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At What Price Comes the Daughter of Zion?

 At What Price Comes the Daughter of Zion?


By Matthew Delooze

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion.
When the wicked carried us away in captivity…
…Requiring of us a song…
Now how shall we sing the lords song in a strange land?
Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart
be acceptable in thy sight here tonight”
From the song Rivers of Babylon by Boney M (and Psalm 137)

Hello folks,

This article is mainly for people who already know my work.

Obviously 2012 will soon be on all of our individual minds therefore our collective consciousness will be ‘programmed’ more intensely as that year approaches. This is no coincidence. It is obvious to even the most ignorant human drone on the planet that 2012 will be used for many rituals involving the Sun. Most of my work is based on the exploitation of the energy created through Sun Worship.  As we approach 2012 the illuminati section of the Serpent Cult will bombard the minds of the human race with symbolism linking Sun symbolism, in its many forms, with the Year 2012.

In this little stop gap article I would like to briefly mention the Sun symbolism that is starting to appear on ‘coins’ connected to the Olympics (Sun Worship) and 2012.

Those few that know of the work contained in my book, Is it me for a moment – breaking the serpent’s spell, will remember that I fully explained the use of money in society and the reason behind the symbolism and figureheads place on it.

So it came of absolutely no surprise to me to see the Serpent Cult created sun monuments along with the Queens ‘face’ appearing on commemorative coins. Please look at some early examples below. These three coins are the ONLY ones minted so far there are many others to follow.


Serpent Cult Symbolism and Sun Icons ‘worshipped through money’- Angel of the North


Serpent Cult Symbolism and Sun Icons ‘worshipped through money’- Big Benben


Serpent Cult Symbolism and Sun Icons ‘worshipped through money’- Stonehenge

The Serpent Cult literally survive and prosper by you worshipping and accepting their idols and icons and placing idols and icons on coins and notes makes it a double whammy deception for them.

It is no secret that I have pointed out my beliefs as to why certain monuments or symbolic buildings are in place in certain locations. I have explained, in previous writings, the use of monuments at events like Christmas and New Year celebrations and I have explained other uses such as the marking of energy lines for extraction of energy and for use in protest marches, meeting places and of course rock/pop concerts. This information was of course given to you back when you didn’t have a bloody clue that your mind was actually full of shit anyway and you thought you were free. So let me remind you.

I even pointed out the symbolism behind the ‘Ferris wheel’ many times and I’m sure, despite the ridicule involved, that the Ferris wheel will be a ‘major player’ in the 2012 Games. The Serpent Cult cannot make their rituals valid without using it. I’m also sure it will be officially displayed either in coins or badges or some other sort attraction symbolism.

We can only wait and see. Please keep your eyes open even if you think the symbolism behind such things are silly. You may surprise yourself when you actually cotton on to what is going on. I hope that day is sooner rather than later.

Anyway, despite the blatant use of sun worship symbolism in the coins already planned (Pictured above)…  Big Ben (Sun Obelisk) Stonehenge (Sun temple/circle) and the Angel of the North (Sun goddess (winged Isis) I would say that the most ‘symbolic’ coin published so far for the 2012 Olympics is not going to be a commemorative coin, like those examples above, that will be being displayed in the Temple of Mithras (Bank of England) It is going to be another coin, hidden right under your noses, that will take on massive symbolic significance and put in to full circulation. Again those that have read my opinions on money in my book will know why i think circulation of coins is important.

Indeed in my opinion it is a nine-year-old girl that has officially created the ‘most symbolic coin’ created to date that is to be linked to the 2012 Olympics. Although the symbolism on the coins already shown to you is very important it does not lace the boots of the symbolism on the 50p coin that will circulate this land in 2010.

Let me also say before we go further that I do not like to see children being used as excuses for the Serpent Cult to ‘display’ and promote occult symbolism and I don’t like to see them used to attract the minds of other children to it either. This young beautiful little girl is innocent its just her talents and symbolism that are exploited. I’m not suggesting for a moment that the little girl knows anything at all about the symbolism behind the event.

Indeed the symbolism I’m about to show you, as silly as it may appear on a five sense level, is actually being created through ‘the will of the people’. The people are officially sanctioning it in other words.

This symbolism was actually officially chosen through the public, through public funded TV, therefore we sanctioned it. Indeed those that read my stuff on the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent may remember that I said the public were literally choosing, through their free will, official Pied Piper Celebrities that will be used to officially attract them to events in the future. We are creating the means to enslave us through our own free will.  The scenario with the 50p coin I am going to show you is based on exactly the same principles.

I have thought long and hard before mentioning and showing this information. That’s not because I’m bothered about being ridiculed about the said information mind.  Laugh at it if you want. It’s your own spiritual imprisonment you laugh at not mine.


Blue Peter (BBC) had chosen the design of a coin allegedly created by ‘Florence Jackson’ (Aged 9). It is to be officially minted and circulated.  Here is a picture of the coin created by Florence and Blue Peter. OK?


The coin selected by Blue Peter and created by the ‘Public’.

  You can see the image of a high jumper and you also see the ‘2012 logo’ above the falling man I take it? Obviously the numbers / figures on the vest of the jumper are ambiguous too.

Despite its low key appearance I believe the symbolism on the coin, even on a basic level, represents something on a par with the Tau Cross.  Obviously the Tau Cross and others associated with the same symbolism is linked to the ‘resurrection of the Sun Gods’.

I suppose those with more mystical minds or even a few self-perceived psychics out there may see the ‘Hanged Man’ or at least a figure preparing to be the hanged man (in the hope of enlightenment if you like). They may be something in it too.


The Hanged Man


Some of you will have a gut feeling about the symbolism on the coin and some of you will think it’s a bag of shite and meaningless. To the latter I’d say nothing meaningless is put next to the Queen’s Head on coins in this world. Not even drawings from 9 year old virgins. But you are welcome to scoff. I would have done myself just a short while ago.

It does not matter to me if anyone thinks there is anything symbolic in the coin or not I only ask you to look at it.

I will not leave it there though if it has caught your attention. It would be pretty boring if we left it there wouldn’t it and I’m sure i will have convinced very few of you that there is symbolism hidden in the coin. So…

I will mention that Blue ‘Peter’ as in ‘St Peter’ is also a symbolic of an upside-down man because he was crucified upside down. But I’m sure folks will fob that off. I won’t though as Peter and 2012 are very important to the Serpent Cult. I could take you down a path now explaining Peter but i wouldn’t go with that in this article lets make it easier….

So, if you are a truth seeker and you want a starter point for research or enlightenment on this matter then please it would be easier to ‘go with the girl’. I will do later on in this article in case you can’t be arsed. But I say now that if you are just a forum gossip playing at hippies, and you wouldn’t know a turd from a cigar, then I recommend you just stay with the information above showing the ‘commemorative coins’ and the ‘monument symbolism’ and bugger off. You are not going to understand the rest on this page. Better still I think Most Haunted is on tonight so go and watch that instead. There’s an Halloween special coming up too ..Whoopie eh? I think those enlightened souls in the Spirit World are going to tell us about Postman Pat’s Cat in special episode albeit in between the bad acting and the adverts of course.

OK then…  Have the Fluffies gone to look at the latest Swerdlow hippy trip rip off have they?… Just me and thee left then eh? I’ll try and explain some of the deeper symbolism being used through ‘Florence Jackson’. I don’t know why but I will do. I must be mad eh? If i am so are you… come on then let’s be deluded together then…

…The Serpent Cult operate to effect our subconscious and to make official announcements that we accept without us knowing what we have actually accepted. So let’s look at what has really been ‘announced’ and ‘accepted’ through the symbolism and more importantly its creator. Don’t say you haven’t accepted it because you have. That applies whether you have previously seen or heard anything about the coin or the nine year old who created it. As i said the coin was created through the public. You are the public.

 First of all, in my opinion, the symbolism suggests that, ‘Florence Jackson’, was selected through ‘Peter’ to officially ‘present’ this occult symbolic to the Serpent Cult’s Royal Mint and in to public circulation. Using ‘Blue Peter’ to symbolise this may seem silly but the ‘Blue Man’ is also very important in this case as a creator Icon. That said the girl is most important for now with the time permitted.

So ‘going with the girl’ to research deeper, as I suggested earlier, would lead a pure heart researcher see that the child’s name in this ‘ritual’ is really very important if you look properly Indeed the girls name symbolically represents the ‘flourishing bloodline of Jacob’.  Is that too much of a leap?  Obviously going from a nine-year-old nobody to the bloodline of the biblical Jacob is quite a leap isn’t it especially from a tosser like me eh?   Especially if you just wanted to look at pictures in this story eh? How do I get to Jacob and his bloodline eh? I hear you say.

Well my friends it is pretty simple symbolism really, let us look at the name of the person who is credited with creating the Hanged Man / Tau Cross coin. Obviously the person credited is just a simple girl that gives us no clues . She wasn’t dressed in robes or carried a title but i assure you this girl carried powerful symbolism that the Serpent Cult love. She actually carries more symbolism than a high ranking member of Royalty. She is literally on a level with the Queen as far as symblism goes hence them sharing credit on the coin.

The word ‘Florence’ simply represents the word ‘flourishing’… OK?

Then the word ‘Jackson’ actually represents ‘Jack’s Son’ or ‘Jack’s bloodline’…. OK? Are you with it?

Then the word ‘Jack’ is a simple derivative of the word ‘Jacob’. So therefore ‘Jack-son’ or ‘Jack’s bloodline’ easily becomes Jacob-son or Jacob’s – bloodline. Pretty simple so far eh?

The academics will tell you different I suppose but don’t believe them my friends. These people believe they are intelligent and clever when they are really just robot prison warders that keep the Serpent Cult’s illusion going in my opinion. I have yet to meet a spiritually intelligent academic. I don’t say that out of anger I say it because it is true. They are literally full of shit. (They will use the word excrement though)

Anyway the word ‘Jacob’ actually represents the word ‘Israel’ (Jerusalem too), and the word ZION also represents the word ‘Israel’(Jerusalem) too… how clever is that eh? You see… that’s how the hired egotistical academics and expert puppets work in this world get away with bullshit. They, especially the religious and the language experts, really confuse and bullshit everybody and they really haven’t a clue what actually makes this world tick the way it does, they simply assist it to tick the way it does,usually for money and ego boosts, but please don’t tell them that because they think they are clever and their ego won’t take it. They get their own rewards for what they do anyway in this world, usually whilst sky high on cocaine and their false wisdom, and I’m sure they will receive the right and proper reward for their actions next time they are in the next world too. I’ll guarantee now it if I could. But I’m just a lunatic and I can’t.

Anyway where were we… oh yes…  So…  If Florence Jackson really does officially represent, on a symbolic level, the ‘Bloodline of Jacob’ and simple research will tell you it does, if you can be arsed to think and look for yourself instead of waiting for others to tell you, then it stands to reason, that because the word ‘Jacob’ actually means the word Israel, that Florence Jackson also represents on a symbolic level, the ‘Bloodline of Israel’. Yes? The links above show you how names can be manipulated to produce occult symbolism you cannot see but it is still right under your nose.

OK, working on that logic, and it is a very truthful logic for this world, then Florence Jackson also represents the ‘Bloodline of Zion’ too and that is simply because the word Zion also means the word Israel doesn’t it? So ‘Please’ Sheeple remember this for future reference……

Zion = Israel & Jacob = Israel

I know its hard for you to actually think for yourself and I told you the academics are full of shit and create confusion in our languages didn’t I? I know… I have to decipher the bloody stuff. I get all the dirty jobs and bloody well unpaid too.

So anyway if the name ‘Florence Jackson’ actually means, as I tell you, Bloodline of Jacob then it also means ‘Bloodline of Zion’.

So my friends and scholars, let’s make another small leap…  therefore those facts literally make Florence Jackson a symbolic ‘Daughter of Zion’. And you thought she was just a typical nine-year-old girl drawing a picture for Blue Peter didn’t you?  Well she’s a daughter isn’t she? Her name means bloodline of Jacob doesn’t it? Jacob means Israel doesn’t it? Israel means Zion doesn’t it? So I tell you the truth when I say this girl Florence Jackson is a symbolic Daughter of Zion and if i didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be wasting my time farting about telling you about it. The force that directs me wants this information made public so it is made public.

In my opinion it is time to realise, if you want to be free, that even the simple event of ‘announcing symbolic coinage’ plays a part in the enslavement of the human race. This is because the event not only actually effects the collective consciousness of the human race it is also  confirmation, through non protest, and acceptance of the rituals that will eventually allow other entities to rule us. In this case the ritual is the 2012 Olympic Games and the symbolism connected to the ritual is on the coin. I have written about these games before.

We can all pretend that the symbolism involved is meaningless but if it is then why have it at all in this world.

On a five-sense level the creator of this symbolism really is just a typical nine-year-old girl drawing a picture for Blue Peter. But the 5 sense level the nine year old girl lives in is the same ‘lowest level of existence’ that you live in too. The 5 sense world we live is the shit tub of all existences. But on another level, that you cannot ‘see’ or comprehend whilst operating on this 5 sense level, that nine-year-old girl has been ‘selected’ because she fits the symbolic profile needed by your enslavers to perform rituals in this world that serve another world and assist that world enslave you in this world. Your enslavers have to carry out these sort of events to rule you. It’s all part of the trickery. It’s just that you are so dumbed down you haven’t got a clue what the Serpent Cult are really doing.  You only see a nine year old girl and a drawing and a 50p coin. You do not see anything else.

What we have in the ‘bigger picture’ of this symbolic event is a ‘Daughter of Zion’ creating and presenting, through Peter, the Tau Cross for the 2012 rituals.  Again some of the occult symbolism behind the Hanged Man may help some of the more mystical souls out there to see more in the symbolism of this coin that has been presented to the masses for their acceptance by the Daughter of Zion.

At what cost? There is no cost if you can’t even see the bloody price is there?

Is it all just meaningless coincidences?

Whatever you believe the event actually happened and I assure you i have personally gone far deeper in to this event than i have reported in this article and the symbolism links up with other events connected to other Serpent icons and the year 2012.

Did any of you actually understand the symbolism I have just showed you? Do you see that a ‘Daughter of Zion’ was symbolically created to take part in the creation of the occult symbolism that will literally be passed and accepted around the populous of the hosting country of the global ritual that is the Olympic games? Well did you understand or not? Do you see a simple children’s drawing on the coin or can you see deeper symbolism? It does not matter to me what you see I only ask you to look and think about the symbolism i have pointed out today and the image on the coin.


Obviously in the build up to the Olympics the symbolism will increase, as it does in all global events so do you want to see the ‘real symbolism’ that will appear? Do you really? Would you actually take note of it and think for yourself if you did?

 Or would you rather just look at forum gossip fodder like the 2012 logo released a couple of years ago? Do you simply want some kind of infantile jigsaw to gawp at so you can try and find the word Zion in it, just like some imbecile like Ian Crane claimed to do?


I’m sure some of you do. Indeed some of you will never want anything else. Seeing 2012 as ZION is the highest limit of spiritual awareness for some.

Oh jolly hockey sticks I found the word ZION out of the numbers 2012” (if I twisted them around a bit)…  “Hey Presto I’m awake! Open the Gates of Heaven Pete I’m on my way”. “Taxi!”


It is time to either accept that the Serpent Cult are indeed using many forms of symbolism to deceive the minds of the masses if they are not then the symbolism pointed out today to you is meaningless. The name of the girl that created the 50p coin is just coincidence too.

I actually believe that the Serpent Cult use symbolic names along with other symbolism and it is all being displayed in the public domain everyday.  The human race is blind to it. Your education and other hypnotism have blinded you to what is really going on.

I don’t mean the usual ancient symbolism stuff either.  I don’t mean to sound insulting but you wouldn’t see it in million years. There are some experts out there that can spot ‘ancient’ symbolism but they do that from education or simply stealing or repeating the words of the guru they follow. They are not aware of other symbolism. They can only repeat others.

I believe that the symbolism being displayed and the rituals being carried out by the Serpent Cult go much deeper than you may imagine.  I have only used a very small and easy example to show you today. Obviously it is up to you to decide whether my claims are valid or not. I don’t mind what you think either way. I’m not selling you anything.

Innocent folks like ‘Florence Jackson’ are also purposely selected or ‘temporarily possessed by other entities’ to create the circumstances and the symbolism required to be displayed by the Serpent Cult and foolishly accepted as meaningless by the sad sleeping human race.

The Serpent Cult is operating on a far higher level of awareness than what you see as the ‘human race’. They are literally running a global system of spiritual control alongside the prison you sadly believe is ‘normal life’. You haven’t got a normal life you are not experiencing a normal life. You are a prisoner. Dance around at a hippy camp deceiving yourself if you want but you are still a prisoner in my opinion.

If you think that my claims maybe true but cannot understand why a force would go to so much trouble just to produce symbolism on a coin then i can only say that performing esoteric trickery with minted coins, occult symbolism and the use of symbolic names, symbolic sex and status, like the example I have tried to translate today, to a level you can actually ‘see’, is humdrum trivia to the Serpent Cult.  The cleverest academic or perceived genius in this world is simply a bumbling shithead compared to the intelligence of the Serpent Cult and your ‘average’ spiritual /conspiracy Guru is a complete imbecile in the eyes of the Serpent Cult too. I have to agree with those eyes whilst looking at Ian Crane too.

The academics haven’t even begun to expose the agenda in its true image. The sad sad conspiracy punters haven’t even opened the wrapper of a conspiracy and they are simply moronic food and a means to make a living for the two bob conmen who sell them shit.

The Serpent Cult STILL HAVE control of the collective consciousness of the human race on planet Earth and the relative mild example of the symbolic trickery they use to keep that control, that I have shown you today, is just a drop in the ocean to what goes on all around the world on a daily basis.

That fact will almost never be accepted by the masses and the egotistical academics, experts and gurus will never ever accept it.

The masses want messiahs to free them and nothing else will do I’m afraid and the egotistical academics believe their phony vocabularies and delusions of grandeur will actually help their tongue free them.  Neither side actually want the truth though. Not in my opinion anyway.

I hope at least one or two of you out there can see what I am saying regarding the material above.  If you can then I’m excited for your future. I can only try to help break the spell you are under. I cannot guarantee it and I’m not here as a servant or slave either. Sometimes spell breaking hurts.

If you just want to have a fluffy bunny hobby, and most of you do, or you are simply a part time ‘conspiracy anorak’ to fill in time in your sad life after you have slaved for the Serpent all day at work then fair enough, simply carry on as you are. Keep to your favourite gurus rules (usually giving them money without question and copying their words on forums as your own).  Indeed please go to the next Ian Crane AV conference and clap a few phony undercover Christians and buy a few DVDs whilst you are there or better still why not be positive and save up for a couple of years and go on a Stuart Wilde Baptism Party or even a Swerdlow Jolly Hippy Outing.

 But if you want to wake up then at least open your mind and at least try and make an effort to wake up. If you don’t I’m sure if you put a few conspiracy DVDs in your coffin or mention the name of the Guru, who’s took your mind cos you can’t think for yourself, you’ll go to heaven. Mind you, you can always ask them for a refund if you don’t get there eh?

I thank you for your time.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 14th October 2009

All Text Copyright Matthew Delooze. All rights reserved 2009