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McCartney gives huge free concert in Kiev – A Delooze News Special Report

It’s Raining on Treachery Gate


A  Delooze News Special Report

Paul McCartney has just completed a free concert in Kiev. I was actually shocked to hear that ‘old tight arse’ McCartney had done something for nothing but apparently a millionaire business man paid for it so he didn’t use any of his billions. 200,000 people attending in the pouring down rain and millions more watched it on large TV screens. (Nothing new there then eh?). I have done a few Delooze News Special Reports recently about the old eastern block countries that have suddenly found ‘new wealth’ and a passion for building occult monuments. Kiev is no different indeed its a good example..
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Goddess Statue Kiev

I just did a little research on the location of the concert and sure enough the same basic principles of the energy extraction scenario appeared to me like a coconut falling on my head. Obviously the Goddess Statue (energy extraction point) was there in the form of obelisk and dome (See above). This time the Goddess Statue is disguised as an ‘independence column’. (Nice one). As I said a lot of things have happened in the East since the illuminati brought down the wall. I believe there is also an ‘awakening’ of old energy sites going on around the globe and the illuminati are recreating or reopening a network of spiritual energy extraction sites right under our very noses.  In Kiev ‘they’ have also restored what’s known as the Treachery Gate which i believe will be used for many rituals on the square in Kiev.

Treachery Gate Kiev.  I don’t have to mention arches, ‘sun’, pillars etc do I?

I will say that Independence Square in Kiev is going to be typical of many cities in the Ukraine and around the world in the future. Indeed the illuminati was creating this situation long before the wall came down. I also point out that the Goddess monument in Kiev has only replaced a monument of Lenin, its in the exact same location. This is typical activity with the Serpent Cult because it realises the public has to accept the statue as being in their favour to extract energy.  ‘Same Scam – Different Statue!’

These ‘squares’, as I have pointed out in the past, have been laced with occult symbolism. When the Serpent Cult wish to exploit energy at certain times they will attract a crowd to the squares either through concerts for positive emotions or through demonstrations for negative emotions. Its the same thing for the Serpent Cult.. and that is ENERGY. The aim is to gather a large crowd to a certain place. Indeed at this Square there is an underground shopping mall topped with Glass domes and pyramids to add further energy extraction in the area (See Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird regarding glass Pyramid used)

Energy Scam in front of the Goddess Statue and replica geometric temple in Kiev. ‘Plugging in the energy supply’!

The symbolism being displayed mainly goes unnoticed by the crowds. I am sure no one at the McCartney concert realised they were screaming under a symbolic Goddess deity and at the doors of a temple when they screamed for Paul McCartney at his ‘free’ concert. The same situation applies for the greedy shoppers ‘under’ the goddess statue in the globus shopping mall. They too are
just as much a victim to this scam as those that surrendered energy at the McCartney concert.

McCartney is the pied piper to get muppets to scream at at an occult monument and release free willed energy (click on the link to the concert, please do so now, and look what is directly behind the stage!)

It is not a crime to enjoy yourself at a concert. It is not a crime to shop please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. It’s just that the people cannot see that their activities have been ‘branded’ with occult symbolism (monuments logos etc) and all the emotions created by the said activities goes to the creators and suppliers of the symbolism.

That is the Serpent Cult.

This news report is just another small example of how the masses are being herded to create energy for inter-dimensional beings through release of emotional energy near occult symbolism and   spiritual energy points (pin pointed by occult monuments)

Ignore my claims by all means, but please don’t say you wasn’t informed.
Thank You

Matthew Delooze

McCartney gives huge free concert in Kiev


KIEV (AFP) – More than two hundred thousand people gathered Saturday
under a downpour on Kiev’s Independence Square, the high place of
Ukraine’s “orange revolution”, to hear a free concert by ex-Beatle Sir
Paul McCartney

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