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No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus.

  No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus lake170

Déjà vu in the Valley of the Children of Hinnom

 By Matthew Delooze

I am a man who looks after the pigs, usually I get along OK.
I am man who reveals all he digs, I should be more careful what I say.
I’m getting put down, I’m getting pushed round,
I’m being beaten every day.
My life’s fading… But things are changing,
I’m not gonna sit and weep again.
I’m not going to weep again
From the song Dirty Jobs (Townsend)

Hello Friends and Oneballers,

Please note, if you are male please don’t go down the pub telling them you are a oneballer, they may misconstrue you!

I trust friends still have strength in their hearts in these very difficult times? I know a few folks have had an horrendous time during the last 12 months or so. Some are still going through serious changes in their lives and I know things can be painful, confusing and upsetting. I can only say that if things get really difficult then dig deep and remember how strong you can be. We have great reserves of strength if we look inside ourselves to find them. We can really find a crypt full of hidden strengths hidden in our souls. So if you are under the cosh, dig deep now and find your strong self again.

We may feel we are running on empty now and again, but even when the fuel warning light comes on and worries us, we can still keep going. It is time to brush away any doubts that our hearts cannot see us through our journey.  They can see us through and they will see us through…. any journey!

Any I usually write things that mean something on many levels of understanding. Sometimes this is difficult to do without being misconstrued.

That said, I’d like to start off a two or three part article. I write this article because I feel it is important to do so. I’d like to initially mention some concerts that have been taking place in a very important part of the Planet. They have been going on at this venue for a few years on and off. That said I’m not simply pointing out another concert event, as you will see later. Most readers of my writings will know of my theories. (If you don’t the archives are here)

Let’s not mess around today, so if there are any psychotic anoraked Ferris Wheel spotters out there (like me) I’d like them to come with me to Jerusalem for a brief period and take something in, if only for symbolic reasons, and you never know, maybe by doing so it may help you the future. One thing is for sure, it won’t help you in the future if you close your mind and stay in the place you already dwell will it?

Don’t worry I’m not going to bite you and I’m only playing tourist guide and amateur prophet at the moment in part one…  nothing else.  I don’t want a your credit card number or even a tip either.

I want to take you to a place called Sultan’s Pool (AKA Snake’s Pool), which is located just outside the Old City walls. It is at one end of what is known as The Valley of the Son of Himmon. I have known of this place for a long time. I’m sure some of you will know it in some way.

Here is a little description of the area…

 In the beginning of the Israelite period, there were children sacrifices to the pagan God Molech held in the valley of the son-of-Hinnom (Gei Ben-Hinnom). The Israelites stopped this barbarous ritual, although the evil custom continued partially during the times of the Kings. For example, the King of Judah Manasseh (2 Cronicles 33 6:”And he caused his children to pass through the fire in the valley of the son of Hinnom”). The prophets, such as Jeremiah, tried to stop it  (Jeremiah 7: 31: “And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my heart”). The sacrifice rituals have eventually ceased, but it continued to be used as place to burn the city garbage. The association of the valley with fire, smoke and evil earned it the Hebrew word for “hell” (GeiHennom). According to a tradition this site is the entrance to that evil place. (source)

… I realise our history books and our altered scriptures are not to be trusted but I do truly believe this area was used to butcher children by Fire.

As some of us come towards the end of our journey I feel it is vitally important to keep an eye on any events that occur in this place in the future.

I visited Jerusalem in 2008, I visited the energy points and was indeed taken past this place on my way to The Mount of Olives and Bethlehem. So I’m not talking out of my arse about the area.

Matthew Delooze at the Jaffa Gate 2008 (Hand on hip like a true Ducky!)

The Valley of the Son of Hinnom has a long history, as does the Sultan’s Pool area in particular. I will post a link here but basically I believe the Valley of the Son of Himmon was used by the Serpent in ancient times as a place of energy extraction via the pied piper of sacrifices etc.  In other words the Serpent needed the masses to be emotionally affected in that area in the past, therefore their emotions would create energy. In the past people were simply murdered and burnt in massive numbers and the crowds simply suffered intense emotional trauma or even immense emotional pleasure at watching the Horror show.

I suppose the past events in Valley of the Son of Hinnom were horrific to witness, the trauma would have been on a par with the very worse atrocities that have gone on in this shithole of a world.

Indeed these ‘shock the living daylights out of folks’ sort of rituals have been happening since the Days of Noah, indeed 9/11 was a modern day version of the emotional trauma scams (energy extraction and spiritual surrender rituals) carried out in this world that enslaves us. The past rituals in ‘The Valley’ involved the slaughter of children by burning them alive on a monument dedicated to ‘Moloch’. I can’t think of a worse hell to witness can you? The emotional trauma?  The sheer terror and ‘OMG’ factor? I can only show you of these things. I cannot force you to see them.


Let’s start by looking at the area of the Valley of the Son of Hinnom and Sultan’s Pool, the place of past sacrifices to Moloch, as it is today and see what goes on there.


Ancient Jerusalem

The Valley of the Son of Hinnom is in the lower central position and Sultan’s Pool is marked lower Pool on the map above. Nothing much as changed as far as the area is concerned, they just plonked a bloody great road between the Valley of the Son of Hinnom / Sultan’s Pool and Mount Zion (Temple Mount Area), which once housed Herod’s Palace and the City of David, as per map above.


Sultan’s Pool and The Valley of Hinnom are marked

OK have you got your bearings now?  We are below Mount Zion in an area previously used to butcher our children by fire in public.

I’m very sure most folks attending this area, for the concert events, taking place will have been informed of its past history, and I’m sure they would have been vigorously inform of its history by a far better tour guide than your humble narrator and story teller could do today. But I’m not telling you its history. I”m telling what is now and to come.

I’m merely pointing out that attendees of concerts will be told and know about the history of the place. It will also be in guidebooks and on public signs in and around the actual area. Its in the religious Scriptures too! Therefore I’m merely pointing out it is through their free will that they attend events here and most will obviously just go and enjoy the show not giving the history of the place a second thought (raised emotion). You know, just like the rose tinted ‘punters’ do at all major concerts all around the world. They go through their free will to ‘enjoy’ the show. They cannot see they are being used for energy.

I’ll also tell you again that the symbolism that has been and will be displayed, in most venues and concerts around the globe, will consist of statues of the very deities and iconic figures that act as a middlemen and represent the Serpent in this world. These middle men act as a symbolic receiver of the energy created, and therefore energy created feeds the creator of the symbolism or icon (the middlemen) being displayed.  Other symbolism being displayed at these events will include visual geometry and oral presentation of the very ambiguous religious scriptures that I informed you in 2005/6 were simply being used deceive the masses and get them to unknowingly carry out binding acts of spiritual surrender, in the guise of acts of carrying out spiritual positivity.

Here are just a few examples of the type of events taking place in Sultan’s Pool today.


The punters being entertained at Sultan’s Pool


Replica temples are produced as per usual 14338
Screens are used to implant symbolism in a willing audience too. (Mount Zion and city walls to the right)


Screen are also used to magnify the symbolism being displayed on stage.


This is what was on stage and on screens in the picture above.

My friends, it appears to me that massive occult images are still being placed in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, via screen or through props, and with the full consent of the human race. Tell me someone please what is the difference in the basic image of the present above and the basic image  of the past below?

lake170The Past or Present?

I’ll say the only difference is the fact that a baby is shown in the illustration of the past but the apparatus is basically the same. Obviously children are not sacrificed in public today, well not in full view in broad daylight anyway.  So let’s hope the Serpent or even any darling luvvy false personalities from the BBC don’t get any access to those stages after dark eh?

Can you see that ‘any’ sort occult symbolism can be used at these events. Can you? Indeed can you see, through the pictures supplied above, that any symbol can be placed in any makeshift, temple like, stage set and used as a temple of worship too eh? Can you see these events are actually being carried out through the free will of the people too? Mind you this location is on a par with partying on a mass grave of butchered children anyway eh? Well isn’t it? Can you put all the present day facts about what goes on here and actually see that the apparatus is being used for covert ritual and that the very emotions of the attendees are part of that ritual?  Can You?

Again can you see what ‘grounds’ these replica temples in Sultan’s Pool are actually built on? Can you see the attendees literally dance and cheer on the bones of the dead?  We are not talking concerts in a pretty park here. We are talking parties on the very ground that sacrificed children to Moloch, by fire.

If you can see that then it must become clear to you that a perceived innocent event is nothing but an innocent event to those that planned it. What do the attendees actually turn into when they attend such events? I’ll tell you they are attending an occult ritual so they become official willing participants in the ritual taking place. They become free willed devotees to rituals they cannot even comprehend, and therefore the cannot ever comprehend that these rituals tell the universe that we agree with them. Even if the attendees do not know what symbolism is being displayed, and have no idea about such things as rituals, it does not render them innocent. Their free will emotions are all that matters to the Serpent. The Serpent will simply laugh at the guile of its actions and a moronic and blind human race. Rituals like this in these places create our physical reality and literally create our enslavement.

I can only remind you of what I believe happens at such places all the time anyway. Indeed I’m sure the Glastonbury drones will be slavering at the prospect of Glastonbury coming back. I link that article as a reminder.

It is clear to me that the masses are being led to this area because of it past, so let’s look at the ancient map of Jerusalem again, but just at the ‘oldest’ bit.

image-hell03 copyAncient Jerusalem highlighted pink

You will see that the area of Sultan’s Pool is located in such a way that any spiritual energy created there would have been directed at the palaces and temples on what is now the modern day ‘temple mount’ inside the city walls. This world does not need me to tell it that people have been butchered for many reasons in this area over the years.

I mentioned at the end of my book, Is It Me For A Moment, about this area along with facts about my own journey.

Anyway, can you imagine that any ‘spiritual energy’ created in the Valley and Sultan’s Pool area would indeed be focus and directed, not only at any makeshift temple in the Sultan’s Pool area, but also the ancient temples that were/ are on the Temple Mount area? Indeed if the energy created in ancient times, in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, fed the Serpent, through their middemen and palaces in ancient time, then surely and energy created on the same ground in the ruins would have the same affect?

I realise some of those that know my writings and theories may be thinking that I’m just adding another location to add to those I use for my theories about spiritual extraction at such events. Yes in a way I am adding another location, used for energy extraction and spiritual surrender rituals, but I’m not writing this article for those reasons.

My friend, I’ll tell you why I’m writing this part of my article on Jerusalem today. But, first I have to say in advance that if you don’t believe me about events in Glastonbury or Live 8 then how will you believe me about in events in a far away land like the Valley of the Son of Hinnom? Indeed how will you believe anything from my mouth about Jerusalem when you won’t even believe the world is so stupefied that the majority of human beings put a paper hat on their head and toots for its own enslavement, through displaying its greed and selfishness every Winter Solstice? How will anyone believe what I say about Jerusalem when they won’t even have faith in what I say will come to the Fyled Coast in my own country?

My face has been spat in for 15 years, do you think I expect the vast majority of readers to believe me?  Hey I only look daft I assure you. But being as daft as I am actually allows me to speak things I have to speak. I speak the things I have to speak because I know they are true. I go into prophet mode below, but only because i have too. Take the words as being from a daft leper.

“I am telling friends today, please heed my words, that Jerusalem will be a very important place for a direct public ritual (Through Guile), which will take place in the future. I tell my friends in advance so they will one day know I told them the truth, because they do not believe me now.

 I believe that there will be an official sacrifice take place in the area known as Valley of the Son of Hinnom. I believe it will take place before, during or straight after some kind of symbolic concert or other event taking place in Sultan’s Pool. I tell you the truth that blood will be spilt on the ground in this place, which was once known as Gehenna, just as it was known in the past. ‘This place, The Valley of the Son of Himmon, will be called Gehenna again before my bones are dust, and when it is you will remember my words’.

Anyway I will snap out of my messiah or prophet complex now and say I obviously do not want an event like this to take place and I certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with such an event apart from prophecy, but I tell you the truth and surely believe it will one day happen. I may not be around to say I told you so when it does!!  So I say I told you so now. (I had to get it in you see!)

Hey, truthers, it is only my silly prophecy. It is only my silly paranoid beliefs eh? The words of a uneducated nutcase in a world of intellectuals.

I don’t mind playing silly psychotic prophets from Burnley especially if it makes you smile, so being silly I don’t mind telling you the truth as a crazy prophet again when I say this world, a sick zoo of sex abusers and deluded egos, still stones and kills the prophets as it has done since the days of Noah. The prophets are only ever rewarded, or should I say anointed, by the amount of putrid piss that flows down their backs. Nothing has changed at all, the scoffers still scoff and the liars still lie. There will be no eyesight for those that prefer to be blind.

Anyway I say to friends,

I believe the prophecy I pass on to you will come to pass and when it does it will spark of a series of other rituals within Jerusalem, which have been planned and are still being planned by the Serpent.  The events  will further awaken those with faith and help them prepare more hastily for what will come later. If what I say comes true, and I tell you the truth when I say it will, then far more important, the prophecy will be a sign to friends that I told the truth and the truth will help you.

The Serpent’s apparatus for ritual in Jerusalem is almost complete and most of it is already in place and they have sneaked it in via stealth and without any objection from a stupefied human race. I say to friends that have faith, when so many cleary do not, to trust their faith in the times ahead and they will be helped. Love will reign o’er you.

I will be publishing more on Jerusalem very soon. As there are indeed also a few places in and around the Old City in which I believe important rituals have and will take place and you need to be aware. Obviously most of you won’t believe a word I say until something happens to force your beliefs, such are the hearts and souls of men in this world.


But before I finish the first part of this information. I’d like to point to another area of Jerusalem for you to remember. The place is not even built yet, but was planned long ago. That said its very foundations, the grounds it will stand on, have already been engulfed in raw emotion. The Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance (I’m sure some of you will have come across it in the ‘news’) has attracted raw attention for at least eight years. This is because it was planned to be built, like Sultan’s Pool concert area, on the ground of the dead. It will be another ‘pied piper’ to attract the stupefied masses. But I’m not going to dwell on it today. I’m only pointing it out for future reference and to link it with this article for the start of the next installment.


Museum of (In)Tolerance will be used for ritual on the bones of the dead, just like Sultan’s Pool

What else can I say in this first part of No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus? I could say that there are probably plans to bring a Ferris Wheel into the ‘scene’ of forthcoming rituals. But if I started saying Ferris Wheels may be being placed in these areas, or at least say the authorities are declaring they can appear in these areas and that Ferris Wheels are occult monuments and the Serpent would spread them all around the world, I’d obviously be classed as insane and a false prophet eh? Indeed only a lying deluded maniac would have said things like that back in 2004 never mind in 2013 eh? So I better not mention them. Had I?

I have purposely kept this first part very brief. In my opinion reading the information in this article is more than vital to some, that is why I wrote it and the only reason I wrote it.  Part Two is coming in a week or so.

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze 3rd May 2013

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013 All Rights Reserved

“There was once a place called Gehenna, which I believe will be called Gehenna again before my bones are dust.” Matthew Delooze May 2013