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Dance To Your Daddy… To Your Mammy… Sing

Dance To Your Daddy… To Your Mammy…  Sing


 Savile & A Sick Species of Sex Abusers

By Matthew Delooze

Dance t’ thy Daddy
Sing t’ thy Mammy
Dance t’ thy Daddy
“T’ thy Mammy… Sing”
Thou shall have a fishy
On a little dishy
Thou shall have a salmon
When the boat comes in
From The Song Dance to Your Daddy

Hello folks,

I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you of the Jimmy Savile situation that has been going on in both mainstream and alternative media for many months. I’m sure the world, especially the people in the UK, has heard everything and taken anything about Savile over recent months. I’m sure there are very few people on the planet that have not been informed about Savile in some way or another. It is also very clear that most truthers in the Truth Movement have literally ‘loved’ every minute of the Savile revelations hitting the mainstream news, albeit belatedly. It is also clear, with mainstream actually running and printing the Savile stories, that many matrix sheep have also had to take a step back and ponder on the question of whether the British establishment, and of course the celebrity scene, is literally awash with paedophiles (It is). I suppose getting the perceived Matrix sheep to look at the establishment and celebrity scene in this way cannot be a bad thing can it? After all isn’t the ‘Truth’ Movement trying to bring the truth to all the matrix mainstream sheep as well as to the already converted truthers, through their alternative media?

It does not appear to matter how many people previously tried to expose and publish information of the systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable people in the past, especially within care homes and approved schools, because it only really becomes a worthwhile story to the masses and therefore only ‘true’ if and when mainstream media pick it up, which obviously leads to the now ancient question of why mainstream didn’t expose Jimmy Savile years ago.

I’m sure there must be a thousand different explanatory answers to that question provided on the net, both in mainstream and alternative version. So please make what you will of the information that has been around for months. I’ll say what I have always said. The entire system is corrupt and immoral from top to bottom, but that said I also point out that the corrupt system I mention actually includes you and it includes me too. We are the corrupt system too.

The fact is that the mainstream matrix sheep only to take notice of so called mainstream news and of course the alternative truthers, the conspiracy addicts,  only really take notice of so called alternative news. To be honest I can’t see any difference at all between the two and I never ever have done. Ever. They are simply the exact same sheep pens that simply house different flocks of the same sheep, the only difference being is that the sheep have a different sounding Baaaaa.

Sadly both sheep pens simply serve their customers, sponsors, subscribers and advertisers. There is no difference between the two apart from the size of circulation, amount of web hits, and the value of business assets. Also each sheep pen owner, in the main, lies through their teeth and sometimes makes up silly stories simply to keep their subscribing sheep entertained therefore hoping they remain loyal to their pen. (Well don’t they?). In reality both mainstream and alternative sources thieve off each other or ‘borrow’ content (Well don’t they?) I talk from direct experience, not out of my arse, on the matter. There is also no difference at all between the principles and policies of mainstream media and the principles and policies of alternative media, they have the same code of ethics, and both sides will ignore or suppress information if it affects business or its reputation and integrity. Indeed both sides claim to tell the truth don’t they?

There is no major alternative news, all major news media is ‘business and then opinion based on business and then ego’ in that order. It is obviously completely up to their customers who they subscribe to and who’s opinion they believe.

That is fact I’m afraid.


Can I ask any half intelligent, genuine alternative news following, truth seeker out there if they themselves didn’t previously know of the sex abuse going on in the world, and if they didn’t know the sex abuse was sometimes being associated, and carried out, by high profile celebrities and high profile figures in the establishment, prior to the Savile revelations hitting ‘mainstream’ coverage?

Indeed, if you didn’t know that fact already then where the hell have you been looking in your own alternative media and even in the mainstream media for all these years?  Can I also ask, if you did actually already know of the sex abuse being carried out by Savile himself, if you actually wallowed in the mainstream coverage exposing of it? Please ask yourself that question seriously and if the answer is yes then please ask yourself why you did wallow in mainstream coverage of it and ask yourself why you never spread the information through alternative news prior to Savile being exposed by mainstream? In other words why did you not expose Savile long before mainstream joined in?The point being, why the hell did some bother at all with alternative news when they only believe and actually react to mainstream news joining in the story? It is clear that Savile had been exposed by the alternative media long before mainstream.

Let’s initially look at what the ‘Saville Scandal’ has actually done for the truth movement so far? OK? Well it has done absolutely nothing at all for the truth movement so far, not in my opinion anyway, this is simply because most of the ‘truthers’, the truth movement’s sheep, already knew of the abuse going on, including that carried out by Savile. The fact is that the vast majority of the so called alternative truthers only really believed Saville was a sex abuser when they were actually ‘told’ by the mainstream media that he was a sex abuser. AGAIN. The vast majority so called alternative truthers only bothered about the Savile situation when told to by mainstream.

But isn’t the mainstream news media the media they already believed to be corrupt and to be compulsive liars? If so why believe them over Savile? The majority of so called alternative truthers, especially those squatting on alternative news or conspiracy forums, only really jumped on the Savile expose’ bandwagon ‘after’ believing mainstream was more reliable than their own truther alternatives. This is fact not fiction. The forums contained very little information on Saville until mainstream involvement sent the topic haywire on alternative media websites. Indeed the alternative media simply became spreaders of mainstream news. The flock of sheep turned into a herd of wilderbeast scoffing any blade of Savile grass they could find.

The fact is that mainstream still controls the minds of the so called fickle hypocritical truthers but not only that it controls the very alternative media that claims to oppose it. I can only ask you consider thinking about that fact for future reference and realise alternative media is still the puppet of mainstream. Indeed its becoming very clear that at least 80% of information on alternative sites is fed from mainstream anyway. Another 15% is total business grabbing propaganda.

In fact, apart from the truth movement literally ‘loving’ Savile being displayed in mainstream news, and also providing copious amounts of bullets for conspiracy sheep to fire at matrix sheep on the forums, the story was and is simply worthless as far as waking up is concerned.

“Another high profile celebrity liked abusing kids and supplying them to fellow abusers” end of story.

But I suppose the deluded, mostly anonymous, truth movement will believe they are close to bringing down the British ‘establishment’ simply because the Savile story eventually became mainstream news. But in my opinion, my friends, this is simply just a case of contagious Apophenia at this stage. Indeed, I believe, if the establishment did not actually want Savile in the mainstream media then he still wouldn’t be in the mainstream media to this day. But you don’t have to believe me, I’m not mainstream!

I do not want to drone on too long about Savile, I’m sure you heard more than enough on him from many sources, but one thing is clear, no matter what media pen we like to wallow in, on a five sense level Jimmy Savile knew he was untouchable and he knew he would be protected throughout his adult life. He knew he was totally immune from any genuine expose’ during his life, no matter how blatant his criminal and sick actions appeared to be. He also spent a lifetime basking in cryptic piss taking statements regarding his activities. So just who or what gave him the confidence to blatantly do what he did?

‘Jim’ll Fix It’ obviously had far more spiritual meaning than those watching the TV show would ever know or will ever know. That said I’m not writing this article to show you Savile’s guile, the cryptic piss taking or the symbolism he carried throughout his life and even to his death and after his death. That sort of information is useless to you now in this matter.

But yes, it is important we remember that Sir Jimmy was a ‘hired’ stooge, a full and active member of the Serpent Cult and remember that his main five sense role within the Cult was simply to supply ‘selected’ young human beings, as mere toys, to higher ranking members of the cult to do with as they wished, and for his actions he received his many perks, his lifestyle, his immunity from any prosecution, and a key to any institution in the country to abuse whomever he wanted. This is of course par for the course for any true agent for the Serpent whilst that agent is actually serving his or her purpose for the cult.  BUT Savile is just one of many recruited agents that was/is used to supply vulnerable youngsters, mostly from the children’s care homes and approved schools, to service the low ranking perverts and the high ranking perverts that claim to be pillars of our very sick society.

Jimmy Savile 2

‘Sir’ Jimmy was a ‘hired’ stooge, a full and active member of the Serpent Cult

I was in care myself as a young lad. I wrote about these things in 2005 in my book The Stars Are Falling. I have also explain before why agents for the Serpents are knighted.

I certainly feel no sense of justice at all in seeing Savile exposed as a sex abuser ‘after his death’. Indeed I’m sure he himself will be laughing at such a situation and he indeed predicted many times it would happen anyway. He simply didn’t care because he had been made a member of the Serpent Cult and had been enlightened as to their ways in my opinion. I’m sure the entire Serpent Cult laugh at the situation now too, after all, again, just what has been exposed that wasn’t already known as far as a truth movement is concerned?

What will the truth movement gain with mainstream actually acknowledging that Savile was a serial sex abuser in a long line of famous celebrity sex abusers within the establishment anyway?  Will it spiritually enlighten anyone by knowing Savile was one of the abusers and he supplied his masters in the Serpent Cult with people to abuse. You decide.


“Hey.. Savile was a Paedo and knew Prince Charlie … Thanks mainstream. I’m awake now. Praise the Lord!”

I actually find it laughable, yes bloody well laughable, that the so called truthers and awakened warriors of light, believe they are more awake, and further down path of spiritual understanding, simply because another low ranking agent for the Serpent has been exposed as a sex abuser, and because they wallowed in the fact the mainstream covered the story. Mainstream news is suddenly a free and truthful press now is it? We are all going to wake up fully now then? Should I subscribe to the Guardian in case I miss the shift? The Times maybe? What media do you suggest oh awakened ones? Which businessman should I worship for allowing me to feel my parched taste buds? And can I do an Oliver Twist and ask for more?

Indeed is the limit of our awakening reached by the catching out and exposing a sex abuser linked to fellow sex abusers in government and those sex abusers playing at Kings and Queens? (after they die of course).

Exposing Savile, be he dead or alive, only shows a very low example of the deceptions the masses live with. That small deception is easy to point out and understand. In a sentence… “Our pillars of society have deceptive false personalities and they do evil things behind closed doors”

Hey the alternative news and even mainstream news can continually expose these people and have you looping on it for eternity. And some of them have you looping on it with bells on.  Sadly it won’t wake you up to the bigger picture or help you in anyway. It will have you as deaf as Quasimodo though.

Anyway let’s get to the real point of this article shall we?


Do you really want to know about sex abuse in this world? Or is it easier for you to simply point the finger at the likes of Savile and pretend something was actually exposed to you and live a lie in the truth movement? Again do you really want to know the truth about sex abuse in this world?

We can’t have truth if we are going to lie about it. We can’t have part truth, if we want truth then we have to have it all.

If we are wanting truth and are wanting to see through the behaviour of those that rule us, and deceive us in this world, then let’s at least start to recognise the facts of our own deceptive behaviour and the collective behaviour of the human race too. We can never break free from a powerful deception unless we actually want, from our genuine hearts, to stop deceiving ourselves. Exposing the likes of Savile will do nothing for us if we fail to expose ourselves and try to comprehend the scale of deceptions taking place before us. OK?

What if I tell you now that, on a spiritual level, Savile did absolutely nothing wrong when he abused his ‘victims’?  Before you laugh at me I’ll tell you I’m not trying to justify Savile’s actions, but do you really want truth or do you want to play games on forums and pretend you are waking up? Only waking up in your spare time of course. (Fair weather permitting!)

Firstly let’s recognise immediately that sex abuse and other perversions are NOT just confined to secret societies and celebrities. If we believe that we are in a coma, not waking up. We need to look at ourselves, if we want to progress and actually wake up. It is easy for all of us to point the finger at the likes of Savile over sex abuse, but the only real lesson Savile should have taught you, on a five sense level, is how easily human beings are fooled. Instead matrix sheep and truther sheep simple feasted on the tales of sex abuse. They simply looked at Savile, they never looked at themselves.

I also believe that the level of ‘awareness’ within the truth movement needs to raise massively and do so very quickly too, before its journey down the path of many turds clogs up the treads on our truth boots. The human race is operating on very low levels of understanding yet for some reasons it believes its raised its awareness to massive levels. It hasn’t. Savile should show you that.

My friend, do you actually believe the so called truth movement is actually capable or even wants to expose the whole truth about sex abusers and paedophiles in this world at this moment in time? Yes? Do you really? I have no doubts the truth movement will try to expose more sex abusers within establishments, but will that bring the whole truth that will spiritually enlighten anyone? Here you go I’ll provide the next expose the truth movement will bring you again… and again.

“Another high profile celebrity liked abusing kids and supplying them to fellow abusers” (end of story)

I’m sure the next expose’ will have both mainstream sheep and alternative sheep dancing around on forums for months next time too. Wow!  Again, do you actually believe the so called truth movement or even mainstream is actually capable or even wants to expose the whole truth about sex abusers and paedophiles in this world at this moment in time?


Please don’t make me laugh. The truth movement hasn’t even got the information to do so yet, not in my opinion anyway. It is existing on low levels of information, low levels of understanding, feeding its ego and looping on the same stuff it looped on years ago. How can a movement full of lies tell the truth anyway? The vast majority of the truth movement doesn’t go anywhere near the truth on sex abuse matters or many other matters, and this is not because of lack of will to achieve, its through a lack of ability of understanding and a lack of ability in actually telling the truth itself! The Truth movement is literally run on lies and business handshakes.

The truth movement is mostly ignorant to the whole truth about sex abuse in this world. It adopts the exact same principles and ways as the mainstream media, therefore it will attain the same level of truth as mainstream media. It is a basic fact I’m afraid. Indeed the truth movement’s ‘media’, like mainstream, never gets past the exposure of celebrities, royalty, politicians and high ranking religious figures on one hand, and providing sensationalism on the other. The truth movement never gets past the notion of eventually removing those currently in physical power and replacing them with themselves, simply because they believe they are are more enlightened than those that rule already.

That is obviously not true.

The search for truth is not just about the truth regarding our rulers is it?  What is the point of finding the whole truth about our corrupt controllers if we then fail to see any truth about our own corruptions and why we were/are corrupted in the first place? Surely we should know in 2013 why we are corrupted and why that corruption continues, well shouldn’t we? Are we to progress? I hope so because we have many levels to get through.

Or shall we just replace the corrupted liars and deceivers of the present, those that are voted in by the gullible and deceived within mainstream, with the corrupted liars and the deceivers of the future, those that will be voted in by the gullible and under informed within the alternative?

Hey…  isn’t that what always goes on in this shithole world? One corrupt mob of hypocrites overthrows another mob of hypocrites? Oh mind you, the alternatives this time are a special mob of ascended spiritual masters eh? And I guess Alex Jones does a have a big loud speaker, so why not?

I suppose one a five sense level, unless you didn’t realise it of course, that the truth movement can only stop the New World Order and a One World Government by actually becoming the New World Order and a One World Government itself. (But the lovely folks in the lovely Truth Movement’s One World Government would be the goodies and everything would be hunky dory for the masses if they got in eh?)


The Truth Movement:  Maybe the real nicey One World Government of the future eh?

Maybe we haven’t thought that far ahead eh?


My friends if you want truth then the time has come, not coming, to take the blinkers off, or at least find the courage to attempt to do so. If we want the whole truth then it is time we start to believe we really want it and not just sections of it. It is also time to, at least, try to remove the deluded ego you carry with you as a deceptive comfort blanket.

I believe it’s time we started to made some progress again if we want to approach the beginning and the end of our journey. I’m sure exposing paedophiles and perverts puppet governments and in the ranks of sick hyped celebrities is good to see, but it will not free the spirit and it will not inform the spirit.

The real truth is in this world that there is just as much sex abuse and sexual perversions going on in the homes and lives of the masses as there is in the lives of the celebrities, the politicians, the religious leaders, the Royals and the Establishment in general. You and I are just as likely to be some way connected , via victim or perpetrator, directly or indirectly, to the sex abuse and/or perversions taking place in one way or another during our lives in this world. We have simply accepted and gone along with it with blinkers on, nay in some of our cases we have had ten blindfolds on! We can pretend that the sex abuse is only going on in the perverted hands and minds of the elite but I tell you the truth when I say the vast majority of sex abuse takes place within most ‘normal’ families in some way or another too. It’s usually between siblings or between parents and their own children.

We can’t blame Savile for that… well can we? But of course hypocrites will try to.

Yes, sex abuse is also rife in care homes, approved schools and even boarding schools, sometimes between staff and children but sometimes just between the ‘children’ themselves. The vast majority of sex abuse victims never get anywhere near to being abused by the elite perverts in power, they are simply abused by their own families and care staff. They are abused by ‘US’, so called human beings, a species of sex abusers.  Sex abuse is also rife in adult institutions, prisons and mental wards but most of all it is rife on the streets and in homes. Only a few prisoners, or kids in institutions, will be selected and passed on to abused by the elite, the rest will be abused by lower ranking ‘fix its’ like Savile and their fellow inmates (US), but most of all members of their family or acquaintances will abuse them.

Most sex abuse and acts of sickening perversion go on in so called normal marriages, sex abuse also goes on in the Doctors Surgery’s by Doctors on patients, sex abuse goes on at the Scouts and Brownies by their leaders on child members, sex abuse goes on in schools by teachers on pupils and pupils on pupils etc. etc. etc. Sexual perversions of all persuasions are also willingly and unwillingly carried out in all examples mentioned above. The list is endless and it has been for thousands of year. (But I’m sure some ascended masters out there are immune eh?) The planet is rife with sex abusers and not just in the establishment.

We can’t blame Jimmy Savile for that either can we? Well can we?

Hey why are all these facts not copiously spread by the hypocrites on truther forums and through the egos on alternative news websites? (Maybe it doesn’t sell eh?) Indeed most sex abuse these days is arranged on the internet and through smart phones. Therefore its only fitting that the real truth about sex abuse is on the net and maybe it should hyped and feasted on the net like the Savile expose’ was? Well isn’t it? There are thousands and thousands of ‘everyday’ perverts operating on the net, mostly seeking very young girls and boys.

We believe the internet is waking us up but 90% of internet usage is used for porn. Some wake up machine it is then eh? Indeed husbands or boyfriends are tossing themselves senseless watching pornography. Most will admit it to friends, they will all say any porn that doesn’t involve kids is fine and then they simply wipe any addiction away with a tissue and a can of keyboard polish.


The Human Race: A Sick Species of Sex Abusers.
… but shussh let’s just blame Savile and the Establishment

That is how this sick world operates you see and this is how a hypocritical truth movement operates too. I have seen real sick sex perverts within the truth movement, some directly posing as spreaders of truth, enlightenment and spirituality. I mean sick sex addicts where 95% of their thoughts are based on sex. I have met sex perverts in care homes and prisons and factories all my bloody life. Most of them would shag anything at any age. These people were not members of the Serpent Cult they were suppose to be NORMAL members of the the masses, they have wives, children and grandchildren, they were human beings. That’s the bloody truth oh awakened ones. But let’s ignore that and just talk about the perverts in the elite and lets all gloat about it when they are exposed in the mainstream. That’s fine, but what will you do when you are outed as a sex pervert when the rules about what defines normal sex and what defines normal pornography are changed. I’ll warn all wankers out there to watch what they do on the net, on their phones and in their bedrooms in the future, or they will be hung drawn and quartered.


Yes, if we want, we can just pretend serious sex abuse only goes on behind the curtains of the Masonic lodge and in the dressing rooms of the darling false personalities at the BBC, and we can pretend it is only carried out by those that rule us too. But in truth we the masses carry out sex abuse on each other all the time, but we live in denial mostly and that is simply because we are programmed to do so, yes we are programmed to do so and that is not our fault, but we happily refuse to break the programming, which is our fault. We are literally hypocrites and liars. What else are we if you think I lie to you hypocrite? Go on please tell me.

We are all one eh? If so we are ALL sex abusers whilst in this world.

You want truth?

There are more perverts working in the truth movement than there ever were at Jimmy Savile’s official fan club. Indeed are you one of them?  If so, shouldn’t we start a thread about you on the forums then?

We live a lie and it is time to stop living that lie. If not nothing will change at all. It is time to stop living the lie.

I’m telling you the truth. We are all literally physically and mentally controlled (Yes even those living the delusion of being awake). Our planet literally thrives on sex abuse, paedophilia, sexual perversions and lies, and it has done for a bloody long-long time. We literally live in denial over sex abuse, we don’t expose it in the truth movement, we suppress it in the truth movement and we literally join in with it in the truth movement. Just like in any other section in society.

The level of control and the level of deception over this is a lot higher than we can even imagine.  We are under a spell. We are controlled.

That said, the Serpent Cult cannot control us unless we give it our permission too, which we unknowingly do in all the ways I have previously tried to tell you in my books and articles. I didn’t write them to play hippies or play games, they contain the truth. I wrote them for the future to help you realise things. Sadly not many believe the information and they willingly still carry out the very rituals that enslave them, and literally endorse us as a species of sex abusers, and sadly they will do so for eternity. Let it be so then I say.

Who do we blame for the lack of awareness and intelligence in a deluded sick human race? You can’t tell the awakened they are not awake and operating on low levels of awareness when they think they are ascended masters and on top of the pile intellectually.  They simply won’t believe it, certainly not from the likes of me. And what guru or leader is going to admit to their drones, the truth, and admit the human race has the spiritual intellect of a squashed meat pie? Hey their book sales would collapse, simply for telling the truth.

We cannot pretend we still want truth by living lies and pretending we already know the truth?  Do you want the truth? If so then start by stopping living lies. Open your minds to try and see the bigger picture of the sex abuse and the mind control that surrounds it.

The truth is we, the masses, the human slaves of the serpent, are the ‘original’ and persistent sexual abusers in this world. We are the real sex abusers. In reality we can’t see Jack Shit about abuse within the Serpent Cult. We can only see what are so-called intellectuals and our ascended masters (lol) show us. We even listen to liars, hypocrites and thieves like Rense, and the businessmen they interview, in the hope we can become as stupid as they are, whilst thinking we are actually learning something. Hey folks we are nearly there so lets carry on!


“I’m a member of the Truth Movement and subscribe to Jeff ‘The Stud’ Rense. They can’t fool me!

The Serpent has totally controlled the Species of Sex Abuser (The Human Race) for thousands of years. Why do you think it puts a silly paper hat on your head every solstice and gets you to toot a tooter?

You want truth? I give it. We are a Species of Sex Abusers. Oh dear you won’t believe that one. Err…  Acts of carrying out Sex Abuse is exclusive to the nicey goodie personalities down the BBC Eh?

You want truth? I’ll tell you the truth regarding the bigger picture and why we are a species of sex abuse. Open your mind.

I tell you the truth today when I say I believe that the Serpent cannot and could not sexually abuse us and our children, through their agents, through secret societies and their sick sun worshipping cliques, unless we had abused each other and our children first. I believe it is against universal law for any controlling or ruling force, in any world or dimension, to carry out acts on the inhabitants it has been given divine right to rule, that the said inhabitants did not and do not carry out themselves. That fact applies even if they became our rulers through guile.  Do you understand what I am saying here? Please take it in, it is important. ‘The Serpent cannot do to us what we don’t ‘originally’ do to ourselves’. 

I don’t want to sound a clever arse ‘knowing about universal law’. I’m not a clever arse and I only use the term because it is the best description I can come up with, and that is how it was said to me way back in the 1960’s, when I was a young boy. I bring this message from the universe.

I’m saying that human beings in ancient times were led, entranced and corrupted (tempted), to carry out sexual abuse on other human beings in this world. The Serpent created the original spiritual and psychological means (guile) to manipulate ancient human ancestors minds and bodies, but only through their free will, to initially carry out, what we see as, perverted and immoral sexual actions between each other. The Serpent is very crafty! The human race was literally tempted to ‘sin’, and sin in this case is sexual abuse. You know like the Adam and Eve tale in the Bible, which in its own right is basically a self confession by the human race that it has got itself to blame for the sexual corruption that took place on this planet. ‘The Serpent only tempted humans to sin it did not sin itself’. Humanity is, and has been since the days of Adam, a self admitted race of sex abusers and the Serpent gets us and our children to continue to admit it every day through our ambiguous and altered religious scriptures. Come on think about it.

We the collective consciousness of the human race accepts the human race is the original cause of sin (again in this case sexual abuse) through accepting scriptures describing the origins of man, then we literally declare this fact to the universe and more importantly we declare it to our souls. Hey don’t be a wally all your life please try to understand now why they stick a bible in your hand and get you to accept and swear to it. You might just click on one day soon! Maybe one of you clicks on already?

We are the original abusers simple because we admit to it by accepting the scriptures without understanding what they mean. We swear on the scriptures and we get on our knees and endorse them as true too. (Universal Law) Is the penny dropping? I’m afraid it is time for it to drop. The Christians, the Muslims and all the rest of those programed by religions created a species of sex abusers, us, to take the spiritual wrap for ALL the sick sex abuse going on in this world everyday.

Can you see the scam? Can you see how the human race do not know how sick their programing is but they will literally crucify anyone trying to heal the human race by exposing the scam. I bring a message from the universe. The message is to help free you!

I said in my book the Stars Are Falling that the altered scriptures are used to enslave through ambiguous prayer and symbolic stories and I tell you the same today, that because the majority of the human race accepts the scriptures, as they are written, the universe also accepts that human beings are the original sinners in this world too. In simple terms if we as a species vow the words in the scriptures are true then they become our reality. If we admit we are original sinners and we declare our gods are above sin, then we surrender control to them. It is that simple in a way! That is why we are led to and baptised and forced to take the scriptures as gospel.  It’s a mass con trick, and today I show you the truth why we are sex abusers and why we are sexually abused.

(Oh my brothers I get all the dirty jobs and get all the no pay either. How and when did I agree to that?)

Hey I realise our corrupted religious leaders and our intellectual hyped ascended icons won’t accept what I say, but I’m telling the truth.  Please heed what I say if you want to lose the chains you have around you. The means to do so will come your way if you really want them. It is your choice.

Again we were led and entranced to become the ‘original’ abusers thousands of years ago and sexual immorality and perversion ‘became the norm’. Therefore eventually, over many generations, the norm programed the entire human collective psyche to continually commit sex abuse and acts of sexual perversions on each other at their will. The more the act of sexual abuse took place, the more karma or law of attraction, in accordance with universal laws, kicked in to create and spread more and more similar acts down the years. This carried on until the majority of human beings were carrying out sex abuse and, therefore, today sex abuse remains rife and constant in most areas of human life. We are a species of sex abusers, not only that we are programed to deny it and hide it on a five sense level but openly and publicly admit it to the universe on a spiritual level, through our dogmatic deceptive religions.

That said I have no doubts that after these original acts of temptation and the spread of the abuse was completed, and the majority of human beings were participating in it, that it ‘legally’ enabled an alien multi-dimensional force to become directly involved in abusing human beings itself. And of course, because the human race itself was responsible for becoming a species of sex abusers, the Serpent could participate in the same sex abuse, without breaking any universal laws or suffering any karmic repercussions. These alien entities were only doing what the locals did! Not only that the ‘locals’ worshipped them and declared they were without sin for doing it too. Do you understand how the human race has been deceived to such a scale it renders our intelligence on a par with a pile of kangaroo shit? Hey and we thought we were intelligent and awake.

Hey they are not daft these there alien Serpents are they? They get the masses to admit to being sinners, they get the masses to worship them as gods ‘without sin’, and then they bugger, rape and murder our little children without any spiritual repercussion whatsoever. And all the time silly stupefied apes are playing awakened ascended masters claiming they know whats going on in the universe.

Maybe these sinless gods would have enough guile to even outwit Ian R Crane on a good day?

To put it simply the Serpent was not breaking any universal law to enter a world and commit sexual abuse on its inhabitants if the said idiotic inhabitants were doing it to themselves. Do you understand? The Serpent is very deceptive in its ways of controlling human beings and the making sure constant sex abuse is rife in all walks of human life is vital to its own agenda. Again it is VITAL to its own agenda.

You wanted truth you got it.  So what you gonna do now before more truth comes out? Run away from it? Or is your spiritual curiosity happy enough with Freddie Star and Rolf Harris getting done for sex offences?

My friend, I’m here to tell you the truth. No universal laws are broken when an alien force carries out the same actions that the official inhabitants of a world have willingly carried out first and willingly continue to carry out. Therefore only the same official inhabitants, the official species of sex abusers, of the said planet that sexual abuse takes place on, will also receive ‘all’ karma due to the law of attraction. I suppose its on a par with the madame and the prostitutes in a brothel taking all the Karma after a raid from police and the clients getting away scott free. Indeed Planet Earth is literally one big brothel. It is a shit hole full of pathetic Johns.  (I’m only the messenger!)

Indeed the Serpent had to, and has to, vigorously ensure that the inhabitants of this planet have to be subconsciously in ‘continuous sex abuse mode’ just to enable itself to be continuously able to carry out sex abuse too. The Serpent made us sex abusers so it could ‘legally’ sexually abuse us.

Maybe you really wanted to know why Savile was so smug… now you know. He was simply enlightened to universal law through the Serpent Cult, laws that are hidden from us. He filled his boots knowing he was immune from spiritual comeback. He fixed it.

The Serpent ensures, through programming, that the collective consciousness of the human race is in constant sex abuse or perversion mode and the five sense actions of the human race can be constantly triggered to naturally carry out physical sex abuse. It is indeed the spiritual norm on this planet, through spirit and blood, to carry out abuse hence the masses living with the mindset they do. The Karmic knock on effect ensures the human race is spiritually in constant sex abuse mode. Many people are just awaiting the trigger to commit it, in their lives. Some will be triggered to constantly commit sexual perversions and some will just carry out a single act. Many folks will do nothing during this one lifetime but will have carried it out in previous lives or simply become ‘victim’  to it. Sex abuse is sex abuse no matter the specifics of the connection to it. Its the collective situation that matters not the individual. And again if we follow the religious scriptures, vows and pledges, we admit we are sinners.

In most cases most ‘single act’ sex ‘abusers’ won’t have a clue why they became ‘single act’ sex abusers, this is because their minds or spirits were programmed to simply pass on the sex abuse ‘energy’ on and create a constant karmic line. Most sex abuse ‘victims’ will be programmed by the event itself to pass it on. The victim will become the sex abuser and the sex abuser will become the victim and the abuse will spread through the generations like a virus. We are all abusers and we are all victims and we all point the finger at those officially exposed which literally keeps the sin a sin. We have been doing it through many lifetimes. My friends, breath in the air that is being sent to you. My friends you need to open your minds and drop the ego and see yourself.

To explain a little, as simple as I can being simple myself, the ‘passing on and growth of sex abuse and other perversions’ within the human race is carried out by using the exact same principle as passing on the physical virus to others. But instead of something you see as being a physical virus it is indeed what I would call a spiritual virus. And this spiritual virus is mostly passed on through karmic situations. That said it can be spread through psychological and physical trauma situation, as in a passing on scenario like…  someone comes along out of the blue and kicks you up the arse – so you chase them and kick them up the arse in return and then go and kick someone else up the arse just to feel on top, sort of thing.

It is a spiritual virus that carries the affects of the spiritual actions of what others do to us, but it is really a continual loop. Again it is like pass the bloody parcel. Karmic if you like.  But just as the physical Herpes virus can stay dormant in the body for many years, until it decides to surface and be allowed to infect others, so does the ‘spiritual virus’, caused through sex abuse and perversions, also stay dormant in the soul and psyche of those infected, until it too decides to surface and be allowed to infect others too. The spiritual virus creates a very powerful urge in the victim which literally forces the carrier to jettison the energy, which is created through the abuse, from them as quickly as possible as some sort of exorcism, and although some victims of abuse or perversions may not pass the parcel in this life they would pass it on in their next life. Do you understand?

The sex abuse virus only breaks out in certain people, just enough to keep it alive and functioning throughout the human species, but it is dormant in all of us. The symptoms may not surface in some and actually miss a generation or two, but every family on this planet is and will remain spiritually connected through the spiritual virus that carries the uncontrollable urge to carry out abuse and other sexual perversion, and the urge can surface in anyone at any time. I’m afraid there is nothing we could do about it if it surfaced in us and if it does break out some of us become addicted and become serial sex abusers.  So that is why I tell you that the entire human race is connected to sex abuse. If it’s not affected you in this life, either as perpetrator, victim or ‘witness’ (Witness as in witnessing the Savile revelations too), it will have affected a member of your direct family or affected cherished friends that you are spiritually connected to.

That is how an entire planet is kept in a psychological sex abuse mode. The truthers that simply believe Savile was ‘caught’, which he was on one very low five sense level, should now realise that there are much higher levels of intelligence at work and they can be made witnesses to things that are used to enslave them whilst genuinely believing they are witnessing things that will help free them. Witnessing and accepting Savile was a sex abuser (even feasting on it like groupies on a forum) will only keep the subconscious of human race in spiritual sex abuse mode and feed the virus that began as original sin.  Do you understand?


Again it is the human race itself that initially produced and then spread the spiritual virus that carries all the traits of sexual abuse, but the human race was entranced and tempted to do so via inter-dimensional interference from entities that are alien to this world, but even though they are alien they are always in control of it through very high levels of guile and manipulation and by getting the masses to unknowingly worship them at the same time.

Again its a bit like the story of Adam and Eve being tempted to ‘sin’ if you like that sort of thing, or its also a bit like genetic engineering carried out by aliens if you like that sort of thing, either way sex abuse is literally spread in our minds, souls and blood and I’m afraid if we continue to carry out the rituals that enslave us, it always will be. If we continue to carry on be stupefied apes feasting on low level understanding and gossip and ego, then we will continue to do so too. I cannot stress that enough.

Am I making sense?

Again it is true that those that are on the receiving end of sex abuse will always wonder why it was them that were abused, and sadly they will one day be triggered to do the same and sexually abuse someone themselves or it will destroy them, again usually having no control or understanding why they carried out the abuse or why they end up a bloody wreck.

Again they only do it because of what can only be described as a spiritual or psychological ‘pass the parcel’ type virus. The emotions and energy that lead to them abusing others will hit them like magic or hypnotism, or like a dose of flu. They would not ever be able to control the symptoms.

Again, open you ears and look at yourself, the Serpent needs to keep sex abuse rife between the inhabitants of the planet and this is to enable the Serpent to be able to sexually abuse the inhabitants of this planet, without any spiritual comeback, simply because if it is the normal actions of the planets inhabitants, the Serpent can use the inhabitants as toys and in rituals without breaking universal law.

That said, as far as ‘ritual’ is concerned, the Serpent Cult will always use agents, those like Savile if you like, to be the initiator and bringer of death to victims of ritual, and this is simply because those ‘agents’ will receive the Karma and it is a human that initiated the ritual anyway. Therefore the Serpent itself, alien entities, receives no karmic retribution. That is not to say the Serpent does not protect its human lackeys like Savile.

Any human initiator of murder for ritual will receive karma, unless of course the ‘inhabitants’ (us) of the planet actually worshipped the agent in great numbers when they were alive, or indeed the official rulers on the planet, those given the the divine right to rule us through our own free will, which is given them by the free will of the masses via universal law, actually make their human agent an official member of the Cult by knighting them or awarding them with something similar. Once the agent is knighted it would be only the will of whomever knighted them that decided any karmic retribution for ritualistic murder they carried out. That said their knighthood or award is literally a get out of jail card, because again our gods are sinless and therefore so are they they knight. Not only that the knighted agent would be allowed to reincarnate and have the exact same sort of life again! How’s about that then suckers!  But hey you don’t have to believe me. I just want some of you to acknowledge the information was published.

savile copy

Savile knew he was untouchable and knew he had a ticket to reincarnate without karmic retribution and therefore do it all over again.

‘God’ fixed it for Savile! The stupefied apes, the self confessed original sinners, fixed it for God to fix it for Savile.

Sounds silly does it? Or is the penny actually dropping as to why Savile continually took the piss? I assure you I am telling you the truth, indeed I have no doubts that Savile believed he would reincarnate, and I know Savile knew he had a get out of jail free card. Indeed I believe he will have done so already, and he will do all the things he did in his last life all over again in his next life, and he will be ready and willing to take on the role of abuser and supplier of victims again. Sadly he will be worshipped again in celebrity mode and the masses will not see through the scam again either.

Exposing him after his death is totally meaningless as far as natural justice is concerned, so is officially removing his knighthood after death too (which happens anyway) He died a knight and he will return a knight. He will happily be ‘exposed’ as an abuser, after death of course, again next time around too, just as he has in many previously lives! His exposure only increases the power of the virus!

If you can accept that the human race is a self created species of sex abusers, for the benefit of the alien force that secretly controls it, then you will begin to realise that there will actually be more sex abusers and perverts lurking within the truth movement itself than in the entire Houses of Parliament and the Vatican put together. These odds have to be maintained in order for the Serpent to keep in with universal law and to be able to be immune from karmic retribution. Again the universe cannot help us if we actually want to do the things we do and we give the divine right to rule us to the Serpent, via the rituals we carry out. That fact (or my opinion) my friends will never go away.

I assure you that the Serpent control over the stupefied human race goes far deeper than the human race can ever see or will ever see if it carries on as it is. If you understand the level I point out today, and i sincerely hope you do, then you should know that there are higher levels, as I mentioned years ago. Not that it stopped most of you pissing down my back.

What else can I say? Do you really want to wake up? Are you sure?  If you do then look at yourself because it is actually you that you wants to wake up isn’t it? Don’t look at Savile, look at yourself. Don’t look at me look at yourself. Look at yourself and wake ‘you’ up.

The truth is, I believe, as i have always said, that you and I are prisoners and slaves in far more ways than you can realise at this stage in our journeys. That said we can escape and will escape if we really want too. I can only tell you that I believe no-one will awaken or gain spiritual awareness by pretending only the Elite and the Establishment are involved in sexual abuse, nor by creating truther cliques of low level information and therefore creating low level understanding. That is hypocrisy in the extreme and renders us worse than those we try to expose. The deceptions we have to uncover are very deep and difficult to uncover, and those souls that really and truly try to see will suffer for trying, but your heart is deeper if you can find the courage to follow it and it will see you through. There are many sent to deceive at this time and their charm and guile deceive many.

Sex abuse and sex in general is a major weapon used by the Serpent to gain the spiritual enslavement of mankind. We are a species of sex abusers. I believe if we start to learn of the scam, and please don’t say I haven’t published the info on it, and then know in our hearts that we do not wish to carry this spiritual virus anymore, then it can only do us good in the future. I certainly don’t want to carry this virus even if it is just another one of my crackpot delusions!  I’m no healer but I’m sure the words above will help one or two of you in the future if you believe them.

I can only try to tell those true truth seekers and friends out there, especially those that have witnessed, been a victim of, or even committed sexual abuse in this world that… it was not in their heart, or even of their heart, to be a part of it. You simply and unknowingly received a dose of the spiritual virus, you copped a dose of the pass the parcel syndrome, that I mentioned earlier. I humbly say it is time to start healing yourself over these things now. I hope my explanation today partly helps you complete any journey you wish to complete and therefore remove the pass the parcel syndrome completely from you at the same time. I believe there is a force already in this world that will help you in the future when it is truly empowered and it is the right time to do so.

I say to friends the best way I can in the circumstances… “I say we came into this world and then we failed to see we became infected with ‘pass the parcel syndrome’. When we can’t see the syndrome we have been infected with, we have to stay in incubation in this world, like a leper on leper island if you like, until we do. Just like we have done for a long long time already without realising it, so please try to see that you really are infected now, even if you have no symptoms, and please don’t just see the infection in others (as this only keeps you in incubation too!). Once you ‘see’ that you are part of a species of sex abusers, you will not ‘pass the parcel’ anymore, your heart won’t want too, and incubation on leper island will one day be a thing of the past and the binding hypocrisy and abuse will cease. You will be free to leave the incubation on leper island and return to where you were before you received the parcel to pass and you will, therefore, not play that game anymore, nor return to incubation. My words are trustworthy to those with trust in their hearts. I also say to those that have suffered, “when incubation is over there will be a boat come in at Leper Island” and just like in the song Dance to Your Daddy, you too shall have a fishy on a little dishy when that boat comes in. Indeed We shall all have a bloody salmon when that boat comes in” Try to have faith and try to be strong. ‘Vide Cor Meum’.

I believe the information in this article is only sent to help the few people that I have been sent to help through writing, saying and doing the things I do. Most of those few people will know in themselves whether there is any truth coming through me and if they want it, and others will see me as just a simple fruit cake and ignore or hate me. To those few I have been sent to help I say keep the faith no matter what you see happen. To others I say good luck to you and please feel free to call me Mr Kipling and disregard all I say.

I believe this article is very important to my friends out there, and its contents will help them realise things now but more importantly, its contents will help them massively in the future, especially when they combine it with further information I will supply at a later date and also unite it with the information you have trusted from me in the past, and also when some forthcoming events in the world unfold. That is when the whole information will be far, far more valuable to you. If you want me to continue to try and help you wake up then please tell me. If you want me to shut up then tell me that.

I thank you for reading this article.

May Love Reign O’er You.  :)

Matthew Delooze

April 21th 2013

 Copyright (C) Mathew Delooze 2013 All rights reserved