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In The Presence of Hera. Olympics 2012.

 In The Presence of Hera


By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,

I believe I will be producing some important information about the 2012 Olympics nearer the time of the event, but I would like to remind people today of what will be the most meaningful ritual that will actually take place in connection to the Olympics 2012.  This particular ritual, although it has to be officially announced, is usually a very low key event compared to the official opening and closing ceremonies of the games themselves.

This particular ritual was said to be officially introduced (by the Serpent Cult) through Carl Diem in the 1936 Olympic games.  It involves carrying out occult rituals in the ruins of ancient temples in Olympia and the initial lighting of the torch to begin the torch relay.

This torch relay (The Greek leg) usually visits an ancient monument or two in various areas of Greece, usually involving a historical Greek island and a temple in Athens. I did try to expose this ritual in Olympia four years ago. Please click here to read In the Company Of Apollo. I have had to edit my previous work slightly but this is simply because the official video doesn’t appear to be loading properly at the official Beijing 2008 website and a lot of my previous comments were mostly based on the said video.

My writing on this matter in 2008 was mostly ignored, but obviously the Olympic games were not hyped in 2008 in the UK like they have been for 2012, especially like they are in conspiracy/truth movement circles this year. I’m only glad to say its now 2012 and I show you again what I said in 2008. It may have been ignored but it was still said and it is still true, so Behold I say it again in 2012. It may not be Staged Alien invasion info for the groupies and the fluffies but it is true.

Therefore I am writing this short reminder of the article for information purposes and to inform you that this ritual will be repeated next month (10th May 2012) in Olympia.


 The Torch is lit by Apollo via High Priestess (The Sun)

First of all let me please explain, if you don’t/didn’t read my original article, that the Olympic torch lighting ceremony actually creates portable esoteric symbolism. In this case it is sun light from the sun god Apollo creating a fire that is then placed in a portable flame or fire of Apollo/Zeus’, obviously known as the ‘Olympic torch’.

I realise that is a pretty basic boring explanation but this type of portable symbolism is vital if the Serpent Cult wish to move ‘a place of ritual to another location’ and that is what it is doing with the Olympic torch. It is to endorse a new venue with the symbolism of the the old venue. It becomes the same venue. It may be boring but it has a massive affect on the collective consciousness. In fact there are absolutely no reasons to move the ‘Olympic’ games ‘out of Greece’ on a spiritual level unless, of course, my theory of energy extraction and stadiums being put on energy points is true. Indeed moving the Olympic games out of Greece is an insult to the Greek.

This Olympic torch is lit directly from ‘Apollo’ the Sun, as explained in my previous work. A ‘passing over’ ritual involving altars is carried out using the original ancient altars that were located in Temples in Olympia. This passing over of symbolism ritual is carried out by an official ‘High Priestess’ with robed virgins and a sacrificial ‘boy’ involved.


The torch is lit and a boy is brought to Altar to be sacrificed (Cauldron on Altar with Boy)

I can only tell you that rituals like these are not done for entertainment reasons. Indeed Olympia was said to be destroyed because of its sins and practices. Anyway this particular ritual (Torch lighting and relay) was initially used in 1936 by the Nazi’s and it was part of the Nazi exploitation of collective spiritual energy. The (Sun) torch was taken from ancient altars in Olympia via ancient monuments in Greece to monuments in Germany the Brandenburg Gate and the Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium). As daft as it seems an energy line was  created from Olympia to Berlin and the illuminated torch was taken from ancient monuments in Greece to stadiums especially the Brandenburg Gate and the Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium).


The torch creates a ritualistic energy line to ‘host’ nations from the Altars in Olympia….


 ….via various monuments of course (Example Brandenburg Gate)

Carl Diem modeled the relay after one that had been run in Athens in 80 B.C. (which was ritual too)

In other words a ‘connection’ ritual takes place in more ways than one and once the ‘eternal flame’ leaves Olympia it creates an official line of ‘sacred’ fire so to speak. This connection ritual creates both a physical and spiritual energy line and the Temple Of Zeus and his Sun Apollo becomes the centre core, the heart of the energy. THE RECEIVERS OF ENERGY. The path of the torch, no matter what country hosts the games, crosses many ley lines and energy points on the way to the official stadium that have been located in other countries to host the games.

The flame (the power of Apollo (sun)) is ‘physically’ taken from a temple in Olympia to the official relevant Olympic stadium. Obviously this year the relevant Olympic stadium is in the London 2012 at ‘Olympic Park’.

Once this well travelled flame actually ignites the official fire in the Stadiums ‘cauldron’, and remember this flame also burns on altars in Olympia, then the Olympic Stadium literally becomes a temple that is representative of the temple of the original flame in Olympia.


 ‘Apollo’ or the Fire of Zeus…  


… are represented by the official cauldron at Olympic Park in 2012

Can you see that?

This scam is not exclusive to the Olympic Games. Symbolically the Olympic Stadium becomes a temple because it is literally ‘mirroring’ the games that took place in ancient Olympia and it is literally mirroring the placing of the fire on the altar.  The cauldron in the Olympic Stadium literally becomes the ‘Altar’ in the new temple.

Can you see that?

If you can then can you see that the Olympic Park 2012 itself is nothing but a modern day version of ancient Olympia? Yes? Can you believe that all the venues on Olympic Park, the baths and the sporting arenas and most  of the ‘official’ adjoining ‘buildings’, literally become the temporary modern day version of  ‘Olympia’ too?


Olympic Park London & Ancient Olympia Greece

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it is an exact replica, but the basic stadiums, ‘baths’, competitors accommodation, and food courts are in similar proportions. My friends, the geometry can be hidden and it can have its deceptive modern equivalents, but without a doubt the bloody original FIRE makes it an exact replica that cannot be disputed and indeed this has been the case since 1936. The bringing of the original Fire from Olympia really does make any Olympic village a replica of the Temples that were in Ancient Olympia. That is how rituals work.

But on top of that ask yourself why The Queen of England is hosting an event that worships ancient Pagan Gods? hey isn’t she defender of our faith? Hey why not wake the hell up and realise she is defending her own faith and serving her masters, those that enslave us all.

Again, after the flame from ancient Olympia is placed in Olympic Park 2012 it recreates the flame of Zeus and therefore literally recreates the temples and other buildings of ancient Olympia.

Therefore visitors, and worldwide TV viewers of course, literally become ‘worshippers’ in various temples when they watch the games. Can you understand this?

Obviously my theories come into affect again now because the masses are again attracted to a very symbolic place and their emotions are raised by the respectful event itself and of course the respected athletes on display. These raised emotions create energy.

Emotion creates energy!

If emotions do create energy then who is this energy symbolically dedicated and supplied too?

Well in the case of the Olympics ALL the energy is ‘RELAYED’ back to Olympia and it is dedicated to the sun Deities there. That is why the deceptive Serpent Cult call it a torch relay in the first place, but I realise that’s far too silly for you to accept and you are not so stupid as to fall for it.



 Programmed Drones ready to scream for their enslavement and feed the Serpent

I have pointed the scam out many times in these situations and I say it again, all energy created at these rituals goes to the force that  actually place their symbolism or their pied pipers in these places. This energy literally becomes the property of the spiritual sponsors of the event. They have earned earned it through guile. So yes again the energy does go to the force that actually place their symbolism or their pied piper in these places and as daft as it sounds that is a force is made up of alien entities and their human lackeys on planet Earth.  Those agents include Royalty and Celebrities and it includes those that are not consciously aware of their involvement.

That said ignorance is no excuse and that fact applies to the human drones that continue to fall for these tricks because it suits their ego to do so.

I understand that its very difficult for some people to accept such information and I’m sure the less intelligent will actually believe I’m trying to stop public events or parties taking place or asking people not to join in with them.. I’m not in any way, shape or form even suggesting that. I’m simply asking that folks look at what is going on. That is because if they really look they will see that they are being duped on a massive scale and they are giving their power and spirit to a force that sucks their energy out of them from birth to death and then it starts all over again. You may see that you have no control over your life whatsoever simply because you surrender your energy and soul to a force that continually leeches off you and leeches off the planet. We literally worship those that create our enslavement. But that is the only way they can enslave us. We have to request it!

Perhaps it is time for you to at least ‘question’ these events, even if you only question them to yourself?

At least question the pomp and the cost of this torch relay ritual and at the end of the day it is a ritual that was actually created and started by the Nazi’s? I can only say I believe I tell you the truth and I believe my theories are fact.

I have only very limited means and I am not blessed with professional communication skills, managers, helpers or anything else to try and get this info across to help people. That said I do know it will reach some and I know they will understand it and that is my only aim. I come with a rod not a net.

I warned about this ritual four years ago but I might as well as pissed against a gale force wind with a ham sandwich in my right hand at the same time. I can only ask my friends and those that trust my words to read what I wrote in 2008 and read what I write today and to be aware of the fire and torch ritual that will take place again next month in Olympia. It will be transported to various ancient energy points in Athens and Crete and unite them with energy points in the UK, and the Cauldron will be lit in the Olympic Stadium that is itself on energy lines (As all major stadiums are) to transport back to Olympia.

I tell you in advance because you need to hear it in advance this time.

“It is also clear to me that the London Olympics 2012 have been seriously ‘hyped’ (not exposed in any shape or form at all) far more by the ‘truth movement’ than by any malevolent illuminated secret society in recent years. Business driven ‘entertainment’ and pathetic ‘disinformation’ has been rife through manipulating this event for years. Instead of creating awakened spirits this hyped material has literally created mindless drones in some cases. But please note the Olympics ritual is not exclusive to ‘2012’ and never ever ever has been. It isn’t the end of the world just yet!  In my opinion the Olympic flame relay, after taking into account all the games that have taken place since 1936, has now travelled around the entire globe, and the spiritual (respect) energy being transmitted back through Olympia is now close to its peak, and this is simply because the world has now bowed to the fire from Apollo (sun) and allowed it to happen.  I tell you the truth, it is part of the Serpent agenda to use the exact same energy line connection scam in the future, especially so in RIO 2016. South America, in my opinion, is going to be very important to the Serpent Cult, far, far more important than London 2012.”


  Rio 2016? Where’s all the truth movement’s Hype for that one then?

Or is your 2012 Christmas ticket to paradise already sorted anyway?

Obviously you don’t have to believe me.  I really don’t mind. I’m not selling you the story. And please please please don’t let my ‘2016’ comments stop you ascending to paradise when the Mayan calendar runs out in 2012, and please don’t let my comments stop anyone getting a ticket for the staged alien invasion at the Olympics closing ceremony. I’ll try to parachute down and land in long jump sand pit myself if it helps with the official budget!

 May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 9th April 2012.  [email protected]

 All text Copyright Matthew Delooze (c) Matthew Delooze 2012 All rights reserved