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Life Before Death

Life Before Death?


Hello, folks.

I was going to use these pictures in a project I am no longer going to publish. They are pictures of people taken just before they died and just after they died. German artist Walter Schels took them.



Before and after so to speak.

What actually leaves the body and where does it go?

One of the biggest weapons used by the Serpent Cult is making human beings either fear ageing and death or making people believe that death is the end of all things.

I certainly believe that one of the most important stages of waking up and being free is understanding that there is nothing to fear in dying. Indeed it is vital to any awakening to understand that you are indeed immortal.  It is so enlightening to realise that death is just as natural an event as birth in this world.

You have simply been rowing a boat on a lake and your number is called in.


It is also vital, in my opinion, that you start to comprehend that we are open to cruel deception after your death just as we were after birth.



After and Before so to speak

I quote the words of Edelgard Clavey, 67

Death is a test of one’s maturity. Everyone has got to get through it on their own. I want very much to die. I want to become part of that vast extraordinary light. But dying is hard work. Death is in control of the process, I cannot influence its course. All I can do is wait. I was given my life, I had to live it, and now I am giving it back

Edelgard Clavey, 67

Wouldn’t the dying thoughts of that woman change if she realised she wasn’t ’given life’… she ‘is life’. Would she believe that she really had the power to come and go into and out of worlds as she pleased? Would she actually accept, just prior to her death, any words from me or do you think she’d prefer them from a priest (the last bloody rites! Which one of us could help her the most?  Would she have believed that she had given up her right in any process, including returning to a vast extraordinary light, because she had been conned in to carrying out rituals that placed her destiny in the hands of others instead of herself?

I have already given my opinion that human beings are still sheeple after death, in most circumstances anyway.  Death should not be a mystery such as birth should not be a mystery either. It is only a mystery because we have surrendered our powers and made ourselves blind. Maybe, just maybe, we once did have control of the death process and maybe, just maybe, with an awakened soul we can influence its course?

A soul that is deluded or asleep will only stay in a loop of delusion or sleep.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze

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