“The Parable of the Dirty White Van (2009)” (Explained 2012)

“The Parable of the Dirty White Van (2009)” (Explained 2012)


By Matthew Delooze

Hello folks, I have been asked a few times about my parables. I wrote the Parable of the Dirty White Van in 2009. I repost it below but I provide one explanation of it below it. Hope it helps you!…..

The Parable of the Dirty White Van

I had just been to the opticians after many years of putting it off, and for the first time in my life I had got some spectacles. I was driving down the road and had to pull up at some traffic lights. I noticed I was a few yards behind a large dirty white van. It had French number plates on it. Someone had written something in the dirt on the back doors of the van. You know what I mean? Lots of jokers write stuff on dirty cars, especially on filthy white vans.  Terms like ‘wash me ‘ or ‘also in white’ etc. You will know what I mean won’t you? This white van was really dirty but I could see some sort of verse had been written in its filth. Anyway I inched forward because I knew I would be able to read it with my new glasses on.

Well this large van had ‘Shuusshh Asylum Seekers Sleeping Inside Please Do Not Disturb’ written in the dirt. Well I started giggling about it and I realised that I wouldn’t have even seen the sign without wearing my new glasses. I stopped laughing at the joke when I thought about what I would do if the sign was true and there really were asylum seekers asleep in the back of the dirty white van.  Anyway the lights changed and off we both went. I was following the dirty white van down the road.

 Whilst driving on down the road I couldn’t stop thinking about the words on the vehicle’s doors and I started to imagine that if there really were asylum seekers sleeping inside the van then wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to knock on the van and tell the asylum seekers they had probably now reached their desired destination, and it was time they thought of getting out of the filthy van. After all they obviously needed someone to tell them that they had arrived at their perceived place of asylum (England), and because I had been the one that saw the sign, because I was wearing my new glasses, I thought maybe it was my job to actually wake them up.  Surely the driver of this van didn’t know he had asylum seekers in the van. The driver was obviously using the van to make a living and the asylum seekers only hid in the van to try to reach a place of asylum. Surely they didn’t want to spend the rest of their life anonymously in the back of a filthy white van, living without a clue where they actually were I thought?

 I pondered on that very thought for a moment and decided that if I did bang on the doors to wake them up then surely those asleep would be grateful to me for waking them. Maybe they would thank me for telling them that they don’t have to cower in the back of a van any longer. Maybe I would be a hero for waking these people up and maybe they would cheer me?

 Then I thought hang on a minute, maybe if I did bang on the doors and try to wake them they might think I was really the authorities and attack me for doing something they didn’t want me to do, after all they were nice and safe in their smelly dirty white van. No one really knew who each other were or where they had came from, but they felt safe wallowing in the dirt together.

  Maybe if I did bang on the van doors my actions would only have left them cowering in fear behind the said door, after it was their only world now. I started to worry over what I really should do about it and it was all because I could now see signs that I couldn’t see before.  If I hadn’t been to the opticians I wouldn’t have even seen how dirty the van was or even noticed the writing on the doors. Maybe if I banged on the doors or even opened the doors they would thump and kick me and run past me. I thought maybe they would spit and hiss at me because they see me as their perceived enemy. I didn’t fancy that, but was prepared to risk it.

What was I to do? I started regretting actually wearing my glasses and wondered if I hadn’t lost my vanity, and gone to the opticians, I wouldn’t have even known there were even some folks asleep, in their own little world, behind those van doors.

I worried and I fretted over the fate of these asylum seekers. My heart decided that I should help them but because I was hesitant the van had simply got away from me, further down the road and a large lorry was between us, blocking my view. The white van then sped off because the lorry slowed me down and it was soon out of my reach. I couldn’t bang on the van doors now, even if I wanted too. The asylum seekers, if indeed there were any ‘real’ asylum seekers in such a vehicle, were obviously going to be left fast asleep in the back.

I pondered on my dithering, my cowardice and my failures and I was kicking myself for letting the dirty white van get out of my reach.

  It stayed on my mind and that very same night I had a dream in which I saw the white van again. I saw the sign on the doors again. But then, in my dream, I put on some bigger aviator type glasses on and I floated up in to the sky and the big dirty white van became nothing but a dot and as I floated further and further upwards the scene changed in to a big dirty planet Earth.

 The sleeping asylum seekers in the back of the van had changed into the entire human race. The whole bloody dirty planet was full of asylum seekers. Yes, instead of me being a few yards behind a dirty white van I was now up hundreds of miles in the heavens looking down on millions of dirty asylum seeking people. It was the same scenario but different ‘dirty’ vehicles sort of thing.

 Anyway… because of my eyesight I could clearly see that Mount Everest had a massive words carved in the rock, illuminated with massive spotlights, that read “Shusshhh, Truth Seekers Sleeping Below Please Do Not Disturb’”

The dream started fading and I came back down on Earth. I gathered my thoughts and instantly remembered the single dirty white van and I remembered the poor asylum seekers too. I remembered the large lorry blocking the road between the van and my vehicle. I vowed never to get stuck behind that bloody lorry next time. I remembered the driver speeding off up the road, with a load of asylum seekers asleep in the back of the van. I thought next time I see a situation like that I won’t hesitate to open the door. BUT it will not be the dirty back door with jokes written on it, it will be the drivers door that I open. I shall let the asylum sleepers really sleep if that is what they really want, but I will for sure not ever hesitate to open the drivers door and ask them who the hell is paying them and where they are actually taking the passengers. I think I owe them that much!

Matthew Delooze 2009

The Parable of the Dirty White Van Explained (2012).

(Well one level of it anyway!)

 The optician represents a healer and eventually receiving the the glasses cured the spiritually blind. ‘I’ and Matthew symbolically mean the seer and the sight is a gift from god/oneness (Not me personally it applies to all). All these things come together (red traffic light means epiphany/sudden direction) The ‘Van’ represents the ‘a temple’ of religion or the ‘truth movement’. White means it is good on the whole but Dirty means it is tarnished and corrupted with some bad intent. ‘It is Dirty’. OK?

The asylum seekers represent the god seekers in a temple or truth seekers inside the truth movement.  The asylum seekers temple worshippers and  are seeking truth/redemption.  The driver of the van earns wages driving the truth seekers to the the place of their perceived truth/redemption. The driver represents a high ranker in the truth movement or a high priest in a temple. OK?

The Do Not Disturb sign on the van was written by the asylum seekers. (truthers or god seekers/worshippers). The ‘jokers’ are faithless members within the truthers/ temple worshippers themselves. OK?

 The Seer sees the sign and questions the situation and decides what they can to do about it. The seer doubts the asylum seekers will accept the help gained through the seer’s glasses and ponders on whether to awaken them by banging on the door or not.

 The lorry that gets between the seer represents a ‘heavy load’ of spiritual baggage, and it becomes a road/path blocker. It represents the ‘Earthy’ obstacles in the way of the seer truly intervening and actually awakening the sleeping ‘asylum seekers’ in the ‘van’. OK?

The van and asylum seekers disappearing up the road represents that they are actually driven away from sight by the driver of the white van. (The high ranker in the truth movement/high priest).

The dream is a place of unrestricted awareness (No Earthy baggage) The ‘aviator’ glasses represent the right to see such things. They are means of a higher level of spiritual sight. (Seeing the bigger picture). Noticing Mount Everest represents a massive challenge, the biggest in this world. OK?

 The sign on Mount Everest was written by the controllers of the human race and represents the current true collective consciousness of mankind.

After the dream the seer decides that the best course of action to help ALL sleeping asylum seekers/ truthers and worshippers, is to actually ask the drivers (Priests/high rankers) of ALL the vans (Movements /Temples), that All asylum seekers are actually sleeping in and hiding in, where they are are actually taking them.

Thank You

 Matthew Delooze 13th March 2012


 I wrote most of this parable in 2009. I have now provided it with an explanation and it is now the second parable of mine that I have explained in 2012. The first I ‘explained’ being the Parable of the Drunken Man.

I sincerely hope you get something out of these two parables. They were sent in the past with the best of intentions and they are now explained with the same sincerity in 2012 too. It is just something I have to do.

I realise a lot of people will not give my parables a second thought, they certainly didn’t the first time around, but I’d humbly and truly say it would be to their loss to do so now in my opinion.

I write on many levels, each level having different meanings at the same time. I have always done so. If you can read the parable now then you should figure out that my other writings were/are written in the same way.  (Or I’m simply round the bloody twist and living in cloud cuckoo land!) I find that most truthers simply seek out a few lines of sensationalism or gossip. They are not really ‘truthers’ at all.

“The truthers seek the turds from a Yeti to prove the Yeti lives, yet they would kill the Yeti and eat it if they found the actual Yeti” Therefore let us hope the truthers never ever find the Yeti eh?

Anyway, I don’t mind being round the bloody twist as long as I reach the people I am after reaching.  I  have come a long way to reach them and written many titles too. Indeed, symbolically, I  had to Spit Out The Feathers of the Benu Bird a long, long, long time before I suggested anyone else did. If I hadn’t I couldn’t provide such writings. Bloody hell it’s so long ago even those walking around in the days of Noah remember stories about spitting out the feathers of the Benu bird.

 But there is always a problem when writing on many different levels and that is simply because you have to ‘see’ on different levels first, or at least be guided. Another problem is that those who cannot even read on different levels will never ever know that different levels of writing actually exist.

  “They would never actually see the dirty white van, never mind the see the writing on it ” 

Therefore the bigger meaning being displayed might as well be on another planet.  So even the basic understanding of parables is wasted if the author does not explain them, or indeed if the reader cannot be bothered to attempt to read above the level of the  mind numbing education they received in this shit hole of a world. These people will never understand Matthew Delooze or those that sent him. (Even if it were only the fairies at the bottom of the garden that sent him). I can on one level show how uneducated I am, but that only shows the educated how clever they really are.

Anyway, thank you for spending time with me on the Parable of the Dirty White Van. I can only advise, with a big heart and an outstretched arm, that if you are a real asylum seeker that you actually ‘wake up’ for a few minutes. If you can then please focus your eyes and open your mouth and ask the driver of your dirty white van (Doesn’t matter who’s van it is) where they are actually taking you. You may find if you get a true answer that you don’t really want to go to that place and there is no asylum to be found there at all.  You may find its bloody well quicker to walk too! Sometimes you have to want ‘to do a Dorothy Gale’ and truly say there really is no place like home, but only if that is where you really want to go.

To the phony authorities I say Behold the Parables that come from the true authority that sent me.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze. 13th March 2012.