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No Tissue for the Tears of Ra

 No Tissue for the Tears of Ra


Meet the New Puppet-Same as the old Puppet (part two)

By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks, I hope you are all well.

Regular readers of the ‘nearly world famous’ Delooze News Special reports will remember one I did in July this year. It was titled Meet the New Puppet – Same as the Old Puppet. That news report tried to show the truth seeking readers, that follow this sort of information, what really goes on at political rallies and publicity shows that are pre-arranged by the Serpent Cult to hype their deceptive egotistical agents that we call our ‘leaders’ in to positions of power. Obama’s recent election victory was celebrated in Grant Park, Chicago. Read this article and see what reality went on there! A must read article.

I have showed in that news report how the dumbed down sheeple are unknowingly led on to energy lines or simply led to stand in front of occult monuments (Idols of Worship) that are on energy lines. Those people who follow my work will know about my ‘energy extraction theory’ in which I claim human beings in this world are being ‘used’ by a multi-dimensional force, I call the Serpent Cult, to create spiritual energy through manipulation of human emotions. That news report was a warm up for this article. The Serpent Cult lead human beings en-masse to celebrate (or mourn) around symbolic occult monuments (These monuments officially ‘represent’ this force) and then the collective energy created through the said human emotion is harnessed and stolen. The said energy then feeds the ‘creators’ of the symbolic monuments that the masses are led to.

If you are a newcomer to this sort of information you will, in the least, need to read my other articles to understand what this article is about. If you are indeed a newcomer to my work I also strongly suggest that you take your time. Those that have taken my information in over the last couple of years will find most of the information in this article far easier to understand now. So to those that know me and to those that have already read the mentioned Delooze News Special Report, I can only say… let’s get on with it eh?

Let me firstly say, in my opinion, that Barack Obama is just another puppet and just another agent working for the Serpent Cult. I laugh when I see forum gossips going on about Obama being the official ‘antichrist’ etc. Wasn’t Dubya Bush going to be the official antichrist when he got in to power too? Wasn’t Hillary Clinton supposed to be the Babylonian hoar, the female antichrist too? Not forgetting Reagan and Daddy Bush too? It’s always the most recent President isn’t it? Arnie’s coming soon from California to be the next antichrist eh? How many antichrists do you want for God’s sake? (Pardon the pun)

We should be allowed to put a bet on at the bookies. Me to the bookie… What are the odds on a thousand conspiracy theorists claiming the ‘next’ president of the USA is the official antichrist mate… Bookie to me…. A million to one on skip, there’s at least two thousand claiming Obama is the anti-christ already. There were four thousand theorists who named Bush as the anti-christ and three thousand named Blair as the anti-Christ in the UK too.

I suggest it’s time to realise folks that ALL these people are simply part of the same deceptive cult. Granted some of these puppets carry special occult symbolism with them, Obama certainly does that, but they all work for the same cult in my opinion. They all share the ‘same purpose’. That purpose, on a collective level, is to physically and spiritually enslave the human race for eternity whilst, on an individual level, feeding their own egos and grabbing massive amounts of material wealth. I don’t want to sound patronising or on a bloody high horse but I believe we are not going to solve anything by pointing the finger at certain individuals and saying ‘they are the devil’. Think about it.

Obama is just one symbolic puppet of many and Obama maybe, quite simply, being set up as a symbolic sacrificial lamb anyway. So how would he be the antichrist if he also gets a JFK special illuminati assassination ritual done on him? Indeed another puppet member of the Serpent Cult can replace him at any time. So let’s try and lose the antichrist (biggest baddest president) mentality, at least for a moment. That said Obama is being laden with massive amounts of esoteric symbolism, far more than the usual hyped stars and stripes flag, posing at the Washington monument or in the Oval office sort of symbolism, so it is my opinion that Obama is being set up for something really big.

I have made the comments above for a reason, it’s because, although this article is about Obama winning the race for victory in the USA elections (It was a done deal as soon as he appeared under the Victory Goddess column in Berlin by the way as I’m sure some of you knew) I want to show you that it is the ‘occult symbolism’ being carried by, and displayed around, Obama that is really important in this election. The Serpent Cult/ Illuminati are not interested in their individual puppets. They simply use their puppets to attract you and to get you to worship their symbolism. The people are not electing into power an individual person that has their interests at heart. They are electing a walking monument of sun worship symbolism in to official power. It is important to note that it is people’s free will to do so.

I wish to keep it simple to start with. OK, Barack Obama ‘won’ the election didn’t he? OK, he also decided to have a massive party win or lose yes? It was a done deal as I said. The people of Chicago were going to praise Obama whatever happened. Indeed the party dresses and the symbolic t-shirts and slogans were ordered months ago, along with the plans to have a party and display the things you are about to see.

The place that was chosen for the Obama victory celebrations was Grant Park. Before we go to Grant Park let’s remind ourselves about what Barack had been doing before this party in the park took place. Firstly I wrote about his true (sun) symbolism and secondly I would remind you about the stage set he had specially made in Denver (Invesco Field at Mile High). It was in the shape of an ancient temple. The brain dead masses in the USA and the rest of the world for that matter laughed about it at the time.

Oh Look! Obama is actually ‘in a Temple’, accepting our free will permission to rule over us on behalf of the Serpent Cult, let’s all laugh about it eh?

I have said many times previously that the Serpent Cult actually like the masses to laugh at some of the things they do. It’s simply a sign of spiritual acceptance through using their free will. If you can accept that things you laugh at become spiritually acceptable to you and therefore create immediately ties to your spirit, then you may understand why the world ‘accepted’ that the most powerful leader in the world, symbolically anyway, was shown being praised in, and operating from, a symbolic Sun Temple. Our souls, or should I say the majority of them, accepted that the world’s leader operates from a Sun Temple. We create our physical reality through our emotions. Obama made his ‘acceptance speech’ in front of a symbolic Sun Temple and the world laughed whether they wanted to physically vote for Obama or not, so the world ‘accepted’ him and therefore accepted his symbolism. But laugh about that if you want, it’s your soul you are giving away after all. Ha ha ha ho ho ho!

For those that didn’t know, the Invesco Field at Mile High, where this replica temple was built, is located in ‘Sun Valley’, that is how this replica temple symbolically becomes a sun temple and the muppets attending and watching on TV were taking part in a sun worship ritual. Funny, being conned, isn’t it? Anyway let’s move on to the symbolism being displayed as the election victory was officially celebrated. Here we have some simple pictures from Grant Park in Chicago. I will start with the daytime ones. What stands out in this picture folks?

Err..Excuse me… did anyone notice what’s in the background of Obama’s stage to be in Chicago?

Yes I think even a blind man with dog shit in his eye can see that temple. Oh my, isn’t it a nice coincidence? Obama has a fetish for temples this year just like the masses have a fetish for gullibility and stupidity eh? This temple is disguised as a museum, a regular scam that the Serpent Cult carry out, this time it’s the ‘Field’ Museum.

The ‘Field’ Museum in Grant Park Chicago, but what’s that thing stuck in front of it?

Hey there’s another coincidence isn’t there truth seekers? There’s a ‘bird on a stick’ outside it? Do you regulars remember me writing about Tracy Emin and another covert temple in Liverpool that also played host to a bird on a stick? Do you remember my news report on the matter? I tell you the truth as I did then, the deceivers that are running this world are conning us on a daily basis. Is it more acceptable to you now that I show you the same symbolism and the same scam going on thousands of miles away in Chicago? Or do you need it poking somewhere you will actually take notice?

Tracy Emin’s ‘dodgy bird on a stick’. The same bird on a stick scam is being used in Chicago but it is being used on a different scale. Either that or Tracy Emin is a fraud of an artist.

I tell you again that the powers that be, and the artists and celebrities they hype, are being used to place symbolic occult monuments and occult symbolism right under our noses and we can’t see it. Let’s face it folks, who asks questions about these things anyway? We are simply nodding dog slaves to the authorities and we let them do as they wish. We are too numb in the head to do any different. When was the last time you had a say in what official monuments are placed in your town or city?

Let’s face it folks, who asks questions about these things these days anyway We are simply nodding dog slaves to the authorities and their puppet celebrities and we let them do as they wish. Please read the Tracy Emin/bird on a stick news report that I wrote if only to inform you or to remind you of what I said then about bird on a stick symbolism. Maybe Tracy Emin has simply stolen the idea of a bird on a stick eh? She’s at least guilty of that. Well isn’t she? Or maybe, just maybe, there really is a cult operating in this world that knows far more about occult symbolism and the reasons it is used than you previously thought. But the people of Liverpool should immediately start asking, “what the hell is a £40,000 bird on a stick doing in their city if Tracy Emin has stolen the idea from Chicago?” Can I sell them a £40,000 bird on a stick I’ve ripped from Chicago too? That said I believe there is a cult creating all of these things, Tracy Emin is just another puppet, and I’ll go as far as to say that this cult is taking the bloody the piss out of us. Anyway let’s get on with the Barack Obama show in Chicago folks.

It is easier to show you in pictures so let’s just have a look in the cold light of day, quite a while after the event, what the people who attended Obama’s victory party were really cheering and ‘accepting’ as their leader. Don’t forget the majority of the folks attending were also adorned with Obama logos and other symbolic material themselves. Most of it, of course related to the Sun. So if they can’t see the symbolism they wear themselves how are they every going to see they symbolism that is elsewhere?

Where was Obama actually standing to receive the worship and adoration from the masses? Don’t forget millions saw this stuff around the world. In other words this was not a ritual carried out in the USA, it was a worldwide ritual. The collective consciousness of the human race was tuned in to this election and its result. Have no doubts about that. The dumbed down collective consciousness of the human race spiritually accepted Obama’s appearance and they worshipped him.

Obama was stood in front of the ‘Field Museum’ that was shown to you in the picture earlier. Look at the pictures below. You will see that the cheering crowd are actually standing and cheering in front of the actual ‘temple’ just like they did in the Invesco Field at Mile High when Obama ‘accepted’ his role. Indeed in both cases the dumbed down crowd have been screaming and cheering at the actual illuminated temple and other symbolism being displayed.

The dumbed down crowd praising their messiah and his ‘sun’ symbolism?
But what is hiding centre stage behind the dark curtains?
The dumbed down crowd praising their messiah and his sun symbolism…but what is illuminated in the background amongst all the other symbolism?
FIELD_FULL_TEMPLEIt’s another illuminated temple that Obama seems to have a fetish for these days!!!  Even a blind man with dog shit in his eye can see this scam. Or can you? One illuminated Temple eh?  All we need now is an illuminated obelisk isn’t it?

What do you think now, after looking at the pictures, my little band of temple spotters? Come on be honest, don’t be shy, say your piece. Were the people simply cheering Obama or were they conned in to cheering Obama’s symbolic Sun Temple that he was stood in front of and other sun symbolism as well. I need to point out, if only briefly, that the Field Museum is a replica of another temple that was built for the Chicago World Fair which was also know as the World’s Columbian Exposition. It was know as ‘The Palace of Fine Arts’.

The Palace of Fine Arts was built for the Serpent’s Cult world fair in Chicago

I have mentioned this world fair in the past and it was indeed arranged by Freemasons, with Daniel Burnham being the main deceptive Masonic face involved. Burnham helped turn Chicago into another illuminati labyrinth of symbolism (Burnham Plan) which enables the Serpent Cult to carry out its rituals whilst the masses just carry on surviving in hum drum lives oblivious to real events, scratching their asses and eating burgers. I have mentioned the Chicago World Fair in my essay Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird. It was riddled with occult symbolism and indeed the very first Ferris wheel was announced to the public there. I will go into detail about this world fair in the future. I was only pointing out that the Field Museum is indeed a replica ‘Palace’. But to those that don’t know why I mentioned it I will point out that this ‘palace’, this temple, is symbolic for Apollo’s Temple on ‘Palatine Hill’ and what came before it. Despite its perceived and accepted anonymity it is one of the most important symbolic monuments in Chicago and the creators of the symbolism being displayed in it will receive the spiritual energy of those people cheering outside its doors.

Anyway let’s get on again. Placing Obama in front of a symbolic temple is an easy scam to point out, especially if you can accept the spiritual symbolism behind it and you have read my previous stuff. The pictures say it all to me and they have done for years. What do the pictures say to you? I am at a stage where I can now say to those that have followed my work from the beginning that you also can ‘see’ that these things are becoming blatant to you.

I need to point out another symbolic monument being used during this ‘Obama’s Victory Party. It’s the Metropolitan tower. This tower again is strongly connected to the Masonic ‘Burnham Plan’.
It’s a blatant pyramid obviously showing some form of capstone activity. In this case it’s a beehive. First of all I will show a few pictures for you, to ponder on. Again this symbolism was being openly ‘flashed and displayed’ worldwide during Obama’s party. Granted, the majority of the masses were just too obliviously hypnotised to see what was going on, they were too busy thinking this puppet Obama was actually there to help them and was there to change things for the better.

The Cosmopolitan Tower (Daytime). Ooh that’s a nice one provided by the Duckies down the lodge isn’t it? They should have put a frilly apron on it as well shouldn’t they?
OOH!…The Duckies down the lodge did put a frilly apron on it!!! Nothing to worry about folks, it is just your average everyday non-occult monument flashing  ‘Beehive’ capstone on an illuminated pyramid symbolism around the place.
All good Christian, Jesus loving, Cities should have one of these to worship under eh? I bet Jesus’ Dad is well glad eh? 
What can I say folks? What can you say?

The layout of certain large screens made sure the sheep were facing and cheering this monument. But never mind it’s all a paranoid delusion isn’t it?


The masses were placed between the illuminated obelisk and the illuminated Temple. ‘Sucking the energy from the suckers :)’.

Come on folks for your own sakes just ask yourself what the hell is going on here, come on please open your eyes and think for yourselves for once in your lives. If you won’t speak up let me… Ladies & Gentlemen let me tell you the truth. This is a massive occult ritual. Obama and the rest of the agents for the Serpent are here to enslave you! Fall for the phoney bullshit charm and the hyped patter if you want but he’s here to help a force, you cannot physically see, enslave you. His masters demand it from him and he will deliver in whichever way suits his masters. He will gladly take a symbolic death through assassination, on a spiritual level at least if needs be, simply because he will be greatly rewarded for it when he reincarnates.

Anyway. You can see in the pictures above that the masses are literally enticed to and trapped in a field and they are literally in worship mode in front of a temple and under a great lumping illuminated pyramid with a bloody Beehive on top of it. Is that normal life in downtown Chicago? Come on wake up.

Obama’s is just the pied piper. Does no bugger ask any questions in the USA?  The people are literally being hypnotised by large screens that are spewing out audio and visual occult laden subliminal messages. Indeed the same sort of tricks got them to vote for Obama and led them to the party in the first place. Again does no bugger question anything anymore? Chicago authorities to their muppet population….”Come along folks, come and party, we are going to illuminate occult monuments and display sun worship symbolism all over the place, in and around a replica ancient temple, but it’s nothing to worry about, oh no nothing to worry about, you just scratch your arse and eat a hot dog and cheer and scream when we tell you to…Oh and come along dressed up like a muppet adorned with Obama’s sun symbolism”. I wish I were joking folks.

Come along Sheeple and get your Obama Sun worship shirt and join the party!
Order out of Chaos, the rising benben and sun disc.

This party is literally taking place in an area surrounded by occult idols and sacred geometry. The people attending are just sheep. I haven’t the time to go through and describe all the monuments that have been collectively created in this area of blatant energy extraction, but I assure you I could write a book entirely based on occult Chicago monuments and building alone. That said I do need to mention the Buckingham fountain, which was created, based on the geometry of the Latona fountain that is in the Sun Temple, Palace de Versailles, in Paris. Grant Park is used for concerts by the way, so the masses are attracted to this energy extraction location quite often.

The Buckingham fountain in Chicago with the ‘Duckies from the lodge’ obelisk in the background
The Latona fountain that is located in the Sun Temple, Palace de Versailles, Paris.
(Same Cult, same symbolism and the same geometry)

Ask yourself ‘who’, or what force, has put all this stuff together over many years that has resulted in everything being in place for events like this including Temples, illuminated pyramids and fountains from the Sun palace in Paris etc. I’ll tell you shall I? The Serpent Cult has placed all these things together over many years and it has received our free will and used our wealth to do it. It uses its secret society agents and corrupt apathetic local governments to build and create such things whilst we scratch our arse thinking the deceptive personalities posing as politicians, that we spiritually and physically put in power, are actually there to help us. What a load of egotistical subservient morons we have become, haven’t we, if we believe that for a moment longer? We actually crave to be comfortably part of and have a yearning to be successful in a society that is actually geared up to covertly enslave us all. It’s the greatest deception ever, if you can be bothered to think about it, isn’t it? We worship our enslavers and because we do we give them the right to enslave us. Indeed we even attack those that try to point out the deception to us. That is a bloody good deception isn’t it? We even attack those that try to free us whilst at the same time we defend those that are enslaving us. There’s no bigger fool than a hypnotised fool is there? We laugh and celebrate along with our enslavers, Ha, Ha, Ha. The academics and their egos tell us how silly we are and how we should listen to them. What utter bollocks. We stand and cheer and wave flags at those that steal our spiritual energy whilst we stand hypnotised under the idols of worship hidden in buildings, statues and monuments, and we can’t even see it. Fucking cowardly morons the lot of us. The Serpent Cult farms us and indeed they want to enslave us in their prison for eternity. In my opinion the people in the photos in this news report are simply moronic hypnotised drones but they see themselves as being free and being intelligent. The millions around the world watching on TV are the same symbolic lambs to the slaughter. They are fast asleep and they don’t know it. It’s time to wake up in my opinion.

I am not claiming that I or anyone else is superior in thinking ‘we are awake’. (I’m not that vain my darlings!) Maybe it’s true what people say about us, especially folk like me eh? Are we simply loonies, anoraks and weirdo’s etc? Indeed I see people actually working inside the conspiracy biz that are also operating on a closed mind mentality whilst serving the system just as much as the most dumbed down slaves we see as sheeple do. Some of them are far greedier materially than the most dumbed down drone that you and I would call a sheep too. These people don’t want to change the world; they simply want to be wealthy and comfortable in this one. So my friends I suggest, if you must choose, then choose your falsely perceived Guru well, if you really want to be free anyway. There is no absolutely difference between a new age guru selling you bullshit or the corrupt system selling you bullshit. Some bullshit will taste sweeter and be far easier to swallow than some other bullshit, but at the end of the day it is still bullshit.

Anyway, that said, look at all the pictures above again. I ask you again, are events like this simply a party for a newly elected president or is it a ritual that is using occult idols of worship and replica temples? Go on answer truthfully because it’s bloody obvious isn’t it? It is obvious to me that this is an energy extraction ritual and a very good example of one. The PTB are taking the bloody piss, just has they have done for thousands of years. Unless the temple and the illuminated pyramid etc, used in Grant Park, are simply ‘everyday things’ that the human race willingly take part in and are fully aware of what they are of course. Take the information in this article at its face value but please don’t just consider this article before you actually think for yourself, please consider the Meet the New Puppet – Same as the Old Puppet part one and the news report on Obama’s symbolism too. Do your own research too! You may then see that this whole thing bloody well stinks of occult ritual and the exploitation of pathetic dumbed down human beings. The deceivers who pretend to have our best interests at heart carried it out. I’m happy to challenge anyone in authority on this matter and ask them to provide a decent official explanation as to the ‘coincidental’ use of occult symbolism in the election of the puppet Barack Obama at events in Denver, Berlin and Chicago. The only reason the masses attending the event cannot see what’s going on is because the same force that has enticed them to these events has also dumbed them down to a spiritual level that is on a par with a 10 dollar Barack Obama plastic lunchbox.

Personally I think the illuminated pyramid gives it away a tad but don’t take my word for it. Again if it is normal for thousands of people to dance around under this symbolism then who am I to object. I’m just a bloke that is only fit to sweep up and make the tea. I’m a simple retard or just a paranoid psycho, you choose which one eh? Maybe I’m both, but whoever I am I’m not going to shut up about these things. I believe I am here with the ‘balls’ (Unlike some I have a full set of two and no they haven’t gone soft!) to speak out and call the authorities corrupt. I’m here to publicly challenge wankers like the Pope and Obama and Bush and the rest of the lying deceptive cronies that con us and serve the multi-dimensional forces that enslave us. If I’m a fruitcake then come on prove I’m a fruitcake, or if not let’s get this material debated on mainstream media and let’s have the powers that be explain these monuments and Obama’s fetish with Temples and victory columns. Ladies and gentlemen I believe your leaders are totally phoney and I believe it’s time to do something about it before it’s too late.

Let’s move on. I have added some examples of deeper symbolism in my previous articles recently, for example there’s the painting by Chagall and of course the Beckham stuff etc. etc. For those that are happy and contented simply with the pictures of illuminated obelisks in this article then I suggest you run along now and don’t read any further at this stage. For those that resonated with the Chagell painting and other deeper things then I would also like to mention something that goes a little deeper in this article, if only for future reference maybe, before I go. As I said before we need to start to go and recognise deeper levels of symbolism and we need to start to understand how these deeper levels of symbolism affect our subconscious. I believe we have started to make little breakthroughs in the last few weeks/months and I realise a few of you, at least, realise that your mind is being played with, by the Serpent Cult, far more than you first thought. We have a long way to go but in my opinion we have made very good progress throughout this year, despite numerous painful obstacles put in my/your way. Of course, those that think they have heard it all before, because they know what an obelisk looks like and they have a fancy name on a forum, need not bother picking up on the stuff I am trying to publish in the future. Stick to the ‘George Bush is the antichrist’ stuff. I’m sure it is for the best and the only way to be for some folks.

So for those that want to continue to start to go deeper and those that are not waiting for instructions from some Guru to tell them what they should do next, and they have read the other stuff previously, come on let’s go. I should at least initially mention Obama being hailed and officially accepting running for presidency at the ‘Invesco Field at Mile High’ in Sun Valley. You know the one, as mentioned earlier, in front of the replica temple etc. It’s just an example of how symbolism goes a little deeper concerning the subject of symbolic stadiums and mass media exposure. Well then, what is the symbolism behind a ‘mile high’ stadium? Well, in my opinion, mile high means just that, it being a mile above ‘sea level’, and the stadium is exactly that. It’s ‘order out of chaos’ symbolism, rising mound of earth etc. Hence the worldwide TV coverage showing Obama’s temple being place there. Do you understand that? When the energy was hyped up and directed at Obama it was really being hyped up and directed at Obama’s symbolism. The Sun. The respect directed at Obama is feeding the creators of Obama’s symbolism. The Serpent Cult.  It’s the old Ben Ben / Sun Disc again. Just like a Ferris wheel eh? Just like the official logo for the event on TV (Below).

Recognise this symbolism do you?

This was Obama’s official symbolism at the Mile High Stadium. I have been telling you about this symbolism for years but I suppose it’s just a coincidence isn’t it?  Did you not see it that way? Does the info about a ‘mile high stadium in sun valley’ make more sense to you now it is pointed out? If so, have you eyes that can see that Obama also ‘descended’ from a mile high field to another field in Chicago and was victorious and praised for doing so?

Open your mind and you will see the trickery. Keep your mind shut and the Serpent Cult will have your soul for eternity. That’s not supposed to be a form of scare mongering. It is your choice, but don’t say you weren’t told.

Anyway. Let’s now go back to Pyramid / Bee Hive on the Metropolitan Tower. There are many connections to bee’s and beehives with the occult and Freemasonry etc. There will be info on this on the net if you want to Google it. Please click Here and Here for the basics. I want to suggest to you that the connections to bee hives in this case and the ritualistic events in Grant Park and indeed Chicago itself are connected to the bee goddess Ceres or Demeter. I don’t want to drone on about certain mythological goddesses in this ever-increasing article. I have said in many articles before that the Serpent Cult use ALL mythological deities as pied piper type agents to attract emotional respect towards them. I laugh at scholars and hippies that tell of and wear emblems of mythological ‘goddesses’ and ‘gods’ simply because of a bullshit education and egotistic vanity.

In my opinion we come in to this world totally naked my friends and not with the words ‘I belong to goddess bullshitter’ stamped on our arses. Believe me ‘others’ will be quick enough to brand or label you in this world, and in my opinion you need to remove that baggage, so please don’t surrender yourselves to some deity or goddess unless you know just exactly what you are doing beforehand. You may be unknowingly giving your soul away. Only you can free and heal ‘you’. It’s easy to surrender to a perceived higher force, but again, there is no higher force than ‘you’ unless you want there to be. This world is just as much yours as the phoney mythological goddesses you are purposely made to feel inferior to. You created this world for ‘you’ so please don’t let someone con you and take your world from you and make it theirs for eternity. The Serpent Cult’s ‘goddess con’ simply means that all these symbolic goddess type deities represent the Sun gods and the Sun in some way. They are there simply as a means of creating indirect sun worship through them. The Serpent Cult use many different ways of implanting esoteric symbolism and so called ‘sacred’ geometry in to your subconscious and one of the easiest ways to do it is through using superior Goddess or superior God figures. It’s easy to show respect and feel inferior to some beautiful goddess figure isn’t it, be you male or female. Please remember that no true representative from the one consciousness would have you on your knees no matter how they appear to you.

Anyway if you can imagine the ‘beehive’ on the pyramid on the Metroplitan Tower really being a symbolic ‘Goddess’ (the bee goddess if you like) or if you can imagine the beehive being representative of other hidden occult symbolism that is associated with bees such as the sun god Amen Ra (tears of Ra), then maybe you can start to understand what effect this symbolism really has on your subconscious. If it had been a blatant figure of a goddess being shown on top of the illuminated pyramid in Grant Park or a blatant ‘Eye’ then it would be even more obvious that and easy to point out that it was indeed a sun ritual that was being carried out. It would be easier to show you that the million people celebrating in Chicago were indeed celebrating around an occult monument, an idol of worship, wouldn’t it? But I tell you the truth when I say all this occult symbolism has an effect on you whether it be a blatant recognisable ‘figure’ of worship or a beehive that cleverly represents a figure of worship, be it Ra through his tears or a Bee Goddess of rebirth.

You need, in my opinion my friends, to grasp the idea that you have lived many lifetimes in this world and although you may only have five sense memories of this one life, the one you exist in today, you should realise that the true meanings of symbolism is deep inside you. Although you can’t imagine that you are aware of all this symbolism on a five-sense level, because it affects you subconsciously, you really are aware of it on a spiritual level. You have been hypnotised and ‘conditioned’ over many lifetimes, not just this one. You may not have seen symbolism, like the pyramid shown to you in this article, for thousands of years on a five-sense level but it will still have the same effect on you as it did many lifetimes ago on a spiritual level. The Serpent Cult have deceptively affected your spiritual intuition and dumbed you down and they are conning you in to worshipping their symbolism. This, as hard as it is to believe, will have a binding effect on your spirit, because they know that you don’t know, on a five sense level and a dumbed down spiritual level what the consequences are for worshipping the symbolism.

Well obviously some of you in the awakening process do partially realise what is going on or you wouldn’t be reading this article! Well would you? I hope that makes sense to some of you. Once you start to see that all the people in Grant Park and around the world were literally dancing and cheering under an illuminated Goddess (representing the Serpent Gods who created her) and see the people dancing and cheering in front of the agent of that goddess (Obama and his sun temple) then you will see that blatant trickery is in progress and you will realise it is not only physical trickery that is taking place. It is spiritual trickery that is taking place too. It has a far bigger meaning to it all and it is time you saw these meanings. Some of you people will think I am off my head writing this stuff but some of you know in your hearts that I tell the truth.

The Serpent Cult go to great lengths to carry these things off simply because they want to take from you the greatest asset that you have in this world. That greatest asset is your spirit, your soul, ‘your being’ whatever you want to call it. They want to own ‘you’ and they want to own you for eternity and they even want you to agree to give up your soul and willingly surrender it to them. They need your permission to enslave you. I’m sorry to say, that in the majority of cases anyway, we are, albeit unknowingly, already agreeing to be enslaved. We are unknowingly agreeing to surrender our souls and the muppets in Grant Park are prime examples of how we are doing this. “The Serpent Cult doesn’t just operate on a five sense level. They manipulate our five sense level of understanding to covertly control our spirituality and therefore control our destiny” That is what I want to start to go deeper about in this article. It’s not easy to lay the foundation stones to move on with this information, but again we are further down the road that just one year ago.

We accept and endorse occult symbolism, that we cannot see, that will lead to our enslavement. How? It’s literally in the geometry and monuments (buildings) you see around you everyday and it has been planned for a very long time. As daft as it sounds, when we allow liars like Bush, Blair, Clinton, Obama (and all the other liars and fraudsters before them) the symbolic right to physically rule over us by electing and praising them, then we give them the right to physically ‘arrange’ anything they want to arrange to enable total spiritual rule over us. Chicago is just an example and I am only using it as such because I have shown you the rituals going on in Grant Park and some symbolism that will help connect things together. The Serpent Cult will create a symbolic layout of certain buildings that will affect the subconscious of all that ‘accept’ them. This includes folks that just walk past buildings with their heads down not giving a monkey’s toss what goes on in the world. It goes on in most towns and cities. It is not just in certain fancy cities or cities the illuminati choose as the countries capital city, although I must admit major cites are used more often. The best way of explaining what I mean is to show you just two buildings that are located close together in Chicago. In this case it’s the Metropolitan Correctional Centre and the Chicago Board of Trade Building. I show you these two simply because (a) they are good visual awakening triggers for you, (b) they make it easy for me to explain things in actual five sense words and (c) I believe it is not too difficult for you to see this symbolism and explain it to others. These may seem like ‘unique’ buildings to you but believe me the same symbolic principles being symbolically displayed by these buildings apply world wide to buildings that are not as blatant on a five sense level. Indeed your local Town Hall or Law Courts will carry the exact same symbolism as these two buildings in some form or other. OK then? The Metropolitan Correctional Centre is obviously using blatant pyramid symbolism, but then again so is the Chicago Board of Trade Building. (See pictures below).

The Chicago Trade Building with goddess on a pyramid symbolism and the Metropolitan Correctional Centre with real life prisoners on the top.
Mythological Bee Goddess Demeter on the Trade Building

Coincidentally the figure on top of the pyramid on the Trade building is officially know as the goddess Ceres (Demeter the Bee Goddess) So this building is symbolically on a par with the Metropolitan Tower that has the pyramid and ‘beehive’ plonked on it that was used at Obama presidential initiation ritual. The Chicago Board of Trade is an obelisk showing a Goddess as the symbolic capstone of the benben. I will explain that the symbolism behind these buildings is showing two forms of control (to be ‘accepted’ your subconscious). One is a physical five-sense form of control (the control of ‘prisoners’ locked up in the correction centre and the ‘control’ of commodities and finance in the trade building). This is plain to see if you look and the symbolism is ‘accepted’ by the masses as the way things are done. Fair enough. The Serpent Cult doesn’t just operate on a five-sense level. They manipulate our five-sense level of understanding to covertly control our spirituality. The spiritual symbology that is being used in these buildings, and buildings are a very powerful form of subliminal messaging, show me blatant ‘control of the spirit of the human race’. We have the pyramid CAPSTONE showing the mythological deity, the bee goddess, Eye of Ra etc (Indirect sun worship) overlooking another pyramid, with no capstone, that has ‘prisoners’ walking around it. Can you ‘see’?


Prisoners on top of the Metropolitan Correctional Centre

The prisoners walking around in orange boiler suits (See my book, Is it me for a moment? – Breaking the serpent’s spell) have no access to the capstone area. They can wander around anywhere on the pyramid base but they cannot get on the capstone. I realise we may be going slightly too deep here but can you see that these two buildings, in one average city, can symbolise the current spiritual and physical realities of the human race? This sort of messaging to our subconscious is done on a worldwide basis. It may not seem like much but the effect is enormous. As I said this form of symbolism is carried out in all towns and cites in some form or other.

Let me explain again that when the masses ‘allow’ their trusted and respected leaders to build these things they become the selected ‘will and creation’ of the human race and they are accepted by the human collective consciousness and as such what we want our reality to be. They are spiritually binding. So if we accept goddesses like Demeter control our commodities and our lives then that is what we will get, but all these mythological goddesses are agents for the Serpent Cult. So if we accept the mythological goddesses can rule us then we accept their creators to rule over us. We created this world to allow ‘free will’ to reign over us. That is what this world runs off.  Even if we have been conned to surrender our free will it is still free will and that free will is creating what we spiritually want to happen.

It is not the illuminati that are really ‘creating’ these things, these symbolic monuments. It is us. It is our free will that allows this authority to control all buildings and monuments. We have given our spiritual will to these people to control us simply by taking part in the rituals that the PTB make us carry out year in year out or in the case of the Grant Park ritual every 4 years or so.

The two buildings mentioned above are overlooked themselves by the imposing and very symbolic horned ‘Sears’ Tower. The Serpent Cult is smacking you in the face!

We allow the authorities to build their hidden symbolism and we allow it to become our reality because it is our will to do so. The Sears tower along with the Trade building and prison, these three very symbolic buildings strongly affect the subconscious of the public. The same scenario applies in most towns and cities around the world. The authorities that we ‘think’ we elect control everything that is built and they control everything we officially take part in that has any spiritual importance. It is not easy to get across to people that the geometry and symbolism on certain building is used affect their spirit. I understand that some folk laugh at that statement. I say stop laughing now if you want to be free and realise that symbolic churches and temples are used all the time by the Serpent Cult… and listen…there is no difference between the Metropolitan tower, and other buildings in Chicago, and the Vatican in Rome on a spiritual and subconscious level. They are all built to affect your mind and your spiritual energy and sadly your free will is creating them in the first place! Wake Up!

The one example of symbolic buildings that I have showed you is easy to see, if you really want to look, but as I said the same principles apply in all major cities and usually in the crappiest of towns.
Look around your town I will assure you without even coming to see it myself that most of them will have a building adorned with occult symbolism or built like an ancient sun temple that symbolically overlooks ‘the control of our freedom and control of our commodities’.

That why we have tin pot Town Halls that are full of petty corrupt tossers that control all buildings and all licences in our towns and cities. It’s because the Serpent Cult need to control all five sense activity to control all spiritual activity, be it wealth or imprisonment from behind symbolic locations that will affect your subconscious. If we give them the rights to rule us physically then we give them the rights to build their covert temples (civic buildings and monuments) By doing this we give them the right to control our spirit through the spiritually binding occult symbolism being displayed without us having the slightest clue what is really going on because the same force has educated us and rendered us spiritually blind!

For instance, paying taxes into your local symbolic buildings is an act of free will. It does not matter that you will be in trouble if you don’t pay. You willingly pay to that symbolic building for your physical needs but at the same time you are surrendering yourself spiritually to the symbolism hiding behind that building. Do you understand? The same principle applies when you place offerings on a plate inside a church. You are also surrendering your free will to the symbolism in the building and that symbolism is representative of a multi-dimensional force that is alien to this world. Do you understand that?

We have been conditioned not only bow down to authority but to actually thank it and vote it in. It’s just a con trick to gain your free will. They get your free will whether you vote or not. Please don’t tell me we don’t use free will to vote in our enslavers, look back at the pictures in this article and you will see the masses not only voting in the puppet that will enslave them in a lifetime of physical poverty. Oh no, they are actually cheering and applauding the symbolism of the Sun gods (Serpent Cult) that wants to take their spirit for eternity as well. Look again at the pictures in this article and tell me different! Go on! I don’t apologise for expressing my passion in this article. It’s time to speak out in my opinion not cower down. Anyway.

I have started to take another step and showed you how relative innocent civic buildings, built using sacred geometry and occult symbolism, ‘have something else to say’ on a spiritual level but only if you want to look and listen to them. If you want to be free you have to see the real prison bars yourself and not those painted by a smooth talking Guru. I am not concerned if you want to be a part of the mentally that was in Grant Park in Chicago, shown to you in this article. Please laden yourself up with Obama trinkets and logos and t-shirts if that’s what you really want to do.

The Hypnotised never lie…  Well… Do Ya?

Go and scream and applaud your enslavers under the light beam of a pyramid if you want. Please do it if that’s what your heart tells you to do. All I ask is that when you do these things look around and listen and think instead of being a nodding dog or a sheep. Obama walked away from that celebration and left the muppets that attended it with false hopes and left them full of bullshit promises he will never ever keep. He raised millions of pounds from the people he is trying to help enslave.

I am here to try and help those that want to escape all that. I am only one of a few that will help trigger those that want to escape the New World Order. I am here to help unite certain people so that they can actually break the spell I believe they are currently under and help others break it too. Only you know if you have a yearning inside that keeps niggling you to wake up. If you have this yearning then I’m very excited about your future. I know it’s not easy sometimes but that yearning will see you through.

I’m not here to show you how to get rich or how to enjoy your life in this world, this time around. I’m certainly not here to play hippies and stick crystals up my arse hoping some guru can tell me what to do. Go and buy ‘The Secret’ if you want to hear stuff like that. You won’t get it from me. I can’t give you that and neither can those that claim to either. I’m only here to help you have the choice of seeing this world from an alternative viewpoint, a viewpoint that was taken from you a long time ago. I really don’t mind if you think the viewpoint I show you is one from a sick deluded mind or not.

I also believe the system is here to do the opposite, it will use all its powers to convince you that you need the system to survive and its pathetic religious icons that have caused so much suffering will actually and suddenly change their tune and redeem you. It, the Serpent Cult will try to take away any alternative viewpoint, as it has always done since you originally came into this world thousands of years ago.  Its time to decide if you want to go down the Grant Park path as seen in the pictures in this article or break free of the spell and see your enslavers as they really are. That is to say your enslavers are simply pathetic con artists.

Obama had millions of dollars to use to bullshit the people of America with. He has danced around monuments, like the puppet he is, on his bullshitting escapades in Jerusalem, Berlin, Denver and Chicago, to name a few. I have reported on this every step of the way. I humbly suggest you take in the symbolism of Obama and look carefully at his victory celebrations and other information I have supplied to you. It is sent with good intentions and again if you think I’m a fruitcake that’s fine. I’d rather be a fruitcake and try and help you than be a sheep and try to sell you Obama’s master’s lies. You have lost nothing by looking at this article and thinking for yourself.
My heart is with those that seek spiritual freedom and it always will be and my words are true and trustworthy and I’ll go kicking, shouting and screaming any place I have to simply to try and keep them coming. Thank you for reading this article.

Whatever happens in the future I say to you….

May Love Reign O’er You All.
Matthew Delooze
24th November 2008

“The Serpent Cult doesn’t just operate on a five sense level. They manipulate our five sense level of understanding to covertly control our spirituality and therefore control our destiny”
Matthew Delooze 24th November 2008


ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved

Is There Anybody There? – Dumbed Down in the Spirit World

Is There Anybody There?


Dumbed Down in the Spirit World

  An Article By Matthew Delooze


I said in my last article (Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian) that my five sense skills cannot match my spiritual urges to supply information to you in a way and at a rate I would like. I am also trying to arrange talks at in various towns around the country, which is time consuming, and I am also researching other things. I have other events going on in my life that are also very demanding.

The good news is that I have several articles ‘in my mind’ to write including more about energy lines and also more about music industry. I am also considering writing another book. That said I would like to just hold back a bit on energy lines and the music industry just for a short while and try to sow seeds in you that may assist you to take steps down another path, that I think some of you may want to wander down, at a later date. I was going to publish this article before my talk that took place in Halifax on the 31st May 2008. This article may seem on the simpler side if you have read all of my books and articles to date, but don’t worry I haven’t lost my marbles, as I said, I’m just setting seeds for a later date.

So anyway let’s get on eh? Have you ever wondered what really happens when you ‘die’? Well let’s not say ‘die’ because we don’t ‘die’ we just move on in my opinion. We simply change our clothes because our clothes have become so worn out that they are no longer suitable. Your clothes are never the real you are they?

The real us are neither the thin arses or the fat arses we see plonked on a chair. Oh no. The real us are not the big boys or the small boys we see in the showers either. The real us are not the ugly faces or the pretty faces we see in the mirror, and the real us are not the size 10 dresses or the 50-inch chests either. All that stuff is just part of a ‘machine’. It is simply a shell. Indeed I simply call the body a ‘ticket’. It is simply a ticket to enable you to enter a building and that building is planet Earth. The ticket is a pass to a theme park, if you like, and that theme park is this world.

The thing you think of as your body is just a ‘means to be somewhere’. The real you is hidden inside that body, that ticket, and the real you is can be any shape, size and colour you want the real you to be.

The real you doesn’t really care what you look like because the real you knows you can change everything whenever you want to. Isn’t that great news for you? Just think how that info would alter your perspective on everything if you really knew you that you didn’t really die and that when you did move on you could then chose a totally different scenario, be provided with a new ticket, and be what you want to be.

Ladies and Gentlemen I’m guaranteeing you, the real you, that you don’t really die. You don’t believe me though do you? I don’t blame you. What the hell do I know? I’m talking out of my arse aren’t I? You have already been told by people far more intelligent than me that you do ‘die and go to heaven’ or you ‘die and go to hell’ depending on how you behaved on Earth haven’t you? Well haven’t you?

Well if that’s the case then we are all buggered then aren’t we? Everybody I know says to me that if there is a heaven or hell then they are definitely going downstairs to hell. Some others tell me ‘when yer dead yer dead’… that’s it… all over… forget it… end of story. Others, especially Catholics, actually think they’ve booked their own personal place in heaven simply by repeatedly confessing their sins, lighting candles, saying ‘Hail Mary’ and by being the most hypocritical lying bastards on Earth. (Hey and I’m only talking about the pedophile priests here not the paying customers)

I’m sure you, yes you, fit in to one of those groups mentioned above. I did myself for years. Just step back and think for a minute about the three different scenarios I have just mention above. That is…

1.You believe in God but believe you are going to hell because you have been bad.(E.g. Masturbation, swearing, stealing, lying and the other activities that are usually carried out by hypocritical churchgoers)

2.You don’t believe in God and think death really is death. (Bye Bye)

3.You believe you are good and true and God has you on his list for a front row seat and a box of popcorn in his own personal home cinema that is located behind the pearly gates. (In the clique)

Think about the options above because there are no more options available, unless you actually think for yourself, not according to the rules you are told from birth anyway. That’s your lot. It’s a like it or lump it situation. I’m afraid it is hell, heaven or bugger all for us when we die my dear friends. Those options are vigorously implanted in nearly every single human mind in the first 15 years of their life. Granted one or two minor religions or schools might differ slightly in the symbolism but at the end of the day the three rules above apply to us all. Those rules were embedded in the collective consciousness of the human race, and like I say in my books, the collective consciousness of the human race creates the collective physical reality of the human race because of what it thinks or what it is made to think. What the masses think they get – they get.

Don’t forget we are also forced to carry out spiritual surrender rituals from birth as well as having the three options above forced upon our minds throughout our lives. (See Is It Me For A Moment/ Stars Are Falling)

We all make at least one decision that fits in with the options above in our lives. Or maybe we just think ‘we will wait and see what we get’ don’t we? In my early days I thought I would go to hell when I died. Later on as I matured I thought I would just die and disappear, then when I first went through my spiritual awakening in 98/99 I actually thought God had found me! So bloody hell I have believed all three of the options mentioned above at one time or another! So if one of the three options is true then what the hell is going to happen to me?

Straight after my awakening I realised that the three options are only true if we believe them to be true and that is why I am planting my seeds in you now. I am planning to give you another option in the future. Before I go further please take into your mind what ‘you’ are expecting to happen to you when you die? Think about it carefully. Obviously if you don’t believe in any life after death scenario then obviously any spectacular event that does happen after death will literally scare the shit out of you. Well won’t it? Indeed if you are expecting nothing to happen at your own death, then flash bang wallop, and a load of angels come for you then its obvious you are going to be an instant convert and believe in God. Well aren’t you?

I certainly would.  A “Wayy Heyy Jesus’ Dad has come for me Whoopie” scenario comes to my mind in that situation. Again you would be instantly converted.

If you believe you have a place already booked in heaven and when you die and a shit load of angels will come towards you then you are going to be one smug bugger aren’t you? An “I told you so didn’t I?” scenario comes to my mind in that situation. Indeed you’d be so smug that again you’d do anything the angels told you. Well wouldn’t you?

If you believe you are going to hell when you die and then angel figures come for you after you die then you are going to feel very lucky.
“Amazing Grace. I once was lost but now I‘m found” scenario comes to my mind in that situation.

Whatever the above situations you experience you will become instantly subservient.

The minds of the sheeple (Christian branch) are programmed to see a vision like this after death of the body)

I am sure you know what I am getting at. Whatever frame of mind you are in when you ‘die’ will simply not matter because you will be in ecstasy if you are met with visions of heaven and a feeling of peace after you die. Don’t forget all your relatives and loved ones have made a spiritual vow at your grave or in the crematorium and signed you over to God anyway. You are ‘his’ property.

You will have to read my books if you want to read more about baptism and burials and the spiritual surrenders rituals that go on at them. But let me tell you the truth and I do when I say that any spiritual vows you make during your life in this world will apply in the next. Indeed all your spiritual vows in this world ‘mostly’ apply for the next world and bloody visa versa too!. If the collective consciousness makes spiritual promises in this world then individuals are liable for those promises in the spirit world, or the underworld as I call it. The vows are binding.

I just want to be blunt when I try to explain that you and I have been conned throughout our lives by the deceptive force I call the Serpent Cult. They have deceived us from day one. I believe you already know that with the life you live and the worries you have for the future. Yes? You are no idiot and you know we are really conned in this world don’t you? Can I assume you agree? We have been bloody fooled by religion, education, politics, religion and all the rest of the filthy stinking lies that have enslaved us in this world? I realise I said religion twice but that’s because religious leader are not only stinking liars, oh no my little band of Ferris Wheel spotters, most of them are dirty stinking rotten perverts as well! So that’s why religion got mentioned twice.

OK…. I think you will have already got the drift that I believe we are deceived throughout our lives in this world? Yes? OK.

So if you are conned in life what makes you think you are not conned at your death too then? After we die does God rescue us and free us from the liars he has let run his ‘creation’ for thousands of years then? Well does he? Why doesn’t God simply save us and protect us before we die from the liars that control his creation then? Why not save a lot of time rescuing and saving us after death and just stop those that are actually controlling his world we have to live in?

Come on folks start bloody thinking for once. Do you really think the Serpent Cult con you into bowing down to them throughout your life and make you take numerous spiritual/religious vows for nothing? There must be a reason for the corrupt authorities getting us to surrender our spirit whilst in this world.

Please ponder on that thought for a moment.

Let’s just break off a moment and briefly consider near death experiences (NDEs). I have had one myself so I’m not talking blindly on the matter and I have also experienced, what I believe is a connection to ‘HOME’ as I call it. I also call home the ‘one consciousness’ basically because I know most of you reading this article will connect with that description through David Icke and other well known researchers who mention such things. The lovely Juliet Nightingale and others also devote a lot of time on the subject of NDEs too. I should also mention Steve Gamble who has written about ‘astral plains’ and illusionary entities based on the words of Jesus and the practice of Reiki. I was only recently informed of Steve’s work. I also believe David Icke has mentioned acts of deception at the time of our physical death.

Let me explain that when I mention the one consciousness I am NOT referring to a ‘God ‘. Again by saying one consciousness I mean ‘HOME’.

So, going back to my own personal NDE. (I experienced an NDE in 1987)

Briefly…….. I worked shifts in a factory and I was home alone and snoozing on my sofa in my house. All of a sudden I couldn’t breath. I just couldn’t take a breath and I panicked for a few moments. I realised I was choking and I fought back. I thrashed around on the sofa literally willing myself to breath again. I got more and more scared. Then I experienced visions of a series of rapid images, photo’s if you like, showing me different stages of my life like on a roll of film but certain sections of this film simply grew in size and came rushing into me with a bang. Very startling. Some of these images showed me some of the bad things I had done and some of these things images showed me some of the good things I had done. I was only 28 years old in 1987. The roll of film finished and I was still choking and literally dying. Then perfect peace and I accepted that I had died. Although I was very upset about it I was also very excited. I didn’t want to leave, I loved my wife and eldest son and we had just been blessed with another baby (He is 21 now). I wanted to protect them forever.

I then saw spinning images and a very bright light, a very attractive bright light, and I instantly thought ‘Bloody hell I’ve made it to Heaven’. I felt pretty chuffed (proud and happy) about that. But all I could think of was looking after my wife and my sons on Earth and I decided I didn’t want to go heaven I wanted to be with my loved ones on Earth. I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving them. I still headed towards the light feeling good and very interested every time I looked at it. I then went through the light and my eyes were dazzled. I still felt like I was in a body. I was then stood upright surrounded by four beings dressed as monks with their hoods up. I couldn’t see their faces. They were stood in front of a kind of tunnel inside some kind of temple like a church thing, if you like, full of candles and mirrors. I could see this tunnel and the light I thought I had gone through was indeed further on and again it was very attractive light I had a very strong urge to go towards it.

The four monk type beings then moved closer to me and they all started asking questions like…. What did you feel when you did this and what did you feel like when you did that? I was being interrogated. I felt obliged to answer as I thought thee four monks were official bouncers for Jesus’ Dad!

I tried to explain my reasons for the things I had done and I was very emotional. I was literally made to experience all the emotions that my actions had caused others to feel in sequence to the way they happened so to speak and some of the more negative emotions I had caused were surprisingly caused by what seemed trivial events to me at the time I did them. But I was shown the after effect or the knock on effects of my trivial actions. It was a very powerful experience to actually feel what I had caused after seeing the actions that caused them. I wanted to go back in time and change my actions so in turn my actions would change the knock on effects and therefore the emotions that I had previously, albeit unknowingly, created.

I was then told I could go down the tunnel and again. I looked at the light down the tunnel and it was very attractive. The 4 monks moved away and I headed to the tunnel, toward the ‘light’ if you like. Suddenly I felt a surge of energy in me and headed towards the light thinking brilliant stuff. This must be paradise I thought. There really is a ‘Jesus’ Dad’ and I’ve got an invite to his garden party! Wasn’t it wonderful to be loved? With hindsight I had literally passed the bouncers and I was on my way to ‘The’ party of a lifetime. Then it hit me. What did you might ask? It was my wife, my 3-year-old son, and my baby boy. I couldn’t leave them. The party was off as far as I was concerned. I somehow managed to be stood back in front of the four monks. I was no longer going to the light and Jesus’ Dad could stick his pearly gates up his arse as far as I was concerned.

I wanted my family. Being a bad tempered fiery bugger I interrogated the monks as viciously as they interrogated me. The looked shocked that I had the nerve to do what I was doing. “I’m going back,” I said. I want to go back. I’m only 28 and I want to go back. I’m not leaving my kids. The next moment Flassshhh I was writhing about on my sofa and I sat up with a jolt and breathed in a massive intake of breath. My mind said to me “Fuuuccckkinnng heeelll… I nearly died”. I was literally breathing in and out like a crazed loony until I regained some sanity. I eventually got myself together………….

It may have been a nightmare. It may have been hallucinations but I assure you at 28 years old I had never taken any substances whatsoever, so it certainly wasn’t drug induced. I put it down to being a nightmare at the time, that was of course until I went through my awakening in the late 1990’s. I now realise the experience was a mental trigger for me from over 20 years ago and it was to help me pass on messages in the coming months and years to those people out there that I know need the info I have in me.

So what is a real NDE? (Near death experience) You can pick up tales all over the place in books and other media. Indeed some folk write many pages telling you about one simple NDE because the experience was so profoundly placed on their soul and it has affected them so much. Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not saying these people’s experiences are not true. I totally believe the experience is true and I have already explained I have had one myself. Nor am I saying that these people who say such things haven’t met their God or indeed connected with ‘Home’, the one consciousness. If anyone read my book, you will be wiser when you are older, you will know that I believe I once met a contact from ‘Home’ too!

What I am saying is that the human race is so spiritually dumbed down that any upsurge in spiritual awareness during an individuals death will seem like a brilliant epiphany when they experience spectacular visions at the time. Come on folks think about it. It is claimed that the human body (your iPod if you like) is equipped with a natural switch to help you leave your body when you die and help transfer you back to your original source. (Home – One Consciousness).

In other words as soon as you drop dead, for whatever reason, a process takes place that moves the real you out of this illusionary world, out of this computer program so to speak. Some people claim that this transformation may be due to the actions of the pineal gland. It is said the pineal actually grows or pulsates at both the time of death and the time of birth. A sort of great lumping light bulb in your head, so to speak, that guides your spirit from body to another dimension and back again.

So is it really possible that this gland acts as a ‘calming device’ for inter-dimensional transport of the soul during trauma at birth and trauma at death? It’s only one suggestion and the only reason I mention that suggestion is because of the use of Ayahuasca and my experiences with that particular ancient medicine. When I first took Ayahuasca I realised that the initial affects of the plant can produce similar effects a mild version of a NDE and I base that comment on my own NDE not the Ayahuasca. It is said that Ayahuasca also opens up the pineal gland so maybe there is some room to take that much further. I can only try to get across to you in this article certain points that may make acceptance of future information easier to swallow. But please consider the possibility that you need a period of utter calmness to shift dimensions and the visions of such calmness are those made up of seeing a bright light and lovely angelic entities. I suppose the scenario is similar to us placing a musical ‘mobile’ toy over a baby’s cot for a focal point of comfort. We use trickery to calm the baby. I say that because we are also given visions of lights and visions of love deities ‘when we die’ as a focal point of comfort too.


                                   Ayahuasca Vision                   NDE experience

There is very little difference between a NDE and some journey’s with Ayahuascha. I know because I have experienced both!

OK lets get going…

Nay let’s just be bloody blunt eh? It is widely accepted in the collective human consciousness, as mentioned earlier, that when meet our creator we will see a light and everything will be hunky dory when we do. Yes? We hear of these wonderful meetings with a light and how all the shit is lifted off us and we are at total peace yes? We are literally returned to Jesus’ Dad and we all live happily every after with Jesus or Muhammed signing autographs and we simply hang about with the celebrity angels etc. It sounds lovely doesn’t it? (Or does it?)

But if you are like me then the celebrity angels scenario may be hard to believe sometimes.

But hey we even have many witnesses in permanently in contact with the ‘spirit world’ that confirm this sort of thing and you can go to any spiritualist medium and they will confirm to you that there really is life after death, which is a good job for them or they’d be redundant.

You may wonder if there is life after death during all of your life and never get any further in a spiritual sense, but the mediums will all willingly confirm that there really is life after death. This is not just because they make a living out of the spirit world, this is because they actually believe it. I believe it too! Ladies and gentlemen, Matthew Delooze is telling you there really is life after death but that’s as far as I go and as much as I can say as a ‘spiritualist medium’ and in my opinion that’s as far as any spiritualist medium can go in truth and that’s as much as they can say in truth. I can’t give you messages from your Uncle Bert or Grandma Lily and even if I could it would be futile.

It is simply up to you to believe in life after death or not.

There are many spiritualist mediums around and I love watching Derek Acorah myself. I think he is a witty man and a good entertainer. I have seen him on a few occasions myself in the duties of my research. I have seen a few others too. I have no doubts whatsoever that some spiritualist mediums are ‘genuine’ in as much as they do pass on messages from ‘the other side’. I have found that the more famous the medium the less likely they are indeed a medium though. I do not know why certain people can do this and some cannot apart from guessing that some people are more dumbed down than others.

That said, where the bloody hell ‘is’ this other side known as the the spirit world anyway? Where is it located? What is its purpose? Why would anyone want to send messages to loved ones from it? That is what this article is all about really.

The fact is I have yet to hear any ‘decent information’ come from any of the famous spiritualist mediums anywhere. The ones hyped with massive showbiz razzamatazz on the TV don’t go past telling things about ‘pets’, ‘Aunties Yorkshire puddings’ or the name of somebody called Dorothy err sorry Doreen or errr Dora that old George shagged under the Blackpool Pier in the 1950’s.

I’m sorry if I sound flippant but I haven’t heard one bit of good or important information from any spiritualist medium that I saw during my research and I ask you if you already believe in life after death what the hell can any medium tell you anyway? Do they all have a crystal ball in this Spirit World and can tell you your future? No they don’t they only know the name of Mrs. Jones’s cat that got run over don’t they?

TV pie in the sky, ‘hyped bullshit’. Entertaining for some but it serves no spiritual purpose whatsoever. None!

This hyped bullshit on TV is actually dumbing you down. All you need to know is Yes there is life after death and yes you will never really die. Indeed are you going to spend your time in some spirit world trying to whisper in a mediums ear to tell someone they are going to win at Bingo? I take it all useless messages from the ‘Spirit World’ have to come through a medium?

Come on folks… if this spirit world is the place we go after death then I for one don’t want to bloody go there. Do you? I’ll die of boredom…. Me in the spirit world channeling through Derek Acorah… (after I queued up at one of his shows  of course) “Yes Sam…. tell that woman over there she had a budgie called Bernard and she went to a chippy that burnt down in Bridlington before she could order a potato pie and peas. And tell that ugly fat lady over there that a dark handsome stud is coming to give her one after she’s moved house and found a mystical crisp packet in her knickers drawer”

It is utter meaningless information in my opinion but that is the usual sort of info being spewed out by mediums in theatres and clubs around the country on a permanent basis.

What state of mind or spirit are these entities in the spirit world in wanting to give out info like that? What is actually going on with the collective consciousness of the human race ‘on the other side’ if they are only concerned with trivia?

Why would you want to receive information and why would you want to receive it from someone in the spirit world that is obviously as dumbed down as you are?

indeed if the shoe was on the other foot what would you tell a spirit in the spirit world? Would you say you hope some nicey nicey person wins the X Factor or that you want the next super-dooper iPhone for Christmas.

Ask yourself now my friends, or enemies, is it possible the folk on the ‘other side’ are as bloody thick and stupid as we are on this side? These people are supposed to be in the ‘light’ aren’t they? With God eh? Knowing the bloody crack eh?

In the light? With God? Don’t make me laugh.

Again is it possible that the folk ‘on the other side’ are just as daft as us on this side? Surely one spirit on the other side can tell us where Lord Lucan is or who really killed Diana? You’d think the spirit world would at least tell us about the New World Order eh? Especially when they claim to know whose going to move house and get married or buy a cat eh?

So are the people in the spirit world as daft as us? I’ll tell you yes they are, bloody too right they are, and the vast majority of spiritualist mediums literally tell us this with the quality of messages they actually channel from the spirit world. Again I am not having a pop at mediums or psychics. I truly believe most are genuine and they are in communication with other psychic messages. That said the message never gets past a level of simply trying to convince the punters there is actually life after death or very low level but personal and sentimental messages to help the grieving cope more easily and of course there is nothing wrong with that.

That said I know a woman who has been seeing many mediums for 40 years, she has bought this book and that book, she as rang premium rate phone lines after premium phone line. She has fell in love with Colin Fry (He’s a nice boy so why not) and literally devoted most of her life to seeking ‘proof’ of life after death and to receive a good message from ‘the other side’.

I asked her… ‘do you believe in life after death then after 40 years of doing all these things? ‘ She said ‘Ohhh I don’t really know’… Yes just like Mavis Riley used to do in Coronation Street! She was simply a medium groupie.

So you get my drift…

I also find it amazing that very intelligent researchers into the N.W.O conspiracies circles etc. actually ‘end’ their valued research at ‘death’ and suddenly believe the conspiracy stops there? A sort of OK lads and lasses you are enslaved by the illuminati and various races of aliens but you will get pie in the sky when you die because a light will come and save you…. conspiracy over. Eh? What?

If that’s the case ladies and gentlemen let’s all commit suicide and stop the New World Order now! Come on let’s all go and kill ourselves now and go towards the light and stop the New World order in its tracks at the same time eh?…  It’s utter bollocks when you really think of it isn’t it? Come on  and wake up. How can a New World Order / Alien Agenda type conspiracy ends at death?

Who is to say that the agenda, currently going on in this world, ends at the time of our death? We see a light in the tunnel at the time of our death and that’s it then eh? It really is ridiculous to accept that multi-dimensional beings only exploit us in this one dimension. It is laughable in my opinion. So come on let us start thinking for once. Does the conspiracy end at death? If so then why bother with them anyway?

I ask you to consider the possibility that when you ‘die’ you experience a transformation of your soul, for want of a better word, from this dimension to another. Consider that your very essence of being is still under the same hypnotic control and conditioning that it was in this dimension (in this world) when you arrive in the next dimension (spirit world).  So I ask you to consider that the very same multi-dimensional entities control you in life and death. I believe it is vital in my opinion that you grasp this notion or at least consider it, if only for the future and what is coming to the world over the next 10 years.

My friend I believe we have been mentally programmed to be attracted to any angelic religious figures etc. and this is entirely due to the brainwashing you received on Earth by the said mufti-dimensional forces.

The ‘Jesus is the light’ scenario coupled with other ‘esoteric symbolism’ is probably the best brief description I can give you as being representative of the scenario the visions you have been programmed to see. Don’t forget you have also carried out ‘spiritual promises under oath to obey these perceived deities’ anyway through christening rituals and death rituals etc. (baptism and burial) that are carried out on your behalf by your loved ones.

The scam is very easy to see if you can be bothered to look.

Do these facts have a massive effect on us at the time of our death? Do we meet entities in dream state and we perceive these entities as our saviour at the time of our death, due to our minds being programmed beforehand? Are we then directed back, through reincarnation, to this world to repay our sins if we are indeed told we have sinned? (That’s a good trick eh?) Do we get to stay in some spirit world that we perceive as heaven for a while, at least until we are that bored we decide to willingly reincarnate anyway? ‘Go back down and learn some more so you are like Jesus ‘ comes to my mind.

Do we continually carry out the same rituals that create permanent travel from Spirit World to the five sense world? Yes of course we willingly reincarnate and in my opinion the Serpent Cult know you will have to travel between dimensions during some sort of act of spiritual calming (Via the pineal gland?) and you will be made aware of the promises you made on Earth and meet dieties that match up with those promises.

The Serpent Cult will exploit that to its fullest and if that scenario is combined with your hypnotism and the vows you carried out in this world then I tell you now you are going nowhere when you leave your body, only straight back here for another ‘life’. I don’t say that to upset you I say that to help you.

And of course eternal life on Earth appears to be a good option for some. But I can only say the Earth, on its current path, will become biggest prison and the most torturous hell imaginable.

I am trying to provide stepping-stones to cutting edge information here so it’s not easy to say all what I want to say yet.

That said I ask you now to consider the possibility that the greatest deceiver, The Serpent Cult, is not only operating in and controlling your five sense life in this world. It is also in operation in and in full control of what you perceive as the ‘spirit world’ surrounding this world too.

I am not saying the force that has hypnotised you in this world has got control of your true home or the one consciousness I am saying that force, the Serpent Cult, has control of the dimension I call the Underworld that we perceive as a Spirit World and that underworld is indeed your first port of call upon your death and I’m sorry to say its as far as most ever get before being placed back in the world they see as five sense reality. Planet Earth.

At the moment you can still get home and reconnect with the one consciousness if you don’t fall for the scam. In my opinion the spirit world is a ‘red herring world’ so to speak, simply a net to hinder your escape if you like. It’s a phony ‘light’, a phony heaven, a phony home and a phony one consciousness, but that said it is a very convincing one.

Look at the drawing I did below as a very simple illustration. It is in a symbolic form not a literal one. I ask you to consider the possibility that the area we perceive as a spirit world is only another area of the prison we are currently existing in. Many of you understand the terminology of a lower forth dimension yes? Many of you believe that when you die you escape past this lower 4th dimension and back to the one consciousness (Home). OK I understand that. But just consider the possibility that there really is a lower 4 dimension or a higher 3rd dimension. Then consider if this is true that when we die we don’t actually escape the control of the Serpent at all.

We are only led to ‘believe we have’. Just like we have been led to believe we are so clever yet we don’t even know who we are.

Earth / Spirit world are both under the control of the same deceptive force in my opinion. Wake Up. No Pie in the sky for us I’m afraid. I know fluffy bunnies out there aren’t going to like it!

The illustration above is easy to understand.  In my opinion, symbolically at least, the Earth you live on, this dimension if you like, is closely surrounded by two other dimensions, one is our spirit world and the one above that is the Serpent’s nest of control. Can you see how you would be deceived into thinking you were home or indeed in a heavenly spirit world when indeed you weren’t? You would be in the perceived ‘spirit world’ but still under the spell of the serpent. This is what I believe is going on.  We die and we believe we are then free when we see a spirit world but it really is just another deception.

So let me sum up what I have said above.

1. We are continuously programmed to think that our death will lead to a certain type of epiphany.
2. When we die we transform into another dimension.

3.The people in the spirit world are just as stupid as the ones in this one if spirits channelling through spiritualist mediums are anything to go by.

4.  In the Spirit World we are still under the same hypnosis, and the same mind control, we were under whilst alive in this world.

5. We meet deceptive entities or deceptive scenarios that lead us to eventually reincarnate back into this world. (We never really left this world of serpent control)

6. Most conspiracy researchers seem to believe the ‘conspiracy ends’ at the time of death as long as we feel spiritually uplifted and see a bloody light. (Let’s end all conspiracy theories now then!)

My dear friends and enemies, the Serpent Cult are very, very, very deceptive. They not only enslave you in this world they enslave you in what you see as the next world too. They enslave you in the next world so you will return to this world so they can feed off you again. It’s a vicious circle. You and I are simply recycled food to the Serpent Cult. In my opinion when we die the vast majority of us will return into this world again simply because we are deceived during our transformation through the dimensions and hypnotised to do so whilst in our bodies. The Serpent Cult need your free will to enable them to lead you to reincarnate and they receive your free will because of the vows you have taken on Earth. You have already surrendered your spirit to the Serpent Cult. When we die we will simply follow the programming we receive on earth and coupled with the vows we took on earth we will simply reincarnate into the machines you see as human bodies and start the food chain off again. I think you are getting it now! :)

For instance any religious person ‘meeting’ a religious icon after death will automatically obey what appears to be a superior being or energy. They have no choice because of the brainwashing and the vows they took. The same scenario applies to any atheist that meets the same visions because they will also obey what appears to be a powerful force. The atheist has also taken the same spiritual vows in some form or another during their lives. There really is no possibility that they haven’t.

The Serpent Cult only has to make it appear you have reconnected to the one consciousness and you will be ecstatic. Your vibes will raise slightly and create a feel good factor but those feelings are only because your vibes on earth were so very low that you felt like shit most of the time anyway, plus you will have lost the machine (human body) that had been sabotaged to made you feel low vibes on earth anyway. It really will appear that you have reached salvation. Sadly, in the main, it’s just another prong on the fork off deception in my opinion and you have been caught in the Serpent’s trawler net.

Again I am not suggesting all NDEs are trickery. I am not saying mediums are fraudsters, I’m saying these topics need debating. I still believe that some souls, for want of a better word, do escape the clutches of the Serpent and that their connections to the true one consciousness help that happen. We have not lost our total connection with our true Home (One consciousness) and I really do believe the ‘other side’ does communicate sometimes with people on earth but only from another dimension in this world. They are not at HOME. I wish to make that perfectly clear. Also Jinns play tricks on many people but has another story.

I want you to consider the possibility that the enslavement of mankind is not only happening whilst you are in a 5-sense body. The Serpent Cult want you back in a body carrying out the same rituals as soon as possible after you die. This gives them the right to rule over you in all circumstances. It is through your free will energy that the Serpent Cult controls you in this world. I have explained how your energy is stolen on a regular basis through various means for a few years now.

The Serpent Cult is currently creating a scenario in which they will not require your free will to control you both in body and out of body. They will only require that you give free will to be permanently ‘branded’ with their symbolism. Free will also applies when electing a government that makes a decision on your behalf so don’t think you can just think you didn’t want branding! This branding could take many forms but I believe at this moment in time that it is the ‘microchip’ (That said the microchip could be a red herring). If this scenario comes to pass, a micro-chipped population that is in free will agreement with the chip being implemented, there will be no escape from this world whatsoever to our true source. Ever. We will all be eternally trapped into a continuous cycle of reincarnation with no means of escape. Simply because the collective consciousness of the human race has accepted, via their free will, to surrender body and soul to the Serpent Cult.

The good news is that I believe forces are now being prepared in this world to try and stop that scenario from unfolding if only for those that want it to be so.

Those comments are not meant to scare you and I realise the majority of folk will scoff at such claims anyway. The information is for those that want and need to hear such information, not the ones that are applauding Simon Cowell’s moronic talent shows on TV. I tell those that know the info in this article feels right to them the truth when I say my words are trustworthy on this matter.

Can you begin to see now why the New World Order agenda is set to implement a procedure to brand the human race with eternal occult symbolism through a chip or other item of branding? It is not, my friends, simply to control you for one lifetime, not in my opinion anyway. A machine gun will easily do that. The symbolic branding will be in place to control the entire human race lifetime and literally every ‘death-time’ we actually go through, indeed it is to totally imprison you and sadly it is to imprison you for eternity. You can see how the world is going but it’s going to get a lot worse and the aim is to imprison you eternally in misery and fear through misery and fear.

Now you don’t get TV shows like Most Haunted telling you stuff like that, do you? Not when they want to sell you a most haunted pencil sharpener and a £50 quid set of DVDs anyway. There is still hope for a ‘collective shift’, that is if you actually want a major shift of consciousness that will actually help free this world and return it to its true form. There is also hope to fully escape this world and I know already that quite a few of you see ‘escape’ as being the only option you see or even want.

The time is coming to get yourself prepared over the next couple of years to achieve your spiritual aims and set yourselves free.

I will leave it there for now.

I have only sowed seeds in this article, the energy surrounding this info will take time to settle in. I want to take people further along at a later date.  But obviously if you think my claims are silly then fair enough I don’t mind. I can only say to those that think the info is silly that I hope that when you die I hope you have a nice trip ‘to the light’ and please give my regards to Jesus’ Dad and test the Pearly Gates for dust when you get there. :)

May Love Reign O’er You All ;)

Matthew Delooze 27th May 2008

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved

I’ll Take It… What Is It?

I’ll Take It… What Is It?


By Matthew Delooze.

Despite the fact that I am only in the early stages of researching Monatomic Gold (white powder gold), for a new book I am currently writing, I find myself with a very strong urge to write this article as some sort of foundation stone. Indeed monatomic gold has been on my mind for quite a while now.

I recently visited the Greek island of Rodos (Rhodes) in my search for clues into understanding not only the full potential of this substance as a 5-sense element but also its spiritual and symbolic meaning. I have previously visited Egypt and Cyprus researching the use of gold by the ancients, especially the powerful rulers of ancient empires.

There seems to be quite a few explanations around explaining how pure monatomic gold is created. I certainly don’t want to baffle you, and myself, by trying to explain the process of changing gold as a metal into a monatomic version. I am not here to explain how it is made because in five-sense reality I even struggle to scientifically understand how the boiling of a soft egg turns it into a hard one!
It appears that a very powerful charge is put through the gold and this causes rapid changes in its formation, it shape-shifts if you like, from a metal element in its highest form, to a white powder.

There also appears to be a naturally occurring form of monatomic gold and other monatomic elements that form in certain soils, usually always volcanic, that have appeared in this world through geological events affecting the relevant soil. Obviously these geological events may have created exactly the same changes in the gold over many years as opposed to an illuminated alchemist making it in a very short space of time.

The Arc of the Covenant: Monatomic Gold Maker?

Even the arc of the covenant has been said by some to be a monatomic gold maker, a machine to produce instant monatomic gold. The idea of worshipping a golden idol makes far more sense if you consider that the gold itself could be used to reach a higher awareness or indeed stop and reverse the dumbing down process that has been enforced on mankind for thousands of years. The production methods used in such things baffle me while I am in this 5-sense body and of course my state education only hinders things even more, but I can understand that the use of such things can be used to change an individual’s conscious state. Monatomic gold is not a drug. Anyway let’s get going eh?

I believe that a small group of people is in some way using gold to communicate with another world. This other world is an invisible world that runs along side our 5-sense reality. I have mentioned this other world in numerous articles before. For simplicities sake I will call it the 4th dimension.
Is it possible that members of an elite group of persons, who have full exclusive access to a super knowledge through using a manufactured white powder, would not use this exclusive super knowledge to make sure that they keep in full control of the materials needed to produce such a white powder? At the same time, of course, keeping their mouths firmly shut about it to the masses? Just like very good ‘Chefs’ can keep secret recipes, and secret ways of cooking the ingredients, to themselves?

I believe that corrupt negative alien agents in this world have held the knowledge regarding the true nature and the real ability of gold for thousands of years. They have kept this information to themselves in secret while spinning the rest of us a yarn. Well I believe it is jolly well time we got to know about these secrets. Don’t you?

Not that I want you violently put the next Chef you meet up against the wall whilst demanding to know the secrets regarding a particular tasty chicken curry or a steak pie but I guess you get the picture. I am saying that only a very few people knew the secrets surrounding the true purpose of gold in our ancient world. I also believe that is still the case on planet Earth today in 2006.

I believe the few people involved in this are fully aware of a scam being carried out against the human race and they are agents, thieves if you like, for a race of inter-dimensional/extra-terrestrial aliens. The illuminati, or the houses of merchant bankers, have absolutely full control of the worlds gold stocks and always have done from when the ancient peasants collected gold to give to the ruler of the time to modern day control of puppet governments and stock markets. There is not a gold bar that moves around this world without the illuminati knowing about it. This is on both a legal basis and an illegal one through their usual corrupt ways. Every kilo of gold is monitored in this world either through the illuminati controlled banking system or through illuminati controlled organised crime. Why is this?

A pile of gold coloured metal or a link to other worlds in the right hands?

We know that gold has a strong monetary value and we are told it is used to support the worlds banking systems and ‘credit’ market but didn’t the Serpent Cult, using the earlier Templar Knights, create the paper money/ credit system we blindly follow in the first place and didn’t this lead to the Knights Templar ‘looking after’ most of the gold in exchange for a bank note or IOU? Yes?
Nothing has changed then has it?

The same secret societies still hold most, if not all, of the worlds gold today. The storage of massive amounts of gold, controlled by ‘trustable’ people in charge of Fort Knox and the Royal Mint etc, in exchange for us having paper notes is a safe and fair system is it? Well if the same system collapses today the illuminati will still have total control of the most powerful element, both financially and more importantly symbolically, in this world.

We, the masses, will only have pieces of worthless paper (did they see us coming?) or worse a piece of plastic at the exact moment of any global financial crash. I can’t see the banks that allegedly hold the gold letting you into them to exchange your paper IOU’s (cash) back into the gold after a crash. Well can you?

Picture the scene after a financial crash …  Knocking on the door of Fort Knox…

“Err excuse me Mr Knox sir can I have these bills /notes changed into gold because this paper money is now useless after the crash. I was told that you only looked after the gold and these notes/bills are my guarantee that you will stump up their value in real gold if the need arose”….

You would get told to fuck off wouldn’t you? Millions of people totally trust paper money despite the fact that the paper note usually bears the face of a liar/ alien agent on it. You are totally controlled by bits of paper whilst agents for the serpent are stockpiling gold for their own use. Mind you at least we will have these paper bank notes to wipe our arses on after we shit ourselves when the global money system, a god to so, so many people, collapses and is destroyed. Mind you in this scenario I dread those with only pieces of plastic to clear up the mess, ouch!

 Paper money? A god to many? Or is it just toilet paper after a pre – arranged financial crash?

Again. We are told that all the gold reserves in Fort Knox or the Bank of England are simply there to cover the promises, and value, of the paper money (IOU) or the credit card (I owe them) we use to trade with, but this just does not add up does it? The more gold a country has the more cash notes it can print and spend as IOU’s then is it?

Or do they just print what they need to keep this tricky system going whilst telling big lies about the actual amount of gold reserves they have stored away? Indeed why is this world still operating on the ancient Templar system of credit, IOU’s and massive gold storage. Surely we have all evolved enough, if that is the right word, to be able to concentrate our efforts on feeding and caring for the worlds populations instead of raping every scrap of gold out of the ground just so some small group of alien agents can stock up, keep in a castle, and control us all by handing out paper IOU’s and plastic cards to keep us happy?

This situation is based on a promise that the pile of gold allegedly stored away is really ‘ours’ and they are only looking after it for us. Who the hell keeps this bullshit going? Come on truth seekers let us start asking ‘what the hell is going on here?’ Does half of the world have to starve or be butchered in planned wars simply because all our lives are based on how much gold can be mined and stored? Apparently so. Why do we let this go on?

I believe we are continuously lied to about gold reserves. It does not add up at all. The real rulers of this world must store this gold for their own secret reasons and although on one level it does falsely support the illusion of a banking system (one that brutally exploits the vast majority of us worldwide anyway) there must be other reasons for the mining and storing of this gold on other levels. What can they be?

Firstly let us consider the symbolic and spiritual powers of gold. Forget its earthy monetary value for the moment if you can and concentrate on other reasons for the gold market in general and the storage of it. Indeed I saw a young lady wearing a pretty gold ring the other day and she was proudly boasting that she had just got engaged. The first thing she mentioned to me though was that ‘it cost a fortune’.

This popular ‘cost a fortune’ mentality and its effect on the collective consciousness of mankind is no coincidence. The vast, vast, majority of human minds have been branded with the idea that gold is immediately associated with money, its financial value, and has the highest-ranking status. ‘What’s it worth’ sums it up. Not only that but we have been conditioned to accept in our minds that the ruling elite have massive stacks of it. (That they hold only on our behalf of course)

We all accept ‘Gold’ is the symbolic sign for wealth in this world, both physically and spiritually. The mass consciousness in this world has created gold as the most powerful element on this planet, whether it actually is or not does not matter. We have already created that reality. It is important that you can grasp the idea that the mass consciousness of humans can be manipulated and covertly convinced to accept and endorse the very means that will enslave them because that is exactly what has happened concerning gold in my opinion. We can be urged or tricked into physically and spiritually accepting things by an alien force that has the means and of course a very good reason to do so. By this I mean we can be conned into collectively agreeing that gold is the most valuable element on Earth therefore also making it the most powerful spiritual energy because of the emotional energies created through the global banking system. We only see the 5-sense level of things. There is another world operating around us that will use your spiritual agreement, whether you know you have given your spiritual agreement away or not, in a way you cannot physically see.

Therefore on a 5-sense level the force that holds the most gold is the most powerful and holds enormous physical power over you. This is the reason for the Fort Knox’s of this world etc. They will have financial control over you from birth to death. Granted a few of us get rich but these people are only allowed to get rich to help keep the system afloat. These people do indeed assist in the enslavement of mankind and prop up the illusionary banking system. On a spiritual level the same power of control given to those ‘holders of the gold’ on a five sense level also applies, but in another form of energy, a spiritual one, because our mass spiritual energy, the mass consciousness, accepts gold as the means to run the world. What we think we get, we get. If we all think gold is the most powerful thing on Earth then it becomes just that. Indeed it is and has been since ancient times.

We only have to get the mass consciousness to place the value of worldwide human welfare above the value of gold in our minds and things will rapidly and massively change in this world. It is that simple. Sadly at this present moment in time in this world your credit card has more value than a starving kid in Africa etc and I am really sorry to tell you that you prefer it that way at this moment in time.

Please don’t try to defend yourself on this matter. You will make me sick whilst you lie through your teeth.

It is not because you are a cold hearted soul it is simply your mind has been programmed to think that way and you have been conditioned to think that a bank note or credit card in your pocket is worth more than a human life and that is why its more important to you at this time. Defending yourself on this matter is only part of the same programming. You will rather walk past a dying African starving in the street than hand over your credit card. Sad I know… but so bloody true eh? This is just one example of how mass consciousness works and how it is exploited to create our reality. Deep down in all of us we know that the starving kids of this world should come before a credit card or a currency note but on our surface we have been trained and conditioned to put the credit card or currency note first. This mentality allows the serpent to carry on its agenda. We need to rediscover our true selves and fast. Once we rediscover ourselves the starving child will no longer starve. Anyway.

Obviously lumps of a cold, coloured, illusionary metal are useless in another dimension. That said gold is endorsed as the most ‘powerful’ thing on earth and therefore has the spiritual acceptance of mankind; this allows it to be used as a spiritual power. This is simply because we have been forced to collectively think this way and we have give our spiritual permission for gold to become the highest controlling power on earth.

If you can grasp that then understanding the act of mining, collecting and the storage of gold whilst being under the total control of just a few elite people on this Earth will become far easier to you.

If you do not believe that the mining, collection and storage of gold is controlled by very few people then go and try and open a gold mine where there is actually some gold in the ground. Go on! Oh yes I can accept that financially wealthy people can ‘buy into’ gold but this is only the same Templar created paper money/ receipt/ IOU scam stuff again isn’t it? Stocks and Shares? Bollocks! It is just different coloured paper, with sugar on, and when the shit hits the fan it is really just more toilet paper. Wake up.

The gold ‘stuff’ you see in high street jewelers shops is usually cheap crap and not graded high enough to store, so they just feed our greed and our vanity at the same time by providing goldsmith shops selling trinkets. It keeps the illusion that gold feeds the economy going and also helps grab back a few of the IOU bank notes back from us. Again wake up. Please wake up. What is worth more to you, the life of a starving stranger or a £20 note/ $10 bill?


Which would you pick up off the street ‘first’, a £20 note (above) or a starving child below?


Sadly I already know the answer and if you are honest to yourself so do you. What has the human race become?

Let us go a little deeper before I finish this article.

I also believe that the storage of gold in this world is linked to illuminati agents using it to communicate with inter- dimensional beings and they have been doing so for thousands of years. Too far fetched is it? Try and link it all together yourself before you order me a straight jacket.
As I have said we spiritually and symbolically accept gold as the world’s premier material. Therefore in the creation of our own reality through the collective consciousness we have given this metal the power to do ‘anything’. Gold has literally been given divine status by our self-creating reality system through the manipulation of our mass consciousness by inter-dimensional forces.

I believe illuminati agents, including the houses of Rothschild and Rockefeller and of course the royal families etc. know exactly the reasons for stockpiling gold. Indeed don’t they have copious amounts of the stuff themselves with the most symbolic bits always on public display? What about the crown jewels?  They are a bit bigger that the average two bob St Christopher pendant eh? You don’t see them down the high street Jewellers  do you?

These alien agents NEVER carry paper money either. Ever wondered why? No you haven’t, have you? Well they have £600 billion in assets but not one £5 note or dollar bill in their pockets. Think about it.

With gold being accepted as the most powerful thing in this world it is obviously going to be sought after. So consider the situation if you were a negative alien race that knew all about the spiritual laws of creation and knew how to manipulate the worlds reality through using the mass consciousness. If you wanted to colonise the entire earth all you would have to do is create the most powerful and potent element and get control of it. In our case we have created gold. It would then be a piece of cake for them to con the human race into collecting all the gold for them.
Indeed we do just that.

They know the masses living in this world can create their own reality through mass thought. If the alien race had already manipulated the mass consciousness of human race, and duped them into selecting gold as the divine element in the first place, the earth would be like one massive gold mine with unlimited amounts of direct and indirect miners to work it. Human slaves.

If you wanted to rule this world covertly and gold was the most powerful element then all you would need to do was control the gold or put a few ‘trusted’ agents in place to farm it and store it for you. These agents must have direct contact with the alien beings, the 4th dimension, and the actual means to do so and vice versa. Is monatomic gold used to raise spiritual awareness in the human body in 5-sense form? Have we created the most powerful thing on Earth (Gold) through manipulation of the mass consciousness only for it to be taken from us and actually used against us?


(Update 2007)

Please don’t misunderstand me as some of you have already, I’m not promoting the shite you see, sold in little bottles labelled ‘Monatomic Gold’, on conspiracy websites at really silly prices. These things are scams and con-tricks. The thieves and wankers that sell such shit will reap what they sow one day. i will promise you that!

Do you really think the illuminati would allow a means to communicate with other dimensions to be sold on a silly pathetic ‘health’ website? The con artists selling such bullshit claim it works eh? I’m sure they wouldn’t be in business if it did.

Gold is only used to mentally and physically control you in this world, not make you free. Only the illuminati know the true power of gold on a spiritual level in my opinion. Not some barrow boy con artists selling you dust in a bottle.

Thank you

Matthew Delooze.
October 2006


ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2006. All Rights Reserved


The Past is Calling

The Past is Calling… Live 8 Uncovered


By Matthew Delooze

Can I start with a question?

Can anyone explain to me why “Live 8 organiser, and knight, Bob Geldolf, although he is “seen” to verbally attack the worlds powers over poverty in the 3rd world, receives massive media support?

The world’s media (owned by the same Serpent Cult as the record/music industry) bombarded us yesterday with the fact that Sir Bob seems to be some sort of saint who has arranged a worldwide “pop concert” at the drop of a hat. Indeed even the symbolism of Live 8 is now plastered all over the place. The biggest surprise of all is that the pop concerts, sir Bob has arranged, are free.

In my opinion he could not arrange all this without support from the illuminati.

For those who do not know- Bob has arranged 5 free world wide concerts. London- France- Italy- Germany- and the USA. He has also been allowed to have these concerts on some very interesting landmarks….. But first lets look at the Live 8 “Logo”. Here’s Bob posing for the camera with the graphics that links it to the concert in the 1980’s..

Live Aid logo20050612_live8logo
1980 Logo/ 2005 Logo
Irish rocker turned concert organizer Bo
2005 Logo and ‘Good Ole’ Bob’

Bid you see anything strange about the “8”? I saw ‘Ouroboros’. Meaning control of above and below…



Let’s have a look at two or three places that Bob- omitting the obvious Hyde Park and the Illuminati connection to London for now…Lets start in France…Paris…the “Eiffel Tower” Yes folks Bob has managed to announce and to book the venue of the Eiffel Tower. (for free)


The Eiffel Tower

France…Home of the Knights Templar and the location of the sacrificial murder of Diana…. so no need to search for conspiracy connections there then? That said Bob later moved the French concert to the Palais de Versailles, Paris. For those that do not know of this location let me tell you that it is on a par with a symbolic Sun Temple. Anyone having a party there is basically carrying out a ritual in a Sun Temple. It was built for Louis XIV who was known as The Sun King. Maybe the location and symbolism is just a coincidence?

Lets move on to Germany… Berlin…. Apparently according to the world’s media, Bob has also got “The Brandenburg Gate” in Berlin (at no charge).


“The Brandenburg Gate”

This venue has been used for announcements made by the illuminati for centuries…nice one Bob. Again Geldof had announced this famous monument as the official location only to move it away to another venue, just like he did with the Eiffel Tower. This time the ‘Siegessäule’, Berlin (The victory column). It’s very close to the Brandenburg Gate but why does good ole’ Bob keep mentioning monuments instead of locations?

Let’s move on I may be getting paranoid here…where’s next? Err… Rome…. Italy…”Circus Maximus”…” Circus Maximus” is an ancient site that was used for “chariot racing” according to official history. Here are a couple of pictures of how it looks now and how it was supposed to have looked.

Circus Maximus today. The Palatine Hill: Imperial Palace is in the background.
Circus Maximus as it was

Basically the area was also supporting Sun worship. Can you see the obelisk? I see the Ouroboros in the track but that’s another story. I suggest interested parties do their own research on Circus Maximus. If you do you will find out that it has a history of sun worship and was used for rituals including the slaughter of” Christians”.

Here are some good pictures of what remains and brief details of its history are here.

Before I go further I will post the official news reports regarding this matter …I quote Bob himself as Sky News quoted him and story is from AOL news on line.

Geldof Launches ‘The Long Walk to Justice’

….……..Sir Bob Geldof has revealed plans for the follow-up to Live Aid, with free concerts taking place in London and around the globe. The five concerts, known as LIVE 8, will take place on July 2 at Hyde Park, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Circus Maximus in Rome and a venue in Philadelphia. Hundreds of thousands of music fans will attend, with billions more watching around the world on TV. Tickets for the Hyde Park concert will be made available through a special text lottery, to be announced at 8am on Monday, June 6 through TV, radio and newspapers. Giant screens will be erected in cities across the UK for those not able to get a ticket.

Bob from TV yesterday…“If you don’t come to the party you can all fuck off”….…..…..

The symbolism used in the Live 8 logo has been stolen from the board games linked to Circus Maximus in my opinion and mixed in with Serpent symbolism. They have just changed racing track symbolism into guitar chord symbolism. The whole show s based on deception and theft.


Circus Maximus Board Game

Bob has even asked the Pope to help him (now I know for sure that the Serpent Cult is involved!).
So let us re-cap… “Bob” has managed to organise all this – at the drop of a hat armed only with a mobile phone- to allegedly just make us all aware of the poverty in Africa…The same poverty is caused by the same people who are hyping Bob’s worldwide pop party and he has managed to arrange the concerts in historical places- linked strongly to Illuminati-Templar- Serpent Cult- all around the globe..The concerts are free!  Bob says it is not about money its about “awareness” (bloody right its about awareness!) As the sign says at the head of this article they don’t want your money they want ‘you’. Massive screens are going to be put up around the world (I love you Bob!) and all TV screens will show it…. so we can all listen and “see”….

This posting is not meant to criticise Bob Geldolf. I believe Bob really has a good heart if he can find it. He may have no idea he has been made a stooge for the illuminati.

I refer to my essay “Beside the Seaside”– in which I try and explain briefly how the pop industry is totally controlled by the Serpent Cult and what may be the real reason we are attracted to artists.
Bob Geldolf is no exception to that (even if he doesn’t like Mondays). Of course it could all be coincidence but I started this posting/article with a question. Can someone please provide an answer to put my mind at rest? Can someone also tell me how an aged pop performer- with little musical talent- has so much influence throughout the world?

Please take my advice…stay away from any ‘flashing’ TV screens showing the pop concerts on July 2nd, they will be loaded with subliminal messages.

Live 8 concerts are not charity events. Apparently we are all supposed to be made “aware” of the poverty in Africa because our pop stars are doing these free gigs on historical sites around the world. Bob Geldolf claims he does not want money this time but just wants to make the world “aware”. It does not add up to me.

I cannot see a typical pop music fan having the slightest thought about death and destruction in Africa whilst they sing along and watch people they literally worship at a massive pop concert. They will eat, drink and dance merrily and have no empathy with starving- dying- people whatsoever. Quite the opposite is true, we will be made aware of the fact, if we actually think about it, that we really do not care about the dying in Africa.

In my opinion, on the 2nd July 2005 the world will be covertly lured into boosting Serpent Cult power over this world by manipulation of the collective consciousness of the human race. Simply by getting the human race to collectively focus on an arranged ritual of worship, covertly organised by the illuminati, disguised as a party. It has also now been announced that the venue in the USA is at the art museum in Philadelphia. Please research this area know as “Benjamin Franklin Parkway”
Obviously Benjamin Franklin was a famous Freemason and a founding father of America, many monuments in the area seem to be linked to Freemasons. Even the assassinated JFK and Dr King Jr are mentioned. The following snippet is from the official Philadelphia tourist site.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway

A Bit of Paris in Philadelphia….

The Philadelphia Museum of Art was used for Live 8
Live 8 concert in the same location

...“Benjamin Franklin Parkway”  is Philadelphia’s Champs Elysees — or it’s Pennsylvania Avenue. True, there is no Arc de Triomphe or White House, but there are such fine buildings as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum and the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul. Fountains, small parks, statues and monuments all lend a formality that gives the Parkway its own special aura. This, of course, was not an accident. Photographs of the area before World War I show the cathedral and a stretch of road from Logan Square to Fairmount Park and a mass of buildings with no space at all between them extending from Logan Square to what is now John F. Kennedy Plaza“…
I also found this picture of the museum from another angle it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up….


Please note that a ‘Thomas B Smith’ laid the first corner stone of the museum in a Masonic ceremony.
Just what the hell is going on with Bob and the Live 8 party?

Thank you

Matthew Delooze


(The following update was posted here on June 10, 2005)

The Serpentine and the Diana Memorial

I have had quite a lot of emails about the Bob Geldolf stuff. An angry Bob Geldolf fan asked me, to supply some serpent symbolism facts about the venue Hyde Park. So I pointed out the fact that in the 1700’s a ‘manmade lake’ was formed in Hyde Park by combining “11” small lakes by order of the Royal family. The name of this lake is “The Serpentine”. Also on 6th July 2004 (co-incidentally) exactly one year before the G8 meeting in Scotland a memorial was opened, near the Serpentine, to honour the murdered Diana. I remember the public outcry about how silly the memorial was at the time. Here is a picture of the plan (aerial view) of the “memorial”…


Remind you of anything folks? It could be eye symbolism? It could be vagina symbolism? It could be ouroboros – serpent symbolism couldn’t it? Or is it just co-incidence?


I wish I could be paid a lot of money for “designing” memorials for the powers that be! Is it all just coincidence? Here is a picture of the memorial closer up. People are encouraged, especially children, to bathe their feet in this memorial. Serpent Baptism? I certainly wouldn’t put it passed them.

Go on…  dip your feet?

Or on really hot days- especially at large pop concerts- people just dive in the Serpentine itself. Is it just me that sees this obvious Serpent Cult symbolism? Or only me that is daft enough to write about it?

Check this link out and see how the Serpent is known in many cultures including ancient Egypt – as a trapper of souls. Does this sun worshipping Serpent Cult covertly rule our world today?
We blindly let the powers that be build these symbolic monuments without any serious questions being asked. Are we are so dumbed down and pathetically vain that we haven’t the guts to strongly question things? Or have we become so spiritually worthless we don’t even care anymore?

The Past is Calling…


The Eden Project

Update…CORNWALL….(Friday 18th June 2005)

Eden goes African for Live 8 gigs

The Serpent in the tree or just a Cornish Pasty? I can hardly keep up with uncle Bob and his mobile phone. He has sneaked another gig in, this time in Cornwall. Official BBC sources state this…….Eden has hosted rock concerts for four years.

The Eden Project is taking part in the international Live 8 concerts being held across the globe next month. Managers at the environmental attraction are talking to Live 8 and Peter Gabriel, of world music body Womad, about a concert on 2 July. It follows criticism that not enough black African musicians are taking part in the main Live 8 gigs. The line-up for “Africa Calling” at Eden, which has hosted gigs for four years, will be confirmed on Wednesday. Eden founder Tim Smit, who made his fortune in the record business, has been working to put the concert together following criticism from Blur frontman Damon Albarn and others that Live 8 is too dominated by white artists. “I would not say it’s a response to the criticism, more an enhancement of the event”

David Rowe

Eden press officer David Rowe said: “I would not say it’s a response to the criticism, more an enhancement of the event.” Eden has a capacity of 5,000 people in the landscaped former china clay quarry. It is already hosting a series of live concerts this year from top acts such as Keane and Basement Jaxx. Mr Rowe said: “For a fairly young organisation it is a quite a coup, but Eden is a perfect venue for this.”……………………..

Eden at night

Obviously the domes at the “Eden Project“ (Masonic and ancient symbolic monuments) and the name EDEN are relevant at this old CLAY quarry venue. (Who was made of Clay?) Wasn’t there also a serpent in Eden that caused man to sin? I suggest this Eden in Cornwall is more likely to contain Lilith rather than Adam and Eve. I heard late last night that “Good ole Bob” has somehow plucked three more gigs from his mobile with less than two weeks to go. I don’t know the venues yet, but I wish to make it clear that in my opinion it is the announcement of the original 5 venues that matter most and indeed they are the most symbolic. I also quote my mate Bob yesterday…..

“I’m not supposed to talk about this but other people tell me there are arrangements to allow hundreds of thousands more into the parks on the day,” he said. He added that there would not be another gig like Live 8 in anyone’s lifetime. “You have the originals, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren. They will never be on a stage together again…………………………..

Make of that what you want folks but this Knight is a pure patsy and clown for Illuminati/ Masonic forces in my opinion. Again I find the name of venue and the Domes just too coincidental. Garden of EDEN? Don’t bite the apples folks…. have a hotdog instead….”Africa Calling” (they have called it) in Cornwall my ass. This is the Illuminati calling and the concerts mean far more than you are being told. But again you don’t have to believe me!I’m just a loony.

The Past is Calling…


Update 21st June (Summer Solstice) 2005

Serpent made from clay?
The venue is Molson Park …now, very recently, known as Park Place. I pointed out in the last Live 8 posting that the Cornwall location – EDEN PROJECT- was built on an old clay quarry. Let’s have a look at what took my eye in Barrie…I have no knowledge of Canada and Molson Park. I know Molson family were Freemasons and owned brewery’s, railroads and even had their own bank. Information on Barrie is scarce but the Freemason connection to the park is very strong. Its not the park I want to expose to you, the park is too easy for experienced buffs like you. So it is this I want you to look at…….Behold the trickery used in Barrie …

‘Spirit Catcher’ Live 8 Canada

Nice one Sir Bob! Not many know about this beauty do they? It’s known officially in the trade as the “Spirit Catcher”. Notice how big this via size of people below it …I call it the “soul collector” notice the wings and the horns? The trident runs through centre? The pyramid? Could this monument be another reference to the winged Isis?

Look at the horns on that lads!

You don’t see many pairs like that about do you? Anyway the “spirit catcher” in Barrie awaits the Live 8 party. Here is a bit of history about Isis for those that do not know………………….

Priestesses of the Temple of Isis knew a cure for snakebite.

An interesting anecdotal story about Isis tells how she used the bite of a serpent to extort a secret out of a king. The story is a well-known classic known as the “Legend of Ra and Isis.” It was a common belief in Egyptian religion that knowing the secret name of someone or something could give one power over that person or thing. Egyptian Pharaohs went to great lengths to keep their true names secret. The “Legend of Ra and Isis” deals with the goddess Isis and the sun god Ra, but surely the original events from which the story evolved began with a mortal “sun king” Pharaoh and a priestess of Isis.
According to the story, Isis desired to be a goddess and live amongst the immortals. “Her heart rebelled at the millions of men, she chose rather the millions of the gods.” “Could she not be in heaven like Ra and make herself mistress of the earth and a goddess by knowing the holy name of the god?” She fashioned a “sacred” serpent out of clay and placed it along the path where the sun god walked each day.
The serpent bit the god. ” The life was coming out from him. . . His two jaws rattled, his limbs all trembled, the poison took possession of his body.” “I am wounded by something deadly, knoweth it my heart. Not know I who has done this to me. Not have I tasted pain like this. Never was anything more deadly than it.”
“Came Isis with her power and her skilled mouth, with the breath of life her incantations cure diseases.” She said “What is this O father god? What is it? Has a snake shot sickness into thee?” “I was passing over the way, passing through the two lands of my country when I was bitten by a snake.” “I am colder than water; I am hotter than fire; my limbs are all full of sweat. I tremble; my eye is without stability; I cannot see the sky; bursteth out water from my face as in summer.” She said “Verily it shall be overthrown. By words of power I will make it depart.”
Said Isis to Ra “O tell me thy name father god.” The king then went on and enumerated a long list of his titles and epithets. But “Not was driven the poison out of its course; not was relieved the great god.” Said Isis to Ra “Thy name is not enumerated among the things thou hast told me. O tell thou it to me, and out shall come the poison.” Said the majesty of Ra “I give myself to be searched out by Isis, shall come forth my name from my body into her body.”
The great god was removed from his name. Isis, great in words of power said ” Run out poison, come forth from Ra. Eye of Heru, come forth from the god and shine without his mouth. I have worked; I make to fall down upon the ground the poison which is defeated.” Thus said Isis, great lady, mistress of the gods who knew Ra by his name, his own true name. “Verily was removed the great god from his name.”
The “Legend of Ra and Isis” is fully transliterated and translated in The Gods of the Egyptians by E.A. Wallis Budge. The “Legend of Ra and Isis” was originally one of the many “soma mystery” stories that were extant in the ancient world. The version that Dr. Budge translated is from a Dynasty XVIII papyrus. It is a long and elaborate version of an older and simpler story. The many intrusions of later day text into the story reveal that the scribes who wrote it had no clear understanding of the soma mystery about which they were writing. However, the story does reveal that minions of Isis knew a cure for snakebite………..

Back to Molson Park and the Molson Freemasons. Quoting John Molson site…..

“John Molson was active in shaping the city of Montreal and its history, and over the years, successive generations of Molsons have followed in his path. The Molson name is inextricably linked to the city: Molson’s Bank, Molson stadium, Molson Library, Molson Breweries, Molson Centre and most recently, the John Molson School of Business.”

Looks like Molson had his Masonic fingers in most pies then! They make Coors beers ..even fosters lager!
Here is there company logo…….


Can you make out the laurel leaf? Can you make out the hexagram? Molson is a top grade Masonic family all right so it is only fitting that Live 8 use their park.

I go away soon and maybe not able to follow this up but as I have said I feel the main venues are the first 5 that were announced. I don’t know the Tokyo or Africa venues yet but I hope you all can see the illuminati connections so far. At least 8 out of 10 (including Gleneagles G8) venues will have illuminati connections even if we don’t even look at the last two in Japan and Africa!!!- Some so blatant that it cannot be simply coincidence. Have another look at the spirit catcher and make sure she does not catch or collect your spirit…. Here is a link proving Molson connection to Freemasonry.

Live 8 deceptions? It’s just a walk in the (Molson) park for them!

Thanks to you for reading this. Of course I could be talking total twaddle and the establishment and their puppets like to give free concerts in symbolic locations around the world out of their sheer goodwill and honesty. So please feel free to believe I’m a fruitcake and simply believe every word you hear from Sir Goody Goody Geldof. After all, as it says in the title picture of this article, they really don’t want your money they only want you. Sadly they have more than enough of you already.

Bob ‘Nothing Going on Behind the Scenes’ Geldof

Matthew Delooze 21st June 2005

The Past is Calling!

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2005 All Rights Reserved.

Have you seen the person who provided your glasses?

Have You Seen The Person Who Provided Your Glasses?


By Matthew Delooze

Hello everyone. I am writing this essay as a follow up to “Beside the seaside”. If you haven’t read it, it’s available on this site here. I had the pleasure of visiting the marvellous city of Amsterdam for the New Year celebrations in 2004. They call the New Year celebrations the “Amsterdam Experience”. The bustling city is packed out. The atmosphere is electric and at midnight the city is alight with fireworks on literally every street. One of the highlights of the Amsterdam Experience is the celebration that occurs in Dam Square in Amsterdam. Obviously there is nothing new in landmarks being used to celebrate the New Year. I mention Trafalgar Square in London just to show that New Year revellers are attracted to certain places in their hordes. Thousands of people are attracted to the bells of Big Ben in the UK just to hear it strike midnight, but when they are asked why, they cannot seem to provide a reason. It is just something they “do”. The same can be said in New York, USA etc. Every country in the world seems to do the same. Amsterdam is no exception.

I pushed my way through the crowds on 31st December 2004. The horrors of the recent tsunami on the (full moon) 26th December 2004 seemed to have been put to the back of people’s minds and the atmosphere was a happy one. The first thing I saw as I managed to put my foot on the cobbles of Dam Square was a recently erected temporary dome. Yes a dome. It was to be used as a music centre with a pop group and DJ etc. I also couldn’t fail to notice two very large screens, one either side of the domed structure, that were literally pulsating with strange shapes and flashing lights (see picture). These digital screens were very hypnotic. It is hard to describe in writing how these screens looked on a dark night and how my eyes were affected by the flashing symbols on the screens.


The Dome and one of the digital screens

My senses told me that there was more meaning to New Year celebrations than we are told. I looked at the Dome. I looked at the symbols flashing on the digital screens. I turned round and realized I was standing at the base of a large obelisk. My “soul”, for want of a better word, literally rebelled in my body and it was screaming at me to take note of events. It was obvious to me that I was not in Amsterdam to celebrate the New Year. I was being educated.


The obelisk, seen here in the cold light of day

I stared at the obelisk and memories of Morecambe promenade came flooding back. Apparently this phallic symbol, called the national monument, was erected in memory of the military. Personally I do not believe this. I believe the Serpent Cult erected the obelisk in Dam Square, and other similar monuments around the world are purposely placed in specific places.

One sad thing about this is that the Serpent Cult uses the excuse that the monuments are erected out of respect to soldiers, usually victims of the wars that were created by the Serpent Cult in the first place. It is a fact that the widows of rank and file soldiers their orphaned children and the injured and disabled soldiers along with the orphaned children are usually abandoned to live in poverty by the same people who erect such monuments. The fact that a symbolic penis is erected to allegedly show respect to the dead is only a further insult to the victims of Serpent Cult manufactured wars, in my opinion. I don’t want to delve too deep into this at this time. Suffice to say I don’t believe the lie that phallic monuments are erected to honour the dead. The Serpent Cult feeds off death and destruction.

I believe the monuments are a vital part of the ritual ceremonies carried out by an old boy network. The fact that the masses pathetically accept the reasons given for erecting such monuments around the world just shows me how blind the human race is.

Going back to events in Dam Square I did notice that the Hexagon symbol being used a lot at the Dam Square celebrations. Obviously the hexagon/hexagram is used as occult symbolism dating back far further than the flag of Israel. I recommend interested people research the connections of Hexagram/Hexagon symbolism to the occult, the connections to ancient Egypt. It is also linked to Freemasonry and the seal of Solomon. It is my opinion that Hexagon symbolism was/is to be used in past/ future symbolic events around the planet.


Another view of one of the digital screens – note the “I Am” emphasis and the hexagon 

Having seen the symbolism in Amsterdam in 2004 my mind cast back to the millennium New Year celebrations in 1999. I remember laughing at somebody telling me in a bar that there were some secret rituals going on at the Giza pyramids on December 31st 1999. I don’t laugh about it now. Research tells me that there was a labyrinth of ritual and symbolic events going on around the world on the 31st December 1999. Is it just that we are too busy seeking to enjoy ourselves on New Years Eve, be part of the norm, get drunk, stoned or get laid etc to actually see what is going on right under our noses?

Are our souls so dumbed down by the brainwashing of the Serpent Cult that we have become spiritually worthless?

 “We seem to wear the glasses of acceptable normality”.

For those that do not understand, I use the term “wearing glasses” (spectacles) symbolically because that is exactly what we do isn’t it? Don’t we all see what we are taught to see through invisible glasses? For example if you wear glasses that just see what you have been conditioned to see, you will see that obelisk monuments are simply a normal way to honour dead soldiers. If you are wearing glasses that see dome-shaped stages and large digital screens (flashing lights) as simply normal “props”, to entertain you, then it is obvious that you will not give a second thought to any alternative explanations about the events you see through these Serpent Cult manufactured glasses, will you?

Indeed because you wear these “glasses” you are more likely to laugh at alternative explanations, usually because other people wearing the same glasses as you will laugh at you. You cannot accept that the obelisk (penis) monuments and the dome (vaginas/breast) monuments are really occult symbols used by cults who covertly use symbolism to deceive the masses, and use the effects of their rituals to their advantage, can you? Neither can the others who wear the same glasses. I don’t ask you to “remove your glasses” just to wear mine. I ask you to think who provided your glasses and why you never ever take them off.

What or who makes you see the things you do in the way you do?
Is it the state education system?

Is it your parents who were also subjected to the same brainwashing techniques used in the state education system?

Is it a local church, religion, or your employer perhaps? Just who or what has created in your mind how you actually see the world?

Does education, religion or material welfare have anything to do with how you see the world?
It should do, because the Serpent Cult controls all these things in this world. They, by supplying your glasses, make you totally unaware of what really is going in this world. Indeed your eyes cannot even see the symbolism going on right under your noses due to the glasses you have been deceived into wearing.

The very thought that you are not seeing the real world when you look around is horrifying isn’t it? You would rebel if you knew what was going on. Hence the reason for compulsory eye tests, and the glasses we are all fitted with from birth, by the Establishment. The Establishment formed by the Serpent Cult. The Serpent Cult are masters of deception. “Have you seen the person who supplied your glasses?”

I again have only scratched the surface in this essay. We are being manipulated on a vast scale to covertly worship a Serpent Cult. We can rid ourselves of the poverty and misery caused by the Serpent Cult on this planet once the masses can remove the glasses that have been enforced on their eyes.

Many thanks.
Matthew Delooze January 2005

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Beside the Seaside – Beside the Sea

“Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside – Beside the Sea”


By Matthew Delooze

I live in Lancashire UK. Last year, as the August Bank Holiday approached, my wife and I decided to have a couple of days away. We decided, due to the timing, to go to Morecambe, a sleepy run down seaside resort, which is only 40 miles from where we live. We thought accommodation would be readily available. To our surprise, all hotel rooms seemed booked up. We thought this a strange event as Morecambe had been in decline for years. Indeed, even the “Frontier Land Amusement Park”, with its roller coasters and various theme park rides, had been closed and demolished. Economic decline of the town was blamed for lack of customers and visitors to Morecambe.

My wife and I managed to find a small attic room in an old, but charming B&B. We were glad of this, as Morecambe was full to bursting point. The landlady asked us “Are you here for the Festival then”? We replied “What Festival?” She went on to explain it was the Festival of “Fire (Light) & Water”. There was to be music and songs from the lovely Suzi Quatro and tribute bands to Queen, The Bee Gees, The Blues Brothers, etc., etc. There were also to be a massive fireworks display and lights. I am 45 years old and have lived in Lancashire all my life but I’d never heard of the Festival of Fire & Water, or Light & Water for that matter before. The landlady just seemed pleased her guesthouse was full.

On Saturday, August 28th 2004, I walked onto Morecambe promenade, beside the sea. It was a full moon weekend. I followed the sound of the live music and the voice of Suzie Quatro, “Devil Gate Drive”. A special dome type stage had been built and everyone seemed to be enjoying him or herself. A Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel) had been built on the promenade due to the recent closure of the Frontier Land Theme Park, smaller than the one that has also appeared, in recent years, on the Blackpool pier, which is located just a few miles down the Fylde coast. To my absolute amazement the lighting on the side of the big wheel seemed to resemble a flashing large eye. I kid you not. It was very, very, graphic to me. I also noticed that across the road the amusement arcade was being used to flash lights in the shape of arches. I am quite aware of the ancient symbolism used by the Egyptians and, of course, today’s Freemasons.

I decided that this was just coincidence and decided to put the matter out of my mind. I enjoyed the rest of the evening’s music and the firework display. I returned to my humble accommodation and went to sleep in my cozy attic room.

The morning came and I woke very early. I’d like to just blame the lumpy bed for this but the large eye flashing away on the side of the recently erected Big Wheel just wouldn’t leave my mind.  Something was either haunting me or something was trying to tell me something. I decided I was going to return to the festival that night to see if the eye was to be “flashed” again. I had a strong urge to do this.

Typical Illuminated Ferris Wheel

I visited the promenade in the daylight, that day Sunday 29th August 2004. In the reality of daylight hours the big wheel looked like any other big wheel and you couldn’t see how the light bulbs had been so cleverly placed. I did notice a large “dome” (The Dome nightclub) was next to the big wheel. You couldn’t see this at night unless you were very close to it. It set my senses going again. An Eye, A Dome and Arches. I thought, whatever next?


The Wheel and the Dome

Later, at night, I strolled on to a freezing sea front to the distant sound of a Queen tribute Band. “The Seven Seas of Rhye” was blaring out loudly. It seemed to be drowning out all other sound. I was gleefully waiting to see the lighting on the Big Wheel, hoping it was the same eye again. I approached swiftly trying to focus my eyes on the pattern of lights. My eyesight it not what it used to be! Yes, it was an eye. It was not the same eye though. It was a smaller eye on top of a pyramid! I kid you not. The actual structure, the axis of the big wheel was lit up to create the shape of the pyramid. The previous night the image of the eye was pulsating. This time the light was still, a plain eye on a pyramid acting as the capstone. I looked at the pyramid and the eye on top of it. Everybody else seemed oblivious to the symbolism being openly displayed around them. I got the feeling that the lyrics of some songs used that night were actually connected to the surrounding symbolism. They were one so to speak. I know others have said that music can be used for sending subliminal messages.

I would like to leave my story about Morecambe for a short while to mention the following. I say that music and lyrics can be used to make a lot of people collectively listen or chant (sing along with) ritualistic prayer. I point out that most top groups are “given a break” by the elite record companies. Sometimes they, the artist, are “given” songs “not of their making” to promote themselves. The group will jump at the chance to become famous and usually follow any orders dished out by the record company. The group is allowed the rights to the songs provided by unknown composers. Sometimes the actual singer/songwriter’s names are altered, e.g. Farookh Bulsara became “Freddie Mercury”. (Symbolically meaning; “Mercury” sings the lyrics of the Seven Seas of Rhye, therefore “Mercury is announcing”. “Mercury” in return receives the worship of millions of fans, sadly without them knowing anything about the symbolic ritual they are literally carrying out in doing such a thing.. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods!) This clever trickery, using artist names linked to the stars, etc., is used a lot.

The music industry is directly connected to manipulating the psyche of humans through the beat of music and subliminal messages. The serpent cult (reptilian aliens) control all the major record companies. They can hype a record to number one at their whim through airplay and creating copious amounts of attention to it. At any one time millions of people in pubs, disco’s, etc., around the world are basically humming the same tune at the same time. Some of these tunes are very hypnotic and, indeed, they are meant to be just that. Are we unknowingly giving negative aliens the power to rule us by actually asking them to do so? Through repeating strange lyrics en-masse? Is this one of the rules of the universe?

As I said “The Seven Seas of Rhye” was blaring loudly away. To explain what I mean I provide the lyrics to the song below. I also recommend interested parties to research the lyrics of other songs by Queen, especially “Princes of the Universe”.

Fear me your lord and lady preachers
I descend upon your Earth from the skies
I command your very souls you unbelievers
Bring before me what is mine
The seven seas of Rhye

Can you hear me you peers and privy councilors’
I stand before you naked to the eyes
I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
I swear that you you’ll be mine
At the seven seas of Rhye

Sister I live and lie for you
Mister do and I’ll die
You are mine I possess you
Belong to you forever
Storm the master marathon I’ll fly through
By Flash and thunder fire
I’ll survive I’ll survive I’ll survive
Then I’ll defy the laws of nature
And come out alive

Be gone with you shod and shady senators
Give out the good leave out the bad evil cries
I challenge the mighty titan and his troubadours
And with a smile I’ll take you to the seven seas of Rhye.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom
Where the brass bands play tiddley on pom pom

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
When I’m down beside the sea I’m beside myself with glee
Beside the seaside
Beside the sea

I hope the penny is dropping with some of you folks out there! I believe these lyrics are symbolically connected to the Pleiades (Seven Sisters). Millions of people can be made to sing along with symbolic lyrics, etc., simply because they adore (worship) the artist. The Serpent Cult owns the vast majority of the recording industry. It is an ideal way to basically hypnotize the public into going along with occult rituals without the public realizing they are doing just that. Is it so ridiculous to believe that aliens may be conditioning our minds to worship them without us consciously knowing it? I believe that what the majority of humans think, (collective mind energy), determine our reality. Therefore if we, the majority, are duped into co-operating with negative energy entities, and their rituals, then our future, as our present, will be controlled by the same entities. If this is indeed the case a sort of Galactic Democracy controls our destiny and the human collective mind decides our life on Earth and our reality.

Unfortunately the human collective mind is being manipulated and instead of creating the world we want we are creating the world that the manipulators want for themselves. Simply put, “The masses get just what they think they get”. Unfortunately, what they think is not really what they think. Therefore instead of having “Galactic Democracy” we have a “Galactic Dictatorship” where our minds and souls are given up without our knowledge. This is a great deception. If you had to get a million people to chant a saying without them realising why or what it actually meant, what better way to do that than put it in a jingle on a TV ad or in a song in the music charts. What seems nothing to us, like the “Seven Seas of Rhye song”, could mean enormous things to other entities in other dimensions. We may literally be giving them the right to rule our destiny on planet Earth by being duped into asking them, indeed pleading with them, to do just that. Who on Earth knows the rules of the heavens? Are we giving our souls and our futures away because we have been deceived into doing so?

It may be possible for alien entities to channel the lyrics of songs through the songwriter or simply that people like Freddie Mercury become puppets and stooges for the record company. The latter is more probable and therefore a good explanation for “one hit wonders”, those with no obvious talent but appear to make “one fantastic chart hit” and then disappear as quickly as they appeared.  Those folk are simply used by the record industry and discarded.

I am not suggesting that Queen is a satanic pop group and the source of the lyrics is not really important anyway. It does not matter if they were written by Queen themselves or placed in their minds by aliens. It does not matter if the elite record companies dictate what Queen, and others, actually produce. The fact is that millions of people take in to their minds the information hidden in the lyrics of certain songs. This of course also applies to positive messages through songs and music. I mention John Lennon’s “Imagine” as a prime example. Sadly, artists that are obviously spreading positive information are usually stopped from spreading it for very long! I hope I have left food for thought on this matter.

Ok. Let’s go back to the Morecambe Festival. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was also blaring out that night. In my opinion, this also meant something was connected to this symbolism on display all around me. I do not think there is a person in this world that has not heard the “Bohemian Rhapsody” song and “taken to it”. I will be brief and just explain the meaning of 3 words in the song, as it appears 99.9% of the population blindly sing along to it without knowing what they are actually singing. I am sure the three following words in the song are truly embedded in the majority of readers’ consciousnesses, which only adds further proof to my claim.

“Bismilla” – The opening word in the Qu’ran (the name of Allah)

“Beelzebub” – High ranking demon

“Scaramouch” – False cowardly character Scaramouch, in the song, is asked to dance.

I have seen thousands of people sing along with this song. On leaving the festival area and heading back to my B&B I saw the silhouetted statue of Englishman, comic genius, Eric Morecambe.
Apparently, the civic authorities in Morecambe had recently commissioned the statue. They had also arranged for the large, illuminated, 5 pointed star surrounded by several circles that was embedded in the promenade pavement!

Bring me sunshine!
The Five-Pointed Star

One look at this illuminated “star” in the cold on a dark night on Morecambe sea front made me realise that this festival and the symbolism used at it was no coincidence. There was more than one Festival going on in Morecambe over the 28th & 29th August 2004. Sadly the vast majority of visitors didn’t know this and simply couldn’t see it.. I realise that some “experts” will say that there should be an obelisk as well, just like the one in Blackpool. There is nearly always an obelisk used in Serpent Cult rituals my friends in some shape or form. I checked the time on the promenade clock and realised that the clock was the obelisk in disguise. Just like the Canary Warf building in London, near the giant Millennium Dome, is a giant obelisk in disguise.

The Obelisk

I wondered how many seaside resorts were having “festivals”. I wondered how many cities in the world were spending a fortune building domes and other symbolic buildings only to abandon them, at tax payers expense, when they have served their purpose – after the ritual had taken place? So let us re-cap. On Morecambe promenade, at the festival of “Light (Fire) and Water”, at full moon on August 28th & 29th 2004, I saw a large eye, golden arches, a large dome, obelisk (disguised as a clock tower), images of an eye on top of a pyramid, and an illuminated 5 pointed star surrounded by circles. Is it just a coincidence? Are these things going on at other seaside resorts? I know Blackpool has a large obelisk and it is building a large dome; coincidence is it? Let’s see if “festivals” are arranged in the future there as well eh?

Lets re-cap eh?

Are covert symbolic rituals taking place in the guise of light show trickery?
Do famous songs, like Bohemian Rhapsody, etc., contain symbolic reference to ancient ritual and we sing and hum them without realising what we are saying? Who are the people behind the  arrangement of such things?

Are we being deceived on a grand scale?

Is a Serpent Cult carrying out covert rituals right under our noses and we are too blind to see it?
I realise I have provided more questions than answers. My aim is to encourage people to do their own research. Do not believe the rubbish you see on Sky news and CNN, etc. The Serpent Cult owns all the mainstream media.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze September 2004.

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2004. All Rights Reserved.

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Ur

 The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Urroad_to_ur_title

By Matthew Delooze

Can a world that contains so much intelligence be so blind that it cannot see the wizard hiding behind the curtain manipulating events in the world today? A modern day horror version of Oz! Do we need a Dorothy, a scarecrow, a woodcutter, and a cowardly lion to expose the sham because our so-called mainstream media cannot?

Is the War on Terror so one-dimensional that we all have to swallow the official version of events like some brain dead zombie? Wake up humans! Things are going on right under your nose and you cannot even see it.
It appears that “rituals”, based on ancient knowledge, are being carried out and very powerful people are carrying them out.

The “slick” and manipulative use of words is also being used to deceive the masses and at the same time actually announce that a ritual is taking place. Apparently, ancient rituals have to be publicly announced for the “heavens” to react.

First of all, before I go on, I would like to remind you that the USA & England use symbolism in all parts of their established systems. Indeed the USA was built on “Freemasonry” which actually exists in its symbolism and cryptic messages.

I start with the term M.O.A.B (as used by Bush and company). Allegedly, we are supposed to assume that this means “Mother Of All Bombs” in response to Saddam’s cry for a “Mother of All Battles”. Bush & Co. then told us to be amazed at what was to happen in “Operation Shock and Awe”, the bombing of Baghdad and other parts of Iraq. The fact is “Operation Shock and Awe” was just the same as any other cowardly bombing operation. It did not live up to the hype and was not given much attention by the main media. This indicates the announcement was far more important than the event.

I ask you to consider that the term MOAB was not really meant to mean “Mother of All Bombs” and “Shock and Awe” was not a military operation. Indeed we never saw any “Mother of all Bombs” and there was no more “Shock and Awe” than there was in Afghanistan.

The play with words is very interesting.
MOAB is an ancient country that was next to present day Israel and Palestine (Jordan).

  Map showing Kingdom of Moab and Kingdom of Ammon.

“Shock and Awe” can easily sound like Shekinah and in ancient rituals it is the sound vibration that matters not spelling.

SHEKINAH -Shakinah -Shakan. The return of the Shekinah is ancient prophecy. The word Shekinah is derived from the word Shakan. The return of the Shekinah is “Mystical Presence in the Tabernacle”. Tabernacle simply means “tent”. The Shekinah is to guide and protect Israel. It should also be noted that a symbolic be-heading of Saddam took place when the obviously staged event of the pulling down of his statue took place.

Before you decide this is just coincidence, I ask you to read the following and then do your own research to confirm the facts I give you.

On the 16th of April 2003, a meeting took place in Ur, in southern Iraq, to discuss the “Future of Iraq”. Mainstream media reported this meeting worldwide. It was held in a gold and white “tent” (tabernacle). Ur was the birthplace of Abraham. One of the “Ziggurat” buildings is also at Ur. There are many occult connections to the meeting but I only want to focus on basic facts for now.

I ask anyone to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why a tent was erected in Ur by Western forces just to hold a meeting in?

It is also wide spread knowledge that the Iraqi museums were (conveniently) “looted” around the same time that the tent was erected. Ancient Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian relics were “stolen”. Here is a link regarding one of the stolen relics (later returned)

Hang on a minute here readers- let us re-cap:

1 .We have the invasion of a country by dubious means (WMD’s and false claims of connection to 9/1l)

2. We have silly verbal phrases being used such as “Moab” and “Shock and Awe”, not by third-rate journalists but by presidents and generals.

3. Silly tents are built on ancient biblical sites.

4. Ancient relics disappear from the museums.

5. The President of the USA, leader of invading forces, is a self-confessed member of the “Skull and Bones”, the secret society that operates entirely on a system of rituals.

Lets put it together. Ancient relics and ancient biblical sites. Tabernacles-tents near ancient temples/ buildings (ziggurat). Members of occult, ritual practicing, secret societies messing around in the holy lands. Silly cryptic announcements taking place. Death and destruction etc. etc. (err… excuse me, but is the penny dropping yet?)

There is even a connection to reptilian alien gods because the ancient Sumerians/Assyrians/Babylonians were controlled by them. Babylon is supposed to be the gateway to the Gods. Could this be the place where rituals are to take place to bring about ancient prophecies? It would certainly explain the rush by Bush and his string-pullers to get territorial control of the area; sadly they have done this through deception and fear. Are modern day political leaders just pawns in a reptilian game of chess? Do the same receive their tremendous material wealth, their 30 pieces of silver, for betrayal? Are our souls sold, without our knowledge, and our spiritual futures blocked from achieving spiritual satisfaction?
Does this information indicate too many coincidences? Obviously, to those with no knowledge of rituals and ancient scriptures, it may sound too silly to be real. But, where are the experts that do know what these occult rituals and ancient scriptures mean? Have they all gone blind and dumb? Surely some of them have the slightest suspicion? If so, why are no mainstream media involved?
Have the experts and mainstream journalists closed the curtain that is hiding the Wizard again? Do they allow him to show images of “liberation” in Iraq yet blind us from what really is going on?
Is Dorothy, the only one with magic shoes, to take us down the coward’s road of deception, along with the heartless, the brainless, and the cowardly?
The wizard needs his curtain opened; we need to expose to all what is going on. When we go down the “Yellow Brick Road to Ur” and reveal the wizard for what he is, just like the scarecrow, the woodcutter, and the cowardly lion did, then we will find, like Dorothy’s pals did, that we are not heartless, brainless and cowardly after all.
I do not seek to influence anybody’s opinion of events currently going on in the world. I seek to encourage people to research things for themselves. The only advice I wish to give is for people to follow their intuition. The “gut feeling” is the most truthful informer you could wish for.

Take your intuition with you down the yellow brick road to Ur and you won’t need the ruby red slippers.

Thank You.
Matthew Delooze

23rd August 2004

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2004. All Rights Reserved.