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Looking Up in the City of Goats – A Delooze News Special Report

Looking Up in the City of Goats


A Delooze News ‘Ferris Wheel’ Special Report

Hello Folks,
Most of you will know of my claims about Ferris wheels and how I believe they are used as a form of occult symbolism by the Serpent Cult. I have explained many times that the Ferris wheel, to me anyway, is simply Benben / Sun symbolism that is simply on a par on an informative level with the biblical “let there be light” or even the creation of this world according to the ancient Egyptians by the Ogdoad. Erecting a Ferris wheel is the equivalent of planting an obelisk in a symbolic location on a sunny day in my opinion. The powers that be don’t want you to see it that way and obviously it’s difficult to point the trickery out because of closed mind mentality and ridicule.

The geometry and creation of what you see as the modern day Ferris wheel was put in place by the secret society we know as the Freemasons, who are simply a part of what I call the Serpent Cult.

It seems a long time ago since I was spiritually directed on to Morecambe sea front and I was literally physically and spiritually educated about the Ferris wheel by the force that still directs me today. I was still in the early stages of my so-called ‘awakening’ then and life was very difficult but I knew in my heart that the said directional force was showing me something important about the future and I also know that the same directional force always work in advance. Click here to read about my earlier experiences. I went on to write more about Ferris wheels here.

Anyway let’s get to the point of this special news report. I was supposed to do this news report a few weeks ago but I seem to be over burdened with things to research and things to write and I struggle to keep up with myself.

Those that have followed the information about Ferris wheels and kept an open mind may find this update on them interesting but to those that cannot see anything in the Ferris wheel information that I have supplied over the years I can only suggest you bugger off now and look at something else. I won’t bore you then will I?

I have been keeping my eye on developments in a city called Guangzhou (Gwan-Joe) in China. I first developed interest in the TV and “sightseeing” tower they were building.  This thing is enormous.


The TV and ‘sightseeing’ tower in Guangzhou is due to be complete 2009 (Update Here)

Guangzhou (China) has also been selected by the Olympic Council of Asia to host the 2010 Asian Games.

goat_games_logo goat_council_eye

Eye Eye its the sunny logo’s of the council and the actual games.

There was another ‘announcement’ shortly before the main structure of the building work ended on the tower. It was announced that a ‘Ferris wheel’ was to be bloody well plonked on top this tower too! Eh? What? Was I hearing things right? Were my ears getting as bad as my bloody eyes I thought.  A Ferris wheel plonked on top of this tower? Whatever for?


My ears were right they are plonking a ferris wheel, literally looking up, on top of this massive tower.


Well spank my bum with a magic wand, a Ferris wheel on a tower. That is a big announcement Jolly good show or what? (Update It is now completed)

Sightseeing? Well it was already going to be a ‘sightseeing’ tower before they claimed to be putting a great lumping Ferris wheel on top of it. I then found out that this Ferris wheel was going to be horizontal on the top of the tower, not vertical. I suppose simply looking outward from the top of the tower itself is just not good enough these days and a Ferris wheel is needed? It seems to me that these Ferris wheels are becoming compulsory in cities that host large events.

I then started to think of the meanings for this Ferris wheel and I started to think that this is on a par with literally placing occult sun creation/ rebirth symbolism on top of this deeply geometric torch like monument. But there again a Ferris wheel is only a fairground ride isn’t it? I’m just a paranoid loop ball that had a delusional force tell him about Ferris wheels 5 years ago aren’t I?

I looked into the bigger picture and in to the deeper symbolism of the area and yes Guangzhou is very symbolic area if only for the Pearl River and the Humen Pearl River Bridge. The Pearl River is actually a combination of the North, West and East Rivers that travel south. I have tried to mention ‘natural’ symbolism in the past and ignored for doing so but I’ll still keep trying…   So here we go…

 The authorities in Guangzhou are determined to have this iconic building complete with ‘Ferris wheel’ ready for the Asian Games. Guangzhou is known as the ‘City of Goats’ and the symbolic logo of the Asian Games represents this.  Everything connected to the building of this Ferris wheel is connected to the ‘Sun’ and the games in 2010.


The official logo

The picture below is what the logo is said to be representing. I think on a simple level this is a very good example of how ‘figures’ can be ‘symbolised’ through shapes and logos. Everything connected to the actual building of this Ferris wheel is connected to the Sun and the games.


The Goat Statue

I won’t get an easier example to show you how the PTB use logos to ‘represent’ other things and I realise that most of you will only accept this today because the PTB are actually admitting that the official logo actually ‘represents a goat’. If it had been just me mentioning that the logo was a goat, without the said admittance from the PTB, some of you would have thought I was a delusional loon. The main point in showing you that the logo is representing a goat is not for this example but to get you to realise that most corporate or global event logos are ambiguous.


Can you see how occult figures can be hidden and represented in symbolic logo?

So if you can accept the logo is a goat can you accept that the ‘Ferris wheel’ is sun disc and benben symbolism? (Or do you need it officially confirming from the powers that be?) I don’t need to point out basic ‘goat symbolism’ to readers of my stuff do I?

 Moving on slightly deeper …  The TV tower also symbolises two different worlds, planes or dimensions. You don’t have to believe me but it does.  Here are a few official words about the structure

The form, volume and hyperboloid structure are generated by two ellipses, one at foundation level and the other at an imaginary horizontal plane just above 450 metres. The tightening caused by the rotation between the two ellipses forms the characterizing ‘waist-line ’of the tower, and a densification of material. This means that the lattice structure, which at the bottom of the tower is porous and spacious, becomes denser at waist level. The waist itself is tightened, like a twisted rope; Further up the tower the lattice opens again, accentuated here by the tapering of the structural column-tubes. Source.

The tower itself is not based on new technology it is based on previous Hyperboloid structured buildings. Most examples of these sorts of structure were created in the old Soviet Union and I truly believe they were built with ambiguous meanings and purposes. ‘Occult geometry’ can be easily hidden in such a monument and unlike the ‘goat’ logo the PTB will not officially explain it to you I’m afraid.

I can only suggest to you in this humble news report after researching the area and the location of this new Ferris wheel that this building will be used on a spiritual level to extract spiritual energy or it will be used on a physical level to outwardly transmit vibrational waves around the planet and of course interfere with our mind (like a mobile phone mast if you like) and these waves will therefore carry the esoteric symbolism of their creator. It’s the mother of all symbolic extractors or transmitters if you like. Indeed the Tower is already commonly known, if only on a local level at the moment, as the Super Model and this in my opinion is to symbolically represent a goddess type female.

There are a lot of other things going on in the area. The actual TV studio is also built using ‘crafty’ symbolic geometry. The masses have no idea that this geometry has very deep meaning that will affect their subconscious and therefore eventually affect our physical reality but in my opinion that is exactly what it will do.


The TV Studio that goes with the raised Ferris wheel and the tower.

I have only skimmed the surface regarding the symbolism being used in this city and through the official games being promoted there. I said many months ago that if folk want to go forward then they have to start to try and see the deeper meanings of things. I could have just put a link to a site claiming another iconic ‘Ferris wheel is being built’ and left it at that.

Indeed the Serpent Cult is placing another massive Ferris wheel in Jeddah, gateway to Mecca, and in the ever-growing symbolic city of Dubai. This is on top of other Ferris wheels that are appearing all over the world or at least it is being ‘announced’ that they are due to be appearing. The money for these sorts of things are appearing in lands that even didn’t have a pot to piss in just 30 years ago but now they have money to burn. The Serpent Cult has arranged for all this to happen simply because it needs its occult ‘obelisks’ building in very symbolic areas of their choice and that is what a Ferris wheel is, it is an obelisk.


 Coming Soon… The Jeddah Eye

There is also a very very dodgy company starting to raise its head in the Ferris wheel business and I am only mentioning it for future reference because the designs of these Ferris wheels are starting to take on greater symbolic meaning and are being placed in very symbolic areas indeed. I have never had any doubts that this would be the case and as I said I was educated about this matter years ago by a force that has never been wrong to date. Click Here to have a look as this company already claims to have done a deal to provide a wheel in LA and have its foot in the door in Asia and the UAE.


 Coming Soon… Voyager International Inc claim to be building a massive Ferris wheel in LA

Anyway I have reported long enough on this matter and probably only to myself. I have humbly tried to hint and even mention the deeper symbolism concerning the Ferris wheel in the Guangzhou area and as I have said before, the Serpent Cult are light years ahead of us as far as seeing the bigger picture is concerned and this simply because we are dumbed down and have willingly surrendered our spirit to the same cult. It is and never has been a case of simply plonking down a Ferris wheel in any old place but if your mind is shut you will never ever see the bigger picture.

We need to at least open our minds to the possibility that we create our physical reality through ‘accepting’ the symbolism and geometry that is placed in our minds even though we cannot see it on a five sense level. This includes symbolism presented by Ferris wheels, symbols representing goats and locations that represent the culmination of all directions and benben stones.

Whilst we arrogantly think we are ‘awake’ whilst in reality still in a coma then deceptive forces will enslave us forever.

We are still very much asleep and still as bloody daft as we have always been in my opinion..

The Serpent Cult is still way ahead of us and it is planning how to make our spiritual and physical future one of being trapped in an eternal prison.

I think if my mam was still here and she understood things she’d say something like. “Look, people are so blind that they could even place one of them there Ferris wheels, that you have been going on about for years, on top of a massive tower and ‘light it up with bells on’ and they still wouldn’t see it or even ask why it was there”

And yer know… She’d be bloody right too. Me Mam wasn’t or isn’t daft.

Maybe I wasted my time walking on Morecambe Prom in 2004 and seeing the things i did? Maybe I’m wasting my time trying to decipher or explain things on a lower level of understanding? I was told many years ago it would be like trying to place a warehouse full of information in to a matchbox.

Indeed a so-called psychic told me a few weeks ago to leave people on the spiritual level they are actually on. I think she had a point.

Thanks for reading this Delooze News Special Report.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 13th April 2009