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Recession woes fan nationalism in UK – Including a Delooze News Special Report

First they went for the Polish


A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks,

Since the manufactured credit crunch and the manufactured global recession that followed, and since we have seen the smug lying faces of our so-called politicians on TV and in public, trying to justify the said manufactured situation, we have seen a steady increase in the inevitable squabbles that are breaking out between workers on the road ‘to look after number one’.

I was a factory and mill worker for 25 years so I’m not talking out of my arse when I talk about the workplace or the workers and trade unions. There isn’t a dead end soul destroying job in existence that I didn’t experience at least on a minimal level during my time as a factory slave. I’ve been there and got the underpants as well as the T shirt.

I read today that there are now bouncers and security personnel employed at job centres to quell disturbances between different races of workers looking for work. The ‘Eastern Blockers’ seem to be the first to blame these days. There must be an updated list somewhere outlining the pecking order of slaves these days. Back in the 1980’s it was the ‘Pakis’ (Sorry to be blunt but that is and was the term used) who were top of the list for redundancies or indeed at the back of the queue for any new jobs. Please bear that in mind.

I thought the job centres only employed security personnel to protect the job centre staff from people who had had their dole money stopped or protection from any backlash for enforcing someone to work for peanuts. It now appears they are actually employed to stop the workers scrapping with each other to get these slave jobs.

I fully understand the people’s urge to seek security and obtain the means for food and shelter but sadly so do the Serpent Cult. I have the same urges. Please don’t ever forget that the Serpent Cult have created all the circumstances leading up to this ‘global downturn’. In other words it was planned. The chaos that is starting to hit the masses was planned a long time ago. It is indeed planned to totally divide the modern working classes of all races and this has been the case for decades

I was a trade unionist for many years. I fully believed in the trade union movement.  During my awakening in the 1990’s I went on a very traumatic journey to witness the true face of our trade unions. I wrote an essay a while back but it is worth reading if you haven’t read it. It will help you understand how the workers have been shepherded from all sides.


The pathetic Derek Simpson and his cronies, puppets for the Serpent Cult, they have all betrayed the workers for personal gain

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The trade unions have played their part in the lead up to what is unfolding. Obviously the anti-worker laws were also used that were implemented by the puppet Thatcher and they were never over-turned by the bigger puppet Blair (All Labour MP’s please hang your head in shame about that)

Between them, the Serpent Cult controlled Government and the Serpent Cult controlled Unions have help create the cesspit you now see unfolding before you. Indeed I cried when I saw workers at the BMW faced sacked within one hour the other day. Many genuine workers fought for workers rights in the past only to see present day union bosses and a Labour government betray them and their children on a five sense level.


The workers were shit on by the unions , the bosses and bloodsucking ’employment agencies’

On a five sense level the use of unscrupulous employment agencies hasn’t helped either. These bloodsuckers cream off money and the basic human rights off the backs of the lowest paid workers. The unions have encouraged this sort of recruitment, through apathy and cowardice for many years. Agency workers have no rights whatsoever simply because the agencies using manual labour are simply a meat trade and the unions and the government have allowed companies to create a meat trade leaving the livestock with no rights whatsoever. But who really cares? The people running these agencies were alright jack too and the workers themselves had no choice eh?

it’s all part of the agenda which goes along with the sneaky public order, terrorism, and search laws that they have sneaked in whilst we were scratching our arses and shopping on our credit cards. What a lovely world eh?  What? Were you not looking? Did you think the Serpent Cult are planning to give us all luxurious lives or something?

Don’t forget all the cameras all around us either. The attack on pubs is also part of the scam so don’t be planning any serious public meeting in pubs and village halls that might be considered a danger to ‘the security of the country’ because you will be raided and arrested. Talking about taking action to regain human rights in a public house will be considered an attack on the security of the country so you will have to hold any public meetings at home or in Starbucks or something. Mind you nobody will blow any smoke near you when you are banging your head on a wall in Starbucks or in your home will they? So at least your health is safe. Your eternal spiritual future is in grave danger but don’t worry about that…  just be glad no one can light a fag in a pub.

People including myself tried to warn you for quite a few years what was coming but we didn’t give a monkey’s did we?  We all have our bathtubs of comfort with I’m al’right Jack written on them don’t we?  So if your job comes to be at risk and you lose it don’t worry let’s just attack everyone who is not from England and take theirs. Oh aye… Let’s kick the Polish and the other Eastern Blockers out of English slave jobs so we can have them for ourselves instead. If there still aren’t enough jobs after we have got shut of the Eastern Blockers we can start on the Pakis and the Niggers again then. If they won’t go willingly let’s force them out eh? If there still isn’t enough slave jobs after we got rid off all those then let’s start on the, waste of space, disabled people, after all they can’t fight back can they and we can soon fling them out on the streets if houses are needed too?

If the problem still exists after that then let’s start on all the stupid thick bastards in the world, like those that work at McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Donkey (Well it’s not Chicken is it?). They are too stupid to realise that we want their jobs so we can just take them when they are not looking and have them all for ourselves. Well it’s a job isn’t it? We could all get dressed up in McDonalds uniforms and sell hamburgers in a bid to solve the problems of pre-planned recession.

Anyway where were we? We were getting rid of folk for their jobs i remember… Lets boot out all the Polish and the Eastern Blockers… and err.. the Pakis and then follow them up with the Niggers and the Irish…  Oh yes and then the Disabled…  and then … stupid fast food workers…. Oh yes and please let me include ignorant supermarket checkout staff on to that list, especially those that think they are superior because they have a pile of ‘rare’ carry bags under their counter… when they know you haven’t brought your own carrier bag of course…  Oh yes let’s get them on bloody welfare because even I can do that job. Checkout assistant to me… “Have you not brought your own carry bags sir”…  Me back to check out assistant… “Err no sorry you can see that I have no bags I can’t seem to get in to the habit of bringing my own bags”… Checkout assistant to me...”Oh well you will rot in hell for that sir it is a major crime these days… Sooooo…. you want me to supply a rare bag for you do you sir?” Me back to checkout assistant…  “Oh no you are OK I’ll just juggle these 40 items all the way home thanks”.

If we are still short of jobs after we get rid of all the above we can start to pick on the fatties, thinnies and uglies (I’m in at least two of those catagories so I’m buggered) and then pick on all those that will gladly eat all the coffee and orange creme chocolates in a bag of revels, but won’t eat the chewy toffee ones!!! I mean they really do deserve to lose their jobs the evil bastads. Eating selected chocolates is a good enough reason as any isn’t? So a Polish supermarket checkout assistant that works at McDonalds part time and eats the best revels and is fat, thin or ugly is bound to have their job taken eh? They caused the recession anyway didn’t they… get the buggers out eh?

Hey hang on a minute isn’t this how Hitler started? I’m sure it is isn’t it? Weren’t the Jews taking all the German Jobs? Isn’t this the divide and rule scam that has enslaved us for thousands of years? Let’s gas all those that are not British because they might take our slave jobs of us eh? We are the true race and we really need these spul destroyng jobs eh? Look at the pictures below and spot the difference.


England 2009


Germany 1939

Did you spot the difference? I’ll tell you the only difference there is. ‘It is bloody snowing in the top picture’. The Serpent Cult have used the same divide scams for many generations and many lifetimes but the same old suckers come along and fall for them over and over again.

I have no doubt that strife is coming to workers in the future especially when we get 2012 out of the way.

As I said at the beginning of this news report. The Serpent Cult has created all sides of the situation on a five-sense level. I tell you the truth today when I say they create the same situation generation after generation and lifetime after lifetime. You are a puppet trapped in a staged event.

On a deeper level, in my opinion anyway, for those that actually want to hear it, i will say that the Serpent Cult are creating something far more sinister than simple mass unemployment and poverty. They want to feed off massive amounts of violence and misery that they themselves announced and the means to create that symbolic scenario was placed in the current collective consciousness of the human race and then passed down over 40 years ago. I mean the prophecy of ‘Enoch’ Powell and the Rivers of Blood. Enoch’s ‘symbolic’ announcement was accepted by the collective consciousness and it is only the collective consciousness that can stop it coming to pass. The Serpent Cult plan events well in advance.


Enoch Symbolic Deity for the Serpent Cult.

But if my opinion about Enoch is true it would mean, to those that know of my work anyway, that there really is a 4th dimensional ‘Divine’ force that is using ‘symbolic’ agents to make ritualistic announcements from their symbolic deities like ‘Enoch’ that will be accepted by the collective consciousness and then create our physical reality… well wouldn’t it?

I can only suggest you wake up…  If you can’t or won’t then I suggest you at least go and join the sheep and blame some poor Polish McDonald’s slave or some piss poor Pakistani factory worker for pissing in your bath of comfort and nicking your jobs. Fight for you own slavery by attacking the slaves if you must.

Again the puppet trade union leaders and your elected puppet government have created this situation for personal reward. They have blindly done this for material reward and egotistical greed and to appease their masters and their masters are well glad.

It does not have to be like this.

Thank You

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze Feb 18th 2009

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