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A Mithraeum For The Damned

A Mithraeum For The Damned


By Matthew Delooze

Well I can hear them an’ I can feel them
An’ it’s as just as if they were here today
I can see them, I can feel them
An’ I’m thinking nothing’s changed much today
Not all came here to stay their way and die
But they would come and hit you in the eye
Now’s the time to realize that as time goes by
Nothin’ changes…  It never changes… changes
From The Jarrow Song By Alan Price

Hello friends,

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I initially made the attempt to help certain folks see right through  the protest scam and see the guile of the Serpent Cult in action. In a nutshell I tried to point out how the ‘Serpent Cult’ were craftily getting the stupefied masses to vigorously worship the sun through taking and releasing their emotional energy at many covert/replica sun temples.

I have used the term Serpent Cult to describe both alien entities and their human puppets (agents) since 2004 and it is is recorded in my books around the same time.

But it was Indeed back in 2009 when I initially tried to start to loosen the ‘Binds of Mithras’ in writing.

Obviously back in 2009 world events regarding protests over financial matters were not being carried out as often as they are in 2013, far from it. I followed up on my original article,Untying the Binds of Mithras – Stitched Up on Threadneedle Street (UTBOM), with two further cutting edge articles on protests, namely Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras and Litany To Mithras & The Fecundity of a Moronic Human Race I can only suggest to newcomers, or those with short memories and fading eyesight, that they read or re-read these writings again before reading this article. I believe it is important that you do because I’m not going to repeat all the information from those articles in this one.

I wish to mainly concentrate on current developments regarding buildings in London that will be used by the Serpent Cult. I do this in the hope that at least a few of you see that I was not talking out of my arse back in 2009 and indeed I do it to show you what is now coming upon us. I also wish to at least indicate the ‘spiritual implications’ we face because of the five sense protest actions the human race carries out at this time, or at least help a few see through or even just be aware of the five sense apparatus that is now going to appear.

I wrote UTBOM years ago to provide seeds in those that wanted them. Hopefully those seeds will help some see the things much quicker today, than they would would do if I were just pointing the Mithras information from the beginning. OK? I believe my seeds of the past will help you now and in the future to be streetwise and on your toes, well as far as the Serpent is concerned anyway. Streetwise and on your toes, my friend, is what you will need to be if you really wish to Untie the Binds of Mithras in the future and that is the only reason why I supply this writing today.

Anyway going back to 2009.

I pointed out in UTBOM that the Bank of England was literally placed over and next to an ancient temple. I then pointed out that all the spiritual energy being created in protests against the UK banks (all connected to the Bank of England) was literally feeding the Serpent Cult through replica temples placed on energy lines.


The masses herded to replica temples in London 2009

This is what I wrote in 2009…

 … “OK then…  what actually is going on regarding a spiritual energy situation in the protests outside the Bank of England then? I’ll tell you… the energy created by all the protesters being pushed into the area is being directed at the temples, especially the Bank of England (‘Temple of Mithras’ on a spiritual level). The combined ‘angry’ energy of the people involved, both the police and the protesters, is directed at the symbolic Mithras temple therefore all the energy is dedicated to Mithras (The Sun). (The situation is on a par with Christians worshipping in a church, the energy is directed at God sort of thing.)Mithras is the Sun God of ‘Contracts’. Eh? The bank of England is built on the grounds of a sun temple that honoured the Sun God of Contracts?  Well stick a feather up my arse and call me Colin Fry. I didn’t know that.  It is not a coincidence that the Serpent Cult used the site of the God of Contracts on Threadneedle Street to build their illuminated bank of the world on. It is no coincidence that this bank carries the symbolism it does. Can you see that? What are the odds of the British Establishment ‘coincidentally’ building their illuminati bank on symbolic ground which is blatantly linked to the god of contracts? The god of IOU’s if you like?  Well what are the odds? It can only be a blatant act of ritual and the liars that control this world and control your soul know that”…

You can see that I stated the masses in London were covertly physically being led to an area that was close to or over the Temple of Mithras. Obviously when I supplied Untying the Binds of Mithras in 2009 the information was basically ignored (as it will be today). That’s fine and who the hell is going to believe Matthew Delooze’s nutty theories, not only about modern Banks posing as replica Sun Temples but that these replica sun temples are actually representing alien entities, via middlemen deities such as Mithras. Indeed who’s going to believe that both ancient temples and modern replica ones were really built by a Serpent Cult as well? Who the hell is going to believe a knob head like me claiming the masses have been duped on a massive scale and the energy created by their fears and greed will be used to enslave them even deeper than they are enslaved already? Certainly not many did in 2009. I’m sure the same scoffers are scoffing with bells on today too.

Hey I actually remember someone vigorously laughing at me when I mentioned the ‘Mithras Temple’ information to them back in 2007, this was a full two years before I even mentioned it in writing. Indeed when I told them that ALL the worlds major banks will be linked up to the same ancient Temple of Mithras by 2016 they initially uncontrollably rolled about on the floor laughing at me, but then, when they realised I wasn’t joking, they nearly rang the fruitcake farm and had me carted off forthwith.

“Get the straight jacket and the meds boys… Delooze has opened his gob again!”

Luckily for me the person simply decided his best option was never to speak to me again, just like most blind liars often do after receiving any truth, those that are devoid of any thoughts of their own and without a spiritual future anyway.  I appear to create instant hatred for me in those folks that don’t like hearing the truth.

That said, when you think about it, I really couldn’t ask for a better conclusion in that king of situation could I? Well could I? It’s best to ignore what you know is truth if you don’t like hearing it eh? Indeed add a bit of hatred towards the messenger and it makes the truth just that bit easier to ignore doesn’t it? If you hate the messenger it instantly makes the message a lie? If you love a lie it instantly makes it the truth?

I can only say to friends that the truth literally clears a path for you, it certainly does in my case anyway, so please never fear speaking it. And if that is true in my case then it surely is in your case too. So if you are like me and despised, persecuted and mistreated then I say ‘be happy about it’. If you are now made to feel a leper in this world, then I say it is now time to rejoice in that fact. Please do not mourn or feel sad about it. I say that, and I tell you the truth, because if you feel mistreated in this place or if you feel punished and if you feel sick in this world now, then you truly know now that you don’t belong here. Do you really want to be labeled as part of this shithole anyway? Do you want to fit in? Do you really want to carry the Karma of the liars and the selfish that will always wallow here? If not then please rejoice in the fact that you are simply lost in this hell, you are not part of creating it and you are not of it. If your heart is strong you will not remain here, no soul stays where it does not belong or want to be, and if you heart remains strong then the strong will receive the eyesight they need to return to the worlds in which their heart truly belongs. OK?

Anyway sorry for going of track… but that’s what the mentally disabled like me have a tendency to do you know. It’s a bugger that Schizophrenia I can tell you! It affects the mind they say. For example I went down the shop for a loaf of bread the other day and came back with a tin of shoe polish. Try toasting that and putting a fried egg on it!

Let’s get back on track…. Where was I? Oh yes…

When I eventually wrote Untying the Binds of Mithras in 2009 a very few started to see what I was trying to say. I could only write that article after the G20 protests in London actually gave me some good ‘physical’ pictures of evidence to use of course.

Obviously the amount of protests over financial matters have really started to increase now and the real reason for writing this article today is to show you how the Serpent will symbolically and physically link all the emotional (spiritual) energy created through the massive increase in protests over money (Banks /Austerity/ Cuts/Welfare).

Therefore I want to attract the attention of friends back to the same Threadneedle Street area in London that I mentioned in 2009 because very important developments are now taking shape there in 2013. These developments will not be completed by 2016 but I believe you need to take in this information now in order to help you remove the Binds of Mithras altogether in the future, should you really wish to do so.

So, come on, lets have a look at the massive new building complex before it is even done. It is known as the ‘Bloomberg Square’ project, which was previously known as the Walbrook Square scheme, it was simply hijacked by Bloomberg.The Serpent has certainly been playing games in getting this area just as it wants it.

Indeed current Mayor of New York, Serpent Cult stooge, Michael R. Bloomberg, has literally managed to buy himself a ‘Square’ and a block of land in London right next to the Bank of England and the other replica temples, which I mentioned mention in UTBOM. I don’t think I could afford a pint of ale in London never mind purchase a whole block and get the puppet PTB to rename a Square after me too.

Here are a few pictures of the area to show you what Agent Bloomsberg is building. It is being sorted by the regular veteran creators of Occult Buildings, Foster & Partners.



Bloomberg Square/Place to be built close to Bank of England (top left)

The Bloomberg Square project will be on the grounds of recently demolished Bucklersbury House and Temple House. As I mentioned previously the whole area around the Bank of England and Royal Exchange was built on the grounds of the ancient Temple of Mithras.

Indeed some parts of the Mithras Temple were tampered with years ago and they were moved about 90 metres from its original location when Bucklersbury House and Temple House were originally built. The temple was temporally placed in the very aptly named ‘Temple Court’ that Bucklersbury/Temple House shared.


The Temple was stored in Temple Court.

Well then… I may have been crazy in the past to suggest that certain banks were literally covert temples placed on energy points, but I also have to point out now that it has been decided, with the full co-operation and finances supplied by Bloomberg, to fully rebuild the ‘Temple of Mithras’ including its altar INSIDE and under the new very symbolic ‘Bloomberg’ HQ and relocate it into its exact original position (Energy Point). It should be noted that temples of Mithras were officially known as Mithraeum and were constructed within or below an existing building. In a nutshell they were cuckoo temples. I can only state that no matter what you thought of the theories the PTB are literally renewing the Mithraeum, in honour of the God of contracts, in a massive modern financial Bloomberg temple. Well bugger me ridgid I’ll go to the top of our stairs!  I quote the New York Times.

“LONDON — It is the biggest development in this city’s buzzing financial district, and even Olympics-jaded Londoners call it grandiose: two bronze-and-stone towers, connected by sky-bridges atop the ruins of a 2,000-year-old Roman temple….. In one corner of the development sits the Temple of Mithras, Walbrook, a relic from London’s days under Roman rule. First uncovered in 1954, the temple, a sacrificial altar for an ancient religion, is being restored at Mr. Bloomberg’s expense. …Last month, a team of 55 archaeologists from the Museum of London were combing the temple site. Their efforts, paid for by Mr. Bloomberg, have turned up dozens of artifacts, including coins, pewter bowls, jewelry and, preserved just where it was found, a human skull. When the plaza is finished, visitors may descend from Bloomberg Place to view the temple in its original setting. The artifacts, however, become the property of Bloomberg L.P., spoils of an expanding modern-day empire.  (Source)

 Eh? Am I reading that right? Yes I am. Well it speaks for itself doesn’t it? Two Bronze and Stone Towers… atop the ruins of 2,000 year old temple (Mithras)… 55 Archeologists digging in the shit at Bloomberg’s expense just to provide him with ancient artifacts and human remains that were used in the original Temple?

Welly Welly Well then Ferris wheel spotters… What do you think about that little story? Can you understand what is occurring right under our noses (If you believe my theories)? Could it really be a coincidence that a company that has entirely connected the ‘world’s financial institutions’ more than any other entity, (Bloomberg LP)  has literally been allowed to build a modern ‘Bloomberg temple’ in this Roman area, not only that it is another coincidence that this building will officially incorporating the official Temple of Mithras within its grounds? Indeed who’s ground is it really? Mithras, being the Sun Diety that the Serpent created as middle-man god of contracts, was obviously there long before Bloomberg.  Well is it a coincidence?  I tell you it isn’t a coincidence and the situation of incorporating a replica temple within an ancient one that was put to you in 2009 is nearly upon us right under your nose, and that is indeed fact not theory. Maybe you may just start to believe me when this temple is in full operation?

Let’s consider some facts here for a moment, along with the theories of energy extraction, Bloomberg, a financial institution that links all other financial institutions around the world, is literally, right under the noses of the human race, incorporating itself with the official Temple of Mithras. (It’s a Fact)

In doing so I believe the entire building literally becomes the Temple of Mithras. YES? Therefore I’m here today to point out to you that the Bloomberg Square project itself is not just a smokescreen to fully restore the temple of Mithras and turn it into a ‘Temple of Mithras’, it is also, in its very existence, going to symbolically and physically connect global financial activity directly to it and therefore create a ‘World Temple of Mithras’ too. Well isn’t it? Isn’t Bloomberg globally connected to the vast majority of all the institutions in the financial world?

If you agree that Bloomberg is globally connected to the vast majority of institutions within the financial world, and please explain to me why you believe it isn’t if you don’t, then surely you would agree that any protests against the financial institutions would indeed also become at least symbolically connected to Bloomberg too?  Obviously if you agree with that then you must surely agree that any connection to Bloomberg would also be at least symbolically connected to the Temple of Mithras too?

If you do agree with that and also believe there is some credence in my energy theories then you will see why I actually mentioned the Temple of Mithras years ago eh? Because my friend I tell you the truth as I always have done, the Serpent is and will, symbolically, spiritually and physically, link all financial institutions to the London Temple of Mithras directly through its connection to Bloomberg. It will not only create a physical global centre. It will create a global centre of spiritual energy created through global protest too.

” Major global 5 sense financial activity is totally connected to Bloomberg, which will incorporate the Temple of Mithras, therefore major global financial activity, including spiritual energy created by physical protests against financial institutions will be connected to the Temple of Mithras too!”

The physical side of connection will come through a system called the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’, a system in which Bloomberg LP has been steadily building for a while to create a physical global connection to the London HQ and therefore the Temple of Mithras HQ.

I know it may sound silly at this time in 2013 but this ‘terminal’ will one day link up the entire globe to ‘Bloomberg’ UK (World Temple of Mithras) both physically and spiritually. By spiritually I mean that all the energy created through economic ‘protests’ physically carried out at Banks and Government buildings, like those mentioned in my articles about London and Cyprus, and things like Occupy Wall Street, will instantly become connected to the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’.  Therefore the spiritual energy that is created through the said economical protests against the banks, financial institutions and government buildings will also become connected to the Bloomberg ‘terminal’ and therefore the energy will be literally directed into the Temple of Mithras too. Again It is the Bloomberg Terminal that will be used to represent a physical connection and the Temple of Mithras will be used as the spiritual connection. The stupefied apes that protest, wallowing in their fear, reacting to their thoughts of self preservation and allowing their misled anger to rule them are none the bloody wiser to the real scam taking place

Can you see?

As I said earlier to someone in 2007 “ALL the worlds banks will be linked up to the same ancient Temple of Mithras by 2016” . I wrote about the Temple of Mithras and how the Serpent uses protests against us in 2009. I now say to you in 2013…  now you know Bloomberg and the Temple of Mithras are uniting to create a means to harness spiritual energy created through protests and emotions directed against the financial institutions.

What I say is true and protesting against the banks is futile and on a spiritual level the masses are simply requesting a renewed contract with the force that has enslaved them for thousands of years anyway!

“ALL the worlds financial institutions will be linked up to the same ancient Temple of Mithras by 2016” Matthew Delooze June 2013

Do you not believe me? Are you rolling about on the floor laughing too?  I don’t really care if you do or not to be honest. But please don’t remain a stupefied ape if you really don’t want to remain one.  The Serpent will have you dancing for eternity whilst you wallow in ego, vanity and self delusion, living a lie with every breath you take. I do not exaggerate. My friend if you don’t believe temples and churches were created to harness spiritual energy to ‘make gods happy’ then ask yourself why they are there.

Wake up it’s nearly time to go home!

I can only give you the message. I can’t make you believe me. I come in humility to deliver the messages I bring. Have you learned nothing? Have you forgotten everything?

Anyway… I ask friends to do their own research on the Bloomberg Square/Place developments and you will see, if you believe my theories that one of the biggest scams is now nearly upon the pathetically blind human race.  Behold the global temple of Mithras!! The temple of the Sun that requires the human race to sign a new contract. Sadly its the same contract as the old one.

I tell friends this now in case they are blindly dragged into protests ‘outside a bank’, or even just in their mind, in the future. This is simply because the bank they protest outside is probably a replica temple itself and it WILL definitely be linked to the Temple of Mithras via Bloomberg anyway!  You don’t even need to physically protest to become connected, if you think protest against the financial institutions you are in protest. The Serpent only requires you to think protest and feel it in your heart for you to be connected..

Remember this?….

“There is no such thing as a peaceful protest. If your heart was at peace you would not protest”
Matthew Delooze April 2009

I realise that some of the comments in this article above may seem over the top, but they won’t seem over the top when you see all the events unfold.  And that is the only reason I am saying these things today. It is to help you to see whats going on when things do fully unfold.

I tell friends again that the Serpent really WANTS the masses to protest against its banks and other replica temples at certain times and lets face it, the Serpent can create any protest at the drop of a hat anywhere it wants. It is never the protesters that start a protest… that is an illusion.

I can only say to you that so-called modern day protesters you see are not ‘awakening’ spirits or an awakening truth in my opinion. They are merely the same puppets they always have been, the only difference being is that different leaders are leading different followers in a different age. Different opinions and different causes are in operation but that is the only difference.

Indeed the vast majority of protesters you have seen on TV in many countries are not even part of any Truth Movement or collective shift, and they wouldn’t go anywhere near seeking any spiritual truths, they only see five sense security.  They are merely puppets that have been drawn into a protest via the very authorities they protest against.  Indeed recent demonstrations in Brazil, which surprisingly haven’t raised much mainstream TV coverage in the UK, were created by simply adding 20 pennies to the bus fares (after the usual oppressive ‘drip drip affect’ being in operation for many years, as I mentioned in my previous Mithras articles of course).

In my opinion these protesters are nothing to do with a mass awakening, they are everything to do with mass control and a covert agenda to raise human emotions and shepherd the energy created through the said raised emotions to Temples. The economic strains have been purposely created to start the protests. The masses attacking bank/government staff and fighting with police is exactly what the Serpent wants, this is because nothing raises emotions more effectively. Indeed the Serpent would happily watch you tear its agents to bits in riots as long it was outside official replica temples. It would simply replace those agents with those you believe are spurring you on to protest and overthrow. The Serpent literally has the entire planet in a ‘ready to protest’ mode (the drip drip affect). Sadly the so called truth movements leaders, if there is such a thing, will be inevitably become or already are controlled opposition. My friends we can’t protest against or get rid of an invisible force simply by smashing some windows and changing one regime for another. The invisible force simple controls the leaders of the next regime.

Again the Serpent controls all movements, small and large, and movement leaders can have stupefied apes in a frenzy and demonstrating on the relevant temple steps within hours. The Protest scenario is exactly what the Serpent wants.

Here look at the few pictures below. It is typical of very recent events in Brazil. Please just open your eyes and tell me if this is evidence of a mass spiritual ‘awakening’ and truth seeking or just another case of human emotional energy being ‘shepherded’ to a covert temple by the Serpent itself?

Look at the images, please use your eyes, we have come a long way, use your eyes. Are these people spiritually awake or have they actually been led to take their emotions to the replica temples? And maybe someone can explain why a country like Brazil has Roman/ Greek Style replica temples for government use anyway? It should also be noted that ancient public activities at the original temples, including sacrifices and meetings, always took place ‘outside’ the temples not inside them.


Sao Paulo: Replica Temple and protesters.


Rio: Replica Temple and protesters


Awakened Spiritual Protesters being ‘allowed’ to run riot on steps of the replica Temple they can’t even see.
 Even replica temples in Brazil are adorned with European occult symbolism

Again I say the Serpent has the masses in all countries ready to protest at its covert temples at a moments notice and indeed those that claim to be leading spiritual enlightenment and awareness encourage them to do so.

What do you think? Are the protests in Brazil a sign of mass spiritual awakening to the truth? Or are they simply people that have been prodded to protests by a drip drip process of oppression?

I’ll tell you that most of the ‘truthful’ awakening people in this ‘protest’ would sell their soul for $100 each and a new iPhone, nay most would sell it for far less. Indeed these people did just what the Serpent wanted and all for for a non-existent 20 cents. A non-existent 20 cents!!! The same scenario applies to all major protests, to all wars and revolutions in all countries. The people are simply puppets in an agenda they are blind too and they will continue to be puppets at the drop of a hat.

A smaller similar scenario took place in Istanbul just a couple of weeks ago too. It’s the same scam over and over again!!!

Sadly more and more people will be drawn into protests as more and more plugs to their bathtubs of comfort, as mentioned in my Singing Do Wah Diddy, are pulled right from between their legs.

Sadly such souls can only do what they always do and have always done (look after number one) and as the protests increase, and more and more comfort zone bubbles are popped, these souls will try and find a scam and lie (bandwagon jumping and self preservation) to make sure in their deluded minds that they will somehow remain an ‘I’m alright jack’. They will try to do this through creating another fake bubble of comfort for when their current fake bubble of comfort becomes woefully untenable. There is nothing truthful or spiritual about this and it will be done with guile and fakery just as any other time.

In a nutshell they will probably join a movement and more and more will probably PROTEST. It doesn’t really matter which movement fakers and liars join, even when really pushed to do so though, whatever movement they join will only become a movement based on the mentality that actually forms it. Indeed they will only create another similar movement to previous movements, how can they create anything else?

They could join the Truth Movement (The Lie Movement). It could be the New Age Movement too. Both those movements being just the same as any other movement in existence on this planet at this time. Most will simply join much larger lie movements though, such as anti/pro Islamic, anti/pro Christian or anti/pro Judean movements. They will be forced into or back into religion in other words.  It is indeed the main aim of the Serpent, to re-connected folks that will lose their comfort zones to religion/anti religions and protests against each other (Sun Worship), including anti war protests, and it is currently succeeding in doing so in my opinion. There is a large scale agenda to put Jesus’ Dad against Allah (Christian against Muslim) and this will only increase massively in the coming years.

Some folks that are currently having their comforts threatened will even join small so called ‘religious free’ protest groups, you know non-religious anti- Asian/ Anti-Jewish/ Anti-White movements, which are of course more religious than the religious movements anyway.

Maybe the less violent will join some other movement, fluffy bunny or whatever ‘protest’ group. Maybe an anti-Sooty and anti- Sweep protest movement over them wearing fur coats is on the cards? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. But I’d actually like to see a ‘Susie Quatro’s Arse Movement’ appear at some stage (At least that movement would be honestly appreciated and applauded by me, see I’m easily programmed too!)

The point being before we go any further, my friend, is that it really does not matter what movement you join or what silly label you staple onto yourself in a protest. ‘I am a truther’? don’t make me laugh. That statement is a lie to start with so what future does such a truth movement have?

It does not matter what flag you march under, it does not matter which silly deluded ‘anti this’ or ‘pro that’ movement you join either. And it really really does not matter which soapbox supporting ‘leaders’ you applaud to take your mind along with your money either. It really is only a matter of personal choice and no movement is any different to any other movement. It never has been and never will be. Each movement will call perceived opposite movements and even similar ones ‘wrong and deluded’. Each movement will believe it is the one true movement and therefore believe it is ‘right’. Just like all religions believe their God is the one true God then eh? Right?

The only thing most movements have totally in common is that their bodies and minds will be led to protest at the temple the Serpent wants them to protest at. That fact has to include the Truth/ New Age movements too then doesn’t it? Or is one of those movements the one true movement compared to all previous movements that have obviously failed us? So which movement is the real truth movement truther?  Is it Christianity from the Bible or is it the Alex Jones movement from info wars ( A.K.A The Hitler Haircut Movement?)

It is time to realise that ALL movements and ALL major protests have only ever served those that know universal laws and it is time to realise that ALL movements and ALL major protests simply feed the force that actually enslaves them.

Please consider the possibility that ‘all physical protests’ from all ‘movements’ will simply help create and form the apparatus to create human emotional energy and literally place it in temples (replica and real) and therefore feed and empower the force that enslaves mankind and has literally continually and vigorously done so by carrying out the same scam for thousands of years.

Indeed generation after generation of stupefied ‘enlightened apes’ have been blindly following one fake movement and its leaders after another fake movement and its leaders, and all have led the masses back to the exact same temples to worship entities they have no perception of. The human race has never progressed spiritually under any movement created by man.

The masses have followed such movements in good faith simply because they connected to the propaganda of the movement and the crafty guile of the leaders. This scenario applies both to the likes of Hitler and to the likes of Ghandi. There is no good and bad causes or bad movements, not  as far as those that join them are concerned anyway. And of course who decides what is a good or what is a bad movement anyway, because as far as humans go it is a simply a matter of personal opinion and spiritual calling. As far as the Serpent is concerned it controls all movements anyway.

These movement’s and their very charming pied pipers come in many shapes and sizes and have done for many years. All of them have changed absolutely NOTHING in the long term throughout history, either through their protesting, their revolutions, their wars or through anything else… and they never ever will do. The protests simply feed and empower our enslavers on an higher level, not only that they also feed and empower the protest leaders themselves on a lower level too, and that’s why this world is the rancid shithole it is today. At the end of the day it is always a case, as far as major protests against money are concerned, of raising energy levels and using the movements and the leaders to get that energy into the temples of the God representing ‘Contracts’. In other words its about creating a binding eternal covenant between the hidden rulers of this world, the Serpent Cult, and its stupefied slaves (us), and this covenant is endorsed by us simply showing the universe that we had the right to protest spiritually in this world and actually proved it by protesting at a temple of our rulers. It’s not too difficult to see the scam if you really want too. The difficulty only comes when you realise the full implications of the scam.

If we fail to raise our understandings and fail to rid ourselves of past traps and trickery involved then the vast vast majority of human beings in this world will live in eternal poverty and misery whilst at the same time literally wallow in eternal protest, eternal revolution and eternal war.

No one has to believe what I say in the Mithras writings, but I state again that all financial institutions will be linked to a World Temple of Mithras by 2016. I am not selling anyone anything. I have nothing to gain by publishing what I have written. I am not in business. If you think the Sun Temple of Mithras being created and being incorporated within Bloomberg is just a coincidence, or it means nothing anyway then that’s fine. If you believe anything more than short term individual satisfaction comes through protest then that’s fine with me, please believe that. Good luck to you.

I can only repeat that the Serpent wants us to protest where it wants us to protest. I can also only repeat that I believe these things actually enslave us. Sadly I believe human beings only ‘see’ and then continually seek to ratify their physical five sense comforts and that is why they are so easily duped. They can never see that they are spiritually enslaved and are eternally reincarnating.

I only ask those that connect with the Mithras information, those who’s ears prick up on such news, to take it in and know now that your ears will prick up further over this matter in the future. The news in this article was sent with good intentions. It is sent to help not hinder and I assure you it was not easy to receive it or to pass it on.

It’s time for me to go again. So until I return, with more ‘tales from a fruitcake’,  I can only humbly suggest that if your heart seeks spiritual freedom then truly let your heart seek spiritual freedom and if your heart desires the ways of this world then let it truly have the ways of this world.

Whatever it seeks or desires…

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze 30th June 2013

Through the Kitchen Window

Through the Kitchen Window

DSC01695 copy

 By Matthew Delooze

I was really struggling to sleep one night recently and I decided to get out of bed and go for a drink. I was fumbling in the dark because I didn’t want to turn the light on because my eyes are very sensitive and I didn’t want to dazzle myself as I knew I’d end up squinting like a demented Japanese bloke who was giving someone the shit eye.

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Through the Kitchen Window

Through the Kitchen Window

DSC01695 copy

 By Matthew Delooze

I was really struggling to sleep one night recently and I decided to get out of bed and go for a drink. I was fumbling in the dark because I didn’t want to turn the light on because my eyes are very sensitive and I didn’t want to dazzle myself as I knew I’d end up squinting like a demented Japanese bloke who was giving someone the shit eye.

Mind you I opened the fridge door and was blinded just by the little light inside the fridge and I did end ended up looking just like feared. Anyway I squinted and clumsily fumbled about and somehow grabbed a bottle of orange juice. I then turned my back on the light and downed a few big gulps of the cold drink. I had my eyes shut. I felt the orange juice go inside me and refresh me, so much so that when I removed the bottle from my mouth I let out a big aaahhhh sound of satisfaction. I opened my eyes again. When I did so I immediately saw my own image reflection in the kitchen window because of the light from the open fridge.

I stared at my reflection because the shadows and darkness of the night made me look rather spooky. You know what I mean? It was like like when you stick a lighted torch under your chin and make a scarey face in the dark. (Not that I need a torch to do that these day!)

For some reason, and I really don’t know what made me do it, I started moving my head around like I was exercising my neck and when I did so my reflection turned very weird. Mind you it was quite entertaining too. I noticed the light coming from the fridge was literally creating optical illusions so, with the fridge door behind me I started swinging it open and then shutting it, which created rather spectacular effects considering the basic apparatus involved.

If there had have been any music playing it would have been like a bloody arty farty pop video. Not that I looked a pop star in my cheap vest and underpants.

In fact when I fully opened the fridge door it reflected on an old brass plaque I have on the wall and that somehow created a hall of mirrors effect on the window too. Indeed it reminded me, vest and undies aside, of an old Queen video and I mean the Bohemian Rhapsody video not a video of me looking like an old Queen. I’m sure most people in the world will have seen the Bohemian Rhapsody video over the years.

I moved my head from side to side. The images I created were quite surreal. Indeed they sent me a bit dizzy and my eyes were struggling to focus on what I was seeing.

As I opened and closed the door my face changed  to something like this…

Bohemian-Rhapsody-vid-2I saw my reflection change like something like this

My face changed in the window and I was seeing different faces appear around me. I started to feel even more queezy but I couldn’t seem to stop myself messing around with the apparatus. I continued to dance around opening and shutting the door to create images and then I’d just stand still again. When I opened the door fully and stood still I somehow became four faces like in the Queen video like this…


I became four faces when the light reflected in a certain way

I must have spent a full ten bloody minutes prancing around in my underwear playing silly games with the fridge door, changing my reflection in the kitchen window.  When I looked at the four faces of myself I noticed some each face changed in a clockwise direction, the four faces were like in a clock position, you know like some clocks just have the numbers  3, 6, 9 and 12.

My four faces seemed to change in a clockwise direction even though they were all the same reflection. It was like my 3 o’clock face started off as the broken wreck I am, but my image seemed to improve at the 6 o’clock position. The same thing occurred at the 9 o’clock position and when I looked at the image in the 12 o’clock position I’m hardly bloody recognisable as a wreck I am at the 3 o’clock position.

I was literally in trance looking at the four faces that I had created of myself. I tried to focus on the 12 o’clock face. I knew it was an image from the past. I also realised the 3’oclock image was me now. I stared again at my 12 o’clock face and it appeared to grin at me. I thought I was seeing things and then it bloody winked at me as though to say remember me do ya?  I was stood there stunned. I felt like I was on an Aya journey. The other three faces seemed blurred in comparison as my focus was totally on the 12’oclock face.

Then all of a sudden, because of the reaction of the juice I’d swigged down, I burped and farted. It was loud enough to wake the the dead and it brought brought me quickly out of my self induced trance. I immediately thought “What the bloody hell are they putting in the orange juice these days”  Well what would you have thought if you’d experienced such a thing?  I looked at the window again there was nothing there at all. Nothing. I started moving my head around again. Nothing. I opened and closed the fridge door. Nothing.

When I fully came to my senses I suddenly realised I was out of my bed in the middle of the night,  stood in the dark and the freezing cold with a bottle of orange juice in my hand. Not only that I was stood there prancing around with one grey haired testicle dangling out of my pathetic ill fitting cheap underpants.

My attention was drawn to the label on the bottle in my hand and I got a strong strange feelings inside my chest and I seemed to hold my breath inside me and get a glowing feeling. It was a Deja Vu feeling as though someone was telling me something.  Here is a photo of the label of the drink I swallowed.


The label that gave me strange feelings…

Anyway. I put the bottle of orange juice back in the fridge. I closed the door and then I staggered and fumbled my way back to my bed in the cold and in the dark. My thirst satisfied. I felt myself warm up and I must have fallen asleep within minute.

I fell into a dream-state. It began by seeing a long path. I realised straight away that I had literally walked up this path in real life just a few months ago but I was now looking down on it from above this time. I actually seemed to float down and land on top of the hill.

DSC01695 copy

The Path to Thera (top centre to right)

The part of the hill in which I landed led to another smaller path that had to to be taken to get up another hill to an ancient place called Thera. Again I had previously walked this path to reach ancient Thera on a visit to Santorini in 2012. I recognised it straight away because of steps I took.

The path I walked in 2012


Once I reached the top of the path I remembered this symbol. It was on a stone at the end of the smaller path. Iknew then i really was revisiting Thera. It was this one.

thera The image on the stone

I carried on walking down the path and realised I wasn’t revisiting the ruins I had seen on my recent trip to ‘Santorini’ I was actually ‘seeing’ the real ancient Thera as it once was. I was walking through Thera in its former glory. I wasn’t seeing ruins I was seeing it in it in its full splendor.

There were magnificent looking buildings all along the pathway and it was like I knew them well. I was feeling very tired and I felt like I was struggling for breath. I eventually reached the top of the path and it looked like I’d reached the summit. I walked through a splendid looking door as though I knew exactly where I was going. It was like I actually lived there or at least knew it well. (That said I feel I wouldn’t have known this place unless I had visited it myself recently)

I then went into a room and saw a man and he was lying on some sort of bed, in some sort of a smart homely looking place. The man looked very very ill and very frail.  I looked at the man and it was obvious that he was very close to death. I tried to talk to the man but he was oblivious to my presence. Then I noticed a lady had entered the room, she was wearing a long silk robe and wearing shiny jewelery. She came and stood over the man that was dying on the bed. She too was oblivious to me being there. It was obvious I was just seeing events.

She was a very beautiful and very healthy looking woman. She had a beautiful smile. She had pity in her eyes for the man on the bed and this made me feel very sad. The man on the bed tried to speak to the lady but he simply couldn’t, he was too weak. The lady then started walking around the bed and humming some kind of hippy sounding tune like she was carrying out some kind of a ceremony. I presumed it was some sort of death ceremony, like a last rites sort of thing. The woman was chanting away and her humming seemed to affect the man. He seemed stirred by the ladies actions. Her humming and chanting seemed to affect me too, it literally charmed me and I felt strange. I immediately realised that I had a strong spiritual bond to the lady and I felt a sort of telepathic bonding with the man on the bed too.

It actually felt like I had some sort of spiritual schizophrenia going on in me and it was like my soul was literally splitting in two. I could feel the connection with the man, like he was part of me and I was part of him. The lady kept humming a tune and chanting and the more she did so the weirder I felt. I started to feel so sorry for the man on the bed and as I looked at him and my emotions increased he suddenly seemed to realise I was actually present in the room. He somehow realised I was visiting him and he smiled at me. It was just like he had been expecting me to arrive at that time. It was obvious that the beautiful lady still couldn’t see me though and she was humming and chanting away like there was no tomorrow walking around the bed that the man was on.

The man then raised his hand and beckoned me towards him. I then felt helpless and I was literally automatically drawn towards the man. I couldn’t resist the beckoning and I approach him like in a trance and then somehow just as I tried to touch the hand that beckoned me I somehow magically entered into the man’s body, just like I was a ghost. It was like I floated into him and I was now wearing him like I’d don and wear a jacket.

I then literally became the man on the bed and I was now looking through his eyes.

I saw that the beautiful lady was far more real to me now it was like I’d somehow entered another world through the body of this man. The lady looked at me and she seemed to know I had arrived in this man’s body, as though she’d expected me. She instantly stopped humming her tunes and smiled at me, her eyes wide open in glee. She then produced a mirror from somewhere and showed me my face or should I say she showed me both my faces so to speak. My face and the face of the man that had been dying because the reflection on the mirror showed two faces alternating from one to the other. It was a bit like watching the Godley and Crème video ‘Cry’ if you know what I mean but only showing the same two faces changing places.

IT was like I was seeing my 3 o’clock face and my 12 o’clock face from my kitchen window again.

I wanted to ask the lady what was going on but I struggled to speak any words in my new body, so to speak, my tongue wouldn’t move and when I really tried to splutter some words out the lady stopped me by putting her finger over my lips in the shussshhh position. The lady stopped me trying to speak.

She then walked over to a mask that was hanging on the wall. It was a strange gold looking mask. She put it on over her face and it fitted her like a glove would. The lady then walked over to me, bent over me, and kissed me whilst she was wearing the mask. I still felt her lips through the mask.

As soon as that kiss hit me I instantly felt a powerful healing force enter my body and start to trickle through me. I suppose the best way to describe it would be by saying it was like taking a sup of brandy and feeling a glow go down inside me, warming me all the way down to my stomach, but I must add that the Brandy feeling was spreading all over my body too. I was literally tingling all over.

This lovely feeling eventually reached my neck and then flow fully into my face and head. I was literally in complete awe of the sensations I was feeling. I looked at the lady again and she had remover her mask and I could see her face alternating into two different images just like mine had done in the mirror she had previously showed me.

The lady then whispered in my ear, in a lovely soothing voice, she said “Welcome” she then said  “We had been waiting a long time for you to come here” “The Rain is in me now”

I tried to speak to her and get an explanation from her as to what was going on, but she simply placed her finger on my lips again. I simply couldn’t speak anyway. It was like my tongue was being operated on.  She then grabbed my hands and pulled me up off the bed. She got me on my feet and led me outside of the building.  She was still supporting me because I was so weak.

I was then taken to the edge of the cliff face and told to look out to sea. The view was amazing.

IMG_0727Part of the view from Ancient Thera today

The lady looked at me and smiled. She then pointed out to sea and said “look at what is coming”. I stared out to sea and couldn’t see anything apart from the blue sea and the blue sky. I looked at the lady in confusion and put my arms up to indicate I could see nothing. The lady pointed her finger out towards the horizon again and sort of jabbed her finger out in a look again you blind fool sort of way. So I looked again. I could just about see what appeared to be a large flock of birds in the distance and they appeared to be coming towards the Island and the mountain I was stood on.

It was a magnificent and enigmatic sight.

bird formation

I saw something like this in distance but on a much larger scale.

As the birds approached they seemed to glisten and sparkle and they mesmerise me. Then they appeared to move in formation like a Mexican wave would. I stared and stared at the birds and as the ‘wave’ got closer I tried to focus on just one bird. It was only as that bird got closer and closer and larger and larger that I realised it was not a bird. They were not birds at all. They were not birds in any shape or form… they were men. They were men.

They were men flying in the sky!

And I saw that these men were gliding around like very skilled eagles but they had no wings, they were simply flying in the sky on what looked like circular surfboards. They were literally surfing the air. I suppose the best way of describing them is as large subbuteo players stood on discs. I know that sounds daft but that’s the first thing that came into my mind and I assure you its not as daft as me dancing with my fridge in my kitchen and looking at my own reflection in the window. So again these flying men resembled giant subbuteo men and they were stood on circular surfboards.


As daft as it sounds or looks, this is how the flying surfers appeared to me.

They approached the Island at great speed and literally dazzled me. They were darting about in all four directions. North, South, East and West and the sound was like a massive wind blowing them. There was no engine sounds just a powerful wind sound. I started giggling uncontrollably as they zoomed around the mountain of Ancient Thera in a playful but very powerful manner. They seemed to create the sound of wind as they moved about. They created a whooshing sound.

The men were about seven or eight feet tall and the subbuteo style bases they stood on, the circular surfboards, appeared about twelve feet in diameter.

I could clearly see that all the men wore white robe type uniforms, like Roman Togas. It really was a sight to behold and but my eyes couldn’t keep up with the airshow. I felt part of such power. I then realised the ‘surfboards’ they were stood on resembled ‘golden’ circular disc-shaped machines. I felt a strong connection and I literally wanted to get on one of these machines and fly around the sky too.

Then one of the flying men then zoomed towards me and stopped still in mid air about 15 feet above my head. I could see an image that was stamped on the bottom of their flying discs, like a logo or designers label or even the identification plate on a car, if you like.

It was exactly the same image as the replica Assyrian seal I received in a village near my home town a few years ago. I used the image on the cover of Is It Me For A Moment – Breaking the Serpent’s Spell?  This is the image that was stamped on the flying discs.

This image was on the flying discs.

There were now literally thousands of men whizzing around on these discs playing games and showing off, just like modern-day boy riders would do. The men looked like were all full of health like  divine athletes would look in a way.  They were now zooming around the sky over entire coastline of the island at great speed, just like motorbikes would on a racetrack on the ground. I was giggling like a kid. The whole atmosphere was electric and I knew these flying men meant business and although they were playing comical games in the sky I knew they were not here to play games. I was laughing uncontrollably as they whizzed around my head.

The beautiful lady that had led me out to see these magnificent things also smiled and laughed and giggled with me too.

Then a man came up to me from nowhere and stood at the side of me and put his hand on my shoulder. This man was wearing robes, which were embossed with an image of the same bird I saw on the way up. His said name was Illias and he looked exactly like a man I had previously met in Kamari in Santorini, who was also called Illias.

I tried to talk to him but couldn’t. He smiled at me and simply pointed upwards. I looked up just as one of the men one of the flying machines was landing. It didn’t actually land it just hovered above the ground. The man that had been stood on it stepped off it and put his arm out as to invite me to board it. I felt too weak to climb on board. Illias told me he was a strong man and he picked me up in fireman’s lift mode and carried me to the hovering disc.

He seemed to just jump on board and then he placed me on my feet. As soon as my feet ‘touched’ the surfboard type machine it immediately changed into a much larger machine. The disc type surfboard base was just a façade, it was really a front hiding a massive machine. I don’t know how but in reality the flying disc I had stood on was really only a doorstep to a large invisible ship. You could only see this once you actually stepped on the disc. It was still a flying machine but its appearance was now literally like being in a large luxury type themed airship. It was literally like a large hotel.

IIlias smiled at me as I tried to work out where I was and he simply told me to follow him. I suddenly felt fully fit and healthy. I followed him to a room that had a large curtains across one wall. He opened the curtains and he revealed what appeared to be a movie screen, but it wasn’t a movie screen really it was just a large window. The window was an observation deck so to speak.

I was then led to a chair to sit in and given a drink from an ornamental fountain. I was really thirsty and I gulped the drink down and was immediately poured another one and then another one. I was told the drink would help me and I was happy to drink it down.

I was then flown at great lightening speed to several places around the globe that I had previously visited on foot. I was shown myself at these locations and I instantly remembered what I had seen and done at these locations It was like I was a passenger in some sort of test drive scenario. One minute I was revisiting South America the next I was revisiting Israel. I was shown myself in Egypt and in Cyprus.

I was told the the ship was being steered and powered by energy lines on the planet and the ship had to follow certain routes in a similar system to the way modern airlines have to use flight paths. But the ship could visit previous events and visit events in the future too.

I was then shown in detail certain events that had taken place on the planet in various places. I was then shown some people and I witnessed their behaviour.

I was then taken to a table that had a large book placed on it. Illias opened the book and showed me  several images which immediately reminded me of some of the images I was shown in my childhood. I wept at some of the scenes.

Illias said “Do You See?” I said “Yes”. Illias said “Will You Write And Speak Of What You See” I said “Yes” I felt like I was somehow renewing an oath I made in childhood. If I was then I have.

Within an instant of saying those things Illias closed the books and led me out of the ship. I was soon stood back on the disc, the deceptive front door of the ship so to speak, and the beautiful lady was still stood where I had left her. I stepped down off the disc. I was back on the mountain top of Thera. I could speak to the lady now. I felt rejuvenated and my tongue was healed.

The Sky was absolutely full of men stood on these discs. I looked at them with different eyes now because I knew their secret.

The lady looked at me and asked me to give her my hands. She took hold of me by my wrists and she clapped both of my hands together. For some reason, like a magic trick, they made a very loud noise. The noise literally echoed around the sky like a thunder clap and as it did so the men on the  discs immediately lined up in a sort of formation in the sky, just like some army would stand to attention when on land.

They formed some sort of geometric formation, like some kind of a massive glistening symbol. I was blinded by the sheer dazzle and the sheer power on display.

The atmosphere was unbelievable. I then started to hear trumpets play, it was just a simple five note tune that kept continually repeating itself, but the sound got louder and louder, the amount of trumpets grew in number and the tune started echoing around the sky. It was the same tune being continually played by different sections of the formation and the sounds bounced off each section  and they all came together like some massive divine orchestra was at work. Eventually it sounded like a million men were sounding the trumpets. I suppose it was like a massive multilevel fox hunt or Tally Ho type of thing was taking place. It was absolutely magical and my very soul knew this sight meant something very big.

The lady and I then hugged each other on the spot and we both danced around. It was like we were piggies in the middle and we were literally part of uniting the past and the future. The lady grabbed my hands and clapped them together again.

The trumpets suddenly stopped and the men on discs started to retreat back to the horizon. I watched them disappear into the distance. They then vanished into thin air. I looked around in despair trying to get another glimpse of them. My heart sank.

I asked the lady where they had gone and told her I felt very sad. She said they are still there but I cannot see them. “They cannot be seen again until they are allowed to be seen again”.  I was then told they would reappear when they could and they themselves really cannot wait for that day to come quick enough. I was told the people that wanted to see them appear in the future would be given eyesight to see them appear. There would be eyesight for the blind, if the blind actually wanted to see again.

I knew the lady was telling me the truth.

The lady looked at me and I suddenly felt very weak again. I felt faint. She took me back indoors and told me to lay on the bed that I had previously laid on and as I did she whispered ‘farewell’ to me in my ear. She then started chanting and humming again. I felt sick and very dizzy. The lady got the mirror again but it just reflected my face it was not reflecting two faces as it had done previously. I then felt myself immediately floating out of the man’s body in the same way I had previously entered it… like a bloody ghost, like I was removing my jacket.  I was suddenly in the third party again. I knew the lady could no longer see me. I knew the dying man had let me use his body to be shown what I was shown.

I stood there and watched the lady get a sheet from a chest and then watched her start covering the man on the bed with it. I got a glimpse of the dead man’s face before the lady covered it. I was shocked to see that the man on the bed was me.

I awoke with a jolt, I was burning up and sweating. I ran into the kitchen for a drink….

I thank you for reading about my dream.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 9th June 2013.

Copyright(c) Matthew Delooze 2013. All Rights Reserved.