Butter Lamps for Buttered Minds

Putting yourself to sleep at the Mahabodhi Temple


 News by Matthew Delooze

I wasn’t around in January to show you a few snaps on what’s known as the ‘Monlam’  festival or the ‘Great Prayer’ festival so I apologise for the belated news. I don’t really want to drone on about  the basics are similar to most other events that take place all over the Buddhist world. The festival my friend is simply just another spiritual surrender/sun ritual in the calendar.

That said I’ll use one of the most famous places used in this event as a good example, but it is indeed just one example of a massive event. That place is The Mahabodhi Temple (Literally: “Great Awakening Temple”)


The Mahabodhi Temple (Literally: “Great Awakening Temple”)

This building is supposed to be where Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, attained enlightenment. So we have the same scenario as we do in ALL other mainstream religions. A pied piper (In this case the Buddha) is used to attract the brainwashed and controlled sheeple to a symbolic location and a symbolic monument. The sheeple are then, under self perceived free will, told when to carry out a act of enjoyment or respect in front of the monument.

The monument acts a middle man or medium for a symbolic ‘Deity’. In this case as mentioned before…. it is ‘Buddah’, whom like most religious middlemen is symbolic of the Sun.


 In this case it is Buddah but it could just as well be Jesus, Apollo, Amen Ra and Helios etc. They all represent the Sun.

Here are just a couple of pics showing the Buddists ‘respecting a monument’ that they know absolutely nothing about in the guise of carrying out part of the Monlam festival. They simply do as they are told to do without question or thought. It may remind you of the Obama celebration victory party that I reported on late last year and I assure you there is very little difference between both rituals as they both praise agents for the Serpent Cult and praising these agents it gives their masters the right to rule over YOU. Obama and Buddah are simply pied pipers for a higher force. They are members of the Serpent Cult. They get you to follow them like sheep to monuments and temples…


Different named religion, different named pied piper… but it’s the exact same energy extraction deception


  Are they Butter lamp carriers and enlightened souls or are they butter for brains moronic hypnotised fools?


 Are they worshipping in a ritual to receive enlightenment and freedom or are they surrendering energy at a monument and therefore receiving eternal enslavement?

 In my opinion there is absolutely no difference between the Buddhists, dressing up for this Monlam festival at the Mahabodhi temple, or New Year’s Eve revellers, dressing up for the solstice festival, at the London Eye or Big Ben on New Years Eve. It is the same bloody scam.


Dressing up and celebrating (feeling good) at a monument.

We are blinded by the urge to celebrate / obey religion. We just cannot see what is in front of our eyes because we only see what we have been led to see and this applies to us all. It does not matter if we are religious or not.

Anyway… here’s the source to the pictures, it may be worth your while looking at more rituals carried out during Monlam and the site has much information.

I’m sorry to repeat the details of this scam to those that already understand it. It is news for those that don’t but the pictures are also important and they give you a view of what goes on during Monlam.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze