A Little Bird Told Me……The Eagle Has Landed. (A Delooze News Special Report)

A Little Bird Told Me…


…The Eagle Has Landed

A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks,

For those that have followed the Delooze News reports over recent weeks you will know that I have mentioned several areas in the world (Especially in the former Eastern Block regions) that appear to be ‘awakening’ old symbolic areas with new symbolic monuments or at least refurbishing old symbolic monuments on old symbolic areas. Those news reports included the Ukraine, Puru, India, Austria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Greece. Obviously if you only visited the News Headlines page for a quick glimpse, or if you were simply looking for forum gossip material, then you will have missed the bigger picture. I will be doing a few more Delooze News Special Reports on this subject in the future because these matters will need recording for future reference when you can be bothered to take note….. Anyway…

Maybe it is silly to suggest that old symbolic buildings and monuments can be awakened or re-ignited by new symbolic monuments. Let me please tell you that the esoteric knowledge held by
the secret societies that built monuments ‘yesterday’ is the same esoteric knowledge held by secret societies that build monuments ‘today’. They are indeed connected and indeed that is why you find new religious buildings built on on the foundations of old religious buildings. The Serpent Cult agenda is taking place over a long period, of what we think of as time, and not over two nights on a forum thread.

Please let me, if I may, show you just a couple more examples of how new monuments are being put in place to reawaken old ones, even though the event may seem totally insignificant at the time. I am going to show you two relatively minor events, the first one may mean absolutely nothing to you at this moment in time but I want to for future reference with you. The second example is, in my opinion, the blatant work of secret society trickery operating right under the nose of a blind population but I think you will see some connections. The Serpent Cult play on our ignorance. First of all I‘d like to show you a monument that has appeared outside the BBC Studio’s in London. It’s called ‘Breathing’. It’s basically an illuminated torch.



I don’t suppose you think anything of the monument pictured above. It is called ‘Breathing’ please click here for info. It is supposed to be a memorial to the brave reporters and film crews that have died in war zones like Iraq etc. My personal opinion is if that is indeed the genuine reason for it then it is hypocritical in my opinion. Why put a beacon of light on a news corporation building that oppresses the truth and fails to properly investigate the liars that are in positions of power in this world?

I watched with interest as they announced the official unveiling of this monument on the roof of the BBC studios on the 16th June 2008 and I laughed at the hypocrites as the puppet Ki- Moon literally spoke to the world about it. I mentioned it to a few people in general conversation a few days ago but
nobody gave a monkeys toss about it. Why should they? Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, Boring, Boring and more Boring isn’t it?

For those that are not bored, especially the English readers (Brits), I will ask you… Do you know you paid for the monument? What do you mean you didn’t? Well I’ll tell you, you did. If you pay for a TV license you did anyway! Indeed the BBC has been paying for quite a few ‘art projects’ on our behalf. The 33ft ‘Light Cone” only cost around £900,000, ($1,750,000) on its own but there are others planned and others that have already taken place. Indeed another £100,000 ($190,000) is going on the lighting system. They have literally sacked workers just to pay for these works of art. A further more expensive project is planned in the same area as breathing… Quote…

“The most expensive work commissioned by the BBC
is from Canadian artist Mark Pimlott which is costing licence fee
payers more than £1.6m. Pimlott was asked to design a public sculpture
in the centre of a new piazza that will be created between the new and
old wings of Broadcasting House. His design, called World, is a gently
curving paved floor inscribed with lines of latitude and longitude and
names of places and regions across the world.” (Source) 


Pimlotts future creation (£1.6million) to go with Breathing
(Ps look like a sun to me)

The sad thing is that I know and I know some of you know that the powers that be don’t care about a few reporters being killed, indeed the PTB care even less about film ‘crews’ being killed too. Indeed the ‘powers that be’ murder some journalist themselves if they happen to see or threaten to say too much. In my opinion this breathing monument has nothing to do with respecting journalism, apart from a token gesture and an excuse to put the monument there in the first place, and the monument is being used to carry out covert rituals at a later date. The BBC is controlled by the Serpent anyway an all its corruptions are hidden from the public through fake sentiments like placing memorials to the dead.

We are dealing with inter-dimensional forces that need you to ‘respect’ and ‘accept’ their symbolism. Just like the Americans respect the Statue of Liberty if you like. I realise that this cone does not compare in stature with the Statue of Liberty but that does not matter, it is being still being made a massive focal point, an energy creator in my opinion. As I have said many times, ’emotions
create energy’.

What most people don’t realise with this new focal point is that it actually ‘mirrors’ an old focal point. In this case it’s the All Souls Church located across from the said monument.. Indeed it’s a strange looking building. Breathing was officially unveiled by UN general secretary Mr Ban Ki-Moon at dusk following a speech.


All Souls Church
All Souls Church and Breathing monument
All Souls Church and Breathing monument

I ask you now can the ‘Breathing’ Monument placed there not only attract respect to itself and the hypercritical BBC and stooge UN Leader that announced it, but is it also there to attract respect to the monument that it is located next to it? Indeed is it possible that the Breathing monument is simply there to ‘illuminate’ the All Souls Temple? Look at the pics above and think about it again. Here are the words etched on the new monument.

life turns and turns on the crystal glass
breathing in our body
silence is a voice, our voice
silence is a body, our body
life turns and turns on the crystal glass
breathing in our body
I invite you to breathe
I invite you to listen to the silence

The All Souls Church was built by John Nash who was also responsible for Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch to name a few. Obviously he has tried a few aprons on in his time and took part in a few knobbly knees contests! So I’ll say no more on that. It should be obvious to anyone that this Temple is built based on esoteric geometry, even the foundations of the Church are
exactly 13 feet deep. So my little band of inquisitive minds what is the point of me telling you this stuff. Well, I’ll ask you this, is it just a coincidence that a torch of light (inverted spire) matches up
with the spire on All Souls Church? Is it a coincidence that the 33ft high cone is given worldwide publicity by someone as high ranking and as symbolic as Mr Ki-‘Moon’ (United Nations)? Why is the All Souls Church being hyped with this story about a memorial anyway? All this could be coincidence I know…  I realise that.

I thought long and hard before even considering reporting this matter as it may be paranoia or I am getting wrong vibes about it and I surely have a hell of a lot of other work to produce that is far more clear cut than this and I didn’t have time to waste on it. I could have just put it on news headlines
without comments. I was going to abandon my thoughts on it when I was suddenly was directed to some more information regarding the actions of the same BBC art projects. The same force that is behind the creation of the breathing monument and other symbols around the old All Souls Church is also behind other projects funded by the licence payer! So just forget about the breathing monument for now, we will come back to it at a later date.

Let’s focus on a little project that was officially announced in Liverpool a while back as it easier to show you the symbolism on this one. You might see this one more clearly. Take a look at this picture showing ‘a work of  art’ (basically a bird on a stick). This bird on a stick cost £59,000 ($115,000) Yes it cost £59,000 of tax payers money (Source).

On the face of it the hypnotised public haven’t a clue what’s going on.They blindly and apathetically accept these things without even thinking about it. Granted some people question the costs but it really is only a token gesture and these things are rarely looked into. So let me look into this seemingly innocent £59,OOO bird on a stick monument.

Tracey Emin unveiling her £59,000 artwork

Firstly let’s have a look at where it has been placed. It has been placed outside a building know as the ‘Oratory’. The Oratory if full of symbolic sculptures You can see in the picture below that the Oratory was built to Ancient Temple type specifications. It was built by John Foster who had visited and researched ancient Temples, including the Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Apollo (Sun Gods). In other words it is at least in part a replica of ancient temples

The Oratory Liverpool – In part a replica Sun temple

 Is it again possible that new symbolic monuments have been placed in locations to highlight old symbolic monuments to symbolically awaken them (attract attention to them). In this case a new ‘bird on a stick’ has been placed outside an old Temple containing old artifacts in a similar vein to the new Breathing monument and old All Souls Church, and of course the artifacts in it? Let’s have a look at the symbolism behind the the bird on a stick. Let’s look at the name of the artwork too. Its called ‘Roman Standard’. Basically the Roman Standard was the emblem carried by the legions of Roman soldiers. The most important Roman Standard is the Aquila. What does an Aquila look like,

as is was used by the Romans, you might ask? Well yes folks it is a bird on a stick. (Copyright issues Tracey?)

Ancient Birds on a bloody Stick (Aquila)

OK? Let’s have a look at the artist that got £59,000 for creating this bird on a stick. ‘Tracey Emin RA’
has personal links to Madonna and Elton John amongst other symbolic celebrities. She is simply in the ‘clique’ of agents for the Serpent. Her name says it all for me Emin or Emim. She is a descendent from the Holy Lands. I am almost sure, like many hyped celebrities and many Royal Academy members, that Tracy hasn’t a clue she is being used simply as a symbolic mule but sometimes I get the impression some celebrities know full well that they are or at least their greed leads them into situations they enjoy.

Anyway… So is it just a coincidence that an official Roman Standard has ended up outside a replica of an official ancient Temple? Please someone tell me why a totally working class City like Liverpool would want a bird on a stick placing outside a clapped out ‘Oratory’ anyway?

So what is the symbolism behind such an act? The word Oratory simply means composition and delivery of speeches. So what is this little bird really saying at a cost of £59,000?


Tracey outside a symbolic Temple (Oratory) with her symbolic £59,000 bird on a stick)

Tracey Emin claims that it was the City’s mythical emblem the ‘Liver Bird’ that inspired her creation she named the Roman Standard. I am sure it did. But what inspired the powers that be to put a £59,000 bird on a stick outside the run down Oratory? Here is a quote from the Observer about the matter…

“In December The Observer obtained emails which showed that BBC staff had to ‘invent’ a reason to explain why licence fee money had been spent on such a project. Senior BBC publicist Janet Morrow wrote to Vanda Rumney, head of BBC communications, warning of a ‘sticky situation on the public art front which might blow up’ and admitted she had ‘invented’ a reason for why the Emin sculpture was commissioned. She wrote: ‘We could be pressed about exactly how much it cost and why it’s appropriate for the BBC to spend licence fee money in this way, especially at a time of supposed

I’d sum it up by saying  both artist and commissioners just go with the flow created by the system in the hope the stupefied masses stay stupefied. Anyway look again where this bird on a stick is located… Surprise Surprise The shithole of an Oratory has an Obelisk!


Surprise Surprise The shithole of an Oratory has an Obelisk!


The Oratory (SIDE VIEW) …would you stick a £59,000 piece of art here?
Well would you?

Maybe the PTB would have been better spending £59,000 on doing the Oratory up or at least knocking it down. Anyway moving on…

Liverpool is famous for its ‘Liver Birds’ (Oh you crafty bastards you!) It has proudly displayed its ‘Liver Birds’ for years and no scouser worth his or her salt will not offer his very life up for the honour of a ‘Liver Bird’. (Pronounced lie-ver bird) The official history of the Liver Bird is confused because in my opinion it is simply meant to be that way.

The Mythical (Mythical my arse) Liverbird

It is obviously linked to King John who allegedly originally named the town Liverpool. That said I think the Liver Bird is representative and symbolic of the Eagle that ate the ‘Liver’ of Prometheus and I believe the symbolism is also linked to the sun god Zeus (Jupiter) and his son Apollo and the Oratory building is also linked to the sun god Zeus and Apollo. I also believe that delivery of the Aquila ( Via Ms Emin’s pathetic bird on a stick) to the Oratory in the City of Liverpool was linked to an ‘awakening ceremony’ that took place at the Oratory behind closed doors. Maybe that’s going a bit too deep for now? I assure you it goes a lot lot deeper. Mind you this humble News Report is only to point out certain new symbolic monuments being added, by the free will of the public, that are appearing in certain areas next to old symbolic monuments and I have reported that to the best of my ability.

I will report on the deeper stuff connected to the monuments mentioned in this news report in the years we have left ahead of us.

I only suggest at this time in 2008 that there is a monument awakening event going on. That said it may be just be a coincidence and not part of an agenda to carry out symbolic reawakening
rituals eh? I maybe just barking mad..(Woof)

So let me just say that the powers that be have ‘arranged’ for these coincidences to take place. I have mentioned many times before that council buildings are used after hours for occult rituals. Do you think the placing of this bird on a stick (Roman Standard) is just a coincidence?  Again do you support and endorse such things? No I hear you say.  BUT… Yes you do because you paid for them and did not object to them being built. The same scenario of our free will creating such art work applies in all cities and in all countries around the world, some previously reported on these very news pages.

Mythical Liver Bird Mythical God? 

I suppose at the end of the day it is food for thought and expensive food for thought at that. No matter how I try to lose my working class programming and I really do have constant attempts, genuine attempts, to be just like Colin Fry (Hey… what a nice boy) to improve my ways.
I have to admit that in certain circumstances I find it very hard to do just that.

Indeed when I see monuments like the Roman Standard and prima-donna celebrity artists playing silly buggers and corrupt organisations and secret societies taking the piss, then the ‘factory worker’ in me surfaces, I forget all about spiritual journeys or exposing interdimensional cults, and I get the urge just to shout out loud “59 GRAND?… FIFTY NINE THOUSAND POUNDS?… £59 GRAND FOR A FUCKING BIRD ON A STICK JUST TO PLONK OUTSIDE A DERELICT SHITHOUSE… FOR CHRIST’S SAKE…  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?”

Wake up!

I mean come on… WAKE UP!

Thank You

Matthew Delooze