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Hymn for the Deluded

Hymn For The Deluded…


Hello Folks,

One Ball-Media proudly presents ‘A Hymn For the Deluded’ (2013).

Hymn for the Deluded (2013) from oneball media on Vimeo.

I’d like to point out that I have used Rense, Jones and Wilcock in this video as being ‘representative’ of (A) Alternative Media, (B) 911 Political ‘Conspiracy’ and (C) New Age Gurus respectively. There is no other reason I have used them. That said A Hymn for the Deluded portrays many. I base my articles about con-men, dating back to 2008, on  very direct five sense experiences. I was taken on a journey behind the scenes and I do not write anonymously. I’d ALSO point out that i do not write anything about anyone in this nature without contacting them first.

On a lighter note I believe Speilberg is after signing me up as technical adviser for special affects.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze


In The Presence of Hera. Olympics 2012.

 In The Presence of Hera


By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,

I believe I will be producing some important information about the 2012 Olympics nearer the time of the event, but I would like to remind people today of what will be the most meaningful ritual that will actually take place in connection to the Olympics 2012.  This particular ritual, although it has to be officially announced, is usually a very low key event compared to the official opening and closing ceremonies of the games themselves.

This particular ritual was said to be officially introduced (by the Serpent Cult) through Carl Diem in the 1936 Olympic games.  It involves carrying out occult rituals in the ruins of ancient temples in Olympia and the initial lighting of the torch to begin the torch relay.

This torch relay (The Greek leg) usually visits an ancient monument or two in various areas of Greece, usually involving a historical Greek island and a temple in Athens. I did try to expose this ritual in Olympia four years ago. Please click here to read In the Company Of Apollo. I have had to edit my previous work slightly but this is simply because the official video doesn’t appear to be loading properly at the official Beijing 2008 website and a lot of my previous comments were mostly based on the said video.

My writing on this matter in 2008 was mostly ignored, but obviously the Olympic games were not hyped in 2008 in the UK like they have been for 2012, especially like they are in conspiracy/truth movement circles this year. I’m only glad to say its now 2012 and I show you again what I said in 2008. It may have been ignored but it was still said and it is still true, so Behold I say it again in 2012. It may not be Staged Alien invasion info for the groupies and the fluffies but it is true.

Therefore I am writing this short reminder of the article for information purposes and to inform you that this ritual will be repeated next month (10th May 2012) in Olympia.


 The Torch is lit by Apollo via High Priestess (The Sun)

First of all let me please explain, if you don’t/didn’t read my original article, that the Olympic torch lighting ceremony actually creates portable esoteric symbolism. In this case it is sun light from the sun god Apollo creating a fire that is then placed in a portable flame or fire of Apollo/Zeus’, obviously known as the ‘Olympic torch’.

I realise that is a pretty basic boring explanation but this type of portable symbolism is vital if the Serpent Cult wish to move ‘a place of ritual to another location’ and that is what it is doing with the Olympic torch. It is to endorse a new venue with the symbolism of the the old venue. It becomes the same venue. It may be boring but it has a massive affect on the collective consciousness. In fact there are absolutely no reasons to move the ‘Olympic’ games ‘out of Greece’ on a spiritual level unless, of course, my theory of energy extraction and stadiums being put on energy points is true. Indeed moving the Olympic games out of Greece is an insult to the Greek.

This Olympic torch is lit directly from ‘Apollo’ the Sun, as explained in my previous work. A ‘passing over’ ritual involving altars is carried out using the original ancient altars that were located in Temples in Olympia. This passing over of symbolism ritual is carried out by an official ‘High Priestess’ with robed virgins and a sacrificial ‘boy’ involved.


The torch is lit and a boy is brought to Altar to be sacrificed (Cauldron on Altar with Boy)

I can only tell you that rituals like these are not done for entertainment reasons. Indeed Olympia was said to be destroyed because of its sins and practices. Anyway this particular ritual (Torch lighting and relay) was initially used in 1936 by the Nazi’s and it was part of the Nazi exploitation of collective spiritual energy. The (Sun) torch was taken from ancient altars in Olympia via ancient monuments in Greece to monuments in Germany the Brandenburg Gate and the Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium). As daft as it seems an energy line was  created from Olympia to Berlin and the illuminated torch was taken from ancient monuments in Greece to stadiums especially the Brandenburg Gate and the Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium).


The torch creates a ritualistic energy line to ‘host’ nations from the Altars in Olympia….


 ….via various monuments of course (Example Brandenburg Gate)

Carl Diem modeled the relay after one that had been run in Athens in 80 B.C. (which was ritual too)

In other words a ‘connection’ ritual takes place in more ways than one and once the ‘eternal flame’ leaves Olympia it creates an official line of ‘sacred’ fire so to speak. This connection ritual creates both a physical and spiritual energy line and the Temple Of Zeus and his Sun Apollo becomes the centre core, the heart of the energy. THE RECEIVERS OF ENERGY. The path of the torch, no matter what country hosts the games, crosses many ley lines and energy points on the way to the official stadium that have been located in other countries to host the games.

The flame (the power of Apollo (sun)) is ‘physically’ taken from a temple in Olympia to the official relevant Olympic stadium. Obviously this year the relevant Olympic stadium is in the London 2012 at ‘Olympic Park’.

Once this well travelled flame actually ignites the official fire in the Stadiums ‘cauldron’, and remember this flame also burns on altars in Olympia, then the Olympic Stadium literally becomes a temple that is representative of the temple of the original flame in Olympia.


 ‘Apollo’ or the Fire of Zeus…  


… are represented by the official cauldron at Olympic Park in 2012

Can you see that?

This scam is not exclusive to the Olympic Games. Symbolically the Olympic Stadium becomes a temple because it is literally ‘mirroring’ the games that took place in ancient Olympia and it is literally mirroring the placing of the fire on the altar.  The cauldron in the Olympic Stadium literally becomes the ‘Altar’ in the new temple.

Can you see that?

If you can then can you see that the Olympic Park 2012 itself is nothing but a modern day version of ancient Olympia? Yes? Can you believe that all the venues on Olympic Park, the baths and the sporting arenas and most  of the ‘official’ adjoining ‘buildings’, literally become the temporary modern day version of  ‘Olympia’ too?


Olympic Park London & Ancient Olympia Greece

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it is an exact replica, but the basic stadiums, ‘baths’, competitors accommodation, and food courts are in similar proportions. My friends, the geometry can be hidden and it can have its deceptive modern equivalents, but without a doubt the bloody original FIRE makes it an exact replica that cannot be disputed and indeed this has been the case since 1936. The bringing of the original Fire from Olympia really does make any Olympic village a replica of the Temples that were in Ancient Olympia. That is how rituals work.

But on top of that ask yourself why The Queen of England is hosting an event that worships ancient Pagan Gods? hey isn’t she defender of our faith? Hey why not wake the hell up and realise she is defending her own faith and serving her masters, those that enslave us all.

Again, after the flame from ancient Olympia is placed in Olympic Park 2012 it recreates the flame of Zeus and therefore literally recreates the temples and other buildings of ancient Olympia.

Therefore visitors, and worldwide TV viewers of course, literally become ‘worshippers’ in various temples when they watch the games. Can you understand this?

Obviously my theories come into affect again now because the masses are again attracted to a very symbolic place and their emotions are raised by the respectful event itself and of course the respected athletes on display. These raised emotions create energy.

Emotion creates energy!

If emotions do create energy then who is this energy symbolically dedicated and supplied too?

Well in the case of the Olympics ALL the energy is ‘RELAYED’ back to Olympia and it is dedicated to the sun Deities there. That is why the deceptive Serpent Cult call it a torch relay in the first place, but I realise that’s far too silly for you to accept and you are not so stupid as to fall for it.



 Programmed Drones ready to scream for their enslavement and feed the Serpent

I have pointed the scam out many times in these situations and I say it again, all energy created at these rituals goes to the force that  actually place their symbolism or their pied pipers in these places. This energy literally becomes the property of the spiritual sponsors of the event. They have earned earned it through guile. So yes again the energy does go to the force that actually place their symbolism or their pied piper in these places and as daft as it sounds that is a force is made up of alien entities and their human lackeys on planet Earth.  Those agents include Royalty and Celebrities and it includes those that are not consciously aware of their involvement.

That said ignorance is no excuse and that fact applies to the human drones that continue to fall for these tricks because it suits their ego to do so.

I understand that its very difficult for some people to accept such information and I’m sure the less intelligent will actually believe I’m trying to stop public events or parties taking place or asking people not to join in with them.. I’m not in any way, shape or form even suggesting that. I’m simply asking that folks look at what is going on. That is because if they really look they will see that they are being duped on a massive scale and they are giving their power and spirit to a force that sucks their energy out of them from birth to death and then it starts all over again. You may see that you have no control over your life whatsoever simply because you surrender your energy and soul to a force that continually leeches off you and leeches off the planet. We literally worship those that create our enslavement. But that is the only way they can enslave us. We have to request it!

Perhaps it is time for you to at least ‘question’ these events, even if you only question them to yourself?

At least question the pomp and the cost of this torch relay ritual and at the end of the day it is a ritual that was actually created and started by the Nazi’s? I can only say I believe I tell you the truth and I believe my theories are fact.

I have only very limited means and I am not blessed with professional communication skills, managers, helpers or anything else to try and get this info across to help people. That said I do know it will reach some and I know they will understand it and that is my only aim. I come with a rod not a net.

I warned about this ritual four years ago but I might as well as pissed against a gale force wind with a ham sandwich in my right hand at the same time. I can only ask my friends and those that trust my words to read what I wrote in 2008 and read what I write today and to be aware of the fire and torch ritual that will take place again next month in Olympia. It will be transported to various ancient energy points in Athens and Crete and unite them with energy points in the UK, and the Cauldron will be lit in the Olympic Stadium that is itself on energy lines (As all major stadiums are) to transport back to Olympia.

I tell you in advance because you need to hear it in advance this time.

“It is also clear to me that the London Olympics 2012 have been seriously ‘hyped’ (not exposed in any shape or form at all) far more by the ‘truth movement’ than by any malevolent illuminated secret society in recent years. Business driven ‘entertainment’ and pathetic ‘disinformation’ has been rife through manipulating this event for years. Instead of creating awakened spirits this hyped material has literally created mindless drones in some cases. But please note the Olympics ritual is not exclusive to ‘2012’ and never ever ever has been. It isn’t the end of the world just yet!  In my opinion the Olympic flame relay, after taking into account all the games that have taken place since 1936, has now travelled around the entire globe, and the spiritual (respect) energy being transmitted back through Olympia is now close to its peak, and this is simply because the world has now bowed to the fire from Apollo (sun) and allowed it to happen.  I tell you the truth, it is part of the Serpent agenda to use the exact same energy line connection scam in the future, especially so in RIO 2016. South America, in my opinion, is going to be very important to the Serpent Cult, far, far more important than London 2012.”


  Rio 2016? Where’s all the truth movement’s Hype for that one then?

Or is your 2012 Christmas ticket to paradise already sorted anyway?

Obviously you don’t have to believe me.  I really don’t mind. I’m not selling you the story. And please please please don’t let my ‘2016’ comments stop you ascending to paradise when the Mayan calendar runs out in 2012, and please don’t let my comments stop anyone getting a ticket for the staged alien invasion at the Olympics closing ceremony. I’ll try to parachute down and land in long jump sand pit myself if it helps with the official budget!

 May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 9th April 2012.  [email protected]

 All text Copyright Matthew Delooze (c) Matthew Delooze 2012 All rights reserved

A Retinal Detachment in the Truth Movement

 A Retinal Detachment in the Truth Movement


If Thy Right Eye Offend Thee…

By Matthew Delooze

“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; But if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.” Don Marquis

Hello all, I was sent a general link to the news of ‘fractures in the truth movement’ posted on the David Icke website (davidicke.com). It is the one about a Mr. Makow (Henrymakow.com) and also involves a Mr. Jeff Rense. (Rense.com) I’m sure most of you don’t need any introduction to these websites from me.

I thought, after the Parable of the Drunken Man last week, that I would make a few comments about this Rense and Makow scenario (And I’m not alone I’m sure) simply because it reflects a lot of things in the so-called truth movement at the moment. I also wrote an article a few years ago on this situation. It was called See You – Heal You. It may make more sense to you now.

Anyway …

 I checked up on the two people mentioned in the David Icke flyer, Rense and Makow, but it just appears to be a case of being a six of one – half a dozen of the other type of siituatio situation. I cannot really comment a lot on these two fellows as I do not know them personally, although I believe Mr. Makow does actually write conspiracy articles and I believe Mr. Rense is not a high profile researcher, he does not write nor have theories, but he is well known radio host (a media personality). I am only using the situation as an example of the true face of the truth movement in 2012. I have had many experiences myself with this ‘true face’ of the truth movement from 2004-2010. I did write an article called “You said you was high classed but that was just a lie” in 2008 so I’m not just bringing this subject up now. It is a subject that has concerned me many times and for several years. It is a subject which I believe needs proper thought, it is not a subject that needs fobbing off regardless. Alas I have found in my research and experiments that most prefer to put the tinted specks on and ignore this subject or simply demonise the messenger, especially if that messenger’s face does not fit.

 Anyway. I shall be honest in this report but if you are inclined to stick your head in the sand, should someone actually hold a pin near your comfort bubble, then I suggest you bugger off now.

I had a little peep on the Rense website, well I tried to have a peep but the massive collection of flashy adverts made me come off it far quicker than I had arrived on it. The adverts are beyond a farce. If this was the face of a ‘high profile researcher’, as previously described by the David Icke email flyer, then god help us because in my opinion this website is not there to educate or enlighten its visitors, quite the opposite I thought, it’s there to serve Rense himself. Rense is no researcher, in my opinion he is a showbiz ego seeking attention and money.

 But please, Darlings please, don’t think I’m being bitchy. I’m not. I’m very sure and indeed glad that ‘Rense.com’ provides very good interviews with some high profile researchers, mystics, fairground fortune tellers or whatever or whomever is topical at any relevant moment. I’m sure Rense also professionally plugs conspiracy DVD’s and books of high profile researchers too, and he will genuinely keep at least the sense of a collective truth movement going, and good on Mr. Rense for all his efforts in his business. I wish him well in his business. But that is all it is… BUSINESS.

 As far as the ‘publicised’ squabble goes I found it rather silly and there was nothing really informative or enlightening in it at all. Indeed the actual squabble amounted to nothing more than a show of handbags at best. Obviously Rense having the more expensive designer handbag to match his hair style of course. It’s was simply a case of ‘two people in the conspiracy biz’ showing the true showbiz side of the truth movement. It was all handbags, ego and website hits. It was the true face of the truth movement’s businessmen. It also provided publicity for the said websites too.

I already knew people like Rense are wannabe or even successful ‘showbiz’ stars. Indeed the only information that I really enjoyed in this public ‘Battle’ (show of handbag power) was the news about Rense’s real persona when he’s actually away from the showbiz microphone and the showbiz mirror. I giggled non-stop over hearing the information about his over active penis, indeed his over active knob appears to rule his entire life. He’s not alone on that score is he?

 I also laughed in admiration when I found out this virile 66 year old was ‘advertising for women’. That said I don’t really believe all the information indicating that Rense is the ‘Psychotic Stud’ within the conspiracy biz is going to spiritually enlighten, or even entertain, very many of us, apart from himself and the steady stream of ladies he appears to service of course.

 I’m sure Mr. Rense, with his very handsome 70’s porn star looks and large wallet, the latter provided courtesy of the Rense.com punters, will easily attract the ladies and again good luck to him on that score too. I’m also sure Mr. Makow’s comments are not just based on Rense’s wives and sex partners though. It is also not really enlightening to actually hear that Rense, penis standing proud on full time duty or not, is really a ‘psycho’ when he’s not playing at being false personalities on the airwaves.  It is not enlightening no, but it does bloody well mirror exactly the behaviour and actions of some other people in the truth movement that I have personally witnessed myself too. So maybe some truth actually does come out of the truth movement when high ranking darlings, like Makow and Rense, decide to let off steam with each other and get their handbags out. 

The fact that really should be noted is that Mr. Rense is in business and obviously it is good for the punters in the truth movement that he decides to do his business in the truth movement, or they would not have his show on air. But at the end of the day he is in business. HE IS IN BUSINESS.

Truth in the truth movement?

 The only ‘truth’ is that Rense likes the ladies and he cadges a lot of money, from his truth seeking customers, to help him afford to ‘live’ and to support his favourite habits in life, one of which includes poking as many women as he can. The true simple fact is that he has a job he likes doing that allows him to do so. Nothing wrong with that is there? In real terms Rense is actually led by his penis and his showbiz ego, he is definitely not primarily led to expose the truth in anyway. Indeed I believe he would run a mile if the real truth actually did come out. Wouldn’t you Jeff?

 And I assure you such behaviour is normal in the Conspiracy Biz, Rense is no exception by a long chalk. I’ve seen more than one sex addict operating inside the truth movement and I have seen people in the biz literally run and hide when the truth actually visits them. But that is the case in all walks of life isn’t it? So let’s get away from the showbiz hype and bullshit that says Rense is some kind of goodie- goodie angel, doing charity work, for a minute please.(Unless you want lies of course to make you feel better?)

Those actually ‘making a living’ in the conspiracy biz are simply ‘doing it for a living’. They too use deceptive marketing tactics and PR skills just like any other business. Some do use their income to improve their research (usually thieving info from unknowns unwanted in the showbiz clique) and provide more information but they are simply making a living and a career in the main. Part of the process of making and sustaining a living is to keep their customers ‘entranced’ to support their ‘career’ and keep the stock rolling. And Rense, like all businessmen, is simply a professional radio host that specialises in presenting fellow businessmen to the public and to present their ‘work’. He is simply rolling his stock too. They do it for an income, on one hand they back scratch and they kiss the arses of those that can increase their trade and on the other hand, they hinder or silence those seen as competition in the same business. In reality some of them wouldn’t piss on each other if they caught fire. That is the truth.

 They also have to make their work ‘entertaining and successful’ just to survive. Indeed because of the typical nature of the truth movement, for obvious reasons, they have to use more extreme marketing trickery and PR bullshit than those in so-called ‘normal careers’ and they have to do it more often too. But that said and despite the delusions of a lot of the customers involved, ‘alternative news’ and other alternative media has always been with us, it is nothing new, and it has always been a ‘business’ for those providing it.

Truth? Plain blunt truth? 

  I’ll be honest and I assure you I’m not knocking businessmen. Rense is obviously a very good entertaining host, but lets have truth and say he’s human too, and after work time he truly likes to hunt down beaver more enthusiastically than Elmer Fudd hunts down wabbits. I’m sure he’s tickled a few thighs with that mustache of his too. But he has a right to do as he pleases doesn’t he, as long as he isn’t harming anyone? Married 20 times or not.


Jeff Rense with his 70’s porn star good looks. (Truth? He’ll still shag anything at 66)

Truth? Does this sound more truthful? Jeff Rense is beaver driven businessman and he will put ‘anything’ on his radio show that initially brings him money so he can indeed go beaver hunting with the proceeds. Truth? What do you work for? Do you work for truth or do you work for your living expenses and your perks?…  Well?

The truth, in this sick world, is that Rense is just as horny, he’s just as psychotic and he is just as controlling as any middle-aged man is in this world (Am I right girls?). More importantly his radio showbiz personality is as fake as Elton John’s hair.  This shit hole of a planet is chocker block full of middle-aged, bad tempered, penis driven men with false personalities. Rense is not alone (Again am I right girls?) This world cultivates such pathetic entities like some out of control factory production line. This world thrives on it. That is why we are as we are. The TRUTH is that the planet could not and would not be in such a state without such ego and knob driven people living in it and leading others in it. Rense is just one of many penis driven people. The vast majority of men are the same but we can pretend otherwise if it increases his visitor numbers eh? Lets pretend eh?  Err… but are we trying to wake up or are we out to delude ourselves because it sounds better? Can someone remind me?

 I’m absolutely amazed at the gullibility of punters within a truth movement.

My friends this is not said to upset you, but the truth movement is awash with selfish businesses, or wannabe selfish businesses, and these businesses are run by fakers and false personalities because that is the only way they can be profitable. The punters, groupies and sheep only see the faces of the truth movement whilst they are acting in ‘business mode’ and with stage greasepaint on. If they actually saw the true persona and true behaviour of high profile researchers, and radio stars, then there simply wouldn’t be a truth movement at all (Not that there is truth in the truth movement anyway).  In the vast majority of cases the truth movement is built on lies and built by liars. Bullshit ‘PR’ is the first rule of salesmanship and smooth talking radio hosts or high ranking researchers ‘charming their customers and screwing them’, in one way or another, is the absolute norm in the truth movement, just like it is in any other business. It is definitely not the exception anyway. It’s just that the punters don’t want to hear that sort of thing because it bursts their delusional bubbles, and so they simply ignore that sort of thing. Truth?

‘Truther’ people want Rense to be seen as a dedicated apostle working to free them whilst they themselves simply carry on as they always have done, living as hypocrites. The truthers don’t want to see high profile faces of the truth movement in their true image, so they put the blinfolds on and delude themselves. Obviously most truthers are just paying passengers anyway. They simply pay their money to sit on their arses and then expect to some high profile researcher to free them, whilst they have a latte and gossip about bullshit through their silly sick egos. Truth?

 Anyway, lets move away from handsome showbiz stud Jeff Rense for a minute. I also visited Mr. Makow website, which initially seemed far less commercial . His current headlines (week ending the 2nd March 2012) seemed fixated, both indirectly and directly, on his public quarrel with Mr. Rense and a bit of ‘gnashing of teeth’ with David Icke. My fans are bigger than your fans so to speak. What a farce. I found the whole pathetic circus laughable. I expected the clowns to move in at any moment and take over.  What a farce.

It is clear Mr. Makow has concerns over certain faces within the so-called truth movement, but who the hell doesn’t, apart from the rose tinted groupies of course. But in this case I felt it was just a case of business inspired ‘tit for tat’ and the symptoms of envious greed over the number of website hits and commission earning links from website to website. It was just like kids squabbling over who has the red smarties (candy) and who gets bugger all.

 Do I think Makow or Rense were a supplier of disinformation or either of them were mind controlled agents provocateur, trying to discredit the other? No, not in a million years, but its suits the conspiracy ‘biz’ to create such pathetic myths. These two men are simply egos and businessmen that are lucky enough to work in a job they like doing whilst getting paid for it, indeed, in my opinion one is totally controlled by the bible and the other by his penis. A right pair of tossers then?

I did not stay on the Makow website long enough to get a general idea of either man’s psyche or full beliefs, but religion or sex are usually involved with all of us anyway. But that does not matter because Makow and Rense are just a true example of the showbiz side of the truth movement in general anyway. They are representative of the landlords in the COCK and BULL in the Parable of the Drunken Man and the silly conspiracy punters are the pub’s customers getting pissed up on cheap drinks. I believe they, Rense and Makow, will both eternally sell what the conspiracy addicts want to swallow. But that’s fine and I wish both supplier and customer well. They go hand in hand.

My only connection and interest in these two websites was created entirely by the newsletter link I received from davidicke.com and the comments David Icke has sent out to all people on his email list.

 Those comments were “Fractures in the Truth Movement” and Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”.  I assumed David Icke wanted his many visitors and supporters to look at this situation and to actually alert us to something. I certainly trust David’s words in general and did do many years ago, hence me looking at what he was pointing out now. A Vicious Character Assassination? Careers threatened? I thought what goes on here.

 I did pick up on something as soon as I followed the links, because the first thing I saw was this bloody DVD advert below. I saw the selling point of the DVD. It was a quote from David Icke!


 David Icke Quote: ‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’

 I thought is someone having me for the fat lad here? Is it an April Fool joke in March? I then thought which of David’s words do I listen too? Do I listen to the words indicating that Makow is wrongly slagging off Rense as in the flyer sent from davidicke.com or do I listen to the words quoted on the DVD promotion banner (above)? Both quotes are together below. Please read them again.

 “Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”. David Icke
‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’ David Icke

Please do not think I’m having a pop at David’s words, obviously there was some time between the two different quotes and of course bizness is biznessssss and DVD’s do need promoting, and who better to have endorse your DVD, in the conspiracy biz, than David Icke? It is also true that our opinions of people change, especially when our own positions are affected by their actions. I’m merely pointing out the quotes and the silly situation. It is clear that words and support inside a so called truth movement come down more to business links and backscratching than any truth. Sadly this fact is totally ignored by silly groupies and brain dead drones.

 It is just that the contradiction knocked me off balance for a moment. I thought to myself. Is Makow really the nasty villain for slagging off Rense, or is Makow the hero who goes where mere mortals, operating within a lie movement, fear to venture? Then I thought maybe it was all just pantomime bullshit and hype for more even more web hits. What do you think?

‘Henry Makow ventures where most people fear to go?’

David Icke

“Conspiracy Researcher’ Henry Makow has embarked on a vicious character assassination of radio host Jeff Rense”.

David Icke

I don’t think I can show you a better example of the schizophrenic type reality within the hypocritical truth movement. Indeed the quotes are an enlightening education within themselves if you can be bothered to think about it. Which is the true path of the truth movement? Do we venture where others fear to go or do we scream assassin if someone actually mentions that a perceived holy iconic disciple of truth like Rense in a different, but maybe true, light? Be it said through business jealousies or indeed concrete facts. Which quote is right? Both of them? Or the one that helps to scratch the most lucrative back. Please read both quotes again and ask yourself the same thing. Go on read them again and ask yourself!

I thought about it and I decided to side with David’s original quote, and believe Henry Makow treads where others fear to tread (Obviously making sure he avoids the dog shit eh?). I think I’d rather hear Makow speak his truth whatever it is and then take it from there. That said the business side of the truth movement is so shady and corrupt that I’m not sure if it is actually a true ‘Icke quote’ on the DVD anyway. I would advise anyone entering the conspiracy biz, on any level, that if they have to shake hands with the wide boys lurking within it, that they should count all their fingers straight after the handshake takes place, because believe me, most of the hands in the biz will be sticky. I mean very very sticky indeed.

Well one thing was for sure, no matter which quote you take notice of, it was clear that Henry Makow really went in to places others feared to go and one of them is Jeff Rense’s sex life and another is exposing Jeff Rense’s psycho fake radio personality for a start.  But in saying that, I do not side with Makow, because it is clear he only ventured to these places because he had lost website hits and lost his back scratching website links to the ‘big boys’ ;).  His motives were not ever honest or actually for the benefit of truth in my opinion either. They were simply carried out to feed his own ego and protect business rankings (nothing new there then). It’s bloody laughable. What comes first in the truth ‘movement’? Is it the movement of cash and the movement of website hits or the movement of truth?

I know!I started to see the funny side and the comical hypocrisy stood out. ‘Makow ventures in to places other fear to go’ and that’s good for business, if it serves those selling it of course, but if Makow ventures in to places the truth movement actually fears then he must be stopped or at least rejected. 


 Is the hypocritical truth movement somehow immune from research or investigation and possible exposure or something? If it is then come on let’s be true about it. What future does a truth movement have if it selects which truth is allowed to be mentioned and which truth isn’t? Does any truth, and proper flow of information, within the truth movement, simply depend on who has the best market forces to deliver it? Does the leading clique in the truth movement decide who is the wheat and who is the chaff, and once this is decided they simply get their customers to put the perceived chaff in a pile and burn it? 

I’ll give you my honest opinion on this matter in a straight talking way.

I have said for years that the truth movement, in the main is no such thing. I have said, in the main, it is simply a business environment and many high profile websites and individuals are not here to change the world, or help shift the collective consciousness, and that is simply because they want to make money and seek praise and glory in this world. They want the world to stay exactly as it is already. Why would they want to change something they thrive from?

First of all I cannot understand why these Makow/Rense things end up in ‘public, apart from business jealousies and/ or indirect publicity. Obviously if other high profile researchers join in squabbles, then again they will also bring their supporters (customers) with them. The situation then turns more hypocritical and laughable by the minute, as one businessman (backscratcher) protects their favourite fellow businessman (backscratcher) and any minor backscratcher is immediately made a scapegoat to keep the status quo. Nothing ever changes in business does it? 

I am not surprised when these things happen, and believe me more examples will spill out in public when the ‘true hearts of businessmen’ are exposed as time goes on, especially with large amounts of ‘2012’ cash to be grabbed this year. But this Rense/Makow case it is a pathetic situation all round isn’t it? What do you think?

 Aren’t we supposed to be waking up (forum sheep and rose tinted, brain dead, groupies excluded of course)? Isn’t this type of propaganda and marketing, between Makow and Rense, exactly what Tesco and Sainsburys, or all other supermarkets in other countries, pretend to do when they want customers to buy their bread instead of buying someone else’s bread? The same old symbolic mind game of  “Don’t Buy His Bread Cos He Said My Mate’s Bread is Shit”  “Don’t speak to him he said something naughty and we don’t like it”

Fractures in the Truth Movement? My god.

Truth? I’d say the bloody truth itself is being let down by the truth movement. I’d say genuine truth seekers are being let down too.

First of all what is actually ‘true’ about the truth movement anyway? What is the only provable truth currently in our hands from all the different splinters in the truth movement at this time? What truth do the truth movement actually seek? Does it depend on what or who’s club they are currently in? Let’s look beyond the hypocritical back scratching of the so called esoteric scholars, especially those that are already taking full credit for actually creating a shift (lol) or claiming copyrights to the entire awakening process shall we?

Because the only truth at the moment, in this world, is that nothing has actually happened on any collective ‘spiritual’ level yet. Collective shift? The only thing that has happened is that more people think they have bought a ticket to freedom on earth, and reserved future in heaven, by joining a faction within a movement, usually anonymously. A faction that says it is seeking and telling (selling) the truth. But indeed most factions with the truth movement are not really in sync with any collective movement anyway.

 It is indeed a fact, sadly more because of the actions of the Serpent than any truth movement, that more people have joined a so-called ‘movement’ and they now follow the ideology of the high profile mouthpieces in that movement. But don’t people swap and change ideology and ‘movements’ all the time to suit their situation, their well being and their status? And… Errr… pardon me… but isn’t that what the Germans also did in the 1930’s? Hitler claimed to be the leader of such a spiritual truth movement too you know, and very similar propaganda tactics are being used today as were used then too. And of course millions of awakened sheep ‘blindly’ followed the Nazi truth movement too. Indeed the same Nazi mind control tactics are rife in the modern truth movement today. It is laughable.

 Is the truth movement actually spreading ‘all’ of the truth available anyway? Only certain faces and the best businessmen actually get to preach to the majority of the members of the movement. Are certain high profile individuals, like Jeff Rense, simply recruiting loyal but submissive drones to his advert laden website just to make a living or serve ego, or will truth seekers find the absolute truth there at the same time? Are some high profile truth researchers simply part of a back scratching self serving clique and are they simply spreading anything that sells and makes the said members of the clique a few bob?  If so then it is indeed only the same sort of thing that goes on in all businesses isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong I believe some people (very few) are genuine in the truth movement, but a lot are not. A lot believe they are simply because it pays them to believe they are. Again it pays them to believe they are


Businessman Jeff Rense’s ‘endorsed’ silver from his website. “It is about to explode!”

 Nothing new for Jeff there then eh :)?

Indeed is Rense just a pied piper endorsing hawkers or traders, or is he a seeker and supplier of truth? Can he actually be both? Mind you I heard Jeff explodes too quickly in more ways than one himself. But as long as he brings his customers the truth what does it matter eh? As long as the truth pays him eh?

Surely in a truth movement the truth should be the most transparent thing available in all areas shouldn’t it? Well shouldn’t it? That said, if the truth movement is actually spreading ‘any truth’ then what is it? What is the actual truth currently being spread? Is the number one aim, within the truth movement, simply to tell (sell) the claim that ‘all governments in the world are corrupt’ and they do not really serve the public? Well isn’t it? Aren’t we out to oust the corrupt and replace them with the righteous to make the world a better place? On a 5 sense level aren’t we out to rid the world of sick greedy illuminati bankers like the sick greedy Rothschilds and their lackey’s, those who live off the backs and the souls of the sad drones in this world? Yes? No? Aren’t we exposing the blood thirsty war mongers and leeches that suck the life and soul out the human race, bombing the shit out of kids and their parents (slaves) whilst they sup cocktails and check the profits? Yes? If so who are we going to replace them with? Rense? Makow? Err… But excuse me…  wouldn’t they end up bombing the shit out of each other sooner or later too? Yes of course they would.  Rense obviously getting his knob out for the girls a lot too. Isn’t the world already controlled by religion and sex already? If so Rense and Makow won’t change much for us if they become world leaders then eh, because these things rule them?

 All governments are corrupt and we need to replace them with righteous souls? (Obviously those that already control governments would have to disappear too) Is that the only truth that all different, factions, groups, sections, cults and individuals within the truth movement agree on? Yes of course it is. I think spreading that truth has been around for millennia already and the high rankers in the movement are simply cashing in and recycling it.


 Truth movement? What truth do you want to hear? A truth that says you are going to automatically ascend if you manage to pick and subscribe to the right website? What truth do you want to hear? A truth that says you have first class travel all the way to spiritual enlightenment if you listen to Rense every week and contribute to his ejaculation fund? Well is it?

 I take it with that sort of mentality that the key to freedom is simply gained by owning a current credit card, and a smart phone, to enable fast and full subscription to the truth movement then? Once we do that its just a case of strategically placing our feet under the right forum table and/ or finding the right set of righteous forum buddies is it? Hey that’s great then eh?


 Makow ‘High Profile Researcher’ or glory seeking businessman?

Truth? … Truth?

Isn’t ‘the truth’ what David Cameron and Barrack Obama claim to give to us too?  Don’t the mainstream politician’s claim ‘to their punters’ that they have the truth too?

Yes? No? Please tell me what is the difference between a good smooth talking shag happy liar in mainstream politics and a good smooth talking shag happy radio host in the so called ‘truth’ movement? I can easily point out Obama is not what he seems and the truth movement say its OK for me to do so, but if anyone says a truther is not what he seems then it is totally out of order, its blasphemy? It is utter hypocrisy.

 Does the truth movement only contain truth and that truth is always backed up by respectable pillars of of the human race? Yes? No?  Does the truth movement contain a random selection of liars, conmen and thieves like all other businesses in all other walks of life do? What is the truthful honest answer? Or do you need a truth movement leader to tell you what to say? Come on don’t be shy tell yourself the truthful answer and I promise you, you’ll find it works wonders for you in the long run, it really will.

 It appears, in truth movement circles, (especially rose tinted section), that if we pretend high profile radio hosts and researchers are all darlings and honest and true, it will increase the chances of us achieving a ‘honest and genuine’ collective shift in consciousness, but if we question anything in the truth movement we are simply idiots causing bother and therefore we will spoil the honest and genuine shift. It is laughable. But we better get rid of those deemed to be spoiling the shift eh? hey why not build a few concentration camps before the shift starts to really grow? We can then put all those that don’t belong in the shift, or question its process, in the said camps eh?  If anyone questions the perceived shift then they must also be stooges for the illuminati eh? EH?

 Oh my brothers beam me up for Christs sake.

 Are the so called awakened so comatose that they believe everyone that pretends to sell love and light and alternative information is actually honest and hold good intentions?

Maybe the real truth is that the truth movement’s ‘punters’ are now more bogged down, both mentally and spiritually, than they ever were in the (perceived) matrix? I certainly see souls now that are totally bamboozled and bogged down. They are not bogged down by the Matrix world they are bogged down with liars and con artists in the lying truth movement.

 Anyway I do not want to be misconstrued in what I am going to say next, but I shall say it anyway.

SO I point out, before you get the wrong idea about what I say below, that I do believe there are many genuine people seeking spiritual freedom in the so called truth movement. I believe a lot are being misled and fooled by petty politics, but most people involved do genuinely seek freedom. I have seen many grass roots truth seekers and they have a good heart and have desire for justice and truth. I see a few genuine high profile, and a few lower profile researchers, that are very genuine in their journeys too. I have no doubts about that and I pledge my heart and soul and join them. My opinions below are said in general terms as being true information and it is written to help not hinder or distract.…..

I’ll tell you today, and my shoes took me on the path, that the truth movement is not a faultless or honest truth movement. It is, in the main, a festering pyramidal cesspit of hypocrisy and fakery and it mainly comprises of three categories… ( Listed as A, B & C below)

(A) An upper, Ivory Tower, elite of intelligent well presented speakers or sponsored (wealthy) radio hosts. This class currently mainly operates through low budget TV and conferences, but standards will increase in the future. Most of these folks will play ‘fluffy darlings’ with each other when it suits them to do so, especially if they sell each others wares on each others websites.  The truth movement’s elite in general is just another smaller facade of mainstream showbiz, doing its ‘specialised’ thing. It is NOTHING else. It may appear to be telling alternative truths but in reality its selling entertainment and have ruthless ambitions in business. The Ivory Tower, high profile class, will steal ideas from the long forgotten and departed (usually dead authors) or from unknowns and bloggers, and then use their material as their own. The punters are none the wiser. Some high profile faces are actually funded by mainstream forces to purposely lead many addicted ‘punters’ down the garden path to a different ideology and location, which will become much clearer to see after 2012. The Ivory Tower club pretends to bring truth but they spiritually smother any real truth, because their temples (websites) literally become dens of thieves and they simply become Ali Baba.

(B) A middle class style of wannabe media presenters and middle range researchers exist in the central heart of the truth movement.  It is this middle class that behaves exactly like business people do in the (perceived) matrix, their aim is to be like the Ivory Tower elite but they haven’t the money, guile or the intelligence to be so. This middle class section is indeed smothered with vanity and ego and it is only propped up by using good PR trickery and being enhanced with photoshop style mentality (Masking their true image). The PR trickery being used is just adopted from the same tried and tested PR trickery currently used by mainstream con merchants. The main aim of the middle class in the truth movement is to simply look good and to continually praise the high profile researchers in the Ivory Tower class (in return for website hits/links and to receive fake but valuable public praise of course). They hope to one day receive the seal of approval from a high profile researcher so they feel they have been successful, got the golden ticket to heaven sorted, and have punters them how clever they are for getting in the clique. There is also a high number of lower profile ‘researchers’ in this middle classification, they too hope to receive the truth movements version of a ‘knighthood’ (A link to a big website). It is simply called ‘back scratching friends’ (or even ‘destroying the competition’) in normal business circles, but in the ways of the truth movement its called ‘spreading the truth’ and pointing the easily led drones in the right direction is seen as a righteous act. A major part of the truth movement is based on business back scratching and marketing tricks, theft and control of information and the feeding of ego. Anything that sells is hyped and ‘who get the commissions’ and ‘who receives the attention’ is the name of the game. Truth only actually comes into it if it has a material value, and of course the web hits pay in more ways than one these days. But this is how the so-called truth movement works. It is not a complete truth movement at all and, in the main, it is as corrupt and controlled as any other movement or business. The truth movement will actually attack the truth about the truth movement and a den of thieves will always put its loot first. Hypocrisy is out of control.

(C) To make the truth movement ‘business’ function properly, it is absolutely vital a drone like lower class of paying ’punters’ exists. These drones have no clue to what is really going on in the movement they believe they are part of.  Some punters automatically take up servant roles as robots for their heroes, just like political party members do. They literally become ‘stepford truthers’ ready to jump on the nearest 5-sense bandwagon cause that takes their fancy, or they simply change ‘forums’ when their fakery fails them and exposes them on the forum they are already on. They literally run around like demented mental patients hoping they are first to find an exclusive bit of news, simply to show fellow parrots on the forums and how enlightened and alert they are. In reality they know they are parrots but live the lie because they realise they cannot be anything else. “Squawk! Pretty Punter! Pretty Punter!” Although the majority of the low ranking punters are actually following true spiritual stirrings within themselves, they still appear to follow the matrix norm of swallowing any shit that sounds plausible to them, which is not surprising considering some of the marketing tricks and psychology being used in the last couple of years. They easily accept anything that is hyped by a face they trust, especially so if they believe they are going to benefit enormously from it in the future. This scenario continues for as long as they believe the information being provided is entirely for their benefit, especially so if they believe they are on some list for a ticket to heaven. Most people in this lower class category either turn into moronic groupies at some stage in their awakening process, left totally unable to think of anything for themselves, or they simply bombard each other with totally useless propaganda until they literally collapse suffering from shell shock (PTSD). The only thing worse than the shell shock situation is when anonymous ‘forum man’ (As David Icke named them in 2011) crawls out from under their rock, psychotic and battle hardened, to automatically compete to become the most awakened, most intelligent and most bravest keyboard warrior on the planet. Their aim is simply to become ‘the respected Daddy’ on the relevant forum. If that mission fails or some secret forum policeman kicks them off the forum, they simply create their own ‘I’m the Daddy Forum’ and anoint themselves ‘ Grand Master Daddy’ for eternity and surround themselves with little gossips and other sad forum rejects as gofas. It is sad but that is the real state of the lower rankings within the truth movement. Mind you this lower class is not all made up of drones, groupies and wannabe psychotic forum daddies, on no not by a long chalk, there is also quite a lot of intelligent truthers mingling within this lowest class, and some indeed do have a few big words to chuck around whilst they flit from website to website and forum to forum. These big word chuckers continuously deluding themselves by thinking they are not actually low class conspiracy ‘punters’ at all, they actually believe they are high class punters that are ‘roughing it’ for laughs. But sadly these intelligent low class big word chuckers are the most deluded punters of all and their higher level of matrix education, along with their ‘truther’ programmed behaviour, doesn’t help them at all, it actually hinders them. They swish around in the truth movement trying to use their perceived advantages and privilege like gold-diggers panning and sifting for gold amongst the shit and the sand. They will simply throw the pan away in anger when no nuggets appear and pretend they didn’t even pick the pan up in the first place. Any I have said enough on the classes in the truth movement so I remind you of my comments before you read this section. There are many genuine people around too!

These things said it is clear, just like in any other pyramid system, that at the lowest rankers within the truth movement pyramid will always get the shit end of the stick. I realise the truth movement is nothing in size compared to the other mainstream movements currently on the planet, but it is clear if the truth movement does gain the momentum it seeks, then it will become just the same as any other movement of the past. That is a capstone representing the elite of the movement, those saying what is what and what we should do, and the rest of the movement will just be a pile of stupefied shit holding it all up. We already live within that sort of system and I’m afraid just changing the capstone figureheads won’t make any difference at all in the lives of the common shit that are actually holding it up.It is clear to me, on a Pro-Rota basis, that there is no difference at all between the elitist pyramidal system in the truth movement and the elitist pyramidal system of control we already exist in within the (perceived) matrix. Well is there? The truth movement currently exists through a system where literally ‘the biggest gob sets the moral standards’ for the rest of us. That is the number one rule in the truth movement’s code of ethics, and sadly the parrots and the fakers follow it to the letter, just like drones have done in ALL the major movements of the past on this planet.

Indeed a self-serving hypocritical code of ethics has already purposely been created.  It is laughable.The truth movement elite now control the truth movement sheep exactly the same as the elite in the (perceived) matrix control the matrix sheep. I realise the number in the truth movement does not compare with the number in the matrix but the truth movement elite still uses exactly the same propaganda techniques as those that enslave us now. I thought we wanted to change things?  So do we make Rense the president of the truth movement instead of making Obama the president of a new world order government? Better still why not make Alex Jones the truth movement’s official Emperor eh? Give him a golden loudspeaker and we can live in truth and harmony for eternity eh? My god indeed, come on let’s get real for once.

Are you seeking freedom, wanting to regain your full spiritual abilities, or are you wanting to swap Obama for Jones? The Truth Movement also complain and rant that ‘one or two faces’ control mainstream TV and yet the dodgiest of all self serving characters now run the only conspiracy mainstream network channel in the truth movement in the UK. I realise that the truth movement is in its early stages of growth, as far as numbers go, but a pattern for the future is already emerging if you can be bothered to look. If we don’t look then we won’t see. If we don’t question then we don’t get answers. There is no point replacing Trotsky figures with Lenin figures or replacing Hitler figures with Churchill figures. That is not change or a shift, it is simply the same shit over and over again. Again it is laughable. But will it be funny when you see propaganda, censorship and corporate advertising grow ‘within’ the truth movement, this year and beyond? Will it be funny when the truth movement will be displaying more and more of the subliminal messages via the exact same corporate adverts that they once claimed affected your thoughts? That situation is not that far away. Now that will be hypocrisy gone mad won’t it? But its coming. It is bloody well coming and part of me is bloody laughing already at the silly groupies that fall for it.

 Have I made sense to you?

Hey I’m not knocking any individual, don’t get me wrong. I’m disgusted by the ‘true’ infrastructure of the truth movement, but I’m not knocking it. It is against the rules to do so isn’t it? LOL. Don’t the love and freedom brigade abandon and stone anyone that questions things in the truth movement? And I have already said that the rose tinted groupies, especially the blinkered gluttons that are addicted to hearing only what they like to hear, actually run away from the truth. They are literally shit scared of the truth. They want the spirit of truth inside of them just about as much as a devoted Muslim wants a Bacon Butty inside them.

It is clear to me the truth movement is far far away from being a ‘utopian vehicle built on collective honesty and truth’, so will we actually awaken by pretending it is? No we won’t, but let’s keep the blinkers on if it makes us feel better eh? Bugger any truth eh? Maybe we should just give high profile researchers and showbiz radio hosts like Jeff Rense a decent living, while we sift through a pile of shit and hypocrisy looking for truth through them. Obviously if we raise questions or challenge their behaviour then we can only become instant bad energy and therefore unworthy. That is how the truth movement operates isn’t it?  Anyone that stands up with genuine concerns or exposures is classed as a mind controlled plant out to destroy.  

And hey if certain individual energies are bad for websites and therefore links to each other are ‘removed’ from them, as in the Rense/Makow/Icke situation, then what the hell sort of energy is being created and absorbed through the forums of hate and the secret police that censor them?

 What do you say, or do you need permission to say anything in your ‘truth’ movement in case you are ejected from it? Shall we have a few faces classifying and judging who is a good truther and who is a negative one? Hey don’t the PTB do that already? That’s what the truth movement is all about isn’t it?

Who knows, maybe we will go around painting slogans on certain websites in the future, you know like the followers of Hitler did on the Jewish shops that they didn’t want the ‘punters’ to shop in. Well shouldn’t we Truth Movement?

 If finding the truth can only be done through truth itself, then surely untruths within the truth movement need exposing just as much as the untruths that will expose the matrix of control need exposing too. Indeed I’d say exposing the untruths in the truth movement take precedence and very much so. In my opinion we can never progress to true freedom if it doesn’t take precedence. Truth never turns up when its attendance is requested with a lie. If a truth movement is not truthful and free then how can it truly help free anyone. What sort of shift takes place when its based on hypocrisy? Where will it lead?

All I can say is that if we are going to have a truth movement then let’s have at least some truth in it. Let’s not become a movement of sell out and betrayal eh? No let’s not, we don’t deserve that do we? If we are going to float in a ship called truth then let’s at least look at the officers mess and who’s doing the bloody navigating. If we are going to have truth then let’s have the whole truth not a few showbiz songs hidden in bag of shit. Because if we don’t, instead of shouting ‘Land Ahoy’ at a tropical island called paradise we will be shouting ‘Shit Hole Ahead’ at some place called hell. Do you catch my drift shipmates? Aye Aye?

I say this in soothsayer ways…  (Spruced up in truth movement showbiz style propaganda for entertainment purposes only)

Avast Ye. I tell ye truth Me Hearties, It is futile to take our ship named good and true to sea, to seek out pirates, if our own decks are awash with pirates too.

If ye do that, Oh Me Lads, then I say let the ship that carries no pirates fire the first cannon ball. Shiver me timbers and I’ll feed the fish if I tell a lie.

Matthew Delooze 13/3/12

I do not run a business.

I am not in any back scratching clique. I have no agenda to promote or damage anyone at all. I have no wish to harm or trouble any individual and never have had. NONE.  I speak what I believe is the truth and the reaction to that truth creates my fate.  My words in this article, as in all my work, are from the heart and backed up by spirit, but they are still based on direct life experiences and involvement in the truth movement over several years too. I do not talk out of my arse on the matter.

I am not here to cause fractures in the truth movement. I couldn’t even if I wanted too.  I cannot even complete my journey without a truth movement.  I want to see a ‘true’ truth movement though, not a den of thieves full of fake personalities and puppet drones. But if that is how the truth movement wishes to be then that is how it will be. I say let it be so then.

 Fracture in the truth movement? When has the truth movement ever been able bodied? Indeed when did it have any real backbone?  The truth is sometimes actually a taboo subject in the truth movement.  I’d say in the main that love, compassion and tolerance are a fallacy in truth movement world and I’d also say the truth movement actually contains far more hate, rejection and intolerance than most other ‘movements’ currently in operation on this planet. Yes I do!

 Fractures in the truth movement? I’d say the truth movement contains more than fractures in its bones I’d say the truth movement has a detached retina. That said I don’t claim to be the official ophthalmologist, but I suggest if we are going to see into the future clearly then we need some medical treatment or the so called truth movement really will go totally blind. I tell you the truth.

It’s time for me to go…. 

Thank you for reading this news report, please believe it or laugh at it, it is your life and it is your journey. I only wish for people to follow their hearts and intuitions. But whatever you do…  only you can do it…  If we are going to have a truth movement then lets make sure it’s truthful. Let’s not be a fake truth movement because our lives have been fake for long enough already. Well haven’t they?

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 13th March 2012

All Text copyright © Matthew Delooze 2012. All rights reserved.



Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder (The parable of the missing rung)

Silly Simon Peter & The Wonky Yellow Ladder

The last adventure of Silly Simon
(The parable of the missing rung)

Hello Boys and Girls,

Today I’d like to tell you a little story about Silly Simon (AKA Peter). I hope you like it.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who didn’t realise he was silly, he thought he was clever…. so please say hello to silly Simon….. “Hello Silly Simon”

Hello Silly Simon (AKA Peter)

 Silly Simon thought he was a clever little boy and he decided he was so special that he must have been made of pure gold. Anyway, one day Silly Simon discovered a ladder that he also thought was made of gold too, and because he thought he was clever, he thought he would try to get to the top of the golden ladder just to see what was up there.

One Day Silly Simon discovers a ladder

 The ladder was missing the bottom rung, which as you know, boys and girls, makes it a bit wobbly and unsafe. Doesn’t it? The ladder should have been checked properly and I’m sure our mummy and daddy would be very cross with us if we went climbing up a ladder that wasn’t very safe, wouldn’t they? But Silly Simon in his haste, being so clever, decided to ignore the missing rung just so he could see what was at the top of the ladder without any delay. So to save his precious time he just used a worker to ‘hold it for him’ whilst he went to see what was up there.  Silly Simon was so quick and eager to jump on to the second rung of the ladder, that he soon forgot all about the missing rung and he even forgot all about the worker who had actually held the ladder so it would be safe for him to climb it.

Silly Simon was so silly that he thought he was made of gold and that the worker that held the ladder was just a Silly Billy who was only made of jelly and ice-cream, and therefore only there to hold the ladder for Simon because he was made of gold. Simon thought he was much more cleverer than someone made of jelly and ice-cream. Silly Simon only saw what he wanted to see when it suited him to see it. He was naughty silly Simon. And we know what happens to silly boys when they are naughty don’t we boys and girls.


Way-Up… Silly Simon was on the second rung, in a flash, soon forgetting all about anyone holding the ladder or that the rung was missing.

 Silly Simon decided he was so clever and it had been so easy for him to get on the ladder that he could just dance around on it and play games. He enjoyed playing games and he believed, because he was so clever, that no one else could see him playing games. Silly Simon got so wrapped up in his games on the ladder that one day he even forgot what the ladder he discovered was really discovered for. He was literally so lost in his own cleverness that, one day he even thought he was even cleverer than himself at his cleverest.

What a silly boy.

Silly Silly Simon decided he was so clever he could dance around on the ladder. He was lost in his own cleverness.

 People on the ground tried to shout up to Silly Simon but he could not and would not listen. He simply couldn’t hear anyone but himself because he was so so far far up in the clouds that all he could hear was his own cleverness. And of course don’t forget, boys and girls, Simon thought he was made of gold didn’t he? So his ears did not work anyway. We all need our ears to work if we want to hear don’t we?

Silly Simon’s golden ears could not hear anything

 Silly Simon was dancing around so much that even his clothes started to fall off. Because Simon thought he was made of gold he could not actually see his outer clothes falling off because his eyes did not work. Both his eyes and his ears were out of order simply because Simon thought they were made of gold anyway. Silly Simon didn’t know he wasn’t really made of gold and because he was lost in his own cleverness he didn’t know he was really only made of puppy dog poo and dirty puddle water. Poor silly Simon did not know what he was really made of. Silly Simon’s clothes start to fall off

But the more Simon danced around and played games on the ladder the more his clothes fell apart, and because of this the puddle water and puppy poo under the clothes started to splash around. Eventually Silly Simon started to see what he was really made of because his clothes could no longer hide the truth.  The puppy poo and puddle water splashed in his eyes and he had no choice but to realise the hard way that he wasn’t made of gold. He saw he was really made of puppy poo and he saw he was really only a dirty puddle, one that  showed his true reflection. Simon then started to panic because he realised that if he was indeed really puppy poo and puddle water, not gold, then where was the ladder really taking him? Silly Simon’s clever brain really started to hurt him then and Silly Simon realised that he was not as clever as he first thought he was. Silly Boy.

Simon realises he was not made of gold (Oh dear Silly – Silly Simon)

Simon suddenly realised that he was not made of gold and Simon suddenly realised that the ladder was not made of gold either, it was simply made of yellow plastic, just like Simon was yellow and plastic in a certain way too. Silly Simon realised he was made of puddle water and puppy dog poo! (Oh dear!)

Once the truth really dawned on Silly Simon he knew something would happen, then one day, right out of the blue, Simon heard a big loud voice in the sky. It was baby Jesus, boys and girls, but he was grown up now. Jesus’ Daddy had taught baby Jesus all about silly little boys like Silly Simon, when he was a baby, so he knew what to do with people like Silly Simon in this world, Jesus always knows what to do doesn’t he?

And sure enough The BIG voice of Jesus said to Silly Simon “Get thee behind me, Satan; thou art an offense to me: for thou savorest not the things that are of God, but those that are of men.” When the big voice said this a little bit of ‘puddle poo’ trickled out of Simon’s smelly bottom. Silly smelly Simon.

As we know, boys and girls, baby Jesus grew up to say things like that because his daddy was the big boss in heaven and he had authority to do so.

Well Simon did not know what to say because he knew Jesus was telling the truth. Simon knew that he was a fake, he wasn’t all gold he was all shit and brown water and his his mind was really all yellow and plastic.  Simon instantly lost his cleverness and the ladder started to tip over and Silly Simon just flipping well fell off it.

Oh dear…  poor Silly Simon. I hope he had clean underpants on or his mummy would have been cross with him.

But I think we may have been able to see this fall coming, couldn’t we boys and girls? I know I can. When Silly Simon was falling he suddenly remembered the man that he thought was only made of jelly and ice-cream and hoped that he was still holding the ladder…  but he wasn’t. The holder of the ladder realised Simon was silly and selfish and only cared about himself. So he let go of the ladder. Whoops… Silly Simon comes unstuck boys and girls!

Whoops… Silly Simon falls from the ladder boys and girls and when he did his bottom made a loud trumping noise when he did too. Trrruuuummmmpppp! Poor trumping Simon. We shouldn’t laugh should we? But sometimes big trumps make us laugh don’t they? Especially smelly ones coming out of someone made of puppy poo and puddle water. If Simon had clean underpants when he went up the ladder he certainly didn’t on the way down.

Silly Simon can’t believe what happens. He thought he was so so clever too.

 Simon banged his head, but unlike Jack from the Jack and Jill story, Silly Simon’s head couldn’t be fixed with vinegar and brown paper. It couldn’t even be fixed with super glue either, because if we remember children, Simon wasn’t made from gold he only thought he was. Can you remember what silly Simon was made of? That’s right children he was made from puppy poo and puddle water wasn’t he? So, mums and dads, we know it is blinking impossible to stick those two things together don’t we?

Poor Simon. Silly boy.

The ladder came crashing down with Silly Simon along with it!

When Simon came to Earth he simply splattered all over just just like puppy poo and puddle water would. Yuk. The ladder broke up because it was not complete to start with, but Simon didn’t think of that when he first saw it. He only thought he climb up it and play games on it and he got someone he thought was as silly as himself to hold the ladder for him. He thought the person holding the ladder was not important and only made of jelly and ice-cream anyway, but he was important and, unlike Simon, he was not made of puppy poo and puddle water either.

Poor Silly Simon came unstuck and broke the ladder as well.

 So children please, please, please heed the words of your humble story teller and be warned. Don’t be silly like Silly Simon/Peter.  Always check what you are really made of before you start climbing the ladders, especially ladders you believed you discovered, but in reality you only came across.  Do not ever lay your ladder on sand when you want to climb it, but most of all don’t treat anyone who willingly holds the ladder for you like a fool or decide they are unimportant simply because you think they are only made of jelly and ice-cream. If you do you may come unstuck and someone like baby Jesus, when he’s all grown up, will come along and tell you off and then you will fall down to the Earth like Silly Simon does.

Remember the story of Silly Simon and the wonky yellow ladder because we don’t want you ending up like Silly Simon will…   do we?

“Always remember, boys and girls, mums and dads, that more than one tune comes out of an ice-cream van and also remember that jellies come from many moulds.  All houses welcome jelly and ice cream and they are easily digested, but puppy poo and puddle water are not welcome in any home, and if they do appear they are simply mopped up and then discarded”

Bye Bye Boys & Girls.  Be Good

Matthew Delooze

Laughing At The Book Of Thoth

 Laughing At The Book Of Thoth


The Winner Takes It All (Part Two)

(The World Cup Scam Exposed)

By Matthew Delooze

Well the world cup ‘ritual’ recently kicked off with a hoot didn’t it?  I said in the previous world cup chapter/article, The Winner Takes It All, that I was originally going to publish my opinions on the event four years ago. (Please read it now if you haven’t done so already)

I also said in the last article that the ‘world cup’ had absolutely nothing at all to do with ‘football’, at least on a spiritual level, and it was simply a global sun god (symbolic deities) worship / human surrender ritual. (I have already given my opinions, in my books and articles, on why sun worship is so important to the force that controls this world)

I also explained, in the winner takes it all article, as I have done for several years, that ALL human beings are powerful spiritual energy creators and we all create energy through our emotions and thoughts. I explained, as I have done for several years, that the stadiums (and the symbolism openly displayed in them) are used to harness and steal the spiritual energy that is created by human emotion inside them. The energy goes to feed the ‘creators’ (deceptive inter-dimensional beings) of the symbolism that is being displayed and worshipped no matter what form the symbolism takes, be it through sport stars or pop stars etc. I also said that sheep like human beings are herded to symbolic stadiums simply to take part in global rituals and this scenario creates an act of spiritual surrender that allows the said deceptive inter-dimensional beings, and their human agents on Earth, to ‘rule’ over the human race and keep the food chain in production. I call this force the ‘Serpent Cult.’

I said in the previous world cup article, before the event even got under way, that I thought that the Serpent Cult would covertly use the world cup, and employ the millions of willing human sheep, to create a death/rebirth ritual that leads to the initial stages of ‘replacing Nelson Mandela’ as the world’s leading black pied piper. I had already exposed the world cup ritual in general as being a focus of emotional respect energy being channelled through and directed at ‘Isis’ by using the world cup trophy as the golden idol of attraction (chalice). Don’t forget Emotional Respect creates Spiritual Energy.

Obviously shortly ‘after’ I wrote and published the previous world cup info, Nelson Mandela’s great granddaughter was ‘killed’ just as the event was to start. I received quite a lot of emails about that!

I believe the death of Mandela’s granddaughter is a small part of a much larger covert ritual that is currently taking place under the guise of the world cup, but I’m glad I recorded my opinions before Nelson Mandela ‘lost’ a member of his bloodline. It has been obvious to me, since at least 2002, the 2010 world cup takes on extra special significance and it has taken on far more importance than the usual ‘Isis’ worship ritual that the world cup literally is. I will provide details of, what I believe is, another powerful ritual taking place in South Africa later on in this article.

But for now I will say, in my opinion, that Nelson Mandela is playing a big part, so far in this ritual, by his absence and again the sacrifice of his grand-daughter is only a very small part of it. The Serpent Cult carries out rituals on many levels at the same time.  The invisible human spiritual energy that I often talk about is being extracted in massive doses but you can’t actually ‘see’ that can you? I realise that many people only believe the things they can see with their own eyes, and this ‘proof by sight’ applies over most things in their lives if not all of them. (Who can blame them in this world). Sadly these people never seem to really look though.  The invisible spiritual energy scam is so easy to see if you will look at what is actually going on. That said I couldn’t show you invisible energy being taken in the rituals I can only show you the actions of the participants and the tools being used the rituals.

That said parts of the ritual are not ‘invisible’ so maybe you can ‘see this’ then because there is another part of the ritual that I mentioned before the world cup even started. This part of the ritual, which will be carried out during the world cup, is not about about the extraction of invisible spiritual energy its about the ‘extraction of five sense physical blood’. Here s a quote from the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

… June 14, 2010 – The Nelson Mandela Foundation is calling on all South Africans to take a few minutes of their time to donate blood this month, in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of service to humanity. Today marks World Blood Donor Day and June is National Blood Donor Month in South Africa. With the countdown under way for Mandela Day, the Foundation is calling upon South Africans to do their part by rolling up their sleeves and giving blood. (Source: nelsonmandela.org)…

 In my opinion it is no coincidence that blood is being demanded, through the Mandela Foundation during the world cup, nor is it a coincidence that blood was sacrificed by a virgin Mandela either. Yes and it is not only the symbolic blood of Africa that’s being demanded either. The request to sacrifice blood (Ritual) is global. Please see the official world blood donor day website if you do not believe me (wbdd.org) The fact is though that people are actually being asked to donate blood ‘because of the world cup’.  I quote just a couple of popular examples below below.

Make blood donation goal for World Cup

Published Date: 15 June 2010

NHS bosses are calling on football fans in Yorkshire to carry on supporting “Team Red” as the World Cup kicks off in South Africa. NHS Blood and Transplant is now appealing to the public to plan their appointments around match fixtures so they can still save lives. (Source: yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk)

World Cup to be used as catalyst for blood donation in Mauritius

Port – Louis, Mauritius – Throughout the duration of the World Cup in South Africa, every blood donor on the Island of Mauritius will receive an official soccer ball from world soccer’s governing body FIFA and free Internet access for three months, among other goodies. (Source: afriquejet.com)

“Free Internet access and other goodies eh? Wow what price global spiritual enslavement?”

The world cup ritual is being assimilated with the donation of blood. It may seem a coincidence but it isn’t. The events are linked and multi-level rituals can easily be arranged by the Serpent Cult controlled world authorities.  Take a look at this snippet.

 World Blood Donor Day 2010 – ‘New Blood for the World’

World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) is celebrated each year on June 14 to honor all those who donate the life saving liquid that has no substitute till date—blood. Sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), International and, among others, The Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. This year’s slogan, “New blood for the world” aims to motivate young people all over the world to become blood donors. Young blood donors will in turn network extensively to encourage other youngsters to donate blood. (Source: medindia.net)

The New Blood for the World event is riddled with occult symbolism including that displayed by the ‘Red Cross and the Red Crescent’ charities, which I mentioned in my book Is It Me For A Moment- Breaking the Serpents Spell in 2007. Hey and don’t forget, it is the winter solstice during the world cup as well. The Serpent uses its many agents and agencies to make the ritual successful. I realise on a five-sense level that events can seem normal but on a spiritual level the Serpent Cult has manipulated events to be self-serving to its agenda.


Nelson says give your blood during the world cup too!

Please draw your own conclusions as to the coincidental extraction (sacrifice) of blood during the winter solstice and the world cup ritual. ‘New Blood for the World’ indeed and again I believe the world cup ritual involved the forthcoming replacement of Nelson Mandela in the next few years.

Again the Serpent Cult does not do anything by halves and this ritual is definitely linked to Mandela’s inevitable exit and his ‘blood’ line. Let me make it clear that in my opinion Nelson Mandela is simply another pied piper for the Serpent Cult, albeit maybe unaware of the full implications of being a pied piper, and I assure you all that he has done more to enslave the human race than actually free it.

The Mandela family is no different to any other celebrity family, which thrives on greed and corruption, and the Serpent Cult has created him and hyped him just like they have many other icons. He serves the Serpent Cult there is no doubt about that. People are so easily conned into following a hero.

The Serpent Cult thrives off our emotions, especially those emotions directed towards our ‘heroes’, and that is why the Serpent Cult create and manufacture the heroes, like Nelson Mandela, for you and I to admire and worship. It is vital, in my opinion, that we grasp and understand that sort of middleman situation and that is why I keep reminding people of ‘middlemen pied pipers’ that lead us all to take part in rituals. Please consider the possibility that the bigger the icon you see appear in public at these events, or those being strongly connected to the event, means the bigger the service he/she provides for the Serpent Cult.

If this is true then any ‘true spirit’ that manages to become a world icon will soon be crucified in one way or another because the serpent cult do not have control over them. Anyone one with proper truth will never even become a world icon. Mandela only enjoys worldwide hype, large scale mainstream media attention and mass public attention, and therefore he is a Serpent Cult puppet in my opinion. Indeed Nelson Mandela has not even attended the world cup ritual 2010 yet but he is still the superstar figurehead of it.


Worship me and therefore you will worship the covert masters that I really represent

Anyway, let’s edge further to the truth, the biggest talking point so far in the world cup is the sounds of the ‘vuvuzelas’ (trumpets), or more to the point the ‘vuvuzela horns’. Oh come on folks, apart from the millionaire egos on the football pitch, these pipes from hell have been the main focus point in the early stages of the tournament/ritual so far. Bloody hell and with good reason too. The noise on TV is bad enough but imagine being in the ‘cooking pot’ stadiums in that din. Bloody hell, it is literally is musical madness.  If you have heard the noise and are sensitive then you know what I mean.

The vuvuzela is now literally famous around the world and more importantly ‘accepted’ as such. You are forced to accept the bloody things even if you didn’t want to. It really does not take long for the Serpent Cult to plonk something in the mass consciousness of the human race does it? It does not take long for the Serpent to dictate the ritual either. Not that this is the first time a ritual involved such a din. The world cup in Mexico was used for a similar ritual years ago, but don’t worry about that folks just sing the national anthems of your enslavers, whilst dressed in ritual robes and you don’t need to do that in the stadiums in South Africa you can do it at home in front of the TV.

In my opinion the vuvuzela has purposely been assimilated with the usual covert occult symbolism that is, in the main, unknowingly being used at the world cup. The blinkered football punters are oblivious to the real events taking place.


Two wise monkeys in full serpent worship mode? Where is the third?…


Here it is… The symbolism is simply assimilated for the (sun worship) ritual but the blind fans haven’t a bloody clue.

Let’s also look at the foundation symbolism behind the vuvuzela, let me first say that the vuvuzela has appeared from nowhere in the last 10 years or so. That is because it has literally been exclusively created for the ritualistic events you now see occurring, right under your hooter, in the ‘world cup’ of 2010. (The same ritual you once thought had something to do with ‘football’). The Serpent Cult manufactured the appearance of the vuvuzela in the stadiums and, of course, like clockwork the sheep just went along with it.  This situation was tested in previous world cups, like Mexico, but I do not wish to go in to that today.

The vuvuzela is literally a ‘made up word’ that no one in authority can explain to the masses, but that fact does not matter to those carrying out the ritual because those few in the know actually understand the ritual and the silly people tooting the horns are unaware of their true purpose in the ritual.

The people actually organising things on a physical or business level, the tournament organisers etc, only do it for money as a job, just as you do your job, and they haven’t a bloody clue what is going on either. The masses, especially those living in dire poverty, like most exploited blacks, can easily be manipulated to adopt things, like blowing the vuvuzelas, and make them a tradition. In reality it is just a gimmick to them. Indeed the vuvuzela on a five sense level only takes on a similar role to the old style football ‘rattles’ that were used in football stadiums years ago (Don’t set me off on those!) On a five-sense level they simply increase ’emotions’ and raise the atmosphere in the stadiums but on a spiritual level they actually increase the level of spiritual energy being released, especially during a nail-biter of a match.

Anyway, at the end of the day the modern day vuvuzela is now ‘officially’ accepted in the collective consciousness, just in time for the world cup to come to fruition. It is actually used and accepted on a physical level and therefore its foundation symbolism, its symbolic meaning, has to be accepted by the masses too. The vuvuzela had to be announced and accepted as a tool for ritual.

The vuvzelas foundation symbolism has already been announced and it has been officially and directly linked to the ‘kudu horn’ that the Africans have previously used for rituals. It is also announced that it is used as a type of scarecrow for unwanted creatures (Baboons) or just for summoning the tribes together for meetings. To make the official symbolic transformation, from Kudo Horn to Vuvuzela, the ‘Kuduzela’ was created.

The Kudu horn was also known for use in creating an atmosphere prior to ‘battle’. It is aso blown to cause attraction, emotion, respect and fear. Let me show you some basic symbolism behind the ‘noise’ you now hear in South Africa, especially so inside the ‘Soccer City Stadium’ itself.

5Kuduzela - Branded

Kuduzelas showing their foundation symbolism

It is officially sponsored by the ‘FNB’, the First National Bank, (and again given away). Please remember, from the previous world cup article, that Soccer City Stadium was once named FNB stadium and is strongly linked to Mandela and other pied piper worship and rituals. I cannot stress enough to friends out there that the information about this stadium is important. Here is an official logo for the sponsorship surrounding the ‘creation’ of the Kuduzela, as mentioned in the video above.


I’ve seen that face before!

That said there is also much deeper meaning covertly associated to the modern humble plastic vuvuzela and the ame scenario also applies even more to the historic Kudu Horn (kuduzela). I don’t want to bore you with information about links between horns and ancient rituals, but it should be said that the deeper meaning surrounding vuvuzela instruments is definitely linked to ancient biblical style rituals.

One such example of a horn being used in ancient biblical style rituals connection to show you of the ancient rituals is the ‘Shofar’ horn.


The Shofar was used ancient ritual just as the vuvuzela is used in modern ritual

That said,’horns’ are used in many rituals and serve many purposes.  Indeed the horns were used in many temple rituals alongside trumpets and they are used for ‘sacrifice’ and ‘rebirth’ rituals too.

Probably the most famous ritual using the ‘horns’ in human history is The Walls of Jericho ritual. But there again the shofar ‘horn’ was used when Moses received the ten commandments too, ‘leaving witnesses trembling with fear, so the horn is strongly connected to a covenant with the god(s) too. Indeed going even further back it was also used when Abraham was told by god to sacrifice his son Isaac. Many rituals involve the possible sacrifice of children (bloodline) to show an allegiance to ‘god’ especially at the beginning and the end of a ritual. (The world cup is the same!) It is easy to see that horns were used for rituals that actually affected the collective consciousness of the human race whether they were symbolic or real events.

Moving back to modern days, the death of the great granddaughter of Nelson Mandela is both a symbolic and real occult bloodline sacrificial ritual and I assure you that current events at the world cup are part of a ritual that is on a par with massive biblical rituals. The grandaughter death fits in with a virgin/menstrual cycle sacrifice too as do the blowing of symbolic horns.

The world cup, in 2010 especially, is already a massive occult ritual and of course the global use of symbolic ‘instruments’ helps prove this, that is if you dare look beyond the celebrity pied pipers on the pitch and break free from the hypnotism.

 “Come on get off your knees and see through the shit that has you dancing to the tune of the serpent like an ape. It’s time to claim your freedom. It is time to free your spirit”

(Matthew Delooze June 2010)

  If you can see the pied pipers for what they really represent you will also see the ritual. Nelson Mandela, ‘The Son of Africa’ – Father of a Nation, is symbolically tagged and laden with symbolism and fits the frame for being the figurehead in a Serpent Cult created occult bloodline sacrificial/rebirth ritual. Mandela is literally worshipped as a symbolic Father and Son (on a par with relationships involving ancient deities where they became fathers / sons / brothers to other members of their own family). This is no coincidence.  Mandela has been put on a celebrity pedestal for many years. He is now the symbolic Messiah of South Africa and a GLOBAL icon.  He is literally The SUN OF AFRICA (His book linked earlier proves this) Wake Up! He is a massive pied piper agent for the Serpent Cult. He is a forthcoming Princess Diana type emotional con trick figure for the Blacks. The ‘world’ will mourn his passing and that is why Mandela has been tagged with massive occult labels for decades. Those who have read my ‘Diana’ article will know exactly what I mean and they will also know exactly what is coming. ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ my arse, he’s never been a bloody prisoner you daft buggers, it’s you that’s needs freeing.

Indeed even his ‘foundation’ symbolism is a blatant Sun swirl. If you couple that with the Sun of Africa book of Mandela, mentioned earlier, you literally have a ‘Messiah’ to mourn in the making. The time for this is not too far off either. Again it is part of the world cup ritual.


Sun Swirl logo for the ‘Son of Africa’ (Sun King Mandela). It’s living the bloody legacy allright!

Come on folks wake the hell up.

Moving back on track (We will get there eventually!)…  Again there is no doubt that the horns are used in rituals and, perceived different cultures aside, these rituals receive ‘global’ participation and acceptance. They are connected to the same symbolic deities that have been adopted by all cultures in one way or another. At the end of the day all middlemen deities, either mythical gods or human icons, in all cultures, represent the Serpent Cult and are always somehow connected to the Sun. Mandela is the same.

It has become clear to me that symbolic horns and trumpets have been used in ritual since time began. The ‘vibrations’, both physical and spiritual, that are caused by such things affect us very deeply and the symbolism being created, by using the sound from the horns of a beast etc, is quite prolific if you care to think about it for a moment. That said there is no difference in “using the horns of a beast to turn symbolism into vibrational sounds” than “using trumpets and turning the symbolism stamped on them into vibrational sounds”. I tell you the truth when I say that the notes from a symbolic musical instrument have the same effect on your soul as spiritually binding words of esoteric scripture. That is why you see the vuvuzela is being used in South Africa at this time. It is for ritualistic purposes and the symbolism they represent.

They are speaking volumes to those that can hear what they are saying. They are creating occult ritual symbolism via vibrational sounds.


 I want to try and show you a slightly deeper meaning to the ‘world cup ritual’ of 2010. I’m sorry I had to go though all the foundation symbolism of the vuvuzelas, but I had to show you how the Serpent Cult put the ingredients for ritual together over a long period of time and then bake it for you to eat and swallow. Indeed I tell you the truth when I say that the world cup of 2010 was ‘planned’ thousands of years ago as a ritual that will help enslave the human race.

It should be oh so obvious to sensitive souls that the vuvuzelas and the kuduzelas are being used in a massive ritual simply because the sounds would have stirred your souls. If you have already felt the vibes you don’t need me to tell you that the vuvuzelas are part of a powerful spiritual ritual.  Indeed those vibrations were also ‘felt’ by some of you many lifetimes ago and thousands of years ago and they will have stayed with you. And they are indeed a trigger for you in 2010.  If this is so then ‘the past is calling’ for you so please try to listen to it.

At the beginning of the world cup event the sound of the horns would have stirred very sensitive souls a great deal. Indeed there was a big outcry about them and calls for them to be banned (They were never going to be banned). They seem to have been accepted now anyway. It should also be noted that the kuduzelas are officially banned from the stadiums and only the vuvuzelas are allowed inside them. It’s strange but true. You can literally toot your brains out on a vuvuzela in the stadiums but you cannot even take the symbolically shaped kuduzelas through the bloody turnstiles.

That my friends is because, and the authorities will tell you different, the covert ritual has to be ‘heard’ at a certain amount of decibels and it has to be ‘seen’ to come from a very symbolic instrument too.

This is to say that the Kudozela does not match the symbolism needed for the ritual taking place INSIDE the stadiums but it was needed to symbolise the country in which the ritual was taking place. The two instruments had to be symbolically linked together but only the vuvuzela is allowed ‘inside’ the arena (the temple), again this is because the esoteric ritual requires a special level of sound vibration to take place and the instruments have to be very symbolic too. The ‘vibes’ and ‘looks’ are very important! This is because they have to match rituals from the past.


  Only the ‘trumpet’ shaped vuvuzela is allowed in World Cup Stadiums. The Kuduzela is not allowed inside the stadium!

It should also be noted that the symbolic vuvuzelas are to be blown on a global scale. They are literally being given away or sold around the world. The horns and their sound are being heard on a global scale and it is no coincidence. The whole world is tooting on the bloody things. It is not a coincidence and the Serpent Cult has made it all happen through their human corporate business agents. Sadly it was so easily done too.

The symbolic sound of the vuvuzela horns is also linked to ‘fear’ and that fact was announced in the global press as being successful.  It was also announced, in many ways, that the horns also produce a ritualistic sound that is meant to cause shockwaves and stirrings in ‘Baboons’.

The connection to ‘Baboons’, although appearing relatively trivial on the surface, is very very important to the ritual. Indeed the ‘Baboon’ side of things is a major part of the 2010 ritual that is now taking place right under the noses of the masses. The link to ‘Baboons’ is not a coincidence and needs mentioning because it is time to find out what the ‘vuvuzelas are all about’ and ‘the ritual they actually represent’.

The South African ‘vuvuzelas’ themselves are actually linked to ancient ‘sun deities’ and their celebrity agents on earth. The Serpent requests that a certain instrument is used in the ritual to make it true. Therefore the vuvuzelas had to take on a ‘traditional shape’ that is only linked to the North African mythical gods/goddesses like Thoth and Isis (Linked to the world cup event and the world cup trophy).  In other words the instrument ‘had’ to fit the geometry and shape of the original sun worship ritual trumpet that was used in ancient ritual and that is what I’m about to show you.

Here is a picture of the ancient instument used in ancient North African (Egyptian) ‘rituals’. These trumpets were also embossed with occult symbolism, just like the vuvuzela/kuduzela is today.



11 vuvu trumpet271-4-EM-1-1166--2_324x324

The ancient trumpet as used by the ancient Egyptians adorned with sun symbolism

I truly believe the vuvuzela is a symbolic replica of ancient instrument found in the tomb of Tutankhamen and it is a vital instrument of ritual.  Again I tell you today that the instruments being used today at the world cup and given out free around the globe actually represent the ancient ritual trumpet of the ancient world and they are being used for death/ rebirth/ restoration rituals that are linked to the Sun. Here are the modern versions (below) that are being promoted and used globally.


 The modern day version of the ancient ‘sun rebirth trumpet’


Another ‘hyped’ modern day version of the ancient ‘sun rebirth’ trumpet

The old version was ‘buried’ with Tutankhamen the famous Egyptian Boy King and agent for the Serpent.  It is literally the ‘first’ recorded trumpet and I believe it was left in the tomb of King Tut for use in ritualistic rebirth ceremonies at a later date. The Serpent Cult has planned global rituals that have taken place and are taking place in the countdown to 2012 and beyond. They need to keep a grip on the human race you see and they can only do this by getting human beings to willingly take part in global rituals. Does this world cup/vuvuzela business make sense to you now?

Can you see what I am saying and does it make any sense to you? Can you accept that a modern day world cup tournament was planned to be a covert global ritual years ago and that instruments used in the burial of Pharoahs like King Tut would have to be used in rebirth rituals thousands of years later?

Come on wake up. Think.

Can you believe that the Serpent Cult literally buried ‘instructions’ for such rituals with the Pharoahs and Kings for use at a later date. Could the symbolism on the walls of such tombs actually display instructions that the human agents part of the Serpent Cult have to follow? Can you understand this scenario? Indeed are magical announcements placed right under our noses but we cannot see them? Are the Serpent Cult using ancient occult ritual at global events and getting human beings to endorse them? I say yes. I’m not the man from Del Monte but I still say yes.

I certainly believe the current global ritual taking place at the world cup is based on ancient instructions and instruments placed in tombs of the ancient Pharoahs. I have done so for many years and I have waited several years just to tell you so in this article.


  Some of the spells and instructions displayed in the tomb of Tut, including the baboons and the scarab beetle/ sun

Again, in my opinion, references to these ancient ‘instruments’ and the symbolism adorning the walls of King Tut’s tomb, including the ‘baboons’, are indeed ancient ceremonial ‘instructions’ to carry out ‘book of the dead type rituals’ that were to take place in the ‘future’ and indeed were to take part on a massive scale? These ‘coded’ instructions of ritual were recorded inside many tombs simply to be used at a later date, and that later date, as far as the world cup ritual is concerned is now. It is now. The vuvuzela is literally a replica of the instrument used in rituals of the past.

Is it possible that a magic formula of esoteric information is being adopted to carry out these rituals? Is is possible that the ‘gods’ and the Pharaohs of ancient times passed down the knowledge of ritual, and the effects rituals create, down to modern day world leaders? Do the ‘Gods insist that their lackeys one Earth, those liars we call our leaders, get the masses to carry out rituals to keep the staus quo in tact? Come on think about it.

If it is so then when I say the Serpent Cult is made up of inter-dimensional beings, and their human agents on Earth then you will realise, why they keep their instructions to rule the human race between themselves. They are in cahoots and rule the human race by getting it to carry out ritual they can’t even see, never mind understand. I have been saying this and showing it for years.


  (In cahoots) Thoth and the Pharoahs knew magic trickery and were obsessed with ritual

King Tut’s tomb is very interesting and his sarcophagus is extraordinary (boxes inside boxes) and his burial at the time was obviously part of a massive ritual. His burial reminds me of the lost ‘Book of Thoth’.  His tomb also depicts the baboon and the scarab beetle symbolism. It is a case of ‘Thoth and Rebirth’ symbolism respectively. Hey don’t forget, if you saw the opening ceremony of the world cup, that the scarab (dung) beetle was openly used in the ritual too. This is also linked to Egypt and Thoth/ death/ rebirth /sun rituals.  It is blatantly obvious, if you look at the deeper symbolism involved, that a very serious ritual is taking place.


 The scarab beetle ‘pushing the sun’ in the opening ceremony of the world cup in 2010


 The scarab beetle pushing the sun as depicted in ancient Egyptian rituals.

Indeed the entire world cup resembles the exact same magic ritual scenario of trying to restore Osiris from the dead. Not that moronic football slaves will ever consider it of course. It will never enter their heads because they only concentrate on the sport they have been hypnotised with. The fact that the tools and symbolism being used in the world cup also adorned the walls of the tomb of King Tut will be laughed at even when t is shown. The masses believe the force that controls the world simply supplies the public with football, or other sporting events, for the benefit of the masses and a form of entertainment.  It will never enter the head of the average football fan that they are being used in a ritual that will lead to their continued spiritual enslavement. The link can never be made en-masse simply because we cannot see the bigger picture and the masses cannot cope with something they enjoy and willingly participate in being the source of their misery.

Indeed the true meaning of mass ritual is kept from the masses. The average football fan won’t even know of ancient symbolism or ancient rituals. They will believe the ancient Egyptians simply painted sill shite on their Kings tombs. The average football fan will simply scream and shout at a match. The average football fan will know nothing of ancient Deities or how they were worshipped through ritual; therefore they will never link the actions of a world cup tournament with such things.

But both the World Cup Tournament and ancient rituals are linked because ‘Thoth and Isis’ are heavily involved in this ritual through the symbolism of ‘baboons’, ‘trumpets’ and the trophy itself. Indeed both Isis and Thoth are said to have carried out the ‘ritual of life’ by trying to bring Osiris back to life. Don’t take my word for it, please research it yourself. Thoth was also a major player in the Book of the Dead and weighing of the heart ceremony, and even more significantly he was a judge of souls along with Osiris. He tipped the scales as a ‘Baboon’ and scribed as an Ibis. I’m sorry to bore you by mentioning history but the same ‘Osiris’ type ritual is taking place at the 2010 world cup. I thought you should know!


Thoth helps judge the souls of the dead at the weighing of the heart ceremony

That said, and staying on the same level of symbolism, I’m not suggesting that the massive death/rebirth ritual, that I believe is taking place in this world at the world cup at this moment, involves the physical resurrection of a King Tut or Osiris in their ‘living’ image. That said I do believe that the ritual may eventually involve the death and send off of Nelson Mandela and the restoration or replacing of his symbolic replacement. Obviously Obama fits in the frame of the next black ‘global’ pied piper in many ways and we can only wait and see. That said Mandela’s symbolic replacement may be carried out by someone not yet in the public eye.

Anyway I believe, along with Isis worship, that a Ritual of Life/Death is taking place at the world cup 2010. Of that my friends I have no doubts. I’m just not 100% sure yet of who it involves. All I know for now is that on a symbolic level ‘the magic of Thoth’ has been summoned, through the vuvuzelas, and his so called magic is being used in some ritual of life that is on a par with the Osiris ritual.

I tell you the truth from the bottom of my heart that the world cup is screaming with moon symbolism through every pore and the Serpent Cult are literally filling their boots. I can only say again that the world cup events in 2010 are linked with death rebirth ritual and the use of vuvuzelas is a massive part of the ritual.

Do you think it is possible that the world cup has adopted a resurrection type ritual that is linked to magic and knowledge used in the days of King Tut too? Do you think an Osiris type ritual is taking place? It is absolutely no coincidence that these sun ‘trumpets’ have appeared along with other symbolic ingredients for a massive ritual of life and death and it is no coincidence that it is linked with the Baboon (Thoth). Do you believe the vuvuzelas could be part of the ritual?

It is really possible that this ritual is being carried out to bring ‘rebirth’ to some powerful force that is actually linked to King Tut and his trumpets are part of the ritual? Were the ‘instructions’ for this massive ritual actually left in King Tut’s tomb to be used in future rituals? Did millions of folks have to toot on the symbolic instruments to ensure the rebirth of our enslavers goes ahead? In other words do millions of apes have to worship the serpent to allow the serpent to rule? Think about it.

Are we seeing serious rituals unfold before our very eyes but we are so dumbed down with shit and ego that we won’t even attempt to look at it never mind accept it? Anyway I have said enough today and I have done my job. I believe I have supplied you with truth and I only hope I have done it in a way you can understand it.  It is your heart that I have tried talked to, not the dumbed down brain this world has given you.

Over the two world cup articles I have showed you that human beings are literally led to cooking pot stadiums that are linked together on energy lines. I have showed you that human beings are being used to create spiritual energy and endorse a spiritually binding ritual. I have suggested that although the ritual is spiritual it also involves five sense agents like Nelson Mandela and his bloodline. I have showed you links to ancient instruments used it rebirth ritual and said that the vuvuzela is a very similar modern day version of such things and it is now literally being used on a ‘global level’. I have showed you that a dumbed down human race can be made to dress up in occult regalia, and dance around in celebration, without realising what they are doing and I say again that these things will lead to enslavement of the human race.


 Dressing up and celebrating inside temples/stadiums is a ritual that feeds the ‘creators’ of the symbolism you wear so please know what you do before you do it!

I have said for over 12 years now that the force carrying out such things are a deceptive multidimensional force.  I call the Serpent Cult. I also stand by everything I have said. I get all the dirty jobs but until I reach my goal I will carry on doing those dirty jobs.

Human beings are programmed to follow things they enjoy and fight to the death for what they enjoy. Sports like football are innocent and I’m not suggesting for one minute anyone gives up things they enjoy. These sports are simply a pied piper for people who are so dumbed down in spiritual awareness that they could never see the scam that is taking place in a million years. Again I’m not asking anyone to give up pleasures I’m only asking that people look at what is happening at the events they attend because they do not see the ritual they take part in or the effect it will have on the human race.

The human race cannot yet understand that a deceptive force would lead them to carry out such things and the human race believes attending these events, in their current capacity, has no effect on the human race anyway. This is because they cannot connect what they are led to do with what actually happens in their lives, and I’m sorry to say their manufactured egos will keep them blind forever.

Again who is going to question something they actually enjoy taking part in? You are going to want to continue enjoying it and of course who takes an notice of the ritual side of things?  We only question what we don’t enjoy.  Our lives would be very empty indeed if the things we are programmed to enjoy were taken away, or worse, exposed as a scam to spiritually enslave us. We literally become blind, carrot chasing, jackasses when we pursue the things we like. The Serpent dangles a juicy carrot in front of us and we follow it because our lives and intuition are so empty because of our hypnotic programming.

Based on a typical human slave in this world, I’ll say the serpent doesn’t just control the 90% of their life that is tedious and miserable it also controls the 10% of life they may enjoy. Indeed my friends, the 10% of life you may enjoy controls your destiny far more than the 90% of life you don’t enjoy. You will always blindly follow things you enjoy doing and the Serpent knows that only too well. You will blindly defend the good 10% of life whilst not realising it is the major cause of human spiritual enslavement, and this is because of the ‘free willed energy’ involved. That is why the Serpent Cult controls the things we enjoy. It provides all the carrots as well as all the sticks.

And just like the jackass we cannot see the real affect the carrot that dangles on a string has on us and we cannot even see the hand that dangles it. We simply carry on walking and dribble at the sight of the carrot regardless.

Maybe, if the string holding the carrot snaps one day, and the hypnotic carrot falls to the ground, and is lost in the mud, the jackasses will have no alternative but to turn around and see the person holding the stick, which the carrot once dangled from, for what they really are. I’m not saying the stick won’t then be used to wack us when we refuse to chase the carrot any longer, but at least it would be a start. Well wouldn’t it?

I believe the symbolic choice of either carrying on walking whilst looking at the carrot and dribbling, or actually turning around and seeing who actually held the stick, that the carrot once dangled from, has finally arrived.

 It certainly has for me.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze (21st June 2010)

All Text Copyright  (c) Matthew Delooze 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



The Winner Takes It All

The Winner Takes It All

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 The World Cup Scam Exposed (Part One)

By Matthew Delooze

I was going to write and publish this information back in 2006 (Before the 2006 World Cup). I decided not too. I think now is a better time to publish it, especially for those few that have connected to my theories and my work in general and that is only because is it those few that I wish to try to assist in the future. I can only repeat that I am not in ‘business’ and I am not here to sell you what you want to hear simply so I can keep your future custom. I am therefore able to speak directly and honestly and always have been.

I am currently writing a book and ‘sport’, especially football, will be mentioned in it. But I strongly feel the information contained in this article should be released now, because my book will be delayed. This article exposes one of the major, if not the major scams behind global sporting events. That is the ‘world cup’. It kicks off in a matter of days.

It will cost you nothing to read this article but it has cost me very dearly to provide it. I wish to help at least a few people break free from the Serpent’s spell. It is also given to try to help navigate some folks through the madness that has descended upon us at this time in this world and get them through to the other side.

Most folks who followed my works, in my books and articles, will know that I started to mention ‘stadiums and global events’ quite a few years ago now. I also started to expose the ‘spiritual energy extraction scam’ going on at the same time too.

It was clear to me, after experiencing the full-blown symptoms of a traumatic spiritual awakening, that ‘all human beings create spiritual energy’. Every human being is literally an energy-making machine. Yes I mean everyone not just the few.  I have previous written many articles on the matter  and the major principles of my theories are recorded in my books, the Stars Are Falling and Is It Me For A Moment?

Anyone who read those books and large articles, and actually took in the information within them, without prejudice, will know the basic principles to my theories, especially so in regards to spiritual energy extraction, the use of ‘stadiums’ and the symbolic official figureheads attending them. So I say to those that trusted the words in my book that this article should be far easier for you to understand in 2010 than it would have been should I have published it in 2006. That said the World Cup is one of the easiest scams to see anyway, after it has initially been pointed out of course, but obviously if we really don’t want to see things we will simply shut our eyes and if we really don’t want to hear things we will simply shut our ears too. So please try to keep both eyes and ears open.

I have also found that most people cannot even accept esoteric information emitting from someone in my position, they have simply been programmed to repudiate it. I am fully aware of that and that should be educational to us all if we care to think about it for a moment. After all we can only react to our hearts and intuitions can’t we?

Anyway folks lets not bugger about this time, I have no need to do so in this chapter/article, so let’s get straight on to the information.

If you believe the World Cup is only put on for our benefit and entertainment then I strongly suggest you stop reading now. But if you want to know the ‘real’ reason why there is a World Cup event actually taking place every four years, then please come with me and read on. You really have nothing to lose but your eternal enslavement in this world for doing so….

One of the largest ‘global events’ is due to take place in the next few weeks and that is ‘The FIFA World Cup’. Some would say this event is bigger than Christmas and EID. I realise a lot of long suffering soccer widows will agree with that too? Hey maybe this information will turn out to be the biggest weapon a soccer widow can find, not that a soccer fan will ever believe the information if soccer widows use it!

Anyway, the build up to this global event known as the world cup is now in full swing.  The adverts on TV are full of it. The ‘celebrities’ are getting involved and the teams have selected their list of gladiators. All the arenas are built and are ready and waiting to put on the show. You can even buy any kind of gadgets, shirts, clothes, flags, rattles and assorted toys and novelties that take your fancy and even the face paint is ready to slap on the faces of the masses.

The tickets have all been snapped up and the TV companies will shoot the event from all angles and analyse every shot, foul, penalty and goal over and over again. Indeed a very large portion, of the human race is literally primed and conditioned for the tournament to begin and their minds and hearts are totally focused on it. Indeed their minds are always focused on it because the event is continually hyped from one world cup to the next (Olympics in the middle of course!). The event is constantly in the collective consciousness of the human race. It is literally an eternal ritual.

Let me make it clear that I am a football fan myself. I am NOT criticising the game or sport in general. I am not saying it is wrong to have competitions and/or entertainment either. I think sport is great. I was a sporty type myself in my younger days and I loved to participate in a game of football (Soccer) and I was a football spectator for many years too. Both of my grown up sons play amateur league football too and I spent more than a decade bringing them through the junior leagues. I know about football and I know about football fans. I think it is the best game on the planet.

On a five sense level millions of people will be tuning in to the world cup and hundreds of thousands of people will be ‘in’ the stadiums in South Africa too. Millions of people will get enjoyment from the world cup. I do not dispute that. That said millions would be severely disappointed with the world cup as soon as their country is knocked out of it too. It truly is a roller coaster of emotions for football fans. I don’t need to explain anything about this competition on a five sense level do I? You all know about it be you a football fan or not. The fans love hearing about it and the football widows and other non-football fans hate hearing about it, but the world cup competition is placed in all our minds whatever we are.

I’m not here to tell you about the five sense reasons for the world cup. The hype, the hypnotic build up and the manic fans are there for all to see. The energy is simply overwhelming.

I am here to tell you about the multi-dimensional ritual side of the ‘world cup’. I’m here to point out the real reason why the world cup takes place on a spiritual level. I am here to point out the massive ritual that continually takes place right under our noses and how the masses are blindly conditioned to join in with it.

I still get all the bloody dirty jobs I’m afraid.

I have said many times that the masses are controlled by the ‘symbolism’ and the ‘geometry’ that they subconsciously ‘take in’. I have said many times that our physical reality is created by our thoughts. I have said in my books and articles that we also carry out spiritually binding vows through prayer and hymns (even those that open football tournaments). I have also said previously that stadiums and other locations used for global events are linked together. I have always said that the enslavement of the human race is created through the worship of the SUN and the symbolism behind its creation. (I also give explanations as to why worshipping the sun is so important) I have stated many times that multi- dimensional entities and their agents on Earth (the Serpent Cult) control the human race by manipulation of the collective consciousness and by using ritualistic trickery.

So baring that brief reminder in mind let’s have a proper look at the world cup.  I don’t mean let’s put on a football shirt, paint our faces and wave flags around, I mean let’s have a proper look at its foundation and what we are actually taking part in every four years.

I have always said that official Serpent Cult rituals in this world are carried out or created in symbolic locations. The world cup is an official Serpent Cult ritual and it was created in 1930. It was created in ‘Uruguay’. The entire tournament took place in the Estadio Centenario.

It is obvious if you check in to the history of the first world cup that Uruguay was going to be the only one selected to host it (It was done deal as usual). Indeed all the other countries withdrew their bids to allow Uruguay to host it!  Indeed Uruguay offered to refund all expenses to all participants.  It should also be noted that teams were ‘invited’ to participate and this means, on a spiritual level, it was a global ‘free will’ event. It was a symbolic foundation stone that has led to the event you see today. Hey please check out the foundation or creation symbolism involved in the pictures below.

This is the official flag of Uruguay. 


 The flag of Uruguay incorporates the Inca Sun God ‘Inti’ from ancient times, this is despite camouflage indicated it is linked to political revolutions and the Sun of May. The foundation of the world cup took place in ‘Montevideo’. Here is the official symbolism of Montevideo.


The Montevideo coat of arms

The Montevideo coat of arms shows a benben (pyramid shaped mound of earth) rising out of the water (chaos) and the lighthouse on top of the represents the sun (light). It is the rising Benben out of the watery chaos symbolism again (Just like the Ferris wheel symbolism and that linked to various other global rituals that have taken place over the last few years). Oh dear my delusions are getting worse aren’t they?

I’m afraid it’s the old Ferris wheel / Illuminati symbolism stuff again. It is slightly hidden in open view but it is there if you want really to look. Is it order out of chaos symbolism or is it just a coincidence? Whatever it is I assure you it now officially represents the birthplace (creation) of the modern day world cup and I have no doubts that the foundation or creation of the world cup is based on Sun worship and order out of chaos symbolism just like the creation of the planet itself through the ‘benben’. Please tell me how it is not so?

Since the foundation ceremony of the world cup the event has grown and grown in status. More and more symbolic stadiums have been built. All major countries have now got a ‘main’ symbolic sporting stadium, be it Wembley in England or the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.  South Africa is no different.

It is vital in my opinion that you should understand the importance of these ‘main’ stadiums have on the future, both individually on a collective basis. This is because, just as in ancient times, they are linked together and placed on ‘energy lines’. I have mentioned many times before that the Serpent Cult use stadiums and even open spaces to extract spiritual energy from human beings. I said many years ago that the stadiums are being put in place for global ritual purposes.

South Africa is no different. Indeed the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg is a good example to show you how the Serpent Cult actually operates. This is because it blatantly links symbolic stadiums together around the world to act as a collective global energy extraction machine. Please don’t take my word for it, read what the officials say about the ‘main’ stadium in South Africa. Here is just one example.

‘Marked black seats inside the stadium form lines pointing in the directions of the other South African stadia where World Cup matches will be played, with one line pointing to Berlin’s Olympiastadion where the final match of the 2006 World Cup was played.  The seats are coloured to represent the city of gold and an African sunrise, and the tunnels to the pitch resemble mining tunnels, which are a reminder of the city’s history” (Source: sagoodnews.co.za)

   It should be pointed out, and I show it in pictures below, that the symbolic energy lines are also painted on the ‘outside’ of the stadium. The authorities are making sure the link to other stadiums is blatantly announced and pointed out. But who really sees it?  The use and announcement of such things is on a par with the changeover at the Olympic games in where the torch is carried to next host to create the symbolic ‘energy lines’ between host cities. (Please remember that the Serpent Cult has to announce its actions in some way)

The same scenario applies to the football world cup and once a host city is decided on, many years in advance, no matter what its economic situation, the symbolism is put in place to link it to the previous host.


  The black lines on the outside and inside of the soccer city stadium link the present stadiums to the stadiums of the past.

In the case of South Africa the main arena (stadium) is based on a cooking pot known as the calabash. Which when you think about it, on a symbolic level, the pot is filled with human food to feed the gods! Obviously, on a symbolic level, ‘a bowl’ can mean many things and represents many countries. I believe soccer city stadium is going to be used used for several rituals during the world cup. Something is cooking in the calabash, as daft as it sounds!


Soccer City from the air (A pot on a pit of fire)

It is becoming obvious to me that the events in Soccer City will take on many rituals and the Serpent Cult will also place symbolism on one or more of its ‘agents’ at the opening event or at the final event. Considering the symbolism of South Africa and the history of Soccer City itself I can only suggest at this stage, before the events start, that the initial stages of replacing Nelson Mandela, with someone like Barack Obama, as the worlds official black pied piper icon will possibly take place. I don’t believe Barack Obama is attending but Mandela used the older version of the stadium when he was released from prison. We can only wait and see what unfolds but Soccer City Stadium is a very ideal venue for covert announcements and it is definitely a place for ritual or ceremonies to take place.

Anyway where have we got too? Oh yes, the symbolic foundations of the world cup leading to the modern stadiums of the 2010 event.

Let’s move on…

I realise not many football fans and neutrals will not actually think of anything else but the ‘football’ and the celebration of victory and the sadness of defeat during the world cup. I certainly didn’t just a few years ago. The reason we do not think of anything else is simply because of the mass programming and hypnotism we are subjected to but of course that is part of football and agents for the serpent carry out the said programming on us. I’m not going to go in to how that programming started in this article but I will be doing so in my next book.

 That said you do not need to be Einstein to see that football fans wear blinkers and, as far as their national side and the world cup are concerned, they literally answer the call to support, represent and literally fight for their national team at the drop of a hat. There really is no difference between a world cup tournament taking place and the battles taking place during a crusade. They are the exact same thing n a spiritual and emotional level. Indeed we even wear the same uniforms.


Football fans as Knight Templar or Knight Templar as football fans?

The Serpent Cult goes to great measures to create tribalism on the international football scene. Violence and intimidation are part and parcel of international football and the authorities create the tensions. I realise the majority of true sports fans do not want any thing to do with violence but at the end of the day most football fans will defend their teams to the death, even if it is only verbally, emotionally and spiritually.  The Serpent Cult wants to create massive amounts of spiritual energy at the world cup and they actually want us to be verbal, emotional and spiritual over matters. It is these things that create energy. Any violence that takes place only increases our emotions and that is why violence in football is spasmodic but, that said the fear and possibility of violence is always present.

Again the tournament is akin to being in a ‘battle’ situation.


 A football game or an emotional symbolic battle?

The increase in the symbolism now being worn and displayed by the football fans is no coincidence either. As I said the football fans wear symbolic ‘battle uniforms’ they literally swear allegiance to the symbolism they wear whilst not having a clue what it means. They only see it as loyalty to their countries football team. Sadly the traits of soccer violence and display of occult symbolism is passed down the generations. Soccer hooligans produce soccer hooligans and train them from birth. That said normal fans dress their offspring in the same symbolism too.


Is this what I do Daddy?


‘Christening’ robes? 


School Uniform?

Indeed they usually take the regiment band along with them to games, trumpets blazing and drums beating, and this is no coincidence either. The atmosphere inside the stadium is purposely raised to increase the expectations, therefore the emotions, of the crowd.

It is clear to anyone that has attended a large football game that the crowd is always adorned with the ‘symbolism’ of their ‘team’ and they scream shout and sing because of it. On a physical level they are simply showing support for something they love (nothing wrong with that) but on a spiritual level they literally praise the symbolism they wear and that which is displayed in the arena they do battle in. The only problem being they do not know what the symbolism is nor do they realise the implications of, albeit unknowingly, worshipping it.


 Is it a sign of emotional adoration for football or blind worship of occult symbolism created through deception?

Again on a five-sense level there is nothing wrong with this, it’s nice to feel part of ‘something’ and have a ‘side’ to support and cheer and even sulk and moan about. I can only try to point out that there are many other reasons behind global events like the world cup, but if the masses are dumbed down so much that that they can only see the lowest level of understandings then they will never ever realise, never mind actually accept, that they are being ‘scammed’. I’ll come to that point in regards to the world cup later on.

For now I’ll say the worship of occult symbolism in the world cup goes much further afield than the hosting country or the symbolic stadiums being used in it.  The Serpent Cult has created a network of symbolic locations to display the 2010 world cup around the globe, just like it did in the last world cup. Mind you this sort of thing is increased 10 fold in the last 12 years leading up to 2010. This worship by proxy, if you like, is usually done in major cities. A large screen will be produced, usually outside a replica temple in a city square or near a symbolic logo of a corporate business, and crowds will be encouraged to gather around it and cheer their team on.  wc11Untitled1

 Worship of occult symbolism and the ‘world cup’ outside replica temple

I have obviously mentioned this situation many times over the years. Indeed it is going on again ‘officially’ at some very major landmarks, just like the Live 8 energy extraction did. F Fans Fest is another massive scam and includes energy being extracted beside the same monuments and energy lines that were used in Live 8 and many other rituals that have taken place for centuries at the same or similar locations. I mentioned this thing years ago, when I wrote about Live 8, but in the majority of cases it fell on lazy and deaf ears, or worse, the work was stolen.  Indeed I am truly sick to death of pointing this out, but I tell you the truth AGAIN that the sun monuments and energy lines in Paris, Rome and Berlin, along with the others mentioned in the FIFA link provided are being used again. I point out that all the areas in the FIFA Fan’s Fest have been ‘baptised’ with the Ferris wheel too.


 Map showing official fans fests and world cup stadiums.

If you have access to decent internet speed, don’t just look at the map and the link watch this bloody video There are eight ‘8’ exclusive cities too. See if it reminds you of Live 8! See if it reminds you of monuments too!

What can I say about the video apart from it shows another global ritual? Free events located around illuminati monuments again eh? Hey maybe I wasn’t really so delusional in 2005 after all then eh? Maybe I’m not just a silly loony after all and the force that blew my socks off in 1998/99 is not just a sign of paranoid psychosis after all eh? I know it isn’t and always have done but that may be part of the delusion eh? But hey, believe this, if I am telling the truth I assure you I wouldn’t swap a bucket of piss for some people’s futures out there, not even a full one. The past is calling and its pretty bloody pissed off at the stench of planet Earth. I may be a fool but I’m no liar. Mind you I won’t play the fool for much longer either. Anyone who was with me back in 2005, and actually read about the Live 8 information I provided back then, should connect to the information and to the events mentioned in the FIFA fest video, simply because it’s the very same spiritual extraction scam that is taking place. It is the same scam!!!

Please open your minds and eyes and bloody well look at what is going on. The only difference between both Live 8 and world cup events is that the Serpent Cult are using the World Cup as a pied piper instead of using pop stars and Bob Geldof’s Live 8 as a pied piper. The results of the rituals are the same.

If you can now see through both of these deceptions then I am excited for your future.

Please take in that the Serpent Cult requires massive free willed participation (spiritual consent) from the human race to turn the events like Live 8 and the world cup in to spiritually binding rituals and lets be honest, its not hard for them to gain free will participation from a spiritually blind human race is it? The human race is symbol illiterate.

These free screenings of world cup matches from FIFA are placed on these locations on purpose because they literally represent a place of worship, just like they did at Live 8. A global ritual of Sun worship is taking place and sadly the human race falls for it right, left and centre every time.  Of course oppressed human beings are going to love being entertained and want to join in a party. What is the alternative?

FIFA have also used pied piper superstar type players to add more attraction to the events. Pele and Maradona being two massive ones.  I am not going in to detail regarding these stars (pied pipers for the Serpent Cult) simply because they represent the same scenario as I described in the information regarding David Beckham last year. Both Pele and Maradonna, along with Beckham have been ‘selected’ to play symbolic pied pipers. I will go in to this situation in depth in my next book but please note that the whole England team now carries the symbolism of Beckham, mentioned in the Paint Your Wagon chapter/article and this is because Beckham has been made the official figurehead of the England Team leading up to 2012 and beyond.

OK then what have we covered so far in this article? Oh yes the foundation symbolism, the modern day and even ancient symbolic stadiums, the fan’s fests, battle uniforms and football symbolism and oh yes of course symbolic occult laden pied pipers like David Beckham.

Anyway folks I suppose I better start to explain things regarding the ‘tournament’ you know of as the world cup.  I suppose that’s what most of you that are simply skimming through this article want to know.

OK then let me explain, on a spiritual level, what the ‘world cup’ ritual is all about but let’s start with something that will get rid of the chaff…  So here goes… ‘I assure you all that the world cup has nothing to do with a ‘game’ called football’.

Indeed the ‘world cup’ is simply a ‘front’ for massive sun worship and surrender of spirit ritual. The fact that football matches are taking place is totally immaterial.  What? I hear you say… the world cup has nothing to do with football? Has Delooze gone even more insane than he was before?

I tell you the truth when I say that  ‘football’ is only being used in the ‘world cup’ because it is a very popular sport and dumbed down blinkered football fans (human beings) are very easily manipulated to behave in the way that the Serpent Cult wants them too.

The Serpent Cult has simply cultivated the game of football and its fans for their own benefit, and it is because of this cultivation that millions of hypnotised human beings follow the sport as they do today. In fact to most football fans the game is their ‘life’. They have nothing to live for without it, such is the power of mind manipulation and programming.

The fans never actually look at anything but their team, their opponents and the field of play. They are happily oblivious to what is really going on around them. They simply won’t listen to anything that contradicts their faith in their team. They simply want ‘victory’ on the symbolic battlefield for themselves and they expect to receive it through their champions (the football team they support.)

The players are no different to the fans as far as true awareness of the situation taking place and they do not see anything but their opponents and they only hear the power of their supporters. The managers simply want to appease their fans and their employers too. Obviously they all want to be a winner and bring the world cup home but NONE of them actually step back and look at what they are actually doing. They are, albeit unknowingly, sheep in the extreme.

The only force that knows what is really going on in the world cup tournament is the Serpent Cult itself. That is not an insult to the football fans, it is basic fact as far as I am concerned, and I assure you I was/am the same as anybody else. I also hadn’t a clue what was really going on in the world cup prior to 1998. I was blind to the scam.

Again, despite the ridicule, general fear and lack of large scale acceptance of my theories, I have still written many things about the masses being attracted to events and because of their emotions and programming they actually create and release spiritual energy at the said event. I have also explained many times that the energy harvested at such events goes to the creators of the symbolic monuments, idols and symbolism on display at the time.

The ‘world cup’ is a massive example of this. You don’t see many events that come larger than the world cup. Indeed the words ‘world cup’ say it all if you can raise your awareness higher than an empty bag of crisps and drop your ego a little for a few minutes.  If you want to be free then you have to want to be free so please empty your mind of trivia for a short while and look what the world cup is really all about… Come on…

It is the world cup ‘trophy’ itself that is put on a pedestal and it is the centre of attention at the tournament.  It literally symbolises and represents the whole event. Well doesn’t it? Well obviously so if it is the aim of the players and fans to ‘win it’. It is the icon, the symbolic golden idol of worship, on display.

Let’s look at the trophy itself because it has strong foundation symbolism too.

Hey I’ll let Bobby Moore show you the true symbolism hiding behind the trophy (you will believe he eh?) and the foundation symbolism of the trophy that is on display at the world cup today. Please note Bobby Moore was the very first English football pied piper that was used and recruited by the Serpent Cult, his premature death at 51 through cancer obviously added to his worship value, especially so at Wembley stadium. David Beckham now holds the pied piper position today. 


 Sir Bob and the original ‘world cup’ in all its ‘glory’

You can see, if you look, that the world cup is a winged goddess and it was also known at the time as the Jules Rimet trophy.

The trophy, originally named Victory, but later renamed in honour of former FIFA president Jules Rimet, was made of gold plated sterling silver and lapis lazuli and depicted Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.  (Source FIFA.com)

     It is said to be Nike the Goddess of Victory. Obviously veteran conspiracy buffs will know that Nike is just another name used to represent Isis, Athena and the rest of the deceptive pied piper goddess icons, and symbolic agents, that I believe have been used for thousands of years, by what I call the Serpent Cult, to deceive and enslave the human race. Look closely at the trophy again. The Serpent Cult did not hide the symbolism back in 1966 simply because it had to be accepted and adored it its true image.


The original world cup: The Jules Rimet Trophy

It is literally a ‘chalice’. It is a tool used in occult ritual.

It is so easy for me to use this example to show you how the Serpent Cult ‘alters’ the symbolism they use in public but yet still hide it right under our noses. (Not that many actually see it when it is blatant and right in their face and literally held up high by the captain of England… (Obviously we were too busy cheering it to notice) Here is a picture of the modern day version of the world cup and another of the two trophies together. Look how easy it is to hide occult symbolism and please believe me a golden chalice representing sun deities is definitely occult symbolism!


 ‘World Cup’ = Sun Deity Chalice (Get it?)

The two different trophies carry the exact same symbolism but it is much harder to see the symbolism and the links to the original occult sun worship chalice in the second version isn’t it? But that is exactly what the second trophy represents. It is a chalice used for ritual. What does it all mean? The fact is folks that the millions of football fans and other people that get connected to the world cup are literally taking part in a religious ritual of sun/serpent worship. The world cup trophy is simply on a par with a chalice that is used for ritual in temples and churches around the world. Therefore the world cup tournament becomes a global religious ritual. In simple terms look at the pictures and see what I mean.


The occult symbolism is hidden in the modern day world cup trophy

 wc18Untitled1 wc19Untitled1

The chalice is shown to worshippers simply to be accepted and endorsed

The ritual has nothing to do with football and again the football is only used as a pied piper to attract the audience to watch and witness the event. In ancient times real physical battles took place in arenas (gladiators etc) instead of football matches and people were literally slaughtered to create the necessary levels of emotion (creation of spiritual energy). The battles were always in honour of the sun gods or their agents (Royalty) and that is exactly what is happening at the world cup in modern times. It is not entertainment for the masses, the entertainment is simply manufactured to create the emotion and many forms of entertainment can be used. Football is a very popular one so it was chosen for large rituals. The event simply takes place in honour of the sun gods, again it is not to entertain the masses. The fans are simply hypnotised stooges that endorse the ritual through their free will. The feel good factor connected to the games is simply manipulated to the extreme.

On a spiritual level, the fans, will literally be deceived in to worshipping ‘the chalice’ (The world ‘cup’) that represents pied piper sun deities created by the Serpent Cult. The fans are literally entering sun temples (sports arenas like soccer city) and worshipping their enslaver. By accepting and worshipping this chalice the masses give the right to rule the human race to those that are represented by the Serpent Cult. Has the penny dropped yet?

The people at home and at the fans fests, mentioned earlier in this article, etc are also joining in the mass sun ritual. They too are literally bowing to the chalice. The ‘world’ cup. It is all a scam hidden behind a sport called football. Again the football has absolutely nothing to do with it. The people in all participating countries that are driving around in cars, symbolic chariots, adorned in occult symbolic flags and emblems are also joining in the ritual. They haven’t a clue what they are doing and the Serpent Cult is pissing itself at human stupidity and the trickery that is taking place.

wc 20 Untitled1

 The ritual is carried out in many ways and in many makeshift temples!

It really really really does not matter which country we are from or which team we are supporting because we are all joining in the same massive ritual that will enslave us. Tribalism and duality are used only to create more spiritual energy and at the end of the day all supporters are worshipping the same force no matter what team they follow or what country they live in. All sides are victims. We are all unknowingly worshipping symbolic gods that have deceived us.

I realise it is hard for many to believe that attending these events can be ‘negative’ (in spiritual terms) because of the feel good factor of the event but that feel good factor is needed to prove to the universe that it is the free will of the human race to have the serpent cult rule over us. It has to have a feel good factor. In universal law we choose our reality and by these events taking place, and the human race willingly, adoring them we give permission to the serpent cult to rule us.

Can you start to BELIEVE that the world cup event is one big scam to steal spiritual energy and to extract free will acceptance of the serpent cults rule over us?

I tell you the truth when I say my words are true and trustworthy. The world cup has nothing to do with football it is simply a request by the masses to be ruled by the Serpent Cult.

Think back to all the information inside this article, but forget all about game of ‘football’, please think what the fans in the stadium are actually doing and please think about what the people at home and people at the fans fests are doing. Please think about the worship of the symbolic trophy and the worship of ‘global leaders’ that goes on inside stadiums too because all energy created in stadiums feeds the creators of the symbolism and their agents.

I know only too well that I will be laughed at for my claims but that does not stop be writing this article. Mind you I will have a little chuckle at the fact that so called awakened people will sit in front of a TV screen worshipping the chalice of Isis, awake my arse! They are still fast asleep in my opinion. Not to worry though they can concentrate on Christmas again after the world cup.

That said I realise that millions of fans will either go to stadiums or sit in front of a TV screen and willingly and happily take part in this ritual and I understand this fully. I did it myself up to 1998. I was a drone blindly joining in a ritual. I simply enjoyed the football and never looked at the bigger picture. I can laugh at the world cup now but I cry because of the hypnotised and blind people it deceives. I also realise they will never believe what I say on the matter.

I can only suggest to these people that they actually stop watching the football for one minute and actually ‘watch themselves’. Look at what you do! Look at what you cheer and what you boo. Take note of your emotional states and your reactions, for example did you know it is a fact that domestic abuse and violence increases dramatically during the world cup? Yes the emotions behind the programming are so intense that some football fans go and beat the shit out of their wife because their football team lost a game. Hey lads the only winner is the Serpent Cult. ‘It takes it all’ and will also feed off sore losers beating up their wife.

It is very hard for a hypnotised fool to see they are a hypnotised fool. It is very hard for intelligent human beings to actually realise that they have been taken for a very silly mug and they are sat there adorned in occult symbolism worshipping their enslaver and are merely mind slaves in ritual they cannot even comprehend. They can never accept that a popular game called football has just been the honey trap to steal energy.

But I say to everyone please sit drinking, dancing and singing to the world cup trophy but at least look at what you are doing when you do so. Because once you open your eyes a new world is waiting for you, a far better one than the one you are so scared of losing.

I take no pleasure in saying that millions of people are being duped and sadly it wasn’t very hard to dupe them. The Serpent Cult has been carrying out these things for thousands of years and a stupefied human race hasn’t had a clue. Christmas and Eid being on a par with large global sporting events.

Again there is only one winner in the world cup as you know but it hasn’t anything to do with the football team that score more goals than the others do either. There is only ever going to be one winner too. That winner is the creator of the symbolism that is ‘lifted’ and cheered at the end of the tournament. That winner receives all the spiritual energy that has been created. The winner literally ‘takes it all’ in these events. That winner is the creator of the symbolism being displayed on the symbolic ritualistic chalice. The winner is the Serpent Cult.

My friend, every emotion created at the tournament, through every tear, smile, frown or cheer, is turned in to energy and goes to the Serpent Cult and also allows them to rule over us. I’ll keep saying it till I’m blue in the face. Emotional Respect/ Disrespect creates spiritual energy and the Serpent Cult knows how to extract it and harness it, and the Serpent knows only too well how to gain your spiritual consent to rule your destiny by getting you to make vows to it.

How can we stop it happening when we can’t see the rituals taking place and indeed how can we stop it if we won’t even stop to look at what we are taking part in because we actually enjoy doing so?

If we can start to look, think and actually speak up and react to what is actually going on in the world, instead of simply becoming mobs of very selfish drones and mind controlled tribal warriors, then maybe we would start to get somewhere and the doors, leading to benefits for physical human life and even reconnection to spiritual wellness, would start to appear and then increase enormously.

The human race is, in the main, collectively blind, deaf and dumb in regards to its actions and spiritual surrender to multi-dimensional alien forces. But it will not even consider that it is. The human race wears only a reversible cape of ego and greed and it simply turns over that cape instead of taking it off. That said if the human race wants to continue just as it is then all it needs to do is stay blind, deaf and dumb.

Am I arrogant or too far up my own arse saying a thing like that?  Maybe I am but I still say it with good intention and please don’t kick the messenger. I’m already on the floor.

Anyway the information in this chapter/article is provided for you to take in and question things, indeed what did you actually want me to report about the world cup?  Did you want me to show you massive ‘bowls’ that are going to be filled with human beings simply for the spiritual energy they will create? Do you want me to show you evidence that the stadiums are actually linked together to create a prolonged and continuous system of spiritual energy extraction?


A bowl waiting for the ingredients of ritual

 Did you want me to show you stupefied human beings that dress up and dance around like organ grinder’s monkeys and join in rituals they can’t even see or comprehend? Did you want me to show you how the FIFA fan fest type football fans, those not even attending the world cup, actually create outdoor temples around the globe to unify and intensify the ritual? Did you?

wc22fan fest 200671292743

  FIFA Fan Fest Germany 2006

Did you want me to mention ‘respected’ symbolic figureheads and symbolic pied pipers that will attract the human emotional energy and literally become baptised ‘agents’, drink from the chalice if you like, in the sports arenas (temples)? Do you want me to show you symbolic idols of worship like the world cup ‘chalice’ to show you the human race is being conned on a massive scale to take part in a ritual that will actually enslave them?


The Serpent Cult will use and abuse ‘respected’ icons linked to the stadiums and the chalice

If so I have done all that. It is done. Do you believe my information? Do you want me to shut up because your ego or cowardly insecurities do not want me to tell the truth?  I accept, to most folks out there, that I have said things they cannot accept or better still I have said things they don’t want to accept or even listen too. Please believe me I don’t give a monkeys toss if you believe my information or not. I realise most people cannot see beyond the hypnotic slavery they exist in and blindly defend. I’m only here to help people who wish to break free from that hypnosis. I’m not here to pander to ego and comfort zone bubbles of those that don’t or won’t. I’m not here to kiss arse and make a living out of you by selling you fantasy or what you want to hear either. What bloody good will that do you if I did?

I’m not in business and I’m not here to entertain you either, so please take or leave the information or simply laugh at it if it makes you feel better. I really don’t care what you do with it. If you think I’m talking out of my arse then that’s fine.

I spent 38 years talking out of my arse, as a dumbed down human slave, so I’m well experienced in wildly pumping out the verbal nonsense from my bottom, just like you are.  So if you are convinced my theories or my work in general is simply shite then please go and enjoy the world cup ritual without giving my words or your actions another thought. It won’t bother me and it is, in my opinion, your eternal spiritual enslavement that is at stake not mine.  So sing ‘Come On England’ eh?

I’m only here for certain folks and I know only too well that some folks cannot bear me or my information. The feeling is mutual slave. But lets agree to disagree and happily ignore each other.

The Serpent Cult is a vicious and cruel force that will happily see you enslaved in this world for eternity and trapped in a continuous nightmare created by the same rulers that rule you now. They will feed off your misery and gullibility forever. It is planned to create hell on Earth and that applies to both rich and poor.  It is now time to change things and escape, for want of a better word, ‘the Matrix’ or it is a time to stay on your knees and be imprisoned in the future. The time to play dithering hippies is coming to an end.  I know that quite a lot of people who are genuinely awaking up will be severely tested on both a physical and spiritual level in the next couple of years. It will not be a very pleasant journey. I have written my books and articles in the past to help those people.  If I only help one or two people then the struggle I have gone through for 12 years (to date) will be worthwhile.

I’d like to finish this article/chapter by quoting from the Beckham article, which is also linked to football. I wrote it in 2008.

“I am not here to dictate to you. Let me make that clear. I don’t want to ‘tell you’ about the many different levels that spiritual symbolism operates on. I want you to see it for yourself. You will then be duped no more. Occult symbolism operates on many many levels and it involves EVERYTHING you are involved with in this world, I mean everything. It is the ultimate method of control over your mind and spirit. Everything you do in your life is initially triggered by the esoteric symbolism used and controlled by the Serpent Cult. They control the matrix type illusion we live in simply because they trigger your mind to react in a certain way, when they want your mind to react. They use our minds and our free will to create the world they want and they will use our minds to enslave us and we will willingly do so unless we wake up. Occult symbolism coupled with our false five sense education and programming directs all areas of your life and it controls all areas of your life 24 hours a day, from your birth to your death, lifetime after lifetime. It is vital, in my opinion that you start to look around and question things that are going on through your own eyes and not those provided by the Serpent Cult or anyone else for that matter, including me. Then maybe one day you will see right through your hypnotic state and remember who you really are. It is that person, the real you, that I am appealing to today. The real you is the ‘energy’ deep down inside you, the real you is NOT the fucked up sack of brain-dead shite that imprisons you either, believe me, that part of you has been created by the Serpent Cult.”

(Excerpt from Paint Your Wagon by Matthew Delooze 2008)

The quote above really sums up the situation with the world cup tournament and the individuals that blindly go along with it. It is very difficult to break free from any hypnotic trance, especially so if the trance involves strong connections to something you get great pleasure from. That said the Serpent can only get you to worship it by hiding behind and exploiting your pleasures and traditions.

It is, in my opinion, impossible to break free from the trance without receiving antidote triggers and spell breaking information from a benevolent force. I have tried my best for several years to provide such things and I have suffered for it.

I have said enough for now. Again this article is written and sent with love and good intentions. Please take it in the manner it is sent or simply leave it well alone. If you do get something from this work then please pass it on.

On a lighter note I have decided to dedicate this ‘The Winner Takes It All’ article to all the poor soccer widows and non-football fans out there. I have given you knowledge that no football fan can disprove and details about how the fans have been duped for many years (as far as the world cup is concerned). I hope the month of Isis rituals passes quickly for world cup widows everywhere.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 8th June 2010

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2010. All Rights Reserved

 Coming Soon … World Cup Article Part Two…  Don’t Miss it

They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie.

UPDATE: Conspiracy Con Men at the AV2

Yeah They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie

Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water EXPOSED!

By Matthew Delooze

Well they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Yeah they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
And you ain’t no friend of mine

Hound Dog By Elvis Presley

Hello folks,

This story is written entirely for those I love and for those that need to hear the story. The fakers, takers and bullshitters might as well bugger off now because this story is not for you.  So I can only suggest to the ‘blind hippies’ out there that they should refrain from reading this article. Obviously those of you that are blind won’t know you are a blind hippy will you? I don’t use the term hippy in an insulting way either.

This article will really not do blind hippies any good whatsoever. Indeed I have purposely held back this article until today so as not to upset some of the hippy fluffy bunny robots out there attending the water ritual. Not that they will believe me anyway. This story is about the Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water that takes place on the summer solstice.


Those folks that know of my work will remember my stuff on Live 8.  You know… back in the days when the so-called ‘awakened’ hadn’t a clue what was going on at these events. Sadly many of the so-called awakened still can’t see the difference between their arse and their elbow but obviously that is only my opinion and I mean no offence.

I wrote about Live 8 before the Live 8 event took place. Please read The Past is Calling article if you don’t know about it.  I also wrote about Live 8 in my book The Stars Are Falling. I made it perfectly clear to all that the Live 8 concerts were, in my opinion, a con trick in order to get the masses to unknowingly carry out mass sun worship ritual. My comments are well documented on the matter even though I was ridiculed at the time I made them. Everyone remembers Live 8 don’t they? OK? Don’t worry you were meant to have Live 8 placed in your memory banks.

 I said back then that future ‘Global Concerts’ were being planned by the Serpent Cult to attract the masses to join in with a series of ‘Sun Worship’ rituals that they know nothing about but because of their egos, interest in celebrities and subconscious programming they would flock to the events and unknowingly take part in the ritual they see as something that is taking place for enjoyment. They obviously do not want to miss out on such an event and this is understandable. Everyone likes to party if they like parties. So do I. Anyway, let’s get on now you have been ‘reminded about Live 8’.


‘Live 8’ The first modern global Sun Worship ritual.

Over the last 12 months ago I have been given many harsh lessons about the conspiracy/spiritualist/ truth movement.  I really have had my eyes opened the hard way and with hindsight I can now see why my journey took the path it did. Things have been, albeit intermittently, pretty traumatic for me on an individual level since around last October and I have struggled sometimes to cope with the thoughts I had and the information I was remembering.

I have only written very little about my childhood experiences that I remembered through trauma in 98/99.  I wrote basic memories down and produced them in my small book ‘You will be wiser when you are older’. Since that time I have remembered more details of my childhood experiences and the lead up to my epiphany in 1998/99 and I now understand that I was being allowed to remember more things but only on an ‘as and when’ basis and only when I was capable of coping with the information. I was receiving and fully understanding

Sometimes I have found comfort in a situation and thought I was actually progressing on a five-sense level only to realise that I had to do the opposite of what I thought I was actually doing to enable true progression to continue. I hope you understand that. I mean that he can be brought forwards in awareness through our ‘comforts’, but those comforts were in reality only provided and then used to get us in or to a certain situation. The comfort is then taken away. The truth leads me down a comfortable path only to eventually show me that the same path does not lead me to a comfortable destination. Indeed some paths are not what they seem and its comforts are literally illusion and fakery, but also a very good carrot on a stick too. I hope you understand what i am saying.

Sometimes my memories cause me deep distress especially when I realise that I have far more trauma to come in my life to complete the spiritual journey I am on.  Sometimes I simply want to abandon my journey. I want to chicken out.  I want peace of mind and I want comforts. I have none of these things. I have suffered in some form or another on a daily basis for 11 years now and death would be a welcome release for me, but without that suffering I know I simply could not see what I see and if I cannot see what I see then my mission has failed.

I don’t want to fail, no matter what obstacles are put in my way. If I am to suffer and be tested more than I have been already, then so be it. If that sounds dramatic then I’m sorry but try living as me for a week and you’d sound bloody dramatic too!

I now realise that our 5-sense programming goes so so very very deep.  Without my sufferings I would have landed and indeed stayed in a permanent comfort zone by now.  I have landed in one or two comfort zones in the last couple of years and it’s very upsetting to me when I realise that they are only temporary. It is upsetting to find out that these temporary comfort zones are simply a stepping-stone to show me the many levels, or should I say many forms of hypnosis, that we are all victim too.

 The hypnosis we are under is composed of many levels, not just one.  It is vital that you understand that. I have been ‘consciously aware’ of the hypnosis we are under for 11 years.  I’m still discovering the higher levels of hypnosis that has been created by the same hypnotist. That hypnotist is the Serpent Cult.

I see many folks these days claiming to be awake and how they have been awake for years. I’m not disputing that some people are ‘awake’ from one form of hypnosis but they are not awake in my opinion, not by a long chalk. They have broken free from the hypnotic control of the Serpent Cult but they have only broken free on the lowest level.  E.G. they wander around ‘knowing’ there is corruption in this world.

 Apart from that they know jack shit about any awakenings apart from using certain theories of other people to pretend they know the score. They are simply parrots passing around low-level ‘spell breaking triggers’.

 I’m not ranting because of any paranoid delusions of grandeur here. I’m talking to you as I would talk to myself.  I already know the information I’m passing on in this article and far more besides. I haven’t stolen it from another researcher like some deluded smart arse thief on a blog to try and look like I know the score either. I know you are reading this information because you want to be free and I’m trying my very best to help you achieve that.

 To do that, in my opinion, I have to try and help you break the hypnosis I believe you are under. It is not easy for me to do this. It is easy for me to point out the lower levels of hypnosis that I have showed you for a few years now and it’s easy for the ‘parrots’ and the thieves in this movement to create a monotonous loop of that lower level hypnosis information. Once they have been told what it is of course.

The Serpent Cult, as I call it, the multi-dimensional entities and their agents on Earth, wants to keep you trapped in an invisible net of hypnosis.  The Serpent Cult realise that you may start, for whatever reason, to ‘see’ this net and when you do see it you will automatically cut yourself free from it.  So when the Serpent Cult first set ‘the first invisible net of hypnosis’ around you it ‘composed’ many many other layers of invisible netting around you too. It did this in case you did indeed see through the first layer of hypnotic netting and broke through it. It may sound confusing and silly but it is so so true.

  Anyone experiencing ‘an awakening’ would assume they were ‘fully awake’ after breaking through the first net when indeed they were still surrounded by many other layers of netting that they still ‘could not see’.  In other words they were not ‘awake’ at all they were simply asleep in another zone of reality.  In other words they had landed in a comfort zone in which they thought or felt they were free and awake in.

Do you understand this? If not it is bloody well time you started to, because in a few years time you are going to need  to be strong AND aware.

Each layer of this hypnotic netting contains a more complex form of hypnosis than the last one did. If you break through one layer of the netting and think you are free it is only because you cannot see the next layer of the net around you. You are not awake, you are still asleep, you were only awake in the old netting momentarily and you then simply entered another dream surrounded by more netting. Imagine each layer of this net actually being a different comfort zone. Each layer has a comfort zone to suit somebody and each comfort zone holds the illusion for someone, indeed everyone is catered for at some stage.

It is easy for me to explain this situation by using a 5-sense sense scenario. How many people follow certain politics or certain political parties? A person can join the Labour Party or the Conservatives in the UK or the Democrats and the Republicans in the USA. It does not matter who joins what party but when someone does they think they are well ‘awake’ and know the truth about being in the ‘right political party’. Everything is comfortable until someone realises, becomes ‘awake’ if you like, that the party they are in is not what they first believed and they wake up to the falsehood of the political party they once thought was the best and the truth. It’s only when they ‘see through’ the hypnosis or political bullshit of the party they are in that they decide to defect to another party. They literally awaken to their errors don’t they? They literally see through the net of one party and break free from it. But then, thinking they are free from the hypnosis they simply join another one and then fail to see that the other party is just the same. They literally fall for the same hypnosis but all the time thinking they are now awakened. They are not awake to anything they have simply jumped into another more comfortable net.

Are you still with me?

Thinking on the same sort of lines as the political scenario above I’d like you to consider the claims of the spiritually awakened folks of today? What do they claim? They claim they are awake.  They claim to see through the veil. Well don’t they? Don’t most of you reading this article claim the exact same thing? But if you are ‘awake’ why the hell are you reading this article? What can I tell the folks that are already awakened?

 I can’t tell you anything if you are awaken and therefore it’s time for you to realise you are still in the land of nod. The fact is if you were awakened you wouldn’t be on here looking at this article would you?

  I see it like this…

 Mrs Betty Fatarse on a forum. “Oohhh yesssss Doris I read a book by Mr Guru Number-one and I’m now fully awake spiritually but I also watched a DVD by Mr Guru Number-two and now I’m not so sure. Oh dear I’m awake but I still don’t know my fat arse from my elbow so maybe I should watch them both again and decide which one really awakened me.”

How many Betty Fatarses do you know? Or are you one of them?  Am I just a Matty Fatarse? The point I am getting at is that you should consider that you have only broken through the ‘first layer’ of Serpent Cult hypnosis. You should, in my opinion, consider that you have simply landed in a ‘comfort zone’ that only makes you feel like you have ‘awakened’ when you are indeed just fast asleep in another ‘comfort zone’. Does that make sense to you?

Come on…  be honest with ‘you’ there is only you and me here and I was in your shoes once myself and I’m being 100% honest with you.  Can you accept that you have only broken through one layer of hypnosis but you still believe you are awake?

Or do you believe you are not daft enough to fall for, or stay under, the influence the same hypnosis twice eh? You are one of the clever buggers that are here, via special invitation of course, selected as part of a team to shift the sad mass consciousness on Planet Earth eh?  You are a fully paid up member of  ‘Team Shift in Consciousness’ eh?

Once a clever sod like you was awakened there was no stopping you eh?  You ran round the ‘truth forums’ to gossip to other awakened souls and you also dashed to the websites of the more awakened guru types to grab your fix of truth serum too eh?  You were just like a person possessed and to feed your newly awakened state like a pervert in a sex shop didn’t you? No more hypnosis for you then eh? You have got your David Icke book and your Alex Jones DVD and your Matthew Delooze article eh? You are still on the net at every opportunity as well just in case you miss anything too eh?

You have it all worked out haven’t you? You’re a spiritual being and you love everyone. All you need do now is wait for heaven to open and let you in isn’t it? You have already beat the illuminati and Serpent Cult and now you demand to be free eh? Obviously you will still listen to Internet radio and attend lectures by whoever takes your fancy, for a top up of information to keep you ‘comfortable’ and in the know. Case solved eh?

 You are now simply here waiting to wear the ‘I shifted the human consciousness’ T Shirt, with your forum name on it too, not your own name of course, when the job is all done and dusted eh? I wish I were simply having a laugh. But I’m not. Wake the hell up and remember where you are really from and get the stench of Serpent off your bones.

 Or do you believe all you have to do is keep up with the specifications dictated to by the gurus and keep up to speed with the information spewed out from various sources on the Internet, some of it very dodgy I might add, and you will be home and dry and create a shift in mass consciousness, now you are ‘awake’ eh?

What a pile of shit and deep down you know this.

I tell you the truth today ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies, none of you are awake in my opinion. Not one of you is ‘awake’.  Oh granted, some of you are ‘tossing and turning in your sleep’ and some of you are having a quick glimpse of the alarm clock before you press the snooze button again but you are not awake, not by a long chalk in my opinion. You are still totally enslaved in my opinion too. You are now simply stuck in a comfort zone of conspiracy, spiritualism and so-called truth movements. It’s not being awake it is just being stuck in more comfortable hypnosis.
You think you are awake because you have websites and lecturers, alternative medicines, fluffy bunny false personalities on radio shows, hippy events and new age pop concerts don’t you? You think you are awake because you compare yourselves with the really dumbed down sheep on the streets ‘that still think the way you used to think’ don’t you?

It must be so wonderful for you to be awake eh? You have sussed out that our politicians are corrupt and our education is simply a form of brainwashing haven’t you? You may have reached a level of ‘knowing’ that religion is a bag of shite that was simply created to enslave you and all the sheeple you have left behind in the first net of hypnosis are simply too blind to see it. How clever your eyes are these days eh? You can see the things you see now do because you are ‘awake’ eh?‘

‘What a load of shite’.

Hey I tell you all that as a buddy and a friend not as a guru that wants your mind along with your money. I tell you that because I care and I tell it so those words reach those I want those words to reach.  Copying the words of a guru or researcher on your blogs or gossiping on a forum is not being awake.  These things do help you in a small way but you are not awake simply because you have a new form of comfort. Comfort is not freedom it is only comfort.  Following the rules of a guru is not being awake either.

Indeed, on a five sense level, when you awaken from slumber and get out of bed do you follow anyone’s rules to walk to the toilet and relieve yourself or do you simply go to the toilet under your own steam? Do you need someone to tell you what to do when you truly awaken? No you don’t. You simply carry on doing what comes naturally. OK? On the other hand would it help if someone were to ‘shake you’ when you are having a bad dream whilst you were thinking you are awake, to tell you that you are actually still having a dream and you were still asleep?

I get all the dirty jobs.

I have the job of telling you, and the time is coming when you need to know, that you are not awake. You are still under very deep sleep hypnosis. You have simply gone through another door inside the same Matrix and that Matrix has simply created a comfort zone to make it appear you are now awake. The Serpent Cult is not daft. It knows all the tricks and it knows all the games. It is a very good deceiver and the deceptions you now actually think you know about are very trivial in comparison to the tricks and deceptions you are totally unaware of. It knows some of us will break through the basic hypnosis of religion, money and politics. Can you start to believe that the Serpent Cult is very aware of people breaking through low levels of hypnosis?


Then do you not wonder why the Serpent Cult or the illuminati do not take stronger measures to control your own awakening along with the other people that claim to be awakening? Again. Can you start to believe that the Serpent Cult is very aware of people breaking through low levels of hypnosis?

If you can then let’s go forward. If you can’t and you believe you are fully awake and aware and that you now exist in ‘truth communities’ that are fully awake alongside you then I suggest you bugger off now because the following information is not for you. That said I also suggest you take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions regarding just who has convinced you that you are indeed ‘awake’.

  Indeed I have had ‘awakened’ people over the last few years say to me they’ve heard all they want to hear and now they just need to know what to do about it. They were and still are simply frustrated at the hypnosis they were/are still under, sadly they still thought they were awake when they said such things.

If you were awake you’d know what to do. You wouldn’t need to as what to do and you certainly wouldn’t have to buy what to do.

There are many people in the truth movement biz that are telling you what to do and they are even telling you what to eat and drink and think. It’s time I gave you a good example of what I mean by thinking you are awake whilst still being fast asleep in a comfort zone.

 Before I go any further I want to make if perfectly clear that I’m not about to slag off any researcher or criticise anybodies genuine work. It has become clear to me that certain people in the truth communities are in my opinion totally programmed to attack or ignorantly run away from someone who may suggest that the truth movement is not all it seems to be.

I hope I have made it clear again before I start that I’m not attacking anyone’s ‘work’. I am only saying what I see and I am only saying what my research and my heart have led me to see and to do that I have no choice but to START to mention things going on inside the truth movement. I want you to look at an event that has been going on this very weekend. I could have mentioned this a few months ago but then I would have been called a party pooper wouldn’t I? So I will mention it now. It’s the Live H2O: Concert for The Living Water. Most of you will have heard of it. Its main promoter is a Mr Lenard Horowitz.

 Len Horowitz: ‘He ain’t ever caught a rabbit’ but he fronted Live H2O
Please click on here to read about Mr Horowitz.

When I first ‘heard’ of this event many months ago my intuition went haywire. I first heard of this event through a friend who asked me what I thought of it.  I had a look at all the circumstances surrounding this event and I decided to watch a couple of Mr Horowitz’s videos and look at the Live H20 event that is taking place. My intuition was right to go haywire. Here is a promo for the H20 event. AND Here is a video of Mr Horowitz

I have provided links to those things because I say to you now that if you want to take something from the information proved by Mr Horowitz or the H20 event then you are fully entitled to do so. He has presented his stuff very well and the H20 event is free I believe. I wish anyone who has been enlightened by Dr Horowitz  (D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M, D.M.M.) and his work in the Live H20 event or benefited from his work as a Doctor or has bought any of his many health products as well, all the best for the future and good luck.

I said in the beginning of this article that I wrote about LIVE 8 being a massive sun worship ritual. It appears it is OK for me to do that. Again I said at the time in my book that Serpent Cult global sun worship events would increase.  I also wrote about LIVE Earth that came along later. In my opinion the same thing applied and Live Earth was simply another global Sun Worship ritual that I had previously predicted would take place.

 I have no doubts that some of the punters in the Truth/ Conspiracy/ Spiritualist Movement can accept that the two events named above could be very dodgy and serve the Serpent Cult. This is simply because these events were fronted by Bob Geldof and Al Gore respectively. It’s easy for the awakened to accept that knighted, puppets for the establishment, ‘celebs’ and hyped, puppets for the establishment, ‘politicians’ operating outside of the truth movements are easy to point out when they are involved in dodgy global events.

The so -called ‘awakened’ out there can quickly and easily see through low level hypnosis after they have broken through it and they easily see the puppet elite faces that are putting on these global events after it has been pointed out to them and they are using more than one brain cell. The so-called awakened know that these events don’t look or feel right to someone who already thinks they are awake. BUT it’s a totally different situation when the organiser of similar global events is operating ‘inside’ the alternative news/health movement or conspiracy biz. The so called awakened don’t dare to see, hear or speak evil of these events in the same way they would about Geldof’s Live 8 or indeed Al Gore’s Live Earth. I know a few people would, usually anonymous gossips on forums, but it would indeed be very few people that spoke up against a face that is actually accepted and operating in the truth movement.

Why is this?

I’ll tell you why, it is because the so-called ‘awakened’ people are not really awakened people and they are literally programmed not to question the ‘actions’ of the conspiracy/ truth movement’s gurus, leaders or researchers. Please note I said ‘actions’ and not the ‘work’ of the said gurus, leaders and researchers. There are unwritten rules in the conspiracy biz.

Hey and please don’t tell me Len Horowitz is not accepted in the truth movements because he was top of the bill at the recent, fur coat and no knickers, AV2 event (DVD set now available at ‘bargain’ prices) and this event was organised by well-known and well-followed names in the ‘biz.’ Conman Ian Crane being one front man. So come on then let me question it. Let me bring it up. I’m no fluffy bunny hippy that is trapped in the rules of a guru in which the gurus are never questioned?  I only chose this event as an example because it is easy to show you. It smacks me in the face and it upsets me to see it and the apathetic robots that join in these things without question.

 Don’t judge me for mentioning this event till you hear what I have to say either or you may end up with runny egg on your face in the future and it’s a bugger to wash off. I tell you the truth today when I say I believe the ‘Live H20’ Concert for The Living Water is not only linked to and part of the Live 8 and Live Earth events, as a global sun worship ritual, it is actually the most blatant one of them to date. But you don’t want really to hear that do you? You are in a programmed comfort zone where no questions of gurus have to be raised. We are all happy hippies together aren’t we? The gurus in the truth movement are all 100% pure in our minds, are they not? Yes I’m bloody sure they are. I’ll tell you the truth I have met more dodgy bastards inside the truth movement than I did in the detention / correctional institutions I spent time in way back in my younger days.

 I tell you the truth I believe Live H20 is a Global, Serpent Cult Sun God ritual and it is the most blatant one to date.

 Gosh, shock and horror Matthew Delooze has spoken his mind and says the event organised by Dr Horowitz for and on behalf of a love/ truth/ alternative news movement is a covert Sun ritual, it can’t be true can it? Let me explain why I think it’s a Serpent Cult organised sun god ritual shall I?

Those of you who know about my work will know that I believe that sun god worship is based on the creation of the sun (Ra) in this world by the Ogdoad (The so called original living 8 reptilian type creators of life in this world) The Ogdoad did this by creating the Sun and the first mound of Earth, symbolised by the benben stone, from the ‘Primordial Chaos ‘, which was basically a mass space of murky water. So oh awakened ones out there that dare not see, speak or hear evil about events in the truth movement. Let me remind you what has gone on over the last few years.

Live ‘8’
Live Earth…
Now Live Water

These things are supposed to be unconnected but I tell you the truth these events now complete the ‘original creation story’. Can you see? Do you want to see anyway?… I’ll tell you anyway. The Ogdoad is Bob Geldof’s ‘Live 8’ the rising Benben is Al Gore’s Live Earth and Len Horowitz’s ‘Live H20’ is the Primordial Chaos.

These global events are a blatant re-enactment of the actions of ‘Ogdoad’ and the symbolic creation of this world (Sun Worship/ Let there be light) the sad thing is that the so-called awakened are joining in with these events and giving their free will acceptance of such things.
Indeed the Serpent Cult is re-implanting the subliminal message, that Reptilian forces created the world, into the mass consciousness and the tree global events represent that this scenario is accepted by the human race.

We create our own reality.

I have written many times about how the masses create their reality through their unknowing free will worship of multi-dimensional beings. Live H20 is in my opinion just another clever trick to gain free will acceptance from the masses and I expose it as such today. Again all three live global events are linked but please don’t tell the ‘awakened’ ones because their programmed minds won’t like it because I name someone in the truth movement as being the pied piper. That Pied Piper is Len Horowitz and the cronies he controls in his stables. That is how pathetic things now are in the truth movement.  The Serpent Cult, through Len Horowitz, use the words LOVE, health products and dicky bow, enlightened, ‘showbiz tap-dances’ like Len Horowitz to attract so called awakened hippies to such events like Live H20 instead of using famous celebs like Live 8 and Live Earth did.

 It would be too easy for even the blind to see if world famous celebs attended Live H20. Mind you the hippies in the truth movement are the easiest to con because of the code of ethics they adopt, you could put David Beckham, Madonna and Elton John praising the ‘primordial waters’, whilst wearing T-shirts, saying we are hear to con you written on them, and the hippies would still join in.

Even more would join in if they dug Diana Spencer up along with Jade Goody and threw their bones in the water to praise too. I don’t mean to be crude but bloody hell wake the hell up to what is going on in the guise of a truth movement.

Anyway I conclude that Horowitz is just another stooge and pied piper for the Serpent Cult. You believe what you want.  But I tell you this; if I’m wrong on Live 8, Live Earth and Live H20 then I’m wrong on everything I have written before. I first wrote on Live 8 before it even took place.
I have listened to Dr Horowitz words on this event and I am totally convinced that this event is a blatant celebration of the sun rising out of the primordial chaos. The event takes place at the Summer/Winter Solstice too.

Len Horowitz Spiritual Guru? Or just a Hound Dog for the Serpent Cult?

The use of occult geometry and numerology is also interesting. The event promotes the use of such things entirely based on the hope that the words of the people who talk of these things are telling the truth. Dr Horowitz uses the work of several scientists to justify this event. Dr Horowitch is using the 528-music theory stuff too and the power of ‘prayer to the creator’.

Dr Horowitz also mentions many other things to justify the event such as symbolism in the water.  He quotes many experts and talks the talk on physics and numerology. As I said I’m not here to have a pop at anyone’s work. Dr Horowitz covers many subjects. Please look at all the things he says and all that he sells to get a fair picture of him. I can speak of my own work and my own beliefs, I must admit I don’t have letters ‘after’ my name apart from court summons of course, and I’m no Doctor or expert or health food seller either.

I have though written many articles and a couple of books on how I believe the masses are led to dance and sing and celebrate in front of symbolism and monuments. I have explained that the masses haven’t a clue what they are doing and they blindly follow a pied piper or expert that baffles them with science, gibberish and bible speak simply because truth seeking people believe the said expert or guru can actually lead them somewhere. Sadly, in the vast majority of cases the truth seekers are only led to their pockets or handbags or directed to the nearest ATM. ‘Business is Business’ in the truth movement. Just like it is at any other market.

In the case of Live H20 the vast majority of participants will be genuine truth seekers that have been led to Dr Horowitz because of his expertise and his words. The sheeple attending Live H20 won’t have a clue what they are actually doing but they won’t admit that. They will simply parrot out the words of Dr Horowitz and sing and dance around regardless pretending and kidding themselves that they actually know what they are doing. In my opinion if they knew what they are doing there wouldn’t be such an event. If you can grasp the idea that the masses taking part in events like this are creating spiritual energy by their celebrations then the only answer you need to seek is where the energy goes.

If you can grasp the possibility that some pied piper has you celebrating around symbolism and believing gibberish words from experts to feed something you don’t understand, with the said energy, then its time to start thinking why you can’t see or understand what this something you don’t understand really is. It’s as simple as that. I cannot possibly, with the time I have, go through all the different parts of this event but it appears everything is a build up to the summer solstice on the 21st June. The main aim of the event is to get all participants to ‘chant a prayer’.  I quote the website below…

“Creator of all holy names, I hold you firmly and most faithfully in my heart. I thank you for the power of prayer, and all the blessings that come from heart-felt loving intention to establish peace on earth, world health, and universal prosperity. Your LOVE resonates eternally, within each breath, through the wind and the rain, the sun and the earth. Everything reflects your glory, your sacred geometry, your LOVE for humanity.
My blood is filled with your Living Water and the Earth beneath my feet from the food that I eat. Your provisions uplift and heal me even during sleep. You fill me, and celebrate me, with your Liquid Loving Spirit. Your Water quenches my thirst for all things, because all things are created and sustained in your Living Water. You are the Universal Solvent, solving all pollution and problems. Your Liquid Crystal joins my body with yours, superconducts the sound of LOVE within my heart, and keeps me in harmony and cosmic unity regardless of my mental uncertainty.
Praise to you our Glorious King and Creative Queen of the Universe, for pouring your Living Loving Water into me and all biology. I now affirm faithfully and forever; by decreeing my heart and LOVE are joined with yours, for the manifestation of peace, health and prosperity for all.
I pray for abundance of prospering resources, natural readily-available remedies for every ailment, perfect hydration for all life, plentiful food worldwide, and optimal health and wellness on all levels–physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and spiritually.
I pray for general wealth, personal and social health, optimal hydration, and purification.
Now I say, as you joyfully decried when you created me. :LET THERE BE LASTING PEACE, WORLD HEALTH, AND UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY.” That we be fruitful and multiply as one people honoring you in each other, oh Creator and Sustainer.
From Mother Earth you molded me. By Grandmother Wind you inspire me. By Grandfather Sun you enlighten me; and by your Living Loving Water you baptize me. These are your invitations to Divine communion that I gratefully accept and celebrate this day and everyday forthcoming.
I pray earnestly, faithfully, gratefully, and joyfully for a thousand years of world peace; for total health and well being blessing everyone; for opening the floodgates to universal prosperity here and now; for your Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation to inspire me, and all humanity, maximally. I affirm here and now since there is nothing missing or broken in your Matrix–your Kingdom of Heaven–so be it here on Earth.”

Click Here for source

Again I’m not slagging off the work of Dr Horowitz and you have my blessings to follow Dr Horowitz all you want to but I see this chant as a spiritual and physical ‘surrender ritual’. It basically backs up everything I say on ‘surrender ritual’ events. The first line of the prayer says it all.
“Creator of all holy names, I hold you firmly and most faithfully in my heart”

It’s a Live Earth and a Live 8 event rolled in to one. Indeed again the first line says it all and in my opinion the ‘Creator of all holy names’ is Amen Ra the Hidden one. This event is definitely bloody ‘sun creation from the murky waters’ ritual. It’s exactly the same ritual the ancient Egyptians carried out. It’s worship of the 8. It’s worship of the Ogdoad. It’s worship of the benben (pyramid) and it’s bloody worship of the SUN. Wake the hell up won’t you please!

This event in my opinion is nothing to do with saving the planet, it is a re-enactment of the creation of the world ritual.  The sheep that take part in it haven’t a clue what they are doing they have been conned just like the people who attended Live 8 were conned and just like the sheep that attended Live Earth were conned too. Wake the hell up and look.

All I ask is that you actually look at the event with open eyes.

Please remember that our minds create our reality and if the masses worship and occult symbolism and chant prayer to sun gods then those prayers literally allow the sun=2 0gods to rule over us. This scam is used more in mainstream religions but in this case I believe so-called alternative truth gurus like Mr Horowitz is using the same scam to create sun worship from the people who follow him. I also note that Dr Horowitz is obviously and openly linked to Christianity, the Messiah and the Creator.

That is fine by me. There are many Christians around that believe they are awake simply because they see the Catholic Church as a Devil figure. In my opinion that sort of situation is just another blatant form of people who have only broken through the ‘first net of hypnosis’ and believe they are now awake. They still believe a messiah is coming to save them but because they have broken through the first level of hypnosis and believe they are awake they fail to understand they are still under hypnosis and doing exactly the same thing they would be doing if they still followed the Catholic Church view of things.

 Indeed it’s easy for me to point out this blatant religious blindness to non-religious conspiracy folks but it’s hard for folks in the conspiracy movement to see that the ‘conspiracy folks’ are in the same boat. They too are still under hypnosis but think they are awake. They are just as blind as the religious people when it concerns discussing people inside the truth movement.

This is the point I need to make. The Serpent Cult planned well in advance to trap the folks20that think they are awake by placing Serpent agents in the conspiracy biz.  Those that have broken through the first layer of netting (5 sense reality) are now simply caught in a second layer of netting (conspiracy communities). Do you understand more now I have shown you the LIVE H20 event? Do you understand that people in the conspiracy biz, like Len Horowitz, can play the role of Pied Piper just like Bob Geldof did for Live 8? Both Events are Serpent Cult. Can you see that people that believe are awake are just going to a ‘comfort zone’, they are not finding freedom? Can you see that even those people involved in spiritualist or conspiracy events are just as much conned as the folks that are seen as sheeple?

Indeed spiritually there is no difference in someone going to the H20 event and someone going in a Church. This is because all those that attend are literally joining in a sun worship ritual and as I have said in my books and articles if we worship the sun we worship the creators of the sun. The creators of the sun, the order out of chaos scenario, are, as daft as it sounds, reptilian entities that are alien to this world. The fact that Dr Horowitz uses the truth movement to ply his trade does not alter the fact that he is attracting folk to take part in sun worship rituals. Again I believe ‘Live 8’, ‘Live Earth’ and ‘Live H20’ are connected. They are literally a Trinity’.  Indeed these events ‘combined’ produce official praise of the deceptive forces that enslave human beings in this world.

Mr Horowitz was recently the top of the bill speaker at AV2 event that was recently held in London. He covers many subjects that will attract many people that think they are awake. I suggest you watch this section of Mr Horowitz’s Live H20 video to see what I mean. So all in all what am I saying to you?  I have showed you what I think the Live H20 is really all about indeed it is on a par with a mini Christmas/ Winter Solstice festival.  I can’t make you believe me. I wouldn’t want to make you want to do anything anyway. But I repeat myself again and tell you the truth. Live H20 is part of Live 8 and Live Earth and together these events create a worship of the ogdoad/ creation of this world ritual. Thing about the three events together and you will see the live 8 (Ogdoad) create the Earth out of the Primordial water.

I have been on many powerful journeys over the last 6 or 7 years or so. I have experienced many lessons on many many different levels. Sometimes I have coped easily with what I was remembering/learning and sometimes I have found things very very difficult. I have found myself in positions that I didn’t like being in and I have said a few things I really didn’t want to say. With hindsight I can now see that I was meant to be in those positions and say the things I did to know what I know now. Only 11 years ago I was a robotic factory worker with a wife and two children to look after.  I struggled with a traumatic awakening in 1998 and I still struggle with the same awakening today. Because of those 11 years I’m here to tell you today that the conspiracy truth movement, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it, is woefully contaminated with agents working, knowingly or unknowingly, for the Serpent Cult.  I don’t say those things lightly

I’m not here to call anyone’s work as I have already said, but I cannot move on without saying that the ‘half awakened sheeple’ or the ‘people who now assume they are awake’ are being sent down a path that will keep them in enslavement, by some powerful and popular areas of the truth movement. I know I will sound paranoid to some people by saying that as they delude themselves that the movement is immune from contamination and I can only say I am talking off experience and research, not off some fantasy in my head.

My own experiences tell me that the unwritten rules of the gurus and the cliques, combined with the hippy sentimentality and the wise monkey guidelines, being followed by the punters are allowing /have allowed cliques to infiltrate and control the very comfort zones of the people that are experiencing awakening symptoms are attracted to. This is no coincidence.

The vast majority of the punters and even their gurus operating inside the truth movement today are now operating under a second layer of hypnosis. They are literally living out a dream of being ‘awakened’ in a comfort zone that was literally prepared for them by the Serpent Cult.
Oh please don’t get me wrong when I mention ‘infiltrations’ either, the movement is not all about dark agents ‘monitoring everyone’, indeed the movement is mostly infiltrated with tacky amateur entrepreneurs, dodgy money-makers, that are looking for a quick buck. They have been attracted in to the movement to create some kind of souvenir shop moneymaking opportunities.  I have seen some of these dodgy buggers face to face. They are the ones that hawk phony health care products and tell you it will save your life. There is no difference between these petty con men than the people that used to sell bottles of Wild West wonder tonic water/medicines.


Shit sold in bottles in older days

coast to coast package special 4

Shit sold in bottles in newer days (By Horowitz the Conman)

Len Horowitz also hawks crappy healthcare products and miracle cures around too, most of it will be on a par with hound dog piss in my opinion. It’s the done thing in this biz, they will sell you any crap you are daft enough to buy. Again ‘Business is Business’. You’ll see what I mean as we go towards 2012. I sometimes wish I was hard faced enough to sell bottles of powered shit as expensive monotomic gold too.

   Mind you the ‘The Real Con Men’ moved in to this biz long ago, monitoring the situation from a far distance, and now the time is right for them to step up the biz side of things on a far bigger scale than it has been before and it is time for them to start ‘selling’ 2012 to half awakened sheeple. They will chuck in a few alternative, Chemtrail Free, medicines too.

You will even be able to buy plastic lunch boxes and matching colouring book sets with your favourite gurus face on them soon and a light up badge with ‘’Gee Guys I’ m awake’ and ‘I Luv 2012’ flashing away on it. I kid you not. It is no secret to me, and it hasn’t been for quit a few years, that SOME ‘professional gurus’ will entrap the awakening, on behalf of the Serpent Cult, just to make sure they don’t really awaken.

 I’m not making that up I have known for a few years about certain cliques and I have monitored their progression just as they have monitored yours.  It’s only fair isn’t it? Oh I realise the showbiz experts and the takers and fakers in this biz think Matthew Delooze is a thick stupid ‘uneducated’ wanker that is just mentally ill and severely psychotic and you know what…  maybe I am, but with the experiences I have endured and the sight I received through traumatic awakening I am now very street wise and very spirit wise and I can spot a dodgy bastard on both a physical and spiritual level a mile off and believe me folks your truth communities are infiltrated with some very very dodgy bastards indeed, and they are operating on both levels. Physically and spiritually.

It is entirely up to you whether you believe me or not… but don’t say you wasn’t warned. If you have read this article you were warned.

The Serpent Cult arranged a long time ago for ‘puppet gurus and puppet researchers’ to appear in your conspiracy/ truth communities just like they make the celebs and politicians appear in your five sense life. They are here to help enslave you not help free you in my opinion. These gurus/ researchers are linked to the same deceptive force that has enslaved you for thousands of years and they will be connected to the same symbolism that has enslaved you for thousands of years too. That ‘force’ is a sun worshipping ‘religion’.

Most of you are blissfully unaware that quite a few guru websites, radio shows, and truth forums are indeed run and funded by religious people. (Which is fine if that’s what you want) It appears that as long as these people ‘talk conspiracy’ and claim other religions and politics are corrupt then any religious roots or symbolism they hypocritically carry themselves does not matter, and again if that’s what you want then that’s fine.

But please take note of one fact, if this ‘force’ that has now a major foot hold in the truth movement, is just another splinter off the block of ‘Jesus followers’? What then? What is the force telling you and more to the point where the hell do you think this force is taking you? Back to baby Jesus and his dad stuff? I understand fully well the Christians who see the conspiracy side of things simply as a ‘Devil in the Vatican’ situation and how they are here to rid the world of such things and reinstate Jesus or the Messiah back on the throne in charge of planet Earth and put a true representative of Jesus’’ Dad in the Vatican.

That’s fine if you think that way and I understand fully how and why this seems a good story and a good way of thinking freedom will be obtained but in my opinion the Serpent Cult have only made it seem that way and the same Jesus the alternative Christians want to advertise and promote via the truth movement is the same Jesus that is already advertised in the Vatican.

The alternative Christians are right in one thing, in my opinion, in that there is a very deceptive force in the Vatican and that force uses the iconic figure of Jesus to carry out the deception. That said the iconic figure of Jesus has no double posing as an imposter either, therefore the alternative Christians in the truth movement are simply worshipping and promoting the same deceptive iconic figure, they are simply promoting the same deceptive iconic figure in the truth movement.

It’s the same deception that has the same end result. Enslavement for the human race.

I have researched the truth movements and I am, myself, a victim to bias and the back scratching and the backstabbing that goes on in it. I assure you all that a very large proportion of the truth movement is indeed financed and promoted by a Christian faith that harbour the mentality that they alone can usher in the Messiah. I must add that many researchers and speakers working and lecturing do=2 0not know this and neither do the majority of non-religious people in the same conspiracy communities.

 So if this force, operating inside the truth movement, actually manages to awaken the majority of human beings on planet Earth, just where is it leading them too? It is leading them straight back to the Jesus sheep pen of Sun worship through Jesus Christ or Amen Ra in my opinion. Indeed the sheeple are already being led to praise the “Creator of all holy names,” as in the Live H20 con trick. So it’s not a prophecy on my part its already happening and its happening right under the noses of those that claim to be wide awake.

 This force is leading awakening souls to people like Len Horowitz who are now in the position to carry out large rituals like Live H20. Indeed the sheeple are being led to praise the “Creator of all holy names,” as in the Live H20 event that was mentioned earlier. What is the difference in carry out a global sun worship ritual through Len Horowitz on Sunday or carrying out a global sun worship ritual through the Catholic Church on a Sunday? Which one will set you free? The one you feel most comfortable with is it? Sadly the Serpent Cult has got all comfort zones covered in this world.

I will endeavour to be brave enough to speak out again in the future, but by then I won’t be as polite! I haven’t got to stick to any PR bullshit to spew out to punters to get their money and I also have no business to sell nor have I any customers to keep happy and I say to those that have in this biz… “What comes first in your eyes – the truth or the bank balance?”

 Again it is up to you what you believe in and what rituals you take part in. I wish you well whichever path you take. I have exposed Live H20 without fear for what I truly believe, it is just like I exposed Live Earth and just like I exposed Live 8 too, without fear. Please don’t ever say to me that I never told you. I have suffered in one way or another for many years and this info was given for good.

The Serpent Cult needed the masses to ‘accept’ these global rituals to help keep the human race in enslavement. Sadly the masses did just that. But shusssh don’t tell em’ they will never believe you.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 21st June 2009.
All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved


I have re-posted this article because after foolishly cooperating to the threats made by Ian R Crane (Whom claims to represent Red Ice Radio and Edge TV) In my opinion this article is the most important ‘conspiracy’ article you will read this year. It is vital in my opinion that you take in the information I have supplied in it.

It is the time of fruition for the con men and they are ready to reap and collect their victims for the 2012 hype. I can only suggest you double check the information you receive or pay for in the near future and if you feel the need to choose a guru, in my opinion you don’t, then choose wisely.

I believe the majority of speakers at AV2 were genuine people giving out what they see as genuine products but what you have hiding in the background are sharks like Ian Crane who will sell their souls for two bob. Len Horowitz is 100% establishment and a puppet for the Serpent Cult, whether he knows this himself is another story. The conspiracy biz tap dancers like Crane and Horowitz will stage more of these ‘conferences’ and good luck to them if that is how they want to make money. Every business has to have an angle to get sales eh? Even if it is counterfeit DVDs and bottles of holy water tonics.

If you want showbiz overpriced miracle cure tonics and if you want knock off DVDs then i encourage you all to go and see the two tap dancing con men mentioned above.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze 27th August 2009

Looking Up in the City of Goats – A Delooze News Special Report

Looking Up in the City of Goats


A Delooze News ‘Ferris Wheel’ Special Report

Hello Folks,
Most of you will know of my claims about Ferris wheels and how I believe they are used as a form of occult symbolism by the Serpent Cult. I have explained many times that the Ferris wheel, to me anyway, is simply Benben / Sun symbolism that is simply on a par on an informative level with the biblical “let there be light” or even the creation of this world according to the ancient Egyptians by the Ogdoad. Erecting a Ferris wheel is the equivalent of planting an obelisk in a symbolic location on a sunny day in my opinion. The powers that be don’t want you to see it that way and obviously it’s difficult to point the trickery out because of closed mind mentality and ridicule.

The geometry and creation of what you see as the modern day Ferris wheel was put in place by the secret society we know as the Freemasons, who are simply a part of what I call the Serpent Cult.

It seems a long time ago since I was spiritually directed on to Morecambe sea front and I was literally physically and spiritually educated about the Ferris wheel by the force that still directs me today. I was still in the early stages of my so-called ‘awakening’ then and life was very difficult but I knew in my heart that the said directional force was showing me something important about the future and I also know that the same directional force always work in advance. Click here to read about my earlier experiences. I went on to write more about Ferris wheels here.

Anyway let’s get to the point of this special news report. I was supposed to do this news report a few weeks ago but I seem to be over burdened with things to research and things to write and I struggle to keep up with myself.

Those that have followed the information about Ferris wheels and kept an open mind may find this update on them interesting but to those that cannot see anything in the Ferris wheel information that I have supplied over the years I can only suggest you bugger off now and look at something else. I won’t bore you then will I?

I have been keeping my eye on developments in a city called Guangzhou (Gwan-Joe) in China. I first developed interest in the TV and “sightseeing” tower they were building.  This thing is enormous.


The TV and ‘sightseeing’ tower in Guangzhou is due to be complete 2009 (Update Here)

Guangzhou (China) has also been selected by the Olympic Council of Asia to host the 2010 Asian Games.

goat_games_logo goat_council_eye

Eye Eye its the sunny logo’s of the council and the actual games.

There was another ‘announcement’ shortly before the main structure of the building work ended on the tower. It was announced that a ‘Ferris wheel’ was to be bloody well plonked on top this tower too! Eh? What? Was I hearing things right? Were my ears getting as bad as my bloody eyes I thought.  A Ferris wheel plonked on top of this tower? Whatever for?


My ears were right they are plonking a ferris wheel, literally looking up, on top of this massive tower.


Well spank my bum with a magic wand, a Ferris wheel on a tower. That is a big announcement Jolly good show or what? (Update It is now completed)

Sightseeing? Well it was already going to be a ‘sightseeing’ tower before they claimed to be putting a great lumping Ferris wheel on top of it. I then found out that this Ferris wheel was going to be horizontal on the top of the tower, not vertical. I suppose simply looking outward from the top of the tower itself is just not good enough these days and a Ferris wheel is needed? It seems to me that these Ferris wheels are becoming compulsory in cities that host large events.

I then started to think of the meanings for this Ferris wheel and I started to think that this is on a par with literally placing occult sun creation/ rebirth symbolism on top of this deeply geometric torch like monument. But there again a Ferris wheel is only a fairground ride isn’t it? I’m just a paranoid loop ball that had a delusional force tell him about Ferris wheels 5 years ago aren’t I?

I looked into the bigger picture and in to the deeper symbolism of the area and yes Guangzhou is very symbolic area if only for the Pearl River and the Humen Pearl River Bridge. The Pearl River is actually a combination of the North, West and East Rivers that travel south. I have tried to mention ‘natural’ symbolism in the past and ignored for doing so but I’ll still keep trying…   So here we go…

 The authorities in Guangzhou are determined to have this iconic building complete with ‘Ferris wheel’ ready for the Asian Games. Guangzhou is known as the ‘City of Goats’ and the symbolic logo of the Asian Games represents this.  Everything connected to the building of this Ferris wheel is connected to the ‘Sun’ and the games in 2010.


The official logo

The picture below is what the logo is said to be representing. I think on a simple level this is a very good example of how ‘figures’ can be ‘symbolised’ through shapes and logos. Everything connected to the actual building of this Ferris wheel is connected to the Sun and the games.


The Goat Statue

I won’t get an easier example to show you how the PTB use logos to ‘represent’ other things and I realise that most of you will only accept this today because the PTB are actually admitting that the official logo actually ‘represents a goat’. If it had been just me mentioning that the logo was a goat, without the said admittance from the PTB, some of you would have thought I was a delusional loon. The main point in showing you that the logo is representing a goat is not for this example but to get you to realise that most corporate or global event logos are ambiguous.


Can you see how occult figures can be hidden and represented in symbolic logo?

So if you can accept the logo is a goat can you accept that the ‘Ferris wheel’ is sun disc and benben symbolism? (Or do you need it officially confirming from the powers that be?) I don’t need to point out basic ‘goat symbolism’ to readers of my stuff do I?

 Moving on slightly deeper …  The TV tower also symbolises two different worlds, planes or dimensions. You don’t have to believe me but it does.  Here are a few official words about the structure

The form, volume and hyperboloid structure are generated by two ellipses, one at foundation level and the other at an imaginary horizontal plane just above 450 metres. The tightening caused by the rotation between the two ellipses forms the characterizing ‘waist-line ’of the tower, and a densification of material. This means that the lattice structure, which at the bottom of the tower is porous and spacious, becomes denser at waist level. The waist itself is tightened, like a twisted rope; Further up the tower the lattice opens again, accentuated here by the tapering of the structural column-tubes. Source.

The tower itself is not based on new technology it is based on previous Hyperboloid structured buildings. Most examples of these sorts of structure were created in the old Soviet Union and I truly believe they were built with ambiguous meanings and purposes. ‘Occult geometry’ can be easily hidden in such a monument and unlike the ‘goat’ logo the PTB will not officially explain it to you I’m afraid.

I can only suggest to you in this humble news report after researching the area and the location of this new Ferris wheel that this building will be used on a spiritual level to extract spiritual energy or it will be used on a physical level to outwardly transmit vibrational waves around the planet and of course interfere with our mind (like a mobile phone mast if you like) and these waves will therefore carry the esoteric symbolism of their creator. It’s the mother of all symbolic extractors or transmitters if you like. Indeed the Tower is already commonly known, if only on a local level at the moment, as the Super Model and this in my opinion is to symbolically represent a goddess type female.

There are a lot of other things going on in the area. The actual TV studio is also built using ‘crafty’ symbolic geometry. The masses have no idea that this geometry has very deep meaning that will affect their subconscious and therefore eventually affect our physical reality but in my opinion that is exactly what it will do.


The TV Studio that goes with the raised Ferris wheel and the tower.

I have only skimmed the surface regarding the symbolism being used in this city and through the official games being promoted there. I said many months ago that if folk want to go forward then they have to start to try and see the deeper meanings of things. I could have just put a link to a site claiming another iconic ‘Ferris wheel is being built’ and left it at that.

Indeed the Serpent Cult is placing another massive Ferris wheel in Jeddah, gateway to Mecca, and in the ever-growing symbolic city of Dubai. This is on top of other Ferris wheels that are appearing all over the world or at least it is being ‘announced’ that they are due to be appearing. The money for these sorts of things are appearing in lands that even didn’t have a pot to piss in just 30 years ago but now they have money to burn. The Serpent Cult has arranged for all this to happen simply because it needs its occult ‘obelisks’ building in very symbolic areas of their choice and that is what a Ferris wheel is, it is an obelisk.


 Coming Soon… The Jeddah Eye

There is also a very very dodgy company starting to raise its head in the Ferris wheel business and I am only mentioning it for future reference because the designs of these Ferris wheels are starting to take on greater symbolic meaning and are being placed in very symbolic areas indeed. I have never had any doubts that this would be the case and as I said I was educated about this matter years ago by a force that has never been wrong to date. Click Here to have a look as this company already claims to have done a deal to provide a wheel in LA and have its foot in the door in Asia and the UAE.


 Coming Soon… Voyager International Inc claim to be building a massive Ferris wheel in LA

Anyway I have reported long enough on this matter and probably only to myself. I have humbly tried to hint and even mention the deeper symbolism concerning the Ferris wheel in the Guangzhou area and as I have said before, the Serpent Cult are light years ahead of us as far as seeing the bigger picture is concerned and this simply because we are dumbed down and have willingly surrendered our spirit to the same cult. It is and never has been a case of simply plonking down a Ferris wheel in any old place but if your mind is shut you will never ever see the bigger picture.

We need to at least open our minds to the possibility that we create our physical reality through ‘accepting’ the symbolism and geometry that is placed in our minds even though we cannot see it on a five sense level. This includes symbolism presented by Ferris wheels, symbols representing goats and locations that represent the culmination of all directions and benben stones.

Whilst we arrogantly think we are ‘awake’ whilst in reality still in a coma then deceptive forces will enslave us forever.

We are still very much asleep and still as bloody daft as we have always been in my opinion..

The Serpent Cult is still way ahead of us and it is planning how to make our spiritual and physical future one of being trapped in an eternal prison.

I think if my mam was still here and she understood things she’d say something like. “Look, people are so blind that they could even place one of them there Ferris wheels, that you have been going on about for years, on top of a massive tower and ‘light it up with bells on’ and they still wouldn’t see it or even ask why it was there”

And yer know… She’d be bloody right too. Me Mam wasn’t or isn’t daft.

Maybe I wasted my time walking on Morecambe Prom in 2004 and seeing the things i did? Maybe I’m wasting my time trying to decipher or explain things on a lower level of understanding? I was told many years ago it would be like trying to place a warehouse full of information in to a matchbox.

Indeed a so-called psychic told me a few weeks ago to leave people on the spiritual level they are actually on. I think she had a point.

Thanks for reading this Delooze News Special Report.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 13th April 2009

Sniffing out the King of Little Farts – On the Road to the Palace. A Delooze New Special Report

Sniffing out the King of Farts


On the road to the Palace.

A Delooze New Special Report

I thought I’d do this one to trigger a few awakening thoughts out there but that said, some of the triggers might not go down well with certain folks.

I short while ago I was actually in the City of London trying to put some filming together with Richie at oneballradio.com.  We had just been on Trafalgar Square and we were trying to get round all the main monuments. I wanted to get Buckingham Palace on film so we set off down The Mall on foot. The Mall is the main road, if you like, to Buckingham Palace therefore it is obviously monitored with top ranking security services 24 hours a day.

Anyway walking down the Mall, feeling sorry for myself and cursing my sore feet and dodgy knee, I saw the Duke of York monument to my right hand side and decided to stop and look to see if there was anything worth filming. I think Richie said ‘What the F’s that Matt?” pointing up to a statue that was high up on a roof.

Well it was before I visited specsavers so I squinted and looked up. I realised straight away that it was an Assyrian / Biblical god type statue. The word Beelzebub came into my head at the time. I just knew I’d seen it before. There was absolutely no large public signs about the statue in the area and obviously it was on the roof so unless I got hold of some SAS type secret agent sort of equipment there was no way I could get near the bugger.  I knew I had to do something about this statue so like all fearless, die hard, truth seeking, big balled, broad shouldered researchers do… I decided to do the usual thing…. I just took a picture of it and moved on my merry way. :) I really did not have time to go in the building and investigate.  Here is the picture I took.

The statue on a roof on The Mall Picture by Matthew Delooze.


The roof it was on.. overlooking the Mall London.

The picture stayed on my camera (like a thousand others I still have to show you) since that day simply because my workload took my mind away from it and of course as most of you know I had severe problems over the winter months. Anyway recent events, that I will mention later, reawakened my memory of this statue. I decided to have a closer look at it.

The statue is actually representing Pazuzu ‘the king of the demons of the wind’. Apparently his main aim in life was forcing Lamashtu ‘back into the underworld’. Lamashtu stole babies from their mother’s womb or when newly born.

Seeing I write about replica temples, being used regularly by the Serpent Cult, I decided to check out the building Pazuzu was proudly standing on. It turns out it was on the roof of ‘Nash House’ a building that was part of Carlton House Terrace, built by John Nash.


The original, temple like, Carlton House Terrace


 The temple like Nash House as it is today and where Pazuzu was stood

I have mentioned John Nash in previous news I said this…

“John Nash was also responsible for Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch to name a few. Obviously he has tried a few aprons on in his time and took part in a few knobbly knees contests! So I’ll say no more on that.”

My opinion about John Nash has not changed and I tell you the truth, have no doubts about it, John Nash was balls deep with the illuminati.  This replica temple contains what is known as the The Institute of Contemporary Arts  (ICA) and that was the official excuse used for placing of the Demon of Wind in this location on ‘the road to the palace’. Here is the official story placing the statue on the roof and here are some pics.


Pazuzu being placed on the roof of the ICA


The replica was a very good likeness to the original in the Louvre

 I have said on many occasions that the establishment place their symbolic ‘governing bodies’ in replica temples and Nash House and Carlton House Terrace does a splendid job of it indeed, including the Royal Society in number 9 but that’s a story for another day.

 If you have clicked on the link to the official story of the placing Pazuzu on the roof of this symbolic temple can you see that the authorities can place their symbolism whenever or whenever they can? Bloody hell this statue of a ‘king of wind demons’ was plonked on the top of a replica temple on the Mall in open daylight for weeks? As far as I know nothing was said. Where was the Church in this matter? Where was the Archbishop of Canterbury for Christ’s sake? No objections at all? The Mall is basically Queenies Front Street isn’t it?  She is the defender of the faith isn’t she and the pillar of the Church of England isn’t she? Well isn’t she?

 A Defender of the C of E faith allowing a demonic statue placed yards away from the, Prince Freddie, Duke of York Column? I wish I had put a bet on at the bookies think about it, what odds on an official statue figure of Prince Freddie and an official statue of Pazuzu being together on the Mall? Nice one lizzy. I then thought who had allowed such a thing and why.

I started to look into this figure a little bit more deeply and soon realised that even though Pazuzu, was just a little fart to me, he’d had a massive effect of the collective consciousness of the human race. He was indeed used as the devil figure in the Exorcist movie, one of the most watched films of all time. Have you seen it?


Here’s Pazuzu messing around with little kids as usual

I looked into the actor Max von Sydow who played the most symbolic role in the Exorcist film playing the role Father Lankester Merrin. I then realise he had also played the role of Jesus in one of the other most watched films of all time, The Greatest Story Ever Told, have you seen it?


Max as Jesus


Max in Iraq at the start of the Exorcist

Max von Sydow and Linda Blair in Scene from

Max giving it the old Hail Mary before Pazuzu does him in

So you can see this figure Pazuzu carries a lot of symbolism that has been implanted in the collective consciousness and indeed the fact that Pazuzu ‘entered’ the body of a young innocent girl sums up the Serpent Cult to a T. That’s what members of the Serpent Cult do they mess with children and carry out sick rituals to appease their masters.

As I said the ‘official’ reason or placing this statue was supposed to be the promotion of a music art exhibition by Roberto Cuoghi.  It was entitled Šuillakku. It was presented at ‘noon’ everyday whilst the exhibition was on.

The sounds are not recommended from me for certain very sensitive souls but please click on this link if you want to listen. Stay with it, because it increases in intensity.

I found the sounds very ritualistic and a build up to sacrificial death and they triggered me in many ways, I apologise if they trigger folks that didn’t want triggering. :) I can imagine what the atmosphere was like around that statue with that music on can you?

It should now be noted that this event hasn’t just taken place in Nash House on the Mall it has also taken place in other symbolic buildings including the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, and surely I don’t have to remind you that if you stick a statue on, near or in a building (a replica temple) then that building becomes a temple dedicated to the icon on it or in it. Therefore it can be ‘used’ as such a temple in or out of normal working hours.



Pazuku in Turin

I can only stress again that the powers that be can arrange anything at any time they wish and I have told you about pied piper artists many times.

Roberto Cuoghi is no doubt a talented pied piper artist. He researched in Louvre too just like me.


Roberto in the Louvre in 2008


Matt in the Louvre 2007

Anyway the reason I wrote about this statue appearing for a few weeks in October on the Mall is because I saw in the news two days ago that another statue had been unveiled and was located just a short distance further down Queenie’s front street from where the statue of Pazuzu had recently been placed.  I was busy on other projects but my ears pricked up and I watched the news on TV about the event but I had put it on one side because of my workload.

 It was a statue in dedication of the Queen Mother. It was unveiled on Fat Tuesday.

The Queen Unveils The New Statue Of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother in robes on the Mall

Now then the thing that really set my mind racing was the fact that ‘demonic’ figures were usually displayed either wearing or displaying other occult symbolism. For instance, below is a statue of Pazuzu holding up a bas-relief showing some other symbolism, including figures and a horse etc. Obviously the bullshit historical experts will have an explanation for it as they always do but I have to say the historical experts have been bullshitting us for lifetimes and the fact is only the Serpent Cult know what the symbolism means on a 5 sense level. That’s why you and I are dumbed down to the level of a Big Mac in this world, It is so we don’t ‘see’ what is really being displayed under our noses and actually do something about it.


Pazuzu, demon of wind, showing us an ancient symbolic relieve depicting figures and horses etc.

I suddenly started to think and I thought  ‘Hang on a minute’ isn’t the new Queen Mother statue really just another version of the situation with the statue of Pazuzu? What we really have is the Queen Mother dressed in very occult looking attire, laden with symbolism and a high-relief frieze showing symbolism that is very ambiguous to a keen eye. Indeed on a cold dark night walking down the Mall it would be hard to differentiate between a statue of a winged demon and a statue in ceremonial robes. Well wouldn’t it? It would with my bloody eyesight, at least before specsavers saved me anyway. Indeed robes or capes are symbolic of bloody wings anyway. If you don’t believe me ask Batman and Robin.



The new Queen Mother statue is surrounded by modern high-reliefs showing figures horses and dogs.

Hey maybe, just maybe ‘Pazuzu’ appeared on the Mall in some sort of symbolic ceremony? Maybe the Statue of Pazuzu was placed there for a ceremony and the unveiling of the statue of Queen Mummy was connected to any ceremony. Believe me I am telling you something, so look!  The fact is that these reliefs were unveiled shortly after the Pazuzu symbolism arrived on the Mall so read into that what you will. But this part of the relief gives me the heebies and I wouldn’t walk up those steps even for a signed nudey pic of Suzie Quatro.


A picture paints a thousand words but if you don’t look at the picture you will never read them.

Maybe the two events are connected in some way. If that is the case then maybe the Queen Mother statue would be on a par with representing Lamashtu simply because, as I mentioned earlier, Pazuzu is very strongly linked with Lamashtu. Indeed the Queen mother fits the description of Lamashtu to a T and the relief held by Pazuzu, I posted earlier, was indeed a plaque about Lamashtu.


Lamastu (Lilith etc) was a female demon, monster, malevolent goddess or demigoddess who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped children while they were breastfeeding. She would gnaw on their bones and suck their blood, as well as being charged with a number of other evil deeds. 

(Yup sounds just like Queenie Mummy to me folks)

Hasn’t the ‘Queen Mother’ been named as taking part in demonic type Serpent Cult rituals by respected and highly aware researchers including David Icke?  She surely fits the description of a Lilith/ Lamastu type figure doesn’t she?

I can’t help thinking the ‘two statues’ on Queenie’s front street in 2009 are symbolically connected just like ‘Pazuzu and Lamastu’ are connected, indeed I know they are but that doesn’t mean you have to agree. BUT please try and understand the the Serpent Cult can read, write and understand the symbolism being displayed and used…  but you cannot. They rely on you scoffing at such suggestions from a wanker like me, but let’s face it why would the Serpent Cult go to so much trouble placing symbolism on replica temples and such like. It would be silly wouldn’t it? We could scoff at such a suggestion that these monuments are actually being used as a ritualistic announcement eh? Ha ha ha ho ho ho.

But hang on a minute here, I know I’m a bit of a dick head but don’t people like Queenie and her late mum always have occult symbolism located on and around replica temples anyway? Buckingham Palace is a good example isn’t it? You don’t laugh at that do you? Oh no… I’d say they laugh at you.

I tell you the truth and you spit in my face for doing so.

  So I say today to my friends and my enemies (and those that swap from one to the other when they feel like it) that the Serpent Cult take the piss out of us everyday because they are operating on a level that would make the cleverest of the clever, in this shithole we think we are clever in,  appear like a moron.  They see and read things that you can and WILL never see or read in this world, especially in your current state of unconsciousness anyway. They also use their official historical ‘experts’ to dumb you down, not enlighten you, but of course your dumbing down won’t let you see that.

 It is time for me to go. Take the coincidences and the symbolism in this article, as you will.  The images, sounds (if you listened) and information are only meant for those that need them.

For those that scoff at such things then please carry on scoffing, but if a 18-foot tall winged statue that has the penis of a serpent and the face of a dog appears on a replica temple near you then please let me know.  I certainly won’t scoff and I’ll come and see that dog face anytime.


… and if Lamastu gets her tits out for pigs and dogs  I’ll come and see her too



The head of Pazuzu: “King of the Demons of Wind… my arse”

‘King of the little farts’ more like!

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 26th February 2009

Updated slightly 2013

All Text Copyright Matthew Delooze 2009/2013. All rights reserved.

Switching off the Monuments – How Illuminating? A Delooze News Special Report

Switching off the Monuments – How illuminating?wwfteaser

I have kept one eye on this event over that last two years. I was hoping it was a genuine cause, how naive I am, but now the same puppet faces are starting to hijack it. I smell a rat! Those that have read my book, Is It Me For A Moment? Breaking the Serpent’s Spell, will know what i say about about charities and the WWF is no different.

Earth Hour is simply summed up like this….

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. It was pioneered by WWF Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007[1], and achieved worldwide participation in 2008. Earth Hour will next take place on Saturday, March 28 2009 at 8:30pm, local time. (Source)

Which is all well and good if you want to be part of what you think is a good cause. Who can refuse to help the WWF eh?

Please know that I’m all for helping the environment, this planet and all living things in it. Indeed I have devoted my life since 1998 doing just that. That is why I’m writing this news report. I’d really like to dance around saying what a good thing that we all switch the lights off for an hour and that will raise awareness. The sad thing is that don’t believe it is the case.global_banner

Indeed this event has already turned in to a global ‘festival of light’  and sadly in my opinion it is heading in the direction of becoming a global monument ritual too. The Serpent wants the masses to focus on the monuments not the event.

Agents for the Serpent like Sir Richard Branson are now helping promote this event. ( Re link Yes I can see how much fun you can have in the Dark Richard) I have no doubt that the Serpent Cult are behind this event. It has been slipped in with humble beginnings but believe me it is planned to be a massive event by 2012 and the focus will be entirely on the ‘monuments’ and ‘illumination’.

Rome is already involved.


Coliseum Rome… the focus point of the switch off and the switch back on.

Don’t forget that most if not all major landmarks are created by the Serpent Cult through secret societies and corrupt authority. Even the Fourth Bridge is used as an official monument of the Serpent Cult and it will be used in this event as a symbolic focus point too. For those that scoff at the idea that a bridge can be used as an occult monument I suggest you try to understand that sacred geometry is only taught to those that need to know and not those muppets who’s major concern in life is how many supermarket club card points they have. Indeed most religions in this world want their sheep to worship 10 stone tablets and a box with handles on it.


The sheeple stood in awe of an illuminated Forth Bridge (30 extra Tesco points if you go on a Thursday night)

‘Earth Hour’ have made it clear that they want every city and every monument to switch off (and obviously switch back on again) during ‘earth hour’ every year, which will be a bit of a pain if you have a pie in the oven at the same time and don’t forget that for the northern hemisphere the ‘clocks go forward’ too on that date so it is double bonus points for saving another hours power supply.

Anyway come on folks most of you have known me a while so ask yourself what scenario is really unfolding here? Is this a genuine plan do you think. e.g…. The charity WWF and the Sydney ‘Morning Herald’  (The sun messenger) think they will solve the perceived global warming problem by turning off the lights of cities and monuments for an hour and then switching them on again! Do you think that is genuine? Or does it make more sense to say that the so called illuminated wankers that control the dreamland you exist in are pulling another trick out of their bag? I am not saying the genuine folks interested in saving the planet and helping animals are not 100% genuine and big hearted. I know they are. I am saying their good hearts and good intentions will be manipulated, by pied pipers and silver tongues, to direct their emotional respect towards occult monuments and I have explained that scam to you on numerous occasions.

 For instance Richard Branson the pied piper = Dirty dodgy bugger for the Serpent Cult, so when you see folk like that joining the Earth Hour bandwagon then it is time to open your eyes. The grass roots creators of this have good intentions but as I said their good intentions will be hijacked and instead of an event said to be taking part simply to raise awareness it will actually be a spiritual energy ritual that will take place instead. Live 8 was said to be an event simply to raise awareness too remember! I hope you are aware that live 8 was an energy extraction ritual and did bugger all to raise awareness in Africa just like Earth Hour will not raise awareness to global warming it will simply be used to focus human attention on certain locations, symbolism and monuments.

Anyway it is planned to eventually involve all major Serpent Cult monuments in this event. The Eiffel tower is already joining in and I’m sure it won’t be long before the London Eye and Big Ben are joining in too.


Paris will join in Earth Hour next month.

The list of cities confirming their participation in Earth Hour 2009 includes 37 national capitals and some of the great cities of the world, including London, Beijing, Rome, Moscow, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Athens, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Sydney, Mexico City, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Manila, Las Vegas, Brussels, Cape Town and Helsinki. Source: the official Earth Hour website

Bloody hell I just realised there is quite a few of those pesky new fangled fairground Ferris Wheels in those cities too. Anyway I’m telling you the plot again aren’t I? It’s all done in the best possible taste though and you really don’t have to believe me when I say this is another global energy extraction scam. I’m barking mad you knowso I suggest you wait til 2012 and you will see it and believe it for yourself, trouble is though it may be too late for you then so I suggest start saving more of those supermarket club card loyalty points to buy the paddle you will need to escape from ‘up shit creek’.

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Matthew Delooze 12th February 2009