Polishing the Ornaments

Polishing the Ornaments


One To Keep An Eye On!

News By Matthew Delooze

Hello folks,

  I just thought I’d mention the monument in London. This is probably the most obvious illuminati monument in the world but many folk interested in conspiracies /illuminati/ Serpent Cults or even Sesame Street for that matter don’t give it a second glance.

I have visited this monument many times in the last two years when I have been in London and noticed the scaffolding and sheets. I had many sessions of deep thinking about the devastating fires in Victoria recently and my ears pricked up when I heard of this monument being opened again.


The ‘Monument’ is literally the central piece of illuminati symbolism in the ‘City’

I am not linking the fires in Victoria Australia to this monument it was just that I remember the monument was said to  have been built to recognise where the Fire of London started and the rebuilding of the City. It was actually built, it is said, 202 feet away from the start of the fire in Pudding Lane and the height of the pillar is also 202 feet.

 Anyway… to veteran conspiracy buffs… I have no doubts that you are all fully aware of the reasons behind the Great Fire and Christopher Wren. In a sentence… “Wren was the face of the architect behind the modern symbolic City of London you see today and the fire was an act of arson and murder to enable the Serpent Cult to align up symbolic buildings”.

The monument is basically an illuminated torch on a par with the Statue of Liberty?



The Orb of Fire has been re-polished in 2009.

Again what brought my attention to it was that is was re-opened straight after the fires in Victoria. I’m sure that is just a coincidence isn’t it? The only thing I know for certain is that the powers that be haven’t spent £5 million dusting this thing down for bugger all. It will certainly take £300,000 a year if estimated 100,000 paying visitors come to fruition but that won’t even cover the money spent on rebirthing it. Obviously if these things are only there for 5 sense reasons only then this monument is a financial turkey and its basically a heap of shite. On the other hand this monument, considering its symbolism, the numerology surrounding it and of course its Masonic creators will turn out to be a very powerful weapon to the collective subconscious of the human race.


The monument contains large amounts of symbolism

 I believe it is was built to effect the subconscious state of mind not the conscious mind but I  can only suggest that you put this re-opening event in the back of your mind for now because I’m sure it will be become a significant piece in the jigsaw at a later date.

The next time I’m in London with some spare time I’m going to climb the 311 steps. (With the help of an oxygen tent and full medical team of course). With my level of fitness I might have to report back through a spiritualist medium. Anyone know of a nice boy type spiritualist medium that will allow me to fully enter them (no questions asked) if i do croak it on the stairs? :)

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

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