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Go, Swim in the Pool of Siloam

Go, Swim in the Pool of Siloam


The Yad Vashem Deception Exposed

By Matthew Delooze

“There is a tomorrow that is now, and a tomorrow which is later.

(Tanchuma Bo 13 and Rashi on Exodus 13:14).

Hello Folks,

I can only hope that this article finds you well. I know that one day the information I have provided in the past will help you just as much as I know this information today and any future information will too. I know from first hand experience that sometimes we feel that there is no hope of receiving even token salvation whilst in this world or regaining the total spiritual freedom we once knew. That said I can only say that I know those that really seek salvation will one day receive the direct conscious help needed to regain their true powers. The universe knows our hearts and we can’t ever ‘really’ deceive either of them. I tell you the truth that both the universe and our hearts are totally loyal to each other and one will always give the other what it truly requests. If our hearts truly want truth and freedom then they will receive truth and freedom and it will deliver it. If our hearts prefer to live a lie then we will always live as liars and we shall wallow in the world of liars, as a spawn of Belial for eternity. If our hearts disown the truth then the truth will truly disown our hearts.

If you think I’m being over dramatic saying that, especially on a damp morning in Lancashire, you better have another think coming. Me Mam used to say to me, if I had any ideas above my station,“If you think that Sunny Jim you better have another think coming”. Those words used to cut through me as a lad because I knew she meant them from the heart. I knew whatever I was thinking was simply a figment of my imagination, it was a delusion and it was simply not going to happen. She always said those words with a slight tinge of controlled aggression in her voice. I always knew she was telling the truth with her tone. So, as I have my mother’s genes, I’ll tell you again if you think I’m being over dramatic in the words above then you better have another think coming!

I’d like to continue with the second part of my writings on Jerusalem. I published No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus a short while ago. I publish Go, Swim in the Pool of Siloam today.

I will remind the folks that in part one I wrote about the Valley of the Son of Himmon area in Jerusalem. I also wrote about the concerts taking place at one end of the valley, at a place now known as Sultan’s Pool. I pointed out that various sorts of symbolism were being displayed at the concerts and that the basic scenario taking place there matched up with my theories on such things. I can only ask any ‘newcomers’ to One Ball to please read the archives on this website before reading this article, as I will be writing it on the basis that you would already know of my work and theories. Please read my articles from the beginning, because it will help you understand this one far more easily if you do. All articles are available free on www.oneballmedia.com


In No Water For The Finger Tip Of Lazarus I also pointed out that I believe ancient sacrificial rituals, including burning humans on a fire, had taken place in the area known as the Valley of the Son of Hinnom. I made it clear that I thought the area would one day be used again for ritual and sacrificial blood would be spilt there again. This is the term I used.

“There was once a place called Gehenna, which I believe will be called Gehenna again before my bones are dust.”

Matthew Delooze May 2013

 I also (very briefly) mentioned that a Museum of Tolerance was being built in Jerusalem too, and I pointed out that it was also being built on the bones of the dead and I believe this sort of symbolism will add to the authenticity for the type of future rituals the Serpent requires in Jerusalem.

I’d like to carry on from that point in this second part.

OK then let’s get going. The planned Museum of Tolerance has already started to attract what it was always intended to attract. (Emotional energy). There has hardly been a stone placed on top of another yet, but the whole situation has created extreme high emotion since day one.  This is no coincidence at all, and the Museum of Tolerance is only a very small part of the massive scam that is already taking place and will actually massively increase in Jerusalem and other symbolic places in the next couple of years.

Obviously the building of the ‘Museum of Tolerance’ has not been completed yet so it is futile to point out anything within the building’s structure or foundations until it is fully complete. That said I will point out that an outdoor ‘amphitheater’ is planned to be placed right under the museum and I believe it will be used, in a similar vein to Sultan’s Pool mentioned in part one, for the usual deceptive concert type energy extraction and worship of symbolism event at the location of symbolism and occult artifacts.  Large picture here of the artists impression.


Artists impression of the Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance & ‘Amphitheatre’

The reason there is a lot of emotion already being attracted to this Museum is because it is actually located next to or on top of graves and tombs of the dead. I pointed out in part one that I believe the area at Sultan’s Pool was also placed on top of or at least near the place where people were sacrificed by fire. Therefore it is clear to me that both the Sultan’s Pool are AND the area in which the New Museum is located will have a theatre on or next to the remains of the dead. That said this article is not about whether the museum is directly built over the dead, in some silly manipulated Jew/Muslim squabble, because those squabbles are only created to attract the very emotion I mention to the location. This article is only pointing out the similarity between the two areas and pointing out the fact that concerts and symbolic shows will be held in both theatres, at places officially associated with the remains of the dead.

If you are interested the differences of opinion between the Jews and the Muslims over the grounds the new museum is being built on then please look on the following links (A) This is the claim of those that build it (please scroll down on link) and (b) This is the claim of those that oppose it.

I’m not about to drone on about each others argument but I’d point out again that the museum is being built whilst attracting massive emotional energy to the area and I truly believe that energy will massively increase after it is complete, not only because of the artifacts and material that will be displayed in the museum itself, but the shows and symbolism performed in its theatre.

The basic fact is that the Museum of Tolerance is in an area known as Mamilla and the area in modern times looks nothing like it once did. It is indeed the very extension of the Valley of the Son of Hinnom and therefore connected to the place in which human sacrifices were said to have been made by fire.

Indeed as soon as I saw the older photos I immediately thought of Sultan’s Pool concerts too. Indeed if you didn’t believe that the remains of the dead were ever in the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom area   therefore making it a real and symbolic place of the dead, then I now leave you in no doubts that the official ‘extension’ to the Valley of the Son Hinnom (Mamilla Pool) literally still contains the bones and dust of the dead. That is because there is no doubt that the dead, some sacrificed in religious campaigns for the battles to control Temple Mount, were/are located in Mamilla Pool area and the area now known as Mamilla. So like I said in part one the dead are literally connected to the Valley of the Son of Hinnom where symbolic concerts take place, not only that the PTB are building another amphitheatre over the remains of those sacrificed again. Here is a picture showing the pool ‘and the dead in the extension to the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom. The picture in said to be from 1854 and long before the Museum of Tolerance was actually announced, indeed long before the Mamilla area itself as it is today was actually developed.


Mamilla Pool area (with graves in 1854)

 As I said it is on a par with the Sultan’s Pool area. Here is an aerial photo of the area in modern times.


Modern Day Mamilla Pool area

You can clearly see that the Pool area is close to the planned museum and theatre and obviously graves and bodies were once there or are still there.


Illustration of Mamilla Pool area in past times.

I think the photo from 1854 shows that there was indeed ‘dead people’ near the grounds where the museum and theatre will be. Again its creating the exact same energy extraction scenario and literally creating the apparatus for the same dancing on the dead rituals, therefore the rituals that take place at the New Museum, will also be ‘using’ those sacrificed in the past as ingredients for modern day rituals, just as the Sultan’s Pool area has already. You can see Mamilla Pool area is also located close to the old city walls, similar to the Sultan’s pool too. The Serpent uses many buildings after hours and I have no doubts that the Museum of Tolerance will use props and relics for rituals both in outdoor public concerts and exhibitions inside the museum.

I should also point out that the reason I mention both ‘pools’ is that Jerusalem has a very ancient complex of old water flow systems that connects the pools to the old city etc. I actually believe this system was once used to supply water from special energy points located in the official ancient ‘Land of Israel’ to the ancient temple mount area and this water was used for ancient sacrificial purposes. Although this article isn’t about that water system you may want to research the water supplies in ancient Jerusalem yourself. All I can say in part two at the moment is I believe the linkage between some ancient pools, some still hidden at the moment, will be coincidentally discovered again and then literally opened up and used again, not only for human and animal sacrificial rituals but to combine and transport spiritual energy created at covert events at several areas in Jerusalem, especially through events the events planned in the Sultan and Mamilla Pool areas, through the concerts and through the museum. I tell you the truth.

Indeed there are a few recent discoveries, one here and one here, that I believe will help open up an ancient system in the future, please click on the links. I also believe more ‘surprise’ discoveries will be ‘announced’ in the next couple of years, so if you didn’t know of this water system you may want to have a quick look for future reference. The Gihon Spring , Solomon’s Pools and the Pool of Siloam are very good starter points. I tell you these things now to help you later on, not to bore you.

Anyway getting back on the real track I remind you that the same principles taking place at the event’s at Sultan’s Pool, as far energy extraction/dancing on the dead is concerned will be in force in the area of the Museum of Tolerance too. Indeed I believe the Museum has been purposely built to bring ‘global’ respect energy to the Mamilla area which will empower and endorse any future rituals there, through the human emotions directed at it. That said the Museum of Tolerance will only become an important link that will eventually connect to a chain of similar events in all areas of Jerusalem.

I initially mentioned the use of ‘museums’ in these scams years ago. I haven’t suddenly jumped on this matter. Indeed Spitting Out The Feathers of the Benu Bird was sent to initially help in 2008. I tried to slowly induct certain folks to this information in the hope of getting it to the individuals I am here to help and tell folks about the symbolism being used at museums too.

The ‘Museum Scam’ has always been there, The Museum of Tolerance is just a small modern version of the same collective global scam, but a stupefied human race only wants to look at what it can profit from, look at what entertains it or seek what kisses its ego. That’s how the Serpent has enslaved the human race for thousands of years and will enslave many souls for eternity.  The Serpent has been using ‘Museums’ and other ambiguous attractions, for many many years, to attract human worship energy to ancient artifacts and to altered occultist scriptures. Previously to museums symbolic ‘gardens’ full of statues and/ or full of symbolic natural monuments were used to entice and extract energy from people, hence the erection and display of the ‘wonders of the world’ in the past. The scam has always been used by the Serpent to attract emotion and respect to energy points on the planet.

The masses have ALWAYS been led to worship and respect the middlemen of the Serpent in many forms. In Spitting Out The Feathers article I informed all that world exhibition fairs were created in the same scam too. We have to accept the occult symbolism being displayed by our enslavers to be enslaved, that’s why the Serpent goes to such lengths to create its pied pipers and display such things. We literally have to dance in rituals, or at least be represented in rituals, in honour of our enslavers to be enslaved, and sadly we blindly do it, not only that when we actually defend our stupidity and silly egos in doing so we actually fully defend and endorse those that enslave us.

I can only tell you so many times that the serpent needs us to worship its agents ‘in all forms’. I can only tell you so many times that the rituals we carry out, those hidden in forms of enjoyment or tradition, actually enslave us. All major religions and all ancient artifacts in major museums, currently ‘on show’ in this world, actually represent the Serpent Cult. When we show respect and praise artifacts in museums or dance and applaud symbolism on stages we are literally worshiping the force they represent. The only reason the feel good factor is produced is to attract human beings and raise the energy levels within the attendees so they produce respect energy and when we attend concerts or look at artifacts on sacrificial ground we are literally ‘awakening the past worship energy of our ancestors’. There are no exceptions in my opinion all major feel good factor events are created by the Serpent.

The Serpent, through the Museum scam in modern times, through bullshit altered religious scriptures, (Scriptures being museums in book form) and through PUBLIC human sacrifice in ancient and in modern times, has slowly created the means and apparatus to attract absolutely massive and massive amounts of ‘emotional’ energy to the Jerusalem area in the near future. My friends this scam has been planned for a very long time. Those that scoff and claim they enjoy these events, and the believe the feel good factor connected to them is for their benefit, will one day realise that there feel good factor was only there to raise their energy to be used for consent ritual and to eventually totally enslave them. I assure all those that take part in manipulated ‘feel good’ events, for instance like dancing around the Pyramid at Glastonbury, that they won’t feel very good when they realise just what they have done to themselves.

Anyway I wish to move on to a more delicate and more pressing subject regarding Jerusalem, but before I do please don’t forget my motto ’emotional respect creates spiritual energy’. Please don’t forget emotional disrespect also creates spiritual energy too. I have only shown you two examples of rituals that will take place on sacrificial ground so far, at the Sultan’s Pool and The Mamilla Pool areas. These were only small examples, small links to a bigger chain. The scam in Jerusalem has been planned and in operation for a very long time and in many ways.


It’s time for some cutting truths that involve my theories so I have to ask you again my friend? Do you want the truth or do you simply want to turn your back on it and spit in its face when you don’t like what you hear? If you don’t want truth please go away from the information this article. I will do you no good and you will do me no good. We would waste each others energy and time. I say that sincerely and not to offend. Please don’t waste your time looking for truth if you really want lies. I also say that sincerely. OK?

For those that want to see a much ‘larger’ example of the truth and a a larger example of Spiritual energy extraction and surrender ritual, both past present and future, then lets go and look at ‘Yad Vashem’ (a name and place to remember) which just a short distance away from the Mamilla and Sultan’s Pools. I will tell you now though that if you read this article properly and take the information in that you will never be the same person again in the future. If you are happy and content in this shithole world and you and your ego thrives in its deceptions and sick fakery then don’t waste your time.

For those that read further I’ll say it is now time to see or believe that I speak the truth on these matters, or at least deny it and call me a liar.

I also suggest you to do your own background research into the official five sense reasons regarding Yad Vashem if you do not already know of it, but basically you will find that it has been physically created since the1950’s to attract the entire world’s ‘attention’ to the the sufferings the Jewish people went through at the hands the Nazi Germany period in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I will add, on a five-sense level, that Yad Vashem is complex comprised of several buildings and many outdoor memorials statues and symbols etc.

Yad Vashem is mainly promoted, again on a five-sense level, as a place of remembrance ‘Dedicated to the Holocaust’. It is built on the West side of the place named ‘Mountain of Remembrance’. The mountain is now better known as ‘Mount Herzl’ after Ted the Zionist, which I will mention later. Mount Herzl is also the home of the ‘national cemetery’.


 Yad Vashem, National Cemetery and the tomb of Theodor Herzl ‘share’ Mount Herzl (Brighter green area on Map)

I’m not going to beat about the bush over the official five sense explanations for the creation of Yad Vashem.  Again please research it yourself. I’m sure I’m not the first to mention Yad Vashem it but I’m very very sure I’m the first to mention it in regards to my own theories, and I’m sure you will see by the end of this article that this place fits my theories like a fingers would in a made to measure glove.

I state again that museums are used in this world to attract emotional energy to the artifacts and scriptures (props) placed in them and this is so the energy created can be harnessed and used to feed inter-dimensional beings and also give them the right to rule us as in some law of attraction scenario.

I believe Yad Vashem is one of the biggest deceptions currently taking place in this world at this time. In this wicked deceptive world Yad Vashem has been slowly sold to the world as an innocent Museum and area of respect to the Jewish victims of WW2. I truly respect anyone’s right to believe Yad Vashem is just that. That is because I realise the propaganda enforced on the collective consciousness, regarding Yad Vashem and similar scams, leads or would lead many people to believe it is just an innocent complex of remembrance buildings built to stop any such things happening again.

I’m sorry to say that the real reasons behind the creation of Yad Vashem are anything but innocent and have nothing to do with preventing anything.

I tell you the truth when I say Yad Vashem is one of the biggest examples of the spiritual scams ever to be used against a woefully stupefied human race. Indeed I’d say it was one of the most successful scams ever because I tell you today that Yad Vashem has already succeeded in it aims and it has done so over several years, especially since 2012 has past. I’m here to point out the true spiritual reasons for Yad Vashem and I’m here to help some people ‘see’ through the deceptive events taking place there ‘now’ in the hope it will help them get through events that are coming to this world in the future.

That said, let’s start by really looking at some of the events that go on up in this very deceptive place they named Yad Vashem, right under the noses of the human race, but please let’s please take our blinkers off when we do so. We don’t have to be an Einstein or some smart arsed ego filled academic to see what enslaves us, we only need to bloody LOOK, SEE and THINK from the bare bones of our very being. This world only turns its liars into bigger liars through its education systems.

Here is a map of the entire complex. (Full names of buildings are here) But the ones I will mention are (13) Hall of Remembrance. (5) Holocaust Museum. (6) Hall of Names (Part of Holocaust Museum).  All five sense information regarding these places is available on the map link supplied above.


Map of Yad Vashem (5) Holocaust Museum

OK then. I’ll say from the start that I believe Yad Vashem is literally a multi-purpose deceptive machine that serves the Serpents agenda to spiritually enslave mankind both physically and spiritually. I’d like to make it clear that I believe this complex hides one of the biggest and sickest deceptions ever and it will affect the spiritual destiny of millions of human beings in this world. I do not say those things lightly.

Lets look at some of the apparatus being used at this museum. Firstly I’d like to point out that The Hall of Remembrance (13 on map) is being used for many ritualistic reasons and one of those is to officially induct new agents into the cult or get veteran agents to renew their vows of servitude to the Serpent, you know just like they would at the ‘confirmation’ ritual carried out in Christian Churches.

Please look at the official description of the Hall of Remembrance and take note of its symbolic apparatus before you look at the pictures. Here is the official description.

 “The Hall is an imposing structure, with walls made of basalt boulders brought from the area surrounding the Sea of Galilee, and an angular roof that gives it a tent-like (tabernacle) shape. Engraved on the mosaic floor are the names of 22 of the most infamous Nazi murder sites, symbolic of the hundreds of extermination and concentration camps, transit camps and killing sites that existed throughout Europe.

The Eternal Flame, burning from a base fashioned like a broken bronze goblet, continuously illuminates the Hall, its smoke exiting the building through an opening at the highest point of the ceiling. Before it stands a stone crypt containing the ashes of Holocaust victims, brought to Israel from the extermination camps. A focal point of commemoration to this day, the Hall of Remembrance serves as Yad Vashem’s premier site for memorial ceremonies.” (Source)

Here is a couple of pictures from inside the Hall of Remembrance


The Hall of Remembrance Fire and exit hole for smoke. A stone altar and symbolic eternal flame.


The names of the 22 WW2 Death Camps etc. surround it.

What do you feel about the Hall of Remembrance just simply based on the official description already? It was instantly clear to me that this ‘Hall’ is an ‘official’ sacrificial altar, built using occultist symbolism in a replica tabernacle. It was instantly clear to me that it literally honours the 22 named death camps and it was clear to me, via the apparatus on show, that it announces that many people died at the places etched in the stone around the altar and flame. Obviously the situation is ambiguous and it clearly could just be room to ‘remember’ those that died at the concentration camps. But what does it say to you?

I’d also say the altar used here is ‘directly‘ dedicated to the Serpent entities, by that I mean it is a far higher level version of an altar compared to those altars in Churches, Mosques and Synagogues, that act as middlemen altars and covertly redirect worship energy through a Jesus type figure. I am saying the Yad Vashem ritual ‘complex’ is entirely dedicated to the Serpent directly. I believe the altar it is a massive symbolic and practicable sacrificial stone that is used for many different reasons.

Again one of the many reasons it is used is to publicly induct agents for the Serpent or get agents to publicly confirm their loyalties to the Serpent. Here are just a few of the international faces that I believe have turned up there to be inducted or to confirm allegiance to the Serpent Agenda and serve their masters in return for material wealth and status in this world etc. Have a look at just a few of those faces that visited this altar.

Obama at Yad Vashem benedict_yad_vashem_bn

Faces like Obama & Popey…

merkel__angela-yad_vashem Bush_at_Vashem

or… Merkel & Bush…

gordon-brown-holocaustmemorial2 1199181553219911460

or.. Brown or even those faces dating back years like Thatcher

These people, our leaders past, present and future have and will be taking part in a ritual, on a sacrificial altar that ‘officially’ declares the victims of Holocaust and literally etches the names of the places of their suffering and their sacrificial death in stone. This all takes place right under our noses whilst we are either ignorant of events, actually ignore events or believe these rituals are meaningless.

I assure you that the official list of Serpent agents that have carried out ritual on this altar is many and all are hidden behind a facade of the sick deception of using the emotions connected to victims of mass murder to justify rituals in public, whilst having no sympathy for human life whatsoever. The Serpent hides its public rituals in full view after its got the full sympathy and emotions of the public on its side, therefore spiritually endorsing the ritual, and what better way to do this than use the dead to extract the emotion. I assure you that the rituals would NOT take place in open view unless the ingredients of the ritual demanded so to make the ritual genuine.

Therefore I’ll tell you today that another reason our officially elected or chosen ‘leaders’ are shown PUBLICLY carrying out rituals at these ambiguous altars, and this applies whether you believe what I say or not, is because, I’m afraid, they actually represent you and I at the altar in which they carry out the rituals at.

This is because they really are our official representatives you see? The world’s official leaders are the official chiefs of the human race. So hey sucker don’t feel left out because no one misses out in giving their personal respects at this Holocaust altar I assure you!  Hey I’m telling you the truth, so please take in what I’m saying unless you actually like being officially represented at an altar that represents human sacrifice!

All souls in this world are covered by their official representative at this sacrificial altar at Yad Vashem, be it political representation, be it religious representation or even just emotional representation. Someone official has officially represented YOU at this altar. That is why ALL human agents for the Serpent have to be present and carry out their part. It’s simply to officially connect YOU, all of us, to the altar and rituals too you see. You may think you are not affected and not represented but I assure you that you are. Representatives of the entire worlds population will bow at this holocaust altar and those official representatives literally bow for you at this altar when they bow.

Hey don’t you believe me? Why do you think elections and religious vows take place in this world? Did you think they are for our benefit? (Oh my brothers LOL) Well do you? Elections and religious vows only take place so you are always officially represented by the agents for the Serpent. We have been conned on a massive scale. The fake personalities that represent us, bless their false personalities and fake smiles, are simply soul gatherers that represent your soul at a ritual you have no idea is taking place. We all in some way agreed to be represented in this world by our leaders, most of us as soon as we were born.

  It is time to fully realise that we haven’t just given our minds away to those with guile we have literally surrendered our very soul to them. The human race willingly and openly elects or obeys its political leaders and the human race willingly carries out its spiritual vows to its religious messiahs and gods in its temples. Therefore the human race has no one to blame but itself if its leaders, messiahs and gods actually all represent the same deceiver. When we do fully realise that our leaders actually represent us spiritually, and therefore really do represent us at altars, then we may just start to realise the full implications of our stupidity. I won’t hold my breath waiting for folks to have an Epiphany on that score though.

Obviously if there is nothing really going on at this altar then it doesn’t really matter what our representatives do at it does it? If the rituals at Yad Vashem are innocent then I’m just a paranoid fruitcake eh? I can only show you the occult apparatus. I can only show you the altar. I can only show you your official representatives bowing at the altar. I can’t make you see it. My friends I am in this world not of it. I am telling you the truth.

Is the penny actually dropping over the ‘apparatus’ already shown or do you think an altar, fire and ashes of the dead along with the names of 22 death camps is just nicey-nicey goody-goody meaningless apparatus? I actually see the opposite of that and I believe the apparatus of altar, fire, the ashes of the dead and the names of the death camps actually represents the means and results of human sacrifice by fire, and our representatives that carry out official state sponsored rituals there, are glorifying, yes literally glorifying, ‘human sacrifice’ and dedicating the victims of the Holocaust in honour of their Alien masters. And worse (As daft as it sounds) we are doing the same thing because again our representatives actually represent ‘US’.  And let’s be honest who in this day and age actually believe our corrupt sick leaders wouldn’t gladly represent us at an altar glorifying death and the holocaust for their own ends? We should realise that these agents wouldn’t bat an eyelid as they did it either, indeed they will party over it. The situation is on a par with our leaders voting for wars in Iraq etc. Didn’t our official leaders go murdering in our names in such wars, of course they did, they made you and me murderers too by being our official representatives? Yes of course they did and they bow at the altar of human sacrifice to their masters at Yad Vashem in our names too, there is no difference whatsoever. We endorse human sacrifice. Hide from the fact if you want but its still fact and one day you will see that we pay for our actions.

It’s also important that we realise today that these agents don’t just represent us at this particular holocaust altar because they also represent us at other similar altars all around the world. Our official leaders, agents for the Serpent, carry out similar rituals at altars both covertly and in our faces, in Rome, in Paris and in London etc. etc. Hence the continuous publicity showing our Royalty, our Presidents, our Prime Ministers and our Religious leaders all going around the globe taking part in official ceremonies and receiving the emotional worship of the people for doing so. (As exposed years ago through my work on ‘Jubilee’ rituals in my book The Stars are Falling).

My friends these rituals are literally carried out on energy points and these energy points are usually marked by altars in famous buildings or marked at landmark monuments during official state ceremonies or through ambiguous global traditions like Remembrance Sunday ceremonies. All of these rituals carry our spiritual consent. That said Jerusalem is indeed the main energy point in the ‘Northern Hemisphere’ in this world for the collection of emotional energy to feed the Serpent and give our permission to the Serpent to rule us.

Anyway before we move on to the Holocaust Museum itself at Yad Vashem, please look back on this Hall of Remembrance and decide yourself if its just an innocent memorial to those that died in WW2 or if it is indeed the opposite of what it claims to be. I’d go as far as to say that the Hall of Remembrance is a more than a sacrificial altar I’d say it was a full blown ‘temple’ or ‘tabernacle’ to pay homage to deaths of human beings myself, to mainly honour alien beings and not only that, knowing fire rituals as I do, I feel further ritualistic apparatus is added to this hall after hours and individual sacrifices will take place, or at least rituals involving human organs will be burnt here.

Jerusalem itself has a long history of being a location in which human beings were and are sacrificed by fire. I’d also say its also a place that uses past rituals, which involved human beings set on fire, for officially representing the ingredients for modern day sacrificial rituals.

If you want to see what’s really going on then simply open your eyes and look. That is all you need to do. Look, listen and ask your heart what makes sense Do my words about the Hall of Remembrance make sense or does the official version make more sense? Look at the world, look at the corruption surfacing in all areas too. Look at the pictures of the Hall of Remembrance again.  Does my explanation make more sense or does the official version make more sense?

You still want truth? Do you really? Well you just got it as far and the ‘Remembrance’ Hall is concerned. Not nice truth though is it? We haven’t even really started to see the many levels of the Mount of Remembrance/ Yad Vashem scam yet.

Let’s move on and look at the actual ‘Holocaust Museum’ itself (5 on map). This place is specially created for the public to come and pay respects to the victims of the Holocaust. Again I have to remind you of my past writings about symbolic museums, their artifacts and why they want to attract the emotions they attract.

Before I show you an example of what I say is a ‘ritualistic’ visit to the Holocaust Museum, and show you the emotional way energy is extracted there, let’s please first understand one very very important fact about what the word Holocaust actually represents, especially in Jewish history, because as I’ve said before the Serpent always uses ‘in your face’ ambiguity. It uses words not only hidden within its prayers, but also actually hidden in the names of its covert places of ritual, as in the Hall of Remembrance. Obviously deceptive ambiguity, no matter how simple, can and has to be used to get the masses to join in rituals they wouldn’t join in if they knew what they were really joining in with.

Actually entering any building associated with the word Holocaust can be confusing to say the least. Here are two official definitions of Holocaust to show you basic ambiguity.

 1. Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war: a nuclear holocaust (the Holocaust) the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime during the period 1941-5. More than 6 million European Jews, as well as members of other persecuted groups, were murdered at concentration camps such as Auschwitz.

 2 historical a Jewish sacrificial offering which was burnt completely ‘on an altar’.

Simply put, first of all, I’m sure most of us do not know the original use for the word Holocaust  because we all usually assumed the word Holocaust is just a name of mass death. The Serpent, especially through the Yad Vashem scam, has always promoted that very definition as being simply the words of any mass slaughter. And of course we are also literally programmed just to bow with silent respect at the mere mention of the name Holocaust when it involves the Jews aren’t we? We dare not discuss it with an open mind.

The word Holocaust, when it is used by the liars that control us anyway, suggests they only refer to the death camps in WW2, but it’s very clear the official history of the word means something totally different, especially when involving ‘rituals’. (Info on the word here)

Holocaust initially meant and does mean ‘sacrificial offering at the altar’. Therefore it stands to reason that the words ‘Holocaust Museum’ could literally means a place containing evidence and relics of sacrificial ritual by fire to observe. Well that appears to be the basic in your face meaning to me anyway.

Can you see the twist on words? If you can then what do you now see in the words Holocaust Museum’ then? Do the words mean a building to show relics of mass death and to help prevent it happening again or do the words mean a building in which to enter to actually acknowledge sacrificial ritual by fire on the altar took place? Can you see the ambiguity? I’ll tell you that Holocaust can only mean Sacrificed by Fire on an Altar. Indeed if you didn’t know what Holocaust meant before you may now see why I say the altar in the Holocaust Hall of Remembrance is a dedication TO past human sacrifice by fire.

I certainly believe that on a spiritual level that the general public who visit the Holocaust Museum at Yad Vashem are literally, albeit unknowingly, acknowledging, even witnessing, that many people were literally sacrificed by Fire.

Obviously in that case, if you believe my theories of energy extraction, then the scam on words makes total sense because obviously all respect energy created and released in the Holocaust Museum you are about to see can only go to those that actually benefited from any actual sacrifices that took place. Again it is the Serpent Cult that required the Holocaust to happen to create an official human sacrifice by fire situation, and it was its human agents that actually carried it out. Again obviously if the murder of the Jews, and others in the Holocaust itself, was indeed really a sacrificial ritual then the only force that could have benefited is the inter-dimensional force that the sacrifice was actually dedicated to through the representative symbolism on display. Well isn’t it? I say that force is the Serpent Cult. No one else can possibly have benefited from the Holocaust and I should add that no other force can therefore really benefit from the energy created because of its memory.

I can only repeat my theories and I can only show you five sense facts to match up with the said theories. I can only tell you again that museums are used to raise emotions in people and those emotions create energy that empowers the creators of the artifacts and symbolism on display in them. Please tell me where my theories do not fit in with the Yad Vashem complex so far, especially at the altar of human sacrifice known as the Hall of Remembrance?

I first mentioned my theories about museums in the article Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird  I did suggest at that time that a large glass ‘Pyramid’ was being used, not only as a vehicle to transport the energy created by the emotions in the museum, but also to literally represent the force,  that was taking it.

So now let’s have a look at the shape of this Holocaust Museum.  Here is a view from above of the entire Yad Vashem area. The museum is the long prism shaped building.


The Holocaust museum is the long narrow pyramid building half buried in the earth. The long pyramid shape that runs right through the centre of the complex


The Holocaust Museum: An emotional energy extraction machine or simply an innocent museum?

 Well what can I say?  Its to be hoped I’m wrong about such things because I tell you the truth that’s one hell of an emotional vacuum considering the emotional energy that will be in it. It’s a bloody good job its opened to the heavens at one end or I’m sure it would explode and implode some days. If you have ever visited a Holocaust museum or Holocaust exhibition (And the the latter move around the globe) then you will know how emotions are raised so strongly and quickly in these places. The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum is classic energy extraction machine in my opinion but I cannot possibly recreate the true emotional energy inside it or other similar places.

That said I’d like you to watch a video on the museum if only to get a slight clue as to what a walk through it looks like and for you to try and imagine the emotions involved. I’ll tell you that the visitors are led through the museum and graphic images are shown and stories are told about the plight of the Jews with them ending up in Auschwitz or Belsen whilst suffering a prolonged death and/or being gassed and then incinerated. The emotions being created inside this type of museum are literally raw energy.

Please watch this video, it does not show raw images but gives you an idea of what a trip through is like and shows where the people ‘end up’. Please note the two exits at the end of the video.

I realise the video only shows you a little example of the experience of walking through this museum because you are not seeing the graphic images and other emotional triggers that are being displayed, but it does give a little glimpse of how the typical visitor is led through a very emotional place and then led to a final place called the ‘Hall of Names’ and/or also led to face the Heavens outside at the open end of this Holocaust exhibition.

I like you to consider the experience for a moment, just think about how you would feel emotionally after being show images of death and suffering on such a scale in a museum (Obviously again I can’t reproduce such an atmosphere in an article) I also realise the victims in WW2 were not all ‘set on fire’, indeed those sacrificed or even survivors suffered in many different ways, but the main perspective that has been placed into the collective consciousness over the years, and the constant use of the word Holocaust, has created a slaughter and burn impression in the subconscious of the human race. But Jerusalem has always been credited and linked with those sorts of images hasn’t it?

It does not matter in modern day spiritual terms what actually went on in the Holocaust (Please pardon my bluntness) because the collective consciousness has now been educated to see the victims in WW2 as Holocaust Victims (Seen as sacrificed by fire) and that is no coincidence simply because that is what the Serpent require the minds to think when visiting Yad Vashem. The word Holocaust is what the Serpent wants officially etched on everyone’s mind and soul because of its true meaning. Here are a few (milder) images that create a connection to the term Holocaust (Sacrifice by Fire) in our minds and souls and have done for many years now.

Holocaust of Jews Birkenau Open Air Burning of Bodies




 Again the reason the word Holocaust is used is to imprint ‘sacrificial ritual by fire’ on our minds and the images are typical as those used in programming of the human race to immediately think of the word ‘Holocaust’ when seeing them. This is no coincidence because the Serpent Cult want us to subconsciously think ‘Holocaust‘ because it means we will be really thinking ‘sacrifice by fire’ when we see ‘images’ and photographs of those killed, especially if we visited the actual museum in Jerusalem. The Serpent now wants us to connect the Holocaust victims from the death camps to the complex called Yad Vashem. It literally wants to connect those sacrificed to the building and complex itself, and ‘feel’ as though things took place there… on Mount Zion…on Mount Hertz.

Therefore when we walk around this Holocaust Museum, getting increasingly emotional through seeing images and thinking ‘Holocaust’, we are literally feeling the same emotionally about the sacrifice of people through fire as those that actually witnessed the original sacrifices. When we do this we literally create the same energy of ritual in Yad Vashem as was created in the death camps. We literally turn Yad Vashem into a new place of raw official sacrifice. We literally recreate the original sacrifices or should I say we would at least we recreate the exact same emotional situation that was created at the death camps. Can you see that?

As far as our emotions are concerned we are literally committing the sacrifices there and then in Yad Vashem.

If we are manipulated to feel this way then the energy we create through our emotions becomes raw energy connected to ‘sacrifice’ and therefore when the energy created through emotion is released it is literally ‘dedicated’ to human sacrifice and literally feeds the force that the sacrifice was made for. In other words the energy created from the death camps is Europe is literally transferred to Jerusalem and Yad Vashem.

Can you see how the system in such a museum works? Unlike a stupefied human race the Serpent understands (a) what spiritual energy can do (b) how to create it through emotion (c) how rituals can be manipulated to empower alien entities and make those taking part in the ritual their willing slaves.

I’ll put it this way. When you enter the Holocaust Museum on a five-sense level you actually connect to the original sacrificial ritual on a spiritual level through your emotions. Indeed the original ritual is simply being repeated. When you look at the artifacts and images of the dead on a five-sense level, you are literally being a five-sense witness to the ‘original sacrifice’ (Committed in the Death Camps) and when feel genuine emotion for the victims displayed there you join in the ritual on a spiritual level. When your emotions are raised on a five-sense level in the museum it creates genuine spiritual energy on a spiritual level. Therefore the original sacrifice is eternal. Yes?

Lets have a look at how the victims of the Holocaust are displayed. I say that because once the emotions of visitors have been raised in the museum, by the images that trigger the thoughts of Sacrifice (Holocaust), they are immediately led to the ‘Hall of Names’ to view actual images of those sacrificed. Again this is to get visitors not only to show emotion (give genuine energy) in another ‘confirmation’ ritual that sacrifice took place, but to get them to give energy as though the sacrifices are taking place there and then. This is easy to see if you study the apparatus in the Hall of Names which is located near the open end of the museum, half of it underground and half of it above ground. Please look at the Apparatus to understand what I am saying.


The Hall of Names (Of Holocaust/ Sacrificial Victims)

Yes the image above shows the people are led under thousands of photos of Holocaust ‘victims’ in a cone shaped receptacle. I’ll call them pictures of those sacrificed. Below these images is a water pool dug in the rock that reflects their images. (More on this in part three)

When people in the museum are led to the Hall of Names, after they are numb with emotion of course, they are shown the images of actual ‘Sacrificial Victims’ literally on a sacrificial altar you see illustrated above. Indeed visitors literally place themselves on the same altar as those sacrificed.  By the time official visitors reach this point in the Holocaust Museum, as shown in the video clip earlier, they are in a genuine emotional and spiritual state because of the emotional triggers showing death in the museum, and they will obviously feel this emotion when presented of images of those that were killed. This situation will result, on a spiritual level, in the free willed spiritual verification that the people in the images are those that have been sacrificed through Fire. Again the visitors have been programmed to think Holocaust. Holocaust = Sacrifice by Fire. Again this situation is on a par with actually seeing real people sacrificed on an altar because of the emotions involved. Please let me show you in a couple of pictures.


The Deceptive Apparatus placed in the ‘Hall of the Names of ‘Holocaust’ Victims (Those Sacrificed!) The visitors see Holocaust victims on a five sense level but on a spiritual level of ritual they are acknowledging sacrifice on an altar.


The visitors are literally led to this apparatus whilst in a very emotional state, after being reminded of the ‘Holocaust’ (The Sacrificed).

The emotions are raw so on a spiritual level their emotions are just as genuine as as they would be if those sacrificed were being sacrificed at that very moment. The situation is really on a par with seeing actual sacrifices and therefore the emotions involved are genuine, as they have to be for the sacrificial ritual to be accepted. Indeed it is important that you see that as far as emotions are concerned the sacrifice is literally taking place there and then in Jerusalem. Again as far as the emotional energy is concerned the ritual is in the present not the past.


The emotional acceptance of those being sacrificed in ritual is blatant if you remove the mud from your eyes.

Can you see? Can you see that the emotions of visitors are raised… they are then made to think the words ‘Holocaust’ (Sacrifice)… and then shown the actual sacrifices on an altar. Indeed at this apparatus (altar) called The Hall of Names the people are actually even made to look up to the heavens in prayer mode. This action is simply on a par with the actions and emotions of real physical sacrifices. Look again at the images of this altar. Imagine you have literally been emotionally traumatised, by the images of death in the museum, just before you are led to this place and then imagine your feelings towards these images of sacrificial victims pictured there, a lot of them are children too!


Children of the Holocaust. Sacrificed by Fire.

The Serpent is crafty! I tell you again that Yad Vashem is a place of massive ritual. I assure you even Steven Spielberg couldn’t extract more tears over the victims. Hey please let me remind you that even if you haven’t set foot in this place you have consented that these images in the Hall of Names are official sacrifices. Remember all our leaders have attended and they represented us.


Our official leaders officially acknowledge the sacrificed in this place of ritual, therefore so do you.

The scam is massive and the human race has has no perception to its true affect on it. Our acknowledgement of those ‘humans’ sacrificed literally empowers inter-dimensional forces and in turn this force literally empowers those that carried out the sacrifices, both those for real and those that are reenacted.

I believe the Hall of Names is a very very special part of the covert ritual because it literally gives consent to the deceptive Serpent entities to rule and that the world’s populations literally (Yes including You and I) agreed to the sacrifice of human beings to prove it. I have said for years that the energy created has to be created through free will and emotion. The visitors all attend this ‘apparatus’ through their free will and all others are officially represented through our leaders attending and our leaders are indeed our free-willed representatives.

That said it’s not just the Hall of Names Altar being used to manipulate the energy created through human emotions. Indeed the Holocaust Museum itself is an entire energy harvester in its own right and emotional energy will be extracted both from the ‘open end’ of the museum as well as the top of the apparatus in the Hall of Names. Indeed the Holocaust Museum will act like a kettle and the human emotions (water) will literally be boiled inside and then released in another energy form (steam) That said its the actual ritual that empowers the Serpent.


Holocaust Museum showing open end of museum, the top of the apparatus in the Hall of Names is the large hat type object just to the right of the open end.


The open end of the museum both inside and outside

Can you see? Is my theory still too far fetched to you or are your eyes seeing something in which will convince you that I tell the truth? I can only tell you again that this museum building, incorporating the Hall of Names ‘list’ of those officially sacrifices, is used to gain the true emotional energy of the masses and to feed the alien race and to actually surrender to it. The fact that guile has been used does not matter. The ritual is binding.


It is now time to briefly look at the original ingredients and original artifacts that have actually been supplied to Yad Vashem and made both the Hall of Remembrance and the Holocaust Museum the massive ritual centre it is today and take in why they were created in the first place. My friends, the history of Yad Vashem does not simply date back to the 1950’s. I believe it was planned long before that. I believe it was planned long before WW2 too. I believe the ingredients for the rituals you see taking place in Jerusalem now were actually supplied by arranging for the Holocaust itself to take place during WW2. Please remember these rituals and the Holocaust itself are part of an agenda to control the planet and all souls on it.

The Serpent will go to any lengths to complete its agenda.

You still want truth eh?

Well the truth is that most of the Jews slaughtered in WW2 were literally killed to make Yad Vashem the ‘genuine’ centre of rituals and emotional collection centre what it is today. You can’t have a genuine centre of rituals without genuine ingredients and genuine apparatus. Sadly that’s all the victims of the Holocaust were to the Serpent Cult.

The death camps in WW2 are just as much connected to creating Yad Vashem as they were to the German Reich. Indeed the very same force that created Yad Vashem literally created the death camps. They were part of the same long term plan. The Serpent Cult in Germany and the Serpent Cult in Israel are indeed the same force. They actually planned for the Holocaust to happen to create the symbolism required for the rituals that would take place in Jerusalem years later. This is not an easy thing to explain, please pardon my bluntness. Basically the Holocaust victims in Europe were indeed slaughtered to supply all the right symbolism (props)  for later rituals that needed to be carried out at a later time in Jerusalem. The main symbolism being that it was would be ‘Jewish’ sacrifices taking place to create a ‘Jews being sacrificed in Jerusalem’ scenario at a much later date. The Serpent Cult knew it couldn’t use thousands of Jews for real public sacrifice at this later date so it sacrificed them in advance. That is the true scenario Yad Vashem is creating. It is literally a place showing ‘genuine Jews being sacrificed in Jerusalem’. It is massive modern day sacrificial ritual taking place right under the noses of the human race.

It is time to see deeper into the deception. I want to give you just a glimpse of the scale of ‘energy’ that is being used for these rituals and the scale of planning behind them too. There is no longer anytime to play games because the end times are upon us, it’s time to see if you want to see. It’s time to run and hide and pretend this information does not exist if you don’t want to see it.

The Serpent does not do things in a hand to mouth manner, it does things over hundreds or even thousands years. If the Serpent needed to use the genuine ingredients that represents, or even reenacts, thousands of sacrificed human beings through fire at a later date, then the Serpent would provide those ingredients. Indeed it did do in a brutal manner. Human Beings race is simply ‘ingredients’ to the Serpent. Human beings are simply Stupefied Apes to the Serpent.

I’ll say it again. The victims of the WW2 Holocaust were sacrificed ‘in advance’, so to speak, to supply the means to make the future rituals being carried out in Jerusalem authentic. Sounds daft until you think about it eh? So think about it. Again I believe the mass killing of Jews in WW2, ‘the Holocaust’, was planned in advance simply to supply the right materials for sacrificial rituals for use in Jerusalem at a later date.

Can you accept that?

The death camps in WW2 literally supplied the means to display and reenact sacrifices in modern day Jerusalem, but this was planned by the Serpent long before WW2. It didn’t just happen. That’s why the death camps are named in stone Yad Vashem, they are ingredients for rituals at this time too. Again the Serpent realised long ago it couldn’t actually start burning thousands of people, in what was and now is end times rituals, in open view, on top of a mountain in Jerusalem, but that scenario was demanded by the Serpent. So to be blunt (sorry) it basically created the death camps and sacrificed human beings by fire in advance and symbolically used their remains and images at a later date. In a way it is just like some cookery show bakes something in the oven in advance to use later in the show in some ‘here’s something I made earlier’ scenario. Sorry to be blunt but I’m trying to get the message home. Therefore people visiting the apparatus in Yad Vashem is, in reality, literally on a par with witnessing the crematoria at Auschwitz.

Once the original ritual was started (reenacted) again ‘in another country’ no one is any the wiser that its even the same ritual or even linked to it, it’s seen as a museum or a tribute to the dead. In reality the early stages of the ritual (WW2) was used as a smoke screen to create the latter stages of the ritual and gather support for it! My friends Yad Vashem is just an extension of the original death camp rituals. Indeed the world not only supports the ritual it literally joins in the ritual because the ritual is actually taking place on a daily basis, just as it did in ancient times in the same city named Jerusalem.

This sort of information will need proper attention and deeper explanation etc. But be told the basic truth today. The death camps from WW2 are part and parcel of the rituals you see in Yad Vashem. The Jewish Hierarchy knew this to be the case and knew that massive amounts of human sacrifice would be required for their rituals and the entire worlds leaders stood back and watched the slaughter in WW2 happen, so the bones, the blood and the dust of the slaughtered could be used in later rituals in Yad Vashem. They literally use the past slaughter today to attract the emotional energy and acceptance of sacrifice to Jerusalem to make the rituals a success. The original rituals were hidden in a world war but guile and trickery allows them to reenact them and display them in our faces today. The world has been conned on a massive scale through massive effort involved to create the symbolism and apparatus required.

It is clear that the affects of the deception will reach colossal levels as the Serpent now approaches a clear sight of its goal at what is said to be the end times.  I will write a lot more on the WW2 scam at a later date, but please realise that the holocaust was purposely created and ‘named’ as such simply to achieve the ingredients required for rituals at Yad Vashem and to make prophecy come true, and making prophecy come true is a major aim of the Serpent to continually rule the human race. The whole thing is sickeningly cold and dark in the extreme. I can only tell you the truth. I can’t make you believe it.

It’s nearly time for me to go to leave you to think and do your own research into what I have said on this matter so far. If you have read this information with an open heart and seek freedom then it will get through to you and when you need it too. The information is true and trustworthy.

But before I do go I’d like to take you back up to Mount Remembrance, just for a moment. If you remember, at the beginning of this article, I told you about the modern day Zionist Herzl being entombed on the same mountain as Yad Vashem.  I can only tell you again that the Serpent is very very deceptive. It operates on a high level of understanding and its trickery holds no boundaries.

I have had a few folks ask me about Herzl situation in the past. Obviously I have now produced this article about other things on this mountain to use as reference. Therefore I can say today that the Herzl situation on the mount is operating on exactly the same ritualistic principle as Yad Vashem is operating on, or maybe I should say it soon will be operating on the same principle after ‘all’ the planned occult apparatus is installed. That said most of the apparatus placed there already and has been in part operation for years.

Herzl was a big pied piper for the Serpent, mostly because he literally personifies modern day Zionism and represents it, therefore the focus of respect and emotional energy attracted to this part of the mount is directed at the worshiping the Serpent on one hand whilst giving acceptance that Zionism is indeed ‘returning’ the Jews to the ‘Land of Israel’. The latter being a very important point in for the rituals to come in this place as is massive attraction of genuine human emotion to the Mount in which Herzl is placed.

As far as apparatus is concerned there is a ‘Herzl Museum’ there for the world to accept that is is the place of the creation of Zionism. And just like the ashes of sacrificial victims are at Yad Vashem, the official remains, bones, ashes and blood of those previously sacrificed for Zionism are located there too. In this case the military and national cemetery represents symbolic sacrifices and the remains of human beings either died fighting for or serving Zionism or more appropriately the ‘Land of Israel’. That said there is no difference, as far as ritual is concerned, in the symbolic remains of those sacrificed in Death camps in WW2 and the remains of those that sacrificed themselves in military or civil services. Can you see that?


 Military/National Cemetery: Some of those officially ‘sacrificed’ for Zionism at rest on Mount Herzl

Herzl has been placed in a special place of respect next to the national/military cemetery therefore Herzl (Zionism) is surrounded by the energy given to sacrificial heroes via the remains of those that ‘sacrificed’ their lives in wars for Jerusalem and those that dedicated their lives through civic duties. Therefore, In Mount Herzl, you literally have another place of sacrificial remains to attract emotion and energy to Herzl and whom Herzl actually represents.

So for those that wanted to know about the Herzl situation I will tell you the truth and say both Yad Vashem and the Herzl memorial and cemetery are literally the same scam working in cahoots for the same goal, to worship the Serpent Cult and make prophecy come true. The Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem and Herzl’s gravestone, which is located at Herzl Plaza, are literally ambiguous ‘altars’ to attract and conduct energy on one level.


Herzl Gravestone (Altar of Zion) They literally built a stage around it

Many ‘ceremonies’, concerts and rituals go on at Herzl Plaza, both in public and in private, on this Mount in front of or around Herzl’s black granite gravestone, therefore in my opinion, the gravestone acts as an official ‘Altar of Zion’ and again it will operate in a similar vein to the Holocaust Altars at Yad Vashem previously mentioned. The Herzl/Zionism situation is also on a par with events that have and will take place at Sultan’s Pool mentioned in part one too.


Herzl Plaza (Herzl Grave (Altar) is top centre) The Plaza is used for massive ceremonies


Herzl Plaza, the home of Herzl’s gravestone (Altar of Zion): The apparatus during ceremonies is very ambiguous and the Gravestone of Herzl is ALWAYS the real focus point anyway.

Please also remember that human agents for the Serpent participate in public induction and confirmation rituals on the Altar in the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vasem. Therefore I also believe Herzl’s black granite Gravestone Altar is also used for similar reasons and our leaders actually represent us whilst at these altars. That said I think the use of Herzl’s gravestone, as an altar, will involve higher rankers and more out of hours rituals.


Obama literally speaking on the ‘Altar of Zion’ (Herzl’s black granite grave)

Obama like all other agents for the Serpent simply follows the script. Again if it wasn’t for the innocent victims and the sheer torture and misery it would be bloody laughable.

Anyway, as I said, both Yad Vashem ‘altars’ and the Herzl Zionist gravestone (altar) will be attracting spiritual energy through our emotions, positive or negative, in massive amounts when world events unfold in the future. That is the time when these altars will realise their potential but I must stress that all the apparatus is not in place.

So maybe if I showed you some of the ‘apparatus’ currently being planned and almost fully installed up on Mount Herzl you might see that it really will be a place to extract and harness energy for the Serpent amongst other things, when it arrives? Not that I don’t believe I haven’t showed you more than enough apparatus already.

Please take a look at the apparatus on the video below. I truly believe this apparatus, or something very similar, will be used for for energy extraction and spiritual surrender ritual. The apparatus will be known as the National Memorial Hall.  It is said it will be placed near those that sacrificed their lives and near Herzl Plaza of course. I could say it’s the exact same scam as the Hall of Names scam at Yad Vashem. It is indeed that and it will take all the energy in rituals that are will be carried in that area and through massive attention it will receive in the future. The planned Memorial Hall and monument is said to be based on a torch. But I tell friends that it is not based on a torch, the mention of a torch is to announce a link to fire. Memorial Hall is based on massive sacrifice through fire, just like the majority of Apparatus on the rest of the Herzl Mountain. Indeed I believe this apparatus massively symbolises ‘crematoria’ like that of the death camps and therefore ambiguously represents prolonged human sacrifice in my opinion, and again massive amounts of human emotion will be directed to this place in the future.  Please watch the simulation.

Have you watched it? If so what can I say? What does your intuition say? What do you say? Is it an innocent monument or does it fit to the theories I have supplied since 2004? I tell you the truth, when it is completed it will be one of the most important monuments on the planet, as far as deceptive ritual and the enslavement of the human race is concerned anyway, but when would anyone really believe the words I say unless these things smack them right in the face one day? I tell the scoffers, the liars, the ignorant and the fakers and takers that when these things do smack them in their face that they won’t have time to turn their cheek.


The ‘National Memorial Hall’: Can you ever believe it is a place of spiritual energy extraction based on the memory and endorsement of those sacrificed by Fire.

This ‘National Memorial Hall’ is coming to Jerusalem along with the Museum of Tolerance soon.

It really is time for me to go. I don’t really want to fully sum up yet because I will be doing a third part of this series on Jerusalem but I believe I have given you the basic truth regarding this area in part two. That said, there is a hell of a lot more too it. I believe I have given you the truth about the sacrifices. I believe I have given you the truth about the altars. I believe I have given you the truth about the sacrifices of human beings by fire being carried out under the smokescreen of a purposely planned war and then very craftily re-enacted. Indeed I wholeheartedly state today that this information is absolutely vital to those that really want to achieve spiritual freedom, reclaim their powers and break the spell the Serpent has them under.

I also believe I have given you the basic truths regarding one of the biggest scams that is currently in this world and indeed coming to this world.  I believe I have now alerted friends to attempt to look at and see through the apparatus that not only literally carries the collective soul of the human race at Yad Vashem but it will use the energy of the human race to literally enslave itself.

If I only had one sentence to sum up ‘Go, Swim in the Pool of Siloam’ I’d say that it could save your very soul.

I shall try to supply part three of this series as soon as I can.

Until then…

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze

1st June 2013

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Please do not steal, copy or alter the words in this article for your own ends.