Silent protesters light up Mexico in anti-crime marches (A Delooze News Special Report)

Same Scam – Same Symbolism- Different Location

Mexico Crime March

Energy line Mexico City.

“Iluminemos Mexico” A Delooze News Special Report

Hello folks, just another example of how symbolic monuments were put in place on energy lines, this time in Mexico.  Officially the Mexicans have taken part in a ‘silent demonstration’ to protest about the rise in crime especially serious kidnaps and murders. Obviously there is nothing wrong with the
masses organising themselves is there? That said, do you think the Serpent Cult is daft? It’s  controlled our minds for lifetime after lifetime so do you not think it will control any ‘naturally’
created protest?  Not that this protest was in anyway natural. The Serpent Cult created the reasons to protest and the Serpent Cult created the actual protest too. The sheeple just do as they are told. The take their energy to symbolic locations when told to do so.

El Zocalo… full of human energy

The main square used in this matter is called El Zocalo. The usual symbolic buildings and ancient artifacts are connected to this square this square especially the Templo Mayor which was a temple to worship Huitzilopochtli (sun) and Tlaloc (rain). (Coincidentally I was told by a bright young lady that a Tlaloc ritual was sneaked into Obama’s Sun temple tour in Denver the other day, again under the guise of ‘protest’!)

Mexico Crime March
Angel of Independence

I have written about energy lines linking up with symbolic monuments many times before and the scam in Mexico is no different. This time the goddess monument is known as ‘The Angel of Independence’ but I ask you when have the Mexican peasants even had any independence? This angel of independence is just simply another covert occult Goddess of Victory statue and it symbolically enslaves us. Wake the hell up won’t you? It’s the same scam as when Obama stood under one in Berlin and it’s the same scam as when the sheep danced around a goddess statue in London a week ago. It’s an occult idol and by gathering en-masse around these things you are spiritually worshipping it.

‘The angel of Independence’ my arse!
It’s Nike/ Isis and the rest. Sun Worship.It will enslave you not give you independence

I have reported on several energy lines and shown you several examples of the scam… So Isn’t
it funny that in a few recent weeks that three different countries, SO CALLED DIFFERENT CULTURES, have unknowingly carried out the exact same rituals using these monuments?LOOK!…

London! (Energy released round occult idol)
LOOK…  Barack ObamaBerlin! (Energy released around occult idol)
Mexico City! (Energy released around occult idol)

Can you see that the same scam goes on all over the world? The masses have been lied to for thousands of years. Wake up and look.

The masses are literally LED to monuments and ancient occult symbolism, they are led to feel emotional. They release energy because of the emotion and on a spiritual level this energy goes to the creators of the symbolism. Occult imagery is placed in the subconscious of the demonstrators. The demonstrators already have the symbolic location in their thoughts simply because the demonstrations always take place at the same symbolic locations, they literally see and feel these places as a location created to let off steam at.

Just like they are in London. These places were literally planned for ocasions like this. The Serpent Cult ‘want us’ to demonstrate or celebrate at these locations, that’s the con trick.. Wake Up! The increase in crime is going to happen worldwide. It will help increase the collective emotional state
of the human race.

Come along blind sheep join in!

The good people who take part in these things do not realise they are conned from all sides. Symbolically the Serpent Cult currently hold and then deal all the cards. It’s up to ‘us’ to ask for a new deck and look up the dealers sleeves. It’s up to us to challenge the dealer. There is
no messiah going to do it for you. That is the joker in the pack. Wake Up!

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze


“Iluminemos Mexico”


Downtown Mexico City has sparkled with a sea of twinkling
lights late as some 200,000 white-clad protesters have joined the
largest in a wave of nationwide protests against surging crime. Scores
of towns and cities took part in the “Iluminemos Mexico” or “Let’s
Illuminate Mexico” silent marches to show a united front against
escalating kidnappings and murders.Police say 200,000 people attended
the Mexico City protest as thousands spilled out of the capital’s main
Zocalo square, which has a capacity of 160,000.
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