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Up the Swan and Down the Clyde – A Delooze News Special Report

Up the Swan and Down the Clyde


The Renfrewshire Ferris wheel on the river Clyde at Braehead Glasgow, Scotland

A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks,

Seeing  my site was shut down for 7 weeks I haven’t kept up with reporting my favourite hobby of Ferris Wheel Spotting. The missus thinks I’ve a perversion to them these days. So I’ll get my dirty mac on and go and see what’s happening. I suppose the good folks that are losing their jobs right left and centre must be spending their lay off/redundancy money on having a spin on a Ferris wheel eh? It’s hard to keep pace with these things and they really do seem to be immune to the credit crunch… There are two that come to mind, one was announce a while ago but has just opened, the Perth Wheel, on the banks of the Swan river in Perth, Australia in January 2009, the other one, The Wheel of Braehead, known as the The Renfrewshire Wheel, has appeared out of nowhere to appear near Glasgow, Scotland, on the river Clyde at Braehead (Pictured above).

I have said for many years that the Ferris wheel is a very important covert monument, which is used as both a hypnotic trigger and a symbolic monument by the illuminati /Serpent Cult. Those that have followed my stuff will know what I mean but for those that don’t I suggest you read this,  this and this before you try to digest this news. I have explained before that the symbolic Ferris wheel is usually placed on or near water to symbolise the motto ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Obviously the two new Ferris wheels, up the Swan and down the Clyde, show that they are too rising out of the water. This is because placing a Ferris wheel in these locations is on a par with placing an Obelisk in the same locations near water. It is the aim of the Serpent Cult to place a Ferris wheel near water in all mayor cities around the world. So please also consider donning a dirty mac like me and keeping an eye on them! That said the crafty Serpent Cult also use the Ferris wheel in city centres. This can be done on a temporary basis or indeed, sometimes, long term. It depends on what the Serpent Cult is doing in the said city at the time and the symbolism the city displays in it own right. A good example is the Edinburgh Wheel that is covertly used, amongst many other things, to illuminate Walter Scott the Freemason every winter solstice.


The Ferris Wheel / Scott monument (Daytime)

Anyway… In my opinion the use of Ferris wheels in these places is simply to either symbolically and physically change a public building into an official temple of the Sun gods or to illuminate’ a member of the Serpent Cult and change a statue into an official idol of worship. ‘Sun gods’ are the official representatives or agents if you like of the multi-dimensional force that controls us. I call this force the Serpent Cult. It not easy to accept this sort of information I know. How can a public building be changed in to a Sun Temple I hear you say? Are you bloody bonkers Delooze I hear you say? So I will try my best to show you in simple terms what I mean. I have seen many Ferris wheels that the Serpent Cult has plonked down all over the UK and indeed Europe. So please don’t think I’m talking out of my arse on this matter. I have researched this subject usually freezing to death in brass monkey freezing weather (say aah!) and I have seen many examples, the most recent being in Belgium on New Years Eve 2008 (Watch this space!). To show you what I mean I’ll take a couple of examples at random that you may not have heard of? So please take a look at these two in Belfast and Cardiff respectively?


Belfast Ferris Wheel (Daytime)


Cardiff Ferris Wheel (Daytime)

You see that in the cold light of day, on a dumbed down five sense level at least, there is nothing special here. It’s a simple fairground ride stuck in a city centre as some cheap money making venture eh?  So I’m as mad as a hatter with a severe paranoid delusion about Ferris wheels sort of thing eh? Maybe but I believe you have got to grasp the fact that the Serpent Cult has a network of high rankers working within the sick and corrupt world we exist in and although they are only few in numbers they have complete control of local and national governments and business. They can literally arrange anything in any town or city. Don’t forget all civic buildings are built to specification through corrupt local governments, and nothing is built without their permission, his is because they have to keep the areas free from other monuments or buildings affect the symbolic geometry being used.

The average local Councillor is as thick as two short planks but they literally vote in the building/monument plans that they are told to vote in.They also decide if and when someone can come along and plonk a Ferris wheel in your town or city. That is why so many official government buildings, Town Halls and Libraries etc are actually built to specifications that are linked to ancient temples and sacred geometry. ‘Domes and Pillars’ etc to the average mind!


Chosen at Random… Belfast with the average looking, Domes and PIllars type, City Hall eh?

Is it possible that ‘out of hours’ certain members of the Serpent Cult use the buildings for other activities? What’s to stop the authorities using public buildings, ‘we’ have financed through taxes, for there own use ‘out of hours’ so to speak? Let’s face it folks who the hell had a say in how or where the buildings were built or what they looked like? For example, do you select what shape the Millennium Dome is? Do you have the slightest say in what replica temples or monuments are built in your towns and cities? I know the answer to that one… Did you buggery you just helped fund it and therefore endorsed it. Anyway this is what the Ferris wheels do to change the appearance of buildings on a physical level, especially at night. Take a look at these.  Again I am only using Belfast and Cardiff at random. The same scenario goes on all around the world and more and more Ferris Wheels will appear on a permanent or temporary basis. Heed my words!










Whoops… I slipped this one in from Preston.. It’s the exact same scam though! Ferris wheel (obelisk) and civic building (replica temple)


Cardiff… covert ‘Sun Temple’… Are you clicking yet?

The combination of covert occult ‘monument’ (Ferris wheel) and occult ‘temple’ (civic building) will create a very special combination that cannot be seen on a five sense level by a dumbed down average person. (They have as much chance of seeing it as I have of seeing Ben Fairhall get a round in). They will simply see two separate entities not one. This is what the Serpent Cult want. They want you to accept both entities as being separated but at the same time show respect to them. One paying for taxes in and the other a sight of awe and enjoyment. I suppose on a lower level of understanding that placing a Ferris wheel outside a symbolic building or replica temple is like placing a table with a cross on it in a community centre hall and calling it an altar. In other words the act of adding symbolism in or around a building changes changes the role of the said building. For instance, a cross on a table changes the simple community hall in to a temple. Again I tell you the truth and say ‘placing a Ferris wheel outside a replica temple makes it an official ‘Sun Temple’. You cannot see it or feel it in the cold light of day but at night your intuition will tell you if you open your mind.

The perverted and corrupt powers that be will be able to use the buildings for ritual including the sexual abuse and murder of children. Most civic buildings have a Masonic type chamber hidden inside them (Funded by us of course). These buildings are, albeit unknowingly, spiritually endorsed by us. The sick powers that run this country and the rest of the world are operating on a far higher lever of understanding than you are. They will gladly laugh at the crowds gathered around the ‘sun temples’ cheering at some silly event taking part on the city centre square, whilst the Serpent Cult carry out rituals right under our noses. The public are unaware because they do not connect the dots and they only see two separate physical events taking place and they do not see the spiritual meanings of what is going on nor do they see that  these things create the physical means to carry out occult rituals. E.g the people only see a physical civic building and a separate physical Ferris wheel, they do not see the combined spiritual force behind them. That is because in our dumbed down state we cannot see they are connected. Just like you cannot see you are connected to me as I am to you. The Serpent Cult use our illusion of separation against us but they also use our connection to gain our spiritual endorsement of their actions to control us at the same time.

Oh I realise you think you are smart and not daft enough to believe such a thing, you already know everything don’t you? The powers that be only place these Ferris wheels around for our enjoyment eh? They only have our best interest at heart don’t they?  The powers that be also only build replica temples for use in everyday civil service reasons eh? I’ll tell you that the Serpent Cult have all the pieces of the jigsaw and I’ll tell you something else they have hidden some of them from you.

You can carry on thinking that a Ferris wheel is not a symbolic monument and all the symbolic buildings of the authorities that enslave you are just there for you to pay your taxes in. Think what you want it is your life and it is your future lifetimes. We can sail up the Swan river and down the river Clyde with blinkers on if you want.

I can only suggest you look at the pictures above again and WAKE UP if you really want to wake up! If you want to be spiritually controlled because the world is duped in to worshipping occult idols then that’s fine with me. I’ll join in with you if you want? I’ll gladly sail up shit creek without a paddle if that truly is the will of the majority.

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

If you like my work or at least find it interesting then please help me recover ground lost in the last few months and pass this Delooze News Special Report around. May Love Reign O’er You All.

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