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The Arrival of the Rain Bow Gate

The Arrival of the Rain Bow Gate

An Important Delooze News Report

Cross over shame like the wise Dove…
who cares not for fame… … just for shy love
(I Hunter/ Mott the Hoople: Hymn for the Dudes 1973)

Hello Folks,

I sincerely hope any and all genuine truth-seekers out there are OK and also I hope their hearts are strong, especially as we start to approach 2012.

It all seems rather strange and very surreal to me as I write this short update. Even though I have only been off line for a few months it still seems like a very long time. I have mixed feelings about publishing this update, especially so because the information it contains will be meaningless to many. That said, it is clear to me that sometimes it is very important that information regarding certain events, albeit relatively mundane events, gets to those that need to see it, and I know that the event mentioned below is spiritually vital to some minds and souls out there and it is to those folks that this message is sent and it is sent with good intentions.

It should no secret to those folks that have found my previous work and information important to them, that I have mentioned a lot of monuments/sculptures etc in the past. I have previously made it clear that I believe that certain official monuments, especially the famous land marks like the London Eye etc, are purposely created by the Serpent Cult, through the old boy network and then opened by their puppet ‘celebrity’ artists. I have also made it clear that sculptures and monuments are also sometimes subcontracted (commissioned)or blatantly hijacked from independent artists via very tempting sponsorships or other funding schemes that are usually supplied through the corrupt local authorities. In these cases the artist is literally ‘told’ what to create. In a nutshell, the Serpent Cult simply ‘bung’ the artist to supply their own pre-planned symbolism hidden as unique art and then simply place the symbolic monument within their own pre-planned and ritualised foundations (Usually Ley lines) for use within their own agendas. The Serpent Cult uses its esoteric knowledge right under the noses of a stupefied public knowing it will receive no comback and in my opinion, because of the enforced spiritual blindness placed on the human race, the same cult believe that things will always be like that. Indeed how can the blind expose what goes on right under their noses.

I don’t believe things will always be like that and I also believe that the Serpent Cult will one day reap what it sows in the monument situation.

With that in mind I would like to draw attention to the construction of a monument currently taking place, literally as I speak, in my home town of ‘Burnley’ (Burnley should be twinned with Rock Ridge!).

The Rain Bow Gate

 The Rain Bow (two separate words) Gate is currently being constructed in Princess Way Burnley. It is just around the corner, literally a couple of hundred yards from where I grew up as a lad. Officially the Rain Bow Gate is part of a £1 million pound scheme known as the ‘Public Realm Transformation Project’ and ‘Tonkin Liu’ got the nod to create the monument that is described as ‘Burnley’s Gateway’.

You can see on the official poster pictured above that the scheme is sponsored using several occult symbols, including Burnley’s “Bees” but this message is not sent to you to point out such things. I have pointed them out before in my struggles and attempts to help folks, if I have failed to trigger or educate you during 2004-2010 then I do not believe my future information will be for you. So I suggest you do not waste your time on anymore of it if that is the case.

Anyway, Tonkin Liu, the official architects of the Gate, also created the Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley too. As mentioned earlier the Serpent Cult simply ‘buy’ the artist and/or place the monument within their own symbolic foundations for their own agenda.

I believe this is the case with the Singing Ringing Tree and I have given my opinion on that monument and its meaning in my book, Is It Me for a Moment – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell? I also believe that the same architects got the Rain Bow Gate ‘job’ simply because of their previous contacts within the corrupt Burnley civic brotherhood and other links with the liars and fraudsters that have privileged and sway within the criminal committees inside the local authorities.

In my opinion on a five sense level, The Rain Bow Gate has physically appeared in Burnley more through the actions of a vain incompetent egotistical back-scratching clique, than any covert plan to provide a work of art or even a symbolic occult monument for the Serpent Cult. Mind you Burnley and Lancashire have not got a monopoly in employing egotistical back-scratching cliques to run our towns for crafty unseen faces. This entire country follows the same rules and serves the same unseen faces. Obviously this fact is becoming more transparent, as we see the plugs to our bathtubs of comfort being threatened more and more everyday (Ref: singing do wah diddy essay 2004) and it is only a matter of time my friends, when some greedy fat arses will be left soaking wet next to an empty bath that once contained their illusionary comforts, and believe me no towel on this side of Jupiter will be big enough to hide their dirty cracks when it happens.

Anyway, back to the monument :)… Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu (Official Architects) explains the ideas behind Rain Bow Gate…

“We were inspired by how the viaduct frames the view of the surrounding landscape, which I think is one of the best things about Burnley.”

“Rain Bow Gate, is a bow structure that integrates 500 prisms to capture light and create rainbows. A new breed of single-surface structure we’ve pioneered with structural engineers at Arup, the structure uses advanced digital modelling, analysis, and fabrication tools. The transformation of light into rainbow evokes a sense of wonder, which we feel is at heart of education.”

“Rain – celebrates Burnley’s nature and weather which was pivotal to Burnley’s industrial past. Bow – reflects the arches of the viaduct, a dynamic and highly-efficient structural form. Gate – reflects how the different parts of Burnley connect at this site. Click here for official report.

Eh?  Different parts of Burnley connect at this site? Sense of wonder? Heart of Education? Well how can I not disagree with that explanation?  After all I was born in this shit hole town and I have spent 53 years here. I’m sure luvvies ‘Mike & Anna’ mean well, especially when arty farty money is changing hands, but I’m sure they would admit that they know absolutely nothing of Burnley’s true past or for that matter its present. I’ll give you my brief version of the town as an aging, cranky old man, resident of Burnley.

 “Burnley is nothing but a collection of small variously themed ghettos that wallow in deprivation whilst under the oppressive control of a sick brood of vipers”. 

Matthew Delooze September 12th 2011

The vast majority of the towns workers and other slave residents spend a lifetime (usually shortened by 10 years or more) through (a) being proud and surviving on poverty wages in soul destroying jobs or (b) not being proud and allowing themselves to live a life of misery on state handouts. Both (a) and (b) groups, if that way inclined, will also duck and dive through the proceeds of petty crime (I have done all three!). These fellow pathetic oppressed blind slaves are, at the same time, totally controlled by the policies of local gangsters posing as honest professional executives and their puppets within the local authorities and/or worse by hardened criminals, wheeling and dealing, usually in drug or property scams, whilst posing as academically gifted professional pillars of society. In reality all would have you knee capped for ten bob and murder your grandmother for less. Burnley is a cesspit that is literally on a par with Sodom.

So, maybe, if a pathetic nutter like me can be so bold to suggest it, Tonkin Lui should have/could have provided a far more apt monument to symbolise a gateway into Burnley, one that would truly represent this shit hole of a town, far more than a rainbow does? May I humbly suggest that a replica of Rodin’s Gate of Hell (Based on the ‘Inferno’ section of Dante’s Divine Comedy) would be more apt?

 Rodin’s Hell’s Gate and a section of it.

 Anyway, again, back to the Rain Bow Gate monument…. I have actually supervised the installation of the foundations of the Rain Bow Gate monument and then literally witnessed its creation. The Gate is not completely finished yet (Due October) but you will note (below) that the steel structure has 500 little oblong shapes cut in to it. The reason for this is to create and insert small ‘prisms’. The structure is built to literally create many little rainbows all around anyone standing underneath it. Obviously anyone looking from a distance would/should see the rainbows too. (If Burnley gets any decent light of course)

The little oblong ‘slits’ will create ‘Rainbow Rods’

All Photos copyright Matthew Delooze 2011

 Hey… Anyone who followed my Ayahuasca workshop writings like ‘Only Love Can Bring The Rain’ or ‘Standing in The Line Of Fire’, from a few years ago now, may remember my experiences whilst surrounded by little ‘rainbow rods’.  I hope you can and if you can remember them then I’m glad. I tell you the truth, albeit on a personal spiritual level, I have waited a bloody long time for this symbolism to arrive in my home town. Hey…  I don’t know what I tell a psychiatrist though as my Rain/ Rain Bow rods hallucinations /delusions now appear to be becoming physical in my home town. I also wonder what odds a bookie would have given me for an apparatus appearing in my home town that actually physically creates the exact same rainbow rods that I saw and wrote about in Colombia and Brazil during Shamanic ceremonies at least three years ago? 1000 to 1? 1,000,000 to one? What odds would you have given me or would you and your ego not consider such a thing? You think I write such things for fun do you? Simply to entertain fakers and takers?

Again, I must admit, as daft as it sounds, that I have waited a long time for this symbolism to arrive in my life on a physical level. So much so that I must also admit that in my excitement I did a little dance on the foundations of the Rain Bow Gate (Blush) jigging like a silly old get I was too. Hey…. and my wife will tell you that ‘I’m no Lionel Blair’ (In more ways than one I might add too!) so it was quite an effort on my part.  In fact I believe its the only time I have danced whilst sober apart from when I jigged a dandy jig around the blazing fire that appeared at the Singing Ringing tree in Burnley in 2007. Hey maybe I was a Shaman in a past life?

Dancing or Dreaming in a Delusion?

I have done some things that may seem silly to some people over the last 13 years. There isn’t enough paper to write down all the silly things I have done and what silly things I still have to do, so I suppose dancing on the foundations of a gate is not so silly if you know why you do it is it? I certainly made a bigger fool of myself in my youth trying to impress young ladies dancing in nightclubs. Northern Soul?  Northern Arsehole more like.

And I tell you the truth, and I do mean you, that there is no limit to the silly things I will do if each silly act helps and leads you to remember who you are and enables you to see the pathetic deception that enslaves us. I’ll don the clown suit at any time, no problem, and looking in the mirror this morning I won’t need much make up either.

I have even done a little cheesy styled video for you below but be warned Matt Delooze may not not know how to do professional HD videos yet…    but he knows other things.

The Rain Bow Gate (Foundations) from matthew delooze on Vimeo.

I will update this message when the Rain Bow Gate is complete and opened by the town’s leaders. But before I go I forgot to mention a new logo that was, in a large part, created for the Gateway scheme in Burnley and the symbolism that has appeared over the last couple of years and it cost quite a lot of money to create.

Burnley’s new Logo created to display on several ‘Gateways’ in to the town

 “Bloody hell you could hide a space ship and a Yeti turd in that thing and we’d still be none the wiser… so the scam still works then?”

Matthew Delooze 2010

I quote the press below

“Council bosses have now spent £400 seeking to register the logo across five trademark classes, so it cannot be used by other towns. It will be displayed at gateways to Burnley, on literature, and a website to make the image instantly identifiable with the town.” (Source)

Anyway I hope you at least enjoyed my video. I will follow up on the Rain Bow Gate soon.

Until then….   May Love Reign O’er You!

Matthew Delooze  September 2011




The Hummingbird Has Landed

The Hummingbird Has Landed

humming bird Untitled

‘Chapada dos Guimarães July 2011’

Only love can bring The Rain
That makes you yearn to The Sky
Love Reign O’er Me
Reign O’er Me – Reign O’er Me
From the Song: Love Reign O’er Me by The Who

After twenty-two months of having absolutely no involvement with the Ayahuasca medicine whatsoever, I was invited to take part in a social event that would also include three further Ayahuasca ceremonies. The social event side of things gave the trip a holiday atmosphere sort of feeling and this actually helped ease any nerves I had over drinking this powerful plant medicine again. I met up with a few of the fellow guests at Heathrow Airport and things were good and felt good. I knew I had to take this trip. The Ayahuasca ceremonies were to take place in a place called ‘Chapada dos Guimarães’ in the county of Mato Grosso, Brazil South America.

…  Due to the size of this article….

Please download the PDF version here


The Winner Takes It All

The Winner Takes It All

wc titleb1c850a8

 The World Cup Scam Exposed (Part One)

By Matthew Delooze

I was going to write and publish this information back in 2006 (Before the 2006 World Cup). I decided not too. I think now is a better time to publish it, especially for those few that have connected to my theories and my work in general and that is only because is it those few that I wish to try to assist in the future. I can only repeat that I am not in ‘business’ and I am not here to sell you what you want to hear simply so I can keep your future custom. I am therefore able to speak directly and honestly and always have been.

I am currently writing a book and ‘sport’, especially football, will be mentioned in it. But I strongly feel the information contained in this article should be released now, because my book will be delayed. This article exposes one of the major, if not the major scams behind global sporting events. That is the ‘world cup’. It kicks off in a matter of days.

It will cost you nothing to read this article but it has cost me very dearly to provide it. I wish to help at least a few people break free from the Serpent’s spell. It is also given to try to help navigate some folks through the madness that has descended upon us at this time in this world and get them through to the other side.

Most folks who followed my works, in my books and articles, will know that I started to mention ‘stadiums and global events’ quite a few years ago now. I also started to expose the ‘spiritual energy extraction scam’ going on at the same time too.

It was clear to me, after experiencing the full-blown symptoms of a traumatic spiritual awakening, that ‘all human beings create spiritual energy’. Every human being is literally an energy-making machine. Yes I mean everyone not just the few.  I have previous written many articles on the matter  and the major principles of my theories are recorded in my books, the Stars Are Falling and Is It Me For A Moment?

Anyone who read those books and large articles, and actually took in the information within them, without prejudice, will know the basic principles to my theories, especially so in regards to spiritual energy extraction, the use of ‘stadiums’ and the symbolic official figureheads attending them. So I say to those that trusted the words in my book that this article should be far easier for you to understand in 2010 than it would have been should I have published it in 2006. That said the World Cup is one of the easiest scams to see anyway, after it has initially been pointed out of course, but obviously if we really don’t want to see things we will simply shut our eyes and if we really don’t want to hear things we will simply shut our ears too. So please try to keep both eyes and ears open.

I have also found that most people cannot even accept esoteric information emitting from someone in my position, they have simply been programmed to repudiate it. I am fully aware of that and that should be educational to us all if we care to think about it for a moment. After all we can only react to our hearts and intuitions can’t we?

Anyway folks lets not bugger about this time, I have no need to do so in this chapter/article, so let’s get straight on to the information.

If you believe the World Cup is only put on for our benefit and entertainment then I strongly suggest you stop reading now. But if you want to know the ‘real’ reason why there is a World Cup event actually taking place every four years, then please come with me and read on. You really have nothing to lose but your eternal enslavement in this world for doing so….

One of the largest ‘global events’ is due to take place in the next few weeks and that is ‘The FIFA World Cup’. Some would say this event is bigger than Christmas and EID. I realise a lot of long suffering soccer widows will agree with that too? Hey maybe this information will turn out to be the biggest weapon a soccer widow can find, not that a soccer fan will ever believe the information if soccer widows use it!

Anyway, the build up to this global event known as the world cup is now in full swing.  The adverts on TV are full of it. The ‘celebrities’ are getting involved and the teams have selected their list of gladiators. All the arenas are built and are ready and waiting to put on the show. You can even buy any kind of gadgets, shirts, clothes, flags, rattles and assorted toys and novelties that take your fancy and even the face paint is ready to slap on the faces of the masses.

The tickets have all been snapped up and the TV companies will shoot the event from all angles and analyse every shot, foul, penalty and goal over and over again. Indeed a very large portion, of the human race is literally primed and conditioned for the tournament to begin and their minds and hearts are totally focused on it. Indeed their minds are always focused on it because the event is continually hyped from one world cup to the next (Olympics in the middle of course!). The event is constantly in the collective consciousness of the human race. It is literally an eternal ritual.

Let me make it clear that I am a football fan myself. I am NOT criticising the game or sport in general. I am not saying it is wrong to have competitions and/or entertainment either. I think sport is great. I was a sporty type myself in my younger days and I loved to participate in a game of football (Soccer) and I was a football spectator for many years too. Both of my grown up sons play amateur league football too and I spent more than a decade bringing them through the junior leagues. I know about football and I know about football fans. I think it is the best game on the planet.

On a five sense level millions of people will be tuning in to the world cup and hundreds of thousands of people will be ‘in’ the stadiums in South Africa too. Millions of people will get enjoyment from the world cup. I do not dispute that. That said millions would be severely disappointed with the world cup as soon as their country is knocked out of it too. It truly is a roller coaster of emotions for football fans. I don’t need to explain anything about this competition on a five sense level do I? You all know about it be you a football fan or not. The fans love hearing about it and the football widows and other non-football fans hate hearing about it, but the world cup competition is placed in all our minds whatever we are.

I’m not here to tell you about the five sense reasons for the world cup. The hype, the hypnotic build up and the manic fans are there for all to see. The energy is simply overwhelming.

I am here to tell you about the multi-dimensional ritual side of the ‘world cup’. I’m here to point out the real reason why the world cup takes place on a spiritual level. I am here to point out the massive ritual that continually takes place right under our noses and how the masses are blindly conditioned to join in with it.

I still get all the bloody dirty jobs I’m afraid.

I have said many times that the masses are controlled by the ‘symbolism’ and the ‘geometry’ that they subconsciously ‘take in’. I have said many times that our physical reality is created by our thoughts. I have said in my books and articles that we also carry out spiritually binding vows through prayer and hymns (even those that open football tournaments). I have also said previously that stadiums and other locations used for global events are linked together. I have always said that the enslavement of the human race is created through the worship of the SUN and the symbolism behind its creation. (I also give explanations as to why worshipping the sun is so important) I have stated many times that multi- dimensional entities and their agents on Earth (the Serpent Cult) control the human race by manipulation of the collective consciousness and by using ritualistic trickery.

So baring that brief reminder in mind let’s have a proper look at the world cup.  I don’t mean let’s put on a football shirt, paint our faces and wave flags around, I mean let’s have a proper look at its foundation and what we are actually taking part in every four years.

I have always said that official Serpent Cult rituals in this world are carried out or created in symbolic locations. The world cup is an official Serpent Cult ritual and it was created in 1930. It was created in ‘Uruguay’. The entire tournament took place in the Estadio Centenario.

It is obvious if you check in to the history of the first world cup that Uruguay was going to be the only one selected to host it (It was done deal as usual). Indeed all the other countries withdrew their bids to allow Uruguay to host it!  Indeed Uruguay offered to refund all expenses to all participants.  It should also be noted that teams were ‘invited’ to participate and this means, on a spiritual level, it was a global ‘free will’ event. It was a symbolic foundation stone that has led to the event you see today. Hey please check out the foundation or creation symbolism involved in the pictures below.

This is the official flag of Uruguay. 


 The flag of Uruguay incorporates the Inca Sun God ‘Inti’ from ancient times, this is despite camouflage indicated it is linked to political revolutions and the Sun of May. The foundation of the world cup took place in ‘Montevideo’. Here is the official symbolism of Montevideo.


The Montevideo coat of arms

The Montevideo coat of arms shows a benben (pyramid shaped mound of earth) rising out of the water (chaos) and the lighthouse on top of the represents the sun (light). It is the rising Benben out of the watery chaos symbolism again (Just like the Ferris wheel symbolism and that linked to various other global rituals that have taken place over the last few years). Oh dear my delusions are getting worse aren’t they?

I’m afraid it’s the old Ferris wheel / Illuminati symbolism stuff again. It is slightly hidden in open view but it is there if you want really to look. Is it order out of chaos symbolism or is it just a coincidence? Whatever it is I assure you it now officially represents the birthplace (creation) of the modern day world cup and I have no doubts that the foundation or creation of the world cup is based on Sun worship and order out of chaos symbolism just like the creation of the planet itself through the ‘benben’. Please tell me how it is not so?

Since the foundation ceremony of the world cup the event has grown and grown in status. More and more symbolic stadiums have been built. All major countries have now got a ‘main’ symbolic sporting stadium, be it Wembley in England or the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.  South Africa is no different.

It is vital in my opinion that you should understand the importance of these ‘main’ stadiums have on the future, both individually on a collective basis. This is because, just as in ancient times, they are linked together and placed on ‘energy lines’. I have mentioned many times before that the Serpent Cult use stadiums and even open spaces to extract spiritual energy from human beings. I said many years ago that the stadiums are being put in place for global ritual purposes.

South Africa is no different. Indeed the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg is a good example to show you how the Serpent Cult actually operates. This is because it blatantly links symbolic stadiums together around the world to act as a collective global energy extraction machine. Please don’t take my word for it, read what the officials say about the ‘main’ stadium in South Africa. Here is just one example.

‘Marked black seats inside the stadium form lines pointing in the directions of the other South African stadia where World Cup matches will be played, with one line pointing to Berlin’s Olympiastadion where the final match of the 2006 World Cup was played.  The seats are coloured to represent the city of gold and an African sunrise, and the tunnels to the pitch resemble mining tunnels, which are a reminder of the city’s history” (Source: sagoodnews.co.za)

   It should be pointed out, and I show it in pictures below, that the symbolic energy lines are also painted on the ‘outside’ of the stadium. The authorities are making sure the link to other stadiums is blatantly announced and pointed out. But who really sees it?  The use and announcement of such things is on a par with the changeover at the Olympic games in where the torch is carried to next host to create the symbolic ‘energy lines’ between host cities. (Please remember that the Serpent Cult has to announce its actions in some way)

The same scenario applies to the football world cup and once a host city is decided on, many years in advance, no matter what its economic situation, the symbolism is put in place to link it to the previous host.


  The black lines on the outside and inside of the soccer city stadium link the present stadiums to the stadiums of the past.

In the case of South Africa the main arena (stadium) is based on a cooking pot known as the calabash. Which when you think about it, on a symbolic level, the pot is filled with human food to feed the gods! Obviously, on a symbolic level, ‘a bowl’ can mean many things and represents many countries. I believe soccer city stadium is going to be used used for several rituals during the world cup. Something is cooking in the calabash, as daft as it sounds!


Soccer City from the air (A pot on a pit of fire)

It is becoming obvious to me that the events in Soccer City will take on many rituals and the Serpent Cult will also place symbolism on one or more of its ‘agents’ at the opening event or at the final event. Considering the symbolism of South Africa and the history of Soccer City itself I can only suggest at this stage, before the events start, that the initial stages of replacing Nelson Mandela, with someone like Barack Obama, as the worlds official black pied piper icon will possibly take place. I don’t believe Barack Obama is attending but Mandela used the older version of the stadium when he was released from prison. We can only wait and see what unfolds but Soccer City Stadium is a very ideal venue for covert announcements and it is definitely a place for ritual or ceremonies to take place.

Anyway where have we got too? Oh yes, the symbolic foundations of the world cup leading to the modern stadiums of the 2010 event.

Let’s move on…

I realise not many football fans and neutrals will not actually think of anything else but the ‘football’ and the celebration of victory and the sadness of defeat during the world cup. I certainly didn’t just a few years ago. The reason we do not think of anything else is simply because of the mass programming and hypnotism we are subjected to but of course that is part of football and agents for the serpent carry out the said programming on us. I’m not going to go in to how that programming started in this article but I will be doing so in my next book.

 That said you do not need to be Einstein to see that football fans wear blinkers and, as far as their national side and the world cup are concerned, they literally answer the call to support, represent and literally fight for their national team at the drop of a hat. There really is no difference between a world cup tournament taking place and the battles taking place during a crusade. They are the exact same thing n a spiritual and emotional level. Indeed we even wear the same uniforms.


Football fans as Knight Templar or Knight Templar as football fans?

The Serpent Cult goes to great measures to create tribalism on the international football scene. Violence and intimidation are part and parcel of international football and the authorities create the tensions. I realise the majority of true sports fans do not want any thing to do with violence but at the end of the day most football fans will defend their teams to the death, even if it is only verbally, emotionally and spiritually.  The Serpent Cult wants to create massive amounts of spiritual energy at the world cup and they actually want us to be verbal, emotional and spiritual over matters. It is these things that create energy. Any violence that takes place only increases our emotions and that is why violence in football is spasmodic but, that said the fear and possibility of violence is always present.

Again the tournament is akin to being in a ‘battle’ situation.


 A football game or an emotional symbolic battle?

The increase in the symbolism now being worn and displayed by the football fans is no coincidence either. As I said the football fans wear symbolic ‘battle uniforms’ they literally swear allegiance to the symbolism they wear whilst not having a clue what it means. They only see it as loyalty to their countries football team. Sadly the traits of soccer violence and display of occult symbolism is passed down the generations. Soccer hooligans produce soccer hooligans and train them from birth. That said normal fans dress their offspring in the same symbolism too.


Is this what I do Daddy?


‘Christening’ robes? 


School Uniform?

Indeed they usually take the regiment band along with them to games, trumpets blazing and drums beating, and this is no coincidence either. The atmosphere inside the stadium is purposely raised to increase the expectations, therefore the emotions, of the crowd.

It is clear to anyone that has attended a large football game that the crowd is always adorned with the ‘symbolism’ of their ‘team’ and they scream shout and sing because of it. On a physical level they are simply showing support for something they love (nothing wrong with that) but on a spiritual level they literally praise the symbolism they wear and that which is displayed in the arena they do battle in. The only problem being they do not know what the symbolism is nor do they realise the implications of, albeit unknowingly, worshipping it.


 Is it a sign of emotional adoration for football or blind worship of occult symbolism created through deception?

Again on a five-sense level there is nothing wrong with this, it’s nice to feel part of ‘something’ and have a ‘side’ to support and cheer and even sulk and moan about. I can only try to point out that there are many other reasons behind global events like the world cup, but if the masses are dumbed down so much that that they can only see the lowest level of understandings then they will never ever realise, never mind actually accept, that they are being ‘scammed’. I’ll come to that point in regards to the world cup later on.

For now I’ll say the worship of occult symbolism in the world cup goes much further afield than the hosting country or the symbolic stadiums being used in it.  The Serpent Cult has created a network of symbolic locations to display the 2010 world cup around the globe, just like it did in the last world cup. Mind you this sort of thing is increased 10 fold in the last 12 years leading up to 2010. This worship by proxy, if you like, is usually done in major cities. A large screen will be produced, usually outside a replica temple in a city square or near a symbolic logo of a corporate business, and crowds will be encouraged to gather around it and cheer their team on.  wc11Untitled1

 Worship of occult symbolism and the ‘world cup’ outside replica temple

I have obviously mentioned this situation many times over the years. Indeed it is going on again ‘officially’ at some very major landmarks, just like the Live 8 energy extraction did. F Fans Fest is another massive scam and includes energy being extracted beside the same monuments and energy lines that were used in Live 8 and many other rituals that have taken place for centuries at the same or similar locations. I mentioned this thing years ago, when I wrote about Live 8, but in the majority of cases it fell on lazy and deaf ears, or worse, the work was stolen.  Indeed I am truly sick to death of pointing this out, but I tell you the truth AGAIN that the sun monuments and energy lines in Paris, Rome and Berlin, along with the others mentioned in the FIFA link provided are being used again. I point out that all the areas in the FIFA Fan’s Fest have been ‘baptised’ with the Ferris wheel too.


 Map showing official fans fests and world cup stadiums.

If you have access to decent internet speed, don’t just look at the map and the link watch this bloody video There are eight ‘8’ exclusive cities too. See if it reminds you of Live 8! See if it reminds you of monuments too!

What can I say about the video apart from it shows another global ritual? Free events located around illuminati monuments again eh? Hey maybe I wasn’t really so delusional in 2005 after all then eh? Maybe I’m not just a silly loony after all and the force that blew my socks off in 1998/99 is not just a sign of paranoid psychosis after all eh? I know it isn’t and always have done but that may be part of the delusion eh? But hey, believe this, if I am telling the truth I assure you I wouldn’t swap a bucket of piss for some people’s futures out there, not even a full one. The past is calling and its pretty bloody pissed off at the stench of planet Earth. I may be a fool but I’m no liar. Mind you I won’t play the fool for much longer either. Anyone who was with me back in 2005, and actually read about the Live 8 information I provided back then, should connect to the information and to the events mentioned in the FIFA fest video, simply because it’s the very same spiritual extraction scam that is taking place. It is the same scam!!!

Please open your minds and eyes and bloody well look at what is going on. The only difference between both Live 8 and world cup events is that the Serpent Cult are using the World Cup as a pied piper instead of using pop stars and Bob Geldof’s Live 8 as a pied piper. The results of the rituals are the same.

If you can now see through both of these deceptions then I am excited for your future.

Please take in that the Serpent Cult requires massive free willed participation (spiritual consent) from the human race to turn the events like Live 8 and the world cup in to spiritually binding rituals and lets be honest, its not hard for them to gain free will participation from a spiritually blind human race is it? The human race is symbol illiterate.

These free screenings of world cup matches from FIFA are placed on these locations on purpose because they literally represent a place of worship, just like they did at Live 8. A global ritual of Sun worship is taking place and sadly the human race falls for it right, left and centre every time.  Of course oppressed human beings are going to love being entertained and want to join in a party. What is the alternative?

FIFA have also used pied piper superstar type players to add more attraction to the events. Pele and Maradona being two massive ones.  I am not going in to detail regarding these stars (pied pipers for the Serpent Cult) simply because they represent the same scenario as I described in the information regarding David Beckham last year. Both Pele and Maradonna, along with Beckham have been ‘selected’ to play symbolic pied pipers. I will go in to this situation in depth in my next book but please note that the whole England team now carries the symbolism of Beckham, mentioned in the Paint Your Wagon chapter/article and this is because Beckham has been made the official figurehead of the England Team leading up to 2012 and beyond.

OK then what have we covered so far in this article? Oh yes the foundation symbolism, the modern day and even ancient symbolic stadiums, the fan’s fests, battle uniforms and football symbolism and oh yes of course symbolic occult laden pied pipers like David Beckham.

Anyway folks I suppose I better start to explain things regarding the ‘tournament’ you know of as the world cup.  I suppose that’s what most of you that are simply skimming through this article want to know.

OK then let me explain, on a spiritual level, what the ‘world cup’ ritual is all about but let’s start with something that will get rid of the chaff…  So here goes… ‘I assure you all that the world cup has nothing to do with a ‘game’ called football’.

Indeed the ‘world cup’ is simply a ‘front’ for massive sun worship and surrender of spirit ritual. The fact that football matches are taking place is totally immaterial.  What? I hear you say… the world cup has nothing to do with football? Has Delooze gone even more insane than he was before?

I tell you the truth when I say that  ‘football’ is only being used in the ‘world cup’ because it is a very popular sport and dumbed down blinkered football fans (human beings) are very easily manipulated to behave in the way that the Serpent Cult wants them too.

The Serpent Cult has simply cultivated the game of football and its fans for their own benefit, and it is because of this cultivation that millions of hypnotised human beings follow the sport as they do today. In fact to most football fans the game is their ‘life’. They have nothing to live for without it, such is the power of mind manipulation and programming.

The fans never actually look at anything but their team, their opponents and the field of play. They are happily oblivious to what is really going on around them. They simply won’t listen to anything that contradicts their faith in their team. They simply want ‘victory’ on the symbolic battlefield for themselves and they expect to receive it through their champions (the football team they support.)

The players are no different to the fans as far as true awareness of the situation taking place and they do not see anything but their opponents and they only hear the power of their supporters. The managers simply want to appease their fans and their employers too. Obviously they all want to be a winner and bring the world cup home but NONE of them actually step back and look at what they are actually doing. They are, albeit unknowingly, sheep in the extreme.

The only force that knows what is really going on in the world cup tournament is the Serpent Cult itself. That is not an insult to the football fans, it is basic fact as far as I am concerned, and I assure you I was/am the same as anybody else. I also hadn’t a clue what was really going on in the world cup prior to 1998. I was blind to the scam.

Again, despite the ridicule, general fear and lack of large scale acceptance of my theories, I have still written many things about the masses being attracted to events and because of their emotions and programming they actually create and release spiritual energy at the said event. I have also explained many times that the energy harvested at such events goes to the creators of the symbolic monuments, idols and symbolism on display at the time.

The ‘world cup’ is a massive example of this. You don’t see many events that come larger than the world cup. Indeed the words ‘world cup’ say it all if you can raise your awareness higher than an empty bag of crisps and drop your ego a little for a few minutes.  If you want to be free then you have to want to be free so please empty your mind of trivia for a short while and look what the world cup is really all about… Come on…

It is the world cup ‘trophy’ itself that is put on a pedestal and it is the centre of attention at the tournament.  It literally symbolises and represents the whole event. Well doesn’t it? Well obviously so if it is the aim of the players and fans to ‘win it’. It is the icon, the symbolic golden idol of worship, on display.

Let’s look at the trophy itself because it has strong foundation symbolism too.

Hey I’ll let Bobby Moore show you the true symbolism hiding behind the trophy (you will believe he eh?) and the foundation symbolism of the trophy that is on display at the world cup today. Please note Bobby Moore was the very first English football pied piper that was used and recruited by the Serpent Cult, his premature death at 51 through cancer obviously added to his worship value, especially so at Wembley stadium. David Beckham now holds the pied piper position today. 


 Sir Bob and the original ‘world cup’ in all its ‘glory’

You can see, if you look, that the world cup is a winged goddess and it was also known at the time as the Jules Rimet trophy.

The trophy, originally named Victory, but later renamed in honour of former FIFA president Jules Rimet, was made of gold plated sterling silver and lapis lazuli and depicted Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.  (Source FIFA.com)

     It is said to be Nike the Goddess of Victory. Obviously veteran conspiracy buffs will know that Nike is just another name used to represent Isis, Athena and the rest of the deceptive pied piper goddess icons, and symbolic agents, that I believe have been used for thousands of years, by what I call the Serpent Cult, to deceive and enslave the human race. Look closely at the trophy again. The Serpent Cult did not hide the symbolism back in 1966 simply because it had to be accepted and adored it its true image.


The original world cup: The Jules Rimet Trophy

It is literally a ‘chalice’. It is a tool used in occult ritual.

It is so easy for me to use this example to show you how the Serpent Cult ‘alters’ the symbolism they use in public but yet still hide it right under our noses. (Not that many actually see it when it is blatant and right in their face and literally held up high by the captain of England… (Obviously we were too busy cheering it to notice) Here is a picture of the modern day version of the world cup and another of the two trophies together. Look how easy it is to hide occult symbolism and please believe me a golden chalice representing sun deities is definitely occult symbolism!


 ‘World Cup’ = Sun Deity Chalice (Get it?)

The two different trophies carry the exact same symbolism but it is much harder to see the symbolism and the links to the original occult sun worship chalice in the second version isn’t it? But that is exactly what the second trophy represents. It is a chalice used for ritual. What does it all mean? The fact is folks that the millions of football fans and other people that get connected to the world cup are literally taking part in a religious ritual of sun/serpent worship. The world cup trophy is simply on a par with a chalice that is used for ritual in temples and churches around the world. Therefore the world cup tournament becomes a global religious ritual. In simple terms look at the pictures and see what I mean.


The occult symbolism is hidden in the modern day world cup trophy

 wc18Untitled1 wc19Untitled1

The chalice is shown to worshippers simply to be accepted and endorsed

The ritual has nothing to do with football and again the football is only used as a pied piper to attract the audience to watch and witness the event. In ancient times real physical battles took place in arenas (gladiators etc) instead of football matches and people were literally slaughtered to create the necessary levels of emotion (creation of spiritual energy). The battles were always in honour of the sun gods or their agents (Royalty) and that is exactly what is happening at the world cup in modern times. It is not entertainment for the masses, the entertainment is simply manufactured to create the emotion and many forms of entertainment can be used. Football is a very popular one so it was chosen for large rituals. The event simply takes place in honour of the sun gods, again it is not to entertain the masses. The fans are simply hypnotised stooges that endorse the ritual through their free will. The feel good factor connected to the games is simply manipulated to the extreme.

On a spiritual level, the fans, will literally be deceived in to worshipping ‘the chalice’ (The world ‘cup’) that represents pied piper sun deities created by the Serpent Cult. The fans are literally entering sun temples (sports arenas like soccer city) and worshipping their enslaver. By accepting and worshipping this chalice the masses give the right to rule the human race to those that are represented by the Serpent Cult. Has the penny dropped yet?

The people at home and at the fans fests, mentioned earlier in this article, etc are also joining in the mass sun ritual. They too are literally bowing to the chalice. The ‘world’ cup. It is all a scam hidden behind a sport called football. Again the football has absolutely nothing to do with it. The people in all participating countries that are driving around in cars, symbolic chariots, adorned in occult symbolic flags and emblems are also joining in the ritual. They haven’t a clue what they are doing and the Serpent Cult is pissing itself at human stupidity and the trickery that is taking place.

wc 20 Untitled1

 The ritual is carried out in many ways and in many makeshift temples!

It really really really does not matter which country we are from or which team we are supporting because we are all joining in the same massive ritual that will enslave us. Tribalism and duality are used only to create more spiritual energy and at the end of the day all supporters are worshipping the same force no matter what team they follow or what country they live in. All sides are victims. We are all unknowingly worshipping symbolic gods that have deceived us.

I realise it is hard for many to believe that attending these events can be ‘negative’ (in spiritual terms) because of the feel good factor of the event but that feel good factor is needed to prove to the universe that it is the free will of the human race to have the serpent cult rule over us. It has to have a feel good factor. In universal law we choose our reality and by these events taking place, and the human race willingly, adoring them we give permission to the serpent cult to rule us.

Can you start to BELIEVE that the world cup event is one big scam to steal spiritual energy and to extract free will acceptance of the serpent cults rule over us?

I tell you the truth when I say my words are true and trustworthy. The world cup has nothing to do with football it is simply a request by the masses to be ruled by the Serpent Cult.

Think back to all the information inside this article, but forget all about game of ‘football’, please think what the fans in the stadium are actually doing and please think about what the people at home and people at the fans fests are doing. Please think about the worship of the symbolic trophy and the worship of ‘global leaders’ that goes on inside stadiums too because all energy created in stadiums feeds the creators of the symbolism and their agents.

I know only too well that I will be laughed at for my claims but that does not stop be writing this article. Mind you I will have a little chuckle at the fact that so called awakened people will sit in front of a TV screen worshipping the chalice of Isis, awake my arse! They are still fast asleep in my opinion. Not to worry though they can concentrate on Christmas again after the world cup.

That said I realise that millions of fans will either go to stadiums or sit in front of a TV screen and willingly and happily take part in this ritual and I understand this fully. I did it myself up to 1998. I was a drone blindly joining in a ritual. I simply enjoyed the football and never looked at the bigger picture. I can laugh at the world cup now but I cry because of the hypnotised and blind people it deceives. I also realise they will never believe what I say on the matter.

I can only suggest to these people that they actually stop watching the football for one minute and actually ‘watch themselves’. Look at what you do! Look at what you cheer and what you boo. Take note of your emotional states and your reactions, for example did you know it is a fact that domestic abuse and violence increases dramatically during the world cup? Yes the emotions behind the programming are so intense that some football fans go and beat the shit out of their wife because their football team lost a game. Hey lads the only winner is the Serpent Cult. ‘It takes it all’ and will also feed off sore losers beating up their wife.

It is very hard for a hypnotised fool to see they are a hypnotised fool. It is very hard for intelligent human beings to actually realise that they have been taken for a very silly mug and they are sat there adorned in occult symbolism worshipping their enslaver and are merely mind slaves in ritual they cannot even comprehend. They can never accept that a popular game called football has just been the honey trap to steal energy.

But I say to everyone please sit drinking, dancing and singing to the world cup trophy but at least look at what you are doing when you do so. Because once you open your eyes a new world is waiting for you, a far better one than the one you are so scared of losing.

I take no pleasure in saying that millions of people are being duped and sadly it wasn’t very hard to dupe them. The Serpent Cult has been carrying out these things for thousands of years and a stupefied human race hasn’t had a clue. Christmas and Eid being on a par with large global sporting events.

Again there is only one winner in the world cup as you know but it hasn’t anything to do with the football team that score more goals than the others do either. There is only ever going to be one winner too. That winner is the creator of the symbolism that is ‘lifted’ and cheered at the end of the tournament. That winner receives all the spiritual energy that has been created. The winner literally ‘takes it all’ in these events. That winner is the creator of the symbolism being displayed on the symbolic ritualistic chalice. The winner is the Serpent Cult.

My friend, every emotion created at the tournament, through every tear, smile, frown or cheer, is turned in to energy and goes to the Serpent Cult and also allows them to rule over us. I’ll keep saying it till I’m blue in the face. Emotional Respect/ Disrespect creates spiritual energy and the Serpent Cult knows how to extract it and harness it, and the Serpent knows only too well how to gain your spiritual consent to rule your destiny by getting you to make vows to it.

How can we stop it happening when we can’t see the rituals taking place and indeed how can we stop it if we won’t even stop to look at what we are taking part in because we actually enjoy doing so?

If we can start to look, think and actually speak up and react to what is actually going on in the world, instead of simply becoming mobs of very selfish drones and mind controlled tribal warriors, then maybe we would start to get somewhere and the doors, leading to benefits for physical human life and even reconnection to spiritual wellness, would start to appear and then increase enormously.

The human race is, in the main, collectively blind, deaf and dumb in regards to its actions and spiritual surrender to multi-dimensional alien forces. But it will not even consider that it is. The human race wears only a reversible cape of ego and greed and it simply turns over that cape instead of taking it off. That said if the human race wants to continue just as it is then all it needs to do is stay blind, deaf and dumb.

Am I arrogant or too far up my own arse saying a thing like that?  Maybe I am but I still say it with good intention and please don’t kick the messenger. I’m already on the floor.

Anyway the information in this chapter/article is provided for you to take in and question things, indeed what did you actually want me to report about the world cup?  Did you want me to show you massive ‘bowls’ that are going to be filled with human beings simply for the spiritual energy they will create? Do you want me to show you evidence that the stadiums are actually linked together to create a prolonged and continuous system of spiritual energy extraction?


A bowl waiting for the ingredients of ritual

 Did you want me to show you stupefied human beings that dress up and dance around like organ grinder’s monkeys and join in rituals they can’t even see or comprehend? Did you want me to show you how the FIFA fan fest type football fans, those not even attending the world cup, actually create outdoor temples around the globe to unify and intensify the ritual? Did you?

wc22fan fest 200671292743

  FIFA Fan Fest Germany 2006

Did you want me to mention ‘respected’ symbolic figureheads and symbolic pied pipers that will attract the human emotional energy and literally become baptised ‘agents’, drink from the chalice if you like, in the sports arenas (temples)? Do you want me to show you symbolic idols of worship like the world cup ‘chalice’ to show you the human race is being conned on a massive scale to take part in a ritual that will actually enslave them?


The Serpent Cult will use and abuse ‘respected’ icons linked to the stadiums and the chalice

If so I have done all that. It is done. Do you believe my information? Do you want me to shut up because your ego or cowardly insecurities do not want me to tell the truth?  I accept, to most folks out there, that I have said things they cannot accept or better still I have said things they don’t want to accept or even listen too. Please believe me I don’t give a monkeys toss if you believe my information or not. I realise most people cannot see beyond the hypnotic slavery they exist in and blindly defend. I’m only here to help people who wish to break free from that hypnosis. I’m not here to pander to ego and comfort zone bubbles of those that don’t or won’t. I’m not here to kiss arse and make a living out of you by selling you fantasy or what you want to hear either. What bloody good will that do you if I did?

I’m not in business and I’m not here to entertain you either, so please take or leave the information or simply laugh at it if it makes you feel better. I really don’t care what you do with it. If you think I’m talking out of my arse then that’s fine.

I spent 38 years talking out of my arse, as a dumbed down human slave, so I’m well experienced in wildly pumping out the verbal nonsense from my bottom, just like you are.  So if you are convinced my theories or my work in general is simply shite then please go and enjoy the world cup ritual without giving my words or your actions another thought. It won’t bother me and it is, in my opinion, your eternal spiritual enslavement that is at stake not mine.  So sing ‘Come On England’ eh?

I’m only here for certain folks and I know only too well that some folks cannot bear me or my information. The feeling is mutual slave. But lets agree to disagree and happily ignore each other.

The Serpent Cult is a vicious and cruel force that will happily see you enslaved in this world for eternity and trapped in a continuous nightmare created by the same rulers that rule you now. They will feed off your misery and gullibility forever. It is planned to create hell on Earth and that applies to both rich and poor.  It is now time to change things and escape, for want of a better word, ‘the Matrix’ or it is a time to stay on your knees and be imprisoned in the future. The time to play dithering hippies is coming to an end.  I know that quite a lot of people who are genuinely awaking up will be severely tested on both a physical and spiritual level in the next couple of years. It will not be a very pleasant journey. I have written my books and articles in the past to help those people.  If I only help one or two people then the struggle I have gone through for 12 years (to date) will be worthwhile.

I’d like to finish this article/chapter by quoting from the Beckham article, which is also linked to football. I wrote it in 2008.

“I am not here to dictate to you. Let me make that clear. I don’t want to ‘tell you’ about the many different levels that spiritual symbolism operates on. I want you to see it for yourself. You will then be duped no more. Occult symbolism operates on many many levels and it involves EVERYTHING you are involved with in this world, I mean everything. It is the ultimate method of control over your mind and spirit. Everything you do in your life is initially triggered by the esoteric symbolism used and controlled by the Serpent Cult. They control the matrix type illusion we live in simply because they trigger your mind to react in a certain way, when they want your mind to react. They use our minds and our free will to create the world they want and they will use our minds to enslave us and we will willingly do so unless we wake up. Occult symbolism coupled with our false five sense education and programming directs all areas of your life and it controls all areas of your life 24 hours a day, from your birth to your death, lifetime after lifetime. It is vital, in my opinion that you start to look around and question things that are going on through your own eyes and not those provided by the Serpent Cult or anyone else for that matter, including me. Then maybe one day you will see right through your hypnotic state and remember who you really are. It is that person, the real you, that I am appealing to today. The real you is the ‘energy’ deep down inside you, the real you is NOT the fucked up sack of brain-dead shite that imprisons you either, believe me, that part of you has been created by the Serpent Cult.”

(Excerpt from Paint Your Wagon by Matthew Delooze 2008)

The quote above really sums up the situation with the world cup tournament and the individuals that blindly go along with it. It is very difficult to break free from any hypnotic trance, especially so if the trance involves strong connections to something you get great pleasure from. That said the Serpent can only get you to worship it by hiding behind and exploiting your pleasures and traditions.

It is, in my opinion, impossible to break free from the trance without receiving antidote triggers and spell breaking information from a benevolent force. I have tried my best for several years to provide such things and I have suffered for it.

I have said enough for now. Again this article is written and sent with love and good intentions. Please take it in the manner it is sent or simply leave it well alone. If you do get something from this work then please pass it on.

On a lighter note I have decided to dedicate this ‘The Winner Takes It All’ article to all the poor soccer widows and non-football fans out there. I have given you knowledge that no football fan can disprove and details about how the fans have been duped for many years (as far as the world cup is concerned). I hope the month of Isis rituals passes quickly for world cup widows everywhere.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 8th June 2010

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2010. All Rights Reserved

 Coming Soon … World Cup Article Part Two…  Don’t Miss it

See You – Heal You

See You – Heal You (2009)


 By Matthew Delooze

And if while in the course of my duty
I perform an unfortunate take
Would you punish me so, unbelievably so
never again will I make that mistake
This feeling inside me could never deny me
the right to be wrong if I choose
And this pleasure I get – from say winning a bet
“Is to lose”
From the song nothing rhymed”

Hello all,

I hope all of you are well. I have been in severe physical pain for the last 5 days or so. “Hey Matthew Delooze has got gout, the Disease of Kings” (‘Grout’ as I called it). I suppose when just out of the blue we become incapacitated on a physical level it hits home straight away. It was a case of “Wham… cope with that sunny Jim” sort of thing. One minute you think you can still run a marathon and the next you can’t even get to the toilet. I have tried my best over the last few days but I couldn’t walk and I was in deep pain. I wouldn’t wish this disease on anybody. Well maybe one person comes to mind at a push. (Come on forgive me we are not all perfect!)

With ‘physical’ disability we totally understand that we need help and treatment to be able to get around and we usually crave instant ‘healing’ on a physical level don’t we? “Give me a pill or bandage me up sort of thing”. We would also take an instant cure for our physical pain from any source wouldn’t we? We are not fussy on that score. We’d even take a cure from a leper as long as they got rid of the pain we are suffering from right? We wouldn’t give a sausage as to where the cure came from as long as it actually came would we? We’d steal it, beg it or borrow it. I’m sure I would with this bloody gout. Anyone that has experienced severe pain understands that, don’t they? That said it is easy to forget what severe physical pain is like when we have not got it any more. We can’t feel the physical pain of others and we can only empathise with the pain of others if we have suffered from the same disease.

The same scenario applies to spiritual pain too. We have no prejudices when it comes to the curing of our physical injury or disease do we? But it is only when we fully understand what is wrong with us AND it is only when we actually know someone who has the cure, that we can actually direct all our attention to healing ourselves. E.G. If you break your arm or leg you know it is going to be ‘painful’ and the broken limb will be in plaster for weeks, but once you know of a good and worthy Doctor and nurse to patch you up you know you will be cured. Despite the ‘pain’ you accept this forthcoming cure because you know is is based on truth and that you will be healed at the end of the day. Therefore we simply put up with the physical pain because we ‘know’ we will be healed ASAP.

It is very different when we suffer on a spiritual level because although we know there is something wrong with us, we don’t know the cure. We simply don’t know for sure who is the best or worthiest spiritual Doctor or who the best or worthiest spiritual nurse. We know we have spiritual problems but we don’t have a truthful diagnosis, truthful prognosis or truthful treatment do we? Not a proven one anyway. Indeed on spiritual matters you don’t even bloody know which Doctor to go to do you? We simply live in hope and/or follow a trial and error policy.

So on a spiritual level ‘we run away from and try to avoid spiritual pain’ because we have not got a true and worthy diagnosis or prognosis and we don’t know the cure. So we simply seek some ‘comfort’ instead of a cure. We seek to ease the symptoms of spiritual disease simply because there is no known bread and butter cure. When we do not understand the spiritual dis-ease we have and we will avoid an unproven cure at all costs especially if it is seen or felt as ‘pain’. We all have what appears to be a spiritual dis-ease yet we can’t find the phone number of a competent and worthy doctor in the yellow pages to cure it. We simply use a method of suck it and see, via various websites and other media, to find who has the best remedy for the symptoms we suffer from. We use the various remedies that are available to us. It does not really matter what they are or who supplies them.

Indeed aren’t the modern day new-age gurus or famous conspiracy theorists the nearest thing to the ancient spiritual healer types for the masses to seek a cure from? Do some of them not claim to cure our spiritual ailments? (Especially those selling alternative foods and medicines) Are these gurus not simply symbolic ‘Doctors” on a New Age Addict ward or Conspiracy Addict ward? Is this hospital ward symbolic of the hoards of chronic and confused conspiracy and new age truth movement addicts? Yes?

If so, don’t these symbolic Doctors also supply the symbolic private healthcare prescriptions, through website subscriptions, with fees to match, which prescribe the conspiracy food (more and more of the same information) that they claim will cure us? Well don’t they? Surely this scenario is on a par with a physical Doctor shoving pill after pill in your mouth isn’t it?

Haven’t these new age gurus and conspiracy theorists managed to get a lot of people hooked on the food they have supplied? Haven’t these gurus also set in stone the ground rules for the supply and demand of the information (food) that is being supplied too? These ground rules are on a par with the Ten Commandments or the parable of throwing the first stone at the adulteress and basically they are simply ‘do as we say not as we do’ rules?


  Is it the truth or simply a fix for new age and conspiracy addicts?

Well I certainly think they are. I have to say I see groups of sad anonymous conspiracy punters running or flitting around websites just like heroin addicts look for their daily fix. They are sad, sad people and I should know I have done it too. Indeed these sad ‘anonymous addicts’ operate on a par with ‘Mr X’ visiting a sex disease clinic and they are literally bloody terrified that their true identity will come out in public or on a forum.

 Oh My God they know who I am now and they also now know I’m a conspiracy addict” Oh my god, woe, woe and thrice woe”.

(The fears of a conspiracy website addict)

      I tell you the truth I wish I were joking. I really do. If these punters really knew about receiving any true cure for their spiritual diseases or even had any true spiritual direction they wouldn’t be running around all over the place blindly visiting conspiracy quacks that are simply selling or telling them anything they can muster. These conspiracy quacks, in the main, are simply ‘feeding the addiction’ of the addicts and are not ‘finding any cure’.  Maybe I do the same eh? There is a very thin line between supplying spiritually awakening triggers and supplying sleeping/happy pills for drones.

If you believe you are part of a shift you will also believe you need to lust after and chase any and all of the new-age information you can find to help you be part of that shift eh? What shift is that then? Shifting from one theory changing guru to another to suit your ego and your preferred comfort zone of the time?

Or does the shift simply comprise of conspiracy addicts shifting from one conspiracy forum to another whilst ‘sniffing up’ any left over conspiracy information that has been dropped, like some hard up cocaine sniffer upper would sniff up any dust available? It sure seems so to me.

Maybe the perceived spiritual shift is simply a temporary change from McDonalds to Burger King, where you always end up back chomping on the Big Mac whatever you try for a change?

Have I got it wrong?

I don’t think so and I say the things I say to help not hinder. Don’t a lot of ‘awakened conspiracy addicts and new age forum gossips’ all run around the websites of the conspiracy doctors and new age gurus everyday looking for their fix? Again I say this with good intent.

The conspiracy doctors and new age gurus will always be there to sell you food but they will never ever satisfy your hunger – only you can heal you”

(Matthew Delooze August 2009)

     So please tell me how I have got it wrong if I have indeed got it wrong? Hey I’d love to play fluffy bunnies with you everyday. I’d love to continually supply popular pie in the sky info and help create massive stats on the conspiracy website’s databases just to show others how the ‘shift is growing by the hour’ and to earn money to show me how clever I am.  I can indeed supply conspiracy ‘fodder stories’ for you like 9/11, 7/7 and JFK (etc.) for eternity if you want, and this is simply because these subjects are guaranteed to ease the symptoms of the conspiracy addicts for decades to come. But  ‘Yes’ fodder stories will feed an addiction or deep curiosity but they won’t ever, ever, cure the addicts or help create a proper awakening in anyone.

These subjects are always popular but they will ‘cure’, heal or shift absolutely nothing. It also appears the ‘popular’ truth these days is to be entirely based on how many hits the popular truth gets on YouTube or some other public network sites. Well isn’t it? The truth actually depends on amount of web hits it attracts now does it?

Oh my god, so and so got 500,000 hits on you tube so the shift in consciousness is already in the bag whoopie!. So I’ll simply go back to sleep after I watch the next series of X Factor. Please text me or email me the link to the YouTube clip showing when the shift has finished, so I can click on that too

So based on the comment above the ‘shift’ is actually going to be based on the slickest YouTube clip and how many folks actually click on it is it? It appears, to the ‘fashionable awakened’ that all we have to do to achieve spiritual freedom through a massive shift in consciousness is simply is to witness a ‘biggy’ that has been produced from someone in the conspiracy biz placing his or her opinions or wares on you tube. Whoopee. I didn’t realise it was so bloody easy!

OK then…  if that is the case lets look at the biggest all time youtube clip, the very super bestest for clicks clip, of all time (so far) eh? It is called Charlie bit my finger again. It has over 500 million hits (2013). I love it and Charlie and his brother are stars and I must admit the clip is very ‘symbolic’ too, if you actually care to think about it or look for the parable within it. Please click here to watch it.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OBlgSz8sSM) It is cute but please make sure you don’t get your hand bitten by following ‘a shift’ that is simply based on computer clicks on YouTube. Or it may bite you and we all know we don’t like getting bitten, especially by a Charlie, don’t we? Indeed even Lady Gaga fans are upset and jealous over the fact that the Charlie clip is listed as the highest ranked clip, so maybe Lady Gaga will want to lead the shift in collective consciousness instead?

Well if the fashionable shift is going to be based on ‘numbers and clicks’ then why not have Lady Gaga lead us? We can even have a designer handbag shift if we use the right clips on YouTube. No problem. Anyway it appears, amongst the ascended and awakened, that all we have to do to create a collective shift is to get a decent conspiracy clip to out do both Charlie and Lady Gaga on YouTube. Hey Presto spiritual freedom. I’m sure David Icke ,Alex Jones and my mate Popey will be favourite to get loads and loads of clicks but I can’t see them beating Charlie biting his brothers hand can you? Charlie literally eats them for breakfast for youtube hits doesn’t he? So come on folks if you want a fashionable shift in consciousness through YouTube then get on your PC’s and visit your face book accounts, forums, and twitter and lets out do Charlie on YouTube by hyping a conspiracy clip to get millions of clicks. It does not matter which clip, any silly crap will do. It’s the clicks that counts. Well what are you waiting for?

In my opinion, there will be never be shift take place through businessmen selling heaven or through their egos, or even through hyped video tapes on YouTube. That is not to say publicity towards alternative information is not required, of course it is on one level.

Indeed even I could easily go in to ‘business’ and sell you ‘popular food’ in your hospital conspiracy ward for the next ten years if you wanted it. You’d never bloody leave the hospital though and your addiction would either increase or you’d simply go gaga. I could easily sell you heaven or stories about celebrity etc. The conspiracy punters, the conspiracy hospital ward ‘patients’ if you like, are not only putty in the hands of the conspiracy Doctors and their hospital food, they are still putty in the hands of the media, no matter how neutral or alternative that media seems to be. Even I could even make money if I joined the conspiracy hospital’s catering business that supplies you with ‘your needs’. But to carry on making money I’d have to keep serving up the food. I wouldn’t want you healed because you’d stop paying me. lets face it that’s how mainstream medicine works isn’t it? Well isn’t it?

I could maybe build a business selling conspiracy food that will feed you until you die if you want but it will not ever cure you. Never. It would feed me in this world but it will never fill you or direct you to the next and of course you will never ever be healed either. You will just be in exactly the same position next time around.

We do not heal any sort of addict by feeding him or her more of what he or she is already addicted too. Well do we? And who the hell wants to suffer with cold turkey and be healed when there are so many easier alternatives around that will keep the addicts in a blind stupor? We do not cure an addict by increasing the dosage of ‘similar’ substance either. They simply become addicted to the similar substance.

I’m sorry to say that the same scenario applies to the punters in the conspiracy camps that are seeking a cure too. It is time for truths I think. Whether you believe them or not, is up to you. I’m not here to pacify your addictions. I’m not here to try to recruit folks as a moronic pool of subscribing punters to fund me to feed them more either. Indeed I’m quite well aware that ALL addicts don’t like being told the truth about themselves and they hate anyone taking away their fixes even more. They hate it and kick out or ignore those that tell them the truth and then they still live in denial seeking their fix.

Alcoholics, Heroin Addicts, Porn Addicts etc. all live in denial but so do conspiracy addicts and new-age dreamers.

I will speak according to my observations and from my heart. I’m not here to sell you anything so I have no false ass kissing to do to you. I leave that sort of thing to the gurus that want to sell you heaven with a golden ticket. Indeed this is not Matthew Delooze Limited Company speaking to you, it is only Matthew Delooze and if I truly believe anyone needs cold turkey to help them be free then I will bloody well give it to them. It was given to me that way so I understand it only too well. I assure you I have eaten more cold turkey dinners than you have had hot dinners.

I’m do not have to worry that you will remove your subscriptions or won’t buy my latest DVD. I will still give you cold turkey. You obviously don’t have to taste it though and if you prefer folks to tell you what you want to hear then go, spit out the cold turkey, and bloody listen to them. I do not covertly run half a dozen businesses on the Internet, or have shares in conspiracy radio and conspiracy TV, whilst selling twenty-five dollar holy water and sixty-dollar bottles of powdered gold either (powdered camel shit more like). Believe me i haven’t the two faces I need to be able to do those things either.

I believe business folks are simply out to profit from your addiction and stupidity (so pleeeeease don’t tell me these business folks want a shift – because they simply want to be rich in this world as it is now by selling entertainment fixes, and a real shift will put them out of business). I don’t need to keep you reliant on my products and I’m bloody sure I’m not subjected to or concerned about the wise monkey policy, sold without question to sad conspiracy punters, surrounding the businessmen in the conspiracy biz.

I want all of you to be free and not to be constipated because of overpriced powdered camel shit. If I can’t help achieve that then I at least want to see some or even only one of you to be free. Indeed if I can help one person then I will be glad. I can’t help set you free by concentrating on business interests or charging you for a $10,000 hippy trip to baptise you in the River Jordan either. But each to his own eh?

Anyway I have witnessed things recently that are a good example of the current situation as I see it. Indeed I researched forum/website behaviour and conspiracy punter mentality for two years solid (2002 – 2004), including my own behaviour. I also experienced four years of studying comments and the behaviour of conspiracy ward patients on my own websites too. I have also had private emails, mostly from very good folks, dating back many years too. Therefore I can honestly and wholeheartedly tell you that nothing has changed in conspiracy circles at all up to 2009/10 (Now 2012/2013) and perceived truth movement or shift is exactly in the same scenario now as it was years ago. It is still full of lies and shit. In fact if you go back and look on forum archives from years ago, and study them now, the only difference you will find is that ‘more conspiracy food has been put on the table’ for the ‘conspiracy addicts to get high on’. Apart from that nothing has changed at all. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

It is the same corrupt world as it always has been and indeed even though more enlightened egos are playing at fairies on the forums nothing has changed. Some of them are literally walking directories these days too. (Which is fine but heroin addicts gain experience too) The punters have only swallowed more and more addict food on more and more forums and on more and more websites and got fatter and fatter because of it. Yes they are symbolically fatter and they have swallowed more food but they are not healing or awakening in any shape or form, they simply store more trivia and they are more experienced in their hobby. They are just entering the conspiracy burger bar more often that’s all and scoffing junk. They are absolutely no wiser at all, indeed I’d say they were more ignorant if anything, they have just read a bigger menu and tasted and sampled more conspiracy burgers that they had done previously. They are not enlightened they are simply greedy and fat through gorging on shit food.

And you think you’re so clever and classless and free… But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see,

John Lennon (Working Class Hero)

      I have lost the will to supply true percentage figures from my personal research but I’ll start by saying, guessing if you like, that the average ‘punters’ in this conspiracy game are 39% mentally unstable and 39% are emotionally traumatised. Another 2% are delusional, through their ego and delusions of grandeur, and think they are the only few souls in the world that are truly out of the box. The remaining 20%, what I see as the ‘nicey – nicey folks’, are simply playing blind man’s buff on the Internet and probably putting on a false personality anyway, just like this world has programmed us all to do. So summing it all up I’d say that covers all of us.

     Which group are you in my friend… or are you the exception?

I believe I couldn’t be in any other group but the select delusional 2% or maybe I’m simply in all of them eh? Yes my wife says I’m in all the mentioned groups apart from being in the nicey-nicey person group. She says I’m 30% mentally unstable, 30% emotionally traumatised, 2% delusional and the other 38% is just pure bullshit. Can’t you tell I have been married for 27 years? :)

I tell you the truth. If you or I accept that we could be mentally unstable, emotionally traumatised, delusion or even simply full of shit (Suffering spiritual dis-ease) then we can at least start to see that we cannot possibly lead others, that will not accept being in any of those groups, to a mirror to look at themselves. You cannot Heal You until you See You. You cannot See You to Heal You unless you look with honesty.

But honest eyesight and lack of mirrors is not the only problem. Sadly the vast majority of ‘punters’ (by no means all) only have something to say if they are totally pissed on drink or high as a kite on dope. Indeed this country must have thousands of anonymous nocturnal piss heads or drug heads that pathetically sit at a computer trying to catch a clue of who they really are in the universe. They sometimes pluck up the courage to actually say something, usually intoxicated in some way or simply hiding behind anonymity, but they rarely say anything at all whilst sober or in the open. These saddos really have my sympathy. Indeed they have absolutely nothing in their heads that was actually home-grown, anything they say is bought or stolen from someone else. I’m not having a pop at any individual and I can assure you I fit very snugly in to the ‘saddo’ category in my 30’s and some would say I still bloody well fit in the saddo category now. I should be made President of the saddo club eh?

The typical forum punter can also never say anything unique because they cannot think anything unique and they never will if they rely on a hired guru to feed their addictions. The ability to have unique thought has been taken away from them and it can never be replaced unless they realise that they are really exactly the same as their guru on an intellectual level. It is only the spiritual disease they suffer from that prevents them realising that. They are, at the moment at least, simply rendered begging dogs waiting for a nice biscuit, and when they have got it between their teeth they will wag their tails and find a nice place to scoff it in, just like the average pet dog does. That is why the conspiracy addicts seek out the conspiracy gurus, the conspiracy hospital ward doctors as I now see them, to think for them instead. The addicts simply want to carry on taking a biscuit. It is easier to do so.

That is why the ‘conspiracy ward doctors’ are increasing in numbers and their consultation fees are getting higher. It’s because the conspiracy addicts can’t think for themselves, its too much like hard work. It is purely a sellers market with a gang of sad punters thinking they can buy their spiritual freedom if they buy the right information. I’ve news for you and it’s free. You can’t buy an awakening.  The gurus/conspiracy doctors are simply feeding your addiction, they are never even thinking about offering or supplying a proper cure. Again you wouldn’t feed them or keep them fat if you were cured. It is a vicious circle of addict and supplier and it can only get more chaotic in the coming years. The price of this conspiracy food will go up at the same rate as the desperation of the addict does.

You don’t pay a consultant to tell you how to go for a shit do you? You know how to do it don’t you? So why pay a Guru to tell you who you are or where you are meant to shift to and when then?

Again I have researched conspiracy forum addicts for a few years and I have seen ‘many forms’ of different programming that has been instilled in the minds of the masses. I have purposely wound up and tested many playground (forum) idiots and cowardly bullies lurking on these forums (Sorry Guys!). A couple of trigger words sets them off and their egotistical true colours and symptoms of spiritual dis-ease always comes flooding out. These very sick and delusional people are far far away from breaking the spell they are under.

Indeed some of the conspiracy addicts on the large forums have become nothing but full time hired bouncers that enjoy taking toys and sweets of the weaker, but not sadder, addicts. I have also seen blatant anonymous liars spread vicious lies and gossip around whilst hiding behind an avatar too, but that is what pathetic conspiracy addicts with big egos do sometimes. These hired bouncers are simply doing unpaid PR for their drug dealer and they attract or distract people to the wares of the guru come drug dealer, in reality they are only there in order to to make sure the punters get their fixes from the right supplier and to remove addicts that misbehave.

These bouncers are of course symbolic drug ‘pushers’. It is utter madness really but shussh you are not allowed to say. Are these people actually shifting as they claim to be? I only see programmed addicts, their pushers and their suppliers in that situation. I’m sorry but I do. I do not see any mass awakening at the moment I only see programmed drones feeding in a wilderness of trivia. It will be the same after 2012 too. There is no bloody shift happening.

I have seen the same programming on my own website from 2007-2009. I’m not saying any small website is immune from the same madness and hypocrisy as the larger ones create. It just goes to show that any conspiracy website is really on the same path as any other ‘conspiracy site’ no matter which supplier of information is named on it.

Unfortunately or fortunately, dependent on the way you look at it, no matter what the original ambitions of a conspiracy site may be, the audience, however small, can only ever become the same as any other audience in this movement. It cannot be anything else. Ever. Indeed conspiracy forums and conspiracy websites that allow public debate are, as I indicated earlier, simply on a par with a symbolic ‘conspiracy addict ward’ in a mental hospital that has a symbolic resident ‘Conspiracy Doctor’ (a guru) to feed the chronic addiction of the conspiracy groupies.

Indeed the words ‘Conspiracy Doctors’ and ‘Conspiracy Ward’ sum it all up, as does a hospital full of patients that think they are actually part of a spiritual shift. These people are simply in delusion of a shift whilst blindly swallowing the contents of the doctors medicine cupboard in the hope that they actually chose the right doctor for a shift to occur. What shift are we talking about anyway? A peace on earth shift?

Again are we talking a peace on earth type of shift? A rise in vibrations? What? I think some conspiracy forums are some of the most violent and peace-less places in existence. Is someone taking the piss? How much does this shift cost you then? Is there a fee or a subscription to join it then? What are the rules?

Can I still be doped on drugs and drink and play at being a saddo every night till’ the early hours during this shift too? Obviously so. Can I remain anonymous in this shift or do i have to make a declaration? Can I keep the same avatar? Will I be thrown off the ward, and therefore miss the shift, if I say something the conspiracy doctor or ward nurses do not like by symbolically soiling my bed linen?

Anyway…sometimes the conspiracy hospital ward does not have a resident conspiracy doctor (website without a guru) and it is left to the patients (site members) to help satisfy one anothers addictions. And we all do that for each other eh? The lunatics take over the asylum The patients encourage each other to share their conspiracy info just as drug addicts encourage other addicts to share their spoils. They even congratulate each other on the potency of their conspiracy info or drug spoils, at least until that potency wears off that is.

Everything runs smooth on the conspiracy addict ward unless the addicts don’t get their favourite kind of fix, or the medicine trolley is held up of course, or something appears on the dinner table that they don’t like (the truth perhaps?). If that happens we soon start screaming for the medication we liked the best to reappear. Sometimes addicts leave a particular ward alone altogether and go on another that supplies the most trusted medication that comforts them the best. (I have witnessed this scenario personally with fair weather supporters)

For example, David Icke never goes on to the David Icke Forum to even try to cure the addicts (the punters) on it, so these patients just scrap over the ‘tit bits’ and gossip (usually lies) available to them ‘on the ward’. They squabble over the scraps until a new bag of drugs arrives, but even then they still scream the asylum down every now and again when they get bored or use that new bag of drugs up too. If David Icke (conspiracy Doctor) actually entered his own forum (addict ward) then the addicts would be totally in an uncontrollable frenzy around him eh? Hoping he throws them a spare ten quid wrap Yes? Can you see that? Can you see what I mean? (I only use the David Icke Forum as an example as being one of the biggest and most used forums, therefore easy for everyone to empathise with. I am not having a pop at the David Icke forum)


Is it a forum of truths or simply a hospital ward for conspiracy addicts?

 Indeed on a forum (hospital ward), the size of Ickes, they need ‘forum moderators’ (ward matrons, hired bouncers or simply pushers) to actually control the punters (patients) and when things get silly in the madness they end up putting the straight jacket on the noisiest patients when they play up and they don’t get their conspiracy fix. The sad thing is that these people, both matrons and the patients, claim to be ‘awake’ in this symbolic asylum. Pardon me? Awake? Give it a rest eh? The same scenario applies to ALL sites big or small, even this one.

Obviously a few patients also cough now and again and cause rifts inside the asylum. This shows that inevitably all conspiracy forums/websites can only ever become another asylum’. It is inevitable, it cannot be any different and I’ll tell you why. It is simply because the so-called truth movement is a ‘collective’ movement not a selective one. Yes there are splinter groups and these groups do have some differences but on the whole it is a ‘collective movement’. It is NOT a collective movement seeking truth and freedom though, it is simply collective greed and need that is demanding the food it is addicted too. It demands a fix.

The conspiracy ward patients always wildly migrate just like wild buffalo, trampling from one plain to another whilst looking for blades of grass to gobble up. This is just like a mob of conspiracy addict trampling around looking for conspiracy news to gobble up.The Buffalo can split into different groups in different areas but all the groups chase the same blades of grass collectively. Again this is the same scenario as a mob of conspiracy addicts chasing some information to gobble up. And gobble it up they do. They would murder children just to be the first to an exclusive! Well wouldn’t you junky?

Indeed the incurable drunks, dope heads and the insane are already collectively in residence in ‘all’ conspiracy forums and it really does not matter which individual website the different groups of addicts are on at any one time. They literally create a collective entity. Mind you they usually dope themselves with substances before they even dare seek to think for themselves or contribute to the truth movement. The sober politically correct frumpy types and even the emotional insecure nervous wreck types are also waiting in the wings on large forums or websites to spasmodically attack or destroy themselves. They are then simply removed by the bouncers or leave the forum or website and go and do the same thing on another one. They are like Haley’s Comet flying around like clockwork with super precision, but they cause mayhem on their travels. You can set your watch to them. They are simply a form of a conspiracy groupie, a ‘time looping suicide bomber’. They exist only to live in despair and to symbolically commit suicidal mass murder on any forum that has ‘upset’ them. They are literally addicted to despair and destruction and there is never any respite for them unless you appease them with false comforts (conspiracy food for conspiracy addicts) and/or assure them that they are on the ‘right path’. Once you don’t appease them with comforts they simply run away screaming that the forum they once loved, and loved them in return, has suddenly become a scandalous deceiver. They are pathetic incurable addicts. That id a fact not a theory.

The fact is that the suicide bomber type of punter simply requires far more potent fixes than an average conspiracy addict. That said out of all the different kinds of conspiracy addicts I like the suicide bomber types the best.

Conspiracy Ward Patients’


“Which forum is it for you tonight Mr or Mrs Addict?”

We have all been programmed with this same addict sort of personality or trait and the Serpent Cult set their traps a long time ago to create our traits and supply our fixes. We are all currently in the same net. Oh don’t get me wrong I realise the deluded ascended masters out there and/or the groupies will never see it that way.

I tell you the truth. It is a natural event or test in an awakening process, for the ideas you once held as ‘rock solid truth’ are inevitably shown to be just another form of mind control and a means to make you more spiritually insecure. Therefore most people trapped on a conspiracy addict ward will eventually retreat from the madness and look for easier methods of existence, fluffy bunny comforts if you like. I see this all the time. Again I see this all the time and during 2009 – 2012 many conspiracy addicts will be driven up the wall looking for a conspiracy Doctor that can offer a cure instead of simply feeding their addiction. They will not find it and will eventually, after looping and scoffing for years, they will also succumb to Serpent created comforts and abandon any true awakening. I tell you the truth in now in 2013 as i did back in 2008.

That is the problem with the conspiracy/truth world, it’s full of people that don’t know what is wrong with them and therefore they cannot heal themselves.  They cannot see sickness therefore they cannot heal? Like I said at the beginning of this article, spiritual disease is not like a physical injury. These people (us) do not know where their cure is and more importantly they don’t like being told that they are looking in the wrong place or receiving the wrong and therefore useless treatment. They (we) are blindly looking for a cure. They (we) are completely lost with only the conspiracy ward doctors, the gurus, that hint or claim that they have the cure for the conspiracy ward patients to rely on. Sadly the patients also believe them and they never ever question the diagnosis, prognosis or treatment being dished out from the said conspiracy ward doctors. I am sorry to say that the so-called ‘awakened’ are more asleep now, nay I mean more programmed now, than they have ever been. I’M SORRY TO SAY THAT.

There is no massive shift taking place apart from the individual one you sense (a simulation) during a conference or watching a DVD because those are the only places where a perceived shift is occurring at this present time and those types of shifts only happen during the period that you are watching or listening at the said conference or DVD. They are only temporary shifts on an individual or group level. ‘It’s called good marketing’ in other words ‘bloody propaganda’ and in my opinion we are not shifting anywhere ‘collectively’ at the moment, we are still as low as whale shit as far as surfing the sea of awareness is concerned. (Sorry!) You don’t have to believe me. We have only escaped from one net collectively. I hope that makes sense. The second net is there to block a collective awakening taking place. Indeed the second net is not so bad because you can also wallow in delusion with the words of your ascended master for years can’t you?

The first net or first death, is the net we see as the place the ‘dumbed down sheeple’ still exist in. After all us awakened folks are now all wallowing in our privileged awareness these days after escaping that net eh? The poor sheeple are still in that first matrix net eh? We wouldn’t be daft enough to escape from one level of a stupidity net just to land and be totally entranced in another.

We wouldn’t just carry on with another bullshit pantomime would we? Oh no we wouldn’t! All together now… Oh Yes We Would! Indeed the second net I mentioned in my Horowitz article is a far more powerful net than the easy first one you got through. The second net contains a far bigger challenge for you than the first one ever did. The second net area contains far more devious trickery than the first one ever did too. It is time to realise that if you refuse to see yourself then you will never see the second net. I’m sorry to go into part parable mode to explain it…..

 The second net area, as I call it, is what you see around you now in the conspiracy world and it is mainly constructed as a symbolic theatre that will, for some, eventually become a nightmare horror show containing some very deceptive showbiz personalities on the stage.

 But hidden amongst the audience, in this symbolic theatre, is also a very crafty group of ‘warm up men’ that wallow and lurk in all areas of the theatre. They are in the stalls, in the circles and even in the royal boxes. Indeed they will also be hidden in with the people selling you choc-ices if you can afford them. This group of ‘warm up men’ are only there to keep you watching and enjoying the shows. They have no other motives. The theatre simply employs them, they like their job and they will threaten you with a ‘shusssh’ if you dare question the plots of the shows taking place on stage.

Sadly this theatre puts on performances that I cannot ‘review’ for you and only you can decide if you prefer the choc–ices and the shows being presented in the theatre or you actually prefer to find the exit door. You are the only one that can get up and leave the theatre. No one will ever throw you out. The theatre is warm and cosy and the shows are very hypnotic and most shows are presented on a cold windy night.



Anyway I have said enough. I really don’t like saying these things and maybe I’d rather you pat me on the head whilst I supply the usual 9/11, 7/7 and celebrity fodder for some folks to loop on eternally. Maybe one day I’d rather just give some folks a nice fix (I mean the popular food for conspiracy addicts that you really can’t do without) and have you tell me what a good boy I am. Unfortunately that is not my mission, as I said before ‘I get all the dirty jobs’. But I’ll still carry that job out!

Please try to remember the possibility that you will not awaken or heal simply by feeding your addiction. Sometimes healing hurts a lot especially when those we try to help heal can’t see what is wrong and want a more comfortable treatment than the one that will actually help them and possibly cure them.

The biggest mistakes anyone can make is misunderstanding this article and therefore assume I am suggesting folks actually stop going on forums or visiting websites etc. I do not mean that at all nor would I dream of suggesting it. I encourage people to do their own research and for those people to encourage the research of others that helped them. I am sure there are good people in this world that will provide information and spiritual triggers that will help you.  But I’m also sure there is far more people who will do you far more harm than good, even if they do not know that themselves.

You will also need emotional and moral support from anyone that will genuinely give it to you. Sadly the phonies and the fakers on most forums and websites, and even some of the hypocrites selling you your fixes, wouldn’t actually piss on you if you were on fire. That said are you not the same in some things? This world is entirely based and run on selfish principles and nothing has changed at all yet.  I SAY YET!

I do though suggest that people look to and within themselves for answers. It is you that actually wants to wake up isn’t it? When your mother or father taught you how to go to the toilet you went to the toilet alone didn’t you? You didn’t just keep going back worshipping your parents ‘as toilet gurus’ and getting them to loop information about facing the long hard journey to the shit house did you? After you were shown where the door with toilet written on it was, you went in the toilet cubicle alone. (Well most of you did I hope!) You simply went down the path to the toilet yourself.

There is no difference with that scenario and a spiritual awakening. It is a time for a spiritual awakening in individuals. I know that only too well and I don’t pass information on that I haven’t suffered to understand in the first place and I don’t pass on information without having suffered just to have the right be able to pass the information on either.  This article is not written to be ‘negative’ to say there isn’t an awakening in humans going on or to say that this website or that website contains shills either.

This article is really one of the most positive articles you could read and it was written in good faith. I realise you won’t see that if you are programmed to think a certain way, you will see it as “oh here’s a bloke attacking us”. I’M NOT! Indeed I have re-released this article from 4 years ago so some can read it again. It’s audience will be small but the love that sent it isn’t. I wrote this article (April 2009 version) after a personal transition. I wrote the original one during a personal transition. I am wiser for the experiences created by the situation. It is written with a cutting edge and in the light of experience. It is written for anyone that wants to read it but it is written for those I know it will help in the future.

I personally do not want to see a million conspiracy addicts in ten years time still flitting from one conspiracy business website or new age website to another. I want to help them to be at least partially awake. So what should I do then? Should I keep silent about my experiences and views?

I would really like to see and, more importantly, actually feel ‘spiritually awakened people’ operating in this world in ten years time. I don’t want to see forum gossips and guru worshippers still addicted to gossip and gurus in 10 years time. That is not waking up and it never will be. That said I’m not saying I’m awake and others are not. I am just as daft as anyone else. I assure you of that. I am only telling of my experiences and my direction.

But I tell you the truth when I say, because of my direction, that if I have to give out cold turkey instead of fixes to help make things happen for the good (as I see it anyway) then I will do that. I’d rather be as unpopular as a brown shit stain on a new white wedding dress and be blackballed by the hypocritical conspiracy biz than bullshit people. It would be far easier for me not to do that and simply manipulate the punters already hooked to conspiracy biz. I assure you that the fakers and takers in the biz ‘know just what you want to hear and therefore buy’ and I assure you they are going to sell it to you in the coming months/years. Only you can wake you up.

 I can only suggest you take what you can from your favourite books, from your researchers and your currently favoured websites and forums, and by all means fully support those you want to support, but that’s where it ends in my opinion. If it is simply your wish for an awakening to end at kissing the arse and feet of a new age guru or through credit card subscriptions to a messiah then why bother having an awakening at all? You have already got that scenario in abundance in this world already haven’t you? All you have to do is choose which box to jump in and then jump into it. So please don’t tell me the ‘conspiracy biz’ is not made up of boxes. Please! The conspiracy biz is entirely built with boxes and those boxes are usually stuck together with bullshit.

Only you can wake you up. Only you can go through the door. Hopefully at this time in your life it won’t be the toilet door, as I see many so called ‘awakened’ cowardly and egotistical folks quickly disappear through that one if they don’t like what they hear.  I can only say that sometimes cold turkey is the only form of treatment for some addicts and cold turkey, however painful will leave the addict with valuable experience and a new found wisdom for the trials and tribulations ahead of them. I can only say with sincerity that I wrote the previous version of See You – Heal You for myself back in August 2009.

I have now written this version for ‘you’ in the hope that it will eventually help you ‘see you’ and help you ‘heal you’. I believe the information in this article will be a valuable asset in your toolbox that will help break the serpent’s spell in the future. So because of that I don’t mind about people misunderstanding me, or the information I have supplied. I am used to the dirty jobs. I do not give out any cold turkey without having previously suffered for it myself at least 10 fold. I only relay my experiences and the results of lessons I have already taken. I realise that most addicts stay clear of cold turkey and the force that supplied it, that’s fine too. I can assure you I very, very nearly did the same! I hurt like anyone else.

My direction has been difficult to cope with but this direction, and the priceless experiences and events it created, was vital to me in my journey. Obviously I had to create (via spiritual direction) the circumstances that allowed me to see and experience the things I have actually seen and experienced, but that wasn’t very hard either, it wasn’t nice sometimes but it was never hard. I did though try to be humourous as I coaxed dirty rats out of their nest. Mind you I can see I only did that for my benefit, as others obviously prefer to wear blindfolds.

The conspiracy biz, and the majority of groupies feeding it, actually thrive on a system of divide and rule whilst hypocritically sprouting about unity, collective-ness and love.  It literally wallows in egotistical guile, greed and trickery and sadly continuously regurgitates the same, which is obviously exactly like the sick matrix system the conspiracy biz claims to expose. It also has a system of punishment leading to the merciless Old Testament style destruction for anyone that tries to question the authenticity of the direction of the ‘truth movement’.

Going back to the half parable about the theatre mentioned earlier in this article (You haven’t forgot it already have you?) I will say that I don’t want the choc ices any more, they can stick them up their jacksies. I don’t want any star-studded entertainment stage shows any longer either. I’ve seen and had enough of them. I don’t want to be entranced by the screen in the theatre. I just bloody well seek the exit door. I know there are one or two others that seek it to and when I find it I won’t go through it without them. So I do not care if I have to ‘disturb the show on stage’ by saying things the entranced audience do not like and I never ever will do.

At the end of the day this article is a brainteaser for someone or anyone interested in conspiracy, spiritual freedom and the search for truth. I have already told you this article is sent with good intentions.

It will test you to see if your ego and your politically correct programming will allow you to even consider that you are an addict chasing fixes for your curious but confused soul. If your ego and politically correct programming does not allow you that consideration then you will see the article as insulting rubbish and you will see Matthew Delooze as a pathetic insulter.  I totally understand if you do see it and me as an insult.  It is fine really. I live with that sort of thing everyday. Indeed I’m an experienced expert on it and believe me there is far more ego pretending to use the truth, whilst actually running as far away from it as possible, as a sort of hippy fashion icon, or worse a means to exploit others.

Mind you I think if I saw this article seven or eight years ago I would have thought, “this bloke is taking the piss”.  But seven or eight years ago I was also researching the forums myself and sensed the same illusions that the other punters did. Indeed the very same people on the forums then are still in the exact same position as they are now, their awakening status has not improved at all apart from having more books and DVDs to purchase, which they repeat parrot fashion on the addict grapevine simply to impress less experienced addicts by pretending the information was theirs? Which is fine. But it should teach them how awake they really are at the same time. Shouldn’t it?

In my opinion, if you can start to see that it is actually ‘you’ that needs to awaken to ‘you’ before you can even start to make any progress at all, then I believe you would not see this See You – Heal You article as an insult. If you think simply being on a forum list or worshipping a favoured messiah or new age guru will free you, then that’s fine too. Go for it. The Christians and the Muslims have done the exact same thing for thousands of years, but I suppose the messiah you are depending on is the genuine one eh?

‘See You’ and you will begin to ‘Heal You’. You will never see you if you don’t look and you will never look at something you do not want unless someone makes you. That someone really cares.


May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 9th April 2010 (Originally August 2009)


Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009/10. All Rights Reserved.

This article is dedicate to true truth seekers everywhere. If one of you out there sees through the second net (The conspiracy Biz) and your own ego that will blind you then it was worthwhile producing it.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze Jan 2013




Separated Bodies = Separated Minds – The Separated Human Race

Separated Bodies  –  Separated Minds


The Separated Human Race

Matthew Delooze reporting..,

Hello folks,

I had the strange experience of doing a little research yesterday in Lincoln Castle. I had strong deja vu in the prison that is located inside the castle walls. Indeed I had visited this castle before, three years ago and I had strong feelings of deja vu then too.

What attracted me most was the ‘prison chapel’ and it sparked a lot of things off in me. The symbolism I saw set my mind racing.

This type of chapel at the prison is the only one still fully standing or on public view but the practice of ‘totally separating’ prisoners was widespread in our jails at that time. The authorities kept this pretty quiet though. Indeed the vast majority of you folks out there won’t have a clue our prisoners were once masked. The vast majority of you will not be aware that men women and children were placed in a ‘separation system’ and robotically preached to.

In a nut shell, prisoners were ordered to wear masks (mid nineteenth century) ‘at all times’ outside of their cells. They were not allowed to ‘see’ or to ‘talk’ to other prisoners. The only time they were allowed to take their masks off and act as a group was in chapel (listening to the words of god of course!)

The chapel has specially built cubicles in which the prisoners were shepherded and then allowed to take their masks off. The pictures below show very tall dummies ‘standing’ inside the cubicles.(wearing the jails masks) An average size person wouldn’t come anywhere near the top of the cubicle and indeed there was an uncomfortable shelf like seat to sit on so please bear in mind that the dummies are only there for visual effect ans also bear in mind that you are looking down on them. I assure you on ground level you could only see or feel a large door.


The prisons were led to the chapel wearing masks and then separated in cubicles so they could not see or communicate with each other.


All the prisoners attended the chapel were made  to sit and look directly at the pulpit…


All the prisoners could see or hear was the padre/priest sprouting from the pulpit which was raised high in the air

The prisoners were mostly kept in isolation and when given short exercise the masks had to be worn too. (Ladies wore dark veils). So obviously the only time these people didn’t wear their masks as a group they were still hidden or separated from each other. They had no connection. The prisoners were only allowed to speak through ‘singing in church’ too. So therefore the only words spoken as a group were spiritual vows.

The only book allowed in their cells was the bible.

I started to think about this cruel separation system. I started to see that the ‘separation system’ is actually always in force in this world although we cannot see it on a physical level in the same way as the cruel pictures inside the chapel show us. The physical lives of these ‘prisoners’ show us clearly how the system really treats us, but we are so spiritually shallow that we can’t see how the world treats us just the same on a spiritual level anyway. Obviously the physical system can act with more brutality when it has hidden a few of us away in its prison, but I tell you the truth the system only uses more mind control and physical control over official 5 sense prisoners because the normal level of sheep control hasn’t worked on them in the so called outside world, ‘on the out’ as prisoners call it.

In a nut shell the people who end up in prison haven’t obeyed as quickly as you, so the screw is simply turned on them more until they do obey and vow.

The masks had to be worn at  all times outside of their cell apart from in the chapel but the isolation cubicles made sure no one saw anyone or communicated.

The physical use of masks, separation prison cells and chapel cubicles can easily ‘break the spirit of a man or woman’…  and it did.  But that only suggests that folks outside of the prison system have already got a broken spirit.  That said, on a spiritual level the drip drip effect of mind control and spiritual vows played on normal folks has the exact same effect long term than the brutality of prisoners did in the short term.

 Indeed the only time these prisoners were actually allowed to be collective was when they were allowed to join in ‘spiritual rituals’ (singing hymns in chapel) That was reality inside a prison. That was prison life.

So let’s look at normal life ‘on the out’ shall we?

Because don’t we all still wear and display a symbolic mask to others in this world, even though we make believe we are good and honest?  I think we do. I know we do because I see phony people everyday that have placed their masks very well and unfortunately some of them have stuck their masks on with super glue and they can never remove them without a hell of a lot of pain.

Don’t we all look at each other but never see the real person we are looking at? We are always looking at the mask not the person. We have to pull their mask off if we really want to see them.

In reality we are just like the prisoners in Lincoln Castle Chapel  but maybe our separated ego will not admit it. But indeed, just like the prisoners, when we do come together collectively we only do it for ritualistic purposes too… Christmas.. Mayday… Funerals…Weddings… Elections.. Etc Etc Etc.

We just carry out rituals when told to just like the prisons did in their chapel.

Yes? Do you comprehend?

So what are we doing?

We are doing just as the state has programmed us. We are literally doing the same things as the prisoners did in Lincoln jail and other jails. We wear masks until we are ‘allowed’ to take the masks off, and when we do take our masks off it is only because the PTB want to have our free will participation in spiritual rituals that require our free will.

  Did the pictures in the Prison Chapel shock you?  Did you get a feeling of deja vu even? If the cubicles of separation and the wearing of masks shock you…  then ask yourself why? Because there is no difference between a human being now, on a spiritual level, and a prisoner trapped in the separation system in the jails then, on a five sense level. So look at the five sense picture of the separated prisoner in a mask and in reality see YOU on a spiritual level. Yes I mean YOU!


The prisoners had to continually wear a mask in the presence of others unless a ‘free willed ritual’ took place. What mask do you wear?

That real plight of the human race today is the fact that it cannot see it is a prisoner wearing a mask  and a true spiritual separation system has been in force for thousands of years. It is just that you cannot physically see it like you can see the chapel pictures I have provided only as an analogy. That said the Serpent Cult has you in exactly the same mask as the prisoners that suffered in Lincoln. (For petty and silly crimes) . It is only your obedience that stops you from seeing it.

The chapel pictures are just a simple SYMBOLIC way to show you what really goes on at a spiritual level and to indicate that it is a scam to imprison the human race. The chapel pictures and brief description of those prisoners lives show you SYMBOLICALLY how the separation system is implemented on us and how the mind of the human race can be made to focus only on certain things yet make us happily  take part in religious and other rituals that we know nothing about.


Matthew Delooze in the separation chaple Lincoln Prison. I no longer have a mask but i am still in the prison. (I am in this world but not of it)

The Serpent Cult is at this very moment carrying out an agenda that will start to implement a large scale physical separation system. You can see this taking effect now, but its a few years of completion. This is to ensure the total and eternal spiritual enslavement of the human race.

Part of the agenda is to rid us of any ‘free minded get- together’ of our own. It will enforce laws and regulations that will prevent any ‘free willed get together’ taking place’. It will do this through fear and a drip drip effect through the erosion of rights that assist the agenda.

All state sponsored events, including certain festivals, hastily arranged global parties like Live 8 etc will be created to assist the agenda. Sadly puppets of the state, posing as gurus in guru worship ceremonies (certain conspiracy talks/conferences) will be surprisingly vigorously encouraged too (just like worship was in the prison chapel) just like long established deceptive rituals like Christmas have been. But I’m sure you don’t believe that!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is now the right time to start, or at least the time to be attempting to start, to ‘remove the mask this world has made you wear’. I know it will be very difficult for a lot of people to do this. Some of you have stuck your mask on with super glue, as I said, and some of you really like the mask you have anyway.

For those that like their mask, and will always wear it, I suggest you keep it on and sing to the Padre / Priest for your supper, and I also suggest you carrying on thanking the sun for your eternal imprisonment. For those that want to breakthrough or climb over the symbolic cubicles of the prison chapel, or even kick the buggers open, then the first act is to remove the mask. and look around and recognise your fellow escapees.

I hope my humble pictures and my tale spark something in you.  If anything please remember that the same force that planned and created the masks and the separation chapel in prison also created the system you live in now on the out, nothing has changed at all. It’s just that you have been duped in to thinking that the force that enslaves you actually cares about you. It only cares that you robotically follow the orders that enslave you.

They only appear to care because you are obedient and you willing wear the mask you have been provided with and you simply enter the cubicle like a puppet to carry out their ‘rituals’ on request. Just as the separated prisoners did.


May Love Reign O’er You All.
Matthew Delooze 29th July 2009



Butter Lamps for Buttered Minds

Putting yourself to sleep at the Mahabodhi Temple


 News by Matthew Delooze

I wasn’t around in January to show you a few snaps on what’s known as the ‘Monlam’  festival or the ‘Great Prayer’ festival so I apologise for the belated news. I don’t really want to drone on about  the basics are similar to most other events that take place all over the Buddhist world. The festival my friend is simply just another spiritual surrender/sun ritual in the calendar.

That said I’ll use one of the most famous places used in this event as a good example, but it is indeed just one example of a massive event. That place is The Mahabodhi Temple (Literally: “Great Awakening Temple”)


The Mahabodhi Temple (Literally: “Great Awakening Temple”)

This building is supposed to be where Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, attained enlightenment. So we have the same scenario as we do in ALL other mainstream religions. A pied piper (In this case the Buddha) is used to attract the brainwashed and controlled sheeple to a symbolic location and a symbolic monument. The sheeple are then, under self perceived free will, told when to carry out a act of enjoyment or respect in front of the monument.

The monument acts a middle man or medium for a symbolic ‘Deity’. In this case as mentioned before…. it is ‘Buddah’, whom like most religious middlemen is symbolic of the Sun.


 In this case it is Buddah but it could just as well be Jesus, Apollo, Amen Ra and Helios etc. They all represent the Sun.

Here are just a couple of pics showing the Buddists ‘respecting a monument’ that they know absolutely nothing about in the guise of carrying out part of the Monlam festival. They simply do as they are told to do without question or thought. It may remind you of the Obama celebration victory party that I reported on late last year and I assure you there is very little difference between both rituals as they both praise agents for the Serpent Cult and praising these agents it gives their masters the right to rule over YOU. Obama and Buddah are simply pied pipers for a higher force. They are members of the Serpent Cult. They get you to follow them like sheep to monuments and temples…


Different named religion, different named pied piper… but it’s the exact same energy extraction deception


  Are they Butter lamp carriers and enlightened souls or are they butter for brains moronic hypnotised fools?


 Are they worshipping in a ritual to receive enlightenment and freedom or are they surrendering energy at a monument and therefore receiving eternal enslavement?

 In my opinion there is absolutely no difference between the Buddhists, dressing up for this Monlam festival at the Mahabodhi temple, or New Year’s Eve revellers, dressing up for the solstice festival, at the London Eye or Big Ben on New Years Eve. It is the same bloody scam.


Dressing up and celebrating (feeling good) at a monument.

We are blinded by the urge to celebrate / obey religion. We just cannot see what is in front of our eyes because we only see what we have been led to see and this applies to us all. It does not matter if we are religious or not.

Anyway… here’s the source to the pictures, it may be worth your while looking at more rituals carried out during Monlam and the site has much information.

I’m sorry to repeat the details of this scam to those that already understand it. It is news for those that don’t but the pictures are also important and they give you a view of what goes on during Monlam.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

Diana: Can You See The Real Me?

Diana: Can You See The Real Me?


The Greatest Spiritual Energy Extraction Scam of the 20th Century

By Matthew Delooze

Well let me tell you ’bout the way she looked
The way she’d act and the colour of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool
Her eyes were clear and bright
But she’s not there

From the song She’s Not There by the Zombies

For those people are unaware of my work.  I suggest you read some of my earlier articles before reading this one.  I dedicate this article to the gullible masses of this world. I dedicate it to the innocent families, the Fathers, the Mothers, the Son’s and the Daughters who were roped in to an agenda, which caused them so much pain, through manipulation of their minds within the collective consciousness of the human race. One day the deception that controls our lives will be unveiled but there will be no victorious Knights of Light and there will be no defeated Knights of Dark either, there will only be the truth. The truth is not one colour. The truth is all colours. On the day that all colours can be seen all tears will stop and we will remember who we really are…………..

Hello fellow truth seekers (Nice to see you again-to see you nice again)

I now find myself able to start adding to the list of articles written by Matthew Delooze. This is one I have been waiting to write for several months simply because I truly believe it will help open more paths for some of us in the future and it is a form of baggage removal for your minds. To those people that see and feel something in the information I supply I will say please don’t lose faith no matter how things appear sometimes. Awakening from the hypnosis of the Serpent Cult is on a par with breaking an addiction to powerful drugs. You will be very up one minute and you will be very down the next minute.  You will suffer. You are literally a food source and your farmers want you to continue to feed them.  To the Serpent Cut we are simply on a par with cattle and to break free from the milk farm we have to get past locked doors, electric fences, stonewalls and numerous cattle grids. Our hoofs will hurt with every step. It can be far easier to turn back to the cowshed and surrender your milk. Indeed I see so called awakened people run back in to a comfort zone cattle shed everyday especially when their bank account or their cowardice tells them to.

I did mention some of the information I’m going to supply today to the nearly world famous ‘Brighton 59ers’ in Rottingdean back in October 2008, back when the clocks had gone back.

I have mentioned in previous articles that I believe we need to open our minds further and see things from a different perspective. This is not to add more clutter to the hypocritical conspiracy communities either.  It is easy to talk of corrupt governments and hypocritical religions. It is easy to demonstrate and rant outside Government buildings. I know I have done it.  What I once thought was my true intuition (in the 1980’s) was telling me at the time that the only way to seek justice for the working classes was through demonstrations and trade union movements etc.

I now realise my intuition was ‘wrong’ but it was only ‘wrong’ as I saw it from a five sense level. I only wrongly interpreted my intuition.  I now say to myself now how can this be so?  I ‘preach’ to everyone, if preach is the right word, that they should always follow their intuition. Am I changing my opinion about the number one fundamental rule to Spiritualism, ‘follow your intuition’, I think to myself?  No I’m not.  What I’m saying is that our intuition will take us to a place we can comfortably accept as being a learning place for us at that time but it is not necessary a place of truth the truth, it is only a stepping-stone to the truth. Your intuition will allow you to believe you have found some truth but your intuition, your spiritual direction if you like, is only making you comfortable enough to take the information in that you need to take in. In other words your intuition will lead you to things that are not necessarily true but they are things that will make the truth far easier to swallow on a later date.

That is where I want to start in this article, at a later date if you like because it is now eleven and half years since the ‘death’ of Princess Diana. Is that long enough to leave before you are smacked with the truth?  It is also seven and half years since the 9/11 attacks. I have never written anything about either event before now either.

Would it seem daft of me to tell you I was given information about both these events in 1995/6? I suppose it is easy for me to claim that in 2009 and I realise I will seem a liar to the vast majority of folks for doing so anyway.  That said I couldn’t see me gaining any possible benefit for claiming these things but please believe I’m lying about it if you want but I knew of a 9/11 event and a Diana type ‘death of a princess’ event in 1996, years before they happened, it was part of my awakening process.

Let’s start with Princess Diana shall we? I have to say that David Icke did a very good job, as he always does, of explaining the Princess Diana death situation. I have to agree with most of what I have ‘heard’ of David’s interpretation. I have not read The Biggest Secret though. I’m sure most of you will be aware of David’s stuff on Diana from years ago.

Anyway let’s get started eh?

I think you would have to go to some very far out places to find a human being that did not know of Princess Diana in this world. She was the shy and beautiful young lady that was going to marry her very own Prince charming wasn’t she?  This prince charming was, as you know, Serpent Cult member Charles Windsor.

Probably the most famous photo of Charles and Diana

The Serpent Cult did a massive publicity job on Diana and Charles throughout the world. I remember in the early 1980’s when you couldn’t buy anything without ‘Diana & Charles are getting married’ written on it.  You literally couldn’t wipe your arse on a toilet roll without Charles & Diana’s picture on the wrapper.    The markets and shops had a field day selling cheap crappy pens, pencils, books, cups, mugs, plates, watches etc, etc, etc. Indeed all the little schoolgirls even had Princess Di plastic lunchboxes and bags. I’m sure Colin Fry had a Lady Di handbag too!

di_badge_small  di_cheers

di_plate  di_clock_smallJPG
Just a few of the junk items available

The reason for this massive publicity job, ladies and gentlemen, was simply because the Serpent Cult needed the masses to connect on an emotional and spiritual level with Diana. Charles was already connected to the collective consciousness but the Serpent Cult needed the masses to be totally connected to Diana because they knew she would be sacrificed years later.

The Serpent Cult needed the collective consciousness to bind with Diana to make the ritual successful from their point of view. Let me make it perfectly clear to all of you now. ‘The Serpent Cult did the PR job on Diana it was not Diana herself’

The Serpent Cult used all the tricks in the book to attract people from all walks of life in to respecting and loving Diana. Indeed even the anti-royals used to say they ‘hated the royal family apart from Diana’.  Diana really was turned in to a Mrs Wonderful wasn’t she?  I’m likely to get a punch on the nose for saying different eh?

There are millions of good folks who feel deeply spiritually connected to Diana, and I understand why, but I have the job of telling you that this was simply part of the scam.  I get all the dirty jobs. So folks let me start as I mean to go on. Diana was simply another member of the Serpent Cult and she was here to help enslave us just as much as my mate Popey is and the rest of the secret rulers of this word are. Diana was a pied piper just like Popey and the rest of the puppets are.

We were all made to feel emotional about Diana, but I’m afraid that was the plot from day one. Oh I’m sure there are researchers out there that will claim, as is their right, that Diana was here to awaken us up and simply enable us to see that murderers and liars really do exist inside the Establishment and in the Royal family?  Obviously it will help their fan base and their incomes if they appease Diana’s fans and claim she came to awaken the masses by showing the world the royals did her in and not claim that she came to help enslave them.

But come on folks didn’t we already know that that the royals are murderers? For fuck sake Henry the Eight used to chop the bloody heads off his wives in full public view, so if you didn’t realise the royal bloodline is already full of sadistic murderers then what can I say? What? You think the serpent bloodline has changed their personality traits do you? Listen…  I’m not here to appease a fan base nor take your money so I tell you the truth when I say that ‘the Royals have always been incestuous murderers and liars and Diana was and still is a member of the same club’.

Diana was 100% Serpent bloodline and as far as I know her body wasn’t carrying any goodie two shoes cuckoo type soul either. I’m not going to tell fans of Diana that Diana was innocent just so you think I’m a nice chap I’m here to tell you she was up to the neck in it. She was 100% Serpent Cult.


Diana was 100% Serpent Cult: Bloodline and Soul.

The Royals/Illuminati are privy to higher levels of spiritual understanding than we are and they base their behaviour on that understanding.

I need to get something across to you before we go any further. I have mentioned this briefly before. Our deceptive ‘rulers ‘ continuously reincarnate in to this world in to positions of privilege and/or power. They are ‘destined’ if you like to carry out certain actions that will assist a multi-dimensional force to have control over the human race. They will be equipped with the guile and/or personality they need to carry out their duties and for this multi-dimensional force (Lower fourth reptilians or whatever else you wish to think of them as being) to be able to continue to rule over us they need our spiritual permission to do so. They need our emotional free will, they need our acceptance and they need a show of respect from us to enable them to rule us.  These reincarnating members of the Serpent Cult’ like Diana, will sometimes not have a clue, on a 5-sense conscious level, about what they are here to do. Living the luxurious high life on a five sense level can easily camouflage any hint of spiritual destiny and they, just like you, haven’t any clues that they are a dumbed down prisoner in this world on a five-sense level either. After all you think you and your mind are free don’t you?

Sometimes the agents for the Serpent Cult will also be subjected to the same dumbing down process that you have. But under the surface a force will be operating within them that will make sure the wishes of the Serpent Cult are carried out.

I don’t know if Diana knew who she was or whom she represented but I do know she was given the guile and of course the means to be able ‘ to win hearts and minds’.  The Serpent Cult writes the scripts in the lower fourth world for their agents to carry out in this world and their cast list is made up of very deceptive entities and they are very good at what they do. The Serpent Cult will make things happen in this world that will allow the said scripts to come to pass. Diana was a willing agent sent to take part in a sacrificial ritual, she was no angel of light nor was she a cuckoo soul sent undercover to awaken anyone.The said ritual involved is continuously repeated in a time loop situation and usually involves using the same participants to carry it out. It is simply part of the agenda to totally enslave mankind.

Diana carried out many rituals, as the rest of the Serpent Cult do, right under our noses.

I have said many, many times that the Serpent Cult created mythical deities (Gods and Goddesses) to act as their mediums to extract spiritual energy from this world in to another dimension.

‘Diana’ Spencer was not only a medium she was a fully signed up member of the Serpent Cult.  She would gladly spend many short lifetimes on earth, in the lap of luxury of course, for the benefits to her and her masters existence in another dimension and the Serpent Cult created all the circumstances throughout her life just so she ‘fitted in’ with the symbolism needed for the ritual carried out in the Alma tunnel and for the spiritual energy it would provide for her master and herself in another dimension.

Just step back from the pathetic hype that surrounded her for a moment and you will see that she was simply ‘groomed’ to become a massive pied piper. As soon as she started appearing in the media she was never out of it. The entire media cartel hyped Diana constantly, so please ask yourself why this was so as I’m sure most of you reading this article are aware that the illuminati control all mainstream media?  Do you honestly thing the illuminati controlled media couldn’t have made Diana in to whatever they wanted? A scrubber? A lunatic? A paranoid drama queen? You name it they could have done it to her but they didn’t. Why was this so? Don’t tell me it was the will of the masses please.

Diana:  A natural pied piper on her wedding day

The entire illuminati controlled media actually made sure that even if Diana wasn’t seen in the best light morally they certainly made sure she always came out of events with mass sympathy and an emotional attachment with the public? Does that sound right if Diana was here simply to awaken the masses to the wrong doings of the murderous Royalty and the illuminati? Or does it sound more likely that the illuminati controlled media was really strongly behind Diana when required to increase the level her ‘worship’ value amongst the masses. Come on folks wake up here the fact is that the Serpent Cult with the means they have could have ordered mainstream media to slaughter Diana in the public eye but this never really happened over any long period of time. Ask yourself why. Why would the illuminati allow Diana to be the peoples Goddess especially for as long as they did?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because Diana’s murder was planned many years before it happened, before she was born even, and the script insisted that the whole world mourned Diana after she had been ritually sacrificed. Don’t forget folks Emotional Respect  = Spiritual Energy. The only way the whole world would mourn her is to make her a people’s champion around the world.

Even the Royal Family played their part in this scam by openly playing to the script as ‘the official bad guys’, especially during the last couple of years of Diana’s life, but the public just went along with it too being suckered in like lemons. Big bad Queenie and dirt bag, Camilla shagging Charlie, versus squeaky-clean Diana wasn’t it? The public lapped it up and Diana’s worship value was increasing all the time. Diana was such a Goodie – Goodie compared to the bad guys in the Palace in the public eye eh?

Please consider the fact that the Royals would have and could have silenced Diana years before the actual sacrificial murder if they REALLY wanted to keep in the public’s good books. Oh no my friends the rest of the Royal family played the role of super bad guys to make Diana even more popular with the public and for good reason.

I haven’t time to go in to all the symbolic events in Diana’s life in this article. I believe David Icke has pointed out some of the links with Diana‘s bloodline and mentioned the symbolism behind the Alma tunnel and the 13th pillar being hit in the tunnel etc.  Again I agree with most of what I have heard or seen about David’s opinion and it is worth a look back at his information on this matter. There is no need for me to drone on about the ‘details of the crash’ because you will already know them.

Diana was killed on symbolic ground in the Alma tunnel

 I will though point out a couple of symbolic coincidences I have spotted myself later on. But it is for sure that Diana was murdered in a tunnel linked to the Goddess Diana and her sacrifice has too many other occult coincidences to be anything less than a ‘well executed sacrificial murder/ritual’.

So hang on a minute here.  Why would the murderers go to so much trouble to carry out such act in full public scrutiny if it was simply a murder to shut Diana up and stop her being impregnated with a coloured Muslim? Come on folks get your thinking caps on. If the Royal family were simply pissed off that Diana was opening her mouth too much or because she was shagging a Muslim and they didn’t want a half African – half English baby appearing, to upset the Royal Family photo albums, then why not simply bump ‘Diana’ off quietly? Surely an excuse of ‘slipping on a corgi dog turd and breaking her neck’ sort of thing would suffice and save a lot of time with the conspiracy theories to boot wouldn’t it? Laugh at that pathetic excuse if you want but I think having an official excuse consisting of a driver, Henry Paul,that was 3-4 times over the drink drive limit and veins full of carbon dioxide with an official bodyguard sat next to him is even more pathetic don’t you? I realise the Royal Family wanted to put a few hundred miles between them and the murder scene but bloody hell…. Henry Paul was pissed up… case solved? Give over don’t make me laugh! But Even this fairy tale added to the emotion directed at Diana.

Anyway the point I am making is that the royals could have simply faked her suicide and claimed she something like she was wallowing in shame over her many flings with men. They could have faked her suicide over her eating disorder and her so called depression over Charles’s affair.  Well couldn’t they?

I’ll tell you why it was because Diana was murdered in a ritual that will allow for the extraction of Spiritual energy made in and intended for use in this world to be transported to another and not because of her taste for sex with Muslims. Diana herself was exposed as a very promiscuous lady, let’s be blunt here truth seekers, even an ugly old sod like me was in with a chance of getting my leg over with Diana.  She was opening hers legs to anyone that smiled at her.


Hewitt: He was just one of Diana’s many lovers.

Sex scandals amongst the royal family are nothing new anyway. Even the staff at the Palace were constantly up each other and that was just the blokes! Indeed even the dodgy butler, Paul Burrell was balls deep with the other male staff.  Let’s be blunt, they are all up each other in high society circles and anyone else can join in as long as they are from a certain bloodline. Indeed Princess Anne and Prince Charles were both shagging at least one member of the Parker Bowles family at the same time and this was long before Diana was killed. It’s the norm for Royals and their staff to have sex parties and let’s also be blunt again and admit that Diana’s answer to not liking Charles’s adultery was to go out and shag as many folk as she could and commit adultery several times herself. She obviously got a taste for Asian or African men too. Admittedly this sort of behaviour would embarrass the phoney royal family on a 5-sense level but surely not enough to commit a symbolic murder on the scale of the Alma tunnel saga. Yet these are just some of the reasons given to the idiotic masses as being a good enough reason to create such a murder.


Burrel: He’s as dodgy as a bag of monkeys… just like his paymasters

All the indications point to the fact that Diana was murdered at the very moment the whole world had been primed to consciously focus on her.  I’m sure if you think about it properly with an open mind that you will at least partly agree with that statement. Just what circumstances led to the mass attention Diana was receiving at the time of her death?

Well she was portrayed, as the ‘victim’ for several years wasn’t she?  She also beat Bulimia etc didn’t she? She had the guts to touch a man with aids didn’t she? She had been allowed to go on BBC TV and slag off the royal family wasn’t she? Hey and don’t tell me the illuminati and the royal family didn’t ‘allow’ that to happen because the BBC dare not fart without asking the Queen and illuminati stooges if it is OK first! Take it from me the Royals/Illuminati arranged for Diana to spill the beans on TV because it was all part of the scam of attracting respect to Diana and turn her in to a goddess. Indeed she predicted her death and actually said she wanted the masses to call her the Queen of Hearts of that very show.

Don’t tell me the Royal family didn’t know this was going to happen. Diana became the self proclaimed Queen of Hearts and she also announced she would be killed. It was all part of the attack on the collective consciousness.

Diana was also the heroine for many charities. Well wasn’t she? (See my book, is it me for a moment, for information about charities) Her campaign against land mines also got her worldwide respect.  She was literally being promoted, as a better-looking Mother Teresa wasn’t she? Again please tell me how this was allowed to happen in mainstream Serpent Cult controlled media if it would severely damage Serpent Cult members like the Royal family? I’ll tell you again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult. The Royal family didn’t give a monkeys about public opinion and time tells us that is true. I’m not saying that to hurt the luvvy dovey Diana fans I’m saying that to attempt to make you think and actually challenge the thoughts the hypnosis the Serpent Cult has placed in you through carrying out this ritual.

There is also the involvement of the Al Fayed family to consider because they are also members of the Serpent Cult. Oh I realise Daddy Al Fayed has played his part well. He has said a few things and chucked a few stones in the direction of Prince Philip and demanded an inquest, he has spent a few bob too. Indeed on a five-sense level Daddy Al Fayed was in his element telling the world that his own cult bloodline was mating with Royalty cult bloodline, in other words he was boasting about the fact that Dodi was giving Princess Diana one.

So when you think about it, as far as the Royal family and their public relations are concerned it was absolutely the worse time to actually have Diana bumped off. At the time of her death she was the most popular female on the planet. As I said an excuse liked ‘Diana slipped on a corgi dog turd’ or ‘it was an act of suicide because she was shamed over her many men friends’ would have been a far, far ,safer option than a very dodgy drunken car accident in the centre of Paris.

Anyway, I have visted Paris as most of you know and I have researched the area where Diana was sacrificed and I have researched all the monuments.  I haven’t just been sat on a chair playing fairies gossiping on a forum you know! Most people believe the stature of liberty flame monument that is located above the Alma tunnel (pictured below) is an official monument that was built especially in memory of Diana.

Matthew Delooze in Paris on the Pont De L’Alma (Alma Bridge) looking at the ‘Diana was victim to sacrificial murder monument’. ‘Candle in the Wind’. A flame on a black pentagram

It is not officially a monument dedicated to Diana. It was actually placed over the tunnel in 1987 and it is known as the liberty flame. Diana didn’t die until 1997, ten years later. So if you thought this monument was placed there after Diana was murdered forget it.  That said it is now considered an official monument to the Diana ritual. Indeed I tell you now it was placed there as a monument for Diana 10 years ‘before she died’ although the powers that be claim it was there to recognise relations between France and the USA.

1987 was long before Diana even started her relationship with Dodi Fayed or before her marriage was in such a state too. The murder was not about Diana’s relationship or opening her mouth.  So I tell you again that Diana’s murder was planned many years before it actually happened and on a spiritual level at least Diana played a very willing part in it.  High rankers inside the Royal family would have known Diana had incarnated in to this world to carry out this ritual from detail before and at her birth, again the royal family are privy to information you are not. Diana would then have been groomed and she would have taken part in many other occult rituals including her wedding and the birth/ Christenings of her children and of course playing the role of the black virgin for Rome. Indeed, as some researchers have already pointed out she was married in St Paul’s (Temple of Apollo /Diana) and her funeral was in Westminster Abbey (Temple of Apollo/Diana) Please note now that she also gave birth, from previously being a virgin, to her first born at the ‘summer solstice’. Again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult.

Diana shows the world her son on the 21st June 1982

So let me get to the point eh? How many millions of people were very emotionally affected by the death of Diana? You can’t say for sure can you? It was literally the entire planet wasn’t it? Diana was loved by the entire world wasn’t she? Her death created one of the highest levels of mourning the world has ever seen? The entire planets energy was focused not only on Diana but also on all the occult symbolism she carried.

I tell you the truth when I say that all the ‘hype’ over Diana had reached a climax just prior to her death. So what really happened on the night of her sacrificial murder? Well she literally collected the entire worlds spiritual energy and had it focused on the symbolism surrounding her death, that is, she was playing the role of the mythical goddess (Artemis).  She was also, has previously pointed out by Mr Icke and by Ru Mills, a pseudonym for Rayelan Allan, sacrificed in the tunnel De L’ Alma that is supposed to be the location of an ancient sacrificial site, an ancient pagan temple placed on an energy line and dedicated to Artemis/ Diana Goddess of the Moon.

So what Diana actually did after being hyped as the most famous and most loved woman on the planet was gain the free willed adoration from the collective consciousness of the entire human race and then because of her ‘death’ and literally through her magnetism she got the energy created by her adoring fans ‘delivered’ to a temple and the temple is a pathway to the 4th dimension (L’ Alma passage). I have explained about the Paris energy lines before so please, if you are new to this information take time to read about it because it is vital you read my earlier work on the subject.

As it has been pointed out, the area around Pont De L’Alma is linked to an ancient pagan temple and linked to goddess worship and indeed linked to a symbolic passage to ‘Heaven’.  So all the emotional respect directed at Diana’s death was also directed to the 4th dimension through its symbolic underworld figures such as Diana etc.

 In my opinion, based on my own research, Diana was not a being of light that had come to expose things about a phony royal family she was simply another means to steal the spiritual energy that is created by genuine human emotional beings.  Indeed Diana got the tag Queen of Hearts because (a) she had previously announced her preference for that title as part of the ritual and (b) this was because her heart was to be removed in the Pont De L ‘Alma tunnel as part of the ritual. This should explain to you why there was a delay in moving her to hospital. It was not just a case of waiting for her to die in the tunnel it was because her heart was used in a ritual inside the tunnel because the tunnel was on symbolic ground. Hey you don’t have to believe me but I believe I am telling you the truth. If you want to believe Diana was the innocent party whilst everybody else in her family and indeed the Al Fayeds family were the bad guys then be my guests but I’m convinced every one of them is Serpent Cult.

The fact is though, ladies and gentlemen, that the Serpent Cult wanted Diana’s sacrifice to take place whilst the collective consciousness was indeed concentrating on her as some kind of symbolic Goddess and its obvious to me anyway that the hype worked. The Serpent Cult wanted the entire world’s emotions to focus on her life and death and of course also focus on ALL of the symbolism surrounding it. The Serpent Cult wanted the world to mourn Diana and feel very emotional about Diana. Why?

It’s simple; the massive outcry of emotional respect for Diana created a massive amount of Spiritual Energy. Don’t forget folks… Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy.

So just what did the death of Diana definitely create? It created a massive amount of Spiritual Energy didn’t it? Well didn’t it? Just because the vast majority of the public fell for the scam does not mean it was not a scam. It was a very good scam indeed.

 Diana was hyped all through her life and even more through her death. In my opinion this was to create energy but where did this energy go then? Did it go to feed the starving folks that Diana championed? Did it go to help the victims of landmines that Diana championed? Did it go to the aids victims that Diana championed? Did it bloody hell as like! It went to feed the lower fourth dimension simply because Diana came from the lower fourth and she was an agent for the lower fourth. She only used these charities to gain the emotional respect need to create spiritual energy.

Is it starting to make sense even to the ‘Diana was innocent positive energy’ merchants?

She was a positive energy of light icon was she? So worshipping the symbolic daughter of Zeus will free us all from illuminati control will it? That is utter bollocks in my opinion. And believe me a true icon of positivity wouldn’t get past the gates of Buckingham Palace and indeed a true positive energy entity couldn’t ever live with the hypocrisy Diana lived with.

Again Diana was 100% Serpent Cult and she helped carry out one of the biggest deceptions ever. It’s the same scam being carried out time and time again and the same suckers fall for it time and time again and the same suckers that fall for it lifetime after lifetime. I have been saying it for years, the Serpent Cult attract the masses to occult temples or symbolic locations, get them to feel emotional so the said emotions make energy and then the Serpent Cult harness the energy.

Diana’s death was just one massive ritual and millions of human beings were victim to one of the biggest deceptions ever. I’m sorry to say that but I believe there is no other explanation.  Indeed I am 100% sure there is no other explanation.

I laugh and giggle when I see some so-called awakened people think Diana was a ‘people’s princess’. There is no such thing in my opinion.  The immeasurable amounts of spiritual energy created in this deceptive scam went to the Serpent Cult not the people. That is why the ritual murder took place in a Serpent Cult symbolic temple; it was to feed the Serpent Cult. This was simply because Diana was actually a member of the Serpent Cult and not the person the illuminati made you think she was. Diana actually represented the entities of the Lower fourth dimension not the people who were made to love her. When we mourned Diana we actually fed the lower fourth.

Obviously Diana had to have the spiritual guile to pull it off and because she was indeed backed by the mass media it was a piece of cake for her to do so, especially when the world is full of dumbed down buffoons. Let’s face it folks we have all been suckered by a pretty face and a cute smile at sometime in our lives.

Diana and her symbolism, (the ‘goddess’ etc) was literally an energy conductor for your spiritual energy.  The Serpent Cult only need to use their well practiced slick PR tricks and most of you us are putty in their hands. Diana was part of the deceptive force that enslaves us.  I believe she would and did willingly deceive millions of people on a spiritual level. On a five-sense level she may not have seen the bigger picture but she willingly followed the script.

I realise some of you were/are so hypnotised by the Diana hype that you will not ever believe what I say. But I tell you for good reason that the Diana saga was just another deception carried out by the Serpent Cult. I’m afraid they are very good at deceiving us and I take no pleasure in saying the things I am saying in this article.

Can you start to see just how big this deception was?

Indeed even after her sacrificial murder the blind masses are still conned into giving spiritual energy to the lower fourth dimension. Diana received a very symbolic send off in Westminster Abbey didn’t she? The whole world wept and gave energy again through her symbolism and the Temple her funeral took place in.

Can you remember the song sung at her funeral? Elton John’s, Candle in the Wind?  I don’t pretend to know the full scale of the occult meaning contained in the song but it is very, very connected to sacrificial murder of symbolic goddesses. Marilyn Monroe, like Diana Spencer was also a symbolic sex toy/ consort for Serpent Cult members too. She too was a pied piper and conductor of spiritual energy energy.


Marilyn was another Serpent Cult symbolic Goddess. Same Scam, different time and different location

Obviously that information might be easier to swallow now that I have explained the true reasons of Diana’s killing. Marilyn was just an earlier example of the same scam. I am not going in to great detail about Marilyn Monroe in this article as I wish to concentrate on Diana but details of Marilyn will be thoroughly provided by myself in the future, I really do believe her murder was linked through symbolism to Diana.

Oh sod it… Shall we regulars go deeper now for a few minutes?

…..OK. It’s about the ‘mythological’ figures that I say act as representatives for the Serpent Cult to attract and steal our spiritual energy.  Indeed do you really want to know some real symbolism connected to the deaths of not only Diana but also Marilyn Monroe? Will you take it seriously? Do you even want to know the truth because I’m sure many people prefer to live lives under hypnosis and believe Diana was a ‘positive entity’? If your mind is closed there is no point listening to me ever again? I realise it is not nice to think you have been conned and it is not nice to realise there isn’t any real goddess icon that will help you escape this world no matter how much you want to rely on one. Things are easier for you to cope with if you delude yourself aren’t they? Indeed most people need a guru these days to tell them when they need to go for a shite. Take this crystal with you to the bog (Sticking them up your arse is optional), light this scented candle in the bog, stick a picture of Colin Fry in the bog and then go around telling everyone you are you and you are free. We should all be born with these gadgets shouldn’t we? We could save the pains of the awakening process from birth eh?

OK…. I’ll not only give my opinion about the death of Diana but I’ll briefly mention Marilyn too eh?  We will solve two major mysteries in one go. After all it’s about flipping time we did solve the Diana scam isn’t it?

Diana and Marilyn were not just symbolic goddesses implanted into the mass consciousness by the Serpent Cult for just one reason (extraction of your energy through deception). They were literally representing the daughters of the sun gods.  Do you want to know how?  OK then. I believe Marilyn represented a Helen of Troy sex goddess type persona and of course Diana represented an ‘Artemis’ huntress goddess type persona. Diana (Artemis) was also actually given credit for creating the birth of Apollo the Sun god. Don’t forget that Diana (Artemis) created the birth of her own Son William at summer solstice in 1982. So please note now, experienced conspiracy buffs, and it is very important you take this in. Because of his mother’s symbolism and his date of birth William is indeed symbolically ‘Apollo’ . Don’t forget the Royals along with mythical deities operate on a different level of understanding and as sick as t sounds to your conditioned mind ‘mothers are also sisters’ and ‘brothere are husband’s and also son’s’ and vice versa, they are simply facets of the same diamond they are simply a deceptive force posing as siblings and therefore representing the creator gods. They are many faces but only one force.

Please note that William is now the spitting ‘image’ of his ‘mother’ and so please take extra special note that he is being hyped and will be promoted just like his mother was. His ‘worship value’ is being increased every year. A wedding or coronation in a symbolic temple on symbolic ground will set him on the path and destiny previously scripted by the Serpent Cult so please take note now that William is no King of Hearts he is 100% Serpent Cult, just like his mother was. Don’t be fooled again….

  …. For now… please take it in that symbolically Helene (Marilyn) and Artemis (Diana) are both ‘daughters of Zeus’.  OK? (Different name and face but exactly the same force)

The only thing that Marilyn has in common with Diana on a five-sense level, because of the years between them, is the fact they were both subjected to suspicious deaths and of course the Elton John song ‘Candle in the Wind’. Well isn’t it?

Elton John first performed the song 11 years after Marilyn died. He then did a similar version at the funeral of Diana. Most people know that I have pointed out the symbolism carried by Serpent Cult puppet Elton John on a few occasions. Elton John’s middle name is Hercules.  Hercules in Greek Mythology is actually the brother of Artemis (Diana) and Helene (Marilyn.)  So Hercules is obviously also the son of Zeus.

Elton and Diana?  The Symbolic Hercules and Artemis?

On a five-sense level they are ‘celebrities’… on a spiritual level they are Serpent Cult pied pipers and will steal and pass your energy to the 4th dimension.

So when you think about it anyone showing respect to Diana or Marilyn through the song ‘Candle in the Wind’, and millions upon million did, will also be showing respect to the celebrity faces literally the symbolic offspring of the sun creator god Zeus. This is how the Serpent Cult constantly deceive us. They know the rules of creation in this world.

 When Diana’s funeral took place in Westminster Abbey (the location that was once a temple of Apollo/Artemis) the massive amount of overpowering emotional respect was indeed directed at both Diana and Elton John, whom I have now informed you are symbolically Hercules and Artemis, children of Zeus. Just a coincidence is it?

If it is just a coincidence it’s a very bloody good symbolic one. What are the odds of getting a Hercules and an Artemis in a Temple and millions of people show deep emotion towards them? Come on wake up for fuck’s sake, this Cult is taking the piss. I have said in many of my articles and in my books that we are conned into worshipping the Sun, as a means to worshipping inter-dimensional/ 4th dimensional entities by proxy if you like, it’s an inter-dimensional race of entities that claim to have created the sun, hence if they con you to worship the sun you also worship them. Zeus created the Sun and by us being conned in to worshipping the children of Zeus (Hercules and Armetis) we are actually worshipping the creators of the Sun Gods. It’s a ‘food chain’ and our love for Diana was the starting point in this ritual and in the deceptive food chain involved.  Please let me explain in simple terms for those who are relatively new to my work.

The Food Chain created by Diana Sacrifice Ritual

Worship Diana Spencer the pied piper = Worship ancient deities like Artemis/Diana.

Worship Artemis/Diana the deities = Worship the creators of Artemis/Diana (Zeus)

Worship phony gods like Zeus/ Jupiter /Amen Ra = Worship their creators from the Lower 4th

The whole ‘spiritual energy food chain’ system is created by the deceptive Serpent Cult. Can you see by that simple list why the Serpent Cult needs symbolic pied pipers? Emotional respect is free will worship and free will worship will give those you worship the divine right to rule.

I tell you the truth again the Serpent Cult use their symbolic agents on Earth to play middlemen and pied pipers to extract your spiritual energy. This applies whether the actual pied piper is aware of events or not.  Elton ‘Hercules’ John and Diana ‘Artemis’ Spencer are two such symbolic pied pipers and as daft as it sounds their masters are 4th dimensional entities that are alien to this world.

When we worship such pied pipers we also worship the symbolism behind them. Obviously these two very popular pied pipers are given their means, talent and guile, to enable them to become very good pied pipers. They simply allowed access to the true abilities that all human beings have. Sadly most of us have forgotten our true powers. (Apart from folks like that nice boy Colin Fry of course)

I wasn’t going to point out the deeper level of symbolism (Artemis, Apollo, Helene, Hercules) simply because the blind sheep that are hypnotised in to thinking Diana was here for good wouldn’t and couldn’t be able to take it in. They couldn’t accept Diana took part in a ritual that would deceive the masses let alone follow the path that leads from respect for Diana to the worship of the pagan creator gods like Zeus and then on to surrendering our spirits to inter-dimensional entities. The latter having created not only the myth of Zeus and also the physical body used by Diana to represent Zeus.  But I know some of you can take it in so i did go deeper! Please breath the air that I send you now and will try to send you in the future. You can always blow it away if you do not like it or think it stinks.

Anyway let’s get back on track eh? We are having a busy day eh? Let’s not carry on as deep as this at least for a bit…

…So indeed as far as Diana is concerned the masses continue to fall for the same spiritual extraction scam in 2009 as they did in 1997. ‘The Temple of Diana’at Althorp (Pictured below) is simply another conductor for the spiritual energy created through the emotional respect the human race ‘still’ has for Diana.

The Temple of Diana at Althorp

 There is a lot of symbolism surrounding Althorp and Diana’s grave. I’m sure you will have read many things about it.  I could add to that but I’m not going to because like the circumstances surrounding the actual murder of Diana it does not really matter. The blatant fact that you should be aware of is that a symbolic temple has been placed in Althorp (The Serpent Cult use this scam a lot at stately homes) and it is this that is now used as a replacement to the Alma tunnel as a focus of respect, and it is the official means to harness energy and transport it to the lower 4th. Its geometry will be in line with occult geometry and its location will be on some connecting energy line.  The close up picture below shows the world (The halo or egg shape) that the temple is dedicated to deities and not the human body of Diana.

Diana was 100% Serpent Cult: The halo indicates Sun/ Moon deity but it also indicates rebirth from the egg

 This Temple, on one level anyway, is on a par with the Flame that stands over the Paris version of the same temple she was murdered in (Goddess Temple of Artemis/Diana). That is the Pont De L’ Alma area. I have indeed visited them but there are other reasons for creating this temple that I will try and explain on a simple level.  The ‘face’ is black to represent the Black Virgin goddess role Diana took up for the Serpent Cult on many occasions (Rituals dressed in black) but that’s not all my friends, not by a long chalk. I tell you the truth. The image is symbolic for Diana returning to this world ‘with the same looks’ so to speak. The collective spiritual energy directed at Diana from the human race will allow her to return to earth with the very same looks when she chooses to. It appears our Queen of Hearts was very, very, vain. The Spencers have built a ‘museum’ in the grounds of Althorp. Those that read my article The Virgin Festival will now realise that the scam of putting ‘temples to Diana’ in the grounds of stately homes is not as daft as they thought when i first wrote it because Althorp is now on a par with Weston Park and it has added a museum too. Look at the picture below.


A combination of a ‘museum’ and an occult monument (Temple) at Althorp.(See spitting out the feathers of the benu bird)

ALTHORP Exhibition
Inside the museum ( Respect temple for Artemis))

 Sorry to go straight in and to the point. The Serpent Cult have placed the items you see inside this Temple to receive our free will permission to allow Diana to return to this world as many times as she chooses in the exact same physical image and equipped with the same guile. The ‘figures’ represent ‘reincarnation’ in the same body and the hanging profile picture is to symbolism that reincarnation will be with the same face. Does this make sense to you? Can you see that the Serpent Cult are aware of things in this world that they have blinded you too?

Diana wasn’t really doing the ‘good things’ for the world she was simply feeding her ego and getting energy from the masses which will give her the right incarnate as she pleases. It’s the will of the masses. It’s the will of the collective consciousness.

   Hey… I may have jumped a couple of articles, or even a 60-dollar book, ahead of myself by telling you that part of the antidote for the serpents spell, but hey that’s the kinda dozy bugger I am. I’m not saying all the world has to visit this temple/museum to bring Diana back (to carry out the same con trick on you) because that permission was already given when she died, so believe me, it is just that she is so vain she wants to come back in future generations with the same ‘look’.

 Anyway let’s settle down again, ladies and gentlemen,… back to brass tacks… Where were we?… Oh yes… All the emotional respect created for Diana even today in 2009, including that created by conspiracy theorists that still believe she was here for good, will be harnessed as spiritual energy through the official temple/museum at Althorp, just as the Louvre pyramid and museum did in previous articles, and it will feed Serpent Cult entities in another dimension on a long term basis. That is why agents in the Serpent Cult encourage the emotions of the masses to be continually raised over the Diana issue, it is because they want to add more attention to the occult symbolism and goddess worship that is linked to the case and therefore harness more spiritual energy from the ritual.

A good example of this is Daddy Al Fayed. He kept the case going for years didn’t he? This man is ‘establishment’ to the core please be fooled no more by his guile. He has even placed his masters symbolism in his own palace (Harrods) to carry out the same scam (placing an altar in a building to turn it into a temple) and to appease his masters too and also ensure his bloodline can reincarnate as agents in the Serpent Cult.

 The Altar in Harrods: !00% Serpent Cult.

 The Al Fayeds are also100% Serpent Cult just like the Spencer family and the only reason Diana was led to have relationships with Muslims on a five sense level was to increase the ‘attention’ from the different cultures when she was actually sacrificed. If Diana had been having a relationship with a Christian at the time of her death the emotional attention from the Muslim world would not have been half as strong as it was for having a relationship with a Muslim and therefore the spiritual energy involved would have been far less powerful. OK?

Again Diana had the greatest PR job done for and this was entirely because she was a lamb to the slaughter and the slaughterers needed a very big audience. Let me point out that it does not matter on a 5-sense level who or what physically murdered Diana.  It does not matter if it was Charles, Queenie, Henry Paul, MI6, CIA, Martians, Kermit the Frog or that nice mummies boy Colin Fry (What a jolly nice boy he is). Whoever it was will never ever be caught. Never.
I know that is wrong but it’s a fact.

If the system wanted a scapegoat they would have found one straightaway like it has done with many other assassinations. The ‘mystery’ of Diana’s death, as that of Marilyn Monroe, will always remain unsolved or classed as an accident/suicide simply because the Serpent Cult will continually use the rituals to create energy for themselves by manipulating the emotions of human beings. The reason no scapegoat will be found for the Diana murder is because the world has to see this ritual as an ‘official and natural event’ (An accident) and that is why the courts have announced it as an accident and not an open verdict. I hope those last few sentences bring comfort to those souls that have been angry over the official version of events. If the official version is of a natural event (An accident) the collective consciousness actually endorses the ritual because of the leaders it elected through free will. In other words you joined in the ritual and you obey the Serpent Cult on a spiritual level.

Again Diana was an agent for the Serpent Cult and she played pied piper to channel spiritual energy from this world to the 4th dimension. Can you see it? If so we are getting somewhere eh? If you can see how the scam works and you can accept, in principle at least, that spiritual energy can be transported through symbolic icons, symbolic monuments and symbolic events then it is time to leave the Diana story… so let’s move swiftly on to 9/11.

Four years further on from Diana’s death the WTC came down. You don’t need me to tell about that event do you? That’s because the Serpent Cult have embedded it on your soul and you have seen and heard a thousand different stories about it haven’t you. I’m certainly totally sick of hearing about it, don’t forget I was told about it in 95/96 and the reasons behind it so you can guess why I laugh at some of the theories.

Anyway, even if you are a hard faced anti-royal and didn’t give a flying fart about Diana you will know in your heart that 9/11 affected your emotions in one way or another.  It didn’t matter if you had a member of you family in the WTC or you were a brainwashed Islamic soldier hoping for Jihad, those towers coming down caused a massive increase in emotion in this world.

Well didn’t they? Don’t worry you were meant to feel emotional about it. So let’s get it sorted once and for all eh?  Well at least it will be my one and only work on it.

Again, in my opinion, just like the Diana case it does not matter who is responsible for 9/11 on a 5-sense physical level. An inside job was it? Dubya Bush and his evil Masonic cronies was it? Bin Laden from a cave was it?  The official mind controlled patsy Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was it? Maybe some slick and crafty holograms fooled the shit out of us? Perhaps it was just a slick movie set?  Thunderbird two did it eh? Superman farting pessaries out his arse is another good theory of why the towers came down. The list has been endless and maybe the Superman theory is not the daftest that’s been mentioned.

 9/11: Who was responsible on a 5-sense level? You will never know!

 I’ll be blunt. Wake the hell up or you will be trapped in this world left pondering on many, many, different theories for many lifetimes. I mean that sincerely. Let’s not let the innocent victims of this event suffer for longer than they have too.

 On a spiritual level it really does not matter what caused 9/11 on a five-sense level indeed it does not matter that it was used to start a cruel invasion of weaker countries in the five-sense world either. Let’s face it folks the wankers that rule this world can come up with any excuse to invade any country at any time.  Who’s going to stop them? All those people that think Diana were the Queen of Hearts eh?

The ‘culprits‘, on a five sense level, that carried out the ‘physical’ side of 9/11 will never be brought to justice because the event was not carried out just for 5- sense reasons, it is the exact same scenario as the Diana event and it was simply carried out to create ‘mass emotion’ simply because emotion creates spiritual energy. Our spirituality creates our 5 sense reality so our spirituality brought the towers down.

It was indeed also the emotions of the people that were used as a feeble excuse to invade countries not the actual event itself. You can give your spiritual energy to anything you genuinely feel emotional about, or should I say give energy to anything you are made to feel emotional about, and this was a ‘world trade centre’ of energy on a symbolic level. Do you understand that?

The Serpent Cult were again attracting the free will spiritual energy of the entire human race and connecting it to their ‘symbolism’.  The Serpent Cult needed worldwide spiritual ‘permission’ to carry on with their agenda and they certainly got it through 9/11. The majority of minds and souls fed the esoteric symbolism involved in the 9/11 incident and the aftermath of this event was one of a planned massive ‘sun worship’ ritual carried out worldwide in Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques. Not only did the event attract global spiritual energy to the occult symbolism involved in the actual collapse of the twin towers but straight after the event the same spiritual energy was quickly transferred through the global energy line network and through the global sun temples posing as different religious buildings and fed entities in the 4th dimension. In other words the 9/11 event crated a world wide ritual inside all the places of worship and indeed in civic buildings too. The human race actually, albeit unknowingly, endorsed 9/11 through those actions.

The masses were deceived from all sides but their false egos and conditioned minds would never allow them to see through the 9/11 scam because the only sanctuary their false egos and conditioned minds could run to, such as the churches and Mosques etc, were indeed only further ‘deceptions’ that were put in place by the Serpent Cult. The Serpent Cult hold no boundaries for their deceptions.  The blind masses that went running to temples or took part in public gatherings about the event were literally running to praise the actual 4th dimensional perpetrators of 9/11, through the out pouring of their emotions and therefore endorsed the event.

Symbolism and occult geometry/numerology is hidden in all the things that we create but sadly they don’t tell you that on Sesame Street

The same false egos and conditioned minds of the masses couldn’t see the Diana scam either and I realise most folk wouldn’t want to for this event. They even have a special Temple of Diana to worship her in forever now don’t they?  (Nice One Mr Serpent!)

It is time to realise that the Serpent Cult created, in your minds at least, all the things you ‘hold dear’ as well as all the things you don’t hold dear. Events like the Diana sacrificial murder are being used to enslave you simple because they made you ‘hold her dear’ whilst loading her with their symbolism and you failing to see she was in the Serpent Cult all along. The Serpent Cult made Diana a goddess on Earth as an official representative from ‘Heaven’  (Heaven is our self created dimension that rules over this one if you want it to, (we decide who rules us through collective worship). By getting the masses to worship their agents on earth they get the masses to worship the entities in the fourth dimension that provided the said agents, this in turn therefore gives the entities in Heaven the right to rule us.

We have placed the forces behind Diana in ‘Heaven’ through our free will and therefore the said force can and does rule us.

In my opinion it is time for you to rule yourself if you want to be free. The choice is yours and only yours but only if you want to make it. It will be far easier to keep hold of the things you hold dear like icons similar to celebrities and bloodlines like the people’s princess and goddess ‘Diana’, but it is all a deception. You can empower yourself and the world by seeing through the Veil of the secret societies. You can heal this world and yourself simply by giving collective spiritual energy to it instead of giving it to the deceivers who steal it.

Give your heart to Diana and the rest of the Serpent Cult if you feel it is right but I believe nothing will change in this world by doing so in my opinion.  It costs nothing to think for yourself if you are provided with alternative information as another option does it?

If I went along with the ‘Diana was here to awaken us by exposing the Royals as murderers’ theme then I’m sure I could make more friends and of course money, if I was actually selling this information. That theme is laughable to me and I’m sure it is to some others when they really think about it, but I’m afraid not many do.  I’m not here to make more friends anyway nor am I here to take your money. So please think what you like about the information I have provided because, as me mam used to say,… you can either like it or lump it!

I have told you this information, as I believe it should be told, without any fear and without any favour. I have told this information without seeking payment and the way my spiritual journey has directed me to see this information and to pass it on. I have done it the best way I can. It has taken many hours just to produce this article and that is without counting the time it took to research and understand. That took years.

I hope the information provided in this article arrives to the people that I want it to arrive to and I say to those folks that know me, that the words in this article are true and trustworthy and they will never let you down.

My life is up and down and changes daily, nay it changes by the hour :), as I’m sure some of you empathise with that sort of thing. I humbly thank you for taking the time to read this article and on a lighter note I will say that it is not often you get two of the biggest conspiracies in the history of the world solved in one article, but that is what I believe you have had, if it is indeed the case then you are welcome to it. If you think it is just bag o’ shite then that is fine to :)

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved

They are coming around again- Spiritual energy extraction rituals start the year off

Closer to God or Closer to the Prison Governor?


Bishwa Ljtema: = Spiritual Energy Extraction to an idol (Serpent Cult)

Hello folks,

The never ending worldwide extraction of spiritual energy rituals are kicking off again for 2009 (Not counting New Years Eve of course). I only want to point out a couple. One being Bishwa Ijtema (Islam) and the other being Basant Panchami, sometimes called Vasant Panchami (Hindu). In my opinion Bishwa Ijtema is just a larger scale version of Glastonbury Festival. The pied piper at Glastonbury are idols in the music industry but the pied piper at Tongi is Allah. It’s the exact same scam though…extraction of collective spiritual energy. It does not matter if you follow Elton John like a lamb to the slaughter or you follow Allah… The scam is the same …to get you to a place of occult symbolism, raise your emotions, and extract the energy that those emotions create.


Between two to three million Muslims make the trip to Tongi for the ritual to take place.


Come along sheep… get in the tabernacle and worship your enslaver

The whole Islamic event at reminded me of Glastonbury.

muslims Spiritual Extraction site with willing sheep at Tongi


Spiritual Extraction site with willing sheep at Glastonbury

There is no difference whatsoever apart from the Pied Piper that got the sheep to go. None!

But, that said, at least during the Vasant Panchami event they actually have a bath, which is more than can be said for those attending Glastonbury!


Vasant Panchami: It is the same scam just a different pied piper… this time its Saraswati

The Serpent Cult demand, and will continue to deman, that the masses carry surrender rituals all year round and from all corners of this world. It is the same scam but different pied pipers are used. The divided and blind sheep (Human beings) just turn up to the location we like the best when they are told or tempted to do so. Hey but don’t blame me… I’m barking mad and simply talking out of my arse.

But I tell friends this….  “as long as the blind sheep keep getting on their knees or screaming at these locations then we shall remain spiritual slaves”

Thank You

Mat Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

Click Here for Bishwa Ijtema video

Click Here for Vasant Panchami video

Up the Swan and Down the Clyde – A Delooze News Special Report

Up the Swan and Down the Clyde


The Renfrewshire Ferris wheel on the river Clyde at Braehead Glasgow, Scotland

A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks,

Seeing  my site was shut down for 7 weeks I haven’t kept up with reporting my favourite hobby of Ferris Wheel Spotting. The missus thinks I’ve a perversion to them these days. So I’ll get my dirty mac on and go and see what’s happening. I suppose the good folks that are losing their jobs right left and centre must be spending their lay off/redundancy money on having a spin on a Ferris wheel eh? It’s hard to keep pace with these things and they really do seem to be immune to the credit crunch… There are two that come to mind, one was announce a while ago but has just opened, the Perth Wheel, on the banks of the Swan river in Perth, Australia in January 2009, the other one, The Wheel of Braehead, known as the The Renfrewshire Wheel, has appeared out of nowhere to appear near Glasgow, Scotland, on the river Clyde at Braehead (Pictured above).

I have said for many years that the Ferris wheel is a very important covert monument, which is used as both a hypnotic trigger and a symbolic monument by the illuminati /Serpent Cult. Those that have followed my stuff will know what I mean but for those that don’t I suggest you read this,  this and this before you try to digest this news. I have explained before that the symbolic Ferris wheel is usually placed on or near water to symbolise the motto ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Obviously the two new Ferris wheels, up the Swan and down the Clyde, show that they are too rising out of the water. This is because placing a Ferris wheel in these locations is on a par with placing an Obelisk in the same locations near water. It is the aim of the Serpent Cult to place a Ferris wheel near water in all mayor cities around the world. So please also consider donning a dirty mac like me and keeping an eye on them! That said the crafty Serpent Cult also use the Ferris wheel in city centres. This can be done on a temporary basis or indeed, sometimes, long term. It depends on what the Serpent Cult is doing in the said city at the time and the symbolism the city displays in it own right. A good example is the Edinburgh Wheel that is covertly used, amongst many other things, to illuminate Walter Scott the Freemason every winter solstice.


The Ferris Wheel / Scott monument (Daytime)

Anyway… In my opinion the use of Ferris wheels in these places is simply to either symbolically and physically change a public building into an official temple of the Sun gods or to illuminate’ a member of the Serpent Cult and change a statue into an official idol of worship. ‘Sun gods’ are the official representatives or agents if you like of the multi-dimensional force that controls us. I call this force the Serpent Cult. It not easy to accept this sort of information I know. How can a public building be changed in to a Sun Temple I hear you say? Are you bloody bonkers Delooze I hear you say? So I will try my best to show you in simple terms what I mean. I have seen many Ferris wheels that the Serpent Cult has plonked down all over the UK and indeed Europe. So please don’t think I’m talking out of my arse on this matter. I have researched this subject usually freezing to death in brass monkey freezing weather (say aah!) and I have seen many examples, the most recent being in Belgium on New Years Eve 2008 (Watch this space!). To show you what I mean I’ll take a couple of examples at random that you may not have heard of? So please take a look at these two in Belfast and Cardiff respectively?


Belfast Ferris Wheel (Daytime)


Cardiff Ferris Wheel (Daytime)

You see that in the cold light of day, on a dumbed down five sense level at least, there is nothing special here. It’s a simple fairground ride stuck in a city centre as some cheap money making venture eh?  So I’m as mad as a hatter with a severe paranoid delusion about Ferris wheels sort of thing eh? Maybe but I believe you have got to grasp the fact that the Serpent Cult has a network of high rankers working within the sick and corrupt world we exist in and although they are only few in numbers they have complete control of local and national governments and business. They can literally arrange anything in any town or city. Don’t forget all civic buildings are built to specification through corrupt local governments, and nothing is built without their permission, his is because they have to keep the areas free from other monuments or buildings affect the symbolic geometry being used.

The average local Councillor is as thick as two short planks but they literally vote in the building/monument plans that they are told to vote in.They also decide if and when someone can come along and plonk a Ferris wheel in your town or city. That is why so many official government buildings, Town Halls and Libraries etc are actually built to specifications that are linked to ancient temples and sacred geometry. ‘Domes and Pillars’ etc to the average mind!


Chosen at Random… Belfast with the average looking, Domes and PIllars type, City Hall eh?

Is it possible that ‘out of hours’ certain members of the Serpent Cult use the buildings for other activities? What’s to stop the authorities using public buildings, ‘we’ have financed through taxes, for there own use ‘out of hours’ so to speak? Let’s face it folks who the hell had a say in how or where the buildings were built or what they looked like? For example, do you select what shape the Millennium Dome is? Do you have the slightest say in what replica temples or monuments are built in your towns and cities? I know the answer to that one… Did you buggery you just helped fund it and therefore endorsed it. Anyway this is what the Ferris wheels do to change the appearance of buildings on a physical level, especially at night. Take a look at these.  Again I am only using Belfast and Cardiff at random. The same scenario goes on all around the world and more and more Ferris Wheels will appear on a permanent or temporary basis. Heed my words!










Whoops… I slipped this one in from Preston.. It’s the exact same scam though! Ferris wheel (obelisk) and civic building (replica temple)


Cardiff… covert ‘Sun Temple’… Are you clicking yet?

The combination of covert occult ‘monument’ (Ferris wheel) and occult ‘temple’ (civic building) will create a very special combination that cannot be seen on a five sense level by a dumbed down average person. (They have as much chance of seeing it as I have of seeing Ben Fairhall get a round in). They will simply see two separate entities not one. This is what the Serpent Cult want. They want you to accept both entities as being separated but at the same time show respect to them. One paying for taxes in and the other a sight of awe and enjoyment. I suppose on a lower level of understanding that placing a Ferris wheel outside a symbolic building or replica temple is like placing a table with a cross on it in a community centre hall and calling it an altar. In other words the act of adding symbolism in or around a building changes changes the role of the said building. For instance, a cross on a table changes the simple community hall in to a temple. Again I tell you the truth and say ‘placing a Ferris wheel outside a replica temple makes it an official ‘Sun Temple’. You cannot see it or feel it in the cold light of day but at night your intuition will tell you if you open your mind.

The perverted and corrupt powers that be will be able to use the buildings for ritual including the sexual abuse and murder of children. Most civic buildings have a Masonic type chamber hidden inside them (Funded by us of course). These buildings are, albeit unknowingly, spiritually endorsed by us. The sick powers that run this country and the rest of the world are operating on a far higher lever of understanding than you are. They will gladly laugh at the crowds gathered around the ‘sun temples’ cheering at some silly event taking part on the city centre square, whilst the Serpent Cult carry out rituals right under our noses. The public are unaware because they do not connect the dots and they only see two separate physical events taking place and they do not see the spiritual meanings of what is going on nor do they see that  these things create the physical means to carry out occult rituals. E.g the people only see a physical civic building and a separate physical Ferris wheel, they do not see the combined spiritual force behind them. That is because in our dumbed down state we cannot see they are connected. Just like you cannot see you are connected to me as I am to you. The Serpent Cult use our illusion of separation against us but they also use our connection to gain our spiritual endorsement of their actions to control us at the same time.

Oh I realise you think you are smart and not daft enough to believe such a thing, you already know everything don’t you? The powers that be only place these Ferris wheels around for our enjoyment eh? They only have our best interest at heart don’t they?  The powers that be also only build replica temples for use in everyday civil service reasons eh? I’ll tell you that the Serpent Cult have all the pieces of the jigsaw and I’ll tell you something else they have hidden some of them from you.

You can carry on thinking that a Ferris wheel is not a symbolic monument and all the symbolic buildings of the authorities that enslave you are just there for you to pay your taxes in. Think what you want it is your life and it is your future lifetimes. We can sail up the Swan river and down the river Clyde with blinkers on if you want.

I can only suggest you look at the pictures above again and WAKE UP if you really want to wake up! If you want to be spiritually controlled because the world is duped in to worshipping occult idols then that’s fine with me. I’ll join in with you if you want? I’ll gladly sail up shit creek without a paddle if that truly is the will of the majority.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

If you like my work or at least find it interesting then please help me recover ground lost in the last few months and pass this Delooze News Special Report around. May Love Reign O’er You All.

Coming soon… An Article By Matthew Delooze

Princess Diana

Can You See the Real Me?

Don’t Miss It!

Ignore it at your peril!

No Tissue for the Tears of Ra

 No Tissue for the Tears of Ra


Meet the New Puppet-Same as the old Puppet (part two)

By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks, I hope you are all well.

Regular readers of the ‘nearly world famous’ Delooze News Special reports will remember one I did in July this year. It was titled Meet the New Puppet – Same as the Old Puppet. That news report tried to show the truth seeking readers, that follow this sort of information, what really goes on at political rallies and publicity shows that are pre-arranged by the Serpent Cult to hype their deceptive egotistical agents that we call our ‘leaders’ in to positions of power. Obama’s recent election victory was celebrated in Grant Park, Chicago. Read this article and see what reality went on there! A must read article.

I have showed in that news report how the dumbed down sheeple are unknowingly led on to energy lines or simply led to stand in front of occult monuments (Idols of Worship) that are on energy lines. Those people who follow my work will know about my ‘energy extraction theory’ in which I claim human beings in this world are being ‘used’ by a multi-dimensional force, I call the Serpent Cult, to create spiritual energy through manipulation of human emotions. That news report was a warm up for this article. The Serpent Cult lead human beings en-masse to celebrate (or mourn) around symbolic occult monuments (These monuments officially ‘represent’ this force) and then the collective energy created through the said human emotion is harnessed and stolen. The said energy then feeds the ‘creators’ of the symbolic monuments that the masses are led to.

If you are a newcomer to this sort of information you will, in the least, need to read my other articles to understand what this article is about. If you are indeed a newcomer to my work I also strongly suggest that you take your time. Those that have taken my information in over the last couple of years will find most of the information in this article far easier to understand now. So to those that know me and to those that have already read the mentioned Delooze News Special Report, I can only say… let’s get on with it eh?

Let me firstly say, in my opinion, that Barack Obama is just another puppet and just another agent working for the Serpent Cult. I laugh when I see forum gossips going on about Obama being the official ‘antichrist’ etc. Wasn’t Dubya Bush going to be the official antichrist when he got in to power too? Wasn’t Hillary Clinton supposed to be the Babylonian hoar, the female antichrist too? Not forgetting Reagan and Daddy Bush too? It’s always the most recent President isn’t it? Arnie’s coming soon from California to be the next antichrist eh? How many antichrists do you want for God’s sake? (Pardon the pun)

We should be allowed to put a bet on at the bookies. Me to the bookie… What are the odds on a thousand conspiracy theorists claiming the ‘next’ president of the USA is the official antichrist mate… Bookie to me…. A million to one on skip, there’s at least two thousand claiming Obama is the anti-christ already. There were four thousand theorists who named Bush as the anti-christ and three thousand named Blair as the anti-Christ in the UK too.

I suggest it’s time to realise folks that ALL these people are simply part of the same deceptive cult. Granted some of these puppets carry special occult symbolism with them, Obama certainly does that, but they all work for the same cult in my opinion. They all share the ‘same purpose’. That purpose, on a collective level, is to physically and spiritually enslave the human race for eternity whilst, on an individual level, feeding their own egos and grabbing massive amounts of material wealth. I don’t want to sound patronising or on a bloody high horse but I believe we are not going to solve anything by pointing the finger at certain individuals and saying ‘they are the devil’. Think about it.

Obama is just one symbolic puppet of many and Obama maybe, quite simply, being set up as a symbolic sacrificial lamb anyway. So how would he be the antichrist if he also gets a JFK special illuminati assassination ritual done on him? Indeed another puppet member of the Serpent Cult can replace him at any time. So let’s try and lose the antichrist (biggest baddest president) mentality, at least for a moment. That said Obama is being laden with massive amounts of esoteric symbolism, far more than the usual hyped stars and stripes flag, posing at the Washington monument or in the Oval office sort of symbolism, so it is my opinion that Obama is being set up for something really big.

I have made the comments above for a reason, it’s because, although this article is about Obama winning the race for victory in the USA elections (It was a done deal as soon as he appeared under the Victory Goddess column in Berlin by the way as I’m sure some of you knew) I want to show you that it is the ‘occult symbolism’ being carried by, and displayed around, Obama that is really important in this election. The Serpent Cult/ Illuminati are not interested in their individual puppets. They simply use their puppets to attract you and to get you to worship their symbolism. The people are not electing into power an individual person that has their interests at heart. They are electing a walking monument of sun worship symbolism in to official power. It is important to note that it is people’s free will to do so.

I wish to keep it simple to start with. OK, Barack Obama ‘won’ the election didn’t he? OK, he also decided to have a massive party win or lose yes? It was a done deal as I said. The people of Chicago were going to praise Obama whatever happened. Indeed the party dresses and the symbolic t-shirts and slogans were ordered months ago, along with the plans to have a party and display the things you are about to see.

The place that was chosen for the Obama victory celebrations was Grant Park. Before we go to Grant Park let’s remind ourselves about what Barack had been doing before this party in the park took place. Firstly I wrote about his true (sun) symbolism and secondly I would remind you about the stage set he had specially made in Denver (Invesco Field at Mile High). It was in the shape of an ancient temple. The brain dead masses in the USA and the rest of the world for that matter laughed about it at the time.

Oh Look! Obama is actually ‘in a Temple’, accepting our free will permission to rule over us on behalf of the Serpent Cult, let’s all laugh about it eh?

I have said many times previously that the Serpent Cult actually like the masses to laugh at some of the things they do. It’s simply a sign of spiritual acceptance through using their free will. If you can accept that things you laugh at become spiritually acceptable to you and therefore create immediately ties to your spirit, then you may understand why the world ‘accepted’ that the most powerful leader in the world, symbolically anyway, was shown being praised in, and operating from, a symbolic Sun Temple. Our souls, or should I say the majority of them, accepted that the world’s leader operates from a Sun Temple. We create our physical reality through our emotions. Obama made his ‘acceptance speech’ in front of a symbolic Sun Temple and the world laughed whether they wanted to physically vote for Obama or not, so the world ‘accepted’ him and therefore accepted his symbolism. But laugh about that if you want, it’s your soul you are giving away after all. Ha ha ha ho ho ho!

For those that didn’t know, the Invesco Field at Mile High, where this replica temple was built, is located in ‘Sun Valley’, that is how this replica temple symbolically becomes a sun temple and the muppets attending and watching on TV were taking part in a sun worship ritual. Funny, being conned, isn’t it? Anyway let’s move on to the symbolism being displayed as the election victory was officially celebrated. Here we have some simple pictures from Grant Park in Chicago. I will start with the daytime ones. What stands out in this picture folks?

Err..Excuse me… did anyone notice what’s in the background of Obama’s stage to be in Chicago?

Yes I think even a blind man with dog shit in his eye can see that temple. Oh my, isn’t it a nice coincidence? Obama has a fetish for temples this year just like the masses have a fetish for gullibility and stupidity eh? This temple is disguised as a museum, a regular scam that the Serpent Cult carry out, this time it’s the ‘Field’ Museum.

The ‘Field’ Museum in Grant Park Chicago, but what’s that thing stuck in front of it?

Hey there’s another coincidence isn’t there truth seekers? There’s a ‘bird on a stick’ outside it? Do you regulars remember me writing about Tracy Emin and another covert temple in Liverpool that also played host to a bird on a stick? Do you remember my news report on the matter? I tell you the truth as I did then, the deceivers that are running this world are conning us on a daily basis. Is it more acceptable to you now that I show you the same symbolism and the same scam going on thousands of miles away in Chicago? Or do you need it poking somewhere you will actually take notice?

Tracy Emin’s ‘dodgy bird on a stick’. The same bird on a stick scam is being used in Chicago but it is being used on a different scale. Either that or Tracy Emin is a fraud of an artist.

I tell you again that the powers that be, and the artists and celebrities they hype, are being used to place symbolic occult monuments and occult symbolism right under our noses and we can’t see it. Let’s face it folks, who asks questions about these things anyway? We are simply nodding dog slaves to the authorities and we let them do as they wish. We are too numb in the head to do any different. When was the last time you had a say in what official monuments are placed in your town or city?

Let’s face it folks, who asks questions about these things these days anyway We are simply nodding dog slaves to the authorities and their puppet celebrities and we let them do as they wish. Please read the Tracy Emin/bird on a stick news report that I wrote if only to inform you or to remind you of what I said then about bird on a stick symbolism. Maybe Tracy Emin has simply stolen the idea of a bird on a stick eh? She’s at least guilty of that. Well isn’t she? Or maybe, just maybe, there really is a cult operating in this world that knows far more about occult symbolism and the reasons it is used than you previously thought. But the people of Liverpool should immediately start asking, “what the hell is a £40,000 bird on a stick doing in their city if Tracy Emin has stolen the idea from Chicago?” Can I sell them a £40,000 bird on a stick I’ve ripped from Chicago too? That said I believe there is a cult creating all of these things, Tracy Emin is just another puppet, and I’ll go as far as to say that this cult is taking the bloody the piss out of us. Anyway let’s get on with the Barack Obama show in Chicago folks.

It is easier to show you in pictures so let’s just have a look in the cold light of day, quite a while after the event, what the people who attended Obama’s victory party were really cheering and ‘accepting’ as their leader. Don’t forget the majority of the folks attending were also adorned with Obama logos and other symbolic material themselves. Most of it, of course related to the Sun. So if they can’t see the symbolism they wear themselves how are they every going to see they symbolism that is elsewhere?

Where was Obama actually standing to receive the worship and adoration from the masses? Don’t forget millions saw this stuff around the world. In other words this was not a ritual carried out in the USA, it was a worldwide ritual. The collective consciousness of the human race was tuned in to this election and its result. Have no doubts about that. The dumbed down collective consciousness of the human race spiritually accepted Obama’s appearance and they worshipped him.

Obama was stood in front of the ‘Field Museum’ that was shown to you in the picture earlier. Look at the pictures below. You will see that the cheering crowd are actually standing and cheering in front of the actual ‘temple’ just like they did in the Invesco Field at Mile High when Obama ‘accepted’ his role. Indeed in both cases the dumbed down crowd have been screaming and cheering at the actual illuminated temple and other symbolism being displayed.

The dumbed down crowd praising their messiah and his ‘sun’ symbolism?
But what is hiding centre stage behind the dark curtains?
The dumbed down crowd praising their messiah and his sun symbolism…but what is illuminated in the background amongst all the other symbolism?
FIELD_FULL_TEMPLEIt’s another illuminated temple that Obama seems to have a fetish for these days!!!  Even a blind man with dog shit in his eye can see this scam. Or can you? One illuminated Temple eh?  All we need now is an illuminated obelisk isn’t it?

What do you think now, after looking at the pictures, my little band of temple spotters? Come on be honest, don’t be shy, say your piece. Were the people simply cheering Obama or were they conned in to cheering Obama’s symbolic Sun Temple that he was stood in front of and other sun symbolism as well. I need to point out, if only briefly, that the Field Museum is a replica of another temple that was built for the Chicago World Fair which was also know as the World’s Columbian Exposition. It was know as ‘The Palace of Fine Arts’.

The Palace of Fine Arts was built for the Serpent’s Cult world fair in Chicago

I have mentioned this world fair in the past and it was indeed arranged by Freemasons, with Daniel Burnham being the main deceptive Masonic face involved. Burnham helped turn Chicago into another illuminati labyrinth of symbolism (Burnham Plan) which enables the Serpent Cult to carry out its rituals whilst the masses just carry on surviving in hum drum lives oblivious to real events, scratching their asses and eating burgers. I have mentioned the Chicago World Fair in my essay Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird. It was riddled with occult symbolism and indeed the very first Ferris wheel was announced to the public there. I will go into detail about this world fair in the future. I was only pointing out that the Field Museum is indeed a replica ‘Palace’. But to those that don’t know why I mentioned it I will point out that this ‘palace’, this temple, is symbolic for Apollo’s Temple on ‘Palatine Hill’ and what came before it. Despite its perceived and accepted anonymity it is one of the most important symbolic monuments in Chicago and the creators of the symbolism being displayed in it will receive the spiritual energy of those people cheering outside its doors.

Anyway let’s get on again. Placing Obama in front of a symbolic temple is an easy scam to point out, especially if you can accept the spiritual symbolism behind it and you have read my previous stuff. The pictures say it all to me and they have done for years. What do the pictures say to you? I am at a stage where I can now say to those that have followed my work from the beginning that you also can ‘see’ that these things are becoming blatant to you.

I need to point out another symbolic monument being used during this ‘Obama’s Victory Party. It’s the Metropolitan tower. This tower again is strongly connected to the Masonic ‘Burnham Plan’.
It’s a blatant pyramid obviously showing some form of capstone activity. In this case it’s a beehive. First of all I will show a few pictures for you, to ponder on. Again this symbolism was being openly ‘flashed and displayed’ worldwide during Obama’s party. Granted, the majority of the masses were just too obliviously hypnotised to see what was going on, they were too busy thinking this puppet Obama was actually there to help them and was there to change things for the better.

The Cosmopolitan Tower (Daytime). Ooh that’s a nice one provided by the Duckies down the lodge isn’t it? They should have put a frilly apron on it as well shouldn’t they?
OOH!…The Duckies down the lodge did put a frilly apron on it!!! Nothing to worry about folks, it is just your average everyday non-occult monument flashing  ‘Beehive’ capstone on an illuminated pyramid symbolism around the place.
All good Christian, Jesus loving, Cities should have one of these to worship under eh? I bet Jesus’ Dad is well glad eh? 
What can I say folks? What can you say?

The layout of certain large screens made sure the sheep were facing and cheering this monument. But never mind it’s all a paranoid delusion isn’t it?


The masses were placed between the illuminated obelisk and the illuminated Temple. ‘Sucking the energy from the suckers :)’.

Come on folks for your own sakes just ask yourself what the hell is going on here, come on please open your eyes and think for yourselves for once in your lives. If you won’t speak up let me… Ladies & Gentlemen let me tell you the truth. This is a massive occult ritual. Obama and the rest of the agents for the Serpent are here to enslave you! Fall for the phoney bullshit charm and the hyped patter if you want but he’s here to help a force, you cannot physically see, enslave you. His masters demand it from him and he will deliver in whichever way suits his masters. He will gladly take a symbolic death through assassination, on a spiritual level at least if needs be, simply because he will be greatly rewarded for it when he reincarnates.

Anyway. You can see in the pictures above that the masses are literally enticed to and trapped in a field and they are literally in worship mode in front of a temple and under a great lumping illuminated pyramid with a bloody Beehive on top of it. Is that normal life in downtown Chicago? Come on wake up.

Obama’s is just the pied piper. Does no bugger ask any questions in the USA?  The people are literally being hypnotised by large screens that are spewing out audio and visual occult laden subliminal messages. Indeed the same sort of tricks got them to vote for Obama and led them to the party in the first place. Again does no bugger question anything anymore? Chicago authorities to their muppet population….”Come along folks, come and party, we are going to illuminate occult monuments and display sun worship symbolism all over the place, in and around a replica ancient temple, but it’s nothing to worry about, oh no nothing to worry about, you just scratch your arse and eat a hot dog and cheer and scream when we tell you to…Oh and come along dressed up like a muppet adorned with Obama’s sun symbolism”. I wish I were joking folks.

Come along Sheeple and get your Obama Sun worship shirt and join the party!
Order out of Chaos, the rising benben and sun disc.

This party is literally taking place in an area surrounded by occult idols and sacred geometry. The people attending are just sheep. I haven’t the time to go through and describe all the monuments that have been collectively created in this area of blatant energy extraction, but I assure you I could write a book entirely based on occult Chicago monuments and building alone. That said I do need to mention the Buckingham fountain, which was created, based on the geometry of the Latona fountain that is in the Sun Temple, Palace de Versailles, in Paris. Grant Park is used for concerts by the way, so the masses are attracted to this energy extraction location quite often.

The Buckingham fountain in Chicago with the ‘Duckies from the lodge’ obelisk in the background
The Latona fountain that is located in the Sun Temple, Palace de Versailles, Paris.
(Same Cult, same symbolism and the same geometry)

Ask yourself ‘who’, or what force, has put all this stuff together over many years that has resulted in everything being in place for events like this including Temples, illuminated pyramids and fountains from the Sun palace in Paris etc. I’ll tell you shall I? The Serpent Cult has placed all these things together over many years and it has received our free will and used our wealth to do it. It uses its secret society agents and corrupt apathetic local governments to build and create such things whilst we scratch our arse thinking the deceptive personalities posing as politicians, that we spiritually and physically put in power, are actually there to help us. What a load of egotistical subservient morons we have become, haven’t we, if we believe that for a moment longer? We actually crave to be comfortably part of and have a yearning to be successful in a society that is actually geared up to covertly enslave us all. It’s the greatest deception ever, if you can be bothered to think about it, isn’t it? We worship our enslavers and because we do we give them the right to enslave us. Indeed we even attack those that try to point out the deception to us. That is a bloody good deception isn’t it? We even attack those that try to free us whilst at the same time we defend those that are enslaving us. There’s no bigger fool than a hypnotised fool is there? We laugh and celebrate along with our enslavers, Ha, Ha, Ha. The academics and their egos tell us how silly we are and how we should listen to them. What utter bollocks. We stand and cheer and wave flags at those that steal our spiritual energy whilst we stand hypnotised under the idols of worship hidden in buildings, statues and monuments, and we can’t even see it. Fucking cowardly morons the lot of us. The Serpent Cult farms us and indeed they want to enslave us in their prison for eternity. In my opinion the people in the photos in this news report are simply moronic hypnotised drones but they see themselves as being free and being intelligent. The millions around the world watching on TV are the same symbolic lambs to the slaughter. They are fast asleep and they don’t know it. It’s time to wake up in my opinion.

I am not claiming that I or anyone else is superior in thinking ‘we are awake’. (I’m not that vain my darlings!) Maybe it’s true what people say about us, especially folk like me eh? Are we simply loonies, anoraks and weirdo’s etc? Indeed I see people actually working inside the conspiracy biz that are also operating on a closed mind mentality whilst serving the system just as much as the most dumbed down slaves we see as sheeple do. Some of them are far greedier materially than the most dumbed down drone that you and I would call a sheep too. These people don’t want to change the world; they simply want to be wealthy and comfortable in this one. So my friends I suggest, if you must choose, then choose your falsely perceived Guru well, if you really want to be free anyway. There is no absolutely difference between a new age guru selling you bullshit or the corrupt system selling you bullshit. Some bullshit will taste sweeter and be far easier to swallow than some other bullshit, but at the end of the day it is still bullshit.

Anyway, that said, look at all the pictures above again. I ask you again, are events like this simply a party for a newly elected president or is it a ritual that is using occult idols of worship and replica temples? Go on answer truthfully because it’s bloody obvious isn’t it? It is obvious to me that this is an energy extraction ritual and a very good example of one. The PTB are taking the bloody piss, just has they have done for thousands of years. Unless the temple and the illuminated pyramid etc, used in Grant Park, are simply ‘everyday things’ that the human race willingly take part in and are fully aware of what they are of course. Take the information in this article at its face value but please don’t just consider this article before you actually think for yourself, please consider the Meet the New Puppet – Same as the Old Puppet part one and the news report on Obama’s symbolism too. Do your own research too! You may then see that this whole thing bloody well stinks of occult ritual and the exploitation of pathetic dumbed down human beings. The deceivers who pretend to have our best interests at heart carried it out. I’m happy to challenge anyone in authority on this matter and ask them to provide a decent official explanation as to the ‘coincidental’ use of occult symbolism in the election of the puppet Barack Obama at events in Denver, Berlin and Chicago. The only reason the masses attending the event cannot see what’s going on is because the same force that has enticed them to these events has also dumbed them down to a spiritual level that is on a par with a 10 dollar Barack Obama plastic lunchbox.

Personally I think the illuminated pyramid gives it away a tad but don’t take my word for it. Again if it is normal for thousands of people to dance around under this symbolism then who am I to object. I’m just a bloke that is only fit to sweep up and make the tea. I’m a simple retard or just a paranoid psycho, you choose which one eh? Maybe I’m both, but whoever I am I’m not going to shut up about these things. I believe I am here with the ‘balls’ (Unlike some I have a full set of two and no they haven’t gone soft!) to speak out and call the authorities corrupt. I’m here to publicly challenge wankers like the Pope and Obama and Bush and the rest of the lying deceptive cronies that con us and serve the multi-dimensional forces that enslave us. If I’m a fruitcake then come on prove I’m a fruitcake, or if not let’s get this material debated on mainstream media and let’s have the powers that be explain these monuments and Obama’s fetish with Temples and victory columns. Ladies and gentlemen I believe your leaders are totally phoney and I believe it’s time to do something about it before it’s too late.

Let’s move on. I have added some examples of deeper symbolism in my previous articles recently, for example there’s the painting by Chagall and of course the Beckham stuff etc. etc. For those that are happy and contented simply with the pictures of illuminated obelisks in this article then I suggest you run along now and don’t read any further at this stage. For those that resonated with the Chagell painting and other deeper things then I would also like to mention something that goes a little deeper in this article, if only for future reference maybe, before I go. As I said before we need to start to go and recognise deeper levels of symbolism and we need to start to understand how these deeper levels of symbolism affect our subconscious. I believe we have started to make little breakthroughs in the last few weeks/months and I realise a few of you, at least, realise that your mind is being played with, by the Serpent Cult, far more than you first thought. We have a long way to go but in my opinion we have made very good progress throughout this year, despite numerous painful obstacles put in my/your way. Of course, those that think they have heard it all before, because they know what an obelisk looks like and they have a fancy name on a forum, need not bother picking up on the stuff I am trying to publish in the future. Stick to the ‘George Bush is the antichrist’ stuff. I’m sure it is for the best and the only way to be for some folks.

So for those that want to continue to start to go deeper and those that are not waiting for instructions from some Guru to tell them what they should do next, and they have read the other stuff previously, come on let’s go. I should at least initially mention Obama being hailed and officially accepting running for presidency at the ‘Invesco Field at Mile High’ in Sun Valley. You know the one, as mentioned earlier, in front of the replica temple etc. It’s just an example of how symbolism goes a little deeper concerning the subject of symbolic stadiums and mass media exposure. Well then, what is the symbolism behind a ‘mile high’ stadium? Well, in my opinion, mile high means just that, it being a mile above ‘sea level’, and the stadium is exactly that. It’s ‘order out of chaos’ symbolism, rising mound of earth etc. Hence the worldwide TV coverage showing Obama’s temple being place there. Do you understand that? When the energy was hyped up and directed at Obama it was really being hyped up and directed at Obama’s symbolism. The Sun. The respect directed at Obama is feeding the creators of Obama’s symbolism. The Serpent Cult.  It’s the old Ben Ben / Sun Disc again. Just like a Ferris wheel eh? Just like the official logo for the event on TV (Below).

Recognise this symbolism do you?

This was Obama’s official symbolism at the Mile High Stadium. I have been telling you about this symbolism for years but I suppose it’s just a coincidence isn’t it?  Did you not see it that way? Does the info about a ‘mile high stadium in sun valley’ make more sense to you now it is pointed out? If so, have you eyes that can see that Obama also ‘descended’ from a mile high field to another field in Chicago and was victorious and praised for doing so?

Open your mind and you will see the trickery. Keep your mind shut and the Serpent Cult will have your soul for eternity. That’s not supposed to be a form of scare mongering. It is your choice, but don’t say you weren’t told.

Anyway. Let’s now go back to Pyramid / Bee Hive on the Metropolitan Tower. There are many connections to bee’s and beehives with the occult and Freemasonry etc. There will be info on this on the net if you want to Google it. Please click Here and Here for the basics. I want to suggest to you that the connections to bee hives in this case and the ritualistic events in Grant Park and indeed Chicago itself are connected to the bee goddess Ceres or Demeter. I don’t want to drone on about certain mythological goddesses in this ever-increasing article. I have said in many articles before that the Serpent Cult use ALL mythological deities as pied piper type agents to attract emotional respect towards them. I laugh at scholars and hippies that tell of and wear emblems of mythological ‘goddesses’ and ‘gods’ simply because of a bullshit education and egotistic vanity.

In my opinion we come in to this world totally naked my friends and not with the words ‘I belong to goddess bullshitter’ stamped on our arses. Believe me ‘others’ will be quick enough to brand or label you in this world, and in my opinion you need to remove that baggage, so please don’t surrender yourselves to some deity or goddess unless you know just exactly what you are doing beforehand. You may be unknowingly giving your soul away. Only you can free and heal ‘you’. It’s easy to surrender to a perceived higher force, but again, there is no higher force than ‘you’ unless you want there to be. This world is just as much yours as the phoney mythological goddesses you are purposely made to feel inferior to. You created this world for ‘you’ so please don’t let someone con you and take your world from you and make it theirs for eternity. The Serpent Cult’s ‘goddess con’ simply means that all these symbolic goddess type deities represent the Sun gods and the Sun in some way. They are there simply as a means of creating indirect sun worship through them. The Serpent Cult use many different ways of implanting esoteric symbolism and so called ‘sacred’ geometry in to your subconscious and one of the easiest ways to do it is through using superior Goddess or superior God figures. It’s easy to show respect and feel inferior to some beautiful goddess figure isn’t it, be you male or female. Please remember that no true representative from the one consciousness would have you on your knees no matter how they appear to you.

Anyway if you can imagine the ‘beehive’ on the pyramid on the Metroplitan Tower really being a symbolic ‘Goddess’ (the bee goddess if you like) or if you can imagine the beehive being representative of other hidden occult symbolism that is associated with bees such as the sun god Amen Ra (tears of Ra), then maybe you can start to understand what effect this symbolism really has on your subconscious. If it had been a blatant figure of a goddess being shown on top of the illuminated pyramid in Grant Park or a blatant ‘Eye’ then it would be even more obvious that and easy to point out that it was indeed a sun ritual that was being carried out. It would be easier to show you that the million people celebrating in Chicago were indeed celebrating around an occult monument, an idol of worship, wouldn’t it? But I tell you the truth when I say all this occult symbolism has an effect on you whether it be a blatant recognisable ‘figure’ of worship or a beehive that cleverly represents a figure of worship, be it Ra through his tears or a Bee Goddess of rebirth.

You need, in my opinion my friends, to grasp the idea that you have lived many lifetimes in this world and although you may only have five sense memories of this one life, the one you exist in today, you should realise that the true meanings of symbolism is deep inside you. Although you can’t imagine that you are aware of all this symbolism on a five-sense level, because it affects you subconsciously, you really are aware of it on a spiritual level. You have been hypnotised and ‘conditioned’ over many lifetimes, not just this one. You may not have seen symbolism, like the pyramid shown to you in this article, for thousands of years on a five-sense level but it will still have the same effect on you as it did many lifetimes ago on a spiritual level. The Serpent Cult have deceptively affected your spiritual intuition and dumbed you down and they are conning you in to worshipping their symbolism. This, as hard as it is to believe, will have a binding effect on your spirit, because they know that you don’t know, on a five sense level and a dumbed down spiritual level what the consequences are for worshipping the symbolism.

Well obviously some of you in the awakening process do partially realise what is going on or you wouldn’t be reading this article! Well would you? I hope that makes sense to some of you. Once you start to see that all the people in Grant Park and around the world were literally dancing and cheering under an illuminated Goddess (representing the Serpent Gods who created her) and see the people dancing and cheering in front of the agent of that goddess (Obama and his sun temple) then you will see that blatant trickery is in progress and you will realise it is not only physical trickery that is taking place. It is spiritual trickery that is taking place too. It has a far bigger meaning to it all and it is time you saw these meanings. Some of you people will think I am off my head writing this stuff but some of you know in your hearts that I tell the truth.

The Serpent Cult go to great lengths to carry these things off simply because they want to take from you the greatest asset that you have in this world. That greatest asset is your spirit, your soul, ‘your being’ whatever you want to call it. They want to own ‘you’ and they want to own you for eternity and they even want you to agree to give up your soul and willingly surrender it to them. They need your permission to enslave you. I’m sorry to say, that in the majority of cases anyway, we are, albeit unknowingly, already agreeing to be enslaved. We are unknowingly agreeing to surrender our souls and the muppets in Grant Park are prime examples of how we are doing this. “The Serpent Cult doesn’t just operate on a five sense level. They manipulate our five sense level of understanding to covertly control our spirituality and therefore control our destiny” That is what I want to start to go deeper about in this article. It’s not easy to lay the foundation stones to move on with this information, but again we are further down the road that just one year ago.

We accept and endorse occult symbolism, that we cannot see, that will lead to our enslavement. How? It’s literally in the geometry and monuments (buildings) you see around you everyday and it has been planned for a very long time. As daft as it sounds, when we allow liars like Bush, Blair, Clinton, Obama (and all the other liars and fraudsters before them) the symbolic right to physically rule over us by electing and praising them, then we give them the right to physically ‘arrange’ anything they want to arrange to enable total spiritual rule over us. Chicago is just an example and I am only using it as such because I have shown you the rituals going on in Grant Park and some symbolism that will help connect things together. The Serpent Cult will create a symbolic layout of certain buildings that will affect the subconscious of all that ‘accept’ them. This includes folks that just walk past buildings with their heads down not giving a monkey’s toss what goes on in the world. It goes on in most towns and cities. It is not just in certain fancy cities or cities the illuminati choose as the countries capital city, although I must admit major cites are used more often. The best way of explaining what I mean is to show you just two buildings that are located close together in Chicago. In this case it’s the Metropolitan Correctional Centre and the Chicago Board of Trade Building. I show you these two simply because (a) they are good visual awakening triggers for you, (b) they make it easy for me to explain things in actual five sense words and (c) I believe it is not too difficult for you to see this symbolism and explain it to others. These may seem like ‘unique’ buildings to you but believe me the same symbolic principles being symbolically displayed by these buildings apply world wide to buildings that are not as blatant on a five sense level. Indeed your local Town Hall or Law Courts will carry the exact same symbolism as these two buildings in some form or other. OK then? The Metropolitan Correctional Centre is obviously using blatant pyramid symbolism, but then again so is the Chicago Board of Trade Building. (See pictures below).

The Chicago Trade Building with goddess on a pyramid symbolism and the Metropolitan Correctional Centre with real life prisoners on the top.
Mythological Bee Goddess Demeter on the Trade Building

Coincidentally the figure on top of the pyramid on the Trade building is officially know as the goddess Ceres (Demeter the Bee Goddess) So this building is symbolically on a par with the Metropolitan Tower that has the pyramid and ‘beehive’ plonked on it that was used at Obama presidential initiation ritual. The Chicago Board of Trade is an obelisk showing a Goddess as the symbolic capstone of the benben. I will explain that the symbolism behind these buildings is showing two forms of control (to be ‘accepted’ your subconscious). One is a physical five-sense form of control (the control of ‘prisoners’ locked up in the correction centre and the ‘control’ of commodities and finance in the trade building). This is plain to see if you look and the symbolism is ‘accepted’ by the masses as the way things are done. Fair enough. The Serpent Cult doesn’t just operate on a five-sense level. They manipulate our five-sense level of understanding to covertly control our spirituality. The spiritual symbology that is being used in these buildings, and buildings are a very powerful form of subliminal messaging, show me blatant ‘control of the spirit of the human race’. We have the pyramid CAPSTONE showing the mythological deity, the bee goddess, Eye of Ra etc (Indirect sun worship) overlooking another pyramid, with no capstone, that has ‘prisoners’ walking around it. Can you ‘see’?


Prisoners on top of the Metropolitan Correctional Centre

The prisoners walking around in orange boiler suits (See my book, Is it me for a moment? – Breaking the serpent’s spell) have no access to the capstone area. They can wander around anywhere on the pyramid base but they cannot get on the capstone. I realise we may be going slightly too deep here but can you see that these two buildings, in one average city, can symbolise the current spiritual and physical realities of the human race? This sort of messaging to our subconscious is done on a worldwide basis. It may not seem like much but the effect is enormous. As I said this form of symbolism is carried out in all towns and cites in some form or other.

Let me explain again that when the masses ‘allow’ their trusted and respected leaders to build these things they become the selected ‘will and creation’ of the human race and they are accepted by the human collective consciousness and as such what we want our reality to be. They are spiritually binding. So if we accept goddesses like Demeter control our commodities and our lives then that is what we will get, but all these mythological goddesses are agents for the Serpent Cult. So if we accept the mythological goddesses can rule us then we accept their creators to rule over us. We created this world to allow ‘free will’ to reign over us. That is what this world runs off.  Even if we have been conned to surrender our free will it is still free will and that free will is creating what we spiritually want to happen.

It is not the illuminati that are really ‘creating’ these things, these symbolic monuments. It is us. It is our free will that allows this authority to control all buildings and monuments. We have given our spiritual will to these people to control us simply by taking part in the rituals that the PTB make us carry out year in year out or in the case of the Grant Park ritual every 4 years or so.

The two buildings mentioned above are overlooked themselves by the imposing and very symbolic horned ‘Sears’ Tower. The Serpent Cult is smacking you in the face!

We allow the authorities to build their hidden symbolism and we allow it to become our reality because it is our will to do so. The Sears tower along with the Trade building and prison, these three very symbolic buildings strongly affect the subconscious of the public. The same scenario applies in most towns and cities around the world. The authorities that we ‘think’ we elect control everything that is built and they control everything we officially take part in that has any spiritual importance. It is not easy to get across to people that the geometry and symbolism on certain building is used affect their spirit. I understand that some folk laugh at that statement. I say stop laughing now if you want to be free and realise that symbolic churches and temples are used all the time by the Serpent Cult… and listen…there is no difference between the Metropolitan tower, and other buildings in Chicago, and the Vatican in Rome on a spiritual and subconscious level. They are all built to affect your mind and your spiritual energy and sadly your free will is creating them in the first place! Wake Up!

The one example of symbolic buildings that I have showed you is easy to see, if you really want to look, but as I said the same principles apply in all major cities and usually in the crappiest of towns.
Look around your town I will assure you without even coming to see it myself that most of them will have a building adorned with occult symbolism or built like an ancient sun temple that symbolically overlooks ‘the control of our freedom and control of our commodities’.

That why we have tin pot Town Halls that are full of petty corrupt tossers that control all buildings and all licences in our towns and cities. It’s because the Serpent Cult need to control all five sense activity to control all spiritual activity, be it wealth or imprisonment from behind symbolic locations that will affect your subconscious. If we give them the rights to rule us physically then we give them the rights to build their covert temples (civic buildings and monuments) By doing this we give them the right to control our spirit through the spiritually binding occult symbolism being displayed without us having the slightest clue what is really going on because the same force has educated us and rendered us spiritually blind!

For instance, paying taxes into your local symbolic buildings is an act of free will. It does not matter that you will be in trouble if you don’t pay. You willingly pay to that symbolic building for your physical needs but at the same time you are surrendering yourself spiritually to the symbolism hiding behind that building. Do you understand? The same principle applies when you place offerings on a plate inside a church. You are also surrendering your free will to the symbolism in the building and that symbolism is representative of a multi-dimensional force that is alien to this world. Do you understand that?

We have been conditioned not only bow down to authority but to actually thank it and vote it in. It’s just a con trick to gain your free will. They get your free will whether you vote or not. Please don’t tell me we don’t use free will to vote in our enslavers, look back at the pictures in this article and you will see the masses not only voting in the puppet that will enslave them in a lifetime of physical poverty. Oh no, they are actually cheering and applauding the symbolism of the Sun gods (Serpent Cult) that wants to take their spirit for eternity as well. Look again at the pictures in this article and tell me different! Go on! I don’t apologise for expressing my passion in this article. It’s time to speak out in my opinion not cower down. Anyway.

I have started to take another step and showed you how relative innocent civic buildings, built using sacred geometry and occult symbolism, ‘have something else to say’ on a spiritual level but only if you want to look and listen to them. If you want to be free you have to see the real prison bars yourself and not those painted by a smooth talking Guru. I am not concerned if you want to be a part of the mentally that was in Grant Park in Chicago, shown to you in this article. Please laden yourself up with Obama trinkets and logos and t-shirts if that’s what you really want to do.

The Hypnotised never lie…  Well… Do Ya?

Go and scream and applaud your enslavers under the light beam of a pyramid if you want. Please do it if that’s what your heart tells you to do. All I ask is that when you do these things look around and listen and think instead of being a nodding dog or a sheep. Obama walked away from that celebration and left the muppets that attended it with false hopes and left them full of bullshit promises he will never ever keep. He raised millions of pounds from the people he is trying to help enslave.

I am here to try and help those that want to escape all that. I am only one of a few that will help trigger those that want to escape the New World Order. I am here to help unite certain people so that they can actually break the spell I believe they are currently under and help others break it too. Only you know if you have a yearning inside that keeps niggling you to wake up. If you have this yearning then I’m very excited about your future. I know it’s not easy sometimes but that yearning will see you through.

I’m not here to show you how to get rich or how to enjoy your life in this world, this time around. I’m certainly not here to play hippies and stick crystals up my arse hoping some guru can tell me what to do. Go and buy ‘The Secret’ if you want to hear stuff like that. You won’t get it from me. I can’t give you that and neither can those that claim to either. I’m only here to help you have the choice of seeing this world from an alternative viewpoint, a viewpoint that was taken from you a long time ago. I really don’t mind if you think the viewpoint I show you is one from a sick deluded mind or not.

I also believe the system is here to do the opposite, it will use all its powers to convince you that you need the system to survive and its pathetic religious icons that have caused so much suffering will actually and suddenly change their tune and redeem you. It, the Serpent Cult will try to take away any alternative viewpoint, as it has always done since you originally came into this world thousands of years ago.  Its time to decide if you want to go down the Grant Park path as seen in the pictures in this article or break free of the spell and see your enslavers as they really are. That is to say your enslavers are simply pathetic con artists.

Obama had millions of dollars to use to bullshit the people of America with. He has danced around monuments, like the puppet he is, on his bullshitting escapades in Jerusalem, Berlin, Denver and Chicago, to name a few. I have reported on this every step of the way. I humbly suggest you take in the symbolism of Obama and look carefully at his victory celebrations and other information I have supplied to you. It is sent with good intentions and again if you think I’m a fruitcake that’s fine. I’d rather be a fruitcake and try and help you than be a sheep and try to sell you Obama’s master’s lies. You have lost nothing by looking at this article and thinking for yourself.
My heart is with those that seek spiritual freedom and it always will be and my words are true and trustworthy and I’ll go kicking, shouting and screaming any place I have to simply to try and keep them coming. Thank you for reading this article.

Whatever happens in the future I say to you….

May Love Reign O’er You All.
Matthew Delooze
24th November 2008

“The Serpent Cult doesn’t just operate on a five sense level. They manipulate our five sense level of understanding to covertly control our spirituality and therefore control our destiny”
Matthew Delooze 24th November 2008


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