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A Delooze News Special Report – Pope condemns love of money, power and worship of idols

  Hot Feet in Paris

 ‘Popey Sucks Em’ Dry’

Benedict XVI

Popey… Sucking the crowd dry for his masters

A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks, How can the hypocritical Pope who is head of the filthy rich Catholic Church, which is laden with most of the worlds treasures, blatantly condemn ‘pagan passion for money and possessions’? How can the hypocritical Pope order the masses ‘to shun worship of idols’ when his sex abusing Church of Babylon only exists through the worship of idols? Someone please tell me? I’m flabbergasted!

Anyway I found myself researching Popey’s visit to Paris. I realised that Popey does not go anywhere without a good reason. As some of you know I have been to Paris too. So my ears pricked up when I found out Popey was organising a massive ‘Mass’ ritual on the Esplanade des Invalides. I have walked along this energy line myself so I’m not talking out of my backside when I say it’s laden with occult monuments (Obelisks and statues etc.) Indeed it leads to ‘Les Invalides’ itself. Some of you will remember that I mentioned Les Invalides before in my Hadrian’s Ashes article. In that article I mentioned that, Serpent Cult agent, Napoleon Bonaparte’s coffin was located there, it is directly under the dome and surrounded by sun symbols. Les Invalides was created by the Sun King Louis the 14th.


Les Invalides contains Napoleons’s remains and massive Sun Symbolism.

Basically Les Invalides is a massive Sun Temple. So you can see that Popey’s ritual this weekend was carried out in front of a massive symbolic building and in some massive symbolic grounds, that I will come to later. I have tried to show you in several Delooze News Special Reports that the Serpent Cult uses its hired agents, like Popey, to attract the sheeple to symbolic areas and symbolic/temples and monuments. Popey’s visit to Paris is just another example.  Please read my previous reports on similar events and compare the similarities.

Basically Popey is playing the Pied Piper and he has attracted the masses to this area.


Here is Popey facing the crowds with his back to Les Invalides

Pope Benedict XVI

Here is Popey from the crowds view point  with Les Invalides behind him.
 Benedict XVI
Here is the crowds view from further back.
On a five sense level it is clear that Popey has indeed been the Pied Piper and attracted a very large crowd to The Sun Palace.

It’s easy to see that this event slips into the Spiritual energy extraction category. We have the crowds, we have the symbolic monuments and buildings and we have the official rituals from Popey himself as he plays pied piper to the crowd. The crowd will come along and their emotions will be raised whilst facing occult symbolism. It’s plain to see in my opinion and I shouldn’t need to show more apart from show you its just another example.

But this event is also a great example of the use of ‘ground symbolism’. Occult symbolism that can only be seen from the air.

Please click here to watch a video.  If you look 51 seconds in you will see the area in which Popey and his choirboys are located. Popey is raised up on like a platform sort of thing.


Popey raised up and placed in front of the Sun Temple Les Invalides

It could pass as a dodgy step pyramid at a push but I must admit that’s a bit too dodgy to rely on.  So let’s look at the area from above instead. I assure you the symbolism from above is perfectly clear. Here is the area where Popey is located. The Les Invalides dome is at the bottom of the picture.


Popey’s raised stage was at the apex of this pyramid

Remember that The Sun King, Louis the 14th, created Les Invalides and created its grounds. So the whole area is symbolically a Sun Temple. So let’s look at the grounds where 200,000+ people were carrying out Mass ritual this last weekend shall we.

Esplanade des Invalides

Now then is that an ‘illuminating torch’ that is spewing out sun light? Look again closely. Am I seeing things or did 200,000+ people stand beside a giant torch whilst carrying out a ritual with Popey located as the eye of the flame or capstone of the pyramid? Please someone tell me if I am delusional because I see a bloody torch displaying light in that picture. I knew the event was simply another spiritual energy extraction scam when I heard it was located at Les Invalides and believe me the area is adorned with many statues and obelisks etc, but I didn’t know about the massive amounts symbolism being shown in its grounds too. It is also located near the Eiffel tower and the obelisk/ferris wheel at Concorde Plaza.


Sun God , just one of the many symbolic monuments on the Esplanade des Invalides.

Anyway most of you now know how the Serpent Cult get he masses to the symbolic buildings by using ‘Pied Pipers’. The Pope is a massive ‘Pied Piper’. Indeed he is God’s right hand man isn’t he? He attracted thousands more to celebrate another ritual at Notra Dame Church too which was just across the water. (Notre Dame means Our Lady) When rituals are carried out at places like this they are dedicated to the ancient Sun Goddess’s like Isis, Athena etc. Obvious the Church of Babylon, and the deceivers that run it, hide behind the term Virgin Mary. But anyway here is a picture of the sheep literally worshipping the Notre Dame (Our Lady).


Crowds waiting for Popey to arrive at Notre Dame Church to complete another ritual

These people are oblivious to the possibility that they will be used to worship symbolism and worship symbolic names. They are also oblivious to the fact that by giving free will energy to this symbolism and of course giving free will energy to the deceptive pied piper (Popey) that they are allowing the creators of this symbolism the right to rule over them and control their spiritual future. Even when the pied piper (Popey) has long gone the sheeple have been duped to leave a token of their free will energy at the location of the symbolism and the monument. I say to anyone looking at the picture below “has that monument been left the symbolic energy of the people that
visited it? Has that building been treated as an idol?


Don’t forget to leave your energy, via proxy, at the symbolic monument there’s a good sheep

On the surface it appears too silly to be true to accept that symbolic monuments and idols can take your spiritual energy but the Church of Babylon thrives on it. Believe me the Church of Babylon thrives on it.

Do you think the PTB would have the silly old man (Popey) going round to all these symbolic places just so Roman Catholic robots can have a peep at him? Come on lads and lasses get thinking.
Anyway Popey ended up at Lourdes. What a surprise eh? He managed to get another ritual done there too, again in front of thousands and thousands. This time he did it at Lourdes ‘grotto’.  Here is Popey showing us that ‘our Lady’ (Mary/ Isis) is a fourth dimensional entity that represents the Sun.

Popey in his grotto using ambiguous symbolism

I say that the symbolism in that scene is showing a 4th dimensional entity and the tree of life/knowledge. The darkness around Mary represents another dimension, the lower 4th if you like. The Pope is symbolising surrender and worship. But, that said, take no notice of me. I’m just an uneducated moron with a grudge against the world, so be warned, I might just be making these things up in my uneducated mind. Obviously I’ve nothing better to do when I’m wallowing in a deep pool of paranoid psychosis.

I have laid out what I believe Popey has been up to this weekend, and he does the same things most weekends in his own Sun Temple in Rome. He’s a pied piper for the Serpent Cult to attract human spiritual energy into symbolic temples, both indoors and outdoors and you know what, lads and lasses, he’s bloody good at it too. The Serpent Cult want to attract people to their symbolic buildings and grounds because the geometry and symbolism is in place that can be used to harness spiritual energy. The global elite, the illuminati, the Serpent Cult, call them what you will ,have been carrying out this scam for thousands of years. You have been trapped in this world continuously reincarnating because of this scam for thousands of years too. But let’s face it do you really care when you can’t see it? The Church of Babylon (Catholic Church) are part of that scam and that’s why the Pope is such a hypocritical liar.

The example I have showed you today at the Les Invalides was done to hopefully show you that inter-dimension entities require our participation in these events simply because our involvement in these rituals allows these entities to rule over us and feed off our souls. It’s that simple but ignore my message if it suits you. I can only say you do so at your own peril.

It’s up to you to weigh things up. It’s up to you to think for yourselves. You can always go and see Popey yourself, millions of people worship him already. For those that think the masses are ‘awakening’ I suggest you look at the numbers of people that praise Popey and people like Barack Obama ‘in public’ and then compare that number with how many true ‘awakened people’ they know. There was 74 million Americans praising Popey in the USA alone earlier this year. Half a million more at least in the City of Paris in one weekend.


Thank You

May Love Reign O’er You All
Matthew Delooze

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