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Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras: A Nightmare on Stadium Street – The Athens Protests Exposed

Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras


Parliament: Stadiou Street Athens.

A Nightmare on Stadium Street – The Athens Protests Exposed

 By Matthew Delooze

“There is no such thing as a peaceful protest. If your heart was at peace you would not protest”
Matthew Delooze April 2009
“A stupefied human race becomes even more stupefied when it protests to its enslaver to have human enslavement verified”
Matthew Delooze May 2010.

Hello folks,

I wasn’t going to write this article because, basically, I have already exposed the exact same plot and the exact same storyline over thirteen months ago. Obviously at the time new information goes over some people’s heads especially if it clashes with their own logic and actions. The democratic right to protest is seen as a pillar of freedom to a stupefied human race and I understand that completely.

I realised when I wrote Untying the Binds of Mithras that not many folks would grasp the real enormity of what was being said or realise the scale of the problem if what I say is true. I know many people in the truth movements are relying on protests to win the battle as they see it and the information I provided would be, in the main, ignored

I also realise that web surfers and part time hobbyists are only seeking gossip fodder for the forums anyway so they either leave this type of information alone completely or they quickly forget the message even if they understood it. Only a few thousand people have actually read or attempted to read the first Mithras article in over a year, this is despite despite it being available free of charge. I cannot stress the enormity of assistance that this information can bring you. If you haven’t read Untying the Binds of Mithras, I can only suggest you do so before reading this follow up.

The good thing about this article is that I don’t have to say much because I have already said it last year. So it is an ‘update’ if you like. It is a simple confirmation just to show I wasn’t bullshitting anyone last time. Indeed I’m glad I wrote the first one thirteen months ago so you can actually compare it with what I write below. OK? I can say, even if you think the theory is ludicrous, please compare both events. I am not trying to convince you of anything. I am only trying to help and show you what goes on.

I realise only too well that the challenges I face are difficult and I really do find it very hard to take certain directions sometimes. I know I am in possession of very important information, even if it is only for a few people out there. I know this because I’m two physical years ahead of what I have already put on paper. (But shusssh it’s a secret)

I realise the ‘smarty pants people’ in this world won’t believe for one minute that a person like me can house and supply information of any importance, but in my eye, that only makes you a wise person for reading this article doesn’t it? I say that because the ‘smarty pants people’ out there won’t really read it and even if they did they would pretend they hadn’t or simply laugh at it. So I do take some small comfort that you are reading it and I will smile knowing that some of you gain understanding from the information.

We do not awaken by getting smarty pants badges from the establishment in this world. They are only extra, gold plated, chains. I truly believe a true awakening in this world is very painful and there is no secret remedy, no matter what you have been sold.

I wrote ‘Untying the Binds of Mithras’ in April last year, some of you might remember it? The spring and summer of 2009 were a time of serious changes for me as I was moving in to a very difficult period as autumn and winter approached and I was trying to supply information that I knew was the truth but I knew it would be difficult for some to swallow. Some people run a mile when their comfort zone bubble is burst and some try to stone the messenger when they do. I can only suggest that those folks who want showbiz style ‘entertainment’, or to be told they are going to win at bingo from a spirit world, to go and get it. Good luck to you.

Anyway lets get to the point, as I said, the plot and the storyline contained in this article were really exposed thirteen months ago. This information is just a mirror image of the ritual that took pace inthe Threadneedle Street / Bank of England area last spring. Indeed it is a mirror image of the same rituals that have gone on for thousands of years. That’s because human enslavement is a continuous process and the same tactics are used repeatedly. The dumbed down human race easily falls for the same scams over and over again. The ego of the stupid easily protects the force that actually enslaves us.

 Untying the Binds of Mithras showed you one good example how the Serpent Cult created protests for benefit of the Serpent Cult, I tried to explain that the protesters were deceived in to thinking they were doing good through protests, but in reality were doing the opposite. I showed you how protesters (and their energy) were shepherded to replica geometric temples, in an angry and emotional state, to release spiritual energy in the location selected by the Serpent Cult. I informed you that the end result of this symbolic action was simply because the Serpent Cult needed our spiritual permission to rule over us. (The divine right to rule)

I also told you that the Serpent Cult need to be officially ‘challenged’ from the masses to prove ‘the right to rule’ by solving or winning disputes. I showed you in the first article that the G20 summit ‘solved’ matters over the protests in London by pumping ‘money’ in to the system. You should already know that most protests are started because of disputes over ‘money’. Again, if you haven’t read the first article, or have forgotten it, then you need to do so before you look any further at this one.

If you can remember the first article or you have just read it then come on…  let’s go to Athens.

I was strongly attracted to the news of the protests in Athens, Greece, recently. This was especially so because of the deaths that occurred on Stadiou Street. I was also very intrigued about the fact that I had walked, with my wife Susie, over the exact same area in July last year (2009). The area is know as the Stadiou Street (Stadium Street) area and it is in ‘direct line’ with the ‘Panathenaic Stadium, which is an ancient (energy extraction) site that is dedicated to the typical pied piper goddess icon, that is continually used by the Serpent Cult as a medium, in this case it is Athena. I visited this site with Susie and I knew straight away that is was on an energy line, and that energy line is similar to those I have written about in Paris and Philadelphia and talked about at my talks. The Stadiou Street area is literally the location of ancient and modern temples.


Panathenaic Stadium

General view of demonstrators massing in Syntagma square during nationwide strike over austerity measures in Athens

Greek Parliament (Area of Protest)


Panathenaic Stadium (A) Stadiou area (B)

The main theme of Stadiou Street is that it links, in direct line, Parliament house with the Panathenaic Stadium this is a similar scenario to the other major energy lines around the world. I went in to details about symbolism on energy lines in my breakthrough article Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird. I can say today that the Serpent Cult have covertly placed more occult symbolism on these energy lines over the last 100 years or so. Stadiou Street is no exception. It is part of a set.

Now then, we spent quite a while in this area looking around and watching the daily rituals that take place outside the ‘Greek Parliament’, which is located in an elevated position at the top of Stadiou Street. I am in no doubt that this building is another replica Mithras type sun worship temple. A temple of the (sun) god of contracts.

The protesting Greek’s have been programmed to take ALL of their protests to their Parliament and other ‘official’ buildings in the Stadiou Street area. They are literally shepherded like silly sheep to these places every time they ‘have a beef with authority’. (No wonder they laugh at us)

Greek Navy officers raise their fists and shout slogans as they protest against government's austerity measures during a demonstration front of the parliament in Athens

Come on sheeple… all cheer or jeer at the ‘Temple’ of ‘Contracts’… baa baa bloody baa.

  The Bank of Greece (Which is on a par with the Bank of England in the London protest) is also located on Stadiou Street. Indeed the area is literally a mirror image of the symbolism used in the London Protests last spring.

This scenario is nothing new. It happens in all major cities around the world. It’s is simply the same deception that is being carried out. But don’t tell the protesters they think they are unique! If you looked at the first Mithras article now look at what happened in Athens and compare the similarities that were carried out last ‘spring’ in London. You may bloody learn something that will help you so much in the future.


The masses are shepherded to a chosen symbolic location

General view of demonstrators massing in Syntagma square during nationwide strike over austerity measures in Athens

The symbolic location is a symbolic geometric replica temple or monument. (Athens 2010)


Just as they did the year before. (London 2009)

The police AND the protesters play a major role in stirring up emotions to manic levels.


(Athens 2010)


 Police and protesters outside replica temple (London 2009)

I realise that folks may see it as a typical protest scene and yes it is a typical protest scene and its meant to appear that way on a five sense level. What I am pointing out is that these protests scenes are purposely created in symbolic places. Neither the protesters or the police can see what is really going happening on a spiritual level. They are puppets for a force that is gaining control of the world through covert occult rituals. These protesters will never see true justice and these police will never see true law and order. They are themselves part of the ritual. Nothing takes place by chance on a protest that is chosen for ritual.

It is always planned in advance. Stooges of direction are lurking in the mob of protesters AND the police ranks. That said these agents are only following orders and they do not know the bigger picture. Indeed they never see the script they are acting out although it continually repeats itself.

You may remember that a ‘bank’ was targeted in the London protests? Yes? Great stuff eh? All these peaceful intelligent brave freedom-seeking protesters smashing shit out of a bank was great to witness eh? Viva the truth movement eh? “That’ll show our enslavers our true mentality won’t it?” If you have read the first Mithras article you will remember this.


Attack on a Bank, Threadneedle Street, near replica temple (London 2009) Please note logo of bank (RBS).

Coincidentally ‘another’ bank was targeted in Athens this week. It was also located near the replica temple where the ‘protesters’ were protesting.


Attack on Bank Stadiou Street, near replica temple (Athens 2010) please note the logo of bank (Marfin).

Well i noticed the similarity of the logos. Obviously anyone unaware of logo symbolism will not see the connections. I can only hint to you too because i cannot explain ‘in words’ what the logos mean. But look at them anyway.



The logos have many meanings.

In the first Mithras article the logo was said to be linked to the spring Greenman . I believe these logos go much deeper than that but at this stage it is only necessary to at least start to see that the logos have different levels of meaning. Indeed if these logos do symbolically represent Greenman (rebirth) ritual then the Greenman is only stage two of understanding the logo. There will be many stages. You are dealing with a force that has dumbed you down so you cannot see.


I certainly believe the bank was purposely targeted for an attack just as the RBS was in London and we can laugh at the suggestion that logos have no affect on us if you want. But you stop when you drive when seeing a red light I take it? I I don’t just mean those with naked ladies under them either.

This is no laughing matter either because the bank in Athens ended in the ‘deaths’ of three bank staff (One with child). Here take a look at the poor woman in the bottom left hand corner of the picture below. She’s ‘dead’ along with her workmates. Oh I realise that to the bank owner she is just some low paid skivvy, somebody’s daughter, maybe somebody’s mum, coldly murdered through the emotions of greed, want and fear. These things are so easily raised in abundance, through a stupefied public that is riddled with greed or fear, by the deceptive Serpent Cult and their occult rituals. Behold the result of deception. What price was this ladies life?

A fireman stands next to the body of a person who perished in a bank that was set on fire during demonstrations over austerity measures in Athens

Would you like to see your mum, wife, sister or daughter treated like this?

These rituals are endorsed by sheer stupidity and lack of spiritual awareness. They are not acts of valour by ‘brave’ justice seeking protesters.  The mob has never won anything. ‘The testosterone of youth seeks crude satisfaction, not justice’. Again the Serpent Cult WANT you to protest. They want you to be angry… but only ‘when and where’ they want you to be angry.

  The unknowing protesters are feeding the Serpent Cult just exactly what it needs to carry on controlling us, not what will stop it controlling us. The whole thing is pre-planned. IT’S FIXED.

Anyway. I realise ‘basic’ symbolism or geometry, like the bank symbols, is not conclusive proof that occult ritual is taking place, although on a low level it is linked with springtime (sun) rebirth rituals (Green man etc). I have only shown you the basic symbolism to get you thinking. Indeed are the bank’s logos and the attacks on them, in both London and Athens, a coincidence or are agent provocateurs, working for a force with higher spiritual knowledge, at work.

I say they are.  It is no coincidence.

It’s hard to put in to place in words, without being seemingly patronising sometimes, just how buildings are used as replica temples, especially those in which spiritual energy can be extracted from the human beings that are in or around them. I understand that the information seems far too silly to be true, even to a person who has thought about such things previously.  I did see and feel intuitive stimulation whilst researching protests on Stadiou Street through a video I watched. It did affect me and I hope it sparks something in you. I have embedded it below.  The clip is showing a previous demonstration outside the Parliament Building. Where else?

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who saw or felt something whilst watching some of this video clip. The sound and vision felt like deja vu to me and the replica temple was eerie. It may just be me. In the video I see an illuminated altar (temple) and a crowd chanting to it. Although it is angry and noisy it is on a par with a carol service in a church. Obviously in a church, as you will have witnessed yourself at sometime or another, is ‘submissive worship energy’ being used and in the video it is ‘offensive challenge energy. What do you think? But i tell you the truth when I say the secret rulers of the world require that you give up both types of energy via ritual. The ‘protest’ is indeed a ritual. The ritual involves the temple you see in the video and the emotions of the people in attendance creating and directing energy towards it.

Please take a look and see what you feel.

What is really going on? Try to see beyond the 5 sense situation.

 Please take it in. There is no difference between screaming anger energy outside a replica temple and actually challenging ‘God’ inside one. Yes?

It is a massive deception. I am only too aware, even at this early stage of developments, that it is a near impossible task to even attempt to explain to some sort of people that they have been duped lifetime after lifetime and lived for thousands of years in total self delusion. (Their ego simply won’t let me). They simply can’t cope with it. They simply cannot bear trying to comprehend that they are victim to a con trick that they had absolutely no idea was taking place. They believe they are far too clever for that so they simply don’t believe it.  They want to ‘play’ at waking up if its fashionable and topical to do so. Once it gets serious they simply want to stay asleep. My head hurts so I’ll turn it off now sort of thing. Breaking spells does hurt I’m sorry to say.

I can only repeat my words in the first Mithras article.

Emotional Disrespect = Spiritual Energy.

Displaying free will energy on a protest march or in a riot, at symbolic temples like the Bank of England, is the same as getting on your knees in a real temple and praying. Being on a protest march and releasing anger energy in front of a symbolic temple is also on a par with attending Glastonbury Festival and dancing in front of the Pyramid and releasing passive energy. The fact that the emotion is based on anger and protest does not make the energy created less powerful.

Please don’t forget that the Serpent Cult control your ‘emotions’ even though you may think you are above that, you are not and they can make you celebrate something or hate something when it suits them. You will be led at the drop of a hat. You are a puppet. There are no exceptions.

I hope you are beginning to see the pattern of spiritual energy extraction through protests at symbolic locations. It does not matter if you do not grasp the reasons ‘why’ such things take place. It does not matter if you cannot see that the protests are ‘spiritually’ challenging the force that enslaves to prove their right to rule you because your free will allows them to do so. In 2010 I only ask you to ‘actually consider’ that protests are created by the Serpent Cult entirely for the benefit of the Serpent Cult. In 2010 I only ask you to consider why the ‘official locations’ of protests (which are provided by the Serpent Cult) are laden with occult monuments and ancient and replica temples?

Just ask yourself why the powers that be actually allow you to protest at these symbolic places because I assure you if you protested where they did not want you to protest they would shoot the protesters dead. They would do it in a blink of an eye. In their eye you must protest where they want you to protest.

I only ask you to consider that now in 2010 because the future will show you that I tell the truth.I’m preparing you not dishing out doom to you. Take the information in. The Serpent Cult can only get the human race to supply them with the ‘challenge’ to prove that they have the divine right to rule over us by the protests. It is universal law and it must come to pass to be binding. No universal powers can step in if it the will of the masses to be ruled by those they request to rule them. We are literally choosing our rulers.

I assure you from the bottom of my heart that the Serpent Cult have created both the protesters and the police to ensure that anger energy (spiritual energy) will be displayed at all official replica temples on all illuminati created energy lines on this planet. I tell you the truth. Human beings will be pushed and poked to protest more and more in the coming years. It is a cruel scam, but it is very hard to see the scam if we are fuelled with hate and a desire to protest, murder and destroy. Again the Serpent Cult can turn you, yes you, in to a protester in a blink of a eye. There are no safe comfort zones. It has been tried and tested for thousands of years.

The Serpent Cult is not daft. The human race is dumbed down. The Serpent Cult has been carrying out the same scams for thousands of years. It takes heart, strength and copious amounts of humility to even to begin comprehend that human beings are deceived to such an extent that it hurts them to be told so. There is no bigger fool than one who believes he can’t be fooled anymore. That is simply because those that believe they cannot be fooled are the easiest to fool.

I say these things because I care, not because I don’t care.  I can’t help anyone wake up by telling him or her lies, nor by lying to myself either. I can’t help anyone by pretending I have tickets to heaven if they pay me for a guidebook and I would never ever do so. The information I have supplied is given to you in a toned down version compared to the version that was given to me. Seeing my own ‘gullibility’ has hurt me in the past and I have sometimes blamed the source of information for my pain. I don’t blame anyone from running away from the information I supply, especially when I have to suggest we are not as awake as we think we are, but I assure you I only mean well.

We have a long way to go.

The Serpent Cult does not fear protest from the sheeple, it literally creates and craves protest. It thrives on it. You can burn down Rome, Athens, London and Paris tomorrow it will make no difference apart from short term satisfaction and release of frustration in the protesters.  It will, my friend, only endorse your enslavement. Indeed it has been done several times before, all major cities have been destroyed in the past by protesters and nothing has changed in the long term because of it. The control will only increase.

Wake Up!!!

Please don’t demand your own enslavement!

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 9th May 2010.

  We need to see beyond the mind control that has been placed on us by the Serpent Cult. We need to regain our true sight. We need to be able to see the scams that are being carried out on us.  Once we start to do just that we will see that the Serpent Cult is just one big bag of deceptive horseshit and we really have nothing to fear. We can rid the world of fear but we can only do that when we lose our own fears and open our minds and see just what we are being conned into doing in our everyday lives. This country and this world is full of people who just want to live without fear and oppression and once we see through the trickery being played on us in this world we will see that there is not only physical freedom available to all, but spiritual freedom is available too and every single one of us is entitled to that too. Let’s have some of that eh? Come on let’s  have some of that eh?

Matthew Delooze April 2009

  ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2010. All rights reserved


They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie.

UPDATE: Conspiracy Con Men at the AV2

Yeah They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie

Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water EXPOSED!

By Matthew Delooze

Well they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Yeah they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
And you ain’t no friend of mine

Hound Dog By Elvis Presley

Hello folks,

This story is written entirely for those I love and for those that need to hear the story. The fakers, takers and bullshitters might as well bugger off now because this story is not for you.  So I can only suggest to the ‘blind hippies’ out there that they should refrain from reading this article. Obviously those of you that are blind won’t know you are a blind hippy will you? I don’t use the term hippy in an insulting way either.

This article will really not do blind hippies any good whatsoever. Indeed I have purposely held back this article until today so as not to upset some of the hippy fluffy bunny robots out there attending the water ritual. Not that they will believe me anyway. This story is about the Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water that takes place on the summer solstice.


Those folks that know of my work will remember my stuff on Live 8.  You know… back in the days when the so-called ‘awakened’ hadn’t a clue what was going on at these events. Sadly many of the so-called awakened still can’t see the difference between their arse and their elbow but obviously that is only my opinion and I mean no offence.

I wrote about Live 8 before the Live 8 event took place. Please read The Past is Calling article if you don’t know about it.  I also wrote about Live 8 in my book The Stars Are Falling. I made it perfectly clear to all that the Live 8 concerts were, in my opinion, a con trick in order to get the masses to unknowingly carry out mass sun worship ritual. My comments are well documented on the matter even though I was ridiculed at the time I made them. Everyone remembers Live 8 don’t they? OK? Don’t worry you were meant to have Live 8 placed in your memory banks.

 I said back then that future ‘Global Concerts’ were being planned by the Serpent Cult to attract the masses to join in with a series of ‘Sun Worship’ rituals that they know nothing about but because of their egos, interest in celebrities and subconscious programming they would flock to the events and unknowingly take part in the ritual they see as something that is taking place for enjoyment. They obviously do not want to miss out on such an event and this is understandable. Everyone likes to party if they like parties. So do I. Anyway, let’s get on now you have been ‘reminded about Live 8’.


‘Live 8’ The first modern global Sun Worship ritual.

Over the last 12 months ago I have been given many harsh lessons about the conspiracy/spiritualist/ truth movement.  I really have had my eyes opened the hard way and with hindsight I can now see why my journey took the path it did. Things have been, albeit intermittently, pretty traumatic for me on an individual level since around last October and I have struggled sometimes to cope with the thoughts I had and the information I was remembering.

I have only written very little about my childhood experiences that I remembered through trauma in 98/99.  I wrote basic memories down and produced them in my small book ‘You will be wiser when you are older’. Since that time I have remembered more details of my childhood experiences and the lead up to my epiphany in 1998/99 and I now understand that I was being allowed to remember more things but only on an ‘as and when’ basis and only when I was capable of coping with the information. I was receiving and fully understanding

Sometimes I have found comfort in a situation and thought I was actually progressing on a five-sense level only to realise that I had to do the opposite of what I thought I was actually doing to enable true progression to continue. I hope you understand that. I mean that he can be brought forwards in awareness through our ‘comforts’, but those comforts were in reality only provided and then used to get us in or to a certain situation. The comfort is then taken away. The truth leads me down a comfortable path only to eventually show me that the same path does not lead me to a comfortable destination. Indeed some paths are not what they seem and its comforts are literally illusion and fakery, but also a very good carrot on a stick too. I hope you understand what i am saying.

Sometimes my memories cause me deep distress especially when I realise that I have far more trauma to come in my life to complete the spiritual journey I am on.  Sometimes I simply want to abandon my journey. I want to chicken out.  I want peace of mind and I want comforts. I have none of these things. I have suffered in some form or another on a daily basis for 11 years now and death would be a welcome release for me, but without that suffering I know I simply could not see what I see and if I cannot see what I see then my mission has failed.

I don’t want to fail, no matter what obstacles are put in my way. If I am to suffer and be tested more than I have been already, then so be it. If that sounds dramatic then I’m sorry but try living as me for a week and you’d sound bloody dramatic too!

I now realise that our 5-sense programming goes so so very very deep.  Without my sufferings I would have landed and indeed stayed in a permanent comfort zone by now.  I have landed in one or two comfort zones in the last couple of years and it’s very upsetting to me when I realise that they are only temporary. It is upsetting to find out that these temporary comfort zones are simply a stepping-stone to show me the many levels, or should I say many forms of hypnosis, that we are all victim too.

 The hypnosis we are under is composed of many levels, not just one.  It is vital that you understand that. I have been ‘consciously aware’ of the hypnosis we are under for 11 years.  I’m still discovering the higher levels of hypnosis that has been created by the same hypnotist. That hypnotist is the Serpent Cult.

I see many folks these days claiming to be awake and how they have been awake for years. I’m not disputing that some people are ‘awake’ from one form of hypnosis but they are not awake in my opinion, not by a long chalk. They have broken free from the hypnotic control of the Serpent Cult but they have only broken free on the lowest level.  E.G. they wander around ‘knowing’ there is corruption in this world.

 Apart from that they know jack shit about any awakenings apart from using certain theories of other people to pretend they know the score. They are simply parrots passing around low-level ‘spell breaking triggers’.

 I’m not ranting because of any paranoid delusions of grandeur here. I’m talking to you as I would talk to myself.  I already know the information I’m passing on in this article and far more besides. I haven’t stolen it from another researcher like some deluded smart arse thief on a blog to try and look like I know the score either. I know you are reading this information because you want to be free and I’m trying my very best to help you achieve that.

 To do that, in my opinion, I have to try and help you break the hypnosis I believe you are under. It is not easy for me to do this. It is easy for me to point out the lower levels of hypnosis that I have showed you for a few years now and it’s easy for the ‘parrots’ and the thieves in this movement to create a monotonous loop of that lower level hypnosis information. Once they have been told what it is of course.

The Serpent Cult, as I call it, the multi-dimensional entities and their agents on Earth, wants to keep you trapped in an invisible net of hypnosis.  The Serpent Cult realise that you may start, for whatever reason, to ‘see’ this net and when you do see it you will automatically cut yourself free from it.  So when the Serpent Cult first set ‘the first invisible net of hypnosis’ around you it ‘composed’ many many other layers of invisible netting around you too. It did this in case you did indeed see through the first layer of hypnotic netting and broke through it. It may sound confusing and silly but it is so so true.

  Anyone experiencing ‘an awakening’ would assume they were ‘fully awake’ after breaking through the first net when indeed they were still surrounded by many other layers of netting that they still ‘could not see’.  In other words they were not ‘awake’ at all they were simply asleep in another zone of reality.  In other words they had landed in a comfort zone in which they thought or felt they were free and awake in.

Do you understand this? If not it is bloody well time you started to, because in a few years time you are going to need  to be strong AND aware.

Each layer of this hypnotic netting contains a more complex form of hypnosis than the last one did. If you break through one layer of the netting and think you are free it is only because you cannot see the next layer of the net around you. You are not awake, you are still asleep, you were only awake in the old netting momentarily and you then simply entered another dream surrounded by more netting. Imagine each layer of this net actually being a different comfort zone. Each layer has a comfort zone to suit somebody and each comfort zone holds the illusion for someone, indeed everyone is catered for at some stage.

It is easy for me to explain this situation by using a 5-sense sense scenario. How many people follow certain politics or certain political parties? A person can join the Labour Party or the Conservatives in the UK or the Democrats and the Republicans in the USA. It does not matter who joins what party but when someone does they think they are well ‘awake’ and know the truth about being in the ‘right political party’. Everything is comfortable until someone realises, becomes ‘awake’ if you like, that the party they are in is not what they first believed and they wake up to the falsehood of the political party they once thought was the best and the truth. It’s only when they ‘see through’ the hypnosis or political bullshit of the party they are in that they decide to defect to another party. They literally awaken to their errors don’t they? They literally see through the net of one party and break free from it. But then, thinking they are free from the hypnosis they simply join another one and then fail to see that the other party is just the same. They literally fall for the same hypnosis but all the time thinking they are now awakened. They are not awake to anything they have simply jumped into another more comfortable net.

Are you still with me?

Thinking on the same sort of lines as the political scenario above I’d like you to consider the claims of the spiritually awakened folks of today? What do they claim? They claim they are awake.  They claim to see through the veil. Well don’t they? Don’t most of you reading this article claim the exact same thing? But if you are ‘awake’ why the hell are you reading this article? What can I tell the folks that are already awakened?

 I can’t tell you anything if you are awaken and therefore it’s time for you to realise you are still in the land of nod. The fact is if you were awakened you wouldn’t be on here looking at this article would you?

  I see it like this…

 Mrs Betty Fatarse on a forum. “Oohhh yesssss Doris I read a book by Mr Guru Number-one and I’m now fully awake spiritually but I also watched a DVD by Mr Guru Number-two and now I’m not so sure. Oh dear I’m awake but I still don’t know my fat arse from my elbow so maybe I should watch them both again and decide which one really awakened me.”

How many Betty Fatarses do you know? Or are you one of them?  Am I just a Matty Fatarse? The point I am getting at is that you should consider that you have only broken through the ‘first layer’ of Serpent Cult hypnosis. You should, in my opinion, consider that you have simply landed in a ‘comfort zone’ that only makes you feel like you have ‘awakened’ when you are indeed just fast asleep in another ‘comfort zone’. Does that make sense to you?

Come on…  be honest with ‘you’ there is only you and me here and I was in your shoes once myself and I’m being 100% honest with you.  Can you accept that you have only broken through one layer of hypnosis but you still believe you are awake?

Or do you believe you are not daft enough to fall for, or stay under, the influence the same hypnosis twice eh? You are one of the clever buggers that are here, via special invitation of course, selected as part of a team to shift the sad mass consciousness on Planet Earth eh?  You are a fully paid up member of  ‘Team Shift in Consciousness’ eh?

Once a clever sod like you was awakened there was no stopping you eh?  You ran round the ‘truth forums’ to gossip to other awakened souls and you also dashed to the websites of the more awakened guru types to grab your fix of truth serum too eh?  You were just like a person possessed and to feed your newly awakened state like a pervert in a sex shop didn’t you? No more hypnosis for you then eh? You have got your David Icke book and your Alex Jones DVD and your Matthew Delooze article eh? You are still on the net at every opportunity as well just in case you miss anything too eh?

You have it all worked out haven’t you? You’re a spiritual being and you love everyone. All you need do now is wait for heaven to open and let you in isn’t it? You have already beat the illuminati and Serpent Cult and now you demand to be free eh? Obviously you will still listen to Internet radio and attend lectures by whoever takes your fancy, for a top up of information to keep you ‘comfortable’ and in the know. Case solved eh?

 You are now simply here waiting to wear the ‘I shifted the human consciousness’ T Shirt, with your forum name on it too, not your own name of course, when the job is all done and dusted eh? I wish I were simply having a laugh. But I’m not. Wake the hell up and remember where you are really from and get the stench of Serpent off your bones.

 Or do you believe all you have to do is keep up with the specifications dictated to by the gurus and keep up to speed with the information spewed out from various sources on the Internet, some of it very dodgy I might add, and you will be home and dry and create a shift in mass consciousness, now you are ‘awake’ eh?

What a pile of shit and deep down you know this.

I tell you the truth today ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies, none of you are awake in my opinion. Not one of you is ‘awake’.  Oh granted, some of you are ‘tossing and turning in your sleep’ and some of you are having a quick glimpse of the alarm clock before you press the snooze button again but you are not awake, not by a long chalk in my opinion. You are still totally enslaved in my opinion too. You are now simply stuck in a comfort zone of conspiracy, spiritualism and so-called truth movements. It’s not being awake it is just being stuck in more comfortable hypnosis.
You think you are awake because you have websites and lecturers, alternative medicines, fluffy bunny false personalities on radio shows, hippy events and new age pop concerts don’t you? You think you are awake because you compare yourselves with the really dumbed down sheep on the streets ‘that still think the way you used to think’ don’t you?

It must be so wonderful for you to be awake eh? You have sussed out that our politicians are corrupt and our education is simply a form of brainwashing haven’t you? You may have reached a level of ‘knowing’ that religion is a bag of shite that was simply created to enslave you and all the sheeple you have left behind in the first net of hypnosis are simply too blind to see it. How clever your eyes are these days eh? You can see the things you see now do because you are ‘awake’ eh?‘

‘What a load of shite’.

Hey I tell you all that as a buddy and a friend not as a guru that wants your mind along with your money. I tell you that because I care and I tell it so those words reach those I want those words to reach.  Copying the words of a guru or researcher on your blogs or gossiping on a forum is not being awake.  These things do help you in a small way but you are not awake simply because you have a new form of comfort. Comfort is not freedom it is only comfort.  Following the rules of a guru is not being awake either.

Indeed, on a five sense level, when you awaken from slumber and get out of bed do you follow anyone’s rules to walk to the toilet and relieve yourself or do you simply go to the toilet under your own steam? Do you need someone to tell you what to do when you truly awaken? No you don’t. You simply carry on doing what comes naturally. OK? On the other hand would it help if someone were to ‘shake you’ when you are having a bad dream whilst you were thinking you are awake, to tell you that you are actually still having a dream and you were still asleep?

I get all the dirty jobs.

I have the job of telling you, and the time is coming when you need to know, that you are not awake. You are still under very deep sleep hypnosis. You have simply gone through another door inside the same Matrix and that Matrix has simply created a comfort zone to make it appear you are now awake. The Serpent Cult is not daft. It knows all the tricks and it knows all the games. It is a very good deceiver and the deceptions you now actually think you know about are very trivial in comparison to the tricks and deceptions you are totally unaware of. It knows some of us will break through the basic hypnosis of religion, money and politics. Can you start to believe that the Serpent Cult is very aware of people breaking through low levels of hypnosis?


Then do you not wonder why the Serpent Cult or the illuminati do not take stronger measures to control your own awakening along with the other people that claim to be awakening? Again. Can you start to believe that the Serpent Cult is very aware of people breaking through low levels of hypnosis?

If you can then let’s go forward. If you can’t and you believe you are fully awake and aware and that you now exist in ‘truth communities’ that are fully awake alongside you then I suggest you bugger off now because the following information is not for you. That said I also suggest you take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions regarding just who has convinced you that you are indeed ‘awake’.

  Indeed I have had ‘awakened’ people over the last few years say to me they’ve heard all they want to hear and now they just need to know what to do about it. They were and still are simply frustrated at the hypnosis they were/are still under, sadly they still thought they were awake when they said such things.

If you were awake you’d know what to do. You wouldn’t need to as what to do and you certainly wouldn’t have to buy what to do.

There are many people in the truth movement biz that are telling you what to do and they are even telling you what to eat and drink and think. It’s time I gave you a good example of what I mean by thinking you are awake whilst still being fast asleep in a comfort zone.

 Before I go any further I want to make if perfectly clear that I’m not about to slag off any researcher or criticise anybodies genuine work. It has become clear to me that certain people in the truth communities are in my opinion totally programmed to attack or ignorantly run away from someone who may suggest that the truth movement is not all it seems to be.

I hope I have made it clear again before I start that I’m not attacking anyone’s ‘work’. I am only saying what I see and I am only saying what my research and my heart have led me to see and to do that I have no choice but to START to mention things going on inside the truth movement. I want you to look at an event that has been going on this very weekend. I could have mentioned this a few months ago but then I would have been called a party pooper wouldn’t I? So I will mention it now. It’s the Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water. Most of you will have heard of it. Its main promoter is a Mr Lenard Horowitz.

 Len Horowitz: ‘He ain’t ever caught a rabbit’ but he fronted Live H2O
Please click on here to read about Mr Horowitz.

When I first ‘heard’ of this event many months ago my intuition went haywire. I first heard of this event through a friend who asked me what I thought of it.  I had a look at all the circumstances surrounding this event and I decided to watch a couple of Mr Horowitz’s videos and look at the Live H20 event that is taking place. My intuition was right to go haywire. Here is a promo for the H20 event. AND Here is a video of Mr Horowitz

I have provided links to those things because I say to you now that if you want to take something from the information proved by Mr Horowitz or the H20 event then you are fully entitled to do so. He has presented his stuff very well and the H20 event is free I believe. I wish anyone who has been enlightened by Dr Horowitz  (D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M, D.M.M.) and his work in the Live H20 event or benefited from his work as a Doctor or has bought any of his many health products as well, all the best for the future and good luck.

I said in the beginning of this article that I wrote about LIVE 8 being a massive sun worship ritual. It appears it is OK for me to do that. Again I said at the time in my book that Serpent Cult global sun worship events would increase.  I also wrote about LIVE Earth that came along later. In my opinion the same thing applied and Live Earth was simply another global Sun Worship ritual that I had previously predicted would take place.

 I have no doubts that some of the punters in the Truth/ Conspiracy/ Spiritualist Movement can accept that the two events named above could be very dodgy and serve the Serpent Cult. This is simply because these events were fronted by Bob Geldof and Al Gore respectively. It’s easy for the awakened to accept that knighted, puppets for the establishment, ‘celebs’ and hyped, puppets for the establishment, ‘politicians’ operating outside of the truth movements are easy to point out when they are involved in dodgy global events.

The so -called ‘awakened’ out there can quickly and easily see through low level hypnosis after they have broken through it and they easily see the puppet elite faces that are putting on these global events after it has been pointed out to them and they are using more than one brain cell. The so-called awakened know that these events don’t look or feel right to someone who already thinks they are awake. BUT it’s a totally different situation when the organiser of similar global events is operating ‘inside’ the alternative news/health movement or conspiracy biz. The so called awakened don’t dare to see, hear or speak evil of these events in the same way they would about Geldof’s Live 8 or indeed Al Gore’s Live Earth. I know a few people would, usually anonymous gossips on forums, but it would indeed be very few people that spoke up against a face that is actually accepted and operating in the truth movement.

Why is this?

I’ll tell you why, it is because the so-called ‘awakened’ people are not really awakened people and they are literally programmed not to question the ‘actions’ of the conspiracy/ truth movement’s gurus, leaders or researchers. Please note I said ‘actions’ and not the ‘work’ of the said gurus, leaders and researchers. There are unwritten rules in the conspiracy biz.

Hey and please don’t tell me Len Horowitz is not accepted in the truth movements because he was top of the bill at the recent, fur coat and no knickers, AV2 event (DVD set now available at ‘bargain’ prices) and this event was organised by well-known and well-followed names in the ‘biz.’ Conman Ian Crane being one front man. So come on then let me question it. Let me bring it up. I’m no fluffy bunny hippy that is trapped in the rules of a guru in which the gurus are never questioned?  I only chose this event as an example because it is easy to show you. It smacks me in the face and it upsets me to see it and the apathetic robots that join in these things without question.

 Don’t judge me for mentioning this event till you hear what I have to say either or you may end up with runny egg on your face in the future and it’s a bugger to wash off. I tell you the truth today when I say I believe the ‘Live H20’ Concert for The Living Water is not only linked to and part of the Live 8 and Live Earth events, as a global sun worship ritual, it is actually the most blatant one of them to date. But you don’t want really to hear that do you? You are in a programmed comfort zone where no questions of gurus have to be raised. We are all happy hippies together aren’t we? The gurus in the truth movement are all 100% pure in our minds, are they not? Yes I’m bloody sure they are. I’ll tell you the truth I have met more dodgy bastards inside the truth movement than I did in the detention / correctional institutions I spent time in way back in my younger days.

 I tell you the truth I believe Live H20 is a Global, Serpent Cult Sun God ritual and it is the most blatant one to date.

 Gosh, shock and horror Matthew Delooze has spoken his mind and says the event organised by Dr Horowitz for and on behalf of a love/ truth/ alternative news movement is a covert Sun ritual, it can’t be true can it? Let me explain why I think it’s a Serpent Cult organised sun god ritual shall I?

Those of you who know about my work will know that I believe that sun god worship is based on the creation of the sun (Ra) in this world by the Ogdoad (The so called original living 8 reptilian type creators of life in this world) The Ogdoad did this by creating the Sun and the first mound of Earth, symbolised by the benben stone, from the ‘Primordial Chaos ‘, which was basically a mass space of murky water. So oh awakened ones out there that dare not see, speak or hear evil about events in the truth movement. Let me remind you what has gone on over the last few years.

Live ‘8’
Live Earth…
Now Live Water

These things are supposed to be unconnected but I tell you the truth these events now complete the ‘original creation story’. Can you see? Do you want to see anyway?… I’ll tell you anyway. The Ogdoad is Bob Geldof’s ‘Live 8’ the rising Benben is Al Gore’s Live Earth and Len Horowitz’s ‘Live H20’ is the Primordial Chaos.

These global events are a blatant re-enactment of the actions of ‘Ogdoad’ and the symbolic creation of this world (Sun Worship/ Let there be light) the sad thing is that the so-called awakened are joining in with these events and giving their free will acceptance of such things.
Indeed the Serpent Cult is re-implanting the subliminal message, that Reptilian forces created the world, into the mass consciousness and the tree global events represent that this scenario is accepted by the human race.

We create our own reality.

I have written many times about how the masses create their reality through their unknowing free will worship of multi-dimensional beings. Live H20 is in my opinion just another clever trick to gain free will acceptance from the masses and I expose it as such today. Again all three live global events are linked but please don’t tell the ‘awakened’ ones because their programmed minds won’t like it because I name someone in the truth movement as being the pied piper. That Pied Piper is Len Horowitz and the cronies he controls in his stables. That is how pathetic things now are in the truth movement.  The Serpent Cult, through Len Horowitz, use the words LOVE, health products and dicky bow, enlightened, ‘showbiz tap-dances’ like Len Horowitz to attract so called awakened hippies to such events like Live H20 instead of using famous celebs like Live 8 and Live Earth did.

 It would be too easy for even the blind to see if world famous celebs attended Live H20. Mind you the hippies in the truth movement are the easiest to con because of the code of ethics they adopt, you could put David Beckham, Madonna and Elton John praising the ‘primordial waters’, whilst wearing T-shirts, saying we are hear to con you written on them, and the hippies would still join in.

Even more would join in if they dug Diana Spencer up along with Jade Goody and threw their bones in the water to praise too. I don’t mean to be crude but bloody hell wake the hell up to what is going on in the guise of a truth movement.

Anyway I conclude that Horowitz is just another stooge and pied piper for the Serpent Cult. You believe what you want.  But I tell you this; if I’m wrong on Live 8, Live Earth and Live H20 then I’m wrong on everything I have written before. I first wrote on Live 8 before it even took place.
I have listened to Dr Horowitz words on this event and I am totally convinced that this event is a blatant celebration of the sun rising out of the primordial chaos. The event takes place at the Summer/Winter Solstice too.

Len Horowitz Spiritual Guru? Or just a Hound Dog for the Serpent Cult?

The use of occult geometry and numerology is also interesting. The event promotes the use of such things entirely based on the hope that the words of the people who talk of these things are telling the truth. Dr Horowitz uses the work of several scientists to justify this event. Dr Horowitch is using the 528-music theory stuff too and the power of ‘prayer to the creator’.

Dr Horowitz also mentions many other things to justify the event such as symbolism in the water.  He quotes many experts and talks the talk on physics and numerology. As I said I’m not here to have a pop at anyone’s work. Dr Horowitz covers many subjects. Please look at all the things he says and all that he sells to get a fair picture of him. I can speak of my own work and my own beliefs, I must admit I don’t have letters ‘after’ my name apart from court summons of course, and I’m no Doctor or expert or health food seller either.

I have though written many articles and a couple of books on how I believe the masses are led to dance and sing and celebrate in front of symbolism and monuments. I have explained that the masses haven’t a clue what they are doing and they blindly follow a pied piper or expert that baffles them with science, gibberish and bible speak simply because truth seeking people believe the said expert or guru can actually lead them somewhere. Sadly, in the vast majority of cases the truth seekers are only led to their pockets or handbags or directed to the nearest ATM. ‘Business is Business’ in the truth movement. Just like it is at any other market.

In the case of Live H20 the vast majority of participants will be genuine truth seekers that have been led to Dr Horowitz because of his expertise and his words. The sheeple attending Live H20 won’t have a clue what they are actually doing but they won’t admit that. They will simply parrot out the words of Dr Horowitz and sing and dance around regardless pretending and kidding themselves that they actually know what they are doing. In my opinion if they knew what they are doing there wouldn’t be such an event. If you can grasp the idea that the masses taking part in events like this are creating spiritual energy by their celebrations then the only answer you need to seek is where the energy goes.

If you can grasp the possibility that some pied piper has you celebrating around symbolism and believing gibberish words from experts to feed something you don’t understand, with the said energy, then its time to start thinking why you can’t see or understand what this something you don’t understand really is. It’s as simple as that. I cannot possibly, with the time I have, go through all the different parts of this event but it appears everything is a build up to the summer solstice on the 21st June. The main aim of the event is to get all participants to ‘chant a prayer’.  I quote the website below…

“Creator of all holy names, I hold you firmly and most faithfully in my heart. I thank you for the power of prayer, and all the blessings that come from heart-felt loving intention to establish peace on earth, world health, and universal prosperity. Your LOVE resonates eternally, within each breath, through the wind and the rain, the sun and the earth. Everything reflects your glory, your sacred geometry, your LOVE for humanity.
My blood is filled with your Living Water and the Earth beneath my feet from the food that I eat. Your provisions uplift and heal me even during sleep. You fill me, and celebrate me, with your Liquid Loving Spirit. Your Water quenches my thirst for all things, because all things are created and sustained in your Living Water. You are the Universal Solvent, solving all pollution and problems. Your Liquid Crystal joins my body with yours, superconducts the sound of LOVE within my heart, and keeps me in harmony and cosmic unity regardless of my mental uncertainty.
Praise to you our Glorious King and Creative Queen of the Universe, for pouring your Living Loving Water into me and all biology. I now affirm faithfully and forever; by decreeing my heart and LOVE are joined with yours, for the manifestation of peace, health and prosperity for all.
I pray for abundance of prospering resources, natural readily-available remedies for every ailment, perfect hydration for all life, plentiful food worldwide, and optimal health and wellness on all levels–physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and spiritually.
I pray for general wealth, personal and social health, optimal hydration, and purification.
Now I say, as you joyfully decried when you created me. :LET THERE BE LASTING PEACE, WORLD HEALTH, AND UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY.” That we be fruitful and multiply as one people honoring you in each other, oh Creator and Sustainer.
From Mother Earth you molded me. By Grandmother Wind you inspire me. By Grandfather Sun you enlighten me; and by your Living Loving Water you baptize me. These are your invitations to Divine communion that I gratefully accept and celebrate this day and everyday forthcoming.
I pray earnestly, faithfully, gratefully, and joyfully for a thousand years of world peace; for total health and well being blessing everyone; for opening the floodgates to universal prosperity here and now; for your Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation to inspire me, and all humanity, maximally. I affirm here and now since there is nothing missing or broken in your Matrix–your Kingdom of Heaven–so be it here on Earth.”

Click Here for source

Again I’m not slagging off the work of Dr Horowitz and you have my blessings to follow Dr Horowitz all you want to but I see this chant as a spiritual and physical ‘surrender ritual’. It basically backs up everything I say on ‘surrender ritual’ events. The first line of the prayer says it all.
“Creator of all holy names, I hold you firmly and most faithfully in my heart”

It’s a Live Earth and a Live 8 event rolled in to one. Indeed again the first line says it all and in my opinion the ‘Creator of all holy names’ is Amen Ra the Hidden one. This event is definitely bloody ‘sun creation from the murky waters’ ritual. It’s exactly the same ritual the ancient Egyptians carried out. It’s worship of the 8. It’s worship of the Ogdoad. It’s worship of the benben (pyramid) and it’s bloody worship of the SUN. Wake the hell up won’t you please!

This event in my opinion is nothing to do with saving the planet, it is a re-enactment of the creation of the world ritual.  The sheep that take part in it haven’t a clue what they are doing they have been conned just like the people who attended Live 8 were conned and just like the sheep that attended Live Earth were conned too. Wake the hell up and look.

All I ask is that you actually look at the event with open eyes.

Please remember that our minds create our reality and if the masses worship and occult symbolism and chant prayer to sun gods then those prayers literally allow the sun=2 0gods to rule over us. This scam is used more in mainstream religions but in this case I believe so-called alternative truth gurus like Mr Horowitz is using the same scam to create sun worship from the people who follow him. I also note that Dr Horowitz is obviously and openly linked to Christianity, the Messiah and the Creator.

That is fine by me. There are many Christians around that believe they are awake simply because they see the Catholic Church as a Devil figure. In my opinion that sort of situation is just another blatant form of people who have only broken through the ‘first net of hypnosis’ and believe they are now awake. They still believe a messiah is coming to save them but because they have broken through the first level of hypnosis and believe they are awake they fail to understand they are still under hypnosis and doing exactly the same thing they would be doing if they still followed the Catholic Church view of things.

 Indeed it’s easy for me to point out this blatant religious blindness to non-religious conspiracy folks but it’s hard for folks in the conspiracy movement to see that the ‘conspiracy folks’ are in the same boat. They too are still under hypnosis but think they are awake. They are just as blind as the religious people when it concerns discussing people inside the truth movement.

This is the point I need to make. The Serpent Cult planned well in advance to trap the folks20that think they are awake by placing Serpent agents in the conspiracy biz.  Those that have broken through the first layer of netting (5 sense reality) are now simply caught in a second layer of netting (conspiracy communities). Do you understand more now I have shown you the LIVE H20 event? Do you understand that people in the conspiracy biz, like Len Horowitz, can play the role of Pied Piper just like Bob Geldof did for Live 8? Both Events are Serpent Cult. Can you see that people that believe are awake are just going to a ‘comfort zone’, they are not finding freedom? Can you see that even those people involved in spiritualist or conspiracy events are just as much conned as the folks that are seen as sheeple?

Indeed spiritually there is no difference in someone going to the H20 event and someone going in a Church. This is because all those that attend are literally joining in a sun worship ritual and as I have said in my books and articles if we worship the sun we worship the creators of the sun. The creators of the sun, the order out of chaos scenario, are, as daft as it sounds, reptilian entities that are alien to this world. The fact that Dr Horowitz uses the truth movement to ply his trade does not alter the fact that he is attracting folk to take part in sun worship rituals. Again I believe ‘Live 8’, ‘Live Earth’ and ‘Live H20’ are connected. They are literally a Trinity’.  Indeed these events ‘combined’ produce official praise of the deceptive forces that enslave human beings in this world.

Mr Horowitz was recently the top of the bill speaker at AV2 event that was recently held in London. He covers many subjects that will attract many people that think they are awake. I suggest you watch this section of Mr Horowitz’s Live H20 video to see what I mean. So all in all what am I saying to you?  I have showed you what I think the Live H20 is really all about indeed it is on a par with a mini Christmas/ Winter Solstice festival.  I can’t make you believe me. I wouldn’t want to make you want to do anything anyway. But I repeat myself again and tell you the truth. Live H20 is part of Live 8 and Live Earth and together these events create a worship of the ogdoad/ creation of this world ritual. Thing about the three events together and you will see the live 8 (Ogdoad) create the Earth out of the Primordial water.

I have been on many powerful journeys over the last 6 or 7 years or so. I have experienced many lessons on many many different levels. Sometimes I have coped easily with what I was remembering/learning and sometimes I have found things very very difficult. I have found myself in positions that I didn’t like being in and I have said a few things I really didn’t want to say. With hindsight I can now see that I was meant to be in those positions and say the things I did to know what I know now. Only 11 years ago I was a robotic factory worker with a wife and two children to look after.  I struggled with a traumatic awakening in 1998 and I still struggle with the same awakening today. Because of those 11 years I’m here to tell you today that the conspiracy truth movement, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it, is woefully contaminated with agents working, knowingly or unknowingly, for the Serpent Cult.  I don’t say those things lightly

I’m not here to call anyone’s work as I have already said, but I cannot move on without saying that the ‘half awakened sheeple’ or the ‘people who now assume they are awake’ are being sent down a path that will keep them in enslavement, by some powerful and popular areas of the truth movement. I know I will sound paranoid to some people by saying that as they delude themselves that the movement is immune from contamination and I can only say I am talking off experience and research, not off some fantasy in my head.

My own experiences tell me that the unwritten rules of the gurus and the cliques, combined with the hippy sentimentality and the wise monkey guidelines, being followed by the punters are allowing /have allowed cliques to infiltrate and control the very comfort zones of the people that are experiencing awakening symptoms are attracted to. This is no coincidence.

The vast majority of the punters and even their gurus operating inside the truth movement today are now operating under a second layer of hypnosis. They are literally living out a dream of being ‘awakened’ in a comfort zone that was literally prepared for them by the Serpent Cult.
Oh please don’t get me wrong when I mention ‘infiltrations’ either, the movement is not all about dark agents ‘monitoring everyone’, indeed the movement is mostly infiltrated with tacky amateur entrepreneurs, dodgy money-makers, that are looking for a quick buck. They have been attracted in to the movement to create some kind of souvenir shop moneymaking opportunities.  I have seen some of these dodgy buggers face to face. They are the ones that hawk phony health care products and tell you it will save your life. There is no difference between these petty con men than the people that used to sell bottles of Wild West wonder tonic water/medicines.


Shit sold in bottles in older days

coast to coast package special 4

Shit sold in bottles in newer days (By Horowitz the Conman)

Len Horowitz also hawks crappy healthcare products and miracle cures around too, most of it will be on a par with hound dog piss in my opinion. It’s the done thing in this biz, they will sell you any crap you are daft enough to buy. Again ‘Business is Business’. You’ll see what I mean as we go towards 2012. I sometimes wish I was hard faced enough to sell bottles of powered shit as expensive monotomic gold too.

   Mind you the ‘The Real Con Men’ moved in to this biz long ago, monitoring the situation from a far distance, and now the time is right for them to step up the biz side of things on a far bigger scale than it has been before and it is time for them to start ‘selling’ 2012 to half awakened sheeple. They will chuck in a few alternative, Chemtrail Free, medicines too.

You will even be able to buy plastic lunch boxes and matching colouring book sets with your favourite gurus face on them soon and a light up badge with ‘’Gee Guys I’ m awake’ and ‘I Luv 2012’ flashing away on it. I kid you not. It is no secret to me, and it hasn’t been for quit a few years, that SOME ‘professional gurus’ will entrap the awakening, on behalf of the Serpent Cult, just to make sure they don’t really awaken.

 I’m not making that up I have known for a few years about certain cliques and I have monitored their progression just as they have monitored yours.  It’s only fair isn’t it? Oh I realise the showbiz experts and the takers and fakers in this biz think Matthew Delooze is a thick stupid ‘uneducated’ wanker that is just mentally ill and severely psychotic and you know what…  maybe I am, but with the experiences I have endured and the sight I received through traumatic awakening I am now very street wise and very spirit wise and I can spot a dodgy bastard on both a physical and spiritual level a mile off and believe me folks your truth communities are infiltrated with some very very dodgy bastards indeed, and they are operating on both levels. Physically and spiritually.

It is entirely up to you whether you believe me or not… but don’t say you wasn’t warned. If you have read this article you were warned.

The Serpent Cult arranged a long time ago for ‘puppet gurus and puppet researchers’ to appear in your conspiracy/ truth communities just like they make the celebs and politicians appear in your five sense life. They are here to help enslave you not help free you in my opinion. These gurus/ researchers are linked to the same deceptive force that has enslaved you for thousands of years and they will be connected to the same symbolism that has enslaved you for thousands of years too. That ‘force’ is a sun worshipping ‘religion’.

Most of you are blissfully unaware that quite a few guru websites, radio shows, and truth forums are indeed run and funded by religious people. (Which is fine if that’s what you want) It appears that as long as these people ‘talk conspiracy’ and claim other religions and politics are corrupt then any religious roots or symbolism they hypocritically carry themselves does not matter, and again if that’s what you want then that’s fine.

But please take note of one fact, if this ‘force’ that has now a major foot hold in the truth movement, is just another splinter off the block of ‘Jesus followers’? What then? What is the force telling you and more to the point where the hell do you think this force is taking you? Back to baby Jesus and his dad stuff? I understand fully well the Christians who see the conspiracy side of things simply as a ‘Devil in the Vatican’ situation and how they are here to rid the world of such things and reinstate Jesus or the Messiah back on the throne in charge of planet Earth and put a true representative of Jesus’’ Dad in the Vatican.

That’s fine if you think that way and I understand fully how and why this seems a good story and a good way of thinking freedom will be obtained but in my opinion the Serpent Cult have only made it seem that way and the same Jesus the alternative Christians want to advertise and promote via the truth movement is the same Jesus that is already advertised in the Vatican.

The alternative Christians are right in one thing, in my opinion, in that there is a very deceptive force in the Vatican and that force uses the iconic figure of Jesus to carry out the deception. That said the iconic figure of Jesus has no double posing as an imposter either, therefore the alternative Christians in the truth movement are simply worshipping and promoting the same deceptive iconic figure, they are simply promoting the same deceptive iconic figure in the truth movement.

It’s the same deception that has the same end result. Enslavement for the human race.

I have researched the truth movements and I am, myself, a victim to bias and the back scratching and the backstabbing that goes on in it. I assure you all that a very large proportion of the truth movement is indeed financed and promoted by a Christian faith that harbour the mentality that they alone can usher in the Messiah. I must add that many researchers and speakers working and lecturing do=2 0not know this and neither do the majority of non-religious people in the same conspiracy communities.

 So if this force, operating inside the truth movement, actually manages to awaken the majority of human beings on planet Earth, just where is it leading them too? It is leading them straight back to the Jesus sheep pen of Sun worship through Jesus Christ or Amen Ra in my opinion. Indeed the sheeple are already being led to praise the “Creator of all holy names,” as in the Live H20 con trick. So it’s not a prophecy on my part its already happening and its happening right under the noses of those that claim to be wide awake.

 This force is leading awakening souls to people like Len Horowitz who are now in the position to carry out large rituals like Live H20. Indeed the sheeple are being led to praise the “Creator of all holy names,” as in the Live H20 event that was mentioned earlier. What is the difference in carry out a global sun worship ritual through Len Horowitz on Sunday or carrying out a global sun worship ritual through the Catholic Church on a Sunday? Which one will set you free? The one you feel most comfortable with is it? Sadly the Serpent Cult has got all comfort zones covered in this world.

I will endeavour to be brave enough to speak out again in the future, but by then I won’t be as polite! I haven’t got to stick to any PR bullshit to spew out to punters to get their money and I also have no business to sell nor have I any customers to keep happy and I say to those that have in this biz… “What comes first in your eyes – the truth or the bank balance?”

 Again it is up to you what you believe in and what rituals you take part in. I wish you well whichever path you take. I have exposed Live H20 without fear for what I truly believe, it is just like I exposed Live Earth and just like I exposed Live 8 too, without fear. Please don’t ever say to me that I never told you. I have suffered in one way or another for many years and this info was given for good.

The Serpent Cult needed the masses to ‘accept’ these global rituals to help keep the human race in enslavement. Sadly the masses did just that. But shusssh don’t tell em’ they will never believe you.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 21st June 2009.
All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved


I have re-posted this article because after foolishly cooperating to the threats made by Ian R Crane (Whom claims to represent Red Ice Radio and Edge TV) In my opinion this article is the most important ‘conspiracy’ article you will read this year. It is vital in my opinion that you take in the information I have supplied in it.

It is the time of fruition for the con men and they are ready to reap and collect their victims for the 2012 hype. I can only suggest you double check the information you receive or pay for in the near future and if you feel the need to choose a guru, in my opinion you don’t, then choose wisely.

I believe the majority of speakers at AV2 were genuine people giving out what they see as genuine products but what you have hiding in the background are sharks like Ian Crane who will sell their souls for two bob. Len Horowitz is 100% establishment and a puppet for the Serpent Cult, whether he knows this himself is another story. The conspiracy biz tap dancers like Crane and Horowitz will stage more of these ‘conferences’ and good luck to them if that is how they want to make money. Every business has to have an angle to get sales eh? Even if it is counterfeit DVDs and bottles of holy water tonics.

If you want showbiz overpriced miracle cure tonics and if you want knock off DVDs then i encourage you all to go and see the two tap dancing con men mentioned above.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze 27th August 2009

Clipping Claws of UTU – Have You Still Not Found What You Are Looking For?

 Clipping Claws of UTU


Have You Still Not Found What You Are Looking For?

By Matthew Delooze

Hello folks,

 I’d like to mention something connected to my mate ‘Bono’ and his group U2. I remember reporting on the group when it launched the ‘ No line on the Horizon’ album at the BBC.

I have written many things on spiritual energy extraction in the past and this site has a few examples of my previous writings on the matter.

I have said previously that the Serpent Cult use ‘symbols’ and ‘sacred geometry’ as a middleman, a medium if you like, to conduct the spiritual energy that is created through human emotion at public events inside official buildings or at specially arranged concerts.

‘Pop/Rock festivals and concerts’ are a very good way of doing this and I have explained how it is done on many occasions.

Obviously it is hard to explain sometimes how the said symbolism and geometry is hidden in modern day structures. I have pointed out the Ferris wheel in the past and not surprisingly I was ridiculed for it and even today that sort of info inside the conspiracy ‘camps’, in the main, is politely ignored in the least and at the most laughed at by fat gurus and experts that claim to be enlightened.

It is pretty simple to understand that our emotions create energy isn’t it? You can feel emotional energy at parties and other events. Can’t you? You feel the ‘vibes’ don’t you? That is energy. It is a little harder to understand that our energy can actually empower other forces and it’s even harder to understand that esoteric symbolism and crafty geometry can be used to conduct our energy to a force that is not of this world. It is a force that knows about spiritual energy and it knows how it is created it and how to harness it. This force has not only knows how to do those things it has made you so dumbed down that you don’t even know who you really are. How can I explain to people who do not know who they really are  as to what they are really doing?

Before I go on to the example I want to show you today I will repeat a brief extract from a previous article about spiritual energy extraction through human emotions and symbolism. (Those that know my stuff obviously don’t need to read it) …

I need to explain how an innocent looking festival on a five-sense level can also be used as an extractor of ‘spiritual energy’ on a spiritual level. It’s pretty simple really. When we feel ‘emotion’ as a human being we also create an ‘invisible energy’. The more emotional we feel the more powerful the energy becomes. If two people feel the same emotionally then the amount of invisible spiritual energy being created is doubled, so on and so forth, so you can imagine the amount of spiritual energy, so to speak, that ‘thousands’ of people can create, especially if they can be forced to feel ‘emotional’ about the same thing at the same time. So in my opinion ‘emotions create energy’. It is as simple as that.

Imagine if an inter-dimensional force and a few of their agents on Earth knew about the energy that is created through human emotions and knew how to harness it and use it. What would they do? They would harness and use it wouldn’t they? They would need to attract large amounts of people to one area and raise the collective emotional state of the crowd and get the energy ‘directed’ towards them to collect it, a sort of feeding an ego sort of situation, on a massive scale. The malevolent entities cannot put themselves on stage ‘in their true image’ because the crowd wouldn’t get emotional about their own enslaver, so they would have to recruit and use attractive agents  (middlemen/celebrities) to draw in a crowd and raise collective emotions for them. Yes?

Agents for dark forces use hyped and talented artists to do this for them but this action is not enough on its own because all the emotional respect (spiritual energy) created at the event would simply go to the artist and not to the dark forces promoting the artists.  Yes? So the Serpent has very crafty displayed its own symbolism on stage and/or the festival locations are very symbolic in themselves (or both!). This enables them to attract the spiritual energy towards the symbolism itself and not just the performing artists. The use of symbolism is very important because if the audience at a festival are made to feel emotional about the performer on stage then they also feel emotion, subconsciously, for the symbolism being displayed at the same time. I suppose the situation is on a par with a surge of electricity being sent through the stage, not only would the performers get a shock so would all the other items that conduct electricity. In other words ‘spiritual energy’ can feed the creators of the symbolism on show. The real creators of the symbolism on show are entities in other dimensions; hence ‘they’ receive the spiritual energy created at festivals that bear their symbolism.

The Serpent also uses ambiguous symbolic lyrics hidden in the songs that were allegedly penned and created by celebrity bands to get the crowd to collectively sing ambiguous words (Praise to the Gods), this also creates spiritual energy. (As mentioned in the beside the seaside article) For example Glastonbury uses a Pyramid Stage, so when the crowd feel emotion for artists at Glastonbury they will also give spiritual energy to symbolism (Pyramid etc) being displayed, simply because ‘emotional respect’ for the artist will also create ‘spiritual energy’ for the symbolism and this energy empowers things in a totally different way than you may imagine.

Emotional respect = Spiritual energy

“When you show emotional respect to something you are literally giving your spiritual powers to it. All those attending a rock concert are innocently giving their spiritual energies, not only to their idols on stage, but to the symbolism being displayed too”

Matthew Delooze 2005

 OK. So let me show you an example of symbolism being used but hidden right under the noses of the public.  This symbolism goes slightly deeper than the Ferris wheel so I am probably wasting my time to the majority of folks. That said this symbolism is still ‘easy to see’ if you really want to see it.

‘The Claw’ has been well publicized. It is a massive apparatus that is being used literally ‘all around the world’ by U2. Indeed there is not just one ‘Claw’ there are three of them! The Claw is currently in London ,as I write this article, with over 80,000 brain dead human beings a night worshipping it.

I have no doubts at all that this Claw is just another painted wagon of worship. I have no doubt at all that it is not only a medium for spiritual energy it is also a very important iconic ‘temple’ that is being used by the Serpent Cult for use in another worldwide SUN ritual. Indeed Matthew Delooze is claiming today that this concert apparatus is really a place of worship and that place of worship will be used by the Serpent Cult to receive the collective consent of the human race to rule over them.


Matthew Delooze says the U2 Claw is a symbolic Church of UTU (U2)

Hey that sounds really loopy doesn’t it?  I am claiming this modern day pop concert apparatus is covertly being placed around the world as a symbolic ‘temple’. What? Eh?  Can you say that again Matthew Please….Certainly… I am claiming this modern day pop concert apparatus is covertly being placed around the world as a ‘temple’. What? Eh?

A heap of metal, used to hold concert equipment, is supposed to be a covert temple and it has been put in place because multidimensional beings want to extract energy created by human beings and the human beings have to direct the energy in a place that symbolises the multi-dimensional beings?  What utter bullshit I hear you say. Are you mad Delooze? Well maybe I am because I‘m the guy that also said Ferris wheels were really sun/benben monuments too wasn’t I? Ferris wheels are just a heap of meaningless metal too eh? OK then. Just like you have become a meaningless heap of braindead shite without knowing it then then eh?  This claw is worth 20million quid in the matrix you worship what are you worth? 2 bob?

So yes, my little band of Ferris wheel fanatics, Matthew Delooze says today that the ‘Claw’ being used by U2 is nothing more than a covert Sun Temple dedicated to the SUN through the Sun God UTU. It is basically named as a church of UTU but that’s just another name for a sun temple.

I tried to get you researching this stuff when I mentioned U2 before at the BBC studio. The All Souls Church and the ‘Breathing’ statue ritual that took place a few months back officially endorsed ‘The Church of U2’, but I guess I was talking out my arse then too?

So anyway, how does the Claw hold or carry esoteric symbolism I hear you ask. How can a heap of metal or three heaps of metal (there are 3 claws) represent Sun symbolism or indeed represent a Temple?

I’ll tell you that agents for the Serpent Cult, like the very very dodgy Bono, always make ‘official announcements’ about the true symbolism behind worldwide rituals.  A good example of this is of course the announcement of Bob Geldof and LIVE 8(Live 8 being a worldwide ritual to worship the Ogdoad as I have said many times.)

So please, friends, enemies and even those, I don’t want to upset, simply because they don’t know which hole they like best, please don’t take my word, I’m the loony remember, for the official explanation as to the true esoteric symbolism behind the Claw. Take the words of my mate Bono himself. (quote)

“The Claw” is built, rehearsals have started, and in just a couple days, the first cast of thousands will show up in Barcelona to bear witness in the Church of U2. In an interview for Barcelona TV this week, Bono says, “Music is worship,” and tells the reporters that the massive structure in the middle of the stadium was inspired by one of the world’s most famous unfinished structures and one of Barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions, La   Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudi
Marilyn Malone (source of quote)

Don’t believe the official website about the Church of U2 or that the claw is based on a Temple eh?  Well listen to Bono officially slip it out himself then, because agents for the serpent will tell you what they are doing. Please listen around 1min in to this video.

… So there you are folks it is Bono himself, a god to millions, that claims the Claw is symbolically and physically based on Sagrada Familia and better than that folks… ‘I agree with him’. But i suppose you thought i was mad for suggesting the Claw is a temple and the muppets at the concert are simply energy waiting to be harnessed. What is this world coming to when Matthew Delooze is agreeing with a puppet member of the Serpent Cult like Bono?  I must be a dis-informer eh? I must be ready to help bring down the ‘powerful’ truth movements (Boys Brigades) eh?

Or maybe I simply agree with Bono because he is indeed, on this occasion, ‘openly’ telling the truth as he has to to make the ritual official! He is making an announcement that the Claw is a symbolic sun temple. It is just that no one really listens to him when he talks, because he plays the role of the eccentric church going nut, and people only want to worship him at concerts when he is performing as a Rock Star. That is because they are programmed to do just that. In 5 sense reality Bono is a drug ridden imbecile but how are the drones going to see that in their stupor?


So why does Bono go to all the expense of creating three Claws and then go to all the efforts of announcing that these claws are indeed built based on symbolic temples? Do you think he likes to be classed as mad? No he doesn’t and neither do I when I do the same.

BUT I tell you again now that the Claw represents a Sun Temple.

Now then let me also tell you now that this building, Sagrada Familia, is an illuminati built modern day ‘Rosslyn Chapel’ and it is not even going to be finished until 2026. It is adorned with Sun Symbolism. There are already millions of people that visit the temple. Therefore this ‘U2’ claw carrying world tour is on a par with carrying around Rosslyn Chapel and plonking it down in symbolic venues and areas and having a Sun Worship Service from it. Can you understand that?

Also if the sacred geometry used in the Claw is the same as the Sagrada Familia, as Bono says it is (announced it) then surely Bono is openly telling all the folks that come to the concerts around the world that the are indeed coming to the Church of UTU? Obviously Bono officially states it is the ‘Church of U2’. I certainly believe the Claw is another version of the Sagrada Familia too and I believe the Claw is representative for it at concerts through the geometry used in the official temple’s ‘facade’.


The facade at Sagrada Familia


The facade at Sagrada Familia

  Many people have thought and indeed said that Bono claims to be a ‘little far fetched’ when he says the Claw is representative of the Sagrada Familia but I tell you the truth when I say Bono is being perfectly honest on that matter. He simply has to be for the rituals to be endorsed and please don’t think because you are blind that others in this world are also blind. Bono has been told that the Claw is really a Temple by high rankers in the Serpent Cult. I don’t think Bono has been told the full story but he sure knows the basics that you will never see in a million years.  The reason people like Bush and Bono and Geldof come on your screens looking so cock sure of themselves is because they know you are so hypnotised that you will never see what is going on.

They unlike the majority of the human race don’t walk around with the mental and spiritual awareness of a salted peanut. Their awareness has been raised slightly so they at least realise you have the brains of a salted peanut and they are at least ‘in’ a clique that knows the bigger picture. They by no means know the bigger picture themselves but they take satisfaction in the massive wealth they receive and the knowledge they are ‘in’ with the force that does know the bigger picture.

So all the spaced out ‘concert experts’ out there please don’t laugh a Bono’s claim because your spiritual future depends on it. But the way things are I’d shave your head and await the arrival of the saltcellar.

It is hard to see in a dumbed down state that the claw geometry and the symbolism being displayed on the claw matches the Sagrada Familia. indeed would you believe me if i said U2 claw will display occult imagery high in the air at concerts similar to the symbolism on display at the Sagrada Familia? Let me tell you something you do not know and I do, very important rituals are carried out whilst ‘people or symbolism are raised from the ground’. (Like Jesus on the Cross) Things that are above ground level can receive free flowing energy that has many times the power of ground level energy. Bono says it in his video as well so laugh at both of us if you want because not only is Bono telling you the truth, about what the Claw really is, I am also telling you all that going along with such things will enslave you in this world for eternity. You will have plenty of time to laugh at that too. Well won’t you peanut head? Ha Ha Ha ho ho ho.


 The Sagrada Familia uses ‘raised up’ in the air symbolism


Bono is using the same principles with the Claw he has created a portable Sagrada Familia (you need eyes to see it)


The Claw in full flow

Any symbolism can be ‘raised’ on the Claw and the crowds (see pic above one) will worship it. The Claw is simply a facade for a sun temple.

Bono also goes to great lengths to tell the world he is religious (sun worshipper). This is no coincidence. He is an official agent for the Serpent Cult and therefore he has to say it out loud just like all other phonies working for the same cult do, just like, Royalty, Presidents, Military, and Politicians do. They all pledge allegiance to the Serpent, an alien force, through Sun worship (religion).

 OK. Can you begin to see that the Serpent Cult use many ways to get the public to covertly worship things to extract energy. It is far easier to point out the symbolic pyramid stage at Glastonbury than to show you the more complex trickery that will be used today, like the Claw.

U2 (UT2) and the Claw (Temple) may seem an extreme way of doing things but it isn’t when you think about it. So think!

It’s the easiest way of doing things because the public haven’t a clue what is going on. 99% of the U2 audience is hyper, the energy levels are massive. The Serpent Cult has literally created a symbolic portable temple that will indeed receive massive emotional and spiritual acceptance all around the world indeed it is a ‘360 degree tour with no bloody line on the horizon’ too. It’s slightly deep but its not the deep it cannot be seen.  It’s a massive con but it’s a very successful con with the human race not having a bloody idea what is really going on. The intelligence being shown by the Serpent Cult is way beyond the dumbed down vision of the human race. Like i have said in the past they are on the latest white knuckle roller coaster and you are on the baby swings. I don’t say that to patronise you I only tell the truth. If you want to stay on the most haunted TV show level of awareness that’s fine with me.

Indeed even when the public are told about such things, like now, they will do absolutely bugger all about it because it sounds so ridiculous in the first place. Your programming will render you incapable of reacting to the scam that I am pointing out. Indeed your programming will tell you I’m simply O.T.T. I’m not O.T.T I’m simply telling you a tale of what is happening as I see it.

Indeed even if you did believe what I am saying you will not admit it.  Don’t worry about that I forgive you, I don’t mind. I am used to it now and I know what salted peanut mentality thinks like because I was the same for 40 years. I’m was on a par spiritually with a salted peanut too for 40 years. Maybe I’m only a dry roasted nut even now eh? I have suffered for many years and my mind and body are tested on many levels every day but i tell you the truth the Claw is a symbolic Sun Temple.

The greatest deceivers are at work, but as I said before, what is an intelligence (the human race) that is on a par with a salted peanut going to do about it apart from allow it to happen?

Again you would be too embarrassed to mention this thing to anyone wouldn’t you? It’s too silly to believe isn’t it?  Maybe I should sell you this information as a $100 PDF eh? You’d believe it then eh? Maybe I should ask for thousands of pounds a month in subscriptions instead eh? You’d believe it then eh?

Because I do not con you or rob you it is better not to believe me eh?

I mean come on you people are not daft are you. Your ego won’t let you think out of the box unless a proper guru or professor sells you a story will it? A daft tale from someone that wants nothing from you is hard for your programmed mind to accept isn’t it? I’m supposed to be dressed in robes and tinsel and demand extortionate amounts of money from you just to get you to believe me have I? Yes? “Oh yes Matthew Delooze is a top quality researcher and spiritualist he charges £500 an hour for personal readings he must be genuine eh?”

Am I simply talking out of my arse or is it more likely that you are you simply thinking out of it?

I mean come on let’s back track and consider the facts shall we… U2 Breathing rituals being carried out at the All Souls Church and Breathing monuments that lead to a covert portable temple being built that is based on geometry and sun symbolism of a massive illuminati temple known as Sagrada Familia and this symbolic temple is then used in a world wide sun worship and spiritual surrender ritual that is attended by millions of people? It’s pure fantasy isn’t it? It is pure madness to point it out isn’t it? Or are the facts there for you to at least attempt you to think about it. Do you even want to think about it? I sometimes doubt you do. I really really do.


How can a heap of metal represent a sun temple?

Who the hell in their right mind would say that a monstrosity of a concert stage is really a symbolic temple? ‘Well Bono did for one’ so go and call him a crude loony before you do me eh?  Because believe me he is being very deceptively crude and insulting and he is taking your spirit from you to suck on for eternity but he is telling the truth.

I said it as well, the claw is a symbolic temple, and I tell you the truth, the relevant paragraph above is 100% true. U2 have done all those things right under your noses but the hypnotised muppets that think they are free simply join in the ritual. The rest of you stay stum because you are programmed to do so therefore the ritual taking place is globally accepted and endorsed. That is why the Serpent Cult grooms ‘mega stars’ and has created a moronic brain dead human race to match. This is so things like this can happen.


The Claw, or is it a chalice, being worshipped under the arch at wembley, this symbolic temple takes on many forms. The Serpent Cult are crafty the crowd and the moronic crowd cheer them on.

Wake the hell up and think for once. You have forgotten how to think. You can’t buy a book or a DVD on how to think for yourself. Your ability to think for yourself has been given away by you. You gave it away.  You give it away even more when you rely on gurus to think for you. It is time to get that thinking ability back.

 Anyway. Can you see that the Serpent Cult can ‘possibly’ hide symbolism right in our faces yet still keep it under the ranges of our natural intuition? Even the information I provide you with today is only scratching through the top few layers of the many layers of deception that the human race is being subjected too? I only mentioned this thing today because I know some of you will understand what I am saying now but that is only because we have stepped on and stepped over a few stepping stones over the last couple of years. There are many you still need to step on but if you don’t want to step on them then don’t, but tell yourself that you don’t because you are kidding yourself that you do.

I couldn’t have just come out with this sort of information today without going through the Glastonbury stuff and the Live 8 stuff, the Ferris wheel stuff and the London bombings stuff previously. I will be deemed mad for coming out with it today. I had to tell you that stuff to even attempt to start showing you this stuff. Can you understand that? I’m not here for the good of my health you know and my health is falling fast. You have had cutting edge information from me for a few years now and you are welcome to it. But some of that info is trivia compared to what you need to grasp in the future. I’m not patronising you I’m telling you as it is.

I hope I have got the intended message through to you today I hope you can see how the Serpent Cult are going to operate through this type of thing in the next few years. These sorts of tactics are going to increase. I will not be here to keep telling you about them you need to look for yourself.

I can only suggest again to you today that The Claw is indeed a symbolic temple and I can ask you to try to take in the idea that carrying this Claw around the world is on a par with carrying Rosslyn Chapel around the world and everyone is cheering and screaming inside it.

 Ladies and Gentlemen. The Claw is also on a par with the Royal Carriages you see in Silver/Gold jubilees’ or the ancient Heb Sed rituals (as the folks attending my talks know about as do readers of the stars are falling). There is no difference whatsoever. The U2 concerts are a global ‘divine right of UTU to rule ritual’ in which the Sun God (Through UTU) is declaring the right to rule from a sun temple (The Claw/Sagrada Familia) Rock Gods like Bono (UTU) is the symbolic ‘Pied Piper’. The ‘punters’ are the acceptance of the human race to make it come to pass.

The same scam goes on and on and gets more important as 2012 arrives but we haven’t even started seeing the symbolism being used and let’s face it even when blatant in your face symbolism is used (Live 8 and Glastonbury) and pointed out it is ridiculed and ignored anyway.  How can I show you symbolism that is at least ‘Ten Levels’ higher than the claw if you can’t even see a pyramid at Glastonbury? The Serpent Cult has the means to put on global events and hide the symbolism very deeply inside them.  Again the Claw symbolism is only just below the surface. T

Indeed how much money has been spent creating the 3 Claws? £60million?  Doesn’t this man Bono claim to care of starving people in Africa? £60 million pounds on stages alone tells me that he and his cronies, the Serpent Cult, put massive amounts of money in to securing the enslavement of the human race, not helping death and starvation in Africa.

Bono and Geldof for that matter have never really cared about starving people in Africa it is all bullshit and hype. They are there to get the moronic public to carry out ritual that’s all. But please don’t tell their fans because they won’t believe you. The same scenario applies to greedy fat robbing conspiracy theorists who claim to be awakening their followers but are simply matrix money men with matrix minds.

I have said enough but the other strange thing about this matter is the fact that Bono (UTU) is going to leave the ‘3 claws’ somewhere in this world, after the current worldwide UTU worship tour is over, ‘as a permanent fixture’. Wake Up!

Thank you for reading this article

May Love Reign O’er You All

 Matthew Delooze

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2009. All rights reserved



Looking in to the Eyes of Naga – (The Protests in Thailand Exposed)

Looking in to the Eyes of Naga


The Conman King and his Red & Yellow Sheeple

(The Protests in Thailand Exposed)

By Matthew Delooze

Love, love me do.
You know I love you,
I’ll always be true,
So please, love me do.
Whoa, love me do.

(From the song Love Me Do by the Beatles)


I’m no expert on politics in Thailand. I am no political expert regarding their ‘coups’, military juntas or their political leaders either, but I do know a bit about sheeple and corrupt governments. This situation would be hilariously funny if people had not been injured or killed and the honest workers in Thailand were not living in dire poverty and craving an honest government.

Anyway I will give you my opinion about the last couple of ‘protests’ in Bangkok. Those that watch the news will know that the ‘red shirts’ have recently been protesting to the current government in Thailand. Those of you with a memory will know that there was another protest in Bangkok last year with the ‘yellow shirts’.


Protesters in Thailand ‘pick a colour’

Let me try to briefly explain the situation in a ‘straight talking way’ and on a five-sense level because it’s laughable really and I don’t want to bore you, I want you to read it.

So…  Firstly… The ‘red shirts’ protested this week because want to see the return of Thaksin Shinawatra who they claim was wrongly ousted in a military coup in 2006. He did get back in to power briefly in 2008 but he then ‘did a runner’ because basically he’s as bent as a nine bob note like the rest of the cronies that wallow in corruption and greed inside the Thailand government as they do in most others around the globe.

The ‘red shirts’ actually want this bloke back in charge because even though he was as dodgy as a bag of monkeys he actually provided something to alleviate poverty, if only in their minds. In a nutshell the ‘red shirts’ are the peasants, the manual worker and the farm workers, in Thailand. Basically the ‘red shirts’ wanted to put this bloke back in to power because in their eyes he was less corrupt than the faces that are seen to be in control at the moment. Shinawatra is actually said to have masterminded the recent protests from abroad. English people may remember Shinawatra for taking over Manchester City Football club for a while and they also may remember him for making £120 million profit when the club sacked him for getting convicted for corruption charges in Thailand.


Thaksin Shinawatra is as ‘Bent as a Nine Bob Note’ and 110% Serpent Cult but the red shirts want him in power.

 The ‘red shirts’ were said to be protesting over the placement of Abhisit Vejjajiva as PM in December 2008 after the ‘yellow shirts’, which had protested months earlier and we will mention next, had caused the circumstances that had allowed Abhisit Vejjajiva to become PM in the first place. Are you with me? Basically the red shirts were protesting over what the yellow shirts had achieved through protesting 5 months previous.

So…  Secondly… The ‘yellow shirts’ had previously protested in 2008 and they wanted rid of a Junta regime that had taken over because, amongst other things, Shinawatra had done a runner to escape jail. The ‘yellow shirts’ wanted a regime change too but they wanted ‘King Bhumibol Adulyade’ to run the country instead of the bloke the red shirts wanted to run the country. These ‘yellow shirts’ are the academics and large and small business people.  Let me explain that these people, these yellow shirts, literally love the King of Thailand. They are on a par with the people who love our royal family in England.


 Conman ‘King Bhumibol Adulyadej’ and the Kings Standard
“110% Serpent Cult but the Yellow Shirts want him to rule”

It’s no bloody surprise to me that a lot of people praise this King though because he is protected by what is known as the lèse majesté laws, which mean they are liable to get between 3 – 15 years in jail if they call him names or criticise him or his family.  3- 15 years eh? I’ll call him King Bollock Brains then eh? 15 years in jail for me then and thats just for one ball… what would i get for two then eh? No… let me go the full hog and put it in writing eh? Mind you the title of this article may get me 15 years for calling this King a conman eh?

  I Matthew Delooze say… King Bhumibol Adulyade is the biggest arsehole in the world and he stinks of poo and he looks like a hairy fanny too so ner-ner- ner- ner- ner to King Knob Head from me with bells on….Oh… Err… sorry folks I really don’t what came over me then. I shouldn’t have said that should I? I apologise.

I really should have said King Bhumibol Adulyadeis the third biggest arsehole in the world (I forgot about Geldof and Bono you see and no one looks more like a twat that Geldof do they?). I expect a shorter sentence for my crimes now.

Anyway the yellow shirts settled for ‘Abhisit Vejjajiva’ and claimed a victory because he took over and obviously that’s  the official reason why the red shirts took the huff and also protested months later and they created the scenes you saw on TV recently. Are you still with me?

The official  story is all bullshit in my opinion. It’s all shit, it’s all manipulated shit and dirty politics and my heart bleeds for the sheeple caught up in the misery caused by corruption and agents for the Serpent Cult like King Arsehole of Thailand (Whoops another15 years for me then eh?) and the corrupt faces posing as politicians. The people of Thailand deserve better but in my opinion the only way they will get better is to break free from the hypnotism they are under. I have tried to give you a decent 5-sense breakdown of the situation regarding the protests in the last few paragraphs. I have given you a straight talking summary of events that have been spewed out by mainstream media. I have tried to that to the best of my ability and without any fear. Please check the facts if you don’t believe me. I can only add on a five sense level that there is a more sinister group in this shirt-wearing story. It is that of the ‘blue shirts’. They are not on official protest and they appear to be there just to make sure the red shirts are not winners.


The more ‘secretive’ blue shirts seem to be there to see the red shirts defeated (Hired Royalist)

Why am I bothering to mention these protests and these shirt wearing sheeple? I realise most westerners don’t give a monkeys what goes on in the East. You think the ‘westerners’ are all that matter don’t you? If you do you’d be well off the mark in my opinion. That said I simply want to point out that these protests actually feed the ‘Serpent Cult’ again and just like I said in my Mithras  article about protests being ‘arranged’ in London, I now say the people in Bangkok also fell for the same scam. Please note that these protesters in coloured shirts are not representing political parties they are literally organised protesters in uniforms. The puppet protesters have been organized better than the actual puppet political party members.


Pick your colour and off you go!

 Anyway let’s move on to see a more spiritual and real reason for the protests. You don’t believe all this red and yellow shite do you? its a bloody scam and anyone with any bloody sense should actually sense it.

In this case the protests this week were purposely ‘concentrated’ in three areas. It was obviously planned by ‘someone’ for the protests to ‘congregate’ at symbolic monuments.  First of all we have the blatant ‘energy extraction scam taking place around the obelisk ’ again and thousands of protesters surrounded the ‘Victory Monument’. I have showed you this scam in many other news reports and articles. It continuously goes on in all major cities in the world. Here is another example.

The energetic masses were allowed to take over the obelisk without a wimper from the authorities.

 So I don’t need to drone on about why this has happened do I? If you are new to my work please see my previous articles about energy extraction at blatant occult monuments related to the Sun.

OK There is another very strange monument in Bangkok it’s called the Democracy Monument and the sheeple protesters were led to it in their thousands in both red and yellow shirt protests. It has been used as an energy extractor for many years.


The Democracy Monument has been used as an energy extractor for years

I believe, nay I know, that this monument is on the Bangkok’s main ‘energy lines’ on a road known as Thanon Ratchadamnoen. It is Bangkok’s equivalent of the Champs Elysees and Serpent Cult agent Luang Plaek Pibulsonggram who was known as the Father of the nation arranged it to be built. I tell you the truth today when I say this man was also bent as a nine bob note and 110% Serpent Cult too.

I don’t want to bore you with the history of Thailand politics and military coups. I will just say now that the King we are not allowed to call names and the force he represents have controlled Thailand and the pathetic claim that he has no power is a sick and pathetic lie. (Thirty years plus in jail for me now eh? I should keep my gob shut shouldn’t I?)

Anyway this thing was ‘officially’ built as monument to the ‘Thai Constitution of 1932’ which is a farce when you consider the history of the political situation in Thailand but again the sheeple accept these official bullshit explanations either through apathy or fear. Indeed many people lost their homes with little notice given when they decided to build this monument and create a Champs Elysees situation. The same brutality was used in Beijing when the Serpent Cult decided to build occult stadiums for the Olympics 2008.

So going back to the red shirts and yellow shirts, we have a situation where the protesters are again ‘led to monuments’ that they really don’t know anything about and whilst their emotions are at a sky-high level.  Therefore, if emotions create invisible spiritual energy, the said emotions are actually creating spiritual energy at the location (Energy line) and in full view of the monument (Occult symbolism receiving the said energy either directly or indirectly).

Look at the monument and see what you think.  It’s called the ‘democracy monument’


The Democracy Monument Bangkok


All for a farce of a constitution?


 Red Shirted Sheeple… Worshippers without a clue that they are worshippers?

To me this monument is awash with occult symbolism and it is a prime example of a trap to extract spiritual energy from the masses that have been led to it. Why have a monument that is full of occult symbolism built simply to mark some political constitution? This constitution is not worth the stone it was written on and it has been reneged on and even altered many times?

Democracy in Thailand (or anywhere else for that matter)? Are they having a laugh?  There is no democracy in Thailand or anywhere else in this world at all. Nowhere. Again my heart beeds for the pathic sheeple in Thailand.

Anyway. This monument looks like a type of altar that is displaying a sort offering of some kind. What does it look like to you? The four pillar like panels that surround the altar could resemble symbolic wings in my opinion but I’m not sure. One things for sure though at least a pair these ‘wings’ are adorned with Naga.  Do you know of Naga? Click Here if you don’t but basically Naga’s are Serpent deities and linked to Sun Gods. (Nothing new there then is this phony shit hole of a world eh?)


Naga adorns the Democracy Monument


Naga protecting Sun God Buddha

OK Let’s start to investigate this red shirt protest properly. Those of you that know of my work or have been to my talks will know I have mentioned many times that the masses are led to monuments on News Years Eve and May Day etc. Well haven’t I? I have said many times that spiritual energy is extracted whilst the masses are around these monuments on certain days?

So it should not surprise you that when the red shirts protested in Thailand it was actually the Buddhist New Year (Songkran) festival, which is obviously based on Sun Worship too. It’s the same rebirth scam but in a different location. Mind you if you were to busy scoffing Easter Eggs and watching my mate Popey (the pope) on TV or simply joining in the same Easter ritual you do every year in some way then you won’t know or care will you?

It’s time to open your eyes or you won’t know next year when you are doing the same thing either and sadly you won’t know in your next life when you are still doing it.

So… again if we start to look at what is really going on we will see that these protests are not just ‘simple’ protests and they are actually cleverly planned to have a bigger affect on a spiritual level than they do on a physical one. It’s just that those folk that blindly join in with the herd are so dumbed down and sheep like that they never think for themselves. Indeed ask yourself why devout Buddhists were so easily coerced into burning buses and protesting when they were supposed to be washing statues of Buddha? It is the tradition during the Buddhist New Year festival that the sheeple actually wash down (renew) the statues of the force that enslaves them and Buddha is simply a middleman for the alien force that enslaves us.

Anyway I can only show you the Democracy Monument and say to you that this monument is one of ‘worship’ and not one to commemorate a silly bloody written constitution. I can only show you the sheeple that are blindly led to these monuments and tell you what I believe is going on. It is entirely up to you whether you believe me or not.

I realise I might be talking out of my arse so if you think the official version is true then fair enough, that’s fine to me I just want you to have a alternative explanation. If I’m talking shite then I can only apologise at a later date.

 Let’s move on eh? The yellow shirts and the red shirts were also congregated like sheep outside the official parliament or other official buildings in Bangkok during their ‘different’ protests that took place 5 months apart. Obviously if you have never looked you won’t know.

These buildings bore the Royal Crest of King Bhumibol Adulyade. I won’t call him any names at this time as I am already liable to receive 30 years in jail but as I have said in the G20 article the protesting masses are unknowingly led to symbolic buildings to officially ‘spiritually challenge’ the rulers of this world over their divine right to rule.  The masses simply believe they are carrying out a five-sense protest when actually they have been duped in to actually carrying out a spiritual one. In the case of Bangkok they were shepherded to Parliament House etc.

Some people actually think they ‘have rights’ because they are allowed to protest outside certain official buildings. Ha Ha Ha. They want you to protest outside certain symbolic buildings.


The Serpent Cult actually want us protest outside official buildings!


The buildings in this case bear the symbolism of the King (Serpent Cult)

I realise that statement about getting protesters to play out a role of ‘challengers’ may seem weird to some folk and even beyond the comprehension of some others but that is exactly what it is. It is an official spiritual challenge to the rulers of this world for the divine right to rule. Not that the challengers have a clue on a five sense level what they are actually doing. Laugh if you want I really don’t mind.

 I tell you the truth when I say that the rules of this world, those that ‘we’ actually created, dictate that whatever force rules a world must have the majority of ‘free will’ permission from the masses to do so and those that rule this world must also show and prove their worthiness to rule at regular intervals. Do you understand that statement? If so please bear it in mind as we go through the next few paragraphs. If you do not understand that statement you might as well as bugger off now.


Let’s just take a few steps backwards and look at the yellow shirts protest that took place late last year. Indeed let’s get the story totally right and let’s step back to two years before the yellow shirts even protested. It was in 2006 when most of the Serpent Cult agents on Earth gathered together or they were officially represented in Bangkok to take part in 60th Anniversary of the King of Thailand’s reign, the Diamond Jubilee as it was called.

To those few people who have actually read my book The Stars Are Falling, I will say that you may remember me writing about the Queen of England’s Jubilee celebrations? You will know that I said back then that the Royal Jubilee celebrations are simply a rehash of ancient Egyptian Sun King rituals and they only take place to prove to the masses that they have earned the right and are worthy to rule? I pointed out that these modern day Royal Jubilee Celebrations are actually a replica of the ancient Egyptian ‘Heb Sed’ rituals. I also said in my book that the Queen’s official coach was also used as a symbolic solar boat in modern day ‘procession rituals’ that are linked with the ancient festivals of Opet.  I said that the human race has been duped into going along with these rituals and that they had no idea what they meant.  Not that it’s hard to dumb down a race of beings that thrive on their own ego and actually pretend that they know what they are doing.

I also informed people, from that book, that if the crowds symbolically accepted the royal show of worthiness on show, through their applause and general acceptance of the situation, that they were indeed falling for a scam that would actually endorse their spiritual enslavement. (If you have the book read the relevant chapter again. (It’s called made it Ma…Top of the flagpole.)

Well, I’ll tell you today that the same scam was last used in Thailand in 2006 – 2008 to dupe the masses there too. The King of Thailand actually carried out a massive right to rule ritual and a procession ritual in 2006 and he insisted it lasted until 2008, which is obviously around the time that the ‘Thaksin Shinawatra’ fiasco was going on.

The King insisted his Diamond Jubilee was celebrated for a year until his 80th Birthday took place then he insisted that his birthday was celebrated for another year. The whole festival (his symbolic display of his right to rule and his fitness to rule) was witnessed by representatives from all of the royal families around the world. Are you still with me?

Let’s look at the special Royal Barge Procession, his declaration of his right to rule.  Here is a brief explanation.

Royal Barge Procession

One of the most spectacular events marking the 60th anniversary celebrations is the Grand Royal Barge procession, beginning at five o’clock in the evening of the 12th of June on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

The Royal Barge Procession is unique to Thailand, and Thai kings have staged such water-borne events since the Sukhothai period in the 13th century. Once staged as a show of strength, the Royal Barge Procession has evolved into one of the royal court traditions to demonstrate the power of the king.  Source


One of the Royal barges (symbolic solar boat) with crew taking part in the Barge Procession


One of the symbolic solar boats and crew in ancient Egypt during the Opet Festival

Both events show the masses raising their ruler and they are displaying his right to rule.

Basically this Royal procession consists of ‘golden boats’ (Sun Boats) sailing down the river passing ancient temples etc and the crowds waving and screaming as it takes place. There is a short video showing one of the boats here as an example. The procession ended at the (Sun) Temple of the Dawn!


Temple of the ‘Dawn’ (Wat Arun)

The  Grand Royal Procession will simply bring energy and the official acceptance from the masses for this King and his masters to rule. The same scenario applies in every country around the world. In the Bankok case the King sails down the river like the Queen of England rides down the Mall. The puppet masses just blindly endorse them as rulers. If it wasn’t so sad it would be a complete joke wouldn’t it. THe Human race enslaves itself and actually praises its enslavers. (Ha Ha Ha ho ho ho)

The King also pardoned 25,000 prisoners and arranged concerts etc just to show the masses what a nice chap he was and receive more adoration and to prove his divine right to rule.  Again it’s just the same scam like the Queen of England waving from her golden coach and the muppet public clapping and cheering whilst she does. The fools do not realise they are actually surrendering their spirit by carrying out such an act. Again please take it in that the KIngs ‘parties’ and processions are simply a rehash of the rituals of the ancient sun worshipping rituals.


The royal barges carry occult symbolism

The masses are literally giving these people the DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE and carry on creating the misery and poverty they have already done for thousands of years.  Wake Up.

 The Scam is not hard to work out. These deceptive agents will actually pretend to ‘love’ the brainwashed public in return for adulation. It’s literally a scenario of the song. ‘Love, love me do… you ‘know’ I love you’. Think about those words for a moment. The dumbed down public has been brainwashed in to literally worshipping these agents because they, the public, think they, the agents of the serpent, are here to look after them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Serpent Cult thrives on deception and your gullibility.

I have said many times before that if you worship these agents then you will worship their Masters. If you give these deceptive agents the right to rule this physical world then you automatically give their masters the right to rule your spiritual world and your spiritual future too. It’s not just the King of Thailand that was part of this ritual though, as I said he gathered together representatives of the entire world’s Royalty (All agents for the Serpent Cult) at this ritual and the masses gladly praised them all too. This ritual was massive because wasn’t only giving the King of Thailand the divine right to rule the Thai’s it was giving the entire world’s royalty the right to rule the entire planet, literally the entire collection of Serpent Cult bloodlines were part of the show of power for the divine right to rule during this Royal Procession. The reason it took place in Thailand was that the people are easily led (Hence the coloured shirts) and the laws mentioned earlier make sure that no one bloody objects. Hence me calling him King Arsehole! Do you understand me?

Here is a brief official report

The 78-year-old monarch — who made his reputation by helping poor farmers rather than hosting extravagant parties — served his guests seafood and vegetables produced by agricultural projects he sponsors to help ease rural poverty.

On the guest list Tuesday were Japan‘s Emperor Akihito, Britain‘s Prince Andrew, Spain‘s Queen Sofia, Jordan‘s King Abdullah II, Brunei‘s Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and Monaco‘s Prince Albert II.


The Serpent Cult was out in force for the ritual to have full spiritual affect and endorse their right to rule.

   Royals also came from Bahrain, Belgium, Bhutan, Cambodia, Denmark, Kuwait, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Swaziland, Sweden and Tonga.

   The guests arrived in black Mercedes-Benz limousines, dressed in their ceremonial finery, with the Thai king wearing a white dress uniform with a yellow sash and medals, and the queen wore a glittering diamond tiara. (Source)

Birthday celebrations

The King of Thailand also displayed his ‘worthiness to rule’ through celebrating his birthday… for a full ‘twelve months’. As I said this sort of celebration is simply a replica of the ancient rituals of Heb Sed.  Here are a a couple of pictures to show you what I mean.


The crowds adorn and arm themselves with the symbolism of the occult via the KIng


They literally carry the occult emblems


The sheeple carry out ‘acceptance rituals’ that they nothing about.

So I guess you are starting to understand, if you have followed me throughout this article, that The King of Thailand really was actually displaying his prowess to the masses in a rehashed Heb Sed sort of ritual.

 OK if you can accept that the royal barge procession and the Birthday events could have been a rehash of ancient ritual to request acceptance of the right to rule to the masses I will ask you what happened later in 2008 after he had displayed this royal show of strength and a declaration of the right to rule? I’ll tell you that we saw ‘protests ‘. We had the yellow shirts (The King’s robots) ‘protesting’ that the King actually officially ruled them. That’s a coincidence isn’t it? The King has a ritual on a par with the ancient divine right to rule Heb Sed/ Opet ritual and then we see loads of people dressed in yellow literally screaming and demanding that he rules them?

Well put some drops of soda in my eye and call me Popeye, where are the famous guru’s and the historical history experts to explain that one to you. A major King carries out a massive ritual and his pathetic subjects are demanding that he and of course the multi-dimensional deceptive masters he symbolises rules over them yet no one picks it up except a piss poor nutcase from Lancashire like me?

The King is literally a walking monument in his own right anyway he is amongst other things, if you check out his name meaning, the official avatar of God Vishnu. He also uses many occult symbols within his crests and symbols like ‘Garuda’

Do you get it? Have I explained it well enough?

The King carries out a two-year fitness to rule ritual and his yellow shirted supporters are then on the streets demanding he rules them? The yellow shirts were very successful and managed to claim a victory if only a symbolic one. Oh don’t get me wrong this King is never going to be an official political leader he has no intention of doing that but the fact is that the ‘yellow shirts’ were allowed to declare victory and therefore symbolically indicating that it was the free will wishes of the masses that the King has the right to rule? Yes.

Let me tell you now that this King is simply a top ranker in the Serpent Cult and he knows all the bloody tricks.

OK so what happened after the yellow shirts claimed victory then? Where’s the official spiritual challenge against the divine right to rule you mentioned? I hear you say. The Yellow Shirts didn’t challenge the right to rule they were on the Kings side all the time.

Well my little band of truthseekers, the red shirts carried out that part of the ritual.  The red shirts ‘decided’ to have their demonstration after the Yellow shirts had theirs, again the red shirts were allegedly organised by Thaksin Shinawatra, he is the official challenge to rule.  The red shirts and the gangster Shinawatra were actually defeated weren’t they? The lost the challenge. The blue shirts would have seen to that too! The red shirts ‘surrendered’ after the authorities (Hidden blue shirts included) treated them with more violence than they did the yellow shirts?

So on a symbolic level the ‘official challenge’, symbolically the red shirts, against the divine right to rule was literally defeated.  Do you understand that?

Although there was a five sense demonstration going on the events were really being manipulated to create a spiritual acceptance from the masses to allow the same force that has always ruled over us to continue to rule over us.

The masses are so asleep that they would never suss this out in a million years.

Again where are the professional guru’s and the historians to point this sort of thing out?  Even if it is bullshit it literally demands debate in my opinion. Well doesn’t it? Maybe you are waiting for your favourite guru or celebrity to point this stuff out to you? Maybe they will want your money, or want you to pay to go on some hippy festival first, before they even attempt to? Maybe they want you to buy a golden 1st class ticket and drink a cocktail before they will tell you anything eh?

I have mentioned that the King of Thailand is literally walking symbolism just like I showed you Beckham was walking symbolism a while back. The Kings Standard of Thailand is the figure of Garuda. He carries this occult laden standard everywhere.


The official King’s Standard

Obviously this figure reminded me of Pazuzu but that’s not what I am here to say. I’m simply going to point out the ‘colours’ of the King’s Standard. The yellow and the red. I know all about colours me, always have done. On a five sense level the masses in Thailand thought wearing the colours they displayed in protests were for opposite sides and their beliefs, they had no idea of the real reasons that they had been manipulated in to wearing these colours. On a spiritual level both the yellow shirts and red shirts were really giving energy that was created through the protests to the same deceptive force. Sadly on a spiritual level the colours represented only one side and the actions of the protesters were simply feeding the force that enslaves them and allows that force to carry on doing so. I know it might appear daft to suggest the Thai’s were blatantly put in uniform to go and release energy at monuments and then spiritually accept the King and his cronies have the divine right to rule but that my friends is what happened in my opinion.

Can you see what I am trying to say? The masses are simply were simply puppets taking part in a ritual they were too dumbed down to even see.  As I said the King of Thailand is simply a top ranker in the Serpent Cult and he knows all the bloody tricks along with all the rest that were praised during the Royal Barge Procession. These ‘con merchants’ receive vast material rewards for their betrayal of the human race.

Why do I have the guts to say things like that when i know all about the corrupt power that these agents have? Simply because it is the truth and I am no longer under the spell that these liars used to have me under. Therefore I see them for what they are and no longer cower in fear like the vast majority of sheep do.


The King of Thailand is not ‘forced’ to remain nonpolitical, that’s total bullshit and plain to see. He ‘purposely’ remains ‘nonpolitical ‘simply because he controls all the idiots who claim to be politicians from behind the scenes. The law even states he cannot be criticised. That’s very bloody convienient when you need the majority of the masses to support you  isn’t it?

Please wake the hell up or the day will come when you may regret not doing so.

To those people who thought my language was raw about this King conman earlier in this article should now realise why I think he’s an arsehole and why I said such a thing?

Our Queen in the UK operates on a similar basis as King Arsehole too. She remains as a nonpolitical face in the background but actually still symbolically rules all parties. It’s ‘her government’ and no matter whom you vote in, you vote her in. Royalty control all governments and aliens control the Royalty.


 A clique of liars and deceivers that need your free will permission through ritual to rule you

The Serpent Cult use and abuse all situations to gain your free will acceptance of their right to rule. Anyway I have given you information that is meant to help you.

 1. I have showed you again in this article how the masses are led to monuments to release (endorse) the symbolism of the secret rulers of this world.

2. I have showed you in this article that the agents of the secret rulers in this world carry out ancient ritual that the masses blindly endorse.

3. I have showed you in this article that the muppet masses are conned in to being part of a ‘spiritual challenge’ to the divine right to rule that they do not understand and they have no hope in winning.

4. I have showed you that your 5-sense world is literally meaningless compared to the spiritual things that are going on. You are literally a living-breathing slave on a farm that you agree to be part of.

5. I have showed you how simple colours and emblems can get you to worship things you didn’t know you were worshipping.

Wake Up!

It’s easy for me to see that the Sheeple in Thailand, the Yellow Shirts, the Red Shirts and the Blue Shirts are all being manipulated in this way and even though they think they are free and taking part in demo’s they are actually only pathetic pawns in a spiritual game to control their souls.

I’m sure it’s also easy for some of you to see ‘now’ that the sad pathetic people in Thailand are being used too?

Well if you do see this my friends you need to look at yourselves because you are the same as them. You are pathetic pawns too. There really is no difference between the red shirts in Bangkok and the G20 protestors in the UK.

The blue, yellow and red shirts symbolically represent you too. Not only as silly political morons who vote for Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems, or their equivalent colours in other countries, but as sheep who are conned to take part in  spiritual rituals without having a bloody clue they are doing so.

It is time to wake up.

Agents in the Serpent Cult are here to con you. They don’t con you in a nasty way. They con you in a clever way, a way where you will actually adore them and actually defend them. That way they know you won’t see what’s really going on or do anything about it. They get their ‘puppets’ to play the bad guys that you hate and they play the good guys. That is how they always get the free will permission from the masses for them to rule over them.

That said I have no doubt that the good guy King of Thailand and the bad guy Thaksin Shinawatra are really in the same club and the they both have the stupefied masses dancing in circles so they will fall in to line and surrender their spirit. They all have their role to play but they all receive their rewards for playing them.

The same situation applies in all other countries and the same stinking rotten tricks are carried out by bent royalty and corrupt Presidents there too. This is the work of the Serpent Cult.

Is it still difficult to see and understand, after my last two articles, that ‘protests’ actually feed the Serpent Cult? Is it still beyond your comprehension that a secret society has a spiritual agenda to continue to gain our free will acceptance of their rituals and therefore their divine right to rule us? Is it beyond your ego to see that you are conned to such a level that it will enslave you for eternity?

Your ego has been created to stop you believing such things but I tell you the truth when I say your ego will leave you in the shit when it cannot bluff you any longer. Your ego does not even know who you are and neither do you. You are lost under the spell of a deceptive serpent.

The time is coming to rediscover who you really are and to break the serpent’s spell. The only alternative my friends is to pick a coloured shirt that suits you or your masters best, trust in your ego and kiss the arse of your Guru and then go and dance around the nearest illuminati monument!

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 18th April 2009

All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved

Treading on the Grapes of Bacchus – The Mardi Gras Exposed

Treading on the Grapes of Bacchusmardi_title_

The Mardi Gras Exposed

By Matthew Delooze

Oh Mother tell your children not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery in the House of the Rising Sun
Well I got one foot on the platform the other foot on the train
I’m going back to New Orleans to wear that ball and chain
There is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun
And its been a ruin of many a poor boy and God I know I’m one

From the song “The House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals

Hello folks, If you watch the news in the next few days you will see that in many places in the world there will be many pre Lenten festivals or carnivals going on. South America especially will take part in massive drinking and sex sessions.  But hey there’s nothing wrong with folk enjoying themselves I’m no prude!

The point I want to make is that we again find many countries being ‘told when to celebrate”.  It seems that the Serpent Cult at this time of year want to have the biggest parties in the Americas. In Brazil the event is known as the ‘carnival’ and in other areas it is known as the ‘Mardi Gras’.

In the case of Brazil the event takes on massive significance. Millions of people take part in it. It is also popular in the USA and other countries around the world. As I said I’m no prude and I fully encourage people to party and enjoy themselves.  I believe anyone is free to party, to drink and to shag each other stupid ‘anytime’ they want, after all the Carnival time is like Christmas because it is another excuse for the masses to enjoy themselves, well isn’t it? That said how many people taking part in these South American carnivals actually know anything about what they are doing?  I suggest that you ask someone at random if they actually know what they think the Mardi Gras is?  Ask them why they think the Brazilians go dancing in the streets and drink and shag each other for days on end when Brazil is supposed to be a country of strict Catholic faith?


Brazil is home to strict Catholic religion yet it parties with Sex and Drugs at Carnival time

 I assure you that the vast majority of those you ask won’t have a bloody clue.  It’s just a time to party to them and they simply don’t need excuses to party especially when the oppressive Catholic authorities actually encourage it and terefore Jesus gives his permission too.  As I said the focus of these carnivals appear to be in ‘South America’ for some reason. The vast majority of people in Brazil are very poor yet they are literally hypnotised to put every ounce of their efforts and money they have in to this one event.


Extravagant floats and displays

The poverty stricken Brazilians put much time and effort in to creating ‘fabulous Carnivals’ These floats are cheered and literally worshipped as they pass the crowds. Anyway I’ll get to the point. I’m sorry to say that these events are again just another scam to extract the spiritual energy from the masses. ‘Again’ a symbolic deity is used as a middleman / pied piper type figure. In my opinion the carnivals and the Mardi Gras are simply a covert worship of the mythical ‘Bacchus’ (Dionysus)

But in this case the masses are not simply duped by a visual image or symbolic idol, say like a Jesus figure in a spiritual sense level or like a Popey figure on a five-sense level. In this case the ‘names’ of symbolic deities or human idol figures have been lost in the creation of the actual celebration itself. It is simply known as carnival time or the Mardi Gras. Indeed this suits the Catholic Church well because it does not want to be seen as encouraging heavy drinking and casual sex that the Bacchus figure represents and they certainly don’t want to label Jesus with that sort of thing. That said let me make it perfectly clear that the Catholic Church, the Serpent Cult, has arranged for this massive symbolic orgy party to take place. The carnivals have indeed been groomed to allow usually god-fearing Catholics to behave like ancient Romans at an orgy. Such is their sick hypocrisy.


The carnivals in South America are based on drinking and eroticism but were created and endorsed by the Catholic Church. (Serpent Cult) What is the reason for this hypocrisy?

 I believe it is the ‘frenzied’ behaviour that matters in this case and it is simple because if the participants behave in this way they will be obeying the symbolic deity involved in this matter. That deity, in the main anyway, is known as Bacchus, who is again another Sun or Son of the God Zeus, just like Artemis (Diana) mentioned in the last article. He is  simply another offspring of Zeus that is used as a mythical middle man for the creator gods. He was known to be able to induce frenzy through ecstasy and drink and believe me the South Americas are in Frenzy at this time of year, there is no need for viagra with the beautiful women dancing in the nude. Bacchus, along with his counterparts, is a god of drink and debauchery and this figure has been increasingly used to affect our subconscious in the run up to 2012 and beyond.


‘Anything goes’ in and around the Carnival.

It’s not too easy, considering the time it would take, to show you how symbolic deities are worshipped through the Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday carnivals in Brazil. It is of course easy to point out that the symbolism carried on official floats is cheered and worshipped in the street.


Occult symbolism is hidden in floats and other displays and respected by the crowds. The crowds haven’t a clue what is really going on.


The masses blindly cheer and applaud (worship) the floats and displays. They literally cheer their enslaver Bacchus.

  The timing of Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday is also very important to the Serpent Cult. “The religious masses move from carnival mode to fasting mode as an act of obedience and an spiritual surrender to mythical sun deities in my opinion and it will coincide with mass Sun Worship 40 days later at ‘Easter’  

The use of mythical deities in this ritual is far easier and very possible to explain through the carnivals that lead up to the ‘Mardi Gras’, which is the French word for Fat Tuesday, that take place in New Orleans. Indeed the carnivals and Mardi Gras in New Orleans are probably the most ‘famous’ in the world and that is no coincidence believe me. New Orleans is the symbolic ‘king of all other carnivals’

The carnivals at New Orleans harbour much occult symbolism but more than that they are the work of the Serpent Cult through their stems of secret societies.  The carnival parades in New Orleans are organised by and known as ‘krewes.’ Hidden within these krewes are Freemasons and the Skull and Bones and many other very despicable fragments of the Serpent Cult. Indeed there are many and most of them represent a symbolic mythical deity ranging from Isis to Zeus. Did you not know this? Don’t worry if you didn’t because most of those actually taking part in the event don’t know either.

Look at this for a list of ‘symbolic deities’used by these secret society Krews in the New Orleans carnivals and Mardi Gras then.

 If you didn’t know about the symbolic deities hidden in the krewes you won’t know about the world famous celebrities, pied piper’s, that are literally the symbolic figureheads or Kings representing many of the ‘krewes’ and these krewes are designed to bring together all races and classes to take part in the carnivals leading up to the Mardi Gras. The collective party atmosphere is vital to the Serpent Cult all creeds and colours will give off spiritual energy for the Mardi Gras.


Louis Armstrong was the Freemasonic pied piper for the black people at the Mardi Gras

There are many celebrities that took up the role of pied pipers for the secret society Krewes including Bob Hope and Danny ‘Walt Disney’ Kaye. The Mardi Gras celebrations in the USA are strongly linked to the French Freemasons including my mate Louis the 14th. The Sun King. The links secret societies are massive.

As I have said in many articles and news items, the Serpent Cult need the collective free will permission from the human race to control the spiritual destiny of the human race. They need the masses to show this in public through worship of their symbolism and they also need the masses to follow the words or deeds of the mythical gods. For example, they need us to celebrate at certain times of the year like Christmas and New Year and show massive free will consent towards these events. In other words we have to ‘happily’, jump on the shovel when the Serpent Cult shouts shit.

That is why there are mythical gods of ‘everything’ embedded in the mass consciousness. I mean to say that all the mythical deities are gods of something are they not? For instance Hermes is the goddess of flight, Artemis goddess of the hunt and so on and so forth. Come on get your thinking head on because there is a mythical god for everything in this world. You cannot do anything physical in this world without a mythical god having created it and done it first and of course you symbolically giving thanks for it. All cultures have a history of these ‘gods of something’ be it the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Assyrians etc.

The Carnivals and Mardi Gras are just another form of us obeying these ancient deities thy mean absolutely nothing else apart from a means to enslave us. The carnivals and the Mari Gras are just another scam for the Serpent Cult to extract our energy and another ritual of spiritual surrender from the masses. If you just step back and look at these events you will see that the masses are completely unaware of the implications of what they are doing at the Mardi Gras and carnivals. The vast, vast, majority of the attendees of these events are only there for their own enjoyment and this is because true enjoyment is a rarity outside of the circus of the establishments annual events like the Mardi Gras or individual family celebrations like Christenings, weddings etc, that the establishment also have a large say in although you may not notice it.

I asked, at the beginning of this article, how many people taking part in these carnivals actually know anything about what they are doing? I will now tell you that very, very, few know what is going on. Even most members of secret society krewes involved at New Orleans will not know the full story and the party going masses haven’t a clue. Again these carnivals are simply occult rituals and they are covertly ‘dedicated’ to the deity known as Bacchus and ‘all’ similar Bacchus deities from other cultures. It is simply another Sun worship ritual. In places like South America, (like I said the Serpent Cult want concentrated energy in this area of the world) for some reason had no ancient deity resembling Bacchus then they have had created for them a relatively new one like La Diablada festival in Oruro.


La Diablada in Oruro just another form of appeasing Bacchus

The invading Catholic Church implemented these carnivals years ago as part of the agenda for a New World Order and they don’t want officially associating with a drinking and sex festival that will symbolically praise Bacchus the sun of Zeus, so to mask things a devil type figure has been created to use as a focal figure in certain areas but at the end of the day please take it in that ALL  pre-Lenten carnivals are linked with Bacchus (Dionysus) or his equivalent.

When the masses take part in the Mardi Gras they are symbolically ‘following the orders’ of the mythical deity Bacchus and by celebrating in the carnival they are creating energy for the creators of Bacchus. It’s the same emotional scam as mentioned in the Diana article, there is no difference whatsoever apart from there being no death of a symbolic figurehead involved in this matter and the energy is not created through the mourning of a goddess it is created through a party of drink and sex.  It is far easier for the Serpent Cult to get the masses to willingly take part in a ritual the get pleasure from and who wants to miss out on a carnival in Brazil or the Mardi Gras in New Orleans? It’s a piece of cake to get the dumbed down masses to party when they are told when to do so, especially if you give millions of sexually oppressed Catholics the permission from god to have a party that is on a par with an ancient Greek or Roman orgy.


The Mardis Gras, like the Carnivals in Brazil, is also based on heavy drinking and sex and is also a dedication to Bacchus.

These warm up carnivals and the Mardi Gras itself are on a par with the Saturnalia festivals, which took part at a different time of the Sun cycle, in which the masses dress up and act out fantasy and drink and have sex but as I said this one is all dedicated to the Bacchus deity. Members of the Serpent Cult do these things in private every week anyway. They carry out sex rituals, usually with children, on a regular basis but for reason the masses are ordered to carry out a similar practice  ‘when told to do so’. This could be because if the masses willingly carry out such an event they will give spiritual permission for the rituals being carried out in private by the Serpent Cult to take place therefore these sick rituals end up being the will of the collective human consciousness. Do you understand that? It is time to think about it if you don’t. I believe it is votal that you grasp this information now for future reference. We provide the right for the Serpent Cult to carry out their private rituals by participating in their public rituals. We give them our consent.

 Anyway the masses willingly join in these festivals simply because they enjoy them and again who wants to be a party pooper when most of the time we live under oppression. The masses have no idea they are the lowest level of food in a food chain. Have you any idea that you are the lowest form of spiritual food in a spiritual food chain and you actually worship those that suck you dry of energy? The people attending these carnivals have no idea that they are the victims of a spiritual extraction scam, they think they are free. How can we be victim to a ritual when we are enjoying ourselves when we take part in it? You can only be victim when you are suffering eh? It’s time to realise that the biggest deceivers are the best and craftiest tricksters and there’s no bigger fool than one that defends and applaudes the force that is taking the piss out of it.

I have spent the last few years using a drip drip method on people and I have provided article after article and a couple of books to indicate that mass global events are ‘not’ taking place ‘for our benefit’ and I have suffered greatly for doing these things and as I said in my Diana article… ‘I get all the dirty jobs’.

 That said, I think I have actually earned the right to laugh when I hear new age hippies tell me that they attend Glastonbury type festivals because they get energy from the ley lines etc. Wow man…  you fucking fools…  can you see that it’s the exact opposite is going on and you really give energy ‘away’ at these events not receive it and I believe you are not only ‘giving’ energy the other way but you are also enslaving yourself at the same time but don’t let me persuade you otherwise because you know best, so please carry on feeling good at these locations. I’m sure you will be able to go back to them every year for many lifetimes and do the same thing. I just humbly ask you bear in mind that it is a ‘deceptive force’ that’s attracted you to places like Glastonbury and energy will be taken from you not given to you. You are quite welcome to believe it’s the force of love that attracted you if you want, if you can actually afford the entrance ticket of course, to places like Glastonbury or even Woodstock years ago but from where I am standing it is the total opposite. The Serpent Cult thrives on egotistical people especially fluffy bunny new-agers with a few bob in their pockets but far fewer brain cells in their head.

I also laugh at the ‘in crowds’ who join in New Years Eve type rituals and sing and dance around monuments when they haven’t a clue what they mean. Hey… it’s a dull Monday afternoon in February today shall we all meet up and have a knees up around the London Eye tonight?  We can scream our heads off and applauded the monument just like the blind sheep did on New Years Eve. What’s the difference in doing it today rather than on New Years Eve? What’s up, would you be embarrassed dancing around and screaming at a monument in February? Do you need fireworks placed on the London Eye to enable you to scream at it?

I also laugh at the bowing hypocrites in Churches, Mosques and Temples and cry over the children in school halls for blindly getting on their knees whilst unknowingly praising the ancient Sun God deities (Jesus and his Dad etc) that will totally enslave them simply because they unknowingly ask to be enslaved. It’s the greatest deception ever. It’s sick and it’s sad. It’s wicked. I take no pleasure in seeing the things I now see but I laugh at those that blindly defend their enslavement. That said I hope those that I laugh at can see through the scams mentioned above one day and I have pointed them out again to remind you that the Carnivals and Mardi Gras are part of the same scam.

Anyway let me get back on track. Yes the Mari Gras and the Carnivals are part of the same scam and the dumbed down masses fall for these scams on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Let me show you what I mean again. Symbolism is placed in front of the masses in symbolic locations. The Serpent Cult have arranged for these carnivals like Mardi Gras to create occult symbolism on floats and displays created through symbolic Krewes. They can create any symbolism they need.


Any god /goddess symbolism can be created through the Mardis Gras Krewes or Blocks in Brasil

So we have a situation where the secret societies that organise the Krewes can literally get the masses to applaude symbolic figures in symbolic locations which is a similar situation to the Obama election victory and other similar celebrations. Look at this as an example.


City Hall (Replica temple) in New Orleans daytime.


Same Temple at night with ‘Bacchus’ Krewe symbolism outside and a frenzied audience literall worshipping events

The Krewes can follow any plan they want and arrive at any symbolic location they want. They can place any occult symbolism they want at the locations they choose and they are guaranteed that the masses will cheer and worship them. It sounds bloody daft I know but it is very effective and it has worked for many, many, years in different forms.

Again there is no bigger fool that one that defends and applauds the force that takes the piss out of them.

  The masses have been programmed through the promise of excitement and pleasure and dogmatic religion to join in with events like the Mari Gras.  It’s all a scam to worship a symbolic mythological deity and by taking part in the carnivals we end up with a similar food chain as that mentioned in the Diana article. I have said in many of my articles and in my books that we are conned into worshipping the Sun, as a means to worshipping inter-dimensional/ 4th dimensional entities by proxy if you like, it’s an inter-dimensional race of entities that claim to have created the sun, hence if they con you to worship the sun you will also worship them. Zeus created the Sun and by us being conned in to worshipping the children of Zeus (Bacchus) we are actually worshipping the creators of the Sun Gods. It’s a ‘food chain’ and taking part in a Mardi Gras was the starting point in this ritual and in the deceptive food chain involved.  Please let me explain in simple terms for those who are relatively new to my work.

The Food Chain created by the participation in the Carnival/ Mardi Gras

Taking part in the Mari Gras/ Carnivals = Taking part in the worship ancient deities like Bacchus

Worship the deities like Bacchus = Worship the creators of Bacchus (Zeus)

Worship phony gods like Zeus/ Jupiter /Amen Ra = Worship their ‘creators’ from the Lower 4th

It’s a very deceptive and very cruel spiritual scam.

“The whole spiritual energy food chain system is created by the deceptive Serpent Cult. Can you see by looking at that simple list why the Serpent Cult needs symbolic pied pipers? Emotional respect is free will worship and free will worship will give those you worship the divine right to rule”.

(Matthew Delooze Jan 2009)

The Serpent Cult relies on our obedience and our gullibility. We have to obey the mythical gods like God and Jesus or Zeus and Apollo or the Serpent Cult will lose its right to rule. We have to obey the world leaders like Obama or the Serpent Cult will lose the right to rule. We have to love and respect the Serpent Cult’s celebrities like Beckham and Elton John or the Serpent Cult will lose the right to rule We have to be gullible and we have to take part in regular rituals that will endorse the right of the Serpent Cult to rule us because of the free will permission we give through taking part in the deceptive rituals like the Mardi Gras.

There is not ONE worldwide ritual that is not fully controlled by establishment created religions and there is not ONE worldwide ritual that is not fully controlled by establishment created politics, the establishment’s supply of famous pied piper celebrities or the establishment created financial system.  So in my opinion the biggest question you need to ask yourself is… “Do you trust the same established force, the Serpent Cult, the global elite, the illuminati or whatever the hell you want to call them but I mean the force that has caused massive poverty, numerous murderous wars and continuous worldwide oppression would arrange for festivals, parties and other events to take place for our benefit?  Do you? These things are 100% for the benefit of the Serpent Cult and always have been the only thing they don’t like is that they have to raise your emotions on a positive level for you to worship the mythical gods that act as representatives from another dimension. These carnivals, these Mardi Gras’, are all about what’s in it for them and not what is in it for us.

What’s in for them? I’ll tell you… your spiritual energy is in it for them and the surrender of your spirit is in it for them and those things will give the same force that has ruled this world for thousands of years the divine right to carry on doing so…  simply because it is the ‘free will of the human race that will allow them to do so. The free will of the collective consciousness directs the path of this world and the continuous worldwide rituals taking place in this world literally represent that free will and therefore represents the direction we take. If we carry on as we are then we allow the creators of these deceptive rituals, the Serpent Cult, to harness our free will through the worship of the very deities that they created. I realise the masses are unaware they are deceived but that does not matter it is still the free will of the masses to endorse these rituals. The Serpent Cult will continue to deceive the masses until complete surrender of the spirit and collective consciousness is complete. Once that happens the Serpent Cult will no longer need to raise your emotions at rituals in a spiritual energy con trick.

Indeed in my opinion the time is coming when the Serpent Cult will no longer need to deceive you and trick your energy out of you. The human race is on the verge of giving the Serpent Cult full control of this world and its direction away. It  really is up to you to think for your self and speak out if you do not want this to happen. It is up to us and our free will to decide the fate of this world and no one elses. If you want the world to stay as it is and carry on its current path then simply carry on doing what you have always done.(Happy Mardi Gras to you!) If you are waiting for a messiah or a Guru then I’d ask to see proof of their identity if he or she arrives because believe me and I say believe me now when I say that this game is full of fakers and takers. If you are simply waiting for the perceived fairy dust to be scattered and  then fair enough… good luck to you. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m only here to suggest that you think for yourself and try to remember who you are. I’m certainly not here to tell you not to party. I’m only here to ask you to think who’s party you are really attending and ask you to think if there are any strings attached by attending them.

I thank you kindly for reading this article.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze Fat Tuesday 2009

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved


Diana: Can You See The Real Me?

Diana: Can You See The Real Me?


The Greatest Spiritual Energy Extraction Scam of the 20th Century

By Matthew Delooze

Well let me tell you ’bout the way she looked
The way she’d act and the colour of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool
Her eyes were clear and bright
But she’s not there

From the song She’s Not There by the Zombies

For those people are unaware of my work.  I suggest you read some of my earlier articles before reading this one.  I dedicate this article to the gullible masses of this world. I dedicate it to the innocent families, the Fathers, the Mothers, the Son’s and the Daughters who were roped in to an agenda, which caused them so much pain, through manipulation of their minds within the collective consciousness of the human race. One day the deception that controls our lives will be unveiled but there will be no victorious Knights of Light and there will be no defeated Knights of Dark either, there will only be the truth. The truth is not one colour. The truth is all colours. On the day that all colours can be seen all tears will stop and we will remember who we really are…………..

Hello fellow truth seekers (Nice to see you again-to see you nice again)

I now find myself able to start adding to the list of articles written by Matthew Delooze. This is one I have been waiting to write for several months simply because I truly believe it will help open more paths for some of us in the future and it is a form of baggage removal for your minds. To those people that see and feel something in the information I supply I will say please don’t lose faith no matter how things appear sometimes. Awakening from the hypnosis of the Serpent Cult is on a par with breaking an addiction to powerful drugs. You will be very up one minute and you will be very down the next minute.  You will suffer. You are literally a food source and your farmers want you to continue to feed them.  To the Serpent Cut we are simply on a par with cattle and to break free from the milk farm we have to get past locked doors, electric fences, stonewalls and numerous cattle grids. Our hoofs will hurt with every step. It can be far easier to turn back to the cowshed and surrender your milk. Indeed I see so called awakened people run back in to a comfort zone cattle shed everyday especially when their bank account or their cowardice tells them to.

I did mention some of the information I’m going to supply today to the nearly world famous ‘Brighton 59ers’ in Rottingdean back in October 2008, back when the clocks had gone back.

I have mentioned in previous articles that I believe we need to open our minds further and see things from a different perspective. This is not to add more clutter to the hypocritical conspiracy communities either.  It is easy to talk of corrupt governments and hypocritical religions. It is easy to demonstrate and rant outside Government buildings. I know I have done it.  What I once thought was my true intuition (in the 1980’s) was telling me at the time that the only way to seek justice for the working classes was through demonstrations and trade union movements etc.

I now realise my intuition was ‘wrong’ but it was only ‘wrong’ as I saw it from a five sense level. I only wrongly interpreted my intuition.  I now say to myself now how can this be so?  I ‘preach’ to everyone, if preach is the right word, that they should always follow their intuition. Am I changing my opinion about the number one fundamental rule to Spiritualism, ‘follow your intuition’, I think to myself?  No I’m not.  What I’m saying is that our intuition will take us to a place we can comfortably accept as being a learning place for us at that time but it is not necessary a place of truth the truth, it is only a stepping-stone to the truth. Your intuition will allow you to believe you have found some truth but your intuition, your spiritual direction if you like, is only making you comfortable enough to take the information in that you need to take in. In other words your intuition will lead you to things that are not necessarily true but they are things that will make the truth far easier to swallow on a later date.

That is where I want to start in this article, at a later date if you like because it is now eleven and half years since the ‘death’ of Princess Diana. Is that long enough to leave before you are smacked with the truth?  It is also seven and half years since the 9/11 attacks. I have never written anything about either event before now either.

Would it seem daft of me to tell you I was given information about both these events in 1995/6? I suppose it is easy for me to claim that in 2009 and I realise I will seem a liar to the vast majority of folks for doing so anyway.  That said I couldn’t see me gaining any possible benefit for claiming these things but please believe I’m lying about it if you want but I knew of a 9/11 event and a Diana type ‘death of a princess’ event in 1996, years before they happened, it was part of my awakening process.

Let’s start with Princess Diana shall we? I have to say that David Icke did a very good job, as he always does, of explaining the Princess Diana death situation. I have to agree with most of what I have ‘heard’ of David’s interpretation. I have not read The Biggest Secret though. I’m sure most of you will be aware of David’s stuff on Diana from years ago.

Anyway let’s get started eh?

I think you would have to go to some very far out places to find a human being that did not know of Princess Diana in this world. She was the shy and beautiful young lady that was going to marry her very own Prince charming wasn’t she?  This prince charming was, as you know, Serpent Cult member Charles Windsor.

Probably the most famous photo of Charles and Diana

The Serpent Cult did a massive publicity job on Diana and Charles throughout the world. I remember in the early 1980’s when you couldn’t buy anything without ‘Diana & Charles are getting married’ written on it.  You literally couldn’t wipe your arse on a toilet roll without Charles & Diana’s picture on the wrapper.    The markets and shops had a field day selling cheap crappy pens, pencils, books, cups, mugs, plates, watches etc, etc, etc. Indeed all the little schoolgirls even had Princess Di plastic lunchboxes and bags. I’m sure Colin Fry had a Lady Di handbag too!

di_badge_small  di_cheers

di_plate  di_clock_smallJPG
Just a few of the junk items available

The reason for this massive publicity job, ladies and gentlemen, was simply because the Serpent Cult needed the masses to connect on an emotional and spiritual level with Diana. Charles was already connected to the collective consciousness but the Serpent Cult needed the masses to be totally connected to Diana because they knew she would be sacrificed years later.

The Serpent Cult needed the collective consciousness to bind with Diana to make the ritual successful from their point of view. Let me make it perfectly clear to all of you now. ‘The Serpent Cult did the PR job on Diana it was not Diana herself’

The Serpent Cult used all the tricks in the book to attract people from all walks of life in to respecting and loving Diana. Indeed even the anti-royals used to say they ‘hated the royal family apart from Diana’.  Diana really was turned in to a Mrs Wonderful wasn’t she?  I’m likely to get a punch on the nose for saying different eh?

There are millions of good folks who feel deeply spiritually connected to Diana, and I understand why, but I have the job of telling you that this was simply part of the scam.  I get all the dirty jobs. So folks let me start as I mean to go on. Diana was simply another member of the Serpent Cult and she was here to help enslave us just as much as my mate Popey is and the rest of the secret rulers of this word are. Diana was a pied piper just like Popey and the rest of the puppets are.

We were all made to feel emotional about Diana, but I’m afraid that was the plot from day one. Oh I’m sure there are researchers out there that will claim, as is their right, that Diana was here to awaken us up and simply enable us to see that murderers and liars really do exist inside the Establishment and in the Royal family?  Obviously it will help their fan base and their incomes if they appease Diana’s fans and claim she came to awaken the masses by showing the world the royals did her in and not claim that she came to help enslave them.

But come on folks didn’t we already know that that the royals are murderers? For fuck sake Henry the Eight used to chop the bloody heads off his wives in full public view, so if you didn’t realise the royal bloodline is already full of sadistic murderers then what can I say? What? You think the serpent bloodline has changed their personality traits do you? Listen…  I’m not here to appease a fan base nor take your money so I tell you the truth when I say that ‘the Royals have always been incestuous murderers and liars and Diana was and still is a member of the same club’.

Diana was 100% Serpent bloodline and as far as I know her body wasn’t carrying any goodie two shoes cuckoo type soul either. I’m not going to tell fans of Diana that Diana was innocent just so you think I’m a nice chap I’m here to tell you she was up to the neck in it. She was 100% Serpent Cult.


Diana was 100% Serpent Cult: Bloodline and Soul.

The Royals/Illuminati are privy to higher levels of spiritual understanding than we are and they base their behaviour on that understanding.

I need to get something across to you before we go any further. I have mentioned this briefly before. Our deceptive ‘rulers ‘ continuously reincarnate in to this world in to positions of privilege and/or power. They are ‘destined’ if you like to carry out certain actions that will assist a multi-dimensional force to have control over the human race. They will be equipped with the guile and/or personality they need to carry out their duties and for this multi-dimensional force (Lower fourth reptilians or whatever else you wish to think of them as being) to be able to continue to rule over us they need our spiritual permission to do so. They need our emotional free will, they need our acceptance and they need a show of respect from us to enable them to rule us.  These reincarnating members of the Serpent Cult’ like Diana, will sometimes not have a clue, on a 5-sense conscious level, about what they are here to do. Living the luxurious high life on a five sense level can easily camouflage any hint of spiritual destiny and they, just like you, haven’t any clues that they are a dumbed down prisoner in this world on a five-sense level either. After all you think you and your mind are free don’t you?

Sometimes the agents for the Serpent Cult will also be subjected to the same dumbing down process that you have. But under the surface a force will be operating within them that will make sure the wishes of the Serpent Cult are carried out.

I don’t know if Diana knew who she was or whom she represented but I do know she was given the guile and of course the means to be able ‘ to win hearts and minds’.  The Serpent Cult writes the scripts in the lower fourth world for their agents to carry out in this world and their cast list is made up of very deceptive entities and they are very good at what they do. The Serpent Cult will make things happen in this world that will allow the said scripts to come to pass. Diana was a willing agent sent to take part in a sacrificial ritual, she was no angel of light nor was she a cuckoo soul sent undercover to awaken anyone.The said ritual involved is continuously repeated in a time loop situation and usually involves using the same participants to carry it out. It is simply part of the agenda to totally enslave mankind.

Diana carried out many rituals, as the rest of the Serpent Cult do, right under our noses.

I have said many, many times that the Serpent Cult created mythical deities (Gods and Goddesses) to act as their mediums to extract spiritual energy from this world in to another dimension.

‘Diana’ Spencer was not only a medium she was a fully signed up member of the Serpent Cult.  She would gladly spend many short lifetimes on earth, in the lap of luxury of course, for the benefits to her and her masters existence in another dimension and the Serpent Cult created all the circumstances throughout her life just so she ‘fitted in’ with the symbolism needed for the ritual carried out in the Alma tunnel and for the spiritual energy it would provide for her master and herself in another dimension.

Just step back from the pathetic hype that surrounded her for a moment and you will see that she was simply ‘groomed’ to become a massive pied piper. As soon as she started appearing in the media she was never out of it. The entire media cartel hyped Diana constantly, so please ask yourself why this was so as I’m sure most of you reading this article are aware that the illuminati control all mainstream media?  Do you honestly thing the illuminati controlled media couldn’t have made Diana in to whatever they wanted? A scrubber? A lunatic? A paranoid drama queen? You name it they could have done it to her but they didn’t. Why was this so? Don’t tell me it was the will of the masses please.

Diana:  A natural pied piper on her wedding day

The entire illuminati controlled media actually made sure that even if Diana wasn’t seen in the best light morally they certainly made sure she always came out of events with mass sympathy and an emotional attachment with the public? Does that sound right if Diana was here simply to awaken the masses to the wrong doings of the murderous Royalty and the illuminati? Or does it sound more likely that the illuminati controlled media was really strongly behind Diana when required to increase the level her ‘worship’ value amongst the masses. Come on folks wake up here the fact is that the Serpent Cult with the means they have could have ordered mainstream media to slaughter Diana in the public eye but this never really happened over any long period of time. Ask yourself why. Why would the illuminati allow Diana to be the peoples Goddess especially for as long as they did?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because Diana’s murder was planned many years before it happened, before she was born even, and the script insisted that the whole world mourned Diana after she had been ritually sacrificed. Don’t forget folks Emotional Respect  = Spiritual Energy. The only way the whole world would mourn her is to make her a people’s champion around the world.

Even the Royal Family played their part in this scam by openly playing to the script as ‘the official bad guys’, especially during the last couple of years of Diana’s life, but the public just went along with it too being suckered in like lemons. Big bad Queenie and dirt bag, Camilla shagging Charlie, versus squeaky-clean Diana wasn’t it? The public lapped it up and Diana’s worship value was increasing all the time. Diana was such a Goodie – Goodie compared to the bad guys in the Palace in the public eye eh?

Please consider the fact that the Royals would have and could have silenced Diana years before the actual sacrificial murder if they REALLY wanted to keep in the public’s good books. Oh no my friends the rest of the Royal family played the role of super bad guys to make Diana even more popular with the public and for good reason.

I haven’t time to go in to all the symbolic events in Diana’s life in this article. I believe David Icke has pointed out some of the links with Diana‘s bloodline and mentioned the symbolism behind the Alma tunnel and the 13th pillar being hit in the tunnel etc.  Again I agree with most of what I have heard or seen about David’s opinion and it is worth a look back at his information on this matter. There is no need for me to drone on about the ‘details of the crash’ because you will already know them.

Diana was killed on symbolic ground in the Alma tunnel

 I will though point out a couple of symbolic coincidences I have spotted myself later on. But it is for sure that Diana was murdered in a tunnel linked to the Goddess Diana and her sacrifice has too many other occult coincidences to be anything less than a ‘well executed sacrificial murder/ritual’.

So hang on a minute here.  Why would the murderers go to so much trouble to carry out such act in full public scrutiny if it was simply a murder to shut Diana up and stop her being impregnated with a coloured Muslim? Come on folks get your thinking caps on. If the Royal family were simply pissed off that Diana was opening her mouth too much or because she was shagging a Muslim and they didn’t want a half African – half English baby appearing, to upset the Royal Family photo albums, then why not simply bump ‘Diana’ off quietly? Surely an excuse of ‘slipping on a corgi dog turd and breaking her neck’ sort of thing would suffice and save a lot of time with the conspiracy theories to boot wouldn’t it? Laugh at that pathetic excuse if you want but I think having an official excuse consisting of a driver, Henry Paul,that was 3-4 times over the drink drive limit and veins full of carbon dioxide with an official bodyguard sat next to him is even more pathetic don’t you? I realise the Royal Family wanted to put a few hundred miles between them and the murder scene but bloody hell…. Henry Paul was pissed up… case solved? Give over don’t make me laugh! But Even this fairy tale added to the emotion directed at Diana.

Anyway the point I am making is that the royals could have simply faked her suicide and claimed she something like she was wallowing in shame over her many flings with men. They could have faked her suicide over her eating disorder and her so called depression over Charles’s affair.  Well couldn’t they?

I’ll tell you why it was because Diana was murdered in a ritual that will allow for the extraction of Spiritual energy made in and intended for use in this world to be transported to another and not because of her taste for sex with Muslims. Diana herself was exposed as a very promiscuous lady, let’s be blunt here truth seekers, even an ugly old sod like me was in with a chance of getting my leg over with Diana.  She was opening hers legs to anyone that smiled at her.


Hewitt: He was just one of Diana’s many lovers.

Sex scandals amongst the royal family are nothing new anyway. Even the staff at the Palace were constantly up each other and that was just the blokes! Indeed even the dodgy butler, Paul Burrell was balls deep with the other male staff.  Let’s be blunt, they are all up each other in high society circles and anyone else can join in as long as they are from a certain bloodline. Indeed Princess Anne and Prince Charles were both shagging at least one member of the Parker Bowles family at the same time and this was long before Diana was killed. It’s the norm for Royals and their staff to have sex parties and let’s also be blunt again and admit that Diana’s answer to not liking Charles’s adultery was to go out and shag as many folk as she could and commit adultery several times herself. She obviously got a taste for Asian or African men too. Admittedly this sort of behaviour would embarrass the phoney royal family on a 5-sense level but surely not enough to commit a symbolic murder on the scale of the Alma tunnel saga. Yet these are just some of the reasons given to the idiotic masses as being a good enough reason to create such a murder.


Burrel: He’s as dodgy as a bag of monkeys… just like his paymasters

All the indications point to the fact that Diana was murdered at the very moment the whole world had been primed to consciously focus on her.  I’m sure if you think about it properly with an open mind that you will at least partly agree with that statement. Just what circumstances led to the mass attention Diana was receiving at the time of her death?

Well she was portrayed, as the ‘victim’ for several years wasn’t she?  She also beat Bulimia etc didn’t she? She had the guts to touch a man with aids didn’t she? She had been allowed to go on BBC TV and slag off the royal family wasn’t she? Hey and don’t tell me the illuminati and the royal family didn’t ‘allow’ that to happen because the BBC dare not fart without asking the Queen and illuminati stooges if it is OK first! Take it from me the Royals/Illuminati arranged for Diana to spill the beans on TV because it was all part of the scam of attracting respect to Diana and turn her in to a goddess. Indeed she predicted her death and actually said she wanted the masses to call her the Queen of Hearts of that very show.

Don’t tell me the Royal family didn’t know this was going to happen. Diana became the self proclaimed Queen of Hearts and she also announced she would be killed. It was all part of the attack on the collective consciousness.

Diana was also the heroine for many charities. Well wasn’t she? (See my book, is it me for a moment, for information about charities) Her campaign against land mines also got her worldwide respect.  She was literally being promoted, as a better-looking Mother Teresa wasn’t she? Again please tell me how this was allowed to happen in mainstream Serpent Cult controlled media if it would severely damage Serpent Cult members like the Royal family? I’ll tell you again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult. The Royal family didn’t give a monkeys about public opinion and time tells us that is true. I’m not saying that to hurt the luvvy dovey Diana fans I’m saying that to attempt to make you think and actually challenge the thoughts the hypnosis the Serpent Cult has placed in you through carrying out this ritual.

There is also the involvement of the Al Fayed family to consider because they are also members of the Serpent Cult. Oh I realise Daddy Al Fayed has played his part well. He has said a few things and chucked a few stones in the direction of Prince Philip and demanded an inquest, he has spent a few bob too. Indeed on a five-sense level Daddy Al Fayed was in his element telling the world that his own cult bloodline was mating with Royalty cult bloodline, in other words he was boasting about the fact that Dodi was giving Princess Diana one.

So when you think about it, as far as the Royal family and their public relations are concerned it was absolutely the worse time to actually have Diana bumped off. At the time of her death she was the most popular female on the planet. As I said an excuse liked ‘Diana slipped on a corgi dog turd’ or ‘it was an act of suicide because she was shamed over her many men friends’ would have been a far, far ,safer option than a very dodgy drunken car accident in the centre of Paris.

Anyway, I have visted Paris as most of you know and I have researched the area where Diana was sacrificed and I have researched all the monuments.  I haven’t just been sat on a chair playing fairies gossiping on a forum you know! Most people believe the stature of liberty flame monument that is located above the Alma tunnel (pictured below) is an official monument that was built especially in memory of Diana.

Matthew Delooze in Paris on the Pont De L’Alma (Alma Bridge) looking at the ‘Diana was victim to sacrificial murder monument’. ‘Candle in the Wind’. A flame on a black pentagram

It is not officially a monument dedicated to Diana. It was actually placed over the tunnel in 1987 and it is known as the liberty flame. Diana didn’t die until 1997, ten years later. So if you thought this monument was placed there after Diana was murdered forget it.  That said it is now considered an official monument to the Diana ritual. Indeed I tell you now it was placed there as a monument for Diana 10 years ‘before she died’ although the powers that be claim it was there to recognise relations between France and the USA.

1987 was long before Diana even started her relationship with Dodi Fayed or before her marriage was in such a state too. The murder was not about Diana’s relationship or opening her mouth.  So I tell you again that Diana’s murder was planned many years before it actually happened and on a spiritual level at least Diana played a very willing part in it.  High rankers inside the Royal family would have known Diana had incarnated in to this world to carry out this ritual from detail before and at her birth, again the royal family are privy to information you are not. Diana would then have been groomed and she would have taken part in many other occult rituals including her wedding and the birth/ Christenings of her children and of course playing the role of the black virgin for Rome. Indeed, as some researchers have already pointed out she was married in St Paul’s (Temple of Apollo /Diana) and her funeral was in Westminster Abbey (Temple of Apollo/Diana) Please note now that she also gave birth, from previously being a virgin, to her first born at the ‘summer solstice’. Again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult.

Diana shows the world her son on the 21st June 1982

So let me get to the point eh? How many millions of people were very emotionally affected by the death of Diana? You can’t say for sure can you? It was literally the entire planet wasn’t it? Diana was loved by the entire world wasn’t she? Her death created one of the highest levels of mourning the world has ever seen? The entire planets energy was focused not only on Diana but also on all the occult symbolism she carried.

I tell you the truth when I say that all the ‘hype’ over Diana had reached a climax just prior to her death. So what really happened on the night of her sacrificial murder? Well she literally collected the entire worlds spiritual energy and had it focused on the symbolism surrounding her death, that is, she was playing the role of the mythical goddess (Artemis).  She was also, has previously pointed out by Mr Icke and by Ru Mills, a pseudonym for Rayelan Allan, sacrificed in the tunnel De L’ Alma that is supposed to be the location of an ancient sacrificial site, an ancient pagan temple placed on an energy line and dedicated to Artemis/ Diana Goddess of the Moon.

So what Diana actually did after being hyped as the most famous and most loved woman on the planet was gain the free willed adoration from the collective consciousness of the entire human race and then because of her ‘death’ and literally through her magnetism she got the energy created by her adoring fans ‘delivered’ to a temple and the temple is a pathway to the 4th dimension (L’ Alma passage). I have explained about the Paris energy lines before so please, if you are new to this information take time to read about it because it is vital you read my earlier work on the subject.

As it has been pointed out, the area around Pont De L’Alma is linked to an ancient pagan temple and linked to goddess worship and indeed linked to a symbolic passage to ‘Heaven’.  So all the emotional respect directed at Diana’s death was also directed to the 4th dimension through its symbolic underworld figures such as Diana etc.

 In my opinion, based on my own research, Diana was not a being of light that had come to expose things about a phony royal family she was simply another means to steal the spiritual energy that is created by genuine human emotional beings.  Indeed Diana got the tag Queen of Hearts because (a) she had previously announced her preference for that title as part of the ritual and (b) this was because her heart was to be removed in the Pont De L ‘Alma tunnel as part of the ritual. This should explain to you why there was a delay in moving her to hospital. It was not just a case of waiting for her to die in the tunnel it was because her heart was used in a ritual inside the tunnel because the tunnel was on symbolic ground. Hey you don’t have to believe me but I believe I am telling you the truth. If you want to believe Diana was the innocent party whilst everybody else in her family and indeed the Al Fayeds family were the bad guys then be my guests but I’m convinced every one of them is Serpent Cult.

The fact is though, ladies and gentlemen, that the Serpent Cult wanted Diana’s sacrifice to take place whilst the collective consciousness was indeed concentrating on her as some kind of symbolic Goddess and its obvious to me anyway that the hype worked. The Serpent Cult wanted the entire world’s emotions to focus on her life and death and of course also focus on ALL of the symbolism surrounding it. The Serpent Cult wanted the world to mourn Diana and feel very emotional about Diana. Why?

It’s simple; the massive outcry of emotional respect for Diana created a massive amount of Spiritual Energy. Don’t forget folks… Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy.

So just what did the death of Diana definitely create? It created a massive amount of Spiritual Energy didn’t it? Well didn’t it? Just because the vast majority of the public fell for the scam does not mean it was not a scam. It was a very good scam indeed.

 Diana was hyped all through her life and even more through her death. In my opinion this was to create energy but where did this energy go then? Did it go to feed the starving folks that Diana championed? Did it go to help the victims of landmines that Diana championed? Did it go to the aids victims that Diana championed? Did it bloody hell as like! It went to feed the lower fourth dimension simply because Diana came from the lower fourth and she was an agent for the lower fourth. She only used these charities to gain the emotional respect need to create spiritual energy.

Is it starting to make sense even to the ‘Diana was innocent positive energy’ merchants?

She was a positive energy of light icon was she? So worshipping the symbolic daughter of Zeus will free us all from illuminati control will it? That is utter bollocks in my opinion. And believe me a true icon of positivity wouldn’t get past the gates of Buckingham Palace and indeed a true positive energy entity couldn’t ever live with the hypocrisy Diana lived with.

Again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult and she helped carry out one of the biggest deceptions ever. It’s the same scam being carried out time and time again and the same suckers fall for it time and time again and the same suckers that fall for it lifetime after lifetime. I have been saying it for years, the Serpent Cult attract the masses to occult temples or symbolic locations, get them to feel emotional so the said emotions make energy and then the Serpent Cult harness the energy.

Diana’s death was just one massive ritual and millions of human beings were victim to one of the biggest deceptions ever. I’m sorry to say that but I believe there is no other explanation.  Indeed I am 100% sure there is no other explanation.

I laugh and giggle when I see some so-called awakened people think Diana was a ‘people’s princess’. There is no such thing in my opinion.  The immeasurable amounts of spiritual energy created in this deceptive scam went to the Serpent Cult not the people. That is why the ritual murder took place in a Serpent Cult symbolic temple; it was to feed the Serpent Cult. This was simply because Diana was actually a member of the Serpent Cult and not the person the illuminati made you think she was. Diana actually represented the entities of the Lower fourth dimension not the people who were made to love her. When we mourned Diana we actually fed the lower fourth.

Obviously Diana had to have the spiritual guile to pull it off and because she was indeed backed by the mass media it was a piece of cake for her to do so, especially when the world is full of dumbed down buffoons. Let’s face it folks we have all been suckered by a pretty face and a cute smile at sometime in our lives.

Diana and her symbolism, (the ‘goddess’ etc) was literally an energy conductor for your spiritual energy.  The Serpent Cult only need to use their well practiced slick PR tricks and most of you us are putty in their hands. Diana was part of the deceptive force that enslaves us.  I believe she would and did willingly deceive millions of people on a spiritual level. On a five-sense level she may not have seen the bigger picture but she willingly followed the script.

I realise some of you were/are so hypnotised by the Diana hype that you will not ever believe what I say. But I tell you for good reason that the Diana saga was just another deception carried out by the Serpent Cult. I’m afraid they are very good at deceiving us and I take no pleasure in saying the things I am saying in this article.

Can you start to see just how big this deception was?

Indeed even after her sacrificial murder the blind masses are still conned into giving spiritual energy to the lower fourth dimension. Diana received a very symbolic send off in Westminster Abbey didn’t she? The whole world wept and gave energy again through her symbolism and the Temple her funeral took place in.

Can you remember the song sung at her funeral? Elton John’s, Candle in the Wind?  I don’t pretend to know the full scale of the occult meaning contained in the song but it is very, very connected to sacrificial murder of symbolic goddesses. Marilyn Monroe, like Diana Spencer was also a symbolic sex toy/ consort for Serpent Cult members too. She too was a pied piper and conductor of spiritual energy energy.


Marilyn was another Serpent Cult symbolic Goddess. Same Scam, different time and different location

Obviously that information might be easier to swallow now that I have explained the true reasons of Diana’s killing. Marilyn was just an earlier example of the same scam. I am not going in to great detail about Marilyn Monroe in this article as I wish to concentrate on Diana but details of Marilyn will be thoroughly provided by myself in the future, I really do believe her murder was linked through symbolism to Diana.

Oh sod it… Shall we regulars go deeper now for a few minutes?

…..OK. It’s about the ‘mythological’ figures that I say act as representatives for the Serpent Cult to attract and steal our spiritual energy.  Indeed do you really want to know some real symbolism connected to the deaths of not only Diana but also Marilyn Monroe? Will you take it seriously? Do you even want to know the truth because I’m sure many people prefer to live lives under hypnosis and believe Diana was a ‘positive entity’? If your mind is closed there is no point listening to me ever again? I realise it is not nice to think you have been conned and it is not nice to realise there isn’t any real goddess icon that will help you escape this world no matter how much you want to rely on one. Things are easier for you to cope with if you delude yourself aren’t they? Indeed most people need a guru these days to tell them when they need to go for a shite. Take this crystal with you to the bog (Sticking them up your arse is optional), light this scented candle in the bog, stick a picture of Colin Fry in the bog and then go around telling everyone you are you and you are free. We should all be born with these gadgets shouldn’t we? We could save the pains of the awakening process from birth eh?

OK…. I’ll not only give my opinion about the death of Diana but I’ll briefly mention Marilyn too eh?  We will solve two major mysteries in one go. After all it’s about flipping time we did solve the Diana scam isn’t it?

Diana and Marilyn were not just symbolic goddesses implanted into the mass consciousness by the Serpent Cult for just one reason (extraction of your energy through deception). They were literally representing the daughters of the sun gods.  Do you want to know how?  OK then. I believe Marilyn represented a Helen of Troy sex goddess type persona and of course Diana represented an ‘Artemis’ huntress goddess type persona. Diana (Artemis) was also actually given credit for creating the birth of Apollo the Sun god. Don’t forget that Diana (Artemis) created the birth of her own Son William at summer solstice in 1982. So please note now, experienced conspiracy buffs, and it is very important you take this in. Because of his mother’s symbolism and his date of birth William is indeed symbolically ‘Apollo’ . Don’t forget the Royals along with mythical deities operate on a different level of understanding and as sick as t sounds to your conditioned mind ‘mothers are also sisters’ and ‘brothere are husband’s and also son’s’ and vice versa, they are simply facets of the same diamond they are simply a deceptive force posing as siblings and therefore representing the creator gods. They are many faces but only one force.

Please note that William is now the spitting ‘image’ of his ‘mother’ and so please take extra special note that he is being hyped and will be promoted just like his mother was. His ‘worship value’ is being increased every year. A wedding or coronation in a symbolic temple on symbolic ground will set him on the path and destiny previously scripted by the Serpent Cult so please take note now that William is no King of Hearts he is 100% Serpent Cult, just like his mother was. Don’t be fooled again….

  …. For now… please take it in that symbolically Helene (Marilyn) and Artemis (Diana) are both ‘daughters of Zeus’.  OK? (Different name and face but exactly the same force)

The only thing that Marilyn has in common with Diana on a five-sense level, because of the years between them, is the fact they were both subjected to suspicious deaths and of course the Elton John song ‘Candle in the Wind’. Well isn’t it?

Elton John first performed the song 11 years after Marilyn died. He then did a similar version at the funeral of Diana. Most people know that I have pointed out the symbolism carried by Serpent Cult puppet Elton John on a few occasions. Elton John’s middle name is Hercules.  Hercules in Greek Mythology is actually the brother of Artemis (Diana) and Helene (Marilyn.)  So Hercules is obviously also the son of Zeus.

Elton and Diana?  The Symbolic Hercules and Artemis?

On a five-sense level they are ‘celebrities’… on a spiritual level they are Serpent Cult pied pipers and will steal and pass your energy to the 4th dimension.

So when you think about it anyone showing respect to Diana or Marilyn through the song ‘Candle in the Wind’, and millions upon million did, will also be showing respect to the celebrity faces literally the symbolic offspring of the sun creator god Zeus. This is how the Serpent Cult constantly deceive us. They know the rules of creation in this world.

 When Diana’s funeral took place in Westminster Abbey (the location that was once a temple of Apollo/Artemis) the massive amount of overpowering emotional respect was indeed directed at both Diana and Elton John, whom I have now informed you are symbolically Hercules and Artemis, children of Zeus. Just a coincidence is it?

If it is just a coincidence it’s a very bloody good symbolic one. What are the odds of getting a Hercules and an Artemis in a Temple and millions of people show deep emotion towards them? Come on wake up for fuck’s sake, this Cult is taking the piss. I have said in many of my articles and in my books that we are conned into worshipping the Sun, as a means to worshipping inter-dimensional/ 4th dimensional entities by proxy if you like, it’s an inter-dimensional race of entities that claim to have created the sun, hence if they con you to worship the sun you also worship them. Zeus created the Sun and by us being conned in to worshipping the children of Zeus (Hercules and Armetis) we are actually worshipping the creators of the Sun Gods. It’s a ‘food chain’ and our love for Diana was the starting point in this ritual and in the deceptive food chain involved.  Please let me explain in simple terms for those who are relatively new to my work.

The Food Chain created by Diana Sacrifice Ritual

Worship Diana Spencer the pied piper = Worship ancient deities like Artemis/Diana.

Worship Artemis/Diana the deities = Worship the creators of Artemis/Diana (Zeus)

Worship phony gods like Zeus/ Jupiter /Amen Ra = Worship their creators from the Lower 4th

The whole ‘spiritual energy food chain’ system is created by the deceptive Serpent Cult. Can you see by that simple list why the Serpent Cult needs symbolic pied pipers? Emotional respect is free will worship and free will worship will give those you worship the divine right to rule.

I tell you the truth again the Serpent Cult use their symbolic agents on Earth to play middlemen and pied pipers to extract your spiritual energy. This applies whether the actual pied piper is aware of events or not.  Elton ‘Hercules’ John and Diana ‘Artemis’ Spencer are two such symbolic pied pipers and as daft as it sounds their masters are 4th dimensional entities that are alien to this world.

When we worship such pied pipers we also worship the symbolism behind them. Obviously these two very popular pied pipers are given their means, talent and guile, to enable them to become very good pied pipers. They simply allowed access to the true abilities that all human beings have. Sadly most of us have forgotten our true powers. (Apart from folks like that nice boy Colin Fry of course)

I wasn’t going to point out the deeper level of symbolism (Artemis, Apollo, Helene, Hercules) simply because the blind sheep that are hypnotised in to thinking Diana was here for good wouldn’t and couldn’t be able to take it in. They couldn’t accept Diana took part in a ritual that would deceive the masses let alone follow the path that leads from respect for Diana to the worship of the pagan creator gods like Zeus and then on to surrendering our spirits to inter-dimensional entities. The latter having created not only the myth of Zeus and also the physical body used by Diana to represent Zeus.  But I know some of you can take it in so i did go deeper! Please breath the air that I send you now and will try to send you in the future. You can always blow it away if you do not like it or think it stinks.

Anyway let’s get back on track eh? We are having a busy day eh? Let’s not carry on as deep as this at least for a bit…

…So indeed as far as Diana is concerned the masses continue to fall for the same spiritual extraction scam in 2009 as they did in 1997. ‘The Temple of Diana’at Althorp (Pictured below) is simply another conductor for the spiritual energy created through the emotional respect the human race ‘still’ has for Diana.

The Temple of Diana at Althorp

 There is a lot of symbolism surrounding Althorp and Diana’s grave. I’m sure you will have read many things about it.  I could add to that but I’m not going to because like the circumstances surrounding the actual murder of Diana it does not really matter. The blatant fact that you should be aware of is that a symbolic temple has been placed in Althorp (The Serpent Cult use this scam a lot at stately homes) and it is this that is now used as a replacement to the Alma tunnel as a focus of respect, and it is the official means to harness energy and transport it to the lower 4th. Its geometry will be in line with occult geometry and its location will be on some connecting energy line.  The close up picture below shows the world (The halo or egg shape) that the temple is dedicated to deities and not the human body of Diana.

Diana was 100% Serpent Cult: The halo indicates Sun/ Moon deity but it also indicates rebirth from the egg

 This Temple, on one level anyway, is on a par with the Flame that stands over the Paris version of the same temple she was murdered in (Goddess Temple of Artemis/Diana). That is the Pont De L’ Alma area. I have indeed visited them but there are other reasons for creating this temple that I will try and explain on a simple level.  The ‘face’ is black to represent the Black Virgin goddess role Diana took up for the Serpent Cult on many occasions (Rituals dressed in black) but that’s not all my friends, not by a long chalk. I tell you the truth. The image is symbolic for Diana returning to this world ‘with the same looks’ so to speak. The collective spiritual energy directed at Diana from the human race will allow her to return to earth with the very same looks when she chooses to. It appears our Queen of Hearts was very, very, vain. The Spencers have built a ‘museum’ in the grounds of Althorp. Those that read my article The Virgin Festival will now realise that the scam of putting ‘temples to Diana’ in the grounds of stately homes is not as daft as they thought when i first wrote it because Althorp is now on a par with Weston Park and it has added a museum too. Look at the picture below.


A combination of a ‘museum’ and an occult monument (Temple) at Althorp.(See spitting out the feathers of the benu bird)

ALTHORP Exhibition
Inside the museum ( Respect temple for Artemis))

 Sorry to go straight in and to the point. The Serpent Cult have placed the items you see inside this Temple to receive our free will permission to allow Diana to return to this world as many times as she chooses in the exact same physical image and equipped with the same guile. The ‘figures’ represent ‘reincarnation’ in the same body and the hanging profile picture is to symbolism that reincarnation will be with the same face. Does this make sense to you? Can you see that the Serpent Cult are aware of things in this world that they have blinded you too?

Diana wasn’t really doing the ‘good things’ for the world she was simply feeding her ego and getting energy from the masses which will give her the right incarnate as she pleases. It’s the will of the masses. It’s the will of the collective consciousness.

   Hey… I may have jumped a couple of articles, or even a 60-dollar book, ahead of myself by telling you that part of the antidote for the serpents spell, but hey that’s the kinda dozy bugger I am. I’m not saying all the world has to visit this temple/museum to bring Diana back (to carry out the same con trick on you) because that permission was already given when she died, so believe me, it is just that she is so vain she wants to come back in future generations with the same ‘look’.

 Anyway let’s settle down again, ladies and gentlemen,… back to brass tacks… Where were we?… Oh yes… All the emotional respect created for Diana even today in 2009, including that created by conspiracy theorists that still believe she was here for good, will be harnessed as spiritual energy through the official temple/museum at Althorp, just as the Louvre pyramid and museum did in previous articles, and it will feed Serpent Cult entities in another dimension on a long term basis. That is why agents in the Serpent Cult encourage the emotions of the masses to be continually raised over the Diana issue, it is because they want to add more attention to the occult symbolism and goddess worship that is linked to the case and therefore harness more spiritual energy from the ritual.

A good example of this is Daddy Al Fayed. He kept the case going for years didn’t he? This man is ‘establishment’ to the core please be fooled no more by his guile. He has even placed his masters symbolism in his own palace (Harrods) to carry out the same scam (placing an altar in a building to turn it into a temple) and to appease his masters too and also ensure his bloodline can reincarnate as agents in the Serpent Cult.

 The Altar in Harrods: !00% Serpent Cult.

 The Al Fayeds are also100% Serpent Cult just like the Spencer family and the only reason Diana was led to have relationships with Muslims on a five sense level was to increase the ‘attention’ from the different cultures when she was actually sacrificed. If Diana had been having a relationship with a Christian at the time of her death the emotional attention from the Muslim world would not have been half as strong as it was for having a relationship with a Muslim and therefore the spiritual energy involved would have been far less powerful. OK?

Again Diana had the greatest PR job done for and this was entirely because she was a lamb to the slaughter and the slaughterers needed a very big audience. Let me point out that it does not matter on a 5-sense level who or what physically murdered Diana.  It does not matter if it was Charles, Queenie, Henry Paul, MI6, CIA, Martians, Kermit the Frog or that nice mummies boy Colin Fry (What a jolly nice boy he is). Whoever it was will never ever be caught. Never.
I know that is wrong but it’s a fact.

If the system wanted a scapegoat they would have found one straightaway like it has done with many other assassinations. The ‘mystery’ of Diana’s death, as that of Marilyn Monroe, will always remain unsolved or classed as an accident/suicide simply because the Serpent Cult will continually use the rituals to create energy for themselves by manipulating the emotions of human beings. The reason no scapegoat will be found for the Diana murder is because the world has to see this ritual as an ‘official and natural event’ (An accident) and that is why the courts have announced it as an accident and not an open verdict. I hope those last few sentences bring comfort to those souls that have been angry over the official version of events. If the official version is of a natural event (An accident) the collective consciousness actually endorses the ritual because of the leaders it elected through free will. In other words you joined in the ritual and you obey the Serpent Cult on a spiritual level.

Again Diana was an agent for the Serpent Cult and she played pied piper to channel spiritual energy from this world to the 4th dimension. Can you see it? If so we are getting somewhere eh? If you can see how the scam works and you can accept, in principle at least, that spiritual energy can be transported through symbolic icons, symbolic monuments and symbolic events then it is time to leave the Diana story… so let’s move swiftly on to 9/11.

Four years further on from Diana’s death the WTC came down. You don’t need me to tell about that event do you? That’s because the Serpent Cult have embedded it on your soul and you have seen and heard a thousand different stories about it haven’t you. I’m certainly totally sick of hearing about it, don’t forget I was told about it in 95/96 and the reasons behind it so you can guess why I laugh at some of the theories.

Anyway, even if you are a hard faced anti-royal and didn’t give a flying fart about Diana you will know in your heart that 9/11 affected your emotions in one way or another.  It didn’t matter if you had a member of you family in the WTC or you were a brainwashed Islamic soldier hoping for Jihad, those towers coming down caused a massive increase in emotion in this world.

Well didn’t they? Don’t worry you were meant to feel emotional about it. So let’s get it sorted once and for all eh?  Well at least it will be my one and only work on it.

Again, in my opinion, just like the Diana case it does not matter who is responsible for 9/11 on a 5-sense physical level. An inside job was it? Dubya Bush and his evil Masonic cronies was it? Bin Laden from a cave was it?  The official mind controlled patsy Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was it? Maybe some slick and crafty holograms fooled the shit out of us? Perhaps it was just a slick movie set?  Thunderbird two did it eh? Superman farting pessaries out his arse is another good theory of why the towers came down. The list has been endless and maybe the Superman theory is not the daftest that’s been mentioned.

 9/11: Who was responsible on a 5-sense level? You will never know!

 I’ll be blunt. Wake the hell up or you will be trapped in this world left pondering on many, many, different theories for many lifetimes. I mean that sincerely. Let’s not let the innocent victims of this event suffer for longer than they have too.

 On a spiritual level it really does not matter what caused 9/11 on a five-sense level indeed it does not matter that it was used to start a cruel invasion of weaker countries in the five-sense world either. Let’s face it folks the wankers that rule this world can come up with any excuse to invade any country at any time.  Who’s going to stop them? All those people that think Diana were the Queen of Hearts eh?

The ‘culprits‘, on a five sense level, that carried out the ‘physical’ side of 9/11 will never be brought to justice because the event was not carried out just for 5- sense reasons, it is the exact same scenario as the Diana event and it was simply carried out to create ‘mass emotion’ simply because emotion creates spiritual energy. Our spirituality creates our 5 sense reality so our spirituality brought the towers down.

It was indeed also the emotions of the people that were used as a feeble excuse to invade countries not the actual event itself. You can give your spiritual energy to anything you genuinely feel emotional about, or should I say give energy to anything you are made to feel emotional about, and this was a ‘world trade centre’ of energy on a symbolic level. Do you understand that?

The Serpent Cult were again attracting the free will spiritual energy of the entire human race and connecting it to their ‘symbolism’.  The Serpent Cult needed worldwide spiritual ‘permission’ to carry on with their agenda and they certainly got it through 9/11. The majority of minds and souls fed the esoteric symbolism involved in the 9/11 incident and the aftermath of this event was one of a planned massive ‘sun worship’ ritual carried out worldwide in Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques. Not only did the event attract global spiritual energy to the occult symbolism involved in the actual collapse of the twin towers but straight after the event the same spiritual energy was quickly transferred through the global energy line network and through the global sun temples posing as different religious buildings and fed entities in the 4th dimension. In other words the 9/11 event crated a world wide ritual inside all the places of worship and indeed in civic buildings too. The human race actually, albeit unknowingly, endorsed 9/11 through those actions.

The masses were deceived from all sides but their false egos and conditioned minds would never allow them to see through the 9/11 scam because the only sanctuary their false egos and conditioned minds could run to, such as the churches and Mosques etc, were indeed only further ‘deceptions’ that were put in place by the Serpent Cult. The Serpent Cult hold no boundaries for their deceptions.  The blind masses that went running to temples or took part in public gatherings about the event were literally running to praise the actual 4th dimensional perpetrators of 9/11, through the out pouring of their emotions and therefore endorsed the event.

Symbolism and occult geometry/numerology is hidden in all the things that we create but sadly they don’t tell you that on Sesame Street

The same false egos and conditioned minds of the masses couldn’t see the Diana scam either and I realise most folk wouldn’t want to for this event. They even have a special Temple of Diana to worship her in forever now don’t they?  (Nice One Mr Serpent!)

It is time to realise that the Serpent Cult created, in your minds at least, all the things you ‘hold dear’ as well as all the things you don’t hold dear. Events like the Diana sacrificial murder are being used to enslave you simple because they made you ‘hold her dear’ whilst loading her with their symbolism and you failing to see she was in the Serpent Cult all along. The Serpent Cult made Diana a goddess on Earth as an official representative from ‘Heaven’  (Heaven is our self created dimension that rules over this one if you want it to, (we decide who rules us through collective worship). By getting the masses to worship their agents on earth they get the masses to worship the entities in the fourth dimension that provided the said agents, this in turn therefore gives the entities in Heaven the right to rule us.

We have placed the forces behind Diana in ‘Heaven’ through our free will and therefore the said force can and does rule us.

In my opinion it is time for you to rule yourself if you want to be free. The choice is yours and only yours but only if you want to make it. It will be far easier to keep hold of the things you hold dear like icons similar to celebrities and bloodlines like the people’s princess and goddess ‘Diana’, but it is all a deception. You can empower yourself and the world by seeing through the Veil of the secret societies. You can heal this world and yourself simply by giving collective spiritual energy to it instead of giving it to the deceivers who steal it.

Give your heart to Diana and the rest of the Serpent Cult if you feel it is right but I believe nothing will change in this world by doing so in my opinion.  It costs nothing to think for yourself if you are provided with alternative information as another option does it?

If I went along with the ‘Diana was here to awaken us by exposing the Royals as murderers’ theme then I’m sure I could make more friends and of course money, if I was actually selling this information. That theme is laughable to me and I’m sure it is to some others when they really think about it, but I’m afraid not many do.  I’m not here to make more friends anyway nor am I here to take your money. So please think what you like about the information I have provided because, as me mam used to say,… you can either like it or lump it!

I have told you this information, as I believe it should be told, without any fear and without any favour. I have told this information without seeking payment and the way my spiritual journey has directed me to see this information and to pass it on. I have done it the best way I can. It has taken many hours just to produce this article and that is without counting the time it took to research and understand. That took years.

I hope the information provided in this article arrives to the people that I want it to arrive to and I say to those folks that know me, that the words in this article are true and trustworthy and they will never let you down.

My life is up and down and changes daily, nay it changes by the hour :), as I’m sure some of you empathise with that sort of thing. I humbly thank you for taking the time to read this article and on a lighter note I will say that it is not often you get two of the biggest conspiracies in the history of the world solved in one article, but that is what I believe you have had, if it is indeed the case then you are welcome to it. If you think it is just bag o’ shite then that is fine to :)

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved

Once Bitten Twice Shy? – Exposed: Subliminal Messages in Olympic games Promotional Video

This article is dedicated to the innocent victims of the 7/7 London bombings. May they one day see the real perpetrators of a cowardly act brought to justice

Once Bitten Twice Shy?


Exposed: Subliminal Messages in Olympic games Promotional Video

By Matthew Delooze

I know what your mind is going through
You know my mind is going through it too
Through it too, going through it too
And you know my mind is going through it too.
(Hey hey hey hey what you doin’ to me by Slade)

Some of you folk will remember me writing about the Olympic games video / commercial that was released last year. If you don’t then I will say that the advert produced by the Olympic games committee (Lackeys for the Serpent) was full of subliminal messages and flash art that depicted, to me at least, ‘Chaos and destruction’ symbolism. The advert received massive attention but it was then suddenly removed from public view under claims that it may cause epileptic fits through the flashing lights etc.

Here is what I wrote about the previous Olympics video at the time…

I have mentioned in previous articles on this website and in other areas that I believe symbolic announcements are covertly made through mainstream media. Obviously newcomers to this site will have to read earlier articles to understand what I am trying to say. Anyway let us break down the official video and I will try and show you what I see. Please watch the video very carefully. (Obviously I do not recommend that people who suffer from epilepsy watch the bloody thing) What I will say is that please keep in mind that the video is there and was created for the sole purpose of manipulating your thoughts. If you do this then the subliminal messages will have no effect on you whatsoever. If you are skeptic about these matters then you have bugger all to worry about anyway. Have you?
Please watch it now: … Well then, what do you make of that bugger?…..

I went on to describe what I saw in the video. Which was, in my opinion, blatant trickery and a basic message of chaos and destruction in London in or after 2012.

Anyway as I said the authorities removed the video very suddenly, they later claimed it was only removed because of the logo part of the video at the end. (A waste of money on a 5 sense level eh?). That said I believe the removal of the video was all part of the subliminal message anyway. But there again I’ll keep stum about that for now. The press had a field day complaining about the cost and the stupidity involved in producing the video etc. The hangers on at the Olympic games waffled out some apology saying it wouldn’t happen again etc and oh how sorry they were. I knew at the time that it was all propaganda. Didn’t you?

Anyway you’d expect after all the shit that went on that the Olympic games committees and pied piper type celebrities like Sir Sebastian Coe would not to allow any more dodgy videos, containing subliminal messages or flash logos, to be produced never mind release one wouldn’t you? Well wouldn’t you? Well I sure would if I thought the previous claims were genuine anyway.

So let’s just suppose the previous claims and apologies about the original video was genuine for a moment whilst I prepare to show you another very dodgy official Olympic games video. Remember we are talking about taxpayer’s money here and so-called intelligent people so why the release of this video after the outcry over the previous one?

I invite you to take care in watching the video, but again I tell you that if you are aware that subliminal messages and subliminal geometry is being used in the video then they will not affect you on any level and if you are a skeptic about these things what does it matter anyway?  So please take time and watch the video NOW.

Now then! If I was working in Government or indeed officially involved in the Olympic Games, in London 2012, I would be giving someone a very severe bollocking for producing that video. Come on, thousands of pounds of tax payers money was allegedly wasted on the original and it was removed simply because of the threat of epileptic fits. So why produce another video that contains at least the same amount of subliminal messages and flash etc. Please someone tell me why another flash video has been produced as my fury is increasing daily over the deceptive liars that are controlling all aspects of our lives. Where are the journalists, can they not even remember what happened last year? Where are the art experts? Indeed after studying this video again I tell you the truth when I say I believe it contains more subliminal messages than the original that was removed. Granted the PTB are being sneakier when showing this video and have produced many red herrings to deflect attention away from it, but it is still a very symbolic announcement and they are still getting it embedded in to the collective consciousness of the human race. I’m sure the Fleet Street journalists know about it creation but it appears at the moment anyway that finding details about Paul Gascoigne’s bar bill is far more important news to give the masses.

“Hey people… we won’t show you how corrupt the system is but we will show you how Gazza drinks himself to death just like we did with George Best”.”

Hey… if anyone knows where a decent journalist is please let me know which unemployment benefit office where they sign on,  because they sure aren’t working anywhere.  ‘Journalism’…a pathetic and cowardly profession indeed. So let’s get going with the video…

The ‘chaos’ symbolism is just as rife in this video as it was the original. This video deeply upset me, as for why I will explain later. The initial images in the video hint at showing ‘collapsing buildings’ just like the original banned video but in reverse. (You see the buildings rising upwards) The ‘reverse’ symbolism is shown simply by the screen moving left to right. If you reversed the picture right to left you would see the buildings fall. It does not matter which order info goes into your subconscious because manipulation of the subconscious places information into your mind in a very jumbled up form, it is not straight forward as you see it on a five sense level. It is important to realise this. The Serpent Cult only needs to get you to accept and receive the images hence the use of ‘modern’ artwork. Anyway…the video…in the early stages it is showing you ‘falling buildings’. There are many subliminal messages going on in the background of the video and then the fast moving video appears to focus on a bus that is embedded in a wall.

What did you see in the video or were you not really looking?

Things start to go a bit sinister here because I can only tell you, not that I bloody want to, that it shows a bus exploding and someone is beheaded (artist’s painting on wall). Again the sequence is in reverse but it’s definitely an exploding bus and a beheading, possibly indicating a suicide bomber. If you don’t believe me about this symbolism that’s fine, but I tell you the truth when I say that image is symbolism of an exploding bus on many levels of understanding and that is the message going into your subconscious if it is NOT pointed out first…

The video then seems to show chaos and earthquake lines, just like the original video did, but this time it’s using the underground network symbolism to indicate where the chaos or destruction will take place. The music in the video indicates this as well.

The symbolism in the video indicates ‘chaos’ on the underground and this chaos will be in the same location of certain monuments. 
The symbolism in the video indicates chaos on the underground under certain monuments

After the cracking/destructive lines symbolism (as in the banned video) a falling man (woman) is shown.

Falling man (woman), same symbolism as used the original banned video

Before you think it’s just an Olympic diver for a commercial video ask yourself why no other sports get the same coverage in the video. Anyway, the bus in the video then seems to take the ‘starring role’ as many, many, subliminal messages are being used with the help of the London Eye and a near Full Moon and reflections in the bus and railings. The subliminal messages go into overdrive. (If you look at the video (45 seconds in) you will see very swift ‘sun symbolism’ over the Ferris Wheel being used but you’ll have to be alert.)

The bus has taken a starring role in this video, the symbolism and the subliminal messages are now in overdrive

The video then focuses on Buckingham Palace. There is a red haired man who takes up a position with a flying multi-dimensional deity that is hidden behind him. Obviously this symbolism could mean many things. This symbolism says many things, but how deep to you want to go? Do you want to be free or do you want to simply play at fairies on a forum in your spare time and think your mind is free? How can your mind be free if it can’t recognise everything that goes in to it?

I see the Buckingham Palace symbolism, on a slightly deeper level, as showing a ‘high ranker’ at Buckingham Palace (‘on the roof’ = High ranker in symbolic terms) using his high-ranking soldiers as a Nazi type force (goose step).


High-Rankers in Buck House? 

This high ranker is controlled (possessed/or through shape-shifting) by the inter-dimensional winged deity you see in the artwork. I suppose that seems a bit absurd to you but that’s the most ‘down to earth’ explanation I can give you that I believe can actually help you.


Possession / Shapeshifter: Absurd is it? 
Dimensional / puppet control symbolism behind the ‘heads’
“The winged beast is only seen if you look behind the high ranker”.
…Only if you really want to that is.

Laugh at me and laugh at the symbolism that I point out to you if you like. I really don’t mind at all, but please consider that you are laughing at your own imprisonment when you do. Anyway back to the video…come on…

You then see the Olympic logo again but it seems to have taken a darker tone and is the logo is the face of the moon.

The darker logo

Then you see the famous bus again and it comes hurtling towards you at great speed and then a great flash of light appears. Let’s just slow the bus down for a moment so you can see. Here are a couple of stills that you cannot see when the video is at normal speed.

Is it a bus hurtling at speed or is it an explosion on a bus?
OL_light_2 Again! Is it a bus hurtling at speed or is it an explosion on a bus?

What do you see?  Does it look like a bus explosion to you now? Well does it? I tell you what… watch the video again here  (go on watch it!) and really concentrate when the bus hurtle towards you and then listen when the bus flashes white. Listen to the sound straight after as well. It goes on quite a while if you can be bothered and wear bloody headphones too if you have them. Watch the bus come towards you and listen to the sound both during and after because that’s the best example of subliminal manipulation I can ever show you on a five sense level. Take heed and note that you won’t get a better example and remember it for the future.

I ask you again if the stills above look like a bus exploding and now I ask if the sound is suitable too, if you have listened of course? I assure all serpent slappers that whomever is blindly watching these subliminal messages that they are being affected subconsciously. If you can see the subliminal messages and recognise them and understand their meanings then they have no power over your subconscious thoughts therefore you cannot assist in the creation of events in physical reality.

What upset me most about the video is that, in at least two places, it indicates ‘explosions on buses’. No matter what you think of my interpretation of the rest of the video the bus explosion symbolism is obvious. Well isn’t it? Even to the blindest idiot there is obviously something not right with this video. We are talking ‘LONDON’ AND ‘BUSES EXPLODING’ HERE for fucks sake. Why have the Olympic games committee allowed this very dodgy video to go ahead? Where the humour in showing images of what appears to be exploding buses in London after what’s happened?

Go on ask yourself why the Olympic committee and the wankers that are supposed to be in charge of us are allowing this video to go ahead when (a) it shows more subliminal messages that the original video that was banned and (b) it obviously shows bus explosions?

Again even if my other interpretations are loopy or way off the mark, which they are not, you can’t hide or deny the bus explosions can you? Who’s sick mind actually created this video? It is claimed that students created the video? Were these students possessed or something? Or is that possibility bullshit as well?

To be honest with you I don’t know if the new video is creating triggers for the future creation of our reality in London or it is simply the Serpent Cult boasting and admitting it carried out the bus explosion in 2005. What I do know is that a very sick force created the symbolism being displayed in the video.

Why do they do this? Why do they create such symbolism and mind control trickery?

In the original article regarding the original 2012 video I wrote this….
Anyway let us have a look at why they do such things. In my opinion, by showing you such things they are getting your mind to think the way ‘they’ want you to think. They want you to see what they want to happen in the future but they disguise the information at the same time, so you can’t see it on a five-sense level. They ‘hide it in open view’ so to speak. Well let’s face it they are dealing with apathetic apes like you and me aren’t they? No wonder they mock us so.

They produce a video showing things you can’t understand on a conscious level (Arty- Farty videos showing cryptic messages) but your subconscious ‘accepts’ the information that is being directed to it. The result is that the collective consciousness ‘accepts’ and endorses the subliminal messages it is being shown and will therefore accept the inevitable creation of physical reality because of it. “What the masses think they get – they get.” In simple terms… if the majority of members in the human race (collective consciousness) all subconsciously accept and want the same thing to happen in this world then it will somehow be physically created. It really is that simple.

The Olympic logo and video is getting your subconscious to create physical realities in the future without you bloody well realising it. That is how this word operates. That is how things have been ‘invented’ in the past, it’s simply because the thought of such inventions had been placed in peoples minds and ‘accepted’ by the collective consciousness as being what we actually wanted to create and because of this it became our physical reality. That is how and why the Serpent Cult controls the collective consciousness of the human race. They get us to create the physical realities in this world by getting us to think how they want us to think. We think our physical things into existence.

We only need to change the way we think on a collective level and things will change dramatically. That is hard to do when the vast majority of people only think of themselves, their money, their football team, their clothes and their sex lives etc. That said, that is how mind manipulation works and you have all made the beds you lie in, you have all made the beds you make and you have all made the beds you defend unreservedly. How sad. Not that we had a choice after being made the pathetic sheep that we are. The video used for the Olympic message is only one of many. I am only writing this article because I believe it is announcing something that will be a massive in the future.The symbolism in the video in my opinion is announcing ‘destruction’ and ‘chaos’, especially by using the logo, which I believe is showing towers in all four sections, the top right being ‘twin’ towers and the other three being broken or falling towers. (Pillars)….

Well there’s not much I can add to that and obviously when I wrote it I didn’t know the Olympic committee were going to bring another very dodgy video out showing buses blowing up. The Serpent Cult uses their tricks to manipulate our minds. They will use their tricks and get you to laugh at claims like mine. I can only show you my version of events I can only show you what I see, I can only provide my interpretation of the mind games going on. It is entirely up to you if you want to laugh at them or think about them. I can only say that I’d be a very sick man if I were making these things up for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

The video showing the buses upset me very much and I am sending this article to the Olympic committee and the BBC. Oh I know I’ll be ‘the resident loony’ for doing so. I can only ask you to pass this article around to anyone you think will read it or the press in an area near you using a link to the article on this site. But that’s not all I have to say, my little band of Serpent Slappers, there’s more.

Before I go I’d like to show you another video (very short this one). Again ‘Sebastian Coe’s lackeys produce it’.  That said Coe is only a lackey himself but he has surrounded himself with even more pathetic lackeys that are hired to serve the serpent and help enslave the human race, sadly they can’t see this they only see the way of the world. This time it’s very simple even on a 5 sense level, there is no blatant subliminal messages and only one flash (The Sun). Here is the official announcement from the ‘Guardian’ newspaper (Quoted below).

Visit London’s ad campaign will include a 50-second film featuring a map of London imposed on to the Earth as seen from space, which will run online internationally and across outdoor screens in the UK as well as in the London Underground. There will also be an international press, poster and digital advertising campaign. The print ads feature a version of the globe that has been evolved to highlight different aspects of London. One ad features a microphone, to represent London’s music scene, and another features fireworks, to promote the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.


Do you need me to tell you again that this is Serpent around the Earth, Ouroboros type, symbolism? Can you see?

Click Here for video

go on watch it ….

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 20th September 2008

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved

Singeing the beard of Nanna/ Suen – The Ramadan Scam Exposed

Singeing the beard of Nanna – Suen


The Ramadan Scam Exposed

By Matthew Delooze

Call out the instigators
Because there’s something in the air
We’ve got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
And you know that it’s right
We have got to get it together now!
From the Song, Something is in the Air: Thunderclap Newman
Hello folks,

I hope this article finds you all well.

I have been asked quite a few times about the Christian Christmas period and my theory about it , based on covert sun worship. A lot of people can now see that mass hypnosis is at work in the build up to Christmas. Indeed it all starts again from next month so instead of you blindly going with the flow this year why not just step back and watch and listen to people at the same time? Keep a look out for the hypnosis and the reactions of the brainwashed. You might actually learn something.

Anyway. I have had a few Muslim friends thank me for exposing the ‘Christian Christmas deception’ as they see it. “Thank you Mr. Delooze you certainly showed the Christians how stupid they are for being conned into worshipping the Sun at Christmas” so to speak. Let me say, before I go further into this article, that I believe anyone should be allowed to follow any religion or follow any other belief they want to follow as long as they do not hurt others for doing the same thing. I will personally support anyone who is seeking freedom to speak ‘their’ mind, no matter what they believe. Let me make it perfectly clear that I do not have any grudge or ill feeling against any religion nor any person following a religion. I have friends and acquaintances that are Christian and I have friends and acquaintances that are Muslim. I will respect anyone’s wishes to follow a religion whether it is Christianity, Islam or any other. I will gladly accept that the views these people have should be allowed to be openly expressed without any fear. I also accept that any other views that will not harm anyone should also be allowed to be aired without fear too. That is why I have written this article. Why should I feel fear for simply expressing my own views of what I see as mass hypnosis and mass hypocrisy? Why should I feel fear for trying to help people? Therefore I have no fear.

So please let me, before I start my current revelation, mention something that was said to me recently. A very intelligent man…told me, on a five-sense level. “Thanks for exposing Christian religions, your work must be the work of Allah, so I now hope you will now join Islam”. He added, “Muslims don’t celebrate the rebirth of the Sun at the Winter Solstice, so therefore, that proves that Allah is the greatest and the one true god”.

I offended the bloke by laughing. That was not my intention but I couldn’t help it. I looked in his eyes and this bloke genuinely believed I was some kind of a covert Muslim that was trying to expose Christianity as the work of some devil figure. To hide his embarrassment, and mine, I cracked a joke about Muslims taking double money for taxi fares at Christmas as a bribe to join in with the winter solstice ritual. I literally saw his brain cells trying to work that one out.

I assure everyone that I am not a covert Muslim that simply goes around criticising Christian rituals like Christmas. The only reason I mention Christian rituals more than those practiced by other religions is because I was brought up in a Christian church school, so I have first hand experience of that form of hypnosis that’s all.

In my opinion the Muslims are just as much deceived as the Christians, as are all those that get on their knees to other symbolic ‘ascended masters’. This includes New Age Guru’s too, you know what I mean by New Age don’t you? The crystal worshippers and the scented candles up the arse brigade that is playing at being fairies and latter day hippies. I certainly do not object to people doing these things. I am quite willing to wear a feathered suit and walk around doing chicken noises if it will help me and others escape the clutches of the Serpent Cult. I am simply giving my opinion.  I say from the bottom of my heart, if you can gain spiritual freedom by doing these things then good luck to you, go ahead.

Anyway let’s get going eh? The Muslims, just like the Christians also carry out massive Sun/Serpent rituals. Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and the rest of these iconic figures, simply help the Serpent Cult control your subconscious and therefore control your physical and spiritual future.

How do the Muslims falls for the same trick as the Christians when they do not officially join in the Christmas celebration I hear you say? Well I tell you the truth when I say that the sun worship rituals go on all the year round and the Muslims are involved in them just as much the Christians. Indeed the Serpent Cult requires our free will praise and spiritual surrender all year round, in all countries and not just at the winter solstice.

Ramadan is, in my opinion, on a par with the Christian Christmas. There is a festival called the Eid ul-Fitr, known as an Eid, which takes place at the latter stages of Ramadan. During this time decorations are placed all around shops and other places, just as the western world do at Christmas.

The Muslims receive the same sort of subconscious brainwashing, through the occult symbolism on open display, during Ramadan and Eid, just as the Christians do at Christmas. There is no difference whatsoever!
“The Deceptive Gods are for life – not just for Christmas and Ramadan”
Matthew Delooze 2008

Those that have read my stuff will also know that I claim the religious icons are literally symbolic pied pipers and agents for a deceptive force of multi-dimensional entities. They literally thrive off our stupidity and bloody hell, lads and lasses, haven’t we been made stupid. They extract our energy through creating our stupidity and manipulation of our stupefied state. These entities also operate on a policy of divide and rule and the biggest tool to enable them to do this is through using religion and icon figures. ‘My dad is bigger than your dad’ so to speak.

There is not one Christian out there that will officially link Ramadan with Christmas and there is not one Christian that will officially link Christmas with Ramadan. Well not bloody many and I assure you both sides would be horrified if someone did. The hypnotism we are under prevents those thoughts. This is how ‘divide and rule’ works. The divided people, the divided human beings, cannot see who is really pulling strings. They simply defend their perceived ‘goodie goodie’ iconic figures. They have been hypnotised to defend and worship these icons no matter what. The hypnosis is so strong that they cannot do anything else.

It is currently the month of Ramadan, hence the timing of this article. I need to show you some facts about Ramadan before I explain things further. The vast majority of western people simply can’t be bothered to look at the Ramadan ritual. I know my upbringing never brought me into contact with any information or understanding about Ramadan and most ‘English Christian’ folk would simply consider it as a silly ritual that is being carried out by blatant hypocrites, just as Muslims see Christmas as being woefully hypocritical too. Both sides are extremely proud of their own rituals and basically think the other side is silly for carrying out theirs?

Ramadan is ….Ramadan or Ramazan a Muslim religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar to be the month in which the Quaran revealed to Angel Gabriel, to deliver it to Prophet Muhammed It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims do not eat or drink anything from dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach the person patience, sacrifice and humility. Ramadan is a time to fast for the sake of God, and to offer more prayers than usual. During Ramadan Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance into the future, ask for help in refraining from everyday evils and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. The name “Ramadan” is the name of the ninth month; the word itself derived from an Arabic word *rmd as in “ramida” or “ar-ramad” denoting intense heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations. It is considered the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year. Ramadan ends with the holiday Eid ul-Fitr, on which feasts are held. Click here for source and other basic info.

The time Ramadan takes place is based on the Islamic calendar. Basically it follows the cycle of moon. In my opinion the Islamic calendar is just an instruction manual, just like the calendar that was created through the Christian Pope, it is simply to tell the moronic sheeple ‘when’ to get on their knees and surrender their spiritual energies. Basically the collective consciousness is ordered to worship ‘symbols’ and ‘iconic deities’ that are simply phony mediums that were created by a deceptive 4th dimensional force. It’s a case of “Get on your knees to the ones who rule you when those that rule you tell you to”, so to speak. These iconic figures were simply created to make this process easier to control.

Heroes have been created to entertain and control a mentally weakened human race. Weak people automatically surrender their spirit to powers they see as stronger than themselves. Iconic figures are used to assist the process of this surrender. For example the deceptive figure of Jesus is simply used to get the masses to join in the Sun ritual of Christmas.

The deceptive figure used for the Ramadan is the, all round conman, Arch Angel Gabriel. Come on folks wake up! Have you ever studied the symbolic Angel Gabriel? Bloody hell this hypnotic icon gets spread around in the mass consciousness of the human race more than a jar of Paul McKenna’s ‘grow back hair crème’. Let’s be honest here he’s definitely slapping that all over.

So what we have with Ramadan is simply another massive ritual where icons are used as pied pipers. The energy being created is directed, through respect for Gabriel and Muhammed, to ‘Allah’. But just like the question rose in the famous Smokie song called ‘Alice’ I have the urge to reply in the same vein about Allah. So I will. Who the fuck is Allah?

How many Christians know who Allah is? I’m sure I could do a survey in my town and not many of the sheep, on the Christian side, will know or care who Allah is. Sadly, in my opinion, not even the Muslims know who Allah really is or whom Allah actually represents. Just like the Christians don’t know really know who Jesus and his Dad is. They have simply been told Allah is God and he is great and they believe it. They have been told that this god called Allah has passed on messages through Angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad and that they have to obey those messages, no matter what, simply because they have been told to. The Muslims totally worship ‘God’ through the agent, the messenger that represents this god at the time of Ramadan, this being Gabriel and the illiterate Muhammed.

Ramadan: A time to renew spiritual surrender to the force that enslaves the human race.

There is no difference between that and what Christians have been told. They have been told that God (Jesus’ Dad) is the one true god and we must simply obey the word of God. The Christians also haven’t a clue who Jesus’ Dad really is or who he actually represents. They have simply been told he is god and he is great and they believe it too, like nice little sheep. The Christians totally worship God through the agent, the messenger if you like, which represents him at the time of Christmas (Jesus).

How many Muslims know who the Christian God is? I was brought up a Christian and I didn’t bloody know who he was, so what chance as a Muslim got? Oh yes I know of smart arsed religious experts who give us names like Jehovah to play with but, let’s face it folks, they are taking the piss. They are taking the piss!

They show us ‘Christians’ an image of a bloke with long hair and a very long beard, usually dressed in a nighty and tell us it’s our creator. Well don’t they? They show the Muslims the exact same image. If I saw a bloke looking like that come to me or my children telling me if I needed to be good and obey him so I can go and live in heaven with him I’d call a police constable immediately, well wouldn’t you? These icons are simply a form of hypnosis my friends, it’s time to wake up. Or are you going to fall for ‘the bloke with a long beard in a nighty’ scam forever? Come on wake up for Christ’s sake (pardon the pun!). It is hypnotism. It’s mind control.

Indeed some religions don’t even let you mention or write down the name ‘God’. You have to miss a letter out or something. You must put something like G-d or -od or Go- and hope folk that are reading what you write simply guess whom you are talking about and hope they don’t write GOD! I’m told in some religions if we put the letter o in the middle of a letter G and a letter d we are likely to burn in hell fire for doing so. So be careful! If that isn’t taking the piss I don’t know what is, do you? It’s time to challenge the deceivers that have conned us for thousands of years. Are you ready to do so? Are you? Or do we say OK I used the letter O burn me in hell for it thank you very much? I just call the Christian God ‘Jesus’ Dad’ because no one can be offended at that can they? “Jesus’ Dad” sounds all right to me. God is the father of Jesus, so I’m told, so I assume saying the term “Jesus’ Dad” as a term for god is OK eh? No hell fire for me saying that then eh? Phew good job I didn’t call Allah or Jesus’ Dad deceptive conmen that officially represent reptilian aliens isn’t it or the people that run these organisations would have ordered another bag of coal?

I believe the forum gossips will have abandoned this article by now, gone praising a guru or gone seeking easier gossip elsewhere. So there’s only idiots like you and me left I’m afraid. Mind you I’ll try to tell you something that will help you later on if you stay and come with me….

So back to Ramadan and ‘Allah’. (Your turn for the Smokie song?) The Christians worship the Sun through the icon ‘Jesus the Son’ at Christmas and therefore worship the ‘creator’ of that sun (God) at the same time. It’s simply a deceptive scam folks but because we can’t ‘see’ the scam we don’t realise we are actually being scammed. Ramadan is simply the same scam as Christmas apart from using a different icon. Who is Allah? Well in my opinion. Allah (God) is also a symbolic creator of the sun just like Jesus’ Dad is a creator of the sun. The symbolism is slightly more hidden in Islam but it’s still there, if you really want to see that is. As I said in my last article if we want to break spells we have to know how deep the spells go. There is no point in breaking one part of a ten part spell simply because you don’t like hearing about or even accepting the other nine parts exist. We have to remember how to look deeper and see all parts of the spell. So look slightly deeper into Islamic symbolism.

Islam is seen by some conspiracy theorists as ‘Allah the Moon God’ symbolism due to its Crescent Moon symbolism.

I believe Islam, like Christianity, is just another form of symbolic sun worship. But most researchers see it as modern day version of ancient ‘moon worship’ and in a way, on the surface anyway, it is. (Interesting numbers for numerologist too, Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and the calendar is 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar.)

But I must make this clear to those that want to hear it, as I have said in my previous research and in my books. We are deceived into worshipping the CREATORS of the ‘SUN’. I have told you the truth that the greatest multi-dimensional deceivers use SUN worship to enslave the human race. It is not easy to convince folk that Islam is not ‘moon worship’ when the initial symbolism indicates it is. So let me show you some information on ‘Allah’ so you can see the hidden sun creator symbolism for yourselves. Please take this in.

Allah is just another name for a god known in ancient times as ‘Nanna-Suen’. The name Allah is simply used for simplicity for modern day Muslims. Its so they can connect to an icon. Modern day Muslims really get on their knees and surrender their spirit to Nanna-Suen a god who is now known as Allah. The scam is that Allah poses as a symbolic moon god but he really represents a creator of Sun God. Therefore when the Muslims worship Allah they are really worshipping ‘Nanna – Suen’ who is symbolically the father of a sun just like the Christian god is the father of a sun. Therefore the Christian God and the Muslim God is also the creator of a sun. They are the same deceptive force. Both Christians and Muslims are victims to the greatest deceiver. They are just to bloody brainwashed to see it.

Look at the Islamic sign again. Can you now see, after it is pointed out that this sign is really showing you that the sun (the star) is actually ‘being born’ from the crescent moon (The moon is personified byAllah/ Nanna-Suen)? This emblem is showing the creation of the Sun. ‘Sun creation’ is the same scam used in the Christian deception too!

It’s not Moon symbolism folks… it is ‘Sun’ creation symbolism
Allah the God created the Sun…Worship Allah… worship the creation of the Sun….Wake Up!

Nanna (Nannar), also called Suen (later pronounced in Akkadian as Sin) and Nanna-Suen, was the son of the gods Enlil and Ninlil. The goddess Ningal subsequently became the wife of the moon good. Amongst their children were the sun god Utu and the goddess Ishtar.

So Nanna – Suen is just another splinter from the Mesopotamian Pantheon (The Serpent Cult). In simple terms, in my opinion, The Mesopotamian Pantheon is the symbolic representation of the multi-dimensional force that enslaves mankind. They have purposely placed ‘deceptive iconic figures’ that are hidden in all our religions and even hidden in our crystal and scented candle cults too, that we think are free. The Mesopotamian Pantheon is literally the symbolic Wizard of Oz for the now brainless, heartless and cowardly human race and it has been for thousands of years. They produce the religious icons, they produce all the Allah’s, the Jesus’, the Buddha’s and even the New Age Guru’s. They produce ALL the icons that enslave you. Even the icon that you have emotionally attached yourself to and the icon you will blindly defend. Yes the icons that enslave us all track back to this Pantheon, they all track back to the Serpent Cult. If you have to get on your knees you can never be free.

I haven’t time to go into the Annunaki or the Babylonian Triad or Osiris, Isis and Horus from Egypt. The latter being responsible for the Christian (‘Sun’) churches you see today. People like David Icke and others have already triggered you and shown you these things, most of you are already aware of the elite bloodlines and the illuminati. I have though today shown you ‘how’ the sun is worshipped in a religion that was linked to moon worship. It is only another example of how slightly deeper symbolism is hidden under the surface of accepted symbolism, even the symbolism that is accepted by conspiracy researchers.

Anyway, as I said and I tell you the truth. We are conned into worshipping the ‘Creators of the Sun’. And that is what Allah is. That is what this article is to show you. He is symbolically a creator of the Sun. It is claimed Allah created the sun just like it is claimed Jehovah created the Sun.

Allah (Nanna-Suen) created his son Utu (Shamash) with his symbolic wife Ningal.

Utu is the Sun. So Allah (nanna) actually created the Sun. (Bono must know this too!) So what we have is the fact that the Islamic faith basically worships a God/force that created the Sun. ‘Allah’ (Nanna) created the sun. He is a creator of the Sun. It is important that you grasp that in my opinion. Never mind the Allah is a moon god symbolism, it is the Sun Creation symbolism that matters as far as spiritual energy extraction is concerned. Allah is indeed the symbolic father of the sun and that is what the Muslims worship. I realise other people have mentioned symbolic trinities like the Babylonian Trinity etc, but as far as Islam and Allah is concerned the focus has always been on the worship of the moon. I have had many emails in the past telling me that I am wrong about Sun worship simply because of Islam being connected to moon worship. Very clever researchers tell me Allah and therefore Islam is linked to the moon and not the sun, so my theory is flawed. I show you today that it Islam is indeed creation of the Sun worship and it is used in exactly the same deceptive way as the Christian religion. Wake Up!

I have tried to explain a few times in the past the reasons why the Serpent Cult want us to covertly worship the Sun. It’s because they want us to worship the Creators of the Sun. I believe modern day Christianity is based mainly on the Egyptian version of events. I have previously explained that the Egyptians claim the ‘creators of the Sun’ are the Ogdoad. The Ogdoad are basically reptilians. So I state again that when we are conned into worshipping the Creator of the Sun (Christian God) we are really worshipping a force of Reptilians (The Ogdoad).

The trickery involved in the modern day Islam ‘was’ slightly more hidden but symbolism in the modern day Islam (Allah) is directly linked to the Mesopotamian Pantheon, including the Sumerian Gods. So the symbolism is basically the same because the Ogdoad is based on the Mesopotamian Pantheon too. Worshipping Allah is the same as worshipping Allah’s creators, which are Reptilian gods. Nanna – Suen links directly back to the Mesopotamian Pantheon (Reptilian Gods).
When Christians and Muslims carry out their rituals the energy created through worship feeds the creators of the symbolism on display. Ramadan and the Eid actually create more intense spiritual energy than Christmas through the added emotions of starvation and then the celebration.

The monument/energy extraction scam also applies during Ramadan (Eid) too! The Serpent Cult controls the world not just London.

I have shown you that the symbolism on show by worshipping Allah is indeed Sun Creation symbolism and the energy created will feed Reptilian aliens that supplied the icons like Allah and claim to have created the Sun. I believe some of you will see that now, just as a few saw the symbolism in the Chagall painting in the last article, that there are different layers of deception to uncover. In my opinion we are not awake just because we can see an eye on a dollar bill. The Serpent Cult is not daft.

Some people contact me and tell me they can’t understand how we feed 4th dimensional entities with spiritual energy simply because we are tricked into worshipping the Sun through religions. Well the easiest way to explain this is to imagine that you are ‘credited’ with producing a famous celebrity icon. Say you gave birth to/ created a son who then became massive movie star that was loved by millions of people and was famous all over the world, literally worshipped.

The energy (positive vibes) created by the people who worshipped ‘your son, your creation’ would also come to you. You would feel so proud of your creation that you would feel the exact same emotions that your son did through the worship. You would literally wallow in the energy. Although you wasn’t be worshipped directly, it would be your creation, your son, that was being worshipped directly and you would still receive the energy. The spiritual energies created in the worship of your son would also feed you.

On a far bigger scale the energies created through the worship of Allah go to the force that claim, unopposed, to have created the sun. All the energy created by the Muslim faith will go to an alien force that controls us that have subconsciously told us they created the sun. Exactly the same principles apply to the Christian faith and this is simply because both faiths are victims in the same con trick. The Serpent Cult also know how to harness the energy created through worship and use it against us to rule over us create our reality. (I know a lot of you have already grasped that idea but some reading this article haven’t and regular readers have come a long way in a short time so please bear in mind the new readers before you shout you have heard it before) Anyway.

Worship ‘God’ = Worship ‘Creators of the Sun’

 Worshipping Creators of the Sun = Spiritual Surrender

Getting these things across for five sense understanding is not easy, especially to certain ‘faces’. The best way of doing this is to say that our minds are conditioned to think a certain way and we are programmed to only see things on ‘one level’. We have been spiritually blinkered. Our ‘focus’ is usually concentrated on one level and it has been made that way by the form of hypnosis we have subconsciously accepted we the form of hypnosis we are operating under.

The Serpent Cult don’t care if people realise at the first hurdle that religion is a scam. They know that those that see religion as a scam only see one level of the scam. (They only see the crescent moon in the Islam symbol not the creation of the Sun) Some folk immediately see that religion is a fraud and ignore it. “Religion is a fraud, so let’s all go to a rock concert, shag everybody and take drink and drugs to show everyone we are free”

We can easily avoid religion if we only see it from one level but consider the possibility that you will be unknowingly do more worshipping by doing the things in the statement above than actually going to church and not drinking or shagging etc. The Serpent Cult is operating, not only, on a level you can’t see but on a level you don’t want to see as well. You don’t want to see trickery in the things you really enjoy doing, no matter what you enjoy doing. This is simply because you don’t want to see you are actually being conned and the fact that you actually enjoy these things. The hypnosis involved is very strong and sometimes it is easier not to see at all. Apathy is a strong form of hypnosis too.

Just like you couldn’t see previously that Allah is really ‘Creator of a Sun God’ symbolism (You were not interested). You also cannot see what is right under your nose everyday on other levels (You were not interested).

Which is of course fine if you don’t want to look or hear about it. I see people who are happy as a pig in shit, living in ignorance, in a brain-dead comfort zone everyday. May they have many lifetimes doing the same, they deserve it don’t they? Good luck to them. But it needs pointing out that hypnotism and mind control is far more powerful away from the church or mosque than the hypnotism actually being carried out in them. Religion already has the minds of the religious and it does not need to do anything else.

Minds are easily taken

Those minds are taken oh so very easily my friends. It’s the minds that have a will to be free that are subjected to more complex hypnosis than a simple get on your knees to a god sort of thing. In my opinion the force that secretly rules this world has got us trapped in the matrix through our emotional attachment to something we like in this world. I know that. It could be anything. Sex, drugs, rock n roll, drink and the rest of them, or if your lucky and rich all of them eh? The matrix has ensnared you through the things you trust and love or find escapism and comfort in. Through things you think are good for you. It’s time to love ‘you’ and trust ‘you’ not a spliff or a porn movie. It’s time to remember who you really find comfort in.

If I am allowed to, I will be going into areas in the future that will upset some of you, if not most of you, at some stage or other. It is not my intent to upset anyone. Please try not to attack the messenger that questions all strands of the matrix because one of the strands I question may be the one that is holding you here. I cannot go anywhere with your help and I believe you cannot go anywhere without mine. I cannot help you unless you help me.
We cannot provide triggers to those that don’t trigger the trigger providers.

For those that have a very strong gut wrenching yearning to be free again. For those that want to return to the source they know they came from. For those that know this world is phony, a bag o’ shite, and have known so all their lives I will say it’s time to look deeper. It’s time to realise that ‘waking up’ is not easy and it is going to knock the shit out of your mind and spirit to do so. You will be moody and lose sleep etc. You will try to run and hide, but most of you hide already. You will suffer in some way or another. Some of you panic at the slightest thought of having to think for yourself or even if you read something you don’t like. That’s not an insult, that’s a description of the symptoms of awakening that I see in people and have seen in myself. Hey I’m one of you too tha knows! I’m just the silly bugger that must have volunteered to play one of the roles of ‘loony on a soap box’. I am very much equipped to do it! I suppose that’s because I am beyond the point of no return. (But so are some of you)


The Serpent does not want to ‘lose you’ it does not want us to see things on the same level that they can see things. The Serpent Cult does not want you to see its farm or want you to see that you are a donkey on that farm, eating hay and braying your way through lifetime after lifetime. The Serpent Cult will make things very hard for you to achieve spiritual freedom for yourself and those you love. It will scrap every step of the way and will not give up until you have broken free. Only you can get in the boxing ring with it, no one else can. It has a bet on that you will lose. That said the Serpent does not know that you have corner men that will not throw the towel in.

I am only here today to tell you forces are at work in his world that will help you to lose the chains that keep you here. It is easy for us to see the chains and remove the shackles we don’t like, but it is impossible to remove a chain when you think it is just a pretty ribbon. So please do not mistake your chains for pretty ribbons nor think anyone cutting chains is cutting your pretty ribbons.

It’s not a case of waiting for someone to tell you what to do, they will only add another level of hypnosis to the other levels of hypnosis that you are already under. I will not help you by telling you what to do and in my opinion no one else will either.

You have been told what to do for thousands of years, you have fell for the same shite over many lifetimes. That’s why your guts are screaming at you to not be fooled again in this lifetime. It’s time to start to trust in you however much you don’t trust yourself because of your experiences! Without you trusting in you I believe you will never break all the levels of hypnosis you need to break to actually set yourself free. It is/has been/ the same for me to date.

‘Sometimes you think you are looking up to the Moon but it was really the Sun all along’
‘Maybe they are both made of the same shite?’

Matthew Delooze 2008

I have said enough. It’s up to you whether you take my words in or laugh at them. I hope my information about Allah and the symbol of Islam helps you understand another form of symbolic trickery adopted by the Serpent Cult to enslave the human race…

If I ever get to a Colin Fry show I’ll ask him for his opinion about Allah, after all he should know he’s very much in touch with the other side isn’t he? Certainly his feminine side in his local! Surely Muhammed and Jesus are up there on the other side for reference eh? Bless em. Jesus will have a seat on the right hand side of his Dad won’t he? Isn’t that illegal if Daddy is poking a finger in the air at the same time?

Obviously the ‘illiterate’ Muhammed won’t be able to read the signs on display in heaven so bugger knows where he’s ended up. Last time I misread a sign I ended up in the ladies toilets. Maybe that silly bugger did the same eh? Mind you if he did he already has the dress for it.

May Love Reign O’er You All
Matthew Delooze 13th September 2008

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved


Did You See the Whole of the Moon?

Did You See the Whole of the Moon?


(Pic: The Sun & the Chinese Zodiac)

The Chinese New Year Celebrations

By Matthew Delooze

“I wandered out in the world for years – While you just stayed in your room
I saw The Crescent – You saw the Whole of the Moon
You were there in the turnstiles- With the wind at your heels
You struck for the stars- And you know how it feels
To get- too high- too far- too soon”
From the song ‘The Whole of the Moon’ by The Waterboys

Hello folks, (Just a short one)

Many people have asked me about the ‘Chinese New Year Celebrations’. Obviously if you are not Chinese the celebrations pass you by without you even noticing them. Well they do don’t they? We can’t be arsed with them can we? That said you would be foolish to think the Chinese New Year Celebrations only happen in China. It’s a massive worldwide ritual and I assure you it is planned to be that way. Indeed there is a Chinatown in all major Cities around the globe and the establishment openly allowed them to develop over several centuries. It’s all part of the agenda

Let us first have a quick look at the official history behind the celebrations. ‘Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the New Year and ends on the Full Moon 15 days later’. It is also known as the ‘Lunar New Year Festival’ The main deity honoured in celebrations is the Jade Emporer and this deity links up the religions of Taoism and Buddhism but he is known as Sakra in the latter case.

I don’t want to drone on about the deities but please feel free to do your own research click on the links provided above as a starting source for you. If you do you will find that the deities being worshiped and adored by the Chinese are very similar to the deities being worshipped by us (E.G The sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac). Indeed the Chinese religions also have a Supreme Being with twelve signs of the zodiac and they also seem to confirm the occult connection to the figure 33. (The Devas and the 33 heavens)

“The Jade Emperor lives in the 33rd heaven. He is the king of gods and in charge of 33 heavens. Therefore Jade Emperor is one of the important gods who are worshiped or prayed in the many Chinese family” (Source)

As I said I don’t want to drone on about the religious deities involved. I have claimed in my latest book that my opinion is that all of major religions ‘worship the Sun’ and by doing so their members are deceived into worshipping multi-dimensional entities that are alien to this world. Why do I believe such a thing? To briefly explain, these ‘entities’ claim to have created the Sun, through the symbolic ancient scriptures, that have been hypnotically embedded into the collective consciousness of mankind and by other means. We are made to swear an oath during our lives, that is spiritually binding, and we actually endorse what deceptive alien beings have symbolically told us. ‘Mass thought creates our physical reality’ Please read my book.

Anyway, why is the Chinese New Year allowed to take place all around the Globe? Have you ever wondered why the limit of your knowledge about the Chinese ends at number 101 on the local take-away menu or a martial arts DVD? Is your total knowledge about China summed up with the words ‘Pork balls and Bruce Lee’? You wouldn’t be on your own, by a long chalk, if this were the case. I have mentioned for a few years now why I believe the usual New Years Eve celebrations take place. Please click here if you wish to read about that.

Obviously if you believe that the normal New Years celebrations (Gregorian Calendar) are not connected to mythical deities and the Sun and you also believe that the establishment created the event just for you to have a party then you are not going to be interested in this article at all. You may as well go and have a chicken chow mien somewhere and just think that the Chinese New Year is just something the Chinese celebrate alone, just for the sake of it, and it has no effect on you whatsoever. If you are of this mentality then there is no need to go further in this article, it is of no use to you.

For those that want to remember more then please carry on reading this article. Indeed lets start by asking why the Chinese New Year takes place all over the western world with no objections being made whatsoever. Indeed this event is always encouraged no matter where they take place. London, Paris, New York. Berlin and Sydney just to mention a few. ‘China’ and its traditions literally exist in every country and in all major cities. Again most westerners just collectively ‘accept’ that without even thinking about it? There are never any major immigration problems with the Chinese people and they are established all over the world. It’s the norm.

The one fact that stands out in my mind is that the Chinese know that their New Year (Eve) is directly linked to the cycle of the moon (New Moon). The Chinese are just as religious as the Christians and honour their gods at festival time. They accept the two are the same thing, in other words they accept that Jade Emperor and the moon are worshipped at the same time at New Year. Christians on the other hand cannot comprehend that at our New Year (eve) celebrations we also worship the sun god (Janus). We accept we are supposed to worship Jesus at Christmas but we think New Years Eve is just a party. We never click on we are in a ritual.

So can you accept that at Chinese New Year the Chinese population worship the deity ‘Jade Emperor’ (Sakra to Buddhists) AND because of the cycle of the moon? Can you also accept that we Christians are conned into carrying out the same thing at Christmas time because of the cycle of the sun? Obviously the cycle of the Sun is always at the same time of year but the cycle of the moon varies, hence the Chinese New Year being at ‘different times’ every year.

Can you grasp what is going on, in modern day terms, leading up to 2012 and beyond?

In my opinion the human race on Earth is continually carrying out Sun/Moon rituals every year but they (a) haven’t a bloody clue what’s going on or (b) they don’t care. Usually both! Let me put it this way. Over several centuries it has been arranged through the Serpent Cult to allow millions of people, that follow Taoism and Buddhism, to be located around the world in all major cities. They have been encouraged to build Temples etc. and celebrate the Chinese New Year at the first new/full moon of the year.

We, usually out of lack of interest, accept this out of hand. We spiritually agree for the Chinese ritual to take place in other words. We don’t care that we have the farcical situation of having different New ‘Years’ on ‘one’ planet do we? Come on think about it we are supposed to be intelligent people but we blindly allow our corrupt establishments to tell us something like…

….“Yes you thick bastards we only have one planet but we are telling you to accept and celebrate different dates to carry out rituals at ‘New Year’. Err.. We know you won’t challenge the reasons for this because you just want to go out and party, you are simply not going to object and you are basically too silly to do anything about it”….

…“You will never guess that we are getting you to carry out Sun/Moon and Deity rituals because you are all stupid bastards that think you all have different Gods and different holidays. That’s how fucking stupid you are and you will never guess what is really going on. Indeed you haven’t sussed what’s been going on for thousands of years and you keep reincarnating and doing it all again and again.  So never mind about thinking about the Chinese New Year… after all its only a bunch of silly chinkies dressed up, setting fireworks off and worshipping ‘underworld’ ‘Gods’ and the moon isn’t it? Silly buggers they are for doing so too aren’t they and of course they wouldn’t catch you dressing up like a knob head and prancing around on New Years Eve whilst unknowingly celebrating ‘underworld’ Gods and the Sun would they? Well would they?….(You know they would!)

Am I getting you thinking yet? The facts are right under your nose but you never bloody look do you? In my opinion the Chinese New Year ritual works exactly the same as the Christian New Year ritual. That is to say it is to extract spiritual energy from the masses and to receive emotional respect (Our permission) for a multidimensional deceptive force to ‘rule over us’.

Just like our western New Year celebrations give energy to symbolic Gods and their Symbolism (Sun) then the eastern New Year also gives energy to symbolic Gods and their symbolism (Moon). The fact is that both east and west are feeding the same gods because the Jade Emporer (Savra) is the same deceptive force as Jesus (Janus).

Do you get it? The two different New Year celebrations are created to serve the same deceptive force. They are not different, they have nothing to do with a ‘New Year’ (obviously because they are at different times) they are simply a form of worship.

Chinese New Year in Beijing. What do you see?

Just like our New Years ritual, the Chinese New Year is just the same E.G. Energy is released in front of symbolic buildings and temples. In the background of the picture above is the Chinese version of Big Ben (Obelisk) and of course there is an eye on the building opposite.

There is no difference whatsoever in the different events. The same deceptive force are symbolised by all the ‘underworld’ mythology figures and all the major religious figures, both in the East and in the West. They are all the same force therefore it does not matter if you are Eastern/Chinese or English/American/ European because we are ALL giving up spiritual energy to the same force at both events, be it the Chinese New Year or the English New Year. It does not really matter that the symbolism being displayed at the celebrations, say in New York or London, does not match up with the local beliefs or customs of the said cities. The Chinese New Year symbolism being displayed in London or New York will actually ‘connect’ up with the monuments in China. Although that said a lot of replica monuments are openly displayed in the ‘China Towns’ that are located around the world.

There is no difference in worshipping around an original temple (or pagoda) of Savra (Jade Emperor) in China or doing it in a replica Chinatown in London or Paris. Indeed in the case of the Buddhist they just need to plonk down a statue of Buddha anywhere and hey presto you have a portable sun god monument.

Portable statue of Buddha complete with sun.

Basically this statue and all the millions like it is a sun monument to worship. The scam being they have placed a silly fat bloke in front of it as a pied piper. This is just another hypnotic symbol that is used to steal your spiritual energy when you ‘celebrate’ around it. The same trick is carried out with other deity figures in the West including Jesus and his virgin mother.

Also the pagoda can take on many forms of occult geometry and hypnotic symbols too.



The Temples/Pagodas of China can create any kind of occult symbolism required. Indeed the bottom pictures show the Biggest Pagoda in China

Wake Up!

I need to explain something that came up the other day and I have been meaning to say it for a while, that is about people wearing ‘personal’ symbolism. I get emails from folk asking me if it’s ‘OK’ to wear this charm or trinket or that charm or trinket or wear that. 5 pointed stars/ Christian crosses and even swastika’s etc. I say yes of course its OK to wear personal symbolism wear what you want. You wear symbolism because of what you are ‘told’ it means and because you like to wear it. Most of you have no idea of the true meaning of symbols and neither do I wish to tell you that I know more than you. I am not here to be a big head or a know all. Indeed I couldn’t open the public toilets in Paris a few weeks ago and nearly ‘peed’ my pants trying to do just that, so please don’t think I am clever. So if I can’t even unlock the public toilets in Paris then I will certainly struggle unlocking the codes of occult symbolism won’t I?

What I will say though and please believe me on this, that only the ‘power’ behind certain symbols and shapes know their true meanings and this power will do anything it can to get you to respect and accept its symbolism. For instance if you are told a Christian Cross is a symbol of Jesus and you believe that then you may want to wear and ‘proudly’ display the symbolism based on that understanding. But you may have been lied to about the reason of the Christian Cross symbolism and are woefully unaware of its true meaning. Therefore the force that created the symbolism is the only force that knows the true meaning of the symbolism. You will never know in your current spiritual state the true meaning of the symbolism that controls this world. Are you with me?

Another example is that if a supporter of a club is given a badge that he is ‘told’ represents his club then he is going to wear and proudly display that badge too. The person would ‘love’ and respect the badge. Can you accept that the ‘pride’ in wearing personal symbolism creates love and respect for the symbolism but this love and respect is given to the symbol entirely based on what you are ‘told’ it means? Can you accept that pride and love create energy? When you feel pride or respect it creates an invisible energy in my opinion and I have said so in my books.

The pride and love was created through what you were ‘told’ the symbolism represented. Yes? The same ‘pride’ and love, therefore the same invisible energy, would still ‘exist’ even if the symbolism meant the opposite of what you were originally told. It is a natural energy. Spiritual energy. This fact applies even though you were totally unaware that you were giving love and respect to something you thought meant something different. Love and respect created through deception is still love and respect, at least until the deception is uncovered. Yes?

For example, in a 5-sense reality that is accepted today, if you were originally ‘told’ in your innocence that the ‘Swastika’ represented Jesus and you didn’t know any different then you would proudly have worn the Swastika as a symbol of Jesus. (Yes you would!) You wouldn’t know any different and you would obviously innocently give the pride and respect to the symbol you were ‘told’ represented Jesus. You would have been horrified to find out that the Swastika didn’t really represent Jesus and therefore you love and pride for the symbol was misplaced. (I should add that on a spiritual level the Swastika does represent the same force as Jesus. (But that is for another day)

Indeed if I tried to tell you that the Swastika didn’t represent Jesus after you had been previously told it did you would fight with me and attack me for doing so. What I am trying to say is that if you are ‘told’ a certain symbol means something you believe in, you will literally respect and defend the symbol and actually give that symbol unconditional spiritual love. If respect and admiration therefore create energy then that energy obviously goes to the creators or original providers of that symbolism. For example If I give a woman a diamond engagement ring, as a form of symbolism of our love, then the woman will love and respect the ring as much as she loved me. The woman’s energy created through respecting the ring, as true symbolism of our love, would only change if she didn’t love me any more. Her respect for the ring would disappear as soon as her respect for me disappeared, and it would simply be thrown away or sold as rubbish, it would lose its sentimental value immediately. She would no longer respect the symbolic ring because she no longer respected the creator and provider of the symbolic ring. Do you understand? All those people who have ever had a ring chucked at them will know the situation on a 5-sense level and will therefore know the pain this causes on a spiritual level. If we are honest the spiritual power behind this sort of thing is far more powerful that the physical power. I hope that example got through as I feel you need to grasp the info. I believe symbolically that the Serpent Cult has engaged us all with a diamond engage ring given by deception.

I am sorry if I sound patronising but its important you understand that energy is created and actually ‘passes through’ symbolism and that energy always goes to the provider or creator of the symbolism, be it positive or negative and the diamond ring explanation is the easiest way to tell you that.

So OK we get the picture now yes. Symbolism (monuments and temples included) creates energy and that energy is always given to its creator and/or provider. So what is happening during the Chinese New Year? Well basically all the energy created is going to and passing through to the symbolic deities involved in Buddhism and Taoism through the symbolism and monuments being displayed at the festivals and the parades.

It is exactly the same scenario as the New Year celebrations in the western world. When the western world celebrates during the festive season we are really celebrating the cycle and rebirth of the ‘Sun’ over ‘the twelve days of Christmas’ so to speak. We are too full of greed, hypnotised with material things and controlled by the urge to party that we simply can’t see this at the time. During this time we are also, unknowingly I must admit, spiritually honouring mythical deities connected to the Sun.

The Chinese New Year celebrates the cycle of the Moon, from new moon to full moon, again its worship that recognises the rebirth of the ‘Moon’, again the people are too full of material greed and ego to notice what is going on at the time just like the western world is when we worship the rebirth of our Sun at our New Year. Worshipping the Sun & Moon is indirect worship of those we are told created the Sun & Moon.

We wrongly think that only westerners celebrate the rebirth of the sun and deities like Jesus at Christmas. This is not the case as the Chinese people that are scattered in Chinatowns across the world join in our New Year celebrations too. Indeed the Chinese set more fireworks off during western New Year celebrations on the 31st December than the westerners do (not going that deep today folks!). Obviously the same ‘Chinatowns’ around the world also carry out their own New Year celebrations in February but in all western cities. Therefore they are combined celebrations because we ALL accept, and therefore willingly, carry out both celebrations. What? Are you saying you don’t willingly allow the Chinese Lunar Rituals to take place in your city or country?

In other words ‘We willingly endorse both rituals’. We accept and respect both the ‘Western Sun Ritual’ and we accept the ‘Eastern Moon Ritual’. The collective consciousness of human race also willingly worship the symbolic deities connected to these rituals. They give pride and love to the symbolic deities and just like I explained through the symbolic diamond ring story earlier in that pride and respect go to the providers and creators of symbolism involved. Don’t forget (if you were watching) that I explained in previous articles and books that emotional respect creates spiritual energy. So emotional respect for the New Year celebrations creates spiritual energy for those that created and provided the symbolism surrounding the New Year celebrations. Multi-dimensional forces don’t go down to McDonalds for their food, indeed, they get you to create a far better food! Anyway…

Who created the symbolic Sun and Moon deities of the ‘underworld’ that we unknowingly but willingly worship at the New Year festivals? It is the ‘Serpent Cult’ of course. The Serpent Cult, as I have said many times, are multidimensional entities that are alien to this world and their human puppets living on Earth. Every time these events happen and we willingly join in or simply accept them, the emotional pride and love we give to the New Year events changes into spiritual energy and then passes through the symbolism and feeds its creators. Emotional respect through pride and love creates spiritual energy. A similar energy can be created through fear and anger but that energy also goes to the creators and providers of the symbolism that created the symbolism that created the fear and anger.

It is so simple to understand once you grasp the methods that are being used. It’s all deceptive trickery and we need to wake up to prevent this world and the souls in it from becoming trapped eternally in a physical and spiritual prison.

Anyway how can I convince you that the Chinese ‘Lunar’ New Year is really a Festival of Light just like the western New Year is a Festival of Light and it takes place simply so the masses will unknowingly worship the major symbolic deities of the ‘underworld’ and surrender spiritual energy to their creators (Entities alien to this world). (As I said in my last article the underworld is also known as the Lower Fourth Dimension) It’s simple because at the end of the 15 days of the Chinese celebrations (The eve of the full moon) The Chinese have what translates as a ‘Lantern Festival’. Obviously you don’t need to be clever to work out those words mean ‘Festival of Light’.

Indeed during the last night of celebrating the Chinese Festive season there is a massive act of ‘illumination’. It’s the same scam folks. Obviously the Chinese New Year is not the best subject to create a lot of interest and I only wrote this article to compliment my article on the western New Year celebrations. In my opinion if the collective consciousness of the human race can start to comprehend that a very small group of puppets are deceiving the human race into carrying out symbolic rituals, that do not mean what we are ‘told’ they mean, then life in this world and beyond can change in a massive way. If we can begin to start to realise that millions of human beings have been cleverly deceived into actually respecting and loving the very ‘symbolism’ that enslaves us then we can ‘begin’ to break free from the trickery and be free again.

When we are conned into worshipping religious figures like Jesus and Buddha the respect we have for these illusionary figures goes to the creators and providers of these illusionary figures. When we are conned into worshipping figures from mythological worlds like Janus then the ‘subconscious’ respect we have for these figures also goes to the creators and providers of these mythological figures. These symbolic figures have been placed in our minds, through many methods and YOU really don’t have a clue how it is all done. The New Year events, both eastern and western, are just scratching the surface to the things that are going on. The symbolic rituals, we are tricked into carrying out, have been placed in our physical lives. This in turn strengthens the power that the figures in our mind have over us because we continually carry out the rituals that endorse their power over us. We are literally creating our own enslavers and freely giving our enslavers power over us simply because we cannot see what is going on.. We have given our minds away.

We are passing on our spiritual energy through the symbolism we have been told is good for us but it is in fact the opposite and bad for us, but because we gave away our minds we can’t think enough to see through the illusion and the deception. The Chinese physically worship their symbolic Gods through their New Year celebrations and the western world physically worships their symbolic gods through their New Year celebrations. Neither side can see that they are both carrying out joint rituals that enslave them and that they provide energy to the same force.

That is the scale of the deception going on in this world and that is the scale of the collective ‘lost minds’ of a sad and pathetic human race of slaves that are under the spell of a deceptive symbolic Serpent. To break the Serpents Spell as I call it, I believe we need to symbolically throw its engagement ring (mentioned earlier) back at it. To find the strength to do that we will need to start to question all the symbolism that is surrounding our lives and dictating to us how we live. It is so easy to throw back a symbolic ‘engagement’ ring when you realise that it was a liar who gave it to you under false pretences in the first place. And that is, in my opinion, exactly what the Serpent Cult has done to the human race, it gave us symbolism under false pretences. The time will come when you get the chance to carry on wearing the Serpent’s engagement ring or throw it away. The choice will be yours.

If I can get to see the Crescent I will make sure you get to see the whole of the moon. That, my friends, is a vow I will never break. I thank you for reading this article.

May love reign o’er you all

Thank you
Matthew Delooze
7th February 2008

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Every precious dream and vision underneath the stars
You climbed on the ladder with the wind in your sails
You came like a comet – blazing your trail
Too high-Too far-Too soon
YOU saw the whole of the moon!

Update For The Scoffers!

Update For The Scoffers!

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot and Never Brought To Mind?  (2007)


Brandenburg Gate New Years Eve

Hello folks,

I wrote about New Years Eve/Festive season rituals many years ago now. I physically researched the NYE event for many years. Although the pictures in my original NYE article are getting dated now the information I provided was/is cutting edge. I remember being ridiculed for mentioning the use of Ferris Wheels and saying they would slowly be placed, covertly under our noses, in many special locations around the globe which are simply to be used as focal points for rituals, especially on NYE. Time is now showing that I told the truth and some Ferris wheels are now in place. One one placed behind the Brandenburg Gate the last time I was in Berlin (2010) thousands of people were literally ‘dancing around it’ on the Berlin energy line. They were cheering and screaming at the symbolic gate at the same time. (Here is is from last year please watch from 4mins 15secs) Please watch the clip from the time mentioned because, not only is it a good example of the blind worship of a monument while the act of entrancement is taking place, it is also a very important trigger, believe it or not, to those friends that feel slightly strange in the moments straight after the official countdown finishes and ‘its a sin’ plays. But you don’t have to believe me I’m just a demented leper.

I tell you the truth this scam is being/ going to be globally repeated especially in 2015/16 festive season (Sometimes using different apparatus – especially replica buildings) indeed it is now already upon us in many places around the globe.  I say to friends that this serpent created ‘worship of Creation symbolism project’ is almost complete and in place, probably for 2016.

I say to friends that stupefied apes that will dance around the ferris wheels screaming and cheering have no idea what they are doing and these events really will enslave us. I also say to friends that ‘secondary’ rituals will be taking place in civic building (replica temples) that have Ferris wheels located outside them at midnight in several cities. (This has always been the case)

I have tried my very best to get this particular information across to the masses for many years. Unfortunately my message, especially regarding the involvement of Ferris Wheel was mostly ignored by the alternative media (lol) and ridiculed in general by the so called awakened (the parroting drones). So I repeat in 2013 that rituals carried out in the festive season are used to enslave the human race. It does not matter to me if that is accepted or not. It is true. Sadly an ego filled human race cannot see past the manufactured jollies that are used to enslave it.

Again the original New Years article is below, it was sent to help but it was only ever laughed at.

Please laugh at it again with my full blessing…

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot and Never Brought To Mind?


By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,
I’d like to do a follow up to the Christmas article I did……

Have all the symptoms of ‘Christmas’ worn off yet? Have you come out of the hypnotic stupor you were under? Back down to earth are we? The Ritual is completed but you’re really none the wiser are you? The term ‘Blind as a Bat’ doesn’t even being to sum it up in my opinion. Missing the ‘Christmas Spirit’ are you? Yes? No?…

Never mind you can go through it all again once the Sun renews itself when the Serpent wants your spiritual consent to rule over you again, next year. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, you will remember ‘what to do’, when the hypnotic triggers start appearing to put you under extra strong levels of mind control all over again late in the year. Don’t forget to stick a tree, with lights and pretty bells on it of course, in a prime position your home again will you? There’s a good slave.

Anyway folks let us forget about Christmas and have a look a look at the ‘New Year’s Eve’ celebrations we take part in. You will obviously plan your own celebrations won’t you?
I have actually spent the last five New Years Eve’s (Up to 2007) researching the celebrations and I have been lucky enough to have been allowed to do this in Amsterdam. A place I love very, very much and where I have spent more than my fair share of time in Amsterdam’s ‘Brown Cafés. Sadly the signs of an Orwellian type big brother state are also starting to appear in liberal Amsterdam, just as they are throughout the rest of the world (Now a stark reality in 2009). What a shame.

Anyway… New Years Eve is known as ‘Old Years Eve’ in the Netherlands and to be honest I always find myself not being able to challenge that description when I am in in the Netherlands. Every time I get in conversation with a Dutch person they make it perfectly clear that the ‘evening of 31st December’ is in the Old Year, not the new one! So to any people reading this article in the Netherlands I will say that Matthew Delooze agrees with you. The 31st December is on Old Years Eve!

I have mentioned in previous articles that the ‘Serpent Cult’ may use locations, events and certain times of the year to attract people and to manipulate and somehow harness their spiritual energies. In my opinion New Years Eve is no exception, far from it in fact. Although I believe it is slightly linked to Christmas (Sun Rebirth)… and lets face it folks the Serpent wants you to celebrate throughout the festive season… the 12 days of Christmas so to speak…. I also believe New Years Eve has important, special, ritualistic reasons of its own.

I will go into this later in the article. I will say now that a New or Old Years Eve ritual in my opinion is a high ranking event and if it is not on a par with the sun’s rebirth on the 25th December then it comes in a very close second. So please come with me through the paragraphs and pictures in this article and try to grasp the idea that New Years Eve is just another lie, another con, to extract spiritual energy from you and to deceive you into spiritually imprisoning yourself in this world. (We carry out this act of self-imprisonment by giving beings that are alien to this world our spiritual consent for them to rule over us through willingly taking part in massive public rituals like NYE.)

Let me first point out that the Catholic Church created the modern calendars that have created the official timing of ‘The Festive Season’. Yes indeed it was Pope Gregory the thirteenth that has been credited with bringing in the calendar that most of the world follows today, the Gregorian calendar. He was supposed to have done this with the help of a man named Christopher Clavius. I don’t want to bore you with the history of the Gregorian calender but it’s here for you if you wish to check out its origins from official sources.

I am just saying that the ‘timing’ of the festive season was literally thought up and then created by the Serpent Cult (Aliens) and it was put in place on Earth, to become our reality, by its agents in the Vatican (The Pope and his bum boy lackey’s). They not only ‘decided’ when we should rejoice the birth of Jesus in a barn at Christmas but also when we should rejoice a new beginning, ‘forgetting the past’, in a New Year ritual as well. It is, in my opinion, just a big lie to get dumbed down idiots like you and me to celebrate at a time when they want us to celebrate. They require us to celebrate only when it suits their calendar, so they make up stories about a son of god in a barn and a ‘New Year’ simply to get us to supply the audience and willingly bare witness to their rituals and therfore spiritually accept their rituals.

I have already mentioned in my previous article that the spiritual energies created at Christmas time (via our hyped up emotions) are covertly used to symbolically celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and at the same time we unknowingly give our spiritual powers away to a Serpent Cult. ( Our permission  for them to rule us). I believe that by willingly celebrating Christmas we empower multidimensional entities that are alien to this world, because they are symbolically responsible, through their own claims, for creating the Sun. Anyway.

I ask you again, as I have several times before, to ponder on the thought that spiritual energy can be extracted from the public when they are attending special events? I have witnessed massive New Years Eve parties on Dam Square in Amsterdam. In the last few years alone I have witnessed occult symbolism being blatantly displayed right under the noses of those in attendance, but at the same time this symbolism goes completely unnoticed by the people attending the party. They just carried on celebrating oblivious to the fact that an occult ritual may be taking place. They just carrying on celebrating waiting for the bells to tell them they had started a New Year. They are oblivious they are (a) led to a symbolic monument or building or (b) led to ambiguous apparatus.

Before I go any further on this matter I ask you to consider ‘why’ the authorities ‘encourage’ mass gatherings at public places at New Years Eve? Who or what started the craze on NYE in the first place? Just what has caused millions of people to go to monuments at New Years Eve in all cities around the world like demented sheep? For example; why do thousands of people stand in freezing temperatures just to hear the chimes of Big Ben or watch fireworks at the London Eye Ferris Wheel?

I realise, and I have said it before, that most people just want to get drunk, get laid or get stoned on New Years Eve but even the majority of those people who sit quietly at home also join in the ritual at some point or other. What has created this attitude in the mass consciousness? What hypnotic triggers are responsible for making thousands of people carry out a pilgrimage to a certain monumental landmark to bring in a New Year? Indeed are we actually out celebrating for a New Year or just blindly celebrating in front of monuments for the fun of it? Whatever the reason, after the bells of the New Year are rung in, the result is usually one of a massive anti climax.

I believe the spiritual energies of human beings, collectively and individually, are manipulated by the establishment to reach the highest level possible on New Years Eve. These energies are released and harnessed by mult-dimensional forces as the bell strikes 12.

I will also point out that large digital screen images are used at famous locations usually through the DJ’s equipment or other purposely built apparatus used on the night itself. But more often than not famous ‘monuments’ are used. Here are just a few that I have witnessed myself in Amsterdam.


Dam Square 2004: Domes, Hexagrams and Eyes (I am)
Dam Square 2005: Although it’s hard to see in this picture there was a large ‘spider’ (framed apparatus) and the body of the ‘spider’ also doubled up as a flashing eye.
Dam Square 2006: Eye symbolism (I am) and twin towers symbolism. Numerous other items of occult symbolism were continuously flashed on the large screens during the night. And of course the building behind all this apparatus and symbolism is a classic replica temple.

Please remember I have spent 5 years (Since 2002) looking at the New Years Eve celebrations in Dam Square and I wouldn’t waste your time or mine if i didn’t think that covert sun worship and other occult rituals were being carried out. Sadly this happens without the crowds having the slightest clue to what was really going on.

Another interesting landmark used these days is the ‘London Eye’. Since the Eye has been erected it has been used in conjunction with Big Ben to attract the crowds to the symbolic apparatus being used in ritual.

Have a look at this scene by clicking on the link , if only for a little insight as to how the crowds are drawn to ambiguous landmarks and what actually happens. There was an estimated 250,000 people jamming the streets of London to see this event. Yes 250,000 people. The same thing can be said about most cities around the world. A global ritual of worshipping occult monuments is taking place right under our noses. We are literally too blind to see. Again please look at the link provided

OK then, my little bunch of freedom seekers. If you have watched that clip (A) does it tell you that the people there are celebrating a ‘New Year’? Or (B) does it indicated that mass spiritual energy is being directed, from the people, to the symbolism surrounding the illuminati created monuments on show, in this case the London Eye and Big Ben are literally being worshipped?

Hey laugh about it if you want … but it’s your own enslavement you are laughing at though.

Now that you are relatively free from the mental interference of the hypnotic ‘festive season’ you should be able to see that the latter is utterly and completely true. Can you also see that if you disregard the date of 31st December that the people celebrating are literally symbolically worshipping a bloody monument? Well can you? Or am I better off spending my time scratching my arse whilst watching TV than writing about it?

In my opinion, again I have been researching this for five years, the masses are being duped into attending rituals at ‘New Years Eve’ and instead of celebrating a New Year they are, without consciously knowing it, worshipping symbolic monuments or occult symbols. Or should I say worshipping the force that the monuments represent? It is the Serpent Cult that created the date of 31st December and it really means absolutely nothing to us, apart from being a day we are allowed to party in public. In reality, on a higher level of understanding, we are duped into supplying ‘respect energy’ for sun deities when the Serpent Cult tells us to. (Through the calendars created by agents for the Serpent) Modern day technology allows the establishment to create any symbolism they wish during a public party or pr public celebration. I have mentioned the use of Ferris wheels for this sort of thing, despite being ridiculed for it, for several years. But the Ferri wheel will be used in the future in ALL major cities and large towns. You need to heed that message NOW.

London Eye (Ferris Wheel) New Years Eve!
London Eye New Year 1996: Note the worship symbolism being shown building during the ‘New Years Eve light-show’ 
Maybe going a bit far-fetched, and supplied with tongue in cheek, but you should get the idea that any ‘images’ can be used whilst the audience is in worship mode.! :))

It’s not just London and Amsterdam because the same scenario also applies to most landmarks used in the rituals, know as New Years Eve celebrations, around the world. A monument erected by the illuminati and other forms ancient symbolism will ‘always’ be present too. Massive amounts of fireworks will also be used these days, not only to symbolise the illuminati, to seriously ‘shake up our senses’ and to raise the spiritual energies within us. If you don’t know what I mean by fireworks ‘shaking up our senses’ then I suggest next time loud fireworks are being set off in your area that you go and see their affects to local cats, dogs and other pets. Fireworks awaken the spirit and I tell you that the establishment wouldn’t provide them, usually for free, at New Years Eve events if they didn’t.
There is also another symbolic fact concerning the New Years Eve ritual and the Gregorian calendar (A slightly updated version of the ‘Julian’ calendar– Julius Caesar) and that is the use of the term ‘January’ (Janus or Lanuarius)

Obviously the Romans were sun worshippers. So despite what the liars at the Vatican may say the ‘Julian Calendar’ was obviously brought in by Julius Caesar to align and coincide with the Sun god rituals they carried out at the time. Yes? Strange then that when ancient Rome became ‘Christian’ and decided to give God’s right hand man (The Pope) a home they didn’t officially ‘rename’ the months listed in the Julian ‘Sun Worshipping’ calendar isn’t it? You would have thought the Pope would have changed all the names of the months if only to represent a sort of Christian ‘Jesus Worshipping’ calendar instead. Why did they not do this?

I believe that’s the least they could have done after Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins, but alas no, the Catholic Church and the Pope, the cheeky buggers, did absolutely bugger all and our calendar, and all the sun symbolism surrounding it, that was originally created by sun worshipping pagans is still the only official reference to time in this world. Granted Pope Gregory did make slight alterations to the calendar but nothing that made a big impact on it, and the names of the months didn’t change at all.

Could it be that the same ‘Sun Worshipping’ elite that ruled ancient Rome is the same sun worshipping elite than rule Vatican City today? Sure it is… I say to myself. It is just that they made up a story about Jesus to get you to symbolically worship something you wouldn’t worship if you knew what you were really worshipping. Yes bloody too right I say to myself.

Is it possible we are worshipping, what YOU would see as a negative Luciferic type organisation but it has been cleverly disguised as a positive ‘religious’ organisation? I certainly think so but is that a situation you cannot, or simply will not, comprehend either mentally or spiritually? Can you accept that the Catholic Church is really the opposite of what it claims to be and has deceived millions of people?

I ask you to breath the air that I send you and taste it…… Anyway….

Let us have a look at ‘January’ for a moment, and remember January has the full official backing of the Vatican because a Pope introduced the Gregorian calendar. There are many explanations listed on the link below about January (Janus- Lanuarius). Please feel free to make your own mind up and choose an explanation that suits you and your intuition. I am only here with this article to give you my version. Please take the information in or don’t take it in, it is entirely your choice. Indeed you have two thousand years of the ‘official’ version of history that has been written by pillars of society in the Vatican and other religious palaces to study. They wouldn’t lie to you would they? No they have been too busy causing wars and making money for their own pampered lifestyles, not to mention their links to large paedophile rings either! So they wouldn’t lie or deceive the masses into giving away their own spiritual energy to possible malevolent forces. Would they?

So please feel free to research these matters before even considering a word I say be true. Let us move on to the subject of Janus.

Janus is obviously linked to Sun/ Moon symbolism. Janus is also linked to ‘Dianus’ and it is entirely possible that the New Years Eve celebrations, that we robotically carry out, are simply a ritual dedicated to ‘Dianus Lucifero’ and the wording of ‘January’ as our first month has been cleverly disquised to hide this. I am no history teacher and meaningful studying of this type of subject is virtually impossible to carry out once you realise that the establishment has written history just to justify its own existence, and the existence of religions, simply to keep us all under mass hypnosis.

What is blatantly obvious to me, even on a 5 sense reality level, is that we the vast majority, robotically carry out a festival dedicated to ‘Janus’ on 31st December/ 1st January every year. It is just that we don’t appear capable of seeing past this fact because of the strength of the hypnosis in force at the time. It does not matter if we get drunk, laid or stoned on a New Years Eve, or be hypnotically attracted to landmarks to physically take part in a symbolic ritual. It does not matter if we just sit at home with a cup of cocoa listening to the chimes of the clock either. We are all symbolically led through the ‘Gates of Janus’ on New Years Eve. Here is a brief summing up of ‘Janus’……..
Janus was also the god of ‘beginnings’. as a solar god he presided over daybreak. He was soon considered as the promoter of all initiative and, in a general way, he was placed at the head of all human enterprises. For this reason the Romans ascribed to him an essential role in the creation of the world. He was the god of gods Janus Pator. Ovid relates that Janus was called Chaos at the time when air, fire, water and earth were all a formless mass. When the elements separated, Chaos took on the form of Janus: his two faces represented the confusion of his original state.’

Hang on a minute….. Janus was a Solar God?…… Creator of the World?…. Janus was also called ‘Chaos’ before the elements were formed was he/ she? Order out of chaos again is it? Don’t we also collectively accept that having ‘two faces’ is a symbolic term for a liar or deceiver? Or is that typical ‘two faced bastard’, we all know of in our lives, down the pub or at work not a liar and deceiver after all?

Basically Janus was on a par with my old mate Amen Ra then? Is Janus the Roman version of ‘Ra’, known as the hidden one or the greatest deceiver? When we celebrate New Years Eve are we literally simply celebrating the arrival of Janus? Bet you didn’t think that when you were singing Auld Lang Syne with a bottle of drink in your hand did you? No… let’s just get drunk and act like a loony at 12 o’clock without actually thinking simply ‘because it is a New Year’ eh? Hey we fools get one year older too at the same time eh?

Paris; New Years Eve 2004 (Ferris wheel symbolism again)
y3Paris 2006; Fireworks at the illuminati built Eiffel Tower!

Whilst on the subject of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ let us just ponder for a moment on that famous song that (poem) we have all sang along to at one time or another, obviously whilst not having having the slightest clue as to why? Well you haven’t a clue what it really means do you? Usually it is only the first verse and the chorus that is sung by billions of people as they celebrate the arrival of Janus (January). I am only using this song as one example of how the serpent hypnotises us and gets us to symbolically surrender ourselves during covert rituals by reciting ambiguous words … anyway take a look at the words. Here we go….

‘Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days of auld lang syne?
And days of auld lang syne, my dear,
And days of auld lang syne.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days of auld lang syne?’

How many of us have robotically sung this song? (Come on own up!) I have for one. I used to think ‘Auld Langs Syne’ was a bloke! Some big hairy Scotsman! Let me first tell you whom this ditty has been credited to. It is ‘Robert Burns’ who is, coincidentally of course, another ‘famous freemason’. How has this one verse of this song been implemented on the collective consciousness of the human race in the western world?

Do any of you realise what the words in this poem really mean? Well then….

‘Acquaintance’ literally means ‘knowledge of a person you have met’ OR it simply means your ‘knowledge’ of something. Example; ‘He had an acquaintance with ancient history’. ‘Auld Lang Syne’ simply means ‘Old Long Since’, ‘long ago’, or ‘once upon a time’.  I am sorry to tell you this but by singing Auld Lang Syne you are basically stating that you do not want to get access to your spiritual knowledge from the ancient past, you are literally asking to be dumbed down. Indeed you do not even have to sing it yourself because it is ‘accepted’ by our collective consciousness as the official hymn of the New Year in the western world. What the masses think they get – they get.

So can you see that when songs like this are sung at the Gates of Janus, so to speak, ‘you’ are literally carrying out an act of self-hypnosis on yourself and ‘we’ are carrying out collectively hypnosis on ourselves? By declaring that we will not let our ‘old knowledge come to mind’ we are also reciting a binding spiritual promise, we are literally declaring that we will not remember the knowledge we knew in the past (when we were spiritually free). Please think about it. Yes please think about it.

Now then I cannot stress enough, to genuine freedom seekers out there, that ‘official’ songs like this are very important to the reptilian agenda. They are covertly used throughout our lives to keep us under hypnosis. At the same time these ‘songs’, usually presented by Freemasons, act as a spiritual promise, similar to the Lords Prayer, to literally obey the reptilians and to literally submit to them. (‘Crafty’ bastards indeed they are) I suppose the best way of explaining this is to state that, because we carry out New Year celebrations in the way we have been led to do, we collectively endorse the fact that we don’t want to remember the past and are happy to live under the spell of the Serpent.

They have literally got our spiritual permission from us to keep the truth from us and have done since a very long time ago, Auld Lang Syne.  This is why, the puppet establishment insist that the majority of us link up to the festive season celebrations. It is to keep the same forces, reptilian beings, in power. ‘Old ‘acquaintance’ is forgot and it is never brought to mind.’ And that’s how they bloody well want it. I am not saying we should not have ‘celebrations’ I can party like anyone else, but just what are we collectively doing at these establishment created events?

In Edinburgh, on New Years Eve 2006, 100,000 people celebrated at the Ferris Wheel and other symbolism (monuments). 250,000 people attended the London Eye Ferris Wheel and other symbolism. Similar figures appear in similar cities all over the world. Click here to see what they plonked in the centre of Edinburgh for New Year!

I have said in other articles that the Ferris wheel is symbolic of the Benben stone and the Sun rising out of the watery chaos, created by the Serpents. This one explains it well.

My friends I cannot stress the importance of seeing for yourself the increasing use of ambiguous apparatus, especially the increase of Ferris Wheels at this time.

Let me sum up what I have said in this article.

1. I believe certain famous ‘landmarks’ are used to attract large numbers of people at New Years Eve. (Festival of Janus)
2. Symbolic images and /or famous monuments are displayed at official New Years Eve events.
3. Spiritual energies are created and built up in individuals, only to be collectively released when the establishment says so (midnight)
4. Symbolic songs, such as Auld Lang Syne, are sung enmasse to act as a binding spiritual promise to 4th dimensional entities.
5. When spiritual energies are released they are dedicated to the ‘symbolism’ shown or heard at the time. Whether you be at a city centre monument, in the pub, or at home. The creators of the said symbolism receive the energy that is released.
6. News Years Eve is just another Sun God worship festival dedicated to Janus, whom I believe is just another deceptive face of Amen Ra, the greatest deceiver.
7. All the dates for such events were supplied via calendars that were created by the Sun Worshipping ancient Romans and relayed by the Vatican through the modern day Catholic Church.

If you can see and understand what I am saying you will realise that most governments in this world are really puppets for the Serpent who not only blindly encourage us to participate in certain rituals at certain times, but also supply the very means (our own money) for these festivals to take place. This is to show the universe they are OUR rituals. It is our free will to worship these idols.

The Christmas and New Years festivals are very important to the Serpent and the play a major part in keeping the masses under constant collective hypnosis. To break the hypnosis we need to start remembering who we really are. To remember who we really are we need to start questioning all the things going around us instead of robotically believing the establishments version of things and blindly joining in with what are, in my opinion, Luciferic type rituals. Wake up. Please wake up. On a lighter note someone said to me, bloody hell, Matthew the way things are going they will be showing symbolism of Reptilians breathing fire (singing) outside Sydney Opera House next.

So…Sydney Harbour (Opera House) New Year’s Eve 2006! Lol. Only I am not joking this symbolism was really part of the light show in Sydney 
Paris: New Years Eve 2000 Concorde Plaza

More and more major cities in the world are adopting the use of the symbolic Ferris wheels during the festive season. These wheels are being placed in front of temple like building in the said city centre and when the masses congregate the sun wheels are being used as a focal point.





It’s time to open your eyes and start to ask questions. The question raised in the title of this article was ‘Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot And Never Brought To Mind?’……. in my opinion the answer is NO!

The old acquaintance of ours, taken from our minds, is ‘Unconditional Love’. I don’t mean luvvy dovey, Mills n’ Boon romance novel, stuff. I simply mean having access to the intuitive ‘knowledge’ that you used to have access to a long time ago and the right to live your life as you want to live it and to love your fellow humans and let them live as they want too.

The Past is Calling… to you all. Please don’t ignore it. PLEASE DON’T IGNORE IT!


Indeed watch the drones that will enslave you by carrying out rituals on your behalf….  Scream and Scrweeem and join in if you like…


May love reign o’er you all.

Matthew Delooze

Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2007. All Rights Reserved.