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Pope, kangaroos light up Harbour Bridge for World Youth Day

Popey Does Oz


By Matthew Delooze

A Delooze News Special Report

Hello folks, my mate Popey is up to his deceptive dirty tricks again. This time the crafty old bugger is in Australia ‘deceiving the kids’ of course as usual. Some people, especially leaders of organised Sex Abuse Rings have no shame do they? It is reported today that a billion people will have their eyes on Popey’s visit to Sydney. (Source) Indeed thousands of people, including the Premier Morris
Lemma, cheered images of the pope on the towers on the Sydney Bridge long before he arrived.

Those that have read my stuff for a long time will know that I claim that ‘respected symbolic monuments’ in this world are used as a location or energy point to extract spiritual energy from human beings. Sydney Harbour (Opera House and Bridge) is no different. Here is what Mr Lemma says on the subject. Quote…

“We are continuing Sydney’s great tradition of incorporating the Harbour Bridge into our community’s celebrations,” Mr Lemma said. “Whether it is New Year’s Eve, the Olympic Games or another significant event, the bridge is a focal point for our festivities. “World Youth Day is the second biggest event in the world this year, and the Harbour bridge is a Sydney icon, so it’s important it is part of this
week’s historic celebrations.”

I can only repeat my claims and say that the Serpent Cult WANT folk to celebrate where these monuments have been placed and, as I reported in my articles, they can add any imagery they want to the said monuments to get people to cheer louder and therefore release energy through emotion. In this case the major icon being displayed to attract the emotion towards the monument is the Pope.

Anyway let me get on… I only wish to point out that the World Youth Day (WYD) is just another scam by the Serpent Cult to extract energy through covert worship of the Sun initially through the worship of the ‘Pope’ and perceived supreme beings like Jesus and his Dad (God). These icons, in my  opinion, are simply physical and/or symbolic agents for beings that are alien to this world.
This WYD scam has been growing for a few years now.

WYD08-Logo_miniOfficial WYD website

I also find the official song for this event a very very good example to show you to explain how symbolic songs/hymms are used as spiritually binding oaths. It is called ‘receive the power’ and millions of folk will sing it during the coming week.

‘Receive the Power’
(Sun Symbolism on cover)

In my opinion the song is a blatant oath of spiritual surrender to the SUN. Please click on link to see report and see the song being performed. (The song comes on after the report!) You may see that the crowd is being whipped into a frenzy to build up and release energy.

Guy Sabastian showing us all  that the song is about worshipping the Sun.
He literally loves it.

Please watch the video carefully and see the subliminal  symbolic messages of ‘loving the sun’ (Sabastian T shirt with the Sun is a good example of how the trickery works), you really can’t miss it! If you do watch the video linked above the you will also see the official attendance figures (amount of energy) that this event is now attracting around the world. 2million at Rome and 1.2 million in Paris are good examples. I will also point out that the spiritual energy created by our youth is the most potent.

BUT I suppose I’m talking out of my arse eh? But hey at least my arse hasn’t been rimmed by Popey’s henchmen who represent the so called God these sheep worship.

I am convinced 100% that the WYD is a very good example of how spiritual energy is deceptively extracted from humans at certain locations around the world that contain monuments that have placed there by the Serpent Cult. I also believe 100% that a very powerful song has been created for the people taking part. I have said for several years now that
religious prayers and hymns are indeed ‘deceptive spiritually binding oaths’. The title of the song says it all ‘Receive the Power’. Who is receiving the Power when the song is sung, the people singing it or the symbolism or the icons mentioned in it? Come on think for yourselves and answer honestly.

I’ll tell you my opinion, the creators of of the mythical Sun Gods that are actually being sung about are receiving the power. The energy is only going in one direction….. My friends please take heed when I tell you the truth that this song is a con trick to get millions of people to
surrender their spirit to a deceptive force, just like the Lords prayer
situation that I have mentioned in my books.

Popey, along with his cronies, is just a lying agent for deceptive inter-dimensional forces that want to enslave you in this world.  The Serpent has control of the majority of minds and therefore creates our reality. They want to keep you here for eternity as a food source and a slave to create the reality we live in. The ‘celebrities’ being used like Guy Sabastian are just pied pipers to attract more and more youth to the event (Increase the energy). Indeed Guy Sabastian is just a cloned Michael Jackson or extra attraction value.

Sabastian… the unknowing pied piper led by ego

 Don’t Forget  ‘Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy’

This fact about spiritual energy is open to abuse to those that know how it works. Indeed it’s the
same scam being used over and over again by the illuminati’s web of secret societies. Symbolic locations. Symbolic songs lead to Spiritual surrender…. WAKE UP!!!!!

That said don’t blame me… there will be millions of folk that fall for this scam this week and
they would blindly want to kill me for saying what I am saying already and I have only scratched the surface yet. The Pope is simply an agent for the would be enslaver of your soul. How will the average brainwashed catholic react to that comment whilst he is cheering a picture of the Pope on Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunset?

You don’t have to believe me. The message and news above is for those that want to listen not those that don’t. Please sing the songs provided by Mr Sabastian and others, and respect and worship the Pope if that’s what you want. I don’t mind in the least. You can be a slave in blind igorance for eternity if that is what you really want to be. Just don’t pretend you wasn’t informed. These deceivers have got away with it for thousands of what you see as years anyway. If you don’t want change then join in with them! For those seeking a different route then please take in what I have said,
after all… only you can decide if it feels right or not. Whatever you feel… I hope you at least enjoyed this Delooze News Popey Special?

Best Wishes
Matthew Delooze
17th July 2008