Rio used massive Ferris wheel for 2016 Olympic bid

Rio used massive Ferris wheel for 2016 Olympic bid


  Is it simply a fairground ride or a massive sun/equinox monument?

A Belated Delooze News Special Report

It is no secret to anyone who has known me, over the last five years at least, that I have said Ferris wheels are being/will be being used by the Serpent Cult as covert sun worship monuments. Those folk that attended my talks last year also know that I tried to stress the fact that these monuments will appear in symbolic locations all around the globe. I said way back in 2004 that these wheels will take on higher levels of symbolism. They are now doing that at a massive rate and as I have reported recently they are being placed near other symbolic buildings and in my opinion this was planned a long time ago.

The reason I am belatedly reporting (due to previous website probs) on the Rio Ferris wheel is because the Ferris wheel in this case is now being linked to the ‘Olympic games’.

‘Rio 2016’ is using the Ferris wheel as an official monument  to promote the games should they win the bid to host them. That said London 2012 will of course use their giant Ferris symbolism (The London Eye) in conjunction with the games indeed although it may have left most peoples minds the London Eye was used to promote the 2012 Olympic bid too and just like Rio has used the Rio wheel on New Years Eve 2008 to promote the games, London used the London Eye for an official promotion on New Years Eve 2004. I quote London

New Year’s Eve 2004– To promote the bid to Londoners, the Mayor’s NYE firework display is used to support the bid. It sees the London Eye, one of the city’s most prominent landmarks, lit up like a Catherine Wheel with Olympic colours.

It may be that Rio is just using copy-cat tactics in the hope they win the bid but I’m sure most people reading this news report know that the locations of these events are chosen well in advance and the bids are a waste of time. It does not really matter if Rio win the bid or not, the fact remains that millions of people have attended rituals on New Years Eve whilst using the massive sun monuments.The Ferris wheel symbolism is now being used on a massive scale in Brasil. Indeed a logo showing a wheel (rising benben) is being displayed along with the official logo which is also showing eclipse or benben symbolism.


Rio wheel official 2016 logo (rising benben symbolism) and official logo  (rising mound of earth from water with sun symbolism)


Is it simply a fairground ride or a massive rising benben/sun monument?

Hey I just thought that if my paranoid delusions about such things are indeed paranoid delusions then some force is feeding them in this world isn’t it? Since I first mentioned these Ferris wheels in Morecambe in 2004 they seem to have taken on a new lease of life eh? I did report of the Ferris wheel activities in Rio when the Serpent Cult first started planning events last year and of course I gave a full run down on the reasons Ferris Wheels are used in my Benu Bird essay.

We can only see what happens with the wheels but I sincerely hope we don’t keep watching them until it’s too late to do anything about their true meaning or too late to do anything about the effect they really do have on the collective consciousness of the human race.  Please don’t say you wasn’t warned.


Is it a fairground ride or simply a Sun worship monument?

Thank You

Matthew Delooze