Shuttting the Stable Door? (Including a Delooze News Special Report)

Christian asks to be ‘de-baptised’


A male nurse wants to be the first “Christian” in Britain to be “de-baptised” after complaining that at five-months-old he was too young to decide. Mr John Hunt, 56, says that he wants his 1953 baptism at the St Jude and St Aidan parish church in the Southwark diocese, south London, cancelled because he was not consulted and does not believe in God. Mr Hunt has had a “Certificate of De-baptism” made up, in which his baptism is revoked and has paid £60 to record it in the 17th-century London Gazette. (link at bottom of page)


Shutting the stable door?…


   You Fools… It should have been shut 2009 years ago!

(A Delooze News Special Report)

Hello folks,

I have just returned from the UK Probe International Conference in St Annes (Blackpool) where I did a short talk on life,  death and spiritual vows (Based on my writings in my book Is It Me For A Moment Breaking The Serpent’s Spell) So I read with interest the story about John Hunt and his quest to be de-baptised. I fully understand Mr Hunt’s conclusion that he took part in a ritual that he had no physical say in. At 56 years old he now wants to ‘opt outof the ritual. The Church he was baptised in refused to ‘wipe him off’ the register because it is an historical record but they told him he could have a kind of ‘disclaimer’ recorded if he got a ‘Certificate of Debaptism’ and put it in a magazine.


The £3 downloadable certificate (a waste of time and money in my opinion)

The certificate reads…

“I, John Geoffrey Hunt, having been subjected to the rite of Christian baptism in infancy hereby publicly revoke any implications of that rite and the church that carried it out. In the name of human reason“ I reject all its creeds and all other such superstitions in particular the perfidious belief that any baby needs to be cleansed of original sin and the evil power of supposed demons.”” I wish to be excluded henchforth from the church membership members based on past baptisonal statistics used, for example, for the purposes of securing legislative privilege”

Please click here for the video of Mr Hunt

Apparently Mr Hunt was advised to fork out £60 quid to put an advert in the London Gazette because the Catholic Church is prepared to ‘insert’ such announcements in its records if they do. The London Gazette is some kind of declaration magazine that Popey’s church recognises as some kind of ‘get out clause’ provider for some reason. Other churches won’t ever add declarations to their historical baptism records and to be honest unless Popey himself and the rest of his sex abusng gangsters in the Vatican has money from its crime empire invested in the London Gazette (£60 a time for a small announcement don’t forget) then I can see such announcements simply going in the Sistine’s Chapel’s waste paper bin.


The Serpent Cult ‘get you’ to surrender your soul even before you can protest

I mentioned in St Annes that we are forced to carry out spiritually binding rituals throughout our life. Some of these rituals (Baptism and Funeral etc) are carried out on our behalf usually without consent. I have written about these things in my books and certain articles and I really strongly believe that these rituals are carried out to enslave us and not to protect us.

In a sentence or two… “You have to ask yourself why an all powerful, all loving, god would have us carrying out basic spiritual surrender rituals throughout our lifetimes”. “Why do we have to continually surrender to our so called creator?”

I have said many times over the last few years that ‘The Serpent Cult’ (Deceptive 4th dimensional forces) require our  constant ‘free will’ spiritual surrender to enable them to rule us and to feed of us.

Baptism is only one way of many ways to get this free will surrender from us. Again I understand Mr Hunt’s awareness that he was conned as a baby into carrying out deceptive rites. Sadly writing or signing allegiance to a few joke words on a paper and paying £60 to a magazine is not going to make much difference and it really is the ‘collective consciousness’ that matters. So any denouncement of oaths would have to be a collective one if it was to make a real difference. Mr Hunt is trying to shut the stable door after the ritual was already created inside it.

I’m afraid Mr Hunt has also been conned with many more rituals in his lifetime such as reciting the Lord’s Prayer and joining in the Sun Rebirth ritual of Christmas etc so is he going to try and denounce those too? We (Christians) have all been conned with the cruel deceptions carried out by the Church just like all other major religions have duped their members through the Mosque and the Synagogue too. The Serpent Cult don’t rely on one ritual to enslave you they use hundreds of them all year round, lifetime after lifetime.

We are all victims… and I’m sorry to say that the get out clause is not achieved simply by putting an advert in the London Gazette, in my opinion it isn’t anyway. It is a good idea of course and if there was no media censorship we could all write something like this…..

I Matthew Delooze being of possible unsound mind, due to the constant brainwashing spewed out by bullshitters in religion, politics and education,I denounce, as being blatant lies, any and all words that the Serpent Cult have conned out of me in order to steal my spiritual consent. I now refuse to surrender my soul or spiritual energy to a ‘phony God force’ that simply creates spiritual division within the human race simply to suit its own selfish greedy aims and its own selfish greedy agenda. This phoney god force is a deceptive leech, not my spiritual saviour.

I also denounce any association with any and all spiritually binding rituals, of all pursuasions, that I was deceived in to carrying out or all and/or any spiritually binding rituals that my parents or guardians carried out on my behalf without my permission to do so. I do not hold my parents or guardians responsible for their actions because they had been deceived also by this cowardly brotherhood of liars and fraudsters.

I want to take no part in any rituals at the time of my death that will direct me away from my chosen spiritual path and I reserve the right to return to this world and leave this world again as a free spirit at a time of my choosing. if our religious leaders, such as Popey and his band of paedophiles want to dress up in dresses, wear a silly hat and carry a stick with a man nailed to it around then that’s up to them, but they no longer have any more spiritual hold over me. 

So I say… “stick the spiritual promises you got out of me by deception up yer arse and record that in your historical records”…  because the Serpent Cult’s sick deceptive game of control, that has gone on for thousands of years no longer has a hold over me.

How’s about that one for a certificate of ‘de-ritual’. Hey you don’t have to pay 3 quid for it either just copy and paste it and send it to the Church, School or Politician that conned you the most in this world. Catholics can send it to Popey and all others can send it to all relevant Church leaders or school authorities. Hey I might invest £60 and put it in the London Gazette. Do you think they will publish it? I doubt it.

Sadly I also know that such a declaration is futile.

Any that’s all for now folks… Please click here for original news source

Best wishes

Matthew Delooze 30th March 2009.