Switching off the Monuments – How Illuminating? A Delooze News Special Report

Switching off the Monuments – How illuminating?wwfteaser

I have kept one eye on this event over that last two years. I was hoping it was a genuine cause, how naive I am, but now the same puppet faces are starting to hijack it. I smell a rat! Those that have read my book, Is It Me For A Moment? Breaking the Serpent’s Spell, will know what i say about about charities and the WWF is no different.

Earth Hour is simply summed up like this….

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. It was pioneered by WWF Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007[1], and achieved worldwide participation in 2008. Earth Hour will next take place on Saturday, March 28 2009 at 8:30pm, local time. (Source)

Which is all well and good if you want to be part of what you think is a good cause. Who can refuse to help the WWF eh?

Please know that I’m all for helping the environment, this planet and all living things in it. Indeed I have devoted my life since 1998 doing just that. That is why I’m writing this news report. I’d really like to dance around saying what a good thing that we all switch the lights off for an hour and that will raise awareness. The sad thing is that don’t believe it is the case.global_banner

Indeed this event has already turned in to a global ‘festival of light’  and sadly in my opinion it is heading in the direction of becoming a global monument ritual too. The Serpent wants the masses to focus on the monuments not the event.

Agents for the Serpent like Sir Richard Branson are now helping promote this event. ( Re link Yes I can see how much fun you can have in the Dark Richard) I have no doubt that the Serpent Cult are behind this event. It has been slipped in with humble beginnings but believe me it is planned to be a massive event by 2012 and the focus will be entirely on the ‘monuments’ and ‘illumination’.

Rome is already involved.


Coliseum Rome… the focus point of the switch off and the switch back on.

Don’t forget that most if not all major landmarks are created by the Serpent Cult through secret societies and corrupt authority. Even the Fourth Bridge is used as an official monument of the Serpent Cult and it will be used in this event as a symbolic focus point too. For those that scoff at the idea that a bridge can be used as an occult monument I suggest you try to understand that sacred geometry is only taught to those that need to know and not those muppets who’s major concern in life is how many supermarket club card points they have. Indeed most religions in this world want their sheep to worship 10 stone tablets and a box with handles on it.


The sheeple stood in awe of an illuminated Forth Bridge (30 extra Tesco points if you go on a Thursday night)

‘Earth Hour’ have made it clear that they want every city and every monument to switch off (and obviously switch back on again) during ‘earth hour’ every year, which will be a bit of a pain if you have a pie in the oven at the same time and don’t forget that for the northern hemisphere the ‘clocks go forward’ too on that date so it is double bonus points for saving another hours power supply.

Anyway come on folks most of you have known me a while so ask yourself what scenario is really unfolding here? Is this a genuine plan do you think. e.g…. The charity WWF and the Sydney ‘Morning Herald’  (The sun messenger) think they will solve the perceived global warming problem by turning off the lights of cities and monuments for an hour and then switching them on again! Do you think that is genuine? Or does it make more sense to say that the so called illuminated wankers that control the dreamland you exist in are pulling another trick out of their bag? I am not saying the genuine folks interested in saving the planet and helping animals are not 100% genuine and big hearted. I know they are. I am saying their good hearts and good intentions will be manipulated, by pied pipers and silver tongues, to direct their emotional respect towards occult monuments and I have explained that scam to you on numerous occasions.

 For instance Richard Branson the pied piper = Dirty dodgy bugger for the Serpent Cult, so when you see folk like that joining the Earth Hour bandwagon then it is time to open your eyes. The grass roots creators of this have good intentions but as I said their good intentions will be hijacked and instead of an event said to be taking part simply to raise awareness it will actually be a spiritual energy ritual that will take place instead. Live 8 was said to be an event simply to raise awareness too remember! I hope you are aware that live 8 was an energy extraction ritual and did bugger all to raise awareness in Africa just like Earth Hour will not raise awareness to global warming it will simply be used to focus human attention on certain locations, symbolism and monuments.

Anyway it is planned to eventually involve all major Serpent Cult monuments in this event. The Eiffel tower is already joining in and I’m sure it won’t be long before the London Eye and Big Ben are joining in too.


Paris will join in Earth Hour next month.

The list of cities confirming their participation in Earth Hour 2009 includes 37 national capitals and some of the great cities of the world, including London, Beijing, Rome, Moscow, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Athens, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Sydney, Mexico City, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Manila, Las Vegas, Brussels, Cape Town and Helsinki. Source: the official Earth Hour website

Bloody hell I just realised there is quite a few of those pesky new fangled fairground Ferris Wheels in those cities too. Anyway I’m telling you the plot again aren’t I? It’s all done in the best possible taste though and you really don’t have to believe me when I say this is another global energy extraction scam. I’m barking mad you knowso I suggest you wait til 2012 and you will see it and believe it for yourself, trouble is though it may be too late for you then so I suggest start saving more of those supermarket club card loyalty points to buy the paddle you will need to escape from ‘up shit creek’.

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Thank You for reading this Delooze News Special Report

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 12th February 2009