We Want Security & We Want It Now: By Matthew Delooze

We Want Security & We Want It Now


And we are going to protest and protest and protest til’ we get it

By Matthew Delooze

I ‘purposely’ wrote a couple of articles about organised protests last month. The G20 Protests and the Thailand protests were probably the most reported demonstrations on a global scale.

I sometimes think I’d be far better off playing lovvies on facebook but I also created an article about May Day in 2007 to explain why the masses are allowed to take part in an annual march of symbolic protest on May Day in spring in the East and Labour Day in autumn in the West. (Sun cycle).

There were violent protests throughout the May Day festive season throughout Europe and the rest of the world too.

So it comes to no surprise to me that we are seeing many other protests spring up at this time of the year too.  Let’s have a look at a couple of examples that have happened in very recent days. There is the one in Spain and the one in Romania that have hit the headlines (Minds of the masses) in mainstream media. You will see in the first report that more demonstrations are being organised by European Trade Confederation (ETUC) which is just another arm of the Serpent Cult (But psst don’t tell the demonstrators they won’t believe you!)…

Spanish protesters demand protection for jobless


Dressed in funeral black to mourn the estimated four million jobless in Spain, demonstrators had a simple message for the government: Enough corporate bailouts; it’s time to focus on the workers. The Madrid demonstration, organized by the European Trade Confederation (ETUC) was the opening shot in a flurry of activity expected in the next few days. With European unemployment rates at staggering levels, protests are planned in the coming days in Berlin, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Luxembourg; Bucharest, Romania and Birmingham, England.

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Thousands of Romanian workers rally in pay protest


BUCHAREST (Reuters) – Thousands of Romania’s workers and civil servants rallied in Bucharest on Thursday, demanding higher wages and secure jobs, in a demonstration of growing discontent with the government’s anti-crisis response.”We want jobs,” read a banner carried by white-dressed unionists blowing whistles and shouting “Thieves, thieves”.

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….I have known for many years that these events are being ‘engineered’ and the protests are being ‘made to order’ throughout the globe and it is obvious to me that several arms of the Serpent Cult, including workers organisations and coincidental expose’ of corrupt politicians to fan the flames, will be in operation throughout the summer to create more demands from the masses who will then congregate at symbolic locations and carry out the physical, symbolic and spiritual requirements demanded by the Serpent Cult. Once the Serpent Cult’s demands are satisfied it will allow deceptive force that rules this world to start to enforce centralised government on to the human race. The sad thing is that the human race will have demanded it to be so.

 I have also known for many years that, obviously, with the human race believing that they take part in protests to change the world and to demonstrate their rights it’s a very difficult thing to prove or at least convince a few people that they are being duped and they are actually praising the deceptive force that enslaves them to actually enslave them even more when they protest for something to be done. The masses have been programmed to believe protests actually work they cannot see that the protests are actually part of the scam. I’ve said before that we can protest enmasse and literally murder the governments if we so desire, its not hard to do if we all join in, but who will replace the government? Another government?

On a five-sense level it just appears that the economic situation is creating a spot of bother for the peasants and the said peasants are protesting and with good reason. OK fair enough if this is true then all we need to do is kick out the incompetent politicians and put in some more eh?

But haven’t we been doing this all along? Haven’t we been victim of this scam since day one? It should be obvious to anyone with more that one brain cell that these governments do not have any say in matters. Politicians are told what to do and they can be made to look angels one minute and devils the next by the force that controls them. That’s why we now currently see politicians as a corrupt devil type figures. It’s simply because the force that controls the politicians wants you to see them in the light people now see them in.  They are seen as totally incompetent expense fiddling corrupt morons that simply don’t care whether we starve or die. The Solution? We simply replace these devil faces of incompetence with angel faces of competence don’t we? But were not these devil faces once angel faces too?

So let’s move on to a spiritual level and try to see what is going on.  Obviously I have explained in my articles on G20 and Thailand as to the temples the demonstrators are led to when required.

So let’s just suppose for a minute that the masses that turn up on demonstrations actually represent the human race. Let’s suppose for a minute they are our delegates, they are the official spokespeople for the masses so to speak, and as mentioned in my articles, ‘they are literally challenging the PTB over their right to rule and demanding action at the same time and are doing so on behalf on the human race.

If that scenario was true what are the protestors, our spiritual representatives, actually demanding from the PTB?


We are all pawns in a scam to give energy and the right to rule us to a force that is not even human in a world of humans

They are literally demanding more security from the PTB and they are demanding it outside the official buildings of the PTB or at a major monument of the powers that be. Again you will have to read my previous demonstration articles to understand this more easily.

In my opinion ladies and gentlemen at this very moment on planet Earth the human race is actually starting to pray for a global physical and spiritual prison. The masses are literally approaching the PTB in their 5 sense official buildings on a five-sense level and demanding physical action takes place to create more 5 sense security.

Therefore on a spiritual level the request is exactly the same. But we are approaching symbolic spiritual structures (Official buildings built as temples or occult monuments) and we are also demanding spiritual security from the PTB too.

On a five-sense level we are demanding that the human agents in the Serpent Cult control our five senses but at the same time we are demanding that multi –dimensional entities also control our spirit. We can’t have one without the other simply because they are operating inside the same temples. We are literally demanding and praying for our enslavement. That is the size of the scam.

When we protest to the PTB to take action. We are actually demanding enslavement.  I hear of the term ‘peaceful protest’ but a protest is a protest and a protest is a demand, a challenge to the PTB to prove their power over you not for you to prove your power over them.

“There is no such thing as a ‘peaceful protest’ if your hearts and minds were at peace they would not protest”

Matthew Delooze 15th May 2009

“Protests only confirm your imprisonment not your freedom”

Matthew Delooze 1st May 2009

Sometimes the worker in me comes out and I want to go and kick ass or burn the Houses of Parliament down and show the authorities that I’m sick of them taking the piss but I have realised we are only taking the piss out of ourselves. It is a vital necessity to the Serpent Cult that you challenge their right to rule to enable them to carry on ruling and increase the power of their rule.

Protests are only going to increase on a massive scale. Its up to you if believe what I say or not. But don’t say you wasn’t informed.

Thank You
Matthew Delooze 15th May 2009

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