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The Winner Takes It All

The Winner Takes It All

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 The World Cup Scam Exposed (Part One)

By Matthew Delooze

I was going to write and publish this information back in 2006 (Before the 2006 World Cup). I decided not too. I think now is a better time to publish it, especially for those few that have connected to my theories and my work in general and that is only because is it those few that I wish to try to assist in the future. I can only repeat that I am not in ‘business’ and I am not here to sell you what you want to hear simply so I can keep your future custom. I am therefore able to speak directly and honestly and always have been.

I am currently writing a book and ‘sport’, especially football, will be mentioned in it. But I strongly feel the information contained in this article should be released now, because my book will be delayed. This article exposes one of the major, if not the major scams behind global sporting events. That is the ‘world cup’. It kicks off in a matter of days.

It will cost you nothing to read this article but it has cost me very dearly to provide it. I wish to help at least a few people break free from the Serpent’s spell. It is also given to try to help navigate some folks through the madness that has descended upon us at this time in this world and get them through to the other side.

Most folks who followed my works, in my books and articles, will know that I started to mention ‘stadiums and global events’ quite a few years ago now. I also started to expose the ‘spiritual energy extraction scam’ going on at the same time too.

It was clear to me, after experiencing the full-blown symptoms of a traumatic spiritual awakening, that ‘all human beings create spiritual energy’. Every human being is literally an energy-making machine. Yes I mean everyone not just the few.  I have previous written many articles on the matter  and the major principles of my theories are recorded in my books, the Stars Are Falling and Is It Me For A Moment?

Anyone who read those books and large articles, and actually took in the information within them, without prejudice, will know the basic principles to my theories, especially so in regards to spiritual energy extraction, the use of ‘stadiums’ and the symbolic official figureheads attending them. So I say to those that trusted the words in my book that this article should be far easier for you to understand in 2010 than it would have been should I have published it in 2006. That said the World Cup is one of the easiest scams to see anyway, after it has initially been pointed out of course, but obviously if we really don’t want to see things we will simply shut our eyes and if we really don’t want to hear things we will simply shut our ears too. So please try to keep both eyes and ears open.

I have also found that most people cannot even accept esoteric information emitting from someone in my position, they have simply been programmed to repudiate it. I am fully aware of that and that should be educational to us all if we care to think about it for a moment. After all we can only react to our hearts and intuitions can’t we?

Anyway folks lets not bugger about this time, I have no need to do so in this chapter/article, so let’s get straight on to the information.

If you believe the World Cup is only put on for our benefit and entertainment then I strongly suggest you stop reading now. But if you want to know the ‘real’ reason why there is a World Cup event actually taking place every four years, then please come with me and read on. You really have nothing to lose but your eternal enslavement in this world for doing so….

One of the largest ‘global events’ is due to take place in the next few weeks and that is ‘The FIFA World Cup’. Some would say this event is bigger than Christmas and EID. I realise a lot of long suffering soccer widows will agree with that too? Hey maybe this information will turn out to be the biggest weapon a soccer widow can find, not that a soccer fan will ever believe the information if soccer widows use it!

Anyway, the build up to this global event known as the world cup is now in full swing.  The adverts on TV are full of it. The ‘celebrities’ are getting involved and the teams have selected their list of gladiators. All the arenas are built and are ready and waiting to put on the show. You can even buy any kind of gadgets, shirts, clothes, flags, rattles and assorted toys and novelties that take your fancy and even the face paint is ready to slap on the faces of the masses.

The tickets have all been snapped up and the TV companies will shoot the event from all angles and analyse every shot, foul, penalty and goal over and over again. Indeed a very large portion, of the human race is literally primed and conditioned for the tournament to begin and their minds and hearts are totally focused on it. Indeed their minds are always focused on it because the event is continually hyped from one world cup to the next (Olympics in the middle of course!). The event is constantly in the collective consciousness of the human race. It is literally an eternal ritual.

Let me make it clear that I am a football fan myself. I am NOT criticising the game or sport in general. I am not saying it is wrong to have competitions and/or entertainment either. I think sport is great. I was a sporty type myself in my younger days and I loved to participate in a game of football (Soccer) and I was a football spectator for many years too. Both of my grown up sons play amateur league football too and I spent more than a decade bringing them through the junior leagues. I know about football and I know about football fans. I think it is the best game on the planet.

On a five sense level millions of people will be tuning in to the world cup and hundreds of thousands of people will be ‘in’ the stadiums in South Africa too. Millions of people will get enjoyment from the world cup. I do not dispute that. That said millions would be severely disappointed with the world cup as soon as their country is knocked out of it too. It truly is a roller coaster of emotions for football fans. I don’t need to explain anything about this competition on a five sense level do I? You all know about it be you a football fan or not. The fans love hearing about it and the football widows and other non-football fans hate hearing about it, but the world cup competition is placed in all our minds whatever we are.

I’m not here to tell you about the five sense reasons for the world cup. The hype, the hypnotic build up and the manic fans are there for all to see. The energy is simply overwhelming.

I am here to tell you about the multi-dimensional ritual side of the ‘world cup’. I’m here to point out the real reason why the world cup takes place on a spiritual level. I am here to point out the massive ritual that continually takes place right under our noses and how the masses are blindly conditioned to join in with it.

I still get all the bloody dirty jobs I’m afraid.

I have said many times that the masses are controlled by the ‘symbolism’ and the ‘geometry’ that they subconsciously ‘take in’. I have said many times that our physical reality is created by our thoughts. I have said in my books and articles that we also carry out spiritually binding vows through prayer and hymns (even those that open football tournaments). I have also said previously that stadiums and other locations used for global events are linked together. I have always said that the enslavement of the human race is created through the worship of the SUN and the symbolism behind its creation. (I also give explanations as to why worshipping the sun is so important) I have stated many times that multi- dimensional entities and their agents on Earth (the Serpent Cult) control the human race by manipulation of the collective consciousness and by using ritualistic trickery.

So baring that brief reminder in mind let’s have a proper look at the world cup.  I don’t mean let’s put on a football shirt, paint our faces and wave flags around, I mean let’s have a proper look at its foundation and what we are actually taking part in every four years.

I have always said that official Serpent Cult rituals in this world are carried out or created in symbolic locations. The world cup is an official Serpent Cult ritual and it was created in 1930. It was created in ‘Uruguay’. The entire tournament took place in the Estadio Centenario.

It is obvious if you check in to the history of the first world cup that Uruguay was going to be the only one selected to host it (It was done deal as usual). Indeed all the other countries withdrew their bids to allow Uruguay to host it!  Indeed Uruguay offered to refund all expenses to all participants.  It should also be noted that teams were ‘invited’ to participate and this means, on a spiritual level, it was a global ‘free will’ event. It was a symbolic foundation stone that has led to the event you see today. Hey please check out the foundation or creation symbolism involved in the pictures below.

This is the official flag of Uruguay. 


 The flag of Uruguay incorporates the Inca Sun God ‘Inti’ from ancient times, this is despite camouflage indicated it is linked to political revolutions and the Sun of May. The foundation of the world cup took place in ‘Montevideo’. Here is the official symbolism of Montevideo.


The Montevideo coat of arms

The Montevideo coat of arms shows a benben (pyramid shaped mound of earth) rising out of the water (chaos) and the lighthouse on top of the represents the sun (light). It is the rising Benben out of the watery chaos symbolism again (Just like the Ferris wheel symbolism and that linked to various other global rituals that have taken place over the last few years). Oh dear my delusions are getting worse aren’t they?

I’m afraid it’s the old Ferris wheel / Illuminati symbolism stuff again. It is slightly hidden in open view but it is there if you want really to look. Is it order out of chaos symbolism or is it just a coincidence? Whatever it is I assure you it now officially represents the birthplace (creation) of the modern day world cup and I have no doubts that the foundation or creation of the world cup is based on Sun worship and order out of chaos symbolism just like the creation of the planet itself through the ‘benben’. Please tell me how it is not so?

Since the foundation ceremony of the world cup the event has grown and grown in status. More and more symbolic stadiums have been built. All major countries have now got a ‘main’ symbolic sporting stadium, be it Wembley in England or the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.  South Africa is no different.

It is vital in my opinion that you should understand the importance of these ‘main’ stadiums have on the future, both individually on a collective basis. This is because, just as in ancient times, they are linked together and placed on ‘energy lines’. I have mentioned many times before that the Serpent Cult use stadiums and even open spaces to extract spiritual energy from human beings. I said many years ago that the stadiums are being put in place for global ritual purposes.

South Africa is no different. Indeed the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg is a good example to show you how the Serpent Cult actually operates. This is because it blatantly links symbolic stadiums together around the world to act as a collective global energy extraction machine. Please don’t take my word for it, read what the officials say about the ‘main’ stadium in South Africa. Here is just one example.

‘Marked black seats inside the stadium form lines pointing in the directions of the other South African stadia where World Cup matches will be played, with one line pointing to Berlin’s Olympiastadion where the final match of the 2006 World Cup was played.  The seats are coloured to represent the city of gold and an African sunrise, and the tunnels to the pitch resemble mining tunnels, which are a reminder of the city’s history” (Source: sagoodnews.co.za)

   It should be pointed out, and I show it in pictures below, that the symbolic energy lines are also painted on the ‘outside’ of the stadium. The authorities are making sure the link to other stadiums is blatantly announced and pointed out. But who really sees it?  The use and announcement of such things is on a par with the changeover at the Olympic games in where the torch is carried to next host to create the symbolic ‘energy lines’ between host cities. (Please remember that the Serpent Cult has to announce its actions in some way)

The same scenario applies to the football world cup and once a host city is decided on, many years in advance, no matter what its economic situation, the symbolism is put in place to link it to the previous host.


  The black lines on the outside and inside of the soccer city stadium link the present stadiums to the stadiums of the past.

In the case of South Africa the main arena (stadium) is based on a cooking pot known as the calabash. Which when you think about it, on a symbolic level, the pot is filled with human food to feed the gods! Obviously, on a symbolic level, ‘a bowl’ can mean many things and represents many countries. I believe soccer city stadium is going to be used used for several rituals during the world cup. Something is cooking in the calabash, as daft as it sounds!


Soccer City from the air (A pot on a pit of fire)

It is becoming obvious to me that the events in Soccer City will take on many rituals and the Serpent Cult will also place symbolism on one or more of its ‘agents’ at the opening event or at the final event. Considering the symbolism of South Africa and the history of Soccer City itself I can only suggest at this stage, before the events start, that the initial stages of replacing Nelson Mandela, with someone like Barack Obama, as the worlds official black pied piper icon will possibly take place. I don’t believe Barack Obama is attending but Mandela used the older version of the stadium when he was released from prison. We can only wait and see what unfolds but Soccer City Stadium is a very ideal venue for covert announcements and it is definitely a place for ritual or ceremonies to take place.

Anyway where have we got too? Oh yes, the symbolic foundations of the world cup leading to the modern stadiums of the 2010 event.

Let’s move on…

I realise not many football fans and neutrals will not actually think of anything else but the ‘football’ and the celebration of victory and the sadness of defeat during the world cup. I certainly didn’t just a few years ago. The reason we do not think of anything else is simply because of the mass programming and hypnotism we are subjected to but of course that is part of football and agents for the serpent carry out the said programming on us. I’m not going to go in to how that programming started in this article but I will be doing so in my next book.

 That said you do not need to be Einstein to see that football fans wear blinkers and, as far as their national side and the world cup are concerned, they literally answer the call to support, represent and literally fight for their national team at the drop of a hat. There really is no difference between a world cup tournament taking place and the battles taking place during a crusade. They are the exact same thing n a spiritual and emotional level. Indeed we even wear the same uniforms.


Football fans as Knight Templar or Knight Templar as football fans?

The Serpent Cult goes to great measures to create tribalism on the international football scene. Violence and intimidation are part and parcel of international football and the authorities create the tensions. I realise the majority of true sports fans do not want any thing to do with violence but at the end of the day most football fans will defend their teams to the death, even if it is only verbally, emotionally and spiritually.  The Serpent Cult wants to create massive amounts of spiritual energy at the world cup and they actually want us to be verbal, emotional and spiritual over matters. It is these things that create energy. Any violence that takes place only increases our emotions and that is why violence in football is spasmodic but, that said the fear and possibility of violence is always present.

Again the tournament is akin to being in a ‘battle’ situation.


 A football game or an emotional symbolic battle?

The increase in the symbolism now being worn and displayed by the football fans is no coincidence either. As I said the football fans wear symbolic ‘battle uniforms’ they literally swear allegiance to the symbolism they wear whilst not having a clue what it means. They only see it as loyalty to their countries football team. Sadly the traits of soccer violence and display of occult symbolism is passed down the generations. Soccer hooligans produce soccer hooligans and train them from birth. That said normal fans dress their offspring in the same symbolism too.


Is this what I do Daddy?


‘Christening’ robes? 


School Uniform?

Indeed they usually take the regiment band along with them to games, trumpets blazing and drums beating, and this is no coincidence either. The atmosphere inside the stadium is purposely raised to increase the expectations, therefore the emotions, of the crowd.

It is clear to anyone that has attended a large football game that the crowd is always adorned with the ‘symbolism’ of their ‘team’ and they scream shout and sing because of it. On a physical level they are simply showing support for something they love (nothing wrong with that) but on a spiritual level they literally praise the symbolism they wear and that which is displayed in the arena they do battle in. The only problem being they do not know what the symbolism is nor do they realise the implications of, albeit unknowingly, worshipping it.


 Is it a sign of emotional adoration for football or blind worship of occult symbolism created through deception?

Again on a five-sense level there is nothing wrong with this, it’s nice to feel part of ‘something’ and have a ‘side’ to support and cheer and even sulk and moan about. I can only try to point out that there are many other reasons behind global events like the world cup, but if the masses are dumbed down so much that that they can only see the lowest level of understandings then they will never ever realise, never mind actually accept, that they are being ‘scammed’. I’ll come to that point in regards to the world cup later on.

For now I’ll say the worship of occult symbolism in the world cup goes much further afield than the hosting country or the symbolic stadiums being used in it.  The Serpent Cult has created a network of symbolic locations to display the 2010 world cup around the globe, just like it did in the last world cup. Mind you this sort of thing is increased 10 fold in the last 12 years leading up to 2010. This worship by proxy, if you like, is usually done in major cities. A large screen will be produced, usually outside a replica temple in a city square or near a symbolic logo of a corporate business, and crowds will be encouraged to gather around it and cheer their team on.  wc11Untitled1

 Worship of occult symbolism and the ‘world cup’ outside replica temple

I have obviously mentioned this situation many times over the years. Indeed it is going on again ‘officially’ at some very major landmarks, just like the Live 8 energy extraction did. F Fans Fest is another massive scam and includes energy being extracted beside the same monuments and energy lines that were used in Live 8 and many other rituals that have taken place for centuries at the same or similar locations. I mentioned this thing years ago, when I wrote about Live 8, but in the majority of cases it fell on lazy and deaf ears, or worse, the work was stolen.  Indeed I am truly sick to death of pointing this out, but I tell you the truth AGAIN that the sun monuments and energy lines in Paris, Rome and Berlin, along with the others mentioned in the FIFA link provided are being used again. I point out that all the areas in the FIFA Fan’s Fest have been ‘baptised’ with the Ferris wheel too.


 Map showing official fans fests and world cup stadiums.

If you have access to decent internet speed, don’t just look at the map and the link watch this bloody video There are eight ‘8’ exclusive cities too. See if it reminds you of Live 8! See if it reminds you of monuments too!

What can I say about the video apart from it shows another global ritual? Free events located around illuminati monuments again eh? Hey maybe I wasn’t really so delusional in 2005 after all then eh? Maybe I’m not just a silly loony after all and the force that blew my socks off in 1998/99 is not just a sign of paranoid psychosis after all eh? I know it isn’t and always have done but that may be part of the delusion eh? But hey, believe this, if I am telling the truth I assure you I wouldn’t swap a bucket of piss for some people’s futures out there, not even a full one. The past is calling and its pretty bloody pissed off at the stench of planet Earth. I may be a fool but I’m no liar. Mind you I won’t play the fool for much longer either. Anyone who was with me back in 2005, and actually read about the Live 8 information I provided back then, should connect to the information and to the events mentioned in the FIFA fest video, simply because it’s the very same spiritual extraction scam that is taking place. It is the same scam!!!

Please open your minds and eyes and bloody well look at what is going on. The only difference between both Live 8 and world cup events is that the Serpent Cult are using the World Cup as a pied piper instead of using pop stars and Bob Geldof’s Live 8 as a pied piper. The results of the rituals are the same.

If you can now see through both of these deceptions then I am excited for your future.

Please take in that the Serpent Cult requires massive free willed participation (spiritual consent) from the human race to turn the events like Live 8 and the world cup in to spiritually binding rituals and lets be honest, its not hard for them to gain free will participation from a spiritually blind human race is it? The human race is symbol illiterate.

These free screenings of world cup matches from FIFA are placed on these locations on purpose because they literally represent a place of worship, just like they did at Live 8. A global ritual of Sun worship is taking place and sadly the human race falls for it right, left and centre every time.  Of course oppressed human beings are going to love being entertained and want to join in a party. What is the alternative?

FIFA have also used pied piper superstar type players to add more attraction to the events. Pele and Maradona being two massive ones.  I am not going in to detail regarding these stars (pied pipers for the Serpent Cult) simply because they represent the same scenario as I described in the information regarding David Beckham last year. Both Pele and Maradonna, along with Beckham have been ‘selected’ to play symbolic pied pipers. I will go in to this situation in depth in my next book but please note that the whole England team now carries the symbolism of Beckham, mentioned in the Paint Your Wagon chapter/article and this is because Beckham has been made the official figurehead of the England Team leading up to 2012 and beyond.

OK then what have we covered so far in this article? Oh yes the foundation symbolism, the modern day and even ancient symbolic stadiums, the fan’s fests, battle uniforms and football symbolism and oh yes of course symbolic occult laden pied pipers like David Beckham.

Anyway folks I suppose I better start to explain things regarding the ‘tournament’ you know of as the world cup.  I suppose that’s what most of you that are simply skimming through this article want to know.

OK then let me explain, on a spiritual level, what the ‘world cup’ ritual is all about but let’s start with something that will get rid of the chaff…  So here goes… ‘I assure you all that the world cup has nothing to do with a ‘game’ called football’.

Indeed the ‘world cup’ is simply a ‘front’ for massive sun worship and surrender of spirit ritual. The fact that football matches are taking place is totally immaterial.  What? I hear you say… the world cup has nothing to do with football? Has Delooze gone even more insane than he was before?

I tell you the truth when I say that  ‘football’ is only being used in the ‘world cup’ because it is a very popular sport and dumbed down blinkered football fans (human beings) are very easily manipulated to behave in the way that the Serpent Cult wants them too.

The Serpent Cult has simply cultivated the game of football and its fans for their own benefit, and it is because of this cultivation that millions of hypnotised human beings follow the sport as they do today. In fact to most football fans the game is their ‘life’. They have nothing to live for without it, such is the power of mind manipulation and programming.

The fans never actually look at anything but their team, their opponents and the field of play. They are happily oblivious to what is really going on around them. They simply won’t listen to anything that contradicts their faith in their team. They simply want ‘victory’ on the symbolic battlefield for themselves and they expect to receive it through their champions (the football team they support.)

The players are no different to the fans as far as true awareness of the situation taking place and they do not see anything but their opponents and they only hear the power of their supporters. The managers simply want to appease their fans and their employers too. Obviously they all want to be a winner and bring the world cup home but NONE of them actually step back and look at what they are actually doing. They are, albeit unknowingly, sheep in the extreme.

The only force that knows what is really going on in the world cup tournament is the Serpent Cult itself. That is not an insult to the football fans, it is basic fact as far as I am concerned, and I assure you I was/am the same as anybody else. I also hadn’t a clue what was really going on in the world cup prior to 1998. I was blind to the scam.

Again, despite the ridicule, general fear and lack of large scale acceptance of my theories, I have still written many things about the masses being attracted to events and because of their emotions and programming they actually create and release spiritual energy at the said event. I have also explained many times that the energy harvested at such events goes to the creators of the symbolic monuments, idols and symbolism on display at the time.

The ‘world cup’ is a massive example of this. You don’t see many events that come larger than the world cup. Indeed the words ‘world cup’ say it all if you can raise your awareness higher than an empty bag of crisps and drop your ego a little for a few minutes.  If you want to be free then you have to want to be free so please empty your mind of trivia for a short while and look what the world cup is really all about… Come on…

It is the world cup ‘trophy’ itself that is put on a pedestal and it is the centre of attention at the tournament.  It literally symbolises and represents the whole event. Well doesn’t it? Well obviously so if it is the aim of the players and fans to ‘win it’. It is the icon, the symbolic golden idol of worship, on display.

Let’s look at the trophy itself because it has strong foundation symbolism too.

Hey I’ll let Bobby Moore show you the true symbolism hiding behind the trophy (you will believe he eh?) and the foundation symbolism of the trophy that is on display at the world cup today. Please note Bobby Moore was the very first English football pied piper that was used and recruited by the Serpent Cult, his premature death at 51 through cancer obviously added to his worship value, especially so at Wembley stadium. David Beckham now holds the pied piper position today. 


 Sir Bob and the original ‘world cup’ in all its ‘glory’

You can see, if you look, that the world cup is a winged goddess and it was also known at the time as the Jules Rimet trophy.

The trophy, originally named Victory, but later renamed in honour of former FIFA president Jules Rimet, was made of gold plated sterling silver and lapis lazuli and depicted Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.  (Source FIFA.com)

     It is said to be Nike the Goddess of Victory. Obviously veteran conspiracy buffs will know that Nike is just another name used to represent Isis, Athena and the rest of the deceptive pied piper goddess icons, and symbolic agents, that I believe have been used for thousands of years, by what I call the Serpent Cult, to deceive and enslave the human race. Look closely at the trophy again. The Serpent Cult did not hide the symbolism back in 1966 simply because it had to be accepted and adored it its true image.


The original world cup: The Jules Rimet Trophy

It is literally a ‘chalice’. It is a tool used in occult ritual.

It is so easy for me to use this example to show you how the Serpent Cult ‘alters’ the symbolism they use in public but yet still hide it right under our noses. (Not that many actually see it when it is blatant and right in their face and literally held up high by the captain of England… (Obviously we were too busy cheering it to notice) Here is a picture of the modern day version of the world cup and another of the two trophies together. Look how easy it is to hide occult symbolism and please believe me a golden chalice representing sun deities is definitely occult symbolism!


 ‘World Cup’ = Sun Deity Chalice (Get it?)

The two different trophies carry the exact same symbolism but it is much harder to see the symbolism and the links to the original occult sun worship chalice in the second version isn’t it? But that is exactly what the second trophy represents. It is a chalice used for ritual. What does it all mean? The fact is folks that the millions of football fans and other people that get connected to the world cup are literally taking part in a religious ritual of sun/serpent worship. The world cup trophy is simply on a par with a chalice that is used for ritual in temples and churches around the world. Therefore the world cup tournament becomes a global religious ritual. In simple terms look at the pictures and see what I mean.


The occult symbolism is hidden in the modern day world cup trophy

 wc18Untitled1 wc19Untitled1

The chalice is shown to worshippers simply to be accepted and endorsed

The ritual has nothing to do with football and again the football is only used as a pied piper to attract the audience to watch and witness the event. In ancient times real physical battles took place in arenas (gladiators etc) instead of football matches and people were literally slaughtered to create the necessary levels of emotion (creation of spiritual energy). The battles were always in honour of the sun gods or their agents (Royalty) and that is exactly what is happening at the world cup in modern times. It is not entertainment for the masses, the entertainment is simply manufactured to create the emotion and many forms of entertainment can be used. Football is a very popular one so it was chosen for large rituals. The event simply takes place in honour of the sun gods, again it is not to entertain the masses. The fans are simply hypnotised stooges that endorse the ritual through their free will. The feel good factor connected to the games is simply manipulated to the extreme.

On a spiritual level, the fans, will literally be deceived in to worshipping ‘the chalice’ (The world ‘cup’) that represents pied piper sun deities created by the Serpent Cult. The fans are literally entering sun temples (sports arenas like soccer city) and worshipping their enslaver. By accepting and worshipping this chalice the masses give the right to rule the human race to those that are represented by the Serpent Cult. Has the penny dropped yet?

The people at home and at the fans fests, mentioned earlier in this article, etc are also joining in the mass sun ritual. They too are literally bowing to the chalice. The ‘world’ cup. It is all a scam hidden behind a sport called football. Again the football has absolutely nothing to do with it. The people in all participating countries that are driving around in cars, symbolic chariots, adorned in occult symbolic flags and emblems are also joining in the ritual. They haven’t a clue what they are doing and the Serpent Cult is pissing itself at human stupidity and the trickery that is taking place.

wc 20 Untitled1

 The ritual is carried out in many ways and in many makeshift temples!

It really really really does not matter which country we are from or which team we are supporting because we are all joining in the same massive ritual that will enslave us. Tribalism and duality are used only to create more spiritual energy and at the end of the day all supporters are worshipping the same force no matter what team they follow or what country they live in. All sides are victims. We are all unknowingly worshipping symbolic gods that have deceived us.

I realise it is hard for many to believe that attending these events can be ‘negative’ (in spiritual terms) because of the feel good factor of the event but that feel good factor is needed to prove to the universe that it is the free will of the human race to have the serpent cult rule over us. It has to have a feel good factor. In universal law we choose our reality and by these events taking place, and the human race willingly, adoring them we give permission to the serpent cult to rule us.

Can you start to BELIEVE that the world cup event is one big scam to steal spiritual energy and to extract free will acceptance of the serpent cults rule over us?

I tell you the truth when I say my words are true and trustworthy. The world cup has nothing to do with football it is simply a request by the masses to be ruled by the Serpent Cult.

Think back to all the information inside this article, but forget all about game of ‘football’, please think what the fans in the stadium are actually doing and please think about what the people at home and people at the fans fests are doing. Please think about the worship of the symbolic trophy and the worship of ‘global leaders’ that goes on inside stadiums too because all energy created in stadiums feeds the creators of the symbolism and their agents.

I know only too well that I will be laughed at for my claims but that does not stop be writing this article. Mind you I will have a little chuckle at the fact that so called awakened people will sit in front of a TV screen worshipping the chalice of Isis, awake my arse! They are still fast asleep in my opinion. Not to worry though they can concentrate on Christmas again after the world cup.

That said I realise that millions of fans will either go to stadiums or sit in front of a TV screen and willingly and happily take part in this ritual and I understand this fully. I did it myself up to 1998. I was a drone blindly joining in a ritual. I simply enjoyed the football and never looked at the bigger picture. I can laugh at the world cup now but I cry because of the hypnotised and blind people it deceives. I also realise they will never believe what I say on the matter.

I can only suggest to these people that they actually stop watching the football for one minute and actually ‘watch themselves’. Look at what you do! Look at what you cheer and what you boo. Take note of your emotional states and your reactions, for example did you know it is a fact that domestic abuse and violence increases dramatically during the world cup? Yes the emotions behind the programming are so intense that some football fans go and beat the shit out of their wife because their football team lost a game. Hey lads the only winner is the Serpent Cult. ‘It takes it all’ and will also feed off sore losers beating up their wife.

It is very hard for a hypnotised fool to see they are a hypnotised fool. It is very hard for intelligent human beings to actually realise that they have been taken for a very silly mug and they are sat there adorned in occult symbolism worshipping their enslaver and are merely mind slaves in ritual they cannot even comprehend. They can never accept that a popular game called football has just been the honey trap to steal energy.

But I say to everyone please sit drinking, dancing and singing to the world cup trophy but at least look at what you are doing when you do so. Because once you open your eyes a new world is waiting for you, a far better one than the one you are so scared of losing.

I take no pleasure in saying that millions of people are being duped and sadly it wasn’t very hard to dupe them. The Serpent Cult has been carrying out these things for thousands of years and a stupefied human race hasn’t had a clue. Christmas and Eid being on a par with large global sporting events.

Again there is only one winner in the world cup as you know but it hasn’t anything to do with the football team that score more goals than the others do either. There is only ever going to be one winner too. That winner is the creator of the symbolism that is ‘lifted’ and cheered at the end of the tournament. That winner receives all the spiritual energy that has been created. The winner literally ‘takes it all’ in these events. That winner is the creator of the symbolism being displayed on the symbolic ritualistic chalice. The winner is the Serpent Cult.

My friend, every emotion created at the tournament, through every tear, smile, frown or cheer, is turned in to energy and goes to the Serpent Cult and also allows them to rule over us. I’ll keep saying it till I’m blue in the face. Emotional Respect/ Disrespect creates spiritual energy and the Serpent Cult knows how to extract it and harness it, and the Serpent knows only too well how to gain your spiritual consent to rule your destiny by getting you to make vows to it.

How can we stop it happening when we can’t see the rituals taking place and indeed how can we stop it if we won’t even stop to look at what we are taking part in because we actually enjoy doing so?

If we can start to look, think and actually speak up and react to what is actually going on in the world, instead of simply becoming mobs of very selfish drones and mind controlled tribal warriors, then maybe we would start to get somewhere and the doors, leading to benefits for physical human life and even reconnection to spiritual wellness, would start to appear and then increase enormously.

The human race is, in the main, collectively blind, deaf and dumb in regards to its actions and spiritual surrender to multi-dimensional alien forces. But it will not even consider that it is. The human race wears only a reversible cape of ego and greed and it simply turns over that cape instead of taking it off. That said if the human race wants to continue just as it is then all it needs to do is stay blind, deaf and dumb.

Am I arrogant or too far up my own arse saying a thing like that?  Maybe I am but I still say it with good intention and please don’t kick the messenger. I’m already on the floor.

Anyway the information in this chapter/article is provided for you to take in and question things, indeed what did you actually want me to report about the world cup?  Did you want me to show you massive ‘bowls’ that are going to be filled with human beings simply for the spiritual energy they will create? Do you want me to show you evidence that the stadiums are actually linked together to create a prolonged and continuous system of spiritual energy extraction?


A bowl waiting for the ingredients of ritual

 Did you want me to show you stupefied human beings that dress up and dance around like organ grinder’s monkeys and join in rituals they can’t even see or comprehend? Did you want me to show you how the FIFA fan fest type football fans, those not even attending the world cup, actually create outdoor temples around the globe to unify and intensify the ritual? Did you?

wc22fan fest 200671292743

  FIFA Fan Fest Germany 2006

Did you want me to mention ‘respected’ symbolic figureheads and symbolic pied pipers that will attract the human emotional energy and literally become baptised ‘agents’, drink from the chalice if you like, in the sports arenas (temples)? Do you want me to show you symbolic idols of worship like the world cup ‘chalice’ to show you the human race is being conned on a massive scale to take part in a ritual that will actually enslave them?


The Serpent Cult will use and abuse ‘respected’ icons linked to the stadiums and the chalice

If so I have done all that. It is done. Do you believe my information? Do you want me to shut up because your ego or cowardly insecurities do not want me to tell the truth?  I accept, to most folks out there, that I have said things they cannot accept or better still I have said things they don’t want to accept or even listen too. Please believe me I don’t give a monkeys toss if you believe my information or not. I realise most people cannot see beyond the hypnotic slavery they exist in and blindly defend. I’m only here to help people who wish to break free from that hypnosis. I’m not here to pander to ego and comfort zone bubbles of those that don’t or won’t. I’m not here to kiss arse and make a living out of you by selling you fantasy or what you want to hear either. What bloody good will that do you if I did?

I’m not in business and I’m not here to entertain you either, so please take or leave the information or simply laugh at it if it makes you feel better. I really don’t care what you do with it. If you think I’m talking out of my arse then that’s fine.

I spent 38 years talking out of my arse, as a dumbed down human slave, so I’m well experienced in wildly pumping out the verbal nonsense from my bottom, just like you are.  So if you are convinced my theories or my work in general is simply shite then please go and enjoy the world cup ritual without giving my words or your actions another thought. It won’t bother me and it is, in my opinion, your eternal spiritual enslavement that is at stake not mine.  So sing ‘Come On England’ eh?

I’m only here for certain folks and I know only too well that some folks cannot bear me or my information. The feeling is mutual slave. But lets agree to disagree and happily ignore each other.

The Serpent Cult is a vicious and cruel force that will happily see you enslaved in this world for eternity and trapped in a continuous nightmare created by the same rulers that rule you now. They will feed off your misery and gullibility forever. It is planned to create hell on Earth and that applies to both rich and poor.  It is now time to change things and escape, for want of a better word, ‘the Matrix’ or it is a time to stay on your knees and be imprisoned in the future. The time to play dithering hippies is coming to an end.  I know that quite a lot of people who are genuinely awaking up will be severely tested on both a physical and spiritual level in the next couple of years. It will not be a very pleasant journey. I have written my books and articles in the past to help those people.  If I only help one or two people then the struggle I have gone through for 12 years (to date) will be worthwhile.

I’d like to finish this article/chapter by quoting from the Beckham article, which is also linked to football. I wrote it in 2008.

“I am not here to dictate to you. Let me make that clear. I don’t want to ‘tell you’ about the many different levels that spiritual symbolism operates on. I want you to see it for yourself. You will then be duped no more. Occult symbolism operates on many many levels and it involves EVERYTHING you are involved with in this world, I mean everything. It is the ultimate method of control over your mind and spirit. Everything you do in your life is initially triggered by the esoteric symbolism used and controlled by the Serpent Cult. They control the matrix type illusion we live in simply because they trigger your mind to react in a certain way, when they want your mind to react. They use our minds and our free will to create the world they want and they will use our minds to enslave us and we will willingly do so unless we wake up. Occult symbolism coupled with our false five sense education and programming directs all areas of your life and it controls all areas of your life 24 hours a day, from your birth to your death, lifetime after lifetime. It is vital, in my opinion that you start to look around and question things that are going on through your own eyes and not those provided by the Serpent Cult or anyone else for that matter, including me. Then maybe one day you will see right through your hypnotic state and remember who you really are. It is that person, the real you, that I am appealing to today. The real you is the ‘energy’ deep down inside you, the real you is NOT the fucked up sack of brain-dead shite that imprisons you either, believe me, that part of you has been created by the Serpent Cult.”

(Excerpt from Paint Your Wagon by Matthew Delooze 2008)

The quote above really sums up the situation with the world cup tournament and the individuals that blindly go along with it. It is very difficult to break free from any hypnotic trance, especially so if the trance involves strong connections to something you get great pleasure from. That said the Serpent can only get you to worship it by hiding behind and exploiting your pleasures and traditions.

It is, in my opinion, impossible to break free from the trance without receiving antidote triggers and spell breaking information from a benevolent force. I have tried my best for several years to provide such things and I have suffered for it.

I have said enough for now. Again this article is written and sent with love and good intentions. Please take it in the manner it is sent or simply leave it well alone. If you do get something from this work then please pass it on.

On a lighter note I have decided to dedicate this ‘The Winner Takes It All’ article to all the poor soccer widows and non-football fans out there. I have given you knowledge that no football fan can disprove and details about how the fans have been duped for many years (as far as the world cup is concerned). I hope the month of Isis rituals passes quickly for world cup widows everywhere.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 8th June 2010

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2010. All Rights Reserved

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Paint Your Wagon! – Exposed: The true symbolism carried by David Beckham

Update Available Here

Paint Your Wagon!


Exposed: The true symbolism carried by David Beckham

By Matthew Delooze

Maria! Maria!… Blow My Love to Me
(They Call the Wind Maria, from Paint Your Wagon)

Hello, I have been busy for several weeks traveling and working (I even fit in a weekend booze up in between) and I have been unable to update my website.. I am therefore happy to find myself resting my weary legs in front of a computer screen and trying to place a bit more information on the net.

I find myself turning into an old man (before my time!) because the last 15 years feel like 50 years to me and events have taken their toll on me in more ways than one. I recently pondered on the thought that all the truth seekers out there will one day receive the fruits of their labours. I pondered on the thought that they will also receive spiritual freedom and a return to source. In other words I wondered if we will be allowed to go ‘home’ simply because we desire to go home. Is desire and free thinking enough to break the Serpent’s Spell?

I am sure, despite the tidal wave of hypnosis we live under, that we will eventually ride the waves that engulf and enslave us and we will not be trapped under a mass of bitter tasting salt water. I see this in people faces everyday. They want to be free, they can sense freedom and they don’t want to miss out. So next time you look in the mirror ask yourself if you really want fishing out from under the tidal wave of spiritual control and hypnosis you are drowning in or if you really want to remain under it.

There is currently a battle going on for your mind and soul. The weapons used in this battle will get much more powerful and far more difficult to see. On one hand the force, the Serpent Cult, which I believe has spiritually enslaved us for thousands of years, wants to keep us under hypnosis, dumbed down to the level that is on a par with whoopee cushion, to serve its agenda. On the other hand I believe another force wants to help break the said hypnosis that I believe has enslaved us for thousands of years.

That latter said force is simply ‘us’ my friends. I’m not talking messiah’s here. We are our own alarm clock, trouble is it’s so easy for us to keep pressing the snooze button. That said there are, in my humble opinion, forces from outside the matrix that are helping folk inside the matrix, so to speak, but there is no messiah coming to do the job for us. Those forces cannot undo what we have already done through our free will, only we can do that.

You are your own messiah. You are the most powerful thing, the most powerful entity, you will ever meet. We all are. I know only too well that is very hard to believe when you see people in the street. The Serpent Cult has made you believe you are mortal shite, but despite our suicidal willingness to get on our knees and become spiritual prisoners, this is not true.

I had another thought the other day, yes my one brain cell does actually move now and again, I thought that many folks out there are simply waiting for a messiah to knock on their door and say something like….

 “Hello, sorry to bother you but I’m the messiah, thanks for sitting on your arse waiting for me to save you, there is a taxi outside and you are now free to go to heaven, err… don’t forget to take your credit card, your ipod and your mobile phone with you of course”.

It reminded me of the old style ‘knocker upper’ that used to wake up the factory, mill and pit workers in my area, years ago, before the arrival of the alarm clock in the homes of the poor. (Let me explain to Americans out there that ‘knocker uppers’ in the North of England means ‘waker uppers’, they simply wake people up and they do not knock women up and there is no sexual connection to the terminology intended!)


Wakey Wakey. Time to get off your arse! (The old style ‘Knocker Upper’ doing his job in Lancashire)

These old style knocker uppers used to charge everyone a penny or two a week to wake up the workers so they could actually get to work, their chosen destination so to speak, on time and therefore not be sacked (fired) for bad time keeping. Those that have lived in poor housing and done a few early shifts in mills and factories will know what I mean when I say it’s not easy to get up day in and day out to go to some mundane soul destroying job, especially in brass monkey weather in mid winter. These knocker uppers were indeed vital to workers especially in the winter months. The knocker uppers were usually folk who couldn’t work themselves. I always used to wonder ‘who the bloody hell woke up the knocker upper’. What made him so special that he could get up at the crack of dawn alone and wake up all the others. My Mam used to say ‘Knocker Uppers’ always seemed a bit crackers (crazy). So I guess, my friends that knocker uppers are meant to be a bit mad and walking around the streets at 4am in the morning with a long pole tapping on windows seems crazy enough to me. I suppose the aim of the knocker upper was to make sure that the people who asked him to wake them up actually got woken up. The knocker upper never let folk down. He kept his promise and tapped on their windows at the right time. I’m sure that sometimes a tired worker didn’t want to hear that tap on the window from the knocker upper on a cold and frosty morning, especially if they faced a day of backbreaking labour down a coal mine or in the weaving shed. The knocker uppers role was only to make sure you reached your destination and as daft as he looked walking the streets carrying his long pole around and tapping on windows (some of which were so dirty you couldn’t see through them) he made sure those people ‘got there’. The knocker upper made sure you got to your destination and at the right time.

There are a few modern day symbolic knocker uppers about trying to do the same job today. Sometimes different poles are used on different buildings, simply because some windows are harder to reach than others. When different poles are used it sometimes makes a different noise when tapping on the window pane of the person that wants to be woken, but no matter what different sounds are made, by the actions of the knocker upper, the intention and results are always the same. The person is awoken. The knocker upper woke them all.

In my opinion the knocker upper, who was looked at as being crazy anyway, should not be judged on what pole he uses sometimes or whether you like the way he taps on your window or your neighbours window or not. The knocker upper should be judged on whether you get off your arse and out of your sleep station and reach your destination on time or not. You can of course always tell the knocker upper to bugger off if you don’t like the pole he uses to knock on your windows. But my Mam used to say; “If you didn’t have or didn’t use a knocker upper, you never woke up on time and you always missed the bus!” I suggest everyone heed the words of my mother, if only partly in jest, because she was very wise on these matters and always told the truth.

Anyway, let’s get on with the info eh? Let’s log it. I have briefly mentioned this sort of thing at my talks and in my book, Is it me for a moment?. It’s about certain people that are being used as ‘portable occult symbolism’. Most of you know that I believe the masses are led to symbolic monuments or buildings (temples) and then conned into releasing spiritual energy, through manipulation of our emotions, in certain areas or on certain energy lines whilst in the same said location. The energy created is then harnessed and used to feed beings in another dimension. Those that have not read about spiritual energy extraction please visit my website and browse the articles section, but a good example about spiritual energy extraction is in my article…Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird.

What I want to mention today is the fact that certain human beings, that are vigorously controlled and hyped by the Serpent Cut, can literally become ‘walking occult monuments’. I have mentioned previously how symbolically named rock and pop stars, using symbolic lyrics are used. If you are unaware of this please read my articles starting with Beside the Sea.

The Serpent Cult control all the major celebrities in this world. Some celebrities are indeed ‘possessed’ by entities that are alien to this world and in my opinion they assist the Serpent Cult’s agenda to enslave the human race simply by covertly getting us to worship the alien gods, spiritually and physically, that hide behind royalty, religion and celebrities. I’d like to mention David Beckham and his ‘Posh’ wife Victoria Adams.

Posh & Becks in full puppet pose

They are indeed prime examples of being symbolic walking monuments acting on behalf of the Serpent Cult. They have gained massive worldwide attention and that’s just what the Serpent Cult wanted. They are now said to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds and they are household names all around the world. They are literally symbolic galactic icons and they have reached the minds, in some way or other, of the entire human race.

I realise David Beckham is/was a fairly good footballer but it appears his off field activities have created most of his wealth and let’s face it ‘off field’ this bloke is not the sharpest tool in the box is he? Indeed he’s nearly as daft and stupid as me isn’t he? What can I say about his wife Victoria? Talented is she?

I know she was a ‘spice girl’ but if there was any natural talent at all with the spice girls it wasn’t anything to do with Victoria was it? I have seen and heard better singers down the local working men’s club and they sing for £80 a night.

So what we have here in my honest opinion is a half decent footballer and an average singer that have been hyped to buggery and literally become two of the most celebrated gods and goddesses in the celebrity world. Millions of people actually worship this couple. Young girls and young men, yes young men, literally have an orgasm simply by looking at Beckham. What is it all about? What does it all mean? Who hypes such people to achieve celebrity god and goddess levels?

The Serpent Cult needs our free will to rule over us. Free will energy is the most powerful energy. It’s pure. You will know this if you have ever felt physical and spiritual emotion for another human being and actually received it back! I mean for example by having a mad passionate sex session on one hand or getting the shit kicked out of you on another! Energy created by ‘free will’ is like two young lovers that can’t get enough of each other, the energy literally blows their socks off, along with their underwear of course! Free will energy is also created by attacking and fighting someone who has enraged you. It’s simply invisible energy at its most powerful. Whether it is used in a positive or negative way does not matter to the creation of the energy itself.

The Serpent Cult, entities in another dimension, know that we would not give our free will energy to them if we knew who they were or what they were doing. The Serpent Cult cannot show themselves in their true chosen image so they show themselves to us in our own image. They need to trick us into giving them our free will energy through images we can relate to and connect to.….freely.

So what do they do, how do they do it? They recruit celebrity agents, like the Beckham’s, that will receive ‘free will’ energy on their behalf. Celebrities like the Beckham’s act as middle men and are rewarded materially for their efforts. How do these agents receive free will energy and pass the energy on to entities in another dimension? The agents like Beckham carry around the ‘symbolism’ that officially represents entities from another dimension. They become official agents, if you like, and they take things from us on a spiritual level just like a tax collector does on a five sense level, but instead of taking material things from us they take spiritual things from us. Just like a British Judge carries the symbolism of the Royal Crown around with him to show he represents the crown, celebrities that have been hyped by the Serpent Cult carry the symbolism of Serpent Cult around with them to show they represent the Serpent Cult. It’s exactly the same thing. It is not the Judge or Celebrity that matter because they are only the vehicle, the tax collector if you like. It is the symbolism they carry that matters on a spiritual level.

The power or energy created by the Judge in court always feeds and/or empowers the Royal Crown, simply because the Judge symbolises the Crown by displaying the symbolism he surrounds himself with. Therefore the energy created by hyped celebrities always feeds and/or empowers the Serpent Cult simply because the hyped celebrities symbolises the Serpent Cult by displaying the symbolism they too are willing to surround themselves with.

To understand this fully you have to realise that spiritual energy is invisible and can be transferred through symbolic agents to feed the ‘creator’ of the symbolic agents through the symbolism they carry.

Another good way to explain how energy feeds the creator of symbolic agents is to mention our children. I remember putting my kids in fancy dress competitions when we spent summer holidays at holiday camps in the 1980’s. Susie, my long suffering wife, used to make them very good fancy dress costumes. Our kids have been dressed up in many different costumes from electronic robots to Edward Scissor Hands. We would both do our best to present our kids dressed up in ‘our creation’ in the hope they would win the competition. They did win a few over the years and both me and Susie felt tremendous pleasure when they did. ‘We’ took the energy created by ‘their’ success with the audience simply because we created their costume, they carried and wore our symbolism. The kids were really ‘agents’ for the parents and they were displaying the symbolic costume created by the parents who were not on stage.

Although the kids took pleasure from winning the fancy dress the creators of the costumes being worn took more energy from the success.

We ‘painted their wagon’ so to speak and took ‘pleasure’, therefore energy, from anyone who praised how their wagon was painted. Does this make sense to you? There is obviously nothing wrong with parents doing these things. I am only explaining the method because the Serpent Cult use and abuse the same method but on a far bigger scale.

Let’s have a look at what symbolism Mr and Mrs Beckham carry around with them. Let’s have a look how his well adored wagon is painted. Beckham is famous for the tattoos on his body. His painted wagon so to speak.


Beckham showing the Cross with the Sun and the names of his Son’s Romeo , Cruz and Brooklyn (waistband area)

You can see that Beckham has placed a massive cross showing the sun either rising or setting. Beckham also has placed his ‘sons’ names on his back. Romeo and Cruz are placed over and under the cross. Let me explain the meanings of the names Romeo (Citizen of Rome or Roman) and Cruz (Cross as in the crucifixion) So what we have symbolically is literally the Cross of Rome or Roman Cross. Hey that’s a weird coincidence isn’t it? Has Beckham planned the names of his kids to fit in with the symbolism he carries around displayed on his back and if so why?

Then there is Beckham’s other son’s name…. Brooklyn. Apparently they called him Brooklyn because that is where Victoria is said to have got pregnant. Bloody good job she didn’t get pregnant here then eh? Mind you I have heard the name of that town and Beckham mentioned in the same sentence before.

Brooklyn means ‘in between two lands’ or broken land. Hence the name of the Brooklyn Bridge, created by Freemasons crediting Bro. John A. Roebling for doing so. Brooklyn carries a lot of symbolism dating back a long time. I can only suggest in this article that David Beckham’s back is, on a symbolic level, on a par with a Temple of Rome or Church of Babylon. This sort of symbolism that is placed on a celebrity literally turns the celebrity into a walking temple of worship. When Beckham is cheered in the stadiums the  spiritual energy created in the said stadium actually goes the the symbolism he carries and the creator of that symbolism. The Serpent Cult! (Entities that are alien to this world) The Cross of Rome and other Babylon/Sun symbolism painted on Beckham turns him in to walking temple of that symbolism and it is is worshipped when he is. Do you understand this?


Come on applaud eh? Romeo? Cruz?  Roman Cross?  Winged Sun Symbolism? What the hell is going on here?

David Beckham also carries some very cryptic symbolism within his other tattoos. I see a Sun Goddess tattoo that engulfs Roman Emperor figure and/or Knights Templar. Good clear pictures are hard to find and the tattoos are displaying occult symbolism on many levels.

Beckham_watch  becham_arm

A labyrinth of occult symbolism including sun goddess (Halo) deity

Here is an official quote regarding some tattoos carried by Beckham on his right arm. Beckham’s autobiography also mentions the same story.

Most significant, said the source, are the words ‘Pray For Me’ inscribed on the inside of his right wrist…The three words are inscribed next to another symbolic piece Beckham apparently wanted to reflect who he feels he has been for the past ten years – a Knight Templar, symbolised by a cross. The Templar Knights, recognisable by their white mantle with distinct red cross, are for David the symbols of him and the England team.

He asked the tattoo artist to etch the Knight Templar on his arm as he “feels the knights were the best equipped, trained, and disciplined fighting units of the Crusades, just as he has always tried to be as a footballer representing his team of knights”.

The main tattoo on the forearm is a giant angel sentinel, holding a flame in her hand so that her face is illuminated from below. The wings spread round Beckham’s arm and merge with the existing tattoos. The second tattoo across his arm is a quote by the Roman Emperor Tiberius and also used by Caligula. It reads: “Lets them hate (me) as long as they fear (me).”

It is written in English though Beckham originally wanted it written in Latin. Source  

Those quotes and the tattoos themselves are an official announcement that Beckham represents the Serpent Cult. But we can all fob it off as celebrity bullshit if we want. In my opinion Beckham has become a walking temple of worship, but that’s not all, Beckham appears to have taken on the persona of ‘Caligula’ too. So I would go as far as to say Beckham is carrying the symbolism that was carried by Caligula and actually represents the Sun Cult of the Romans. He carries the occult symbolism that is applauded around the world. He is a symbolic representative of the Knights Templar and the Cross of Rome (Church of Babylon ) too. He is literally a walking history book of occult symbolism.

Let me explain that in every symbolic stadium that Beckham appears, including Wembley and many more around the world. He usually takes of his shirt, especially after ‘victory’, and displays the said symbolism he carries (see picture from earlier in this article). Obviously the emotions of the crowd are at fever pitch as the crowd release most of the energy at the end of the game or when someone scores. Beckham would be the focus of most energy either wearing the England (Knight Templar) shirt or indeed wearing his symbolic skin. Indeed a few years ago it became a fashion of certain football players to take off their shirt after scoring a goal. This practice was indeed banned to avoid contamination of the possible symbolism being displayed. So anyone doing it after the ban received extra focus from the viewing public. For those that don’t think messages on football and other sports shirts, rugby cricket and racing drivers etc., should think again. Doing things like that is very big business, even on a five sense level and the corporate businesses know how to place subliminal messages through advertising via sports matches and on sports shirts on a five sense level.

On a spiritual level it is the geometry and the occult symbolism being shown at these events that matter to the Serpent Cult. Hence the corporate logos and the likes of the symbolism being carried and displayed by the sports stars themselves. The Serpent Cult want the crowds and the TV audiences to applaud and love their symbolism so they place it ‘on’ popular celebrities, they literally paint the wagon, and get the audience to love the symbolism by loving the celebrity. It is a very good and successful scam. Again David Beckham is a prime example of a hyped celebrity.

This is one of the easiest scam used by the illuminated ones and the Serpent Cult are laughing their bollocks off at the dumbed down idiotic human race as they literally worship their celebrated agents not knowing that they are being conned into to worshipping the ‘symbolism’ that is actually placed on the celebrity. Beckham’s wife is also used in the same way. Her symbolism is literally a ‘Goddess of Victory’. Victoria is the Roman goddess of victory. She has also become a walking monument. She adorns herself with symbolism relating to Solomon which I will go in to more deeply in a future article but for now it is my opinion that Victoria is usually used to announce and support David’s symbolism.

‘Victoria’ (Nike/Isis) is adorned with occult symbolism, including ‘Solomon’, too but I believe she is largely used to promote David’s symbolism.

As I have said in previous articles the Serpent Cult created all the ancient mythological deities. Roman, Greek, Egyptian , Babylonian and other deities, these along with human historical figures were created by the Serpent Cult and they all officially represent the Serpent Cult. Wake Up! Beckham is literally a modern day famous figure but he is also a symbolic deity too. So anyone showing emotional respect to any of these deities is really providing energy to the creators of these deities. Remember what I said about my Susie creating my son’s fancy dress costumes. Remember what I said in past articles. Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy. Hence ‘hyped puppets’ like David and Victoria Beckham being vigorously placed into the collective consciousness of the human race as something to worship. He is used as a means to suck out our energy through emotions and then the stolen energy is then conducted to Beckham’s masters.

Worship Beckham = Worship the symbolism he displays.

Worship the symbolism he displays = Worship the Serpent.

Beckham is only one example of many. I realise some of you out there will say you don’t like Beckham and you pay him no heed. I realise that I don’t particularly like him. That said there will be a Serpent Cult puppet that you do like and they will carry the symbolism of the Serpent Cult too.

When we put these puppets on a pedestal and literally worship them in one way or another, sport, fashion and music etc. (Again using the Beckham’s as a good example) it’s really on a par spiritually with putting symbolic ancient Roman deities and their temple (Serpent Cult) on a pedestal and worshipping them at the same time. It’s all a con trick and the human race is conned into creating its own enslavement by worshipping a deceptive force. This is simply because when you worship these deities through free will you literally ‘give’ the force behind these deities the right to rule over your spirit. You allow this force to create your reality, be your God, and therefore rule your spiritual direction. It’s literally your wish to let this happen. It’s a very cruel con trick but it is a very successful one.

Again, its not just the Beckham’s that are used in this sort of scam. I don’t even see the Beckham’s as talented people they have simply been hyped to buggery in my opinion. The Beckham’s have helped show me how easy it is for the mind controlled masses to give emotions to those that have been hyped into a certain position to receive it. Many other celebrities are used too. It may be that the same celebrities are used lifetime after lifetime through reincarnation or the same bloodline/ DNA is used. Whatever. We are usually entranced by ‘talented’ artists and they are then laden with occult symbolism. I am not saying we shouldn’t have talented artists to entertain us. I am saying that the talented artists should just be talented artists that entertain us and not be symbolic walking monuments that steal our energy for the Serpent Cult.

If you can take in what I have said above then maybe you can see where modern day sports events and modern day stadiums in this world are taking us eh? The corporate logos that are a front for occult symbolism engulf our stadiums around the world. Some stadiums are now actually named after a corporate logo or they are built in a certain way to display esoteric symbolism through the buildings geometry. The most famous stadiums will be located on an energy line too. We will soon have in place all around the world, at national and global events, the means to have billions of people celebrate inside occult laden stadiums containing occult laden sports stars or teams led by individual famous occult laden sport stars.

I am not exaggerating here folks the Serpent Cult are making sure that in the near future ‘everything’ you see, hear or consume will bare the Serpent Cult’s symbolism. The mark of the beast if you like. This has been building up for many years. This scam is not new, it is just being grossly expanded. In the ancient stadiums, in Rome for example, the Emperor would simply appear adorned in occult symbolism and fill the stadium with symbolic emblems and the crowd would cheer and hail him and his symbolism as their ruler and God and the arena would be the temple. We are literally returning to that sort of practise but its being done on a much larger scale and it has been introduced by stealth. Well not really by stealth, no, the human race is so bloody blind, vain and egotistic that it has literally not seen it coming. It has been happening in the open but we are blinded.

Yes, the same scam is in place today as it was in ancient times but on a far far bigger scale and in turn this is leading the human race, if nothing is done, to eternal spiritual enslavement in my opinion. It’s time to wake up. Do you really want to wake up?

The technology that will help enslave the human race has now been allowed in the public arena, with the help of consumer greed and vanity of course, including the flashy digital TV’s or computer screens you lust after, so that the events, rituals if you like, being carried out in symbolic stadiums can be linked up through the said technology and worldwide rituals can take place that will involve the entire human race, albeit unknowingly for the majority. The whole human race will be led to cheer the hidden symbolism that is placed right under our noses through the celebrated agents for the Serpent Cult. This will take place in symbolic stadiums that have become official temples for the Serpent Cult and in your homes through digital hypnosis machines (TV’s etc.)

This sort of thing has been planned for a very long time. Thousands of years in fact. The Serpent Cult want you to worship the same things that were worshipped thousands of years ago. The Serpent Cult want your total spiritual surrender and let’s face it folks, from where I am standing anyway, they nearly have it already. The whoopee cushion mentality of the masses may have already surrendered us all already. The greed and the vanity of the human race has only helped things fall into place too. Fear has played its part too. We are literally on the verge of surrendering all to our leaders if they come up with a solution to our problems and offer us a comfort zone we can wallow in. (If you don’t like the way I’m knocking on your window at the moment then put your pillow over your ears and go back to sleep!) It sickens me to see the apathy and the cowardice I see around me on a daily basis as the human race becomes nothing more than whipping boys for a big brother mentality. What are you men and women going to do when you are totally housebound undr virtual house arrest with nothing in your life only staged events and Sun rituals taking place on TV?  It won’t happen you say? Think again because you are halfway there already.

Anyway, for those who have stayed with me this far, I have only shown you my opinion of the ‘basic’ symbolism regarding Beckham in this article but I sense some of you cannot see that symbolism he carries on the level I have shown you already, never mind start to understand the next level. If the level of the symbolism I have already shown you is bullshit or simply difficult to understand then this next level is going to be either bigger bullshit to you or even harder to understand eh? One the other hand I know a few of you have ate the info up and are ready for second helpings. As I said, a few weeks ago, its time to start going slightly deeper and this year overall, thinking back, we have gone on to reveal more thingsand this has led some to more understanding. You now have information in you that you didn’t have last year and that information is ticking away inside of you stirring your memories. For those of you that understand that this is true. I say you have come a long way.

I will try to point out another major bit of hidden symbolism that was used on the ‘whoopee cushion masses’ through Beckham and his worldwide fame. You may laugh at it and believe me millions did laugh at it (happily accept it) when it was officially announced to the public. What symbolic message was announced and accepted I hear you ask.

It was Beckham’s ‘Golden Balls’ announcement. Click Here (1min.55 in) that spread around the world and caused on a symbolic level worldwide acceptance and praise. Meaningless trash to laugh at is it? If you were not blinded by the Serpent Cult you would see the true meaning of this announcement. Maybe it really is meaningless trash, and I’m simply a head the ball, but I tell you that this announcement was declaring that Beckham was symbolically carrying the ‘aurea bulla’. This was usually symbolised by placing golden balls around the necks of young Roman males, representing ‘golden bulls’. So what we really have symbolically with this comical announcement (Beckham as being titled golden balls) in my opinion, is ‘Victoria’ (the Roman Goddess of Victory or Isis/ Nike) announcing that Beckham actually carries the Golden Balls (the Aurea Bulla). This announcement was so easily put into the collective consciousness of the human race without anyone being the wiser. This symbolically means that Beckham has gained high spiritual importance and is now officially backed by illuminati bloodlines.

Aurea Bulla: Golden Bulls. Symbolised by wearing Golden Balls around the neck

Click Here for brief description about the Aurea Bulla but my own opinion is that the ‘Golden Balls’ tag that was placed on Beckham was an announcement to the human race’s free will and it was stating that Beckham fully represented the Serpent Cult, so when the millions cheer Beckham they are officially cheering the force that enslaves them. That being the illuminated Serpent Cult. The public spiritually accepted this announcement by ‘laughing about it’ in ignorance when it was announced. The term ‘Golden Balls’ is funny to a mind that is on a par with a whoopee cushion isn’t it? So come on folks let’s laugh about it some more and let’s rip out a few raspberries at the same time eh?

‘Victoria’ also announced to the world that David Beckham wears women’s knickers. Can you not remember that? No reasonable explanation was provided for this, possible career destroying, statement was it? Again people just laughed it off and accepted it. I mentioned earlier that for some reason Beckham used symbolism that was connected to ‘Caligula’. I believe for some reason Beckham has had to carry out similar actions to what Caligula did in the past. It is no secret that Caligula wore clothes that are considered to be women’s garments too. He dressed up as a woman many times and also posed in homosexual positions. Caligula did exactly the same thing.


Remember the Beckham in a skirt and nail polish stuff do you? 


Remember Beckham in blatant bender pose do you? No respect for his son’s name in this pose eh? Beckham is a puppet for the Serpent. 
Feeling emotional about Beckham is to give energy to his symbolism. Be you Gay, be you Straight or be you Bi, the Serpent still wants you to love its agents. (Note tattooed right arm on show when it could have been easily hidden!)

Coincidence is it? Maybe it is, but can you start to see that it is at least ‘possible’ that the symbolism surrounding certain celebrities, that are hyped by the Serpent Cult, goes much much deeper? Beckham’s life has been played out to suit the Serpent Cult from when he was the most hated man in England, for getting a red card in the 1998 world cup finals, to his symbolic trip to the Galaxy. Beckham has had deep esoteric symbolism placed on him throughout his life. Including links to ancient Sun Symbolism hidden in the USA flag.

Captain of England my arse. He’s a puppet for the Serpent Cult displaying his true colours in more ways than one. The Beckhams gave their permission to Tussards for this pose.

Oh believe me I ‘know’ it goes much much deeper and I see so called awakened people cheer and praise their enslavers everyday because they simply can’t see past the hype or see through the misty hypnotism they are under. It is not easy for me to get this information across to folk that have even followed my articles and books and are willing to think for themselves, so can you imagine trying to get the whoopee cushion mentality to consider this information seriously? But i have to make a start. I could go much deeper today.

Indeed Beckham and therefore the symbolism he carries (The Knights Templar, The Church of Babylon and Caligula etc.) have also been praised, applauded and accepted through ‘Man’ (Manchester United) and through ‘Royalty’ (Real (Royal) Madrid) and through the ‘Stars’ (LA Galaxy). This ‘man’ ‘royalty’ ‘stars’ symbolism has been part of a symbolic journey, a prolonged ritual, simply so one of its agents, David Beckham, can manipulate the collective consciousness into supplying spiritual energy to another dimension.

The human race have accepted it without question simply because they cannot even see, never mind comprehend, what is really going on. Their 5 sense education will make them laugh at anyone who suggests it too. Therefore the blind masses are allowing the creators of that sort of symbolism to dictate who rules over the heavens, who rules over the kings and who rules over man. It’s the Serpent Cult. Too deep is it?

Isn’t it easier to laugh at terms like ‘golden balls’ and simply get the whoopee cushions out instead isn’t it? Obviously the sort of symbolism i have just mentioned and the level of understanding required to understand it is not for the novice or for those trapped in stupefying hypnosis is it? The masses are duped on many levels and those that think they are free and ‘know it all’ simply because they know that the illuminati rule the world need to realise things go far deeper than that. Deeper than your biggest night-mare and the deception has more skins than an old onion too.

Celebrities are only used to gain your respect and free will. The sad thing is that you will automatically and vigourously defend the symbolism that enslaves you if it displayed on someone or something you admire. Please take that on board if you really want to be free.

It’s us that create these ‘celebrities’ we allow unseen faces to ‘paint the wagons’ of these celebrities and we go along in whoopee cushion mentality mode and blindly applaud these celebrities. Those that can see the first level of symbolism think they are awake to it but the Serpent is no dick head by any means my friend and it will eat you up for breakfast if you think it hasn’t already out thought you on many levels. It symbolically has you playing on the primary school size swings in the park whilst it is sitting back laughing on the world’s biggest roller coaster. Don’t underestimate the focus and the spiritual acceptance people like Beckham and his symbolism receive ON MANY LEVELS.

His symbolism is accepted all around the world and both he and his wife have had a large impact on the collective consciousness of the human race in most countries in the world. They have served the Serpent well and will continue to do so until they have served their purpose. The Beckhams may come across as idiots but the force that uses them is not.

I have gone deep enough in this article for now. I never get chance to rant on for so long about ‘walking symbolic monuments like Beckham’ at my talks because it’s just seen as one slide of many and the subject only receives a few minutes attention. I am glad I got some of it out today. I hope the MK 45’s and the Brighton 59ers who saw the slide about Beckham at my talks can see more now? Please don’t think I have lost my marbles with the golden balls type symbolism because I assure you it goes deeper. I hope those that didn’t attend the talks can start to see in to this celebrity thing and a seed is planted in you for the future.

I am not here to dictate to you. Let me make that clear. I don’t want to ‘tell you’ about the many different levels that spiritual symbolism operates on. I want you to see it for yourself. You will then be duped no more. Occult symbolism operates on many many levels and it involves EVERYTHING you are involved with in this world, I mean everything. It is the ultimate method of control over your mind and spirit. Everything you do in your life is initially triggered by the esoteric symbolism used and controlled by the Serpent Cult.

They control the matrix type illusion we live in simply because they trigger your mind to react in a certain way, when they want your mind to react. They use our minds and our free will to create the world they want and they will use our minds to enslave us and we will willingly do so unless we wake up and we need to wake up soon.

Occult symbolism coupled with false 5 sense education education directs all areas of your life and it controls all areas of you life 24 hours a day from your birth to your death. Lifetime after lifetime. It is vital, in my opinion, that you start to look around and question things that are going on through your own eyes and not those provided by the Serpent Cult or anyone else for that matter, including me. Then maybe one day you will see right through your hypnotic state and remember who you really are. It is that person, the real you, that I am appealing to today. The real you is the ‘energy’ deep down inside you and not the fucked up sack of brain-dead shite that imprisons you.

We all want to be entertained and we all want to reward talented people but do we want to be effected by the occult symbolism that our entertainers and celebrities are being laden with in ever increasing amounts? Some of our entertainers are high enough up in the ranks of the Serpent Cult to know about at least some of the things that are going on. Some of them, in my opinion, are reincarnations of previous celebrities from the past or other members of the Serpent Cult that help keep the agenda going. They willingly take lifetimes of luxury in the matrix for helping to farm the rest of us. They indeed help to spiritually enslave the human race in return for material wealth.

It is easy for some of you to see the illuminati symbolism, The Knights Templar and the Romeo / Cruz stuff, that is openly displayed on David Beckham himself. It is not easy for you to see the consequences this symbolism has on the human race. You may see it as harmless stuff. I fully understand this.

Before the Serpent Cult dumbed us down we could see all of this deceptive stuff very clearly. It is only because we gave away our minds a long long time ago that we are blind to it. That said the symbolism we ‘accepted’ has a binding effect on us now. I tell you the truth when I say that when we regain our true powers all the deceptions in the world will be unveiled. The deceivers will have nothing to hide behind any longer. The hypnosis will be broken for those that are hypnotised and indeed those that are entranced through actually doing the hypnosis will see clearly too. Only you can regain your full spiritual powers. I cannot regain them for you. No one can regain them for you apart from you. Only you gave your spiritual powers away so only you can take them back. The more you look to an ascended master, guru or god to win back your spiritual powers the more you will enslave yourself.

I can only try to help rouse you from your slumber and I will do this as long as I am able to do so. It is not compulsory to read this article or anything else of mine on this site. It is not necessary to understand it all either. Call me a fool but please don’t call me a liar.

The information provided in this article will effect you on many levels and I truly believe it will help you in the future. It is sent with good intentions to those that want to read it and it is sent with much love to those I know it will help in time.

This article is not an attack on David Beckham either. I am only pointing out that celebrities are used to get us to worship something we don’t know we are worshipping and some of the methods used.

It is time for you to start thinking for yourselves. It is time to start healing yourselves and it is time to start healing the Earth. It is time to paint your own wagon!

I thank you for reading this article.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 2nd November 2008.

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved