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For crying out loud… Beam me up! – Lighting to Unite

For crying out loud… Beam me up!


Lighting to Unite

Matthew Delooze says….Look at the picture above… obviously any emotional energy felt and directed about the art, by those in attendance, is also felt and directed to the monument. This sort of thing will increase drastically in the future. People will go to symbolic building that are displaying occult symbolism through ‘art’ and they will automatically applaud and cheer the work. Emotional respect creates spiritual energy…so the energy created through respect goes through symbolic monument to the ‘underworld’ or ‘lower forth’ (the creators of the symbolism on display)…Have you got it yet or are you still reading your credit card statement and worried you won’t make the mortgage?… Believe me many of you won’t make the mortgage in the future. That is the plan!



So don’t forget to scream and applaud at a symbolic building adorned with symbolism in a town near you in the future. :)

Thank You

Matthew Delooze