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The Arrival of the Rain Bow Gate

The Arrival of the Rain Bow Gate

An Important Delooze News Report

Cross over shame like the wise Dove…
who cares not for fame… … just for shy love
(I Hunter/ Mott the Hoople: Hymn for the Dudes 1973)

Hello Folks,

I sincerely hope any and all genuine truth-seekers out there are OK and also I hope their hearts are strong, especially as we start to approach 2012.

It all seems rather strange and very surreal to me as I write this short update. Even though I have only been off line for a few months it still seems like a very long time. I have mixed feelings about publishing this update, especially so because the information it contains will be meaningless to many. That said, it is clear to me that sometimes it is very important that information regarding certain events, albeit relatively mundane events, gets to those that need to see it, and I know that the event mentioned below is spiritually vital to some minds and souls out there and it is to those folks that this message is sent and it is sent with good intentions.

It should no secret to those folks that have found my previous work and information important to them, that I have mentioned a lot of monuments/sculptures etc in the past. I have previously made it clear that I believe that certain official monuments, especially the famous land marks like the London Eye etc, are purposely created by the Serpent Cult, through the old boy network and then opened by their puppet ‘celebrity’ artists. I have also made it clear that sculptures and monuments are also sometimes subcontracted (commissioned)or blatantly hijacked from independent artists via very tempting sponsorships or other funding schemes that are usually supplied through the corrupt local authorities. In these cases the artist is literally ‘told’ what to create. In a nutshell, the Serpent Cult simply ‘bung’ the artist to supply their own pre-planned symbolism hidden as unique art and then simply place the symbolic monument within their own pre-planned and ritualised foundations (Usually Ley lines) for use within their own agendas. The Serpent Cult uses its esoteric knowledge right under the noses of a stupefied public knowing it will receive no comback and in my opinion, because of the enforced spiritual blindness placed on the human race, the same cult believe that things will always be like that. Indeed how can the blind expose what goes on right under their noses.

I don’t believe things will always be like that and I also believe that the Serpent Cult will one day reap what it sows in the monument situation.

With that in mind I would like to draw attention to the construction of a monument currently taking place, literally as I speak, in my home town of ‘Burnley’ (Burnley should be twinned with Rock Ridge!).

The Rain Bow Gate

 The Rain Bow (two separate words) Gate is currently being constructed in Princess Way Burnley. It is just around the corner, literally a couple of hundred yards from where I grew up as a lad. Officially the Rain Bow Gate is part of a £1 million pound scheme known as the ‘Public Realm Transformation Project’ and ‘Tonkin Liu’ got the nod to create the monument that is described as ‘Burnley’s Gateway’.

You can see on the official poster pictured above that the scheme is sponsored using several occult symbols, including Burnley’s “Bees” but this message is not sent to you to point out such things. I have pointed them out before in my struggles and attempts to help folks, if I have failed to trigger or educate you during 2004-2010 then I do not believe my future information will be for you. So I suggest you do not waste your time on anymore of it if that is the case.

Anyway, Tonkin Liu, the official architects of the Gate, also created the Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley too. As mentioned earlier the Serpent Cult simply ‘buy’ the artist and/or place the monument within their own symbolic foundations for their own agenda.

I believe this is the case with the Singing Ringing Tree and I have given my opinion on that monument and its meaning in my book, Is It Me for a Moment – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell? I also believe that the same architects got the Rain Bow Gate ‘job’ simply because of their previous contacts within the corrupt Burnley civic brotherhood and other links with the liars and fraudsters that have privileged and sway within the criminal committees inside the local authorities.

In my opinion on a five sense level, The Rain Bow Gate has physically appeared in Burnley more through the actions of a vain incompetent egotistical back-scratching clique, than any covert plan to provide a work of art or even a symbolic occult monument for the Serpent Cult. Mind you Burnley and Lancashire have not got a monopoly in employing egotistical back-scratching cliques to run our towns for crafty unseen faces. This entire country follows the same rules and serves the same unseen faces. Obviously this fact is becoming more transparent, as we see the plugs to our bathtubs of comfort being threatened more and more everyday (Ref: singing do wah diddy essay 2004) and it is only a matter of time my friends, when some greedy fat arses will be left soaking wet next to an empty bath that once contained their illusionary comforts, and believe me no towel on this side of Jupiter will be big enough to hide their dirty cracks when it happens.

Anyway, back to the monument :)… Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu (Official Architects) explains the ideas behind Rain Bow Gate…

“We were inspired by how the viaduct frames the view of the surrounding landscape, which I think is one of the best things about Burnley.”

“Rain Bow Gate, is a bow structure that integrates 500 prisms to capture light and create rainbows. A new breed of single-surface structure we’ve pioneered with structural engineers at Arup, the structure uses advanced digital modelling, analysis, and fabrication tools. The transformation of light into rainbow evokes a sense of wonder, which we feel is at heart of education.”

“Rain – celebrates Burnley’s nature and weather which was pivotal to Burnley’s industrial past. Bow – reflects the arches of the viaduct, a dynamic and highly-efficient structural form. Gate – reflects how the different parts of Burnley connect at this site. Click here for official report.

Eh?  Different parts of Burnley connect at this site? Sense of wonder? Heart of Education? Well how can I not disagree with that explanation?  After all I was born in this shit hole town and I have spent 53 years here. I’m sure luvvies ‘Mike & Anna’ mean well, especially when arty farty money is changing hands, but I’m sure they would admit that they know absolutely nothing of Burnley’s true past or for that matter its present. I’ll give you my brief version of the town as an aging, cranky old man, resident of Burnley.

 “Burnley is nothing but a collection of small variously themed ghettos that wallow in deprivation whilst under the oppressive control of a sick brood of vipers”. 

Matthew Delooze September 12th 2011

The vast majority of the towns workers and other slave residents spend a lifetime (usually shortened by 10 years or more) through (a) being proud and surviving on poverty wages in soul destroying jobs or (b) not being proud and allowing themselves to live a life of misery on state handouts. Both (a) and (b) groups, if that way inclined, will also duck and dive through the proceeds of petty crime (I have done all three!). These fellow pathetic oppressed blind slaves are, at the same time, totally controlled by the policies of local gangsters posing as honest professional executives and their puppets within the local authorities and/or worse by hardened criminals, wheeling and dealing, usually in drug or property scams, whilst posing as academically gifted professional pillars of society. In reality all would have you knee capped for ten bob and murder your grandmother for less. Burnley is a cesspit that is literally on a par with Sodom.

So, maybe, if a pathetic nutter like me can be so bold to suggest it, Tonkin Lui should have/could have provided a far more apt monument to symbolise a gateway into Burnley, one that would truly represent this shit hole of a town, far more than a rainbow does? May I humbly suggest that a replica of Rodin’s Gate of Hell (Based on the ‘Inferno’ section of Dante’s Divine Comedy) would be more apt?

 Rodin’s Hell’s Gate and a section of it.

 Anyway, again, back to the Rain Bow Gate monument…. I have actually supervised the installation of the foundations of the Rain Bow Gate monument and then literally witnessed its creation. The Gate is not completely finished yet (Due October) but you will note (below) that the steel structure has 500 little oblong shapes cut in to it. The reason for this is to create and insert small ‘prisms’. The structure is built to literally create many little rainbows all around anyone standing underneath it. Obviously anyone looking from a distance would/should see the rainbows too. (If Burnley gets any decent light of course)

The little oblong ‘slits’ will create ‘Rainbow Rods’

All Photos copyright Matthew Delooze 2011

 Hey… Anyone who followed my Ayahuasca workshop writings like ‘Only Love Can Bring The Rain’ or ‘Standing in The Line Of Fire’, from a few years ago now, may remember my experiences whilst surrounded by little ‘rainbow rods’.  I hope you can and if you can remember them then I’m glad. I tell you the truth, albeit on a personal spiritual level, I have waited a bloody long time for this symbolism to arrive in my home town. Hey…  I don’t know what I tell a psychiatrist though as my Rain/ Rain Bow rods hallucinations /delusions now appear to be becoming physical in my home town. I also wonder what odds a bookie would have given me for an apparatus appearing in my home town that actually physically creates the exact same rainbow rods that I saw and wrote about in Colombia and Brazil during Shamanic ceremonies at least three years ago? 1000 to 1? 1,000,000 to one? What odds would you have given me or would you and your ego not consider such a thing? You think I write such things for fun do you? Simply to entertain fakers and takers?

Again, I must admit, as daft as it sounds, that I have waited a long time for this symbolism to arrive in my life on a physical level. So much so that I must also admit that in my excitement I did a little dance on the foundations of the Rain Bow Gate (Blush) jigging like a silly old get I was too. Hey…. and my wife will tell you that ‘I’m no Lionel Blair’ (In more ways than one I might add too!) so it was quite an effort on my part.  In fact I believe its the only time I have danced whilst sober apart from when I jigged a dandy jig around the blazing fire that appeared at the Singing Ringing tree in Burnley in 2007. Hey maybe I was a Shaman in a past life?

Dancing or Dreaming in a Delusion?

I have done some things that may seem silly to some people over the last 13 years. There isn’t enough paper to write down all the silly things I have done and what silly things I still have to do, so I suppose dancing on the foundations of a gate is not so silly if you know why you do it is it? I certainly made a bigger fool of myself in my youth trying to impress young ladies dancing in nightclubs. Northern Soul?  Northern Arsehole more like.

And I tell you the truth, and I do mean you, that there is no limit to the silly things I will do if each silly act helps and leads you to remember who you are and enables you to see the pathetic deception that enslaves us. I’ll don the clown suit at any time, no problem, and looking in the mirror this morning I won’t need much make up either.

I have even done a little cheesy styled video for you below but be warned Matt Delooze may not not know how to do professional HD videos yet…    but he knows other things.

The Rain Bow Gate (Foundations) from matthew delooze on Vimeo.

I will update this message when the Rain Bow Gate is complete and opened by the town’s leaders. But before I go I forgot to mention a new logo that was, in a large part, created for the Gateway scheme in Burnley and the symbolism that has appeared over the last couple of years and it cost quite a lot of money to create.

Burnley’s new Logo created to display on several ‘Gateways’ in to the town

 “Bloody hell you could hide a space ship and a Yeti turd in that thing and we’d still be none the wiser… so the scam still works then?”

Matthew Delooze 2010

I quote the press below

“Council bosses have now spent £400 seeking to register the logo across five trademark classes, so it cannot be used by other towns. It will be displayed at gateways to Burnley, on literature, and a website to make the image instantly identifiable with the town.” (Source)

Anyway I hope you at least enjoyed my video. I will follow up on the Rain Bow Gate soon.

Until then….   May Love Reign O’er You!

Matthew Delooze  September 2011




Separated Bodies = Separated Minds – The Separated Human Race

Separated Bodies  –  Separated Minds


The Separated Human Race

Matthew Delooze reporting..,

Hello folks,

I had the strange experience of doing a little research yesterday in Lincoln Castle. I had strong deja vu in the prison that is located inside the castle walls. Indeed I had visited this castle before, three years ago and I had strong feelings of deja vu then too.

What attracted me most was the ‘prison chapel’ and it sparked a lot of things off in me. The symbolism I saw set my mind racing.

This type of chapel at the prison is the only one still fully standing or on public view but the practice of ‘totally separating’ prisoners was widespread in our jails at that time. The authorities kept this pretty quiet though. Indeed the vast majority of you folks out there won’t have a clue our prisoners were once masked. The vast majority of you will not be aware that men women and children were placed in a ‘separation system’ and robotically preached to.

In a nut shell, prisoners were ordered to wear masks (mid nineteenth century) ‘at all times’ outside of their cells. They were not allowed to ‘see’ or to ‘talk’ to other prisoners. The only time they were allowed to take their masks off and act as a group was in chapel (listening to the words of god of course!)

The chapel has specially built cubicles in which the prisoners were shepherded and then allowed to take their masks off. The pictures below show very tall dummies ‘standing’ inside the cubicles.(wearing the jails masks) An average size person wouldn’t come anywhere near the top of the cubicle and indeed there was an uncomfortable shelf like seat to sit on so please bear in mind that the dummies are only there for visual effect ans also bear in mind that you are looking down on them. I assure you on ground level you could only see or feel a large door.


The prisons were led to the chapel wearing masks and then separated in cubicles so they could not see or communicate with each other.


All the prisoners attended the chapel were made  to sit and look directly at the pulpit…


All the prisoners could see or hear was the padre/priest sprouting from the pulpit which was raised high in the air

The prisoners were mostly kept in isolation and when given short exercise the masks had to be worn too. (Ladies wore dark veils). So obviously the only time these people didn’t wear their masks as a group they were still hidden or separated from each other. They had no connection. The prisoners were only allowed to speak through ‘singing in church’ too. So therefore the only words spoken as a group were spiritual vows.

The only book allowed in their cells was the bible.

I started to think about this cruel separation system. I started to see that the ‘separation system’ is actually always in force in this world although we cannot see it on a physical level in the same way as the cruel pictures inside the chapel show us. The physical lives of these ‘prisoners’ show us clearly how the system really treats us, but we are so spiritually shallow that we can’t see how the world treats us just the same on a spiritual level anyway. Obviously the physical system can act with more brutality when it has hidden a few of us away in its prison, but I tell you the truth the system only uses more mind control and physical control over official 5 sense prisoners because the normal level of sheep control hasn’t worked on them in the so called outside world, ‘on the out’ as prisoners call it.

In a nut shell the people who end up in prison haven’t obeyed as quickly as you, so the screw is simply turned on them more until they do obey and vow.

The masks had to be worn at  all times outside of their cell apart from in the chapel but the isolation cubicles made sure no one saw anyone or communicated.

The physical use of masks, separation prison cells and chapel cubicles can easily ‘break the spirit of a man or woman’…  and it did.  But that only suggests that folks outside of the prison system have already got a broken spirit.  That said, on a spiritual level the drip drip effect of mind control and spiritual vows played on normal folks has the exact same effect long term than the brutality of prisoners did in the short term.

 Indeed the only time these prisoners were actually allowed to be collective was when they were allowed to join in ‘spiritual rituals’ (singing hymns in chapel) That was reality inside a prison. That was prison life.

So let’s look at normal life ‘on the out’ shall we?

Because don’t we all still wear and display a symbolic mask to others in this world, even though we make believe we are good and honest?  I think we do. I know we do because I see phony people everyday that have placed their masks very well and unfortunately some of them have stuck their masks on with super glue and they can never remove them without a hell of a lot of pain.

Don’t we all look at each other but never see the real person we are looking at? We are always looking at the mask not the person. We have to pull their mask off if we really want to see them.

In reality we are just like the prisoners in Lincoln Castle Chapel  but maybe our separated ego will not admit it. But indeed, just like the prisoners, when we do come together collectively we only do it for ritualistic purposes too… Christmas.. Mayday… Funerals…Weddings… Elections.. Etc Etc Etc.

We just carry out rituals when told to just like the prisons did in their chapel.

Yes? Do you comprehend?

So what are we doing?

We are doing just as the state has programmed us. We are literally doing the same things as the prisoners did in Lincoln jail and other jails. We wear masks until we are ‘allowed’ to take the masks off, and when we do take our masks off it is only because the PTB want to have our free will participation in spiritual rituals that require our free will.

  Did the pictures in the Prison Chapel shock you?  Did you get a feeling of deja vu even? If the cubicles of separation and the wearing of masks shock you…  then ask yourself why? Because there is no difference between a human being now, on a spiritual level, and a prisoner trapped in the separation system in the jails then, on a five sense level. So look at the five sense picture of the separated prisoner in a mask and in reality see YOU on a spiritual level. Yes I mean YOU!


The prisoners had to continually wear a mask in the presence of others unless a ‘free willed ritual’ took place. What mask do you wear?

That real plight of the human race today is the fact that it cannot see it is a prisoner wearing a mask  and a true spiritual separation system has been in force for thousands of years. It is just that you cannot physically see it like you can see the chapel pictures I have provided only as an analogy. That said the Serpent Cult has you in exactly the same mask as the prisoners that suffered in Lincoln. (For petty and silly crimes) . It is only your obedience that stops you from seeing it.

The chapel pictures are just a simple SYMBOLIC way to show you what really goes on at a spiritual level and to indicate that it is a scam to imprison the human race. The chapel pictures and brief description of those prisoners lives show you SYMBOLICALLY how the separation system is implemented on us and how the mind of the human race can be made to focus only on certain things yet make us happily  take part in religious and other rituals that we know nothing about.


Matthew Delooze in the separation chaple Lincoln Prison. I no longer have a mask but i am still in the prison. (I am in this world but not of it)

The Serpent Cult is at this very moment carrying out an agenda that will start to implement a large scale physical separation system. You can see this taking effect now, but its a few years of completion. This is to ensure the total and eternal spiritual enslavement of the human race.

Part of the agenda is to rid us of any ‘free minded get- together’ of our own. It will enforce laws and regulations that will prevent any ‘free willed get together’ taking place’. It will do this through fear and a drip drip effect through the erosion of rights that assist the agenda.

All state sponsored events, including certain festivals, hastily arranged global parties like Live 8 etc will be created to assist the agenda. Sadly puppets of the state, posing as gurus in guru worship ceremonies (certain conspiracy talks/conferences) will be surprisingly vigorously encouraged too (just like worship was in the prison chapel) just like long established deceptive rituals like Christmas have been. But I’m sure you don’t believe that!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is now the right time to start, or at least the time to be attempting to start, to ‘remove the mask this world has made you wear’. I know it will be very difficult for a lot of people to do this. Some of you have stuck your mask on with super glue, as I said, and some of you really like the mask you have anyway.

For those that like their mask, and will always wear it, I suggest you keep it on and sing to the Padre / Priest for your supper, and I also suggest you carrying on thanking the sun for your eternal imprisonment. For those that want to breakthrough or climb over the symbolic cubicles of the prison chapel, or even kick the buggers open, then the first act is to remove the mask. and look around and recognise your fellow escapees.

I hope my humble pictures and my tale spark something in you.  If anything please remember that the same force that planned and created the masks and the separation chapel in prison also created the system you live in now on the out, nothing has changed at all. It’s just that you have been duped in to thinking that the force that enslaves you actually cares about you. It only cares that you robotically follow the orders that enslave you.

They only appear to care because you are obedient and you willing wear the mask you have been provided with and you simply enter the cubicle like a puppet to carry out their ‘rituals’ on request. Just as the separated prisoners did.


May Love Reign O’er You All.
Matthew Delooze 29th July 2009



Life Before Death

Life Before Death?


Hello, folks.

I was going to use these pictures in a project I am no longer going to publish. They are pictures of people taken just before they died and just after they died. German artist Walter Schels took them.



Before and after so to speak.

What actually leaves the body and where does it go?

One of the biggest weapons used by the Serpent Cult is making human beings either fear ageing and death or making people believe that death is the end of all things.

I certainly believe that one of the most important stages of waking up and being free is understanding that there is nothing to fear in dying. Indeed it is vital to any awakening to understand that you are indeed immortal.  It is so enlightening to realise that death is just as natural an event as birth in this world.

You have simply been rowing a boat on a lake and your number is called in.


It is also vital, in my opinion, that you start to comprehend that we are open to cruel deception after your death just as we were after birth.



After and Before so to speak

I quote the words of Edelgard Clavey, 67

Death is a test of one’s maturity. Everyone has got to get through it on their own. I want very much to die. I want to become part of that vast extraordinary light. But dying is hard work. Death is in control of the process, I cannot influence its course. All I can do is wait. I was given my life, I had to live it, and now I am giving it back

Edelgard Clavey, 67

Wouldn’t the dying thoughts of that woman change if she realised she wasn’t ’given life’… she ‘is life’. Would she believe that she really had the power to come and go into and out of worlds as she pleased? Would she actually accept, just prior to her death, any words from me or do you think she’d prefer them from a priest (the last bloody rites! Which one of us could help her the most?  Would she have believed that she had given up her right in any process, including returning to a vast extraordinary light, because she had been conned in to carrying out rituals that placed her destiny in the hands of others instead of herself?

I have already given my opinion that human beings are still sheeple after death, in most circumstances anyway.  Death should not be a mystery such as birth should not be a mystery either. It is only a mystery because we have surrendered our powers and made ourselves blind. Maybe, just maybe, we once did have control of the death process and maybe, just maybe, with an awakened soul we can influence its course?

A soul that is deluded or asleep will only stay in a loop of delusion or sleep.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze

Click Here for source of pictures and some interesting last thoughts of the dying.

Top of the Slag Heap Ma? – The Sun Always Shines on Halde Hoheward

Top of the Slag Heap Ma?


 The ‘Slag Heap’: Can you see?

The Sun Always Shines on Halde Hoheward

Matthew Delooze reporting

Hello folks,

 I thought it was time to mention the Halde Hoheward or the Heap Hoheward. I had my eyes on this thing for a while, as I have with a few more ‘slag heaps’ but it’s now the right time to mention it. Slag Heaps have been on my mind in recent weeks.

This thing raised my eyebrows a while back when it was announced that it was placing a ‘New Sky Disc’ in its foundations last year. This new sky disc is said to be based on the ancient Sky Disc of Neb’RA’ that came in to public hands only a few short years ago. Can you remember it?


The Sky Disc of Nebra (Showing Egyptian Solar Boat symbolism in my opinion)

Read a little about the ancient Sky Disc of Nebra here.

 Anyway the Hoheward slag heap is getting a hell of a lot of money spent on it. Indeed this one is, amongst other things, literally being turned in to a sun worshipping horizon observatory with its own obelisk department. (All to be completed by 2012 of course). In my opinion the symbolism is blatant and it has nothing to do with the history of the area.

slag_heap_under_constructionArches on one side. Obelisk on the other side


Maybe a pyramid and capstone or two in the foundations?

This area is literally a man made benben style ‘carbon’ plateau that can be used for ritual. Bloody hell there is even a step pyramid and lumping great obelisk been plonked there. Come on folks we are talking Germany and a carbon created slagheap plateau here not the bloody Giza Plateau. Why all the Egyptian theme, occult geometry and symbolism.

 Obviously I suppose any conspiracy theory over this slag heap site could be easily fobbed off but If you consider the Nebra Sky Disc (mentioned above) as being authentic then ask yourself why modern day developers have buried a modern day version, the New Sky Disc, in the foundations of this project.


The New Sky Disc buried in the foundations of the Halde Hoheward


Official ritual over the New Sky Disc. Blind fools.

It seems more than coincidence to me that an ancient sky disc (linked to sun symbolism) is found and announced in Germany and a couple of years later a carbon mound is created and a new sky disc is hidden again.

  When I see purposely created mounds of land and obelisks and talk of lakes and sky discs my ears prick up. But what do you think?

Mind you hearing the words ‘what ya havin’ when I’m down the pub have a similar effect on my ears so i shouldn’t read too much into it eh?  Sadly my ears prick up more for the former far more that they do for the latter these days.

 Anyway have a look at the obelisk that has been plonked top of this slag heap too.


We have to call this the One Ball Obelisk eh?

Now you have seen the pics of the horizon observatory, the One Ball Obelisk and the ancient and modern sky disc what do you think? Is this project dodgy? Is it a symbolic recreation of a rising benben and a place that could be used for covert sun rituals?

But before you make up your mind completely take a look at this. This is also connected to the slag heap project. Indeed it gets you on to it.


This is known as the Dragon’s Bridge. It looks very serpentine to me but I’m bias.


Night time version..  Bugger me don’t take little kids up there for Christ’s sake…  unless they are constipated of course!

 You can always take the stairs :) as another option instead of course. These are called the stairs to heaven and i think I’d be ready for heaven before i got halfway up them (puff pant puff pant!)


That’s not all…  there are further plans for the slag heap. It is planned that an ‘Astronomical Park’ be built.  This could include a ‘sea of sky’ lake or sun symbolism signs known as Troy Town Mazes or other things strongly connected with the Sun or a place of worship.


The Sea of Sky (rising benben) is planned before 2012 or maybe… Sun symbolism through Troy Town Mazes

 Anyway… What do you think… is this project dodgy? Is it for good? Is it for bad? Is it neither? Is it meaningless trivia or is it important tooling and used for occult rituals to take place? I suppose any of us could plant sky discs if we feel like it eh? Normal, run of the mill, everyday thing in Germany is it? But could we all create such a symbolic place to do it at?

It maybe all a coincidence, and who knows, maybe all slag heaps will get there very own sun observatory on them on day. I certainly believe this project will be used out of hours by the serpent cult for rituals. But you don’t have to believe me.

There are many slag heaps left from the British mining days maybe we could start having these Sun Projects in Yorkshire and have a Yorkshire Pudding staircase and a Mushy Pea bridge to go with it. It’s only fair for the miners isn’t it? Mind you we have started to place statues over our carbon mines and slag heaps too. I’m not dreaming either. A beheaded virgin was plonked down round our way the other month. No one batted an eye lid, literally.


Click Here for details

I’m not saying all the folks behind these project are dodgy, not by a long chalk, but I believe the  hidden faces behind the faces behind this project will have different motives to the five sense official faces creating them. But who is going to believe that?

All I know is that the Slag Heap project was built on ritual (click here and read the chronology) and will be used for ritual.

Hey talking of slag heaps I was on a very big one on 7th July 2009. I wasn’t weeping over Mr Jackson though.

Is there a difference in building something symbolic on this slag heap in Athens or building something symbolic on a slag heap in Germany?  I tell you I believe both symbolic objects were /are built for rituals that will be carried out by a force, the Serpent Cult, and those rituals will help ensure the spiritual enslavement of the human race and the planned physical enslavement of the human race. These things are not here for your pleasure they are here for your misery.


A slag heap in Athens

Here I am posing again on the said slag heap in Athens.

Matthew Delooze stood on the very top of a slag heap in Athens 7th July 2009
How do I look Ma?

Thanks for listening. Thanks for looking.

Auf Wiedersehen Pets.

Matthew Delooze 17th July 2009.

Click Here for official website in English

Click Here for wikipedia info in English.


Let’s all have a go in the Big Rat Joe 90 chair…

Ouch My Brain Hurts!


Hello folks, I have mentioned in jest in a couple of threads on one ball about the Joe 90 chair. I’ll show you what I mean with those comments and show you about Joe’s chair. it was know as the Big Rat (Trap). Below is the official ‘fictional’ description of the chair. ‘The Brain Impulse Galvanoscope’. I have visions of SuBo being in one of these:)

“It is a highly sophisticated electronic machine capable of recording the brain patterns of one person and transferring them to another”

I have included an official JOE 90 video below, so why not click on it and go for a ride. Come on don’t be shy and it’s free on oneballradio.com too. I must warn you that the same subliminal trickery used on children and adults in the 1960’s are still operational in the video. Indeed I’d say some of you are unaware how these subliminal scams work even today. I assure you that subliminal trickery is used more now than ever so if you feel a bit queezy after watching the video don’t bloody blame me OK !!!?…after all I’m just a loony what the hell do I know? But if you do feel queezy please remember me saying ‘Gotcha’ but you know i don’t really mean it…;)

Are you up for the ride? Yes? Come on then ..great music too… let’s dance…. Have a good look around the video too…. before i transfer your brain patterns to mine.. Cackle… giggle… and snigger...

The Big Rat:  Had a ride did you?… How was it for you darling? 

Here’s the official fictional story about the big rat…




This is Professor McClaine’s brain child, the culmination of a lifetime’s interest and research in the field of electronics. It is housed in his top secret underground laboratory at the cottage where he and Joe live. It is a highly sophisticated electronic machine capable of recording the brain patterns of one person and transferring them to another. In the course of events, a number of “tapes” have been collected, but it is usually necessary when a JOE 90 mission starts to go out and get the brain recordings of the expert whose knowledge is needed.

To receive the brain transfer Joe sits himself comfortably in a special chair; this rises up into a circular “cage”. Once inside, the machine is switched on, the “cage” begins to revolve – the tape is run.

Various electronic noises and psychedelic light effects are produced as the transfer begins to take effect. To Joe, this is a matter of routine and not an unpleasant experience – in fact he seems to enjoy it all.

After he has received the brain transfer, the recording works only when he wears a pair of special glasses with a set of built-in electrodes which connect to his temples. Wearing the glasses, Joe has the ability, skill, experience and knowledge of the expert. Without them he is just another boy.

The exact technical details of the way in which the BIG RAT works are a closely guarded secret, known only to Professor McClaine. There are, of course, plans, circuit diagrams and other technical details stored away, but even if found it would require something of the genius of Professor McClaine to understand them. (Source)

It’s just a kids TV show thing…   nothing to worry about. 

Thank you

Matthew Delooze 4th June 2009

Beauty or the Beast

Beauty or the Beast?


 by Matthew Delooze

“Cross over shame like the wise dove – who cares not for fame but for shy love”
(Ian Hunter: Hymn for the Dudes)

Hello Folks,

 I have linked a BBC news item below regarding the Britain’s got talent star Susan Boyle. It appears the PTB are now trying to officially break the hypnosis they had put millions of people under and it appears its just as easy to make Susan Boyle look a loony as it was when they used the same hypnosis to hype up Susan Boyle as an angel.

The public are merely moronic robots triggered to jump on and off a bandwagon when it suits the PTB.

I said from day one, long before Susan Boyle was even put in to the collective consciousness, that Simon Cowell’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and his other shows of hypnotic trickery are simply a massive manipulation trick that are carried out in order for the masses to select and supply modern day ‘pied pipers’ through their own free will. I wrote this article in 2008 (Updated for Susan Boyle 2009) Please click here to read it again.

I have been writing about the trickery used through celebs for quite a few years now and have written many articles and chapters in books about it.

It should be no secret to those that follow my work that I have said that the masses will be led to worship pied pipers and those pied pipers will be laden with the symbolism of the Serpent Cult. Therefore when folks feel emotion to the pied piper they also feel emotion for the symbolism the pied piper carries. This emotion creates a spiritual energy and the energy created not only feeds the pied pipers, like Susan Boyle, it also feeds the creators of the pied piper simply because the selected pied piper carries the colours of their creators through symbolism.

Those that are new to my work will have to either read through my articles or books to fully understand what I am saying in the paragraph above.

I have never ever been in doubt that Susan Boyle was/ is just another pre-planned pied piper. I was never so silly and gullible to fall for such a pathetic trick but I was actually shocked at the sheer power and scale of the hypnosis used in this matter and I was shocked at the sheer speed the pathetic ‘gossip’ passed around the world over this matter too.  I was even more shocked at people who claim to be awake who also readily jumped on the Susan Boyle bandwagon too. I was gobsmacked as to the lengths that the hype reached.

Mind you with such hypnosis at work and millions of instant fans created I suppose its good business to stay on the side of popularity and no one wants to be the unpopular party pooper do they?

Mind you I prefer to hear the truth far more than I prefer to hear manipulated showbiz bullshit.

Everyone was cooing and whimpering about this woman like bloody star struck teenagers do over a pop star. What the hell was going on?

I’ll tell ya what was going on. Mass hypnosis was going on. It was mass hypnosis and emotional trickery to get the sheeple in an emotional state and by gum and bloody hell didn’t it work. A few subliminals and a few trigger words and the vast majority of the public were very soon rather pathetic putty in the hands of the Serpent Cult agents like Cowell. The Sheeple were soon shouting from the rooftops about this woman and this show. Well, were you one of them?

Do you claim to be awake? Yes? Awake to what then? Please tell me?

24 million people have now seen the original You Tube video of the audition alone. Millions of people weeping and crying over a middle aged woman from Scotland on an amateur talent show. Come on Ladies and Gentlemen do I really need to shake you.

I must admit that Susan has a lovely voice but it’s not that lovely really is it?  I have heard far better. But It is ‘super lovely’ if you actually fall for the subliminals and the verbal and visual triggers in the audition stages, and then follow the added hype coming from the human muppets that were controlled by the hype and the hypnotism in the first place. And of course, if you do snap out of the hype and you compare her voice to the usual shite they have on the show, which assists the mental conditioning of the audience, it will sound super lovely won’t it? Well won’t it? E.G If you hear me sing before you hear an average Karaoke singer you’d think the average karaoke singer was a bloody mega star.

Look at the original video again but this time with the mentality that the whole audition is rigged, through hype and other triggers. Don’t concentrate on Susan Boyle. Instead look for the slick camera work and the warm up comments by the host. Look for the phony reactions on the faces of the three judges and listen to the trigger words that got the audience to think Susan Boyle was so silly and frumpy that she would sound crap too. Look at Ant and Dec and tell me they didn’t know ‘what was coming’ either.  Now that you have the benefit of hindsight ‘of her defeat’ you should start to see that the whole thing was rigged and the bloody audience was blind.  Why did Susan not win the contest? I’ll tell you, it’s because that was rigged too. So called awakened people read shite on forum after forum about how the illuminati use subliminals yet stick Susan Boyle in front of them and they are instantly hooked and weeping over her. Hey muppet… wake the hell up!!!

The Susan Boyle original audition is a prime example of how human emotions can be manipulated and how so called awakened people get sucked back in to the matrix in just as much as those they claim are still asleep are continually in the Matrix.

I have no doubt that Susan Boyle is a manufactured pied piper and like all publicly selected pied pipers they will be used to attract free will spiritual energy to covert ritualistic events.

To all those suckers out there who were so easily conned by Cowell’s trickery I say, “Ask your self why you were cooing and weeping over Susan Boyle’s audition?” You don’t coo and weep over all the other women like Susan Boyle out there do you? I bet you don’t coo and weep as much over your own favourite artist either do you? So look at the video again and look properly and see what triggered you off. Don’t tell me it’s her bloody voice either. You will see the hypnosis in the audience if you look properly and if you can see it then you may realise the masses out of the studio were under the same hypnosis.

Again in my opinion looking at the footage I can see very slick hypnotic subliminals at work. You really don’t have to believe me. But I’m telling you again as I did 12 months ago that ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show should really be called ‘Britain’s Got Conned’.

Mind you if I had a business to protect and PR to maintain I’d probably say let’s all be like Susan Boyle and become what we really want to become wouldn’t I? I’d surely jump on the Susan Boyle bandwagon and say ‘come along muppets see what Susan Boyle can do and you can do it too, aren’t I a nice bloke for saying that?’  I certainly wouldn’t expose the hypnotism the masses are under because I’d want to use the same hypnotism to assist in my own PR work and my phony public image.

But in this case I don’t think Susan is/was using her own thoughts anyway and she isn’t chasing her ‘own’ dream she’s a puppet in someone else’s agenda and I really don’t think she planned the nut house as her dream destiny either.


Is it ‘Make Your Dreams Come True’ superstar or is it simply a mind controlled pied piper…. Susan Boyle wasn’t even using her own thoughts in my opinion. I suppose its safe to say that now the hypnotic bubble the masses were under has burst.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get too emotional about Susan this time around because they will wheel another pied piper out next year for you to cheer and weep over and please weep and cheer for whatever puppet you want to weep and cheer for.  I don’t give a monkeys, I only suggest you open your eyes and look before you let tears fall out of them.

All I ask is that you look at everything you are weeping and cheering about, this does not just apply to sill shows on TV but to everything you are led to weep and cheer about through the media.

This news report is not a skit at Susan Boyle. Susan appears to be a good all round girl but I watched the manipulation of Susan Boyle and the audiences with open eyes and I saw nothing but moronic puppets both on and off the stage.

I could write a book on the Susan Boyle and Britain’s Got Conned symbolism alone now I have seen in this con trick in action, but I simply can’t be arsed due to the ears that it wouldn’t penetrate because they were too busy listening to the emotive bullshit put out by Cowell.  Watching the pathetic sheep swallow this tripe and feed the energy created through Cowell has has not only sickened me to the core it has killed my passion to actually try and help awaken such morons to the trickery. Maybe I am wrong to say that and maybe I’m not. But I sure feel it is truthful.

I do though acknowledge in this news report the few people who contacted me about this Susan Boyle story and for pointing out their opinions about virgin symbolism etc. I don’t believe Susan Boyle is a virgin and I don’t think she said she was.  She said ‘she’d never been kissed’ and there is a big difference and all part of a scam to get you emotional.  Going off what I have read about Susan Boyle she carries far more important symbolism than that linked to virgins anyway.

That said it’s not really a case of personal symbolism that matters with the artists appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, it’s what symbolism they ‘gain’ and promote by being on that show that matters.

Again this news is not a skit at Susan I fully encourage anyone to fulfill his or her true aims. If that aim is to be a famous singer on stage then ‘go for it’. I’m sure if your personal symbolism fits the bill and you are willing to play puppet to the Serpent Cult run music industry then there is a place for you to win on Britain’s Got Talent or other such shows.  I’m sure there are blood-sucking businessmen that will suck the living daylights out of those that have dreams of being famous on a five-sense level and the Serpent Cult will certainly suck their followers dry on a spiritual level.

You can achieve anything you want to in this world I’m sure but only if it fits in with the ‘rules of this world’. But I tell you the truth, reaching a high level of fame and fortune only gives the artist involved a reward of gaining ‘longer chains’ to move around more freely in the prison we call planet Earth, it does not break those chains.  It does not ‘break ‘them!

If you want to be free from this world’s chains then, in my opinion anyway, you’d have to be able to ‘see through the trickery on show’ and once you see through that trickery on show the last thing you would want to be is something that actually kept the trickery going. If you could see the trickery on show then your aims and dreams in this world would change instantly.

If you like the world as it is and your aims are in conjunction with this worlds rules then carry on cheering your enslavers and the symbolic agents they put in front of you, as lovely as they are, and they will make sure the world stays the same simply because it is your will for it to be so.

The minds of human beings are shown in this Susan Boyle incident to be sheep like. It is fact that the vast vast majority of human beings cannot  actually think for themselves. They can only hijack the words or thoughts of others and pretend they thought of them themselves. They then delude themselves in to thinking they have their unique consciousness actually in operation in this world. They don’t and I’m sorry to say they never will have.

In such cases as the Susan Boyle law of attraction scam the masses get an image of a positively hyped artist implanted in their heads and they believe that hyped image to be true and they worship the value of it. When the hype is removed or even presented as negative hype then the worship value of the hyped image disappears instantly. The masses are not using their own unique consciousness in this sort of case they are simply reacting to hypnotism that has been put out by a higher level of consciousness. As I have said on many occasions the Serpent Cult are on the roller coasters whilst humans are in still in the baby swings. There simply is no comparison no matter how clever or awake you think you are.

  In showbiz world, in the vast majority of cases, the masses only worship what they have been programmed to worship and they will only reject what they have been programmed to reject…  but shuusssh… don’t tell them because they will attack you for saying it. Susan Boyle is the same woman she was when the world was conned by Britain’s Got Talent so where is the masses sympathy for her now she is in the Loony Bin? It was never really there in the first place was it?

The same tricks apply in the conspiracy guru circles too. The punters are ‘programmed’ by the same marketing tricks used in all other ‘business’.

The actually masses ‘thought’ Susan Boyle was an angel on a dream mission. They all thought it was their own thoughts telling them those things too… didn’t they?  It wasn’t!

Wake Up!

Thank You

All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved

Link to BBC article

We Want Security & We Want It Now: By Matthew Delooze

We Want Security & We Want It Now


And we are going to protest and protest and protest til’ we get it

By Matthew Delooze

I ‘purposely’ wrote a couple of articles about organised protests last month. The G20 Protests and the Thailand protests were probably the most reported demonstrations on a global scale.

I sometimes think I’d be far better off playing lovvies on facebook but I also created an article about May Day in 2007 to explain why the masses are allowed to take part in an annual march of symbolic protest on May Day in spring in the East and Labour Day in autumn in the West. (Sun cycle).

There were violent protests throughout the May Day festive season throughout Europe and the rest of the world too.

So it comes to no surprise to me that we are seeing many other protests spring up at this time of the year too.  Let’s have a look at a couple of examples that have happened in very recent days. There is the one in Spain and the one in Romania that have hit the headlines (Minds of the masses) in mainstream media. You will see in the first report that more demonstrations are being organised by European Trade Confederation (ETUC) which is just another arm of the Serpent Cult (But psst don’t tell the demonstrators they won’t believe you!)…

Spanish protesters demand protection for jobless


Dressed in funeral black to mourn the estimated four million jobless in Spain, demonstrators had a simple message for the government: Enough corporate bailouts; it’s time to focus on the workers. The Madrid demonstration, organized by the European Trade Confederation (ETUC) was the opening shot in a flurry of activity expected in the next few days. With European unemployment rates at staggering levels, protests are planned in the coming days in Berlin, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Luxembourg; Bucharest, Romania and Birmingham, England.

Click Here for official source


Thousands of Romanian workers rally in pay protest


BUCHAREST (Reuters) – Thousands of Romania’s workers and civil servants rallied in Bucharest on Thursday, demanding higher wages and secure jobs, in a demonstration of growing discontent with the government’s anti-crisis response.”We want jobs,” read a banner carried by white-dressed unionists blowing whistles and shouting “Thieves, thieves”.

Click Here for official source


….I have known for many years that these events are being ‘engineered’ and the protests are being ‘made to order’ throughout the globe and it is obvious to me that several arms of the Serpent Cult, including workers organisations and coincidental expose’ of corrupt politicians to fan the flames, will be in operation throughout the summer to create more demands from the masses who will then congregate at symbolic locations and carry out the physical, symbolic and spiritual requirements demanded by the Serpent Cult. Once the Serpent Cult’s demands are satisfied it will allow deceptive force that rules this world to start to enforce centralised government on to the human race. The sad thing is that the human race will have demanded it to be so.

 I have also known for many years that, obviously, with the human race believing that they take part in protests to change the world and to demonstrate their rights it’s a very difficult thing to prove or at least convince a few people that they are being duped and they are actually praising the deceptive force that enslaves them to actually enslave them even more when they protest for something to be done. The masses have been programmed to believe protests actually work they cannot see that the protests are actually part of the scam. I’ve said before that we can protest enmasse and literally murder the governments if we so desire, its not hard to do if we all join in, but who will replace the government? Another government?

On a five-sense level it just appears that the economic situation is creating a spot of bother for the peasants and the said peasants are protesting and with good reason. OK fair enough if this is true then all we need to do is kick out the incompetent politicians and put in some more eh?

But haven’t we been doing this all along? Haven’t we been victim of this scam since day one? It should be obvious to anyone with more that one brain cell that these governments do not have any say in matters. Politicians are told what to do and they can be made to look angels one minute and devils the next by the force that controls them. That’s why we now currently see politicians as a corrupt devil type figures. It’s simply because the force that controls the politicians wants you to see them in the light people now see them in.  They are seen as totally incompetent expense fiddling corrupt morons that simply don’t care whether we starve or die. The Solution? We simply replace these devil faces of incompetence with angel faces of competence don’t we? But were not these devil faces once angel faces too?

So let’s move on to a spiritual level and try to see what is going on.  Obviously I have explained in my articles on G20 and Thailand as to the temples the demonstrators are led to when required.

So let’s just suppose for a minute that the masses that turn up on demonstrations actually represent the human race. Let’s suppose for a minute they are our delegates, they are the official spokespeople for the masses so to speak, and as mentioned in my articles, ‘they are literally challenging the PTB over their right to rule and demanding action at the same time and are doing so on behalf on the human race.

If that scenario was true what are the protestors, our spiritual representatives, actually demanding from the PTB?


We are all pawns in a scam to give energy and the right to rule us to a force that is not even human in a world of humans

They are literally demanding more security from the PTB and they are demanding it outside the official buildings of the PTB or at a major monument of the powers that be. Again you will have to read my previous demonstration articles to understand this more easily.

In my opinion ladies and gentlemen at this very moment on planet Earth the human race is actually starting to pray for a global physical and spiritual prison. The masses are literally approaching the PTB in their 5 sense official buildings on a five-sense level and demanding physical action takes place to create more 5 sense security.

Therefore on a spiritual level the request is exactly the same. But we are approaching symbolic spiritual structures (Official buildings built as temples or occult monuments) and we are also demanding spiritual security from the PTB too.

On a five-sense level we are demanding that the human agents in the Serpent Cult control our five senses but at the same time we are demanding that multi –dimensional entities also control our spirit. We can’t have one without the other simply because they are operating inside the same temples. We are literally demanding and praying for our enslavement. That is the size of the scam.

When we protest to the PTB to take action. We are actually demanding enslavement.  I hear of the term ‘peaceful protest’ but a protest is a protest and a protest is a demand, a challenge to the PTB to prove their power over you not for you to prove your power over them.

“There is no such thing as a ‘peaceful protest’ if your hearts and minds were at peace they would not protest”

Matthew Delooze 15th May 2009

“Protests only confirm your imprisonment not your freedom”

Matthew Delooze 1st May 2009

Sometimes the worker in me comes out and I want to go and kick ass or burn the Houses of Parliament down and show the authorities that I’m sick of them taking the piss but I have realised we are only taking the piss out of ourselves. It is a vital necessity to the Serpent Cult that you challenge their right to rule to enable them to carry on ruling and increase the power of their rule.

Protests are only going to increase on a massive scale. Its up to you if believe what I say or not. But don’t say you wasn’t informed.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze 15th May 2009

All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved


The Wonders Return

The Past is Calling!

Temple of Artemis to be rebuilt as center for culture, arts


Hello folks,

A few things have been announced in recent months regarding some of the ancient wonders of the world. It was announced that a replica of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. (Turkey) I took interest in this event simply because of my interest in the Serpent Cult’s use of ancient temples / symbolism and museums. I first wrote about the use of museums and energy in my essay Spitting out the feathers of the Benu bird and I  have reported on the mixture of ancient temples and museum on a few occasions. It now appears that the same thing is going to happen at the Temple of Artemis that has already happened at the Temple of Athena.

Click Here for a report I did last year on the same thing going on at the Temple of Athena

But that’s not all folks, there’s more ‘wonders of the world’ renewal going on so let me remind you….

Colossus of Rhodes to be rebuilt as giant light sculpture


Please don’t forget that another replica of the 7th wonder of the world was announced late last year too. The Colossus of Rhodes sculpture is to be re built as well. Where is all the cash coming from? There is a bloody worldwide financial crash on the cards isn’t there?

Click Here for a reminder of this sculpture

But that’s not all folks as it was also announced that Babylon, another wonder of the world, is to be rebuilt too…

Babylon’s future written in its ruins


Yes folks coincidentally another area connected to the seven wonders of the world ‘Babylon’ (Hanging Gardens) is being re built and done up too at a cost of millions too. Obama is involved with bags of cash and the WMF. Hey, on a lighter note, maybe the hanging gardens will be re-planted or maybe the hanging gardens really mean to hang folks in like Saddam and his friends eh? If that is the case then the hanging gardens of Babylon were already symbolically there when they hung the phoney Saddam.

Click Here for report (updated)


Oh…. but that’s not all folks because Alexandria, another area of wonderful awe, is at it too.

Can Egypt bring Cleopatra’s palace back to life?


There has been many whispers that the world wonder ‘lighthouse’ was going to be rebuilt in Alexandria. The Serpent Cult are going to build a new museum near to the new library that they built just a few years ago to represent the ancient library of Alexandria . Now they are going to build underground tunnels near the library and build an underground museum so people can look in awe at the underwater palace.


One artists impression of one of the rooms containing books in the old library. This room appears just like the vision i had under Ayahuasca a week or two ago. In fact it is eerily like the said vision and has spooked me.

It is/was located near the alleged location of the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria. but symbolically a library such as this is a symbolic light house anyway. A place of illumination. Anyway all the things mentioned in this humble news report are said to be complete before 2012. Can you imagine the number of visitors that will flock to such things?

It appears to me, as paranoid as I may appear, that a force in this world is dedicated in to renewing the life of these famous landmark areas if indeed not actually completely building a replica seventh wonder of the world.

Click Here for original report

Well  I suppose it could all be a tad coincidental and maybe I’m bias. I really do think the Serpent Cult are a set of deceiving lying bastards and I really do read too much in to monuments don’t I?

Whatever is going on it is sure clear to me that the Serpent wishes the collective consciousness to take in the possibility that the ancient wonders are indeed alive.

Bodrum to rebuild Seven Wonders of the World


The House of the Temple is based on King Mausolus Mausoleum

Here we go again and another 7th wonder of the world is to have a model replica too. Before 2012 of course and regular conspiracy buffs will know this wonder of the world, King Mausolus’ Mausoleum, has already got a replica in Washington DC. The House of the Temple.

So here we have another 7th wonder of the world being advertised as being replicated for no proper reason whatsoever.

Click Here for report

So what can I say? There is only one of the 7 wonders of the world left and that’s the Statue of Zeus at Olympia. I have no doubts that this wonder of the world will also be replicated, or at least announced as being replicated, in some form or another sometime. It may take the form of a symbolic Zeus like some Obama figure or in another form like a Zeus museum but it is coming I’m sure of it. Unless it is already here of course.

Until then i leave you to ponder on the other areas of the 7 wonders of the world that are being awoken but please don’t get paranoid like me because it is just a coincidence nothing to worry about. One things for sure as I know Rhodes very well believe me and if they do complete a new Colossus monument it will be full of ‘Mythos for a euro’ beer adverts and  numerous different bar flyers before the paint is dry.

Best Wishes


Breathe the Air that I Send You – A Delooze News Special Report

 Breathe the Air that I Send You?


A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks,
I’m not an ‘I told you so’ type of person. I leave that sort of thing to the Willy Wonka golden boys that are scamming in this biz, so please don’t see this episode of the nearly world famous Delooze News Special Reports as an ‘I told you so’ situation. I do not put news on the net unless I believe it is either important at the time or it will be important in the future as a reference point. I do not simply google a subject and put dozens of links to news items either.

Those folks that follow the news I write or supply may remember a Delooze Special on the announcement of a symbolic ‘Breathing’ monument that was placed on the BBC building and All Souls Church. I recommend that you Click here to see it again. It was a popular report at the time so I’m sure some of you remember it. I wrote this at the time….

Maybe it is silly to suggest that old symbolic buildings and monuments can be awakened or re-ignited by new symbolic monuments. Let me please tell you that the esoteric knowledge held by the secret societies that built monuments ‘yesterday’ is the same esoteric knowledge held by secret societies that build monuments ‘today’. They are indeed connected and indeed that is why you find new religious buildings built on on the foundations of old religious buildings. The Serpent Cult agenda is taking place over a long period, of what we think of as time, and not over ‘two nights’ on a forum thread.


The Breathing Statue from a previous Delooze News Special

I reported on the Breathing statue etc but I also mentioned the All Souls Church. It should be noted that my favourite trouser leg, frilly apron wearing, architect John Nash built it. If my previous Delooze News report about Pazuzu is anything to go by there seems to be a link forming concerning things on the roofs of the buildings built by John Nash doesn’t there?

Last night Bono (U2), one of my favourite deceptive agents for the Serpent Cult, decided to do a ‘secret gig’ on top of the BBC roof.  (As Tommy Cooper would say – Just like that)

I have pointed out many times that the deceptive pied pipers like Bono and of course my mate Bob Geldof don’t do these things for their masters for bugger all. (Please note that good old Bob is quiet these days so something dastardly must be a foot)

Anyway… Sure enough I spotted straight away what was going on up on the roof with this secret gig. The sheeple had been summoned to be the energy source for another ritual and of course with a pied piper like Bono it was easy to have the muppets running from afar at the drop of a hat to see him and dance around in awe around the All Souls monument.

The term Oh my brothers give me the strength not to abandon these fools comes to my mind.

Moving on… the sheep turned up for this special ‘drop of a hat’ gig. Look at them in their hastily arranged pen below. Even Old Bill stopped the traffic and closed roads so the sheep were left undisturbed. Whoopee a free gig by U2… lets run!


The Sheep, on hearing of this ‘secret gig’ are herded by the authorities and flock around the All Souls monument (Which they wouldn’t have even noticed was there through their star struck eyes.)


U2 on the Roof and All Souls

As I said the official announcement about the Breathing monument was broadcast last year and I indicated that the symbolism was meant for breathing new life in to the The All Souls Church. I remember quoting the words on the ‘Breathing’ monument. So it should come to no surprise to those that didn’t scoff at me or scoff behind my back at the time that U2 sang a song called ‘Breathe’ last night.  Well does it?  It may be a coincidence eh? I may be breathing out of my arse again eh?

Here are a few words from the track ‘Breathe’

Walk out, into the sunburst street
Sing your heart out, sing my heart out
I’ve found grace inside a sound
I found grace, it’s all that I found
And I can breathe
Breathe now

(Full lyrics Here)

Maybe some of you now understand that a ‘breathing new life’ ritual is taking place? I’m sure its linked to the removal of hearts too. U2 are very symbolic too and are an ideal for this kind of official announcement..

 Actually, on a symbolic level, being on the BBC roof is the biggest and most symbolic place in the world to make a news ‘announcement’. It is also a symbolic acceptance and the free will permission for the meanings behind the ritual ‘to come to pass’ if you can get a large crowd to clap and cheer of course (free will acceptance) and of course the spiritual energy extraction scam that I have explained many times is also taking place.

Are the sheeple in the picture below joining in a ritual around this monument or not? What do you see?


The crowds gather around All Souls in awe of ‘U2’

The crowds gather round oblivious through their hypnotism and ego to what is really going on. Please don’t forget, as I know most of you will have, that I state U2 is symbolic for the Sun God UTU. So we have a situation that symbolises the ‘raised’ Sun God breathing (announcing) over the All Souls Church and the symbolism behind it. Again I can not stress enough to you to take note of the information sent to you and realise that establishments like the BBC and massive pied pipers like Bono and U2 (the Sun God Utu) do not end up around illuminated replica temples like All Souls Church for bugger all. I’m sure a ritual was taking place in All Souls either during or after this ritual on the roof and after the installation of the Breathing monument.

But I’m telling you the plot aren’t I? I should shut up, but it’s all done in the best pooosssibbllle taste.

It appears to me, as mad as the hatter I may be, that Bono and U2 are going to play a symbolic role in the near future and it will be interesting to see what gigs UTU breathes on whilst promoting the new album. No Line on the Horizon.

Hey please don’t get me wrong, as I said this, news report is not an ‘I told you so’ situation from the previous Breathing monument/ Bono news. I’m not trying to sway your mind if you think Bono is on top of the BBC roof singing over all souls church just for the fun of it and it wasn’t arranged for other purposes then that’s fine with me. Hey please live as you want to live as you see it. Please go and prance round all souls whilst worshipping UTU all you want…  ‘its your soul man’.

Whatever you think I’ll still say…

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 28th February 2009.

Sniffing out the King of Little Farts – On the Road to the Palace. A Delooze New Special Report

Sniffing out the King of Farts


On the road to the Palace.

A Delooze New Special Report

I thought I’d do this one to trigger a few awakening thoughts out there but that said, some of the triggers might not go down well with certain folks.

I short while ago I was actually in the City of London trying to put some filming together with Richie at oneballradio.com.  We had just been on Trafalgar Square and we were trying to get round all the main monuments. I wanted to get Buckingham Palace on film so we set off down The Mall on foot. The Mall is the main road, if you like, to Buckingham Palace therefore it is obviously monitored with top ranking security services 24 hours a day.

Anyway walking down the Mall, feeling sorry for myself and cursing my sore feet and dodgy knee, I saw the Duke of York monument to my right hand side and decided to stop and look to see if there was anything worth filming. I think Richie said ‘What the F’s that Matt?” pointing up to a statue that was high up on a roof.

Well it was before I visited specsavers so I squinted and looked up. I realised straight away that it was an Assyrian / Biblical god type statue. The word Beelzebub came into my head at the time. I just knew I’d seen it before. There was absolutely no large public signs about the statue in the area and obviously it was on the roof so unless I got hold of some SAS type secret agent sort of equipment there was no way I could get near the bugger.  I knew I had to do something about this statue so like all fearless, die hard, truth seeking, big balled, broad shouldered researchers do… I decided to do the usual thing…. I just took a picture of it and moved on my merry way. :) I really did not have time to go in the building and investigate.  Here is the picture I took.

The statue on a roof on The Mall Picture by Matthew Delooze.


The roof it was on.. overlooking the Mall London.

The picture stayed on my camera (like a thousand others I still have to show you) since that day simply because my workload took my mind away from it and of course as most of you know I had severe problems over the winter months. Anyway recent events, that I will mention later, reawakened my memory of this statue. I decided to have a closer look at it.

The statue is actually representing Pazuzu ‘the king of the demons of the wind’. Apparently his main aim in life was forcing Lamashtu ‘back into the underworld’. Lamashtu stole babies from their mother’s womb or when newly born.

Seeing I write about replica temples, being used regularly by the Serpent Cult, I decided to check out the building Pazuzu was proudly standing on. It turns out it was on the roof of ‘Nash House’ a building that was part of Carlton House Terrace, built by John Nash.


The original, temple like, Carlton House Terrace


 The temple like Nash House as it is today and where Pazuzu was stood

I have mentioned John Nash in previous news I said this…

“John Nash was also responsible for Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch to name a few. Obviously he has tried a few aprons on in his time and took part in a few knobbly knees contests! So I’ll say no more on that.”

My opinion about John Nash has not changed and I tell you the truth, have no doubts about it, John Nash was balls deep with the illuminati.  This replica temple contains what is known as the The Institute of Contemporary Arts  (ICA) and that was the official excuse used for placing of the Demon of Wind in this location on ‘the road to the palace’. Here is the official story placing the statue on the roof and here are some pics.


Pazuzu being placed on the roof of the ICA


The replica was a very good likeness to the original in the Louvre

 I have said on many occasions that the establishment place their symbolic ‘governing bodies’ in replica temples and Nash House and Carlton House Terrace does a splendid job of it indeed, including the Royal Society in number 9 but that’s a story for another day.

 If you have clicked on the link to the official story of the placing Pazuzu on the roof of this symbolic temple can you see that the authorities can place their symbolism whenever or whenever they can? Bloody hell this statue of a ‘king of wind demons’ was plonked on the top of a replica temple on the Mall in open daylight for weeks? As far as I know nothing was said. Where was the Church in this matter? Where was the Archbishop of Canterbury for Christ’s sake? No objections at all? The Mall is basically Queenies Front Street isn’t it?  She is the defender of the faith isn’t she and the pillar of the Church of England isn’t she? Well isn’t she?

 A Defender of the C of E faith allowing a demonic statue placed yards away from the, Prince Freddie, Duke of York Column? I wish I had put a bet on at the bookies think about it, what odds on an official statue figure of Prince Freddie and an official statue of Pazuzu being together on the Mall? Nice one lizzy. I then thought who had allowed such a thing and why.

I started to look into this figure a little bit more deeply and soon realised that even though Pazuzu, was just a little fart to me, he’d had a massive effect of the collective consciousness of the human race. He was indeed used as the devil figure in the Exorcist movie, one of the most watched films of all time. Have you seen it?


Here’s Pazuzu messing around with little kids as usual

I looked into the actor Max von Sydow who played the most symbolic role in the Exorcist film playing the role Father Lankester Merrin. I then realise he had also played the role of Jesus in one of the other most watched films of all time, The Greatest Story Ever Told, have you seen it?


Max as Jesus


Max in Iraq at the start of the Exorcist

Max von Sydow and Linda Blair in Scene from

Max giving it the old Hail Mary before Pazuzu does him in

So you can see this figure Pazuzu carries a lot of symbolism that has been implanted in the collective consciousness and indeed the fact that Pazuzu ‘entered’ the body of a young innocent girl sums up the Serpent Cult to a T. That’s what members of the Serpent Cult do they mess with children and carry out sick rituals to appease their masters.

As I said the ‘official’ reason or placing this statue was supposed to be the promotion of a music art exhibition by Roberto Cuoghi.  It was entitled Šuillakku. It was presented at ‘noon’ everyday whilst the exhibition was on.

The sounds are not recommended from me for certain very sensitive souls but please click on this link if you want to listen. Stay with it, because it increases in intensity.

I found the sounds very ritualistic and a build up to sacrificial death and they triggered me in many ways, I apologise if they trigger folks that didn’t want triggering. :) I can imagine what the atmosphere was like around that statue with that music on can you?

It should now be noted that this event hasn’t just taken place in Nash House on the Mall it has also taken place in other symbolic buildings including the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, and surely I don’t have to remind you that if you stick a statue on, near or in a building (a replica temple) then that building becomes a temple dedicated to the icon on it or in it. Therefore it can be ‘used’ as such a temple in or out of normal working hours.



Pazuku in Turin

I can only stress again that the powers that be can arrange anything at any time they wish and I have told you about pied piper artists many times.

Roberto Cuoghi is no doubt a talented pied piper artist. He researched in Louvre too just like me.


Roberto in the Louvre in 2008


Matt in the Louvre 2007

Anyway the reason I wrote about this statue appearing for a few weeks in October on the Mall is because I saw in the news two days ago that another statue had been unveiled and was located just a short distance further down Queenie’s front street from where the statue of Pazuzu had recently been placed.  I was busy on other projects but my ears pricked up and I watched the news on TV about the event but I had put it on one side because of my workload.

 It was a statue in dedication of the Queen Mother. It was unveiled on Fat Tuesday.

The Queen Unveils The New Statue Of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother in robes on the Mall

Now then the thing that really set my mind racing was the fact that ‘demonic’ figures were usually displayed either wearing or displaying other occult symbolism. For instance, below is a statue of Pazuzu holding up a bas-relief showing some other symbolism, including figures and a horse etc. Obviously the bullshit historical experts will have an explanation for it as they always do but I have to say the historical experts have been bullshitting us for lifetimes and the fact is only the Serpent Cult know what the symbolism means on a 5 sense level. That’s why you and I are dumbed down to the level of a Big Mac in this world, It is so we don’t ‘see’ what is really being displayed under our noses and actually do something about it.


Pazuzu, demon of wind, showing us an ancient symbolic relieve depicting figures and horses etc.

I suddenly started to think and I thought  ‘Hang on a minute’ isn’t the new Queen Mother statue really just another version of the situation with the statue of Pazuzu? What we really have is the Queen Mother dressed in very occult looking attire, laden with symbolism and a high-relief frieze showing symbolism that is very ambiguous to a keen eye. Indeed on a cold dark night walking down the Mall it would be hard to differentiate between a statue of a winged demon and a statue in ceremonial robes. Well wouldn’t it? It would with my bloody eyesight, at least before specsavers saved me anyway. Indeed robes or capes are symbolic of bloody wings anyway. If you don’t believe me ask Batman and Robin.



The new Queen Mother statue is surrounded by modern high-reliefs showing figures horses and dogs.

Hey maybe, just maybe ‘Pazuzu’ appeared on the Mall in some sort of symbolic ceremony? Maybe the Statue of Pazuzu was placed there for a ceremony and the unveiling of the statue of Queen Mummy was connected to any ceremony. Believe me I am telling you something, so look!  The fact is that these reliefs were unveiled shortly after the Pazuzu symbolism arrived on the Mall so read into that what you will. But this part of the relief gives me the heebies and I wouldn’t walk up those steps even for a signed nudey pic of Suzie Quatro.


A picture paints a thousand words but if you don’t look at the picture you will never read them.

Maybe the two events are connected in some way. If that is the case then maybe the Queen Mother statue would be on a par with representing Lamashtu simply because, as I mentioned earlier, Pazuzu is very strongly linked with Lamashtu. Indeed the Queen mother fits the description of Lamashtu to a T and the relief held by Pazuzu, I posted earlier, was indeed a plaque about Lamashtu.


Lamastu (Lilith etc) was a female demon, monster, malevolent goddess or demigoddess who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped children while they were breastfeeding. She would gnaw on their bones and suck their blood, as well as being charged with a number of other evil deeds. 

(Yup sounds just like Queenie Mummy to me folks)

Hasn’t the ‘Queen Mother’ been named as taking part in demonic type Serpent Cult rituals by respected and highly aware researchers including David Icke?  She surely fits the description of a Lilith/ Lamastu type figure doesn’t she?

I can’t help thinking the ‘two statues’ on Queenie’s front street in 2009 are symbolically connected just like ‘Pazuzu and Lamastu’ are connected, indeed I know they are but that doesn’t mean you have to agree. BUT please try and understand the the Serpent Cult can read, write and understand the symbolism being displayed and used…  but you cannot. They rely on you scoffing at such suggestions from a wanker like me, but let’s face it why would the Serpent Cult go to so much trouble placing symbolism on replica temples and such like. It would be silly wouldn’t it? We could scoff at such a suggestion that these monuments are actually being used as a ritualistic announcement eh? Ha ha ha ho ho ho.

But hang on a minute here, I know I’m a bit of a dick head but don’t people like Queenie and her late mum always have occult symbolism located on and around replica temples anyway? Buckingham Palace is a good example isn’t it? You don’t laugh at that do you? Oh no… I’d say they laugh at you.

I tell you the truth and you spit in my face for doing so.

  So I say today to my friends and my enemies (and those that swap from one to the other when they feel like it) that the Serpent Cult take the piss out of us everyday because they are operating on a level that would make the cleverest of the clever, in this shithole we think we are clever in,  appear like a moron.  They see and read things that you can and WILL never see or read in this world, especially in your current state of unconsciousness anyway. They also use their official historical ‘experts’ to dumb you down, not enlighten you, but of course your dumbing down won’t let you see that.

 It is time for me to go. Take the coincidences and the symbolism in this article, as you will.  The images, sounds (if you listened) and information are only meant for those that need them.

For those that scoff at such things then please carry on scoffing, but if a 18-foot tall winged statue that has the penis of a serpent and the face of a dog appears on a replica temple near you then please let me know.  I certainly won’t scoff and I’ll come and see that dog face anytime.


… and if Lamastu gets her tits out for pigs and dogs  I’ll come and see her too



The head of Pazuzu: “King of the Demons of Wind… my arse”

‘King of the little farts’ more like!

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 26th February 2009

Updated slightly 2013

All Text Copyright Matthew Delooze 2009/2013. All rights reserved.