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At What Price Comes the Daughter of Zion?

 At What Price Comes the Daughter of Zion?


By Matthew Delooze

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion.
When the wicked carried us away in captivity…
…Requiring of us a song…
Now how shall we sing the lords song in a strange land?
Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart
be acceptable in thy sight here tonight”
From the song Rivers of Babylon by Boney M (and Psalm 137)

Hello folks,

This article is mainly for people who already know my work.

Obviously 2012 will soon be on all of our individual minds therefore our collective consciousness will be ‘programmed’ more intensely as that year approaches. This is no coincidence. It is obvious to even the most ignorant human drone on the planet that 2012 will be used for many rituals involving the Sun. Most of my work is based on the exploitation of the energy created through Sun Worship.  As we approach 2012 the illuminati section of the Serpent Cult will bombard the minds of the human race with symbolism linking Sun symbolism, in its many forms, with the Year 2012.

In this little stop gap article I would like to briefly mention the Sun symbolism that is starting to appear on ‘coins’ connected to the Olympics (Sun Worship) and 2012.

Those few that know of the work contained in my book, Is it me for a moment – breaking the serpent’s spell, will remember that I fully explained the use of money in society and the reason behind the symbolism and figureheads place on it.

So it came of absolutely no surprise to me to see the Serpent Cult created sun monuments along with the Queens ‘face’ appearing on commemorative coins. Please look at some early examples below. These three coins are the ONLY ones minted so far there are many others to follow.


Serpent Cult Symbolism and Sun Icons ‘worshipped through money’- Angel of the North


Serpent Cult Symbolism and Sun Icons ‘worshipped through money’- Big Benben


Serpent Cult Symbolism and Sun Icons ‘worshipped through money’- Stonehenge

The Serpent Cult literally survive and prosper by you worshipping and accepting their idols and icons and placing idols and icons on coins and notes makes it a double whammy deception for them.

It is no secret that I have pointed out my beliefs as to why certain monuments or symbolic buildings are in place in certain locations. I have explained, in previous writings, the use of monuments at events like Christmas and New Year celebrations and I have explained other uses such as the marking of energy lines for extraction of energy and for use in protest marches, meeting places and of course rock/pop concerts. This information was of course given to you back when you didn’t have a bloody clue that your mind was actually full of shit anyway and you thought you were free. So let me remind you.

I even pointed out the symbolism behind the ‘Ferris wheel’ many times and I’m sure, despite the ridicule involved, that the Ferris wheel will be a ‘major player’ in the 2012 Games. The Serpent Cult cannot make their rituals valid without using it. I’m also sure it will be officially displayed either in coins or badges or some other sort attraction symbolism.

We can only wait and see. Please keep your eyes open even if you think the symbolism behind such things are silly. You may surprise yourself when you actually cotton on to what is going on. I hope that day is sooner rather than later.

Anyway, despite the blatant use of sun worship symbolism in the coins already planned (Pictured above)…  Big Ben (Sun Obelisk) Stonehenge (Sun temple/circle) and the Angel of the North (Sun goddess (winged Isis) I would say that the most ‘symbolic’ coin published so far for the 2012 Olympics is not going to be a commemorative coin, like those examples above, that will be being displayed in the Temple of Mithras (Bank of England) It is going to be another coin, hidden right under your noses, that will take on massive symbolic significance and put in to full circulation. Again those that have read my opinions on money in my book will know why i think circulation of coins is important.

Indeed in my opinion it is a nine-year-old girl that has officially created the ‘most symbolic coin’ created to date that is to be linked to the 2012 Olympics. Although the symbolism on the coins already shown to you is very important it does not lace the boots of the symbolism on the 50p coin that will circulate this land in 2010.

Let me also say before we go further that I do not like to see children being used as excuses for the Serpent Cult to ‘display’ and promote occult symbolism and I don’t like to see them used to attract the minds of other children to it either. This young beautiful little girl is innocent its just her talents and symbolism that are exploited. I’m not suggesting for a moment that the little girl knows anything at all about the symbolism behind the event.

Indeed the symbolism I’m about to show you, as silly as it may appear on a five sense level, is actually being created through ‘the will of the people’. The people are officially sanctioning it in other words.

This symbolism was actually officially chosen through the public, through public funded TV, therefore we sanctioned it. Indeed those that read my stuff on the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent may remember that I said the public were literally choosing, through their free will, official Pied Piper Celebrities that will be used to officially attract them to events in the future. We are creating the means to enslave us through our own free will.  The scenario with the 50p coin I am going to show you is based on exactly the same principles.

I have thought long and hard before mentioning and showing this information. That’s not because I’m bothered about being ridiculed about the said information mind.  Laugh at it if you want. It’s your own spiritual imprisonment you laugh at not mine.


Blue Peter (BBC) had chosen the design of a coin allegedly created by ‘Florence Jackson’ (Aged 9). It is to be officially minted and circulated.  Here is a picture of the coin created by Florence and Blue Peter. OK?


The coin selected by Blue Peter and created by the ‘Public’.

  You can see the image of a high jumper and you also see the ‘2012 logo’ above the falling man I take it? Obviously the numbers / figures on the vest of the jumper are ambiguous too.

Despite its low key appearance I believe the symbolism on the coin, even on a basic level, represents something on a par with the Tau Cross.  Obviously the Tau Cross and others associated with the same symbolism is linked to the ‘resurrection of the Sun Gods’.

I suppose those with more mystical minds or even a few self-perceived psychics out there may see the ‘Hanged Man’ or at least a figure preparing to be the hanged man (in the hope of enlightenment if you like). They may be something in it too.


The Hanged Man


Some of you will have a gut feeling about the symbolism on the coin and some of you will think it’s a bag of shite and meaningless. To the latter I’d say nothing meaningless is put next to the Queen’s Head on coins in this world. Not even drawings from 9 year old virgins. But you are welcome to scoff. I would have done myself just a short while ago.

It does not matter to me if anyone thinks there is anything symbolic in the coin or not I only ask you to look at it.

I will not leave it there though if it has caught your attention. It would be pretty boring if we left it there wouldn’t it and I’m sure i will have convinced very few of you that there is symbolism hidden in the coin. So…

I will mention that Blue ‘Peter’ as in ‘St Peter’ is also a symbolic of an upside-down man because he was crucified upside down. But I’m sure folks will fob that off. I won’t though as Peter and 2012 are very important to the Serpent Cult. I could take you down a path now explaining Peter but i wouldn’t go with that in this article lets make it easier….

So, if you are a truth seeker and you want a starter point for research or enlightenment on this matter then please it would be easier to ‘go with the girl’. I will do later on in this article in case you can’t be arsed. But I say now that if you are just a forum gossip playing at hippies, and you wouldn’t know a turd from a cigar, then I recommend you just stay with the information above showing the ‘commemorative coins’ and the ‘monument symbolism’ and bugger off. You are not going to understand the rest on this page. Better still I think Most Haunted is on tonight so go and watch that instead. There’s an Halloween special coming up too ..Whoopie eh? I think those enlightened souls in the Spirit World are going to tell us about Postman Pat’s Cat in special episode albeit in between the bad acting and the adverts of course.

OK then…  Have the Fluffies gone to look at the latest Swerdlow hippy trip rip off have they?… Just me and thee left then eh? I’ll try and explain some of the deeper symbolism being used through ‘Florence Jackson’. I don’t know why but I will do. I must be mad eh? If i am so are you… come on then let’s be deluded together then…

…The Serpent Cult operate to effect our subconscious and to make official announcements that we accept without us knowing what we have actually accepted. So let’s look at what has really been ‘announced’ and ‘accepted’ through the symbolism and more importantly its creator. Don’t say you haven’t accepted it because you have. That applies whether you have previously seen or heard anything about the coin or the nine year old who created it. As i said the coin was created through the public. You are the public.

 First of all, in my opinion, the symbolism suggests that, ‘Florence Jackson’, was selected through ‘Peter’ to officially ‘present’ this occult symbolic to the Serpent Cult’s Royal Mint and in to public circulation. Using ‘Blue Peter’ to symbolise this may seem silly but the ‘Blue Man’ is also very important in this case as a creator Icon. That said the girl is most important for now with the time permitted.

So ‘going with the girl’ to research deeper, as I suggested earlier, would lead a pure heart researcher see that the child’s name in this ‘ritual’ is really very important if you look properly Indeed the girls name symbolically represents the ‘flourishing bloodline of Jacob’.  Is that too much of a leap?  Obviously going from a nine-year-old nobody to the bloodline of the biblical Jacob is quite a leap isn’t it especially from a tosser like me eh?   Especially if you just wanted to look at pictures in this story eh? How do I get to Jacob and his bloodline eh? I hear you say.

Well my friends it is pretty simple symbolism really, let us look at the name of the person who is credited with creating the Hanged Man / Tau Cross coin. Obviously the person credited is just a simple girl that gives us no clues . She wasn’t dressed in robes or carried a title but i assure you this girl carried powerful symbolism that the Serpent Cult love. She actually carries more symbolism than a high ranking member of Royalty. She is literally on a level with the Queen as far as symblism goes hence them sharing credit on the coin.

The word ‘Florence’ simply represents the word ‘flourishing’… OK?

Then the word ‘Jackson’ actually represents ‘Jack’s Son’ or ‘Jack’s bloodline’…. OK? Are you with it?

Then the word ‘Jack’ is a simple derivative of the word ‘Jacob’. So therefore ‘Jack-son’ or ‘Jack’s bloodline’ easily becomes Jacob-son or Jacob’s – bloodline. Pretty simple so far eh?

The academics will tell you different I suppose but don’t believe them my friends. These people believe they are intelligent and clever when they are really just robot prison warders that keep the Serpent Cult’s illusion going in my opinion. I have yet to meet a spiritually intelligent academic. I don’t say that out of anger I say it because it is true. They are literally full of shit. (They will use the word excrement though)

Anyway the word ‘Jacob’ actually represents the word ‘Israel’ (Jerusalem too), and the word ZION also represents the word ‘Israel’(Jerusalem) too… how clever is that eh? You see… that’s how the hired egotistical academics and expert puppets work in this world get away with bullshit. They, especially the religious and the language experts, really confuse and bullshit everybody and they really haven’t a clue what actually makes this world tick the way it does, they simply assist it to tick the way it does,usually for money and ego boosts, but please don’t tell them that because they think they are clever and their ego won’t take it. They get their own rewards for what they do anyway in this world, usually whilst sky high on cocaine and their false wisdom, and I’m sure they will receive the right and proper reward for their actions next time they are in the next world too. I’ll guarantee now it if I could. But I’m just a lunatic and I can’t.

Anyway where were we… oh yes…  So…  If Florence Jackson really does officially represent, on a symbolic level, the ‘Bloodline of Jacob’ and simple research will tell you it does, if you can be arsed to think and look for yourself instead of waiting for others to tell you, then it stands to reason, that because the word ‘Jacob’ actually means the word Israel, that Florence Jackson also represents on a symbolic level, the ‘Bloodline of Israel’. Yes? The links above show you how names can be manipulated to produce occult symbolism you cannot see but it is still right under your nose.

OK, working on that logic, and it is a very truthful logic for this world, then Florence Jackson also represents the ‘Bloodline of Zion’ too and that is simply because the word Zion also means the word Israel doesn’t it? So ‘Please’ Sheeple remember this for future reference……

Zion = Israel & Jacob = Israel

I know its hard for you to actually think for yourself and I told you the academics are full of shit and create confusion in our languages didn’t I? I know… I have to decipher the bloody stuff. I get all the dirty jobs and bloody well unpaid too.

So anyway if the name ‘Florence Jackson’ actually means, as I tell you, Bloodline of Jacob then it also means ‘Bloodline of Zion’.

So my friends and scholars, let’s make another small leap…  therefore those facts literally make Florence Jackson a symbolic ‘Daughter of Zion’. And you thought she was just a typical nine-year-old girl drawing a picture for Blue Peter didn’t you?  Well she’s a daughter isn’t she? Her name means bloodline of Jacob doesn’t it? Jacob means Israel doesn’t it? Israel means Zion doesn’t it? So I tell you the truth when I say this girl Florence Jackson is a symbolic Daughter of Zion and if i didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be wasting my time farting about telling you about it. The force that directs me wants this information made public so it is made public.

In my opinion it is time to realise, if you want to be free, that even the simple event of ‘announcing symbolic coinage’ plays a part in the enslavement of the human race. This is because the event not only actually effects the collective consciousness of the human race it is also  confirmation, through non protest, and acceptance of the rituals that will eventually allow other entities to rule us. In this case the ritual is the 2012 Olympic Games and the symbolism connected to the ritual is on the coin. I have written about these games before.

We can all pretend that the symbolism involved is meaningless but if it is then why have it at all in this world.

On a five-sense level the creator of this symbolism really is just a typical nine-year-old girl drawing a picture for Blue Peter. But the 5 sense level the nine year old girl lives in is the same ‘lowest level of existence’ that you live in too. The 5 sense world we live is the shit tub of all existences. But on another level, that you cannot ‘see’ or comprehend whilst operating on this 5 sense level, that nine-year-old girl has been ‘selected’ because she fits the symbolic profile needed by your enslavers to perform rituals in this world that serve another world and assist that world enslave you in this world. Your enslavers have to carry out these sort of events to rule you. It’s all part of the trickery. It’s just that you are so dumbed down you haven’t got a clue what the Serpent Cult are really doing.  You only see a nine year old girl and a drawing and a 50p coin. You do not see anything else.

What we have in the ‘bigger picture’ of this symbolic event is a ‘Daughter of Zion’ creating and presenting, through Peter, the Tau Cross for the 2012 rituals.  Again some of the occult symbolism behind the Hanged Man may help some of the more mystical souls out there to see more in the symbolism of this coin that has been presented to the masses for their acceptance by the Daughter of Zion.

At what cost? There is no cost if you can’t even see the bloody price is there?

Is it all just meaningless coincidences?

Whatever you believe the event actually happened and I assure you i have personally gone far deeper in to this event than i have reported in this article and the symbolism links up with other events connected to other Serpent icons and the year 2012.

Did any of you actually understand the symbolism I have just showed you? Do you see that a ‘Daughter of Zion’ was symbolically created to take part in the creation of the occult symbolism that will literally be passed and accepted around the populous of the hosting country of the global ritual that is the Olympic games? Well did you understand or not? Do you see a simple children’s drawing on the coin or can you see deeper symbolism? It does not matter to me what you see I only ask you to look and think about the symbolism i have pointed out today and the image on the coin.


Obviously in the build up to the Olympics the symbolism will increase, as it does in all global events so do you want to see the ‘real symbolism’ that will appear? Do you really? Would you actually take note of it and think for yourself if you did?

 Or would you rather just look at forum gossip fodder like the 2012 logo released a couple of years ago? Do you simply want some kind of infantile jigsaw to gawp at so you can try and find the word Zion in it, just like some imbecile like Ian Crane claimed to do?


I’m sure some of you do. Indeed some of you will never want anything else. Seeing 2012 as ZION is the highest limit of spiritual awareness for some.

Oh jolly hockey sticks I found the word ZION out of the numbers 2012” (if I twisted them around a bit)…  “Hey Presto I’m awake! Open the Gates of Heaven Pete I’m on my way”. “Taxi!”


It is time to either accept that the Serpent Cult are indeed using many forms of symbolism to deceive the minds of the masses if they are not then the symbolism pointed out today to you is meaningless. The name of the girl that created the 50p coin is just coincidence too.

I actually believe that the Serpent Cult use symbolic names along with other symbolism and it is all being displayed in the public domain everyday.  The human race is blind to it. Your education and other hypnotism have blinded you to what is really going on.

I don’t mean the usual ancient symbolism stuff either.  I don’t mean to sound insulting but you wouldn’t see it in million years. There are some experts out there that can spot ‘ancient’ symbolism but they do that from education or simply stealing or repeating the words of the guru they follow. They are not aware of other symbolism. They can only repeat others.

I believe that the symbolism being displayed and the rituals being carried out by the Serpent Cult go much deeper than you may imagine.  I have only used a very small and easy example to show you today. Obviously it is up to you to decide whether my claims are valid or not. I don’t mind what you think either way. I’m not selling you anything.

Innocent folks like ‘Florence Jackson’ are also purposely selected or ‘temporarily possessed by other entities’ to create the circumstances and the symbolism required to be displayed by the Serpent Cult and foolishly accepted as meaningless by the sad sleeping human race.

The Serpent Cult is operating on a far higher level of awareness than what you see as the ‘human race’. They are literally running a global system of spiritual control alongside the prison you sadly believe is ‘normal life’. You haven’t got a normal life you are not experiencing a normal life. You are a prisoner. Dance around at a hippy camp deceiving yourself if you want but you are still a prisoner in my opinion.

If you think that my claims maybe true but cannot understand why a force would go to so much trouble just to produce symbolism on a coin then i can only say that performing esoteric trickery with minted coins, occult symbolism and the use of symbolic names, symbolic sex and status, like the example I have tried to translate today, to a level you can actually ‘see’, is humdrum trivia to the Serpent Cult.  The cleverest academic or perceived genius in this world is simply a bumbling shithead compared to the intelligence of the Serpent Cult and your ‘average’ spiritual /conspiracy Guru is a complete imbecile in the eyes of the Serpent Cult too. I have to agree with those eyes whilst looking at Ian Crane too.

The academics haven’t even begun to expose the agenda in its true image. The sad sad conspiracy punters haven’t even opened the wrapper of a conspiracy and they are simply moronic food and a means to make a living for the two bob conmen who sell them shit.

The Serpent Cult STILL HAVE control of the collective consciousness of the human race on planet Earth and the relative mild example of the symbolic trickery they use to keep that control, that I have shown you today, is just a drop in the ocean to what goes on all around the world on a daily basis.

That fact will almost never be accepted by the masses and the egotistical academics, experts and gurus will never ever accept it.

The masses want messiahs to free them and nothing else will do I’m afraid and the egotistical academics believe their phony vocabularies and delusions of grandeur will actually help their tongue free them.  Neither side actually want the truth though. Not in my opinion anyway.

I hope at least one or two of you out there can see what I am saying regarding the material above.  If you can then I’m excited for your future. I can only try to help break the spell you are under. I cannot guarantee it and I’m not here as a servant or slave either. Sometimes spell breaking hurts.

If you just want to have a fluffy bunny hobby, and most of you do, or you are simply a part time ‘conspiracy anorak’ to fill in time in your sad life after you have slaved for the Serpent all day at work then fair enough, simply carry on as you are. Keep to your favourite gurus rules (usually giving them money without question and copying their words on forums as your own).  Indeed please go to the next Ian Crane AV conference and clap a few phony undercover Christians and buy a few DVDs whilst you are there or better still why not be positive and save up for a couple of years and go on a Stuart Wilde Baptism Party or even a Swerdlow Jolly Hippy Outing.

 But if you want to wake up then at least open your mind and at least try and make an effort to wake up. If you don’t I’m sure if you put a few conspiracy DVDs in your coffin or mention the name of the Guru, who’s took your mind cos you can’t think for yourself, you’ll go to heaven. Mind you, you can always ask them for a refund if you don’t get there eh?

I thank you for your time.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 14th October 2009

All Text Copyright Matthew Delooze. All rights reserved 2009


Unlocking the Hall of Records – Finding the First Key of Freedom

Unlocking the Hall of Records


Finding the First Key of Freedom

By Matthew Delooze

How do you do what you do to me?
I wish I knew
If I knew how you do it to me
I’d do it to you
How do you do what you do to me?
I wish I knew
Wish I knew how you do it to me
But I haven’t a clue
From The Beatles song How Do You Do It (To Me)


As I look back on the first six months of this year I find that some of us have travelled light years in terms of gaining our spiritual freedom. I see some urgency in people’s faces these days, an urgency to find strength and understanding as to what the bloody hell is going on in the world. It is only eight months ago that I wrote an article entitled ‘Swinging on the Gates of Hades’ in which I claimed we needed to go deeper than just seeing and recognising illuminati created monuments around the place and I asked you to try grasp the idea that the monuments are indeed hypnotic triggers themselves and they are used in occult ritual to extract spiritual energy and to keep us entranced and that we blindly take part in rituals. I took you deeper in that article and I know in my heart that information would have triggered a few people. It is now time to begin to take things further. I am trying to guide some of you on to further triggers (So please humour the fruitcake). I would like to carry on from the information that I provided in my earlier essays, Spitting out the Feathers of the Benu Bird and Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian. If you have not read these in their entirety then I suggest you do so now before travelling with me on this journey to unlock the Hall of Records. There is a method in my madness and I tell you the truth when I say that the order of the journeys I take you on is very important. So with the understanding that you have read the articles mentioned above I will suggest we move on.

In the articles quoted above I went into detail about how I believe energy lines and symbolic monuments work in unison with each other to create a system that enables multi-dimensional beings to covertly extract our individual and collective ‘spiritual energy’. I explained that even the humble Ferris wheel can be used as a deceptive symbolic monument and it can easily display pyramid/eye/benben symbolism. I also explained, as I have done on numerous occasions before, that spiritual energy is created through our ’emotions’. Indeed I came up with the term Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy. When we feel emotion it creates invisible energy within us and then it is released into the atmosphere through, smiles, laughter, tears or just the ‘feelings’ themselves. I also explained that symbolic mythological deities are used as hypnotic mediums, along with monuments, to help create and transport our energy to what I know as the ‘underworld’ (Lower Fourth Dimension).

I’d like to expand on my previous writings and show you some more examples regarding the energy lines/ monuments/ energy extraction theory and how the Serpent Cult have you and me under their hypnotic control. Only to me it is not theory. I have spent a few years now researching and actually experiencing matters, surrounding my theories, in many locations around the world and I assure you I wouldn’t be writing this stuff if I thought I was talking out of my arse and wasting your time or my time.

Please believe that. So I’d like to take you deeper into the Serpent Cult’s labyrinth of deception if you want to come. It’s up to you. Do you really want to break the Serpent’s Spell or am I wasting my time? Am I just a delusional madman or can I provide a few triggers to help you re-awaken from the hypnosis I believe the Serpent has put us under? I do not want to sound boastful but I believe part of the information and symbolism in this very article is very important to your future spiritual welfare and the symbolism involved is vital to some of you. I will be communicating with your subconscious through certain parts of this article.

So …Come with me my friends, you have nothing to lose by doing so, this time let’s go and see into the future and have a look at Egypt to start with.

I have posted quite a few news items on my website in recent weeks trying to outline that ancient relics and other artifacts are being returned to their country of origin. I also note that ‘museums’ are now being located near monuments that I believe are placed on energy points, ley lines, symbolic grids or whatever else you may wish to call them. I have been keeping my eye on events in Egypt especially the Giza plateau, home of the most famous pyramids in the world.

There are plans to build a massive museum right next door to the Giza pyramids. You should be aware by now that famous museums including the Louvre and Vatican museums that I mentioned in the previous articles are also placed near to ancient (or modern) symbolic or geometric monuments. In this article I’d like to take you to two further landmarks in this world, one is ancient and one is modern or are they really both old and modern combined? Let’s go and see. Take a look at this.

Picture of the Grand Egyptian Museum to be from above.
How the Grand Egyptian Museum is to look from the ground level

The Great Egyptian Museum is currently under construction and is due to open in 2009/2010. It will not only act it the worlds largest museum of Egyptian symbolism it will also become a massive viewing platform for the pyramids themselves, therefore a scenario unfolds following the same basic principles of an energy extraction event. I mentioned before that the masses are led like sheep into certain museum buildings and the visitors will release emotional respect energy whilst viewing the artifacts that are placed there. I have visited Egypt and it is spell binding, especially to folk like me who have been living in poverty in and around the dog shit laden streets of a place like Burnley for most of their lives.


 Artists impressions inside the new museum, but is it simply a museum or a place of energy extraction?

So what we basically have with the building of this new museum is literally a vision of the future and the current energy extraction situation that is already taking place in Paris (Louvre Museum) and Rome (Vatican Museums) is now obviously going to happen in one of the most famous symbolic locations in the world. This Grand Egyptian Museum is going to be placed on a similar type of energy line to the one on the Champs Elysees (Axe Historique), but in the case of the Grand Egyptian Museum it is on a far bigger scale and it actually links up with the ancient Sun monuments (pyramids) that have indeed been swamped with emotional energy for years. The pyramids are embedded with energy from the collective consciousness of the entire human race. The amount of spiritual energy being created at such a site will be enormous.

The museum at Giza will concentrate on Egyptian artifacts. (Sun Worship) and the thousands upon thousands of people who will visit this place will release energy and direct it through to the ancient monuments in that area. Indeed the major attraction of this museum is the fact that when the visitors have viewed the ancient relics they will be then led like sheep to view all three of the pyramids, in all their glory, from a special floor in the museum. The powers that be are hoping to get things running to their maximum capacities by 2012. So by 2012 there will be a massive museum placed within viewing distance of the pyramids.

Visitors will be given a glorious view of the Pyramids.

It will simply be a far larger version of the Louvre and there the energy created will be on a far larger scale. Is it a coincidence that the illuminati are creating another world famous museum and placing it next to pyramids? I know one or two folk thought I was crazy to suggest the pyramid was stuck outside the Louvre museum as an energy extracting device, but what do you think now they are doing it with real pyramids in Egypt? Here is a picture of the Egyptian president Mubarak laying the foundation stone for the new Egyptian museum.

The pyramids will be a focal point for emotional respect energy created by agents for the Serpent Cult.

I have written in my book (Is it me for a moment?) why certain bloodlines or other symbolic people lay foundation stones for important structures. What we will see arise in the Giza plateau area before our eyes is literally a new ‘Temple of Worship’, an energy extractor, and it is being created by the Serpent Cult. Wake Up! Anyway. I will come back to the Egyptian museum later but I also need to show you another similar energy extraction scam in another location. I really need to show you this and I know only a brief mention of it in my article does not do the information, I am about mention, true justice. That said the secret of me is not flown like a flag. Anyway, here is another modern museum for you to ponder on. It’s called the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and it is located in Cleveland USA.

Behold the Hall of Records, One Key Plaza, Cleveland USA :)

This building is awash with occult symbolism. You may recognise that the pyramid in front of this building is very similar to the one outside the Louvre museum in Paris. It should come as no surprise to you to know that the same bloke designed both of the pyramids that are located outside both museums, that bloke is Ieoh Ming Pei. Mr Pei is a member of the ‘Serpent Cult’ and has worked on many ‘museums’ for many years using the same secret society geometry. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is, in my opinion, a classic example of a spiritual energy extraction device. The entire building is literally a hall of ‘records’.
Quote from official site….

The museum documents the entire history of rock and roll, regardless of induction status. Hall of Fame inductees are honoured in a special exhibit inside the museum’s spire.

No sun temple of any standing would be without the benben rising out of water symbolism… but it’s just a coincidence isn’t it?

I know I don’t have to repeat things again about spiritual energy being created through emotional respect, or disrespect for that matter, but please try to understand that the Serpent Cult require your spiritual permission to rule over you. They need you to respect them through their agents and by giving emotional respect to agents you give respect to the creators of the agents and their symbolism. This symbolism can take many forms such as Elvis coming out of ‘Sun’ records (Birthplace of Rock n Roll) or pop rock/ groups having symbolic names like Freddie Mercury (See my book, is it me for a moment, for full details). It may sometimes be certain lyrics in songs or at other times be occult symbolism being displayed at concerts that effect your subconscious but that is the scam behind these things they are created to affect your subconscious. There are many ways that the Serpent Cult use rock and roll stars in this world to entice and entrap the minds of the masses. I am not saying all their agents actually ‘know’ they are agents. They don’t, they just entertain us and take the fame and fortune that goes with it and no one can blame them for that, especially with the way this world is. That said, on another level of consciousness these talented artists are being used to display occult symbolism and it is indeed that symbolism that we really worship and respect on other levels of consciousness. We are oblivious to this trickery and we believe we are only worshipping an artist on our five-sense level of consciousness. This is far from the truth. To show you what I mean I will use Madonna as an example again. Here she is in the pictures below being inducted into this ‘Hall of Fame’ museum.


Madonna, like most other celebrities, is laden with occult symbolism by the Serpent Cult. When you worship the celebrity on a conscious level you also worship the symbolism on a subconscious or unconscious level. Note the Sun Goddess symbolism in the background.


When we worship celebrities like Madonna in five-sense reality you are in reality worshipping ISIS and other symbolic deities on other levels of your consciousness in other dimensions


Madonna the symbolic Sun Goddess

Can you see the occult symbolism that is being placed on Madonna? I have only scratched the surface and could write a hundred pages just on Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. She is literally promoted as a symbolic sun goddess just as Elvis is a symbolic sun king god. Subconsciously the fans of Madonna (and other celebrities) are being subconsciously programmed to worship the symbolism surrounding their idols. Look at the picture above again is she simply being presented as a pop singer or she being presented as a goddess? It is this sort of information that is going into our subconscious and it is this sort of brainwashing that eventually creates our physical reality. Obviously star struck music lovers only concentrate on the five-sense reality surrounding their idols, which is mainly through sight and sound. This situation is what the Serpent Cult thrives on and has done for thousands of what you see as years. Your willingness to worship something you like is exploited without you even having the slightest clue that you are being duped. Let me make clear that there is nothing wrong with loving or worshipping something you like or love OK!

That said the Serpent Cult laden what you love and worship (In this example Madonna) with their own symbolism so you end up worshipping the Serpent Cult through their agents who carry their symbolism. I have already said this many times as some of you know. On a five-sense level you worship the harmless artist but on a subconscious level you are worshipping something that is completely different.


Anyway…I have been leading you to this symbolic Hall of Records for a while and I do this so you will recognise it and not forget it and so you will not forget what brought you here because that is important too. I also want you to imagine how much respect symbolism is actually in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum? Just imagine that everybody’s favourite song and orgasm creating ‘celebrity’ or ‘idol’ is embedded and symbolically represented in this one building. Can you imagine how many magical hypnotic tunes are symbolically located in this place? The place is absolutely full of thought energy. The greatest artists in the world are represented in this building therefore every thought about these artists is directed to their hall of fame.

The same rules apply to this Hall of Records as they do in the Louvre and the Vatican museums. People visiting these places will feel emotion, this emotion will create and release energy, this energy will be harnessed and then it will feed the deceptive force that is lurking behind it.

It is hard to explain ALL the different levels of deception that are going on and how they are going on all at the same time. We have in the last six months or so only covered two levels. The first level that you are consciously fully aware of is that the basic five sense purpose of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum type buildings. Simply put the powers that be fill these buildings up with symbolic memorabilia and then they get people to visit it and get them to accept their version of history. The second level that I have tried to get across to you over the last few months, to mingle in with my theories on pop festival stuff and Christmas and New Year stuff etc, is of course that the buildings and monuments are built to include occult geometry and symbolism that in turn act as a vessel to transport the spiritual energy created in them into another dimension, such as I believe the London Eye does on New Years Eve.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is just one of the deceptive monuments that have been purposely located around the world, on certain energy points, by the Serpent Cult to keep the human race in trance and to gain their respect energy. The human collective consciousness has actually requested that these buildings be created to do just that! We create our own reality and the manipulated ‘mass thought’ or collective consciousness in this world is creating a global elite of symbolic gods to worship and rule over us by respecting and accepting their divine right to rule us.

These buildings/monuments are going to increase in numbers leading up to and beyond 2012. Hence me mentioning the proposed Grand Egyptian Museum(GEM) now to you.

If you can imaging walking through the Rock and Roll museum showing respect to the talent on display and therefore releasing energy inside or near to the pyramid located there, so to speak, can you imagine the same situation going on in the symbolic buildings to be known as the GEM in Egypt? It is the exact same principle using the exact same method. As I mentioned earlier the respect created at the new GEM will be directed to the ancient pyramids. It is also linking ‘the old with the new’ and I have tried to point this out using several examples all over the world on my news page on my website recently. Indeed the GEM is obviously composed of sacred ancient geometry too.


The GEM is costing a minimum of $550 (£300) million. Do you really think that the powers that be would give a monkey’s toss if the masses get to see ancient artifacts at all unless it really suited them to do so? The secret societies always had possession of the main Egyptian artifacts, in modern times anyway, simply because Napoleon and Nelson stole them. So why the sudden urge, money no object of course, to get most of them back together on the Giza plateau for 2010?

There are peasants in Egypt that have no shoes on their feet or proper means to survive. The powers that be don’t give a shit about these people. They will say things like the GEM will help tourism. Yes it will but who benefits from tourism the most? Is it your average ‘Abdul’ selling two bob postcards that will benefit or will it be the powers that be that will be grabbing all the ‘real’ income from that too? There really is only one ‘true’ reason for building this museum in my opinion and that is to direct energy towards, reawaken if you like, the Giza pyramids, the geometric Grand Egyptian Museum and the Giza plateau in general. The economics behind the project certainly don’t matter to the Serpent because they already have control of every penny in this world.

The main ‘true’ purpose for the existence of the museums mentioned in Cleveland or Cairo is to satisfy orders from forces in other dimensions, beings that are alien to this world.

Corrupt high ranking official in society will make sure these orders are followed in exchange for favours and positions of false status and therefore the true purpose for having them is achieved and the vast majority of folk behind these projects don’t have a clue what is really going on. They are simply robots like you and me. Who is going to argue when it looks like having such ‘museums’ is simply an act of economic growth? Who is going to raise questions when this project supplies work and an income to Egyptian workers? Again a minimum of $550 million dollars is being spent on a ‘museum’.

To sum up I will say again that the masses are led to worship symbolic and mythical gods. In modern times this is largely done through ‘celebrities’ like Madonna and Elvis, through their records and concerts. In more ancient times Kings and Pharaohs were mostly used as a medium to collect our spiritual respect on behalf of the Serpent Cult. That said even the Kings and Pharaohs employed the equivalent of today’s celebrities to perform in their palaces and temples to help attract free will respect. The same Kings and Pharaohs are still in charge today through modern day royal bloodlines and Presidents and they still command the celebrities, dead or alive, to act as their agents as a good attraction method. The simplest way I can tell you how this system works is to remind you about Napoleon’s sarcophagus located in Les Invalides in France.


Napoleon: Symbolic agents for the Serpent Cult are respected for eternity inside symbolic places. This is a vital part of the energy extraction scam.

I said at the time that people showing respect to Napoleon, alongside other artifacts, in Les Invalides were creating energy and that energy was going to another dimension. Well now I suggest the exact same scam was going on in the Giza pyramids (Amongst other things). Everyone in ancient times had to bow down to the Pharaohs. They were literally seen as living Gods on Earth. They demanded and received respect from everyone, either through good will (Kind Pharaoh) or through intense fear (Unkind Pharaoh). Just like Napoleon the Pharaohs were agents for multi-dimensional beings and they acted as a medium to feed the underworld, or the lower 4th as some like to call it, with spiritual energy. The Pope and members of ‘Royalty’ have a similar position in a modern day equivalent scenario today. They are seen as god’s representative on Earth. Our minds are manipulated to make sure these agents are bombarded with our respect and bombarded with our spiritual vows to worship them throughout their lives. The vast majority of us surrender our minds to these agents simply because we are taught that these people are good for us and they represent ‘GOD’. They even tell us themselves that they represent God at every opportunity and our brains automatically surrender to these lies. Yes these people certainly do represent their god but this god in my opinion is not the typical goodie-goodie, white bearded, kind old man in a nightgown type of god image that they have implanted in our gullible and dumbed down minds, oh no, their god is a very slippery serpent indeed. By getting the majority of us to accept and respect their rule we accept and respect their ‘God’.

In metaphoric terms people like the Pope, the Queen of England and President Bush are the Artful Dodgers and their God is Fagin so to speak. They are literally picking your soul for a force that you cannot even see. They are symbolic figureheads for a race of deceptive alien beings that have infested the collective consciousness of the human race.

We give our free will to these people to rule us throughout their lives and the spiritual energy created through this is presented to their god, which are really inter-dimensional alien beings, the Fagin of all Fagin’s if you like. Sadly it doesn’t stop there does it? When these agents, these people, ‘die’ we actually worship them more than when they were alive, this is simply because we put them in history books, in religious scriptures or create massive memorials for them after their death. They are literally made ‘idols of eternal respect’. Obviously you don’t get bigger memorials than the Giza pyramids do you? Not your average sized gravestone we use for our Grandmas and Granddads are they? The collective respect for the pyramids in this world is enormous. So how does our respect transfer from a living person to a monument? Well in many cases they stick the ‘idol of respect’ inside the monument, the person and the monument become one, and obviously sticking a Pharaoh that demanded respect from all the people in his kingdom inside a monument meant that the monument received the respect too. Yes?

Think back to Lenin’s mausoleum and Napoleon’s sarcophagus in Les Invalides that I mentioned in my article Brushing away the Ashes of Hadrian as smaller but typical examples and you will see that agents for the serpent and occult symbolism are always placed together. You really can’t respect one without respecting another. ‘Your material mind is being hijacked so you will unknowingly worship deceptive spiritual entities’, it is that statement that really sums it up. These entities control your material mind, and therefore get you to forget your own spirit.

They create human looking religious and royal ‘heroes’ for you to follow and worship like lost sheep. For those people that don’t spiritually fall for this scam they have created ‘celebrities’ as a safety net to collect stragglers. You don’t have to worship Mary in a church to be victim of the deception because you will worship Madonna or someone using a similar level of symbolism instead. All major celebrities are used by the Serpent Cult as shepherds too I am sorry to say. That is why there is absolutely no difference whatsoever, let me say that again, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever in the museum at Giza showing ancient artifacts honouring symbolic gods and symbolic goddesses or the museum in Cleveland showing rock n roll records honouring symbolic gods and goddesses. The museums are simply the same tools from the same toolbox and they are used to get your energy from you and spiritually enslave you in this world simply by placing their esoteric symbolism on things we love and respect. The main reason these buildings are there is just so you respect and accept the symbolism and the geometry contained within them. This type of action keeps you trapped in this material hologram you call life. The serpent has you by the short and curlies and has you believing the illusion you see around you is actually real. The world you see around you and all the shite that goes with it has been created because you have given your mind and your spiritual energy away through unknowingly worshipping the SUN through deception. It really is as simple as that on one level. You constantly make spiritual vows to the SUN through ignorance but just like Madonna the Sun has been laden with other symbolism.

I get a few emails asking me to explain why the Serpent Cult con us or trick us into worshipping the Sun. I have tried to explain this in detail before and the answer is pretty simple but I will repeat it again. When we are subconsciously tricked into worshipping the Sun we are also subconsciously tricked into worshipping the creators of Sun. So when we worship religious icons like Jesus and his Dad or musical icons like Madonna and Elvis on a five sense conscious level we are really worshipping SUN deities on a subconscious level. Therefore we are subconsciously conned into worshipping the sun through one form or another. Yes? OK so far? What the Egyptians called the Ogdoad, which comprised of the symbolic 8 reptilian type deities, allegedly created the sun. These 8 deities claim to have created the Sun out of a nothingness (Known as Order Out of Chaos) So when we are subconsciously conned into worshipping the Sun we are also conned into subconsciously worshipping the reptilian Ogdoad simply because they created the sun. When the Serpent Cult decided to hijack the human collective consciousness it needed something that mankind would love and respect so it ‘hid’ behind the sun symbolism and put its own symbolism in it, by claiming they created it ambiguously through the altering ancient scriptures (Let there be light etc). The Serpent Cult know how this illusionary matrix really works and they have made sure that our intelligence is on a par with a plastic turd from a joke shop. When we subconsciously worship the Reptilian Ogdoad we also give them the right to rule over us. We literally give them power because we actually request that they take it. That is why they constantly con us into carrying out Sun rituals, its because when we do carry out sun rituals like Christmas we are really worshipping multidimensional aliens and therefore give them the right to rule over us. We are in a continuous vicious circle of subconsciously agreeing to be slaves of a deceptive force because we are hypnotised on a five-sense level to physically carry out the rituals that make it so. It is the greatest deception ever. We literally worship our enslaver because our enslaver has hypnotised us into worshipping our enslaver’s agents and its symbolism (The Sun)

I will tell you again that there is a multi-dimensional force that is farming the human race. This multi-dimensional force uses its agents, that hold high positions of status, and mythological symbolism to put the masses in a continuous and powerful physical and emotional trance and then steals their spiritual energy through deception, which in turn spiritually imprisons them. For instance, as long as we let human beings live in cardboard boxes in dire poverty whilst we still collectively praise arseholes, that claim to be agents for a ‘loving god’, in their palaces and temples then we will all be trapped in a spiritual prison for eternity. The Serpent Cult have planned it and indeed want it that way and have been successful with the same scam for thousands of years.

So my friends I come to the end of this part of the journey I hope you enjoyed it. If so I am sure you will benefit from it one day. I really do. I will be providing a couple more examples of energy extraction in the near future before going on to even deeper later in the year, if no one puts a bullet between my eyes first of course. It only seems five minutes ago since I was walking down the Champs Elysees, cursing the price of beer in Paris and writing about this part of the journey, but going off my emails recently I can see some of us are much further down the road than we were just a few months ago. The past is calling for you and I will repeat what it says until you make me shut up.

So I ask you to think about the information surrounding the GEM and I ask you to think about The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum or as I have always called it ‘The Hall of Records’. I ask you to think about the words and information contained in this article. Maybe we can progress together in the coming months or maybe we will just let it all fade away.

That said…In recent months we have gone Swinging on the Gates of Hades, we have Spit Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird, we have Brushed Away the Ashes of Hadrian and now we are Unlocking the Hall of Records. That is not to mention the many other impossible tasks we have carried out before that.

I am sure with support I will have a few more strange journeys to undertake soon in my quest to break the Serpent’s spell. Anyone can come along if they really want to, you have nothing to lose but your chains by doing so… I thank you kindly for reading this article. I am away from tomorrow for about 11 days researching and looking for another key.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze
June 29th 2008.

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved


Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird

Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird


The Illuminati Monuments of Paris Exposed!

By Matthew Delooze

I am a flame – The heat of the fire.
Call me a fool – Don’t call me a liar.
Take me to Hell – And let me stay.
If that’s the price that I have to pay.
Can’t you hear me say? – Can’t you hear me say?
Can’t you hear me say? FREE ME!
Anyhow or Anyway
From the song Free Me by Russ Ballard)

Hello friends and fellow truth seekers,

I am glad and I take great pleasure in providing the information you are about to read. I cannot stress how important the said information is and how I believe it will help certain people in the future, once it ‘sinks in’ so to speak. If you read my Swinging on the Gates of Hades article you will be aware that I tried to take you to deeper understanding about how the Serpent Cult use complicated hypnotism and symbolism to spiritually imprison and control the collective consciousness of the human race.

I want to try and get ‘you’ beyond the Gates of Hades because, as of now, you are no longer trapped behind them and those symbolic gates have no control over some of you anymore. They are knackered in other words, simply because we have kicked them wide open. I want to take you deeper, if that is really what you want to do, but to do so I need go back to basics to explain….

…In late December after a series of very upsetting personal setbacks and crippling financial problems I thought I would have to abandon my trip to Europe that I had planned several months previously. I was extremely stressed at the time and very unhappy. That said, as is usually the case in my life, a spiritual force literally pushed me to go. I had previously bought some very cheap train tickets months in advance so the financial disaster I was in didn’t really affect the actual travel plans. Looking back if I hadn’t purchased the tickets well in advance the trip couldn’t have ever happened and the priceless tale I am attempting to tell you could never have been told……

Anyway I arrived in Paris on Boxing Day. I had been very interested in Paris since David Icke and others had provided some information a few years ago about the monuments in Paris all being connected and laid out in some sort of energy line. There was also the matter of actually visiting the location of sacrificial murder of Diana at the Alma tunnel (For a later article).

Basically the monuments in Paris are clearly in a dead straight line and it is said they are laid out on ‘an energy line’, known as the Axe Historique. The main stretch of the energy line, so to speak, is the famous Champs-Élysées (pronounced sharmp el eezay). I decided to walk the entire length of this famous avenue on foot and carry on in a straight line to the Louvre museum. It was full of ‘posh’ shops and all lit up for Christmas. It was like a fairy tale with prices in the shops also resembling a fairy tale too!

The busy Champs-Élysées at night showing the Arc de Triomphe

It was a far cry from the dog shit laden streets of Lancashire where I had travelled from that was for sure. It soon became apparent to me that the monuments were indeed in a ‘dead’ straight line but something hit me straight away as I strolled down the Champs-Élysées in daylight and it was not in the David Icke You Tube clip linked earlier. What is it? You might ask? . Well my little bunch of eager truth seekers it was a walloping great big massive Ferris wheel. Yes they have plonked one, on and off, smack in the middle of the Champs-Élysées (Place de la concord) behind the famous 3000-year-old obelisk that is originally from a Sun Temple in Luxor, Egypt.

A Ferris wheel at the ‘bottom’ of the Champs-Élysées behind the obelisk (Picture by Matthew Delooze)

To make it easier for you to find your bearings so to speak look the picture below. When you are looking at the wheel and the obelisk you have your back to the Arc de Triomphe and visa versa.

The ‘top’ end of the Champs-Élysées Picture by Matthew Delooze who nearly got run over and was swore at, in French, for standing in the middle of the road! Something like ‘Sacre Bluer you Eenngliissh luna-tic’

The energy line goes further on than the Arc de Triomphe but for this article I am only going to concentrate on going downhill on the Champs-Élysées and past the obelisk and the wheel to the Louvre. So lets get back on my path, back to the Ferris wheel. Now then I have mentioned the symbolic Ferris wheel before and those who know me should know what I have previously said about it. I took this picture of a Ferris wheel from distance to show you the symbolism ALL Ferris wheels carry. The A frame (axis) of the wheel creates the Benben (Pyramid) shape and the wheel’s large outer rim creates the sun disc symbolism. Do you understand?

Picture from distance showing the true symbolism of the Ferris wheel, the A frame is the obelisk (benben) and the wheel’s rim is the Sun (Ra) (Picture by Matthew Delooze)

To explain further: This is from my article in 2005: The Festival of Light.

Pyramid symbolism.

...I go into more details about this in my book ‘The Stars Are Falling’. The ancients knew the pyramid shape as the ‘Benben’. The top part of an obelisk (pyramid shape) is known as the ‘Benben Stone’. Briefly, the Benben is symbolic of the marker point where the ancient Sun God RA landed on dry land after being guided there, in a solar boat, by Nun the God of the watery chaos. The pyramid shape represents the very first mound of Earth formed and ruled over by Ra. This Benben or pyramid shape is said to have rose out of the water. 

Symbolically a Ferris wheel on or near water, and one that can be shaped into a pyramid represents Ra rising out of the watery chaos. The circle of the Ferris wheel symbolises a solar disc (The Sun). The ancients believed everything was created from the chaos, which was symbolised by dark waters. The Benu bird is also symbolically linked to the rising of the Benben (pyramid shaped mound of Earth).

I have mentioned the Ferris wheel on many occasions for several years now and I tell you the truth that it is very important symbolism and a very important tool for the illuminati. I realise a lot of folk think I am a loony to keep mentioning the Ferris wheel but let me show you the position of the Ferris Wheel on the Paris energy line before you ring for the straight jacket operators. Look at these pictures below shipmates! Please note I have now gone to the other side of the Ferris wheel at the bottom of the Champs-Élysées in an area know as the Jardin des Tuileries. I have my back to the Louvre museum and the Glass Pyramid located there. The obelisk is now behind the wheel.

(Picture by Matthew Delooze): I am standing as ‘central’ as I can to the pond.
Look where the 3000-year-old obelisk is located.

I immediately saw the same symbolism that I saw in Morecambe in 2004 whilst under spiritual direction but this time it was being shown to me in its full glory. (Behold the deceptive symbolism of the illuminati) A 3000-year-old obelisk rising out of water (chaos) lets move in for a closer look eh?

I moved closer, obviously walking around the pond to stop me from getting my feet wet (I’m not daft me tha knows!)

‘Behold the gold benben and the eye’ Can’t you see the gold benben and the eye in the centre of the wheel? Maybe this pic below will help. Come closer.

The pyramid and the eye! (Picture by Matthew Delooze)

This symbolism is exactly what I saw in Morecambe in 2004 but here ‘now’ it is on display in Paris for you all to see. Now then, is it a paranoid delusion that I associated the Ferris wheel with illuminati symbolism? If so do you now suffer from the same delusion? Well do you? This is illuminati symbolism in the extreme and illuminated Ferris wheels represent the same symbolism.

Obviously I couldn’t see the geometrical shape of the pond from ground level and I also want to show you the location of this wheel, in the energy line in the best way possible. So look at these pics below

A picture of the Hex shaped pond taken from the top of the wheel looking down towards the Louvre museum. (Glass pyramid and Arc de Carrousel)
A picture taken from the top of the wheel looking up to the 3000 year old obelisk and the Arc de Triomphe.

Although the two pics above are not taken at the highest point of the wheel, you can see that all the famous monuments are in a straight line. The Ferris wheel is literally halfway between the Pyramid at the Louvre (Pictured later) and the Arc de Triomphe and it somehow plays a very important part in the group of monuments on this so-called energy line. My photo’s prove that even amateur, snapshot, photography show you that the wheel is positioned to measure up perfectly with the Obelisk and Arc’ de Triomphe in one direction and Arc de Carrousel and the Glass Pyramid at the Louvre in the other. Indeed I’ll bet anyone that the Ferris wheel was measured up, to the millimetre, with the 3000-year-old symbolic obelisk brought in from Luxor. Coincidence is it? If so why would a nation so proud of its most famous ‘Posh’ ‘Chic’ Avenue, the Champs-Élysées, stick a walloping great uneconomical big Ferris wheel on it?

I’ll tell you why, its because the Ferris wheel is also pure illuminati symbolism and it is on a par with the Statue of Liberty the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben all rolled into one. It’s just that some of you cannot and will not even consider this information as being fact. Too silly to even contemplate isn’t it? You are no fool are you? You have a credit card and have been educated haven’t you? No one is going to make a tit-head out of you with a silly funfair ride are they? You are far too clever aren’t you?

OK then let me make clear, whilst I am in the mood and whilst I cannot afford to go to the pub, a simple fact about the Ferris wheel that you may not know, or should say you have forgotten, because I assure you someone told you this at school. I can also tell you that no one has mentioned or pointed out this simple fact out to me since I first started mentioning the Ferris wheel over four years ago. (Only nutters would write about Ferris Wheels being symbolic illuminati monuments and that they display occult symbolism eh?) Indeed I have purposely never mentioned it before. So then lets look at the symbolic facts about the Ferris wheel this way…

Official Question from teacher Miss Clever Clogs to the class at school: Can anyone tell me who created the Ferris wheel?

Official Answer from swotty Cecil Know-it-all: Please Miss it was ‘Mr Ferris’ Miss. Can I give you my apple Miss? Do you want me to clean your toilet seat with my Sunday best suit as well Miss?

Miss Clever Clogs says to Cecil: Yes Cecil my little pet it was George Ferris JR. I will give you a gold star for that and make sure you get a top job when you leave school for readily knowing what you are told and repeating it. (We all know of a Cecil Know-it-all don’t we?)

The fact is that it was indeed ‘George Ferris’ who created the symbolic Ferris wheel but let us be more respectful to him and announce his full name. It was George Washington Gale Ferris. Did you not know that? Can you see that this means,’ symbolically’ at least, that the name ‘George Washington’ had a hand in creating the Ferris wheel? Just like you accept the fact that the actions of George Bush can be symbolically carried out by ‘Dubya’ you have also symbolically accepted the fact that the Ferris wheel was indeed created by a ‘George Washington’. The name George Washington carried enormous Serpent Cult symbolism. I realise your state education will kick in and you may laugh at the suggestion.

You spiritually accept this kind of ‘name’ trickery because of the pathetic state education that is enforced on you through teachers like Miss Clever Clogs and arseholes like Cecil Know-it-all mentioned, tongue in cheek, earlier in this article. It is time to bloody well wake up and to help you do just that let me briefly move away from the subject of the energy line in Paris. (Don’t worry we will return to it soon. (Oh yes!)

Let me briefly tell you how the Ferris wheel came ‘into being’. This sort of info is vital and priceless if you really want to wake up in my opinion. The Ferris wheel ‘came about’ and was born through a ‘World Fair’. My research tells me that the world fairs were used, abused and manipulated by the Serpent Cult partly as an ‘excuse’ to fund and create famous world wide monuments, amongst other deceptions, without raising too many questions amongst the sheeple of the day. The Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Atomium in Brussels are two prime examples of world famous monuments that owe their existence to the presentation of the ‘World Fairs’ that went on all over the world at one time. I explain why the Atomium was built and the foundation symbolism behind it in my book, Is It Me For A Moment?

The Ferris wheel was also created for the World Fair in Chicago (1893). It appears to me that the secret societies actually arranged the layouts of the symbolic buildings and symbolic monuments that were used at all World Fairs and the World’s Columbian Exposition (another name for the Chicago World’s Fair) are no exception. Indeed a bloke named Daniel Hudson Burnham played a big part in the Chicago Exhibition. I don’t want to drone on about him, and you can click on his name to know more about him, so I will just say that he built this.

Masonic Temple Building in Chicago built by Bro Daniel Hudson: Enough said?

Again I have researched World Fairs and please believe me when I say that the trouser leg lifting Freemasons and other sun worshipping liars and conmen had their crafty fingers involved in all of them. 100%. They literally used them to built replica temples and occult monuments and then literally placed them right under the noses of the unknowing sheeple. Just like the Atomium and the Eiffel Tower were in the Brussels and Paris ‘World Fairs’ respectively. Was it simply done as an excuse to build them without any serious questions asked? Of course it was. I will also say the world fairs were massive events and had the same hypnotic powers as the main stream TV has today. Yes they really were that big an event. It is time to wake up folks or the bastards are going to grind you to dust. Sadly some of you are already salt pot filling material.

Anyway lets move on. We now know the Ferris wheel was created in Chicago by George Washington Gale Ferris Junior after he was selected by Freemason Daniel Burnham to do so. Another fact (or coincidence) is that the Ferris wheel was not only created by a symbolic founding father of the USA ‘George Washington’ Gale Ferris. It was also created to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of another secret society member Christopher Columbus and also celebrate, wait for it, the ‘New World’.

Indeed the Ferris wheel is totally laden with symbolism that is linked to the illuminate and the Serpent Cult. It literally is an obelisk, a benben stone (pyramid), an all seeing eye, the Sun and an acknowledgement of famous secret society members all rolled together in one monument. I tell you the truth, there is enormous symbolism behind the Ferris wheel and the secret rulers of this world have tricked you for at least a century about its symbolism and its true meaning. The Ferris wheel is literally a very powerful symbolic Sun God monument and it is literally being hidden right under our noses and I believe you would be a fool if you under-estimated its true symbolic meaning and therefore under-estimate its true spiritual power. Again your state education will kick in here and get you to fob the information off.

For those that have followed the information regarding Ferris wheels provided by myself through articles like Beside the Seaside and the Festival of Light. I will say that the pictures from the Champs-Élysées should show you that the George Washington Gale Ferris Wheel is very much part of the group of illuminati monuments in Paris and the symbolic history of the wheel is there in front of you too. What is your state education telling you now?

Again I ask all you conspiracy buffs and truth seekers out there if you actually believe the arrogant illuminati, and its puppets in the Serpent Cult, would allow what is seen as a funfair ride (Big Wheel) pride of place next to the ancient and symbolic monuments, that represent the like of Napoleon, in the centre of Paris if it did not suit them or their agenda to do so? Somehow I know your true answer and I say that if the Ferris wheel didn’t hold such symbolism it would not be allowed anywhere near ancient monuments in Paris or England or anywhere else that the pompous establishment kept their illuminati monuments.

In my opinion the Ferris wheel is vital to the Serpent Cult’s agenda. Indeed as far as I am concerned it the most covert and powerful symbolism they have and whilst you researchers out there are concentrating on obelisks and arches they are laughing their socks off and using the Ferris wheel to carry out rituals instead. The illuminati knew it needed portable symbolism centuries ago and the Ferris wheel was created to supply it for them and they knew all you clever awakened people wouldn’t see it.

So what is it all about? What the f**k is going on here with these wheels popping up all over the blinking place, in modern times, since 1999? We need to understand the way in which the Serpent Cult uses their esoteric symbolism. It’s so, so, easy for conspiracy theorists and truth seekers to say something like “hey up lads and lasses there is an energy line going through the centre of Paris and the bloody illuminati has gone and dumped their monuments on it”. We isn’t it?  We do just that, don’t we, just like the fucking parrots we are. It is so easy for us, who think we are awake, to nod in agreement and come out with a statement like. “Wow yes great stuff… an energy line in Paris complete with illuminati monuments on it. Whoopie…I am awake now”. (I hear things like this from silly, blind and false people nearly everyday.

Eh? What? Pardon me but have I missed something? Why do you think you are awake because you ‘heard’ there is an energy line in Paris and it has got monuments plonked on it? I live on a straight line in a row of houses in Burnley with dog shit and traffic cones on it, so does that make it an energy line too? No it doesn’t, does it? So shall we place dog shit and traffic cone monuments down the Champs-Élysées instead and overthrow the illuminati in doing so? Wake Up!

In my opinion, the so called free and awakened people in this world are not free and awakened people in this world and just because they visit forums and gossip and then repeat statements like the one I mentioned above doesn’t make them awake either. I am sorry if I sound harsh but I am trying to get through to certain people that a spiritual awakening, in my opinion, is not some fad or fashion that you can hawk on the internet, but it appears to me that is exactly what its meaning is becoming. We are trying to get out of a pen not trying to put ourselves in another one aren’t we? If I have got that understanding wrong then please tell me. I think the biggest nightmare of all for me would be to break the spell of the Serpent Cult, as I call it, but then become under the spell of morons who think they are spiritually free simply because they sussed out there was an energy line running down the Champs Elysees in Paris and they go on a forum pretending they are a fairy or a spiritual warrior. Fucking hell these folk dare not even use their own name and they claim to be a ‘warrior’.  They would run a mile if the authorities challenged them. They are full of shit and those people that do these things know they are full of shit.

I am all for the spread of information and obviously fake or untrue information will not and does not stand the test of time. That said there are very few people providing good information out there that does not fall in to the god/devil or light/dark category and those categories, I am sorry to say, all lead back to our own spiritual imprisonment and will cause our spiritual surrender as they have done for the last few thousand years in this world. Spiritual freedom is not for sale but it is available, and actually within, us all. No ‘Jesus of light’ figure is waiting on one side and coming to sort out the illuminati for us, the ‘Jesus light’ figure is just another famous deception practiced by the illuminati and they have no intention of freeing you or healing you, I can assure you of that. You can heal and free yourself but it is only ‘in’ you to do it, nobody else. There are no ascended masters, in my opinion, that can teach you how to awaken but there are plenty of people about trying to give you that impression. You can either take information in that will act as a trigger within you or you can reject information as being bullshit and you can keep it out of you. It is your choice to decide which way you want to go not some dope-smoking hippie’s choice or some fake guru’s choice.

Anyway sorry about my sermon, lets get back on track eh?… Where were we? OK… we had seen half of the monuments on the energy line in Paris, including the Ferris wheel and I also mentioned the symbolic creation of the original Ferris wheel at the World Fair in Chicago. So.

I want to go deeper like I did in my last article, regarding the Remembrance Day ritual and the Cenotaph monument, in regards to the so called energy line in Paris but I need to stay on the subject of the Ferris wheel just for a little while longer to show you how the illuminati can covertly place sun rebirth symbolism (Ferris wheels) right under our noses all around the globe. This act is not only to symbolically connect an energy link with the other symbolic monuments in our towns and cities, that were built by the establishment, but it is also to provide the hypnotic and symbolic means to extract our spiritual energy from us at the same time. I am not giving this information to bore you or waste your time. It is important in my opinion.

This is not easy to explain but please bear with me. If you have read my stuff about spiritual energy extraction at places like Glastonbury or indeed at landmark monuments on New Years Eve then it should be far easier for you to understand what I am trying to say in the next few paragraphs of this article. Obviously the main landmark monument used in London on New Years Eve is the London Eye, which is of course, is also a Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel in Paris (Roue de Paris) is a portable monument. This of course is very useful if you want to place it next to other important symbolic monuments around the world. For instance, as I have explained, the Ferris wheel is literally a ‘Sun and Obelisk’ (benben) monument and also, as I have explained, very symbolic names were used in the original creation of the Ferris wheel in Chicago.

So then baring everything in mind can you accept that if you placed a Ferris wheel in the middle of two statues it would be on a par with putting an obelisk and a sun disc in the middle of them? Let me demonstrate what I mean with a couple of pictures I took on my recent travels. I could have gone to most major cities in the world, especially with the dramatic increase in the use of Ferris Wheels in recent years.
Have a look at these.

A Ferris wheel and Carrousel appears in Edinburgh next to the Scott (Freemason) monument. Picture by Matthew Delooze

There was obviously very little room for this Ferris wheel in Edinburgh but they made sure it was there. There was several locations nearby that were far more suitable than squashing it there. Glasgow did exactly the same thing, also next to the Scott monument. These things take on spectacular visual occult symbolism, especially after dark.

The true symbolism Sun, Pyramid and Eye is being illuminated besides a monument honouring a Freemasonic puppet, in this case ‘Sir Walter Scott’

I could many fill many pages just showing you many city centres that are using these things near older established monuments, obelisks etc, especially leading up to the winter solstice and they are usually hidden in Winter Wonderland promotions. Here is a picture of Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland.


Winter Wonderland ‘Cardiff’: Ferris wheel placed next to symbolic buildings

Here is another one in Preston town centre that I took on my travels. At one side of the wheel is the Queens Obelisk and the Preston Cenotaph is on the other. Just like in Edinburgh there were far better locations available for the wheel nearby.


The Cenotaph and Obelisk sandwich the Ferris wheel. The same scam is happening in many cities. (Picture by Matthew Delooze)

These things are going on all around the world on various scales. I have explained previously that Ferris wheels are notoriously uneconomical. So why are they appearing all over the bloody place? Who is funding it all? The London Eye alone is losing 25 million pounds a year. Why is this happening you might ask? Well simply put my friends, and again I tell you the truth, placing a Ferris wheel in these locations basically turns the area in to a ‘Sun Temple’ and whatever monuments or buildings that are in the same area also become part of that temple (just like the Sistine chapel is literally becomes a sun temple because there is an obelisk plonked outside in St Peters Square) Our corrupt authorities are allowing this to go on through corrupt councils and the rest of the Serpent Cult’s network of corruption. Your local council doesn’t give a monkey’s about these wheels nor your enjoyment.

To be blunt if you put a for sale sign outside of your house it means your house is for sale, so if you put an obelisk outside a building it becomes a sun temple. It is simply a symbolic sign that advertises the facts. The Ferris wheel is just the same, it’s a symbolic sign.

The original symbolic benben stone and the sun disc were shown coming out of the watery chaos (order out of chaos) and if you read the link to the Paris Ferris wheel you will see that it uses water ballast tanks to provide a stable base. So this is literally order out of chaos symbolism. Again it’s simply a sign advertising the fact. It is literally a benben rising out of water sign. But also on a recent trip to Preston just before Christmas I realised the crafty buggers were using ice rinks to symbolise the water too (as the ice rinks are made of water) Most Winter Wonderland events use ice rinks, so again the symbolism is hidden right under our noses with the perfect excuse to be there.

The use of Ferris wheels in this sort of situation goes much deeper and it is used on far more occasions than you may think. Think again about the symbolism surrounding the birth of the Ferris wheel in Chicago (Washington/Columbus/ New World). Also look at more recent locations where they have stuck a Ferris wheel (London, Paris, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and all over the bloody world.

I recently put a news item on my website regarding a ritual that took place in Kuala Lumper and I suggested spiritual energies were being extracted through a giant monument placed there in 2006. Just look at what I found lurking in the background at the very same ritual in the picture below. Oh come on! A Ferris wheel at a Hindu festival for flips sake wake up. Whatever next? Dodgem cars at the Vatican?

A bloody Ferris wheel even appeared during a Hindu Festival in Kuala Lumper Wake Up!

Obviously it could all be a coincidence but the coincidences are growing all the time and I assure you more ‘coincidences are planned as we speak’. Also let me point out that the Paris Ferris wheel is obviously taken from the Champs Elysees ‘energy line’ and placed on other energy lines time and time again. Is it possible that spiritual energy can be collected and released by the portable Ferris wheel when it is placed in other symbolic areas? Just a thought. The Paris Ferris wheel is made stable using water tanks. So it is literally always rising out of the water wherever it is placed. It has appeared in many places but always goes back to Paris. Here is a picture of it near a replica of an ancient Temple in Suan Lum Bangkok. Wakey Wakey!


The portable Paris wheel in Bangkok (top corner) and the ancient Temple. Are you clicking on yet? I suppose they could stick their symbolism right up our arses and we’d still say it got there by coincidence wouldn’t we?

Doris to Burt..” Is that that a Ferris wheel stuck up your jacksy Burt, mingling in there right next to your testicles?” Burt to Doris.. ” No dear i think its a funny shaped hemorrhoid, it must be just a coincidence dear, just a coincidence.” (I wish I were kidding!)

It has become obvious to me during many hours of research and deep thought that there is absolutely no doubt that the Serpent Cult, as I call it, are taking the piss and using occult symbolism hidden in the Ferris wheel.

Anyway as I promised, lets go back to the Paris energy line to finish off travelling down it. On the 28th December 2007 I walked the Champs-Élysées and I stared at the Ferris wheel that was ablaze with lights in front of me. Memories of my Morecambe experiences came flooding back to me. I was being educated again. I travelled down from the Arch De Triumph past the 3000-year-old obelisk through the ‘Arc de Carrousel’ and on to the massive glass pyramid outside the Louvre Museum (A former massive royal palace). Let me point out that the funfair Carrousel’s are usually located near the Ferris wheels at Winter Wonderland events all around the world. I also believe that the Arc de Carrousel symbolism from the Paris energy line is represented around the world by the carrousel funfair ride and the same funfair ride is symbolically on a par with the Ferris wheel.
Here is the Arc de Carrousel in Paris and it was the next monument on the Paris energy line, known as the Axe Historique, that I came to.

The Arc de Carrousel (glass pyramid through middle arch) Picture By Matthew Delooze

I then moved through to the Louvre glass pyramid and the museum.

The glass pyramid at the Louvre. Nothing ‘Illuminati’ involved about that then eh? Picture by Matthew Delooze taken during early morning.

So there you have it folks I had walked from the Arc De Triomphe to the Louvre and I will say the most symbolic thing I saw was indeed the Ferris wheel. I decided to go in the Louvre, it was dark and three Euro cheaper after 6 o’clock. The queue was massive and I am a cranky impatient bugger on the best of days. I knew I was there to understand things so that helped calm my impatient ways.  That said I waited to get in only to find that as soon as you get into the actual pyramid you have go down a level that is located directly under the pyramid itself and then have to queue again to pay the entrance fee!! Did I Swear? What do you think!


You are guided downwards under the pyramid and then form another massive queue to pay your entrance fee. This is a promo picture and does not in anyway show the manic pandemonium that goes on with the tourists in the Louvre.

It took a full hour and a half just to get in the bloody place. There were literally thousands of people in the massive museum. I was symbolically directed to certain artifacts and monuments in it and I was somehow made aware of the positioning of some of these monuments.

Matthew Delooze trying to find direction, in more ways than one, in the Louvre
I realised that all the artifacts in the museum were actually ‘set around’ the pyramid that was located outside. ‘The artifacts surrounded the pyramid’

Things started to get interesting for me and I suddenly had flashbacks in my mind of walking down the Champs-Élysées in a straight line towards the pyramid from the Arch de Triomphe, past the obelisk, past the Hexagon shaped pond, past the Ferris wheel and past the Arc de Carousel and into the Pyramid. I immediately felt drained. What the hell is going on here I thought. I was in a spiritual daze. Like I was pissed (drunk). (No I hadn’t touched a bloody drop and at 8 Euro a pint I wasn’t able to) Yes I had indeed walked part way along an invisible energy line but I somehow knew that the monuments were just as important as the actual invisible energy ‘line’. I realised in my daze that the ‘creators’ of the monuments were actually feeding from energy that was being created by the visitors, and the mass thoughts of others, and the energy was somehow being passed through the monuments and they, the creators of the monuments, somehow had exclusive rights to the energy they had extracted.

I realised that ‘They’ are siphoning off energy because ‘We’ automatically adore or simply accept the monuments as being idols deserving respect.

‘Just like we drink a milkshake through a straw they suck energy through the monuments’. ‘The more symbolic the monument the bigger the size of milkshake’ comes to my mind. Do you know what I mean? Lets go a little deeper while we can eh? Don’t worry most of the plastic sheeple of the spiritual communities will have long left this article by now, so there is only us serious folk left to trigger our inner memories within. So please come with me…

Thousands of human beings are being led into the pyramid at the Louvre but it’s not for their own benefit in my opinion. Far from it. The fact that the Louvre is full of ancient symbolic monuments, that literally surround the pyramid, only confirmed my thoughts that spiritual energy extraction is taking place.  Please look at the picture below.

The Louvre courtyard: Surrounded on three sides by the Museum.

The glass pyramid at the Louvre is where the energy line ends, not starts in my opinion. A few ‘scholars’ believe the Louvre museum building itself is outside of the ‘axe historique’. I say it doesn’t really matter if it is or not. If you look at the picture above and imagine the surrounding walls to be ‘invisible’ you would see that the most respected artifacts in the world would literally surround the pyramid. (I looked at the Louvre set up and it literally reminded me of a modern day version of Stonehenge with the walls of the museum creating a type of vaginal monolith situation). These artifacts and monuments in the museum contain massive amounts of spiritual residue in my opinion. Indeed the amount of world wide ‘respect’ (spiritual energy) that has been created (hyped) for the monuments in the Louvre is literally immeasurable. Can you imagine the amount of collective thoughts that are targeted toward the Louvre and/or its contents every single day? How many school kids alone are told of the wonders of the Mona Lisa alone? Pardon the pun but ‘think’ about it.

The Mona Lisa the Venus Demilo etc etc etc are embedded in the collective consciousness of the human race and are put on a spiritual pedestal so to speak. That is the case even if, like me, you think some of the artifacts look like a bag o’ shite. Indeed I like my statues to actually have all their limbs in tact don’t you?

As I say in my latest book… emotional respect creates spiritual energy. Never forget that emotional respect creates spiritual energy. Get it to sink in for I tell you the truth, and my words are trustworthy, that certain monuments are used ‘as vessels for spiritual energy’ and the creators of the monuments actually receive the spiritual energy that is created. Remember thoughts about artifacts and monuments create respect for them therefore thoughts of respect give energy to their creators. Get it? Of course this information will cause conflict in your mind because your state education has told you different from me, indeed your education has taught you to laugh at me.
Let’s go a shade deeper? Are you ready? If you have followed my books and articles up to now and trust me then you are ready to go deeper and I am here to take you deeper.

No matter what your age is you will have heard of wars and invasions. You should know that puppets create wars and that the victors get the spoils of war. Famous antiquities and relics are always plundered in wars aren’t they? They are literally stolen. A good way of explaining what I am trying to say is by using the phrase ‘sentimental value’ we all have something with no financial value that still means a lot to us, be it a photograph, a trinket, an autograph or even a pair of skimpy frilly knickers that were once worn by Suzy Quatro (imagined sentimental value on my part). Well you know what I mean don’t you? Sentimental value! (I have no picture of the latter in the sentimental value list, sorry guys)

Can you begin see that ancient monuments carry massive amounts of ‘sentimental value’ that they have received for hundreds or thousands of years through the emotional respect or even direct worship from human beings? I hope so. The ancient common people were ordered to worship images and idols in the Temples and Palaces of their masters.

The human beings of thousands of years ago (including you my friend) were conned into giving away emotional respect to idols and occult monuments just like we are today. I am here to tell you that if you bow to a monument or any other form of symbolism you will surrender your spiritual energy to it, especially if you utter symbolic prayer to it. (Just like Christian/Lords Prayer/ Cross) It’s that simple. We don’t all openly bow down to monuments these days BUT we are all tricked into doing so through false education and Hollywood etc. It was and is still a vicious circle and its time to stop and wake up. If you don’t wake up, in my opinion, you will do exactly the same in your next life and fall for the same trickery. If you surrender your spiritual energy in life you will also surrender your spiritual energy in death and the force that you surrendered your spirit to will be allowed to dictate your spiritual future. That force is what I call The Serpent Cult. It is a very cold and deceptive force too.

So can you see, if it is true that a monument can indeed hold and pass on spiritual energy to its creators, that a ‘collection’ of ancient monuments, that the masses have been forced to literally worship for thousands of years, will be very valuable to those that know this and also know how to use the monuments and where to place them? The Serpent Cult is an expert at it. Indeed wouldn’t it suit those that know of these things to actually build museums, fill them full of cherished artifacts, and get millions of people to come and ‘admire’ the symbolic monuments and artifacts contained in them? Yes? You know… just like silly buggers like me who queued up for an hour and a half just to see ancient Assyrian bas reliefs and stand in awe of them? Where did the energy created by my actions and these respected artifacts actually go. It must go somewhere, well mustn’t it?

Remember all these artifacts in the Louvre are actually on or surrounding ‘an energy line’, the Axe Historique. Coincidence is it? Coincidence my arse. The illuminati know how these energy lines work and they know what items to place on the lines to manipulate them.

Let’s just think about it for a moment shall we, especially about the museums. Do you actually believe that the establishment give a monkey’s toss if the peasants like you and me get to actually ‘see’ ancient relics? No they don’t but I bet you are beginning to see why they encourage folk to come and see them now eh? They want people to ‘add’ to the sentimental value of the monuments and put spiritual residue on them. They want this because they know this will add to the spiritual energy value of the monuments. The Serpent Cult also requires the free will of the collective consciousness (the human race) to accept these monuments as being special. (Supreme). You don’t have to actually be in the museums to give sentimental value to the artifacts and monuments either. Again you will have been covertly forced to give sentimental spiritual value to these things through your actions in the classroom, through books and pictures and also through blockbuster movies etc. You don’t all have to queue up for an hour and a half to be screwed at all. They get you anyway.

Obviously we cannot ‘see’ on our dumbed down 5 senses level how spiritual energy is harnessed and collected and actually delivered through monuments but I can give you a little clue. I took a picture inside the Louvre glass pyramid whilst pointing it at the capstone, it is below. Try to image that the orbs in the picture below represent spiritual energy and they are being extracted by and through the glass pyramid at the Louvre because of the energy line that all us clever awakened people know is there. Wouldn’t it look something like this?


The swirling orbs heading up through the capstone at the glass pyramid at the Louvre. Picture by Matthew Delooze

I consider the picture above very symbolic of how our spiritual energy is extracted from us without us having the slightest clue. Indeed embedded in our collective consciousness is the fact that the word Louvre (doors) actually means a form of escape or a chimney. The Serpent Cult is not as daft as the average forum gossip tha knows! Can you accept that spiritual energy can be created and collected on energy lines, via hypnotic occult symbolism, artifacts and monuments, because of the way we are educated and what we are shown and ordered to accept as fact?

Can you accept this? Yes? Lets go a little deeper then…….. Come on…… (Wow we are going deeper by the minute today folks!). If you want to break the serpent’s spell then we have to go deeper. As I said at the beginning of this article, just like in the Swinging on the Gates of Hades article we will go deeper. So lets go if you want to go… lets go now…. so we have this ‘energy line’ in Paris and we have pondered on the thought that monuments and relics on this line are actually energy vessels and these vessels can actually extract, harness and then deliver our spiritual energy for and to their creators respectfully. So if this is true then ‘who’ is collecting all the energy from us by using the energy line and the monuments placed on it? If it as to be an act of our free will for these things to take place then surely we should be fully able to see the force that is taking the energy from us or for that matter receiving it, otherwise it is not our free will that is allowing these things to happen is it? Could it be the slippery serpent is hiding behind symbolic ‘names’ again just like they hide behind the name Hades in the Remembrance Day poppy ritual and therefore our free will is given whilst we are oblivious to the true reasons behind the scam?

Surely it should be easy to spot or right under our noses in Paris too?
Yes it is but have you ever tried looking? I see many ‘awakened’ folk who say to me ‘there is an energy line in Paris City centre you know Matthew’. They might as well tell themselves there is a skid mark in their underpants for all that energy line information means to them and to be honest they would find it hard to tell themselves what was the original source of the skid mark anyway. The term ‘Awakened my arse’ should give them a clue.

If you want to know where the spiritual energy ‘goes’ on the Champs Elysees energy line, or how it already has your will to do so, then I will tell you… its up to you if you believe me or not I just promised to take you deeper that’s all, so here goes”… The stolen spiritual energy goes exactly to the same place it goes to on Remembrance Day when we all get the poppies out and worship Morpheus through the monument called ‘Cenotaph’. That place is called the ‘underworld’ or you may know it better as the lower fourth dimension, ‘Lower fourth’ also sounds more fashionable for the conmen DVD sellers and the doped up hippies to use in the conspiracy/ spiritualist communities and some of the other muppets lurking around in them under false pretences doesn’t it? Well it does through my experiences but please call the underworld what you will because it’s simply ‘another dimension’. Its a dimension that’s literally taking the piss and sucking the energy out of this dimension, this world, through dumbing you down and deceiving you.

Anyway. ‘Our stolen spiritual energy goes to what is known as the underworld my friends’. So now you know. The underworld has to announce and declare themselves in some way to gain your free will and acceptance. Just like Morpheus announces himself (the underworld) through the Poppy on Remembrance Day to gain your acceptance and free will to honour him  (spiritually accept). (Hence me telling you that story, previous to me telling you this story. That’s the kinda guy I am!)

The underworld or the lower fourth is the ‘The home of Morpheus and the Gates of Hades etc’. Only this time the underworld is announcing itself to gain your free will and gain your acceptance through the Paris energy line and the answer is in the name of the actual ‘Avenue’ that the energy line is named after. This is the Champs-Élysées, one of the most admired and accepted locations in the world, which literally means ‘Elysian Fields’ (part of the underworld) and I believe multidimensional forces feed of the symbolism and the energy created on the Paris energy line and have announced the Champs-Élysées as the means to gain the acceptance of our free will. Comprehend?

Just like we readily give free will and acceptance to the poppy as covert symbolism that represents the underworld, we also give free will to the Elysian Fields through the symbolism located on the energy line in Paris through the Champs-Élysées. (Including modern day corporate logo’s, Posh Shops in other words) Again the brainwashing you received in the classrooms will make it very hard for you to accept this. Most people think Champs-Élysées simply means ‘posh shops in Paris’ and most people accept it as that. Their free will accepts it as that. The secret rulers of this world have cleverly created a symbolic ‘underworld’ through using Greek mythology and the French language. But it’s just a deception for us to unknowingly give away our spiritual energy, even surrender our spiritual destiny through our manipulated free will. The Greek underworld, its mythology, is just deceptive covert symbolism that will seriously affect your subconscious and its also just another version of Roman mythology or Egyptian mythology in that it ‘creates’ Gods in your mind along with the means to worship them and in turn this will force you to spiritually surrender to them. A group of multidimensional beings alien to this world have created a labyrinth of occult symbolism in your mind and it is used to get you to worship them indirectly through mythological deities. Basically you worship Reptilian Alien Beings through subconscious proxy voting.

You and I create our reality through our subconscious thoughts so it serves the Serpent Cult to control our subconscious thoughts and place themselves, as our gods, in our subconscious thoughts and therefore gain our respect for their symbolic monuments through manipulation of our subconscious. ‘What the masses think they get-they get’. When they have done this we are putty in their hands and we will always be hypnotised on a five sense conscious level through the manipulation of our subconscious. Therefore we will automatically give our energy away through direct and indirect worship of anything the Serpent Cult implant in our subconscious to worship, be it the Mona Lisa, Kylie Minogoue’s backside or a five dollar bill. We literally have no say in the matter because we are so dumbed down on a conscious level and our subconscious is so bogged down and one sided. Its literally been hijacked. The Serpent Cult control most of our ‘genetic make up’ (our dna, our computer programme, our body, call it what you will) through various means and each and everyone of us will be sucked in by one of the tools of what I call Serpent control of our subconscious. It has been planned that way. This sort of control over our subconscious ranges in scale from directly getting you on your knees in a Church praying to thin air to making you lust after pornography and masturbating yourself into oblivion (sorry to be blunt). It does not matter which is your chosen favourite pastime because both extremes are simply in existence to extract your emotional respect (spiritual energy). The Serpent really controls all paths and will get your emotional respect (spiritual energy) through any means it wants. The Serpent Cult know our DNA and they know what naturally attracts us, they simply hijack all the things that can create emotion in you and slap their occult symbolism on it. It doesn’t matter what you are or who you are the Serpent Cult knows your weaknesses because it knows you and your genetic makeup.

The Serpent Cult always gets you to respect its symbolism be it in a church or a sex shop. It does not matter which one. You are living a false life trapped in this illusion simple because it was all implanted in our subconscious long ago to be so and the occult symbolism acts as an hypnotic trigger within you and it keeps you in subservient slumber.

The time is coming when you will be given the choice of waking up and escaping your prison or staying in it. The choice will be yours. The hypnosis of the Serpent Cult will increase in the hope that you get scared or force you to stay in the comfort zone the Serpent Cult has provided for you to hide in.  I know it is easy to hide in a comfort zone but take heed, these comfort zones only last as long as the Serpent wants them to and only in this lifetime anyway.  Are things starting to make sense? Am I achieving my goal in creating some extra understanding for you? I thank you for following me through the last few paragraphs. I am sure the information you read in them will help you in the future.

Lets get back to five-sense reality again. I had a task in 2004 to try and start to put this ‘Ferris Wheel’ type information out to the public. Initially the thought of a Ferris wheel being an illuminati created symbolic monument is a tad weird and hard to explain and obviously open to ridicule. To claim that a Ferris wheel is also used as a portable ‘spiritual energy extractor’ that can literally turn an area into a Sun Temple and is purposely placed on energy lines around the world for use in Sun rebirth rituals is even harder. I started with the simple stuff in 2004 but in this article I have attempted to bring you forward by going slightly deeper. I realise that the vast majority of people will laugh at the suggestions I make in this article. I don’t give a monkey’s toss because I know how blind they are. It is the few people that have ‘that feeling in their chest’ that I am trying to get through to, and I won’t ever stop trying to get through to even a single person. I will walk any desert to find my Rain.

Before I finish this article and you go back to 5-sense reality I would like to take you back to the Chicago World Fair, where the Ferris wheel was created now that I have explained energy lines and monuments etc. You should understand more now. I sincerely hope so. Here are a couple of pictures that were created at the World’s Fair as a very small example as to what sort of monuments were built in the grounds of Worlds Fairs regardless of cost.

The Republic Statue (Chicago Worlds Fair)


Replica of the Luxor Sun Temple (Chicago Worlds Fair)

I am convinced that the World Fairs were used for the use of occult symbolism and monuments for the affect they had on the mass consciousness of the time. It is hard to get all this information to you but I am very please to say I found a little video on the net about the World’s Fair in Chicago and although it is based on the growth of the USA as a world power and imperialism the creators of the video are asking serious questions as to the real role of the world fair. But so am I. Please click here to watch the video. (Please don’t be put off by the comic side of this video please watch it through)

Please note that a replica of the Republic statue is all that remains of the massive fair. The same scenario applies to most other World Fairs. Again, the Eiffel Tower and the Atomium are prime examples of the sorts of monuments being created via the world fairs.

The Ferris wheel was also a major part of the Chicago event and I have tried to prove to you beyond doubt that the Ferris wheel is a major part of illuminati symbolism. You now know the symbolic history of it too. It is entirely up to you if you accept the information or not. I will say that the illuminati will increase the use of the Ferris wheel all around the world in the coming months and years leading up to 2012, especially at symbolic sites and alongside ancient monuments that have gained immeasurable sentimental value from the collective consciousness of the human race over thousand of years. Keep your eye out for Ferris wheels on the news! Cos one will be coming to a City near you!

The title of this long article is Spitting out the Feathers of the Benu Bird. In my opinion The Benu Bird is Sun God symbolism that has helped spiritually enslave mankind for thousands of what you see as years. The Serpent Cult has symbolically rammed this bird down our throat and we have been subjected to very crafty hypnosis techniques that have rendered us spiritually on a par with a plastic dog turd from a joke shop.

I say to any of you that will listen, if you can or even want to hear it, “It really is time to start …Spitting out the Feathers of the Benu Bird’… if you want to be free”

As the lyrics of the song I quoted at the beginning of this article say.  I am the flame – the heat of the fire. Call me a fool – Don’t call me a liar.

It is time for me to go. I cannot tell you anymore on this subject at this time. I only suggest you take your time to read this article several times because the information provided is very powerful and will serve you well in the future.

May love reign o’er you all.

Matthew Delooze

28th Jan 2008

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2008. All Rights Reserved.

(That copyright applies to the thieving bastards on blogs and conmen lecturers too!)

This article has been provided for free for you to read and for you to either accept it or laugh at it. It took a lot of time and effort to gather this information and produce it. Most people, but not all by a long chalk, just take from me. In my opinion this is priceless information for genuine truth seekers and a spiritual trigger for those I love unconditionally. Despite what some people believe I live a hand to mouth existence and by UK standards I live in dire poverty.