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Money raised for Africa ‘goes to civil wars’

Live Aid Robbery?

Money raised for Africa ‘goes to civil wars’

 Bono’s swag bag?… Bono says…”Top o’ the morning t’yer suckers there’s enough in here for a thousand machine guns thanks”…

Matthew Delooze says... Who wants to be a billionaire whilst pretending to be charitable eh? I don’t know anything about where the majority of ‘money’ raised at the phoney Live Aid and the Live 8 concerts ended up, but it’s obvious it has done ‘jack shit’ to help poverty in Africa.
I wrote about Live 8 in my article The Past is Calling before it even took place. Live 8 raped the sheep in its attendance for their spiritual energy and it’s no surprise to me that the money raised
through these events simply went to cause a lot more suffering. (It means they can carry on with doing concerts on symbolic landmarks you see!) Try telling that to a anyone waving their arms in worship of Madonna. Lackey’s like Geldof and Bono are simply ‘in it’ for their own status and living like gods in this world. You are ‘in it’ for eternity as you are now, a robot, as a spiritual slave in this world.)


Thank You
Matthew Delooze