soulless drones that already have their hearts desires.  I don’t say those things lightly.

That said the second net will always appear nicey and true to those that saw through the sick world they previously lived in. But such things will always entertain them, especially those that have their faith and hearts connected to it. Obviously those trapped in the second net will now always see me as a liar. No worries on that and maybe being a liar is better than being a leper?

To those that may believe I’m a disinformer or some kind of mind controlled MK Ultra plant that is simply trying to piss on the dope supply at a hippy party. I’ll say this…. Maybe I am, but if I am I say I don’t know I am… and I swear this to anyone…

“I declare from my heart that I seek freedom and truth and I declare I sincerely seek to escape from this shithole of deception called Planet Earth. I vow from my heart that I will try my very best to do so and I will try to help others, that want the same, to do so also”
Matthew Delooze 18th November 2013

I also say that I encourage all people to follow their hearts and to give support to anyone they want. I encourage all to stand up and speak their minds because that is what moves mountains and I also encourage them not only to openly follow any information they choose but to find faith in their own hearts to look right in the face of this fake shithole of a world and demand freedom and truth, because deep down inside all of us, under all the shit the Serpent has piled on us, is a person that simply wants to return home and be whole again.

It’s time for the leper to go.

Until next time…

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

18th November 2013

Copyright (C) Matthew Delooze. All Rights Reserved 2013

There is a radio interview to accompany this article. I will post the link tomorrow

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The throne of time
Is a kingly thing
From whence you know
We all do begin

Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark?

Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark?


(‘Ayahuasca’: Chapada dos Guimarães July 2012 Part One)

By Matthew Delooze

You can’t start a fire, worryin’ about your little world falling apart …
…You can’t start a fire… You can’t start a fire without a spark
Even if we’re just dancing in the dark
Even if we’re just dancing in the dark
From The Song Dancing in the Dark By Bruce Springsteen

I was left in no doubts around May 2012 that 2012 was going to be very difficult to navigate, not only on a physical/health level but on an emotional level too. I had known for a while that personal events in my life were going to unfold and my feelings were being stretched enough without having more emotional upheaval to cope with, but the upheaval still came along, like a soul destroying psychotic thunderstorm, and I was swept along with it like a feather in a hurricane. I do not know how I would have survived, or even have a roof over my head without priceless help coming from a couple of individuals.

The major triggers for these events unfolding surrounded a few talks I did in the UK in the spring of 2012, where I informed the audience that 2012 was a year for sharp changes and a time of shocks for a lot of people.  I’m sure a few of those folks in those audiences actually believe me now. (Sorry… but at least you few know I tell the truth!)

People cannot feel our personal physical pain and they have no empathy with it unless they suffer something similar themselves. The same situation applies to our emotional and spiritual pain too and unless people have suffered spiritually themselves they really have no idea of the spiritual sufferings of others, apart from seeing the physical affects it has on their physical bodies and appearances of course.

I had previously been invited to take part in another week of Ayahuasca ceremonies before the 2012 upheavals and severe changes in my life had begun.  So it literally felt like a real godsend when the time to go came along (July 2012) if only to briefly escape from my painful situation and to travel to Brazil again.

I arrived at Heathrow Airport and whilst I swigged down a pint of ale in the bar I pondered on how I was going to react to the Ayahuasca medicine considering the emotional and physical state I was in. I very quickly decided that I didn’t really have a care in the world how I reacted to it.  It can literally be a very daunting experience just ‘thinking’ about supping Ayahuasca when it is soon to be upon you so to speak, but I was very calm about it. I had no fears at all.

Usually just thinking about the physical side affects of Ayahuasca, like it making you shit like a plane leaving chemtrails, can be very off putting, but it simply didn’t bother me.

I think at the time I would have happily shit myself to death even without a moment’s thought of what details would be written up in any pauper’s obituary.  I suppose as long as any obituary noted that I had been wearing very very clean and very posh (Calvin Klein) underpants at the time (for my mum’s sake) I would have been happy to die at that time whilst literally shitting my soul out. Again I had no fears of drinking.

Indeed, all in all, the only thing that initially scared the shit out of me was the terrifying road trip from Cuiaba Airport to Chapada dos Guimarães in a small Fiat.Now please believe me when I admit that ‘trip’ really did scare me totally rigid and I gripped the seat many times as my life flashed before my eyes, but surprisingly and to my utter amazement I arrived in one piece in Chapada, albeit shaking like a leaf and repeatedly vowing to myself that I would never… ever… ever… get into a car, well a tin on wheels, with a crazed mad dog driver again! I though I had lost my fear of death years ago, but after getting into a Fiat in Brazil, in the hands of a maniac, I realised I hadn’t.

Anyway my heart rate soon subsided when I did arrive and I very quickly settled in this paradise sort of a setting. It was the place where I had briefly visited the last time I was in Chapada. I had attended the house warming for the host of the ceremonies and of course it was the place where the Bird Table was located as mentioned in The Hummingbird Has Landed. Here is a picture showing the location.

chapada    jjj DSCF2814 copy

chapada    jjj DSCF2814 copy 2

A fantastic and special location for the ceremonies. Picture By Matthew Delooze (c)

I took the picture from the top of a massive bird observation tower (In reality it was pile of dangerously rickety scaffolding built by Indian Cowboys).

Anyway. It really felt like I was in another world compared to the shithole of a town I usually exist in (Burnley UK). I awoke on the second day with little jet lag and I immediately started to remember events from the last year and I retraced my steps.

I remembered the Caiman Head and I remembered visiting the exact centre point of Brasil etc. I mostly remembered seeing the massive Sky Walker, the streak of colours in the sky that resembled a massive UFO.


I remembered past events

It was like returning to work on an ongoing job sort of thing. It all had to be done in stages, so it felt like I was having an important reaquaintance with a special mission and I was being given a visual and emotional reminder, I was being briefed. I have always felt, when returning to the places where Ayahuasca ceremonies have taken place, or places that are linked to them, that I am instantly given recall of previous experiences that have taken place there. I don’t just remember them either. I actually feel the emotions felt at the previous ceremonies.

I also started to feel other spiritual connections that you feel when returning to special places etc. My ‘chakras’ (sorry for being hippy ducky) were vibrating again and although I wasn’t fully functional, in my body by a long chalk, I also knew my inner core was fully alert and in full working order. I may appear a haggard old looking broken man on the outside but that is not the real me. I ask scoffers to try and believe me when I say they’d be a fool, as we all can be, if they are to be permanently deceived by appearances. Please remember that in coming years because it is important if you seek true freedom to do so. Sadly ‘everyone’ on this planet is still deceived, more and more everyday, by pretty and clean looking faces that really do nothing but hide their ugly and dirty hearts and their deceptive intentions.

Anyway, as I said, my chakras were literally vibrating again and my inner self was working overtime inside a scrapheap of a body. I knew the next chapter in this journey had to unfold.

Before we knew it the day of the first ceremony was upon us and I suddenly felt a little queasy, which I put down to the usual jet lag and my health or the fact that the weather seemed a little chilly (It was mid-winter in July after all). There was only eight in the group, including the Shaman Warinei and his lovely assistant Sara, who was expecting her first child, and his lovely wife Margarita.

As the day went on it seemed that a strange and intense nervous tension had somehow appeared in the house amongst the group, and this tension increased very rapidly throughout that day. It was seriously affecting more than one individual in the group by late afternoon, so much so it was eventually decided to put off the ceremony until the next day, partly in the hope that it would reduce the symptoms of jet lag it was thought.  As soon as it was decided to call off the ceremony the intense nervous tension eased instantly and then disappeared altogether. We decided to relax that evening in the hope the ‘jet lag’ would be gone completely the morning after and we could start the ceremonies proper the following evening.

A couple of hours later, after dinner, whilst relaxing in the lounge area and basically sat around doing nothing, I suddenly heard a loud bang (Like a door banging in the wind), which obviously immediately caught my attention.  It all happened so quickly but I actually ‘saw’ two ghost-like black hooded figures come erratically flying through the lounge area like something out of a horror movie. I kid you not. It was like a pair of Tasmanian Devils, like the one that used to be in the cartoon, had literally spun through the room.

And no…  I wasn’t drunk (I’d had half a can of beer) nor had I taken drugs either but I definitely SAW two black hooded figures fly and spin past the head of the host and then disappear through some partly open glass patio doors located on the other side of the room as opposed to the one they entered (door that banged)

I know most will think I was seeing things. (The fruitcake Delooze is seeing bloody ghost figures now, I bet he’ll be seeing Casper next!) But it was so graphic and clear that I even noticed one figure was a very nasty angry energy and the other appeared to be a little lackey type of figure following the first figure, just like an arse kissing servant would. That’s how much detail I saw even though it all happened in a few seconds…  It definitely happened.


I saw the image of two black shadowy figures flying through the room.

I immediately told the host what I had seen (sounding crazy of course) and we went to investigate the first door where I’d heard the figures come through after I heard the loud bang. Again these doors were located where the ‘Bird table’ was located (see the humming bird has landed). We noticed that the catch on the bottom of the door had literally been bent double with the force that hit it. I tell you all the truth when I say no wind caused that damage. There was no wind to speak of anyway.

This was definitely a spiritual event that had combined with a five sense physical event. It was one world entering another.  But that said I found out a few years ago that certain energies or even certain ‘entities’ cannot travel through ‘glass’ and neither could these hooded figures. I couldn’t understand this process just a few years ago but now I can, thanks to my Ayahuasca experiences especially whilst inside a certain Maloca that had both glass and polythene windows.

These entities literally had to ‘force’ a gap in the door frame to actually get through it and enter the proposed ceremony room. They had to do the same procedure to exit. The doors somehow had to be ‘maneuvered’ to allow this to happen. I knew instantly it had to be the door where the Bird table/Caiman head was bashed because some kind of energy line was being created there and the two entities not only used the line to travel down, but they used the energy in the line to bash a gap in the door to enter the room. I realise not many will believe me on that.

Of course it simply could have been the ‘wind’ that was to blame for the damaged door catch and my delusions could now be taking on a five sense physical form, but I tell you the truth when I say that two very dark hooded figure entities appeared and then disappeared that night. I saw them and it was never the wind to me and never will be.

The moment I saw and felt the hooded figures I knew it was a very good decision by the host to call off the Ayahuasca ceremony that night.

I actually saw a similar same type of hooded figure during the Ayahuasca ceremonies that took place in Colombia in February 2008 but I had never seen them without drinking Ayahuasca before. (Please see the Standing in the Line of Fire chapter/article.) I realised again that I was now able to see between two worlds at certain times and I realised this was an ongoing process for use in the future.

I didn’t really have time to ponder too much on the hooded figures, even though the entities I saw were quite vivid. I just fobbed the experience off after an hour or so, and seeing I was the only person to see them it was the best thing to do.

The next day came around in a flash anyway. This time the day passed quickly and the ceremony was definitely going ahead this time. I felt good and the nervous tension had cleared up.

 The First Ceremony.

I have found that it does not matter how many previous Ayahuasca ceremonies you have taken part in because experience goes out of the window when you realise you are close to supping a full cup of Ayahuasca again. Just the thought of drinking Ayahuasca can have most folks pacing around a Maloca like a lost sinful soul who is about to face his creator and confess their sins.

Just the thought of supping Ayahuasa can have you pleading to be beamed up by Scotty instead of going through with the ceremony. Indeed sometimes the thought of downing a cup of Ayahuasca sometimes makes you question what you are actually doing on this planet in the first place. Which I suppose, when I think about it, is its true intention.

Hey what are you doing actually doing on this planet? If you don’t know then maybe ask yourself why you don’t know? Then, when you can’t answer that question, simply run away and quickly decide you are not even intelligent enough to tell yourself why you actually exist eh? Maybe it’s better and easier leaving your fate to those that actually know who you are then eh?

It does not really matter if Ayahuasca is a true vine of the soul or just a cup of pathetic smelly drugs because the one thing it does do is make you question yourself. Every Ayahuasca ceremony will show you something about yourself. It will always show the drinker how fake they are in some form or another too. Sadly the drinker usually overrules the messages once the Ayahuasca has worn off. Indeed most overrule the messages before they can actually be given, therefore they can never receive them.

I have known for a very long time that if we want to be free then our heart and spirit have to really ‘want’ to be free, above all else. Full trust in our hearts and spirit is required and if the heart is true then it will truly bring what it yearns for, and if freedom from the chains of this sick world is yearned for, above all else, then a means of escape from the world that so many liars and fakes have invested their entire hearts in, will come to those that wish to escape.

I knew in my heart that I am a very small part of something that will have a massive affect on some people in the future and I assure you if I didn’t believe that 110% in my heart then I wouldn’t ever have written a word of the writings I have provided over several years.

Anyway… I’d had the urge to carry out a couple of acts prior to the first ceremony actually taking place. This was nothing new to me and I’ve experienced strong spiritual direction many times for several years, and my actions and any apparatus I had premonition to gather and use, always seems to mean something to me later on down the line. I couldn’t possibly ever make the apparatus fit the experience before the experience takes place. I truly believe that something spiritual pre-arranges the appearance of the apparatus to assist the experience in advance and also create a ritual that is valid in two different dimensions.

The main urges I had prior to this ceremony were to place a unique image over the fireplace in the ceremony room (the lounge area). This was the artwork I placed on the fireplace.



Art work that was placed over Fire before the ceremonies took place.

I had also fetched a few other ornamental or symbolic items with me but I had no idea what they were for prior to the ceremonies or what they meant. I just knew they were important to my journey and I wouldn’t even mention them to you if didn’t believe they were important things to mention to you.

I suppose it didn’t matter what I’d brought because the ceremony was now indeed upon us. We went through the usual Ayahuasca ceremony routines including the act of ‘Smudging’ that I have mentioned before. If you have forgotten I will remind you smudging is a sort of ‘smoking away of bad vibes’ cleansing ritual. This pre-drinking smudging ritual basically comprises of Sweetgrass Sage or Cedar being set alight to create some smoking embers, and then everybody is literally individually ‘smoked’ like a kipper by the Shaman’s assistant blowing the smoke at them. This takes place whilst we are stood upright with our arms stretched out in a cruciform shape.  I suppose there is no difference whatsoever between the Ayahuasca smudging ritual and being baptised in a Christian ‘font’ but I’m sure most Christian folks would laugh at the smudging ritual being carried out at Ayahuasca ceremonies with smoke, yet would happily be smudged by water by some pervert paedophile of a priest splashing and smudging their children with the ‘holy water’.

Indeed man only willingly and happily joins in with the rituals that he actually believes he understands or man only pretends to join in rituals he believes are meaningless and harmless anyway, sometimes both. In reality, at the same time, man mainly only joins in rituals that actually make man look good in front of man. Indeed man is now so deluded, fake and vain respectively that he doesn’t know which ritual deludes him, which ritual to fake and which ritual to boast at.

In a nutshell man really hasn’t a clue about the real meanings behind the rituals he continuously takes part in. But shuuussshh don’t tell man that because his delusions, his fakery and his vanity won’t let him even see it never mind believe it.

Anyway, the Shaman’s fire was in full flow and he had set up all his apparatus near it.  We all waited for the Shaman to do his warm up stuff. He chanted and he waved a few leaves around as usual and I must admit it does help prepare you to find the guts you need to swallow the medicine. I actually took the first cup this time. (I usually wait until last in the hope the Shaman will run out of it and shut up shop just before its my turn!) I swallowed in down.

I walked around the room and then ventured outside, all the time flexing my weedy arm and leg muscles like I was warming up for some great gymnastics competition or a boxing match or something. I don’t know why I was doing this because I knew I’d be on my back, like a lump of lard, on my mattress inside twenty minutes. Indeed if I’d done a couple of squat thrusts in my warm up I’d have probably followed through.

It did not take long for the medicine to take affect. I always use the sky as a visual gauge to measure the affect and I know that when the night sky becomes sparkling ‘starry’ and bright, as mentioned in previous Ayahuasca write-ups, I know the medicine is really kicking in.

I started to feel very dizzy and I thought what the hell have I drunk this stuff again for! There’s one thing you always realise after the initial affects of the medicine kick in… “You know there is no turning back. You can’t stop the show”

The group was reasonably small but I have found that in small groups there are less distractions and less noise and therefore most journeys are not interrupted as much as they are when a large group is present.

I started to react to the Ayahuasca and I realised I had to retreat to my mattress as the medicine took over me. I hit my bed knowing I was going on another journey. The Shaman had already started playing his ceremonial music and I was soon in trance.

The shaman’s music somehow ‘connects’ with the Ayahuasca in your stomach and makes it flow through your system at a far faster rate. I suppose the best way describing this is to say the Shaman actually holds the remote control and somehow controls the speed and intensity of the Ayahuasca journey that you are ‘watching’ through his music, and he can literally turn up the volume, alter the contrast and increase the brightness of the vision anytime he wishes. The music is the actual remote control that adjusts your journey. This is no illusion and you can literally feel it take place if you go with the flow.

I shut my eyes and the usual colours were swirling around and, for some reason, they seemed to form the shape of a very sexy woman. I actually started to be entranced by the feminine shapes I was seeing. The shaman’s music intensified and so did the swirling colours intensify at the same time.

It then felt like I was actually being pulled down on my mattress and being gripped by an invisible force. I felt heavy. The colours I was seeing got more psychedelic in nature in a way and their movement appeared to become more aggressive. It was like the swirling colours were outside of my body, in the air if you like, and trying to actually penetrate my body by coming in me through my eyelids. But for some reason I started to resist the vision. I started to panic a bit and as the panic in me increased I just couldn’t go with the flow so to speak. I settled down again and shut my eyes. The swirl of coloured dots now appeared to be inside me but they were flowing in an outward direction, like they were trying to escape from inside me. It was like millions of little dots were hitting the backs of my eyelids from the inside (my eyes were shut). When these coloured dots hit the inside of my eyelids they were literally exploding and erupting, creating thousands of other coloured dots, just like fireworks explode in the sky.

The experience literally forced me to open my eyes and, true to form, the room had literally changed shape when I did so. It was like the coloured dots were dictating when I opened and closed my eyes and knew when I need to do so to see the things I needed too.

It was just like I was back in a room from the ancient past. (The ancient past being as we see history). I seemed totally empowered in my spirit like some kind of an alter ego had somehow surfaced in me and that alter ego literally reveled in the spiritual atmosphere that had been created through the medicine and the ceremony. I looked around trying to get a grip of my new but old surroundings, breathing in deep breaths, and it was as though a force from the past was in me.

I was trying to work out what was actually happening in the room and what I had to do whilst these images were real. The first thing I saw was a powerful looking figure on the staircase, which was dressed in some kind of ceremonial robes. I also saw the Shaman and his assistant (Sara) but they were now dressed like ancient Mayans or Aztecs would dress. Again it was just like they had gone back in time too, if only to me.

I must admit that even though the building I was in is newly built, it now looked like an ancient palace or temple.  The scene was timeless. I could feel the affects of the medicine increasing and the images in the room got more and more intense. I was trying to mainly focus on the man on the stairs. He was dressed in a white robe and he seemed to be beckoning me towards him and smiling at me. He was pointing at a mask he was holding. I tried to get up off my mattress but the medicine was too strong.

I started feeling sick and dizzy and had no alternative but to close my eyes in order to try and loose those symptoms.  Whoossshhhh… the coloured dots appeared again but this time they were flying ‘towards’ me like a river, entering me from the outside through my eyelids and then my eyes. This river of coloured dots then seemed to flow down through my throat into my chest and literally hit my heart. They stirred the very bare bones of who I am. I immediately felt stronger and instead of fighting the experience I just let the colours flow into me and as I did the dizziness sickness instantly disappeared. I felt strong.

Then a small white light appeared surrounded by a swirl of colours and it came rushing towards me at speed, just as the coloured dots had done, so to speak. It hit me right in the face forcing me to jolt, just like a strong camera flash going off would. I felt like I had been hit with the flashy thing out of the movie MIB. It looked something like this…


Whooosssshhh and wallop. ‘The white light hit me’.

I was suddenly with the face again (The Marlon Brando look-a-like). I know it sounds daft but that’s what happened. I was with The Face.


A Face, like this, appeared again

He just smiled at me and I immediately felt in good company. I felt at home. All the dizziness had gone. It felt like I was in a semi-vacuum situation and I could not hear nor see anything but the face in front of me. The face said he was pleased to see me.

The face the smiled at me and then he joked about an air hostess I had been chatting with on the way over to Brazil. The face then showed me a slideshow of images reminding me of many of the events and experiences I had gone through since my last visit to Chapada, some good, some very upsetting. I was shown myself in despair and I was shown myself in elation.

I was reminded about being told of my involvement with ‘gates’. I was especially reminded about the appearance of the Rain Bow Gate in my hometown and how it had appeared several months after my last visit to Chapada and I was reminded what I had buried under it. (‘I had buried teeth under it’) I was reminded that my first experience with the ‘Rain Bow Rods’ in Colombia was in early 2008, which was nearly a full five years before the Rain Bow Gate was even thought about never mind actually planned and built. The Face told me that the Rain Bow Gate was very important to some people in the future. He told me I had to mention this again (So I am). He flashed me the image of it again. The image showed the Rain Bow Gate ‘sparkling’ with the healing type of rainbow rods I was shown years ago. I knew it was a very symbolic statement to me. It is also a physical event that cannot be denied.  Here is a link to the report I made at the time.


The Rain Bow Gate. Just a Coincidence, please go back to sleep.

The Rain Bow Gate appeared in my hometown in a location linked to my childhood. I had been previously been informed that I would be involved with several Gates. The face went on to stress that its important I write about my experiences because others had to hear about them and see the images to be triggered and therefore be helped in the future.

I was also reminded me of other past events at Ayahuasca ceremonies, one main point was a very graphic reminder of the massive Sky Walker (Machine) I saw in the sky a year earlier. I was somehow literally given an action replay in slow motion. I was gobsmacked when I saw the action reply and how graphic my experience really was.

I saw that a ‘hole’ literally had been drilled in the sky and this Sky Walker event marked the occasion. But I was also reminded about energy lines and the Line of Fire coming to a cul-de-sac. I was reminded about my mission. Only Love Can Bring The Rain.

The face also mentioned the dark figures that I had seen the night before and confirmed that dark entities were indeed there to cause mischief and the ceremony had been called off to stop this. The face told me that the ceremonies would be OK and he went on to tell me what I had to do with something I had brought with me to stop unwanted entities appearing. I acknowledged the instructions and promised to carry them out later.

The face told me to stay strong as everything would turn out fine one day. I just had to find the strength to continue following my heart and following my intuition no matter how silly things got. I had to cope with the struggle. I was reminded of the scene from Braveheart (again) (See The Humming Bird Has Landed) I was told again…“Your Heart is Free – Have The Courage To Follow It.


 “Your Heart Is Free – Have The Courage To Follow It”.

The face also mentioned another prop I had fetched with me, which I had actually already used. It was an ornamental Hummingbird. I instinctively knew I had to place this hummingbird where the Colourful tree/ Caiman head had eventually been placed after the previous ceremonies in 2011. I had no idea why I had placed this ornamental Hummingbird there. My heart simply told me to do it as soon as I had arrived in Chapada.

When I had originally ordered it, about two years previous, it had arrived damaged. A wing had been broken off at some stage. I had received a replacement but I somehow knew I had to initially use the hummingbird with the broken wing. I sure had the feeling that the place where the Caiman Head and colourful tree and now the hummingbird with the broken wing were located was a very important spot, and part of a much bigger picture that simply could not be seen yet.

Untitled4 The one winged Hummingbird was placed where the Caiman Head and Colourful Tree once lay.

The face continued to tell me about energy lines and in particular about the Line of Fire and how the rituals and ceremonies that had been/were being carried out were not only vital to the planet on a spiritual level but they would also spark off massive five sense physical events to take place in the future, events that will literally affect many people in this world and affect them far beyond the scope of the current level of understanding available to the masses.

I was told again that only the act of ‘re-opening’ two very ancient energy lines, which literally flow around the globe, would actually unite these energies and allow powerful energies to come through ‘the hole in the sky’ that has already been created.  The face was serious and wasn’t messing around like it (he) normally did.  He told me that a spiritual force had really been involved in the creation of the building we were now using and this special building would literally be used to unite energies and also be used to empower people in the future. I was told that I needed to continue to write about my journeys because it was part of plan and the spiritual rules to enable spiritual forces to unite the energy lines and to trigger some people in the future to make the plan complete. I was told once the energy lines were opened my role in the ceremonies would be finished. Others would then take up roles. I was told others would be given unique signs and then events will happen to give them faith to carry out their roles when the time came, just like events and signs had given me faith.

The face told me many other things. I just listened. I literally couldn’t do anything else.

I felt the following words were very important and I quote them as best as my memory allows me too. The face said, Events taking place here in this place are on behalf and at the request of Mama Pacha (Mother World Spirit). The face added The Earth gave the people in this world prophecy but no one listened” (The Earth was not Mama Pacha).

The face then put his finger to his lips and said softly “Let it now be humbly and silently be announced to those that lost their ears when The Earth spoke… shhhuuussshhh… that… The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

 The face was deadly serious when saying those words or something very similar and the last sentence cut right through me at the time (So I hope I got them right!). I thought about the saying ‘your ears must be burning and laughed to myself!’

Joking aside, the face said those words just like a god-fearing preacher would. So going of my past experiences I suggest you seriously take note of them.

The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

I knew immediately that those words will one day silence the tongues of scoffers and liars. The Marlon Brando look-a-like then reminded me that certain things other things had to happen to literally activate the energy lines, but a lot had already been done.

‘Marlon’ (I felt we should be on first name terms by now!) told me that I would have to travel to a place called Thera (Santorini) in the future to carry out ritual to help open the energy lines and to walk where the fire once lived and died and to walk on the waters where the Fire once walked.

I was then shown myself in ancient times in an ancient place (previous life), which was rather emotional in many ways. I was also shown a very special person that I was once connected to in ancient times. We had both been killed because of a massive event there when an energy line was purposely destroyed. I was shown what had gone on and literally still felt the heartache involved from that time. I was told it was important that I went to Thera.

I was also told I’d have to go to another very important place too, but this couldn’t happen until certain other major events in the world unfolded first and other deeds in three other places were carried out. But I was told the very important place would be a very important matter and my ears not my eyes would get me there. Nothing else could get me there. I was told I would have to describe events and actions there in very great detail in writing after they had happened. I was told ‘my days as I am now’ would be coming to an end not too long after I visit the important place I was shown and write what happens there down.

The face told me to be strong and told me he would be back through the medicine later but he was with me always anyway.

The face was gone.

I initially heard the cracking of the fire and that seemed to break the vacuum like trance I was in. I was back on my mattress. I was back with the shaman’s music. The first thing that came into my head was that I didn’t feel fit enough to get my now twitching arse off the mattress never mind get it to Santorini. I was back feeling dizzy and my arse was showing me signs that the Ayahuasca was indeed fully in my system again. I thought, “Come back Marlon and tell me some more, but bring some toilet paper with you too”.  I wanted to know if I was to die after I visit the very important place I was shown? How was I to initially get to Santorini and how the hell am I going to get to the place I have to write in great detail about? The place which would lead to ‘my days as I am now’ coming to an end.

I didn’t really have any more time to ponder on the things the Face had told me because the intensity and affects of the ceremony rapidly increased. I suddenly felt hot and uncomfortable. I felt sick and had a strong urge to purge.

I sat up on my mattress and took some deep breaths in an attempt to feel more relaxed and fight of the urge to purge. I looked around at the group who all seemed to be in La La land and away with the fairies. This scenario was obviously helped by the Shaman who was now singing away and sounding like a Mogwai on Helium.


My eyes were attracted towards the fireplace and to Sara, Warinei’s assistant, who was located very near the fire so she could feed it.  She was heavily pregnant and I saw the flames from the fire cast a flickering light on her and created a flickering reflection on her tummy. Her ‘bump’ then actually turned into planet Earth through the reflection. The image was amazing. It was beautiful.

The fire looked low and the flames were low but it gave off an intense reflective light that shone on other things that seemed to create certain mirages for my attention. I looked over at the arty image that had been created by Warinei’s other assistant Catalina for the host.  Again I had placed the artwork, with the host’s permission over the fireplace earlier.

The light from the fire made the artwork appear magically transformed and it had changed in to a graphic virtual reality 3D image of a living ‘woman’.

DSCF2801 copy 2

The artwork changed into a three dimensional woman.

The woman was literally opening and closing her legs. She was waving her arms and big hands around and literally flashing her tutt (vagina) by vigourously opening and closing her legs in a mechanical sort of way. I was intrigued because the more I stared at the imagery the more I saw, and each time she flashed open her legs ‘she’ appeared to rapidly gave birth to a very small ghost like figure, a whispy smoky soul figure if you like, which literally floated out of her through her vagina as she opened her legs. The woman’s rhythm was robotic and each thrust created a soul so to speak. The woman seemed to take deep breaths with each thrust to speak. So each thrust and breath created a soul or ghost like figure.

These soul figures then immediately turned into a bubble and they became literally orb like. Can you imagine the scene?

 DSCF2801 copy

“Souls appeared as Bubbles from the Vagina”

Can you see the artwork above?

I watched as the souls or bubbles were then instantly being sucked into the fire located just below the woman. It was just like the fire was drawing them towards it. It was like the fire itself was purposely pulling or sucking the souls from the woman or the woman was pushing or blowing souls into the fire. Indeed it became clear that both the fire and the woman were working in unison. And on one occasion, when the heavily pregnant Sara moved around the fireplace putting wood on the fire, it seemed like her bump (The Earth) was like orbiting the sun. (The Fire was the Sun) It was very graphic.

Anyway. It was like the image on the fireplace (the woman opening and closing her legs) created some sort of a bubble or soul making production line and the bubbles or souls were purposely being created and then drawn into the fire.

I was a bit concerned at what I was seeing at first, I thought the bubbles were being destroyed, but then the whole chimney stack opened up, just like I had bloody x-ray vision or something.  It was as if my eyes had been given special vision and my eyes somehow opened up the chimney just to show me what was really going on.

I could now see what was fully going on and see a bigger picture. I could fully see that the souls from the open legged lady figure, the bubbles from the bubble machine if you like, were not being destroyed by the flames of the fire.

I saw that the fire simply created a sort of updraft. It acted as a bubble wand, if you like, and the whole apparatus was literally working in unison and purposely blowing the bubbles up the chimney. I could also now see that during the ‘process’ that sparks from the fire were somehow being ‘placed’ inside the bubbles without the bubbles actually popping. The Fire was supplying the sparks, the woman was supplying the bubbles.  It was like a magic bubble trick, you know like when a magician places something in side the bubble without it popping.  In this case sparks were being placed in the bubbles.

It was an amazing sight.

Not only that I could now literally ‘hear’ those combined bubbles and sparks literally ‘cheering’ (squeaking) as they reached the top of the chimney stack and escaped into the atmosphere.  The wonderful sound of the cheering made me feel so elated that I was giggling and weeping at the same time.

I could also now see the little sparks inside the bubbles acted like a torch and they created a sort of hot air energy to help the bubbles gain the energy to become like little air balloon style UFO’s and get up the chimney and fly away. I shut my eyes and I started to see the bubbles as faces. I started to see faces I recognised. I also saw some ugly old faces inside the bubbles and they appeared to turn into beautiful young faces, it was just like they had been re-energised and empowered. It was like they had returned to normal.

I was entranced by what I was seeing in vision. I was in awe with what I was shown. I opened my eyes again and my attention was immediately attracted to the glass doors and outside and I saw all the little bubbles floating away up in the sky. I cannot give proper description in words but it was a magical sight and the message to me was massive. It was also an enchanting and beautiful vision.

As I looked through the door I could also see the now illuminated one winged hummingbird ornament flashing away outside in the distance too. It was like the hummingbird was a specially created beacon to point the bubbles in the right direction, as they were coming out of the chimney.

I was enjoying the scene and I smiled to myself. But then I saw some empty bubbles, so to speak (no sparks in them) floating back into the room through an open door and then floating back towards the fireplace. The woman (the artwork on top of the fire) was waving her arms about trying to catch or waft the little bubbles with her large hands. The bubbles were somehow being wafted into the woman’s mouth.

A few moments after being swallowed the bubbles reappeared out of the woman’s vagina. They were as ghost like/orb like figures again and the whole process started again, as in, they were drawn in by the fire, they were implanted with sparks and then blown up the chimney again and released into the outside atmosphere.

It’s very difficult to explain how anyone sees things through Ayahuasca. I can only show you the apparatus and write down what that apparatus turned in to. But everything is symbolic. I saw the apparatus below as being a woman who gave birth to souls as bubbles and then the bubbles received a spark and then escape up the chimney!

I started to understand what symbolic imagery I was being shown. I could see the very intense meaning behind the vision. Indeed I thought the whole bubble process was a massive analogy. But as soon as I did understand things the vision faded. The arty image on the mantelpiece returned to normal size and became less vivid. The flames of the fire had died down. The bubbles had gone. The vision had faded


The Woman and the Fire.

I started to stir on my mattress and immediately started to feel like I needed to ‘purge’. I had taken the vision in but my body now needed my attention. (Again Purge is a ‘nicey nicey – arty farty’ word in Ayaland for either puking your ring up or shitting yourself into oblivion.)

Indeed Aya has a habit of placing you in the spirit world one minute but then having you praying, begging in fact, to take you from the spirit world and land you on a solid piece of Earthenware pottery the next minute. The bog (toilet) literally becomes some sort of soul saving, paradise sort of place sometimes.

I staggered to the toilet but I was still very heavily under the influence of Aya and I couldn’t actually undo the silly bloody new fangled cheap belt I had on. I tugged and pulled and tugged and pulled some more but couldn’t shift it. I felt very sick and tried to be sick but couldn’t.

I soon realised that the Ayahuasca was staying in me and I wasn’t being allowed to weaken the experiences by purging just yet. My symptoms eased slightly and I returned to the ceremonial area. I crashed down on my mattress again. I shut my eyes and was soon in trance again because of the shaman’s soothing music. The shaman had certainly stirred up the Ayahuasca inside me again. I could literally feel it inside me flowing through me. After practicing undoing my belt, under my blanket, just in case of emergencies, I relaxed again.

I thought I was falling asleep it was so peaceful but I suddenly started to hear the sound of a slight wind. (Not from my botty either!)

The noise of this wind got more intense. I was staring at a large arty wall hanging on the wall. It quickly started to show me images that resembled ancient Mayan or Aztec scenes. It was really powerful and graphic so much so that I went to lay on a massive bench directly under the wall hanging.

 DSCF2826 copy 2
The wall hanging and bench

 DSCF2826 copy

The Wall Hanging intermittently changed and showed me many different sorts of graphic Aztec/ Mayan type images


It may sound daft but that’s what happened.

It was like I was back in time in a place that once housed such artwork.  I was staring at a couple of images in the wall hanging for quite a while and they came to life so to speak. I felt like I understood the images and they were telling me something.

I then had the strong urge to return to my mattress and as soon as I shut my eyes I was entranced. I immediately started to see myself in a strange sort of room that was literally full of brightly coloured bird feathers and they were being lightly blown around by the wind I had previously heard.

For some reason it reminded me of the TV game show ‘Crystal Maze’ where the contestants end up in the Crystal Dome trying to catch gold papers that are vigourously being blown around in the air, mixed with silver ones. Do you remember The Crystal Maze and The Crystal Dome?

If you do remember the show you will know what I am talking about won’t you?


The room reminded me of The Crystal Dome

Anyway. I looked around this room with all the feathers falling from the ceiling area and generally floating around. At first it was funny but then the feathers seemed to be sticking to my face, blinding me, tickling my nose and going down my neck and up my trouser legs etc. I became very irritated. I got a strong urge to leave because I had no idea what I was meant to do in this silly room. I was trying to brush the feathers off my face when I stumbled into something very solid. It was something like a street sign on two posts that had a very large red arrow on it. I brushed off the feathers and saw the arrow pointed to a table that was very near the sign. I brushed the feathers off that too and I saw it had a large brass bell on it, you know like hotel reception desks do. Next to the brass bell there was a sign, which I struggled to read because of all the bloody feathers that were floating around. The sign read…

“To check out of here simply ring the bell and then accumulate fifty green feathers”
“Only Green feathers will do”
Signed: The Management

I don’t know why I did it, apart from being the knob head I am, but I rang the bell (Ding!) and in doing so, yes you guessed it, I set off the Mother of All Winds!

It was like a psychotic whirlwind had appeared.

The amount of bright coloured bird feathers being blown around the strange room massively increased, and increased and increased, until I simply couldn’t cope. It was utter madness and the feathers were not only blinding me and tickling me at the same time, they were now literally slapping me in the face. It was just a blinding chaotic madness, as I brushed one lot of feathers from my face I was immediately slapped down and covered with them again.

That said, even though I was totally blinded, I still tried my best to ‘accumulate fifty green feathers’ just as the sign had instructed and I remembered the management had informed me that ‘only green feathers will do’. And of course I was daft enough to ring the bell to carry out such a task wasn’t I?

Anyway. I tried and tried to collect the right colour I was told to collect.  I was totally committed to chasing green feathers because the sign on the desk had told me to. I tried and tried to grab these green feathers. I literally became obsessed about what I was grabbing. I couldn’t really see any colour at all unless I had a feather in my hand and literally put it right up to my eye. I couldn’t make out the colours floating around in the air because of a swirl of chaos. I was simply grabbing for grabbing’s sake in the frustration and confusion. I thought if I grab any colour then surely some would be the green ones.

So I simply grabbed and snatched and grabbed and snatched but I never grabbed the right feathers. If I grabbed a feather that wasn’t green I’d throw it away as soon as I discovered it wasn’t green, but in doing so I was only adding to the blind chaos already going on. This went on for quite a while until I eventually stopped trying to grab what I couldn’t see. I realised it was futile.

I wasn’t even capable of grabbing one single green feather never mind grabbing the fifty I was told I needed to accumulate to check out. I fell to the floor in a heap laughing at the futility of blindly chasing the green feathers when they were mixed in a room full of many coloured feathers.

Once I realised the futility of my actions the wind immediately slowed down and eventually stopped blowing altogether, just like someone had switched a machine off, like they used to do in the crystal maze.

It was like I’d run out of time and I had collected absolutely bugger all. I’d simply ended up on my arse with no prize. All the feathers immediately fell to the floor and simply melted away. I noticed my surroundings had changed. The room was totally different.

I noticed that there was a large mirror in the middle of the room. It looked like it was made of very dark glass or even made of black shiny stone.  I walked over to it and I found myself looking at my own reflection. Whatever it was made of I could still see myself very clearly. I was red in the face through chasing and trying to grab feathers.

I then did a twirl sort of thing and as I did I noticed my back was literally covered in green coloured feathers. I’d say at least fifty of them! I realised that the feathers had just appeared on me, and they had appeared on me in perfect formation. This must have happened when I had been actually been trying to grab them, but because I had been waving my arms around and grabbing things willy nilly, I hadn’t actually noticed that feathers were somehow being placed on me.

I instantly realised that I wasn’t meant to grab and snatch the feathers. I only thought I had to grab and snatch the feathers. I wondered what had actually made me think I had to grab and snatch at the feathers? After all I could only damage them by doing so.

I then realised that I hadn’t even read the sign properly. But, my friend, when do dickheads like me ever actually read signs properly? When?

Anyway. I twirled around again in front of the mirror and discovered that the more I twirled the more feathers appeared on me. The more I looked in the mirror and twirled again, the more feathers appeared. I soon had hundreds of feathers. I was soon covered in feathers from head to foot.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this. One minute I thought I was going to end up like bloody Orville the Duck, the next I felt like I was part of a massive spiritual plan to bring justice and truth to the world and help those that wanted helping. Was I just like Orville the Duck or was there a symbolic and spiritual reason I was receiving all the feathers and relaying this tale?

Schizophrenia didn’t even begin to explain the situation.

I was completely lost in the vision. I knew it meant something very important and I was really starting to live it and it was very vivid and real. I stared at my face again in the mirror. I was not red faced anymore. I grinned at myself.

I noticed there was a stick on the floor in front of the mirror at my feet. I picked it up in my right hand and noticed it had something resembling a leopard’s tail skin attached to one end of it. The tail actually felt warm and alive.

It was like I had a fully ‘living’ whip. Well I think it was a leopard’s tail ‘skin’ but I suppose it could have been another cat’s tail skin. I’m no expert on cats or the patterns on their fur you see. I thought it was a leopard tail skin though.

Anyway… I was suddenly walking around the room of feathers with this ‘cat’s tail’ skin attached to a rod like stick’ in my hand. It felt like a magic weapon.

I then swung my cat’s tail around above my head like a whip and as soon as I did so I heard a wind again and another load of feathers appeared in the air, creating blind chaos again. I couldn’t see a thing. I then stopped swinging the tail and as I did the feathers stopped and then they slowly fell to the floor like leaves falling from a tree and melted away.

I could see again and I noticed I was in a different larger room. I was still wearing a feather suit and carrying a bloody cats tail on a stick.

I immediately noticed that the larger room had three doors on one of its walls.  I was instantly attracted to them. On a wall directly opposite the wall with three doors there was a fireplace with a small fire burning in it

I also noticed there was a circular table in the middle of the room and I approached it. In the middle of this circular table there were several colourful masks made out of pottery or metal and several different hats (headdresses) made out of feathers. I had a strong urge to put one on. So I put the bugger on.

I went towards one of the three doors. I noticed all three doors had Aztec/ Mayan artwork around them. I was initially attracted to the door to the left but as I approached it I saw that an army of large ‘ants’ were marching under the door.

I automatically raised my stick and waved it around, just like a Jessie with a wasp stuck on his candyfloss would.  I half chanted/half sang something, I haven’t a clue what I was chanting but I couldn’t stop what I was doing. The ants immediately disappeared and the door they had marched under opened.

I then went back to the table in the centre of the room and changed my hat for another one. I then approached another door, which was the door on the right as I approached it from the table. As I approached the second door I saw a colony of red coloured beetles coming under it. And again I raised my stick and waved it around, but this time I also removed my headgear and placed it over the beetles and then I chanted/sang and danced on it. I stomped on and crushed all the beetles. I then picked up my headgear and noticed it was stained red. Once all the beetles were crushed the door they had marched under opened.

I went back to the table in the centre of the room and changed my headdress again. I then headed towards the third door, the middle door. I approached the third door and I and heard what sounded like swarm of bees coming from behind the door. I knocked on the door with my stick and then thrashed it with the cat’s tail.

The bees started coming under the door. They were marching under the door.

Then they all started flapping their wings (buzzing) as they marched towards me. As they approach my feet I started chanting and singing again and the bees split into two columns so to speak. The two columns then seemed to march in different directions. One column of bees marched to the open door on the left and the other column of bees marched to the open door on the right. Once the bees went through the doors everything went quiet.

There was no more buzzing.

I walked back to the table in the middle of the room and I removed my feathered hat and placed it on the table and as soon as I did this the middle door opened. I then put on a mask and stood in the centre of the room and started chanting and singing again.


The Mask I wore looked a bit like this

I then saw the shape of three ghost like spirits, half invisible entities if you like, one entity stood in each doorway. They were ancient Indians. I mean Mayans or Aztecs or even Incas (your guess is as good as mine). It was obvious they were warrior type figures.

Two of them carried ‘shields’, but the shields were solid looking bright objects, they were not ghostly. They had bright images on them. The one in the middle was holding an open scroll.

The first ghost like figure, the one on the left, raised his shield in the air and I automatically raised my stick in some sort of salute in return. (Don’t know why). I felt like I knew of the warrior. The first shield showed the image of an Eagle. As soon as I raised my stick to acknowledge the warrior the door slammed shut and I heard it being bolted from behind. I knew I could not go through that door.


The first shield looked very slightly like this

I looked towards the second ghost like spirit, the one on the right, and his shield showed the image of a pattern I had seen a few times before, and true to form the second ghost like warrior spirit also raised his shield up to me and again as soon as I raised my stick in response the door slammed shut. I knew I couldn’t go through that door either.


The second shield looked like this

I then looked towards the third ghost like figure, the one in the middle. He didn’t have a shield he unrolled something like a scroll. It had a symbol on it but I could not see it clearly. I squinted trying to focus on it but I still could not see it clearly. Then I saw it.


Atl Tlachinolli  (Fire and Water Symbol)

I then walked towards the figure holding up the shield and touched the shield with the bottom end of my stick. I then literally gave the shield a lash with the cat’s tail and as I did so the tail literally stuck to the shield and separated from the stick in my hand.  The ghost like figure then took hold of the cat’s tail in his hand. He then bowed and then stepped backwards through the door with his shield still held high.

The door stayed open.

I went towards the doorway and walked through it and into a small room.  It slammed shut behind me and made a clanging noise, so much so that I literally jumped out of my feathers. There were three fireplaces in the room. The walls looked a bit like this in the picture below. They seemed covered in artwork.

180_07_2 copy

 I saw that the figure that had backed into the room was now far easier to see. He was no longer a spirit figure, he was a solid looking normal man and he was stood in front of a small fire that was flickering away in a little hole in the far wall. The fire was in some sort of bowl. There were actually three small ‘fireplaces’ in the room. They were simple holes in the walls, again very similar to the picture above.

The man with the shield showed me the cat’s tail that was once attached to my stick and he chanted something and then cut it into three or four pieces. He placed one of the pieces in the small hole in the wall that had a small fire flickering away inside it. The tail immediately set alight.

The room lit up brightly as if to show me what was in there.

The man then pointed to the door I had previously come through that had slammed shut behind me. There was a shield hung on it.  I’m sure the the shield had this image on it or something very similar.


 I noticed that the same ‘atl tlachinolli’ symbol was appearing out of mouth of the animal on it. (I didn’t know the symbol was called ‘atl tlachinolli’ or what it was supposed to mean at the time of the vision)

I went over and removed the shield from the door and I gave it to the man. He grabbed it with both hands. I noticed there was a large drum in the room. I went to look at it.  I noticed the drum had many symbols on it too, amongst other things. The best way of describing it to you is to say it resembled the one pictured below because it had similar symbolism on it.


The drum was like this one

The man then approached the drum and tipped it on its side. He then took the small fire out of the hole in the wall. (It was in a bowl). He then placed another piece of the cat’s tail on the flames and then placed the fire on the ground. I could see it was the cat’s tail burning away in a metal dish.

The man then placed the drum over the fire and as he did the ‘skin’ on top of the drum literally illuminated an image that was imprinted on the drum skin. Not only that it reflected the same image onto the ceiling of the room and in the process the image was enlarged and it literally covered the whole ceiling. It was the exact same image that was on the shield, it was the animal spitting out the ‘atl tlachinolli’ symbol. It was a strange feeling because the flames made the animal look like it was actually alive. The fire under the drum made the animals belly look like it was breathing!

The room was now pretty dark because the fire, the only light in the room, had been placed under the drum.

The man in the room started chanting when the image appeared on the ceiling and he started dancing around. For some reason I joined in too. I’m sure it meant something important but even if we were just dancing in the dark it sure felt right.  I certainly didn’t know what I was doing in the vision apart from actually re-living a ritual from the past or taking part in one for the future. I was again living in two worlds at the same time.

I  then danced over to the drum and I started banging on it with my stick. I was chanting and wailing away like a master shaman would.  As soon as I hit the drum it was like thunder going off. It wasn’t a like a drum sound at all and each time I hit the drum the sound made me look up to the ceiling, and when I did so it caused the image on the ceiling to shake and it appeared like the dog type creature was literally being sick and spitting out. I think I hit the drum four times and four times the dog spit out and each time I hit the drum it caused a thunder sound. It was like an ancient version of Hollywood special affects were taking place. I felt elated to be banging on the drum.

I then removed my mask and placed it on the drum and when I did the fire under the drum illuminated that too. The mask literally took the form of a lamp.

The mask on top of the drum also created another reflective image on the ceiling. It created a sort of circular planet Earth image and it made the ‘spitting’ dog look like it was being sick on it. I looked up and wept one tear over what I saw.

For some reason I i put my finger in my tear and then put my finger in my mouth. I then spat on the mask/lamp myself and said to the man in the room with me ‘It’s done’. I then wildly kicked the drum over and the mask fell to the floor.

I stepped back from the drum and the man picked up the small fire that had been under the drum and placed in back in the hole in the wall. He then placed another piece of the cat’s tail on the flames.

The man then gave me the shield back that I had previously removed from the back of the door and I placed it back on the door. The door then opened. I stepped through it.

Whoosh…  all of a sudden I was sat upright on my mattress. It took me a few moments to get my bearings. I had a feeling of intense connection to the vision. I looked at the wall hanging on the wall again and I could see other forms of Aztec/Mayan symbolism in it. I was laughing and scared at the same time but I knew hitting that drum and then kicking it over meant something to me inside and I knew it would eventually mean something to others inside them one day too.

Once I thought that I seemed to instantly wake up from the affects of the Ayahuasca. I knew my journey of visions that night was almost over. I remembered some of the instructions I had received from the face earlier and one of those instructions was to tie a silk scarf, a scarf I had received from a stranger, to a baton I had brought with me to Brazil. It did indeed create a whip like object. I had previously no idea why I had brought the stick to Brazil and I obviously had no idea what sort of Ayahuasca journey I was going to have prior to bringing it.


The Scarf/ Cat’s Tail around my neck

I got up off my mattress. I laid the stick and spotted scarf down, like you would lay down a draft excluder, where the two dark entities had bashed the door and entered the room the night before.

I looked at the fire in the ceremony room again as the Bird Table door was right next to it. I walked over to the fire and I looked at the artwork on the mantelpiece. I spat on the fire and something inside me made me say. It’s Done.

 I then went outside and tried to take some fresh air in just to help me fully come round.  I then started to see the odd Rain Bow Rod start to come towards the house. One zoomed passed me, then another, and then another until hundreds of them started to enter the house.  I could ‘feel’ them too and I needed them more than anything.

They were flying through a small opening in the doorway and through the slats in some Louvre type windows. They were then rapidly bouncing of the wooden posts in the room and were soon creating some kind of relay loop.

It was so beautiful to watch. It really was. It was like the whole room was some kind of healing centre and the rainbow rods were filling the room bouncing off the very beams that held the building up.

The rods were hitting the artwork of the woman on the fire and hitting the artwork on the wall that had shown me images too. The Rain Bow Rods eventually bounced around at great speed and then left the room either through the way they came in or through the fireplace and up the chimney like the magical bubbles had done earlier.

I felt such feelings of emotional happiness through these rods and again I knew they were only a very small example of what powers can come into our world and heal us all and literally replace the magical spark we need to regain our true navigation and regain our true spirituality. I knew that one day a power is coming back into this world that has not been seen or felt for thousands of years.

But I also knew the journey that night was over for me. The group all enjoyed some very late supper. I was feeling very weak and I went to my bed.

I awoke very early. I lay in bed and pondered heavily on my journey. I pondered on the woman in the artwork and I pondered on the vision of the bubble scenario.

I then pondered on the Crystal Dome situation and the feathers vision. I then remembered and pondered over the shields and all the images involved in that vision too. I remembered the living breathing images on the ceiling and I remembered kicking the drum over and sending the mask flying. I remembered the ‘atl tlachinolli’ and I remembered the Rain Bow Rods. I remembered previous Aya weeks too.

Was it simply all hallucination and utter nonsense? Maybe it was? I decided to get up for breakfast. I showered and went to find some clean clothes in my bag. I pulled out a clean shirt and as I did I heard something make a tinkling noise as it hit the floor.

It was an ornamental two-winged hummingbird. I’d wrapped it in a shirt to protect it in my bag and to keep it from breaking and I must have flung it out when I grabbed my shirt. I was amazed it didn’t break because it was so fragile!


 I knew straight away that the week was far from over!…

Part Two of this story is coming soon. Don’t miss it!

Copyright (C) Matthew Delooze 2013: All rights Reserved.


Through the Kitchen Window

Through the Kitchen Window

DSC01695 copy

 By Matthew Delooze

I was really struggling to sleep one night recently and I decided to get out of bed and go for a drink. I was fumbling in the dark because I didn’t want to turn the light on because my eyes are very sensitive and I didn’t want to dazzle myself as I knew I’d end up squinting like a demented Japanese bloke who was giving someone the shit eye.

Mind you I opened the fridge door and was blinded just by the little light inside the fridge and I did end ended up looking just like feared. Anyway I squinted and clumsily fumbled about and somehow grabbed a bottle of orange juice. I then turned my back on the light and downed a few big gulps of the cold drink. I had my eyes shut. I felt the orange juice go inside me and refresh me, so much so that when I removed the bottle from my mouth I let out a big aaahhhh sound of satisfaction. I opened my eyes again. When I did so I immediately saw my own image reflection in the kitchen window because of the light from the open fridge.

I stared at my reflection because the shadows and darkness of the night made me look rather spooky. You know what I mean? It was like like when you stick a lighted torch under your chin and make a scarey face in the dark. (Not that I need a torch to do that these day!)

For some reason, and I really don’t know what made me do it, I started moving my head around like I was exercising my neck and when I did so my reflection turned very weird. Mind you it was quite entertaining too. I noticed the light coming from the fridge was literally creating optical illusions so, with the fridge door behind me I started swinging it open and then shutting it, which created rather spectacular effects considering the basic apparatus involved.

If there had have been any music playing it would have been like a bloody arty farty pop video. Not that I looked a pop star in my cheap vest and underpants.

In fact when I fully opened the fridge door it reflected on an old brass plaque I have on the wall and that somehow created a hall of mirrors effect on the window too. Indeed it reminded me, vest and undies aside, of an old Queen video and I mean the Bohemian Rhapsody video not a video of me looking like an old Queen. I’m sure most people in the world will have seen the Bohemian Rhapsody video over the years.

I moved my head from side to side. The images I created were quite surreal. Indeed they sent me a bit dizzy and my eyes were struggling to focus on what I was seeing.

As I opened and closed the door my face changed  to something like this…

Bohemian-Rhapsody-vid-2I saw my reflection change like something like this

My face changed in the window and I was seeing different faces appear around me. I started to feel even more queezy but I couldn’t seem to stop myself messing around with the apparatus. I continued to dance around opening and shutting the door to create images and then I’d just stand still again. When I opened the door fully and stood still I somehow became four faces like in the Queen video like this…


I became four faces when the light reflected in a certain way

I must have spent a full ten bloody minutes prancing around in my underwear playing silly games with the fridge door, changing my reflection in the kitchen window.  When I looked at the four faces of myself I noticed some each face changed in a clockwise direction, the four faces were like in a clock position, you know like some clocks just have the numbers  3, 6, 9 and 12.

My four faces seemed to change in a clockwise direction even though they were all the same reflection. It was like my 3 o’clock face started off as the broken wreck I am, but my image seemed to improve at the 6 o’clock position. The same thing occurred at the 9 o’clock position and when I looked at the image in the 12 o’clock position I’m hardly bloody recognisable as a wreck I am at the 3 o’clock position.

I was literally in trance looking at the four faces that I had created of myself. I tried to focus on the 12 o’clock face. I knew it was an image from the past. I also realised the 3’oclock image was me now. I stared again at my 12 o’clock face and it appeared to grin at me. I thought I was seeing things and then it bloody winked at me as though to say remember me do ya?  I was stood there stunned. I felt like I was on an Aya journey. The other three faces seemed blurred in comparison as my focus was totally on the 12’oclock face.

Then all of a sudden, because of the reaction of the juice I’d swigged down, I burped and farted. It was loud enough to wake the the dead and it brought brought me quickly out of my self induced trance. I immediately thought “What the bloody hell are they putting in the orange juice these days”  Well what would you have thought if you’d experienced such a thing?  I looked at the window again there was nothing there at all. Nothing. I started moving my head around again. Nothing. I opened and closed the fridge door. Nothing.

When I fully came to my senses I suddenly realised I was out of my bed in the middle of the night,  stood in the dark and the freezing cold with a bottle of orange juice in my hand. Not only that I was stood there prancing around with one grey haired testicle dangling out of my pathetic ill fitting cheap underpants.

My attention was drawn to the label on the bottle in my hand and I got a strong strange feelings inside my chest and I seemed to hold my breath inside me and get a glowing feeling. It was a Deja Vu feeling as though someone was telling me something.  Here is a photo of the label of the drink I swallowed.


The label that gave me strange feelings…

Anyway. I put the bottle of orange juice back in the fridge. I closed the door and then I staggered and fumbled my way back to my bed in the cold and in the dark. My thirst satisfied. I felt myself warm up and I must have fallen asleep within minute.

I fell into a dream-state. It began by seeing a long path. I realised straight away that I had literally walked up this path in real life just a few months ago but I was now looking down on it from above this time. I actually seemed to float down and land on top of the hill.

DSC01695 copy

The Path to Thera (top centre to right)

The part of the hill in which I landed led to another smaller path that had to to be taken to get up another hill to an ancient place called Thera. Again I had previously walked this path to reach ancient Thera on a visit to Santorini in 2012. I recognised it straight away because of steps I took.

The path I walked in 2012


Once I reached the top of the path I remembered this symbol. It was on a stone at the end of the smaller path. Iknew then i really was revisiting Thera. It was this one.

thera The image on the stone

I carried on walking down the path and realised I wasn’t revisiting the ruins I had seen on my recent trip to ‘Santorini’ I was actually ‘seeing’ the real ancient Thera as it once was. I was walking through Thera in its former glory. I wasn’t seeing ruins I was seeing it in it in its full splendor.

There were magnificent looking buildings all along the pathway and it was like I knew them well. I was feeling very tired and I felt like I was struggling for breath. I eventually reached the top of the path and it looked like I’d reached the summit. I walked through a splendid looking door as though I knew exactly where I was going. It was like I actually lived there or at least knew it well. (That said I feel I wouldn’t have known this place unless I had visited it myself recently)

I then went into a room and saw a man and he was lying on some sort of bed, in some sort of a smart homely looking place. The man looked very very ill and very frail.  I looked at the man and it was obvious that he was very close to death. I tried to talk to the man but he was oblivious to my presence. Then I noticed a lady had entered the room, she was wearing a long silk robe and wearing shiny jewelery. She came and stood over the man that was dying on the bed. She too was oblivious to me being there. It was obvious I was just seeing events.

She was a very beautiful and very healthy looking woman. She had a beautiful smile. She had pity in her eyes for the man on the bed and this made me feel very sad. The man on the bed tried to speak to the lady but he simply couldn’t, he was too weak. The lady then started walking around the bed and humming some kind of hippy sounding tune like she was carrying out some kind of a ceremony. I presumed it was some sort of death ceremony, like a last rites sort of thing. The woman was chanting away and her humming seemed to affect the man. He seemed stirred by the ladies actions. Her humming and chanting seemed to affect me too, it literally charmed me and I felt strange. I immediately realised that I had a strong spiritual bond to the lady and I felt a sort of telepathic bonding with the man on the bed too.

It actually felt like I had some sort of spiritual schizophrenia going on in me and it was like my soul was literally splitting in two. I could feel the connection with the man, like he was part of me and I was part of him. The lady kept humming a tune and chanting and the more she did so the weirder I felt. I started to feel so sorry for the man on the bed and as I looked at him and my emotions increased he suddenly seemed to realise I was actually present in the room. He somehow realised I was visiting him and he smiled at me. It was just like he had been expecting me to arrive at that time. It was obvious that the beautiful lady still couldn’t see me though and she was humming and chanting away like there was no tomorrow walking around the bed that the man was on.

The man then raised his hand and beckoned me towards him. I then felt helpless and I was literally automatically drawn towards the man. I couldn’t resist the beckoning and I approach him like in a trance and then somehow just as I tried to touch the hand that beckoned me I somehow magically entered into the man’s body, just like I was a ghost. It was like I floated into him and I was now wearing him like I’d don and wear a jacket.

I then literally became the man on the bed and I was now looking through his eyes.

I saw that the beautiful lady was far more real to me now it was like I’d somehow entered another world through the body of this man. The lady looked at me and she seemed to know I had arrived in this man’s body, as though she’d expected me. She instantly stopped humming her tunes and smiled at me, her eyes wide open in glee. She then produced a mirror from somewhere and showed me my face or should I say she showed me both my faces so to speak. My face and the face of the man that had been dying because the reflection on the mirror showed two faces alternating from one to the other. It was a bit like watching the Godley and Crème video ‘Cry’ if you know what I mean but only showing the same two faces changing places.

IT was like I was seeing my 3 o’clock face and my 12 o’clock face from my kitchen window again.

I wanted to ask the lady what was going on but I struggled to speak any words in my new body, so to speak, my tongue wouldn’t move and when I really tried to splutter some words out the lady stopped me by putting her finger over my lips in the shussshhh position. The lady stopped me trying to speak.

She then walked over to a mask that was hanging on the wall. It was a strange gold looking mask. She put it on over her face and it fitted her like a glove would. The lady then walked over to me, bent over me, and kissed me whilst she was wearing the mask. I still felt her lips through the mask.

As soon as that kiss hit me I instantly felt a powerful healing force enter my body and start to trickle through me. I suppose the best way to describe it would be by saying it was like taking a sup of brandy and feeling a glow go down inside me, warming me all the way down to my stomach, but I must add that the Brandy feeling was spreading all over my body too. I was literally tingling all over.

This lovely feeling eventually reached my neck and then flow fully into my face and head. I was literally in complete awe of the sensations I was feeling. I looked at the lady again and she had remover her mask and I could see her face alternating into two different images just like mine had done in the mirror she had previously showed me.

The lady then whispered in my ear, in a lovely soothing voice, she said “Welcome” she then said  “We had been waiting a long time for you to come here” “The Rain is in me now”

I tried to speak to her and get an explanation from her as to what was going on, but she simply placed her finger on my lips again. I simply couldn’t speak anyway. It was like my tongue was being operated on.  She then grabbed my hands and pulled me up off the bed. She got me on my feet and led me outside of the building.  She was still supporting me because I was so weak.

I was then taken to the edge of the cliff face and told to look out to sea. The view was amazing.

IMG_0727Part of the view from Ancient Thera today

The lady looked at me and smiled. She then pointed out to sea and said “look at what is coming”. I stared out to sea and couldn’t see anything apart from the blue sea and the blue sky. I looked at the lady in confusion and put my arms up to indicate I could see nothing. The lady pointed her finger out towards the horizon again and sort of jabbed her finger out in a look again you blind fool sort of way. So I looked again. I could just about see what appeared to be a large flock of birds in the distance and they appeared to be coming towards the Island and the mountain I was stood on.

It was a magnificent and enigmatic sight.

bird formation

I saw something like this in distance but on a much larger scale.

As the birds approached they seemed to glisten and sparkle and they mesmerise me. Then they appeared to move in formation like a Mexican wave would. I stared and stared at the birds and as the ‘wave’ got closer I tried to focus on just one bird. It was only as that bird got closer and closer and larger and larger that I realised it was not a bird. They were not birds at all. They were not birds in any shape or form… they were men. They were men.

They were men flying in the sky!

And I saw that these men were gliding around like very skilled eagles but they had no wings, they were simply flying in the sky on what looked like circular surfboards. They were literally surfing the air. I suppose the best way of describing them is as large subbuteo players stood on discs. I know that sounds daft but that’s the first thing that came into my mind and I assure you its not as daft as me dancing with my fridge in my kitchen and looking at my own reflection in the window. So again these flying men resembled giant subbuteo men and they were stood on circular surfboards.


As daft as it sounds or looks, this is how the flying surfers appeared to me.

They approached the Island at great speed and literally dazzled me. They were darting about in all four directions. North, South, East and West and the sound was like a massive wind blowing them. There was no engine sounds just a powerful wind sound. I started giggling uncontrollably as they zoomed around the mountain of Ancient Thera in a playful but very powerful manner. They seemed to create the sound of wind as they moved about. They created a whooshing sound.

The men were about seven or eight feet tall and the subbuteo style bases they stood on, the circular surfboards, appeared about twelve feet in diameter.

I could clearly see that all the men wore white robe type uniforms, like Roman Togas. It really was a sight to behold and but my eyes couldn’t keep up with the airshow. I felt part of such power. I then realised the ‘surfboards’ they were stood on resembled ‘golden’ circular disc-shaped machines. I felt a strong connection and I literally wanted to get on one of these machines and fly around the sky too.

Then one of the flying men then zoomed towards me and stopped still in mid air about 15 feet above my head. I could see an image that was stamped on the bottom of their flying discs, like a logo or designers label or even the identification plate on a car, if you like.

It was exactly the same image as the replica Assyrian seal I received in a village near my home town a few years ago. I used the image on the cover of Is It Me For A Moment – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell?  This is the image that was stamped on the flying discs.

This image was on the flying discs.

There were now literally thousands of men whizzing around on these discs playing games and showing off, just like modern-day boy riders would do. The men looked like were all full of health like  divine athletes would look in a way.  They were now zooming around the sky over entire coastline of the island at great speed, just like motorbikes would on a racetrack on the ground. I was giggling like a kid. The whole atmosphere was electric and I knew these flying men meant business and although they were playing comical games in the sky I knew they were not here to play games. I was laughing uncontrollably as they whizzed around my head.

The beautiful lady that had led me out to see these magnificent things also smiled and laughed and giggled with me too.

Then a man came up to me from nowhere and stood at the side of me and put his hand on my shoulder. This man was wearing robes, which were embossed with an image of the same bird I saw on the way up. His said name was Illias and he looked exactly like a man I had previously met in Kamari in Santorini, who was also called Illias.

I tried to talk to him but couldn’t. He smiled at me and simply pointed upwards. I looked up just as one of the men one of the flying machines was landing. It didn’t actually land it just hovered above the ground. The man that had been stood on it stepped off it and put his arm out as to invite me to board it. I felt too weak to climb on board. Illias told me he was a strong man and he picked me up in fireman’s lift mode and carried me to the hovering disc.

He seemed to just jump on board and then he placed me on my feet. As soon as my feet ‘touched’ the surfboard type machine it immediately changed into a much larger machine. The disc type surfboard base was just a façade, it was really a front hiding a massive machine. I don’t know how but in reality the flying disc I had stood on was really only a doorstep to a large invisible ship. You could only see this once you actually stepped on the disc. It was still a flying machine but its appearance was now literally like being in a large luxury type themed airship. It was literally like a large hotel.

IIlias smiled at me as I tried to work out where I was and he simply told me to follow him. I suddenly felt fully fit and healthy. I followed him to a room that had a large curtains across one wall. He opened the curtains and he revealed what appeared to be a movie screen, but it wasn’t a movie screen really it was just a large window. The window was an observation deck so to speak.

I was then led to a chair to sit in and given a drink from an ornamental fountain. I was really thirsty and I gulped the drink down and was immediately poured another one and then another one. I was told the drink would help me and I was happy to drink it down.

I was then flown at great lightening speed to several places around the globe that I had previously visited on foot. I was shown myself at these locations and I instantly remembered what I had seen and done at these locations It was like I was a passenger in some sort of test drive scenario. One minute I was revisiting South America the next I was revisiting Israel. I was shown myself in Egypt and in Cyprus.

I was told the the ship was being steered and powered by energy lines on the planet and the ship had to follow certain routes in a similar system to the way modern airlines have to use flight paths. But the ship could visit previous events and visit events in the future too.

I was then shown in detail certain events that had taken place on the planet in various places. I was then shown some people and I witnessed their behaviour.

I was then taken to a table that had a large book placed on it. Illias opened the book and showed me  several images which immediately reminded me of some of the images I was shown in my childhood. I wept at some of the scenes.

Illias said “Do You See?” I said “Yes”. Illias said “Will You Write And Speak Of What You See” I said “Yes” I felt like I was somehow renewing an oath I made in childhood. If I was then I have.

Within an instant of saying those things Illias closed the books and led me out of the ship. I was soon stood back on the disc, the deceptive front door of the ship so to speak, and the beautiful lady was still stood where I had left her. I stepped down off the disc. I was back on the mountain top of Thera. I could speak to the lady now. I felt rejuvenated and my tongue was healed.

The Sky was absolutely full of men stood on these discs. I looked at them with different eyes now because I knew their secret.

The lady looked at me and asked me to give her my hands. She took hold of me by my wrists and she clapped both of my hands together. For some reason, like a magic trick, they made a very loud noise. The noise literally echoed around the sky like a thunder clap and as it did so the men on the  discs immediately lined up in a sort of formation in the sky, just like some army would stand to attention when on land.

They formed some sort of geometric formation, like some kind of a massive glistening symbol. I was blinded by the sheer dazzle and the sheer power on display.

The atmosphere was unbelievable. I then started to hear trumpets play, it was just a simple five note tune that kept continually repeating itself, but the sound got louder and louder, the amount of trumpets grew in number and the tune started echoing around the sky. It was the same tune being continually played by different sections of the formation and the sounds bounced off each section  and they all came together like some massive divine orchestra was at work. Eventually it sounded like a million men were sounding the trumpets. I suppose it was like a massive multilevel fox hunt or Tally Ho type of thing was taking place. It was absolutely magical and my very soul knew this sight meant something very big.

The lady and I then hugged each other on the spot and we both danced around. It was like we were piggies in the middle and we were literally part of uniting the past and the future. The lady grabbed my hands and clapped them together again.

The trumpets suddenly stopped and the men on discs started to retreat back to the horizon. I watched them disappear into the distance. They then vanished into thin air. I looked around in despair trying to get another glimpse of them. My heart sank.

I asked the lady where they had gone and told her I felt very sad. She said they are still there but I cannot see them. “They cannot be seen again until they are allowed to be seen again”.  I was then told they would reappear when they could and they themselves really cannot wait for that day to come quick enough. I was told the people that wanted to see them appear in the future would be given eyesight to see them appear. There would be eyesight for the blind, if the blind actually wanted to see again.

I knew the lady was telling me the truth.

The lady looked at me and I suddenly felt very weak again. I felt faint. She took me back indoors and told me to lay on the bed that I had previously laid on and as I did she whispered ‘farewell’ to me in my ear. She then started chanting and humming again. I felt sick and very dizzy. The lady got the mirror again but it just reflected my face it was not reflecting two faces as it had done previously. I then felt myself immediately floating out of the man’s body in the same way I had previously entered it… like a bloody ghost, like I was removing my jacket.  I was suddenly in the third party again. I knew the lady could no longer see me. I knew the dying man had let me use his body to be shown what I was shown.

I stood there and watched the lady get a sheet from a chest and then watched her start covering the man on the bed with it. I got a glimpse of the dead man’s face before the lady covered it. I was shocked to see that the man on the bed was me.

I awoke with a jolt, I was burning up and sweating. I ran into the kitchen for a drink….

I thank you for reading about my dream.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 9th June 2013.

Copyright(c) Matthew Delooze 2013. All Rights Reserved.


A Retinal Detachment in the Truth Movement

 A Retinal Detachment in the Truth Movement


If Thy Right Eye Offend Thee…

By Matthew Delooze

“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; But if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.” Don Marquis

Hello all, I was sent a general link to the news of ‘fractures in the truth movement’ posted on the David Icke website (davidicke.com). It is the one about a Mr. Makow (Henrymakow.com) and also involves a Mr. Jeff Rense. (Rense.com) I’m sure most of you don’t need any introduction to these websites from me.

I thought, after the Parable of the Drunken Man last week, that I would make a few comments about this Rense and Makow scenario (And I’m not alone I’m sure) simply because it reflects a lot of things in the so-called truth movement at the moment. I also wrote an article a few years ago on this situation. It was called See You – Heal You. It may make more sense to you now.

Anyway …

 I checked up on the two people mentioned in the David Icke flyer, Rense and Makow, but it just appears to be a case of being a six of one – half a dozen of the other type of siituatio situation. I cannot really comment a lot on these two fellows as I do not know them personally, although I believe Mr. Makow does actually write conspiracy articles and I believe Mr. Rense is not a high profile researcher, he does not write nor have theories, but he is well known radio host (a media personality). I am only using the situation as an example of the true face of the truth movement in 2012. I have had many experiences myself with this ‘true face’ of the truth movement from 2004-2010. I did write an article called “You said you was high classed but that was just a lie” in 2008 so I’m not just bringing this subject up now. It is a subject that has concerned me many times and for several years. It is a subject which I believe needs proper thought, it is not a subject that needs fobbing off regardless. Alas I have found in my research and experiments that most prefer to put the tinted specks on and ignore this subject or simply demonise the messenger, especially if that messenger’s face does not fit.

 Anyway. I shall be honest in this report but if you are inclined to stick your head in the sand, should someone actually hold a pin near your comfort bubble, then I suggest you bugger off now.

I had a little peep on the Rense website, well I tried to have a peep but the massive collection of flashy adverts made me come off it far quicker than I had arrived on it. The adverts are beyond a farce. If this was the face of a ‘high profile researcher’, as previously described by the David Icke email flyer, then god help us because in my opinion this website is not there to educate or enlighten its visitors, quite the opposite I thought, it’s there to serve Rense himself. Rense is no researcher, in my opinion he is a showbiz ego seeking attention and money.

 But please, Darlings please, don’t think I’m being bitchy. I’m not. I’m very sure and indeed glad that ‘Rense.com’ provides very good interviews with some high profile researchers, mystics, fairground fortune tellers or whatever or whomever is topical at any relevant moment. I’m sure Rense also professionally plugs conspiracy DVD’s and books of high profile researchers too, and he will genuinely keep at least the sense of a collective truth movement going, and good on Mr. Rense for all his efforts in his business. I wish him well in his business. But that is all it is… BUSINESS.

 As far as the ‘publicised’ squabble goes I found it rather silly and there was nothing really informative or enlightening in it at all. Indeed the actual squabble amounted to nothing more than a show of handbags at best. Obviously Rense having the more expensive designer handbag to match his hair style of course. It’s was simply a case of ‘two people in the conspiracy biz’ showing the true showbiz side of the truth movement. It was all handbags, ego and website hits. It was the true face of the truth movement’s businessmen. It also provided publicity for the said websites too.

I already knew people like Rense are wannabe or even successful ‘showbiz’ stars. Indeed the only information that I really enjoyed in this public ‘Battle’ (show of handbag power) was the news about Rense’s real persona when he’s actually away from the showbiz microphone and the showbiz mirror. I giggled non-stop over hearing the information about his over active penis, indeed his over active knob appears to rule his entire life. He’s not alone on that score is he?

 I also laughed in admiration when I found out this virile 66 year old was ‘advertising for women’. That said I don’t really believe all the information indicating that Rense is the ‘Psychotic Stud’ within the conspiracy biz is going to spiritually enlighten, or even entertain, very many of us, apart from himself and the steady stream of ladies he appears to service of course.

 I’m sure Mr. Rense, with his very handsome 70’s porn star looks and large wallet, the latter provided courtesy of the Rense.com punters, will easily attract the ladies and again good luck to him on that score too. I’m also sure Mr. Makow’s comments are not just based on Rense’s wives and sex partners though. It is also not really enlightening to actually hear that Rense, penis standing proud on full time duty or not, is really a ‘psycho’ when he’s not playing at being false personalities on the airwaves.  It is not enlightening no, but it does bloody well mirror exactly the behaviour and actions of some other people in the truth movement that I have personally witnessed myself too. So maybe some truth actually does come out of the truth movement when high ranking darlings, like Makow and Rense, decide to let off steam with each other and get their handbags out. 

The fact that really should be noted is that Mr. Rense is in business and obviously it is good for the punters in the truth movement that he decides to do his business in the truth movement, or they would not have his show on air. But at the end of the day he is in business. HE IS IN BUSINESS.

Truth in the truth movement?

 The only ‘truth’ is that Rense likes the ladies and he cadges a lot of money, from his truth seeking customers, to help him afford to ‘live’ and to support his favourite habits in life, one of which includes poking as many women as he can. The true simple fact is that he has a job he likes doing that allows him to do so. Nothing wrong with that is there? In real terms Rense is actually led by his penis and his showbiz ego, he is definitely not primarily led to expose the truth in anyway. Indeed I believe he would run a mile if the real truth actually did come out. Wouldn’t you Jeff?

 And I assure you such behaviour is normal in the Conspiracy Biz, Rense is no exception by a long chalk. I’ve seen more than one sex addict operating inside the truth movement and I have seen people in the biz literally run and hide when the truth actually visits them. But that is the case in all walks of life isn’t it? So let’s get away from the showbiz hype and bullshit that says Rense is some kind of goodie- goodie angel, doing charity work, for a minute please.(Unless you want lies of course to make you feel better?)

Those actually ‘making a living’ in the conspiracy biz are simply ‘doing it for a living’. They too use deceptive marketing tactics and PR skills just like any other business. Some do use their income to improve their research (usually thieving info from unknowns unwanted in the showbiz clique) and provide more information but they are simply making a living and a career in the main. Part of the process of making and sustaining a living is to keep their customers ‘entranced’ to support their ‘career’ and keep the stock rolling. And Rense, like all businessmen, is simply a professional radio host that specialises in presenting fellow businessmen to the public and to present their ‘work’. He is simply rolling his stock too. They do it for an income, on one hand they back scratch and they kiss the arses of those that can increase their trade and on the other hand, they hinder or silence those seen as competition in the same business. In reality some of them wouldn’t piss on each other if they caught fire. That is the truth.

 They also have to make their work ‘entertaining and successful’ just to survive. Indeed because of the typical nature of the truth movement, for obvious reasons, they have to use more extreme marketing trickery and PR bullshit than those in so-called ‘normal careers’ and they have to do it more often too. But that said and despite the delusions of a lot of the customers involved, ‘alternative news’ and other alternative media has always been with us, it is nothing new, and it has always been a ‘business’ for those providing it.

Truth? Plain blunt truth? 

  I’ll be honest and I assure you I’m not knocking businessmen. Rense is obviously a very good entertaining host, but lets have truth and say he’s human too, and after work time he truly likes to hunt down beaver more enthusiastically than Elmer Fudd hunts down wabbits. I’m sure he’s tickled a few thighs with that mustache of his too. But he has a right to do as he pleases doesn’t he, as long as he isn’t harming anyone? Married 20 times or not.


Jeff Rense with his 70’s porn star good looks. (Truth? He’ll still shag anything at 66)

Truth? Does this sound more truthful? Jeff Rense is beaver driven businessman and he will put ‘anything’ on his radio show that initially brings him money so he can indeed go beaver hunting with the proceeds. Truth? What do you work for? Do you work for truth or do you work for your living expenses and your perks?…  Well?

The truth, in this sick world, is that Rense is just as horny, he’s just as psychotic and he is just as controlling as any middle-aged man is in this world (Am I right girls?). More importantly his radio showbiz personality is as fake as Elton John’s hair.  This shit hole of a planet is chocker block full of middle-aged, bad tempered, penis driven men with false personalities. Rense is not alone (Again am I right girls?) This world cultivates such pathetic entities like some out of control factory production line. This world thrives on it. That is why we are as we are. The TRUTH is that the planet could not and would not be in such a state without such ego and knob driven people living in it and leading others in it. Rense is just one of many penis driven people. The vast majority of men are the same but we can pretend otherwise if it increases his visitor numbers eh? Lets pretend eh?  Err… but are we trying to wake up or are we out to delude ourselves because it sounds better? Can someone remind me?

 I’m absolutely amazed at the gullibility of punters within a truth movement.

My friends this is not said to upset you, but the truth movement is awash with selfish businesses, or wannabe selfish businesses, and these businesses are run by fakers and false personalities because that is the only way they can be profitable. The punters, groupies and sheep only see the faces of the truth movement whilst they are acting in ‘business mode’ and with stage greasepaint on. If they actually saw the true persona and true behaviour of high profile researchers, and radio stars, then there simply wouldn’t be a truth movement at all (Not that there is truth in the truth movement anyway).  In the vast majority of cases the truth movement is built on lies and built by liars. Bullshit ‘PR’ is the first rule of salesmanship and smooth talking radio hosts or high ranking researchers ‘charming their customers and screwing them’, in one way or another, is the absolute norm in the truth movement, just like it is in any other business. It is definitely not the exception anyway. It’s just that the punters don’t want to hear that sort of thing because it bursts their delusional bubbles, and so they simply ignore that sort of thing. Truth?

‘Truther’ people want Rense to be seen as a dedicated apostle working to free them whilst they themselves simply carry on as they always have done, living as hypocrites. The truthers don’t want to see high profile faces of the truth movement in their true image, so they put the blinfolds on and delude themselves. Obviously most truthers are just paying passengers anyway. They simply pay their money to sit on their arses and then expect to some high profile researcher to free them, whilst they have a latte and gossip about bullshit through their silly sick egos. Truth?

 Anyway, lets move away from handsome showbiz stud Jeff Rense for a minute. I also visited Mr. Makow website, which initially seemed far less commercial . His current headlines (week ending the 2nd March 2012) seemed fixated, both indirectly and directly, on his public quarrel with Mr. Rense and a bit of ‘gnashing of teeth’ with David Icke. My fans are bigger than your fans so to speak. What a farce. I found the whole pathetic circus laughable. I expected the clowns to move in at any moment and take over.  What a farce.

It is clear Mr. Makow has concerns over certain faces within the so-called truth movement, but who the hell doesn’t, apart from the rose tinted groupies of course. But in this case I felt it was just a case of business inspired ‘tit for tat’ and the symptoms of envious greed over the number of website hits and commission earning links from website to website. It was just like kids squabbling over who has the red smarties (candy) and who gets bugger all.

 Do I think Makow or Rense were a supplier of disinformation or either of them were mind controlled agents provocateur, trying to discredit the other? No, not in a million years, but its suits the conspiracy ‘biz’ to create such pathetic myths. These two men are simply egos and businessmen that are lucky enough to work in a job they like doing whilst getting paid for it, indeed, in my opinion one is totally controlled by the bible and the other by his penis. A right pair of tossers then?

I did not stay on the Makow website long enough to get a general idea of either man’s psyche or full beliefs, but religion or sex are usually involved with all of us anyway. But that does not matter because Makow and Rense are just a true example of the showbiz side of the truth movement in general anyway. They are representative of the landlords in the COCK and BULL in the Parable of the Drunken Man and the silly conspiracy punters are the pub’s customers getting pissed up on cheap drinks. I believe they, Rense and Makow, will both eternally sell what the conspiracy addicts want to swallow. But that’s fine and I wish both supplier and customer well. They go hand in hand.

My only connection and interest in these two websites was created entirely by the newsletter link I received from davidicke.com and the comments David Icke has sent out to all people on his email list.

 Those comments were “Fractures in the Truth Movement” and Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”.  I assumed David Icke wanted his many visitors and supporters to look at this situation and to actually alert us to something. I certainly trust David’s words in general and did do many years ago, hence me looking at what he was pointing out now. A Vicious Character Assassination? Careers threatened? I thought what goes on here.

 I did pick up on something as soon as I followed the links, because the first thing I saw was this bloody DVD advert below. I saw the selling point of the DVD. It was a quote from David Icke!


 David Icke Quote: ‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’

 I thought is someone having me for the fat lad here? Is it an April Fool joke in March? I then thought which of David’s words do I listen too? Do I listen to the words indicating that Makow is wrongly slagging off Rense as in the flyer sent from davidicke.com or do I listen to the words quoted on the DVD promotion banner (above)? Both quotes are together below. Please read them again.

 “Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”. David Icke
‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’ David Icke

Please do not think I’m having a pop at David’s words, obviously there was some time between the two different quotes and of course bizness is biznessssss and DVD’s do need promoting, and who better to have endorse your DVD, in the conspiracy biz, than David Icke? It is also true that our opinions of people change, especially when our own positions are affected by their actions. I’m merely pointing out the quotes and the silly situation. It is clear that words and support inside a so called truth movement come down more to business links and backscratching than any truth. Sadly this fact is totally ignored by silly groupies and brain dead drones.

 It is just that the contradiction knocked me off balance for a moment. I thought to myself. Is Makow really the nasty villain for slagging off Rense, or is Makow the hero who goes where mere mortals, operating within a lie movement, fear to venture? Then I thought maybe it was all just pantomime bullshit and hype for more even more web hits. What do you think?

‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’

David Icke

“Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”.

David Icke

I don’t think I can show you a better example of the schizophrenic type reality within the hypocritical truth movement. Indeed the quotes are an enlightening education within themselves if you can be bothered to think about it. Which is the true path of the truth movement? Do we venture where others fear to go or do we scream assassin if someone actually mentions that a perceived holy iconic disciple of truth like Rense in a different, but maybe true, light? Be it said through business jealousies or indeed concrete facts. Which quote is right? Both of them? Or the one that helps to scratch the most lucrative back. Please read both quotes again and ask yourself the same thing. Go on read them again and ask yourself!

I thought about it and I decided to side with David’s original quote, and believe Henry Makow treads where others fear to tread (Obviously making sure he avoids the dog shit eh?). I think I’d rather hear Makow speak his truth whatever it is and then take it from there. That said the business side of the truth movement is so shady and corrupt that I’m not sure if it is actually a true ‘Icke quote’ on the DVD anyway. I would advise anyone entering the conspiracy biz, on any level, that if they have to shake hands with the wide boys lurking within it, that they should count all their fingers straight after the handshake takes place, because believe me, most of the hands in the biz will be sticky. I mean very very sticky indeed.

Well one thing was for sure, no matter which quote you take notice of, it was clear that Henry Makow really went in to places others feared to go and one of them is Jeff Rense’s sex life and another is exposing Jeff Rense’s psycho fake radio personality for a start.  But in saying that, I do not side with Makow, because it is clear he only ventured to these places because he had lost website hits and lost his back scratching website links to the ‘big boys’ ;).  His motives were not ever honest or actually for the benefit of truth in my opinion either. They were simply carried out to feed his own ego and protect business rankings (nothing new there then). It’s bloody laughable. What comes first in the truth ‘movement’? Is it the movement of cash and the movement of website hits or the movement of truth?

I know!I started to see the funny side and the comical hypocrisy stood out. ‘Makow ventures in to places other fear to go’ and that’s good for business, if it serves those selling it of course, but if Makow ventures in to places the truth movement actually fears then he must be stopped or at least rejected. 


 Is the hypocritical truth movement somehow immune from research or investigation and possible exposure or something? If it is then come on let’s be true about it. What future does a truth movement have if it selects which truth is allowed to be mentioned and which truth isn’t? Does any truth, and proper flow of information, within the truth movement, simply depend on who has the best market forces to deliver it? Does the leading clique in the truth movement decide who is the wheat and who is the chaff, and once this is decided they simply get their customers to put the perceived chaff in a pile and burn it? 

I’ll give you my honest opinion on this matter in a straight talking way.

I have said for years that the truth movement, in the main is no such thing. I have said, in the main, it is simply a business environment and many high profile websites and individuals are not here to change the world, or help shift the collective consciousness, and that is simply because they want to make money and seek praise and glory in this world. They want the world to stay exactly as it is already. Why would they want to change something they thrive from?

First of all I cannot understand why these Makow/Rense things end up in ‘public, apart from business jealousies and/ or indirect publicity. Obviously if other high profile researchers join in squabbles, then again they will also bring their supporters (customers) with them. The situation then turns more hypocritical and laughable by the minute, as one businessman (backscratcher) protects their favourite fellow businessman (backscratcher) and any minor backscratcher is immediately made a scapegoat to keep the status quo. Nothing ever changes in business does it? 

I am not surprised when these things happen, and believe me more examples will spill out in public when the ‘true hearts of businessmen’ are exposed as time goes on, especially with large amounts of ‘2012’ cash to be grabbed this year. But this Rense/Makow case it is a pathetic situation all round isn’t it? What do you think?

 Aren’t we supposed to be waking up (forum sheep and rose tinted, brain dead, groupies excluded of course)? Isn’t this type of propaganda and marketing, between Makow and Rense, exactly what Tesco and Sainsburys, or all other supermarkets in other countries, pretend to do when they want customers to buy their bread instead of buying someone else’s bread? The same old symbolic mind game of  “Don’t Buy His Bread Cos He Said My Mate’s Bread is Shit”  “Don’t speak to him he said something naughty and we don’t like it”

Fractures in the Truth Movement? My god.

Truth? I’d say the bloody truth itself is being let down by the truth movement. I’d say genuine truth seekers are being let down too.

First of all what is actually ‘true’ about the truth movement anyway? What is the only provable truth currently in our hands from all the different splinters in the truth movement at this time? What truth do the truth movement actually seek? Does it depend on what or who’s club they are currently in? Let’s look beyond the hypocritical back scratching of the so called esoteric scholars, especially those that are already taking full credit for actually creating a shift (lol) or claiming copyrights to the entire awakening process shall we?

Because the only truth at the moment, in this world, is that nothing has actually happened on any collective ‘spiritual’ level yet. Collective shift? The only thing that has happened is that more people think they have bought a ticket to freedom on earth, and reserved future in heaven, by joining a faction within a movement, usually anonymously. A faction that says it is seeking and telling (selling) the truth. But indeed most factions with the truth movement are not really in sync with any collective movement anyway.

 It is indeed a fact, sadly more because of the actions of the Serpent than any truth movement, that more people have joined a so-called ‘movement’ and they now follow the ideology of the high profile mouthpieces in that movement. But don’t people swap and change ideology and ‘movements’ all the time to suit their situation, their well being and their status? And… Errr… pardon me… but isn’t that what the Germans also did in the 1930’s? Hitler claimed to be the leader of such a spiritual truth movement too you know, and very similar propaganda tactics are being used today as were used then too. And of course millions of awakened sheep ‘blindly’ followed the Nazi truth movement too. Indeed the same Nazi mind control tactics are rife in the modern truth movement today. It is laughable.

 Is the truth movement actually spreading ‘all’ of the truth available anyway? Only certain faces and the best businessmen actually get to preach to the majority of the members of the movement. Are certain high profile individuals, like Jeff Rense, simply recruiting loyal but submissive drones to his advert laden website just to make a living or serve ego, or will truth seekers find the absolute truth there at the same time? Are some high profile truth researchers simply part of a back scratching self serving clique and are they simply spreading anything that sells and makes the said members of the clique a few bob?  If so then it is indeed only the same sort of thing that goes on in all businesses isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong I believe some people (very few) are genuine in the truth movement, but a lot are not. A lot believe they are simply because it pays them to believe they are. Again it pays them to believe they are


Businessman Jeff Rense’s ‘endorsed’ silver from his website. “It is about to explode!”

 Nothing new for Jeff there then eh :)?

Indeed is Rense just a pied piper endorsing hawkers or traders, or is he a seeker and supplier of truth? Can he actually be both? Mind you I heard Jeff explodes too quickly in more ways than one himself. But as long as he brings his customers the truth what does it matter eh? As long as the truth pays him eh?

Surely in a truth movement the truth should be the most transparent thing available in all areas shouldn’t it? Well shouldn’t it? That said, if the truth movement is actually spreading ‘any truth’ then what is it? What is the actual truth currently being spread? Is the number one aim, within the truth movement, simply to tell (sell) the claim that ‘all governments in the world are corrupt’ and they do not really serve the public? Well isn’t it? Aren’t we out to oust the corrupt and replace them with the righteous to make the world a better place? On a 5 sense level aren’t we out to rid the world of sick greedy illuminati bankers like the sick greedy Rothschilds and their lackey’s, those who live off the backs and the souls of the sad drones in this world? Yes? No? Aren’t we exposing the blood thirsty war mongers and leeches that suck the life and soul out the human race, bombing the shit out of kids and their parents (slaves) whilst they sup cocktails and check the profits? Yes? If so who are we going to replace them with? Rense? Makow? Err… But excuse me…  wouldn’t they end up bombing the shit out of each other sooner or later too? Yes of course they would.  Rense obviously getting his knob out for the girls a lot too. Isn’t the world already controlled by religion and sex already? If so Rense and Makow won’t change much for us if they become world leaders then eh, because these things rule them?

 All governments are corrupt and we need to replace them with righteous souls? (Obviously those that already control governments would have to disappear too) Is that the only truth that all different, factions, groups, sections, cults and individuals within the truth movement agree on? Yes of course it is. I think spreading that truth has been around for millennia already and the high rankers in the movement are simply cashing in and recycling it.


 Truth movement? What truth do you want to hear? A truth that says you are going to automatically ascend if you manage to pick and subscribe to the right website? What truth do you want to hear? A truth that says you have first class travel all the way to spiritual enlightenment if you listen to Rense every week and contribute to his ejaculation fund? Well is it?

 I take it with that sort of mentality that the key to freedom is simply gained by owning a current credit card, and a smart phone, to enable fast and full subscription to the truth movement then? Once we do that its just a case of strategically placing our feet under the right forum table and/ or finding the right set of righteous forum buddies is it? Hey that’s great then eh?


 Makow ‘High Profile Researcher’ or glory seeking businessman?

Truth? … Truth?

Isn’t ‘the truth’ what David Cameron and Barrack Obama claim to give to us too?  Don’t the mainstream politician’s claim ‘to their punters’ that they have the truth too?

Yes? No? Please tell me what is the difference between a good smooth talking shag happy liar in mainstream politics and a good smooth talking shag happy radio host in the so called ‘truth’ movement? I can easily point out Obama is not what he seems and the truth movement say its OK for me to do so, but if anyone says a truther is not what he seems then it is totally out of order, its blasphemy? It is utter hypocrisy.

 Does the truth movement only contain truth and that truth is always backed up by respectable pillars of of the human race? Yes? No?  Does the truth movement contain a random selection of liars, conmen and thieves like all other businesses in all other walks of life do? What is the truthful honest answer? Or do you need a truth movement leader to tell you what to say? Come on don’t be shy tell yourself the truthful answer and I promise you, you’ll find it works wonders for you in the long run, it really will.

 It appears, in truth movement circles, (especially rose tinted section), that if we pretend high profile radio hosts and researchers are all darlings and honest and true, it will increase the chances of us achieving a ‘honest and genuine’ collective shift in consciousness, but if we question anything in the truth movement we are simply idiots causing bother and therefore we will spoil the honest and genuine shift. It is laughable. But we better get rid of those deemed to be spoiling the shift eh? hey why not build a few concentration camps before the shift starts to really grow? We can then put all those that don’t belong in the shift, or question its process, in the said camps eh?  If anyone questions the perceived shift then they must also be stooges for the illuminati eh? EH?

 Oh my brothers beam me up for Christs sake.

 Are the so called awakened so comatose that they believe everyone that pretends to sell love and light and alternative information is actually honest and hold good intentions?

Maybe the real truth is that the truth movement’s ‘punters’ are now more bogged down, both mentally and spiritually, than they ever were in the (perceived) matrix? I certainly see souls now that are totally bamboozled and bogged down. They are not bogged down by the Matrix world they are bogged down with liars and con artists in the lying truth movement.

 Anyway I do not want to be misconstrued in what I am going to say next, but I shall say it anyway.

SO I point out, before you get the wrong idea about what I say below, that I do believe there are many genuine people seeking spiritual freedom in the so called truth movement. I believe a lot are being misled and fooled by petty politics, but most people involved do genuinely seek freedom. I have seen many grass roots truth seekers and they have a good heart and have desire for justice and truth. I see a few genuine high profile, and a few lower profile researchers, that are very genuine in their journeys too. I have no doubts about that and I pledge my heart and soul and join them. My opinions below are said in general terms as being true information and it is written to help not hinder or distract.…..

I’ll tell you today, and my shoes took me on the path, that the truth movement is not a faultless or honest truth movement. It is, in the main, a festering pyramidal cesspit of hypocrisy and fakery and it mainly comprises of three categories… ( Listed as A, B & C below)

(A) An upper, Ivory Tower, elite of intelligent well presented speakers or sponsored (wealthy) radio hosts. This class currently mainly operates through low budget TV and conferences, but standards will increase in the future. Most of these folks will play ‘fluffy darlings’ with each other when it suits them to do so, especially if they sell each others wares on each others websites.  The truth movement’s elite in general is just another smaller facade of mainstream showbiz, doing its ‘specialised’ thing. It is NOTHING else. It may appear to be telling alternative truths but in reality its selling entertainment and have ruthless ambitions in business. The Ivory Tower, high profile class, will steal ideas from the long forgotten and departed (usually dead authors) or from unknowns and bloggers, and then use their material as their own. The punters are none the wiser. Some high profile faces are actually funded by mainstream forces to purposely lead many addicted ‘punters’ down the garden path to a different ideology and location, which will become much clearer to see after 2012. The Ivory Tower club pretends to bring truth but they spiritually smother any real truth, because their temples (websites) literally become dens of thieves and they simply become Ali Baba.

(B) A middle class style of wannabe media presenters and middle range researchers exist in the central heart of the truth movement.  It is this middle class that behaves exactly like business people do in the (perceived) matrix, their aim is to be like the Ivory Tower elite but they haven’t the money, guile or the intelligence to be so. This middle class section is indeed smothered with vanity and ego and it is only propped up by using good PR trickery and being enhanced with photoshop style mentality (Masking their true image). The PR trickery being used is just adopted from the same tried and tested PR trickery currently used by mainstream con merchants. The main aim of the middle class in the truth movement is to simply look good and to continually praise the high profile researchers in the Ivory Tower class (in return for website hits/links and to receive fake but valuable public praise of course). They hope to one day receive the seal of approval from a high profile researcher so they feel they have been successful, got the golden ticket to heaven sorted, and have punters them how clever they are for getting in the clique. There is also a high number of lower profile ‘researchers’ in this middle classification, they too hope to receive the truth movements version of a ‘knighthood’ (A link to a big website). It is simply called ‘back scratching friends’ (or even ‘destroying the competition’) in normal business circles, but in the ways of the truth movement its called ‘spreading the truth’ and pointing the easily led drones in the right direction is seen as a righteous act. A major part of the truth movement is based on business back scratching and marketing tricks, theft and control of information and the feeding of ego. Anything that sells is hyped and ‘who get the commissions’ and ‘who receives the attention’ is the name of the game. Truth only actually comes into it if it has a material value, and of course the web hits pay in more ways than one these days. But this is how the so-called truth movement works. It is not a complete truth movement at all and, in the main, it is as corrupt and controlled as any other movement or business. The truth movement will actually attack the truth about the truth movement and a den of thieves will always put its loot first. Hypocrisy is out of control.

(C) To make the truth movement ‘business’ function properly, it is absolutely vital a drone like lower class of paying ’punters’ exists. These drones have no clue to what is really going on in the movement they believe they are part of.  Some punters automatically take up servant roles as robots for their heroes, just like political party members do. They literally become ‘stepford truthers’ ready to jump on the nearest 5-sense bandwagon cause that takes their fancy, or they simply change ‘forums’ when their fakery fails them and exposes them on the forum they are already on. They literally run around like demented mental patients hoping they are first to find an exclusive bit of news, simply to show fellow parrots on the forums and how enlightened and alert they are. In reality they know they are parrots but live the lie because they realise they cannot be anything else. “Squawk! Pretty Punter! Pretty Punter!” Although the majority of the low ranking punters are actually following true spiritual stirrings within themselves, they still appear to follow the matrix norm of swallowing any shit that sounds plausible to them, which is not surprising considering some of the marketing tricks and psychology being used in the last couple of years. They easily accept anything that is hyped by a face they trust, especially so if they believe they are going to benefit enormously from it in the future. This scenario continues for as long as they believe the information being provided is entirely for their benefit, especially so if they believe they are on some list for a ticket to heaven. Most people in this lower class category either turn into moronic groupies at some stage in their awakening process, left totally unable to think of anything for themselves, or they simply bombard each other with totally useless propaganda until they literally collapse suffering from shell shock (PTSD). The only thing worse than the shell shock situation is when anonymous ‘forum man’ (As David Icke named them in 2011) crawls out from under their rock, psychotic and battle hardened, to automatically compete to become the most awakened, most intelligent and most bravest keyboard warrior on the planet. Their aim is simply to become ‘the respected Daddy’ on the relevant forum. If that mission fails or some secret forum policeman kicks them off the forum, they simply create their own ‘I’m the Daddy Forum’ and anoint themselves ‘ Grand Master Daddy’ for eternity and surround themselves with little gossips and other sad forum rejects as gofas. It is sad but that is the real state of the lower rankings within the truth movement. Mind you this lower class is not all made up of drones, groupies and wannabe psychotic forum daddies, on no not by a long chalk, there is also quite a lot of intelligent truthers mingling within this lowest class, and some indeed do have a few big words to chuck around whilst they flit from website to website and forum to forum. These big word chuckers continuously deluding themselves by thinking they are not actually low class conspiracy ‘punters’ at all, they actually believe they are high class punters that are ‘roughing it’ for laughs. But sadly these intelligent low class big word chuckers are the most deluded punters of all and their higher level of matrix education, along with their ‘truther’ programmed behaviour, doesn’t help them at all, it actually hinders them. They swish around in the truth movement trying to use their perceived advantages and privilege like gold-diggers panning and sifting for gold amongst the shit and the sand. They will simply throw the pan away in anger when no nuggets appear and pretend they didn’t even pick the pan up in the first place. Any I have said enough on the classes in the truth movement so I remind you of my comments before you read this section. There are many genuine people around too!

These things said it is clear, just like in any other pyramid system, that at the lowest rankers within the truth movement pyramid will always get the shit end of the stick. I realise the truth movement is nothing in size compared to the other mainstream movements currently on the planet, but it is clear if the truth movement does gain the momentum it seeks, then it will become just the same as any other movement of the past. That is a capstone representing the elite of the movement, those saying what is what and what we should do, and the rest of the movement will just be a pile of stupefied shit holding it all up. We already live within that sort of system and I’m afraid just changing the capstone figureheads won’t make any difference at all in the lives of the common shit that are actually holding it up.It is clear to me, on a Pro-Rota basis, that there is no difference at all between the elitist pyramidal system in the truth movement and the elitist pyramidal system of control we already exist in within the (perceived) matrix. Well is there? The truth movement currently exists through a system where literally ‘the biggest gob sets the moral standards’ for the rest of us. That is the number one rule in the truth movement’s code of ethics, and sadly the parrots and the fakers follow it to the letter, just like drones have done in ALL the major movements of the past on this planet.

Indeed a self-serving hypocritical code of ethics has already purposely been created.  It is laughable.The truth movement elite now control the truth movement sheep exactly the same as the elite in the (perceived) matrix control the matrix sheep. I realise the number in the truth movement does not compare with the number in the matrix but the truth movement elite still uses exactly the same propaganda techniques as those that enslave us now. I thought we wanted to change things?  So do we make Rense the president of the truth movement instead of making Obama the president of a new world order government? Better still why not make Alex Jones the truth movement’s official Emperor eh? Give him a golden loudspeaker and we can live in truth and harmony for eternity eh? My god indeed, come on let’s get real for once.

Are you seeking freedom, wanting to regain your full spiritual abilities, or are you wanting to swap Obama for Jones? The Truth Movement also complain and rant that ‘one or two faces’ control mainstream TV and yet the dodgiest of all self serving characters now run the only conspiracy mainstream network channel in the truth movement in the UK. I realise that the truth movement is in its early stages of growth, as far as numbers go, but a pattern for the future is already emerging if you can be bothered to look. If we don’t look then we won’t see. If we don’t question then we don’t get answers. There is no point replacing Trotsky figures with Lenin figures or replacing Hitler figures with Churchill figures. That is not change or a shift, it is simply the same shit over and over again. Again it is laughable. But will it be funny when you see propaganda, censorship and corporate advertising grow ‘within’ the truth movement, this year and beyond? Will it be funny when the truth movement will be displaying more and more of the subliminal messages via the exact same corporate adverts that they once claimed affected your thoughts? That situation is not that far away. Now that will be hypocrisy gone mad won’t it? But its coming. It is bloody well coming and part of me is bloody laughing already at the silly groupies that fall for it.

 Have I made sense to you?

Hey I’m not knocking any individual, don’t get me wrong. I’m disgusted by the ‘true’ infrastructure of the truth movement, but I’m not knocking it. It is against the rules to do so isn’t it? LOL. Don’t the love and freedom brigade abandon and stone anyone that questions things in the truth movement? And I have already said that the rose tinted groupies, especially the blinkered gluttons that are addicted to hearing only what they like to hear, actually run away from the truth. They are literally shit scared of the truth. They want the spirit of truth inside of them just about as much as a devoted Muslim wants a Bacon Butty inside them.

It is clear to me the truth movement is far far away from being a ‘utopian vehicle built on collective honesty and truth’, so will we actually awaken by pretending it is? No we won’t, but let’s keep the blinkers on if it makes us feel better eh? Bugger any truth eh? Maybe we should just give high profile researchers and showbiz radio hosts like Jeff Rense a decent living, while we sift through a pile of shit and hypocrisy looking for truth through them. Obviously if we raise questions or challenge their behaviour then we can only become instant bad energy and therefore unworthy. That is how the truth movement operates isn’t it?  Anyone that stands up with genuine concerns or exposures is classed as a mind controlled plant out to destroy.  

And hey if certain individual energies are bad for websites and therefore links to each other are ‘removed’ from them, as in the Rense/Makow/Icke situation, then what the hell sort of energy is being created and absorbed through the forums of hate and the secret police that censor them?

 What do you say, or do you need permission to say anything in your ‘truth’ movement in case you are ejected from it? Shall we have a few faces classifying and judging who is a good truther and who is a negative one? Hey don’t the PTB do that already? That’s what the truth movement is all about isn’t it?

Who knows, maybe we will go around painting slogans on certain websites in the future, you know like the followers of Hitler did on the Jewish shops that they didn’t want the ‘punters’ to shop in. Well shouldn’t we Truth Movement?

 If finding the truth can only be done through truth itself, then surely untruths within the truth movement need exposing just as much as the untruths that will expose the matrix of control need exposing too. Indeed I’d say exposing the untruths in the truth movement take precedence and very much so. In my opinion we can never progress to true freedom if it doesn’t take precedence. Truth never turns up when its attendance is requested with a lie. If a truth movement is not truthful and free then how can it truly help free anyone. What sort of shift takes place when its based on hypocrisy? Where will it lead?

All I can say is that if we are going to have a truth movement then let’s have at least some truth in it. Let’s not become a movement of sell out and betrayal eh? No let’s not, we don’t deserve that do we? If we are going to float in a ship called truth then let’s at least look at the officers mess and who’s doing the bloody navigating. If we are going to have truth then let’s have the whole truth not a few showbiz songs hidden in bag of shit. Because if we don’t, instead of shouting ‘Land Ahoy’ at a tropical island called paradise we will be shouting ‘Shit Hole Ahead’ at some place called hell. Do you catch my drift shipmates? Aye Aye?

I say this in soothsayer ways…  (Spruced up in truth movement showbiz style propaganda for entertainment purposes only)

Avast Ye. I tell ye truth Me Hearties, It is futile to take our ship named good and true to sea, to seek out pirates, if our own decks are awash with pirates too.

If ye do that, Oh Me Lads, then I say let the ship that carries no pirates fire the first cannon ball. Shiver me timbers and I’ll feed the fish if I tell a lie.

Matthew Delooze 13/3/12

I do not run a business.

I am not in any back scratching clique. I have no agenda to promote or damage anyone at all. I have no wish to harm or trouble any individual and never have had. NONE.  I speak what I believe is the truth and the reaction to that truth creates my fate.  My words in this article, as in all my work, are from the heart and backed up by spirit, but they are still based on direct life experiences and involvement in the truth movement over several years too. I do not talk out of my arse on the matter.

I am not here to cause fractures in the truth movement. I couldn’t even if I wanted too.  I cannot even complete my journey without a truth movement.  I want to see a ‘true’ truth movement though, not a den of thieves full of fake personalities and puppet drones. But if that is how the truth movement wishes to be then that is how it will be. I say let it be so then.

 Fracture in the truth movement? When has the truth movement ever been able bodied? Indeed when did it have any real backbone?  The truth is sometimes actually a taboo subject in the truth movement.  I’d say in the main that love, compassion and tolerance are a fallacy in truth movement world and I’d also say the truth movement actually contains far more hate, rejection and intolerance than most other ‘movements’ currently in operation on this planet. Yes I do!

 Fractures in the truth movement? I’d say the truth movement contains more than fractures in its bones I’d say the truth movement has a detached retina. That said I don’t claim to be the official ophthalmologist, but I suggest if we are going to see into the future clearly then we need some medical treatment or the so called truth movement really will go totally blind. I tell you the truth.

It’s time for me to go…. 

Thank you for reading this news report, please believe it or laugh at it, it is your life and it is your journey. I only wish for people to follow their hearts and intuitions. But whatever you do…  only you can do it…  If we are going to have a truth movement then lets make sure it’s truthful. Let’s not be a fake truth movement because our lives have been fake for long enough already. Well haven’t they?

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 13th March 2012

All Text copyright © Matthew Delooze 2012. All rights reserved.



The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained! Matthew Delooze

The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained


Hello I have re-posted my my parable but I now also explain it (below). I hope you get something out of the parable…

The Parable of the Drunken Man

Duncan was a drinker who visited two local pubs on a regular basis. One was called The Cock and one was called The Bull. Duncan would pick and choose which pub he went in at any one time. When in the Bull, after drinking a few pints, he would claim The Bull served the best beer in town and the regulars were the salt of the Earth. When in The Cock, after a few gins, he would claim The Cock sold the best spirits in town and the regulars were the apple of his eye.  He was happy sitting in either pub and the two pubs were happy to serve him. One day the said landlords of each pub fell out over a trivial difference of opinion and they had a row over who served the best drinks and ended up having a price war to compete for custom. Duncan went in The Bull and was offered free beer to stay there and not to visit the Cock.

He merrily feasted on the free beer and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Cock, really just sold the crappiest gin and its regulars were a bunch of stupid idiots. The Landlord of the Bull heard Duncan’s words and offered him eternal free beer if he pledged loyalty to the Bull.  Duncan thought he was in paradise and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Bull because he was drunk.

The next day the landlord of the Cock, who had heard of what had happened, invited Duncan, who was really just seeking a place of comfort, to drink gin for free in his pub. Duncan again merrily feasted on the free gin and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Bull, sold the crappiest ale and the customers were a set of morons.  The landlord of the Cock gave him more free gin to stay in the Cock for his deeds and for saying these things. Duncan thought he was in paradise again and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Cock because he was drunk. Duncan still went in both pubs and spent more and more time in them.

 Eventually Duncan’s wife was sick of Duncan’s ways and knew he was being hypocritical and so she followed him to the pub,one Sunday lunchtime and said to him…

“Husband how can thee feast in one pub and criticise another when they both make thee the same drunkard? How can thee drink Gin and Beer and then criticise only the Beer and how can thee drink Beer and Gin and then criticise only the Gin. How can the salt of the Earth suddenly lose its taste and how can the apple of your eye suddenly make you blind? “ 

 Duncan’s wife then turned to the other visitors in the pub and said “Let him who is of sober mind supply my husband his next drink.”

Duncan never ‘swallowed’ another drop

(By Matthew Delooze 17th June 2008)


The Parable of the Drunken Man Explained!

I wrote the parable of the drunken man nearly 4 years ago. It comes from spirit. It did not come from a fairground sideshow or a conman’s market stall. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying but in my books and articles I only give out milk, and that is simply because some hearts are not weaned to take solids yet. Parables are always solid food and this one example amounts to a thousand pages.

 It is now time to explain it, well at least one low level of it, it has many more levels. If you have ears then please bloody well listen.

The Meaning of the Parable of the Drunken Man (2012).

 “Duncan represents man (human race) in this world. The pubs, The Cock & The Bull, represent ‘temples’ in this world, be they be churches or mosques. The Cock is one temple and the Bull is another. Cock & Bull. These pubs could also represent websites and The Cock could be one website (conspiracy etc..) and The Bull could be a another website (new age etc.). Indeed in these end times, various websites literally are temples and the website visitors are indeed worshippers. Temples have many different faces and worshippers have many different knees.

The landlords of the pubs are the heads of the temples, be they named Vicar or Archbishop or the Imam or the Sheikh, or in modern day website terms the heads of temples are the Conspiracy Researcher or New Age Guru. The Cock or The Bull.

The ‘drunkenness’ of Duncan, caused by the drink, represents the influence the heads of temples and websites has over their clients (Man). The drunkenness also represents the influence websites have over their punters (Man). The free drinks represent marketing and persuasions/temptations.

Duncan’s wife is the truth and wisdom sent from the one consciousness/ source/ God (Through Love).”


I say to you if you have eyes then see.

To the authorities I say the parable comes from those that sent me. Laugh if you like :).

The Parable was provided in 2008. Behold…  I explain it in 2012. The parable is true and trustworthy and is sent to help from the force that helps me. That said I shall provide no more parables to the Duncans out there until it is nearly time for me to end my journey. So please do not spit on this one, at least keep one if only to remind you of something one day eh? Be a Drunken Duncan if you must, the choice is always yours, be it in The Cock or in The Bull. I wish you well.

May Love Reign O’er You.

Matthew Delooze 5th March 2012.

 It is also time to remind people about my soothsaying ditty from 2010, again it is time through recent events. Don’t worry I haven’t got a messiah complex, nor am I ripping off Nostradamus :). I shall not explain this ditty today but it is below should you want to read it. The parables I have explained should at least show you that there is meanings to the writings.

From the Earth came Fire and Ice
The Sky a willing and welcoming host
Britannia’s slaves bow at the announcement
The path of Pytheas is reversed

From Thule where all things are suspended comes prophecy
On the day of midnight sun many days became one
The people of simple manners had no ruler
But the wicked still slept in their tombs

So from the Sky will come Fire and Ice united
The Earth will welcome the return
When Ophioussa shakes and a new idol falls
The hounds of justice will be unleashed

Raging Fire will approach the City of God
And the Earth shall witness mighty thunder
The abode of deceivers shall crumble to ruins
Both eyes of a blind man shall weep blood

Matthew Delooze 20th April 2010

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2010. All rights reserved

Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder (The parable of the missing rung)

Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder

The last adventure of Silly Simon
(The parable of the missing rung)

Hello Boys and Girls,

Today I’d like to tell you a little story about Silly Simon (AKA Peter). I hope you like it.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who didn’t realise he was silly, he thought he was clever…. so please say hello to silly Simon….. “Hello Silly Simon”

Hello Silly Simon (AKA Peter)

 Silly Simon thought he was a clever little boy and he decided he was so special that he must have been made of pure gold. Anyway, one day Silly Simon discovered a ladder that he also thought was made of gold too, and because he thought he was clever, he thought he would try to get to the top of the golden ladder just to see what was up there.

One Day Silly Simon discovers a ladder

 The ladder was missing the bottom rung, which as you know, boys and girls, makes it a bit wobbly and unsafe. Doesn’t it? The ladder should have been checked properly and I’m sure our mummy and daddy would be very cross with us if we went climbing up a ladder that wasn’t very safe, wouldn’t they? But Silly Simon in his haste, being so clever, decided to ignore the missing rung just so he could see what was at the top of the ladder without any delay. So to save his precious time he just used a worker to ‘hold it for him’ whilst he went to see what was up there.  Silly Simon was so quick and eager to jump on to the second rung of the ladder, that he soon forgot all about the missing rung and he even forgot all about the worker who had actually held the ladder so it would be safe for him to climb it.

Silly Simon was so silly that he thought he was made of gold and that the worker that held the ladder was just a Silly Billy who was only made of jelly and ice-cream, and therefore only there to hold the ladder for Simon because he was made of gold. Simon thought he was much more cleverer than someone made of jelly and ice-cream. Silly Simon only saw what he wanted to see when it suited him to see it. He was naughty silly Simon. And we know what happens to silly boys when they are naughty don’t we boys and girls.


Way-Up… Silly Simon was on the second rung, in a flash, soon forgetting all about anyone holding the ladder or that the rung was missing.

 Silly Simon decided he was so clever and it had been so easy for him to get on the ladder that he could just dance around on it and play games. He enjoyed playing games and he believed, because he was so clever, that no one else could see him playing games. Silly Simon got so wrapped up in his games on the ladder that one day he even forgot what the ladder he discovered was really discovered for. He was literally so lost in his own cleverness that, one day he even thought he was even cleverer than himself at his cleverest.

What a silly boy.

Silly Silly Simon decided he was so clever he could dance around on the ladder. He was lost in his own cleverness.

 People on the ground tried to shout up to Silly Simon but he could not and would not listen. He simply couldn’t hear anyone but himself because he was so so far far up in the clouds that all he could hear was his own cleverness. And of course don’t forget, boys and girls, Simon thought he was made of gold didn’t he? So his ears did not work anyway. We all need our ears to work if we want to hear don’t we?

Silly Simon’s golden ears could not hear anything

 Silly Simon was dancing around so much that even his clothes started to fall off. Because Simon thought he was made of gold he could not actually see his outer clothes falling off because his eyes did not work. Both his eyes and his ears were out of order simply because Simon thought they were made of gold anyway. Silly Simon didn’t know he wasn’t really made of gold and because he was lost in his own cleverness he didn’t know he was really only made of puppy dog poo and dirty puddle water. Poor silly Simon did not know what he was really made of. Silly Simon’s clothes start to fall off

But the more Simon danced around and played games on the ladder the more his clothes fell apart, and because of this the puddle water and puppy poo under the clothes started to splash around. Eventually Silly Simon started to see what he was really made of because his clothes could no longer hide the truth.  The puppy poo and puddle water splashed in his eyes and he had no choice but to realise the hard way that he wasn’t made of gold. He saw he was really made of puppy poo and he saw he was really only a dirty puddle, one that  showed his true reflection. Simon then started to panic because he realised that if he was indeed really puppy poo and puddle water, not gold, then where was the ladder really taking him? Silly Simon’s clever brain really started to hurt him then and Silly Simon realised that he was not as clever as he first thought he was. Silly Boy.

Simon realises he was not made of gold (Oh dear Silly – Silly Simon)

Simon suddenly realised that he was not made of gold and Simon suddenly realised that the ladder was not made of gold either, it was simply made of yellow plastic, just like Simon was yellow and plastic in a certain way too. Silly Simon realised he was made of puddle water and puppy dog poo! (Oh dear!)

Once the truth really dawned on Silly Simon he knew something would happen, then one day, right out of the blue, Simon heard a big loud voice in the sky. It was baby Jesus, boys and girls, but he was grown up now. Jesus’ Daddy had taught baby Jesus all about silly little boys like Silly Simon, when he was a baby, so he knew what to do with people like Silly Simon in this world, Jesus always knows what to do doesn’t he?

And sure enough The BIG voice of Jesus said to Silly Simon “Get thee behind me, Satan; thou art an offense to me: for thou savorest not the things that are of God, but those that are of men.” When the big voice said this a little bit of ‘puddle poo’ trickled out of Simon’s smelly bottom. Silly smelly Simon.

As we know, boys and girls, baby Jesus grew up to say things like that because his daddy was the big boss in heaven and he had authority to do so.

Well Simon did not know what to say because he knew Jesus was telling the truth. Simon knew that he was a fake, he wasn’t all gold he was all shit and brown water and his his mind was really all yellow and plastic.  Simon instantly lost his cleverness and the ladder started to tip over and Silly Simon just flipping well fell off it.

Oh dear…  poor Silly Simon. I hope he had clean underpants on or his mummy would have been cross with him.

But I think we may have been able to see this fall coming, couldn’t we boys and girls? I know I can. When Silly Simon was falling he suddenly remembered the man that he thought was only made of jelly and ice-cream and hoped that he was still holding the ladder…  but he wasn’t. The holder of the ladder realised Simon was silly and selfish and only cared about himself. So he let go of the ladder. Whoops… Silly Simon comes unstuck boys and girls!

Whoops… Silly Simon falls from the ladder boys and girls and when he did his bottom made a loud trumping noise when he did too. Trrruuuummmmpppp! Poor trumping Simon. We shouldn’t laugh should we? But sometimes big trumps make us laugh don’t they? Especially smelly ones coming out of someone made of puppy poo and puddle water. If Simon had clean underpants when he went up the ladder he certainly didn’t on the way down.

Silly Simon can’t believe what happens. He thought he was so so clever too.

 Simon banged his head, but unlike Jack from the Jack and Jill story, Silly Simon’s head couldn’t be fixed with vinegar and brown paper. It couldn’t even be fixed with super glue either, because if we remember children, Simon wasn’t made from gold he only thought he was. Can you remember what silly Simon was made of? That’s right children he was made from puppy poo and puddle water wasn’t he? So, mums and dads, we know it is blinking impossible to stick those two things together don’t we?

Poor Simon. Silly boy.

The ladder came crashing down with Silly Simon along with it!

When Simon came to Earth he simply splattered all over just just like puppy poo and puddle water would. Yuk. The ladder broke up because it was not complete to start with, but Simon didn’t think of that when he first saw it. He only thought he climb up it and play games on it and he got someone he thought was as silly as himself to hold the ladder for him. He thought the person holding the ladder was not important and only made of jelly and ice-cream anyway, but he was important and, unlike Simon, he was not made of puppy poo and puddle water either.

Poor Silly Simon came unstuck and broke the ladder as well.

 So children please, please, please heed the words of your humble story teller and be warned. Don’t be silly like Silly Simon/Peter.  Always check what you are really made of before you start climbing the ladders, especially ladders you believed you discovered, but in reality you only came across.  Do not ever lay your ladder on sand when you want to climb it, but most of all don’t treat anyone who willingly holds the ladder for you like a fool or decide they are unimportant simply because you think they are only made of jelly and ice-cream. If you do you may come unstuck and someone like baby Jesus, when he’s all grown up, will come along and tell you off and then you will fall down to the Earth like Silly Simon does.

Remember the story of Silly Simon and the wonky yellow ladder because we don’t want you ending up like Silly Simon will…   do we?

“Always remember, boys and girls, mums and dads, that more than one tune comes out of an ice-cream van and also remember that jellies come from many moulds.  All houses welcome jelly and ice cream and they are easily digested, but puppy poo and puddle water are not welcome in any home, and if they do appear they are simply mopped up and then discarded”

Bye Bye Boys & Girls.  Be Good

Matthew Delooze

The Arrival of the Rain Bow Gate

The Arrival of the Rain Bow Gate

An Important Delooze News Report

Cross over shame like the wise Dove…
who cares not for fame… … just for shy love
(I Hunter/ Mott the Hoople: Hymn for the Dudes 1973)

Hello Folks,

I sincerely hope any and all genuine truth-seekers out there are OK and also I hope their hearts are strong, especially as we start to approach 2012.

It all seems rather strange and very surreal to me as I write this short update. Even though I have only been off line for a few months it still seems like a very long time. I have mixed feelings about publishing this update, especially so because the information it contains will be meaningless to many. That said, it is clear to me that sometimes it is very important that information regarding certain events, albeit relatively mundane events, gets to those that need to see it, and I know that the event mentioned below is spiritually vital to some minds and souls out there and it is to those folks that this message is sent and it is sent with good intentions.

It should no secret to those folks that have found my previous work and information important to them, that I have mentioned a lot of monuments/sculptures etc in the past. I have previously made it clear that I believe that certain official monuments, especially the famous land marks like the London Eye etc, are purposely created by the Serpent Cult, through the old boy network and then opened by their puppet ‘celebrity’ artists. I have also made it clear that sculptures and monuments are also sometimes subcontracted (commissioned)or blatantly hijacked from independent artists via very tempting sponsorships or other funding schemes that are usually supplied through the corrupt local authorities. In these cases the artist is literally ‘told’ what to create. In a nutshell, the Serpent Cult simply ‘bung’ the artist to supply their own pre-planned symbolism hidden as unique art and then simply place the symbolic monument within their own pre-planned and ritualised foundations (Usually Ley lines) for use within their own agendas. The Serpent Cult uses its esoteric knowledge right under the noses of a stupefied public knowing it will receive no comback and in my opinion, because of the enforced spiritual blindness placed on the human race, the same cult believe that things will always be like that. Indeed how can the blind expose what goes on right under their noses.

I don’t believe things will always be like that and I also believe that the Serpent Cult will one day reap what it sows in the monument situation.

With that in mind I would like to draw attention to the construction of a monument currently taking place, literally as I speak, in my home town of ‘Burnley’ (Burnley should be twinned with Rock Ridge!).

The Rain Bow Gate

 The Rain Bow (two separate words) Gate is currently being constructed in Princess Way Burnley. It is just around the corner, literally a couple of hundred yards from where I grew up as a lad. Officially the Rain Bow Gate is part of a £1 million pound scheme known as the ‘Public Realm Transformation Project’ and ‘Tonkin Liu’ got the nod to create the monument that is described as ‘Burnley’s Gateway’.

You can see on the official poster pictured above that the scheme is sponsored using several occult symbols, including Burnley’s “Bees” but this message is not sent to you to point out such things. I have pointed them out before in my struggles and attempts to help folks, if I have failed to trigger or educate you during 2004-2010 then I do not believe my future information will be for you. So I suggest you do not waste your time on anymore of it if that is the case.

Anyway, Tonkin Liu, the official architects of the Gate, also created the Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley too. As mentioned earlier the Serpent Cult simply ‘buy’ the artist and/or place the monument within their own symbolic foundations for their own agenda.

I believe this is the case with the Singing Ringing Tree and I have given my opinion on that monument and its meaning in my book, Is It Me for a Moment – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell? I also believe that the same architects got the Rain Bow Gate ‘job’ simply because of their previous contacts within the corrupt Burnley civic brotherhood and other links with the liars and fraudsters that have privileged and sway within the criminal committees inside the local authorities.

In my opinion on a five sense level, The Rain Bow Gate has physically appeared in Burnley more through the actions of a vain incompetent egotistical back-scratching clique, than any covert plan to provide a work of art or even a symbolic occult monument for the Serpent Cult. Mind you Burnley and Lancashire have not got a monopoly in employing egotistical back-scratching cliques to run our towns for crafty unseen faces. This entire country follows the same rules and serves the same unseen faces. Obviously this fact is becoming more transparent, as we see the plugs to our bathtubs of comfort being threatened more and more everyday (Ref: singing do wah diddy essay 2004) and it is only a matter of time my friends, when some greedy fat arses will be left soaking wet next to an empty bath that once contained their illusionary comforts, and believe me no towel on this side of Jupiter will be big enough to hide their dirty cracks when it happens.

Anyway, back to the monument :)… Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu (Official Architects) explains the ideas behind Rain Bow Gate…

“We were inspired by how the viaduct frames the view of the surrounding landscape, which I think is one of the best things about Burnley.”

“Rain Bow Gate, is a bow structure that integrates 500 prisms to capture light and create rainbows. A new breed of single-surface structure we’ve pioneered with structural engineers at Arup, the structure uses advanced digital modelling, analysis, and fabrication tools. The transformation of light into rainbow evokes a sense of wonder, which we feel is at heart of education.”

“Rain – celebrates Burnley’s nature and weather which was pivotal to Burnley’s industrial past. Bow – reflects the arches of the viaduct, a dynamic and highly-efficient structural form. Gate – reflects how the different parts of Burnley connect at this site. Click here for official report.

Eh?  Different parts of Burnley connect at this site? Sense of wonder? Heart of Education? Well how can I not disagree with that explanation?  After all I was born in this shit hole town and I have spent 53 years here. I’m sure luvvies ‘Mike & Anna’ mean well, especially when arty farty money is changing hands, but I’m sure they would admit that they know absolutely nothing of Burnley’s true past or for that matter its present. I’ll give you my brief version of the town as an aging, cranky old man, resident of Burnley.

 “Burnley is nothing but a collection of small variously themed ghettos that wallow in deprivation whilst under the oppressive control of a sick brood of vipers”. 

Matthew Delooze September 12th 2011

The vast majority of the towns workers and other slave residents spend a lifetime (usually shortened by 10 years or more) through (a) being proud and surviving on poverty wages in soul destroying jobs or (b) not being proud and allowing themselves to live a life of misery on state handouts. Both (a) and (b) groups, if that way inclined, will also duck and dive through the proceeds of petty crime (I have done all three!). These fellow pathetic oppressed blind slaves are, at the same time, totally controlled by the policies of local gangsters posing as honest professional executives and their puppets within the local authorities and/or worse by hardened criminals, wheeling and dealing, usually in drug or property scams, whilst posing as academically gifted professional pillars of society. In reality all would have you knee capped for ten bob and murder your grandmother for less. Burnley is a cesspit that is literally on a par with Sodom.

So, maybe, if a pathetic nutter like me can be so bold to suggest it, Tonkin Lui should have/could have provided a far more apt monument to symbolise a gateway into Burnley, one that would truly represent this shit hole of a town, far more than a rainbow does? May I humbly suggest that a replica of Rodin’s Gate of Hell (Based on the ‘Inferno’ section of Dante’s Divine Comedy) would be more apt?

 Rodin’s Hell’s Gate and a section of it.

 Anyway, again, back to the Rain Bow Gate monument…. I have actually supervised the installation of the foundations of the Rain Bow Gate monument and then literally witnessed its creation. The Gate is not completely finished yet (Due October) but you will note (below) that the steel structure has 500 little oblong shapes cut in to it. The reason for this is to create and insert small ‘prisms’. The structure is built to literally create many little rainbows all around anyone standing underneath it. Obviously anyone looking from a distance would/should see the rainbows too. (If Burnley gets any decent light of course)

The little oblong ‘slits’ will create ‘Rainbow Rods’

All Photos copyright Matthew Delooze 2011

 Hey… Anyone who followed my Ayahuasca workshop writings like ‘Only Love Can Bring The Rain’ or ‘Standing in The Line Of Fire’, from a few years ago now, may remember my experiences whilst surrounded by little ‘rainbow rods’.  I hope you can and if you can remember them then I’m glad. I tell you the truth, albeit on a personal spiritual level, I have waited a bloody long time for this symbolism to arrive in my home town. Hey…  I don’t know what I tell a psychiatrist though as my Rain/ Rain Bow rods hallucinations /delusions now appear to be becoming physical in my home town. I also wonder what odds a bookie would have given me for an apparatus appearing in my home town that actually physically creates the exact same rainbow rods that I saw and wrote about in Colombia and Brazil during Shamanic ceremonies at least three years ago? 1000 to 1? 1,000,000 to one? What odds would you have given me or would you and your ego not consider such a thing? You think I write such things for fun do you? Simply to entertain fakers and takers?

Again, I must admit, as daft as it sounds, that I have waited a long time for this symbolism to arrive in my life on a physical level. So much so that I must also admit that in my excitement I did a little dance on the foundations of the Rain Bow Gate (Blush) jigging like a silly old get I was too. Hey…. and my wife will tell you that ‘I’m no Lionel Blair’ (In more ways than one I might add too!) so it was quite an effort on my part.  In fact I believe its the only time I have danced whilst sober apart from when I jigged a dandy jig around the blazing fire that appeared at the Singing Ringing tree in Burnley in 2007. Hey maybe I was a Shaman in a past life?

Dancing or Dreaming in a Delusion?

I have done some things that may seem silly to some people over the last 13 years. There isn’t enough paper to write down all the silly things I have done and what silly things I still have to do, so I suppose dancing on the foundations of a gate is not so silly if you know why you do it is it? I certainly made a bigger fool of myself in my youth trying to impress young ladies dancing in nightclubs. Northern Soul?  Northern Arsehole more like.

And I tell you the truth, and I do mean you, that there is no limit to the silly things I will do if each silly act helps and leads you to remember who you are and enables you to see the pathetic deception that enslaves us. I’ll don the clown suit at any time, no problem, and looking in the mirror this morning I won’t need much make up either.

I have even done a little cheesy styled video for you below but be warned Matt Delooze may not not know how to do professional HD videos yet…    but he knows other things.

The Rain Bow Gate (Foundations) from matthew delooze on Vimeo.

I will update this message when the Rain Bow Gate is complete and opened by the town’s leaders. But before I go I forgot to mention a new logo that was, in a large part, created for the Gateway scheme in Burnley and the symbolism that has appeared over the last couple of years and it cost quite a lot of money to create.

Burnley’s new Logo created to display on several ‘Gateways’ in to the town

 “Bloody hell you could hide a space ship and a Yeti turd in that thing and we’d still be none the wiser… so the scam still works then?”

Matthew Delooze 2010

I quote the press below

“Council bosses have now spent £400 seeking to register the logo across five trademark classes, so it cannot be used by other towns. It will be displayed at gateways to Burnley, on literature, and a website to make the image instantly identifiable with the town.” (Source)

Anyway I hope you at least enjoyed my video. I will follow up on the Rain Bow Gate soon.

Until then….   May Love Reign O’er You!

Matthew Delooze  September 2011




Ape escapes, then ‘changes mind’… Plus…’The Orang-utans and their zoo’. By Karta (Edited by Matthew Delooze)

Ape escapes, then ‘changes mind’


An orangutan used a branch to short-circuit a security fence and escape from an Australian zoo, only to change her mind and return to her enclosure.

Karta, a 27-year-old primate, cleared one fence and began piling up debris to scale a wall at Adelaide Zoo. Visitors who witnessed the escape alerted staff, and the zoo was promptly evacuated and closed for the day. But Karta spent less than 30 minutes on the loose before apparently thinking better of her escape attempt Zoo curator Peter Whitehead told reporters the ape seemed to realise she was in a place where she should not have been. “She’s actually hung on to the wall and dropped back into the exhibit,” he said. It was not the first time Karta had caused a headache for the zookeepers. “You’re talking about an animal that’s highly intelligent,” Mr Whitehead said. “We’ve had issues with her before in normal day-to-day operations where she tries to outsmart the keepers. She’s an ingenious animal.” The zoo offered a refund to visitors after closing down for the day, but few zoo-goers seemed flustered by the drama. Original source


The Orang-utans and their zoo.


 An Analogy By Karta

 (Translated by Matthew Delooze)

I read the news item above with a smile and realised it was not only a humorous story but is also a very good modern day parable or analogy too. The following info may seem a little deep for some but it is important to a few of you that Karta’s spiritual message is published, so please try and take in the info Karta freely supplies. It may help you far more than you can realise.

…The story above mentions how Karta the Orang-utan managed to cleverly plan a perfect escape from an Australian Zoo, his prison. He literally made himself a platform, or ladder if you like, from ‘the rubbish that was all around him’ and those actions carried out by clever Karta literally created a way for not only him to escape his prison but also for any other ape that was trapped in the same pen too.

But for some reason when Karta had the chance to escape he had second thoughts and instead of escaping over the fence he simply ‘dropped back in to his pen’.

I thought for a moment after reading about Karta’s actions and I realised that Karta is a prime symbolic example of a so-called ‘clever human beings’ especially those in the Conspiracy/Spiritualist communities that talk of obtaining spiritual freedom and enlightenment and put themselves on a pedestal in the pen we call this world, just like Karta put himself on a pedestal in the ape pen in the zoo, his world.

When you think about it a bit deeper, in my opinion anyway, Karta symbolically represents a typical clever human guru type person who has also ‘used all the rubbish around them’ to induce a sense of possible escape from the prison in to the minds of their followers, their audience in the zoo if you like, too. Their zoo being the matrix illusion we pretend is our planet and the rubbish all around them being the alternative information they have used as a ‘platform’ to escape.

Anyway Karta had created the perfect means of escape but something made Karta drop back down in the pen didn’t it? What was it? Could it be that Karta really preferred to be in the ape pen and also preferred the attention of the audience in the zoo far more than he preferred his freedom?…  His actions really prove he did don’t they?


 Do you really want to be free or do you prefer the ape pen?

So what can I say?

Maybe there is a very powerful message hidden in the actions of Karta and maybe we should start to open our eyes too. Maybe the symbolic clever Karta’s, ‘the gurus and the experts’ in the freedom and truth seeking communities, should also start to think whether they prefer freedom or staying in an ape pen happily performing for the audience in the zoo. It becomes easy for a clever ape to stay in his pen if the bananas keep getting lobbed over the fence by the zoo’s pathetic audience. Well doesn’t it? In other words, on a five-sense level, the question is ‘will a clever guru help free us’, if he or she is far more comfortable staying in the matrix picking up the goodies you throw them? History tells us that the answer is no.  These Gurus, sadly, become far happier getting the audience to throw more bananas in their direction than showing the audience ways to become free. Are we changing the world and redeeming our souls by replacing one perceived guru by another?

Maybe we should also open our eyes and look at ourselves, the sheep, the sad punters on the forums and the sad anonymous bloggers, which are currently and continually trapped in a comical loop simply seeking a messiah or a bit more info on this, that and the other. Are we becoming nothing more but a herd of suicidal Lemmings running from one website to another or from one book/DVD to another whilst pathetically thinking our destiny is sorted if we subscribe to a guru or a stable of speakers at a conference to tell us what to do, the climax being when we all jump of the same cliff?  Who’s to say which clever ape or human guru we trust to lead our escape or lead us to redemption? Are they all genuine? Are they all fraudsters? Do we trust the clever apes or do we trust the crafty reptiles? Or do they both simply have the same aims?


Mmmm… Can I use this tool to make my escape or to simply con the audience to throw more bananas at me? Which would I prefer?

 On a spiritual and symbolic level does it really matter if we look in the ape pen or the reptile house whilst we are still in the same zoo anyway? Well does it?  Or is Karta’s message too difficult for your head and your ego?

 Who would we throw bananas at if our clever Orang -utans really did escape over the fence and really bugger off?  Who would we be scared of in the reptile house if all the crocodiles and snakes decided to move out? Who would you trust then? You’d have to trust yourself wouldn’t you?

 Spiritually there are quite a few ‘Karta’s’ appearing in this world at the present moment in time and they are offering golden ticket fast track entrance tickets to view the ape pen. They want you to applaud the cleverest Orang-utan or praise a colourful parrot that they put on show in front of you.

But take heed and I tell you the truth when I say that these clever entertaining apes and their colourful parrots will lead you up a pile of shite that was already scattered all around in the ape pen on the pretext that it will lead you over the prison fence to freedom. Sadly the only possible result will be that these clever apes can and will only drop you and themselves back in the pen to be patted on the head by the zookeeper. They have been trained to do just that my friends and it is not their fault. It will simply be the cruel-est wham bam thank you mam when they do, so please don’t drop your knickers unless you are sure you can cope with the consequence.

The only entity that can get you over the fence of ape pen to freedom is you, but that said, you could only gain freedom if you really want to anyway.

So if you want to keep this world as it is and keep to the same principles of ‘Guru Worship’ which is indeed the policy that has already controlled this world for thousands of years then bloody well ‘stay in the ape pen’. Why or why would you ever want to change this world if you prefer to keep it as it is? Karta’s actions showed he was truly a slave ape and he really did prefer it that way. His comfort zone was never breached and he preferred to be the centre of attention in the zoo than to leap over the fence to freedom.

I credit Karta for the very very powerful message he gave the world through his honest actions and I thank him for doing it all for free! If you  really want a Guru to show you spirituality I can’t think of a better one than Karta. Can You?  He’s definitely the most ‘honest’ clever ape/guru in this world isn’t he? Well he is in my eyes. He didn’t offer fast track golden tickets for more bananas either, he simply decided the pile of shite in his pen was ‘wanted’ more than freedom. Just like the vast majority of the so called freedom seekers prefer the pile of shit in their pen instead of freedom too.

My only wish is that our human gurus were as honest with their actions as Karta was with his. Sadly it will never be the case as the majority don’t want to change the world or create a path to a better one, they only want to have more bananas and be applauded in this one.

May Love Reign O’er You All :)

Best Wishes

Karta and Matthew Delooze (Karta is the good looking one)

Copyright Karta the Orang-utan all rights Reserved © Karta@ Adelaide Zoo 2009


“The Parable of the Dirty White Van

“The Parable of the Dirty White Van


By Matthew Delooze

I had just been to the opticians after many years of putting it off, and for the first time in my life I had got some spectacles. I was driving down the road and had to pull up at some traffic lights. I noticed I was a few yards behind a large dirty white van. It had French number plates on it. Someone had written something in the dirt on the back doors of the van. You know what I mean? Lots of jokers write stuff on dirty cars, especially on filthy white vans.  Terms like ‘wash me ‘ or ‘also in white’ etc. You will know what I mean won’t you? This white van was really dirty but I could see some sort of verse had been written in its filth. Anyway I inched forward because I knew I would be able to read it with my new glasses on.

Well this large van had ‘Shuusshh Asylum Seekers Sleeping Inside Please Do Not Disturb’ written in the dirt. Well I started giggling about it and I realised that I wouldn’t have even seen the sign without wearing my new glasses. I stopped laughing at the joke when I thought about what I would do if the sign was true and there really were asylum seekers asleep in the back of the dirty white van.  Anyway the lights changed and off we both went. I was following the dirty white van down the road.

 Whilst driving on down the road I couldn’t stop thinking about the words on the vehicle’s doors and I started to imagine that if there really were asylum seekers sleeping inside the van then wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to knock on the van and tell the asylum seekers they had probably now reached their desired destination, and it was time they thought of getting out of the filthy van. After all they obviously needed someone to tell them that they had arrived at their perceived place of asylum (England), and because I had been the one that saw the sign, because I was wearing my new glasses, I thought maybe it was my job to actually wake them up.  Surely the driver of this van didn’t know he had asylum seekers in the van. The driver was obviously using the van to make a living and the asylum seekers only hid in the van to try to reach a place of asylum. Surely they didn’t want to spend the rest of their life anonymously in the back of a filthy white van, living without a clue where they actually were I thought?

 I pondered on that very thought for a moment and decided that if I did bang on the doors to wake them up then surely those asleep would be grateful to me for waking them. Maybe they would thank me for telling them that they don’t have to cower in the back of a van any longer. Maybe I would be a hero for waking these people up and maybe they would cheer me?

 Then I thought hang on a minute, maybe if I did bang on the doors and try to wake them they might think I was really the authorities and attack me for doing something they didn’t want me to do, after all they were nice and safe in their smelly dirty white van. No one really knew who each other were or where they had came from, but they felt safe wallowing in the dirt together.

 Maybe if I did bang on the van doors my actions would only have left them cowering in fear behind the said door, after it was their only world now. I started to worry over what I really should do about it and it was all because I could now see signs that I couldn’t see before.  If I hadn’t been to the opticians I wouldn’t have even seen how dirty the van was or even noticed the writing on the doors. Maybe if I banged on the doors or even opened the doors they would thump and kick me and run past me. I thought maybe they would spit and hiss at me because they see me as their perceived enemy. I didn’t fancy that, but was prepared to risk it.

What was I to do? I started regretting actually wearing my glasses and wondered if I hadn’t lost my vanity, and gone to the opticians, I wouldn’t have even known there were even some folks asleep, in their own little world, behind those van doors.

 I worried and I fretted over the fate of these asylum seekers. My heart decided that I should help them but because I was hesitant the van had simply got away from me, further down the road and a large lorry was between us, blocking my view. The white van then sped off because the lorry slowed me down and it was soon out of my reach. I couldn’t bang on the van doors now, even if I wanted too. The asylum seekers, if indeed there were any ‘real’ asylum seekers in such a vehicle, were obviously going to be left fast asleep in the back.

I pondered on my dithering, my cowardice and my failures and I was kicking myself for letting the dirty white van get out of my reach.

 It stayed on my mind and that very same night I had a dream in which I saw the white van again. I saw the sign on the doors again. But then, in my dream, I put on some bigger aviator type glasses on and I floated up in to the sky and the big dirty white van became nothing but a dot and as I floated further and further upwards the scene changed in to a big dirty planet Earth.

The sleeping asylum seekers in the back of the van had changed into the entire human race. The whole bloody dirty planet was full of asylum seekers. Yes, instead of me being a few yards behind a dirty white van I was now up hundreds of miles in the heavens looking down on millions of dirty asylum seeking people. It was the same scenario but different ‘dirty’ vehicles sort of thing.

Anyway… because of my eyesight I could clearly see that Mount Everest had a massive words carved in the rock, illuminated with massive spotlights, that read “Shusshhh, Truth Seekers Sleeping Below Please Do Not Disturb’”

The dream started fading and I came back down on Earth. I gathered my thoughts and instantly remembered the single dirty white van and I remembered the poor asylum seekers too. I remembered the large lorry blocking the road between the van and my vehicle. I vowed never to get stuck behind that bloody lorry next time. I remembered the driver speeding off up the road, with a load of asylum seekers asleep in the back of the van. I thought next time I see a situation like that I won’t hesitate to open the door. BUT it will not be the dirty back door with jokes written on it, it will be the drivers door that I open. I shall let the asylum sleepers really sleep if that is what they really want, but I will for sure not ever hesitate to open the drivers door and ask them who the hell is paying them and where they are actually taking the passengers. I think I owe them that much!

Matthew Delooze (2009)