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A picture of the past…or is it really of the present?

A picture of the past…or is it really of the present?


Playing as Ghetto Policeman, 1943 © Archive of Modern Conflict/Chris Boot

We are our own prison warders from birth!

This picture stirred things in me simply because it shows me that we police and imprison ourselves. Please read the official explanation of the photograph below.

This is Lodz in Poland, the site of an infamous Nazi ghetto. It was here that Henryk Ross along with another 164,000 Jews was incarcerated for four years until the ghetto was liquidated in 1944. But Ross was a photographer and he kept a unique record of what
really happened here. The Nazis had put the running and policing of the ghetto in Jewish hands, a situation which created a system of privilege among its inhabitants. There were those who had the merest chance of survival and those who had none. Among his many duties as one of the ghetto’s official photographers Ross had to document the production of
goods by the inhabitants of Lodz sold to make money for their captors.

Before the liquidation of the ghetto, Ross buried all the negatives …, hoping they might survive, even if he didn’t. Amazingly, both he and the negatives did and in 1961 his most incriminating pictures helped hang war criminal Adolf Eichmann. But there were other
photographs that Ross had taken that had no place in the courtroom and, until recently, no place in our image of the Holocaust. As well as his other pictures, Ross had in an unselfconscious way, photographed the everyday life of the ghetto, including marriages, religious ceremonies and parties. In these pictures we see a happy, well-fed Jewish elite
and scenes that show some uncomfortable truths about the ghetto system,
like a little boy dressed up like a policeman, in his own ghetto-made
uniform, playing a game of ‘arrest your best playmate’.

“The battle over this material partly rests in the argument that there was no joy in the ghetto and these pictures certainly do challenge that. Contrary to any thought that they might complicate the picture of German cruelty or any question about the extent about the
Holocaust, they actually give a very, very clear idea of how the German war machine within that period managed the Holocaust. There’s something very immediate about photography, there’s something very powerful about many of these pictures. You can’t look at these pictures without knowing that everyone, or almost everyone, in them was killed before
the war was over.” (Chris Boot, Photo-historian)
Extract from ‘Right Time, Right Place’, Genius of Photography (Wall to Wall)…

In my opinion there is nothing unique about a ‘controlling force’ actually using ‘some of the controlled’ to act as prison warders. The picture of the children playing in the ghetto is a very good example. We are all quite willing to enslave our brothers and our sisters simply to receive higher status within the prison. Well are we not? We are all prepared to allow oppression as long as we see human beings more oppressed than ourselves. Indeed we will ourselves create oppression if it pays us to do so and it allows us more privileges than prisoners that are wrongly seen as being of a lower rank.

Human history is full of good examples of how human beings blindly control other human beings simply for a bigger slice of the material cake. I see people everyday that would leave you in the gutter starving as long as they received more status and material wealth within the same prison.  The material rulers of this world don’t actually rule us. They use their lackeys to rule us. The use us to rule us. It’s very easy to see how the wealthy illuminati in this world control us through our own lusts and material greed or through poverty and religion. It is time to start to realise that the illuminati are only higher ranking prisoners in the same prison. Yes they have ‘good lives’. They don’t go hungry and they don’t worry about paying taxes and energy bills but they are still prisoners.

The illuminati are simply agents for an unseen force that is alien to this world. A force that hides away from view. The illuminati are simply prison ‘trustees’, lackey’s for the Serpent Cult, just like real prisoners that wear a red band, and they receive their rewards for controlling the masses in a global prison just like a red band receives rewards in a normal prison. There is no difference whatsoever.

Open your minds and you will see that you are trapped in a prison and by simply obeying the ‘red bands’ you will be a prisoner for ever.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze.    1st January 2008