Beauty or the Beast

Beauty or the Beast?


 by Matthew Delooze

“Cross over shame like the wise dove – who cares not for fame but for shy love”
(Ian Hunter: Hymn for the Dudes)

Hello Folks,

 I have linked a BBC news item below regarding the Britain’s got talent star Susan Boyle. It appears the PTB are now trying to officially break the hypnosis they had put millions of people under and it appears its just as easy to make Susan Boyle look a loony as it was when they used the same hypnosis to hype up Susan Boyle as an angel.

The public are merely moronic robots triggered to jump on and off a bandwagon when it suits the PTB.

I said from day one, long before Susan Boyle was even put in to the collective consciousness, that Simon Cowell’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and his other shows of hypnotic trickery are simply a massive manipulation trick that are carried out in order for the masses to select and supply modern day ‘pied pipers’ through their own free will. I wrote this article in 2008 (Updated for Susan Boyle 2009) Please click here to read it again.

I have been writing about the trickery used through celebs for quite a few years now and have written many articles and chapters in books about it.

It should be no secret to those that follow my work that I have said that the masses will be led to worship pied pipers and those pied pipers will be laden with the symbolism of the Serpent Cult. Therefore when folks feel emotion to the pied piper they also feel emotion for the symbolism the pied piper carries. This emotion creates a spiritual energy and the energy created not only feeds the pied pipers, like Susan Boyle, it also feeds the creators of the pied piper simply because the selected pied piper carries the colours of their creators through symbolism.

Those that are new to my work will have to either read through my articles or books to fully understand what I am saying in the paragraph above.

I have never ever been in doubt that Susan Boyle was/ is just another pre-planned pied piper. I was never so silly and gullible to fall for such a pathetic trick but I was actually shocked at the sheer power and scale of the hypnosis used in this matter and I was shocked at the sheer speed the pathetic ‘gossip’ passed around the world over this matter too.  I was even more shocked at people who claim to be awake who also readily jumped on the Susan Boyle bandwagon too. I was gobsmacked as to the lengths that the hype reached.

Mind you with such hypnosis at work and millions of instant fans created I suppose its good business to stay on the side of popularity and no one wants to be the unpopular party pooper do they?

Mind you I prefer to hear the truth far more than I prefer to hear manipulated showbiz bullshit.

Everyone was cooing and whimpering about this woman like bloody star struck teenagers do over a pop star. What the hell was going on?

I’ll tell ya what was going on. Mass hypnosis was going on. It was mass hypnosis and emotional trickery to get the sheeple in an emotional state and by gum and bloody hell didn’t it work. A few subliminals and a few trigger words and the vast majority of the public were very soon rather pathetic putty in the hands of the Serpent Cult agents like Cowell. The Sheeple were soon shouting from the rooftops about this woman and this show. Well, were you one of them?

Do you claim to be awake? Yes? Awake to what then? Please tell me?

24 million people have now seen the original You Tube video of the audition alone. Millions of people weeping and crying over a middle aged woman from Scotland on an amateur talent show. Come on Ladies and Gentlemen do I really need to shake you.

I must admit that Susan has a lovely voice but it’s not that lovely really is it?  I have heard far better. But It is ‘super lovely’ if you actually fall for the subliminals and the verbal and visual triggers in the audition stages, and then follow the added hype coming from the human muppets that were controlled by the hype and the hypnotism in the first place. And of course, if you do snap out of the hype and you compare her voice to the usual shite they have on the show, which assists the mental conditioning of the audience, it will sound super lovely won’t it? Well won’t it? E.G If you hear me sing before you hear an average Karaoke singer you’d think the average karaoke singer was a bloody mega star.

Look at the original video again but this time with the mentality that the whole audition is rigged, through hype and other triggers. Don’t concentrate on Susan Boyle. Instead look for the slick camera work and the warm up comments by the host. Look for the phony reactions on the faces of the three judges and listen to the trigger words that got the audience to think Susan Boyle was so silly and frumpy that she would sound crap too. Look at Ant and Dec and tell me they didn’t know ‘what was coming’ either.  Now that you have the benefit of hindsight ‘of her defeat’ you should start to see that the whole thing was rigged and the bloody audience was blind.  Why did Susan not win the contest? I’ll tell you, it’s because that was rigged too. So called awakened people read shite on forum after forum about how the illuminati use subliminals yet stick Susan Boyle in front of them and they are instantly hooked and weeping over her. Hey muppet… wake the hell up!!!

The Susan Boyle original audition is a prime example of how human emotions can be manipulated and how so called awakened people get sucked back in to the matrix in just as much as those they claim are still asleep are continually in the Matrix.

I have no doubt that Susan Boyle is a manufactured pied piper and like all publicly selected pied pipers they will be used to attract free will spiritual energy to covert ritualistic events.

To all those suckers out there who were so easily conned by Cowell’s trickery I say, “Ask your self why you were cooing and weeping over Susan Boyle’s audition?” You don’t coo and weep over all the other women like Susan Boyle out there do you? I bet you don’t coo and weep as much over your own favourite artist either do you? So look at the video again and look properly and see what triggered you off. Don’t tell me it’s her bloody voice either. You will see the hypnosis in the audience if you look properly and if you can see it then you may realise the masses out of the studio were under the same hypnosis.

Again in my opinion looking at the footage I can see very slick hypnotic subliminals at work. You really don’t have to believe me. But I’m telling you again as I did 12 months ago that ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show should really be called ‘Britain’s Got Conned’.

Mind you if I had a business to protect and PR to maintain I’d probably say let’s all be like Susan Boyle and become what we really want to become wouldn’t I? I’d surely jump on the Susan Boyle bandwagon and say ‘come along muppets see what Susan Boyle can do and you can do it too, aren’t I a nice bloke for saying that?’  I certainly wouldn’t expose the hypnotism the masses are under because I’d want to use the same hypnotism to assist in my own PR work and my phony public image.

But in this case I don’t think Susan is/was using her own thoughts anyway and she isn’t chasing her ‘own’ dream she’s a puppet in someone else’s agenda and I really don’t think she planned the nut house as her dream destiny either.


Is it ‘Make Your Dreams Come True’ superstar or is it simply a mind controlled pied piper…. Susan Boyle wasn’t even using her own thoughts in my opinion. I suppose its safe to say that now the hypnotic bubble the masses were under has burst.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get too emotional about Susan this time around because they will wheel another pied piper out next year for you to cheer and weep over and please weep and cheer for whatever puppet you want to weep and cheer for.  I don’t give a monkeys, I only suggest you open your eyes and look before you let tears fall out of them.

All I ask is that you look at everything you are weeping and cheering about, this does not just apply to sill shows on TV but to everything you are led to weep and cheer about through the media.

This news report is not a skit at Susan Boyle. Susan appears to be a good all round girl but I watched the manipulation of Susan Boyle and the audiences with open eyes and I saw nothing but moronic puppets both on and off the stage.

I could write a book on the Susan Boyle and Britain’s Got Conned symbolism alone now I have seen in this con trick in action, but I simply can’t be arsed due to the ears that it wouldn’t penetrate because they were too busy listening to the emotive bullshit put out by Cowell.  Watching the pathetic sheep swallow this tripe and feed the energy created through Cowell has has not only sickened me to the core it has killed my passion to actually try and help awaken such morons to the trickery. Maybe I am wrong to say that and maybe I’m not. But I sure feel it is truthful.

I do though acknowledge in this news report the few people who contacted me about this Susan Boyle story and for pointing out their opinions about virgin symbolism etc. I don’t believe Susan Boyle is a virgin and I don’t think she said she was.  She said ‘she’d never been kissed’ and there is a big difference and all part of a scam to get you emotional.  Going off what I have read about Susan Boyle she carries far more important symbolism than that linked to virgins anyway.

That said it’s not really a case of personal symbolism that matters with the artists appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, it’s what symbolism they ‘gain’ and promote by being on that show that matters.

Again this news is not a skit at Susan I fully encourage anyone to fulfill his or her true aims. If that aim is to be a famous singer on stage then ‘go for it’. I’m sure if your personal symbolism fits the bill and you are willing to play puppet to the Serpent Cult run music industry then there is a place for you to win on Britain’s Got Talent or other such shows.  I’m sure there are blood-sucking businessmen that will suck the living daylights out of those that have dreams of being famous on a five-sense level and the Serpent Cult will certainly suck their followers dry on a spiritual level.

You can achieve anything you want to in this world I’m sure but only if it fits in with the ‘rules of this world’. But I tell you the truth, reaching a high level of fame and fortune only gives the artist involved a reward of gaining ‘longer chains’ to move around more freely in the prison we call planet Earth, it does not break those chains.  It does not ‘break ‘them!

If you want to be free from this world’s chains then, in my opinion anyway, you’d have to be able to ‘see through the trickery on show’ and once you see through that trickery on show the last thing you would want to be is something that actually kept the trickery going. If you could see the trickery on show then your aims and dreams in this world would change instantly.

If you like the world as it is and your aims are in conjunction with this worlds rules then carry on cheering your enslavers and the symbolic agents they put in front of you, as lovely as they are, and they will make sure the world stays the same simply because it is your will for it to be so.

The minds of human beings are shown in this Susan Boyle incident to be sheep like. It is fact that the vast vast majority of human beings cannot  actually think for themselves. They can only hijack the words or thoughts of others and pretend they thought of them themselves. They then delude themselves in to thinking they have their unique consciousness actually in operation in this world. They don’t and I’m sorry to say they never will have.

In such cases as the Susan Boyle law of attraction scam the masses get an image of a positively hyped artist implanted in their heads and they believe that hyped image to be true and they worship the value of it. When the hype is removed or even presented as negative hype then the worship value of the hyped image disappears instantly. The masses are not using their own unique consciousness in this sort of case they are simply reacting to hypnotism that has been put out by a higher level of consciousness. As I have said on many occasions the Serpent Cult are on the roller coasters whilst humans are in still in the baby swings. There simply is no comparison no matter how clever or awake you think you are.

  In showbiz world, in the vast majority of cases, the masses only worship what they have been programmed to worship and they will only reject what they have been programmed to reject…  but shuusssh… don’t tell them because they will attack you for saying it. Susan Boyle is the same woman she was when the world was conned by Britain’s Got Talent so where is the masses sympathy for her now she is in the Loony Bin? It was never really there in the first place was it?

The same tricks apply in the conspiracy guru circles too. The punters are ‘programmed’ by the same marketing tricks used in all other ‘business’.

The actually masses ‘thought’ Susan Boyle was an angel on a dream mission. They all thought it was their own thoughts telling them those things too… didn’t they?  It wasn’t!

Wake Up!

Thank You

All Text Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2009. All Rights Reserved

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