They are coming around again- Spiritual energy extraction rituals start the year off

Closer to God or Closer to the Prison Governor?


Bishwa Ljtema: = Spiritual Energy Extraction to an idol (Serpent Cult)

Hello folks,

The never ending worldwide extraction of spiritual energy rituals are kicking off again for 2009 (Not counting New Years Eve of course). I only want to point out a couple. One being Bishwa Ijtema (Islam) and the other being Basant Panchami, sometimes called Vasant Panchami (Hindu). In my opinion Bishwa Ijtema is just a larger scale version of Glastonbury Festival. The pied piper at Glastonbury are idols in the music industry but the pied piper at Tongi is Allah. It’s the exact same scam though…extraction of collective spiritual energy. It does not matter if you follow Elton John like a lamb to the slaughter or you follow Allah… The scam is the same …to get you to a place of occult symbolism, raise your emotions, and extract the energy that those emotions create.


Between two to three million Muslims make the trip to Tongi for the ritual to take place.


Come along sheep… get in the tabernacle and worship your enslaver

The whole Islamic event at reminded me of Glastonbury.

muslims Spiritual Extraction site with willing sheep at Tongi


Spiritual Extraction site with willing sheep at Glastonbury

There is no difference whatsoever apart from the Pied Piper that got the sheep to go. None!

But, that said, at least during the Vasant Panchami event they actually have a bath, which is more than can be said for those attending Glastonbury!


Vasant Panchami: It is the same scam just a different pied piper… this time its Saraswati

The Serpent Cult demand, and will continue to deman, that the masses carry surrender rituals all year round and from all corners of this world. It is the same scam but different pied pipers are used. The divided and blind sheep (Human beings) just turn up to the location we like the best when they are told or tempted to do so. Hey but don’t blame me… I’m barking mad and simply talking out of my arse.

But I tell friends this….  “as long as the blind sheep keep getting on their knees or screaming at these locations then we shall remain spiritual slaves”

Thank You

Mat Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze

Click Here for Bishwa Ijtema video

Click Here for Vasant Panchami video

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