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Ape escapes, then ‘changes mind’… Plus…’The Orang-utans and their zoo’. By Karta (Edited by Matthew Delooze)

Ape escapes, then ‘changes mind’


An orangutan used a branch to short-circuit a security fence and escape from an Australian zoo, only to change her mind and return to her enclosure.

Karta, a 27-year-old primate, cleared one fence and began piling up debris to scale a wall at Adelaide Zoo. Visitors who witnessed the escape alerted staff, and the zoo was promptly evacuated and closed for the day. But Karta spent less than 30 minutes on the loose before apparently thinking better of her escape attempt Zoo curator Peter Whitehead told reporters the ape seemed to realise she was in a place where she should not have been. “She’s actually hung on to the wall and dropped back into the exhibit,” he said. It was not the first time Karta had caused a headache for the zookeepers. “You’re talking about an animal that’s highly intelligent,” Mr Whitehead said. “We’ve had issues with her before in normal day-to-day operations where she tries to outsmart the keepers. She’s an ingenious animal.” The zoo offered a refund to visitors after closing down for the day, but few zoo-goers seemed flustered by the drama. Original source


The Orang-utans and their zoo.


 An Analogy By Karta

 (Translated by Matthew Delooze)

I read the news item above with a smile and realised it was not only a humorous story but is also a very good modern day parable or analogy too. The following info may seem a little deep for some but it is important to a few of you that Karta’s spiritual message is published, so please try and take in the info Karta freely supplies. It may help you far more than you can realise.

…The story above mentions how Karta the Orang-utan managed to cleverly plan a perfect escape from an Australian Zoo, his prison. He literally made himself a platform, or ladder if you like, from ‘the rubbish that was all around him’ and those actions carried out by clever Karta literally created a way for not only him to escape his prison but also for any other ape that was trapped in the same pen too.

But for some reason when Karta had the chance to escape he had second thoughts and instead of escaping over the fence he simply ‘dropped back in to his pen’.

I thought for a moment after reading about Karta’s actions and I realised that Karta is a prime symbolic example of a so-called ‘clever human beings’ especially those in the Conspiracy/Spiritualist communities that talk of obtaining spiritual freedom and enlightenment and put themselves on a pedestal in the pen we call this world, just like Karta put himself on a pedestal in the ape pen in the zoo, his world.

When you think about it a bit deeper, in my opinion anyway, Karta symbolically represents a typical clever human guru type person who has also ‘used all the rubbish around them’ to induce a sense of possible escape from the prison in to the minds of their followers, their audience in the zoo if you like, too. Their zoo being the matrix illusion we pretend is our planet and the rubbish all around them being the alternative information they have used as a ‘platform’ to escape.

Anyway Karta had created the perfect means of escape but something made Karta drop back down in the pen didn’t it? What was it? Could it be that Karta really preferred to be in the ape pen and also preferred the attention of the audience in the zoo far more than he preferred his freedom?…  His actions really prove he did don’t they?


 Do you really want to be free or do you prefer the ape pen?

So what can I say?

Maybe there is a very powerful message hidden in the actions of Karta and maybe we should start to open our eyes too. Maybe the symbolic clever Karta’s, ‘the gurus and the experts’ in the freedom and truth seeking communities, should also start to think whether they prefer freedom or staying in an ape pen happily performing for the audience in the zoo. It becomes easy for a clever ape to stay in his pen if the bananas keep getting lobbed over the fence by the zoo’s pathetic audience. Well doesn’t it? In other words, on a five-sense level, the question is ‘will a clever guru help free us’, if he or she is far more comfortable staying in the matrix picking up the goodies you throw them? History tells us that the answer is no.  These Gurus, sadly, become far happier getting the audience to throw more bananas in their direction than showing the audience ways to become free. Are we changing the world and redeeming our souls by replacing one perceived guru by another?

Maybe we should also open our eyes and look at ourselves, the sheep, the sad punters on the forums and the sad anonymous bloggers, which are currently and continually trapped in a comical loop simply seeking a messiah or a bit more info on this, that and the other. Are we becoming nothing more but a herd of suicidal Lemmings running from one website to another or from one book/DVD to another whilst pathetically thinking our destiny is sorted if we subscribe to a guru or a stable of speakers at a conference to tell us what to do, the climax being when we all jump of the same cliff?  Who’s to say which clever ape or human guru we trust to lead our escape or lead us to redemption? Are they all genuine? Are they all fraudsters? Do we trust the clever apes or do we trust the crafty reptiles? Or do they both simply have the same aims?


Mmmm… Can I use this tool to make my escape or to simply con the audience to throw more bananas at me? Which would I prefer?

 On a spiritual and symbolic level does it really matter if we look in the ape pen or the reptile house whilst we are still in the same zoo anyway? Well does it?  Or is Karta’s message too difficult for your head and your ego?

 Who would we throw bananas at if our clever Orang -utans really did escape over the fence and really bugger off?  Who would we be scared of in the reptile house if all the crocodiles and snakes decided to move out? Who would you trust then? You’d have to trust yourself wouldn’t you?

 Spiritually there are quite a few ‘Karta’s’ appearing in this world at the present moment in time and they are offering golden ticket fast track entrance tickets to view the ape pen. They want you to applaud the cleverest Orang-utan or praise a colourful parrot that they put on show in front of you.

But take heed and I tell you the truth when I say that these clever entertaining apes and their colourful parrots will lead you up a pile of shite that was already scattered all around in the ape pen on the pretext that it will lead you over the prison fence to freedom. Sadly the only possible result will be that these clever apes can and will only drop you and themselves back in the pen to be patted on the head by the zookeeper. They have been trained to do just that my friends and it is not their fault. It will simply be the cruel-est wham bam thank you mam when they do, so please don’t drop your knickers unless you are sure you can cope with the consequence.

The only entity that can get you over the fence of ape pen to freedom is you, but that said, you could only gain freedom if you really want to anyway.

So if you want to keep this world as it is and keep to the same principles of ‘Guru Worship’ which is indeed the policy that has already controlled this world for thousands of years then bloody well ‘stay in the ape pen’. Why or why would you ever want to change this world if you prefer to keep it as it is? Karta’s actions showed he was truly a slave ape and he really did prefer it that way. His comfort zone was never breached and he preferred to be the centre of attention in the zoo than to leap over the fence to freedom.

I credit Karta for the very very powerful message he gave the world through his honest actions and I thank him for doing it all for free! If you  really want a Guru to show you spirituality I can’t think of a better one than Karta. Can You?  He’s definitely the most ‘honest’ clever ape/guru in this world isn’t he? Well he is in my eyes. He didn’t offer fast track golden tickets for more bananas either, he simply decided the pile of shite in his pen was ‘wanted’ more than freedom. Just like the vast majority of the so called freedom seekers prefer the pile of shit in their pen instead of freedom too.

My only wish is that our human gurus were as honest with their actions as Karta was with his. Sadly it will never be the case as the majority don’t want to change the world or create a path to a better one, they only want to have more bananas and be applauded in this one.

May Love Reign O’er You All :)

Best Wishes

Karta and Matthew Delooze (Karta is the good looking one)

Copyright Karta the Orang-utan all rights Reserved © [email protected] Adelaide Zoo 2009