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There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium! – The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement on Planet Earth

There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium!


 The Second Net of Spiritual Enslavement on Planet Earth

By Matthew Delooze

Shallow are the actions
Of the children of men
Fogged was their vision
Since the ages began
And lost like a lion
In the canyons of smoke
  Brother it’s no joke.

“Monolith” T.Rex

 “When those that claim to expose the hypnotists and liars in the matrix mainstream world only do so through lying and hypnotising people themselves, it becomes the right time to realise the liars and hypnotists in the matrix mainstream actually worked on those exposing the hypnotists and liars in the matrix mainstream first”
From The Marionette and the Muppets By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,

I hope everyone is OK in these difficult times. The need for faith in one’s direction is at a high point but so is the trust in one’s heart to adhere to that faith.

It’s time to move forward for me, especially regarding information surrounding what I called the ‘second net’ in 2008.

I can only repeat that I do not like writing on this subject. It affects me enormously to do so. I didn’t like writing on it in 2008 and I certainly don’t like writing on it now in the years leading up to 2014 either. I’m hoping this is the last time I mention the ‘second net’ but that is simply because I feel I cannot spend any more time on it. As far as I am concerned, despite there being some very good people in the truth and new age movements, it was clear years ago that it had been corrupted in the extreme.

That said I am on a journey of truth and I will record things truthfully and fully. I’d sincerely like to sign off writing about the second net with this article, because it really is time to move on. If I don’t I’ll be trapped in it just as much as the drones that are trapped in it now.

I actually started explaining the second net in articles such as See You Heal You, You Said You Were High Classed (but that was just a lie) and more recently A Detached Retina in the Truth Movement, A Vitrectomy for the Deluded Lovvies in Alternative Media… and the very aptly title and very important article, The Marionette and the Muppets. I will list the previous second net articles at the bottom of this one.

I don’t and won’t ever apologise for writing such things as I believe they are vital and more importantly they are true as far as I am concerned. To the drones and those that have decided to hate me for telling the truth I can only say I understand and I do not harbour bad feelings over that. I am in this world not of it. When you can understand that you will understand what I have been doing for 15 years.

Sadly, the fact is, many in the truth movement prefer to hide or run away from these issues as soon as they are mentioned, but as I have said in previous articles on this matter, the punters have been actually been programmed by a fake truth movement, through low level hypnosis and propaganda, to run away from the issue. I ask those that claim to seek the truth why they run away from it in such a cowardly fashion?

The truth is that the very people that claim to help free people by promoting the free flow of alternative information have actually brainwashed their punters to ignore any alternative information that doesn’t fit in with some kind of shift agenda.  But hey isn’t that just what the Matrix media business elite did?

As we now approach 2014 even the most deluded truther, or new age groupie, must realise that many shameless merchants took them for a ride, especially over 2012. Is it not time to realise that the ‘Merchants’ were simply there place anyone showing the slightest bit of self-awareness into a pen.  Indeed frauds like David Wilcock are easily seen now in 2013, yet still the psyche of his duped customers are in such fragile condition that they simply can’t actually face the truth anymore, they actually prefer to delude themselves instead of see through the trickery involved. In a nutshell David Wilcock and his fellow ‘show biz’ friends and fellow frauds have actually re-dumbed down even those that believed they couldn’t ever be dumbed down again. That’s no mean feat and what a situation to be upon us in 2013 isn’t it?  The so-called awakening chosen ones were re-dumbed down by show biz con artists. They’d never have believed that in 2008 eh?

But the fact is that those that were actually selling their customers ascensions were actually dumbing down them down.

It’s laughable if you have that sort of a sense of humour, but in reality very sad at the same time, but it’s so true. I’m telling you the truth and those actually selling ascensions were actually dumbing down their customers.  That said those that were conned now actually pretend they weren’t. That’s how untruthful the truth movement is. That is how old age the new age movement is too.

I have said previously that the masses in the truther movements were indeed, in the main, only simply led by charismatic and slick ‘pied pipers’, posing as intellectuals and/ or enlightened spiritual leaders to take part in a massive ‘Summer/Winter Solstice thought ritual’ in December 2012.

The awakening ‘punters’ were indeed made to feel they were special but sadly it was only psychological programming taking place and smoke being blown up the arses of ego’s that thought they were on a winner.  In reality those deluded punters are no more special now than they were 20 years ago. They just got conned more that’s all.  Their teachers really did make them believe they were high classed but that really was just a lie.

The ‘pupils’, you and me, were so easily conned.  But that is what this world does to us, it cons us on a daily basis, through the everyday things we do. And that is what the so-called awakened teachers do, whether they believe their teachings or not, they cons us on a daily basis too.  So my friends if we really want to wake up then lets bloody well wake up eh? Lets start with actually seeing the second net con merchants instead of wanting our egos stroked and to be provided with expensive fantasy to entertain us. If we do we might just have a chance. Hey I may be daft but I actually wanted to wake up!

I knew in 2008 that I would be rejected for my claims back then. It was obvious to me that the deluded truthers were so high on the drugs of complex trickery, and very convincing propaganda, that they were wearing impenetrable blindfolds and earplugs. Sadly they still are in most cases.  Well aren’t they?

Come on let’s be honest. I know it is very hard but we can at least try.

Anyway to explain ‘The Second Net’ fully, indeed to attempt to escape from it, we need to remind ourselves just how we managed to see through the first net and we need to remember how we actually try to escape its mental and therefore spiritual hold over us.  You may think this is easy to do but it isn’t.

My friend.  As I look around in 2013 I can see that many souls are now hopelessly caught in this second net. Indeed the showbiz entrepreneurs and the hyped mystic charmers have really worked wonders on the gullible and I believe that many of their victims will never actually see the second net, never mind get themselves past it.

I certainly don’t want friends to be stuck in a second net so can we actually remind ourselves of the things that caught us in the first net? Can we remind ourselves what woke us up from the world we once thought was real but now we see as the matrix?

Because from where I’m standing we need to do just that to enable us to see the second net, and now is the time to do just that. So I say can you still remember how the first net deceived and controlled you through the sick haze that the second net has now created?

Can you remember?  Can you really remember?  Should you have to be reminded how deceptive the serpent really is?  I see many silly groupies that are now totally obese through scoffing the junk food the second net sells them and feeds them 24/7.

Anyway. Remembering the first net?

Can you remember somehow being triggered to see through the deceptive Serpent at work in the first net through, its elite puppets using massive hypnosis through the media?  The corrupt Governments and Courts? The drugs and stuff added to our foods? Come on please remember.

If you can you must also remember that something actually triggered you off to actually start seeking the truth. Obviously we were simply stupefied apes ourselves once eh? Maybe a one off shock like 9/11 set you off or maybe, like me, a drip-drip series of events took place in your life that eventually made you question your very existence.

It does not matter what the hell set us off. We were triggered to start to see the matrix world. We were pushed to see the lies and fakery we were wallowing in. Well weren’t we?

It’s been clear to me for a long time that some very special people on this planet have been triggered to wake up from the matrix world they are enslaved in. Something has ‘triggered’ a certain section of the people in this world to at least start to seek the truth and escape the first net.  I think we all agree on that.

But let’s also remember where escaping the first net has actually led us, because once we received the triggers we instantly thought we saw through the entire illusion, especially with the help of others that were in a similar situation, the help coming from anywhere from amateur bloggers to the professional authors and the showbiz entertainers, it simply seemed the easiest option for you to join the awakened righteous didn’t it? No wonder the Serpent takes the piss and has us tooting tooters at the Solstice.

At the end of the day we simply ended up, depending on our personal preferences, in various sections within the truther or new age movements. We had indeed literally escaped, if only mentally and spiritually, from the matrix net of deceptive lies of politics, religion etc. In reality we had literally only ‘found’ a bloody comfort zone.

This comfort zone, at least on the surface, seemed fine and dandy and it was already fully organised and prepared for us to just slip into it.  We had lovvy forums and nicey boy radio websites and enlightened bloggers all telling us their truth to help us adapt from previously being asleep in matrix life into the world of truth and to help bring in a new age.  We also had books and DVD’s, with arty and glossy covers on sale, to cover every subject imaginable, just to keep us on track, basically entranced and therefore occupied for years.  The path to truth was decorated with smiley lovvy nicey faces all doing their selling. Take it or leave it but the faces are basically just the same faces from the first net.

My god by 2008 some punters were literally living a proper scene from the Truman Show, with adverts and truther and new age products shoved under our noses every two seconds. People thought it was time for a spiritual shift, but ask yourself today what genuine loving spiritual force is going to SELL you a shift?  In reality the new age shift was simply a time of further massive programming and propaganda. The hypocrisy spewing from greed filled egotistical merchants, selling holy water and monotomic gold as accessories to total fabricated bullshit, especially leading up to 2012 reaching its peak, would be a shambolic disgrace to any movement never mind one preaching truth and a shift in consciousness to a higher level. Where are we shifting to? Sodom?


The Truth & New Age ‘Second Net’ sold us all what we wanted to hear

In fact the only thing that assists anyone shifting anywhere, as far as the truther /new age movements are concerned, be it an individual or collectively, would have been by people seeing just how corrupt and programmed the Truth/ New Age Movement actually was/is.

So yes oh awakened ones the bullshit truth and new age movement was indeed helping to create a shift to me.  I shifted to see how hypocritical it was.

I even remember purposely testing the programming of drones (sorry) by briefly mentioning a very low-level con merchant, who was openly peddling 2012 bullshit along with anything else he could hijack, named Ian Crane.  Sure enough when prompted I was instantly made a leper by drones for actually speaking my mind. My material was blackballed ‘in the shift’.

I was literally going to be left behind an ejected from a truth shift for actually telling the bloody truth! Bloody Nora I realised I would have to tell lies to actually be allowed back into a truther shift. Indeed those in the truther shift will have to live a lie everyday simply to keep it going.

Indeed another test of the programming took place when a young friend of mine, Rik Clay, agreed to take a small amount of some of my own Olympics material, as his own in his name, onto Red Ice Radio to see how they took to it after previously blackballing me and yes indeed Rik was then hyped by the shifters and lifters. That said even Rik’s death was used to hype Ian Crane’s 2012 bullshit. The whole sham is easily seen if you look, better still find the balls to actually test it an the truth will come right to you.Test it properly and I assure you see through the programming provided in the second net.  So if you don’t believe me simply get off your knees and test it yourself if only by going  on any major forum and ask basic but honest questions. You will be removed from it and become a leper in a shake of a lamb’s tale. Your connection to a collective shift will be over, better luck next time… sorry!

We thought this truther world, mixed in with new age love and light, was all fluffy angelic and honest. Jolly good show all round eh? I assure you my journey ‘behind the scenes’ when seeing ‘actual faces’ only led me to very grubby, tacky and very very shady liars. I never saw any truth at all.  I never saw any honesty or a heart that appeared to actually be seeking truth at all. I’m sorry to say that.

I’m not saying that as a disinfo agent either (please!). I seek the truth without any blinkers. I’m saying it because it’s bloody true and I’ll sadly add that the truth movement is now corrupted so much that it has totally forgotten what its supposed to be doing. ‘Seeking the Truth’ means absolutely bugger all.

But that said, we all thought we’d cracked it didn’t we. We thought the Matrix, or the ‘Serpent Cult’ according to my personal delusions, would simply fold and disappear because all us enlightened awakenees were now fully qualified righteous wise guys, and of course with those blinkers on why would the Serpent not instantly fold and disappear, after all we had intellectual and spiritually led individuals like David Wilcock and Georgie Hasasilliarse ready to beam us up in 2012/13 didn’t we?

The illuminati and the Serpent masters must have been rattling their rattles when Georgie told the world that the Galactic Federation of Tinsel Town Fairies and some other Federation of Galactic Bum fluffed Boys Brigade was here to sweep up the righteous.

Indeed I’m sure the Serpent Cult, or whomever you believe controls the world, actually shit themselves when Georgie Hasasilliarse showed them his Captain Picard style bald head and started reading his Star Trek scripts out loud on truther radio shows? Mind you so did I.  Well, I suppose the second net has Star Trek characters in it now, but please remember so did the first net.  Hey…  maybe R2D2 will turn up on Rense soon, but to be honest, if it did, Rense would only try to marry it or hump the poor bugger to death, or worse sell it advertisement space eh? Atta Boy Jeff.

I think R2 D2 should be on the forthcoming Big Gob TV if only to do the weather show. Sadly would it really surprise you if it did?

Whatever we individually want in the truth movement does not really matter because we have all simply ended up in ‘the second net’, a zoo, and it’s the second net I want to fully explain. The second net, the farce of a truth movement and forum drones you see around you today, was/ is simply a pre- arranged amusement park that claimed to be full of truth but in reality it was simply, in the main, a bag of trickery, full of half truths or down right fiction. It was/is full of entertainers and businessmen that saw/see easy pickings. I sure some of those that scoffed at second nets a few years ago are now actually feeling it right up against their skin. But that said didn’t we once scoff at the first net being fake until that net was broken?

I’m also sure that the second net is now literally on the verge of being totally hijacked by bigger businessmen and by audience seeking celebrities.  But businessmen and ego have always run most of the second net since day one anyway. Mind you if we want a celebrity collective shift special then why not?

Anyway lets start to get to the main point of this particular article.  What is the second net really all about?  Do you actually really want to know what its about on a spiritual level?  Or do you simply want to keep seeing it as it is.

My friends I asked you to remember how you saw through and then escaped the first net.

A major part of my work explained about how the Serpent requires our emotional energy. (Emotions create energy!)  Most of you have gone through many of my writings with me on the subject, including spiritual energy being created at events and rituals and how it is done etc.

I also wrote the basic principles of these things in my books and I clearly pointed out that giving our energy to the serpent not only gives them the physical right to rule over us, it also gives them the divine right to rule us.  I spent many years trying to provide drip- drip but very complex information in the simplest form I could, showing you how the energy situation is done is not easy and it takes time to really absorb the message. All those writings are now on this website for your future reference.

It’s time to see how and why this energy is connected to the truth movements and used against us.

Before we go down the energy involved in the second net and why, let’s just have a brief look where the truther/new age movement of the second net has now taken us in 2013 and lets just remember once more the first net, the world we used to mentally and spiritually exist in BEFORE we realised it was a just fake scam.

Didn’t we see after being told by teachers and parroting truthers that one of the major methods of control in the matrix world, the first net, was through using TV and Hollywood/ Disney trickery? Were we not told that subliminal messages flashed through TV and cinema was programming us?

Indeed teachers and their truthers parrot the exact same things continuously to us today in 2013.  Indeed some websites are on an eternal loop showing the same media or music industry trickery (no theories to explain why mind, but when did that matter).

There are many still vigorously selling the same subliminals in media information as we speak and the same elite in the truth movement continually reminds us of these TV hypnotists and other mind controlling media deceptions from our previous net of control.

But hang on a minute. Just let’s bloody hold our horses for a minute.  Let’s just take stock of where the truther movements have taken us since we were bombarded with their truther info warning us of hypnotic trickery being used in the first net.

I suppose the best example I can give you today to show you where our cutting edges have ended up cutting, after you have read the previous works on this subject pointing out the media creating capabilities of Alex Jones and David Wilcock, is David Icke’s current situation.

This because the pinnacle aims of the current elite in the alternative media seem to be getting the masses in front of screen. I’m sure everyone is aware of David’s actions and plans, which are great if that’s what we want, but where exactly are his plans are leading apart from getting us to watch a screen.


Its OK because The People’s Voice  are doing it now and say its OK. (Oh that’s OK then I’m sure they know)

Obviously, to programmed truthers at least, The Peoples Voice TV is the best thing since sliced bread, and of course I realise a few in the truth/ new age circles also started similar things in the past, but obviously the People’s Voice seems the most imaginative and the most supported.

That said the basic fact that should be smacking you in the face is that the so called awakened truther movements elite have now, in 2013, gone full circle and are now actually ‘selling’ you Hypnotic TV shows themselves. Err excuse me, you mean I have listened to 15 years of propaganda telling me that TV hypnotises me and mind controls me and now the truther movement itself now suggest we actually tune in 24/7 and subscribe to it?

Eh?  Is someone having a laugh? Obviously so and in more ways and on more levels than one.

I can only sincerely remind you again to remember how you escaped from the matrix thinking and matrix tricks. Sadly many have totally forgot and they are entranced again on a daily basis.


Please try to remember what the first net did to you before the second net completes the job! Please!

Again weren’t we told TV and similar Internet media was used to hypnotise and control us? TV was the hypnotist in the corner of the living room and simply a means of distributing slick propaganda and flash subliminals?  Well wasn’t it?  I certainly believed those that told us these things and I can see subliminals and symbolism in most shows anyway.

But if we were told to avoid the TV programming, by the elite in the alternative truther movements, then how comes, after many years of drama and slog in the truther movements, we are now being asked to vigorously promote it, subscribe to it and watch it 24/7?

I’m guessing the truther movement funded ‘Big Gob TV’ and the various other private business outlets of truther information are somehow totally immune from broadcasting propaganda and programming techniques themselves, either directly or indirectly then? Knowing or unknowing?  I’m guessing Big Gob TV is simply righteous TV and only going to be existence to contradict propaganda and trickery being used by mainstream? It will be a bit like God TV then? Don’t they only broadcast the truth or is God TV just a shopping channel in disguise?


Big Gob TV logo. (Borrowed)

OK I can accept the deluded believing their own righteous TV will claim the exclusive right to tell the truth. Which of course is on a par with a bomb called ‘alternative’ bombing people to show that their bombing is not as corrupt and infiltrated and a bomb called ‘mainstream’? Well isn’t it?

My friends, do you need me to tell you that the hypocrisy is now totally out of control. Do you?  What’s the official ‘motto’ for Big Gob TV could it be “ Big Gob TV: Our televised propaganda is the truth and everyone else’s is Rothschild’s controlled propaganda”

I point out again with the best of intention, as I did in the Marionette and the Muppets, that HD broadcasting, especially on the Internet itself, can be literally hijacked and literally possessed by forces that supply sophisticated subliminals. I also pointed out that the elite in the truther movements now suddenly have the means to broadcast HD material especially through streaming and DVD. I tell you the truth when I say that the Serpent can use subliminals and technology, we have not yet even comprehended, to slip the means to hypnotise anyone that watches the broadcasts. Any righteous or honest truther can broadcast top-level information but the Serpent will simply hide subliminals in the broadcast, which will render any info worthless buy subliminal hypnosis. Internet and satellite broadcasts can be tampered with!  Not that the truther movements have produced anything to worry the Serpent yet anyway, and again the Serpent runs most of the movement anyway.

TerrorITHHouse (0)

Those that rule our world also rule our technology

It is also time to realise, if you want to see through the second net, that it doesn’t matter which ‘pied piper’ is used to get you to the HDTV screen, whether it be David Icke in the alternative or Terry Wogan in mainstream, media is media, saying its alternative doesn’t make it true  The aim of the Serpent is to get all of us watching the same subliminals no matter what show is on screen and what show biz star is involved.

And again it does not matter what material they broadcast because it literally can be hijacked and literally possessed. It does not matter how honest and righteous the pied piper is simply because their material will be implanted with the same subliminals as all the other media. Crafty buggers indeed eh?

For some reason the truthers and new agers somehow believe the Internet and other technology was allowed into the public domain just for them to become free. (LOL) In reality it is there to ensnare them and get them to literally commit self-hypnosis and to unknowingly inform the Serpent what they are actually thinking and doing. It’s just like the major forums are there for business data and to see what sells.

Indeed the second net media will be used more intensely than any other simply because the audience actually saw through the first net.

The situation is laughable and hypocritical to me but it is not just about forthcoming hypnotising Internet TV stations.  For example I have also stressed many times in the past that part of the exploitation of human emotional energy scam is that the Serpent requires that masses of people be gathered at symbolic locations or on ‘energy lines’.  You know the crack … the masses are gathered to such events, their emotions are raised and the energy created feeds the forces that control the planet.

I have given many examples of these gatherings at symbolic places over the years, including Glastonbury.

I have realised for many years that many people can’t grasp the notion that their emotions are sometimes manufactured and used and the creation of this energy is simply through the feel good factor pied pipers create. People in this world cannot bare the thought that their emotions are exploited everyday especially when it involves their enjoyment and their heroes. But the deceptions of the Serpent Cult hold no boundaries.

The Truth Movement, as numbers grow, has slowly been working up to carrying out large scale events of its own for a long while.  It won’t be long before this really takes off. The punters are now all eager to go ‘where ordered’ to have demos or parties. (Same first net scams being repeated in second net movements)

To those that know of my theories I can only ask them what is the difference, if my theories are correct, in Madonna doing a gig on the Wemb-Ley energy line and David Icke doing one? What is the difference in being led to symbolic places to demonstrate against the perceived enemy (same first net scam being repeated again)? How long is it before the truth movement is dancing around the bloody obelisks themselves?  Maybe if David Icke doesn’t believe my theories he can explain why he is not only stealing them via drip- drip but he’s partying on ley lines after getting drones to dance on the same ley lines too?

Maybe the truth movement drones that will be dancing on the ley lines can explain it too? We can’t have it both ways. If the theories are shite, which I can accept, then why is David slowly taking them when he is also obviously practising the methods I try to expose?  I can’t get on his podcast to ask him so can someone ask him please? I’ll come and dance on the Ley Line too if it helps no worries.

Again what is the difference between different pied pipers doing a gig? There is no difference at all in the audience’s energy. The vast majority of people that visit Madonna gig because they are entranced by Madonna and her perceived skills and charisma. The same can be said for those at an Icke gig, because his audience is entranced by his perceived skills and charisma too. That said the Icke audience believe they attend as wise truthers, but in reality the vast majority haven’t unique thought in their head. They are simply parroting what Icke tells or passes on to them.  Are those attending Wembley suggesting Wembley Arena and other large venues were built, for benefitting the public? Yes?

Come on truthers wake the hell up.


So lets fully understand in 2014 that the truthers in the second net in reality are simply doing what the audiences did and still do in the first net, the matrix world they thought they’d out thought, and in my opinion they are still led to special locations to give up their energy, no matter what bloody movement they have joined. I could join the chimp’s tea party movement but if I end up dancing on a ley line then I’m dancing on a ley line.

Again it does not matter what the intentions of the actual pied piper are.  There is no difference in the energy created by the followers of David Icke or the followers of Madonna or the followers of Chimpey the Chimp.

Is that making sense?

I ask that because if you take a step back from the hype of the second net you may begin to see what is really going on. Please remember that movements and charming pied pipers have never ever got anyone anywhere, only where we are today, in the end times! They have only got us to where we are today no matter what brainwashing you followed. The likes of Ghandi and other sweet talking charismatic pied pipers, although nicey people and clever sounding, have only helped create the shithole the world is today and the movements have only ever empowered our enslavers.

It’s time to see that but if you don’t please tell me how I am wrong just to say it but not only that please show me where these pied pipers have created a world where we can all live in peace and health.

The Serpent controls all movements. There are no exceptions. Every one of them is the same.  It is all simply a personal and emotional connection thing.


Let’s try and go a little deeper and start to see and understand why the second net is really there and what is its real purpose actually is.

I’ll say again there are some special people in this world, and I believe that they need help to get through certain times and events, to help them keep on a path they have no conscious awareness of.

Firstly I need you to grasp the idea that our awakening started because of our own deep spiritual desires hidden deep inside ourselves and that universal powers will help those deep spiritual desires turn into reality.

Can you believe that the people that were showing symptoms of an awakening were/are indeed only reacting to triggers that stirred these inner spiritual desires? Those desires could have been triggered by many events and experiences in their lives or they could have been stirred simply by one big event like 9/11. The main symptom being that the individual themselves realise its because of things deep within them that they are literally being triggered to wake up to something. They need to realise that something is trying to reverse the spell they are hopeless trapped in.

Those individuals know their symptoms are not caused by the workings of slick authors and DVD producers, they know they are real inside themselves. There is a difference.

I want those individuals to grasp the idea that their spiritual desires were literally implanted in them even before they were born, or at least through other experiences early in their life. I want those individuals to know that universal forces will never give up on them.

I’ll say to those folks that this spiritual knowing has been mostly totally dormant inside us, apart from the times when had déjà vu feelings etc, and this spiritual knowing stayed that way until we were initially triggered in some way.

Please take in that until we were initially triggered all our emotions were concentrated and focused on the matrix world, and although we had an inner feeling that something was not quite right until we were triggered we just brushed these inner feelings away.

But now we see the first net of the matrix world as being totally fake.  And because of the triggering our emotions have been slowly directing us away from the matrix world.

Therefore can you grasp and accept that our direction, even our destiny, is always decided by our emotions? Can you see that whatever our emotions get ‘connected to’ actually becomes our destiny?

I hope you can grasp it because if you can accept that your ‘emotions’ were once totally connected to the matrix world, until your dormant spiritual desires were slowly stirred, then you can grasp the idea that our emotional connection to the matrix world has now at least been partly severed. Indeed the only reason we started to escape from matrix control was because our emotions were literally being triggered in some way.  You were losing the first level of the hypnotic control of the Serpent because you were losing your emotional connect to it.

 “No emotional connection  =  no physical control”

The reason of the existence of the second net, the bullshit show biz truth movement is simply to re- attract your emotions (your spiritual energy) or essence to it.  The reason for this is because the Serpent needs your emotional connection to this world! Can you see?

I’ll describe the process like this.

1. We were always controlled, directed and grounded by our emotions to what we saw as and in the matrix world.  Please recognise that it’s our emotions that are the spiritual adhesive.

2. We broke away from the matrix hypnosis simply because our emotions were literally unglued from it and only because of triggers we were sent or experienced. E.G emotional disconnection and therefore spiritual disconnection took place from the matrix because we physically saw it was as ‘fake’.  We simply didn’t want it!

3. Because our emotional connection the matrix world came unstuck our ‘emotions’ automatically sought out a swift re-connection to another world (A Comforting and Fluffy Truther/ New Age Movements World!) to satisfy spiritual needs.

 4. It was our ‘lack of emotional connection’ to something, that directed us seek a fluffy truthful world

5. The Serpent created the vast majority of the truther/new age movements, it simply created a second net to re-hypnotise those that broke through the first net.

I ask friends if that process rings true in their chest in 2013?

I want to point out that I’m not suggesting all of us were led to truther/new age movements. This is not the case. There are some awakenees that seek a solitary path to freedom but they would have at least been led to research the movements via an emotional pull.

Again I truly believe some of us were being initially triggered by a universal force, stirred by God like force if you like, to break free from the matrix world.

I cannot stress enough that initial process of a successful spiritual awakening is to remove the emotional connection to the prison. No universal power can help anyone do this unless its in conjunction with their free will and that free will was brought into the world at birth or certain individuals had special spiritual experiences in this world in which they were provided with deep inner spiritual desires, in this world, to be free and return to source and live as you did prior to the hijacking of this world by a parasitic Serpent Cult.

I also cannot stress enough the importance of understanding that ‘emotional energy controls the world’. It is vital to see, and I cannot shout it loud enough to you, that the Serpent has to attract your emotions to something ‘it itself provides’ simply to officially adhere and keep re-adhering you to the ways of this sick world, and therefore show the universe that you like the world as it is and you wish to remain in it. When this happens universal forces cannot help you and your triggering will cease.

If you can comprehend this information then I truly believe you can start to see why a second net is there to catch you and stop your awakening, and if you do I believe you will eventually work through it, just as you got through the first net.


Can you see that inner spiritual desires are led by emotion and a trigger is needed to set off the emotions that will break you free from deception? But a trigger from the universe, via fellow human beings through books or words or not, will only help trigger the realisation in the individual that their emotional connections to the matrix were fake and therefore create the need inside the individual to actually seek the truth.  This is an important point.

Because it should be noted that the universe couldn’t do any more than trigger you. It cannot interfere with free will. The universe obeys free will therefore only you can direct you. The Serpent knows this as I have pointed out many times and I tell friends again that the Serpent exploits our free willed emotions to the extreme. The Serpent will do anything to connect your free willed emotions to this world to try and stop your awakening and more importantly stop any escape. My friends please open your eyes and see that your emotional connection to the truth/new age movement will trap you in a net you may never see until its far too late.

I realise many people are now woefully emotionally connected to the ‘second net’ because of its strong emotional pull and basically they had nowhere else to go. I also realise that it is their free will to be connected to it. Everyone has the right to connect to what they want. I don’t like the dirty job of having to point this out and I didn’t enjoy it in 2008 either.

I can only point out again that the only thing waiting for those who had been triggered to wake up from the matrix, from the first net, was a more complex and more attractive second net of enslavement?

Some will say the truther/new age movements were righteous and created to ‘help’ those people being awakened and they are absolutely vital to their progress. I will say yes we can all learn from movements and find direction through them, but again not one movement has ever really helped mankind in any shape or form. Indeed all movements created the world you see now.

Movements were simply ALWAYS used to entrap and ground awakening spirits to this world. I want you to remember that that Serpent requires your emotional connection to this world and especially to the Serpent itself too to continue to rule over us. The Serpent will already know of attempts by universal forces to free those with the individual inner desires to be free and again I believe the Universe cannot help folks if they are truly connected to this world via free will. (Please don’t forget I believe we have given the Serpent universal rights to rule through rituals mentioned on this website either)

Therefore if my theories on emotional energy are true then surely what I am now saying in 2013 about the second net first mentioned in 2008, will make sense. I sincerely hope I make sense to some of you. One Ball Media was so quickly shit on and deserted in 2008 when it tried to help people then.  Maybe some of the 2012 hypnotism has helped a few of you see the second net. I hope so.

I truly say to friends that some of you will need to break free from the second net, just so your inner desires can be helped, and I assure you it is even more difficult to escape the second net than escaping from the first net. The Serpent already knows that many second netters will never escape and plans are afoot to catch those that actually really attempt to do so, indeed those plans were there since day one. I will show you the solution the second net plans to offer when they those plans are implemented more vigorously. But the Serpent has many heads within the movements since day one and that is entirely because it needs our emotional attachment to one of those heads.

It may take time to see the full picture of the second net there is no rush! That said some have been aware of the fakery for a while. It will be difficult to see through the second net but once you do it will easily collapse and we can move on. For those that can see through the second net I say please wait for those who can’t. We may need to wait for you at the next net!


My friends, it is important that your heart seeks the truth and you fully support it to do so. Indeed that’s what ‘praying’ actually meant before the Serpent hijacked the prayer system and got us to do prayers on behalf of Serpent’s religious middle men, because in a nutshell that’s all it needed to do to control us and enslave us, according to cosmic democracy. The Stars Are Falling was sent to help and was an announcement at the same time!

I tell you the truth. It is your own self prayer (Your true thoughts from the heart – no need to get on your knees) that will tell the universe your true spiritual desires, you cannot ever fake them though. It’s just like the law of attraction (no not The Secret – That’s the Serpent’s version) and if your heart is really connected to the fakery in this world then I believe that’s what you will receive.  ‘If your heart desires fakery it will receive fakery’ If your emotions are connected to fakery then so is your heart.

If your heart really wants spiritual freedom, and you are one that knows inside if this sort of journey is for you, then nothing will stop the universe eventually giving you that. But the Serpent will fight to the death to keep you, and I assure you weak and fake hearts will only make the Serpent successful. Therefore that’s why I say my writings are for the few that know inside where they want to go.

My heart want to leave this world and return to the universal source from where I know I came from and I know many special people, that are currently hopelessly lost in this sick awful world, came from too. I also know forces are already in this world and will becoming to this world to see those that truly seek freedom receive their true spiritual desires. Those that truly seek praise and comforts in this world already have already had their desires satisfied.

I wrote ‘ There Will Never Be Enough Clay for the Feet of Mendacium?’ with sincere and good intentions. I send it to help not hinder.  I wrote that title because the truth/ new age movement’s are literally created by ‘Dolus’ figures, or the pseudologoi, and they too have now built a fake replica movement to pass it off as genuine truth, but just like with Mendacium, there simply wasn’t enough clay for any feet.

I tell you the truth, the second net of truther movements and alternative views is also a phony replica of truth, although it does have some truth in it, that truth is lost in a cesspit of fakery, ego and greed. I tell you the truth when I say it is also propped up and fed by mindless and soulless drones that already have their hearts desires.  I don’t say those things lightly.

That said the second net will always appear nicey and true to those that saw through the sick world they previously lived in. But such things will always entertain them, especially those that have their faith and hearts connected to it. Obviously those trapped in the second net will now always see me as a liar. No worries on that and maybe being a liar is better than being a leper?

To those that may believe I’m a disinformer or some kind of mind controlled MK Ultra plant that is simply trying to piss on the dope supply at a hippy party. I’ll say this…. Maybe I am, but if I am I say I don’t know I am… and I swear this to anyone…

“I declare from my heart that I seek freedom and truth and I declare I sincerely seek to escape from this shithole of deception called Planet Earth. I vow from my heart that I will try my very best to do so and I will try to help others, that want the same, to do so also”
Matthew Delooze 18th November 2013

I also say that I encourage all people to follow their hearts and to give support to anyone they want. I encourage all to stand up and speak their minds because that is what moves mountains and I also encourage them not only to openly follow any information they choose but to find faith in their own hearts to look right in the face of this fake shithole of a world and demand freedom and truth, because deep down inside all of us, under all the shit the Serpent has piled on us, is a person that simply wants to return home and be whole again.

It’s time for the leper to go.

Until next time…

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

18th November 2013

Copyright (C) Matthew Delooze. All Rights Reserved 2013

There is a radio interview to accompany this article. I will post the link tomorrow

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The throne of time
Is a kingly thing
From whence you know
We all do begin

The Rain Bow Gate & The Full Crow Moon

 The Rain Bow Gate & The Full Crow Moon


 The Global Rainbow  source of photos

Hello folks,

I get some serious funny looks off people sometimes, especially so when I tell them I have to wait for certain things to happen. (I have mentioned this before).

I certainly did over the Rain Bow Gate situation. I obviously realise the Rain Bow Gate will be boring and meaningless to a lot of people if not all of you.  (Yawn… Boring Rain Bow Gates, Delooze is mentally ill and has delusions about the Rain and Ferris wheels etc. etc.) I’m sure most people that have read my stuff prefer me to give them my usual sort of info (Which I will do)

So I won’t take up much of your time mentioning that The Rain Bow Gate was officially opened recently.  I‘d like to add that it was actually yours truly that officially opened the gate and it was done with the full permission from the local authorities and with official instructions provided to boot from Burnley’s Cultural Development Manager. (I can sense you laughing in disbelief now).  So I’ll add there was a willing and official honourable VIP in attendance helping too (My eternal thanks to you sir). It is true, I tell you the truth, that Burnley Authorities couldn’t afford to spend time and money officially opening this gate and they gave me permission to do it. I call it an act of fate.

I’m also very sure the Queen will have a look at the Gate one day soon as well, or if not the Queen, then Prince Charlie Boy will appear on the scene (Calling the Nut House about me are you?). Apparently Charlie Boy has suddenly found a love for this festering shit hole called Burnley, both through the ‘weavers triangle’ or simply through the Turf . They say I’m insane?

Where’s my sanity gone Mother?

I’m talking about Charlie Boy saying that to his Mam, not me saying it to mine! I bet you didn’t know Charlie Boy loved this shit hole called Burnley so much did you? But I have always known there’s more to Burnley than meets the eye and I’m not just talking dog-shit laden streets either. ;).

 Anyway. I was going to do another video showing the gate, but harsh lessons and circumstances prevent that at the moment. I think I have shown in the past that I was fully aware that this Gate was being built anyway. I even filmed the foundations. So a brass band and fireworks is not needed to show that I officially opened of it.  But I’ll improvise using the tools I have. I bet Stephen Spielberg doesn’t have similar budget problems.

 Anyway here is yours truly officially opening the gate, with the full endorsement of the Authorities.  Behold…


Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb”… “May all who sail in her”… “Blah Blah Blah” “Snippety Snip Snip”


 Yer put yer right leg in… yer right let out…


Only Love Can Bring The Rain

 OK? Job Done! Psychotic episode over with eh? Red and Blue ribbons are all used up too :).  But I also feel I have to point out about another event that took place in ‘Lancashire’ last week. It was just one of those impossible things that I have to wait to come to pass every now and again.

I went down the road to Preston to witness the arrival of the ‘Global Rainbow’. You may have heard of this before obviously. It was/is being placed in three locations across ‘Northern’ UK. Here is a picture of me at the Global Rainbow. (The camera cost six quid from eBay as you can see).


 Matthew Delooze at the Global Rainbow. (Shone from Preston Marina)

 Seeing it was my birthday I actually wept when I saw it. It was not quite a Boo Hoo Hoo session, it was just a one tear job. It was shedding a tear situation more than causing a flood situation. I’m sure I’ve had close to a thousand one tear jobs in the last 14 years.

Actually seeing this thing light up the night sky had special meaning to me. I had seen it for miles as I approached Preston and I laughed to myself when I realised that I was actually going to see one end of a Rainbow.  I parked up and walked over to the marina and sat at the waters edge and I wept again. What a big softy I am. A big soft lump as me Mam would have said.


One End on the Global Rainbow  (Sob :))   (Source of photo) 

The Global Rainbow stretched for miles.  It literally hid behind buildings etc.. I bet they could see it in Blackburn to the East and I bet it reached the eyes of folks in St Annes and Blackpool to the West.


 The Global Rainbow (Preston)  (Source of photo) 

I stayed at the Marina quite a while pondering on things and I must admit that I wept a couple of times. I ended up sat on a bench alone alongside the Marina, I must have looked a right bloody sorry state because a stranger, a lady in a bright blue anorak, came up to me and asked me if I was OK. I assured her I was OK, but I could see she didn’t believe me. I told her I was elated within and I felt like oneness was within me. I said ‘only love can bring the Rain’.  Her concern must have left her because, after noticing a tear in my eye and looking at me like I was an escaped nut job, she walked away so quickly down the side off the Marina that she’d have easily beat the land speed record. As I saw her disappear in the distance I thought of the ‘Blue Bird’ (Female (Bird) in Blue) and the events on Coniston Lake many years ago. It set off a half funny / half sad trigger in me and I’m sure that trigger will come out in a form of information in the future.

I sat there alone again.

You see for someone like me who suffers from persistent delusions and psychosis (About Serpent Cults, Love Bringing Rain, Ferris Wheels and Spiritual Journeys etc) it really is manna from heaven to have those delusions come true, especially so on my birthday. Indeed at times like that its overwhelming.

I started to weigh up the situation at Preston and I realised that this Rain Bow weekend situation was a very one off event. I have many experiences of these one off types of events in my life over the last 6 or 7 years and they are always so unique that they can’t ever happen again. I started to make a list.  It was my Birthday, it was a Full Crow Moon, it was a ‘Preston Guild’ Year, and it was the official start of Cultural Olympiad in the area. It goes without saying that England is the country officially hosting the Olympics in this year too. It is a Diamond Jubilee year. I thought bloody hell it is a unique time.

Oh and not to mention the symbolic places the Global Rainbow has visited before it came to Preston. It did indeed carry symbolism beyond belief, but who’s going to believe that? Plus rainbows at night are very rare and this thing was a million times brighter than any moonbow anyway.

Well I thought if I’m going to have delusions about these things then at least they might as well be unique delusions.

I suddenly realised that if my delusions really are in fact truly delusions, then it’s a good job this fluke came along to stop me waiting for an event that would have never happened. How flukey am I? Bloody hell I could have been waiting for eternity for the sort of 5 sense apparatus that has come to me since last August. Thank God for flukes eh? Maybe I’m making all this Rain and Rain Bow boring shit up eh? But why would I do that? Why would I? I realised the events are necessary hence reporting them.

If I had been waiting for this event to come and it was not a delusion, along with the Rain Bow Gate and of course my experiences in South America, then I can be honest with you and truly say I wouldn’t want to ‘wait’ for this event to come around again, no not in a million years. Mind you it would take much longer than a million years to come round again. Wouldn’t it? Could you produce that sort of collective synchronicity again inside a million years? Even if you were delusional and could fluke the appearance of Rain symbolism and five-sense Rain monuments like me? I’ll tell you now you couldn’t come near to repeating the circumstances. I believe the circumstances can never be repeated. In fact I know they won’t.

At the end of the day the Rain Bow Gate now exists. Only time and a good heart will show you why. I know events are important to my journey and I know they are important to some other peoples journeys too, but that does not mean you have to believe me. I wrote this nearly five years ago….

 “I will walk any desert to find my Rain and the Gates of Hades shall not prevail against me” (Matthew Delooze 2007)

I told you the truth then just as I tell the truth today….

 “I will walk any desert to find my Rain and the Gates of Hades shall not prevail against me” (Matthew Delooze 2012)

 Anyway I have been as brief as I could over this announcement. Sorry if I bored you. I’ll try to get off the boring stuff soon!


May Love Reign O’er You.

Matthew Delooze 18th March 2012

Let’s all have a go in the Big Rat Joe 90 chair…

Ouch My Brain Hurts!


Hello folks, I have mentioned in jest in a couple of threads on one ball about the Joe 90 chair. I’ll show you what I mean with those comments and show you about Joe’s chair. it was know as the Big Rat (Trap). Below is the official ‘fictional’ description of the chair. ‘The Brain Impulse Galvanoscope’. I have visions of SuBo being in one of these:)

“It is a highly sophisticated electronic machine capable of recording the brain patterns of one person and transferring them to another”

I have included an official JOE 90 video below, so why not click on it and go for a ride. Come on don’t be shy and it’s free on oneballradio.com too. I must warn you that the same subliminal trickery used on children and adults in the 1960’s are still operational in the video. Indeed I’d say some of you are unaware how these subliminal scams work even today. I assure you that subliminal trickery is used more now than ever so if you feel a bit queezy after watching the video don’t bloody blame me OK !!!?…after all I’m just a loony what the hell do I know? But if you do feel queezy please remember me saying ‘Gotcha’ but you know i don’t really mean it…;)

Are you up for the ride? Yes? Come on then ..great music too… let’s dance…. Have a good look around the video too…. before i transfer your brain patterns to mine.. Cackle… giggle… and snigger...

The Big Rat:  Had a ride did you?… How was it for you darling? 

Here’s the official fictional story about the big rat…




This is Professor McClaine’s brain child, the culmination of a lifetime’s interest and research in the field of electronics. It is housed in his top secret underground laboratory at the cottage where he and Joe live. It is a highly sophisticated electronic machine capable of recording the brain patterns of one person and transferring them to another. In the course of events, a number of “tapes” have been collected, but it is usually necessary when a JOE 90 mission starts to go out and get the brain recordings of the expert whose knowledge is needed.

To receive the brain transfer Joe sits himself comfortably in a special chair; this rises up into a circular “cage”. Once inside, the machine is switched on, the “cage” begins to revolve – the tape is run.

Various electronic noises and psychedelic light effects are produced as the transfer begins to take effect. To Joe, this is a matter of routine and not an unpleasant experience – in fact he seems to enjoy it all.

After he has received the brain transfer, the recording works only when he wears a pair of special glasses with a set of built-in electrodes which connect to his temples. Wearing the glasses, Joe has the ability, skill, experience and knowledge of the expert. Without them he is just another boy.

The exact technical details of the way in which the BIG RAT works are a closely guarded secret, known only to Professor McClaine. There are, of course, plans, circuit diagrams and other technical details stored away, but even if found it would require something of the genius of Professor McClaine to understand them. (Source)

It’s just a kids TV show thing…   nothing to worry about. 

Thank you

Matthew Delooze 4th June 2009

Singeing the beard of Nanna/ Suen – The Ramadan Scam Exposed

Singeing the beard of Nanna – Suen


The Ramadan Scam Exposed

By Matthew Delooze

Call out the instigators
Because there’s something in the air
We’ve got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
And you know that it’s right
We have got to get it together now!
From the Song, Something is in the Air: Thunderclap Newman
Hello folks,

I hope this article finds you all well.

I have been asked quite a few times about the Christian Christmas period and my theory about it , based on covert sun worship. A lot of people can now see that mass hypnosis is at work in the build up to Christmas. Indeed it all starts again from next month so instead of you blindly going with the flow this year why not just step back and watch and listen to people at the same time? Keep a look out for the hypnosis and the reactions of the brainwashed. You might actually learn something.

Anyway. I have had a few Muslim friends thank me for exposing the ‘Christian Christmas deception’ as they see it. “Thank you Mr. Delooze you certainly showed the Christians how stupid they are for being conned into worshipping the Sun at Christmas” so to speak. Let me say, before I go further into this article, that I believe anyone should be allowed to follow any religion or follow any other belief they want to follow as long as they do not hurt others for doing the same thing. I will personally support anyone who is seeking freedom to speak ‘their’ mind, no matter what they believe. Let me make it perfectly clear that I do not have any grudge or ill feeling against any religion nor any person following a religion. I have friends and acquaintances that are Christian and I have friends and acquaintances that are Muslim. I will respect anyone’s wishes to follow a religion whether it is Christianity, Islam or any other. I will gladly accept that the views these people have should be allowed to be openly expressed without any fear. I also accept that any other views that will not harm anyone should also be allowed to be aired without fear too. That is why I have written this article. Why should I feel fear for simply expressing my own views of what I see as mass hypnosis and mass hypocrisy? Why should I feel fear for trying to help people? Therefore I have no fear.

So please let me, before I start my current revelation, mention something that was said to me recently. A very intelligent man…told me, on a five-sense level. “Thanks for exposing Christian religions, your work must be the work of Allah, so I now hope you will now join Islam”. He added, “Muslims don’t celebrate the rebirth of the Sun at the Winter Solstice, so therefore, that proves that Allah is the greatest and the one true god”.

I offended the bloke by laughing. That was not my intention but I couldn’t help it. I looked in his eyes and this bloke genuinely believed I was some kind of a covert Muslim that was trying to expose Christianity as the work of some devil figure. To hide his embarrassment, and mine, I cracked a joke about Muslims taking double money for taxi fares at Christmas as a bribe to join in with the winter solstice ritual. I literally saw his brain cells trying to work that one out.

I assure everyone that I am not a covert Muslim that simply goes around criticising Christian rituals like Christmas. The only reason I mention Christian rituals more than those practiced by other religions is because I was brought up in a Christian church school, so I have first hand experience of that form of hypnosis that’s all.

In my opinion the Muslims are just as much deceived as the Christians, as are all those that get on their knees to other symbolic ‘ascended masters’. This includes New Age Guru’s too, you know what I mean by New Age don’t you? The crystal worshippers and the scented candles up the arse brigade that is playing at being fairies and latter day hippies. I certainly do not object to people doing these things. I am quite willing to wear a feathered suit and walk around doing chicken noises if it will help me and others escape the clutches of the Serpent Cult. I am simply giving my opinion.  I say from the bottom of my heart, if you can gain spiritual freedom by doing these things then good luck to you, go ahead.

Anyway let’s get going eh? The Muslims, just like the Christians also carry out massive Sun/Serpent rituals. Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and the rest of these iconic figures, simply help the Serpent Cult control your subconscious and therefore control your physical and spiritual future.

How do the Muslims falls for the same trick as the Christians when they do not officially join in the Christmas celebration I hear you say? Well I tell you the truth when I say that the sun worship rituals go on all the year round and the Muslims are involved in them just as much the Christians. Indeed the Serpent Cult requires our free will praise and spiritual surrender all year round, in all countries and not just at the winter solstice.

Ramadan is, in my opinion, on a par with the Christian Christmas. There is a festival called the Eid ul-Fitr, known as an Eid, which takes place at the latter stages of Ramadan. During this time decorations are placed all around shops and other places, just as the western world do at Christmas.

The Muslims receive the same sort of subconscious brainwashing, through the occult symbolism on open display, during Ramadan and Eid, just as the Christians do at Christmas. There is no difference whatsoever!
“The Deceptive Gods are for life – not just for Christmas and Ramadan”
Matthew Delooze 2008

Those that have read my stuff will also know that I claim the religious icons are literally symbolic pied pipers and agents for a deceptive force of multi-dimensional entities. They literally thrive off our stupidity and bloody hell, lads and lasses, haven’t we been made stupid. They extract our energy through creating our stupidity and manipulation of our stupefied state. These entities also operate on a policy of divide and rule and the biggest tool to enable them to do this is through using religion and icon figures. ‘My dad is bigger than your dad’ so to speak.

There is not one Christian out there that will officially link Ramadan with Christmas and there is not one Christian that will officially link Christmas with Ramadan. Well not bloody many and I assure you both sides would be horrified if someone did. The hypnotism we are under prevents those thoughts. This is how ‘divide and rule’ works. The divided people, the divided human beings, cannot see who is really pulling strings. They simply defend their perceived ‘goodie goodie’ iconic figures. They have been hypnotised to defend and worship these icons no matter what. The hypnosis is so strong that they cannot do anything else.

It is currently the month of Ramadan, hence the timing of this article. I need to show you some facts about Ramadan before I explain things further. The vast majority of western people simply can’t be bothered to look at the Ramadan ritual. I know my upbringing never brought me into contact with any information or understanding about Ramadan and most ‘English Christian’ folk would simply consider it as a silly ritual that is being carried out by blatant hypocrites, just as Muslims see Christmas as being woefully hypocritical too. Both sides are extremely proud of their own rituals and basically think the other side is silly for carrying out theirs?

Ramadan is ….Ramadan or Ramazan a Muslim religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar to be the month in which the Quaran revealed to Angel Gabriel, to deliver it to Prophet Muhammed It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims do not eat or drink anything from dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach the person patience, sacrifice and humility. Ramadan is a time to fast for the sake of God, and to offer more prayers than usual. During Ramadan Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance into the future, ask for help in refraining from everyday evils and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. The name “Ramadan” is the name of the ninth month; the word itself derived from an Arabic word *rmd as in “ramida” or “ar-ramad” denoting intense heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations. It is considered the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year. Ramadan ends with the holiday Eid ul-Fitr, on which feasts are held. Click here for source and other basic info.

The time Ramadan takes place is based on the Islamic calendar. Basically it follows the cycle of moon. In my opinion the Islamic calendar is just an instruction manual, just like the calendar that was created through the Christian Pope, it is simply to tell the moronic sheeple ‘when’ to get on their knees and surrender their spiritual energies. Basically the collective consciousness is ordered to worship ‘symbols’ and ‘iconic deities’ that are simply phony mediums that were created by a deceptive 4th dimensional force. It’s a case of “Get on your knees to the ones who rule you when those that rule you tell you to”, so to speak. These iconic figures were simply created to make this process easier to control.

Heroes have been created to entertain and control a mentally weakened human race. Weak people automatically surrender their spirit to powers they see as stronger than themselves. Iconic figures are used to assist the process of this surrender. For example the deceptive figure of Jesus is simply used to get the masses to join in the Sun ritual of Christmas.

The deceptive figure used for the Ramadan is the, all round conman, Arch Angel Gabriel. Come on folks wake up! Have you ever studied the symbolic Angel Gabriel? Bloody hell this hypnotic icon gets spread around in the mass consciousness of the human race more than a jar of Paul McKenna’s ‘grow back hair crème’. Let’s be honest here he’s definitely slapping that all over.

So what we have with Ramadan is simply another massive ritual where icons are used as pied pipers. The energy being created is directed, through respect for Gabriel and Muhammed, to ‘Allah’. But just like the question rose in the famous Smokie song called ‘Alice’ I have the urge to reply in the same vein about Allah. So I will. Who the fuck is Allah?

How many Christians know who Allah is? I’m sure I could do a survey in my town and not many of the sheep, on the Christian side, will know or care who Allah is. Sadly, in my opinion, not even the Muslims know who Allah really is or whom Allah actually represents. Just like the Christians don’t know really know who Jesus and his Dad is. They have simply been told Allah is God and he is great and they believe it. They have been told that this god called Allah has passed on messages through Angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad and that they have to obey those messages, no matter what, simply because they have been told to. The Muslims totally worship ‘God’ through the agent, the messenger that represents this god at the time of Ramadan, this being Gabriel and the illiterate Muhammed.

Ramadan: A time to renew spiritual surrender to the force that enslaves the human race.

There is no difference between that and what Christians have been told. They have been told that God (Jesus’ Dad) is the one true god and we must simply obey the word of God. The Christians also haven’t a clue who Jesus’ Dad really is or who he actually represents. They have simply been told he is god and he is great and they believe it too, like nice little sheep. The Christians totally worship God through the agent, the messenger if you like, which represents him at the time of Christmas (Jesus).

How many Muslims know who the Christian God is? I was brought up a Christian and I didn’t bloody know who he was, so what chance as a Muslim got? Oh yes I know of smart arsed religious experts who give us names like Jehovah to play with but, let’s face it folks, they are taking the piss. They are taking the piss!

They show us ‘Christians’ an image of a bloke with long hair and a very long beard, usually dressed in a nighty and tell us it’s our creator. Well don’t they? They show the Muslims the exact same image. If I saw a bloke looking like that come to me or my children telling me if I needed to be good and obey him so I can go and live in heaven with him I’d call a police constable immediately, well wouldn’t you? These icons are simply a form of hypnosis my friends, it’s time to wake up. Or are you going to fall for ‘the bloke with a long beard in a nighty’ scam forever? Come on wake up for Christ’s sake (pardon the pun!). It is hypnotism. It’s mind control.

Indeed some religions don’t even let you mention or write down the name ‘God’. You have to miss a letter out or something. You must put something like G-d or -od or Go- and hope folk that are reading what you write simply guess whom you are talking about and hope they don’t write GOD! I’m told in some religions if we put the letter o in the middle of a letter G and a letter d we are likely to burn in hell fire for doing so. So be careful! If that isn’t taking the piss I don’t know what is, do you? It’s time to challenge the deceivers that have conned us for thousands of years. Are you ready to do so? Are you? Or do we say OK I used the letter O burn me in hell for it thank you very much? I just call the Christian God ‘Jesus’ Dad’ because no one can be offended at that can they? “Jesus’ Dad” sounds all right to me. God is the father of Jesus, so I’m told, so I assume saying the term “Jesus’ Dad” as a term for god is OK eh? No hell fire for me saying that then eh? Phew good job I didn’t call Allah or Jesus’ Dad deceptive conmen that officially represent reptilian aliens isn’t it or the people that run these organisations would have ordered another bag of coal?

I believe the forum gossips will have abandoned this article by now, gone praising a guru or gone seeking easier gossip elsewhere. So there’s only idiots like you and me left I’m afraid. Mind you I’ll try to tell you something that will help you later on if you stay and come with me….

So back to Ramadan and ‘Allah’. (Your turn for the Smokie song?) The Christians worship the Sun through the icon ‘Jesus the Son’ at Christmas and therefore worship the ‘creator’ of that sun (God) at the same time. It’s simply a deceptive scam folks but because we can’t ‘see’ the scam we don’t realise we are actually being scammed. Ramadan is simply the same scam as Christmas apart from using a different icon. Who is Allah? Well in my opinion. Allah (God) is also a symbolic creator of the sun just like Jesus’ Dad is a creator of the sun. The symbolism is slightly more hidden in Islam but it’s still there, if you really want to see that is. As I said in my last article if we want to break spells we have to know how deep the spells go. There is no point in breaking one part of a ten part spell simply because you don’t like hearing about or even accepting the other nine parts exist. We have to remember how to look deeper and see all parts of the spell. So look slightly deeper into Islamic symbolism.

Islam is seen by some conspiracy theorists as ‘Allah the Moon God’ symbolism due to its Crescent Moon symbolism.

I believe Islam, like Christianity, is just another form of symbolic sun worship. But most researchers see it as modern day version of ancient ‘moon worship’ and in a way, on the surface anyway, it is. (Interesting numbers for numerologist too, Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and the calendar is 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar.)

But I must make this clear to those that want to hear it, as I have said in my previous research and in my books. We are deceived into worshipping the CREATORS of the ‘SUN’. I have told you the truth that the greatest multi-dimensional deceivers use SUN worship to enslave the human race. It is not easy to convince folk that Islam is not ‘moon worship’ when the initial symbolism indicates it is. So let me show you some information on ‘Allah’ so you can see the hidden sun creator symbolism for yourselves. Please take this in.

Allah is just another name for a god known in ancient times as ‘Nanna-Suen’. The name Allah is simply used for simplicity for modern day Muslims. Its so they can connect to an icon. Modern day Muslims really get on their knees and surrender their spirit to Nanna-Suen a god who is now known as Allah. The scam is that Allah poses as a symbolic moon god but he really represents a creator of Sun God. Therefore when the Muslims worship Allah they are really worshipping ‘Nanna – Suen’ who is symbolically the father of a sun just like the Christian god is the father of a sun. Therefore the Christian God and the Muslim God is also the creator of a sun. They are the same deceptive force. Both Christians and Muslims are victims to the greatest deceiver. They are just to bloody brainwashed to see it.

Look at the Islamic sign again. Can you now see, after it is pointed out that this sign is really showing you that the sun (the star) is actually ‘being born’ from the crescent moon (The moon is personified byAllah/ Nanna-Suen)? This emblem is showing the creation of the Sun. ‘Sun creation’ is the same scam used in the Christian deception too!

It’s not Moon symbolism folks… it is ‘Sun’ creation symbolism
Allah the God created the Sun…Worship Allah… worship the creation of the Sun….Wake Up!

Nanna (Nannar), also called Suen (later pronounced in Akkadian as Sin) and Nanna-Suen, was the son of the gods Enlil and Ninlil. The goddess Ningal subsequently became the wife of the moon good. Amongst their children were the sun god Utu and the goddess Ishtar.

So Nanna – Suen is just another splinter from the Mesopotamian Pantheon (The Serpent Cult). In simple terms, in my opinion, The Mesopotamian Pantheon is the symbolic representation of the multi-dimensional force that enslaves mankind. They have purposely placed ‘deceptive iconic figures’ that are hidden in all our religions and even hidden in our crystal and scented candle cults too, that we think are free. The Mesopotamian Pantheon is literally the symbolic Wizard of Oz for the now brainless, heartless and cowardly human race and it has been for thousands of years. They produce the religious icons, they produce all the Allah’s, the Jesus’, the Buddha’s and even the New Age Guru’s. They produce ALL the icons that enslave you. Even the icon that you have emotionally attached yourself to and the icon you will blindly defend. Yes the icons that enslave us all track back to this Pantheon, they all track back to the Serpent Cult. If you have to get on your knees you can never be free.

I haven’t time to go into the Annunaki or the Babylonian Triad or Osiris, Isis and Horus from Egypt. The latter being responsible for the Christian (‘Sun’) churches you see today. People like David Icke and others have already triggered you and shown you these things, most of you are already aware of the elite bloodlines and the illuminati. I have though today shown you ‘how’ the sun is worshipped in a religion that was linked to moon worship. It is only another example of how slightly deeper symbolism is hidden under the surface of accepted symbolism, even the symbolism that is accepted by conspiracy researchers.

Anyway, as I said and I tell you the truth. We are conned into worshipping the ‘Creators of the Sun’. And that is what Allah is. That is what this article is to show you. He is symbolically a creator of the Sun. It is claimed Allah created the sun just like it is claimed Jehovah created the Sun.

Allah (Nanna-Suen) created his son Utu (Shamash) with his symbolic wife Ningal.

Utu is the Sun. So Allah (nanna) actually created the Sun. (Bono must know this too!) So what we have is the fact that the Islamic faith basically worships a God/force that created the Sun. ‘Allah’ (Nanna) created the sun. He is a creator of the Sun. It is important that you grasp that in my opinion. Never mind the Allah is a moon god symbolism, it is the Sun Creation symbolism that matters as far as spiritual energy extraction is concerned. Allah is indeed the symbolic father of the sun and that is what the Muslims worship. I realise other people have mentioned symbolic trinities like the Babylonian Trinity etc, but as far as Islam and Allah is concerned the focus has always been on the worship of the moon. I have had many emails in the past telling me that I am wrong about Sun worship simply because of Islam being connected to moon worship. Very clever researchers tell me Allah and therefore Islam is linked to the moon and not the sun, so my theory is flawed. I show you today that it Islam is indeed creation of the Sun worship and it is used in exactly the same deceptive way as the Christian religion. Wake Up!

I have tried to explain a few times in the past the reasons why the Serpent Cult want us to covertly worship the Sun. It’s because they want us to worship the Creators of the Sun. I believe modern day Christianity is based mainly on the Egyptian version of events. I have previously explained that the Egyptians claim the ‘creators of the Sun’ are the Ogdoad. The Ogdoad are basically reptilians. So I state again that when we are conned into worshipping the Creator of the Sun (Christian God) we are really worshipping a force of Reptilians (The Ogdoad).

The trickery involved in the modern day Islam ‘was’ slightly more hidden but symbolism in the modern day Islam (Allah) is directly linked to the Mesopotamian Pantheon, including the Sumerian Gods. So the symbolism is basically the same because the Ogdoad is based on the Mesopotamian Pantheon too. Worshipping Allah is the same as worshipping Allah’s creators, which are Reptilian gods. Nanna – Suen links directly back to the Mesopotamian Pantheon (Reptilian Gods).
When Christians and Muslims carry out their rituals the energy created through worship feeds the creators of the symbolism on display. Ramadan and the Eid actually create more intense spiritual energy than Christmas through the added emotions of starvation and then the celebration.

The monument/energy extraction scam also applies during Ramadan (Eid) too! The Serpent Cult controls the world not just London.

I have shown you that the symbolism on show by worshipping Allah is indeed Sun Creation symbolism and the energy created will feed Reptilian aliens that supplied the icons like Allah and claim to have created the Sun. I believe some of you will see that now, just as a few saw the symbolism in the Chagall painting in the last article, that there are different layers of deception to uncover. In my opinion we are not awake just because we can see an eye on a dollar bill. The Serpent Cult is not daft.

Some people contact me and tell me they can’t understand how we feed 4th dimensional entities with spiritual energy simply because we are tricked into worshipping the Sun through religions. Well the easiest way to explain this is to imagine that you are ‘credited’ with producing a famous celebrity icon. Say you gave birth to/ created a son who then became massive movie star that was loved by millions of people and was famous all over the world, literally worshipped.

The energy (positive vibes) created by the people who worshipped ‘your son, your creation’ would also come to you. You would feel so proud of your creation that you would feel the exact same emotions that your son did through the worship. You would literally wallow in the energy. Although you wasn’t be worshipped directly, it would be your creation, your son, that was being worshipped directly and you would still receive the energy. The spiritual energies created in the worship of your son would also feed you.

On a far bigger scale the energies created through the worship of Allah go to the force that claim, unopposed, to have created the sun. All the energy created by the Muslim faith will go to an alien force that controls us that have subconsciously told us they created the sun. Exactly the same principles apply to the Christian faith and this is simply because both faiths are victims in the same con trick. The Serpent Cult also know how to harness the energy created through worship and use it against us to rule over us create our reality. (I know a lot of you have already grasped that idea but some reading this article haven’t and regular readers have come a long way in a short time so please bear in mind the new readers before you shout you have heard it before) Anyway.

Worship ‘God’ = Worship ‘Creators of the Sun’

 Worshipping Creators of the Sun = Spiritual Surrender

Getting these things across for five sense understanding is not easy, especially to certain ‘faces’. The best way of doing this is to say that our minds are conditioned to think a certain way and we are programmed to only see things on ‘one level’. We have been spiritually blinkered. Our ‘focus’ is usually concentrated on one level and it has been made that way by the form of hypnosis we have subconsciously accepted we the form of hypnosis we are operating under.

The Serpent Cult don’t care if people realise at the first hurdle that religion is a scam. They know that those that see religion as a scam only see one level of the scam. (They only see the crescent moon in the Islam symbol not the creation of the Sun) Some folk immediately see that religion is a fraud and ignore it. “Religion is a fraud, so let’s all go to a rock concert, shag everybody and take drink and drugs to show everyone we are free”

We can easily avoid religion if we only see it from one level but consider the possibility that you will be unknowingly do more worshipping by doing the things in the statement above than actually going to church and not drinking or shagging etc. The Serpent Cult is operating, not only, on a level you can’t see but on a level you don’t want to see as well. You don’t want to see trickery in the things you really enjoy doing, no matter what you enjoy doing. This is simply because you don’t want to see you are actually being conned and the fact that you actually enjoy these things. The hypnosis involved is very strong and sometimes it is easier not to see at all. Apathy is a strong form of hypnosis too.

Just like you couldn’t see previously that Allah is really ‘Creator of a Sun God’ symbolism (You were not interested). You also cannot see what is right under your nose everyday on other levels (You were not interested).

Which is of course fine if you don’t want to look or hear about it. I see people who are happy as a pig in shit, living in ignorance, in a brain-dead comfort zone everyday. May they have many lifetimes doing the same, they deserve it don’t they? Good luck to them. But it needs pointing out that hypnotism and mind control is far more powerful away from the church or mosque than the hypnotism actually being carried out in them. Religion already has the minds of the religious and it does not need to do anything else.

Minds are easily taken

Those minds are taken oh so very easily my friends. It’s the minds that have a will to be free that are subjected to more complex hypnosis than a simple get on your knees to a god sort of thing. In my opinion the force that secretly rules this world has got us trapped in the matrix through our emotional attachment to something we like in this world. I know that. It could be anything. Sex, drugs, rock n roll, drink and the rest of them, or if your lucky and rich all of them eh? The matrix has ensnared you through the things you trust and love or find escapism and comfort in. Through things you think are good for you. It’s time to love ‘you’ and trust ‘you’ not a spliff or a porn movie. It’s time to remember who you really find comfort in.

If I am allowed to, I will be going into areas in the future that will upset some of you, if not most of you, at some stage or other. It is not my intent to upset anyone. Please try not to attack the messenger that questions all strands of the matrix because one of the strands I question may be the one that is holding you here. I cannot go anywhere with your help and I believe you cannot go anywhere without mine. I cannot help you unless you help me.
We cannot provide triggers to those that don’t trigger the trigger providers.

For those that have a very strong gut wrenching yearning to be free again. For those that want to return to the source they know they came from. For those that know this world is phony, a bag o’ shite, and have known so all their lives I will say it’s time to look deeper. It’s time to realise that ‘waking up’ is not easy and it is going to knock the shit out of your mind and spirit to do so. You will be moody and lose sleep etc. You will try to run and hide, but most of you hide already. You will suffer in some way or another. Some of you panic at the slightest thought of having to think for yourself or even if you read something you don’t like. That’s not an insult, that’s a description of the symptoms of awakening that I see in people and have seen in myself. Hey I’m one of you too tha knows! I’m just the silly bugger that must have volunteered to play one of the roles of ‘loony on a soap box’. I am very much equipped to do it! I suppose that’s because I am beyond the point of no return. (But so are some of you)


The Serpent does not want to ‘lose you’ it does not want us to see things on the same level that they can see things. The Serpent Cult does not want you to see its farm or want you to see that you are a donkey on that farm, eating hay and braying your way through lifetime after lifetime. The Serpent Cult will make things very hard for you to achieve spiritual freedom for yourself and those you love. It will scrap every step of the way and will not give up until you have broken free. Only you can get in the boxing ring with it, no one else can. It has a bet on that you will lose. That said the Serpent does not know that you have corner men that will not throw the towel in.

I am only here today to tell you forces are at work in his world that will help you to lose the chains that keep you here. It is easy for us to see the chains and remove the shackles we don’t like, but it is impossible to remove a chain when you think it is just a pretty ribbon. So please do not mistake your chains for pretty ribbons nor think anyone cutting chains is cutting your pretty ribbons.

It’s not a case of waiting for someone to tell you what to do, they will only add another level of hypnosis to the other levels of hypnosis that you are already under. I will not help you by telling you what to do and in my opinion no one else will either.

You have been told what to do for thousands of years, you have fell for the same shite over many lifetimes. That’s why your guts are screaming at you to not be fooled again in this lifetime. It’s time to start to trust in you however much you don’t trust yourself because of your experiences! Without you trusting in you I believe you will never break all the levels of hypnosis you need to break to actually set yourself free. It is/has been/ the same for me to date.

‘Sometimes you think you are looking up to the Moon but it was really the Sun all along’
‘Maybe they are both made of the same shite?’

Matthew Delooze 2008

I have said enough. It’s up to you whether you take my words in or laugh at them. I hope my information about Allah and the symbol of Islam helps you understand another form of symbolic trickery adopted by the Serpent Cult to enslave the human race…

If I ever get to a Colin Fry show I’ll ask him for his opinion about Allah, after all he should know he’s very much in touch with the other side isn’t he? Certainly his feminine side in his local! Surely Muhammed and Jesus are up there on the other side for reference eh? Bless em. Jesus will have a seat on the right hand side of his Dad won’t he? Isn’t that illegal if Daddy is poking a finger in the air at the same time?

Obviously the ‘illiterate’ Muhammed won’t be able to read the signs on display in heaven so bugger knows where he’s ended up. Last time I misread a sign I ended up in the ladies toilets. Maybe that silly bugger did the same eh? Mind you if he did he already has the dress for it.

May Love Reign O’er You All
Matthew Delooze 13th September 2008

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved


Did You See the Whole of the Moon?

Did You See the Whole of the Moon?


(Pic: The Sun & the Chinese Zodiac)

The Chinese New Year Celebrations

By Matthew Delooze

“I wandered out in the world for years – While you just stayed in your room
I saw The Crescent – You saw the Whole of the Moon
You were there in the turnstiles- With the wind at your heels
You struck for the stars- And you know how it feels
To get- too high- too far- too soon”
From the song ‘The Whole of the Moon’ by The Waterboys

Hello folks, (Just a short one)

Many people have asked me about the ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’. Obviously if you are not Chinese the celebrations pass you by without you even noticing them. Well they do don’t they? We can’t be arsed with them can we? That said you would be foolish to think the Chinese New Year Celebrations only happen in China. It’s a massive worldwide ritual and I assure you it is planned to be that way. Indeed there is a Chinatown in all major Cities around the globe and the establishment openly allowed them to develop over several centuries. It’s all part of the agenda

Let us first have a quick look at the official history behind the celebrations. ‘Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the New Year and ends on the Full Moon 15 days later’. It is also known as the ‘Lunar New Year Festival’ The main deity honoured in celebrations is the Jade Emporer and this deity links up the religions of Taoism and Buddhism but he is known as Sakra in the latter case.

I don’t want to drone on about the deities but please feel free to do your own research click on the links provided above as a starting source for you. If you do you will find that the deities being worshiped and adored by the Chinese are very similar to the deities being worshipped by us (E.G The sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac). Indeed the Chinese religions also have a Supreme Being with twelve signs of the zodiac and they also seem to confirm the occult connection to the figure 33. (The Devas and the 33 heavens)

“The Jade Emperor lives in the 33rd heaven. He is the king of gods and in charge of 33 heavens. Therefore Jade Emperor is one of the important gods who are worshiped or prayed in the many Chinese family” (Source)

As I said I don’t want to drone on about the religious deities involved. I have claimed in my latest book that my opinion is that all of major religions ‘worship the Sun’ and by doing so their members are deceived into worshipping multi-dimensional entities that are alien to this world. Why do I believe such a thing? To briefly explain, these ‘entities’ claim to have created the Sun, through the symbolic ancient scriptures, that have been hypnotically embedded into the collective consciousness of mankind and by other means. We are made to swear an oath during our lives, that is spiritually binding, and we actually endorse what deceptive alien beings have symbolically told us. ‘Mass thought creates our physical reality’ Please read my book.

Anyway, why is the Chinese New Year allowed to take place all around the Globe? Have you ever wondered why the limit of your knowledge about the Chinese ends at number 101 on the local take-away menu or a martial arts DVD? Is your total knowledge about China summed up with the words ‘Pork balls and Bruce Lee’? You wouldn’t be on your own, by a long chalk, if this were the case. I have mentioned for a few years now why I believe the usual New Years Eve celebrations take place. Please click here if you wish to read about that.

Obviously if you believe that the normal New Years celebrations (Gregorian Calendar) are not connected to mythical deities and the Sun and you also believe that the establishment created the event just for you to have a party then you are not going to be interested in this article at all. You may as well go and have a chicken chow mien somewhere and just think that the Chinese New Year is just something the Chinese celebrate alone, just for the sake of it, and it has no effect on you whatsoever. If you are of this mentality then there is no need to go further in this article, it is of no use to you.

For those that want to remember more then please carry on reading this article. Indeed lets start by asking why the Chinese New Year takes place all over the western world with no objections being made whatsoever. Indeed this event is always encouraged no matter where they take place. London, Paris, New York. Berlin and Sydney just to mention a few. ‘China’ and its traditions literally exist in every country and in all major cities. Again most westerners just collectively ‘accept’ that without even thinking about it? There are never any major immigration problems with the Chinese people and they are established all over the world. It’s the norm.

The one fact that stands out in my mind is that the Chinese know that their New Year (Eve) is directly linked to the cycle of the moon (New Moon). The Chinese are just as religious as the Christians and honour their gods at festival time. They accept the two are the same thing, in other words they accept that Jade Emperor and the moon are worshipped at the same time at New Year. Christians on the other hand cannot comprehend that at our New Year (eve) celebrations we also worship the sun god (Janus). We accept we are supposed to worship Jesus at Christmas but we think New Years Eve is just a party. We never click on we are in a ritual.

So can you accept that at Chinese New Year the Chinese population worship the deity ‘Jade Emperor’ (Sakra to Buddhists) AND because of the cycle of the moon? Can you also accept that we Christians are conned into carrying out the same thing at Christmas time because of the cycle of the sun? Obviously the cycle of the Sun is always at the same time of year but the cycle of the moon varies, hence the Chinese New Year being at ‘different times’ every year.

Can you grasp what is going on, in modern day terms, leading up to 2012 and beyond?

In my opinion the human race on Earth is continually carrying out Sun/Moon rituals every year but they (a) haven’t a bloody clue what’s going on or (b) they don’t care. Usually both! Let me put it this way. Over several centuries it has been arranged through the Serpent Cult to allow millions of people, that follow Taoism and Buddhism, to be located around the world in all major cities. They have been encouraged to build Temples etc. and celebrate the Chinese New Year at the first new/full moon of the year.

We, usually out of lack of interest, accept this out of hand. We spiritually agree for the Chinese ritual to take place in other words. We don’t care that we have the farcical situation of having different New ‘Years’ on ‘one’ planet do we? Come on think about it we are supposed to be intelligent people but we blindly allow our corrupt establishments to tell us something like…

….“Yes you thick bastards we only have one planet but we are telling you to accept and celebrate different dates to carry out rituals at ‘New Year’. Err.. We know you won’t challenge the reasons for this because you just want to go out and party, you are simply not going to object and you are basically too silly to do anything about it”….

…“You will never guess that we are getting you to carry out Sun/Moon and Deity rituals because you are all stupid bastards that think you all have different Gods and different holidays. That’s how fucking stupid you are and you will never guess what is really going on. Indeed you haven’t sussed what’s been going on for thousands of years and you keep reincarnating and doing it all again and again.  So never mind about thinking about the Chinese New Year… after all its only a bunch of silly chinkies dressed up, setting fireworks off and worshipping ‘underworld’ ‘Gods’ and the moon isn’t it? Silly buggers they are for doing so too aren’t they and of course they wouldn’t catch you dressing up like a knob head and prancing around on New Years Eve whilst unknowingly celebrating ‘underworld’ Gods and the Sun would they? Well would they?….(You know they would!)

Am I getting you thinking yet? The facts are right under your nose but you never bloody look do you? In my opinion the Chinese New Year ritual works exactly the same as the Christian New Year ritual. That is to say it is to extract spiritual energy from the masses and to receive emotional respect (Our permission) for a multidimensional deceptive force to ‘rule over us’.

Just like our western New Year celebrations give energy to symbolic Gods and their Symbolism (Sun) then the eastern New Year also gives energy to symbolic Gods and their symbolism (Moon). The fact is that both east and west are feeding the same gods because the Jade Emporer (Savra) is the same deceptive force as Jesus (Janus).

Do you get it? The two different New Year celebrations are created to serve the same deceptive force. They are not different, they have nothing to do with a ‘New Year’ (obviously because they are at different times) they are simply a form of worship.

Chinese New Year in Beijing. What do you see?

Just like our New Years ritual, the Chinese New Year is just the same E.G. Energy is released in front of symbolic buildings and temples. In the background of the picture above is the Chinese version of Big Ben (Obelisk) and of course there is an eye on the building opposite.

There is no difference whatsoever in the different events. The same deceptive force are symbolised by all the ‘underworld’ mythology figures and all the major religious figures, both in the East and in the West. They are all the same force therefore it does not matter if you are Eastern/Chinese or English/American/ European because we are ALL giving up spiritual energy to the same force at both events, be it the Chinese New Year or the English New Year. It does not really matter that the symbolism being displayed at the celebrations, say in New York or London, does not match up with the local beliefs or customs of the said cities. The Chinese New Year symbolism being displayed in London or New York will actually ‘connect’ up with the monuments in China. Although that said a lot of replica monuments are openly displayed in the ‘China Towns’ that are located around the world.

There is no difference in worshipping around an original temple (or pagoda) of Savra (Jade Emperor) in China or doing it in a replica Chinatown in London or Paris. Indeed in the case of the Buddhist they just need to plonk down a statue of Buddha anywhere and hey presto you have a portable sun god monument.

Portable statue of Buddha complete with sun.

Basically this statue and all the millions like it is a sun monument to worship. The scam being they have placed a silly fat bloke in front of it as a pied piper. This is just another hypnotic symbol that is used to steal your spiritual energy when you ‘celebrate’ around it. The same trick is carried out with other deity figures in the West including Jesus and his virgin mother.

Also the pagoda can take on many forms of occult geometry and hypnotic symbols too.



The Temples/Pagodas of China can create any kind of occult symbolism required. Indeed the bottom pictures show the Biggest Pagoda in China

Wake Up!

I need to explain something that came up the other day and I have been meaning to say it for a while, that is about people wearing ‘personal’ symbolism. I get emails from folk asking me if it’s ‘OK’ to wear this charm or trinket or that charm or trinket or wear that. 5 pointed stars/ Christian crosses and even swastika’s etc. I say yes of course its OK to wear personal symbolism wear what you want. You wear symbolism because of what you are ‘told’ it means and because you like to wear it. Most of you have no idea of the true meaning of symbols and neither do I wish to tell you that I know more than you. I am not here to be a big head or a know all. Indeed I couldn’t open the public toilets in Paris a few weeks ago and nearly ‘peed’ my pants trying to do just that, so please don’t think I am clever. So if I can’t even unlock the public toilets in Paris then I will certainly struggle unlocking the codes of occult symbolism won’t I?

What I will say though and please believe me on this, that only the ‘power’ behind certain symbols and shapes know their true meanings and this power will do anything it can to get you to respect and accept its symbolism. For instance if you are told a Christian Cross is a symbol of Jesus and you believe that then you may want to wear and ‘proudly’ display the symbolism based on that understanding. But you may have been lied to about the reason of the Christian Cross symbolism and are woefully unaware of its true meaning. Therefore the force that created the symbolism is the only force that knows the true meaning of the symbolism. You will never know in your current spiritual state the true meaning of the symbolism that controls this world. Are you with me?

Another example is that if a supporter of a club is given a badge that he is ‘told’ represents his club then he is going to wear and proudly display that badge too. The person would ‘love’ and respect the badge. Can you accept that the ‘pride’ in wearing personal symbolism creates love and respect for the symbolism but this love and respect is given to the symbol entirely based on what you are ‘told’ it means? Can you accept that pride and love create energy? When you feel pride or respect it creates an invisible energy in my opinion and I have said so in my books.

The pride and love was created through what you were ‘told’ the symbolism represented. Yes? The same ‘pride’ and love, therefore the same invisible energy, would still ‘exist’ even if the symbolism meant the opposite of what you were originally told. It is a natural energy. Spiritual energy. This fact applies even though you were totally unaware that you were giving love and respect to something you thought meant something different. Love and respect created through deception is still love and respect, at least until the deception is uncovered. Yes?

For example, in a 5-sense reality that is accepted today, if you were originally ‘told’ in your innocence that the ‘Swastika’ represented Jesus and you didn’t know any different then you would proudly have worn the Swastika as a symbol of Jesus. (Yes you would!) You wouldn’t know any different and you would obviously innocently give the pride and respect to the symbol you were ‘told’ represented Jesus. You would have been horrified to find out that the Swastika didn’t really represent Jesus and therefore you love and pride for the symbol was misplaced. (I should add that on a spiritual level the Swastika does represent the same force as Jesus. (But that is for another day)

Indeed if I tried to tell you that the Swastika didn’t represent Jesus after you had been previously told it did you would fight with me and attack me for doing so. What I am trying to say is that if you are ‘told’ a certain symbol means something you believe in, you will literally respect and defend the symbol and actually give that symbol unconditional spiritual love. If respect and admiration therefore create energy then that energy obviously goes to the creators or original providers of that symbolism. For example If I give a woman a diamond engagement ring, as a form of symbolism of our love, then the woman will love and respect the ring as much as she loved me. The woman’s energy created through respecting the ring, as true symbolism of our love, would only change if she didn’t love me any more. Her respect for the ring would disappear as soon as her respect for me disappeared, and it would simply be thrown away or sold as rubbish, it would lose its sentimental value immediately. She would no longer respect the symbolic ring because she no longer respected the creator and provider of the symbolic ring. Do you understand? All those people who have ever had a ring chucked at them will know the situation on a 5-sense level and will therefore know the pain this causes on a spiritual level. If we are honest the spiritual power behind this sort of thing is far more powerful that the physical power. I hope that example got through as I feel you need to grasp the info. I believe symbolically that the Serpent Cult has engaged us all with a diamond engage ring given by deception.

I am sorry if I sound patronising but its important you understand that energy is created and actually ‘passes through’ symbolism and that energy always goes to the provider or creator of the symbolism, be it positive or negative and the diamond ring explanation is the easiest way to tell you that.

So OK we get the picture now yes. Symbolism (monuments and temples included) creates energy and that energy is always given to its creator and/or provider. So what is happening during the Chinese New Year? Well basically all the energy created is going to and passing through to the symbolic deities involved in Buddhism and Taoism through the symbolism and monuments being displayed at the festivals and the parades.

It is exactly the same scenario as the New Year celebrations in the western world. When the western world celebrates during the festive season we are really celebrating the cycle and rebirth of the ‘Sun’ over ‘the twelve days of Christmas’ so to speak. We are too full of greed, hypnotised with material things and controlled by the urge to party that we simply can’t see this at the time. During this time we are also, unknowingly I must admit, spiritually honouring mythical deities connected to the Sun.

The Chinese New Year celebrates the cycle of the Moon, from new moon to full moon, again its worship that recognises the rebirth of the ‘Moon’, again the people are too full of material greed and ego to notice what is going on at the time just like the western world is when we worship the rebirth of our Sun at our New Year. Worshipping the Sun & Moon is indirect worship of those we are told created the Sun & Moon.

We wrongly think that only westerners celebrate the rebirth of the sun and deities like Jesus at Christmas. This is not the case as the Chinese people that are scattered in Chinatowns across the world join in our New Year celebrations too. Indeed the Chinese set more fireworks off during western New Year celebrations on the 31st December than the westerners do (not going that deep today folks!). Obviously the same ‘Chinatowns’ around the world also carry out their own New Year celebrations in February but in all western cities. Therefore they are combined celebrations because we ALL accept, and therefore willingly, carry out both celebrations. What? Are you saying you don’t willingly allow the Chinese Lunar Rituals to take place in your city or country?

In other words ‘We willingly endorse both rituals’. We accept and respect both the ‘Western Sun Ritual’ and we accept the ‘Eastern Moon Ritual’. The collective consciousness of human race also willingly worship the symbolic deities connected to these rituals. They give pride and love to the symbolic deities and just like I explained through the symbolic diamond ring story earlier in that pride and respect go to the providers and creators of symbolism involved. Don’t forget (if you were watching) that I explained in previous articles and books that emotional respect creates spiritual energy. So emotional respect for the New Year celebrations creates spiritual energy for those that created and provided the symbolism surrounding the New Year celebrations. Multi-dimensional forces don’t go down to McDonalds for their food, indeed, they get you to create a far better food! Anyway…

Who created the symbolic Sun and Moon deities of the ‘underworld’ that we unknowingly but willingly worship at the New Year festivals? It is the ‘Serpent Cult’ of course. The Serpent Cult, as I have said many times, are multidimensional entities that are alien to this world and their human puppets living on Earth. Every time these events happen and we willingly join in or simply accept them, the emotional pride and love we give to the New Year events changes into spiritual energy and then passes through the symbolism and feeds its creators. Emotional respect through pride and love creates spiritual energy. A similar energy can be created through fear and anger but that energy also goes to the creators and providers of the symbolism that created the symbolism that created the fear and anger.

It is so simple to understand once you grasp the methods that are being used. It’s all deceptive trickery and we need to wake up to prevent this world and the souls in it from becoming trapped eternally in a physical and spiritual prison.

Anyway how can I convince you that the Chinese ‘Lunar’ New Year is really a Festival of Light just like the western New Year is a Festival of Light and it takes place simply so the masses will unknowingly worship the major symbolic deities of the ‘underworld’ and surrender spiritual energy to their creators (Entities alien to this world). (As I said in my last article the underworld is also known as the Lower Fourth Dimension) It’s simple because at the end of the 15 days of the Chinese celebrations (The eve of the full moon) The Chinese have what translates as a ‘Lantern Festival’. Obviously you don’t need to be clever to work out those words mean ‘Festival of Light’.

Indeed during the last night of celebrating the Chinese Festive season there is a massive act of ‘illumination’. It’s the same scam folks. Obviously the Chinese New Year is not the best subject to create a lot of interest and I only wrote this article to compliment my article on the western New Year celebrations. In my opinion if the collective consciousness of the human race can start to comprehend that a very small group of puppets are deceiving the human race into carrying out symbolic rituals, that do not mean what we are ‘told’ they mean, then life in this world and beyond can change in a massive way. If we can begin to start to realise that millions of human beings have been cleverly deceived into actually respecting and loving the very ‘symbolism’ that enslaves us then we can ‘begin’ to break free from the trickery and be free again.

When we are conned into worshipping religious figures like Jesus and Buddha the respect we have for these illusionary figures goes to the creators and providers of these illusionary figures. When we are conned into worshipping figures from mythological worlds like Janus then the ‘subconscious’ respect we have for these figures also goes to the creators and providers of these mythological figures. These symbolic figures have been placed in our minds, through many methods and YOU really don’t have a clue how it is all done. The New Year events, both eastern and western, are just scratching the surface to the things that are going on. The symbolic rituals, we are tricked into carrying out, have been placed in our physical lives. This in turn strengthens the power that the figures in our mind have over us because we continually carry out the rituals that endorse their power over us. We are literally creating our own enslavers and freely giving our enslavers power over us simply because we cannot see what is going on.. We have given our minds away.

We are passing on our spiritual energy through the symbolism we have been told is good for us but it is in fact the opposite and bad for us, but because we gave away our minds we can’t think enough to see through the illusion and the deception. The Chinese physically worship their symbolic Gods through their New Year celebrations and the western world physically worships their symbolic gods through their New Year celebrations. Neither side can see that they are both carrying out joint rituals that enslave them and that they provide energy to the same force.

That is the scale of the deception going on in this world and that is the scale of the collective ‘lost minds’ of a sad and pathetic human race of slaves that are under the spell of a deceptive symbolic Serpent. To break the Serpents Spell as I call it, I believe we need to symbolically throw its engagement ring (mentioned earlier) back at it. To find the strength to do that we will need to start to question all the symbolism that is surrounding our lives and dictating to us how we live. It is so easy to throw back a symbolic ‘engagement’ ring when you realise that it was a liar who gave it to you under false pretences in the first place. And that is, in my opinion, exactly what the Serpent Cult has done to the human race, it gave us symbolism under false pretences. The time will come when you get the chance to carry on wearing the Serpent’s engagement ring or throw it away. The choice will be yours.

If I can get to see the Crescent I will make sure you get to see the whole of the moon. That, my friends, is a vow I will never break. I thank you for reading this article.

May love reign o’er you all

Thank you
Matthew Delooze
7th February 2008

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Every precious dream and vision underneath the stars
You climbed on the ladder with the wind in your sails
You came like a comet – blazing your trail
Too high-Too far-Too soon
YOU saw the whole of the moon!

Who Wrote the Songs That Make the Whole World Sing?

Who Wrote The Songs That Make The Whole World Sing?

By Matthew Delooze

“I am drawn between the light and dark”, Quicksand, Hunky Dory


I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform
Of imagery I’m living in a silent film
Portraying Himmler’s sacred realm
Of dream reality I’m frightened by the total goal
Drawing to the ragged hole
And I ain’t got the power anymore No I ain’t got the power anymore
I’m the twisted name on Garbo’s eyes
Living proof of Churchill’s lies
I’m destiny I’m torn between the light and dark
Where others see their targets Divine symmetry
Should I kiss the viper’s fang
Or herald loud the death of Man
I’m sinking in the quicksand of my thought
And I ain’t got the power anymore
Don’t believe in yourself
Don’t deceive with belief
Knowledge comes with death’s release
I’m not a prophet or a Stone Age man
Just a mortal with the potential of Superman
I’m living on I’m tethered to the logic of Homo Sapien
Can’t take my eyes from the great salvation
Of bullshit faith
If I don’t explain what you ought to know
You can tell me all about it
On the next Bardo
I’m sinking in the quicksand of my thought
And I ain’t got the power anymore
Don’t believe in yourself
Don’t deceive with belief

It is no secret that I strongly believe that our music industry, in certain mass media circles, is used to exploit the collective consciousness of the human race. I have written about this in the past and I am currently researching certain pop/rock stars.

David Bowie is a well-known name to my generation. I myself grew up around Star Man and Ziggy Stardust in the late 60s early 70s. David Bowie has continued to be a top entertainer throughout the 80s and 90s. I remember, through watching a documentary, that David Bowie adopted a strange technique when creating the lyrics for his songs. In a nut-shell Bowie used to cut single words and short sentences out of paper, jumble them up, and then create song lyrics through the act of rearranging them.

‘A good and easy way of doing it too’ I hear you say. Indeed I know somebody who selects their lotto numbers that way, but when you step back and look more deeply doesn’t some kind of an occult or Ouija board type situation start to arise in your mind? Was Bowie waiting for some kind of spiritual help to create his songs by doing such a thing? Nothing wrong with that either I suppose, obviously all those who gamble on horses in the racing game have also prayed for spiritual help and guidance before they stick a pen in the horse race listings in the newspaper. No harm in that is there?

Just what was Bowie doing when I saw him, in the documentary, laying out words in the back of his Rolls Royce? Can we all do it then? Just write some words down cut them out of a piece of paper and create classics such as Jean Genie, can we? (Or should I say Gene Genie? Who “keeps all your dead hair for making up underwear” ?)

It has also come to light through autobiographies and of course ‘time’ that David Bowie may have been heavily ‘into’ the occult, including the works of Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley.

Surrealism is probably the best word I can use to describe the actions of Bowie and his ‘self’ created lyrics. The subconscious talents in Bowie must have surfaced through the act of playing the ‘let me jumble the words and make a song’ game. Easy isn’t it?

The lyrics created by Bowie are readily accepted as being created in Bowie’s own subconscious whilst in a surreal state of mind. Obviously, as with lots of rock and pop stars, mind-altering drugs can be used/ are used/ to create an alteration in the individual’s consciousness. For example, Pete Townsend of the WHO claims he has no idea where the lyrics of the many famous songs he wrote came from because he cannot remember writing them at the time they were produced. This was simply due to him being totally drunk on Brandy and/or under the influence of drugs.

(David, in the days of Ziggy Stardust)

So let us go a little deeper. I am going to suggest that the creation of certain music lyrics can also be created through the spiritual ‘possession’ of the body and mind of an individual (music/lyric writer) by entities from another dimension.

A sort of ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ situation if you like. Simply put they (multi dimensional entities) possess talented musicians to use as mediums. Laugh if you want, but if you think about it, it really is the best way for, say, 4th dimensional entities to get covert symbolic and hypnotic messages, be they positive or negative, out and about in this world to the masses.

If you wanted the masses to listen to subliminal triggers and symbolic chants then what better way to do it is there than for an entity to hijack the body of a pop star, implant symbolic information in them, and use them as a medium? Obviously the fame and fortune that goes with it is a nice bonus for the host.

Plant your lyrics in the mind of an up and coming, or famous, popular songwriter and bobs your uncle eh?

You are guaranteed to get a massive audience, especially if you have agents running the entire music industry and I assure you that the Serpent Cult run the music industry, add the fact that the ego of the pop star involved will either be under the influence of drugs or drunk whilst creating songs and you have the perfect stooge who will relay messages directly into their fans and admirers psyche.

Yes. Hey Presto, there you go, the symbolic messages will be heard and loved by the audience simply because the artist is famous and will not have a clue about the spiritual significance of the lyrics used. Not only that but the already talented songwriter thinks everything is down to them and they think it was their own creative talents that produced the lyrics in the first place.

If the plan works then why not repeat it and turn the singer/songwriter into a superstar. If the audience starts to dwindle and the symbolic occult messages don’t reach the relevant numbers required to affect the human mass consciousness, or create a symbolic worship scenario, then the 4th dimensional entities will dump the singer/ songwriter for younger fresher talents.


(Ashes to ashes)
(Diamond Dogs)

Connections to the occult in music lyrics are not really noticed in large numbers and lyrics are easily fobbed of as being the work of’ talented’ musicians by the music industry if they were. I tell you the truth, in my opinion, when I say that one of the easiest way for a fourth dimensional entity to create such lyrics would be to possess a body and make that body pick cut out selected words and sentences and rearrange them to produce whatever they wanted. Be this the Bohemian Rhapsody song or the White Christmas song. They, the 4th dimensional entity, would also literally ‘speak’ to their host during drunken binges or during episodes of drug taking leaving the artist to remember the information when sober.

Anyway… its food for thought at least, at this stage.

On researching David Bowie I came across an article by Peter R Koenig – The Laughing Gnostic: David Bowie and the Occult- in which I found very interesting information. I have pasted a link below. I am not suggesting that Mr Koenig is sharing my opinion of 4th dimensional possession. Far from it. He does go into great detail about David’s connections to the occult though. I am only posting a link to his article because of the research he has done into David Bowie and the lyrics involved that contain occult messages and symbolism that indicate David has connections with the illuminati.

Aladdin Sane

My very best wishes to you all

Matthew Delooze Aug 2006

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Beside the Seaside – Beside the Sea

“Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – Beside the Sea”


By Matthew Delooze

I live in Lancashire UK. Last year, as the August Bank Holiday approached, my wife and I decided to have a couple of days away. We decided, due to the timing, to go to Morecambe, a sleepy run down seaside resort, which is only 40 miles from where we live. We thought accommodation would be readily available. To our surprise, all hotel rooms seemed booked up. We thought this a strange event as Morecambe had been in decline for years. Indeed, even the “Frontier Land Amusement Park”, with its roller coasters and various theme park rides, had been closed and demolished. Economic decline of the town was blamed for lack of customers and visitors to Morecambe.

My wife and I managed to find a small attic room in an old, but charming B&B. We were glad of this, as Morecambe was full to bursting point. The landlady asked us “Are you here for the Festival then”? We replied “What Festival?” She went on to explain it was the Festival of “Fire (Light) & Water”. There was to be music and songs from the lovely Suzi Quatro and tribute bands to Queen, The Bee Gees, The Blues Brothers, etc., etc. There were also to be a massive fireworks display and lights. I am 45 years old and have lived in Lancashire all my life but I’d never heard of the Festival of Fire & Water, or Light & Water for that matter before. The landlady just seemed pleased her guesthouse was full.

On Saturday, August 28th 2004, I walked onto Morecambe promenade, beside the sea. It was a full moon weekend. I followed the sound of the live music and the voice of Suzie Quatro, “Devil Gate Drive”. A special dome type stage had been built and everyone seemed to be enjoying him or herself. A Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel) had been built on the promenade due to the recent closure of the Frontier Land Theme Park, smaller than the one that has also appeared, in recent years, on the Blackpool pier, which is located just a few miles down the Fylde coast. To my absolute amazement the lighting on the side of the big wheel seemed to resemble a flashing large eye. I kid you not. It was very, very, graphic to me. I also noticed that across the road the amusement arcade was being used to flash lights in the shape of arches. I am quite aware of the ancient symbolism used by the Egyptians and, of course, today’s Freemasons.

I decided that this was just coincidence and decided to put the matter out of my mind. I enjoyed the rest of the evening’s music and the firework display. I returned to my humble accommodation and went to sleep in my cozy attic room.

The morning came and I woke very early. I’d like to just blame the lumpy bed for this but the large eye flashing away on the side of the recently erected Big Wheel just wouldn’t leave my mind.  Something was either haunting me or something was trying to tell me something. I decided I was going to return to the festival that night to see if the eye was to be “flashed” again. I had a strong urge to do this.

Typical Illuminated Ferris Wheel

I visited the promenade in the daylight, that day Sunday 29th August 2004. In the reality of daylight hours the big wheel looked like any other big wheel and you couldn’t see how the light bulbs had been so cleverly placed. I did notice a large “dome” (The Dome nightclub) was next to the big wheel. You couldn’t see this at night unless you were very close to it. It set my senses going again. An Eye, A Dome and Arches. I thought, whatever next?


The Wheel and the Dome

Later, at night, I strolled on to a freezing sea front to the distant sound of a Queen tribute Band. “The Seven Seas of Rhye” was blaring out loudly. It seemed to be drowning out all other sound. I was gleefully waiting to see the lighting on the Big Wheel, hoping it was the same eye again. I approached swiftly trying to focus my eyes on the pattern of lights. My eyesight it not what it used to be! Yes, it was an eye. It was not the same eye though. It was a smaller eye on top of a pyramid! I kid you not. The actual structure, the axis of the big wheel was lit up to create the shape of the pyramid. The previous night the image of the eye was pulsating. This time the light was still, a plain eye on a pyramid acting as the capstone. I looked at the pyramid and the eye on top of it. Everybody else seemed oblivious to the symbolism being openly displayed around them. I got the feeling that the lyrics of some songs used that night were actually connected to the surrounding symbolism. They were one so to speak. I know others have said that music can be used for sending subliminal messages.

I would like to leave my story about Morecambe for a short while to mention the following. I say that music and lyrics can be used to make a lot of people collectively listen or chant (sing along with) ritualistic prayer. I point out that most top groups are “given a break” by the elite record companies. Sometimes they, the artist, are “given” songs “not of their making” to promote themselves. The group will jump at the chance to become famous and usually follow any orders dished out by the record company. The group is allowed the rights to the songs provided by unknown composers. Sometimes the actual singer/songwriter’s names are altered, e.g. Farookh Bulsara became “Freddie Mercury”. (Symbolically meaning; “Mercury” sings the lyrics of the Seven Seas of Rhye, therefore “Mercury is announcing”. “Mercury” in return receives the worship of millions of fans, sadly without them knowing anything about the symbolic ritual they are literally carrying out in doing such a thing.. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods!) This clever trickery, using artist names linked to the stars, etc., is used a lot.

The music industry is directly connected to manipulating the psyche of humans through the beat of music and subliminal messages. The serpent cult (reptilian aliens) control all the major record companies. They can hype a record to number one at their whim through airplay and creating copious amounts of attention to it. At any one time millions of people in pubs, disco’s, etc., around the world are basically humming the same tune at the same time. Some of these tunes are very hypnotic and, indeed, they are meant to be just that. Are we unknowingly giving negative aliens the power to rule us by actually asking them to do so? Through repeating strange lyrics en-masse? Is this one of the rules of the universe?

As I said “The Seven Seas of Rhye” was blaring loudly away. To explain what I mean I provide the lyrics to the song below. I also recommend interested parties to research the lyrics of other songs by Queen, especially “Princes of the Universe”.

Fear me your lord and lady preachers
I descend upon your Earth from the skies
I command your very souls you unbelievers
Bring before me what is mine
The seven seas of Rhye

Can you hear me you peers and privy councilors’
I stand before you naked to the eyes
I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
I swear that you you’ll be mine
At the seven seas of Rhye

Sister I live and lie for you
Mister do and I’ll die
You are mine I possess you
Belong to you forever
Storm the master marathon I’ll fly through
By Flash and thunder fire
I’ll survive I’ll survive I’ll survive
Then I’ll defy the laws of nature
And come out alive

Be gone with you shod and shady senators
Give out the good leave out the bad evil cries
I challenge the mighty titan and his troubadours
And with a smile I’ll take you to the seven seas of Rhye.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom
Where the brass bands play tiddley on pom pom

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
When I’m down beside the sea I’m beside myself with glee
Beside the seaside
Beside the sea

I hope the penny is dropping with some of you folks out there! I believe these lyrics are symbolically connected to the Pleiades (Seven Sisters). Millions of people can be made to sing along with symbolic lyrics, etc., simply because they adore (worship) the artist. The Serpent Cult owns the vast majority of the recording industry. It is an ideal way to basically hypnotize the public into going along with occult rituals without the public realizing they are doing just that. Is it so ridiculous to believe that aliens may be conditioning our minds to worship them without us consciously knowing it? I believe that what the majority of humans think, (collective mind energy), determine our reality. Therefore if we, the majority, are duped into co-operating with negative energy entities, and their rituals, then our future, as our present, will be controlled by the same entities. If this is indeed the case a sort of Galactic Democracy controls our destiny and the human collective mind decides our life on Earth and our reality.

Unfortunately the human collective mind is being manipulated and instead of creating the world we want we are creating the world that the manipulators want for themselves. Simply put, “The masses get just what they think they get”. Unfortunately, what they think is not really what they think. Therefore instead of having “Galactic Democracy” we have a “Galactic Dictatorship” where our minds and souls are given up without our knowledge. This is a great deception. If you had to get a million people to chant a saying without them realising why or what it actually meant, what better way to do that than put it in a jingle on a TV ad or in a song in the music charts. What seems nothing to us, like the “Seven Seas of Rhye song”, could mean enormous things to other entities in other dimensions. We may literally be giving them the right to rule our destiny on planet Earth by being duped into asking them, indeed pleading with them, to do just that. Who on Earth knows the rules of the heavens? Are we giving our souls and our futures away because we have been deceived into doing so?

It may be possible for alien entities to channel the lyrics of songs through the songwriter or simply that people like Freddie Mercury become puppets and stooges for the record company. The latter is more probable and therefore a good explanation for “one hit wonders”, those with no obvious talent but appear to make “one fantastic chart hit” and then disappear as quickly as they appeared.  Those folk are simply used by the record industry and discarded.

I am not suggesting that Queen is a satanic pop group and the source of the lyrics is not really important anyway. It does not matter if they were written by Queen themselves or placed in their minds by aliens. It does not matter if the elite record companies dictate what Queen, and others, actually produce. The fact is that millions of people take in to their minds the information hidden in the lyrics of certain songs. This of course also applies to positive messages through songs and music. I mention John Lennon’s “Imagine” as a prime example. Sadly, artists that are obviously spreading positive information are usually stopped from spreading it for very long! I hope I have left food for thought on this matter.

Ok. Let’s go back to the Morecambe Festival. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was also blaring out that night. In my opinion, this also meant something was connected to this symbolism on display all around me. I do not think there is a person in this world that has not heard the “Bohemian Rhapsody” song and “taken to it”. I will be brief and just explain the meaning of 3 words in the song, as it appears 99.9% of the population blindly sing along to it without knowing what they are actually singing. I am sure the three following words in the song are truly embedded in the majority of readers’ consciousnesses, which only adds further proof to my claim.

“Bismilla” – The opening word in the Qu’ran (the name of Allah)

“Beelzebub” – High ranking demon

“Scaramouch” – False cowardly character Scaramouch, in the song, is asked to dance.

I have seen thousands of people sing along with this song. On leaving the festival area and heading back to my B&B I saw the silhouetted statue of Englishman, comic genius, Eric Morecambe.
Apparently, the civic authorities in Morecambe had recently commissioned the statue. They had also arranged for the large, illuminated, 5 pointed star surrounded by several circles that was embedded in the promenade pavement!

Bring me sunshine!
The Five-Pointed Star

One look at this illuminated “star” in the cold on a dark night on Morecambe sea front made me realise that this festival and the symbolism used at it was no coincidence. There was more than one Festival going on in Morecambe over the 28th & 29th August 2004. Sadly the vast majority of visitors didn’t know this and simply couldn’t see it.. I realise that some “experts” will say that there should be an obelisk as well, just like the one in Blackpool. There is nearly always an obelisk used in Serpent Cult rituals my friends in some shape or form. I checked the time on the promenade clock and realised that the clock was the obelisk in disguise. Just like the Canary Warf building in London, near the giant Millennium Dome, is a giant obelisk in disguise.

The Obelisk

I wondered how many seaside resorts were having “festivals”. I wondered how many cities in the world were spending a fortune building domes and other symbolic buildings only to abandon them, at tax payers expense, when they have served their purpose – after the ritual had taken place? So let us re-cap. On Morecambe promenade, at the festival of “Light (Fire) and Water”, at full moon on August 28th & 29th 2004, I saw a large eye, golden arches, a large dome, obelisk (disguised as a clock tower), images of an eye on top of a pyramid, and an illuminated 5 pointed star surrounded by circles. Is it just a coincidence? Are these things going on at other seaside resorts? I know Blackpool has a large obelisk and it is building a large dome; coincidence is it? Let’s see if “festivals” are arranged in the future there as well eh?

Lets re-cap eh?

Are covert symbolic rituals taking place in the guise of light show trickery?
Do famous songs, like Bohemian Rhapsody, etc., contain symbolic reference to ancient ritual and we sing and hum them without realising what we are saying? Who are the people behind the  arrangement of such things?

Are we being deceived on a grand scale?

Is a Serpent Cult carrying out covert rituals right under our noses and we are too blind to see it?
I realise I have provided more questions than answers. My aim is to encourage people to do their own research. Do not believe the rubbish you see on Sky news and CNN, etc. The Serpent Cult owns all the mainstream media.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze September 2004.

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2004. All Rights Reserved.