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Separated Bodies = Separated Minds – The Separated Human Race

Separated Bodies  –  Separated Minds


The Separated Human Race

Matthew Delooze reporting..,

Hello folks,

I had the strange experience of doing a little research yesterday in Lincoln Castle. I had strong deja vu in the prison that is located inside the castle walls. Indeed I had visited this castle before, three years ago and I had strong feelings of deja vu then too.

What attracted me most was the ‘prison chapel’ and it sparked a lot of things off in me. The symbolism I saw set my mind racing.

This type of chapel at the prison is the only one still fully standing or on public view but the practice of ‘totally separating’ prisoners was widespread in our jails at that time. The authorities kept this pretty quiet though. Indeed the vast majority of you folks out there won’t have a clue our prisoners were once masked. The vast majority of you will not be aware that men women and children were placed in a ‘separation system’ and robotically preached to.

In a nut shell, prisoners were ordered to wear masks (mid nineteenth century) ‘at all times’ outside of their cells. They were not allowed to ‘see’ or to ‘talk’ to other prisoners. The only time they were allowed to take their masks off and act as a group was in chapel (listening to the words of god of course!)

The chapel has specially built cubicles in which the prisoners were shepherded and then allowed to take their masks off. The pictures below show very tall dummies ‘standing’ inside the cubicles.(wearing the jails masks) An average size person wouldn’t come anywhere near the top of the cubicle and indeed there was an uncomfortable shelf like seat to sit on so please bear in mind that the dummies are only there for visual effect ans also bear in mind that you are looking down on them. I assure you on ground level you could only see or feel a large door.


The prisons were led to the chapel wearing masks and then separated in cubicles so they could not see or communicate with each other.


All the prisoners attended the chapel were made  to sit and look directly at the pulpit…


All the prisoners could see or hear was the padre/priest sprouting from the pulpit which was raised high in the air

The prisoners were mostly kept in isolation and when given short exercise the masks had to be worn too. (Ladies wore dark veils). So obviously the only time these people didn’t wear their masks as a group they were still hidden or separated from each other. They had no connection. The prisoners were only allowed to speak through ‘singing in church’ too. So therefore the only words spoken as a group were spiritual vows.

The only book allowed in their cells was the bible.

I started to think about this cruel separation system. I started to see that the ‘separation system’ is actually always in force in this world although we cannot see it on a physical level in the same way as the cruel pictures inside the chapel show us. The physical lives of these ‘prisoners’ show us clearly how the system really treats us, but we are so spiritually shallow that we can’t see how the world treats us just the same on a spiritual level anyway. Obviously the physical system can act with more brutality when it has hidden a few of us away in its prison, but I tell you the truth the system only uses more mind control and physical control over official 5 sense prisoners because the normal level of sheep control hasn’t worked on them in the so called outside world, ‘on the out’ as prisoners call it.

In a nut shell the people who end up in prison haven’t obeyed as quickly as you, so the screw is simply turned on them more until they do obey and vow.

The masks had to be worn at  all times outside of their cell apart from in the chapel but the isolation cubicles made sure no one saw anyone or communicated.

The physical use of masks, separation prison cells and chapel cubicles can easily ‘break the spirit of a man or woman’…  and it did.  But that only suggests that folks outside of the prison system have already got a broken spirit.  That said, on a spiritual level the drip drip effect of mind control and spiritual vows played on normal folks has the exact same effect long term than the brutality of prisoners did in the short term.

 Indeed the only time these prisoners were actually allowed to be collective was when they were allowed to join in ‘spiritual rituals’ (singing hymns in chapel) That was reality inside a prison. That was prison life.

So let’s look at normal life ‘on the out’ shall we?

Because don’t we all still wear and display a symbolic mask to others in this world, even though we make believe we are good and honest?  I think we do. I know we do because I see phony people everyday that have placed their masks very well and unfortunately some of them have stuck their masks on with super glue and they can never remove them without a hell of a lot of pain.

Don’t we all look at each other but never see the real person we are looking at? We are always looking at the mask not the person. We have to pull their mask off if we really want to see them.

In reality we are just like the prisoners in Lincoln Castle Chapel  but maybe our separated ego will not admit it. But indeed, just like the prisoners, when we do come together collectively we only do it for ritualistic purposes too… Christmas.. Mayday… Funerals…Weddings… Elections.. Etc Etc Etc.

We just carry out rituals when told to just like the prisons did in their chapel.

Yes? Do you comprehend?

So what are we doing?

We are doing just as the state has programmed us. We are literally doing the same things as the prisoners did in Lincoln jail and other jails. We wear masks until we are ‘allowed’ to take the masks off, and when we do take our masks off it is only because the PTB want to have our free will participation in spiritual rituals that require our free will.

  Did the pictures in the Prison Chapel shock you?  Did you get a feeling of deja vu even? If the cubicles of separation and the wearing of masks shock you…  then ask yourself why? Because there is no difference between a human being now, on a spiritual level, and a prisoner trapped in the separation system in the jails then, on a five sense level. So look at the five sense picture of the separated prisoner in a mask and in reality see YOU on a spiritual level. Yes I mean YOU!


The prisoners had to continually wear a mask in the presence of others unless a ‘free willed ritual’ took place. What mask do you wear?

That real plight of the human race today is the fact that it cannot see it is a prisoner wearing a mask  and a true spiritual separation system has been in force for thousands of years. It is just that you cannot physically see it like you can see the chapel pictures I have provided only as an analogy. That said the Serpent Cult has you in exactly the same mask as the prisoners that suffered in Lincoln. (For petty and silly crimes) . It is only your obedience that stops you from seeing it.

The chapel pictures are just a simple SYMBOLIC way to show you what really goes on at a spiritual level and to indicate that it is a scam to imprison the human race. The chapel pictures and brief description of those prisoners lives show you SYMBOLICALLY how the separation system is implemented on us and how the mind of the human race can be made to focus only on certain things yet make us happily  take part in religious and other rituals that we know nothing about.


Matthew Delooze in the separation chaple Lincoln Prison. I no longer have a mask but i am still in the prison. (I am in this world but not of it)

The Serpent Cult is at this very moment carrying out an agenda that will start to implement a large scale physical separation system. You can see this taking effect now, but its a few years of completion. This is to ensure the total and eternal spiritual enslavement of the human race.

Part of the agenda is to rid us of any ‘free minded get- together’ of our own. It will enforce laws and regulations that will prevent any ‘free willed get together’ taking place’. It will do this through fear and a drip drip effect through the erosion of rights that assist the agenda.

All state sponsored events, including certain festivals, hastily arranged global parties like Live 8 etc will be created to assist the agenda. Sadly puppets of the state, posing as gurus in guru worship ceremonies (certain conspiracy talks/conferences) will be surprisingly vigorously encouraged too (just like worship was in the prison chapel) just like long established deceptive rituals like Christmas have been. But I’m sure you don’t believe that!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is now the right time to start, or at least the time to be attempting to start, to ‘remove the mask this world has made you wear’. I know it will be very difficult for a lot of people to do this. Some of you have stuck your mask on with super glue, as I said, and some of you really like the mask you have anyway.

For those that like their mask, and will always wear it, I suggest you keep it on and sing to the Padre / Priest for your supper, and I also suggest you carrying on thanking the sun for your eternal imprisonment. For those that want to breakthrough or climb over the symbolic cubicles of the prison chapel, or even kick the buggers open, then the first act is to remove the mask. and look around and recognise your fellow escapees.

I hope my humble pictures and my tale spark something in you.  If anything please remember that the same force that planned and created the masks and the separation chapel in prison also created the system you live in now on the out, nothing has changed at all. It’s just that you have been duped in to thinking that the force that enslaves you actually cares about you. It only cares that you robotically follow the orders that enslave you.

They only appear to care because you are obedient and you willing wear the mask you have been provided with and you simply enter the cubicle like a puppet to carry out their ‘rituals’ on request. Just as the separated prisoners did.


May Love Reign O’er You All.
Matthew Delooze 29th July 2009



Osho’s paradise?… Or simply spiritual surrender in a pyramid?

Osho’s paradise or simply spiritual surrender in a pyramid?

By Matthew Delooze


The late Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

Hello Folks,

I wrote about a perceived Indian Utopia called Auroville in May last year and the Gurus, the late Sir Aurobindo & The late Mother, who were responsible for it. Auroville was supposed to be a non religious community in which the punters living there as I reported at the time it appeared religious to me.

 I want to mention another Utopia known as the Osho meditation report but I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not against any person doing what they want to do. I have nothing against Osho or his followers or indeed the other two Gurus at Auroville and if you want to follow Osho please do so. It makes no difference to me whatsoever. If people want get on their knees to a Guru then that is entirely up to them.

Anyway I want to briefly report on another Utopia this time it’s about the late ‘Osho’ (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) who’s followers now have a place known as the OSHO international meditation resort.

Osho was a self acclaimed and well supported ‘Spiritual Guru’. If you have read the info the link provide above you will pick up some information about Osho. Indeed I looked at Osho’s teachings myself quite a few years ago and I did learn a thing or two from him, which I will mention at the end of this news report but one thing is for sure Osho liked Rolls Royce cars.


Osho drives the Rolls Royce past his orange suited ‘followers’ when he was in in the USA

There is some more very basic info about the basic life of Osho here. I don’t want to drone on about Oshos life or his teachings or his followers. Do your own research.

I only wish to mention ‘the Utopia’ his followers now use in his name. It is know as the OSHO international meditation resort. Those people who know of my work and my theories will know I have mentioned the extraction of spiritual energy through monuments and geometric temples and also through through the occult and geometric symbolism in temples. So let’s have a quick look at the late Osho’s meditation resort.


The OSHO international meditation resort.

Apparently followers of Osho can come to this resort and meditate in the ‘The New Osho Auditorium’.


The New Osho Auditorium

“The building should rise out of the water, with a bridge. Crossing the bridge will remind people to leave the mind and to go in.” Osho.

The punters are led into the New Osho Auditorium to meditate the Osho way.  Hey… if I was a loopy conspiracy theorist I’d say that Auditorium was blatant ‘BenBen rising from watery chaos’ symbolism and I agree with Osho’s quote above and these punters actually do leave the mind to go in, but in my opinion it’s their own mind they give away when they do.

Osho also created many a kind of special dance like meditation practices and in my opinion they generated spiritual energy and helped release it from the body far more quickly than when the punters just sit there.


The ‘punters’ in the pyramid…  meditating the Osho way.

It also appears you can have a holiday camp atmosphere at Osho’s meditation resort too.


Grub up there’s no admission without proper attire though.

There is a night life too with full moon meditations if you like em! Osho also preached material and spiritual unification he called Zorba the Buddah

In my opinion Osho mixed hippy mentality with ancient mystic mediation practises and it made him a popular silver tongued Guru. It is no secret that Gurus use and manipulate all the religions and fads of the time to suck in pupils. Gurus today in all walks of life, including modern day ‘illuminati exposers’, use the same tricks and the same deceptive ways of persuasion. For instance ‘Westerners’ can easily fall for the charms of an eastern mystic that is mixing hippy ideology with crafty words of wisdom.

So I suppose if you have a few bob (which phoney hippy new-agers usually do) and you like meditating in a dress every day, whilst in a geometric temple, then Osho’s holiday camp resort is the place to be for you. Apparently you can shag all night as well. It’s in the rules!. Wouldn’t it be great if we were all ‘in to’ meditation and had a few bob as well eh? We could all bugger off to this meditation centre and meditate, eat and shag our lives away whilst thanking Osho for telling us how to do it all….. Yes I’m sure!

Anyway the real reason i mentioned this Utopia is to tell you what i learned from ‘Osho’ the Guru. This is the reason I wrote this news today really. I learned that Osho’s teachings are very good. Indeed I thought Osho not only reminded me of older Gurus he reminded me of modern day Gurus too.

 I believe it is very important for you to grasp the fact that Guru’s today are actually using the same words and tactics that Osho and other Gurus of yesterday used. Click here for a few of Osho’s words.

 If you have read the words on the link then pray tell me which modern day Guru, that is around today, does it sound like to you? One of them or all of them? If it does sound like one of the Gurus you hear today it is because they too want to have the same effect on people today as Osho had on people yesterday. Its the same scam. They are no different whatsoever. They also want you to stand at the roadside dressed in robes whilst they drive past you in a Rolls Royce, just like Osho did.

I can only tell you, in my opinion, that any Guru that leads you to meditate in any temple is simply doing it to steal your spiritual energy and they are stealing energy on behalf of a third party by doing so. The Guru will receive the material rewards for doing so. Hence Osho owning more than one Rolls Royce. The people attending this meditation resort today are no more enlightened than the hippies were in the 1970’s. Indeed they are more of a slave now than ever before.

As I said at the beginning of this news report I’m not having a pop at any Guru. If you want to bow down to a Guru then do so, and If you want to meditate in a pyramid then do that too. I can only be honest and give my opinion and say that you are not receiving spirit or spiritual energies by doing so… you are simply giving them away. Maybe it is just the western modern day followers of the late Osho that have created this modern day expensive hippy resort. Maybe Osho was a genuine Guru sent to enlighten the masses, but what did he actually achieve if he was?

 Whatever the reason, or the what for and the what not, this Osho resort is nothing but a spiritual energy extraction Sun Temple today in my opinion and you might as well as go and meditate in the local Catholic Church because the same force is receiving the energy you are giving away in both locations, so it might be cheaper for you just to don the red robe and piss off to the local St Mary’s and give your energy up there. (Sorry to be blunt but I feel have a duty to mention these things)

I cannot stress enough to those I love and to those I’m here to help that many many Gurus have been around for many thousands of years, and despite them all, for some reason, being given ‘the gift of the gab’ none of them have led any of us anywhere apart from somewhere to kneel down and surrender energy. I repeat none of them have led any of us anywhere…  apart from somewhere to kneel down and surrender energy.

  It is important that you realise, in my opinion, that they have been given the ‘gift of the gab’ for that reason and that reason only. They were/are here to clear up stray sheep and put them in a pen that they cannot see. These Gurus have been given partial enlightenment and a partial use of a universal esoteric vocabulary and wisdom, but this is only to entrance and collect collective spiritual energy in my opinion and it is not to lead any people to spiritual redemption and freedom and it is not leading to any truth.

I wrote a news report the other day on Karta the Orang-utan please click here to read it.  I assure you Karta is far more use to the asses than Osho was/is. That article showed me how a perceived Guru can never ever lead us all out of the ape pen and that is simply because the Guru will always prefer to be the main ape in the ape pen than be an equal in spiritual unity. Do you understand that? Osho was simply another main ape that wanted to keep us all in the pen and get us to worship him. I tell you again that modern day Gurus are here to do the exact same thing as Osho did. These Gurus will appear through the conspiracy and the spiritual communities and they will have pretty voices but they will only lead people down the path of many turds if they are not careful. They will lead people to some kind of Utopia just like Osho’s holiday camp. Again these gurus only want to be the main ape in the ape pen. So if you have to choose a Guru please choose wisely.

Is it a bad thing to dress up in a robe and live an alternative life kissing the arse of a Guru like Osho? No obviously not, if that’s what you want to do and you want to be a puppet for a Guru. You can visit such places as Osho’s holiday camp, as much as anyone visits a Jesus Holiday camp, because the exact same results are obtained by doing so. You will surrender your spiritual energy along with your spiritual future at either one.

Only you can set you free.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved

Click Here for OSHO website.