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Litany To Mithras & The Fecundity of a Moronic Human Race

Litany To Mithras & The Fecundity of a Moronic Human Race


By Matthew Delooze

Oh, The grand old Duke of York, He had ten thousand men;
He marched them up to the top of the hill,
And he marched them down again.
And when they were up, they were up,
And when they were down, they were down,
And when they were only half-way up,
They were neither up nor down.
The Grand Old Duke of York

“There is no such thing as a peaceful protest. If your heart was at peace you would not protest”
Matthew Delooze April 2009

 “A stupefied human race becomes even more stupefied when it protests to its enslaver to have human enslavement verified”
Matthew Delooze May 2010.

“The human race believes itself to be intelligent enough to intelligently protest against its own intelligence. The term ‘silly daft buggers’ comes to mind”
Matthew Delooze April 2013

 Hello folks,

I take up my pen again to remind friends and those with true faith that I would never let them down and I will never let them down in their journey.  In these troubled times it is difficult to believe anyone or anything but my words are true and trustworthy.


Those that know of me will remember my writings from a few years ago regarding ‘protests’.  To those few that took in my information, and believe in it, I say I now provide the ‘Litany To Mithras & The Fecundity of a Moronic Human Race.’

I think it is important that friends read it and, of course, that is bloody obvious or I wouldn’t have written it if I thought otherwise. To those that didn’t take notice of previous articles on the ‘protest’ matter I can only suggest you read the two previous articles, Untying the Binds of Mithras from 2009 and Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras from 2010, BEFORE reading this one.  In fact I now humbly suggest to those that have previously read both articles to do so again again, because they may understand more now simply because of the years that have passed and what has happened in front of their own eyes in the world during that time! I’m sure you trust your own eyes more than mine.

You never know…  maybe a few will even actually begin to see that I actually told you the truth back then in those articles, just as I do today in this one? I’m only sorry the information was not supplied from behind a glossy book cover and sold with a 20% off a souvenir ‘Matty Loves Mithras’ T Shirt coupon.  But not to worry maybe I’ll do it that way next time eh?

It is of course entirely up to you if you decide to believe a word I have tried to tell you in the past, even before recent protest type events unfolded with a bang in the world, just as it is entirely up to you to continue to ignore my efforts and the efforts of others by providing this article on this website now.  I believe ‘The Mithras Protest Trilogy’ is important spiritual information for those prepared to use their eyes and ears. It has been provided totally free of charge and through a lot of pain.

Anyway to get started, I need to mention a couple of things from the previous Mithras protest articles and I need to mention the basics of my written works too. I apologise to those that already know my works for this, but some don’t know me. I shall try to be brief and i ask ask newcomers to go in the archives and start from the beginning.

So to begin I remind you all again that, in my opinion, you are literally a spiritual energy creating machine in this five sense world, albeit only whilst your ‘soul’, for want of a better word, is actually inside your body. I believe our emotions create a spiritual energy and I believe our bodies releases it when prompted to do so. E.G. through respect, enjoyment and love as seen in a positive way and even through disrespect, displeasure and hatred as seen in a negative way.

I believe our souls and bodies work in unison to create this spiritual energy, but there is no difference in the potency of the energy created through respect or disrespect apart from the emotional feelings within the soul and body actually creating it.  I suppose it is a bit like having a sexual orgasm, but obviously most women won’t understand what I am trying to compare!

In my writings I have explained in the past how national and international (global) concerts and also traditional events (Christmas etc) are used to attract people to such events and traditions (Or simply observe and recognise them), so that they are at least somehow emotionally attached to them. I believe most of these events are simply a form of harvesting the energy we personally create via our emotions.  Most of these events are honey trap facade and carried out to deceptively attract ‘positive’ worship energy from the masses which will feed multi- dimensional entities, albeit the events are being created through deception and guile, the emotions created through them are created through free will, making them not only genuine energy but also making them a declaration to the universe that it is ‘what we want’. We literally give our enslavers the right to rule us through literally asking them too through covert and deceptive rituals hidden in our pleasures and traditions. To enable these rituals to successful, ‘celebrities and stars’ are used as pied pipers for their attraction value and they become middlemen to help extract that energy on behalf of their unseen masters. To put it bluntly the human race is totally controlled through emotion, this emotion is turned into energy and harvested to feed entities that are in another dimension to the one we are existing in.

I have also explained many times over the years that the Serpent Cult deceive the human race through religious prayer, religious vows of baptism and funeral services etc. etc. etc. The masses are conned into making spiritual vows they know nothing about after making them believe they are actually meaningless of course. The masses are usually led by pride of traditions, ego and self gratification and ignorance.

I have also mentioned many times before that the Serpent Cult get the masses to take part in these respect and surrender rituals because, according to universal law, that is how they are allowed to rule over us. We literally give them the right to rule over us because of our involvement and participation in global deceptive religious prayer (Sun Worship), by taking part in deceptive annual rituals like Christmas (Sun Worship) and by taking part in global rituals like Live 8 (Sun Worship).

The masses literally surrender their spiritual rights through such deception. The scam has always been here right under our noses. It is just that you don’t want to look or even believe it. But of course this is why the scam is so successful. The Serpent relies on stupefied apes, the human race, eternally thinking it is intelligent, and who can blame it, go look in the mirror. Indeed how many Christians will ever accept that Christmas was actually created by the Serpent Cult (the Devil to them) whilst they wear a silly hat and toot for their enslavement whilst tucking into roast turkey? They can never accept they are the real turkey, but that’s fine if that’s what they want. I’m not expecting Christians to accept my theories, how can they? They would have to realise they’d been deceived beyond their worse nightmare. How many others dare not even mention that possibility as well? They want ‘all truth’ in the open for debate? Don’t make me laugh (LOL). The theories I claim come from the stars are ignored. The alternative media claim to want the truth about UFO’s and messages from aliens. My theories are based on information received from entities that are not from this dimension, but they are not interested in the message. Yet humanity claims to be desperate to have help and information from beyond. LOL it is a myth and its a myth because humaity does not want messages from beyond it only wants messages from its idiotic self.

Indeed the apathy and the continuous ‘head in the sand’ situation is laughable. I tell you from beyond that Christmas is a ritual created by the Serpent Cult along with many other respect rituals to get the gullible to worship the Serpent in the guise of something else. The human race does not want to listen simply because the message does not come in conman showbiz form. No wonder the Serpent believes it has a race of moronic slaves for eternity. But worse no wonder the universe does not want to send messages.

That said it is just not only our respect and surrender rituals, through prayer and other events, that give the Serpent Cult the right to rule over us. The Serpent Cult needs to show the universe (Via Universal Law) that we have the right to challenge their spiritual rule over us. Therefore the Serpent Cult manipulate the masses by leading them, through ‘baddie’ type pied pipers, usually dictators, to certain covert ‘temples’ (Usually government buildings or Palaces that can be described and proven as being temple like through using sacred geometry) These replica temples are usually located on energy lines or ley lines). When the Serpent carries such protest rituals out the masses are seen by the universe to have been given the right to ‘challenge’ the PTB, again this has to take place in order to comply with universal laws as giving the worlds inhabitants ‘what they want’.

In the case of these negative protest events, it is obvious that ‘negative pied pipers’ have to be created and used to create the reason to protest and riot and therefore create the protest mentality of ‘challenge’. Indeed just as positive pied pipers are used to attract happy celebrating human attendees and observers to positive rituals, negative pied pipers are used to attract angry protesting attendees to rituals needing protest energy.  Both situations surrender our powers and give the right to rule us to those that arrange BOTH types of events. The events are created by the same force.  I tell you the truth so please listen carefully. I’m here to tell you the truth but its up to you if you want to believe it.

You emotions are played and swayed just like little children at a pantomime.  Oh yes the are!

The bankers (hiss), the governments (boo) or even the tyrant leaders (bastards!) ‘become the negative pied pipers’.  They become the ‘baddies’ we pathetically rush to hate compared to the ‘goodies’ that we rush to love. We are simply programmed and have been since we were born. In reality the goodies and the baddies have exactly the same role, ‘they both stir your emotions’ and both get you to react. There is no difference whatsoever.  You have been programmed to to react in the way the Serpent wants you too. It’s like the white hat /black hat scenario from the cowboy movies. You have been programmed to react in the way you do through the media and the movie stars. Can you see? Come on we can’t piss around for ever wake up! Can you see?

If you can’t then look at my situation. I’m now seen as a black hat by most after previouly being seen as a white hat. I haven’t changed I have just tweeked the programming button of the so called awakened. Look at yourselves!

Sadly this white hat/ black hat programming scenario is rife in the so called truth movement and even more sadly the so called alternative media presenters in the truth movement only add to the programming. Hey I suppose I will become stay a black hat as well as being blackballed in the alternative media (lol) for saying that. Tweedly dee Tweedle DUMB.

Anyway let’s get on with this article eh?

It is becoming only too clear that there are many people out there that believe they are now fully ‘awake’ and can see the full face of the NWO or whatever they want to call it. It is clear a hidden force is increasing its efforts to take our liberties (we have none anyway!) Many still believe the only action they can take whilst the Serpent implements its tighter control on our (wrongly perceived) ‘liberties’ is through protesting, violent protest or otherwise. The attack the black hats to save the planet mentality is now rife.

I believe it is time to fully realise that this is not the case, indeed it is futile in the extreme. I have believed for many many years that protests only add more chains they do not remove them. PLease take in what I say and know where protests will lead in the future.

I wrote this in 2010.

 Untying the Binds of Mithras showed you one good example how the Serpent Cult created protests for benefit of the Serpent Cult, I tried to explain that the protesters were deceived in to thinking they were doing ‘good’ through protests, but in reality were doing the opposite. I showed you how protesters (and their energy) were shepherded to replica geometric temples, in an angry and emotional state, to release spiritual energy in the location selected by the Serpent Cult. I informed you that the end result of this symbolic action was simply because the Serpent Cult needed our spiritual permission to rule over us. (The divine right to rule) I also told you that the Serpent Cult need to be officially ‘challenged’ from the masses to prove ‘the right to rule’ by solving or winning disputes. I showed you in the first article that the G20 summit ‘solved’ matters over the protests in London by pumping ‘money’ in to the system. You should already know that most protests are started because of disputes over ‘money‘.

My friends it is now 2013. I can only point out some more events to show you that my theories, the truth I pass on to you, and information I have struggled to put together is now easier to understand.  Before I point out some important events in previous years, please let me remind you of the information regarding the use of ‘museum artifacts’ in the article Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird. Please reacquaint yourself with the very important suggestions in that article, so you can see more clearly why museums are used in the examples I will show you. The use of spiritual energy created through massive ‘protests’ and connecting it to ancient artifacts is important and this has always been the case. It is important that you understand that energy is conducted through certain stones and the image on that stone represents the entities the energy will fee.

I was basically ignored when I wrote the two previous Mithras articles, which were published well before the riots and other events that were sprung into life by the Arab Spring and other demonstrations/protests/regime changes since I wrote the articles. But it is now clear that the information within the Mithras and other articles was actually spot on back then and I believe events from 2010 to the present day prove it if you care to look. Indeed you were supplied with truth about protests long before recent major protests took place! Well weren’t you?

Lets look at a couple of the protests that have unfolded since the previous Mithras articles were published.

For example let’s first look at the protests in Egypt. You know the now famously successful (lol) ‘Arab Spring’ protests, the civil wars and the physical chaos all around that part of the world that still goes on even now in 2013?

Let me first remind you where the massive protests and ‘deaths’ actually took place, not forgetting of course that the negative pantomime type pied piper (boo, hiss, hang the bastard) that created the trigger of the demonstrations, in the case of Egypt was/is Hosni Mubarak. This negative pied piper, installed by the Serpent, was simply used as a hate figure and that figure was created through the long-term agenda of the corrupt Egyptian authorities, through his own Caligulan position and through the constant propaganda supplied by other members of the same Serpent Cult around the world.

Therefore hatred is easily whipped up especially within a moronic populous, inspired through need, greed and fear. The masses are programmed throughout their life to hate the black hat wearer as soon as the black hat has been placed on his head.  Any positive pied piper that is worship and admired today is tomorrow’s negative pied piper that is hated and protested against, literally at the drop of a hat. The masses are simply moronic stage extras called in at the drop of a hat turned into the audience of a pantomime to boo, hiss and attack the baddie.

On a spiritual level “The Serpent giveth Mubarak and then the Serpent taketh Mubarak away”.  This scenario is played to the blind and reactionary masses all the time, and agents within the Cult are initially used as positive pied piper and then used as fall guy. The stupefied masses are simply passed on from one planted stooge to another whilst deluding themselves that they actually created a regime change (LOL). I tell you the truth, any major regime change on this shithole of a planet is just another bloody ritual orchestrated behind the scenes by the Serpent Cult. It is nothing else. Go and ask the Egyptians, now in 2013, if their protests, deaths and suffering caused a proper regime change. Go on! They changed absolutely nothing apart from arranging the ingredients that will bring massive unease and destruction in the future. The protesters were simply fodder for the Serpent. They have now got what they protested for! The same misery they had before the protests. In reality they were used in rituals they cannot even slightly comprehend.


The Serpent giveth Mubarak and then the Serpent taketh Mubarak away”.
“There was no regime change there was only a manipulation of emotions and a herding of sheep going on”

There has been a long term drip-drip policy of creating the means to stir up passions within the masses through local governments via their petty corruptions and oppressive officialdom. This drip-drip policy has been going on for decades at least. The same can be said for events in Tunisia and Libya and other places that have recently blown up in minutes through unbelievable behaviour that was created through long term mind manipulation and propaganda and the triggered through just one or two subliminal triggers.  But this drip-drip affect is not exclusive to peasants in poverty situations, it has also been taken/is taking place in ALL other countries too and sections of the people in all nations will be triggered to protest and fight as soon as the Serpent clicks its fingers in locations the Serpent requires. The drip-drip scam was easy to see if you cared to look. The mind manipulation is easy because the masses are initially tormented and oppressed until they are at bursting point with frustrations in a ‘must have’ society and then can therefore be triggered to rebel if any perceived oppression is only slightly increased. When the screw is turned and they are goaded by both a sense of justice and agent provocateurs, the entire globe will rebel to order. But this sick and greedy world will one day riot and destroy anything in its wake just to get a designer TShirt or a large screen TV anyway! The human is being to set up to protest for its very existence and whilst that set up goes on some human beings will stoop to such low levels of morals that even Beelzebub would be proud of them.

Indeed again, the drip-drip scam is global and its consequences are coming to city in a country near you. And I assure you that the masses have no idea of the massive ‘scale’ of this drip-drip policy or the programming that has taken place, nor do they comprehend for one moment, in my opinion, the massive spiritual rituals that are taking place now through protests at or near symbolic replica temples and occult monuments. They are far too comfortable in their Ivory Towers with their ‘smarter than themself’ phones to see that. And a stupefied ape will never see that the toys thrown in the ape house are not just for their entertainment either.

At the end of the day, as I have tried to point out in both previous Mithras articles, that the protests  mainly take place to serve and empower a multi-dimensional force. I cannot help it if the masses fail to look beyond their immediate physical welfare and immediate physical comforts, or fail to even try to comprehend that their sufferings are linked to the spiritually binding rituals they unknowingly but more than willingly carry out. The message to you is from the heavens not me, ignore it at your peril.

It is time to realise that the actual five sense changes of leaders, dictators or elected governments are literally meaningless to the spiritual future of the human race. That includes making rootin’ tootin’ gun totin’ Alex Jones the president of the USA.  Indeed please consider that it maybe the very act of protesting at replica ‘temples’ (loud speaker in gob or not) and the placing of artifacts and monuments at the ‘protest sites’ that really matter in the long term. This is because by doing such things we give the right to the Serpent to create the misery that is currently engulfing the world in which most of us exist in today. It is vital you grasp that possibility and understand its consequences fully if you can actually grasp it.

OK, lets get back to Egypt. Let me show you just where the sheeple were blindly led to ‘gather, protest and fight’, in the main, in Cairo Egypt.

‘Tahrir Square’ became a massive ‘emotional’ focus of the collective consciousness of the entire human race during the Egyptian protests and street battles.  Again this sort of scam is used on a very regular basis by the serpent, I remind you of the Saddam Hussain Statue Square as one example, it’s just that a stupefied human race refuses to see through it, sadly this is to their peril.

Most of you will remember the terrible scenes and the running battles within various factions in Egypt. ‘Pro Mubarak’ sheep and ‘Anti Mubarak’ sheep etc. These two different factions are just the same cannon fodder sheep but they have been led to different pens. Some In-betweenies and a lot of hired stooges (Black sheep) were also used in the Serpent created Egyptian mayhem. (I gave you vital information regarding the truth regarding how these so-called different factions are literally ‘used’ as idiotic apes in protests in my Looking into the Eyes of Naga article (read it again?). Again the same protest scams are used again and again. Egypt is no different.

Again most of you will remember the terrible scenes and the running battles within various factions in Cairo. Running battles were literally planned in advance and then carried out in a special symbolic areas.

Egyptian pro-democracy supporters gather in Tahrir Square in Cairo
The sheep are herded to Tahrir Square on this occasion but the scam is GLOBAL.

The pictures of maps below are from the BBC and NY Times. The areas shaded red is where the battles between different ‘factions’ battled, murdered and screamed.

_51090026_cairo_protests_976mapThe red area shows where the battles took place

battle area

At the height of the battles the different factions and the army battled in the red area (Map here)

Can you see where these battles and focus of energy actually took place? They took place right outside the Temple like ‘Egyptian Museum’. This is no coincidence and this is exactly where the Serpent wanted the battles to take place and where the Serpent wanted the energy displayed. Look at the map again.

I have previously explained in the previous Mithras articles that the PTB ‘kettle’ the protesters where they want to create the most emotional reaction energy. Cairo and the Sun Temple (museum) being used is really a carbon copy of events in London and Athens etc. The masses are led to these places and simply kettled and the energy is harvested, not only that, on a spiritual level the event becomes an official ritual of challenge.

Egyptian anti-government demonstrators (
The sheeple are kettled where free will energy is required and official challenge ritual takes placed

I should point out to you all that the Egyptian Museum is not only a replica temple it contains the very bones that represent the Serpent Cult and that symbolism, be it stones, be it gold idols or even the very DNA of the Pharaohs (Human agents of the Serpent) through the mummies located there.

Again I suggested in Spitting out the Feathers of the Benu Bird that it is possible that our museums are being used as temples to extract our emotional energy and maybe to create a continuous show of respect (worship) to the artifacts and the DNA ‘within them’ and that practise actually feeds our enslavers. I actually truly believe the very act of worshipping these physical artifacts and DNA through mummies (millions of visitors equals massive worship) is literally an act of spiritual worship and free will acceptance of surrender of power to the Serpent force they represent.

Again that is why I truly believe protesters are led to replica temples, artifacts, monuments and literally tombs in the first place. My friend I believe I am telling you the truth, but I can only pass on the message, one that I fully and truly believe will help free you from the prison you wallow in, if you truly want to hear it. I cannot make you walk out of this prison and I wouldn’t ever try to make you walk out of it. But I told you the truth in 2008 on this matter and even long before that, and I tell you the truth today too.


The sheep are led to release energy at the Egyptian Museum
egypt treatment
violence-in-egypt-bcecfea44ecdbbf7The battles take place to create the energy and then release the energy in dedication to the gods that are represented at the location via building, icon, or monument.

No matter which programming or principles the sheep follow they all produce spiritual energy via protest and battle at the chosen scene. The Serpent created both sides of the battle so the energy created was dedicated to the force that placed its symbolism in the museum (temple) in which the battles took place.

It doesn’t really matter who wins the battle to the Serpent as long as massive amounts of energy are released at the chosen protest site. All sides are totally controlled by the Serpent therefore any energy created by the victors celebrating, or the losers crying is also harvested by the Serpent. There is no winner but the Serpent who rapes and pillages the energy created by human emotion.


The Aftermath: There is no winner but the Serpent who rapes and pillages the energy created by emotion

Many so called ‘victorious’ protesters held ‘parties’ on Tahrir Square after the Serpent puppet Mubarak stepped down.  But my friends this ‘act’ was part of the scam because the peoples victory celebrations, albeit on an invisible spiritual level, simply show the universe that the human race are receiving what they actually want. That is why the scam HAS to take place every so often. It is like a 5 sense election. The celebrations of a victory show the universe just that and therefore the rulers of this world stay the rulers of this world because we choose it! The people tell the universe they have what they wish and THAT my friend is what the protest scam is all about. Do you understand what I am saying?

Can you see the protest scam is simply a deceptive act to get the people on this planet to show the universe that they receive what they want. I’m sure all of the genuine protesters in Egypt realise that they have been taken for a mug, but they will only see the physical five sense scam they will not realise a spiritual scam has taken place and the sheer volume of its implications, and sadly if they try and change things again they will simply be carrying out the same actions. The Serpent is not daft and operates on a level far higher than our iphones do I’m afraid.

I tell you all the truth now, tell it to your smart phone if you don’t believe it yourself, whether you think I’m insane or not does not matter, ‘the universe cannot help the inhabitants of this world if the inhabitants of this world continually tell the universe they are free and they continue to carry out rituals to worship the force that rules them. If it is the free will of the people in this world to carry on doing as they do then the universe will let it be so. If you want to believe one thing I say then believe that.

Please look at the protests in Egypt with an open mind and open eyes and you will see that I have previously told you the truth about protests and the stupefied people that go on them (Like I once did). I do not insult protesters for protesting against wrong doings. I understand them fully and I understand their programmed emotions. I only try to point out the futility of it through their blindness as to what is going on spiritually. Maybe you will see more now? Maybe the coincidences are too much now? I won’t hold my breath though. I only ask some of you to acknowledge that this information has been supplied to you.


I already said that ‘Tahrir Square’ became a massive ‘emotional’ focus of the collective consciousness of the entire human race and that this sort of scam is used on a regular basis by the serpent and it’s just that a stupefied human race refuses to see through it. I’m sure most will think the Temple like museum located in Cairo being the actual place of battles was just a coincidence. I tell you it isn’t.

Nothing is a coincidence when protest and death are concerned and I add that the Serpent uses battles, protests and wars to carry out covert rituals using ancient artifacts during the smokescreen of battle. I mentioned this way back in 2004 in one of my very early articles, about the Warka vase. The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Ur. 

Many artifacts go missing during wars and civil unrest. Looters are usually used as a scapegoat or as a alibi. But it is clear to me that rituals using the artifacts are done when human emotional energy in the area around them is at a high. I have no doubts that some museum artifacts were used for ritual during the battles in Cairo.  Obviously this may still sound silly to most folks, but please realise that our entire human history is based on invading other countries and then stealing or using their artifacts, on energy lines and building temples on top of of their temples. Indeed the Christians still seek the bloody Holy Grail don’t they? What would the Christian world do in a nano second if it was found! What energy could be extracted over one little artifact? The masses are awake? They have seen nothing yet. They are still in their baby-grows and dosed up on Calpol. But please believe what I say about temples, artifacts and spiritual energy is silly if you like. I don’t mind at all.

I will be going into the use of ancient artifacts at a later date, but please try to accept the ‘possibility’ that massive rituals go on in this world using ancient artifacts and if it is part of the ritual that the artifact has to be taken or destroyed by an invading force, or as daft as it sounds, and more importantly to make some cryptic prophecy from ambiguous ancient scripture come to pass, then the Serpent will arrange it. I tell you again the Serpent will arrange it and the human race won’t even notice. The morons attacking each other outside the Museum to create the energy the ritual requires won’t have a slightest clue either.

Again I’m sure many official rituals were carried out in Cairo during the protests. Indeed in some of them they covertly show us the evidence. There was one that caught my eye. It was the use of so called mummy heads in Cairo.


The mutilated (beheaded) images put out by mainstream during the Cairo Protests.  (No worries this scene was only caused by looters during an ‘accident’)

I believe blood/sacrificial rituals were carried out, under the smokescreen of Protest in the Egyptian museum and the energy created, through battle and bloodshed outside of the building, was part of that ritual. I’m sure looters will always be used as a smokescreen in these sort of circumstances, they even used looters thousands of years ago doing the same scam in Pyramids, but it is not a coincidence and never has been in many similar situations.


A small number of looters were blamed for events ‘inside’ the Museum during the protests

The mainstream media made the official announcements regarding the ‘looting’ (Of artifacts or DNA used in ritual) just as it has too for universal law. There is a video here if you want to make your own mind up. From about 4mins 40secs in you will see what the Serpent wanted the world to see and note ‘blood’ was used in some way, but again the ritual has been smoke-screened by liars blaming looters as scapegoats, it is up to you if you want to read between the lines of the event or take the report as it is.  But I’m sure any run of the mill looter would grab gold or king tuts ‘golden mask’, or even his golden underpants, rather than play around with skulls and bones, and even if the ‘looters’ were hired to take ‘Red Mercury’ from the neck of a mummy, which is basically what was announced in some media, it is clear, that whatever happened, all these these things are definitely ‘used for ritual’ in some way. Please also note that although the museum was quick to announce nothing was stolen at the time it was clear some things were admitted being AWOL later on. Look at the heads and the bones of the ‘mummies’ again.


Damage by Looters, part of a ritual or the use of Red Mercury? (Nice teeth by the way!) Is it an ancient mummified head or someone more recent? Your guess is as good as mine.

To be honest no proper reports have cleared up this situation. Look  HereHere and Here to see only confusing contradictions. It is clear that a Mr Hawass, a minister (also a liar then) and wannabe TV star, controlled all publicity and events regarding ALL the artifacts in Egypt for years and his pathetic contradictions regarding the ‘lootings’ were/are beyond human error. He is either woefully incompetent, a compulsive liar or both. (I’d say the latter) Indeed he was sacked by the ‘new’ regime, accused of corruption. Sadly there isn’t a minister on the planet that isn’t totally corrupt, even the ministers that sacked Hawass for corruption were corrupt. The entire planet is corrupt.

I can only tell you that rituals take place in museums all over the world anyway, all year round and in all major cities where special artifacts have been placed, but sometimes these rituals have to be carried out by ‘borrowing’ ancient artifacts by force during wars and battles, especially if the ritual requires such energy. It is not a coincidence. It never is. Indeed I believe the Warka vase was used for ritual during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and I believe more select artifacts were used for ritual during the protests in Cairo.

Please don’t be misled by so called experts in the museum regarding the meaning and symbolism of certain artifacts. They literally haven’t a clue in my opinion. Mr Hawass is a typical stooge ‘expert’ spreading shite information about artifacts.  Indeed the professors and the experts haven’t even a clue why the actual museum is there in the first place, never mind have the slightest idea why the artifacts are put on display to the peasants. They cannot see past their five sense material lives or even comprehend the real scam that has been taking place on this planet for at least two thousand  years.  But that is the typical mentality of hyped historians and the ego filled mentality of blind academics and professionals of course. They can’t even tell us who they are themselves, never mind tell us about the true ways of the ancient rulers of ancient Egypt.

It is not and never has been a coincidence that we are told to admire and worship the Egyptian artifacts, that is because the ancient Pharaohs, just like their bloodline and those of equivalent status today, only serve their alien masters and they know their ‘images’ (their agents) have to be worshipped, and receive the free will emotions from the majority of the human race, to enable the scam to continue. These events are not coincidence they are massive rituals, albeit covert rituals. Mr Hawass, like most deluded egos with a PhD, hadn’t a clue about Egyptian symbolism and the meaning of artifacts, he was simply a puppet ‘expert’, a face, used to spread bullshit. Sorry to sound harsh, but its true. It is ‘ritual’ that enslaves the human race but puppets and liars like Hawass are used as middlemen to entice the public to the artifacts. Indeed all the rituals I have tried to explain to you over the years could not take place without middlemen enticing the public and that fact is true whether the middleman does so through means enjoyment and a party event or through hatred at a protest event.

Moving on.

The whole Arab Spring scenario (And all other large scale protests) was/is a massive ritual that attracted massive attention. Indeed on a symbolic level this massive attention in Egypt was initially created through ritual through the pre-planned uprising in ‘Tunisia’ and through the well-publicised and very symbolic sacrifice ritual of a “Mohamed” Bouazizi. (A man that set himself on fire in protest of small scale corruption and oppression)


Although suicide is a sin to Islam the image of the burning man was used as the official grapevine emotional trigger to increase the intensity of protest for somehow justifying the entire Arab Spring. Sadly far more incidents of a burning man situations carried on throughout the Arab Spring, mostly unreported, and they became a major excuse for the official trigger to incite more protests on a five sense level, but on a spiritual level they were literally human sacrifice rituals. I will try to elaborate on this situation at a later date, but for now I want to concentrate on the locations of the massive protests. I have already mentioned Egypt, so let us look at Libya.

Again we had the exact same scenario taking place. This time it (obviously) involved another Square, now known as “Martyr Square” but previously its been “Green Square”, “Italy Square” and “Independence Square”.  Surely some of you will now more than fully realise that it does not matter what the square being used for ritual is actually called. The Serpent will name the Square to suit the five sense situation at the time and to suit the emotions of the protesting mob at the time. It will name the Square after pied piper puppet or name it to link it to a popular ‘movement’ or a political party that are in power and ruling or just about to rule the idiotic masses at the time etc. The name doesn’t matter because the Serpent only requires you to emotionally accept the current name of the Square and actually use the area to protest and celebrate in. The real occult symbolism, that the Serpent requires we take our emotions too, will be hidden in the buildings themselves in some way or another, either through sacred geometry or through ancient artifacts inside the building. The Serpent will use any puppets, pied pipers or causes simply to get the masses to celebrate/protest in these places.

It’s your free will emotions that the Serpent requires. All squares could be called ‘Dog Shit Square’ just as long as a large number of us intermittently go and willingly celebrate and/or protest there. Therefore I feel ‘Dog Shit Square’ is rather apt if only to honour the genetic makeup of the human Cerebrum.

Indeed, what is the name of the official energy extraction square, or the name of the official place to protest or celebrate, called in a town or city near you? You’d still go and protest or dance and celebrate there even if it was called ‘Stupefied Ape Square’ eh? I can only tell you that the PTB purposely create and name ‘squares’ and other locations with titles that will demand the emotional respect of the people that live in that country. This is no coincidence and it will always raise the emotions of the people that will protest and fight or dance and celebrate there, because of misdirected sentimental attachment to it. The serpent literally ‘redecorates’ these locations to suit the peoples emotions of the relevant time and ensures all generations are sentimentally attached to the area. Do you understand?

This ‘Martyr Square’ in Tripoli, and peoples emotional attachment to it, was hyped, used and transmitted throughout the entire Libyan conflict. Like Tahrir Square it was seen as the place of control and again that is no coincidence. It was used as the place by ‘both sides’ and the place to be seen as a ‘victory point’ around the globe, and both sides were using the Square, sometimes both occupied the square at different times on the the same day, to ‘show’ the world they were winning the battle, and attracting emotions of their supporters. Of course the exact same scenario took place in Cairo and Tahir Square was seen as the symbolic place by all factions to take control of to achieve ‘Victory’. In reality it is used as an ‘emotion centre’ and shows the democratic side of the challenge to the universe, and although the situation in Libya became a full scale war, the emotional and symbolic attention was always, always, always directed to the Green (Martyr) Square area.

Again the exact same scenario and scam is used world-wide in ever major city and in in every country, and the Arab Spring is only a small part of it.  (My articles and books will show you other scams).  I am only using Cairo and Tripoli because most folks are aware of the events and although they are two different countries the scam is exactly the same.

Firstly Gaddafi (Boo), just like Mubarak (More Boos), was a Serpent Puppet and in reality was used by the Serpent, as a positive pied piper, to gain ‘positive emotions of the people’ years ago to enable him to sweep to power. Obviously the Serpent also made Gaddafi (Hiss), like Mubarak (More Hiss), a negative pied piper when it needed to attract the emotions of the people against him too. (Just like Saddam  (Hang the bastard!) too of course..  The pantomime mentalily is continually carried out to satisfy a stupefied race of morons.  Boo me and crucify me if you must!  He’s behind you eh?

_39691001_gaddafi_ap238Gaddafi death

The Serpent giveth Gaddafi and then the Serpent taketh Gaddafi away”. Unless its another double of course!

I can only say again that there are goodie pied pipers and there are baddie pied pipers and most become both. It depends on the programming of the minds of the masses at the time as to the status and the fate of the white hat or black hat pied piper. I can only say again that the Serpent uses the image of both good and bad pied pipers to manipulate emotions and create the energy needed according to the ritual taking place, when and where its needed. It really is the same scam repeated and repeated over and over again! And the programming of the minds all human beings has been going on since their birth.

Secondly, Indeed it is clear that if you look at the Martyr Square in Libya you will also see the ‘square’ is also occupied by a museum containing ancient artifacts too, just like in Cairo. The Red Castle Museum is located on the square where both pro-Gaddafi forces and anti-Gaddafi forces created propaganda to attract more emotional support. Of course the different flags and other symbolism displayed from both factions, were used to raise emotion from the masses in this location, just as they were in Cairo. Sadly the people of Libya could also not see they were simply pawns in a spiritual game as well as a physical one and both the emotions and physical lives of both sides were exploited in the extreme.


The Red Castle Museum located on Green Square


Pro Gaddafi ‘Green’ sheep led to the square (and the Museum of course)

Gaddafi appeared on Green Square to attract support. He was literally stood on the museum!


“Come hither sheep and cheer and scream” Video Here

The emotions of the entire country, both sides or both colours in the battle, needed to be displayed for the ritual to be successful. (Just like in Cairo and Thailand and in other places around the globe) Therefore, true to form along come the ‘opposition’, bringing their energy, wearing their own, Serpent Supplied, colours and occult symbolism, albeit ignorant of its meaning, to the same ‘symbolic’ place that contains either replica temples, ancient artifacts and/or idols of worship. The result being all Libyans gave up their emotions in one way or another to the force that literally enslaves them via ritual, again just like in Cairo. The Anti-Gaddafi sheep are the same as the Gaddafi sheep, they changed absolutely NOTHING. They simply ‘renewed’ their physical and spiritual surrender to the Serpent Cult by accepting it as their ruler. It was all just a pantomime really but sadly these sorts of pantomimes result in REAL death and destruction. Simply because the emotions have to be real to create real energy for the ritual to be genuine and the message to the universe true.


The Anti-Gaddafi sheep are the same as the Gaddafi sheep, apart from the symbolic emblems they literally wave to the artifacts and the replica temples/”museums”.


The Anti-Gaddafi sheep are the same as the Gaddafi sheep.

The two different sides, in reality the same human emotional energy, was released and extracted in the same location. The murders and the terrible sufferings only massively increased the emotions of the easily duped Libyans.

There was only ever one winner in this civil war. The Serpent. There will be no changes for good for the masses in Libya. My friends, freedom is never gained by simply wearing a different coloured shirt in battle. Both sides actually surrender to the same force. We gain absolutely nothing by blindly following the most recent ‘popular smooth talker’ because that is exactly the same scam as following the previous popular smooth talker. It is just the same experience as getting a new car and the car like pied pipers, new or old, will only take you to the exact same place the old one did. It can never take you anywhere else.  A car, new or old, will always take you to the same petrol station, the temple of the oil barons, and a pied piper will always take you to the temple of its masters, the Serpent Cult. Time and time again! Time and Time again! Time and Time again. Do you understand?

Gaddafi (Boo), those he replaced (Boo) and even his replacements (Hooray) will only lead the masses to his masters symbolism. Murbarak (Boo), those he replaced (Boo) and even his replacements (Hooray!) will only do the same. The rioters and the rioters are only ‘trading cars’ in but the Serpent owns all the petrol stations. This scenario applies to ‘all’ pied pipers including the puppet western presidents. Indeed it applies to those that preach in the truth movement too. The name of the movement does not matter, the name of the pied piper does not matter either. Viva the Labour Party Movement, Viva the Republican Movement, Viva the Communist Movement, Viva the Fascist Movement, Viva the Jesus Movement, Viva the Mohammed Movement and therefore Viva the Truth Movement. Do you understand? You want truth? I give it to you!  Hey I’d start an official Stupefied Ape Movement but I realised a long while ago that all humans have already been in that movement for thousands of years.


I could go on and show you many locations around the world including that used during the troubles in Tunisia and other places, but I tell you all major locations are used. Indeed, briefly Tunisia’s ‘Baddie’ pied piper, again created by drip-drip oppression, was Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The focus of attention in Tunis was mainly the ‘Kasbha Square’ via Avenue Habib Bourguiba. Some smaller countries will only be gathered to protest around a ‘specific’ monument instead of a museum, simply because its own artifacts were previously pillaged for rituals in other places, but the said monument will also represent ancient artifacts, sacred geometry, or represent a middle-man deity for the serpent anyway!

Kasbah Square with Freedom Monument… the exact same Scam taking place!

I mention the Avenue Habib Bourguiba because it leads to the Square and the Freedom monument, in case you want to research it. I will tell you the truth that you will find that it exactly resembles the energy line in Paris that I wrote about in Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird, back in 2008. In the picture below you will see a clock-tower obelisk that is symbolically and geometrically on a par with the obelisk (And Ferris Wheel) on the energy line in Paris. Do you remember Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird now in 2013, if so maybe you will start to believe me before it really is too late to do so? Unfortunately the protesting sheep in Tunis may still continue to protest whilst facing (worshipping) this obelisk for eternity!


Avenue Habib Bourguiba, complete with clock-tower obelisk at the end just like the Champs Elysees!


Rising Ben Ben from watery chaos as on usual Serpent energy line

The best examples I can show you about the ‘Arab Spring‘ are Egypt and Libya. I have done that in this article, but I assure you the scam is global and has been used many times in the past. That’s not to say that the Arab Spring is all that was/is going on.  My original Mithras articles showed you the protests regarding ‘banks’.  But the situation with the banks is only the drip-drip oppression being used mostly for wealthier countries and that situation has only increased, just as I told you it would years ago.

You have now seen the protests against banks increase throughout Europe, mainly in places like Rome, Athens and London. These events have unfolded right under your noses. These places harbour ancient symbolism, ancient temples and ancient artifacts (usually stolen) in the extreme. Again this is no coincidence.

Obviously in 2013 the recent events in Cyprus shocked many as the banks literally shut their doors on the people, quicker than Larry Grayson ever did. I can only quote myself on this situation again. I wrote Singing Do Wah Diddy. I quote from it today nearly ten years later. Please listen this time.

 “Those of you in what you consider decent jobs with a decent standard of living, be warned, you have only been comforted by the serpent cult’s “free world” to suit them not you. You are part of the illusion, the deception, to make people of lower status believe the illusion, therefore support it, and by them seeing people like you in reasonable positions of status blindly keeps the illusion going for them. Yes be warned the serpent cult will treat you, pillars of society, like beggars in the street once their agenda reaches its climax. Those of you who feel safe with money in the bank should note that paper or electronic money are worthless should a, pre-arranged, stock market crash come our way. Property prices can crash to nothing when nobody has the money to buy one. Those of you who think your local “friendly” bank wouldn’t ‘seal up cash machines and slam their doors in your face’, in a world crisis, should think again. They follow orders from high rankers just like you have also been programmed or conditioned to do the same for your boss. If you are a boss already the bank already totally controls you. The financial high rankers sit on gold and other valuable minerals. You sit on a piece of worthless plastic or worthless paper notes. Is the penny dropping? They can pull the plug out of your personal “bathtub of comfort” anytime they wish. Indeed it is their possession of the plug to your bathtub of comfort that makes you what you are. This is what I describe as conscious control. They have you by the short and curlies and you will know that they do not care if they have to pluck them out. They will often threaten to wave the plug (their power over you) to your bathtub of comfort (your own little world) in your face, just to keep you in place and you just do as they say as long as they keep promising to keep it in the plug hole. We all have our reptilian made bathtubs some are, rust bucket type, tatty bathtubs and some are splendid bathtubs made of marble. They all empty the same way when the plug is pulled though, status or condition of the bathtub does not matter. We are all left naked, with wet asses, when the plug is pulled. The serpent cult owns all plugs to all the bathtubs in this world.  From ‘Matthew Delooze: Singing Do Wah Diddy’

I’m sure some of those that laughed at my singing then (I am a really crap singer I know) will now realise that although I’m still tone deaf I’m not tone daft. I can only add to that quote in 2013 by saying all the little clever arsed awakened entrepreneurs out there that think they can escape the oppression by hiding cash or metals will have another think coming in the future. But I’m sure they still won’t believe that the Serpent owns all plugs and all bathtubs of comfort whilst their own little ‘pluggy wuggy’ plug is still in place and keeping their arses washed. But I tell them the truth. The Serpent is going to pull them ALL. I’m also sure high rankers in secret societies and pampered agents for the Serpent will think they are immune and clever. I can only say, at this stage, they will have a big shock coming to them. A blinking big one too and sooner than they blinking well think as well. Not that I expect to be believed. But I am not bothered about that. I say to the liars and the Hypocrites, take a photo of your bathtub’s Pluggy Wuggy in the near future because you can then use it as a sentimental souvenir to cry over one day.


The recent protests on the small island of ‘Cyprus’ can and indeed can only indicate again that my theories and past information about protests were/are true. The vast majority of the human race believes itself to be intelligent enough to intelligently protest against its own intelligence. (The term ‘silly buggers’ comes to mind). In reality the human race literally protests to stupefy itself. Such is the state of its pantomime existence as slaves to an inter-dimensional force. Oh yes you are!

Indeed, the Greek Cypriots are just as stupefied as the rest of the masses and they automatically follow the ‘protest’ pantomime mentality, just like any other programmed herd. In the Cyprus case the majority of protest were led to the Presidential Palace in Nicosia to boo, hiss and try to lynch the baddies. This Palace is yet again just another replica symbolic temple, indeed the whole area around the Presidential Palace has a symbolic history and has been used by the ‘Serpent’ and its Knights for a very long time, just like most places that attract celebration and protest energy are placed on strategic energy points. Indeed The Palace in Nicosia is simply another typical pied piper monument in which the sheeple are led to protest in front of.

The Facade at the Presidential Palace.


The Cypriot Sheep demanding their rulers rule them at the temple of their ruler

Customers queue up outside a branch of Laiki Bank as they wait for the reopening of the bank in Nicosia

The Cypriot Sheep wondering if the plug will really be being pulled one day (Yes it will be!)

I can only say again that the basic scam is so easy to see. The masses are simply led to protest and release emotions outside certain replica temples. Indeed the masses do not take much prodding to do such things.

It is now clear to all, if they are honest, that the human race literally thrives on greed and selfishness in the main. it is also clear to anyone with even half a brain that they system they once thought safe and honest was a cesspt of corruption all along. The Serpent has not only easily created a human race of slave like physical entities, it has created them in its own psyche, and created them complete with the morals and mentality of the Serpent. Human beings in the main today, simply display a facade that hides a false personality whilst covertly thriving and existing on greed and through chronic selfishness.

This facade only drops, and only exposes the real psyche of the Serpent, when the the human entity displaying it is put under material pressure or if the means that actually feed its greed and selfishness is threatened. E.G. the plug to its bathtub of comforts is dangled in front of them and they see their nice ‘bubble’ bath draining away. The Serpent is creating the material pressure in the lives of its slaves more and more these days simply because its main aim, as it has always been, is to attract the raise emotions of the human, through fear, and to direct the energy created to occult ‘symbols’ and symbolic locations.

A selfish greedy dumbed down human being, to its inevitable demise, does not even consider the symbols it takes its emotions too. For example, do you notice the symbol of the actual bank (temple of greed) when you are grabbing the cash at an ATM? Well do you? Who notices a symbol on the machine whilst simply happily grabbing the bank notes being delivered?  And what greedy selfish drone for the Serpent out there is going to realise they ‘bow’ to the symbolism displayed on the ATM when their eyes are full of greed for the bank notes it gives them? Do you think ATM’s were provided for your benefit? (For bank notes see my book Is It Me For A Moment). Well do you?


Eyes down, give me the cash and thank you master for answering my prayers?

There is no difference in using an ATM and running into a church or temple and bowing to the icon in front of you. If you think I’m joking you’d be wrong.

Can you see? Why not really try to raise your level of basic vision if you can’t. There’s no bigger fool than a dumbed down ‘enlightened’ fool, thats going to protest and protest and protest.The same scam, using the same enlightened protesting sheep, goes on and on. It is greed, fear and ego, along with programming the subconscious that is used to stupefy the masses into blindly protesting.  It is a total lack of awareness of universal laws and the failure to see the occult symbols, or see the replica temples, that will tighten the chains on humanity.

I would, before I go like to briefly mention the logos I mentioned in the previous ‘Mithras’ articles, but only because its important for the future for some of you. To friends I humbly ask they simply take note of the logos now in 2013. I mentioned and posted the Royal Bank of Scotland logo playing a major part in the London protests and I mentioned and posted the Marfin Bank logo playing a major part in the Athens protests.  I realise the enlightened ones out there thought I was a bit batty mentioning those logos back then. I only mentioned them for the future. So obviously it will be another act of battiness on my part, to the enlightened ones, for now showing you the major logo being used to collect ‘worldwide attention’ during the protests in Cyprus. It is this one.


The Laiki Bank Logo in Cyprus the centre of focus as far as a symbol goes (Linked to Marfin)

I can only ask you to at least consider there is a link to the logos I mentioned in the previous Mithras articles written three and four years ago.

marfinEGNATIA_0 rbs_logo_new

Is there a pattern forming?

I wrote this at the time.

“In the first Mithras article the logo was said to be linked to the spring Greenman . I believe these logos go much deeper than that but at this stage it is only necessary to at least start to see that the logos have different levels of meaning. Indeed if these logos do symbolically represent Greenman (rebirth) ritual then the Greenman is only stage two of understanding the logo. There will be many stages. You are dealing with a force that has dumbed you down so you cannot see”

I’m still not yet in a position for various reasons to inform you why this type of logo was being used in major protests. Anyway I just want you to note the Cyprus logo and the previous logos again. I simply want to record the logos to use to help you at a later date to help prove something and my Mithras articles literally record them for us.

I hope you have seen, what I was saying a few years ago repeatedly unfold in front of your eyes during the last couple of years, and therefore you may start to believe it one day. If you can then I say again that I am excited for your future and you will see why these symbols are used in the future too. I cannot show you anything in the future if you do not believe what I said in the past. I will be useless to you.

If you can believe the Serpent needs the free will of the masses to attend the locations and worship the symbolism’ artifacts and temples that the Serpent wants them too, and to supply genuine energy there, then I believe it will help you see and understand things that will happen in the world soon.

At the same time, if you can believe that by being led to and showing ’emotion’ to the artifacts in the locations provided of the Serpent that we actually tell the universe that we actually want the Serpent to rule us, then I believe it will help you in the future too.

We have only been given a right to protest by those that we have already given the right to rule. It’s the same scam over and over again, and this scam has been going on since the days of Noah.  But how many examples do you want me to show you to help you believe? I can show you and have showed the same scams going on around the planet and I assure you they will increase massively soon. I could even become like Moses and and tell you its spiritual madness to dance around a monument or even go and cheer or shout stood outside of a symbolic temple. But I’m sure many will never believe me.

People have been totally programmed, recently even more by the very faces that claim to be ‘alternative’, to believe that protest, peaceful or otherwise, is the only way forward to stop a new world order unfolding.

I actually find it laughable that so-called intelligent awakened people continue to claim that peaceful or even violent protests actually solve things. What have they ever solved? The world is on the brink of destruction if you haven’t noticed. So what has any protest solved in the long run? My friends, please listen, the Serpent literally wants you to protest. It has even willingly supplied the apparatus you need for you to actually protest at. The Serpent wants you to quote the names of famous protesters, like Gandhi and Lennon, simply because by doing so you are declaring to the universe that you have had universal rights to do just that and respect such protesters and protests. Any Modern Day Gandhi leading a peaceful protest will only empower its enslaver, just like Gandhi did.  The fact is the likes of Gandi, Lennon and all other pied pipers will lead you where all others do. Planet Earth as it is today. A cesspit of apathy, corruption fear, greed and genocide. Bloody good job we did all the protesting eh?

I am not disrespecting Ghandi and his fellow peaceful protest leaders, but they have achieved absolutely nothing positive for the future of mankind. NOTHING. They simply became pied pipers for the Serpent, such is the guile of the Serpent. Any good intentions of people like Ghandi have been manipulated on a spiritual level and used to enslave mankind, not make it free. They pretended they were divine when all along they were stooges. Divinity does not come with ego and the need for fame. Their five sense intelligence, which was nothing really, it just appeared to be intelligence compared with normal human stupidity, was simply used to attract sheep to covert ritual. That is a fact not a delusion. Look at the true situation we are in today. Tell me one good thing to come out of the recent so called protests and the so called past protests. We changed NOTHING.

“There is no such thing as a peaceful protest. If your heart was at peace you would not protest”

Matthew Delooze April 2009

Look at the increase in protests, as were predicted, and look at the locations that have taken place over the last few years. The only thing the protests of the past have really done is increase the amount of the symbolic locations and monuments that you are allowed to protest at! We have more squares, more museums, more monuments and more ancient artifacts, not to mention the modern day masonic Ferris wheels going around ever major square on the planet (Sorry to be honest). The Serpent keeps building these locations and monuments because it wants you to celebrate or protest at them! It is obvious that the human race has only really been allowed to protest so it can literally be allowed to protest more and more. It is literally protesting for its own enslavement. You only need open your eyes and you will see this in the future if you can’t see it now. ‘Those that live through protest will die through protest’

You do not really need me to show you more examples of the protest situation do you? You will either believe me or you won’t.  Please try to see it yourself on the TV or even go and be ‘led’ on a protest yourself. Please go and play games with those that actually believe protests will get rid of the secret rulers of this world, (LOL), indeed official protest groups will be encouraged, just like the Wall Street and St Paul’s. We are literally worshiping the Serpent by protesting where the Serpent wants us to protest.

Protests only empower the Serpent. I can again advise you to read my previous protest articles, but I wrote this years ago.

Displaying free will energy on a protest march or in a riot, at symbolic temples like the Bank of England, is the same as getting on your knees in a real temple and praying. Being on a protest march and releasing anger energy in front of a symbolic temple is also on a par with attending Glastonbury Festival and dancing in front of the Pyramid and releasing passive energy. The fact that the emotion is based on anger and protest does not make the energy created less powerful.Please don’t forget that the Serpent Cult control your ‘emotions’ even though you may think you are above that, you are not and they can make you celebrate something or hate something when it suits them. You will be led at the drop of a hat. You are a puppet. There are no exceptions.

Please re-read my previous Mithras articles.

Was I wrong to say what I said in 2009 and 2010? Was I wrong to mention the things I mentioned in 2004 in the Do Wah Diddy work from nearly 10 years ago?  Can you see what I say is true?

If I am wrong in what I say in the previous articles, and even in the do wah diddy work, then please point how I am? I tell you the truth when I say the time is no longer coming for you to make a choice in what you believe. It’s arrived.  It does not matter to me if you believed the information I previously provided and it does not matter to me if you believe it now, as the protests and gatherings outside replica temples and monuments increase around the globe. It does not matter to me if you believe what I say in the future. I had to produce the material whatever you believe(d).

I finish this article by reminding you that I told you the truth in 2009, that the protests would increase massively. I say it again, even though there has been a large increase in the last 3 years already,  protests and demonstrations will still massively increase. I now tell you the truth again below, although I assure you it is not my will to do so. What I will say is there will be no problem recognising the event I predict below when it actually unfolds….

The protests being carried out by sheeple, inspired by fear and fuelled by greed, will intermittently increase until one day a ‘single worldwide ritual’ (A Global Protest) will be focused on either a single symbolic replica temple or a single symbolic occult monument. This will take place in a land in the Far East or a land in the Far West. This single focal point of world attention will lead to the day when the human race is collectively on its knees to the temple or monument…  begging (protesting) to the Serpent for continuation of the very existence of the human race. 

Matthew Delooze 17th April 2013

 Maybe you will start to really understand why I wrote the Mithras articles when the event, I have described above, actually unfolds in front of your own eyes. I do not write such things to be negative or cause any fears. I write them to help and empower certain people for the future and in the future.

It is time for me to go.

So. Whatever you do or think….

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze 20/04/2013

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013. All rights reserved.

We Want Security & We Want It Now: By Matthew Delooze

We Want Security & We Want It Now


And we are going to protest and protest and protest til’ we get it

By Matthew Delooze

I ‘purposely’ wrote a couple of articles about organised protests last month. The G20 Protests and the Thailand protests were probably the most reported demonstrations on a global scale.

I sometimes think I’d be far better off playing lovvies on facebook but I also created an article about May Day in 2007 to explain why the masses are allowed to take part in an annual march of symbolic protest on May Day in spring in the East and Labour Day in autumn in the West. (Sun cycle).

There were violent protests throughout the May Day festive season throughout Europe and the rest of the world too.

So it comes to no surprise to me that we are seeing many other protests spring up at this time of the year too.  Let’s have a look at a couple of examples that have happened in very recent days. There is the one in Spain and the one in Romania that have hit the headlines (Minds of the masses) in mainstream media. You will see in the first report that more demonstrations are being organised by European Trade Confederation (ETUC) which is just another arm of the Serpent Cult (But psst don’t tell the demonstrators they won’t believe you!)…

Spanish protesters demand protection for jobless


Dressed in funeral black to mourn the estimated four million jobless in Spain, demonstrators had a simple message for the government: Enough corporate bailouts; it’s time to focus on the workers. The Madrid demonstration, organized by the European Trade Confederation (ETUC) was the opening shot in a flurry of activity expected in the next few days. With European unemployment rates at staggering levels, protests are planned in the coming days in Berlin, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Luxembourg; Bucharest, Romania and Birmingham, England.

Click Here for official source


Thousands of Romanian workers rally in pay protest


BUCHAREST (Reuters) – Thousands of Romania’s workers and civil servants rallied in Bucharest on Thursday, demanding higher wages and secure jobs, in a demonstration of growing discontent with the government’s anti-crisis response.”We want jobs,” read a banner carried by white-dressed unionists blowing whistles and shouting “Thieves, thieves”.

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….I have known for many years that these events are being ‘engineered’ and the protests are being ‘made to order’ throughout the globe and it is obvious to me that several arms of the Serpent Cult, including workers organisations and coincidental expose’ of corrupt politicians to fan the flames, will be in operation throughout the summer to create more demands from the masses who will then congregate at symbolic locations and carry out the physical, symbolic and spiritual requirements demanded by the Serpent Cult. Once the Serpent Cult’s demands are satisfied it will allow deceptive force that rules this world to start to enforce centralised government on to the human race. The sad thing is that the human race will have demanded it to be so.

 I have also known for many years that, obviously, with the human race believing that they take part in protests to change the world and to demonstrate their rights it’s a very difficult thing to prove or at least convince a few people that they are being duped and they are actually praising the deceptive force that enslaves them to actually enslave them even more when they protest for something to be done. The masses have been programmed to believe protests actually work they cannot see that the protests are actually part of the scam. I’ve said before that we can protest enmasse and literally murder the governments if we so desire, its not hard to do if we all join in, but who will replace the government? Another government?

On a five-sense level it just appears that the economic situation is creating a spot of bother for the peasants and the said peasants are protesting and with good reason. OK fair enough if this is true then all we need to do is kick out the incompetent politicians and put in some more eh?

But haven’t we been doing this all along? Haven’t we been victim of this scam since day one? It should be obvious to anyone with more that one brain cell that these governments do not have any say in matters. Politicians are told what to do and they can be made to look angels one minute and devils the next by the force that controls them. That’s why we now currently see politicians as a corrupt devil type figures. It’s simply because the force that controls the politicians wants you to see them in the light people now see them in.  They are seen as totally incompetent expense fiddling corrupt morons that simply don’t care whether we starve or die. The Solution? We simply replace these devil faces of incompetence with angel faces of competence don’t we? But were not these devil faces once angel faces too?

So let’s move on to a spiritual level and try to see what is going on.  Obviously I have explained in my articles on G20 and Thailand as to the temples the demonstrators are led to when required.

So let’s just suppose for a minute that the masses that turn up on demonstrations actually represent the human race. Let’s suppose for a minute they are our delegates, they are the official spokespeople for the masses so to speak, and as mentioned in my articles, ‘they are literally challenging the PTB over their right to rule and demanding action at the same time and are doing so on behalf on the human race.

If that scenario was true what are the protestors, our spiritual representatives, actually demanding from the PTB?


We are all pawns in a scam to give energy and the right to rule us to a force that is not even human in a world of humans

They are literally demanding more security from the PTB and they are demanding it outside the official buildings of the PTB or at a major monument of the powers that be. Again you will have to read my previous demonstration articles to understand this more easily.

In my opinion ladies and gentlemen at this very moment on planet Earth the human race is actually starting to pray for a global physical and spiritual prison. The masses are literally approaching the PTB in their 5 sense official buildings on a five-sense level and demanding physical action takes place to create more 5 sense security.

Therefore on a spiritual level the request is exactly the same. But we are approaching symbolic spiritual structures (Official buildings built as temples or occult monuments) and we are also demanding spiritual security from the PTB too.

On a five-sense level we are demanding that the human agents in the Serpent Cult control our five senses but at the same time we are demanding that multi –dimensional entities also control our spirit. We can’t have one without the other simply because they are operating inside the same temples. We are literally demanding and praying for our enslavement. That is the size of the scam.

When we protest to the PTB to take action. We are actually demanding enslavement.  I hear of the term ‘peaceful protest’ but a protest is a protest and a protest is a demand, a challenge to the PTB to prove their power over you not for you to prove your power over them.

“There is no such thing as a ‘peaceful protest’ if your hearts and minds were at peace they would not protest”

Matthew Delooze 15th May 2009

“Protests only confirm your imprisonment not your freedom”

Matthew Delooze 1st May 2009

Sometimes the worker in me comes out and I want to go and kick ass or burn the Houses of Parliament down and show the authorities that I’m sick of them taking the piss but I have realised we are only taking the piss out of ourselves. It is a vital necessity to the Serpent Cult that you challenge their right to rule to enable them to carry on ruling and increase the power of their rule.

Protests are only going to increase on a massive scale. Its up to you if believe what I say or not. But don’t say you wasn’t informed.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze 15th May 2009

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