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Hymn for the Deluded

Hymn For The Deluded…


Hello Folks,

One Ball-Media proudly presents ‘A Hymn For the Deluded’ (2013).

Hymn for the Deluded (2013) from oneball media on Vimeo.

I’d like to point out that I have used Rense, Jones and Wilcock in this video as being ‘representative’ of (A) Alternative Media, (B) 911 Political ‘Conspiracy’ and (C) New Age Gurus respectively. There is no other reason I have used them. That said A Hymn for the Deluded portrays many. I base my articles about con-men, dating back to 2008, on  very direct five sense experiences. I was taken on a journey behind the scenes and I do not write anonymously. I’d ALSO point out that i do not write anything about anyone in this nature without contacting them first.

On a lighter note I believe Speilberg is after signing me up as technical adviser for special affects.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze


The Marionette & The Muppets…

The Marionette & The Muppets…


 … The Alternative Media & It’s Drones

 By Matthew Delooze

All dressed in black so nobody sees you
Smile in the wings, tell me I please you
Call me a king and then watch for the woodworm to choke me…
…Where’s My Sanity Gone Mother?!
From The Song Marionette Ian Hunter

I would like to follow up “A Vitrectomy for the Deluded Lovvies in Alternative Media…A Retinopexy for the Drones” with The Marionette & The Muppets….

I wish to make it clear again that I respect anyone’s right to believe whatever they wish and I respect anyone’s right to speak out about their beliefs and any truths they have experienced. I encourage everyone to speak their minds openly in all situations. I only request the exact same right.

I mean no harm to anyone and everything I write about is done with good intention, to inform, to progress, and try to help to take awareness way above the level of the prison we currently exist in. I’m trying to help.

Some of the words in my writings on this subject will mean far more in the future than they do today.

As I said previously, this subject is not really something I want to spend time on, but feel I have too at this time. I can’t see the point in writing about any of my experiences if I then have to hide away from, or worse, censor information surrounding one of the biggest issues I have faced during my journey, simply because drones have been entranced by the businessmen of the second net and they are programmed to attack anyone that speaks out. It also appears that if programmed drones cannot prove the words of those speaking out to be wrong the person that speaks out is made a leper. I thought truth and freedom meant being allowed to carry out free speech. It appears hypocrites in a truth movement only allow one-sided views.

I am not trapped in a second net although I was vigorously led to it to see it and experience it several years ago. That said I have seen it is very easy to become trapped in the second net simply because the psychology being used makes the said second net appear to be some kind of miraculous magical machine that will transform the world. It is very difficult to help friends see the second net as it is though. I certainly wouldn’t have seen in unless I’d been sent into its tacky crypts.  Seeing or better still feeling the second net does not happen overnight. But I tell friends I’m not here to play ‘dunking ostrich heads in the sand’ games and never have been. I will stand by all I say. That in itself is a rare thing in a movement with 98% of its members usually remaining anonymous. I sometimes now sit in wonderment, pondering over a coalition movement, that openly claims to be based on truth and honesty on one hand and love and light on another hand, but is in reality mostly operating through lies and dishonesty on one hand and hate and darkness on another.

It preaches openness and togetherness but actually creates cliques and lepers.

Anyway. If you haven’t read my last article (s) on this subject then please feel free to do so now before reading this one.

I’m sorry to say that the rapidly growing hypocrisy, the increased thievery, the endless mind controlling propaganda and the basic showbiz profit seeking bullshit that engulfs the ‘alternative’ (lol) media and the gurus within it really sickens me to the core and although I take no pleasure at all in saying the things I do on this matter it is my will to do so. That said I really don’t want to upset anyone who is now a fully signed up member of the laughable alternative ‘second net’ and is a now a fully pledged truth movement groupie or a fully dedicated fluffy that is stuck in New Age bunny trap. So please if you are easily offended about this subject please go away and read something else. PLEASE! I am being sincere.

I can even recommend a very good truther con-merchant if you want? Indeed this one is actually  both a ‘truther’ and a ‘fluffy’ all wrapped up in one fake package. You get two con-merchants for the price of one if you like.  Indeed Georgie Hassasillyarse is also doing private sessions these days, I believe you can have a three-way personal session with Georgie and his girlfriend too (for an extra few bob of course). That can’t be bad. Can it? Please click here.

For those that haven’t gone rushing off I will say that I am not here and never been here to help form a One World ‘Truth’ Government and A New (Age) World Order, but its very clear most of those that are perceived as campaigning to stop a world government being formed actually want to create one of their very own.

The Hypocrisy involved really is beyond belief.

 That said, I always said “give the awakening masses what they really want” though. So I humbly say ‘Viva the Truthers’ and ‘Viva the New Agers!’ They must be the chosen saviours of Planet Earth eh?

I sincerely hope the groupies achieve the aims of their fat greedy Gurus, and fat gluttonous businessmen leaders, by eventually bringing in a centralised ‘world coalition government’ and a new and prettier New World Order all of their own doing. Well come on hippies and truthers what else do you want me to say apart from VIVA to your movements?

I’ll be fully behind the movements that want to bring in a new and prettier New World Order than the one they are trying to stop, if that’s what the human race actually wants. Hey will I get to speak my mind on the Info Wars Forum when Alex Jones is World President of Planet Truther?  Yes? Wow, can’t wait.

Will we all get to carry .45 Magnums too and will all our relatives get highly paid jobs with the CIA too, but only when we take over control of the planet of course? Hey can we be big buddies with Rupert Murdoch too for business perks?

Hey about receiving some money off coupons for Jesse Ventura’s new training course “How to do fake wrestling, cheat the kids and be a moronic showbiz host at the same time” too. I heard if you pay full price for that course you will also get the ‘How to become a fairy with a ponytail in three easy stages” course thrown in for free.

But please friends don’t fall for that scam or pay full price because I know how it’s done and it’s very easy. I’m breaking the truther movement’s code of ethics by telling you but what the hell. My friends, to become a fairy with a ponytail in three easy stages…   “You simply (a) wear a fake pony tail to compensate for your silly bald head (b) put a shiny leather jacket on and (c) call yourself a Big Jessie”


The Biggest Jessie I’ve seen in a long time.

What’s coming next on Tru TV? Is it Big Boy ‘Jessie’ meets Big Boy Alex in a secret car park again? Is David Willcock an extra in that? Is that DVD for sale?

Lets get going eh? Of course I didn’t come to wake up in this shithole world to see the bullshitter, Big Jessie Boy Ventura, spewing out scripted drivel in silly hyped ‘Conspiracy Theory’ TV shows and I’m sure some of you didn’t either.  But where else could/can the second net go?  Where else is it going? Are we to have a coca-cola sponsored World Wide Conspiracy Network Satellite TV Network?  Hey that will free our souls won’t it?

Have we decided to wake up just to become the audience for the popcorn and sodas sponsors and wooden TV personalities?

Is this Den of Thieves your destiny? I assure you it isn’t bloody mine!

I most certainly didn’t come into this shithole world just to experience escaping from one net of liars just to witness more of the same mind slavery appear right under my nose through another second net made up of showbiz egos. I came to help find an escape route out of this prison and I came to see it burnt down so it can never be a prison again. I didn’t come for the Muppet show the truth movement has created. I’m sure fellow net breakers didn’t too. I also came to help a few, should they actually want the help, but most of all I came to bear witness to truth, and I couldn’t do/can’t do that without experiencing things first hand myself (I get all the shit jobs). My god what a Muppet Show the second net is.


Second Net Drones & Groupies ‘This Way Please’ – Get Your Money Ready.

I have to say I come in humble humility to help those few folks, those that hear I speak the truth, to receive the written triggers and the spiritual help they will need to help them in the future.  Please don’t misread me. I assure you I do not suffer from any messiah complex but the words are still very important. I am here to bear witness to the truth and to tell the truth.  That is why I am here. That is why I have always been here. I have written the truth down ‘in writing’ since 2004. I tell the truth today and I will tell the truth until this world is finished for me.

It does not matter to me if you believe me or not. I only provide the message to those that can hear it simply because I am able to do so.  I assure you I would much rather be doing something else whilst having to exist in this world of liars and sex abusers.


I realised some folks had to get past 2012 to even start to see the true face of the ‘second net’, as I called it, never mind realise they are now wilfully trapped in it.

I will remind folks that the second net is mostly comprised ‘on the surface’ with businessmen and showbiz entertainers looking to make a buck out of the vulnerable awakening ‘truthers’. (How sweet of them) The surface of the ‘second net’ is there for all to see if you simply care to look, sadly vulnerable people blindly defend the faces that sold them what they wanted to hear. I can only ask mindless groupies to please remove the rose tints first if they have the balls to actually look at the surface of the second net though!

Just below the surface of the second net are the narcissistic and egotistical egos.  (The Nicey Good Hero Type Guys?) As a low level example of these types I’d say folks like David Wilcock, Len Horowitz are good examples as showbiz performers (actors) providing second net fantasy information to stupefied apes, and I’d add that razzmatazz showbiz crooners, with sick false personalities, like Jeff Rense is a good example of a Son of Belial posing as a media celebrity superstar and also posing as Good Guy Angel (Ker Ching – Ker Ching – Ker Ching) Hey folks please note there are never any flies around Rensey Boy’s moustache, which is very very surprising seeing it is located so very close to his arse.


Wilcock & Rense: Narcissistic and egotistical egos.  Second Net merchants.
“Fakers & Takers personified”

These second net ‘merchants’, I mean all of them, with their cheap wares, tatty goods and flashy adverts, have very easily mind controlled and dazzled the fickle and permanently deluded punters, the human slaves, that were previously so very easily mind controlled by the first net.

I’ve literally came to the conclusion that the vast majority of ‘awakenees’ from the first net were led into the second net simply by being indoctrinated and having basic rules embedded in their psyche to be imprisoned in the second net. There were a lot of airy-fairy rules created by Gurus and businessmen, for self-preservation purposes and then spread by second net parrots and groupies in tandem. I cannot list or decipher them all but two main facts need pointing out.

The Gurus and Businessmen created the two commandments below years ago and set them in stone for the second net disciples and punters to follow without question.

The Two Commandments
(Created By the Narcissistic Gods of the Truth Movement)

 (1) Thou shall continually repeat our low level or fictional information until you and your fellow parrots know it as truth.

(2) Thou shalt totally ignore anything or anyone that exposes our low level information as actually being low level information. Thou shall immediately run away and hide and sulk when you are called a mindless parrot and a groupie.

Well have I got the commandments right?   Of course I have. Hey please believe me ‘they are set in stone’. “Who’s a pretty silly sulky boy then parrot?” Here have a monkey nut!

I must admit 90% of the truther movement groupies fully obey those two commandments and I don’t want you breaking any commandments either.  So we better re-confirm our second net vows, if only in our minds eh?

So come on let’s all chant together now punters… “I must repeat what sounds clever so I sound clever too!” Come on speak up, louder this time “I must repeat what sounds clever so I sound clever too!” OK that’s number one commandment sorted, very good. Now please repeat after me “I must always ignore everything that proves I’ve been stupid so my hero doesn’t get proven stupid too! ”OK just once more… come on and chant   I must always ignore everything that proves I’ve been stupid so my hero doesn’t get proven stupid too!”

There you are…  that didn’t hurt did it? Thanks for renewing your vows to the second net!

The second netters were hit with that sort of mind control for years and they still simply parrot and follow those unwritten rules without thinking of it. The two examples above are easy to see when written down for you but most second netters are still parroting commandments of which they have no perception of, and sadly more now than ever before.

I believe the sentence below sums the defence mechanism embedded in the psyche of second net groupies and drones.

“The most recent mind controller was sent by God to overthrow the previous mind controllers that had been sent by the Devil pretending to be God

The words above cover all ‘movement’ situations no matter what leader you follow.  I think the words of Einstein, defining of the word ‘insanity’, describes the loop that the second net parrots are on far more than I could.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Isn’t that what the human race has always done? Yes? Well just what do we expect from another movement then? The ‘Truther’ movements are different are they? HOW?

Indeed if you are serious about ‘waking up to mind control’ then its time to realise the truth movements themselves are using it directly and indirectly more than anyone at this time and, I tell you the truth, the mind control involved will increase rapidly in the next two years.  I will explain how later in the article.

My friends please don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not simply trying to slag off new age gurus and truth leaders willy-nilly. I’m actually only doing what the truth movement itself does. I’m actually naming the faces that are lying to the masses and creating the means to enforce their spiritual enslavement, isn’t that what honest people in the truth movement are suppose to do? Do we only select who is our real enslaver based on the business interests of those in the truth movement? Or are you now so twisted by the rules of the Gurus in the truth movement that you are now unable to see that? Am I allowed to expose Obama but not allowed to expose David Wilcock? The hypocrisy is beyond justification.

Please don’t forget the Truth Movement’s Two Commandments!

I’m only trying to help certain people. Is there any point in me parroting first net stuff when those few folks are caught in the second net? I need to talk second net! Hence this article. I’ll tell any truther this without batting an eyelid.  It is now the second net businessmen that are being used to enslave you, they will loop on first net conspiracy information and dumb you down and down and down with it. They will do that mostly with good intention but they will keep you in the second net whatever. It is not the politicians and religion in the first net that enslaves your spirit now. The Serpent has replaced those warders with the warders you now ‘trust’ in the second net. You previously trusted the warders of the first net didn’t you? Wake the hell up then! Come on.

I realise most of you do not want to hear that. The second net has become your sanctuary, but it is an illusionary sanctuary. It is still the Matrix.

That said if you really want to be trapped in a second net that continually shows you corrupt politicians and pictures of obelisks and corrupted pop stars, from your first net, then I’m glad for you because the entertainment merchants in the said second net will now eternally sell you first net stuff until its coming out of your ears. Your sorted with your fix for years to come. That is their role I’m afraid, not that most of then will know it and most of entertainers in the second net think they are genuine truthers too. (Sadly)

Hey believe me the second net groupies will be entertained, it won’t just be hyped conspiracy entertainment like the poofy fairy ‘Jessie Boy Ventura’ playing the role of Steven Seagal’s ‘bald as a coot’ older brother either. I’m sure the second net will hire proper intellectual actors, maybe like Super Arnie himself. Hey maybe Arnie Schwarzenegger could do ‘the Staged Alien Invasion show’, at least he was once a stage alien himself. Arnie could say Hasta La Vista You Jesse Boy to Ventura eh? I certainly say Hasta La Vista to you “Jessie Boy Ventura”. Savvy Baldy?


Oh Jessie! You Big Jessie You

You can’t kid me Big Boy! I bet you’d get on well with the Red Arse boys too! Hey its great playing fake but entertaining wrestling guys.

Hey there’s another coincidence too. Big Jessie also had a Rensey Boy Moustache which was located very close to his arsehole, and no I don’t mean Alex Jones, mind you I’m sure that ‘rip off rensey tash’ has tickled Alex’s buttocks a few times, especially when they meet each other secretly on those car parks.

Again I’m here to help a few get through the second net but we can’t hang around forever can we? So again if you are serious about ‘waking up’ to mind control then its time to realise the truther movements themselves, unknowingly or knowingly, directly or indirectly, are/will be using massive amounts of mind control on its own punters.

I don’t like saying that but it has to be said.

Let’s move on and get to the point.

Mind Control in the ‘Alternative’ Media.

I’ll start by mentioning that the Alex Jones motto ‘Info Wars: There is a war on for your mind’ is a very accurate description of what’s going on and it always has been.


“There is a war on for your mind” (So get your wallet out)

Yes there is a battle on for minds and all human minds are very easily captured in this world. ‘There is a war on for your mind’

I admire Alex Jones’s passion and efforts I really do, but to be truthful he is merely another political showman puppet who is, like the people he claims to expose, mostly using very misleading and even low level propaganda simply to attract a large audience to exploit their minds. He is a Pied Piper, which is fine for those that are attracted to Alex’s shows and what he is saying or trying to do.

That said he is certainly no different to any other ‘propagandist’ being used as a pied piper by the Serpent. Sorry groupies he really isn’t and obviously you don’t have to believe a tosser like me anyway do you?

Again Alex is right and there really is ‘a battle on for your mind’ but there has always has been a battle on for your mind for thousands of years. My friend you have been battling to regain your mind for many lifetimes, it’s just that the time is coming for the final battle. The battle for minds didn’t start with any bullshit truth movement or with a funny gun loving man dressed in a military shirt that’s too small for him either. If it is a one off battle for minds do you want a knob like Alex to win the battle for yours?


Propagandist Alex Jones Battles for your mind.

Alex please don’t bother on my account. I beg you.

If he’s not a propagandist in that pose above then what the hell is he, just another Big Jessie that likes a big shotgun to hand to compensate for his tiny knob?

Jesus. If Alex is battling for my mind I think I’d rather have him come second.

Alex certainly battles for minds, but it is on behalf of the Serpent and himself no one else is involved or matters.  But shusshh don’t tell him he won’t believe you anyway. Alex is one of the biggest prison warders, as far as truthers go, and I believe he is currently leading his ‘customers’ down the path of many turds and right into the clutches of the Serpent.

The same can be said for most high profile, profit inspired, truth movement and alternative media ‘outlets’ and fluffy media superstars. They really do simply battle for your mind too, but I’m afraid it’s on behalf of the Serpent, no one else.

Mainstream media battle for your mind too, so do soap operas, so do music channels and so do sports channels, so do porn merchants etc. etc. etc. And let’s face it these high profile alternative media outlets only attract those that either didn’t previously have a connection to any other movement or cause or those that have become disillusioned with a previous movement or cause.

It is a bloody second net!

In fact one of the main things most gurus, leaders or media showbiz stars actually want on their five-sense level is to simply bring folks together to sell them their truth. (Nowt wrong with that if it’s genuine I hear you say eh?)

‘Truthers’ (Those genuine nicey spiritual goodie goodie people like us) say the people are becoming more ‘awake’ and because of this awakening the collective consciousness is growing more ‘spiritual’ and will therefore eventually ‘see in’ a collective spiritual shift, which will by natural methods simply sort out the bad guys.

I personally have seen no increase in the spiritual awareness of the human race whatsoever. The collective awareness on a spiritual level has not increased one iota in my opinion. Please, if it has, then please show me where.

I state today that if there is an increase in ‘spiritual’ awareness on this planet then I’m totally blind to it. I only see more sheep being led by a smaller number of other sheep who are craftily dressed up as convincing shepherds. Yes there is an increase in a five sense awareness of unjust wars and corrupt politicians and bankers but that’s the Serpent’s doing, it has very little at all to do with any truth movement and it certainly has absolutely bugger all to do with the spiritual fakery spewed out by the new age circus. That said this rise in political awareness is only on a par, as far as numbers, go with those that have slid into woeful political apathy too.

Yes far more information is available on line, but that’s because the Serpent supplied the Internet. Yes people can communicate more too, thanks to the Serpent letting their talking monkeys (us) play with toys, such as smart phones etc.

The Technology is there for all to see but its only there to see from the perspective and the level of the intelligence and awareness looking at and playing with such technology. That fact applies no matter how many smart phones are around or how many flashy HD razzmatazz websites are about too.

Which will start to bring us to the major point in this article.

Who do you think actually supplied the technology, the awakened ones now naively believe helps us all awaken in the first place? Do you think the technology, the websites, and the communications apparatus were sent to gurus and truther leaders just to help them awaken the masses? Do you really think HD media and smart phones are there for our benefit?


It was the Serpent that has supplied us with the very technology that I believe will help us willingly enslave ourselves. I say willingly because we will have to be entertained to show true spiritual ‘acceptance’ of the technology.

The Serpent’s agenda to spiritually, and therefore physically enslave mankind, is reliant on the human race being happily entranced by and addicted to the technology that IT has allowed us to be in possession of. The Serpent knows it needs ego driven pied pipers, to attract human beings towards the digital technology and that’s because the technology now has the capability to implant subliminal messages in their mind in nano seconds.  Indeed the mind controlling ways of the ‘second net’ is to be entirely based on using such technology.

The Serpent really cannot control those awakening punters and keep them in a second net without such technology being used. I’m telling you the truth. If they could there would be no such technology available to the masses. Also the Serpent cannot control people via the second net without controlling the Pied Pipers in the second net too. It needs the Pied Pipers to genuinely ‘attract’ the people towards the HD technology itself, be it DVD, TV but more likely Internet based streaming. This is because this technology can en-trance the people and hit their subconscious very swiftly. (Smart Technology helps with creating the attractive showbiz glitz and razzmatazz effect in media too. The ‘wow’ factor is important to get peoples attention.)

My friends the second net, the truth and new age movement, is simply a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.  Sadly I see many silly deluded groupies will eternally baa to the sheep that entertains them and they will never see the wolf or ever notice they have been led into a slaughterhouse. I realise most will never believe, that but that’s fine.

I say if it is time for truth then let us have some truth. If it is time for continuous showbiz and hypnosis then let us stay with that. Again the technology being used to en-trance the punters today and in the near future is very powerful, with very good reason, and I assure you your Pied Pipers, whomever they may be, will be vigorously used to get you into the lecture hall or get you watching HD quality DVDs and on line to HD quality Internet shows too.

The Serpent is not daft and it has been jockeying the truth movements pied pipers just like any other pied pipers. This is no coincidence.

It should becoming clear to some, if only on a five sense level, that the number of main faces in the truther/new age second net is now slowly simmering down to a few popular and wealthy faces. Elite Pied Pipers.

The streamlined popular faces now literally have 90% of the truther market to themselves. The fact is that even just a few years ago many bloggers, websites, groupies and want to-be celebrities were ‘used’ (through subliminal and trickery) to become little disciples to help spread the second net for the popular faces to get popular.

 Do You Remember ‘The Two Commandments?’

 That’s why the popular faces always encouraged groupies to ‘spread the news’ and start up their own new age/ truther blog etc. They did this because they knew that the small websites, the small bloggers and the groupies would always eventually help attract other awakenees to the popular faces (It’s called marketing through free advertising but the alternative, but very mainstream, businessmen call it spreading the word of truth)

The sad thing is that a large proportion of those low level bloggers, groupies and wannabe media celebrities, that were ‘used’ for many years, are now either totally trapped like a daft lemon in a second net or they have simply swam away from the second net back into the first net, especially after the 2012 scam showed them they were somehow conned. Some minds completely fucked up in the process I should add.

On the other hand the original lovvy ‘Pied Pipers’ reaped all the benefits during the growth process of the truther and new age movements, and now 90% of the truther movement’s punters are now somehow connected to very few faces that have now rose up massively in the so called free flowing ‘Alternative media’ to become the only possible suppliers that can cater for large scale productions or indeed produce very high quality digital media in the future.  Indeed the ‘Alternative’ (lol) Media now has its own official elite, those with the means to supply HD technology on its followers and customers, just like mainstream media.  On the other hand most of the small bloggers and small websites that literally followed the two commandments, are now simply meaningless and totally obscure.  They have served their purpose. Only the few elite have the means of any large scale presentations.

Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity do you?

The few having control of decent technology is not a coincidence, especially when world events allow the like of Alex Jones into mainstream audiences. Indeed I believe 99% of all truther audiences will be subjected to very high tech subliminal trickery and other psychology through the alternative media’s elite.

Indeed we will have, nay we already have, a situation where the so called truth movement will be using the exact same psy-ops out on its customers, drones and groupies that they claim the mainstream media do.

If you think I’m joking then think again.

I’m not saying the ‘individual’ Pied Pipers will be ‘purposely’ using the technology for psy-ops themselves. I’m sure, like me, Alex Jones couldn’t switch a high tech DVD player on never mind place HD subliminal in presentations.

Of course these ego filled Pied Piper’s won’t be mind controlling their punters themselves, again they are simply following their ego, greed and vanity and they will ONLY blindly lead the punters to their media. (For cash mostly)

What I am saying is that the Serpent can use such technology and literally implant pre created media with their subliminal psychology and other trickery that can and will manipulate the mind. The high tech apparatus is simply a Trojan horse to the pied piper and of course vain pied pipers always grab any means of presenting themselves they can don’t they. They never look inside the horse they have been presented with.

I hope you understand me?

I’m not saying the pied pipers themselves will use the technology to flash the eyes of the truthers, I’m saying the Serpent will. My friend please take my words in when I say, “just like a person can be possessed by a spirit or Jinn then so can High Tech media be possessed with electronic trickery too”. Indeed subliminal and other electronic trickery will be added to the high tech media created by egos and celebrity truthers, especially the likes of David Wilcock and Alex Jones. Wilcock to dazzle the fluffies and Jones to dazzle the Truthers. Again DVDs and Internet media can easily be literally possessed. The physical technology is there to do such things but spirit can easily do such things anyway.

Hey I bet you were wondering why such pied pipers always receive the means to go High Tech eh? The technology itself creates the wealth to do it. The punters are actually dazzled by technology and magic scripts just to create better equipment to be dazzled some more. The whole thing is on a par with TV adverts for charities. The charities use crafty adverts on TV to dazzle its viewers and gets them to donate to the charity by using all the psychological tricks and propaganda it can. Then the same Charity ‘and its media’ uses the donations to pay for better trickery to get more donations.

The victims the charity claims to help never get help. They are simply used as propaganda. The donors are simply manipulated into giving money believing they are doing good. But they are simply in a loop of supplying the means for further manipulation of their own minds. Does That make sense to you? I’m telling you the truth. The time is upon us.

The exact same scenario took place in the Truther movements, the punters, groupies and drones are merely financing the technology that is coming to manipulate of their own minds and make them an eternal slave. Who’s a Pretty Boy now Polly? Donate – Squawk  Donate – Squawk-  Donate- Squawk. Pieces Of Eight Squawk. Pieces Of Eight!

Does That make sense to you?

Can you remember the Two Commandments and Einstein’s Definition of Insanity? The Serpent is very crafty it creates all the means of control but we have to give our ‘freewill and emotion to the pied pipers’, that’s why they play goody showbiz people.. The scam is easily seen if you open your mind and eyes at the same time. No ascension required. I ask friends to rememberr the words in this article when things start unfolding in the second net.

Anyway. Can you accept if people can be possessed and Hijacked then electronic media can be too? I’m not saying all pied pipers are possessed by Jinns but what I am saying is all their digital presentations ‘can be literally possessed’.

Is the penny dropping as to why most truthers can’t get 500 hits on you tube but pied pipers get millions? The long term plan of the Serpent is to get your eyes in front of ‘their’ technology when your emotions are at their highest. The have hyped their pied pipers into place to achieve just that.  If they do achieve that then I assure those that end up watching such media that they will be trapped in ‘second net la la land’ for at least a thousand lifetimes.

The Pied Pipers will be mostly unaware that the media they are using is literally taken over by the Serpent and subliminal and other hypnotic technology has been added to it to implant the audience with subliminal etc.

In reality its just the same food chain continues and where as once the low ranking bloggers and truthers were used for supplying free advertising by the ego filled pied pipers for their benefit the Serpent uses the ego and greed of the Pied Pipers for their free advertising too. The punters are led to the media the serpent has literally possessed.

Hey second netters can you start to see what I mean?  Did you actually want the truth?

The Pied Pipers are so totally hooked on ego, fame and cash that they are used to attract souls to their possessed media all around the globe. The Serpent pisses itself at the stupefied apes believing they have a ticket to heaven. The Pied Pipers have no idea they are puppets being used in, indeed they think they are divine. The punters have no idea they are being used through their ‘darling’ pied piper either.  Sorry groupies but this is how the Serpent operates, sorry.

Maybe you understand why I get so passionate. I did try and warn folks years ago. I warn them again today but I won’t hold my breath.

My friends the exact scam is used massively in matrix life, the first net, through celebrity pied pipers at concerts and through music media etc. I have explained the scam till I’m bloody blue in the face. Why would you think the truth movement scam is any different to those scams? I tell you the truth today the pied pipers and Hi Tech media is going to be massively used in the so- called alternative media in the very near future and for several years. You don’t have to believe me. I’m only here to tell the truth and bear witness to it. I’m not here to convince you of anything.

Again do you think the current low level technology in this world now was provided for our benefit?  Do you think the Serpent only uses digital technology against those silly blind matrix folks and leaves you out of it because you are a goody truther or a fluffy new ager? Are you serious? I assure you that truthers punters are just the same as the punters visiting a Madonna concert and they will be hit with subliminal and their emotional energy will be used in a surrender and worship ritual.  Indeed the truthers have been slowly programmed to buy- buy- buy or steal- steal- steal the media that will actually en-trance them and then spread such things around quicker than a flu virus. There are no difference between any pied piper in the truther movements and their digital wares and a celebrity in the music world and their wares.

The Digital media used by the Truth Movement’s celebrities is just the same as any other media!

I can only say that The Serpent operates on levels of intelligence a hundred times higher than any guru the groupies give their minds to. A million times higher if you use David Wilcock as a comparison.

“When those that claim to expose the hypnotists and liars in the matrix mainstream world only do so through lying and hypnotising people themselves, it becomes the right time to realise the liars and hypnotists in the matrix mainstream actually worked on those exposing the hypnotists and liars in the matrix mainstream first”

Have I made sense to you? If so what is your gut telling you? Can you believe what I’m saying? Can you?  Maybe your Gut telling you that High Tech media in the Truth Movement is immune from having subliminal psychology placed in it?  That’s fine but please tell me how you can say such a thing if you believe subliminal messages are actually placed in other media in other areas? Maybe you just think I’m mad to say Pied Piper’s can be possessed but so can their media too? That’s fine too.

Any groomed Pied Piper, Alex Jones for example only, will have no idea that the technology he has been supplied with can or will be used against the people he claims he wants to awaken.  But again that is how the Serpent works in this world and the use of digital media will be rampant leading up to 2016.

The Serpent will use the technology in many ways, especially through digital flash, symbolic adverts and highly advanced subliminal psychology. The scam is not in full operation yet but it will soon be with us and by that time very few major alternative pied pipers will control 99% of the information within the so called free moving transparent truth and new age movement, just like very few mainstream faces control their section of the matrix.

As I said these things are a while off yet but they are slowly appearing now. I haven’t any major examples as of yet, but certain wealthy Pied Pipers really are starting to come into possession of really high tech apparatus or they, and lower rankers in the alternative media, will use ‘sub contractors’.

David Wilcock is a good example and he will start punting out HD material loaded with mind altering subliminal messages.  Big Boy Alex Jones is another.  Indeed Alex Jones is being vigorously led in the Serpent’s agenda and is getting ready to literally ‘swamp’ the truther market with very high quality digital media in many ways. He is being primed to use several other puppets to do so too. I’m telling you the truth!

And I must point out that by using the term high quality I simply I mean the quality of HD apparatus used not the low level propaganda and hyped information that will be the usual material used by Alex.

I’ll give you an example of what’s coming, but it is low level. That said if you have time please look through at least some of it. It is available on Alex Jones’s ‘shop’ for but it is on You Tube for free.  It title is rather apt for the subject too.


A State Of Mind:  The Psychology of Control

The DVD has/ aboutis being sold as cutting edge information but in reality it is very old low-level information, most of it stolen or borrowed, but still being presented as being new. Nothing new on that score then.

The reason I recommend you watch at least some of it is not for its content, the content is absolutely useless to seasoned truthers. I recommend it so you can to take note of its ‘music’ and the “narrative tone’. I ask you to seek out movement of graphic and watch for flashes in some of the background scenes. I also ask you to read the title in the picture above.   I certainly don’t recommend you watch it all because my friend the DVD is full of flash subliminal messages and some of the background scenes are full of other digital psychological trickery. My eyesight is in full working order! My friends, again this is only a very poor example of what the truth movement itself will spew out to it punters. The video is here if you want to explore it. Remember this video is being hyped by the truth movement itself.

I can only say again, with very genuine concern, that the time is coming when the elite of alternative media and the elite of the New Age movements will produce high quality media that has been contaminated, possessed, or simply purposely loaded with subliminal and other psychological trickery. You know what I mean, I mean the very exact same sort of psychological trickery that the elite in truth movements warn us about. It’s the exact same trickery that goes on in mainstream media to mind control us. I can only say again that elite pied pipers will used, possessed by Jinn or not, to attract those that trust them to the said media.

I’m not suggesting the people on the particular DVD shown above know there DVD has been filled with subliminal messages. They truly look like they believe they are spreading truth, but I cannot stress enough that they are spreading tat really and the Serpent will simply use them as pied pipers to attract eyes to the media. The Serpent will hijack their media and then implant digital trickery that is invisible to the human eye in it.  It sound unbelievable but in fact its been going on for years in so called mainstream. But obviously if the elite in the alternative are going to be used to spread subliminal psychology, then they will obviously need HD equipment to do so!

I can only repeat that just as a living Pied Piper can be possessed by spirit so can digital media be possessed electronically. Please don’t forget that when hyped sensational presentations or wonderful documentaries are massively hyped through the bullshit alternative media. DVDs like The Secret were used as pilot schemes years ago to test things and peoples psychological reactions. The trickery was used in various ways, in various ways but usually through ‘downloads’. I just thought I’d let you into that little secret!

The ego filled alternative media presenters may put their heart into their presentations and DVD’s but they have no idea what is really done to the finished product!

I find it laughable that so called educated ‘intellectuals’ (LOL – LOL) and awakened spiritual gurus (Ker Ching – Ker Ching) talk of manipulation of human beings within the media yet think they are immune from it in their own alternative media bubbles.

Oh my brothers. I weep. I weep and I weep.

I also find it laughable that the alternative media happily point out puppets in mainstream media yet wear a massive blindfold when the exact same sort of puppets are operating inside there own cliques right under their noses. The hypocrites. This alternative elite, most of them kissing the arse of Alex Jones for punter’s email addresses and/ or air time to sell their tat, have actually now started to believe their own ‘propaganda’ as being pure fact. They simply repeat their self-created ‘Two Commandments’ to themselves like a tin pot King Canute would.

The alternative elite now delude themselves that they are fully awake and are spreading ‘high level truth’, when it is just another angle of the same shit being spread by mainstream. There are no sides. The alternative side is just as corrupted and as sick as any other perceived side. The darling faces in the truther movements are not what they appear just like the liars in the mainstream side are false personalities too. THERE ARE NO SIDES.

When you can see the pied piper as the pied piper then you simply have to work out ‘why’ the pied piper is attracting you. In the case of the truth and new age movement operating through ‘alternative media’ it is clear that it is their ‘goods’ that are the main source of ‘attraction’. And as I have pointed out the alternative streamlined elite will be using technology that will be hijacked and literally affect their punters far more than the information they sell and peddle.

The elite in alternative media will never see how they are being used in ways that the stupefied human race is a very long way of even slightly comprehending at this moment in time. And obviously pied pipers in the alternative media, led by greed and ego, will literally produce party trick after party trick and flash DVD after flash DVD. They will eternally loop on first net squabbles and come up with story after story, to en-trance and shepherd the punters to media that will contain the said psychological triggers The truth is that the silly buggers haven’t a clue they are merely the prison warders that will be used to literally imprison their groupies not free them. They actually believe the low level information they peddle is operating on high levels but it is simply part of the honey trap. They are not just controlled opposition, my friend I tell you the truth they are not opposition at all, far from it. They are simply deluded members of the same club.

That’s ‘The Stupefied Ape Club’. The club we are all members of at this time. It was free to join and we joined it willingly.

The alternative media and the truth movement are simply another illusion. I ask groupies in the Truther Movements, what else could they be? I have found the biggest fool in this world is the one that believes their clique, or the ‘side’ they have chosen to follow, in this shithole of a world, is actually pure and right.

Once you select a side, whether you swap and change sides or not, the puppet master that controls all sides simply grins and says GOTCHA!!  Each ‘side’ is only there in the first place to simply raise your emotions and to get your heart. If you kick the puppet master in the bollocks (Politely and very gently of course) then all ‘sides’ of this illusion will fall to the ground at the same time. When that happens you will see all sides were equal in every way.

Only you can set you free! IMO If you want this world then have it, go join the David Wilcock’s showboat or meet up for a three-way session with Georgie Hassasillyarse and his partner (Cheap at half the price). They will sell you this world in abundance and still claim it is off planet material.

IMO If you want the comradeship of an ‘earthy’ truth movement then bloody well join it and give it all your heart and you will get it. But it will ALWAYS be Earthy.

If you want spiritual freedom then truly want it with all your heart and you shall have it. Simply have the balls to follow your true wishes and it will come to you. It won’t come if your heart wants something else because it will give you that something else.

I have said enough for now.

Why have I said these things? Why have I not simply become a drone in the Truther/ New Age Movements myself, it is so so easy to do eh?

I have said the things I have simply because I vowed to come to tell the truth for those few in this world that can hear it. I came to bear witness to the truth and I will do exactly that or die with the delusion. Sorry if you do not like the truth I know I deliver today. Please feel free never to dampen my bathmat again if you don’t like the messages I bring. I really don’t mind at all. I simply want you to follow your heart.

For those that do hear the truth in this information then I say I am excited for your future. But please be strong because the Serpent will use all its hold and its power within the second net to unbalance you and make you fearful.

If you only believe one sentence in this article today please let it be the one below.

Jesse Ventura

‘The Big Jessie really is a great Big Jessie and I have never in a million years seen so much hair around an anus before.

Whatever Pied Piper you worship…

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 8th September 2013.

Copyright Matthew Delooze (c) Matthew Delooze 2013 All Rights Reserved




A Vitrectomy for the Deluded Lovvies in Alternative Media…

A Vitrectomy for the Deluded Lovvies in Alternative Media…

mental case

… A Retinopexy for the Drones?

By Matthew Delooze

“I am not the actor – This can’t be the scene
But I am in the water – As far as I can see”
(From the song ‘Drowned’ by Pete Townsend)

Hello Folks,

There are always some things that we do not like doing in life. In fact I have done a lot of things in my life that I didn’t like doing and I have also bore witness to things that I never want to bear witness to again. There are also things I do not like writing about.  I certainly do not like writing about the subject of the so-called ‘Alternative’ Media, as in the Truth or New Age Movements, nor do I like mentioning the groupies and drones as groupies and drones.  But it’s clear that is what the so-called alternative media and the showbiz wannabe celebrities peddling the truth have created in many cases.

Unfortunately I feel I have to write about it. I wish to make it clear before I go on that I believe everyone has the right to follow any information or join any movement or cause they want to. I also believe everyone has the right to voice their truths.  Indeed that is what I am doing today. I’m merely voicing my truths. The truths I voice are based on direct experiences, not through any egotistical delusions whilst sat at a keyboard whilst hiding behind an avatar.  I voice things with good intentions.  I can only suggest If you are in the least bit sensitive to reading blunt but honest opinions about the so called alternative media, the hypocritical truth/new age movements or mindless groupies then please do not read this article, or click on any links.


I remember it was way back in 2008 when I initially wrote about the general direction in which I believed some of the ‘awakened punters’ were being led by the so called Alternative Media and the Truth/New Age Movement in general. I used the term conspiracy addicts/ drones and new age addicts/drones in 2008. The terms ‘addict’ and ‘drone’ were never used by me as adjectives to insult anyone in 2007/2008. I think deluded groupies insult themselves enough already, it’s just that the blinkers they bought actually worked and they fail to see it.  The terms were very accurate and truthful in 2008, especially when used to describe those that thought they had a magical ticket of ascension coming as a 2012 ‘Christmas present’. In fact ‘Drone’ was a very mild description indeed.

At that time I wrote Yeah They Said You Was High Classed – Well’ That Was Just A Lie”, mainly because it mentioned one of most blatant conspiracy/new age/global ritual con-merchants that was heavily being hyped at that time. ‘Len Horowitz’.  I also wrote ‘See You – Heal You’ in the hope of helping a few of the rose tinted groupies and conspiracy/fluffy addicts see through the hypnotism and marketing tricks they had fallen for.  Please feel free to read them again now in 2013. One or two of you may realise I really was trying to help if you do.

I also used the term ‘second net’ in 2008. I used this term ‘second net’ because many people could see through the first net of control, that first net being corruption in religion and politics etc, but they couldn’t see they were now caught in a ‘second net’ of spiritual gurus, truther websites or simply slick businessmen. Of course all merchants in the second net claim that only the first net of control is full of liars and the second net is made up of angels.

But of course how does anyone tell the deluded that they are being led down a path of many turds when they literally believe they are already awakened and have tickets to heaven on their minds?

At that time very low ranking ‘ We Sell Anything and Everything” Businessmen, (‘Wide Boys’ to anyone not wearing the conspiracy/new age rose tints) also heavily ‘promoted’ the likes of Len Horowitz et al and their con-merchant business ways through their media outlets and Hollywood style razzmatazz, conferences. They only needed Ali Baba on stage to create the full pantomime, because they already had the forty thieves.  Indeed many con-merchants were being hyped and promoted via the truth/new age circus as they jockeyed for position to share the 2012 spoils from the newly awakening punters.

The articles on the matter, that I wrote around 2008, were mainly ignored, which wasn’t a surprise of course because the ‘customers’ had been programmed to ignore or attack anyone who spoke up over the previous years, so indeed I was automatically demonised for writing those articles then, Which is fine but I say five years that have passed since then and the ‘drones’ are no more ascended now than they were then and the ascended masters that sold them an ascension are a lot wealthier.

It was clear to me then, again through direct involvement, that the vast majority of the more popular Truth and New Age movement’s media and performers were merely part of that second net mentioned in 2008. Indeed most punters in the Truth/ New Age Movement were merely used by businessmen and thieves to pass on hype and create paper trails to website shops and checkouts.

The system works like this… The conmen create the hype, they program the drones, then the programmed drones spread the hype of the conmen ‘until it becomes the truth’ and then that truth is sold and accepted. It’s the same system that the truth movement claims to expose. It should now be obvious to some that the truth/new age information is actually created from ‘very few central sources’. The information coming from these few sources is then stolen or hijacked and altered and repackaged, then ‘sold’. Sadly the punters are led to believe there is an explosion of very varied and very unique information being placed in the public domain. This was not ever true and still isn’t true. The punters in the truth and new age movements are used and programmed just like the customers are used and programmed by any business. They have been programmed so much they believe the Truth/ New Age Movement is now some kind of divine movement, in reality nothing could be further from the truth. The Truth Movement is a self centred Lie Movement like all other movements have been proven to be and it houses many many liars and con merchants. The New Age Movement is the same.

It should now be obvious in 2013, to at least a few, even a few deluded groupies, that the information used to en-trance many of the so called ‘awakening punters’, up until the latter end of 2012, was mostly utter bullshit. Mind you this is because many were ‘programmed’ to believe they had a ticket to heaven and the information appeared very entrancing and entertaining in some cases. Hey who doesn’t want to believe they can buy a ticket to heaven and can claim credit for ridding this world of evil corruption and the misery it causes at the same time? Wow that scenario creates powerful sales techniques doesn’t it, especially to greedy and selfish souls that pretend they are spiritual and awake and part of a pure truth movement.

In reality, in the main, the pure truth/new age movement is simply a den where the parrots parrot, where the work thieves steal and alter information, to suit their own ends, and this pure truth movement is where the wide boys and wise guys simply provide ridiculously false showbiz personalities to sell us their wares.

I wrote this in 2008.

“I get all the dirty jobs. I have the job of telling you, and the time is coming when you need to know, that you are not awake. You are still under very deep sleep hypnosis. You have simply gone through another door inside the same Matrix and that Matrix has simply created a comfort zone to make it appear you are now awake. The Serpent Cult is not daft. It knows all the tricks and it knows all the games. It is a very good deceiver and the deceptions you now actually think you know about are very trivial in comparison to the tricks and deceptions you are totally unaware of at this stage. It knows some of us will break through the basic hypnosis of religion, money and politics. Can you start to believe that the Serpent Cult is very aware of people breaking through low levels of hypnosis? You are now simply stuck in a comfort zone of conspiracy, spiritualism and so-called truth movements. This situation is not being awake, it is simply a case of being ‘stuck’ in more comfortable hypnosis. You think you are awake because you have websites and lecturers, alternative medicines, fluffy bunny false personalities on radio shows, hippy events and new age pop concerts don’t you? You think you are awake because you compare yourselves with the really dumbed down sheep on the streets ‘that still think the way you used to think’ don’t you?”

Matthew Delooze 2008

Please Click Here To Read The Full Article.

When I wrote that in 2008 most of the conspiracy / new age ‘punters’ around that time were completely lost in a wild sea of business minded showbiz hype and self interest.  (Most still are in 2013!)  They had blinkers on then as most do now. God was/is on their ‘side’ eh?

The so called love and light merchants and the intellectual ‘parrots’, although posing as warriors of light and integrity, were in reality only interested in what ‘was in it for them’. Most believed if they ‘pretended’ they were righteous, and parroted a cliché or two from their guru, that maybe they would simply ascend to truth, love and divinity on the sneak.  There are no flies on the awakened eh?

In reality the awakened delusional parrots were simply exactly the same fakes inside their hearts as they have always been, their perceived awakening had changed nothing within them, the awakening was simply used like a peacock displays its feathers on the outside. I saw these delusion parrots this way

 “Their outer surface was now shiny and re-polished like a professionally restored table, but their inner timbers were still soaked with the spillage of the filth previously placed on it.”

The delusional parrots, thieves and liars, most laughingly posing as intellectuals to boot, somehow believe the universe cannot see their crafty hearts, their shallow actions and their bandwagon jumping hypocrisy? They believe they can lie to the universe in the way they lie to their fellow parrots, the way they lie to their loved ones and even the way they lie to the bloke down the local shop. The delusional parrots (or repeaters) then even use their fake intellect to even bluff themselves, parroting any book or Guru they can when their bluff comes unstuck.

Where do parrots actually believe the showbiz entertainers and merchants of worthless ‘tat’ will really lead them, because in reality Showbiz entertainers and merchants of worthless tat can only lead them to showbiz entertainment venues and tatty merchandise. (Which is fine if that’s what they want!)

It’s difficult for the recruited to see through the second net, and not meaning to go off track for a minute, I’d like to briefly mention the photo below. I used it in the title of this article because its very symbolic to me. Indeed this one photo enlightened me and strengthened me so much as I struggle in my journey to break free of the crap created by liars and businessmen and the collective ignorance of their groupies. I’m always asked by many to supply looping second net information on illuminati ‘symbolism’. But I tell friends the photo below is probably the best and most helpful symbolism they can study at the moment. It reminded me of the symbolic story I reported on years ago about Karta.  Please look at the picture again.

mental case

 This simple photo confirmed so much to me and was sent to me by spirit to help me.

What do you see in the photo? Nothing?

I saw the Mental Hospital and barbed wire as this prison world of liars. I saw the patients in this mental hospital with barbed wire as the human race. I saw man standing high with the ‘loud speaker’ as the religious leaders, the conspiracy gurus and the new age big gobs. They have the biggest cushions. I saw those sitting ‘low’ as the groupies, drones and parrots. They have no cushions.

Again what did/do you see in the photo?

OK sorry for going off track. Where were we? Oh yes showbiz and merchant’s tat. Or should I now say the ones holding the loud speakers in the same mental hospital?

I need to be brief in reminding you of a couple of typical examples of this showbiz hype and tat, that parrots fall for. Obviously there were the staged Alien Invasion type hype and other silly distracting bullshit for the conspiracy addicts, which was spewed out for years (Kerr Ching) from conspiracy con-merchants like Ian ‘Knock off’ Crane. I believe the 2012 staged alien invasion theory is still for sale in 2013 (Kerr Ching) Now that purchase really is for the drones eh? And, of course, there was the ‘guaranteed’ ascension in December 2012 for the lovvie fluffies from mystical (hyped) stooges like David Wilcock (Kerr Ching – Kerr Ching) I could name many thieves, parrots and rehash merchants who will sell you what you want to hear and I’m sure a few of you can too. But again these things are great if we want entertainment.

That said, if you are truly seeking true spiritual enlightenment then wallowing in a second net of businessmen’s tat and looping bullshit, then the distraction is not going to help you, it would do the exact opposite.  It has already done the opposite to many people and that is the main purpose for writing about such things.

Ascension in December 2012 was also one of the biggest moneymaking scams for con artists and it was sold as distraction for many years.  Indeed the 2012 ascension scam worked for at least 20 years. But my god what a pathetic bunch of fakers and takers 2012 eventually exposed, this applies to both the businessmen selling the lies and the sad fake punters that swallowed it and then simply parroted it to fellow groupies.


The Wilcock Road To Ascension?

The New Age Movement didn’t actually alert any souls to 2012 to be awakened and to ascend. In my opinion it simply attracted and alerted thoughts and energy to focus on the 2012 Solstice, which in turn will actually enslave them more than ever. I wrote ‘Who’s that Dancing in the Headdress?’ to expose the true reasons behind the 2012 scam. My words about 2012 are in those writings and I have no doubts that those words are true and trustworthy. Totally. I didn’t write that stuff for entertainment, but you can treat it as such if you like or even totally ignore it. I wrote it to show that many millions of people were conned into focusing on the 2012 date by Matrix media but more so by alternative media.

The businessmen and the hyped gurus like Wilcock certainly conned many. The punters simply fail to question their gurus. Indeed what sort of plateau would those conned by liars and fakers actually be lead to anyway? Could it be they would and could only remain in the world of liars for believing in liars? I’d say that was the point of having a new age movement in the first place. Is not there to help anyone ascend in any way whatsoever. It’s here to keep you wrapped in lies.

The New Age Movement is there to help ascend the human race is it?  If so how? Why?  It’s very clear most of those doing the leading (selling) don’t see past their stage makeup, the punters credit card numbers or even their ego as they carry out their continuous fakery?  Are Grease painted Merchants like Wilcock (Ker Ching) the chosen ones that are sent to sell us an ascension and no one can actually ascend anywhere without them?

If so I can only say to those that thought they had bought a ticket to heaven in 2012 to go and stamp their foot on the ground outside their front door and then try to remember just who they are and where they remain eh?

Maybe they could also turn the TV on in 2013 and see what our fakery and lies have actually  caused in this world since 21/12/12, via focusing on the 2012 Solstice ritual?

The growth of the truth and new age movement was suppose to herald a time of honest open minds providing TRUTHFUL powerful information openly in the public domain. Well wasn’t it?  In reality, in the main, it was a time for business cliques and wide boys to grab a sell- sell- sell stake in a growing market place. In fact it was a hyped market place, in the main, for hypocrites, thieves and liars to operate on both sides of the counter. The truth movement and new age movement is, in the main, a den of thieves.

The vast majority of conspiracy/new age/ truther websites were made popular through Internet propaganda experts and basic HYPE. Parrots and sheep promote absolute imbeciles and then more parrots and sheep join in, thinking they are on to a good thing. This only leads to the propaganda and hype increasing to to create the good thing feeling. There is nothing very truthful going on its just fakery and bullshit in most cases.  Mind you, of course if you can save the cost of a TV licence to boot, and get to play Jack the Lad with a multi-coloured pen, then that’s a good enough reason to pretend you are awake in the bullshit movements and sadly most fake truthers buy these things so easily.  And of course once the drones dope each other with tripe they are collectively distracted for at least five years, creating more and more deluded and programmed ‘parrots’ and conmerchants on the way, at least until they realise they were stitched up.  Well am I right Freemen? Sorry…  am I right Parrots?

 The ‘Hey I’m Dick of the Head family’ punters simply follow the latest hyped distraction inside the den of thieves. You can’t escape a system or escape liars by parroting and increasing the lies.  The highly hyped, fake and controlled, ‘mouthpieces’ and the silly deluded parroting drones combine as one and the bullshit and stupidity is spread around faster than loaves and fishes were when feeding the five thousand. How many Dicks are from the Head family these days.

I  humbly say to those that want to rebel and have a revolution to actually rebel and have a revolution. There is no such thing as a lawful rebellion when the laws were written by liars and the rebels are bigger liars than those that wrote the laws. Maybe if the Dick’s of the Head families remove their cowardly avatars and the fakery, and actually have a rebellion then at least they are being honest about it.

In regards to the ‘merchandise’ section of the second net, “well anything went and anything goes”, we could/can literally buy ourselves a spiritual awakening. Nothing wrong with buying anything we want of course.  But what a load of shit the stuff on 2012 turned out to be. Again Ian Crane is still selling the Staged Alien Invasion during the 2012 Olympics if you have some spare cash.  And of course you can now buy a boxed set on the Bilderberger’s ‘secret meeting places’ (wow) 2002-2012. They all repeat the same thing but I’m sure many a deluded groupie will buy ‘Bilderburger 2025’ when that year comes around too. Indeed I’m sure some groupies will have pre-ordered it already. I wish I were joking. Hey maybe Ian Crane will do a ‘staged alien invasion at the 2025 Bilderburger’s secret meeting place’ DVD. Maybe David Icke and Alex Jones can turn up dressed up at the Bilderbergers as Grey Aliens in Cowboy hats and tell the waiting drones that “them there baddies are holed up in the secret hotel” and then they can say “ Deputies… Go get them darn varmints in their secret hotel, there’s gonna be a lynchin”. Hey don’t laugh because where else is it leading? Where the hell is it leading?

The fact was/is that we had many liars that were planted in the Serpent created New Age and Truther Movements years ago, the new age movement in particular has contained hyped and simple-minded David Wilcock type showbiz con merchants for many years.  Just because he acts out a nice showbiz personality and is involved with theatrical alternative media ‘parrots’ like Drama Queen Kerry Cassidy, he must be telling the truth eh? How can this showbiz trivia wake anyone up? It’s literally doing the opposite.

Oh sorry I forgot these people have worked their socks off to wake us up eh? I shouldn’t say things like that should I?  I’m not going along with the rules of business am I?  Nor am I following the Conspiracy New Age/ Truther code of ethics either am I? Sorry I refuse to become a drone or a silly  groupie with the spiritual awareness of a toad’s fart. Again many liars that were planted in the Serpent created New Age and Truther Movements years ago

The likes of Wilcock has worked his socks off to wake us up? No, Wilcock has actually worked a scam to make a very good living for himself and he knowingly cons his customers for cash. He has awoken no one at all. He is in reality one of many hyped stooges and celebrities paraded on the History/ Discovery Channel who are merely Rodeo Clowns that are simply used to distract and mislead minds and hearts, for cash, and these clowns literally do so by using, and being used through, the very same programming techniques that the Serpent uses.  That’s because the same force that hypes disinformation also hypes the likes of Wilcock. Wilcock et al only spread Matrix Sci-Fi information.

Wilcock and others are wealthy and crafty businessman that willingly and openly deceive their customers and because they wish to keep hold of their customers they have to continue to con them. Business is Business, therefore they will ‘invent’ anything that sells, simply because the more they sell the more popular they become in the eyes of their programmed punters. They therefore become more useful in the eyes of the subscriber seeking egos that play at being matrix busters in the ‘Alternative’ media too. The Truth/ New Age Movement should be called the Clique / Scratchy Backs Movement. In reality the alternative media ‘matrix busters’ are more matrix than mainstream. The Truth Movement is built on lies to build business and the New Age Movement is the same, you can’t build a business by being truthful in this sick world, they have to lie to survive in business. Sadly many con artists ‘purposely’ use the modern day movements as a business bandwagon and work in cahoots with subscriber seeking egos that play at being alternative media ‘stars’, but not only that most of them are connected to mainstream anyway and also follow the same propaganda type techniques.

These techniques being used on the ‘punters’ to create dedicated followers and customers and more importantly cash flow. These techniques have been tried and tested for many years and are ironically the same mind game techniques the truth movement actually claims to expose. (LOL) All business propaganda, marketing and advertising is all matrix based. The truth and new age movements claim to be bringing truth and change but how are they doing that when they program their customers in exactly the same way using the exact same methods as those they claim to expose? Hey oh awakened one, and how the hell are you waking up when you also follow the exact same techniques being played on you?

Waking up includes seeing through the same con tricks in the truth movement as you do in Matrix areas you believe you sussed out. What is the difference in taking in marketed bullshit from Wilcock or taking in marketed bullshit from Obama? It’s the marketing you need to see through as well as the liar using it. Waking up is waking up to everything isn’t it? Its OK to expose Obama for being a conman but its a crime to expose con-men in the very movement we are trusting trust to lead us?

How hypocritical can we get?

That’s how laughable it has become, and the punters not only fall for the affects coming from such techniques, they still also blindly defend the wide boys that con them, a Wilcock drone is on a par with an Obama drone.The drones are equally conned. The best liars always seem the most honest and the best liars always attract the most amount of drones.

Not that a buffoons like Wilcock or Obama ever have a clue what’s really going on inside their own cliques never mind what’s happening on the planet. They are both just a walking talking puppet for spiritual forces that they cannot ever comprehend.  Again the drones that get conned by Wilcock are on a par with the drones that get conned by Obama, BUT each group of drones actually believe the other group of drones are stupid and brainwashed. All sides will scream they are actually awake but in reality all sides are seriously deluded. Awake? Truther Drones and New Age fakers are awake?

They are not awake, they have just joined a bloody “side” that tells them they are awake LOL. (That’s how easy it is). I find it an insult that faces in the truth movement and new age movement say you mustn’t join ‘a side’ because they divide us, but then create a side of their own that mustn’t be questioned. It’s laughable, nay on second thoughts its sick.  To add insult to injury, if you question the direction this truther movement ‘side’ or its gurus are going you will actually get stoned or sent to Coventry. It’s hypocrisy in the extreme, its nothing to do with truth or freedom its only ever to do with ‘taking over and removing the bad guys’ and replacing them with the ‘good guys’ Sadly in some cases ‘the good guys’ are simply liars and hypocrites, same as the bad guys I suppose. Indeed they must be bigger liars to have the power in this world to overthrow the bad guys. The so called spiritual movements are now almost fully operational five sense political ones anyway, they have no spirituality, they lost any spirituality in their hatred so any physical victory can only result in a ‘meet the new dictator just like the old dictator’ situation. That said truther movements are also on a par with ancient religions that ‘killed’ anyone speaking out against it anyway and I have no doubts any truther movement taking control of any country will do exactly the same, but when has religion in this world ever been spiritual?

Please don’t forget the Truth Movement and New Age Movement are both a ‘side’ too! In fact they are two of the most brainwashing and controlling ‘sides’ in existence (Pro Rata) on this planet today. That is a fact. And I assure you there are more dictators in the truth movement (Pro Rata) than in the so called matrix world and sadly the drones and groupies are now so brainwashed that they will zimply follow zee orderz. I wish I was joking.

Maybe if you want to awaken and see that all sides are controlled in this world then have the decency to look at the Truther Movements too, because if you wear rose tinted bias glasses too many times you will eventually fall down a dirty great big hole one day!

It should become clear to most, especially since 2012, that at least some of the punters and the groupies have been very misled indeed.  They were being grossly misled for many years by many superstars in the new age business.

The first thing anyone who believes they are waking up should do is look closely at the helpers around them that claim they are actually helping them wake up.  I’ll say it like this…

 “ The Parable of the Amusement Arcade”

“This world is like an old time amusement arcade, it is full of one armed bandits, and although some of them look prettier than others they all have been built with a coin slot. Although the machines are pretty and fun they were only ever created to keep you in the arcade until you are totally broke. If they ever lose their prettiness they are simply removed and a prettier one armed bandit will take their place”

 I believe the “Parable of the Amusement Arcade” above is a very important parable for friends, so please try to remember it. It is sent to help you. It is sent as a seal of authority too.


It is obvious to most people who believe they are awakening that certain ‘people’ have come into this world to provide important five-sense information or channel spiritual information to enlighten us, trigger us, guide us and hopefully help us.  I certainly believe this is so too.

If you also believe this then you must also believe there is a very good reason for those certain people to be sent to this world, or for them to simply arrive in this world, to do such a thing?

Isn’t that what the truther lecturers and new age gurus claim they are all about? Indeed isn’t that what the so-called Holy Scriptures were all about? Are they not goodness sent into world full of badness to save the oppressed? Do they not all sprout their truths to help the physically and spiritually oppressed? I do the same don’t I? The groupies and drones parrot them truther lecturers and new age gurus too.  But this scenario is not new because Gurus, religious leaders, Lecturers/prophets have been doing it for thousands of years.

There are many woefully deluded forumites out there that believe events in this world that are unfolding now are a ‘new thing’. It is not a ‘new thing’ at all it is just that some of those that were totally entranced with the material shit in their lives have suddenly been attracted to events that appear to be ‘new’.

These events today are linked with events from thousands of years ago. The same liars that operated then are in operation now. The same messengers of truth that operated then are in operation now. The Past is Calling. I suppose, at the end of the day that its all a matter of perception on which is which. And when has the perception of a race of sex abusers and liars (The Human Race) ever ever perceived anything correctly?  The human race corrupts, rapes and pillages everything it has/will come across, what then will it do, did it do, to the truth? Indeed it rapes pillages and destroys and then it lies about it and pretends it didn’t do such things.

Do you believe that if any messenger of truth is sent into this world of liars, with just one pen, that the Serpent will not provide a stage for a thousand liars to compensate?  Of course it will and it has. We exist on ‘Planet Liar’ remember.  Please don’t forget The Parable of the Amusement Arcade already!

Moving on…

It is nothing new to talk of human beings being ‘possessed’.  It’s nothing new at all. In the past it was the basic norm to believe such a thing.  It sounds ridiculous to most folks but I certainly believe possessions do take place on a regular basis, especially to people that have influence over large numbers of  the public.

I can therefore only suggest that many charismatic people involved with the truth/new age movement today are literally possessed, just as many charismatic politicians and celebrities are possessed in other movements and other walks of lives. (Please try to remember the Truth Movement is only popular to its punters and there are many other movements) I’m sure most of the people reading this article can see through the fake charisma of folks like Obama and other politicians and I’m sure some can see through the fake charisma of celebrity folks like BBC media star Jimmy Savile. Indeed the only celebrity BBC presenter I’d trust not to be a lying pervert is Gordon the Gopher and I have my doubts about him, such is the level of sick deception in this world. The truth is most celebrities present fake personalities to the public and many are possessed.


Gordon the Gopher: Was he the only BBC presenter not to be a fake and a lying pervert?

It looks more likely everyday that he was the only BBC celebrity not to be a fake and he’s made of fluffy cotton.

Sadly many people cannot see through Obama and sadly not many see through the celebrities either. But some the celebrities and showbiz stars in the truth and new age movements are just the same as Obama but the drones and the groupies refuse to even consider it.

It’s very easy for truther drones and groupies to accept that the Rothchilds or the Bushes are possessed, indeed it shows them how clever and awake they are to know so.

But how awake are they by assuming all in the truther movements are holy and divine?

For example can we assume David Wilcock is not possessed because he plays at being an enlightened fairy in New Age hippy land? But isn’t that how possessions work anyway? I’d willingly say a buffoon like Wilcock was literally carrying a ‘Jinn’. The word Jinn being used only for the want of a better word. Am I mad for suggesting that?  If so, would I be mad for suggesting Hitler or Stalin were possessed by a Jinn?

Hey I truly believe many popular gurus and media stars in the bullshit truther movement are possessed by Jinns (again Jinn being used for the want of a better word). That is the job of the Jinn in this prison world. The Jinns help entrap human beings in this world. Jinns create very convincing and very very charismatic Gurus and Lecturers, indeed just like a Jinn created Adolph Hitler’s charisma. (The punters never learn!)


Hitler was possessed: The Pied Piper was created.

I have no doubts that Wilcock and many others in the truther communities are carrying entities similar to what’s know as the ‘Jinn’.

Indeed Wilcock is no more a reincarnation of Edgar Cacey than I am, although Jinns that possess always boastfully announce persons they previously possessed, they point out their past lives so to speak as a CV.  But as far as Wilcock is concerned I believe claims about Edgar Cacey it is just utter showbiz hype, propaganda and food for the drones.

The Serpent provides all the means in this world, for the second net, to entrap souls that literally think they are awake and have broken free. Wilcock’s job, along with many others, is to do just that.

Indeed, on a five sense level, blatant theatrical performers like Wilcock and his silly-billy sidekick Benjamin Fulford are simply and literally on a par with Abbot & Costello and Laurel & Hardy, yet they easily distract so many with fantasy and pathetic staged dramas.  Which is fine if they declare their drama as fiction. We can all laugh. But these two clowns are up and down like Ant & Dec’s silly uncles that have got out of the attic they were once locked up in. They are amateur showbiz music hall dancers, nothing else.


Wilcock and Fulford: A Hyped Showbiz Comedy Duo


I weep for the gullible but I laugh at the programming and lies coming though the movements that actually claim to expose programming and lies.

I bloody well piss myself after seeing the celebrity alternative media stars hyping such second net bullshit too. Here is one small but laughable example of many.  Pray someone tell me with a straight face this show is not a totally stage drama and pre-planned bullshit. Please click here and listen to Wilcock’s crocodile tears.

Even the likes of Alex Jones have gone down this path too. Drama and bullshit sells but it awakens no one. The truth and new age movements are now just like the Porn T.V industry and the businessmen and limited companies have to purposely increase the attraction value of their media by getting sillier and sillier and more dramatic, just so the punters keep visiting and paying to stay entertained.

But sadly some that fall for Jinns like Wilcock are actually looking for truth and I believe there is a big difference between the likes of Wilcock and Fulford, and any truth.  I believe there is massive difference between businesses minded entertainment and true information that will help anyone going though a true spiritual awakening.

It is easy for a Jinn, using high level guile and trickery, to en-trance and direct many people simply by providing information that appears superior and to do so in a very charismatic way.

It is a fact not fiction that the level of ‘information’ or the fiction controlling the second net, in the truther movements, is in reality only on a slightly higher level to the information that kept us in slumber in the first net.

But most second net groupies ‘lock on’ to this slightly higher standard of information or fiction (they take the bait) and see it as powerful stuff sent from the heavens and this is simply because of their dumbed down state.  Indeed such information appears far more intelligent and plausible than the low level bullshit they were fed in schools and universities (Hence receiving the education in the first place!)

The whole situation then turns silly because the over rated information is then hyped as being enormously superior, or even divine, by dumbed down groupies, mindless parrots and drones. Indeed a charismatic Jinn can have silly groupies hyping and parroting anything they want in no time at all. This applies to charismatic Jinns controlling charismatic leaders in all movements be they Religious, Political, Truth or especially New Age movements.

Again second net groupies wrongly assume this crafty second net information, from the likes of Wilcock) is sent from the divine. They believe it promises them heaven, you know just like the religious folks believe the religious scriptures promise them heaven too. (There is no difference as far as the groupies go because they are both hired as parrots)


We will all ascend in 2012. We will all ascend in 2012. We will all ascend in 2012

Who’s a pretty boy?

My friends I believe that is the true state of the punters that were/are caught in the second net and as I tried to say in 2008, they have simply become another drone or a parrot and are now trapped in in another trendy movement in a long list of past trendy movements. The propaganda being used in such movements changes with time but the drones are still mindless puppets without a unique thought in their head.

In reality there is no bloody ‘truth’ movement or any ‘alternative’ media. There is only another movements and media. There is only ‘content’ of information and a means to relay it. The con merchants in the new age and truth movement have even used the term ‘alternative’ and redefined it in the heads of drones to mean mean ‘truth’ but nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no difference between mainstream Sky News and the perceived unconventional alternative Alex Jones Radio Show. They both supply information to suit their business ways, sadly its now usually increasingly woeful and pathetically sensationalised recycled information and its produced only to attract more and more subscribers. What else will a business ever do? I wrote Retinal Detachment in The Truth Movement a while ago, mainly about petty money making egos like Jeff Rense but that article describes at least 80% of the so called alternative media, mind you the alternative media will soon simmer down to just a few major faces, just like mainstream did.

Of course it will! What else?

Are we soon to have a scenario in where ‘truther media’ tells us that subliminal messages are hidden in adverts, but then it will be bombarding us with adverts itself? Hey truther its already here but more importantly…   are we to have multi-millionaires within the truth movement actually tell us that billionaires are evil and corrupt and they abuse and use the masses for their own ends, whilst doing the same themselves? Are we to have millionaires tell us the rich need overthrowing? Yes of course what else do you expect in a truth movement?

Obviously so eh? But let’s simply pretend the hypocrisy doesn’t matter.  Indeed nothing changes apart from the name of the movement and the content of the propaganda being used to en-trance the punters. Anyway, lets move on. If you have stayed with me with a good heart and still have it then I thank you for doing so.

I’m here to help not hinder.  I’m speaking in the light of experience. I am trying to help because of what I have been shown, and what I have experienced first hand within the business cliques that con and bullshit the punters confused souls.

And if it is a Jinn that is showing me these things and writing this article to mislead ‘the many’ then it is obviously failing on a massive scale.

My friend, it is difficult to accept when awakening to actually acknowledge that there is absolutely no difference between the pied pipers and their particular movements from the past and the pied pipers and the movements of the present. They are exactly the same. Nothing ever changes. My friend nothing ever changes no matter what name you put on a particular movement’s banner or what charismatic pied piper is used to lead the way. Nothing changes!

This applies to ALL movements and ALL pied pipers. It does not matter what the pied piper or movement actually stand for. There is a movement and pied piper for all tastes and beliefs in this world. All punters are catered for!

I’ll say it like this.

“This world is like a sweetshop and the shopkeeper is the Serpent. Every customer in a sweetshop has a favourite sweet but to the shop owner they are all the same. It’s time to look at the sweetshop and its owner not your favourite sweet.

 Each ‘Movement’ in this world only ever appears to eventually mislead and control human livestock and that is fact no matter if you agree or disagree with what the movement’s aims and basic beliefs consist of. The human livestock being the masses, you and me included.

All movements start off with good intentions as far as the beliefs and aims or organisers and members are concerned.  The Serpent certainly doesn’t mind what ‘movement’ you join simply because it controls them all. Yes ‘all’ of them!

The same scam goes on and on.  It does not matter what ‘movement’ is created or what ‘pied piper’ is promoted or accepted.

We all believe the movement or teacher we follow and support is the one true movement or teacher. Joining a truth movement is exactly the same religious people joining a religious movement. The religious people truly believe they follow the one true God and the truth. The same situation applies to those following new age gurus. Indeed all members of all movements believe they have chosen wisely and you cannot tell them any different.

The Serpent is cruel and it loves to deceive us through what we treasure and trust the most.  This applies even though that which we may love and trust the most does not know it is used to deceive us. What loyal member of any movement is ever going to believe their movement is just another part of a labyrinth that is put in place to keep them enslaved on this planet?

As far as a willing loyal truth seeker is concerned obviously they are never going to see that they are merely snared in a second net, especially when they perceive faces in the second net as their only possible saviours. Indeed what will any punter have left if they find out their movement is just another red herring and that Red Herring will actually enslave them in this world?

It is fact that ‘ensnared punters’ will always die ‘fighting’ for any movement they believe will free them and give them a sense of justice on a five sense level or literally give them paradise, you only need look at religious movements to see the latter.

People will willingly die for the right pied piper and they will always dance to their magical tunes, but only as long as the believe they have heaven to gain.  They will soon kill the pied piper when they realise they have been misled and have nothing to gain.

But the fact is that ensnared truth seekers are usually so bombarded with propaganda that don’t even actually choose their movement, their movement chooses them. The history of Human stupidity shows us all this in abundance but lets face it we forget history when our emotions are stuck in the moment.

I find it and insult to even my low level intelligence that punters, led by wealthy entrepreneurs and limited companies in the truther movements, point out the corruption, hypocrisy and lies of all the other movements whilst closing their eyes to the very sick hypocritical movement they are members of.

‘Take the log out of your own eye’ comes to mind.

It’s time to realise that the only awakening that can happen to you has to be done through you and by you! No hypocritical movement can do it for you. A hypocritical movement will only make you a far bigger Hypocrite.

Again Movements only control and mislead and again they do so by using very small amounts of wrongly perceived high-level information and of course ‘fiction’.


The Nazi movement of the 1930’s, as far as the official pied piper and punters are concerned, is exactly on a par with any modern day movement of today. This is because all movements are based on ideology, presentation, and lots and lots of propaganda (lies). This applies even if the movements appear in total contrast with each other. For example, the Nazi movement appeared totally the opposite to the Communist movement, but in fact they both ‘operated’ in exactly the same way.

Officially Lenin used his charisma and the intellectual writings of Karl Marx to persuade the Russian ‘punters’ that they would find true freedom. Yes?  And obviously Hitler simply used his charisma and mostly his own writings to persuade the German ‘punters’ that his ‘movement’ was the true freedom seeking movement.

In reality we had two charismatic speakers using their own powerful ‘scripts’ to deceive and manipulate their ‘punters.’ Both movements and both pied pipers, were in reality, ‘simply full of shit’. But my god didn’t the punters believe the scripts at the time?

The pied pipers themselves are usually driven, nay as I said possessed, to feed their ego and simply gain power in the first instance.  But they also vigorously promote the perceived ‘high level information’ they have somehow ‘come into possession’ of.

But again the standard of information used by Hitler and Marx wasn’t really that high, it only appeared so at the time.  Marx was an intelligent philosopher in his time and Hitler wrote with channelled (Jinn) passion too. Indeed with hindsight the level of information promoted by Hitler and Lenin was actually only raised to a level that actually helped these two particular movements to actually entrap and manipulate the punters. The information never went beyond being a weapon to manipulate the masses into creating wars and regime changes, both on a 5-sense level and a symbolic and spiritual level.

Do you understand that? I believe it’s vital to some at this time to grasp this fact. ‘The level of information supplied through major movements never raises above the level actually required to make the relevant pied piper sound intellectual and to impress and therefore (mis)lead the punters.

In other words the information supplied was only ever ‘supplied’ to gain the minds and hearts of the punters. For example information was never ever supplied to free the Germans in the case of Hitler or free the Russians in the case of Lenin. It was only ever created to control minds not free them.

My friends, the exact same situation is going on in the so-called modern movements of today, and the drones and the punters are being led by information that just keeps them on a string.

Again do you understand me?

Because all so-called superior information, no matter which movement or pied piper is involved at the time, is only supplied to empower the actual Pied Pipers, which in turn only empowers whomever pulled their strings. The only entities to really benefit from the information supplied by Marx and Lenin, in the long term, were those that actually channelled the information ‘through’ them. No one else. The same situation applies to pied pipers today.

So I tell friends today that the level of information coming through the truth and new age movements, should it ever become a major movement, will only ever reach a level to inspire and manipulate the punters, whilst only empowering the pied pipers in the short term. But in the long term it can and will only benefit the entities that actually created and used the charismatic pied pipers to supply such information into the minds of the masses.  The information being supplied is simply a low level teaser to those in the know, but to the deluded entranced punters it appears to be from the super intelligent.

The pied pipers are on a par with a smartly dressed Captain Cook, who entranced the natives by giving them fancy mirrors and looking divine. The natives obviously being on a par with new age and truther drones and groupies today.

The ‘natives’ think they actually got something magical from a superior being, but in reality they received nothing that they couldn’t actually ‘see themselves’. The Natives in the case of Captain Cook declared him “O Lono,” (god) because they saw him as superior and he had superior gadgets, and that is exactly the same scenario that deluded groupies and drones do to gurus and movement leaders. The groupies are being led by their own stupidity not by any superior intelligence. The gurus become the captain and the groupies become the natives.

I say that with good intentions. I initially said it in 2008 .

Again the vast majority of movements and their leaders simply use an ‘impressive level of information’ to gain control of the minds of the mob, again the use of this high level information never ever empowers groupies, it is only ever used to control them. The groupies are merely puppets for forces working through their pied pipers.   Sorry groupies!

Religious leaders and the religious scriptures are a good example of this scenario. The information in the scriptures is seen as being superior and even seen as divine information. The groupies (worshippers) bow to it. But still the information in the scriptures has only ever been used to ‘control’ the religious groupies and it has not, to date, freed any of them.  They are still slaves giving their energy and souls away. The religious groupies (worshippers) fail to recognise that the human race has collectively been stupefied and the religious punters also fail to understand that the scriptures have been altered anyway. Therefore, in both cases, they wrongly perceive and believe that a ‘superior intelligence’ must have written the information in the scriptures and they must obey or follow that superior intelligence.  What else are they going to think? It’s the Captain Cook being worshipped by the Natives and declared a God scenario again.

All the time it’s simply a case of the Serpent taking the piss out human beings that they previously made stupefied apes. (Again sorry for telling the truth)

If you are going to wake up then wake up. If you are going to continue to play at being stupefied apes then become King of the Swingers if you must.

The religious situation mentioned above is now unfolding within and indeed engulfing the ‘truth movement’ because the conspiracy and new age groupies have also been provided with their own intelligent ‘sounding’ information (In reality low level programming) that is perceived to have come from a higher intelligence in some cases (Albeit most of it from Jinn carriers) Obviously if the punters or groupies accept the information as being superior, or divine in some cases, then they will also simply empower the pied pipers in that movement and make themselves a subservient follower. (Just as the religious punters do)

The scam is very easy to carry out if (a) you are in possession of powerful looking information and (b) the collective spiritual awareness of the audience is already dumbed down to the level of a bucket of horseshit. (Two buckets of horseshit if you count Ian R Crane in the scenario)

Hey isn’t it so easy to impress naive little children with cheesy magic tricks? What do you think religion is based on?  What do you think your enslavement is based on? It is always based on trickery and deception,this is planet liar remember!.  All of our religious and truther movement’s simply dazzle us with cheesy tricks like a grandad does to his grandchildren. We are simply the naive children that are easily impressed by such things, yet big gob groupies and forum clowns all around the truth movement believe they are awake. Hey clown please believe me you haven’t even started to wake up!

Again the so-called Truth Movement, at the moment in 2013 anyway, is full of stupefied groupies that simply drool over a business face that has simply sold them a cheesy trick. The groupies have simply bought information that their own minds simply couldn’t ever come up with themselves, not in their dumbed down state anyway.

Adolf Hitler is a good example of a movement leader (Con Artist) who was carrying a Jinn that gave him a slick tongue and a passionate pen.  His stage show had the audiences swoon but look what he ended up doing to those he made swoon. I remind friends of the Parable of the Amusement Arcade.

The truth movement, in the main, isn’t anything new it’s just another ‘movement’ that is used to entrap human minds and hearts. That said there is plenty to gain through movements too. The education and awareness you can gain from researching or observing events in most movements can be very beneficial. This is especially true in the religious movements.  There is little truth within the truth movement, but there are many triggers in it and some of these triggers will help many wake up to what is really going on. ‘See the scams and you will then see the truth.  I recommend to anyone that they look at the truth movement in its entirety.

All pied pipers and movement leaders have something in common, no matter how powerful their attraction values at the time or what information they actually provide. (a) They all seek to impress your mind and therefore receive undying emotional support. (b) They will all eventually lead crowds to gather at public landmarks, symbolic buildings or other arenas.

Pied Pipers taking punters to ‘symbolic landmarks’ will always happen and has always happened.  The oh so awakened ones don’t even consider why. This action applies no matter who the pied piper is or how the movement is perceived. This is because only the emotional energy created by the pied piper and the movement has any real interest to the Serpent, again it controls ALL movements. A good example of this is the Pied Piper known as Martin Luther King Jnr. And the black civil rights ‘movement’. Obviously King is seen as a good man and rightly so I believe. But that didn’t stop him playing pied piper to attract emotional human beings to release energy at important landmarks. One good example of this is the ‘I Have A Dream’ march, which coincidentally was put back into the collective consciousness this very week.


King was used to take free will human emotional energy to the Monument’s of the Serpent.

Martin Luther King Jr. was in reality a created pied piper and was simply used by the Serpent to raise the emotions of the masses (Black and White) and then take them and their ‘true’ emotional energy to Washington’s replica temples and the obelisk to ‘protest’ in front of. I have written extensively on the way the Serpent uses pied pipers to attract energy to their replica temples. Martin Luther King stood outside the Lincoln Memorial (Replica Temple) and had the crowds cheer.


Martin Luther King stood in front of the replica temple and the drones simply gathered around the obelisk.

The movement, in which Martin Luther King Jr. became chief pied piper, has in real terms achieved very little. The Blacks are still oppressed today and the Serpent laughingly exploits all emotional energy King still attracts to this day to the Washington monument.

Indeed Obama sucked the USA dry only this week by literally hijacking the emotional energy created through the pied piper Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years ago.  Obama this week conned all that attended the 50th Anniversary of King’s March and the world watching it on TV to come to pay emotion homage to the replica temple of the Serpent and the Serpent’s monument of. The Washington Obelisk.  I wrote Meet the New Puppet – Same as the Old Puppet’ years ago.


Meet the New Puppet – Same as the Old Puppet.

The Scam is there for the world world to see but it simply refuses to look. They prefer to watch liars selling them heaven.  Oh my brothers how the ego rules the world.

If you can understand that the pied pipers are needed to attract pure genuine energy to certain location then maybe you can understand why charismatic pied piper are created. It’s because the emotional energy these pied pipers attract has to be raw and genuine. The Serpent creates all pied pipers like Martin Luther King Jr. Sadly the drones are convinced to believe the opposite. Not that Martin Luther King JR ever thought he was a creation of the Serpent.

Tell me friends how the hell were massive amounts of free will and genuine emotional energy, going to be given at the Washington Temples and obelisk unless some very genuine pied piper took them there? The Blacks were basically slaves and treated as subhuman in the U.S.A, so without a true pied piper to follow and cheer the blacks would never show free will genuine emotion at this place. Well would they? And as I have now pointed out King is still being used years after his death as a Pied Piper, mostly for the Black people (His assassination only added to his attraction value).


Drones and groupies releasing free will energy around the obelisk and in front of the replica temple this scam has always been with us and so have the Pied Pipers

The Serpent requires that the majority of human beings ‘willing’ give genuine pure emotional energy where its monuments (idol worship) are located. Again genuine free will emotion has to be on display. Only the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. could make oppressed people show genuine emotion to the monuments of the forces that enslaves them. The pied pipers always end up actually serving the Serpent. Is it penny-dropping time? Come on my friend is the penny dropping? Can you see the depths of deception and how the drones and pathetic groupies are played?

The Serpent requires pied pipers to take the genuine human emotional energy of their loyal punters to many different arenas and landmarks. This is usually done through ‘protests’ and demonstrations or simply at large gatherings on ley lines in which their beloved pied piper speaks. Any occult symbolism required is simply added to the ‘stage’ if no natural or symbolic monuments are on display. (Please read my books and articles for my theories on this matter)

Again the pied piper and the dumbed down groupies and drones, haven’t the slightest clue that the Serpent controls all their ‘movements’ and their pied pipers. They simply wander around deluded that they are somehow enlightened. In reality they are nothing of the sort.

Can you start to see that what I tried to say in 2008 actually meant something? Can you start to see there is more to pied pipers leading their drones than first meets the eye?  If so then I have achieved something. I did not write the stuff in 2008 and the stuff I write today for my benefit and I’m sure I’ll only be more demonised and ignored for saying the things I do. But I sincerely seek true freedom and I sincerely wish to escape from this sick world therefore I’ll speak my mind with honesty and truth.  It would be far easier for me to shut up or simply join in with the bullshit and hypocrisy within the showbiz con-merchants.  It may appear to most that this article is just a critical rant about a couple of showbiz con-merchants but it isn’t and as far as I can see it’s the most honest information available on the subject. Indeed I’ll say it contains priceless information for some.

I’ll also say there isn’t a man on this planet that actually wanted the truth movement to actually be a ‘truth’ movement more that I do/did. But I tell you the truth, in the main, the truther movements are a complete fraud. The showbiz gurus seek the praise from man and that will be their only reward.The groupies gain nothing but the delusion they are enlightened.

I want truth to prevail and I want to see the masses see justice and taste freedom.  I want the oppressed in this world to remember who they really are and I want them to awaken and to return to source. That’s why I write the things I do. I truly believe those things will never come through any ‘showbiz’ businessmen in the new age or truth movement.

My friend, just because a truth movement ‘claims’ it is truthful doesn’t make it so.  I believe the truth can only ever be felt in the heart of those that can hear it and those that know it. I believe those that are capable of hearing the truth in their hearts have a marvellous future ahead of them.

There is nothing wrong with anyone buying or receiving information they want to buy and receive.  I only warn you that the truth movement is not really a truth movement. That said I’m not here to tell you who to believe or who not to believe.  I’m not here to tell you what movement to join or what movement not to join. Hey please join all of them if you think you will gain from them.

But on a spiritual level whatever to subscribe to you become, whomever you worship you serve. If you declare something or someone being supreme then you instantly become subservient to that you declare supreme.

It’s time for me to go. Please take in all the things in this article and ponder on them with an open mind. But again, the parable of the amusement arcade is important to friends.

I believe one of the most important things we need to do in this world, if we wish to escape it or at least change its current path to total physical and spiritual enslavement, is to actually see the world as it really is. If one movement is corrupt then all movements are corrupt. If there is one thing the truth and new age movement and their groupies show me, it is the fact that they are no wiser and no more awake in 2013 than they were 10 years ago. The Charismatic showbiz pied pipers are still stringing along their drones and the drones still believe they are receiving high-level information.

Sadly that is not going to change much.  Again I truly believe that if we really escape the eternal clutches of this shithole world that we will have to really see through all the methods it uses to enslave us. From where I am standing there are many many people who will never do that.


No matter which movement you join or which pied piper has your heart…

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 1st September 2013


Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013 All Rights Reserved.



We’ll All Go Out To Meet Her When She Comes

We’ll All Go Out To Meet Her When She Comes

(Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark? Part Two)


(‘Chapada dos Guimarães July 2012)

She’ll be driving six white horses, When She Comes
We’ll all go out to meet her, When She Comes…
She’ll take us to the Portals, When She Comes
From the Song ‘When The Chariot Comes

This is the second part of a two-part article and also part of a series of many. Please click here for part one.

The Story Continues!

The first thing I did on the morning after the first ceremony was ask the host of the group and ceremony if he would mind changing over the one winged Hummingbird for the two winged version. Again The Hummingbird(s) were located where the Caiman head had been in line with the very apt bird table. Although the situation only involved a solar powered garden ornament I still felt like the hummingbird had been healed or given new wings.

I suppose the situation looked silly to everyone, and I’m sure you may feel the same way, but it didn’t feel silly at the time and I assure you I know it wasn’t silly.  I felt under direction to ask the host to carry out such an act. I’m sure it would have been far easier for me to simply change the plastic birds over without anyone even batting an eyelid or even noticing. But again, I’d had the strong urge to ask the host to carry out the act and once it was done I instantly forgot about it.

Anyway, just like we always do during a week of Ayahuasca ceremonies, we decided to have a trip or two out around the area. It is nice to ease the nerves that surround the Ayahuasca ceremonies and even though we were in fantastic accommodation it was nice just to get out and about and see a bit of area.

We went into Chapada Town a couple of times and the Winter Festival was on again and it was absolutely packed out with people etc. We went into town on a mission. We went to get the Shaman’s wife, Margarita, a little birthday present. We were looking through the very expensive and cluttered tourist shops in Chapada for something suitable.

I was blindly wandering around in one shop, not having a clue what to suggest buying when I noticed a large display stand full of novelty souvenirs. I noticed that about fifty ‘wooden’ bottle openers had all been stacked together in a very impressive and tidy pile. I noticed one of them in the middle had fallen over, spoiling the presentation, so for some reason I tried to stand it back up in the centre of the display.

I soon wished I hadn’t because as soon as I got hold of it I knocked another bottle opener over and in turn created a domino effect and knocked some of the others over too, until all of them fell over, some crashing to the floor as I tried to stop the landslide. I caused such a clattering of noise, so much so that the rest of the group, the young female shop assistant, and other customers came running over to see what was all the commotion was about.

I was left totally red faced as I ended up still clutching the bottle opener, I had tried to straighten, in my right hand whilst still trying to sort out all the other ‘bottle openers’ I had knocked over. Here is one of the bottle openers to show you why I was so red faced.


The bottle opener that left me red faced!

The bottle openers were all big wooden willies. I’d knocked the lot over like skittles. I couldn’t wait to get out of that shop I can tell you! We did eventually choose a present for Margarita and no it wasn’t a bottle opener! God knows what the Shaman would have put in our Ayahuasca if we had got her a Chapada bottle opener. We did eventually sort out a gift but I did give Margarita a little present through myself though. It was a pendant and it showed this image….


The time for the Second Ceremony was approaching very quickly, the week was flying by, but by this stage the group had acclimatised and totally settled down.

The environment and atmosphere was now totally different to normal life in the UK. I have said before, it’s like entering a different world through different stages. Initially you literally go from normal everyday life into like a halfway house sort of place, in this case it is a very isolated place very close to Chapada dos Guimarães National Park.

After arriving in this halfway house you simply start to raise your concentration levels which helps prepare you for the Ayahuasca experience. Then you drink Ayahuasca and you literally experience another state of consciousness. It is literally like approaching and then entering another form of consciousness in stages.

The Second Ceremony….

The second ceremony was upon us. I remember bringing the scarf to the ceremony, the cat’s tail I had tied the to the stick, I gave the stick to the host.  I got the urge before the ceremony even took place to dance around the room and ‘swish’ the scarf around like it was a cat’s tail again. I don’t know what came over me then but I suddenly threw the bugger on the fire.  I have no idea why because I actually liked the scarf. It was like something had taken over me and I was dancing around and swishing it about under guidance. Next news, I saw it burst into flames. The silk scarf was smoke within seconds.

 DSCF2821 copy

The artwork was still placed on the mantelpiece.

We went through all the pre-ceremony rituals that you should even know well yourself by now. The Shaman went through his usual warm up routine and we started to queue up for the medicine again. We went up to the Shaman one by one, all of us using the same tiny wooden cup to put the medicine in us. Even the Shaman’s children had a very small amount from a spoon too.

I drank the Ayahuasca down. (It still tasted like absolute shite!)  I went outside (Through the main entrance to the house) soon after taking the Ayahuasca. I only did this to wait for the affects to begin. Again I went through some kind of warm up routine outside, like I was preparing to enter a sports contest. I was shaking my arms and legs down etc, shadow boxing and such like. In reality I wasn’t fit enough to win a tiddly-winks contest but here I was warming up like I was the number one contender to fight for a world title.

I had also (previously) moved the Magic Tree as I called it into that main outside area too. DSCF2810

The place where I warmed up

The powerful medicine seemed to affect me very quickly.

Again, I always use the sky to show me when the Ayahuasca was opening me up, but this time I used the Magic Tree,  (solar powered garden ornament) as a guide to see when it was time to hit the mattress.

I looked at the magic tree, and even though it was not running on full power I immediately started to see faces appearing in it.

Then an image of the Face, the one I usually see in my journeys, appeared in the tree too. I knew then that I’d better get on my mattress and face whatever was coming to me! The shaman’s music had started up.


Faces appeared in the Magic Tree

I was led on my back trying to get comfortable and opening and shutting my eyes. I decided to shut my eyes. I soon started to see a bright red tunnel. It looked like flowing river or canal. It was running red like lava flowing from a volcano. I appeared to be floating towards it. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. So I opened my eyes. The room had changed shape again.

I noticed straight away that the artwork on the mantelpiece (the lady) over the fire had grown massively in size and the figure appeared to literally throbbing to the beat of the shaman’s music. The picture had literally come to life again.

The figure in the picture was moving her arms and legs, opening and shutting them, in unison again.  It appeared like ‘She’ was using her enormous hands again, but this time it was to ‘draw in’ the fire that was below her in her direction. . She seemed to be drawing the fire up between her legs with her hands and was then opening her legs further as the fire approached.

It soon appeared that the flames from the fire were literally entering her Tutt (her vagina). I tried to lose this image from my mind because I felt a little apprehensive about it. Well who wouldn’t?

I had learnt many times how to ‘lose’ a vision I did not want to see. I did this by rapidly opening and shutting my eyes or keeping my eyes shut for a few minutes. Sometimes I focused on something else. I suppose symbolically it was like I was sticking my head in the sand or putting blinkers on myself.

I performed all my tried and tested methods to run away from my vision, but each time I opened my eyes I saw the same exact image and each time I tried to look at something else, the something else showed me the same thing. I started to feel uncomfortable again with the images I was seeing but didn’t know why.

I shut my eyes again hoping this fire in the vagina image would go away.  But when I opened my eyes again it was not only still there, it was far more graphic than ever. I tried again to keep my eyes permanently shut but I felt so uncomfortable that I just had to open them. I even tried looking at other objects in the room again in the hope I’d be distracted away from the vision, but it didn’t work. I knew I was meant to watch this act. It was important that I did.

Again the woman figure seemed to pulsate like a living breathing machine. The effects of this living machine pulsating made me stare at the ‘vaginal area’, which was now also pulsating. I suddenly stopped feeling uncomfortable and the images I was seeing started to look more erotic and my body was reacting to it. The images were turning me on! I thought Bloody hell I am getting the hots for a piece of abstract art. I know it sounds daft but that’s how it was.

DSCF2801 copy 2

 I was getting the hots for a piece of abstract art

The music of the shaman only added to this strange feeling. And the hands in the artwork were literally egging me on.

I though, bloody hell, I’m now in my mid fifties and the only thing that turns me on now is some abstract artwork showing an entity that entices flames into her naughty bits. I thought, “What is this bloody picture called… “Singed Minge”

I shut my eyes again and luckily on reopening them the artwork had shrunk to its normal size and thankfully so had I. (I have experienced symbols and artwork increasing in size before under Ayahuasca)

I decided to try and have a walk outside and get some air and try to regain my focus on things. But the only thing that I could look at outside was the now brightly illuminated magic tree. I stood there staring at it for a moment and it was now was displaying the exact same images, albeit on a smaller scale. The same arms and hands appeared within the changing colours of the tree. It was like the images were enticing me again.

I went back inside and lay ‘face down’ on my mattress and shut my eyes. I was determined to lose this vision.

I just saw loads of coloured dots swirling around. It was just like watching a shoal of fish swimming around. I was happy watching this scene. All the dots seemed to be moving in some sort of stream. The dots were all swaying around and making fantastic shapes and patterns. They were all graceful like. I started to feel sleepy and totally relaxed.

I was entranced with the shapes and I heard some soothing music too. I felt like a baby led under a musical mobile in a nursery.

It was so relaxing. I felt like I was falling asleep.

Then all of a sudden the dots changed shape rapidly. They started moving with more intensity too. I could see the dots were forming a very similar shape to the flowing red river or lava flow I saw in the beginning of the journey.

Then the red flow of colour changed into the same shape as the artwork on the fire. First of all the familiar arms and hands appeared and then the legs and vagina area followed.

It was clear and I knew that ‘Singed Minge’ was indeed coming back to me and this time I had my eyes wide ‘shut’.  The graphics of the artwork appeared so clear in my vision and again the image appeared to come to life and breath. Maybe I should say, “She came to life and she breathed”

The whole vision became surreal and I literally felt like I was floating and the image was floating too. I realised I was simply physically face down on a mattress and hallucinating on a five sense but I also realised that my soul or sprit was actually experiencing what I was seeing too. But I tell you my soul was experiencing the event as clear as day.

Again I literally existed in two worlds at the same time. I was crashed out on a mattress in one world but it was the scene created through the Ayahuasca that now had my entire attention and it was that world that had my heart.

I thought I was being hypnotically enticed. I felt I was being seduced.

The imagery I was seeing with my eyes shut appeared far more graphic than looking at the artwork with my eyes open.

I suppose the best way of describing it is to say that I was intermittently seeing the artwork as a proper attractive painted lady. She looked something like the one in the picture below but she was painted the same colours in the artwork not the colours in the picture.


The image intermittently changed into something like this

One minute I was seeing a real painted lady the next I was seeing the artwork. They were intermingling. The entire vision had become far more vivid and the colours on the wrists, hands and fingers were very hypnotic and pulsating away. Indeed each fingertip was changing colour as it pulsated. I was totally entranced.

DSCF2801 copy 3

The hands and arms then literally pulled me in and they were acting like some kind of suction device. Indeed as the arms expanded and retracted it reminded me of one of those old fashion fire stokers that made fires burn quicker.

Yes the image appeared to be performing like a fire stoking wind box sort of thing would, and as we would expand and retract the handles on a fire stoker to blow air and stoke the fire, so were the hands on this image sucking me in by retracting and expanding too. Can you understand what I mean?

The image was doing the same thing to me as a fire stoker would do but in reverse. I was literally being ‘sucked’ into the vaginal area of the image so to speak… not ‘blown’ into it. It was a very intense experience. Again I was intermittently shown a very living and breathing attractive painted lady mingled in with the artwork.

I was looking at the vaginal area of the woman and I was really being drawn in. Even though I had initially resisted this vision I had now literally lost all will to resist it any longer. The image was floating and I was floating too. The woman was still opening and closing her arms and legs and I was transfixed.

It was like I had been connected to a powerful magnetic field and all my senses were being tickled just so I would not resist the attraction. I seemed to be on collision course with this mysterious strange image of a woman and the image became more and more lifelike and the more I floated towards the woman the larger she became.

Again I was hypnotised with the colours pulsating on her hands and on parts of her legs. She grew more and more in size and I shrunk and shrunk in size as I floated closer and closer to her.  I then caught sight of her vagina. It was shining bright like a lantern in a dark hole!

DSCF2801 copy

As I floated closer the legs on the image widened and pulsated and the ‘vagina’ then literally opened up just like it does when giving birth. It got wider and wider, it turned into something like a massive tunnel. I could actually see a bright light and a vague image of a door in the distance.

It is hard to explain these experiences!

 DSCF2801 copy 4

I was still floating through the air, I seemed to be being slowly spun around onto my back, like a pig on a spit. I was totally in sync with whatever was causing such a vision and experience.  I could feel a sort vibrating and pulsating. It felt good and natural.

I then felt my body go numb and I pushed my head back hard and pushed again, just like I would when attempting to do a backward somersault under water. I gritted my teeth as I pushed and I felt some sort of pressure on the back of my neck. I knew I had entered the woman. I had entered the image.

I then felt my head turn very warm as I started to travel backwards. It felt like I was swimming backwards but I was not using my arms or my legs. I had my arms down by my side. I was in some kind of slipstream and in more ways than one! I felt like I was in water but I felt dry. I was breathing.

I could hear something thumping, it sounded like the beat of a drum. I seemed to start counting the drum beats and I could feel a massive tremor.  I thought of being inside a body and only moving up the tunnel to the beat of a massive heart.

I was still moving and I seemed to be speeding up. I tilted my head back so I could see ahead so to speak (I was still on my back) and I could see ‘the door’ I thought I could see in the distance earlier.

As I approached this door I seemed to slow right down. I then appeared to go through this door somehow and I felt myself stop dead. I then seemed to float downward and I came to a stop. I was on my back. I was on a tabletop or some sort of slab.

I noticed I was in a very dimly lit room and the only source of light seemed to be coming from a little hole in the wall. This light seemed to illuminate two long benches. The benches housed several rows of funny shaped ‘jars’ or little ‘pots’.  The light in the hole in the wall made the pots appear slightly transparent. The pots were not glass but still looked very fragile. They were a pinky/red colour.

I was still lying down on my back. I couldn’t move off the table though. I felt like my body had now somehow been strapped to it but I could still move my head. I looked down and saw I was in the nude!

I started looking at the jars/pots more closely for some reason.  I could see strange shadows in some of them and in others I could see a water mark level. On first glance some of them looked like they had a large worm or a small snake squirming about in them. The worms appeared to be in water.

My eyes were transfixed on the pots and the more I looked at them I noticed the ‘worms’ suddenly started to grow and as they did they squirmed around more and more. They very quickly seemed to outgrow the pots they were in. The ‘heads’, if there is such a thing, of the worms started to bob up and down in and out of the top of the pots as they wrestled with themselves in the space inside their pots became increasingly more limited. Water was spilling out of the pots too. I then realised that the pots were actually heart shaped.

I focused on the movement of the worms and the more they moved and the more popped up in the pot the more I soon realised that they were not worms at all. They were ‘tongues’. Yes they were ‘tongues’ and they were now literally wagging away in their pots, and as they did so they were forcing the water or some other liquid to splash over the top of the pots.

I only recognised the worms as being actual tongues because my Grandma used to take me to a butchers shop as a child. This butcher always had a large cured up tongue in the cold meat display cabinet (It looked large to me as a child)

My Grandma always bought a quarter pound of tongue for Granddad every Tuesday. Seeing the tongue always repulsed me and it terrified me just to look at a Tongue on display but it repulsed me and terrified me even more to see the butcher slice it up with a sharp knife. I never understood why a tongue was for sale or why anyone would willingly buy it. It really gave me the heebies.


The butchers tongue always repulsed me.


I continued to look at the pots and realised that all the tongues were actually trying to lap the liquid in the pots up.  The tongues lapped and squirmed and lapped some more, and when the pots appeared to be ‘lapped empty’ the pots actually changed colour from pinky red to blue. Once the vessels turned blue I could no longer see through them.

But that didn’t matter because all the tongues literally started climbing out of their now dry pots on their own. They appeared to march out of their pots and in exact unison with each other. They moved as a slug or snail would move, arching up and down, only much faster than a snail would.

Suddenly all the tongues all lined up in front of their pots and started dancing on the shelves. (I kid you not!) The tongues appeared to stand up, just like we do. The tips of the tongues acted as the head part of an entity and the bottom end of the tongues, the severed end, acted as the legs part of an entity, so to speak.

It was quite entertaining to watch and it turned into something like a bloody Broadway musical at one stage.  Instead of ‘Cats’ it was ‘Tongues’. The tongues continued to dance around in unison in front of their pots.

Then the light went out!

It was completely dark, but I could still actually slightly hear the tongues dancing on the shelves. I knew they were still there.

Then one of the tongues was somehow set on fire. I don’t know how, but the affect was similar to someone lighting a match in a dark cellar. The tongue being set on fire initially blinded me and created a very bright light in the room. This burning tongue then danced along the bench and bumped into the other tongues on either side of it. This created something like a domino affect until all the other tongues were set on fire too on both benches. Everything was very bright and I couldn’t help notice that once all the tongues were all ablaze the pots changed colour from blue to luminous green.

Most of the tongues then appeared to topple off the benches onto the floor and some of them literally turned into fire torches (lamps), which illuminated all the room again.

I tilted my head back and looked behind me so to speak.  I saw two tongues dancing and wrestling with each other. They started to swing each other around like ice skaters would if you know what I mean.

One tongue then seemed to really spin the other tongue around and then let go it. The now flying tongue then hit the wall that was behind my head and it explosively hit a shield or painting on the wall. The painting was the same image as the Dog spitting out the Atl Tlachinolli symbol.


The Atl Talachinolli symbol appeared again

The painting then slowly set alight this caused a kind of a fireplace to instantly form in the wall or at least ignite a fire in a previously unseen ‘hole’ that was already there.

The shield could have been some kind of fire screen. It just burnt away in a second. (It reminded of the opening credits on the old Bonanza TV show burning the map.)  Whatever it was the tongue removed the shield or painting and started a fire.

This new fire seemed to spark all sorts of things off and I could now see three statues in three different corners of the room. I seemed to recognise one of the faces on one statue, but not the other two. I was trying my best to recognise the person in the statue. I also noticed all the pots on the benches were now a bright yellow colour, they were no longer heart shaped either, they were now shaped liked little classic tombstones.  They were ‘Arch’-shape if you like.

I then saw a male Indian type figure come walking towards me. The ‘Indian’ was wearing a silly hat and just staring in my direction like he was going to do something.  Part of his face looked familiar just like the statue. He was dancing around like a drunk on a dance floor waving his arms around and chanting things.

I tried to sit up so I could see more but I couldn’t. I was somehow strapped down. It was like my arse was stuck to the seat.  It was like my body was dead.

I was completely lost in this vision. It was entirely real to me. I was now literally living it as a five-sense reality. The Indian was waving a stick around and chanting something. Then two other figures appeared but they were quiet. I realise these figures looked exactly like two of the statues from the three corners of the room. One was carrying a large rock like you would carry a heavy shot in a shot putt contest and the other was carrying a large axe. It was perched on his shoulder.

The Indian that had been dancing around and chanted pointed his stick at me and as he did the figure carrying the rock threw it at me, again like you would a shot for shot putt. I felt a bit concerned. (I was bloody scared in fact)

But the rock didn’t come towards me at speed. It came towards me like it was in slow motion replay mode, spinning slowly through the air.  I couldn’t move out of the way so I just tensed up my body up and shut my eyes, more because of fear than anything else and I waited for the pain to hit me. I then felt a small nudge on my chest and opened my eyes. The rock had obviously hit me but it simply broke in half, it literally bounced off me and one half fell to the floor and the other half crashed onto one of the benches that housed the pots that the tongues were once in. The rock then crashed into the pots and smashed most if not all of them to pieces.

The dancing Indian pointed his stick at me again and the other figure carrying the axe went to chop me in the groin area with it, and again I simply couldn’t move. I just tensed my body again and shut my eyes in fear again.  But just as it was when the rock hit me I only felt a little nudge and the axe head broke in half as it hit my body.

I felt like Captain Scarlet

Half of the axe head fell to the floor but the other half of the axe head landed on the other bench and it smashed onto the other bench and then smashed most if not all of the pots on it.

I looked at the Indian and he bowed his head and grinned at me. He then raised his stick and as he did so the table I was on did a complete u-turn. Then, one at a time, all three figures walked towards a statue and disappeared. It was just like they lived in the statue and had somehow gone home.

I was now looking into the fire that had appeared through the spinning tongue burning through the shield

I was looking at the flames in the fireplace from a feet first position so to speak. I could now see that a large image of the lady (artwork) had appeared over the fire. It was just like it was placed over the real fire in the ceremonial room.  I stared at the image again.

DSCF2801 copy 2DSCF2801 copy 6

I was attracted to the hands

This time I was strongly attracted to the hands because the colours on them were pulsating. I then saw the flames in the fire were starting to look like they were fading. It was like they were being spit on or something or something was hitting them.

I looked at the image above the fire and the hands had moved outward into like a begging position or a rain check position.

The fire started to look like it was being hit with raindrops, slowly at first, but then the raindrops started to get heavy. Then water started to pour onto the fire, totally extinguishing it, and then it started to seep into the room.

A small stream then turned into a big gush and the room started to fill up with water.

I was still strapped down on a table or slab. The water level in the room started to rise. I started to panic. Then all of a sudden the table or slab I was on started to move around by the force of the water. It was floating and whatever my arse was stuck to literally acted like a boat.  I noticed the statues were starting to float too. They were like logs in a river, rolling and spinning.

I started moving upwards again. I was still completely stuck to the table. I seemed to go through the same door that I’d initially entered the room through and then I found myself in the same tunnel scenario that I had experienced before entering the room of tongues.

I was then suddenly flowing down a tunnel again, but this time it was like a fast flowing river and because I was strapped to the table/slab. It was literally like being on a canoe going down swift rapids. I was literally bumping my way down this tunnel, but the table/slab seemed to steady me and protect me. It was actually helping me.

The statues were flowing down this tunnel with me too and all the pieces of the broken tombstone shaped pots were being carried along with the flow too.

I saw all the tongues too but they were now all black and burnt. They looked liked black fish.

It felt chaotic and it felt like I was going to crash but all of a sudden whoosh I saw a flash of light and then I felt the cold hit the back of my head. I immediately snapped out of trance with a jolt.

I didn’t know where I was for a minute or two. The jolt feeling was similar to the usual falling off a cliff feeling many folks get in dreams. I felt a little sick, my legs and arms were totally numb. I couldn’t bloody move. I was paralysed for at least a minute. I just lay there trying to understand what I had just seen. I tried to understand the symbolism behind it.

I knew the experience meant something very important but its intensity and strangeness had literally engulfed me and totally exhausted me. I pondered on the pots and the tongues for a moment. I tried to work out the meaning of the statues and the rock and the axe head, but for some reason I wasn’t allowed to ponder on the vision for very long.

I opened my eyes.  I could now see the room had changed again. I could see that the very large windows/ glass doors in room were somehow being illuminated.  I don’t know how the glass was illuminated because the room was quite dark apart from the light from the fire.

I could see strange shapes appearing. They seemed to resemble dark hooded figures. These figures appeared to be moving around very swiftly outside on the wooden veranda and as they did so they occasionally swiftly approached the window forcing their faces onto the glass, as if peering in, so to speak. It was like they were trying to enter the room. Although the faces didn’t really look like faces under their hoods you could still tell they were faces. There seemed to be dozens of them.

I also looked at the window where the bird table was and where I placed the makeshift cat’s tail whip just two nights previous. I could see the same sort of hooded figures moving rapidly about outside on the stone veranda too and again they were intermittently approaching the window and pressing their undistinguished ghostly ‘faces’ against the glass.

It looked quite spooky but it also looked bloody laughable. I could sense that these dark hooded figures were just that… they were dark hooded faces.

I stared at the windows and the amount of hooded figures seemed to increase there seemed to be hundreds of them, bumping into each other and snapping and snarling at each other.

Then the host of the ceremonies, who was lying on the mattress beside me, suddenly got off his bed and he approached the fire, in which of course I had burnt my ‘scarf’ prior to the ceremony actually taking place. I noticed he was carrying the stick I had given him previously too. He seemed to point the stick at the fire.

Under Ayahuasca people can do things in total trance or in a semi-aware state of consciousness. Sometimes they just do things without having the slightest clue why they did it.

I know it sounds daft but he pointed the stick at the fire and when he did I saw a line of sparks hit the end of his stick, creating another whip like object. I’m sure the host of ceremonies couldn’t see this line of sparks but I could. It was like a whip of fire and when it moved rapidly I could see it resembled the cat’s tail whip I had experienced in the previous journey.

I looked through the windows again and I could see the hooded figures were moving around more rapidly now. The hooded figures appeared more aggressive and agitated.

I looked at the host again. He was now waving the stick around and the line of sparks, the ‘spotted’ cat’s tail, was quite bright. He seemed to point it at both sets of windows/glass doors, those windows that led out to the stone veranda where the bird table was and those windows that led out to the wooden veranda where the wooden veranda was. Here is a daylight picture taken from outside showing the stone veranda (Bird Table area) to the right and the wooden veranda to the left.


The place the ceremonies took place from the outside.

Anyway, the more the host swung his whip the more agitated the hooded figures appeared to become.  Their faces seemed to really smash into the windows more and more, but they simply couldn’t enter the house.

The host then appeared to totally spin around pointing the stick in all directions of the room and as soon as he did so I could see what appeared to be a large ‘cat’ appear outside where the hooded figures were (reflected in the windows). This cat was stood on its hind legs! It was like something from Cat’s the Musical or the Lion in Wizard of Oz.

It seemed to march up and down on the veranda and when it did so all the hooded figures simply disappeared. It was like I was watching a show of shadows.

I stared at the reflections in the windows in utter wonderment. I then saw that the cat wasn’t even a cat. It was a man dressed as a cat. The man dressed as a cat then approached the window and seemed to raise his arm in salute. I realise the host couldn’t see this man dressed as a cat, because of his posture, but he still appeared to blindly raise his stick in acknowledgement of it anyway, it was just as though some invisible force had raised it for him. The reflections in the window simply disappeared.

The whole vision seemed so real. The hooded figures with undistinguished faces seemed so real and the appearance of a cat on its hind legs, albeit looking like a man in a cat skin, seemed so real too.

The stick and the cat skin scarf had been real before the ceremony even started. I had taken them to Brazil before the ceremony began, just like I had taken my tooth in 2011. (See Hummingbird Has Landed)

I was amazed again over how five sense physical things were increasingly interacting with the Ayahuasca journey’s themselves. It’s clear to me, and had been for a while, that the interaction was not coincidence and its clear I couldn’t make them up in advance. I’m sure even I could not ‘make a big cat appear on the veranda’ to scare away dark figures simply by taking a spotted scarf and a stick to Chapada, and I’m sure the host wouldn’t believe he did either. But I saw him do it! Only magicians like ‘Harry Potter’ or Siegfried & Roy could do such a thing like that in this world anyway eh?

I started to feel sleepy because I felt so relaxed on my mattress.  Then I heard a little trickling of water coming from outside, it was coming from the small ornamental pond where the ornamental magic tree was now located (Pictured Earlier). It sounded so comforting. Everything was quiet. Everything was still.  I’d had enough of visions for one night. I’d had enough of Ayahuasca for one night. I felt exhausted. I just wanted the night to end or at least see the healing Rain Bow Rods appear again and feel them.

I was suddenly full of self-pity and found myself pondering on my broken life, but luckily not for too long because the Shaman started playing some music again which made me smile. For some reason, I connected part of one of the tunes he was singing to the chorus of the very old ‘she’ll be coming round the mountain’ song. I don’t know why because the tune barely sounded like it, but Warinei’s tunes always had a habit of sparking triggers off in me and sometimes he made memories surface about other songs in me that I hadn’t heard for years.  I was suddenly full of the ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain song”

It should be noted, by those that didn’t know already, that the She’ll coming round the mountain song is not just about the children’s version, the ‘Singing Aye Aye Yippy’ song, we are now all programmed with. It is actually linked to a very ambiguous ‘old spiritual’ song “When the Chariot Comes”, which was said to refer to Jesus’ chariot at the rapture. (No I’m not religious nor promoting any religion!) The ‘She’ is said to refer to the chariot, you know just as we call ships and cars and other things ‘she’.

I started to think of The Rain as the ‘She’ in the song. I saw the Rain as an entity and the song was lifting me. I started thinking of the Fire Line and the Water Line uniting. The song took on far greater significance then.  The tune was stuck in my head for quite a while but it took on an Indian angle.  I can’t explain why I felt so lifted by the simple song but I did. I found this link that also adds a bit of an Indian edge to the ambiguous lyrics. Please click on it because it may help you empathise with how I felt at the time with the atmosphere. listen to them on the link.

The tune inside me triggered some very rapid powerful visions in me and empowered me. The Rain was She and She was the Rain. She’ll be coming round the bloody mountain I thought! I knew in my heart that when she does come around the mountain some folks better run, but some folks better pack their bags because they are going home. For some reason I felt elated hippy style.

I closed my eyes and within seconds I saw the Face. It was just there, no swirling colours involved at all. The Face just appeared.

My imaginary friend had appeared without a warm up routine but he immediately went into singing/comedy mode. I was soon brought out of my state of hippy-fied elation because he started Singing ‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High?’  Singing ‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High?’

I immediately got the ambiguity and laughed. Maybe I was High but I was no Hippy. The Face definitely didn’t need a warm up routine because he changed the lyrics and started singing You Can Stick Ayahuasca Up Your Arse in the same tune, Adding ‘High High Hippy Hippy High. Bloody Hell I found myself joining in with him. I couldn’t help it. So come on folks all together now…

You Can Stick Ayahuasca…  Up Your Arse.
You Can Stick Ayahuasca… Up Your Arse
Oh You Can Stick Ayahuasca – Stick the Ayahuasca
Stick Ayahuasca… Up Your Arse
Singing‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High’
Singing ‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High’
Singing ‘High High Hippy’  – ‘High High Hippy’
‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High’

I then imagined Neil Young and Crazy Horse singing that verse and chorus.  But before you misunderstand me, or more importantly misunderstand the Face, as any two faced faker reading this story will do, I’ll say it is absolutely true.  You really really can stick Ayahuasca up your arse.

Usually with something like this…


I’m sure the boys at Red Arse Radio know about this sort of thing.

The ancient Aztecs/Mayans etc. did stick many kinds of hallucinogens and drink up their arse on a regular basis, including Auahuasca. Sticking it up their backside actually helped them keep the medicine down and therefore also saved them from the trauma of purging in most cases.  They stuck it up their anal passage to stop it going into their stomach and it got into their veins quicker and easier. Here is a “You Can Stick Ayahuasca Up Your Arse” scene. You will see it shows a warrior taking an enema. It shows the warrior having visions of flying reptilian deities and the Atl Tlachinolli symbol is shown coming out of his mouth.


Enema? Yes but they still experienced the same journeys I experienced today

Anyway, lets get back on track.

The Face had actually brought me down to Earth again with his singing and comments, and he did it far quicker than any one in this dimension could have. Yet I was still seeing him in vision.

The Face quickly reminded me of the remaining apparatus I had brought with me and immediately reminded me what I had to do with it. I had indeed previously set up part of the apparatus in the grounds near to where the Caiman Head had once been. I had completely forgot about it because of the intense visions and I really needed the reminder.

I was to set up four ornamental hummingbirds ‘in a line’ at the ‘end of the line’. I knew the four plastic birds were in my coat pockets in the bedroom. The same coat I wore in Bahia in 2007. The birds were to be placed on four separate poles but the poles they were all linked to the same solar powered charger by a wire.

I was also told that the original hummingbird was now fully functional. Its wings were empowered because of rituals in the first ceremony and that’s why the new single two-winged hummingbird had to be been placed in that area. The host had to place it there, with his own hands, because of events that will unfold in the same area in the future, when the time was right.

The Face then told me that the four connected ornamental ‘hummingbirds’ represented four symbolic warriors and the Air, Water, Earth and Fire.  He added, “You will know when to switch them on”

The Face reminded me that help from the universe can only manifest on a five sense level in this world when certain events take place that allow it to do. I was reminded that the rituals were are/ always done to manifest physical events in the future.

The face told me that The Rain Bow Gate would now act as both a marker, for movement of the stars, and a link to Brazil energy lines. He added that one day a certain pattern will appear under it ‘when the stars fall’ and the Gate itself was only created through the artist, it was not created by the artist. Here are a couple of pictures that I took shortly after two members of the Aya crew truly officially opened the gate.



 The Rain Bow Gate

The face reminded me that there are many many ways in which the right apparatus can be provided and supplied. I was told never to forget this. I was told the apparatus and the actions that surround them may seem silly most of the time, if not all of the time, but everything connected to the events is very important and very necessary. Everything!

The Face went on to tell me that the relevant area around the house and around the spot where the Caiman Head, ornamental tree and hummingbird had been placed respectively (On the Energy Line) has been ‘cleared’ and ‘cleaned’ and ‘purified’ and the area was protected from any disturbance from dark hooded figures. “It had to be so before the hummingbirds are illuminated”. “A pure space will be created for the official act of an official connection between the five sense ritual (Earth) and spirit (Universe) to take place” ‘The rituals will then eventually allow the forces, which have been sent by the universe, to help those with true hearts in this world to receive the help they need”

I was then given the same message as I was given in the previous ceremony. I repeat it. Please take it as you will. I’m only delivering it today.

 The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

 I was told that this event would be easier to understand, by those that will need to understand it, after it takes place.

I was reminded that the house was still being worked on to create the apparatus needed for future events to unfold. The Face then told me it was time for him to go. He smiled and was gone.

I lay still for about ten minutes and the memories of the visions I’d had came back to me. I looked around the room and apart from the host everyone was on his or her mattresses. I felt I was coming out of trance and I needed something in my stomach. (You cannot eat or drink for many hours before the ceremony and you simply couldn’t swallow anything after taking Ayahuasca for several hours. All in all you have nothing for about 12 hours.)

I started to feel a strong urge for a choccy biscuit or a Jaffa cake and something inside me told me it was time to collect the four ornamental hummingbirds and go and place them on their poles. I stood up and felt well. I went to the bedroom to get both the biscuits and the birds.

I collected them up and then headed for the door where I’d placed the magic tree, which was at the other side of the house to where the Caiman head had been and where the poles for the hummingbirds were (Pictured Earlier).  I saw the host of the ceremonies dancing around and pointing up in the air very excitedly. ‘Look Look Look’ he said. I looked up and saw this very colourful object flying through the air flashing with colours. Red, Blue, Green and yellow. I thought ‘what the **ck is that’. On first glance I thought it was a helicopter. I then watched it flying right in front of me about 30 feet up in the air. That’s no bloody helicopter I thought.

It was pitch dark but this thing was flashing colours very strong bright colours. They certainly weren’t helicopter lights. The host said it initially appeared from the far distance. We both stood there like two hallucinating lemons trying to work out what it was. I asked him what he could see.

He said, “It’s a Hummingbird” “A big Hummingbird”.  I stared again at it and it started to turn in the direction Caiman Head had once been and the Ornamental Hummingbird was now.  It was literally flying in-between the trees in very dense forest type area. Again it was not flying above the trees it was flying within them. There was a sound coming from it but it wasn’t the sound of proper Helicopter rotor blades, nor was it the sound of a silly tinny remote control toy either. Anyway this thing appeared far too big to be a remote control toy and again it sure didn’t sound like one. I’d also heard like a massive flapping sound literally like big wings would. I started laughing. I thought someone was really taking the piss somewhere.

I couldn’t see a pilot and if it was just some light show trickery there was no beams of flight showing the source.

It was so surreal yet so bloody real. I was just staring at it and so was the host. The host had the added experience of seeing it arrive. I hadn’t and it was simply there right in front of my eyes. I was stunned for a minute.

I kept it in my line of vision but once it had turned in direction, towards where I was going to place my four ornamental hummingbirds, it just seemed to disappear into where the trees are so dense. Whatever it was it was like it wanted to be seen and once those that had to see it had seen it, it disappeared very sharpish indeed. That fact applied no matter who put it in the air that night, be them a pilot, a hoaxer or a divine spirit. It disappeared leaving the host and I sounding like true and genuine shit faced hallucinating Ayahuasqueros to anyone we dared tell about it.

Anyway, surprisingly, as soon as the flying thing had disappeared it was as though I was put in trance again and I just had the very strong urge to place the four ornamental hummingbirds on their poles.  The host came to witness it. It was a very strange but also a very happy and important moment. I knew whatever the thing in the sky actually was, no matter who had created it, that it was a massive trigger to light up the four hummingbirds. So I did just that. I lit the buggers up and I felt happy to do so. I was glad.


Shortly after I had lit the Hummingbirds up suddenly remembered a graphic picture I had seen regarding the Rain Bow Gate from the past and I remembered the words of my trusted friend the Face regarding the Gate too. Maybe he was right about it acting as both a marker, for movement of the stars, and a link to Brazil energy lines. Maybe its just a heap of shit that was officially opened by a pair of lemon headed Ayahuasqueros that had nothing better to do. Only time will tell eh?


I knew it was the end of my journey for that night.

Mind you I was in slight shock for a quite a while after. Not only had the visions been rather strong I said to myself “Had a massive colourful Hummingbird really appeared?”  It was easier on the head to assume it was some kind of helicopter that just happened to appear just as I was about to put four ornamental Hummingbirds on poles.  But what can I really say about it?  I could say… “Oh by the way a ten foot long colourful Hummingbird appeared in the sky and then flew through the trees during an Ayahuasca ceremony, just as I was to plant four hummingbirds on an invisible energy line!” I’m sure the entire world would listen and then believe it eh?

I remember what the face has told me many times about apparatus being supplied.

I also remember what I said in 2011.

“I knew the spirit world had got what it wanted from the group and from me and I knew another part of my journey and the journey of others was a step nearer completion. I knew a vital ritual had been carried out so I really didn’t care if it was deemed a silly game created by jungle drugs or not. Whatever it was… it happened. Whatever it was it involved two dimensions at least. Whatever it was… will be seen by all one day”

What can I say to you further on this situation? I can only write down what happened in a straight honest way. I have done that to the best of my ability and my means.

Maybe I’m just seriously mentally ill and the stories are simply the insane ramblings stemming out from a very sick and very deluded mind. A sick mind that was soaked in Ayahuasca to boot. What a combination eh? If that is the case then I am totally unaware that I’m sick and deluded and I certainly receive no compassionate help from the authorities in this world in order to help cure me.

Maybe some of you believe what I say in my writings, especially those not associated with Ayahuasca? I’m sure I have told the truth in those writings and if I have told any single piece of truth in the writings about the world then I also tell the truth about the visions and experiences through Ayahuasca too.

Hey maybe there really are subliminal triggers hidden within the ambiguous Ayahuasca writings and these triggers will affect the subconscious of certain individuals and those triggers will help those individuals in the future?  I certainly believe that is the case even if we’re just dancing in the dark’ as the title to part one states.

You can define ‘Dark’ anyway you wish but this world is certainly ‘dark’ and human beings happily dance in it blindly. Well don’t you?

Some are seeing a tiny portion of its darkness these days but I believe the vast majority still dance in the dark whilst blissfully believing they don’t.

I started to see the entire human race was literally dancing in the dark, lost it its own sick ego to boot, and always has been in one way or another.  Maybe my perception of somehow gaining enlightenment, awareness and eyesight is just another illusion? Maybe I’m only really dancing in the dark too?

This world is certainly ‘dark’ and human beings happily dance in it blindly. Don’t you simply dance in the dark to any tune that gets you up dancing? Maybe the next question, if you can actually see that you do dance in the dark, would be to ask if you if you really would stop Dancing in the Dark if someone provided a fire to show you where you were really dancing? Would you use the light to see yourself dancing to something you couldn’t previously see, or would you simply piss on the fire and carry on dancing regardless?

I believe that symbolic fire is coming to this world and I’ll carry on believing that even if I am only Dancing in the Dark in doing so. I also believe that the symbolic energy lines will unite the Fire with Rain (Water) when the Rain arrives. And we will all go out to meet her when she comes, just as the song said.

And I believe we really will all bloody sing Hallelujah when she comes too, if only for the long wait.

We all shared some supper that night and laughed and joked about our experiences as we usually did. I went off to bed in good spirits and I was pondering on the visions and events for several hours. The one thing that hit me was I’d have never have been able to cope with the visions and other things unless I’d had the childhood I’d had or the other experiences I’d had throughout my life.

On the final day had a great final dinner and we all left for Airport in good spirits and feeling good. We thanked the generous host for providing such a priceless and important experience. We gave him a small token of appreciation, which was also connected to the Rain Bow Gate.

It was soon time to go home.

Unfortunately, in all the excitement and all the confusion showing, ornamental props, fires, bubbles, living birth giving artwork, a painted lady, hooded figures, magic whips, cat’s tails, wonkey bird watching towers, wooden cocks, crystal domes, feathers, shields, drums, bees, ants, beetles, masks, burning tongues, heart shaped and tombstone pots, statues, warriors, rocks, axes and obviously not forgetting burnt silk scarves and of course ten foot long hummingbirds I’d broken a vow I’d made

Yes in all that excitement I’d forgotten all about the Mad Dog driver that drove me from the airport to Chapada in the bloody first place. I’d forgotten all about my vow never to get into a car with them again.

I only remembered my vow when I was actually sat in the bloody Fiat with him again on the road to Cuiaba Airport.  It turned into one of the most terrifying journeys I’d ever been on, including a 100-yard screeching and rubber burning skid. Forget about terrifying Ayahuasca journeys or the terrifying possibility of a ten-foot hummingbird shitting on you.

The lift to the airport took the biscuit as far as fear was concerned.  But I promised myself never to break that vow again.

Thank you for reading this article. An updated version of the Aya collection Only Love Can Bring The Rain, in which this article will be added, will be downloadable soon.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

17th August 2013.

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2013: All Rights Reserved










Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark?

Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark?


(‘Ayahuasca’: Chapada dos Guimarães July 2012 Part One)

By Matthew Delooze

You can’t start a fire, worryin’ about your little world falling apart …
…You can’t start a fire… You can’t start a fire without a spark
Even if we’re just dancing in the dark
Even if we’re just dancing in the dark
From The Song Dancing in the Dark By Bruce Springsteen

I was left in no doubts around May 2012 that 2012 was going to be very difficult to navigate, not only on a physical/health level but on an emotional level too. I had known for a while that personal events in my life were going to unfold and my feelings were being stretched enough without having more emotional upheaval to cope with, but the upheaval still came along, like a soul destroying psychotic thunderstorm, and I was swept along with it like a feather in a hurricane. I do not know how I would have survived, or even have a roof over my head without priceless help coming from a couple of individuals.

The major triggers for these events unfolding surrounded a few talks I did in the UK in the spring of 2012, where I informed the audience that 2012 was a year for sharp changes and a time of shocks for a lot of people.  I’m sure a few of those folks in those audiences actually believe me now. (Sorry… but at least you few know I tell the truth!)

People cannot feel our personal physical pain and they have no empathy with it unless they suffer something similar themselves. The same situation applies to our emotional and spiritual pain too and unless people have suffered spiritually themselves they really have no idea of the spiritual sufferings of others, apart from seeing the physical affects it has on their physical bodies and appearances of course.

I had previously been invited to take part in another week of Ayahuasca ceremonies before the 2012 upheavals and severe changes in my life had begun.  So it literally felt like a real godsend when the time to go came along (July 2012) if only to briefly escape from my painful situation and to travel to Brazil again.

I arrived at Heathrow Airport and whilst I swigged down a pint of ale in the bar I pondered on how I was going to react to the Ayahuasca medicine considering the emotional and physical state I was in. I very quickly decided that I didn’t really have a care in the world how I reacted to it.  It can literally be a very daunting experience just ‘thinking’ about supping Ayahuasca when it is soon to be upon you so to speak, but I was very calm about it. I had no fears at all.

Usually just thinking about the physical side affects of Ayahuasca, like it making you shit like a plane leaving chemtrails, can be very off putting, but it simply didn’t bother me.

I think at the time I would have happily shit myself to death even without a moment’s thought of what details would be written up in any pauper’s obituary.  I suppose as long as any obituary noted that I had been wearing very very clean and very posh (Calvin Klein) underpants at the time (for my mum’s sake) I would have been happy to die at that time whilst literally shitting my soul out. Again I had no fears of drinking.

Indeed, all in all, the only thing that initially scared the shit out of me was the terrifying road trip from Cuiaba Airport to Chapada dos Guimarães in a small Fiat.Now please believe me when I admit that ‘trip’ really did scare me totally rigid and I gripped the seat many times as my life flashed before my eyes, but surprisingly and to my utter amazement I arrived in one piece in Chapada, albeit shaking like a leaf and repeatedly vowing to myself that I would never… ever… ever… get into a car, well a tin on wheels, with a crazed mad dog driver again! I though I had lost my fear of death years ago, but after getting into a Fiat in Brazil, in the hands of a maniac, I realised I hadn’t.

Anyway my heart rate soon subsided when I did arrive and I very quickly settled in this paradise sort of a setting. It was the place where I had briefly visited the last time I was in Chapada. I had attended the house warming for the host of the ceremonies and of course it was the place where the Bird Table was located as mentioned in The Hummingbird Has Landed. Here is a picture showing the location.

chapada    jjj DSCF2814 copy

chapada    jjj DSCF2814 copy 2

A fantastic and special location for the ceremonies. Picture By Matthew Delooze (c)

I took the picture from the top of a massive bird observation tower (In reality it was pile of dangerously rickety scaffolding built by Indian Cowboys).

Anyway. It really felt like I was in another world compared to the shithole of a town I usually exist in (Burnley UK). I awoke on the second day with little jet lag and I immediately started to remember events from the last year and I retraced my steps.

I remembered the Caiman Head and I remembered visiting the exact centre point of Brasil etc. I mostly remembered seeing the massive Sky Walker, the streak of colours in the sky that resembled a massive UFO.


I remembered past events

It was like returning to work on an ongoing job sort of thing. It all had to be done in stages, so it felt like I was having an important reaquaintance with a special mission and I was being given a visual and emotional reminder, I was being briefed. I have always felt, when returning to the places where Ayahuasca ceremonies have taken place, or places that are linked to them, that I am instantly given recall of previous experiences that have taken place there. I don’t just remember them either. I actually feel the emotions felt at the previous ceremonies.

I also started to feel other spiritual connections that you feel when returning to special places etc. My ‘chakras’ (sorry for being hippy ducky) were vibrating again and although I wasn’t fully functional, in my body by a long chalk, I also knew my inner core was fully alert and in full working order. I may appear a haggard old looking broken man on the outside but that is not the real me. I ask scoffers to try and believe me when I say they’d be a fool, as we all can be, if they are to be permanently deceived by appearances. Please remember that in coming years because it is important if you seek true freedom to do so. Sadly ‘everyone’ on this planet is still deceived, more and more everyday, by pretty and clean looking faces that really do nothing but hide their ugly and dirty hearts and their deceptive intentions.

Anyway, as I said, my chakras were literally vibrating again and my inner self was working overtime inside a scrapheap of a body. I knew the next chapter in this journey had to unfold.

Before we knew it the day of the first ceremony was upon us and I suddenly felt a little queasy, which I put down to the usual jet lag and my health or the fact that the weather seemed a little chilly (It was mid-winter in July after all). There was only eight in the group, including the Shaman Warinei and his lovely assistant Sara, who was expecting her first child, and his lovely wife Margarita.

As the day went on it seemed that a strange and intense nervous tension had somehow appeared in the house amongst the group, and this tension increased very rapidly throughout that day. It was seriously affecting more than one individual in the group by late afternoon, so much so it was eventually decided to put off the ceremony until the next day, partly in the hope that it would reduce the symptoms of jet lag it was thought.  As soon as it was decided to call off the ceremony the intense nervous tension eased instantly and then disappeared altogether. We decided to relax that evening in the hope the ‘jet lag’ would be gone completely the morning after and we could start the ceremonies proper the following evening.

A couple of hours later, after dinner, whilst relaxing in the lounge area and basically sat around doing nothing, I suddenly heard a loud bang (Like a door banging in the wind), which obviously immediately caught my attention.  It all happened so quickly but I actually ‘saw’ two ghost-like black hooded figures come erratically flying through the lounge area like something out of a horror movie. I kid you not. It was like a pair of Tasmanian Devils, like the one that used to be in the cartoon, had literally spun through the room.

And no…  I wasn’t drunk (I’d had half a can of beer) nor had I taken drugs either but I definitely SAW two black hooded figures fly and spin past the head of the host and then disappear through some partly open glass patio doors located on the other side of the room as opposed to the one they entered (door that banged)

I know most will think I was seeing things. (The fruitcake Delooze is seeing bloody ghost figures now, I bet he’ll be seeing Casper next!) But it was so graphic and clear that I even noticed one figure was a very nasty angry energy and the other appeared to be a little lackey type of figure following the first figure, just like an arse kissing servant would. That’s how much detail I saw even though it all happened in a few seconds…  It definitely happened.


I saw the image of two black shadowy figures flying through the room.

I immediately told the host what I had seen (sounding crazy of course) and we went to investigate the first door where I’d heard the figures come through after I heard the loud bang. Again these doors were located where the ‘Bird table’ was located (see the humming bird has landed). We noticed that the catch on the bottom of the door had literally been bent double with the force that hit it. I tell you all the truth when I say no wind caused that damage. There was no wind to speak of anyway.

This was definitely a spiritual event that had combined with a five sense physical event. It was one world entering another.  But that said I found out a few years ago that certain energies or even certain ‘entities’ cannot travel through ‘glass’ and neither could these hooded figures. I couldn’t understand this process just a few years ago but now I can, thanks to my Ayahuasca experiences especially whilst inside a certain Maloca that had both glass and polythene windows.

These entities literally had to ‘force’ a gap in the door frame to actually get through it and enter the proposed ceremony room. They had to do the same procedure to exit. The doors somehow had to be ‘maneuvered’ to allow this to happen. I knew instantly it had to be the door where the Bird table/Caiman head was bashed because some kind of energy line was being created there and the two entities not only used the line to travel down, but they used the energy in the line to bash a gap in the door to enter the room. I realise not many will believe me on that.

Of course it simply could have been the ‘wind’ that was to blame for the damaged door catch and my delusions could now be taking on a five sense physical form, but I tell you the truth when I say that two very dark hooded figure entities appeared and then disappeared that night. I saw them and it was never the wind to me and never will be.

The moment I saw and felt the hooded figures I knew it was a very good decision by the host to call off the Ayahuasca ceremony that night.

I actually saw a similar same type of hooded figure during the Ayahuasca ceremonies that took place in Colombia in February 2008 but I had never seen them without drinking Ayahuasca before. (Please see the Standing in the Line of Fire chapter/article.) I realised again that I was now able to see between two worlds at certain times and I realised this was an ongoing process for use in the future.

I didn’t really have time to ponder too much on the hooded figures, even though the entities I saw were quite vivid. I just fobbed the experience off after an hour or so, and seeing I was the only person to see them it was the best thing to do.

The next day came around in a flash anyway. This time the day passed quickly and the ceremony was definitely going ahead this time. I felt good and the nervous tension had cleared up.

 The First Ceremony.

I have found that it does not matter how many previous Ayahuasca ceremonies you have taken part in because experience goes out of the window when you realise you are close to supping a full cup of Ayahuasca again. Just the thought of drinking Ayahuasca can have most folks pacing around a Maloca like a lost sinful soul who is about to face his creator and confess their sins.

Just the thought of supping Ayahuasa can have you pleading to be beamed up by Scotty instead of going through with the ceremony. Indeed sometimes the thought of downing a cup of Ayahuasca sometimes makes you question what you are actually doing on this planet in the first place. Which I suppose, when I think about it, is its true intention.

Hey what are you doing actually doing on this planet? If you don’t know then maybe ask yourself why you don’t know? Then, when you can’t answer that question, simply run away and quickly decide you are not even intelligent enough to tell yourself why you actually exist eh? Maybe it’s better and easier leaving your fate to those that actually know who you are then eh?

It does not really matter if Ayahuasca is a true vine of the soul or just a cup of pathetic smelly drugs because the one thing it does do is make you question yourself. Every Ayahuasca ceremony will show you something about yourself. It will always show the drinker how fake they are in some form or another too. Sadly the drinker usually overrules the messages once the Ayahuasca has worn off. Indeed most overrule the messages before they can actually be given, therefore they can never receive them.

I have known for a very long time that if we want to be free then our heart and spirit have to really ‘want’ to be free, above all else. Full trust in our hearts and spirit is required and if the heart is true then it will truly bring what it yearns for, and if freedom from the chains of this sick world is yearned for, above all else, then a means of escape from the world that so many liars and fakes have invested their entire hearts in, will come to those that wish to escape.

I knew in my heart that I am a very small part of something that will have a massive affect on some people in the future and I assure you if I didn’t believe that 110% in my heart then I wouldn’t ever have written a word of the writings I have provided over several years.

Anyway… I’d had the urge to carry out a couple of acts prior to the first ceremony actually taking place. This was nothing new to me and I’ve experienced strong spiritual direction many times for several years, and my actions and any apparatus I had premonition to gather and use, always seems to mean something to me later on down the line. I couldn’t possibly ever make the apparatus fit the experience before the experience takes place. I truly believe that something spiritual pre-arranges the appearance of the apparatus to assist the experience in advance and also create a ritual that is valid in two different dimensions.

The main urges I had prior to this ceremony were to place a unique image over the fireplace in the ceremony room (the lounge area). This was the artwork I placed on the fireplace.



Art work that was placed over Fire before the ceremonies took place.

I had also fetched a few other ornamental or symbolic items with me but I had no idea what they were for prior to the ceremonies or what they meant. I just knew they were important to my journey and I wouldn’t even mention them to you if didn’t believe they were important things to mention to you.

I suppose it didn’t matter what I’d brought because the ceremony was now indeed upon us. We went through the usual Ayahuasca ceremony routines including the act of ‘Smudging’ that I have mentioned before. If you have forgotten I will remind you smudging is a sort of ‘smoking away of bad vibes’ cleansing ritual. This pre-drinking smudging ritual basically comprises of Sweetgrass Sage or Cedar being set alight to create some smoking embers, and then everybody is literally individually ‘smoked’ like a kipper by the Shaman’s assistant blowing the smoke at them. This takes place whilst we are stood upright with our arms stretched out in a cruciform shape.  I suppose there is no difference whatsoever between the Ayahuasca smudging ritual and being baptised in a Christian ‘font’ but I’m sure most Christian folks would laugh at the smudging ritual being carried out at Ayahuasca ceremonies with smoke, yet would happily be smudged by water by some pervert paedophile of a priest splashing and smudging their children with the ‘holy water’.

Indeed man only willingly and happily joins in with the rituals that he actually believes he understands or man only pretends to join in rituals he believes are meaningless and harmless anyway, sometimes both. In reality, at the same time, man mainly only joins in rituals that actually make man look good in front of man. Indeed man is now so deluded, fake and vain respectively that he doesn’t know which ritual deludes him, which ritual to fake and which ritual to boast at.

In a nutshell man really hasn’t a clue about the real meanings behind the rituals he continuously takes part in. But shuuussshh don’t tell man that because his delusions, his fakery and his vanity won’t let him even see it never mind believe it.

Anyway, the Shaman’s fire was in full flow and he had set up all his apparatus near it.  We all waited for the Shaman to do his warm up stuff. He chanted and he waved a few leaves around as usual and I must admit it does help prepare you to find the guts you need to swallow the medicine. I actually took the first cup this time. (I usually wait until last in the hope the Shaman will run out of it and shut up shop just before its my turn!) I swallowed in down.

I walked around the room and then ventured outside, all the time flexing my weedy arm and leg muscles like I was warming up for some great gymnastics competition or a boxing match or something. I don’t know why I was doing this because I knew I’d be on my back, like a lump of lard, on my mattress inside twenty minutes. Indeed if I’d done a couple of squat thrusts in my warm up I’d have probably followed through.

It did not take long for the medicine to take affect. I always use the sky as a visual gauge to measure the affect and I know that when the night sky becomes sparkling ‘starry’ and bright, as mentioned in previous Ayahuasca write-ups, I know the medicine is really kicking in.

I started to feel very dizzy and I thought what the hell have I drunk this stuff again for! There’s one thing you always realise after the initial affects of the medicine kick in… “You know there is no turning back. You can’t stop the show”

The group was reasonably small but I have found that in small groups there are less distractions and less noise and therefore most journeys are not interrupted as much as they are when a large group is present.

I started to react to the Ayahuasca and I realised I had to retreat to my mattress as the medicine took over me. I hit my bed knowing I was going on another journey. The Shaman had already started playing his ceremonial music and I was soon in trance.

The shaman’s music somehow ‘connects’ with the Ayahuasca in your stomach and makes it flow through your system at a far faster rate. I suppose the best way describing this is to say the Shaman actually holds the remote control and somehow controls the speed and intensity of the Ayahuasca journey that you are ‘watching’ through his music, and he can literally turn up the volume, alter the contrast and increase the brightness of the vision anytime he wishes. The music is the actual remote control that adjusts your journey. This is no illusion and you can literally feel it take place if you go with the flow.

I shut my eyes and the usual colours were swirling around and, for some reason, they seemed to form the shape of a very sexy woman. I actually started to be entranced by the feminine shapes I was seeing. The shaman’s music intensified and so did the swirling colours intensify at the same time.

It then felt like I was actually being pulled down on my mattress and being gripped by an invisible force. I felt heavy. The colours I was seeing got more psychedelic in nature in a way and their movement appeared to become more aggressive. It was like the swirling colours were outside of my body, in the air if you like, and trying to actually penetrate my body by coming in me through my eyelids. But for some reason I started to resist the vision. I started to panic a bit and as the panic in me increased I just couldn’t go with the flow so to speak. I settled down again and shut my eyes. The swirl of coloured dots now appeared to be inside me but they were flowing in an outward direction, like they were trying to escape from inside me. It was like millions of little dots were hitting the backs of my eyelids from the inside (my eyes were shut). When these coloured dots hit the inside of my eyelids they were literally exploding and erupting, creating thousands of other coloured dots, just like fireworks explode in the sky.

The experience literally forced me to open my eyes and, true to form, the room had literally changed shape when I did so. It was like the coloured dots were dictating when I opened and closed my eyes and knew when I need to do so to see the things I needed too.

It was just like I was back in a room from the ancient past. (The ancient past being as we see history). I seemed totally empowered in my spirit like some kind of an alter ego had somehow surfaced in me and that alter ego literally reveled in the spiritual atmosphere that had been created through the medicine and the ceremony. I looked around trying to get a grip of my new but old surroundings, breathing in deep breaths, and it was as though a force from the past was in me.

I was trying to work out what was actually happening in the room and what I had to do whilst these images were real. The first thing I saw was a powerful looking figure on the staircase, which was dressed in some kind of ceremonial robes. I also saw the Shaman and his assistant (Sara) but they were now dressed like ancient Mayans or Aztecs would dress. Again it was just like they had gone back in time too, if only to me.

I must admit that even though the building I was in is newly built, it now looked like an ancient palace or temple.  The scene was timeless. I could feel the affects of the medicine increasing and the images in the room got more and more intense. I was trying to mainly focus on the man on the stairs. He was dressed in a white robe and he seemed to be beckoning me towards him and smiling at me. He was pointing at a mask he was holding. I tried to get up off my mattress but the medicine was too strong.

I started feeling sick and dizzy and had no alternative but to close my eyes in order to try and loose those symptoms.  Whoossshhhh… the coloured dots appeared again but this time they were flying ‘towards’ me like a river, entering me from the outside through my eyelids and then my eyes. This river of coloured dots then seemed to flow down through my throat into my chest and literally hit my heart. They stirred the very bare bones of who I am. I immediately felt stronger and instead of fighting the experience I just let the colours flow into me and as I did the dizziness sickness instantly disappeared. I felt strong.

Then a small white light appeared surrounded by a swirl of colours and it came rushing towards me at speed, just as the coloured dots had done, so to speak. It hit me right in the face forcing me to jolt, just like a strong camera flash going off would. I felt like I had been hit with the flashy thing out of the movie MIB. It looked something like this…


Whooosssshhh and wallop. ‘The white light hit me’.

I was suddenly with the face again (The Marlon Brando look-a-like). I know it sounds daft but that’s what happened. I was with The Face.


A Face, like this, appeared again

He just smiled at me and I immediately felt in good company. I felt at home. All the dizziness had gone. It felt like I was in a semi-vacuum situation and I could not hear nor see anything but the face in front of me. The face said he was pleased to see me.

The face the smiled at me and then he joked about an air hostess I had been chatting with on the way over to Brazil. The face then showed me a slideshow of images reminding me of many of the events and experiences I had gone through since my last visit to Chapada, some good, some very upsetting. I was shown myself in despair and I was shown myself in elation.

I was reminded about being told of my involvement with ‘gates’. I was especially reminded about the appearance of the Rain Bow Gate in my hometown and how it had appeared several months after my last visit to Chapada and I was reminded what I had buried under it. (‘I had buried teeth under it’) I was reminded that my first experience with the ‘Rain Bow Rods’ in Colombia was in early 2008, which was nearly a full five years before the Rain Bow Gate was even thought about never mind actually planned and built. The Face told me that the Rain Bow Gate was very important to some people in the future. He told me I had to mention this again (So I am). He flashed me the image of it again. The image showed the Rain Bow Gate ‘sparkling’ with the healing type of rainbow rods I was shown years ago. I knew it was a very symbolic statement to me. It is also a physical event that cannot be denied.  Here is a link to the report I made at the time.


The Rain Bow Gate. Just a Coincidence, please go back to sleep.

The Rain Bow Gate appeared in my hometown in a location linked to my childhood. I had been previously been informed that I would be involved with several Gates. The face went on to stress that its important I write about my experiences because others had to hear about them and see the images to be triggered and therefore be helped in the future.

I was also reminded me of other past events at Ayahuasca ceremonies, one main point was a very graphic reminder of the massive Sky Walker (Machine) I saw in the sky a year earlier. I was somehow literally given an action replay in slow motion. I was gobsmacked when I saw the action reply and how graphic my experience really was.

I saw that a ‘hole’ literally had been drilled in the sky and this Sky Walker event marked the occasion. But I was also reminded about energy lines and the Line of Fire coming to a cul-de-sac. I was reminded about my mission. Only Love Can Bring The Rain.

The face also mentioned the dark figures that I had seen the night before and confirmed that dark entities were indeed there to cause mischief and the ceremony had been called off to stop this. The face told me that the ceremonies would be OK and he went on to tell me what I had to do with something I had brought with me to stop unwanted entities appearing. I acknowledged the instructions and promised to carry them out later.

The face told me to stay strong as everything would turn out fine one day. I just had to find the strength to continue following my heart and following my intuition no matter how silly things got. I had to cope with the struggle. I was reminded of the scene from Braveheart (again) (See The Humming Bird Has Landed) I was told again…“Your Heart is Free – Have The Courage To Follow It.


 “Your Heart Is Free – Have The Courage To Follow It”.

The face also mentioned another prop I had fetched with me, which I had actually already used. It was an ornamental Hummingbird. I instinctively knew I had to place this hummingbird where the Colourful tree/ Caiman head had eventually been placed after the previous ceremonies in 2011. I had no idea why I had placed this ornamental Hummingbird there. My heart simply told me to do it as soon as I had arrived in Chapada.

When I had originally ordered it, about two years previous, it had arrived damaged. A wing had been broken off at some stage. I had received a replacement but I somehow knew I had to initially use the hummingbird with the broken wing. I sure had the feeling that the place where the Caiman Head and colourful tree and now the hummingbird with the broken wing were located was a very important spot, and part of a much bigger picture that simply could not be seen yet.

Untitled4 The one winged Hummingbird was placed where the Caiman Head and Colourful Tree once lay.

The face continued to tell me about energy lines and in particular about the Line of Fire and how the rituals and ceremonies that had been/were being carried out were not only vital to the planet on a spiritual level but they would also spark off massive five sense physical events to take place in the future, events that will literally affect many people in this world and affect them far beyond the scope of the current level of understanding available to the masses.

I was told again that only the act of ‘re-opening’ two very ancient energy lines, which literally flow around the globe, would actually unite these energies and allow powerful energies to come through ‘the hole in the sky’ that has already been created.  The face was serious and wasn’t messing around like it (he) normally did.  He told me that a spiritual force had really been involved in the creation of the building we were now using and this special building would literally be used to unite energies and also be used to empower people in the future. I was told that I needed to continue to write about my journeys because it was part of plan and the spiritual rules to enable spiritual forces to unite the energy lines and to trigger some people in the future to make the plan complete. I was told once the energy lines were opened my role in the ceremonies would be finished. Others would then take up roles. I was told others would be given unique signs and then events will happen to give them faith to carry out their roles when the time came, just like events and signs had given me faith.

The face told me many other things. I just listened. I literally couldn’t do anything else.

I felt the following words were very important and I quote them as best as my memory allows me too. The face said, Events taking place here in this place are on behalf and at the request of Mama Pacha (Mother World Spirit). The face added The Earth gave the people in this world prophecy but no one listened” (The Earth was not Mama Pacha).

The face then put his finger to his lips and said softly “Let it now be humbly and silently be announced to those that lost their ears when The Earth spoke… shhhuuussshhh… that… The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

 The face was deadly serious when saying those words or something very similar and the last sentence cut right through me at the time (So I hope I got them right!). I thought about the saying ‘your ears must be burning and laughed to myself!’

Joking aside, the face said those words just like a god-fearing preacher would. So going of my past experiences I suggest you seriously take note of them.

The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

I knew immediately that those words will one day silence the tongues of scoffers and liars. The Marlon Brando look-a-like then reminded me that certain things other things had to happen to literally activate the energy lines, but a lot had already been done.

‘Marlon’ (I felt we should be on first name terms by now!) told me that I would have to travel to a place called Thera (Santorini) in the future to carry out ritual to help open the energy lines and to walk where the fire once lived and died and to walk on the waters where the Fire once walked.

I was then shown myself in ancient times in an ancient place (previous life), which was rather emotional in many ways. I was also shown a very special person that I was once connected to in ancient times. We had both been killed because of a massive event there when an energy line was purposely destroyed. I was shown what had gone on and literally still felt the heartache involved from that time. I was told it was important that I went to Thera.

I was also told I’d have to go to another very important place too, but this couldn’t happen until certain other major events in the world unfolded first and other deeds in three other places were carried out. But I was told the very important place would be a very important matter and my ears not my eyes would get me there. Nothing else could get me there. I was told I would have to describe events and actions there in very great detail in writing after they had happened. I was told ‘my days as I am now’ would be coming to an end not too long after I visit the important place I was shown and write what happens there down.

The face told me to be strong and told me he would be back through the medicine later but he was with me always anyway.

The face was gone.

I initially heard the cracking of the fire and that seemed to break the vacuum like trance I was in. I was back on my mattress. I was back with the shaman’s music. The first thing that came into my head was that I didn’t feel fit enough to get my now twitching arse off the mattress never mind get it to Santorini. I was back feeling dizzy and my arse was showing me signs that the Ayahuasca was indeed fully in my system again. I thought, “Come back Marlon and tell me some more, but bring some toilet paper with you too”.  I wanted to know if I was to die after I visit the very important place I was shown? How was I to initially get to Santorini and how the hell am I going to get to the place I have to write in great detail about? The place which would lead to ‘my days as I am now’ coming to an end.

I didn’t really have any more time to ponder on the things the Face had told me because the intensity and affects of the ceremony rapidly increased. I suddenly felt hot and uncomfortable. I felt sick and had a strong urge to purge.

I sat up on my mattress and took some deep breaths in an attempt to feel more relaxed and fight of the urge to purge. I looked around at the group who all seemed to be in La La land and away with the fairies. This scenario was obviously helped by the Shaman who was now singing away and sounding like a Mogwai on Helium.


My eyes were attracted towards the fireplace and to Sara, Warinei’s assistant, who was located very near the fire so she could feed it.  She was heavily pregnant and I saw the flames from the fire cast a flickering light on her and created a flickering reflection on her tummy. Her ‘bump’ then actually turned into planet Earth through the reflection. The image was amazing. It was beautiful.

The fire looked low and the flames were low but it gave off an intense reflective light that shone on other things that seemed to create certain mirages for my attention. I looked over at the arty image that had been created by Warinei’s other assistant Catalina for the host.  Again I had placed the artwork, with the host’s permission over the fireplace earlier.

The light from the fire made the artwork appear magically transformed and it had changed in to a graphic virtual reality 3D image of a living ‘woman’.

DSCF2801 copy 2

The artwork changed into a three dimensional woman.

The woman was literally opening and closing her legs. She was waving her arms and big hands around and literally flashing her tutt (vagina) by vigourously opening and closing her legs in a mechanical sort of way. I was intrigued because the more I stared at the imagery the more I saw, and each time she flashed open her legs ‘she’ appeared to rapidly gave birth to a very small ghost like figure, a whispy smoky soul figure if you like, which literally floated out of her through her vagina as she opened her legs. The woman’s rhythm was robotic and each thrust created a soul so to speak. The woman seemed to take deep breaths with each thrust to speak. So each thrust and breath created a soul or ghost like figure.

These soul figures then immediately turned into a bubble and they became literally orb like. Can you imagine the scene?

 DSCF2801 copy

“Souls appeared as Bubbles from the Vagina”

Can you see the artwork above?

I watched as the souls or bubbles were then instantly being sucked into the fire located just below the woman. It was just like the fire was drawing them towards it. It was like the fire itself was purposely pulling or sucking the souls from the woman or the woman was pushing or blowing souls into the fire. Indeed it became clear that both the fire and the woman were working in unison. And on one occasion, when the heavily pregnant Sara moved around the fireplace putting wood on the fire, it seemed like her bump (The Earth) was like orbiting the sun. (The Fire was the Sun) It was very graphic.

Anyway. It was like the image on the fireplace (the woman opening and closing her legs) created some sort of a bubble or soul making production line and the bubbles or souls were purposely being created and then drawn into the fire.

I was a bit concerned at what I was seeing at first, I thought the bubbles were being destroyed, but then the whole chimney stack opened up, just like I had bloody x-ray vision or something.  It was as if my eyes had been given special vision and my eyes somehow opened up the chimney just to show me what was really going on.

I could now see what was fully going on and see a bigger picture. I could fully see that the souls from the open legged lady figure, the bubbles from the bubble machine if you like, were not being destroyed by the flames of the fire.

I saw that the fire simply created a sort of updraft. It acted as a bubble wand, if you like, and the whole apparatus was literally working in unison and purposely blowing the bubbles up the chimney. I could also now see that during the ‘process’ that sparks from the fire were somehow being ‘placed’ inside the bubbles without the bubbles actually popping. The Fire was supplying the sparks, the woman was supplying the bubbles.  It was like a magic bubble trick, you know like when a magician places something in side the bubble without it popping.  In this case sparks were being placed in the bubbles.

It was an amazing sight.

Not only that I could now literally ‘hear’ those combined bubbles and sparks literally ‘cheering’ (squeaking) as they reached the top of the chimney stack and escaped into the atmosphere.  The wonderful sound of the cheering made me feel so elated that I was giggling and weeping at the same time.

I could also now see the little sparks inside the bubbles acted like a torch and they created a sort of hot air energy to help the bubbles gain the energy to become like little air balloon style UFO’s and get up the chimney and fly away. I shut my eyes and I started to see the bubbles as faces. I started to see faces I recognised. I also saw some ugly old faces inside the bubbles and they appeared to turn into beautiful young faces, it was just like they had been re-energised and empowered. It was like they had returned to normal.

I was entranced by what I was seeing in vision. I was in awe with what I was shown. I opened my eyes again and my attention was immediately attracted to the glass doors and outside and I saw all the little bubbles floating away up in the sky. I cannot give proper description in words but it was a magical sight and the message to me was massive. It was also an enchanting and beautiful vision.

As I looked through the door I could also see the now illuminated one winged hummingbird ornament flashing away outside in the distance too. It was like the hummingbird was a specially created beacon to point the bubbles in the right direction, as they were coming out of the chimney.

I was enjoying the scene and I smiled to myself. But then I saw some empty bubbles, so to speak (no sparks in them) floating back into the room through an open door and then floating back towards the fireplace. The woman (the artwork on top of the fire) was waving her arms about trying to catch or waft the little bubbles with her large hands. The bubbles were somehow being wafted into the woman’s mouth.

A few moments after being swallowed the bubbles reappeared out of the woman’s vagina. They were as ghost like/orb like figures again and the whole process started again, as in, they were drawn in by the fire, they were implanted with sparks and then blown up the chimney again and released into the outside atmosphere.

It’s very difficult to explain how anyone sees things through Ayahuasca. I can only show you the apparatus and write down what that apparatus turned in to. But everything is symbolic. I saw the apparatus below as being a woman who gave birth to souls as bubbles and then the bubbles received a spark and then escape up the chimney!

I started to understand what symbolic imagery I was being shown. I could see the very intense meaning behind the vision. Indeed I thought the whole bubble process was a massive analogy. But as soon as I did understand things the vision faded. The arty image on the mantelpiece returned to normal size and became less vivid. The flames of the fire had died down. The bubbles had gone. The vision had faded


The Woman and the Fire.

I started to stir on my mattress and immediately started to feel like I needed to ‘purge’. I had taken the vision in but my body now needed my attention. (Again Purge is a ‘nicey nicey – arty farty’ word in Ayaland for either puking your ring up or shitting yourself into oblivion.)

Indeed Aya has a habit of placing you in the spirit world one minute but then having you praying, begging in fact, to take you from the spirit world and land you on a solid piece of Earthenware pottery the next minute. The bog (toilet) literally becomes some sort of soul saving, paradise sort of place sometimes.

I staggered to the toilet but I was still very heavily under the influence of Aya and I couldn’t actually undo the silly bloody new fangled cheap belt I had on. I tugged and pulled and tugged and pulled some more but couldn’t shift it. I felt very sick and tried to be sick but couldn’t.

I soon realised that the Ayahuasca was staying in me and I wasn’t being allowed to weaken the experiences by purging just yet. My symptoms eased slightly and I returned to the ceremonial area. I crashed down on my mattress again. I shut my eyes and was soon in trance again because of the shaman’s soothing music. The shaman had certainly stirred up the Ayahuasca inside me again. I could literally feel it inside me flowing through me. After practicing undoing my belt, under my blanket, just in case of emergencies, I relaxed again.

I thought I was falling asleep it was so peaceful but I suddenly started to hear the sound of a slight wind. (Not from my botty either!)

The noise of this wind got more intense. I was staring at a large arty wall hanging on the wall. It quickly started to show me images that resembled ancient Mayan or Aztec scenes. It was really powerful and graphic so much so that I went to lay on a massive bench directly under the wall hanging.

 DSCF2826 copy 2
The wall hanging and bench

 DSCF2826 copy

The Wall Hanging intermittently changed and showed me many different sorts of graphic Aztec/ Mayan type images


It may sound daft but that’s what happened.

It was like I was back in time in a place that once housed such artwork.  I was staring at a couple of images in the wall hanging for quite a while and they came to life so to speak. I felt like I understood the images and they were telling me something.

I then had the strong urge to return to my mattress and as soon as I shut my eyes I was entranced. I immediately started to see myself in a strange sort of room that was literally full of brightly coloured bird feathers and they were being lightly blown around by the wind I had previously heard.

For some reason it reminded me of the TV game show ‘Crystal Maze’ where the contestants end up in the Crystal Dome trying to catch gold papers that are vigourously being blown around in the air, mixed with silver ones. Do you remember The Crystal Maze and The Crystal Dome?

If you do remember the show you will know what I am talking about won’t you?


The room reminded me of The Crystal Dome

Anyway. I looked around this room with all the feathers falling from the ceiling area and generally floating around. At first it was funny but then the feathers seemed to be sticking to my face, blinding me, tickling my nose and going down my neck and up my trouser legs etc. I became very irritated. I got a strong urge to leave because I had no idea what I was meant to do in this silly room. I was trying to brush the feathers off my face when I stumbled into something very solid. It was something like a street sign on two posts that had a very large red arrow on it. I brushed off the feathers and saw the arrow pointed to a table that was very near the sign. I brushed the feathers off that too and I saw it had a large brass bell on it, you know like hotel reception desks do. Next to the brass bell there was a sign, which I struggled to read because of all the bloody feathers that were floating around. The sign read…

“To check out of here simply ring the bell and then accumulate fifty green feathers”
“Only Green feathers will do”
Signed: The Management

I don’t know why I did it, apart from being the knob head I am, but I rang the bell (Ding!) and in doing so, yes you guessed it, I set off the Mother of All Winds!

It was like a psychotic whirlwind had appeared.

The amount of bright coloured bird feathers being blown around the strange room massively increased, and increased and increased, until I simply couldn’t cope. It was utter madness and the feathers were not only blinding me and tickling me at the same time, they were now literally slapping me in the face. It was just a blinding chaotic madness, as I brushed one lot of feathers from my face I was immediately slapped down and covered with them again.

That said, even though I was totally blinded, I still tried my best to ‘accumulate fifty green feathers’ just as the sign had instructed and I remembered the management had informed me that ‘only green feathers will do’. And of course I was daft enough to ring the bell to carry out such a task wasn’t I?

Anyway. I tried and tried to collect the right colour I was told to collect.  I was totally committed to chasing green feathers because the sign on the desk had told me to. I tried and tried to grab these green feathers. I literally became obsessed about what I was grabbing. I couldn’t really see any colour at all unless I had a feather in my hand and literally put it right up to my eye. I couldn’t make out the colours floating around in the air because of a swirl of chaos. I was simply grabbing for grabbing’s sake in the frustration and confusion. I thought if I grab any colour then surely some would be the green ones.

So I simply grabbed and snatched and grabbed and snatched but I never grabbed the right feathers. If I grabbed a feather that wasn’t green I’d throw it away as soon as I discovered it wasn’t green, but in doing so I was only adding to the blind chaos already going on. This went on for quite a while until I eventually stopped trying to grab what I couldn’t see. I realised it was futile.

I wasn’t even capable of grabbing one single green feather never mind grabbing the fifty I was told I needed to accumulate to check out. I fell to the floor in a heap laughing at the futility of blindly chasing the green feathers when they were mixed in a room full of many coloured feathers.

Once I realised the futility of my actions the wind immediately slowed down and eventually stopped blowing altogether, just like someone had switched a machine off, like they used to do in the crystal maze.

It was like I’d run out of time and I had collected absolutely bugger all. I’d simply ended up on my arse with no prize. All the feathers immediately fell to the floor and simply melted away. I noticed my surroundings had changed. The room was totally different.

I noticed that there was a large mirror in the middle of the room. It looked like it was made of very dark glass or even made of black shiny stone.  I walked over to it and I found myself looking at my own reflection. Whatever it was made of I could still see myself very clearly. I was red in the face through chasing and trying to grab feathers.

I then did a twirl sort of thing and as I did I noticed my back was literally covered in green coloured feathers. I’d say at least fifty of them! I realised that the feathers had just appeared on me, and they had appeared on me in perfect formation. This must have happened when I had been actually been trying to grab them, but because I had been waving my arms around and grabbing things willy nilly, I hadn’t actually noticed that feathers were somehow being placed on me.

I instantly realised that I wasn’t meant to grab and snatch the feathers. I only thought I had to grab and snatch the feathers. I wondered what had actually made me think I had to grab and snatch at the feathers? After all I could only damage them by doing so.

I then realised that I hadn’t even read the sign properly. But, my friend, when do dickheads like me ever actually read signs properly? When?

Anyway. I twirled around again in front of the mirror and discovered that the more I twirled the more feathers appeared on me. The more I looked in the mirror and twirled again, the more feathers appeared. I soon had hundreds of feathers. I was soon covered in feathers from head to foot.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this. One minute I thought I was going to end up like bloody Orville the Duck, the next I felt like I was part of a massive spiritual plan to bring justice and truth to the world and help those that wanted helping. Was I just like Orville the Duck or was there a symbolic and spiritual reason I was receiving all the feathers and relaying this tale?

Schizophrenia didn’t even begin to explain the situation.

I was completely lost in the vision. I knew it meant something very important and I was really starting to live it and it was very vivid and real. I stared at my face again in the mirror. I was not red faced anymore. I grinned at myself.

I noticed there was a stick on the floor in front of the mirror at my feet. I picked it up in my right hand and noticed it had something resembling a leopard’s tail skin attached to one end of it. The tail actually felt warm and alive.

It was like I had a fully ‘living’ whip. Well I think it was a leopard’s tail ‘skin’ but I suppose it could have been another cat’s tail skin. I’m no expert on cats or the patterns on their fur you see. I thought it was a leopard tail skin though.

Anyway… I was suddenly walking around the room of feathers with this ‘cat’s tail’ skin attached to a rod like stick’ in my hand. It felt like a magic weapon.

I then swung my cat’s tail around above my head like a whip and as soon as I did so I heard a wind again and another load of feathers appeared in the air, creating blind chaos again. I couldn’t see a thing. I then stopped swinging the tail and as I did the feathers stopped and then they slowly fell to the floor like leaves falling from a tree and melted away.

I could see again and I noticed I was in a different larger room. I was still wearing a feather suit and carrying a bloody cats tail on a stick.

I immediately noticed that the larger room had three doors on one of its walls.  I was instantly attracted to them. On a wall directly opposite the wall with three doors there was a fireplace with a small fire burning in it

I also noticed there was a circular table in the middle of the room and I approached it. In the middle of this circular table there were several colourful masks made out of pottery or metal and several different hats (headdresses) made out of feathers. I had a strong urge to put one on. So I put the bugger on.

I went towards one of the three doors. I noticed all three doors had Aztec/ Mayan artwork around them. I was initially attracted to the door to the left but as I approached it I saw that an army of large ‘ants’ were marching under the door.

I automatically raised my stick and waved it around, just like a Jessie with a wasp stuck on his candyfloss would.  I half chanted/half sang something, I haven’t a clue what I was chanting but I couldn’t stop what I was doing. The ants immediately disappeared and the door they had marched under opened.

I then went back to the table in the centre of the room and changed my hat for another one. I then approached another door, which was the door on the right as I approached it from the table. As I approached the second door I saw a colony of red coloured beetles coming under it. And again I raised my stick and waved it around, but this time I also removed my headgear and placed it over the beetles and then I chanted/sang and danced on it. I stomped on and crushed all the beetles. I then picked up my headgear and noticed it was stained red. Once all the beetles were crushed the door they had marched under opened.

I went back to the table in the centre of the room and changed my headdress again. I then headed towards the third door, the middle door. I approached the third door and I and heard what sounded like swarm of bees coming from behind the door. I knocked on the door with my stick and then thrashed it with the cat’s tail.

The bees started coming under the door. They were marching under the door.

Then they all started flapping their wings (buzzing) as they marched towards me. As they approach my feet I started chanting and singing again and the bees split into two columns so to speak. The two columns then seemed to march in different directions. One column of bees marched to the open door on the left and the other column of bees marched to the open door on the right. Once the bees went through the doors everything went quiet.

There was no more buzzing.

I walked back to the table in the middle of the room and I removed my feathered hat and placed it on the table and as soon as I did this the middle door opened. I then put on a mask and stood in the centre of the room and started chanting and singing again.


The Mask I wore looked a bit like this

I then saw the shape of three ghost like spirits, half invisible entities if you like, one entity stood in each doorway. They were ancient Indians. I mean Mayans or Aztecs or even Incas (your guess is as good as mine). It was obvious they were warrior type figures.

Two of them carried ‘shields’, but the shields were solid looking bright objects, they were not ghostly. They had bright images on them. The one in the middle was holding an open scroll.

The first ghost like figure, the one on the left, raised his shield in the air and I automatically raised my stick in some sort of salute in return. (Don’t know why). I felt like I knew of the warrior. The first shield showed the image of an Eagle. As soon as I raised my stick to acknowledge the warrior the door slammed shut and I heard it being bolted from behind. I knew I could not go through that door.


The first shield looked very slightly like this

I looked towards the second ghost like spirit, the one on the right, and his shield showed the image of a pattern I had seen a few times before, and true to form the second ghost like warrior spirit also raised his shield up to me and again as soon as I raised my stick in response the door slammed shut. I knew I couldn’t go through that door either.


The second shield looked like this

I then looked towards the third ghost like figure, the one in the middle. He didn’t have a shield he unrolled something like a scroll. It had a symbol on it but I could not see it clearly. I squinted trying to focus on it but I still could not see it clearly. Then I saw it.


Atl Tlachinolli  (Fire and Water Symbol)

I then walked towards the figure holding up the shield and touched the shield with the bottom end of my stick. I then literally gave the shield a lash with the cat’s tail and as I did so the tail literally stuck to the shield and separated from the stick in my hand.  The ghost like figure then took hold of the cat’s tail in his hand. He then bowed and then stepped backwards through the door with his shield still held high.

The door stayed open.

I went towards the doorway and walked through it and into a small room.  It slammed shut behind me and made a clanging noise, so much so that I literally jumped out of my feathers. There were three fireplaces in the room. The walls looked a bit like this in the picture below. They seemed covered in artwork.

180_07_2 copy

 I saw that the figure that had backed into the room was now far easier to see. He was no longer a spirit figure, he was a solid looking normal man and he was stood in front of a small fire that was flickering away in a little hole in the far wall. The fire was in some sort of bowl. There were actually three small ‘fireplaces’ in the room. They were simple holes in the walls, again very similar to the picture above.

The man with the shield showed me the cat’s tail that was once attached to my stick and he chanted something and then cut it into three or four pieces. He placed one of the pieces in the small hole in the wall that had a small fire flickering away inside it. The tail immediately set alight.

The room lit up brightly as if to show me what was in there.

The man then pointed to the door I had previously come through that had slammed shut behind me. There was a shield hung on it.  I’m sure the the shield had this image on it or something very similar.


 I noticed that the same ‘atl tlachinolli’ symbol was appearing out of mouth of the animal on it. (I didn’t know the symbol was called ‘atl tlachinolli’ or what it was supposed to mean at the time of the vision)

I went over and removed the shield from the door and I gave it to the man. He grabbed it with both hands. I noticed there was a large drum in the room. I went to look at it.  I noticed the drum had many symbols on it too, amongst other things. The best way of describing it to you is to say it resembled the one pictured below because it had similar symbolism on it.


The drum was like this one

The man then approached the drum and tipped it on its side. He then took the small fire out of the hole in the wall. (It was in a bowl). He then placed another piece of the cat’s tail on the flames and then placed the fire on the ground. I could see it was the cat’s tail burning away in a metal dish.

The man then placed the drum over the fire and as he did the ‘skin’ on top of the drum literally illuminated an image that was imprinted on the drum skin. Not only that it reflected the same image onto the ceiling of the room and in the process the image was enlarged and it literally covered the whole ceiling. It was the exact same image that was on the shield, it was the animal spitting out the ‘atl tlachinolli’ symbol. It was a strange feeling because the flames made the animal look like it was actually alive. The fire under the drum made the animals belly look like it was breathing!

The room was now pretty dark because the fire, the only light in the room, had been placed under the drum.

The man in the room started chanting when the image appeared on the ceiling and he started dancing around. For some reason I joined in too. I’m sure it meant something important but even if we were just dancing in the dark it sure felt right.  I certainly didn’t know what I was doing in the vision apart from actually re-living a ritual from the past or taking part in one for the future. I was again living in two worlds at the same time.

I  then danced over to the drum and I started banging on it with my stick. I was chanting and wailing away like a master shaman would.  As soon as I hit the drum it was like thunder going off. It wasn’t a like a drum sound at all and each time I hit the drum the sound made me look up to the ceiling, and when I did so it caused the image on the ceiling to shake and it appeared like the dog type creature was literally being sick and spitting out. I think I hit the drum four times and four times the dog spit out and each time I hit the drum it caused a thunder sound. It was like an ancient version of Hollywood special affects were taking place. I felt elated to be banging on the drum.

I then removed my mask and placed it on the drum and when I did the fire under the drum illuminated that too. The mask literally took the form of a lamp.

The mask on top of the drum also created another reflective image on the ceiling. It created a sort of circular planet Earth image and it made the ‘spitting’ dog look like it was being sick on it. I looked up and wept one tear over what I saw.

For some reason I i put my finger in my tear and then put my finger in my mouth. I then spat on the mask/lamp myself and said to the man in the room with me ‘It’s done’. I then wildly kicked the drum over and the mask fell to the floor.

I stepped back from the drum and the man picked up the small fire that had been under the drum and placed in back in the hole in the wall. He then placed another piece of the cat’s tail on the flames.

The man then gave me the shield back that I had previously removed from the back of the door and I placed it back on the door. The door then opened. I stepped through it.

Whoosh…  all of a sudden I was sat upright on my mattress. It took me a few moments to get my bearings. I had a feeling of intense connection to the vision. I looked at the wall hanging on the wall again and I could see other forms of Aztec/Mayan symbolism in it. I was laughing and scared at the same time but I knew hitting that drum and then kicking it over meant something to me inside and I knew it would eventually mean something to others inside them one day too.

Once I thought that I seemed to instantly wake up from the affects of the Ayahuasca. I knew my journey of visions that night was almost over. I remembered some of the instructions I had received from the face earlier and one of those instructions was to tie a silk scarf, a scarf I had received from a stranger, to a baton I had brought with me to Brazil. It did indeed create a whip like object. I had previously no idea why I had brought the stick to Brazil and I obviously had no idea what sort of Ayahuasca journey I was going to have prior to bringing it.


The Scarf/ Cat’s Tail around my neck

I got up off my mattress. I laid the stick and spotted scarf down, like you would lay down a draft excluder, where the two dark entities had bashed the door and entered the room the night before.

I looked at the fire in the ceremony room again as the Bird Table door was right next to it. I walked over to the fire and I looked at the artwork on the mantelpiece. I spat on the fire and something inside me made me say. It’s Done.

 I then went outside and tried to take some fresh air in just to help me fully come round.  I then started to see the odd Rain Bow Rod start to come towards the house. One zoomed passed me, then another, and then another until hundreds of them started to enter the house.  I could ‘feel’ them too and I needed them more than anything.

They were flying through a small opening in the doorway and through the slats in some Louvre type windows. They were then rapidly bouncing of the wooden posts in the room and were soon creating some kind of relay loop.

It was so beautiful to watch. It really was. It was like the whole room was some kind of healing centre and the rainbow rods were filling the room bouncing off the very beams that held the building up.

The rods were hitting the artwork of the woman on the fire and hitting the artwork on the wall that had shown me images too. The Rain Bow Rods eventually bounced around at great speed and then left the room either through the way they came in or through the fireplace and up the chimney like the magical bubbles had done earlier.

I felt such feelings of emotional happiness through these rods and again I knew they were only a very small example of what powers can come into our world and heal us all and literally replace the magical spark we need to regain our true navigation and regain our true spirituality. I knew that one day a power is coming back into this world that has not been seen or felt for thousands of years.

But I also knew the journey that night was over for me. The group all enjoyed some very late supper. I was feeling very weak and I went to my bed.

I awoke very early. I lay in bed and pondered heavily on my journey. I pondered on the woman in the artwork and I pondered on the vision of the bubble scenario.

I then pondered on the Crystal Dome situation and the feathers vision. I then remembered and pondered over the shields and all the images involved in that vision too. I remembered the living breathing images on the ceiling and I remembered kicking the drum over and sending the mask flying. I remembered the ‘atl tlachinolli’ and I remembered the Rain Bow Rods. I remembered previous Aya weeks too.

Was it simply all hallucination and utter nonsense? Maybe it was? I decided to get up for breakfast. I showered and went to find some clean clothes in my bag. I pulled out a clean shirt and as I did I heard something make a tinkling noise as it hit the floor.

It was an ornamental two-winged hummingbird. I’d wrapped it in a shirt to protect it in my bag and to keep it from breaking and I must have flung it out when I grabbed my shirt. I was amazed it didn’t break because it was so fragile!


 I knew straight away that the week was far from over!…

Part Two of this story is coming soon. Don’t miss it!

Copyright (C) Matthew Delooze 2013: All rights Reserved.


Yankee Doodle… Do or Die?

Yankee Doodle…  Do or Die?


The 4th July Scam Exposed.

By Matthew Delooze

The Radio Show Connected To This Article Is Here

Hello folks,

This article is dedicated to Geoff Brady of New York Sky Watch and the listeners to his Other News Show on WBAI Radio. I have tried to keep things as simple as possible in this article to try and help newcomers.  If you tuned into Geoff Show  Then I thank you for that and I also thank you for visiting one-ball-media.


I’m probably the last person in the world that actually wants to be exposing the truth behind the 4th of July celebrations in the USA. That said it became clear to me many years ago that the 4th July, like most other massive state created celebrations, is nothing but a fallacy.

In July 2005 I visited several Temples in Egypt. At the time I was under very powerful spiritual direction. I briefly mention my experiences in Dendera Temple in my book The Stars Are Falling.


The Stars Are Falling!

I did briefly go into the symbolism regarding the Stars and Stripes Flag in ‘The Stars Are Falling’ and the odd article but It is clear to me that the time as come to expand on the subject.

I ‘d like to point out to anyone that cares to listen that the American people and the rest of the world have been woefully duped over the truth, not only about the 4th July celebrations but about the real reasons behind the symbolism of its Stars and Stripes flag and indeed its iconic monuments, especially the Statue of Liberty.

I have been writing for many years about how I believe the ‘Serpent Cult’ manipulates the human race and deceives the masses in order for massive occult rituals, that are presented as simply traditional celebrations or patriotic events, to take place. The Serpent Cult is mainly made up of powerful secret societies (AKA Illuminati/ Freemasons etc) but these secret societies actually work for forces that are alien to this world. I have always believed that the secret societies have been given esoteric knowledge in order for them to exploit the energy created through the emotions of human beings, the secret societies make sure the rituals are carried out in return for eternal wealth and status, lifetime after lifetime through reincarnation. I believe human beings create natural spiritual energy via their emotions and that is why the ‘Serpent Cult’ has to make sure involvement in rituals has to be natural and pure too. E.G we have to feel connected to and enjoy the the ritual, hence it being hidden in traditional celebrations such as Christmas and New Year.

That said July 4th is one of the biggest covert occult ritual going and that ritual is hidden in the celebration of independence.

To show you why believe the 4th July is simply a massive covert occult ritual I will have to show you the real symbolism regarding the biggest piece of occult apparatus being used in the 4th July occult ritual.

That is Stars and Stripes Flag.

I believe the Stars and Stripes Flag has nothing to do with the USA. I believe the American people were duped by its founding fathers, who were all agents for the Serpent, to adopt this symbolic flag under false pretenses, simply because it represents other symbolic occult meaning. I actually believe the Stars and Stripes Flag was adopted by secret socities to literally ‘represent’ the Temple of Hathor in Dendera for ritualistic reasons, which I will reveal later.

But first of all let me please explain how symbolism from an ancient Sun Temple has been manipulated to become the official emblem of the USA, probably the most powerful nation on the planet. To do that I have to show you an image from the temple of Dendera itself. Please look at this image below.

lllll342122137_a887eeea5d_bThis image is still displayed today in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. The temple was used for sun worship rituals that affected the whole of Egypt.

I was drawn to many things in the Temple of Hathor and I gazed at the image for quite a while. I looked at it from many angles. Please look at it yourself. I realised straight away that the symbolism in this temple resembled the US flag. Look at the image from another angle.

6342122137_a887eeea5d_bCan you see the Stars & Stripes symbolism from the Temple of Dendera.


The Stars & Stripes.

I realise it may appear a bit vague at this stage. That said I believe secret societies needed to adopt some symbolism from this Sun Temple to use in its own secret rituals in the the USA. I believe it adopted the sun symbolism, the stars and stripes you see above.

The Serpent Cult had to somehow transfer the same symbolism from the Sun Temple from Dendera and actually sell it to the American people and get them to adopt it as their own. So therefore there had to be an ‘official transition’ from the symbolism displayed in the Temple of Hathor to the symbolism that millions of duped Americans would happily accept and literally bond with. In other words the secret societies had to create a symbol that not only satisfied the American people as being a new symbol (The New World) it had also to represent the Old World too.

Indeed there is no ‘official history’ of the US flag and that’s because the flag is literally from ancient Egypt. The US flag actually has nothing to do with the American people or those that fought for their independence. It is simply symbolism that appeases the the Serpent Cult both past and present and actually honours a force that enslaves us. I say that the people of America were indoctrinated to blindly accept the symbolism on the US flag as their own but it really represented the symbolism from the Sun Temple of Hathor. It simply had to be put in transition so it would be accepted by the American masses. That was pretty simple to do. I’ll show you how. I’m sure a lot of people will know of the very first version of the US Flag? I even mentioned it a few years ago myself.

I’m sure you will see that the very first version of US Flag could be said to be the first attempt to adopt the symbolism displayed in the Temple of Hathor.


The initial plans for the first American flag? A bit too obvious eh?

The whole transition and play on symbolism goes from Egyptian Temple to the White House goes something like this.

From this…


From This…To this….


From this… To this…


And from this … To this…


Again it may appear silly but it isn’t in my opinion. If you need to change a form of symbolism from one form to another or from one temple to another what better way that do it through emblems? In this case the symbolism on the walls or ceiling in Dendera now literally adorns every official building in the USA with no one being any the wiser.

No one can deny that the Stars & Stripes is used massively all over the US when the ‘4th July parties’ begin. Indeed it is clear to me that not only did the Serpent agents, the Founding Fathers, use the same Stars and Stripes symbolism from ancient Egypt to use in a massive ritual, they also adopted and then used far bigger occult symbolism from the Temple of Dendera to use for ‘ritual’ and to dupe the millions of Americans and others around the world too. And that symbolism has been used for many many years.

I’m sure many people have written about the connections between the 4th July and the Sun/ Star Sirius. I’m not here to repeat those folks, but for those folks that didn’t realise that, it should be mentioned. Therefore I’ll say that the 4th of July was also very heavily linked to Sirius in ancient times and was seen as their New Year and celebrated as such. I will point out that the Temple of Dendera, where i believe the Stars and Stripes originated was also the official temple for rituals involving Sirius too! The New Year was measure by the Star Sirius appearing on the horizon in conjunction with our sun at the Temple of Dendera around the 4th July in ancient times. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

If so I now want to link another ‘symbolic ritual’ from the same ancient temple in Dendera with modern day July the 4th celebrations.

I wish to point out that a statue of a ‘Goddess’ was used in the Temple of Dendera for 4th July massive ritual involving the Sirius connection too. This statue represented Isis / Hathor and once a year around the 4th July the statue was literally ‘placed on the roof of the Temple’ to actually ‘witness’ the arrival of the Star Sirius on the horizon just before our own sun rose. Indeed the statue was adorned with a diamond on its head or a headdress was placed on the ‘statue’, and when the sunlight from Sirius hit it, or simply hit the head or face of the statue, whilst it was in a certain position the ‘New Year’ was declared.  Once this deed had happened there were massive celebrations etc. Again this event happened around the 4th July in those days. I quote a typical description of the event I have mentioned below. Please do your own research on the matter but you will find I have given an accurate brief description of the ritual.

“The most important rite was the New Year’s festival, when Hathor’s statue was taken in a procession to the roof of the shrine, so she could be ceremonially unified with the light rays of the Sun-god. The context of this rite, was the alignment of the luni-solar calendar based on the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius. Hathor’s celestial aspect was seen in the star Sirius. As E.C. Krupp states: “Isis as Sirius was the mother of the New Year. Isis in her way, then, also reestablished the world order by creating the New Year as she rose heliacally in the form of Sirius. On New Year’s day every year, the statues of the Sun-god (Ra) and Hathor/Isis were carried to the roof of the shrine, where the light of both Sirius and the Sun would shine on them. According to Krupp: “the Heliacal Rising of Sirius involves only a brief appearing of the star before it is lost in the light of the sun. The event of this union, or marriage, recreates the world order by celebrating the sun’s birthday, the New Year.” (Source)

 I can only ask all Americans out there if they know of any Goddess statue ‘standing on top of a temple’ that could be seen as carrying out the same role as the statue did in ancient times on the 4th July in the USA.:-)


  Obviously its easy for me to point out that the 4th of July celebrations in the USA also use a goddess statue on top of a temple too? Well don’t they? Isn’t the Statue of Liberty a bloody symbolic Goddess stood on top of a temple too? Of course it bloody is and it’s never ever been anything else.  Hey and what does the Statue of Liberty have around her ‘head’ too? Couldn’t it be said she’d been hit with the ray’s of Sirius or the Sun too? Hence the snazzy headdress.  Well couldn’t it? Hey at least you now know why that spikey thing is on her head now eh? Took us long enough right? Now you know!!!

The Americans should start to realise that their founding fathers were literally liars and so are their modern day versions. I tell you straight that the apparatus used for rituals in ancient Egypt has been used in America for many years too.

Again the Statue of Liberty is merely a massive replica of the symbolic statue placed on top of the ancient temple at Dendera and it is part of the exact same ritual involving the Sirius Star on the horizon. The symbolic day chosen for this New Year ritual is the 4th July.

Can you also see that the Stars and Stripes Flag and the Statue of Liberty are simply modern day versions of the ancient rituals carried out in ancient times? Hey if you think I’m a fruitcake for saying such things then please know now that I really don’t mind. But before you laugh please go find the official reasons behind the appearance of the Stars and Stripes and the official reasons for the erection of a goddess stood on a temple that’s called Lady Liberty (Isis)

Statue_of_Liberty_FREE_l Typical ‘Goddess on top of a temple’: Hit on the Head with Sirius every 4th July whilst the masses eat toffee apples and cheer. Wake Up Suckers!

Am I making sense to you? Am I talking out of my ass? I’m telling you the truth. And now you know why the Statue of Liberty was created. It was to replicate Isis/Hathor statue, the ritualistic apparatus,  on the roof of the temple in Dendera.

So maybe when you weigh up the Stars and Stripes Flag AND the use of Statues on roof of temples you may just start to believe me. I’d simply like to point out what the American people do every 4th July bearing in mind what I have just pointed out about the flag and the Goddess on the top of a Temple. Because if the Stars and Stripes and the Goddess on the Temple Roof are part of a massive ritual in honour of Sirius then what is the real role of the millions of innocent people that actually celebrate the good old 4th July? It is this part that should concern you because obviously the powers that be are making sure its people join in a ritual they don’t want the people to know about.

Well I will tell you if you care to open your ears. I have tried to get this information across to those that want it for years. The ritual is secret  because the secret societies know that human beings create energy through their emotions. And the energy created by these emotions is required by the forces that rule us to enable them to continue to rule over us. So therefore massive rituals have to take place with the full consent of those taking part to make the ritual genuine and successful. Hence the need to hype the ritual and get the full free willed ‘happy’ consent of those taking part.

Obviously if you accept this information you can see that my information regarding the apparatus in Dendera makes sense.

What actually happens in America on the 4th July, and please open your mind, is that the entire country literally takes on the role of an outdoor temple. The USA itself literally becomes a replica temple of Dendera. Indeed the Statue of Liberty becomes the ‘figure head’ of the Temple, just as Isis did in ancient Dendera, and the Stars and Stripes, the symbolic wallpaper if you like, adorn the entire country on the 4th July and literally becomes the symbolic apparatus (Sun Symbolism) to be used in the massive temple.

Then the ‘attendees’ of this Sun ritual, the masses, all join in and willingly ‘celebrate’ to endorse the ritual. Not only that the attendees up and down the country literally dance and cheer around massive occult monuments at the same time too, usually to the sound of music and celebrities (Macy’s etc) or fireworks.

Here are a few examples to show you what I mean. We literally do not realise the massive effort the authorities put in just to get the public to celebrate in front of blatant occult monuments and replica temples. Obviously massive attention is placed on the Statue of Liberty.


Statue of Liberty is the main focus of attention during 4th July celebrations.

Throughout the celebrations millions of Americans will be led to many replica ‘sun temples’ or monuments. Obviously if a replica temple is adorned with the same symbolism as that in Dendera (Stars and Stripes) then it becomes a Sun temple too. Obviously Washington is the main place for monuments and replica temples. Indeed the Washington monument is an Obelisk, but there are also replica temples in the vicinity too. The masses are simply led to these energy points to celebrate the event.


Washington: Egyptian Sun Symbolism and replica sun temples. Its a reenactment of the rituals carried out on the 4th July in Dendera (Sirius)


Same Scam: Philadelphia on the 4th July

It’s vital in my opinion to understand the role of the innocent attendees in such rituals because they are literally forced to party and celebrate on these special days that are linked to the sun. (Christmas included). The very fact that people willingly join in make the ritual official and the attendees are literally worshipping a force that enslaves them. That force is the force that has the Secret Societies working to dupe the attendees into willingly attend the ritual in the first place.

The same scam goes on at all major cities during the 4th July celebrations. It is a real deceptive scam. Sadly the attendees are blissfully unaware of the consequences of the scam. They have no idea that a massive occult ritual based on worship of Sirius, and our own sun combined, is taking place and at the same time the attendees are surrendering their will to an alien force.

Again, it’s time to realise that the secret societies that control us have simply taken and adopted all the apparatus and symbolism from ancient Egypt, which the secret societies, the Serpent Cult, used in ancient times and they are now re-enacting the process in the Western world. It’s simple really. These rituals empower those that carry them out. Hence the growth of great empires of the past and empowerment of those that have stolen the apparatus in modern times. The innocent masses simply empower the secret societies because we give them our consent in ritual.

Once all the right symbolic apparatus is in place all that is needed then is the participation of the public and the public is easily programmed to celebrate and enjoy themselves eh? The secret societies only require that the masses ‘willingly’ join in the rituals, this is because on a spiritual level the secret societies need the masses to show the universal powers that it is their free will to have our rulers rule us. It’s our free will because we willingly take part in rituals we know nothing about because we see them as parties.

That is why the rituals are hyped as traditional happy party type celebrations.

I think i have said enough on the subject. I hope i have made sense to any friends out there. Let me finish off by asking a few questions.

Can you believe what I say about the rituals at Dendera?

Can you see what I say about the Stars & Stripes? Can you see the transition of symbolism?

Can you believe what I say about the Statue of Liberty simply being a replica of the Goddess Statue that once adorned the roof of the Temple in Dendera on the 4th July?

Can you start to look at my theories on this website about spiritual energy extraction and see that human beings create spiritual energy, and by dancing around occult monuments and outside replica temples that that energy can be exploited by those that place the occult monuments and replica temples there?

Can you see why massive occult rituals have to be hidden behind traditions and holidays just so the people are happily joining in just to endorse the ritual is carried out through their genuine free will with pleasure.

It is also clear that many other people link the 4th July celebrations to Sirius appearing. I only agree with such claims, but its only when you link that fact with the information I have provided in this article that the bigger picture starts to surface.

I can only encourage you to start seeing that bigger picture. Please take in all I have said in this article and think about it. That’s all I ask. There are other things that are linked to the 4th July rituals I hope if this information is accepted by just a few folks that I will expand on the situation. This information is sent with good intention and to help people.

As I said this article is dedicated to Geoff Brady and the sometimes thankless work he has done for many years.

I sincerely thank you for reading this article. If you want to hear more from me then please sign up to the free oneball newsletter by placing you email address in the sign up box in the bottom right hand corner on the home page this website.

It’s time for me to go. My words are true and trustworthy and will never let you down.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze

1st July 2013.

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013 All Rights Reserved






A Mithraeum For The Damned

A Mithraeum For The Damned


By Matthew Delooze

Well I can hear them an’ I can feel them
An’ it’s as just as if they were here today
I can see them, I can feel them
An’ I’m thinking nothing’s changed much today
Not all came here to stay their way and die
But they would come and hit you in the eye
Now’s the time to realize that as time goes by
Nothin’ changes…  It never changes… changes
From The Jarrow Song By Alan Price

Hello friends,

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I initially made the attempt to help certain folks see right through  the protest scam and see the guile of the Serpent Cult in action. In a nutshell I tried to point out how the ‘Serpent Cult’ were craftily getting the stupefied masses to vigorously worship the sun through taking and releasing their emotional energy at many covert/replica sun temples.

I have used the term Serpent Cult to describe both alien entities and their human puppets (agents) since 2004 and it is is recorded in my books around the same time.

But it was Indeed back in 2009 when I initially tried to start to loosen the ‘Binds of Mithras’ in writing.

Obviously back in 2009 world events regarding protests over financial matters were not being carried out as often as they are in 2013, far from it. I followed up on my original article,Untying the Binds of Mithras – Stitched Up on Threadneedle Street (UTBOM), with two further cutting edge articles on protests, namely Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras and Litany To Mithras & The Fecundity of a Moronic Human Race I can only suggest to newcomers, or those with short memories and fading eyesight, that they read or re-read these writings again before reading this article. I believe it is important that you do because I’m not going to repeat all the information from those articles in this one.

I wish to mainly concentrate on current developments regarding buildings in London that will be used by the Serpent Cult. I do this in the hope that at least a few of you see that I was not talking out of my arse back in 2009 and indeed I do it to show you what is now coming upon us. I also wish to at least indicate the ‘spiritual implications’ we face because of the five sense protest actions the human race carries out at this time, or at least help a few see through or even just be aware of the five sense apparatus that is now going to appear.

I wrote UTBOM years ago to provide seeds in those that wanted them. Hopefully those seeds will help some see the things much quicker today, than they would would do if I were just pointing the Mithras information from the beginning. OK? I believe my seeds of the past will help you now and in the future to be streetwise and on your toes, well as far as the Serpent is concerned anyway. Streetwise and on your toes, my friend, is what you will need to be if you really wish to Untie the Binds of Mithras in the future and that is the only reason why I supply this writing today.

Anyway going back to 2009.

I pointed out in UTBOM that the Bank of England was literally placed over and next to an ancient temple. I then pointed out that all the spiritual energy being created in protests against the UK banks (all connected to the Bank of England) was literally feeding the Serpent Cult through replica temples placed on energy lines.


The masses herded to replica temples in London 2009

This is what I wrote in 2009…

 … “OK then…  what actually is going on regarding a spiritual energy situation in the protests outside the Bank of England then? I’ll tell you… the energy created by all the protesters being pushed into the area is being directed at the temples, especially the Bank of England (‘Temple of Mithras’ on a spiritual level). The combined ‘angry’ energy of the people involved, both the police and the protesters, is directed at the symbolic Mithras temple therefore all the energy is dedicated to Mithras (The Sun). (The situation is on a par with Christians worshipping in a church, the energy is directed at God sort of thing.)Mithras is the Sun God of ‘Contracts’. Eh? The bank of England is built on the grounds of a sun temple that honoured the Sun God of Contracts?  Well stick a feather up my arse and call me Colin Fry. I didn’t know that.  It is not a coincidence that the Serpent Cult used the site of the God of Contracts on Threadneedle Street to build their illuminated bank of the world on. It is no coincidence that this bank carries the symbolism it does. Can you see that? What are the odds of the British Establishment ‘coincidentally’ building their illuminati bank on symbolic ground which is blatantly linked to the god of contracts? The god of IOU’s if you like?  Well what are the odds? It can only be a blatant act of ritual and the liars that control this world and control your soul know that”…

You can see that I stated the masses in London were covertly physically being led to an area that was close to or over the Temple of Mithras. Obviously when I supplied Untying the Binds of Mithras in 2009 the information was basically ignored (as it will be today). That’s fine and who the hell is going to believe Matthew Delooze’s nutty theories, not only about modern Banks posing as replica Sun Temples but that these replica sun temples are actually representing alien entities, via middlemen deities such as Mithras. Indeed who’s going to believe that both ancient temples and modern replica ones were really built by a Serpent Cult as well? Who the hell is going to believe a knob head like me claiming the masses have been duped on a massive scale and the energy created by their fears and greed will be used to enslave them even deeper than they are enslaved already? Certainly not many did in 2009. I’m sure the same scoffers are scoffing with bells on today too.

Hey I actually remember someone vigorously laughing at me when I mentioned the ‘Mithras Temple’ information to them back in 2007, this was a full two years before I even mentioned it in writing. Indeed when I told them that ALL the worlds major banks will be linked up to the same ancient Temple of Mithras by 2016 they initially uncontrollably rolled about on the floor laughing at me, but then, when they realised I wasn’t joking, they nearly rang the fruitcake farm and had me carted off forthwith.

“Get the straight jacket and the meds boys… Delooze has opened his gob again!”

Luckily for me the person simply decided his best option was never to speak to me again, just like most blind liars often do after receiving any truth, those that are devoid of any thoughts of their own and without a spiritual future anyway.  I appear to create instant hatred for me in those folks that don’t like hearing the truth.

That said, when you think about it, I really couldn’t ask for a better conclusion in that king of situation could I? Well could I? It’s best to ignore what you know is truth if you don’t like hearing it eh? Indeed add a bit of hatred towards the messenger and it makes the truth just that bit easier to ignore doesn’t it? If you hate the messenger it instantly makes the message a lie? If you love a lie it instantly makes it the truth?

I can only say to friends that the truth literally clears a path for you, it certainly does in my case anyway, so please never fear speaking it. And if that is true in my case then it surely is in your case too. So if you are like me and despised, persecuted and mistreated then I say ‘be happy about it’. If you are now made to feel a leper in this world, then I say it is now time to rejoice in that fact. Please do not mourn or feel sad about it. I say that, and I tell you the truth, because if you feel mistreated in this place or if you feel punished and if you feel sick in this world now, then you truly know now that you don’t belong here. Do you really want to be labeled as part of this shithole anyway? Do you want to fit in? Do you really want to carry the Karma of the liars and the selfish that will always wallow here? If not then please rejoice in the fact that you are simply lost in this hell, you are not part of creating it and you are not of it. If your heart is strong you will not remain here, no soul stays where it does not belong or want to be, and if you heart remains strong then the strong will receive the eyesight they need to return to the worlds in which their heart truly belongs. OK?

Anyway sorry for going of track… but that’s what the mentally disabled like me have a tendency to do you know. It’s a bugger that Schizophrenia I can tell you! It affects the mind they say. For example I went down the shop for a loaf of bread the other day and came back with a tin of shoe polish. Try toasting that and putting a fried egg on it!

Let’s get back on track…. Where was I? Oh yes…

When I eventually wrote Untying the Binds of Mithras in 2009 a very few started to see what I was trying to say. I could only write that article after the G20 protests in London actually gave me some good ‘physical’ pictures of evidence to use of course.

Obviously the amount of protests over financial matters have really started to increase now and the real reason for writing this article today is to show you how the Serpent will symbolically and physically link all the emotional (spiritual) energy created through the massive increase in protests over money (Banks /Austerity/ Cuts/Welfare).

Therefore I want to attract the attention of friends back to the same Threadneedle Street area in London that I mentioned in 2009 because very important developments are now taking shape there in 2013. These developments will not be completed by 2016 but I believe you need to take in this information now in order to help you remove the Binds of Mithras altogether in the future, should you really wish to do so.

So, come on, lets have a look at the massive new building complex before it is even done. It is known as the ‘Bloomberg Square’ project, which was previously known as the Walbrook Square scheme, it was simply hijacked by Bloomberg.The Serpent has certainly been playing games in getting this area just as it wants it.

Indeed current Mayor of New York, Serpent Cult stooge, Michael R. Bloomberg, has literally managed to buy himself a ‘Square’ and a block of land in London right next to the Bank of England and the other replica temples, which I mentioned mention in UTBOM. I don’t think I could afford a pint of ale in London never mind purchase a whole block and get the puppet PTB to rename a Square after me too.

Here are a few pictures of the area to show you what Agent Bloomsberg is building. It is being sorted by the regular veteran creators of Occult Buildings, Foster & Partners.



Bloomberg Square/Place to be built close to Bank of England (top left)

The Bloomberg Square project will be on the grounds of recently demolished Bucklersbury House and Temple House. As I mentioned previously the whole area around the Bank of England and Royal Exchange was built on the grounds of the ancient Temple of Mithras.

Indeed some parts of the Mithras Temple were tampered with years ago and they were moved about 90 metres from its original location when Bucklersbury House and Temple House were originally built. The temple was temporally placed in the very aptly named ‘Temple Court’ that Bucklersbury/Temple House shared.


The Temple was stored in Temple Court.

Well then… I may have been crazy in the past to suggest that certain banks were literally covert temples placed on energy points, but I also have to point out now that it has been decided, with the full co-operation and finances supplied by Bloomberg, to fully rebuild the ‘Temple of Mithras’ including its altar INSIDE and under the new very symbolic ‘Bloomberg’ HQ and relocate it into its exact original position (Energy Point). It should be noted that temples of Mithras were officially known as Mithraeum and were constructed within or below an existing building. In a nutshell they were cuckoo temples. I can only state that no matter what you thought of the theories the PTB are literally renewing the Mithraeum, in honour of the God of contracts, in a massive modern financial Bloomberg temple. Well bugger me ridgid I’ll go to the top of our stairs!  I quote the New York Times.

“LONDON — It is the biggest development in this city’s buzzing financial district, and even Olympics-jaded Londoners call it grandiose: two bronze-and-stone towers, connected by sky-bridges atop the ruins of a 2,000-year-old Roman temple….. In one corner of the development sits the Temple of Mithras, Walbrook, a relic from London’s days under Roman rule. First uncovered in 1954, the temple, a sacrificial altar for an ancient religion, is being restored at Mr. Bloomberg’s expense. …Last month, a team of 55 archaeologists from the Museum of London were combing the temple site. Their efforts, paid for by Mr. Bloomberg, have turned up dozens of artifacts, including coins, pewter bowls, jewelry and, preserved just where it was found, a human skull. When the plaza is finished, visitors may descend from Bloomberg Place to view the temple in its original setting. The artifacts, however, become the property of Bloomberg L.P., spoils of an expanding modern-day empire.  (Source)

 Eh? Am I reading that right? Yes I am. Well it speaks for itself doesn’t it? Two Bronze and Stone Towers… atop the ruins of 2,000 year old temple (Mithras)… 55 Archeologists digging in the shit at Bloomberg’s expense just to provide him with ancient artifacts and human remains that were used in the original Temple?

Welly Welly Well then Ferris wheel spotters… What do you think about that little story? Can you understand what is occurring right under our noses (If you believe my theories)? Could it really be a coincidence that a company that has entirely connected the ‘world’s financial institutions’ more than any other entity, (Bloomberg LP)  has literally been allowed to build a modern ‘Bloomberg temple’ in this Roman area, not only that it is another coincidence that this building will officially incorporating the official Temple of Mithras within its grounds? Indeed who’s ground is it really? Mithras, being the Sun Diety that the Serpent created as middle-man god of contracts, was obviously there long before Bloomberg.  Well is it a coincidence?  I tell you it isn’t a coincidence and the situation of incorporating a replica temple within an ancient one that was put to you in 2009 is nearly upon us right under your nose, and that is indeed fact not theory. Maybe you may just start to believe me when this temple is in full operation?

Let’s consider some facts here for a moment, along with the theories of energy extraction, Bloomberg, a financial institution that links all other financial institutions around the world, is literally, right under the noses of the human race, incorporating itself with the official Temple of Mithras. (It’s a Fact)

In doing so I believe the entire building literally becomes the Temple of Mithras. YES? Therefore I’m here today to point out to you that the Bloomberg Square project itself is not just a smokescreen to fully restore the temple of Mithras and turn it into a ‘Temple of Mithras’, it is also, in its very existence, going to symbolically and physically connect global financial activity directly to it and therefore create a ‘World Temple of Mithras’ too. Well isn’t it? Isn’t Bloomberg globally connected to the vast majority of all the institutions in the financial world?

If you agree that Bloomberg is globally connected to the vast majority of institutions within the financial world, and please explain to me why you believe it isn’t if you don’t, then surely you would agree that any protests against the financial institutions would indeed also become at least symbolically connected to Bloomberg too?  Obviously if you agree with that then you must surely agree that any connection to Bloomberg would also be at least symbolically connected to the Temple of Mithras too?

If you do agree with that and also believe there is some credence in my energy theories then you will see why I actually mentioned the Temple of Mithras years ago eh? Because my friend I tell you the truth as I always have done, the Serpent is and will, symbolically, spiritually and physically, link all financial institutions to the London Temple of Mithras directly through its connection to Bloomberg. It will not only create a physical global centre. It will create a global centre of spiritual energy created through global protest too.

” Major global 5 sense financial activity is totally connected to Bloomberg, which will incorporate the Temple of Mithras, therefore major global financial activity, including spiritual energy created by physical protests against financial institutions will be connected to the Temple of Mithras too!”

The physical side of connection will come through a system called the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’, a system in which Bloomberg LP has been steadily building for a while to create a physical global connection to the London HQ and therefore the Temple of Mithras HQ.

I know it may sound silly at this time in 2013 but this ‘terminal’ will one day link up the entire globe to ‘Bloomberg’ UK (World Temple of Mithras) both physically and spiritually. By spiritually I mean that all the energy created through economic ‘protests’ physically carried out at Banks and Government buildings, like those mentioned in my articles about London and Cyprus, and things like Occupy Wall Street, will instantly become connected to the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’.  Therefore the spiritual energy that is created through the said economical protests against the banks, financial institutions and government buildings will also become connected to the Bloomberg ‘terminal’ and therefore the energy will be literally directed into the Temple of Mithras too. Again It is the Bloomberg Terminal that will be used to represent a physical connection and the Temple of Mithras will be used as the spiritual connection. The stupefied apes that protest, wallowing in their fear, reacting to their thoughts of self preservation and allowing their misled anger to rule them are none the bloody wiser to the real scam taking place

Can you see?

As I said earlier to someone in 2007 “ALL the worlds banks will be linked up to the same ancient Temple of Mithras by 2016” . I wrote about the Temple of Mithras and how the Serpent uses protests against us in 2009. I now say to you in 2013…  now you know Bloomberg and the Temple of Mithras are uniting to create a means to harness spiritual energy created through protests and emotions directed against the financial institutions.

What I say is true and protesting against the banks is futile and on a spiritual level the masses are simply requesting a renewed contract with the force that has enslaved them for thousands of years anyway!

“ALL the worlds financial institutions will be linked up to the same ancient Temple of Mithras by 2016” Matthew Delooze June 2013

Do you not believe me? Are you rolling about on the floor laughing too?  I don’t really care if you do or not to be honest. But please don’t remain a stupefied ape if you really don’t want to remain one.  The Serpent will have you dancing for eternity whilst you wallow in ego, vanity and self delusion, living a lie with every breath you take. I do not exaggerate. My friend if you don’t believe temples and churches were created to harness spiritual energy to ‘make gods happy’ then ask yourself why they are there.

Wake up it’s nearly time to go home!

I can only give you the message. I can’t make you believe me. I come in humility to deliver the messages I bring. Have you learned nothing? Have you forgotten everything?

Anyway… I ask friends to do their own research on the Bloomberg Square/Place developments and you will see, if you believe my theories that one of the biggest scams is now nearly upon the pathetically blind human race.  Behold the global temple of Mithras!! The temple of the Sun that requires the human race to sign a new contract. Sadly its the same contract as the old one.

I tell friends this now in case they are blindly dragged into protests ‘outside a bank’, or even just in their mind, in the future. This is simply because the bank they protest outside is probably a replica temple itself and it WILL definitely be linked to the Temple of Mithras via Bloomberg anyway!  You don’t even need to physically protest to become connected, if you think protest against the financial institutions you are in protest. The Serpent only requires you to think protest and feel it in your heart for you to be connected..

Remember this?….

“There is no such thing as a peaceful protest. If your heart was at peace you would not protest”
Matthew Delooze April 2009

I realise that some of the comments in this article above may seem over the top, but they won’t seem over the top when you see all the events unfold.  And that is the only reason I am saying these things today. It is to help you to see whats going on when things do fully unfold.

I tell friends again that the Serpent really WANTS the masses to protest against its banks and other replica temples at certain times and lets face it, the Serpent can create any protest at the drop of a hat anywhere it wants. It is never the protesters that start a protest… that is an illusion.

I can only say to you that so-called modern day protesters you see are not ‘awakening’ spirits or an awakening truth in my opinion. They are merely the same puppets they always have been, the only difference being is that different leaders are leading different followers in a different age. Different opinions and different causes are in operation but that is the only difference.

Indeed the vast majority of protesters you have seen on TV in many countries are not even part of any Truth Movement or collective shift, and they wouldn’t go anywhere near seeking any spiritual truths, they only see five sense security.  They are merely puppets that have been drawn into a protest via the very authorities they protest against.  Indeed recent demonstrations in Brazil, which surprisingly haven’t raised much mainstream TV coverage in the UK, were created by simply adding 20 pennies to the bus fares (after the usual oppressive ‘drip drip affect’ being in operation for many years, as I mentioned in my previous Mithras articles of course).

In my opinion these protesters are nothing to do with a mass awakening, they are everything to do with mass control and a covert agenda to raise human emotions and shepherd the energy created through the said raised emotions to Temples. The economic strains have been purposely created to start the protests. The masses attacking bank/government staff and fighting with police is exactly what the Serpent wants, this is because nothing raises emotions more effectively. Indeed the Serpent would happily watch you tear its agents to bits in riots as long it was outside official replica temples. It would simply replace those agents with those you believe are spurring you on to protest and overthrow. The Serpent literally has the entire planet in a ‘ready to protest’ mode (the drip drip affect). Sadly the so called truth movements leaders, if there is such a thing, will be inevitably become or already are controlled opposition. My friends we can’t protest against or get rid of an invisible force simply by smashing some windows and changing one regime for another. The invisible force simple controls the leaders of the next regime.

Again the Serpent controls all movements, small and large, and movement leaders can have stupefied apes in a frenzy and demonstrating on the relevant temple steps within hours. The Protest scenario is exactly what the Serpent wants.

Here look at the few pictures below. It is typical of very recent events in Brazil. Please just open your eyes and tell me if this is evidence of a mass spiritual ‘awakening’ and truth seeking or just another case of human emotional energy being ‘shepherded’ to a covert temple by the Serpent itself?

Look at the images, please use your eyes, we have come a long way, use your eyes. Are these people spiritually awake or have they actually been led to take their emotions to the replica temples? And maybe someone can explain why a country like Brazil has Roman/ Greek Style replica temples for government use anyway? It should also be noted that ancient public activities at the original temples, including sacrifices and meetings, always took place ‘outside’ the temples not inside them.


Sao Paulo: Replica Temple and protesters.


Rio: Replica Temple and protesters


Awakened Spiritual Protesters being ‘allowed’ to run riot on steps of the replica Temple they can’t even see.
 Even replica temples in Brazil are adorned with European occult symbolism

Again I say the Serpent has the masses in all countries ready to protest at its covert temples at a moments notice and indeed those that claim to be leading spiritual enlightenment and awareness encourage them to do so.

What do you think? Are the protests in Brazil a sign of mass spiritual awakening to the truth? Or are they simply people that have been prodded to protests by a drip drip process of oppression?

I’ll tell you that most of the ‘truthful’ awakening people in this ‘protest’ would sell their soul for $100 each and a new iPhone, nay most would sell it for far less. Indeed these people did just what the Serpent wanted and all for for a non-existent 20 cents. A non-existent 20 cents!!! The same scenario applies to all major protests, to all wars and revolutions in all countries. The people are simply puppets in an agenda they are blind too and they will continue to be puppets at the drop of a hat.

A smaller similar scenario took place in Istanbul just a couple of weeks ago too. It’s the same scam over and over again!!!

Sadly more and more people will be drawn into protests as more and more plugs to their bathtubs of comfort, as mentioned in my Singing Do Wah Diddy, are pulled right from between their legs.

Sadly such souls can only do what they always do and have always done (look after number one) and as the protests increase, and more and more comfort zone bubbles are popped, these souls will try and find a scam and lie (bandwagon jumping and self preservation) to make sure in their deluded minds that they will somehow remain an ‘I’m alright jack’. They will try to do this through creating another fake bubble of comfort for when their current fake bubble of comfort becomes woefully untenable. There is nothing truthful or spiritual about this and it will be done with guile and fakery just as any other time.

In a nutshell they will probably join a movement and more and more will probably PROTEST. It doesn’t really matter which movement fakers and liars join, even when really pushed to do so though, whatever movement they join will only become a movement based on the mentality that actually forms it. Indeed they will only create another similar movement to previous movements, how can they create anything else?

They could join the Truth Movement (The Lie Movement). It could be the New Age Movement too. Both those movements being just the same as any other movement in existence on this planet at this time. Most will simply join much larger lie movements though, such as anti/pro Islamic, anti/pro Christian or anti/pro Judean movements. They will be forced into or back into religion in other words.  It is indeed the main aim of the Serpent, to re-connected folks that will lose their comfort zones to religion/anti religions and protests against each other (Sun Worship), including anti war protests, and it is currently succeeding in doing so in my opinion. There is a large scale agenda to put Jesus’ Dad against Allah (Christian against Muslim) and this will only increase massively in the coming years.

Some folks that are currently having their comforts threatened will even join small so called ‘religious free’ protest groups, you know non-religious anti- Asian/ Anti-Jewish/ Anti-White movements, which are of course more religious than the religious movements anyway.

Maybe the less violent will join some other movement, fluffy bunny or whatever ‘protest’ group. Maybe an anti-Sooty and anti- Sweep protest movement over them wearing fur coats is on the cards? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. But I’d actually like to see a ‘Susie Quatro’s Arse Movement’ appear at some stage (At least that movement would be honestly appreciated and applauded by me, see I’m easily programmed too!)

The point being before we go any further, my friend, is that it really does not matter what movement you join or what silly label you staple onto yourself in a protest. ‘I am a truther’? don’t make me laugh. That statement is a lie to start with so what future does such a truth movement have?

It does not matter what flag you march under, it does not matter which silly deluded ‘anti this’ or ‘pro that’ movement you join either. And it really really does not matter which soapbox supporting ‘leaders’ you applaud to take your mind along with your money either. It really is only a matter of personal choice and no movement is any different to any other movement. It never has been and never will be. Each movement will call perceived opposite movements and even similar ones ‘wrong and deluded’. Each movement will believe it is the one true movement and therefore believe it is ‘right’. Just like all religions believe their God is the one true God then eh? Right?

The only thing most movements have totally in common is that their bodies and minds will be led to protest at the temple the Serpent wants them to protest at. That fact has to include the Truth/ New Age movements too then doesn’t it? Or is one of those movements the one true movement compared to all previous movements that have obviously failed us? So which movement is the real truth movement truther?  Is it Christianity from the Bible or is it the Alex Jones movement from info wars ( A.K.A The Hitler Haircut Movement?)

It is time to realise that ALL movements and ALL major protests have only ever served those that know universal laws and it is time to realise that ALL movements and ALL major protests simply feed the force that actually enslaves them.

Please consider the possibility that ‘all physical protests’ from all ‘movements’ will simply help create and form the apparatus to create human emotional energy and literally place it in temples (replica and real) and therefore feed and empower the force that enslaves mankind and has literally continually and vigorously done so by carrying out the same scam for thousands of years.

Indeed generation after generation of stupefied ‘enlightened apes’ have been blindly following one fake movement and its leaders after another fake movement and its leaders, and all have led the masses back to the exact same temples to worship entities they have no perception of. The human race has never progressed spiritually under any movement created by man.

The masses have followed such movements in good faith simply because they connected to the propaganda of the movement and the crafty guile of the leaders. This scenario applies both to the likes of Hitler and to the likes of Ghandi. There is no good and bad causes or bad movements, not  as far as those that join them are concerned anyway. And of course who decides what is a good or what is a bad movement anyway, because as far as humans go it is a simply a matter of personal opinion and spiritual calling. As far as the Serpent is concerned it controls all movements anyway.

These movement’s and their very charming pied pipers come in many shapes and sizes and have done for many years. All of them have changed absolutely NOTHING in the long term throughout history, either through their protesting, their revolutions, their wars or through anything else… and they never ever will do. The protests simply feed and empower our enslavers on an higher level, not only that they also feed and empower the protest leaders themselves on a lower level too, and that’s why this world is the rancid shithole it is today. At the end of the day it is always a case, as far as major protests against money are concerned, of raising energy levels and using the movements and the leaders to get that energy into the temples of the God representing ‘Contracts’. In other words its about creating a binding eternal covenant between the hidden rulers of this world, the Serpent Cult, and its stupefied slaves (us), and this covenant is endorsed by us simply showing the universe that we had the right to protest spiritually in this world and actually proved it by protesting at a temple of our rulers. It’s not too difficult to see the scam if you really want too. The difficulty only comes when you realise the full implications of the scam.

If we fail to raise our understandings and fail to rid ourselves of past traps and trickery involved then the vast vast majority of human beings in this world will live in eternal poverty and misery whilst at the same time literally wallow in eternal protest, eternal revolution and eternal war.

No one has to believe what I say in the Mithras writings, but I state again that all financial institutions will be linked to a World Temple of Mithras by 2016. I am not selling anyone anything. I have nothing to gain by publishing what I have written. I am not in business. If you think the Sun Temple of Mithras being created and being incorporated within Bloomberg is just a coincidence, or it means nothing anyway then that’s fine. If you believe anything more than short term individual satisfaction comes through protest then that’s fine with me, please believe that. Good luck to you.

I can only repeat that the Serpent wants us to protest where it wants us to protest. I can also only repeat that I believe these things actually enslave us. Sadly I believe human beings only ‘see’ and then continually seek to ratify their physical five sense comforts and that is why they are so easily duped. They can never see that they are spiritually enslaved and are eternally reincarnating.

I only ask those that connect with the Mithras information, those who’s ears prick up on such news, to take it in and know now that your ears will prick up further over this matter in the future. The news in this article was sent with good intentions. It is sent to help not hinder and I assure you it was not easy to receive it or to pass it on.

It’s time for me to go again. So until I return, with more ‘tales from a fruitcake’,  I can only humbly suggest that if your heart seeks spiritual freedom then truly let your heart seek spiritual freedom and if your heart desires the ways of this world then let it truly have the ways of this world.

Whatever it seeks or desires…

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze 30th June 2013

Through the Kitchen Window

Through the Kitchen Window

DSC01695 copy

 By Matthew Delooze

I was really struggling to sleep one night recently and I decided to get out of bed and go for a drink. I was fumbling in the dark because I didn’t want to turn the light on because my eyes are very sensitive and I didn’t want to dazzle myself as I knew I’d end up squinting like a demented Japanese bloke who was giving someone the shit eye.

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Through the Kitchen Window

Through the Kitchen Window

DSC01695 copy

 By Matthew Delooze

I was really struggling to sleep one night recently and I decided to get out of bed and go for a drink. I was fumbling in the dark because I didn’t want to turn the light on because my eyes are very sensitive and I didn’t want to dazzle myself as I knew I’d end up squinting like a demented Japanese bloke who was giving someone the shit eye.

Mind you I opened the fridge door and was blinded just by the little light inside the fridge and I did end ended up looking just like feared. Anyway I squinted and clumsily fumbled about and somehow grabbed a bottle of orange juice. I then turned my back on the light and downed a few big gulps of the cold drink. I had my eyes shut. I felt the orange juice go inside me and refresh me, so much so that when I removed the bottle from my mouth I let out a big aaahhhh sound of satisfaction. I opened my eyes again. When I did so I immediately saw my own image reflection in the kitchen window because of the light from the open fridge.

I stared at my reflection because the shadows and darkness of the night made me look rather spooky. You know what I mean? It was like like when you stick a lighted torch under your chin and make a scarey face in the dark. (Not that I need a torch to do that these day!)

For some reason, and I really don’t know what made me do it, I started moving my head around like I was exercising my neck and when I did so my reflection turned very weird. Mind you it was quite entertaining too. I noticed the light coming from the fridge was literally creating optical illusions so, with the fridge door behind me I started swinging it open and then shutting it, which created rather spectacular effects considering the basic apparatus involved.

If there had have been any music playing it would have been like a bloody arty farty pop video. Not that I looked a pop star in my cheap vest and underpants.

In fact when I fully opened the fridge door it reflected on an old brass plaque I have on the wall and that somehow created a hall of mirrors effect on the window too. Indeed it reminded me, vest and undies aside, of an old Queen video and I mean the Bohemian Rhapsody video not a video of me looking like an old Queen. I’m sure most people in the world will have seen the Bohemian Rhapsody video over the years.

I moved my head from side to side. The images I created were quite surreal. Indeed they sent me a bit dizzy and my eyes were struggling to focus on what I was seeing.

As I opened and closed the door my face changed  to something like this…

Bohemian-Rhapsody-vid-2I saw my reflection change like something like this

My face changed in the window and I was seeing different faces appear around me. I started to feel even more queezy but I couldn’t seem to stop myself messing around with the apparatus. I continued to dance around opening and shutting the door to create images and then I’d just stand still again. When I opened the door fully and stood still I somehow became four faces like in the Queen video like this…


I became four faces when the light reflected in a certain way

I must have spent a full ten bloody minutes prancing around in my underwear playing silly games with the fridge door, changing my reflection in the kitchen window.  When I looked at the four faces of myself I noticed some each face changed in a clockwise direction, the four faces were like in a clock position, you know like some clocks just have the numbers  3, 6, 9 and 12.

My four faces seemed to change in a clockwise direction even though they were all the same reflection. It was like my 3 o’clock face started off as the broken wreck I am, but my image seemed to improve at the 6 o’clock position. The same thing occurred at the 9 o’clock position and when I looked at the image in the 12 o’clock position I’m hardly bloody recognisable as a wreck I am at the 3 o’clock position.

I was literally in trance looking at the four faces that I had created of myself. I tried to focus on the 12 o’clock face. I knew it was an image from the past. I also realised the 3’oclock image was me now. I stared again at my 12 o’clock face and it appeared to grin at me. I thought I was seeing things and then it bloody winked at me as though to say remember me do ya?  I was stood there stunned. I felt like I was on an Aya journey. The other three faces seemed blurred in comparison as my focus was totally on the 12’oclock face.

Then all of a sudden, because of the reaction of the juice I’d swigged down, I burped and farted. It was loud enough to wake the the dead and it brought brought me quickly out of my self induced trance. I immediately thought “What the bloody hell are they putting in the orange juice these days”  Well what would you have thought if you’d experienced such a thing?  I looked at the window again there was nothing there at all. Nothing. I started moving my head around again. Nothing. I opened and closed the fridge door. Nothing.

When I fully came to my senses I suddenly realised I was out of my bed in the middle of the night,  stood in the dark and the freezing cold with a bottle of orange juice in my hand. Not only that I was stood there prancing around with one grey haired testicle dangling out of my pathetic ill fitting cheap underpants.

My attention was drawn to the label on the bottle in my hand and I got a strong strange feelings inside my chest and I seemed to hold my breath inside me and get a glowing feeling. It was a Deja Vu feeling as though someone was telling me something.  Here is a photo of the label of the drink I swallowed.


The label that gave me strange feelings…

Anyway. I put the bottle of orange juice back in the fridge. I closed the door and then I staggered and fumbled my way back to my bed in the cold and in the dark. My thirst satisfied. I felt myself warm up and I must have fallen asleep within minute.

I fell into a dream-state. It began by seeing a long path. I realised straight away that I had literally walked up this path in real life just a few months ago but I was now looking down on it from above this time. I actually seemed to float down and land on top of the hill.

DSC01695 copy

The Path to Thera (top centre to right)

The part of the hill in which I landed led to another smaller path that had to to be taken to get up another hill to an ancient place called Thera. Again I had previously walked this path to reach ancient Thera on a visit to Santorini in 2012. I recognised it straight away because of steps I took.

The path I walked in 2012


Once I reached the top of the path I remembered this symbol. It was on a stone at the end of the smaller path. Iknew then i really was revisiting Thera. It was this one.

thera The image on the stone

I carried on walking down the path and realised I wasn’t revisiting the ruins I had seen on my recent trip to ‘Santorini’ I was actually ‘seeing’ the real ancient Thera as it once was. I was walking through Thera in its former glory. I wasn’t seeing ruins I was seeing it in it in its full splendor.

There were magnificent looking buildings all along the pathway and it was like I knew them well. I was feeling very tired and I felt like I was struggling for breath. I eventually reached the top of the path and it looked like I’d reached the summit. I walked through a splendid looking door as though I knew exactly where I was going. It was like I actually lived there or at least knew it well. (That said I feel I wouldn’t have known this place unless I had visited it myself recently)

I then went into a room and saw a man and he was lying on some sort of bed, in some sort of a smart homely looking place. The man looked very very ill and very frail.  I looked at the man and it was obvious that he was very close to death. I tried to talk to the man but he was oblivious to my presence. Then I noticed a lady had entered the room, she was wearing a long silk robe and wearing shiny jewelery. She came and stood over the man that was dying on the bed. She too was oblivious to me being there. It was obvious I was just seeing events.

She was a very beautiful and very healthy looking woman. She had a beautiful smile. She had pity in her eyes for the man on the bed and this made me feel very sad. The man on the bed tried to speak to the lady but he simply couldn’t, he was too weak. The lady then started walking around the bed and humming some kind of hippy sounding tune like she was carrying out some kind of a ceremony. I presumed it was some sort of death ceremony, like a last rites sort of thing. The woman was chanting away and her humming seemed to affect the man. He seemed stirred by the ladies actions. Her humming and chanting seemed to affect me too, it literally charmed me and I felt strange. I immediately realised that I had a strong spiritual bond to the lady and I felt a sort of telepathic bonding with the man on the bed too.

It actually felt like I had some sort of spiritual schizophrenia going on in me and it was like my soul was literally splitting in two. I could feel the connection with the man, like he was part of me and I was part of him. The lady kept humming a tune and chanting and the more she did so the weirder I felt. I started to feel so sorry for the man on the bed and as I looked at him and my emotions increased he suddenly seemed to realise I was actually present in the room. He somehow realised I was visiting him and he smiled at me. It was just like he had been expecting me to arrive at that time. It was obvious that the beautiful lady still couldn’t see me though and she was humming and chanting away like there was no tomorrow walking around the bed that the man was on.

The man then raised his hand and beckoned me towards him. I then felt helpless and I was literally automatically drawn towards the man. I couldn’t resist the beckoning and I approach him like in a trance and then somehow just as I tried to touch the hand that beckoned me I somehow magically entered into the man’s body, just like I was a ghost. It was like I floated into him and I was now wearing him like I’d don and wear a jacket.

I then literally became the man on the bed and I was now looking through his eyes.

I saw that the beautiful lady was far more real to me now it was like I’d somehow entered another world through the body of this man. The lady looked at me and she seemed to know I had arrived in this man’s body, as though she’d expected me. She instantly stopped humming her tunes and smiled at me, her eyes wide open in glee. She then produced a mirror from somewhere and showed me my face or should I say she showed me both my faces so to speak. My face and the face of the man that had been dying because the reflection on the mirror showed two faces alternating from one to the other. It was a bit like watching the Godley and Crème video ‘Cry’ if you know what I mean but only showing the same two faces changing places.

IT was like I was seeing my 3 o’clock face and my 12 o’clock face from my kitchen window again.

I wanted to ask the lady what was going on but I struggled to speak any words in my new body, so to speak, my tongue wouldn’t move and when I really tried to splutter some words out the lady stopped me by putting her finger over my lips in the shussshhh position. The lady stopped me trying to speak.

She then walked over to a mask that was hanging on the wall. It was a strange gold looking mask. She put it on over her face and it fitted her like a glove would. The lady then walked over to me, bent over me, and kissed me whilst she was wearing the mask. I still felt her lips through the mask.

As soon as that kiss hit me I instantly felt a powerful healing force enter my body and start to trickle through me. I suppose the best way to describe it would be by saying it was like taking a sup of brandy and feeling a glow go down inside me, warming me all the way down to my stomach, but I must add that the Brandy feeling was spreading all over my body too. I was literally tingling all over.

This lovely feeling eventually reached my neck and then flow fully into my face and head. I was literally in complete awe of the sensations I was feeling. I looked at the lady again and she had remover her mask and I could see her face alternating into two different images just like mine had done in the mirror she had previously showed me.

The lady then whispered in my ear, in a lovely soothing voice, she said “Welcome” she then said  “We had been waiting a long time for you to come here” “The Rain is in me now”

I tried to speak to her and get an explanation from her as to what was going on, but she simply placed her finger on my lips again. I simply couldn’t speak anyway. It was like my tongue was being operated on.  She then grabbed my hands and pulled me up off the bed. She got me on my feet and led me outside of the building.  She was still supporting me because I was so weak.

I was then taken to the edge of the cliff face and told to look out to sea. The view was amazing.

IMG_0727Part of the view from Ancient Thera today

The lady looked at me and smiled. She then pointed out to sea and said “look at what is coming”. I stared out to sea and couldn’t see anything apart from the blue sea and the blue sky. I looked at the lady in confusion and put my arms up to indicate I could see nothing. The lady pointed her finger out towards the horizon again and sort of jabbed her finger out in a look again you blind fool sort of way. So I looked again. I could just about see what appeared to be a large flock of birds in the distance and they appeared to be coming towards the Island and the mountain I was stood on.

It was a magnificent and enigmatic sight.

bird formation

I saw something like this in distance but on a much larger scale.

As the birds approached they seemed to glisten and sparkle and they mesmerise me. Then they appeared to move in formation like a Mexican wave would. I stared and stared at the birds and as the ‘wave’ got closer I tried to focus on just one bird. It was only as that bird got closer and closer and larger and larger that I realised it was not a bird. They were not birds at all. They were not birds in any shape or form… they were men. They were men.

They were men flying in the sky!

And I saw that these men were gliding around like very skilled eagles but they had no wings, they were simply flying in the sky on what looked like circular surfboards. They were literally surfing the air. I suppose the best way of describing them is as large subbuteo players stood on discs. I know that sounds daft but that’s the first thing that came into my mind and I assure you its not as daft as me dancing with my fridge in my kitchen and looking at my own reflection in the window. So again these flying men resembled giant subbuteo men and they were stood on circular surfboards.


As daft as it sounds or looks, this is how the flying surfers appeared to me.

They approached the Island at great speed and literally dazzled me. They were darting about in all four directions. North, South, East and West and the sound was like a massive wind blowing them. There was no engine sounds just a powerful wind sound. I started giggling uncontrollably as they zoomed around the mountain of Ancient Thera in a playful but very powerful manner. They seemed to create the sound of wind as they moved about. They created a whooshing sound.

The men were about seven or eight feet tall and the subbuteo style bases they stood on, the circular surfboards, appeared about twelve feet in diameter.

I could clearly see that all the men wore white robe type uniforms, like Roman Togas. It really was a sight to behold and but my eyes couldn’t keep up with the airshow. I felt part of such power. I then realised the ‘surfboards’ they were stood on resembled ‘golden’ circular disc-shaped machines. I felt a strong connection and I literally wanted to get on one of these machines and fly around the sky too.

Then one of the flying men then zoomed towards me and stopped still in mid air about 15 feet above my head. I could see an image that was stamped on the bottom of their flying discs, like a logo or designers label or even the identification plate on a car, if you like.

It was exactly the same image as the replica Assyrian seal I received in a village near my home town a few years ago. I used the image on the cover of Is It Me For A Moment – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell?  This is the image that was stamped on the flying discs.

This image was on the flying discs.

There were now literally thousands of men whizzing around on these discs playing games and showing off, just like modern-day boy riders would do. The men looked like were all full of health like  divine athletes would look in a way.  They were now zooming around the sky over entire coastline of the island at great speed, just like motorbikes would on a racetrack on the ground. I was giggling like a kid. The whole atmosphere was electric and I knew these flying men meant business and although they were playing comical games in the sky I knew they were not here to play games. I was laughing uncontrollably as they whizzed around my head.

The beautiful lady that had led me out to see these magnificent things also smiled and laughed and giggled with me too.

Then a man came up to me from nowhere and stood at the side of me and put his hand on my shoulder. This man was wearing robes, which were embossed with an image of the same bird I saw on the way up. His said name was Illias and he looked exactly like a man I had previously met in Kamari in Santorini, who was also called Illias.

I tried to talk to him but couldn’t. He smiled at me and simply pointed upwards. I looked up just as one of the men one of the flying machines was landing. It didn’t actually land it just hovered above the ground. The man that had been stood on it stepped off it and put his arm out as to invite me to board it. I felt too weak to climb on board. Illias told me he was a strong man and he picked me up in fireman’s lift mode and carried me to the hovering disc.

He seemed to just jump on board and then he placed me on my feet. As soon as my feet ‘touched’ the surfboard type machine it immediately changed into a much larger machine. The disc type surfboard base was just a façade, it was really a front hiding a massive machine. I don’t know how but in reality the flying disc I had stood on was really only a doorstep to a large invisible ship. You could only see this once you actually stepped on the disc. It was still a flying machine but its appearance was now literally like being in a large luxury type themed airship. It was literally like a large hotel.

IIlias smiled at me as I tried to work out where I was and he simply told me to follow him. I suddenly felt fully fit and healthy. I followed him to a room that had a large curtains across one wall. He opened the curtains and he revealed what appeared to be a movie screen, but it wasn’t a movie screen really it was just a large window. The window was an observation deck so to speak.

I was then led to a chair to sit in and given a drink from an ornamental fountain. I was really thirsty and I gulped the drink down and was immediately poured another one and then another one. I was told the drink would help me and I was happy to drink it down.

I was then flown at great lightening speed to several places around the globe that I had previously visited on foot. I was shown myself at these locations and I instantly remembered what I had seen and done at these locations It was like I was a passenger in some sort of test drive scenario. One minute I was revisiting South America the next I was revisiting Israel. I was shown myself in Egypt and in Cyprus.

I was told the the ship was being steered and powered by energy lines on the planet and the ship had to follow certain routes in a similar system to the way modern airlines have to use flight paths. But the ship could visit previous events and visit events in the future too.

I was then shown in detail certain events that had taken place on the planet in various places. I was then shown some people and I witnessed their behaviour.

I was then taken to a table that had a large book placed on it. Illias opened the book and showed me  several images which immediately reminded me of some of the images I was shown in my childhood. I wept at some of the scenes.

Illias said “Do You See?” I said “Yes”. Illias said “Will You Write And Speak Of What You See” I said “Yes” I felt like I was somehow renewing an oath I made in childhood. If I was then I have.

Within an instant of saying those things Illias closed the books and led me out of the ship. I was soon stood back on the disc, the deceptive front door of the ship so to speak, and the beautiful lady was still stood where I had left her. I stepped down off the disc. I was back on the mountain top of Thera. I could speak to the lady now. I felt rejuvenated and my tongue was healed.

The Sky was absolutely full of men stood on these discs. I looked at them with different eyes now because I knew their secret.

The lady looked at me and asked me to give her my hands. She took hold of me by my wrists and she clapped both of my hands together. For some reason, like a magic trick, they made a very loud noise. The noise literally echoed around the sky like a thunder clap and as it did so the men on the  discs immediately lined up in a sort of formation in the sky, just like some army would stand to attention when on land.

They formed some sort of geometric formation, like some kind of a massive glistening symbol. I was blinded by the sheer dazzle and the sheer power on display.

The atmosphere was unbelievable. I then started to hear trumpets play, it was just a simple five note tune that kept continually repeating itself, but the sound got louder and louder, the amount of trumpets grew in number and the tune started echoing around the sky. It was the same tune being continually played by different sections of the formation and the sounds bounced off each section  and they all came together like some massive divine orchestra was at work. Eventually it sounded like a million men were sounding the trumpets. I suppose it was like a massive multilevel fox hunt or Tally Ho type of thing was taking place. It was absolutely magical and my very soul knew this sight meant something very big.

The lady and I then hugged each other on the spot and we both danced around. It was like we were piggies in the middle and we were literally part of uniting the past and the future. The lady grabbed my hands and clapped them together again.

The trumpets suddenly stopped and the men on discs started to retreat back to the horizon. I watched them disappear into the distance. They then vanished into thin air. I looked around in despair trying to get another glimpse of them. My heart sank.

I asked the lady where they had gone and told her I felt very sad. She said they are still there but I cannot see them. “They cannot be seen again until they are allowed to be seen again”.  I was then told they would reappear when they could and they themselves really cannot wait for that day to come quick enough. I was told the people that wanted to see them appear in the future would be given eyesight to see them appear. There would be eyesight for the blind, if the blind actually wanted to see again.

I knew the lady was telling me the truth.

The lady looked at me and I suddenly felt very weak again. I felt faint. She took me back indoors and told me to lay on the bed that I had previously laid on and as I did she whispered ‘farewell’ to me in my ear. She then started chanting and humming again. I felt sick and very dizzy. The lady got the mirror again but it just reflected my face it was not reflecting two faces as it had done previously. I then felt myself immediately floating out of the man’s body in the same way I had previously entered it… like a bloody ghost, like I was removing my jacket.  I was suddenly in the third party again. I knew the lady could no longer see me. I knew the dying man had let me use his body to be shown what I was shown.

I stood there and watched the lady get a sheet from a chest and then watched her start covering the man on the bed with it. I got a glimpse of the dead man’s face before the lady covered it. I was shocked to see that the man on the bed was me.

I awoke with a jolt, I was burning up and sweating. I ran into the kitchen for a drink….

I thank you for reading about my dream.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 9th June 2013.

Copyright(c) Matthew Delooze 2013. All Rights Reserved.


No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus.

  No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus lake170

Déjà vu in the Valley of the Children of Hinnom

 By Matthew Delooze

I am a man who looks after the pigs, usually I get along OK.
I am man who reveals all he digs, I should be more careful what I say.
I’m getting put down, I’m getting pushed round,
I’m being beaten every day.
My life’s fading… But things are changing,
I’m not gonna sit and weep again.
I’m not going to weep again
From the song Dirty Jobs (Townsend)

Hello Friends and Oneballers,

Please note, if you are male please don’t go down the pub telling them you are a oneballer, they may misconstrue you!

I trust friends still have strength in their hearts in these very difficult times? I know a few folks have had an horrendous time during the last 12 months or so. Some are still going through serious changes in their lives and I know things can be painful, confusing and upsetting. I can only say that if things get really difficult then dig deep and remember how strong you can be. We have great reserves of strength if we look inside ourselves to find them. We can really find a crypt full of hidden strengths hidden in our souls. So if you are under the cosh, dig deep now and find your strong self again.

We may feel we are running on empty now and again, but even when the fuel warning light comes on and worries us, we can still keep going. It is time to brush away any doubts that our hearts cannot see us through our journey.  They can see us through and they will see us through…. any journey!

Any I usually write things that mean something on many levels of understanding. Sometimes this is difficult to do without being misconstrued.

That said, I’d like to start off a two or three part article. I write this article because I feel it is important to do so. I’d like to initially mention some concerts that have been taking place in a very important part of the Planet. They have been going on at this venue for a few years on and off. That said I’m not simply pointing out another concert event, as you will see later. Most readers of my writings will know of my theories. (If you don’t the archives are here)

Let’s not mess around today, so if there are any psychotic anoraked Ferris Wheel spotters out there (like me) I’d like them to come with me to Jerusalem for a brief period and take something in, if only for symbolic reasons, and you never know, maybe by doing so it may help you the future. One thing is for sure, it won’t help you in the future if you close your mind and stay in the place you already dwell will it?

Don’t worry I’m not going to bite you and I’m only playing tourist guide and amateur prophet at the moment in part one…  nothing else.  I don’t want a your credit card number or even a tip either.

I want to take you to a place called Sultan’s Pool (AKA Snake’s Pool), which is located just outside the Old City walls. It is at one end of what is known as The Valley of the Son of Himmon. I have known of this place for a long time. I’m sure some of you will know it in some way.

Here is a little description of the area…

 In the beginning of the Israelite period, there were children sacrifices to the pagan God Molech held in the valley of the son-of-Hinnom (Gei Ben-Hinnom). The Israelites stopped this barbarous ritual, although the evil custom continued partially during the times of the Kings. For example, the King of Judah Manasseh (2 Cronicles 33 6:”And he caused his children to pass through the fire in the valley of the son of Hinnom”). The prophets, such as Jeremiah, tried to stop it  (Jeremiah 7: 31: “And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my heart”). The sacrifice rituals have eventually ceased, but it continued to be used as place to burn the city garbage. The association of the valley with fire, smoke and evil earned it the Hebrew word for “hell” (GeiHennom). According to a tradition this site is the entrance to that evil place. (source)

… I realise our history books and our altered scriptures are not to be trusted but I do truly believe this area was used to butcher children by Fire.

As some of us come towards the end of our journey I feel it is vitally important to keep an eye on any events that occur in this place in the future.

I visited Jerusalem in 2008, I visited the energy points and was indeed taken past this place on my way to The Mount of Olives and Bethlehem. So I’m not talking out of my arse about the area.

Matthew Delooze at the Jaffa Gate 2008 (Hand on hip like a true Ducky!)

The Valley of the Son of Hinnom has a long history, as does the Sultan’s Pool area in particular. I will post a link here but basically I believe the Valley of the Son of Himmon was used by the Serpent in ancient times as a place of energy extraction via the pied piper of sacrifices etc.  In other words the Serpent needed the masses to be emotionally affected in that area in the past, therefore their emotions would create energy. In the past people were simply murdered and burnt in massive numbers and the crowds simply suffered intense emotional trauma or even immense emotional pleasure at watching the Horror show.

I suppose the past events in Valley of the Son of Hinnom were horrific to witness, the trauma would have been on a par with the very worse atrocities that have gone on in this shithole of a world.

Indeed these ‘shock the living daylights out of folks’ sort of rituals have been happening since the Days of Noah, indeed 9/11 was a modern day version of the emotional trauma scams (energy extraction and spiritual surrender rituals) carried out in this world that enslaves us. The past rituals in ‘The Valley’ involved the slaughter of children by burning them alive on a monument dedicated to ‘Moloch’. I can’t think of a worse hell to witness can you? The emotional trauma?  The sheer terror and ‘OMG’ factor? I can only show you of these things. I cannot force you to see them.


Let’s start by looking at the area of the Valley of the Son of Hinnom and Sultan’s Pool, the place of past sacrifices to Moloch, as it is today and see what goes on there.


Ancient Jerusalem

The Valley of the Son of Hinnom is in the lower central position and Sultan’s Pool is marked lower Pool on the map above. Nothing much as changed as far as the area is concerned, they just plonked a bloody great road between the Valley of the Son of Hinnom / Sultan’s Pool and Mount Zion (Temple Mount Area), which once housed Herod’s Palace and the City of David, as per map above.


Sultan’s Pool and The Valley of Hinnom are marked

OK have you got your bearings now?  We are below Mount Zion in an area previously used to butcher our children by fire in public.

I’m very sure most folks attending this area, for the concert events, taking place will have been informed of its past history, and I’m sure they would have been vigorously inform of its history by a far better tour guide than your humble narrator and story teller could do today. But I’m not telling you its history. I”m telling what is now and to come.

I’m merely pointing out that attendees of concerts will be told and know about the history of the place. It will also be in guidebooks and on public signs in and around the actual area. Its in the religious Scriptures too! Therefore I’m merely pointing out it is through their free will that they attend events here and most will obviously just go and enjoy the show not giving the history of the place a second thought (raised emotion). You know, just like the rose tinted ‘punters’ do at all major concerts all around the world. They go through their free will to ‘enjoy’ the show. They cannot see they are being used for energy.

I’ll also tell you again that the symbolism that has been and will be displayed, in most venues and concerts around the globe, will consist of statues of the very deities and iconic figures that act as a middlemen and represent the Serpent in this world. These middle men act as a symbolic receiver of the energy created, and therefore energy created feeds the creator of the symbolism or icon (the middlemen) being displayed.  Other symbolism being displayed at these events will include visual geometry and oral presentation of the very ambiguous religious scriptures that I informed you in 2005/6 were simply being used deceive the masses and get them to unknowingly carry out binding acts of spiritual surrender, in the guise of acts of carrying out spiritual positivity.

Here are just a few examples of the type of events taking place in Sultan’s Pool today.


The punters being entertained at Sultan’s Pool


Replica temples are produced as per usual 14338
Screens are used to implant symbolism in a willing audience too. (Mount Zion and city walls to the right)


Screen are also used to magnify the symbolism being displayed on stage.


This is what was on stage and on screens in the picture above.

My friends, it appears to me that massive occult images are still being placed in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, via screen or through props, and with the full consent of the human race. Tell me someone please what is the difference in the basic image of the present above and the basic image  of the past below?

lake170The Past or Present?

I’ll say the only difference is the fact that a baby is shown in the illustration of the past but the apparatus is basically the same. Obviously children are not sacrificed in public today, well not in full view in broad daylight anyway.  So let’s hope the Serpent or even any darling luvvy false personalities from the BBC don’t get any access to those stages after dark eh?

Can you see that ‘any’ sort occult symbolism can be used at these events. Can you? Indeed can you see, through the pictures supplied above, that any symbol can be placed in any makeshift, temple like, stage set and used as a temple of worship too eh? Can you see these events are actually being carried out through the free will of the people too? Mind you this location is on a par with partying on a mass grave of butchered children anyway eh? Well isn’t it? Can you put all the present day facts about what goes on here and actually see that the apparatus is being used for covert ritual and that the very emotions of the attendees are part of that ritual?  Can You?

Again can you see what ‘grounds’ these replica temples in Sultan’s Pool are actually built on? Can you see the attendees literally dance and cheer on the bones of the dead?  We are not talking concerts in a pretty park here. We are talking parties on the very ground that sacrificed children to Moloch, by fire.

If you can see that then it must become clear to you that a perceived innocent event is nothing but an innocent event to those that planned it. What do the attendees actually turn into when they attend such events? I’ll tell you they are attending an occult ritual so they become official willing participants in the ritual taking place. They become free willed devotees to rituals they cannot even comprehend, and therefore the cannot ever comprehend that these rituals tell the universe that we agree with them. Even if the attendees do not know what symbolism is being displayed, and have no idea about such things as rituals, it does not render them innocent. Their free will emotions are all that matters to the Serpent. The Serpent will simply laugh at the guile of its actions and a moronic and blind human race. Rituals like this in these places create our physical reality and literally create our enslavement.

I can only remind you of what I believe happens at such places all the time anyway. Indeed I’m sure the Glastonbury drones will be slavering at the prospect of Glastonbury coming back. I link that article as a reminder.

It is clear to me that the masses are being led to this area because of it past, so let’s look at the ancient map of Jerusalem again, but just at the ‘oldest’ bit.

image-hell03 copyAncient Jerusalem highlighted pink

You will see that the area of Sultan’s Pool is located in such a way that any spiritual energy created there would have been directed at the palaces and temples on what is now the modern day ‘temple mount’ inside the city walls. This world does not need me to tell it that people have been butchered for many reasons in this area over the years.

I mentioned at the end of my book, Is It Me For A Moment, about this area along with facts about my own journey.

Anyway, can you imagine that any ‘spiritual energy’ created in the Valley and Sultan’s Pool area would indeed be focus and directed, not only at any makeshift temple in the Sultan’s Pool area, but also the ancient temples that were/ are on the Temple Mount area? Indeed if the energy created in ancient times, in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, fed the Serpent, through their middemen and palaces in ancient time, then surely and energy created on the same ground in the ruins would have the same affect?

I realise some of those that know my writings and theories may be thinking that I’m just adding another location to add to those I use for my theories about spiritual extraction at such events. Yes in a way I am adding another location, used for energy extraction and spiritual surrender rituals, but I’m not writing this article for those reasons.

My friend, I’ll tell you why I’m writing this part of my article on Jerusalem today. But, first I have to say in advance that if you don’t believe me about events in Glastonbury or Live 8 then how will you believe me about in events in a far away land like the Valley of the Son of Hinnom? Indeed how will you believe anything from my mouth about Jerusalem when you won’t even believe the world is so stupefied that the majority of human beings put a paper hat on their head and toots for its own enslavement, through displaying its greed and selfishness every Winter Solstice? How will anyone believe what I say about Jerusalem when they won’t even have faith in what I say will come to the Fyled Coast in my own country?

My face has been spat in for 15 years, do you think I expect the vast majority of readers to believe me?  Hey I only look daft I assure you. But being as daft as I am actually allows me to speak things I have to speak. I speak the things I have to speak because I know they are true. I go into prophet mode below, but only because i have too. Take the words as being from a daft leper.

“I am telling friends today, please heed my words, that Jerusalem will be a very important place for a direct public ritual (Through Guile), which will take place in the future. I tell my friends in advance so they will one day know I told them the truth, because they do not believe me now.

 I believe that there will be an official sacrifice take place in the area known as Valley of the Son of Hinnom. I believe it will take place before, during or straight after some kind of symbolic concert or other event taking place in Sultan’s Pool. I tell you the truth that blood will be spilt on the ground in this place, which was once known as Gehenna, just as it was known in the past. ‘This place, The Valley of the Son of Himmon, will be called Gehenna again before my bones are dust, and when it is you will remember my words’.

Anyway I will snap out of my messiah or prophet complex now and say I obviously do not want an event like this to take place and I certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with such an event apart from prophecy, but I tell you the truth and surely believe it will one day happen. I may not be around to say I told you so when it does!!  So I say I told you so now. (I had to get it in you see!)

Hey, truthers, it is only my silly prophecy. It is only my silly paranoid beliefs eh? The words of a uneducated nutcase in a world of intellectuals.

I don’t mind playing silly psychotic prophets from Burnley especially if it makes you smile, so being silly I don’t mind telling you the truth as a crazy prophet again when I say this world, a sick zoo of sex abusers and deluded egos, still stones and kills the prophets as it has done since the days of Noah. The prophets are only ever rewarded, or should I say anointed, by the amount of putrid piss that flows down their backs. Nothing has changed at all, the scoffers still scoff and the liars still lie. There will be no eyesight for those that prefer to be blind.

Anyway I say to friends,

I believe the prophecy I pass on to you will come to pass and when it does it will spark of a series of other rituals within Jerusalem, which have been planned and are still being planned by the Serpent.  The events  will further awaken those with faith and help them prepare more hastily for what will come later. If what I say comes true, and I tell you the truth when I say it will, then far more important, the prophecy will be a sign to friends that I told the truth and the truth will help you.

The Serpent’s apparatus for ritual in Jerusalem is almost complete and most of it is already in place and they have sneaked it in via stealth and without any objection from a stupefied human race. I say to friends that have faith, when so many cleary do not, to trust their faith in the times ahead and they will be helped. Love will reign o’er you.

I will be publishing more on Jerusalem very soon. As there are indeed also a few places in and around the Old City in which I believe important rituals have and will take place and you need to be aware. Obviously most of you won’t believe a word I say until something happens to force your beliefs, such are the hearts and souls of men in this world.


But before I finish the first part of this information. I’d like to point to another area of Jerusalem for you to remember. The place is not even built yet, but was planned long ago. That said its very foundations, the grounds it will stand on, have already been engulfed in raw emotion. The Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance (I’m sure some of you will have come across it in the ‘news’) has attracted raw attention for at least eight years. This is because it was planned to be built, like Sultan’s Pool concert area, on the ground of the dead. It will be another ‘pied piper’ to attract the stupefied masses. But I’m not going to dwell on it today. I’m only pointing it out for future reference and to link it with this article for the start of the next installment.


Museum of (In)Tolerance will be used for ritual on the bones of the dead, just like Sultan’s Pool

What else can I say in this first part of No Water From The Finger Tip Of Lazarus? I could say that there are probably plans to bring a Ferris Wheel into the ‘scene’ of forthcoming rituals. But if I started saying Ferris Wheels may be being placed in these areas, or at least say the authorities are declaring they can appear in these areas and that Ferris Wheels are occult monuments and the Serpent would spread them all around the world, I’d obviously be classed as insane and a false prophet eh? Indeed only a lying deluded maniac would have said things like that back in 2004 never mind in 2013 eh? So I better not mention them. Had I?

I have purposely kept this first part very brief. In my opinion reading the information in this article is more than vital to some, that is why I wrote it and the only reason I wrote it.  Part Two is coming in a week or so.

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze 3rd May 2013

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013 All Rights Reserved

“There was once a place called Gehenna, which I believe will be called Gehenna again before my bones are dust.” Matthew Delooze May 2013