The Wonders Return

The Past is Calling!

Temple of Artemis to be rebuilt as center for culture, arts


Hello folks,

A few things have been announced in recent months regarding some of the ancient wonders of the world. It was announced that a replica of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. (Turkey) I took interest in this event simply because of my interest in the Serpent Cult’s use of ancient temples / symbolism and museums. I first wrote about the use of museums and energy in my essay Spitting out the feathers of the Benu bird and I  have reported on the mixture of ancient temples and museum on a few occasions. It now appears that the same thing is going to happen at the Temple of Artemis that has already happened at the Temple of Athena.

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But that’s not all folks, there’s more ‘wonders of the world’ renewal going on so let me remind you….

Colossus of Rhodes to be rebuilt as giant light sculpture


Please don’t forget that another replica of the 7th wonder of the world was announced late last year too. The Colossus of Rhodes sculpture is to be re built as well. Where is all the cash coming from? There is a bloody worldwide financial crash on the cards isn’t there?

Click Here for a reminder of this sculpture

But that’s not all folks as it was also announced that Babylon, another wonder of the world, is to be rebuilt too…

Babylon’s future written in its ruins


Yes folks coincidentally another area connected to the seven wonders of the world ‘Babylon’ (Hanging Gardens) is being re built and done up too at a cost of millions too. Obama is involved with bags of cash and the WMF. Hey, on a lighter note, maybe the hanging gardens will be re-planted or maybe the hanging gardens really mean to hang folks in like Saddam and his friends eh? If that is the case then the hanging gardens of Babylon were already symbolically there when they hung the phoney Saddam.

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Oh…. but that’s not all folks because Alexandria, another area of wonderful awe, is at it too.

Can Egypt bring Cleopatra’s palace back to life?


There has been many whispers that the world wonder ‘lighthouse’ was going to be rebuilt in Alexandria. The Serpent Cult are going to build a new museum near to the new library that they built just a few years ago to represent the ancient library of Alexandria . Now they are going to build underground tunnels near the library and build an underground museum so people can look in awe at the underwater palace.


One artists impression of one of the rooms containing books in the old library. This room appears just like the vision i had under Ayahuasca a week or two ago. In fact it is eerily like the said vision and has spooked me.

It is/was located near the alleged location of the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria. but symbolically a library such as this is a symbolic light house anyway. A place of illumination. Anyway all the things mentioned in this humble news report are said to be complete before 2012. Can you imagine the number of visitors that will flock to such things?

It appears to me, as paranoid as I may appear, that a force in this world is dedicated in to renewing the life of these famous landmark areas if indeed not actually completely building a replica seventh wonder of the world.

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Well  I suppose it could all be a tad coincidental and maybe I’m bias. I really do think the Serpent Cult are a set of deceiving lying bastards and I really do read too much in to monuments don’t I?

Whatever is going on it is sure clear to me that the Serpent wishes the collective consciousness to take in the possibility that the ancient wonders are indeed alive.

Bodrum to rebuild Seven Wonders of the World


The House of the Temple is based on King Mausolus Mausoleum

Here we go again and another 7th wonder of the world is to have a model replica too. Before 2012 of course and regular conspiracy buffs will know this wonder of the world, King Mausolus’ Mausoleum, has already got a replica in Washington DC. The House of the Temple.

So here we have another 7th wonder of the world being advertised as being replicated for no proper reason whatsoever.

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So what can I say? There is only one of the 7 wonders of the world left and that’s the Statue of Zeus at Olympia. I have no doubts that this wonder of the world will also be replicated, or at least announced as being replicated, in some form or another sometime. It may take the form of a symbolic Zeus like some Obama figure or in another form like a Zeus museum but it is coming I’m sure of it. Unless it is already here of course.

Until then i leave you to ponder on the other areas of the 7 wonders of the world that are being awoken but please don’t get paranoid like me because it is just a coincidence nothing to worry about. One things for sure as I know Rhodes very well believe me and if they do complete a new Colossus monument it will be full of ‘Mythos for a euro’ beer adverts and  numerous different bar flyers before the paint is dry.

Best Wishes