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We’ll All Go Out To Meet Her When She Comes

We’ll All Go Out To Meet Her When She Comes

(Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark? Part Two)


(‘Chapada dos Guimarães July 2012)

She’ll be driving six white horses, When She Comes
We’ll all go out to meet her, When She Comes…
She’ll take us to the Portals, When She Comes
From the Song ‘When The Chariot Comes

This is the second part of a two-part article and also part of a series of many. Please click here for part one.

The Story Continues!

The first thing I did on the morning after the first ceremony was ask the host of the group and ceremony if he would mind changing over the one winged Hummingbird for the two winged version. Again The Hummingbird(s) were located where the Caiman head had been in line with the very apt bird table. Although the situation only involved a solar powered garden ornament I still felt like the hummingbird had been healed or given new wings.

I suppose the situation looked silly to everyone, and I’m sure you may feel the same way, but it didn’t feel silly at the time and I assure you I know it wasn’t silly.  I felt under direction to ask the host to carry out such an act. I’m sure it would have been far easier for me to simply change the plastic birds over without anyone even batting an eyelid or even noticing. But again, I’d had the strong urge to ask the host to carry out the act and once it was done I instantly forgot about it.

Anyway, just like we always do during a week of Ayahuasca ceremonies, we decided to have a trip or two out around the area. It is nice to ease the nerves that surround the Ayahuasca ceremonies and even though we were in fantastic accommodation it was nice just to get out and about and see a bit of area.

We went into Chapada Town a couple of times and the Winter Festival was on again and it was absolutely packed out with people etc. We went into town on a mission. We went to get the Shaman’s wife, Margarita, a little birthday present. We were looking through the very expensive and cluttered tourist shops in Chapada for something suitable.

I was blindly wandering around in one shop, not having a clue what to suggest buying when I noticed a large display stand full of novelty souvenirs. I noticed that about fifty ‘wooden’ bottle openers had all been stacked together in a very impressive and tidy pile. I noticed one of them in the middle had fallen over, spoiling the presentation, so for some reason I tried to stand it back up in the centre of the display.

I soon wished I hadn’t because as soon as I got hold of it I knocked another bottle opener over and in turn created a domino effect and knocked some of the others over too, until all of them fell over, some crashing to the floor as I tried to stop the landslide. I caused such a clattering of noise, so much so that the rest of the group, the young female shop assistant, and other customers came running over to see what was all the commotion was about.

I was left totally red faced as I ended up still clutching the bottle opener, I had tried to straighten, in my right hand whilst still trying to sort out all the other ‘bottle openers’ I had knocked over. Here is one of the bottle openers to show you why I was so red faced.


The bottle opener that left me red faced!

The bottle openers were all big wooden willies. I’d knocked the lot over like skittles. I couldn’t wait to get out of that shop I can tell you! We did eventually choose a present for Margarita and no it wasn’t a bottle opener! God knows what the Shaman would have put in our Ayahuasca if we had got her a Chapada bottle opener. We did eventually sort out a gift but I did give Margarita a little present through myself though. It was a pendant and it showed this image….


The time for the Second Ceremony was approaching very quickly, the week was flying by, but by this stage the group had acclimatised and totally settled down.

The environment and atmosphere was now totally different to normal life in the UK. I have said before, it’s like entering a different world through different stages. Initially you literally go from normal everyday life into like a halfway house sort of place, in this case it is a very isolated place very close to Chapada dos Guimarães National Park.

After arriving in this halfway house you simply start to raise your concentration levels which helps prepare you for the Ayahuasca experience. Then you drink Ayahuasca and you literally experience another state of consciousness. It is literally like approaching and then entering another form of consciousness in stages.

The Second Ceremony….

The second ceremony was upon us. I remember bringing the scarf to the ceremony, the cat’s tail I had tied the to the stick, I gave the stick to the host.  I got the urge before the ceremony even took place to dance around the room and ‘swish’ the scarf around like it was a cat’s tail again. I don’t know what came over me then but I suddenly threw the bugger on the fire.  I have no idea why because I actually liked the scarf. It was like something had taken over me and I was dancing around and swishing it about under guidance. Next news, I saw it burst into flames. The silk scarf was smoke within seconds.

 DSCF2821 copy

The artwork was still placed on the mantelpiece.

We went through all the pre-ceremony rituals that you should even know well yourself by now. The Shaman went through his usual warm up routine and we started to queue up for the medicine again. We went up to the Shaman one by one, all of us using the same tiny wooden cup to put the medicine in us. Even the Shaman’s children had a very small amount from a spoon too.

I drank the Ayahuasca down. (It still tasted like absolute shite!)  I went outside (Through the main entrance to the house) soon after taking the Ayahuasca. I only did this to wait for the affects to begin. Again I went through some kind of warm up routine outside, like I was preparing to enter a sports contest. I was shaking my arms and legs down etc, shadow boxing and such like. In reality I wasn’t fit enough to win a tiddly-winks contest but here I was warming up like I was the number one contender to fight for a world title.

I had also (previously) moved the Magic Tree as I called it into that main outside area too. DSCF2810

The place where I warmed up

The powerful medicine seemed to affect me very quickly.

Again, I always use the sky to show me when the Ayahuasca was opening me up, but this time I used the Magic Tree,  (solar powered garden ornament) as a guide to see when it was time to hit the mattress.

I looked at the magic tree, and even though it was not running on full power I immediately started to see faces appearing in it.

Then an image of the Face, the one I usually see in my journeys, appeared in the tree too. I knew then that I’d better get on my mattress and face whatever was coming to me! The shaman’s music had started up.


Faces appeared in the Magic Tree

I was led on my back trying to get comfortable and opening and shutting my eyes. I decided to shut my eyes. I soon started to see a bright red tunnel. It looked like flowing river or canal. It was running red like lava flowing from a volcano. I appeared to be floating towards it. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. So I opened my eyes. The room had changed shape again.

I noticed straight away that the artwork on the mantelpiece (the lady) over the fire had grown massively in size and the figure appeared to literally throbbing to the beat of the shaman’s music. The picture had literally come to life again.

The figure in the picture was moving her arms and legs, opening and shutting them, in unison again.  It appeared like ‘She’ was using her enormous hands again, but this time it was to ‘draw in’ the fire that was below her in her direction. . She seemed to be drawing the fire up between her legs with her hands and was then opening her legs further as the fire approached.

It soon appeared that the flames from the fire were literally entering her Tutt (her vagina). I tried to lose this image from my mind because I felt a little apprehensive about it. Well who wouldn’t?

I had learnt many times how to ‘lose’ a vision I did not want to see. I did this by rapidly opening and shutting my eyes or keeping my eyes shut for a few minutes. Sometimes I focused on something else. I suppose symbolically it was like I was sticking my head in the sand or putting blinkers on myself.

I performed all my tried and tested methods to run away from my vision, but each time I opened my eyes I saw the same exact image and each time I tried to look at something else, the something else showed me the same thing. I started to feel uncomfortable again with the images I was seeing but didn’t know why.

I shut my eyes again hoping this fire in the vagina image would go away.  But when I opened my eyes again it was not only still there, it was far more graphic than ever. I tried again to keep my eyes permanently shut but I felt so uncomfortable that I just had to open them. I even tried looking at other objects in the room again in the hope I’d be distracted away from the vision, but it didn’t work. I knew I was meant to watch this act. It was important that I did.

Again the woman figure seemed to pulsate like a living breathing machine. The effects of this living machine pulsating made me stare at the ‘vaginal area’, which was now also pulsating. I suddenly stopped feeling uncomfortable and the images I was seeing started to look more erotic and my body was reacting to it. The images were turning me on! I thought Bloody hell I am getting the hots for a piece of abstract art. I know it sounds daft but that’s how it was.

DSCF2801 copy 2

 I was getting the hots for a piece of abstract art

The music of the shaman only added to this strange feeling. And the hands in the artwork were literally egging me on.

I though, bloody hell, I’m now in my mid fifties and the only thing that turns me on now is some abstract artwork showing an entity that entices flames into her naughty bits. I thought, “What is this bloody picture called… “Singed Minge”

I shut my eyes again and luckily on reopening them the artwork had shrunk to its normal size and thankfully so had I. (I have experienced symbols and artwork increasing in size before under Ayahuasca)

I decided to try and have a walk outside and get some air and try to regain my focus on things. But the only thing that I could look at outside was the now brightly illuminated magic tree. I stood there staring at it for a moment and it was now was displaying the exact same images, albeit on a smaller scale. The same arms and hands appeared within the changing colours of the tree. It was like the images were enticing me again.

I went back inside and lay ‘face down’ on my mattress and shut my eyes. I was determined to lose this vision.

I just saw loads of coloured dots swirling around. It was just like watching a shoal of fish swimming around. I was happy watching this scene. All the dots seemed to be moving in some sort of stream. The dots were all swaying around and making fantastic shapes and patterns. They were all graceful like. I started to feel sleepy and totally relaxed.

I was entranced with the shapes and I heard some soothing music too. I felt like a baby led under a musical mobile in a nursery.

It was so relaxing. I felt like I was falling asleep.

Then all of a sudden the dots changed shape rapidly. They started moving with more intensity too. I could see the dots were forming a very similar shape to the flowing red river or lava flow I saw in the beginning of the journey.

Then the red flow of colour changed into the same shape as the artwork on the fire. First of all the familiar arms and hands appeared and then the legs and vagina area followed.

It was clear and I knew that ‘Singed Minge’ was indeed coming back to me and this time I had my eyes wide ‘shut’.  The graphics of the artwork appeared so clear in my vision and again the image appeared to come to life and breath. Maybe I should say, “She came to life and she breathed”

The whole vision became surreal and I literally felt like I was floating and the image was floating too. I realised I was simply physically face down on a mattress and hallucinating on a five sense but I also realised that my soul or sprit was actually experiencing what I was seeing too. But I tell you my soul was experiencing the event as clear as day.

Again I literally existed in two worlds at the same time. I was crashed out on a mattress in one world but it was the scene created through the Ayahuasca that now had my entire attention and it was that world that had my heart.

I thought I was being hypnotically enticed. I felt I was being seduced.

The imagery I was seeing with my eyes shut appeared far more graphic than looking at the artwork with my eyes open.

I suppose the best way of describing it is to say that I was intermittently seeing the artwork as a proper attractive painted lady. She looked something like the one in the picture below but she was painted the same colours in the artwork not the colours in the picture.


The image intermittently changed into something like this

One minute I was seeing a real painted lady the next I was seeing the artwork. They were intermingling. The entire vision had become far more vivid and the colours on the wrists, hands and fingers were very hypnotic and pulsating away. Indeed each fingertip was changing colour as it pulsated. I was totally entranced.

DSCF2801 copy 3

The hands and arms then literally pulled me in and they were acting like some kind of suction device. Indeed as the arms expanded and retracted it reminded me of one of those old fashion fire stokers that made fires burn quicker.

Yes the image appeared to be performing like a fire stoking wind box sort of thing would, and as we would expand and retract the handles on a fire stoker to blow air and stoke the fire, so were the hands on this image sucking me in by retracting and expanding too. Can you understand what I mean?

The image was doing the same thing to me as a fire stoker would do but in reverse. I was literally being ‘sucked’ into the vaginal area of the image so to speak… not ‘blown’ into it. It was a very intense experience. Again I was intermittently shown a very living and breathing attractive painted lady mingled in with the artwork.

I was looking at the vaginal area of the woman and I was really being drawn in. Even though I had initially resisted this vision I had now literally lost all will to resist it any longer. The image was floating and I was floating too. The woman was still opening and closing her arms and legs and I was transfixed.

It was like I had been connected to a powerful magnetic field and all my senses were being tickled just so I would not resist the attraction. I seemed to be on collision course with this mysterious strange image of a woman and the image became more and more lifelike and the more I floated towards the woman the larger she became.

Again I was hypnotised with the colours pulsating on her hands and on parts of her legs. She grew more and more in size and I shrunk and shrunk in size as I floated closer and closer to her.  I then caught sight of her vagina. It was shining bright like a lantern in a dark hole!

DSCF2801 copy

As I floated closer the legs on the image widened and pulsated and the ‘vagina’ then literally opened up just like it does when giving birth. It got wider and wider, it turned into something like a massive tunnel. I could actually see a bright light and a vague image of a door in the distance.

It is hard to explain these experiences!

 DSCF2801 copy 4

I was still floating through the air, I seemed to be being slowly spun around onto my back, like a pig on a spit. I was totally in sync with whatever was causing such a vision and experience.  I could feel a sort vibrating and pulsating. It felt good and natural.

I then felt my body go numb and I pushed my head back hard and pushed again, just like I would when attempting to do a backward somersault under water. I gritted my teeth as I pushed and I felt some sort of pressure on the back of my neck. I knew I had entered the woman. I had entered the image.

I then felt my head turn very warm as I started to travel backwards. It felt like I was swimming backwards but I was not using my arms or my legs. I had my arms down by my side. I was in some kind of slipstream and in more ways than one! I felt like I was in water but I felt dry. I was breathing.

I could hear something thumping, it sounded like the beat of a drum. I seemed to start counting the drum beats and I could feel a massive tremor.  I thought of being inside a body and only moving up the tunnel to the beat of a massive heart.

I was still moving and I seemed to be speeding up. I tilted my head back so I could see ahead so to speak (I was still on my back) and I could see ‘the door’ I thought I could see in the distance earlier.

As I approached this door I seemed to slow right down. I then appeared to go through this door somehow and I felt myself stop dead. I then seemed to float downward and I came to a stop. I was on my back. I was on a tabletop or some sort of slab.

I noticed I was in a very dimly lit room and the only source of light seemed to be coming from a little hole in the wall. This light seemed to illuminate two long benches. The benches housed several rows of funny shaped ‘jars’ or little ‘pots’.  The light in the hole in the wall made the pots appear slightly transparent. The pots were not glass but still looked very fragile. They were a pinky/red colour.

I was still lying down on my back. I couldn’t move off the table though. I felt like my body had now somehow been strapped to it but I could still move my head. I looked down and saw I was in the nude!

I started looking at the jars/pots more closely for some reason.  I could see strange shadows in some of them and in others I could see a water mark level. On first glance some of them looked like they had a large worm or a small snake squirming about in them. The worms appeared to be in water.

My eyes were transfixed on the pots and the more I looked at them I noticed the ‘worms’ suddenly started to grow and as they did they squirmed around more and more. They very quickly seemed to outgrow the pots they were in. The ‘heads’, if there is such a thing, of the worms started to bob up and down in and out of the top of the pots as they wrestled with themselves in the space inside their pots became increasingly more limited. Water was spilling out of the pots too. I then realised that the pots were actually heart shaped.

I focused on the movement of the worms and the more they moved and the more popped up in the pot the more I soon realised that they were not worms at all. They were ‘tongues’. Yes they were ‘tongues’ and they were now literally wagging away in their pots, and as they did so they were forcing the water or some other liquid to splash over the top of the pots.

I only recognised the worms as being actual tongues because my Grandma used to take me to a butchers shop as a child. This butcher always had a large cured up tongue in the cold meat display cabinet (It looked large to me as a child)

My Grandma always bought a quarter pound of tongue for Granddad every Tuesday. Seeing the tongue always repulsed me and it terrified me just to look at a Tongue on display but it repulsed me and terrified me even more to see the butcher slice it up with a sharp knife. I never understood why a tongue was for sale or why anyone would willingly buy it. It really gave me the heebies.


The butchers tongue always repulsed me.


I continued to look at the pots and realised that all the tongues were actually trying to lap the liquid in the pots up.  The tongues lapped and squirmed and lapped some more, and when the pots appeared to be ‘lapped empty’ the pots actually changed colour from pinky red to blue. Once the vessels turned blue I could no longer see through them.

But that didn’t matter because all the tongues literally started climbing out of their now dry pots on their own. They appeared to march out of their pots and in exact unison with each other. They moved as a slug or snail would move, arching up and down, only much faster than a snail would.

Suddenly all the tongues all lined up in front of their pots and started dancing on the shelves. (I kid you not!) The tongues appeared to stand up, just like we do. The tips of the tongues acted as the head part of an entity and the bottom end of the tongues, the severed end, acted as the legs part of an entity, so to speak.

It was quite entertaining to watch and it turned into something like a bloody Broadway musical at one stage.  Instead of ‘Cats’ it was ‘Tongues’. The tongues continued to dance around in unison in front of their pots.

Then the light went out!

It was completely dark, but I could still actually slightly hear the tongues dancing on the shelves. I knew they were still there.

Then one of the tongues was somehow set on fire. I don’t know how, but the affect was similar to someone lighting a match in a dark cellar. The tongue being set on fire initially blinded me and created a very bright light in the room. This burning tongue then danced along the bench and bumped into the other tongues on either side of it. This created something like a domino affect until all the other tongues were set on fire too on both benches. Everything was very bright and I couldn’t help notice that once all the tongues were all ablaze the pots changed colour from blue to luminous green.

Most of the tongues then appeared to topple off the benches onto the floor and some of them literally turned into fire torches (lamps), which illuminated all the room again.

I tilted my head back and looked behind me so to speak.  I saw two tongues dancing and wrestling with each other. They started to swing each other around like ice skaters would if you know what I mean.

One tongue then seemed to really spin the other tongue around and then let go it. The now flying tongue then hit the wall that was behind my head and it explosively hit a shield or painting on the wall. The painting was the same image as the Dog spitting out the Atl Tlachinolli symbol.


The Atl Talachinolli symbol appeared again

The painting then slowly set alight this caused a kind of a fireplace to instantly form in the wall or at least ignite a fire in a previously unseen ‘hole’ that was already there.

The shield could have been some kind of fire screen. It just burnt away in a second. (It reminded of the opening credits on the old Bonanza TV show burning the map.)  Whatever it was the tongue removed the shield or painting and started a fire.

This new fire seemed to spark all sorts of things off and I could now see three statues in three different corners of the room. I seemed to recognise one of the faces on one statue, but not the other two. I was trying my best to recognise the person in the statue. I also noticed all the pots on the benches were now a bright yellow colour, they were no longer heart shaped either, they were now shaped liked little classic tombstones.  They were ‘Arch’-shape if you like.

I then saw a male Indian type figure come walking towards me. The ‘Indian’ was wearing a silly hat and just staring in my direction like he was going to do something.  Part of his face looked familiar just like the statue. He was dancing around like a drunk on a dance floor waving his arms around and chanting things.

I tried to sit up so I could see more but I couldn’t. I was somehow strapped down. It was like my arse was stuck to the seat.  It was like my body was dead.

I was completely lost in this vision. It was entirely real to me. I was now literally living it as a five-sense reality. The Indian was waving a stick around and chanting something. Then two other figures appeared but they were quiet. I realise these figures looked exactly like two of the statues from the three corners of the room. One was carrying a large rock like you would carry a heavy shot in a shot putt contest and the other was carrying a large axe. It was perched on his shoulder.

The Indian that had been dancing around and chanted pointed his stick at me and as he did the figure carrying the rock threw it at me, again like you would a shot for shot putt. I felt a bit concerned. (I was bloody scared in fact)

But the rock didn’t come towards me at speed. It came towards me like it was in slow motion replay mode, spinning slowly through the air.  I couldn’t move out of the way so I just tensed up my body up and shut my eyes, more because of fear than anything else and I waited for the pain to hit me. I then felt a small nudge on my chest and opened my eyes. The rock had obviously hit me but it simply broke in half, it literally bounced off me and one half fell to the floor and the other half crashed onto one of the benches that housed the pots that the tongues were once in. The rock then crashed into the pots and smashed most if not all of them to pieces.

The dancing Indian pointed his stick at me again and the other figure carrying the axe went to chop me in the groin area with it, and again I simply couldn’t move. I just tensed my body again and shut my eyes in fear again.  But just as it was when the rock hit me I only felt a little nudge and the axe head broke in half as it hit my body.

I felt like Captain Scarlet

Half of the axe head fell to the floor but the other half of the axe head landed on the other bench and it smashed onto the other bench and then smashed most if not all of the pots on it.

I looked at the Indian and he bowed his head and grinned at me. He then raised his stick and as he did so the table I was on did a complete u-turn. Then, one at a time, all three figures walked towards a statue and disappeared. It was just like they lived in the statue and had somehow gone home.

I was now looking into the fire that had appeared through the spinning tongue burning through the shield

I was looking at the flames in the fireplace from a feet first position so to speak. I could now see that a large image of the lady (artwork) had appeared over the fire. It was just like it was placed over the real fire in the ceremonial room.  I stared at the image again.

DSCF2801 copy 2DSCF2801 copy 6

I was attracted to the hands

This time I was strongly attracted to the hands because the colours on them were pulsating. I then saw the flames in the fire were starting to look like they were fading. It was like they were being spit on or something or something was hitting them.

I looked at the image above the fire and the hands had moved outward into like a begging position or a rain check position.

The fire started to look like it was being hit with raindrops, slowly at first, but then the raindrops started to get heavy. Then water started to pour onto the fire, totally extinguishing it, and then it started to seep into the room.

A small stream then turned into a big gush and the room started to fill up with water.

I was still strapped down on a table or slab. The water level in the room started to rise. I started to panic. Then all of a sudden the table or slab I was on started to move around by the force of the water. It was floating and whatever my arse was stuck to literally acted like a boat.  I noticed the statues were starting to float too. They were like logs in a river, rolling and spinning.

I started moving upwards again. I was still completely stuck to the table. I seemed to go through the same door that I’d initially entered the room through and then I found myself in the same tunnel scenario that I had experienced before entering the room of tongues.

I was then suddenly flowing down a tunnel again, but this time it was like a fast flowing river and because I was strapped to the table/slab. It was literally like being on a canoe going down swift rapids. I was literally bumping my way down this tunnel, but the table/slab seemed to steady me and protect me. It was actually helping me.

The statues were flowing down this tunnel with me too and all the pieces of the broken tombstone shaped pots were being carried along with the flow too.

I saw all the tongues too but they were now all black and burnt. They looked liked black fish.

It felt chaotic and it felt like I was going to crash but all of a sudden whoosh I saw a flash of light and then I felt the cold hit the back of my head. I immediately snapped out of trance with a jolt.

I didn’t know where I was for a minute or two. The jolt feeling was similar to the usual falling off a cliff feeling many folks get in dreams. I felt a little sick, my legs and arms were totally numb. I couldn’t bloody move. I was paralysed for at least a minute. I just lay there trying to understand what I had just seen. I tried to understand the symbolism behind it.

I knew the experience meant something very important but its intensity and strangeness had literally engulfed me and totally exhausted me. I pondered on the pots and the tongues for a moment. I tried to work out the meaning of the statues and the rock and the axe head, but for some reason I wasn’t allowed to ponder on the vision for very long.

I opened my eyes.  I could now see the room had changed again. I could see that the very large windows/ glass doors in room were somehow being illuminated.  I don’t know how the glass was illuminated because the room was quite dark apart from the light from the fire.

I could see strange shapes appearing. They seemed to resemble dark hooded figures. These figures appeared to be moving around very swiftly outside on the wooden veranda and as they did so they occasionally swiftly approached the window forcing their faces onto the glass, as if peering in, so to speak. It was like they were trying to enter the room. Although the faces didn’t really look like faces under their hoods you could still tell they were faces. There seemed to be dozens of them.

I also looked at the window where the bird table was and where I placed the makeshift cat’s tail whip just two nights previous. I could see the same sort of hooded figures moving rapidly about outside on the stone veranda too and again they were intermittently approaching the window and pressing their undistinguished ghostly ‘faces’ against the glass.

It looked quite spooky but it also looked bloody laughable. I could sense that these dark hooded figures were just that… they were dark hooded faces.

I stared at the windows and the amount of hooded figures seemed to increase there seemed to be hundreds of them, bumping into each other and snapping and snarling at each other.

Then the host of the ceremonies, who was lying on the mattress beside me, suddenly got off his bed and he approached the fire, in which of course I had burnt my ‘scarf’ prior to the ceremony actually taking place. I noticed he was carrying the stick I had given him previously too. He seemed to point the stick at the fire.

Under Ayahuasca people can do things in total trance or in a semi-aware state of consciousness. Sometimes they just do things without having the slightest clue why they did it.

I know it sounds daft but he pointed the stick at the fire and when he did I saw a line of sparks hit the end of his stick, creating another whip like object. I’m sure the host of ceremonies couldn’t see this line of sparks but I could. It was like a whip of fire and when it moved rapidly I could see it resembled the cat’s tail whip I had experienced in the previous journey.

I looked through the windows again and I could see the hooded figures were moving around more rapidly now. The hooded figures appeared more aggressive and agitated.

I looked at the host again. He was now waving the stick around and the line of sparks, the ‘spotted’ cat’s tail, was quite bright. He seemed to point it at both sets of windows/glass doors, those windows that led out to the stone veranda where the bird table was and those windows that led out to the wooden veranda where the wooden veranda was. Here is a daylight picture taken from outside showing the stone veranda (Bird Table area) to the right and the wooden veranda to the left.


The place the ceremonies took place from the outside.

Anyway, the more the host swung his whip the more agitated the hooded figures appeared to become.  Their faces seemed to really smash into the windows more and more, but they simply couldn’t enter the house.

The host then appeared to totally spin around pointing the stick in all directions of the room and as soon as he did so I could see what appeared to be a large ‘cat’ appear outside where the hooded figures were (reflected in the windows). This cat was stood on its hind legs! It was like something from Cat’s the Musical or the Lion in Wizard of Oz.

It seemed to march up and down on the veranda and when it did so all the hooded figures simply disappeared. It was like I was watching a show of shadows.

I stared at the reflections in the windows in utter wonderment. I then saw that the cat wasn’t even a cat. It was a man dressed as a cat. The man dressed as a cat then approached the window and seemed to raise his arm in salute. I realise the host couldn’t see this man dressed as a cat, because of his posture, but he still appeared to blindly raise his stick in acknowledgement of it anyway, it was just as though some invisible force had raised it for him. The reflections in the window simply disappeared.

The whole vision seemed so real. The hooded figures with undistinguished faces seemed so real and the appearance of a cat on its hind legs, albeit looking like a man in a cat skin, seemed so real too.

The stick and the cat skin scarf had been real before the ceremony even started. I had taken them to Brazil before the ceremony began, just like I had taken my tooth in 2011. (See Hummingbird Has Landed)

I was amazed again over how five sense physical things were increasingly interacting with the Ayahuasca journey’s themselves. It’s clear to me, and had been for a while, that the interaction was not coincidence and its clear I couldn’t make them up in advance. I’m sure even I could not ‘make a big cat appear on the veranda’ to scare away dark figures simply by taking a spotted scarf and a stick to Chapada, and I’m sure the host wouldn’t believe he did either. But I saw him do it! Only magicians like ‘Harry Potter’ or Siegfried & Roy could do such a thing like that in this world anyway eh?

I started to feel sleepy because I felt so relaxed on my mattress.  Then I heard a little trickling of water coming from outside, it was coming from the small ornamental pond where the ornamental magic tree was now located (Pictured Earlier). It sounded so comforting. Everything was quiet. Everything was still.  I’d had enough of visions for one night. I’d had enough of Ayahuasca for one night. I felt exhausted. I just wanted the night to end or at least see the healing Rain Bow Rods appear again and feel them.

I was suddenly full of self-pity and found myself pondering on my broken life, but luckily not for too long because the Shaman started playing some music again which made me smile. For some reason, I connected part of one of the tunes he was singing to the chorus of the very old ‘she’ll be coming round the mountain’ song. I don’t know why because the tune barely sounded like it, but Warinei’s tunes always had a habit of sparking triggers off in me and sometimes he made memories surface about other songs in me that I hadn’t heard for years.  I was suddenly full of the ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain song”

It should be noted, by those that didn’t know already, that the She’ll coming round the mountain song is not just about the children’s version, the ‘Singing Aye Aye Yippy’ song, we are now all programmed with. It is actually linked to a very ambiguous ‘old spiritual’ song “When the Chariot Comes”, which was said to refer to Jesus’ chariot at the rapture. (No I’m not religious nor promoting any religion!) The ‘She’ is said to refer to the chariot, you know just as we call ships and cars and other things ‘she’.

I started to think of The Rain as the ‘She’ in the song. I saw the Rain as an entity and the song was lifting me. I started thinking of the Fire Line and the Water Line uniting. The song took on far greater significance then.  The tune was stuck in my head for quite a while but it took on an Indian angle.  I can’t explain why I felt so lifted by the simple song but I did. I found this link that also adds a bit of an Indian edge to the ambiguous lyrics. Please click on it because it may help you empathise with how I felt at the time with the atmosphere. listen to them on the link.

The tune inside me triggered some very rapid powerful visions in me and empowered me. The Rain was She and She was the Rain. She’ll be coming round the bloody mountain I thought! I knew in my heart that when she does come around the mountain some folks better run, but some folks better pack their bags because they are going home. For some reason I felt elated hippy style.

I closed my eyes and within seconds I saw the Face. It was just there, no swirling colours involved at all. The Face just appeared.

My imaginary friend had appeared without a warm up routine but he immediately went into singing/comedy mode. I was soon brought out of my state of hippy-fied elation because he started Singing ‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High?’  Singing ‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High?’

I immediately got the ambiguity and laughed. Maybe I was High but I was no Hippy. The Face definitely didn’t need a warm up routine because he changed the lyrics and started singing You Can Stick Ayahuasca Up Your Arse in the same tune, Adding ‘High High Hippy Hippy High. Bloody Hell I found myself joining in with him. I couldn’t help it. So come on folks all together now…

You Can Stick Ayahuasca…  Up Your Arse.
You Can Stick Ayahuasca… Up Your Arse
Oh You Can Stick Ayahuasca – Stick the Ayahuasca
Stick Ayahuasca… Up Your Arse
Singing‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High’
Singing ‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High’
Singing ‘High High Hippy’  – ‘High High Hippy’
‘High High Hippy’ – ‘Hippy High’

I then imagined Neil Young and Crazy Horse singing that verse and chorus.  But before you misunderstand me, or more importantly misunderstand the Face, as any two faced faker reading this story will do, I’ll say it is absolutely true.  You really really can stick Ayahuasca up your arse.

Usually with something like this…


I’m sure the boys at Red Arse Radio know about this sort of thing.

The ancient Aztecs/Mayans etc. did stick many kinds of hallucinogens and drink up their arse on a regular basis, including Auahuasca. Sticking it up their backside actually helped them keep the medicine down and therefore also saved them from the trauma of purging in most cases.  They stuck it up their anal passage to stop it going into their stomach and it got into their veins quicker and easier. Here is a “You Can Stick Ayahuasca Up Your Arse” scene. You will see it shows a warrior taking an enema. It shows the warrior having visions of flying reptilian deities and the Atl Tlachinolli symbol is shown coming out of his mouth.


Enema? Yes but they still experienced the same journeys I experienced today

Anyway, lets get back on track.

The Face had actually brought me down to Earth again with his singing and comments, and he did it far quicker than any one in this dimension could have. Yet I was still seeing him in vision.

The Face quickly reminded me of the remaining apparatus I had brought with me and immediately reminded me what I had to do with it. I had indeed previously set up part of the apparatus in the grounds near to where the Caiman Head had once been. I had completely forgot about it because of the intense visions and I really needed the reminder.

I was to set up four ornamental hummingbirds ‘in a line’ at the ‘end of the line’. I knew the four plastic birds were in my coat pockets in the bedroom. The same coat I wore in Bahia in 2007. The birds were to be placed on four separate poles but the poles they were all linked to the same solar powered charger by a wire.

I was also told that the original hummingbird was now fully functional. Its wings were empowered because of rituals in the first ceremony and that’s why the new single two-winged hummingbird had to be been placed in that area. The host had to place it there, with his own hands, because of events that will unfold in the same area in the future, when the time was right.

The Face then told me that the four connected ornamental ‘hummingbirds’ represented four symbolic warriors and the Air, Water, Earth and Fire.  He added, “You will know when to switch them on”

The Face reminded me that help from the universe can only manifest on a five sense level in this world when certain events take place that allow it to do. I was reminded that the rituals were are/ always done to manifest physical events in the future.

The face told me that The Rain Bow Gate would now act as both a marker, for movement of the stars, and a link to Brazil energy lines. He added that one day a certain pattern will appear under it ‘when the stars fall’ and the Gate itself was only created through the artist, it was not created by the artist. Here are a couple of pictures that I took shortly after two members of the Aya crew truly officially opened the gate.



 The Rain Bow Gate

The face reminded me that there are many many ways in which the right apparatus can be provided and supplied. I was told never to forget this. I was told the apparatus and the actions that surround them may seem silly most of the time, if not all of the time, but everything connected to the events is very important and very necessary. Everything!

The Face went on to tell me that the relevant area around the house and around the spot where the Caiman Head, ornamental tree and hummingbird had been placed respectively (On the Energy Line) has been ‘cleared’ and ‘cleaned’ and ‘purified’ and the area was protected from any disturbance from dark hooded figures. “It had to be so before the hummingbirds are illuminated”. “A pure space will be created for the official act of an official connection between the five sense ritual (Earth) and spirit (Universe) to take place” ‘The rituals will then eventually allow the forces, which have been sent by the universe, to help those with true hearts in this world to receive the help they need”

I was then given the same message as I was given in the previous ceremony. I repeat it. Please take it as you will. I’m only delivering it today.

 The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

 I was told that this event would be easier to understand, by those that will need to understand it, after it takes place.

I was reminded that the house was still being worked on to create the apparatus needed for future events to unfold. The Face then told me it was time for him to go. He smiled and was gone.

I lay still for about ten minutes and the memories of the visions I’d had came back to me. I looked around the room and apart from the host everyone was on his or her mattresses. I felt I was coming out of trance and I needed something in my stomach. (You cannot eat or drink for many hours before the ceremony and you simply couldn’t swallow anything after taking Ayahuasca for several hours. All in all you have nothing for about 12 hours.)

I started to feel a strong urge for a choccy biscuit or a Jaffa cake and something inside me told me it was time to collect the four ornamental hummingbirds and go and place them on their poles. I stood up and felt well. I went to the bedroom to get both the biscuits and the birds.

I collected them up and then headed for the door where I’d placed the magic tree, which was at the other side of the house to where the Caiman head had been and where the poles for the hummingbirds were (Pictured Earlier).  I saw the host of the ceremonies dancing around and pointing up in the air very excitedly. ‘Look Look Look’ he said. I looked up and saw this very colourful object flying through the air flashing with colours. Red, Blue, Green and yellow. I thought ‘what the **ck is that’. On first glance I thought it was a helicopter. I then watched it flying right in front of me about 30 feet up in the air. That’s no bloody helicopter I thought.

It was pitch dark but this thing was flashing colours very strong bright colours. They certainly weren’t helicopter lights. The host said it initially appeared from the far distance. We both stood there like two hallucinating lemons trying to work out what it was. I asked him what he could see.

He said, “It’s a Hummingbird” “A big Hummingbird”.  I stared again at it and it started to turn in the direction Caiman Head had once been and the Ornamental Hummingbird was now.  It was literally flying in-between the trees in very dense forest type area. Again it was not flying above the trees it was flying within them. There was a sound coming from it but it wasn’t the sound of proper Helicopter rotor blades, nor was it the sound of a silly tinny remote control toy either. Anyway this thing appeared far too big to be a remote control toy and again it sure didn’t sound like one. I’d also heard like a massive flapping sound literally like big wings would. I started laughing. I thought someone was really taking the piss somewhere.

I couldn’t see a pilot and if it was just some light show trickery there was no beams of flight showing the source.

It was so surreal yet so bloody real. I was just staring at it and so was the host. The host had the added experience of seeing it arrive. I hadn’t and it was simply there right in front of my eyes. I was stunned for a minute.

I kept it in my line of vision but once it had turned in direction, towards where I was going to place my four ornamental hummingbirds, it just seemed to disappear into where the trees are so dense. Whatever it was it was like it wanted to be seen and once those that had to see it had seen it, it disappeared very sharpish indeed. That fact applied no matter who put it in the air that night, be them a pilot, a hoaxer or a divine spirit. It disappeared leaving the host and I sounding like true and genuine shit faced hallucinating Ayahuasqueros to anyone we dared tell about it.

Anyway, surprisingly, as soon as the flying thing had disappeared it was as though I was put in trance again and I just had the very strong urge to place the four ornamental hummingbirds on their poles.  The host came to witness it. It was a very strange but also a very happy and important moment. I knew whatever the thing in the sky actually was, no matter who had created it, that it was a massive trigger to light up the four hummingbirds. So I did just that. I lit the buggers up and I felt happy to do so. I was glad.


Shortly after I had lit the Hummingbirds up suddenly remembered a graphic picture I had seen regarding the Rain Bow Gate from the past and I remembered the words of my trusted friend the Face regarding the Gate too. Maybe he was right about it acting as both a marker, for movement of the stars, and a link to Brazil energy lines. Maybe its just a heap of shit that was officially opened by a pair of lemon headed Ayahuasqueros that had nothing better to do. Only time will tell eh?


I knew it was the end of my journey for that night.

Mind you I was in slight shock for a quite a while after. Not only had the visions been rather strong I said to myself “Had a massive colourful Hummingbird really appeared?”  It was easier on the head to assume it was some kind of helicopter that just happened to appear just as I was about to put four ornamental Hummingbirds on poles.  But what can I really say about it?  I could say… “Oh by the way a ten foot long colourful Hummingbird appeared in the sky and then flew through the trees during an Ayahuasca ceremony, just as I was to plant four hummingbirds on an invisible energy line!” I’m sure the entire world would listen and then believe it eh?

I remember what the face has told me many times about apparatus being supplied.

I also remember what I said in 2011.

“I knew the spirit world had got what it wanted from the group and from me and I knew another part of my journey and the journey of others was a step nearer completion. I knew a vital ritual had been carried out so I really didn’t care if it was deemed a silly game created by jungle drugs or not. Whatever it was… it happened. Whatever it was it involved two dimensions at least. Whatever it was… will be seen by all one day”

What can I say to you further on this situation? I can only write down what happened in a straight honest way. I have done that to the best of my ability and my means.

Maybe I’m just seriously mentally ill and the stories are simply the insane ramblings stemming out from a very sick and very deluded mind. A sick mind that was soaked in Ayahuasca to boot. What a combination eh? If that is the case then I am totally unaware that I’m sick and deluded and I certainly receive no compassionate help from the authorities in this world in order to help cure me.

Maybe some of you believe what I say in my writings, especially those not associated with Ayahuasca? I’m sure I have told the truth in those writings and if I have told any single piece of truth in the writings about the world then I also tell the truth about the visions and experiences through Ayahuasca too.

Hey maybe there really are subliminal triggers hidden within the ambiguous Ayahuasca writings and these triggers will affect the subconscious of certain individuals and those triggers will help those individuals in the future?  I certainly believe that is the case even if we’re just dancing in the dark’ as the title to part one states.

You can define ‘Dark’ anyway you wish but this world is certainly ‘dark’ and human beings happily dance in it blindly. Well don’t you?

Some are seeing a tiny portion of its darkness these days but I believe the vast majority still dance in the dark whilst blissfully believing they don’t.

I started to see the entire human race was literally dancing in the dark, lost it its own sick ego to boot, and always has been in one way or another.  Maybe my perception of somehow gaining enlightenment, awareness and eyesight is just another illusion? Maybe I’m only really dancing in the dark too?

This world is certainly ‘dark’ and human beings happily dance in it blindly. Don’t you simply dance in the dark to any tune that gets you up dancing? Maybe the next question, if you can actually see that you do dance in the dark, would be to ask if you if you really would stop Dancing in the Dark if someone provided a fire to show you where you were really dancing? Would you use the light to see yourself dancing to something you couldn’t previously see, or would you simply piss on the fire and carry on dancing regardless?

I believe that symbolic fire is coming to this world and I’ll carry on believing that even if I am only Dancing in the Dark in doing so. I also believe that the symbolic energy lines will unite the Fire with Rain (Water) when the Rain arrives. And we will all go out to meet her when she comes, just as the song said.

And I believe we really will all bloody sing Hallelujah when she comes too, if only for the long wait.

We all shared some supper that night and laughed and joked about our experiences as we usually did. I went off to bed in good spirits and I was pondering on the visions and events for several hours. The one thing that hit me was I’d have never have been able to cope with the visions and other things unless I’d had the childhood I’d had or the other experiences I’d had throughout my life.

On the final day had a great final dinner and we all left for Airport in good spirits and feeling good. We thanked the generous host for providing such a priceless and important experience. We gave him a small token of appreciation, which was also connected to the Rain Bow Gate.

It was soon time to go home.

Unfortunately, in all the excitement and all the confusion showing, ornamental props, fires, bubbles, living birth giving artwork, a painted lady, hooded figures, magic whips, cat’s tails, wonkey bird watching towers, wooden cocks, crystal domes, feathers, shields, drums, bees, ants, beetles, masks, burning tongues, heart shaped and tombstone pots, statues, warriors, rocks, axes and obviously not forgetting burnt silk scarves and of course ten foot long hummingbirds I’d broken a vow I’d made

Yes in all that excitement I’d forgotten all about the Mad Dog driver that drove me from the airport to Chapada in the bloody first place. I’d forgotten all about my vow never to get into a car with them again.

I only remembered my vow when I was actually sat in the bloody Fiat with him again on the road to Cuiaba Airport.  It turned into one of the most terrifying journeys I’d ever been on, including a 100-yard screeching and rubber burning skid. Forget about terrifying Ayahuasca journeys or the terrifying possibility of a ten-foot hummingbird shitting on you.

The lift to the airport took the biscuit as far as fear was concerned.  But I promised myself never to break that vow again.

Thank you for reading this article. An updated version of the Aya collection Only Love Can Bring The Rain, in which this article will be added, will be downloadable soon.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

17th August 2013.

Copyright © Matthew Delooze 2013: All Rights Reserved










Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark?

Even If We’re Just Dancin’ in the Dark?


(‘Ayahuasca’: Chapada dos Guimarães July 2012 Part One)

By Matthew Delooze

You can’t start a fire, worryin’ about your little world falling apart …
…You can’t start a fire… You can’t start a fire without a spark
Even if we’re just dancing in the dark
Even if we’re just dancing in the dark
From The Song Dancing in the Dark By Bruce Springsteen

I was left in no doubts around May 2012 that 2012 was going to be very difficult to navigate, not only on a physical/health level but on an emotional level too. I had known for a while that personal events in my life were going to unfold and my feelings were being stretched enough without having more emotional upheaval to cope with, but the upheaval still came along, like a soul destroying psychotic thunderstorm, and I was swept along with it like a feather in a hurricane. I do not know how I would have survived, or even have a roof over my head without priceless help coming from a couple of individuals.

The major triggers for these events unfolding surrounded a few talks I did in the UK in the spring of 2012, where I informed the audience that 2012 was a year for sharp changes and a time of shocks for a lot of people.  I’m sure a few of those folks in those audiences actually believe me now. (Sorry… but at least you few know I tell the truth!)

People cannot feel our personal physical pain and they have no empathy with it unless they suffer something similar themselves. The same situation applies to our emotional and spiritual pain too and unless people have suffered spiritually themselves they really have no idea of the spiritual sufferings of others, apart from seeing the physical affects it has on their physical bodies and appearances of course.

I had previously been invited to take part in another week of Ayahuasca ceremonies before the 2012 upheavals and severe changes in my life had begun.  So it literally felt like a real godsend when the time to go came along (July 2012) if only to briefly escape from my painful situation and to travel to Brazil again.

I arrived at Heathrow Airport and whilst I swigged down a pint of ale in the bar I pondered on how I was going to react to the Ayahuasca medicine considering the emotional and physical state I was in. I very quickly decided that I didn’t really have a care in the world how I reacted to it.  It can literally be a very daunting experience just ‘thinking’ about supping Ayahuasca when it is soon to be upon you so to speak, but I was very calm about it. I had no fears at all.

Usually just thinking about the physical side affects of Ayahuasca, like it making you shit like a plane leaving chemtrails, can be very off putting, but it simply didn’t bother me.

I think at the time I would have happily shit myself to death even without a moment’s thought of what details would be written up in any pauper’s obituary.  I suppose as long as any obituary noted that I had been wearing very very clean and very posh (Calvin Klein) underpants at the time (for my mum’s sake) I would have been happy to die at that time whilst literally shitting my soul out. Again I had no fears of drinking.

Indeed, all in all, the only thing that initially scared the shit out of me was the terrifying road trip from Cuiaba Airport to Chapada dos Guimarães in a small Fiat.Now please believe me when I admit that ‘trip’ really did scare me totally rigid and I gripped the seat many times as my life flashed before my eyes, but surprisingly and to my utter amazement I arrived in one piece in Chapada, albeit shaking like a leaf and repeatedly vowing to myself that I would never… ever… ever… get into a car, well a tin on wheels, with a crazed mad dog driver again! I though I had lost my fear of death years ago, but after getting into a Fiat in Brazil, in the hands of a maniac, I realised I hadn’t.

Anyway my heart rate soon subsided when I did arrive and I very quickly settled in this paradise sort of a setting. It was the place where I had briefly visited the last time I was in Chapada. I had attended the house warming for the host of the ceremonies and of course it was the place where the Bird Table was located as mentioned in The Hummingbird Has Landed. Here is a picture showing the location.

chapada    jjj DSCF2814 copy

chapada    jjj DSCF2814 copy 2

A fantastic and special location for the ceremonies. Picture By Matthew Delooze (c)

I took the picture from the top of a massive bird observation tower (In reality it was pile of dangerously rickety scaffolding built by Indian Cowboys).

Anyway. It really felt like I was in another world compared to the shithole of a town I usually exist in (Burnley UK). I awoke on the second day with little jet lag and I immediately started to remember events from the last year and I retraced my steps.

I remembered the Caiman Head and I remembered visiting the exact centre point of Brasil etc. I mostly remembered seeing the massive Sky Walker, the streak of colours in the sky that resembled a massive UFO.


I remembered past events

It was like returning to work on an ongoing job sort of thing. It all had to be done in stages, so it felt like I was having an important reaquaintance with a special mission and I was being given a visual and emotional reminder, I was being briefed. I have always felt, when returning to the places where Ayahuasca ceremonies have taken place, or places that are linked to them, that I am instantly given recall of previous experiences that have taken place there. I don’t just remember them either. I actually feel the emotions felt at the previous ceremonies.

I also started to feel other spiritual connections that you feel when returning to special places etc. My ‘chakras’ (sorry for being hippy ducky) were vibrating again and although I wasn’t fully functional, in my body by a long chalk, I also knew my inner core was fully alert and in full working order. I may appear a haggard old looking broken man on the outside but that is not the real me. I ask scoffers to try and believe me when I say they’d be a fool, as we all can be, if they are to be permanently deceived by appearances. Please remember that in coming years because it is important if you seek true freedom to do so. Sadly ‘everyone’ on this planet is still deceived, more and more everyday, by pretty and clean looking faces that really do nothing but hide their ugly and dirty hearts and their deceptive intentions.

Anyway, as I said, my chakras were literally vibrating again and my inner self was working overtime inside a scrapheap of a body. I knew the next chapter in this journey had to unfold.

Before we knew it the day of the first ceremony was upon us and I suddenly felt a little queasy, which I put down to the usual jet lag and my health or the fact that the weather seemed a little chilly (It was mid-winter in July after all). There was only eight in the group, including the Shaman Warinei and his lovely assistant Sara, who was expecting her first child, and his lovely wife Margarita.

As the day went on it seemed that a strange and intense nervous tension had somehow appeared in the house amongst the group, and this tension increased very rapidly throughout that day. It was seriously affecting more than one individual in the group by late afternoon, so much so it was eventually decided to put off the ceremony until the next day, partly in the hope that it would reduce the symptoms of jet lag it was thought.  As soon as it was decided to call off the ceremony the intense nervous tension eased instantly and then disappeared altogether. We decided to relax that evening in the hope the ‘jet lag’ would be gone completely the morning after and we could start the ceremonies proper the following evening.

A couple of hours later, after dinner, whilst relaxing in the lounge area and basically sat around doing nothing, I suddenly heard a loud bang (Like a door banging in the wind), which obviously immediately caught my attention.  It all happened so quickly but I actually ‘saw’ two ghost-like black hooded figures come erratically flying through the lounge area like something out of a horror movie. I kid you not. It was like a pair of Tasmanian Devils, like the one that used to be in the cartoon, had literally spun through the room.

And no…  I wasn’t drunk (I’d had half a can of beer) nor had I taken drugs either but I definitely SAW two black hooded figures fly and spin past the head of the host and then disappear through some partly open glass patio doors located on the other side of the room as opposed to the one they entered (door that banged)

I know most will think I was seeing things. (The fruitcake Delooze is seeing bloody ghost figures now, I bet he’ll be seeing Casper next!) But it was so graphic and clear that I even noticed one figure was a very nasty angry energy and the other appeared to be a little lackey type of figure following the first figure, just like an arse kissing servant would. That’s how much detail I saw even though it all happened in a few seconds…  It definitely happened.


I saw the image of two black shadowy figures flying through the room.

I immediately told the host what I had seen (sounding crazy of course) and we went to investigate the first door where I’d heard the figures come through after I heard the loud bang. Again these doors were located where the ‘Bird table’ was located (see the humming bird has landed). We noticed that the catch on the bottom of the door had literally been bent double with the force that hit it. I tell you all the truth when I say no wind caused that damage. There was no wind to speak of anyway.

This was definitely a spiritual event that had combined with a five sense physical event. It was one world entering another.  But that said I found out a few years ago that certain energies or even certain ‘entities’ cannot travel through ‘glass’ and neither could these hooded figures. I couldn’t understand this process just a few years ago but now I can, thanks to my Ayahuasca experiences especially whilst inside a certain Maloca that had both glass and polythene windows.

These entities literally had to ‘force’ a gap in the door frame to actually get through it and enter the proposed ceremony room. They had to do the same procedure to exit. The doors somehow had to be ‘maneuvered’ to allow this to happen. I knew instantly it had to be the door where the Bird table/Caiman head was bashed because some kind of energy line was being created there and the two entities not only used the line to travel down, but they used the energy in the line to bash a gap in the door to enter the room. I realise not many will believe me on that.

Of course it simply could have been the ‘wind’ that was to blame for the damaged door catch and my delusions could now be taking on a five sense physical form, but I tell you the truth when I say that two very dark hooded figure entities appeared and then disappeared that night. I saw them and it was never the wind to me and never will be.

The moment I saw and felt the hooded figures I knew it was a very good decision by the host to call off the Ayahuasca ceremony that night.

I actually saw a similar same type of hooded figure during the Ayahuasca ceremonies that took place in Colombia in February 2008 but I had never seen them without drinking Ayahuasca before. (Please see the Standing in the Line of Fire chapter/article.) I realised again that I was now able to see between two worlds at certain times and I realised this was an ongoing process for use in the future.

I didn’t really have time to ponder too much on the hooded figures, even though the entities I saw were quite vivid. I just fobbed the experience off after an hour or so, and seeing I was the only person to see them it was the best thing to do.

The next day came around in a flash anyway. This time the day passed quickly and the ceremony was definitely going ahead this time. I felt good and the nervous tension had cleared up.

 The First Ceremony.

I have found that it does not matter how many previous Ayahuasca ceremonies you have taken part in because experience goes out of the window when you realise you are close to supping a full cup of Ayahuasca again. Just the thought of drinking Ayahuasca can have most folks pacing around a Maloca like a lost sinful soul who is about to face his creator and confess their sins.

Just the thought of supping Ayahuasa can have you pleading to be beamed up by Scotty instead of going through with the ceremony. Indeed sometimes the thought of downing a cup of Ayahuasca sometimes makes you question what you are actually doing on this planet in the first place. Which I suppose, when I think about it, is its true intention.

Hey what are you doing actually doing on this planet? If you don’t know then maybe ask yourself why you don’t know? Then, when you can’t answer that question, simply run away and quickly decide you are not even intelligent enough to tell yourself why you actually exist eh? Maybe it’s better and easier leaving your fate to those that actually know who you are then eh?

It does not really matter if Ayahuasca is a true vine of the soul or just a cup of pathetic smelly drugs because the one thing it does do is make you question yourself. Every Ayahuasca ceremony will show you something about yourself. It will always show the drinker how fake they are in some form or another too. Sadly the drinker usually overrules the messages once the Ayahuasca has worn off. Indeed most overrule the messages before they can actually be given, therefore they can never receive them.

I have known for a very long time that if we want to be free then our heart and spirit have to really ‘want’ to be free, above all else. Full trust in our hearts and spirit is required and if the heart is true then it will truly bring what it yearns for, and if freedom from the chains of this sick world is yearned for, above all else, then a means of escape from the world that so many liars and fakes have invested their entire hearts in, will come to those that wish to escape.

I knew in my heart that I am a very small part of something that will have a massive affect on some people in the future and I assure you if I didn’t believe that 110% in my heart then I wouldn’t ever have written a word of the writings I have provided over several years.

Anyway… I’d had the urge to carry out a couple of acts prior to the first ceremony actually taking place. This was nothing new to me and I’ve experienced strong spiritual direction many times for several years, and my actions and any apparatus I had premonition to gather and use, always seems to mean something to me later on down the line. I couldn’t possibly ever make the apparatus fit the experience before the experience takes place. I truly believe that something spiritual pre-arranges the appearance of the apparatus to assist the experience in advance and also create a ritual that is valid in two different dimensions.

The main urges I had prior to this ceremony were to place a unique image over the fireplace in the ceremony room (the lounge area). This was the artwork I placed on the fireplace.



Art work that was placed over Fire before the ceremonies took place.

I had also fetched a few other ornamental or symbolic items with me but I had no idea what they were for prior to the ceremonies or what they meant. I just knew they were important to my journey and I wouldn’t even mention them to you if didn’t believe they were important things to mention to you.

I suppose it didn’t matter what I’d brought because the ceremony was now indeed upon us. We went through the usual Ayahuasca ceremony routines including the act of ‘Smudging’ that I have mentioned before. If you have forgotten I will remind you smudging is a sort of ‘smoking away of bad vibes’ cleansing ritual. This pre-drinking smudging ritual basically comprises of Sweetgrass Sage or Cedar being set alight to create some smoking embers, and then everybody is literally individually ‘smoked’ like a kipper by the Shaman’s assistant blowing the smoke at them. This takes place whilst we are stood upright with our arms stretched out in a cruciform shape.  I suppose there is no difference whatsoever between the Ayahuasca smudging ritual and being baptised in a Christian ‘font’ but I’m sure most Christian folks would laugh at the smudging ritual being carried out at Ayahuasca ceremonies with smoke, yet would happily be smudged by water by some pervert paedophile of a priest splashing and smudging their children with the ‘holy water’.

Indeed man only willingly and happily joins in with the rituals that he actually believes he understands or man only pretends to join in rituals he believes are meaningless and harmless anyway, sometimes both. In reality, at the same time, man mainly only joins in rituals that actually make man look good in front of man. Indeed man is now so deluded, fake and vain respectively that he doesn’t know which ritual deludes him, which ritual to fake and which ritual to boast at.

In a nutshell man really hasn’t a clue about the real meanings behind the rituals he continuously takes part in. But shuuussshh don’t tell man that because his delusions, his fakery and his vanity won’t let him even see it never mind believe it.

Anyway, the Shaman’s fire was in full flow and he had set up all his apparatus near it.  We all waited for the Shaman to do his warm up stuff. He chanted and he waved a few leaves around as usual and I must admit it does help prepare you to find the guts you need to swallow the medicine. I actually took the first cup this time. (I usually wait until last in the hope the Shaman will run out of it and shut up shop just before its my turn!) I swallowed in down.

I walked around the room and then ventured outside, all the time flexing my weedy arm and leg muscles like I was warming up for some great gymnastics competition or a boxing match or something. I don’t know why I was doing this because I knew I’d be on my back, like a lump of lard, on my mattress inside twenty minutes. Indeed if I’d done a couple of squat thrusts in my warm up I’d have probably followed through.

It did not take long for the medicine to take affect. I always use the sky as a visual gauge to measure the affect and I know that when the night sky becomes sparkling ‘starry’ and bright, as mentioned in previous Ayahuasca write-ups, I know the medicine is really kicking in.

I started to feel very dizzy and I thought what the hell have I drunk this stuff again for! There’s one thing you always realise after the initial affects of the medicine kick in… “You know there is no turning back. You can’t stop the show”

The group was reasonably small but I have found that in small groups there are less distractions and less noise and therefore most journeys are not interrupted as much as they are when a large group is present.

I started to react to the Ayahuasca and I realised I had to retreat to my mattress as the medicine took over me. I hit my bed knowing I was going on another journey. The Shaman had already started playing his ceremonial music and I was soon in trance.

The shaman’s music somehow ‘connects’ with the Ayahuasca in your stomach and makes it flow through your system at a far faster rate. I suppose the best way describing this is to say the Shaman actually holds the remote control and somehow controls the speed and intensity of the Ayahuasca journey that you are ‘watching’ through his music, and he can literally turn up the volume, alter the contrast and increase the brightness of the vision anytime he wishes. The music is the actual remote control that adjusts your journey. This is no illusion and you can literally feel it take place if you go with the flow.

I shut my eyes and the usual colours were swirling around and, for some reason, they seemed to form the shape of a very sexy woman. I actually started to be entranced by the feminine shapes I was seeing. The shaman’s music intensified and so did the swirling colours intensify at the same time.

It then felt like I was actually being pulled down on my mattress and being gripped by an invisible force. I felt heavy. The colours I was seeing got more psychedelic in nature in a way and their movement appeared to become more aggressive. It was like the swirling colours were outside of my body, in the air if you like, and trying to actually penetrate my body by coming in me through my eyelids. But for some reason I started to resist the vision. I started to panic a bit and as the panic in me increased I just couldn’t go with the flow so to speak. I settled down again and shut my eyes. The swirl of coloured dots now appeared to be inside me but they were flowing in an outward direction, like they were trying to escape from inside me. It was like millions of little dots were hitting the backs of my eyelids from the inside (my eyes were shut). When these coloured dots hit the inside of my eyelids they were literally exploding and erupting, creating thousands of other coloured dots, just like fireworks explode in the sky.

The experience literally forced me to open my eyes and, true to form, the room had literally changed shape when I did so. It was like the coloured dots were dictating when I opened and closed my eyes and knew when I need to do so to see the things I needed too.

It was just like I was back in a room from the ancient past. (The ancient past being as we see history). I seemed totally empowered in my spirit like some kind of an alter ego had somehow surfaced in me and that alter ego literally reveled in the spiritual atmosphere that had been created through the medicine and the ceremony. I looked around trying to get a grip of my new but old surroundings, breathing in deep breaths, and it was as though a force from the past was in me.

I was trying to work out what was actually happening in the room and what I had to do whilst these images were real. The first thing I saw was a powerful looking figure on the staircase, which was dressed in some kind of ceremonial robes. I also saw the Shaman and his assistant (Sara) but they were now dressed like ancient Mayans or Aztecs would dress. Again it was just like they had gone back in time too, if only to me.

I must admit that even though the building I was in is newly built, it now looked like an ancient palace or temple.  The scene was timeless. I could feel the affects of the medicine increasing and the images in the room got more and more intense. I was trying to mainly focus on the man on the stairs. He was dressed in a white robe and he seemed to be beckoning me towards him and smiling at me. He was pointing at a mask he was holding. I tried to get up off my mattress but the medicine was too strong.

I started feeling sick and dizzy and had no alternative but to close my eyes in order to try and loose those symptoms.  Whoossshhhh… the coloured dots appeared again but this time they were flying ‘towards’ me like a river, entering me from the outside through my eyelids and then my eyes. This river of coloured dots then seemed to flow down through my throat into my chest and literally hit my heart. They stirred the very bare bones of who I am. I immediately felt stronger and instead of fighting the experience I just let the colours flow into me and as I did the dizziness sickness instantly disappeared. I felt strong.

Then a small white light appeared surrounded by a swirl of colours and it came rushing towards me at speed, just as the coloured dots had done, so to speak. It hit me right in the face forcing me to jolt, just like a strong camera flash going off would. I felt like I had been hit with the flashy thing out of the movie MIB. It looked something like this…


Whooosssshhh and wallop. ‘The white light hit me’.

I was suddenly with the face again (The Marlon Brando look-a-like). I know it sounds daft but that’s what happened. I was with The Face.


A Face, like this, appeared again

He just smiled at me and I immediately felt in good company. I felt at home. All the dizziness had gone. It felt like I was in a semi-vacuum situation and I could not hear nor see anything but the face in front of me. The face said he was pleased to see me.

The face the smiled at me and then he joked about an air hostess I had been chatting with on the way over to Brazil. The face then showed me a slideshow of images reminding me of many of the events and experiences I had gone through since my last visit to Chapada, some good, some very upsetting. I was shown myself in despair and I was shown myself in elation.

I was reminded about being told of my involvement with ‘gates’. I was especially reminded about the appearance of the Rain Bow Gate in my hometown and how it had appeared several months after my last visit to Chapada and I was reminded what I had buried under it. (‘I had buried teeth under it’) I was reminded that my first experience with the ‘Rain Bow Rods’ in Colombia was in early 2008, which was nearly a full five years before the Rain Bow Gate was even thought about never mind actually planned and built. The Face told me that the Rain Bow Gate was very important to some people in the future. He told me I had to mention this again (So I am). He flashed me the image of it again. The image showed the Rain Bow Gate ‘sparkling’ with the healing type of rainbow rods I was shown years ago. I knew it was a very symbolic statement to me. It is also a physical event that cannot be denied.  Here is a link to the report I made at the time.


The Rain Bow Gate. Just a Coincidence, please go back to sleep.

The Rain Bow Gate appeared in my hometown in a location linked to my childhood. I had been previously been informed that I would be involved with several Gates. The face went on to stress that its important I write about my experiences because others had to hear about them and see the images to be triggered and therefore be helped in the future.

I was also reminded me of other past events at Ayahuasca ceremonies, one main point was a very graphic reminder of the massive Sky Walker (Machine) I saw in the sky a year earlier. I was somehow literally given an action replay in slow motion. I was gobsmacked when I saw the action reply and how graphic my experience really was.

I saw that a ‘hole’ literally had been drilled in the sky and this Sky Walker event marked the occasion. But I was also reminded about energy lines and the Line of Fire coming to a cul-de-sac. I was reminded about my mission. Only Love Can Bring The Rain.

The face also mentioned the dark figures that I had seen the night before and confirmed that dark entities were indeed there to cause mischief and the ceremony had been called off to stop this. The face told me that the ceremonies would be OK and he went on to tell me what I had to do with something I had brought with me to stop unwanted entities appearing. I acknowledged the instructions and promised to carry them out later.

The face told me to stay strong as everything would turn out fine one day. I just had to find the strength to continue following my heart and following my intuition no matter how silly things got. I had to cope with the struggle. I was reminded of the scene from Braveheart (again) (See The Humming Bird Has Landed) I was told again…“Your Heart is Free – Have The Courage To Follow It.


 “Your Heart Is Free – Have The Courage To Follow It”.

The face also mentioned another prop I had fetched with me, which I had actually already used. It was an ornamental Hummingbird. I instinctively knew I had to place this hummingbird where the Colourful tree/ Caiman head had eventually been placed after the previous ceremonies in 2011. I had no idea why I had placed this ornamental Hummingbird there. My heart simply told me to do it as soon as I had arrived in Chapada.

When I had originally ordered it, about two years previous, it had arrived damaged. A wing had been broken off at some stage. I had received a replacement but I somehow knew I had to initially use the hummingbird with the broken wing. I sure had the feeling that the place where the Caiman Head and colourful tree and now the hummingbird with the broken wing were located was a very important spot, and part of a much bigger picture that simply could not be seen yet.

Untitled4 The one winged Hummingbird was placed where the Caiman Head and Colourful Tree once lay.

The face continued to tell me about energy lines and in particular about the Line of Fire and how the rituals and ceremonies that had been/were being carried out were not only vital to the planet on a spiritual level but they would also spark off massive five sense physical events to take place in the future, events that will literally affect many people in this world and affect them far beyond the scope of the current level of understanding available to the masses.

I was told again that only the act of ‘re-opening’ two very ancient energy lines, which literally flow around the globe, would actually unite these energies and allow powerful energies to come through ‘the hole in the sky’ that has already been created.  The face was serious and wasn’t messing around like it (he) normally did.  He told me that a spiritual force had really been involved in the creation of the building we were now using and this special building would literally be used to unite energies and also be used to empower people in the future. I was told that I needed to continue to write about my journeys because it was part of plan and the spiritual rules to enable spiritual forces to unite the energy lines and to trigger some people in the future to make the plan complete. I was told once the energy lines were opened my role in the ceremonies would be finished. Others would then take up roles. I was told others would be given unique signs and then events will happen to give them faith to carry out their roles when the time came, just like events and signs had given me faith.

The face told me many other things. I just listened. I literally couldn’t do anything else.

I felt the following words were very important and I quote them as best as my memory allows me too. The face said, Events taking place here in this place are on behalf and at the request of Mama Pacha (Mother World Spirit). The face added The Earth gave the people in this world prophecy but no one listened” (The Earth was not Mama Pacha).

The face then put his finger to his lips and said softly “Let it now be humbly and silently be announced to those that lost their ears when The Earth spoke… shhhuuussshhh… that… The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

 The face was deadly serious when saying those words or something very similar and the last sentence cut right through me at the time (So I hope I got them right!). I thought about the saying ‘your ears must be burning and laughed to myself!’

Joking aside, the face said those words just like a god-fearing preacher would. So going of my past experiences I suggest you seriously take note of them.

The Fire will unite with The Rain and return to Earth and make the prophecy from The Earth come true” “Then the ears of man will burn and the ashes of the deaf will be washed away by the Rain”

I knew immediately that those words will one day silence the tongues of scoffers and liars. The Marlon Brando look-a-like then reminded me that certain things other things had to happen to literally activate the energy lines, but a lot had already been done.

‘Marlon’ (I felt we should be on first name terms by now!) told me that I would have to travel to a place called Thera (Santorini) in the future to carry out ritual to help open the energy lines and to walk where the fire once lived and died and to walk on the waters where the Fire once walked.

I was then shown myself in ancient times in an ancient place (previous life), which was rather emotional in many ways. I was also shown a very special person that I was once connected to in ancient times. We had both been killed because of a massive event there when an energy line was purposely destroyed. I was shown what had gone on and literally still felt the heartache involved from that time. I was told it was important that I went to Thera.

I was also told I’d have to go to another very important place too, but this couldn’t happen until certain other major events in the world unfolded first and other deeds in three other places were carried out. But I was told the very important place would be a very important matter and my ears not my eyes would get me there. Nothing else could get me there. I was told I would have to describe events and actions there in very great detail in writing after they had happened. I was told ‘my days as I am now’ would be coming to an end not too long after I visit the important place I was shown and write what happens there down.

The face told me to be strong and told me he would be back through the medicine later but he was with me always anyway.

The face was gone.

I initially heard the cracking of the fire and that seemed to break the vacuum like trance I was in. I was back on my mattress. I was back with the shaman’s music. The first thing that came into my head was that I didn’t feel fit enough to get my now twitching arse off the mattress never mind get it to Santorini. I was back feeling dizzy and my arse was showing me signs that the Ayahuasca was indeed fully in my system again. I thought, “Come back Marlon and tell me some more, but bring some toilet paper with you too”.  I wanted to know if I was to die after I visit the very important place I was shown? How was I to initially get to Santorini and how the hell am I going to get to the place I have to write in great detail about? The place which would lead to ‘my days as I am now’ coming to an end.

I didn’t really have any more time to ponder on the things the Face had told me because the intensity and affects of the ceremony rapidly increased. I suddenly felt hot and uncomfortable. I felt sick and had a strong urge to purge.

I sat up on my mattress and took some deep breaths in an attempt to feel more relaxed and fight of the urge to purge. I looked around at the group who all seemed to be in La La land and away with the fairies. This scenario was obviously helped by the Shaman who was now singing away and sounding like a Mogwai on Helium.


My eyes were attracted towards the fireplace and to Sara, Warinei’s assistant, who was located very near the fire so she could feed it.  She was heavily pregnant and I saw the flames from the fire cast a flickering light on her and created a flickering reflection on her tummy. Her ‘bump’ then actually turned into planet Earth through the reflection. The image was amazing. It was beautiful.

The fire looked low and the flames were low but it gave off an intense reflective light that shone on other things that seemed to create certain mirages for my attention. I looked over at the arty image that had been created by Warinei’s other assistant Catalina for the host.  Again I had placed the artwork, with the host’s permission over the fireplace earlier.

The light from the fire made the artwork appear magically transformed and it had changed in to a graphic virtual reality 3D image of a living ‘woman’.

DSCF2801 copy 2

The artwork changed into a three dimensional woman.

The woman was literally opening and closing her legs. She was waving her arms and big hands around and literally flashing her tutt (vagina) by vigourously opening and closing her legs in a mechanical sort of way. I was intrigued because the more I stared at the imagery the more I saw, and each time she flashed open her legs ‘she’ appeared to rapidly gave birth to a very small ghost like figure, a whispy smoky soul figure if you like, which literally floated out of her through her vagina as she opened her legs. The woman’s rhythm was robotic and each thrust created a soul so to speak. The woman seemed to take deep breaths with each thrust to speak. So each thrust and breath created a soul or ghost like figure.

These soul figures then immediately turned into a bubble and they became literally orb like. Can you imagine the scene?

 DSCF2801 copy

“Souls appeared as Bubbles from the Vagina”

Can you see the artwork above?

I watched as the souls or bubbles were then instantly being sucked into the fire located just below the woman. It was just like the fire was drawing them towards it. It was like the fire itself was purposely pulling or sucking the souls from the woman or the woman was pushing or blowing souls into the fire. Indeed it became clear that both the fire and the woman were working in unison. And on one occasion, when the heavily pregnant Sara moved around the fireplace putting wood on the fire, it seemed like her bump (The Earth) was like orbiting the sun. (The Fire was the Sun) It was very graphic.

Anyway. It was like the image on the fireplace (the woman opening and closing her legs) created some sort of a bubble or soul making production line and the bubbles or souls were purposely being created and then drawn into the fire.

I was a bit concerned at what I was seeing at first, I thought the bubbles were being destroyed, but then the whole chimney stack opened up, just like I had bloody x-ray vision or something.  It was as if my eyes had been given special vision and my eyes somehow opened up the chimney just to show me what was really going on.

I could now see what was fully going on and see a bigger picture. I could fully see that the souls from the open legged lady figure, the bubbles from the bubble machine if you like, were not being destroyed by the flames of the fire.

I saw that the fire simply created a sort of updraft. It acted as a bubble wand, if you like, and the whole apparatus was literally working in unison and purposely blowing the bubbles up the chimney. I could also now see that during the ‘process’ that sparks from the fire were somehow being ‘placed’ inside the bubbles without the bubbles actually popping. The Fire was supplying the sparks, the woman was supplying the bubbles.  It was like a magic bubble trick, you know like when a magician places something in side the bubble without it popping.  In this case sparks were being placed in the bubbles.

It was an amazing sight.

Not only that I could now literally ‘hear’ those combined bubbles and sparks literally ‘cheering’ (squeaking) as they reached the top of the chimney stack and escaped into the atmosphere.  The wonderful sound of the cheering made me feel so elated that I was giggling and weeping at the same time.

I could also now see the little sparks inside the bubbles acted like a torch and they created a sort of hot air energy to help the bubbles gain the energy to become like little air balloon style UFO’s and get up the chimney and fly away. I shut my eyes and I started to see the bubbles as faces. I started to see faces I recognised. I also saw some ugly old faces inside the bubbles and they appeared to turn into beautiful young faces, it was just like they had been re-energised and empowered. It was like they had returned to normal.

I was entranced by what I was seeing in vision. I was in awe with what I was shown. I opened my eyes again and my attention was immediately attracted to the glass doors and outside and I saw all the little bubbles floating away up in the sky. I cannot give proper description in words but it was a magical sight and the message to me was massive. It was also an enchanting and beautiful vision.

As I looked through the door I could also see the now illuminated one winged hummingbird ornament flashing away outside in the distance too. It was like the hummingbird was a specially created beacon to point the bubbles in the right direction, as they were coming out of the chimney.

I was enjoying the scene and I smiled to myself. But then I saw some empty bubbles, so to speak (no sparks in them) floating back into the room through an open door and then floating back towards the fireplace. The woman (the artwork on top of the fire) was waving her arms about trying to catch or waft the little bubbles with her large hands. The bubbles were somehow being wafted into the woman’s mouth.

A few moments after being swallowed the bubbles reappeared out of the woman’s vagina. They were as ghost like/orb like figures again and the whole process started again, as in, they were drawn in by the fire, they were implanted with sparks and then blown up the chimney again and released into the outside atmosphere.

It’s very difficult to explain how anyone sees things through Ayahuasca. I can only show you the apparatus and write down what that apparatus turned in to. But everything is symbolic. I saw the apparatus below as being a woman who gave birth to souls as bubbles and then the bubbles received a spark and then escape up the chimney!

I started to understand what symbolic imagery I was being shown. I could see the very intense meaning behind the vision. Indeed I thought the whole bubble process was a massive analogy. But as soon as I did understand things the vision faded. The arty image on the mantelpiece returned to normal size and became less vivid. The flames of the fire had died down. The bubbles had gone. The vision had faded


The Woman and the Fire.

I started to stir on my mattress and immediately started to feel like I needed to ‘purge’. I had taken the vision in but my body now needed my attention. (Again Purge is a ‘nicey nicey – arty farty’ word in Ayaland for either puking your ring up or shitting yourself into oblivion.)

Indeed Aya has a habit of placing you in the spirit world one minute but then having you praying, begging in fact, to take you from the spirit world and land you on a solid piece of Earthenware pottery the next minute. The bog (toilet) literally becomes some sort of soul saving, paradise sort of place sometimes.

I staggered to the toilet but I was still very heavily under the influence of Aya and I couldn’t actually undo the silly bloody new fangled cheap belt I had on. I tugged and pulled and tugged and pulled some more but couldn’t shift it. I felt very sick and tried to be sick but couldn’t.

I soon realised that the Ayahuasca was staying in me and I wasn’t being allowed to weaken the experiences by purging just yet. My symptoms eased slightly and I returned to the ceremonial area. I crashed down on my mattress again. I shut my eyes and was soon in trance again because of the shaman’s soothing music. The shaman had certainly stirred up the Ayahuasca inside me again. I could literally feel it inside me flowing through me. After practicing undoing my belt, under my blanket, just in case of emergencies, I relaxed again.

I thought I was falling asleep it was so peaceful but I suddenly started to hear the sound of a slight wind. (Not from my botty either!)

The noise of this wind got more intense. I was staring at a large arty wall hanging on the wall. It quickly started to show me images that resembled ancient Mayan or Aztec scenes. It was really powerful and graphic so much so that I went to lay on a massive bench directly under the wall hanging.

 DSCF2826 copy 2
The wall hanging and bench

 DSCF2826 copy

The Wall Hanging intermittently changed and showed me many different sorts of graphic Aztec/ Mayan type images


It may sound daft but that’s what happened.

It was like I was back in time in a place that once housed such artwork.  I was staring at a couple of images in the wall hanging for quite a while and they came to life so to speak. I felt like I understood the images and they were telling me something.

I then had the strong urge to return to my mattress and as soon as I shut my eyes I was entranced. I immediately started to see myself in a strange sort of room that was literally full of brightly coloured bird feathers and they were being lightly blown around by the wind I had previously heard.

For some reason it reminded me of the TV game show ‘Crystal Maze’ where the contestants end up in the Crystal Dome trying to catch gold papers that are vigourously being blown around in the air, mixed with silver ones. Do you remember The Crystal Maze and The Crystal Dome?

If you do remember the show you will know what I am talking about won’t you?


The room reminded me of The Crystal Dome

Anyway. I looked around this room with all the feathers falling from the ceiling area and generally floating around. At first it was funny but then the feathers seemed to be sticking to my face, blinding me, tickling my nose and going down my neck and up my trouser legs etc. I became very irritated. I got a strong urge to leave because I had no idea what I was meant to do in this silly room. I was trying to brush the feathers off my face when I stumbled into something very solid. It was something like a street sign on two posts that had a very large red arrow on it. I brushed off the feathers and saw the arrow pointed to a table that was very near the sign. I brushed the feathers off that too and I saw it had a large brass bell on it, you know like hotel reception desks do. Next to the brass bell there was a sign, which I struggled to read because of all the bloody feathers that were floating around. The sign read…

“To check out of here simply ring the bell and then accumulate fifty green feathers”
“Only Green feathers will do”
Signed: The Management

I don’t know why I did it, apart from being the knob head I am, but I rang the bell (Ding!) and in doing so, yes you guessed it, I set off the Mother of All Winds!

It was like a psychotic whirlwind had appeared.

The amount of bright coloured bird feathers being blown around the strange room massively increased, and increased and increased, until I simply couldn’t cope. It was utter madness and the feathers were not only blinding me and tickling me at the same time, they were now literally slapping me in the face. It was just a blinding chaotic madness, as I brushed one lot of feathers from my face I was immediately slapped down and covered with them again.

That said, even though I was totally blinded, I still tried my best to ‘accumulate fifty green feathers’ just as the sign had instructed and I remembered the management had informed me that ‘only green feathers will do’. And of course I was daft enough to ring the bell to carry out such a task wasn’t I?

Anyway. I tried and tried to collect the right colour I was told to collect.  I was totally committed to chasing green feathers because the sign on the desk had told me to. I tried and tried to grab these green feathers. I literally became obsessed about what I was grabbing. I couldn’t really see any colour at all unless I had a feather in my hand and literally put it right up to my eye. I couldn’t make out the colours floating around in the air because of a swirl of chaos. I was simply grabbing for grabbing’s sake in the frustration and confusion. I thought if I grab any colour then surely some would be the green ones.

So I simply grabbed and snatched and grabbed and snatched but I never grabbed the right feathers. If I grabbed a feather that wasn’t green I’d throw it away as soon as I discovered it wasn’t green, but in doing so I was only adding to the blind chaos already going on. This went on for quite a while until I eventually stopped trying to grab what I couldn’t see. I realised it was futile.

I wasn’t even capable of grabbing one single green feather never mind grabbing the fifty I was told I needed to accumulate to check out. I fell to the floor in a heap laughing at the futility of blindly chasing the green feathers when they were mixed in a room full of many coloured feathers.

Once I realised the futility of my actions the wind immediately slowed down and eventually stopped blowing altogether, just like someone had switched a machine off, like they used to do in the crystal maze.

It was like I’d run out of time and I had collected absolutely bugger all. I’d simply ended up on my arse with no prize. All the feathers immediately fell to the floor and simply melted away. I noticed my surroundings had changed. The room was totally different.

I noticed that there was a large mirror in the middle of the room. It looked like it was made of very dark glass or even made of black shiny stone.  I walked over to it and I found myself looking at my own reflection. Whatever it was made of I could still see myself very clearly. I was red in the face through chasing and trying to grab feathers.

I then did a twirl sort of thing and as I did I noticed my back was literally covered in green coloured feathers. I’d say at least fifty of them! I realised that the feathers had just appeared on me, and they had appeared on me in perfect formation. This must have happened when I had been actually been trying to grab them, but because I had been waving my arms around and grabbing things willy nilly, I hadn’t actually noticed that feathers were somehow being placed on me.

I instantly realised that I wasn’t meant to grab and snatch the feathers. I only thought I had to grab and snatch the feathers. I wondered what had actually made me think I had to grab and snatch at the feathers? After all I could only damage them by doing so.

I then realised that I hadn’t even read the sign properly. But, my friend, when do dickheads like me ever actually read signs properly? When?

Anyway. I twirled around again in front of the mirror and discovered that the more I twirled the more feathers appeared on me. The more I looked in the mirror and twirled again, the more feathers appeared. I soon had hundreds of feathers. I was soon covered in feathers from head to foot.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this. One minute I thought I was going to end up like bloody Orville the Duck, the next I felt like I was part of a massive spiritual plan to bring justice and truth to the world and help those that wanted helping. Was I just like Orville the Duck or was there a symbolic and spiritual reason I was receiving all the feathers and relaying this tale?

Schizophrenia didn’t even begin to explain the situation.

I was completely lost in the vision. I knew it meant something very important and I was really starting to live it and it was very vivid and real. I stared at my face again in the mirror. I was not red faced anymore. I grinned at myself.

I noticed there was a stick on the floor in front of the mirror at my feet. I picked it up in my right hand and noticed it had something resembling a leopard’s tail skin attached to one end of it. The tail actually felt warm and alive.

It was like I had a fully ‘living’ whip. Well I think it was a leopard’s tail ‘skin’ but I suppose it could have been another cat’s tail skin. I’m no expert on cats or the patterns on their fur you see. I thought it was a leopard tail skin though.

Anyway… I was suddenly walking around the room of feathers with this ‘cat’s tail’ skin attached to a rod like stick’ in my hand. It felt like a magic weapon.

I then swung my cat’s tail around above my head like a whip and as soon as I did so I heard a wind again and another load of feathers appeared in the air, creating blind chaos again. I couldn’t see a thing. I then stopped swinging the tail and as I did the feathers stopped and then they slowly fell to the floor like leaves falling from a tree and melted away.

I could see again and I noticed I was in a different larger room. I was still wearing a feather suit and carrying a bloody cats tail on a stick.

I immediately noticed that the larger room had three doors on one of its walls.  I was instantly attracted to them. On a wall directly opposite the wall with three doors there was a fireplace with a small fire burning in it

I also noticed there was a circular table in the middle of the room and I approached it. In the middle of this circular table there were several colourful masks made out of pottery or metal and several different hats (headdresses) made out of feathers. I had a strong urge to put one on. So I put the bugger on.

I went towards one of the three doors. I noticed all three doors had Aztec/ Mayan artwork around them. I was initially attracted to the door to the left but as I approached it I saw that an army of large ‘ants’ were marching under the door.

I automatically raised my stick and waved it around, just like a Jessie with a wasp stuck on his candyfloss would.  I half chanted/half sang something, I haven’t a clue what I was chanting but I couldn’t stop what I was doing. The ants immediately disappeared and the door they had marched under opened.

I then went back to the table in the centre of the room and changed my hat for another one. I then approached another door, which was the door on the right as I approached it from the table. As I approached the second door I saw a colony of red coloured beetles coming under it. And again I raised my stick and waved it around, but this time I also removed my headgear and placed it over the beetles and then I chanted/sang and danced on it. I stomped on and crushed all the beetles. I then picked up my headgear and noticed it was stained red. Once all the beetles were crushed the door they had marched under opened.

I went back to the table in the centre of the room and changed my headdress again. I then headed towards the third door, the middle door. I approached the third door and I and heard what sounded like swarm of bees coming from behind the door. I knocked on the door with my stick and then thrashed it with the cat’s tail.

The bees started coming under the door. They were marching under the door.

Then they all started flapping their wings (buzzing) as they marched towards me. As they approach my feet I started chanting and singing again and the bees split into two columns so to speak. The two columns then seemed to march in different directions. One column of bees marched to the open door on the left and the other column of bees marched to the open door on the right. Once the bees went through the doors everything went quiet.

There was no more buzzing.

I walked back to the table in the middle of the room and I removed my feathered hat and placed it on the table and as soon as I did this the middle door opened. I then put on a mask and stood in the centre of the room and started chanting and singing again.


The Mask I wore looked a bit like this

I then saw the shape of three ghost like spirits, half invisible entities if you like, one entity stood in each doorway. They were ancient Indians. I mean Mayans or Aztecs or even Incas (your guess is as good as mine). It was obvious they were warrior type figures.

Two of them carried ‘shields’, but the shields were solid looking bright objects, they were not ghostly. They had bright images on them. The one in the middle was holding an open scroll.

The first ghost like figure, the one on the left, raised his shield in the air and I automatically raised my stick in some sort of salute in return. (Don’t know why). I felt like I knew of the warrior. The first shield showed the image of an Eagle. As soon as I raised my stick to acknowledge the warrior the door slammed shut and I heard it being bolted from behind. I knew I could not go through that door.


The first shield looked very slightly like this

I looked towards the second ghost like spirit, the one on the right, and his shield showed the image of a pattern I had seen a few times before, and true to form the second ghost like warrior spirit also raised his shield up to me and again as soon as I raised my stick in response the door slammed shut. I knew I couldn’t go through that door either.


The second shield looked like this

I then looked towards the third ghost like figure, the one in the middle. He didn’t have a shield he unrolled something like a scroll. It had a symbol on it but I could not see it clearly. I squinted trying to focus on it but I still could not see it clearly. Then I saw it.


Atl Tlachinolli  (Fire and Water Symbol)

I then walked towards the figure holding up the shield and touched the shield with the bottom end of my stick. I then literally gave the shield a lash with the cat’s tail and as I did so the tail literally stuck to the shield and separated from the stick in my hand.  The ghost like figure then took hold of the cat’s tail in his hand. He then bowed and then stepped backwards through the door with his shield still held high.

The door stayed open.

I went towards the doorway and walked through it and into a small room.  It slammed shut behind me and made a clanging noise, so much so that I literally jumped out of my feathers. There were three fireplaces in the room. The walls looked a bit like this in the picture below. They seemed covered in artwork.

180_07_2 copy

 I saw that the figure that had backed into the room was now far easier to see. He was no longer a spirit figure, he was a solid looking normal man and he was stood in front of a small fire that was flickering away in a little hole in the far wall. The fire was in some sort of bowl. There were actually three small ‘fireplaces’ in the room. They were simple holes in the walls, again very similar to the picture above.

The man with the shield showed me the cat’s tail that was once attached to my stick and he chanted something and then cut it into three or four pieces. He placed one of the pieces in the small hole in the wall that had a small fire flickering away inside it. The tail immediately set alight.

The room lit up brightly as if to show me what was in there.

The man then pointed to the door I had previously come through that had slammed shut behind me. There was a shield hung on it.  I’m sure the the shield had this image on it or something very similar.


 I noticed that the same ‘atl tlachinolli’ symbol was appearing out of mouth of the animal on it. (I didn’t know the symbol was called ‘atl tlachinolli’ or what it was supposed to mean at the time of the vision)

I went over and removed the shield from the door and I gave it to the man. He grabbed it with both hands. I noticed there was a large drum in the room. I went to look at it.  I noticed the drum had many symbols on it too, amongst other things. The best way of describing it to you is to say it resembled the one pictured below because it had similar symbolism on it.


The drum was like this one

The man then approached the drum and tipped it on its side. He then took the small fire out of the hole in the wall. (It was in a bowl). He then placed another piece of the cat’s tail on the flames and then placed the fire on the ground. I could see it was the cat’s tail burning away in a metal dish.

The man then placed the drum over the fire and as he did the ‘skin’ on top of the drum literally illuminated an image that was imprinted on the drum skin. Not only that it reflected the same image onto the ceiling of the room and in the process the image was enlarged and it literally covered the whole ceiling. It was the exact same image that was on the shield, it was the animal spitting out the ‘atl tlachinolli’ symbol. It was a strange feeling because the flames made the animal look like it was actually alive. The fire under the drum made the animals belly look like it was breathing!

The room was now pretty dark because the fire, the only light in the room, had been placed under the drum.

The man in the room started chanting when the image appeared on the ceiling and he started dancing around. For some reason I joined in too. I’m sure it meant something important but even if we were just dancing in the dark it sure felt right.  I certainly didn’t know what I was doing in the vision apart from actually re-living a ritual from the past or taking part in one for the future. I was again living in two worlds at the same time.

I  then danced over to the drum and I started banging on it with my stick. I was chanting and wailing away like a master shaman would.  As soon as I hit the drum it was like thunder going off. It wasn’t a like a drum sound at all and each time I hit the drum the sound made me look up to the ceiling, and when I did so it caused the image on the ceiling to shake and it appeared like the dog type creature was literally being sick and spitting out. I think I hit the drum four times and four times the dog spit out and each time I hit the drum it caused a thunder sound. It was like an ancient version of Hollywood special affects were taking place. I felt elated to be banging on the drum.

I then removed my mask and placed it on the drum and when I did the fire under the drum illuminated that too. The mask literally took the form of a lamp.

The mask on top of the drum also created another reflective image on the ceiling. It created a sort of circular planet Earth image and it made the ‘spitting’ dog look like it was being sick on it. I looked up and wept one tear over what I saw.

For some reason I i put my finger in my tear and then put my finger in my mouth. I then spat on the mask/lamp myself and said to the man in the room with me ‘It’s done’. I then wildly kicked the drum over and the mask fell to the floor.

I stepped back from the drum and the man picked up the small fire that had been under the drum and placed in back in the hole in the wall. He then placed another piece of the cat’s tail on the flames.

The man then gave me the shield back that I had previously removed from the back of the door and I placed it back on the door. The door then opened. I stepped through it.

Whoosh…  all of a sudden I was sat upright on my mattress. It took me a few moments to get my bearings. I had a feeling of intense connection to the vision. I looked at the wall hanging on the wall again and I could see other forms of Aztec/Mayan symbolism in it. I was laughing and scared at the same time but I knew hitting that drum and then kicking it over meant something to me inside and I knew it would eventually mean something to others inside them one day too.

Once I thought that I seemed to instantly wake up from the affects of the Ayahuasca. I knew my journey of visions that night was almost over. I remembered some of the instructions I had received from the face earlier and one of those instructions was to tie a silk scarf, a scarf I had received from a stranger, to a baton I had brought with me to Brazil. It did indeed create a whip like object. I had previously no idea why I had brought the stick to Brazil and I obviously had no idea what sort of Ayahuasca journey I was going to have prior to bringing it.


The Scarf/ Cat’s Tail around my neck

I got up off my mattress. I laid the stick and spotted scarf down, like you would lay down a draft excluder, where the two dark entities had bashed the door and entered the room the night before.

I looked at the fire in the ceremony room again as the Bird Table door was right next to it. I walked over to the fire and I looked at the artwork on the mantelpiece. I spat on the fire and something inside me made me say. It’s Done.

 I then went outside and tried to take some fresh air in just to help me fully come round.  I then started to see the odd Rain Bow Rod start to come towards the house. One zoomed passed me, then another, and then another until hundreds of them started to enter the house.  I could ‘feel’ them too and I needed them more than anything.

They were flying through a small opening in the doorway and through the slats in some Louvre type windows. They were then rapidly bouncing of the wooden posts in the room and were soon creating some kind of relay loop.

It was so beautiful to watch. It really was. It was like the whole room was some kind of healing centre and the rainbow rods were filling the room bouncing off the very beams that held the building up.

The rods were hitting the artwork of the woman on the fire and hitting the artwork on the wall that had shown me images too. The Rain Bow Rods eventually bounced around at great speed and then left the room either through the way they came in or through the fireplace and up the chimney like the magical bubbles had done earlier.

I felt such feelings of emotional happiness through these rods and again I knew they were only a very small example of what powers can come into our world and heal us all and literally replace the magical spark we need to regain our true navigation and regain our true spirituality. I knew that one day a power is coming back into this world that has not been seen or felt for thousands of years.

But I also knew the journey that night was over for me. The group all enjoyed some very late supper. I was feeling very weak and I went to my bed.

I awoke very early. I lay in bed and pondered heavily on my journey. I pondered on the woman in the artwork and I pondered on the vision of the bubble scenario.

I then pondered on the Crystal Dome situation and the feathers vision. I then remembered and pondered over the shields and all the images involved in that vision too. I remembered the living breathing images on the ceiling and I remembered kicking the drum over and sending the mask flying. I remembered the ‘atl tlachinolli’ and I remembered the Rain Bow Rods. I remembered previous Aya weeks too.

Was it simply all hallucination and utter nonsense? Maybe it was? I decided to get up for breakfast. I showered and went to find some clean clothes in my bag. I pulled out a clean shirt and as I did I heard something make a tinkling noise as it hit the floor.

It was an ornamental two-winged hummingbird. I’d wrapped it in a shirt to protect it in my bag and to keep it from breaking and I must have flung it out when I grabbed my shirt. I was amazed it didn’t break because it was so fragile!


 I knew straight away that the week was far from over!…

Part Two of this story is coming soon. Don’t miss it!

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