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Unlocking the Hall of Records – Finding the First Key of Freedom

Unlocking the Hall of Records


Finding the First Key of Freedom

By Matthew Delooze

How do you do what you do to me?
I wish I knew
If I knew how you do it to me
I’d do it to you
How do you do what you do to me?
I wish I knew
Wish I knew how you do it to me
But I haven’t a clue
From The Beatles song How Do You Do It (To Me)


As I look back on the first six months of this year I find that some of us have travelled light years in terms of gaining our spiritual freedom. I see some urgency in people’s faces these days, an urgency to find strength and understanding as to what the bloody hell is going on in the world. It is only eight months ago that I wrote an article entitled ‘Swinging on the Gates of Hades’ in which I claimed we needed to go deeper than just seeing and recognising illuminati created monuments around the place and I asked you to try grasp the idea that the monuments are indeed hypnotic triggers themselves and they are used in occult ritual to extract spiritual energy and to keep us entranced and that we blindly take part in rituals. I took you deeper in that article and I know in my heart that information would have triggered a few people. It is now time to begin to take things further. I am trying to guide some of you on to further triggers (So please humour the fruitcake). I would like to carry on from the information that I provided in my earlier essays, Spitting out the Feathers of the Benu Bird and Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian. If you have not read these in their entirety then I suggest you do so now before travelling with me on this journey to unlock the Hall of Records. There is a method in my madness and I tell you the truth when I say that the order of the journeys I take you on is very important. So with the understanding that you have read the articles mentioned above I will suggest we move on.

In the articles quoted above I went into detail about how I believe energy lines and symbolic monuments work in unison with each other to create a system that enables multi-dimensional beings to covertly extract our individual and collective ‘spiritual energy’. I explained that even the humble Ferris wheel can be used as a deceptive symbolic monument and it can easily display pyramid/eye/benben symbolism. I also explained, as I have done on numerous occasions before, that spiritual energy is created through our ’emotions’. Indeed I came up with the term Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy. When we feel emotion it creates invisible energy within us and then it is released into the atmosphere through, smiles, laughter, tears or just the ‘feelings’ themselves. I also explained that symbolic mythological deities are used as hypnotic mediums, along with monuments, to help create and transport our energy to what I know as the ‘underworld’ (Lower Fourth Dimension).

I’d like to expand on my previous writings and show you some more examples regarding the energy lines/ monuments/ energy extraction theory and how the Serpent Cult have you and me under their hypnotic control. Only to me it is not theory. I have spent a few years now researching and actually experiencing matters, surrounding my theories, in many locations around the world and I assure you I wouldn’t be writing this stuff if I thought I was talking out of my arse and wasting your time or my time.

Please believe that. So I’d like to take you deeper into the Serpent Cult’s labyrinth of deception if you want to come. It’s up to you. Do you really want to break the Serpent’s Spell or am I wasting my time? Am I just a delusional madman or can I provide a few triggers to help you re-awaken from the hypnosis I believe the Serpent has put us under? I do not want to sound boastful but I believe part of the information and symbolism in this very article is very important to your future spiritual welfare and the symbolism involved is vital to some of you. I will be communicating with your subconscious through certain parts of this article.

So …Come with me my friends, you have nothing to lose by doing so, this time let’s go and see into the future and have a look at Egypt to start with.

I have posted quite a few news items on my website in recent weeks trying to outline that ancient relics and other artifacts are being returned to their country of origin. I also note that ‘museums’ are now being located near monuments that I believe are placed on energy points, ley lines, symbolic grids or whatever else you may wish to call them. I have been keeping my eye on events in Egypt especially the Giza plateau, home of the most famous pyramids in the world.

There are plans to build a massive museum right next door to the Giza pyramids. You should be aware by now that famous museums including the Louvre and Vatican museums that I mentioned in the previous articles are also placed near to ancient (or modern) symbolic or geometric monuments. In this article I’d like to take you to two further landmarks in this world, one is ancient and one is modern or are they really both old and modern combined? Let’s go and see. Take a look at this.

Picture of the Grand Egyptian Museum to be from above.
How the Grand Egyptian Museum is to look from the ground level

The Great Egyptian Museum is currently under construction and is due to open in 2009/2010. It will not only act it the worlds largest museum of Egyptian symbolism it will also become a massive viewing platform for the pyramids themselves, therefore a scenario unfolds following the same basic principles of an energy extraction event. I mentioned before that the masses are led like sheep into certain museum buildings and the visitors will release emotional respect energy whilst viewing the artifacts that are placed there. I have visited Egypt and it is spell binding, especially to folk like me who have been living in poverty in and around the dog shit laden streets of a place like Burnley for most of their lives.


 Artists impressions inside the new museum, but is it simply a museum or a place of energy extraction?

So what we basically have with the building of this new museum is literally a vision of the future and the current energy extraction situation that is already taking place in Paris (Louvre Museum) and Rome (Vatican Museums) is now obviously going to happen in one of the most famous symbolic locations in the world. This Grand Egyptian Museum is going to be placed on a similar type of energy line to the one on the Champs Elysees (Axe Historique), but in the case of the Grand Egyptian Museum it is on a far bigger scale and it actually links up with the ancient Sun monuments (pyramids) that have indeed been swamped with emotional energy for years. The pyramids are embedded with energy from the collective consciousness of the entire human race. The amount of spiritual energy being created at such a site will be enormous.

The museum at Giza will concentrate on Egyptian artifacts. (Sun Worship) and the thousands upon thousands of people who will visit this place will release energy and direct it through to the ancient monuments in that area. Indeed the major attraction of this museum is the fact that when the visitors have viewed the ancient relics they will be then led like sheep to view all three of the pyramids, in all their glory, from a special floor in the museum. The powers that be are hoping to get things running to their maximum capacities by 2012. So by 2012 there will be a massive museum placed within viewing distance of the pyramids.

Visitors will be given a glorious view of the Pyramids.

It will simply be a far larger version of the Louvre and there the energy created will be on a far larger scale. Is it a coincidence that the illuminati are creating another world famous museum and placing it next to pyramids? I know one or two folk thought I was crazy to suggest the pyramid was stuck outside the Louvre museum as an energy extracting device, but what do you think now they are doing it with real pyramids in Egypt? Here is a picture of the Egyptian president Mubarak laying the foundation stone for the new Egyptian museum.

The pyramids will be a focal point for emotional respect energy created by agents for the Serpent Cult.

I have written in my book (Is it me for a moment?) why certain bloodlines or other symbolic people lay foundation stones for important structures. What we will see arise in the Giza plateau area before our eyes is literally a new ‘Temple of Worship’, an energy extractor, and it is being created by the Serpent Cult. Wake Up! Anyway. I will come back to the Egyptian museum later but I also need to show you another similar energy extraction scam in another location. I really need to show you this and I know only a brief mention of it in my article does not do the information, I am about mention, true justice. That said the secret of me is not flown like a flag. Anyway, here is another modern museum for you to ponder on. It’s called the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and it is located in Cleveland USA.

Behold the Hall of Records, One Key Plaza, Cleveland USA :)

This building is awash with occult symbolism. You may recognise that the pyramid in front of this building is very similar to the one outside the Louvre museum in Paris. It should come as no surprise to you to know that the same bloke designed both of the pyramids that are located outside both museums, that bloke is Ieoh Ming Pei. Mr Pei is a member of the ‘Serpent Cult’ and has worked on many ‘museums’ for many years using the same secret society geometry. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is, in my opinion, a classic example of a spiritual energy extraction device. The entire building is literally a hall of ‘records’.
Quote from official site….

The museum documents the entire history of rock and roll, regardless of induction status. Hall of Fame inductees are honoured in a special exhibit inside the museum’s spire.

No sun temple of any standing would be without the benben rising out of water symbolism… but it’s just a coincidence isn’t it?

I know I don’t have to repeat things again about spiritual energy being created through emotional respect, or disrespect for that matter, but please try to understand that the Serpent Cult require your spiritual permission to rule over you. They need you to respect them through their agents and by giving emotional respect to agents you give respect to the creators of the agents and their symbolism. This symbolism can take many forms such as Elvis coming out of ‘Sun’ records (Birthplace of Rock n Roll) or pop rock/ groups having symbolic names like Freddie Mercury (See my book, is it me for a moment, for full details). It may sometimes be certain lyrics in songs or at other times be occult symbolism being displayed at concerts that effect your subconscious but that is the scam behind these things they are created to affect your subconscious. There are many ways that the Serpent Cult use rock and roll stars in this world to entice and entrap the minds of the masses. I am not saying all their agents actually ‘know’ they are agents. They don’t, they just entertain us and take the fame and fortune that goes with it and no one can blame them for that, especially with the way this world is. That said, on another level of consciousness these talented artists are being used to display occult symbolism and it is indeed that symbolism that we really worship and respect on other levels of consciousness. We are oblivious to this trickery and we believe we are only worshipping an artist on our five-sense level of consciousness. This is far from the truth. To show you what I mean I will use Madonna as an example again. Here she is in the pictures below being inducted into this ‘Hall of Fame’ museum.


Madonna, like most other celebrities, is laden with occult symbolism by the Serpent Cult. When you worship the celebrity on a conscious level you also worship the symbolism on a subconscious or unconscious level. Note the Sun Goddess symbolism in the background.


When we worship celebrities like Madonna in five-sense reality you are in reality worshipping ISIS and other symbolic deities on other levels of your consciousness in other dimensions


Madonna the symbolic Sun Goddess

Can you see the occult symbolism that is being placed on Madonna? I have only scratched the surface and could write a hundred pages just on Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. She is literally promoted as a symbolic sun goddess just as Elvis is a symbolic sun king god. Subconsciously the fans of Madonna (and other celebrities) are being subconsciously programmed to worship the symbolism surrounding their idols. Look at the picture above again is she simply being presented as a pop singer or she being presented as a goddess? It is this sort of information that is going into our subconscious and it is this sort of brainwashing that eventually creates our physical reality. Obviously star struck music lovers only concentrate on the five-sense reality surrounding their idols, which is mainly through sight and sound. This situation is what the Serpent Cult thrives on and has done for thousands of what you see as years. Your willingness to worship something you like is exploited without you even having the slightest clue that you are being duped. Let me make clear that there is nothing wrong with loving or worshipping something you like or love OK!

That said the Serpent Cult laden what you love and worship (In this example Madonna) with their own symbolism so you end up worshipping the Serpent Cult through their agents who carry their symbolism. I have already said this many times as some of you know. On a five-sense level you worship the harmless artist but on a subconscious level you are worshipping something that is completely different.


Anyway…I have been leading you to this symbolic Hall of Records for a while and I do this so you will recognise it and not forget it and so you will not forget what brought you here because that is important too. I also want you to imagine how much respect symbolism is actually in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum? Just imagine that everybody’s favourite song and orgasm creating ‘celebrity’ or ‘idol’ is embedded and symbolically represented in this one building. Can you imagine how many magical hypnotic tunes are symbolically located in this place? The place is absolutely full of thought energy. The greatest artists in the world are represented in this building therefore every thought about these artists is directed to their hall of fame.

The same rules apply to this Hall of Records as they do in the Louvre and the Vatican museums. People visiting these places will feel emotion, this emotion will create and release energy, this energy will be harnessed and then it will feed the deceptive force that is lurking behind it.

It is hard to explain ALL the different levels of deception that are going on and how they are going on all at the same time. We have in the last six months or so only covered two levels. The first level that you are consciously fully aware of is that the basic five sense purpose of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum type buildings. Simply put the powers that be fill these buildings up with symbolic memorabilia and then they get people to visit it and get them to accept their version of history. The second level that I have tried to get across to you over the last few months, to mingle in with my theories on pop festival stuff and Christmas and New Year stuff etc, is of course that the buildings and monuments are built to include occult geometry and symbolism that in turn act as a vessel to transport the spiritual energy created in them into another dimension, such as I believe the London Eye does on New Years Eve.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is just one of the deceptive monuments that have been purposely located around the world, on certain energy points, by the Serpent Cult to keep the human race in trance and to gain their respect energy. The human collective consciousness has actually requested that these buildings be created to do just that! We create our own reality and the manipulated ‘mass thought’ or collective consciousness in this world is creating a global elite of symbolic gods to worship and rule over us by respecting and accepting their divine right to rule us.

These buildings/monuments are going to increase in numbers leading up to and beyond 2012. Hence me mentioning the proposed Grand Egyptian Museum(GEM) now to you.

If you can imaging walking through the Rock and Roll museum showing respect to the talent on display and therefore releasing energy inside or near to the pyramid located there, so to speak, can you imagine the same situation going on in the symbolic buildings to be known as the GEM in Egypt? It is the exact same principle using the exact same method. As I mentioned earlier the respect created at the new GEM will be directed to the ancient pyramids. It is also linking ‘the old with the new’ and I have tried to point this out using several examples all over the world on my news page on my website recently. Indeed the GEM is obviously composed of sacred ancient geometry too.


The GEM is costing a minimum of $550 (£300) million. Do you really think that the powers that be would give a monkey’s toss if the masses get to see ancient artifacts at all unless it really suited them to do so? The secret societies always had possession of the main Egyptian artifacts, in modern times anyway, simply because Napoleon and Nelson stole them. So why the sudden urge, money no object of course, to get most of them back together on the Giza plateau for 2010?

There are peasants in Egypt that have no shoes on their feet or proper means to survive. The powers that be don’t give a shit about these people. They will say things like the GEM will help tourism. Yes it will but who benefits from tourism the most? Is it your average ‘Abdul’ selling two bob postcards that will benefit or will it be the powers that be that will be grabbing all the ‘real’ income from that too? There really is only one ‘true’ reason for building this museum in my opinion and that is to direct energy towards, reawaken if you like, the Giza pyramids, the geometric Grand Egyptian Museum and the Giza plateau in general. The economics behind the project certainly don’t matter to the Serpent because they already have control of every penny in this world.

The main ‘true’ purpose for the existence of the museums mentioned in Cleveland or Cairo is to satisfy orders from forces in other dimensions, beings that are alien to this world.

Corrupt high ranking official in society will make sure these orders are followed in exchange for favours and positions of false status and therefore the true purpose for having them is achieved and the vast majority of folk behind these projects don’t have a clue what is really going on. They are simply robots like you and me. Who is going to argue when it looks like having such ‘museums’ is simply an act of economic growth? Who is going to raise questions when this project supplies work and an income to Egyptian workers? Again a minimum of $550 million dollars is being spent on a ‘museum’.

To sum up I will say again that the masses are led to worship symbolic and mythical gods. In modern times this is largely done through ‘celebrities’ like Madonna and Elvis, through their records and concerts. In more ancient times Kings and Pharaohs were mostly used as a medium to collect our spiritual respect on behalf of the Serpent Cult. That said even the Kings and Pharaohs employed the equivalent of today’s celebrities to perform in their palaces and temples to help attract free will respect. The same Kings and Pharaohs are still in charge today through modern day royal bloodlines and Presidents and they still command the celebrities, dead or alive, to act as their agents as a good attraction method. The simplest way I can tell you how this system works is to remind you about Napoleon’s sarcophagus located in Les Invalides in France.


Napoleon: Symbolic agents for the Serpent Cult are respected for eternity inside symbolic places. This is a vital part of the energy extraction scam.

I said at the time that people showing respect to Napoleon, alongside other artifacts, in Les Invalides were creating energy and that energy was going to another dimension. Well now I suggest the exact same scam was going on in the Giza pyramids (Amongst other things). Everyone in ancient times had to bow down to the Pharaohs. They were literally seen as living Gods on Earth. They demanded and received respect from everyone, either through good will (Kind Pharaoh) or through intense fear (Unkind Pharaoh). Just like Napoleon the Pharaohs were agents for multi-dimensional beings and they acted as a medium to feed the underworld, or the lower 4th as some like to call it, with spiritual energy. The Pope and members of ‘Royalty’ have a similar position in a modern day equivalent scenario today. They are seen as god’s representative on Earth. Our minds are manipulated to make sure these agents are bombarded with our respect and bombarded with our spiritual vows to worship them throughout their lives. The vast majority of us surrender our minds to these agents simply because we are taught that these people are good for us and they represent ‘GOD’. They even tell us themselves that they represent God at every opportunity and our brains automatically surrender to these lies. Yes these people certainly do represent their god but this god in my opinion is not the typical goodie-goodie, white bearded, kind old man in a nightgown type of god image that they have implanted in our gullible and dumbed down minds, oh no, their god is a very slippery serpent indeed. By getting the majority of us to accept and respect their rule we accept and respect their ‘God’.

In metaphoric terms people like the Pope, the Queen of England and President Bush are the Artful Dodgers and their God is Fagin so to speak. They are literally picking your soul for a force that you cannot even see. They are symbolic figureheads for a race of deceptive alien beings that have infested the collective consciousness of the human race.

We give our free will to these people to rule us throughout their lives and the spiritual energy created through this is presented to their god, which are really inter-dimensional alien beings, the Fagin of all Fagin’s if you like. Sadly it doesn’t stop there does it? When these agents, these people, ‘die’ we actually worship them more than when they were alive, this is simply because we put them in history books, in religious scriptures or create massive memorials for them after their death. They are literally made ‘idols of eternal respect’. Obviously you don’t get bigger memorials than the Giza pyramids do you? Not your average sized gravestone we use for our Grandmas and Granddads are they? The collective respect for the pyramids in this world is enormous. So how does our respect transfer from a living person to a monument? Well in many cases they stick the ‘idol of respect’ inside the monument, the person and the monument become one, and obviously sticking a Pharaoh that demanded respect from all the people in his kingdom inside a monument meant that the monument received the respect too. Yes?

Think back to Lenin’s mausoleum and Napoleon’s sarcophagus in Les Invalides that I mentioned in my article Brushing away the Ashes of Hadrian as smaller but typical examples and you will see that agents for the serpent and occult symbolism are always placed together. You really can’t respect one without respecting another. ‘Your material mind is being hijacked so you will unknowingly worship deceptive spiritual entities’, it is that statement that really sums it up. These entities control your material mind, and therefore get you to forget your own spirit.

They create human looking religious and royal ‘heroes’ for you to follow and worship like lost sheep. For those people that don’t spiritually fall for this scam they have created ‘celebrities’ as a safety net to collect stragglers. You don’t have to worship Mary in a church to be victim of the deception because you will worship Madonna or someone using a similar level of symbolism instead. All major celebrities are used by the Serpent Cult as shepherds too I am sorry to say. That is why there is absolutely no difference whatsoever, let me say that again, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever in the museum at Giza showing ancient artifacts honouring symbolic gods and symbolic goddesses or the museum in Cleveland showing rock n roll records honouring symbolic gods and goddesses. The museums are simply the same tools from the same toolbox and they are used to get your energy from you and spiritually enslave you in this world simply by placing their esoteric symbolism on things we love and respect. The main reason these buildings are there is just so you respect and accept the symbolism and the geometry contained within them. This type of action keeps you trapped in this material hologram you call life. The serpent has you by the short and curlies and has you believing the illusion you see around you is actually real. The world you see around you and all the shite that goes with it has been created because you have given your mind and your spiritual energy away through unknowingly worshipping the SUN through deception. It really is as simple as that on one level. You constantly make spiritual vows to the SUN through ignorance but just like Madonna the Sun has been laden with other symbolism.

I get a few emails asking me to explain why the Serpent Cult con us or trick us into worshipping the Sun. I have tried to explain this in detail before and the answer is pretty simple but I will repeat it again. When we are subconsciously tricked into worshipping the Sun we are also subconsciously tricked into worshipping the creators of Sun. So when we worship religious icons like Jesus and his Dad or musical icons like Madonna and Elvis on a five sense conscious level we are really worshipping SUN deities on a subconscious level. Therefore we are subconsciously conned into worshipping the sun through one form or another. Yes? OK so far? What the Egyptians called the Ogdoad, which comprised of the symbolic 8 reptilian type deities, allegedly created the sun. These 8 deities claim to have created the Sun out of a nothingness (Known as Order Out of Chaos) So when we are subconsciously conned into worshipping the Sun we are also conned into subconsciously worshipping the reptilian Ogdoad simply because they created the sun. When the Serpent Cult decided to hijack the human collective consciousness it needed something that mankind would love and respect so it ‘hid’ behind the sun symbolism and put its own symbolism in it, by claiming they created it ambiguously through the altering ancient scriptures (Let there be light etc). The Serpent Cult know how this illusionary matrix really works and they have made sure that our intelligence is on a par with a plastic turd from a joke shop. When we subconsciously worship the Reptilian Ogdoad we also give them the right to rule over us. We literally give them power because we actually request that they take it. That is why they constantly con us into carrying out Sun rituals, its because when we do carry out sun rituals like Christmas we are really worshipping multidimensional aliens and therefore give them the right to rule over us. We are in a continuous vicious circle of subconsciously agreeing to be slaves of a deceptive force because we are hypnotised on a five-sense level to physically carry out the rituals that make it so. It is the greatest deception ever. We literally worship our enslaver because our enslaver has hypnotised us into worshipping our enslaver’s agents and its symbolism (The Sun)

I will tell you again that there is a multi-dimensional force that is farming the human race. This multi-dimensional force uses its agents, that hold high positions of status, and mythological symbolism to put the masses in a continuous and powerful physical and emotional trance and then steals their spiritual energy through deception, which in turn spiritually imprisons them. For instance, as long as we let human beings live in cardboard boxes in dire poverty whilst we still collectively praise arseholes, that claim to be agents for a ‘loving god’, in their palaces and temples then we will all be trapped in a spiritual prison for eternity. The Serpent Cult have planned it and indeed want it that way and have been successful with the same scam for thousands of years.

So my friends I come to the end of this part of the journey I hope you enjoyed it. If so I am sure you will benefit from it one day. I really do. I will be providing a couple more examples of energy extraction in the near future before going on to even deeper later in the year, if no one puts a bullet between my eyes first of course. It only seems five minutes ago since I was walking down the Champs Elysees, cursing the price of beer in Paris and writing about this part of the journey, but going off my emails recently I can see some of us are much further down the road than we were just a few months ago. The past is calling for you and I will repeat what it says until you make me shut up.

So I ask you to think about the information surrounding the GEM and I ask you to think about The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum or as I have always called it ‘The Hall of Records’. I ask you to think about the words and information contained in this article. Maybe we can progress together in the coming months or maybe we will just let it all fade away.

That said…In recent months we have gone Swinging on the Gates of Hades, we have Spit Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird, we have Brushed Away the Ashes of Hadrian and now we are Unlocking the Hall of Records. That is not to mention the many other impossible tasks we have carried out before that.

I am sure with support I will have a few more strange journeys to undertake soon in my quest to break the Serpent’s spell. Anyone can come along if they really want to, you have nothing to lose but your chains by doing so… I thank you kindly for reading this article. I am away from tomorrow for about 11 days researching and looking for another key.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze
June 29th 2008.

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved


A Little Bird Told Me……The Eagle Has Landed. (A Delooze News Special Report)

A Little Bird Told Me…


…The Eagle Has Landed

A Delooze News Special Report

Hello Folks,

For those that have followed the Delooze News reports over recent weeks you will know that I have mentioned several areas in the world (Especially in the former Eastern Block regions) that appear to be ‘awakening’ old symbolic areas with new symbolic monuments or at least refurbishing old symbolic monuments on old symbolic areas. Those news reports included the Ukraine, Puru, India, Austria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Greece. Obviously if you only visited the News Headlines page for a quick glimpse, or if you were simply looking for forum gossip material, then you will have missed the bigger picture. I will be doing a few more Delooze News Special Reports on this subject in the future because these matters will need recording for future reference when you can be bothered to take note….. Anyway…

Maybe it is silly to suggest that old symbolic buildings and monuments can be awakened or re-ignited by new symbolic monuments. Let me please tell you that the esoteric knowledge held by
the secret societies that built monuments ‘yesterday’ is the same esoteric knowledge held by secret societies that build monuments ‘today’. They are indeed connected and indeed that is why you find new religious buildings built on on the foundations of old religious buildings. The Serpent Cult agenda is taking place over a long period, of what we think of as time, and not over two nights on a forum thread.

Please let me, if I may, show you just a couple more examples of how new monuments are being put in place to reawaken old ones, even though the event may seem totally insignificant at the time. I am going to show you two relatively minor events, the first one may mean absolutely nothing to you at this moment in time but I want to for future reference with you. The second example is, in my opinion, the blatant work of secret society trickery operating right under the nose of a blind population but I think you will see some connections. The Serpent Cult play on our ignorance. First of all I‘d like to show you a monument that has appeared outside the BBC Studio’s in London. It’s called ‘Breathing’. It’s basically an illuminated torch.



I don’t suppose you think anything of the monument pictured above. It is called ‘Breathing’ please click here for info. It is supposed to be a memorial to the brave reporters and film crews that have died in war zones like Iraq etc. My personal opinion is if that is indeed the genuine reason for it then it is hypocritical in my opinion. Why put a beacon of light on a news corporation building that oppresses the truth and fails to properly investigate the liars that are in positions of power in this world?

I watched with interest as they announced the official unveiling of this monument on the roof of the BBC studios on the 16th June 2008 and I laughed at the hypocrites as the puppet Ki- Moon literally spoke to the world about it. I mentioned it to a few people in general conversation a few days ago but
nobody gave a monkeys toss about it. Why should they? Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, Boring, Boring and more Boring isn’t it?

For those that are not bored, especially the English readers (Brits), I will ask you… Do you know you paid for the monument? What do you mean you didn’t? Well I’ll tell you, you did. If you pay for a TV license you did anyway! Indeed the BBC has been paying for quite a few ‘art projects’ on our behalf. The 33ft ‘Light Cone” only cost around £900,000, ($1,750,000) on its own but there are others planned and others that have already taken place. Indeed another £100,000 ($190,000) is going on the lighting system. They have literally sacked workers just to pay for these works of art. A further more expensive project is planned in the same area as breathing… Quote…

“The most expensive work commissioned by the BBC
is from Canadian artist Mark Pimlott which is costing licence fee
payers more than £1.6m. Pimlott was asked to design a public sculpture
in the centre of a new piazza that will be created between the new and
old wings of Broadcasting House. His design, called World, is a gently
curving paved floor inscribed with lines of latitude and longitude and
names of places and regions across the world.” (Source) 


Pimlotts future creation (£1.6million) to go with Breathing
(Ps look like a sun to me)

The sad thing is that I know and I know some of you know that the powers that be don’t care about a few reporters being killed, indeed the PTB care even less about film ‘crews’ being killed too. Indeed the ‘powers that be’ murder some journalist themselves if they happen to see or threaten to say too much. In my opinion this breathing monument has nothing to do with respecting journalism, apart from a token gesture and an excuse to put the monument there in the first place, and the monument is being used to carry out covert rituals at a later date. The BBC is controlled by the Serpent anyway an all its corruptions are hidden from the public through fake sentiments like placing memorials to the dead.

We are dealing with inter-dimensional forces that need you to ‘respect’ and ‘accept’ their symbolism. Just like the Americans respect the Statue of Liberty if you like. I realise that this cone does not compare in stature with the Statue of Liberty but that does not matter, it is being still being made a massive focal point, an energy creator in my opinion. As I have said many times, ’emotions
create energy’.

What most people don’t realise with this new focal point is that it actually ‘mirrors’ an old focal point. In this case it’s the All Souls Church located across from the said monument.. Indeed it’s a strange looking building. Breathing was officially unveiled by UN general secretary Mr Ban Ki-Moon at dusk following a speech.


All Souls Church
All Souls Church and Breathing monument
All Souls Church and Breathing monument

I ask you now can the ‘Breathing’ Monument placed there not only attract respect to itself and the hypercritical BBC and stooge UN Leader that announced it, but is it also there to attract respect to the monument that it is located next to it? Indeed is it possible that the Breathing monument is simply there to ‘illuminate’ the All Souls Temple? Look at the pics above and think about it again. Here are the words etched on the new monument.

life turns and turns on the crystal glass
breathing in our body
silence is a voice, our voice
silence is a body, our body
life turns and turns on the crystal glass
breathing in our body
I invite you to breathe
I invite you to listen to the silence

The All Souls Church was built by John Nash who was also responsible for Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch to name a few. Obviously he has tried a few aprons on in his time and took part in a few knobbly knees contests! So I’ll say no more on that. It should be obvious to anyone that this Temple is built based on esoteric geometry, even the foundations of the Church are
exactly 13 feet deep. So my little band of inquisitive minds what is the point of me telling you this stuff. Well, I’ll ask you this, is it just a coincidence that a torch of light (inverted spire) matches up
with the spire on All Souls Church? Is it a coincidence that the 33ft high cone is given worldwide publicity by someone as high ranking and as symbolic as Mr Ki-‘Moon’ (United Nations)? Why is the All Souls Church being hyped with this story about a memorial anyway? All this could be coincidence I know…  I realise that.

I thought long and hard before even considering reporting this matter as it may be paranoia or I am getting wrong vibes about it and I surely have a hell of a lot of other work to produce that is far more clear cut than this and I didn’t have time to waste on it. I could have just put it on news headlines
without comments. I was going to abandon my thoughts on it when I was suddenly was directed to some more information regarding the actions of the same BBC art projects. The same force that is behind the creation of the breathing monument and other symbols around the old All Souls Church is also behind other projects funded by the licence payer! So just forget about the breathing monument for now, we will come back to it at a later date.

Let’s focus on a little project that was officially announced in Liverpool a while back as it easier to show you the symbolism on this one. You might see this one more clearly. Take a look at this picture showing ‘a work of  art’ (basically a bird on a stick). This bird on a stick cost £59,000 ($115,000) Yes it cost £59,000 of tax payers money (Source).

On the face of it the hypnotised public haven’t a clue what’s going on.They blindly and apathetically accept these things without even thinking about it. Granted some people question the costs but it really is only a token gesture and these things are rarely looked into. So let me look into this seemingly innocent £59,OOO bird on a stick monument.

Tracey Emin unveiling her £59,000 artwork

Firstly let’s have a look at where it has been placed. It has been placed outside a building know as the ‘Oratory’. The Oratory if full of symbolic sculptures You can see in the picture below that the Oratory was built to Ancient Temple type specifications. It was built by John Foster who had visited and researched ancient Temples, including the Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Apollo (Sun Gods). In other words it is at least in part a replica of ancient temples

The Oratory Liverpool – In part a replica Sun temple

 Is it again possible that new symbolic monuments have been placed in locations to highlight old symbolic monuments to symbolically awaken them (attract attention to them). In this case a new ‘bird on a stick’ has been placed outside an old Temple containing old artifacts in a similar vein to the new Breathing monument and old All Souls Church, and of course the artifacts in it? Let’s have a look at the symbolism behind the the bird on a stick. Let’s look at the name of the artwork too. Its called ‘Roman Standard’. Basically the Roman Standard was the emblem carried by the legions of Roman soldiers. The most important Roman Standard is the Aquila. What does an Aquila look like,

as is was used by the Romans, you might ask? Well yes folks it is a bird on a stick. (Copyright issues Tracey?)

Ancient Birds on a bloody Stick (Aquila)

OK? Let’s have a look at the artist that got £59,000 for creating this bird on a stick. ‘Tracey Emin RA’
has personal links to Madonna and Elton John amongst other symbolic celebrities. She is simply in the ‘clique’ of agents for the Serpent. Her name says it all for me Emin or Emim. She is a descendent from the Holy Lands. I am almost sure, like many hyped celebrities and many Royal Academy members, that Tracy hasn’t a clue she is being used simply as a symbolic mule but sometimes I get the impression some celebrities know full well that they are or at least their greed leads them into situations they enjoy.

Anyway… So is it just a coincidence that an official Roman Standard has ended up outside a replica of an official ancient Temple? Please someone tell me why a totally working class City like Liverpool would want a bird on a stick placing outside a clapped out ‘Oratory’ anyway?

So what is the symbolism behind such an act? The word Oratory simply means composition and delivery of speeches. So what is this little bird really saying at a cost of £59,000?


Tracey outside a symbolic Temple (Oratory) with her symbolic £59,000 bird on a stick)

Tracey Emin claims that it was the City’s mythical emblem the ‘Liver Bird’ that inspired her creation she named the Roman Standard. I am sure it did. But what inspired the powers that be to put a £59,000 bird on a stick outside the run down Oratory? Here is a quote from the Observer about the matter…

“In December The Observer obtained emails which showed that BBC staff had to ‘invent’ a reason to explain why licence fee money had been spent on such a project. Senior BBC publicist Janet Morrow wrote to Vanda Rumney, head of BBC communications, warning of a ‘sticky situation on the public art front which might blow up’ and admitted she had ‘invented’ a reason for why the Emin sculpture was commissioned. She wrote: ‘We could be pressed about exactly how much it cost and why it’s appropriate for the BBC to spend licence fee money in this way, especially at a time of supposed

I’d sum it up by saying  both artist and commissioners just go with the flow created by the system in the hope the stupefied masses stay stupefied. Anyway look again where this bird on a stick is located… Surprise Surprise The shithole of an Oratory has an Obelisk!


Surprise Surprise The shithole of an Oratory has an Obelisk!


The Oratory (SIDE VIEW) …would you stick a £59,000 piece of art here?
Well would you?

Maybe the PTB would have been better spending £59,000 on doing the Oratory up or at least knocking it down. Anyway moving on…

Liverpool is famous for its ‘Liver Birds’ (Oh you crafty bastards you!) It has proudly displayed its ‘Liver Birds’ for years and no scouser worth his or her salt will not offer his very life up for the honour of a ‘Liver Bird’. (Pronounced lie-ver bird) The official history of the Liver Bird is confused because in my opinion it is simply meant to be that way.

The Mythical (Mythical my arse) Liverbird

It is obviously linked to King John who allegedly originally named the town Liverpool. That said I think the Liver Bird is representative and symbolic of the Eagle that ate the ‘Liver’ of Prometheus and I believe the symbolism is also linked to the sun god Zeus (Jupiter) and his son Apollo and the Oratory building is also linked to the sun god Zeus and Apollo. I also believe that delivery of the Aquila ( Via Ms Emin’s pathetic bird on a stick) to the Oratory in the City of Liverpool was linked to an ‘awakening ceremony’ that took place at the Oratory behind closed doors. Maybe that’s going a bit too deep for now? I assure you it goes a lot lot deeper. Mind you this humble News Report is only to point out certain new symbolic monuments being added, by the free will of the public, that are appearing in certain areas next to old symbolic monuments and I have reported that to the best of my ability.

I will report on the deeper stuff connected to the monuments mentioned in this news report in the years we have left ahead of us.

I only suggest at this time in 2008 that there is a monument awakening event going on. That said it may be just be a coincidence and not part of an agenda to carry out symbolic reawakening
rituals eh? I maybe just barking mad..(Woof)

So let me just say that the powers that be have ‘arranged’ for these coincidences to take place. I have mentioned many times before that council buildings are used after hours for occult rituals. Do you think the placing of this bird on a stick (Roman Standard) is just a coincidence?  Again do you support and endorse such things? No I hear you say.  BUT… Yes you do because you paid for them and did not object to them being built. The same scenario of our free will creating such art work applies in all cities and in all countries around the world, some previously reported on these very news pages.

Mythical Liver Bird Mythical God? 

I suppose at the end of the day it is food for thought and expensive food for thought at that. No matter how I try to lose my working class programming and I really do have constant attempts, genuine attempts, to be just like Colin Fry (Hey… what a nice boy) to improve my ways.
I have to admit that in certain circumstances I find it very hard to do just that.

Indeed when I see monuments like the Roman Standard and prima-donna celebrity artists playing silly buggers and corrupt organisations and secret societies taking the piss, then the ‘factory worker’ in me surfaces, I forget all about spiritual journeys or exposing interdimensional cults, and I get the urge just to shout out loud “59 GRAND?… FIFTY NINE THOUSAND POUNDS?… £59 GRAND FOR A FUCKING BIRD ON A STICK JUST TO PLONK OUTSIDE A DERELICT SHITHOUSE… FOR CHRIST’S SAKE…  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?”

Wake up!

I mean come on… WAKE UP!

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

The Parable of the Drunken Man by Matthew Delooze

Drink til’ you drop down?


The Parable of the Drunken Man

By Matthew Delooze

Duncan was a drinker who visited two local pubs on a regular basis. One was called The Cock and one was called The Bull. Duncan would pick and choose which pub he went in at any one time. When in the Bull, after drinking a few pints, he would claim The Bull served the best beer in town and the regulars were the salt of the Earth. When in The Cock, after a few gins, he would claim The Cock sold the best spirits in town and the regulars were the apple of his eye.  He was happy sitting in either pub and the two pubs were happy to serve him. One day the said landlords of each pub fell out over a trivial difference of opinion and they had a  row over who served the best drinks and ended up having a price war to compete for custom. Duncan went in The Bull and was offered free beer to stay there and not to visit the Cock.

He merrily feasted on the free beer and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Cock, really sold the crappiest gin and its regulars were a bunch of stupid idiots. The Landlord of the Bull heard Duncan’s words and offered him eternal free beer if he pledged loyalty to the Bull.  Duncan thought he was in paradise and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Bull because he was drunk.

The next day the landlord of the Cock, who had heard of what had happened, invited Duncan, who was really just seeking a place of comfort, to drink gin for free in his pub. Duncan again merrily feasted on the free gin and when intoxicated he stated that the opposition, The Bull, sold the crappiest ale and the customers were a set of morons.  The landlord of the Cock gave him more free gin to stay in the Cock for his deeds and for saying these things. Duncan thought he was in paradise again and his love for the landlord grew and he pledged his loyalty to the Cock because he was drunk. Duncan still went in both pubs and spent more and more time in them.

Eventually Duncan’s wife was sick of Duncan’s ways and knew he was being hypocritical and so she said to him one Sunday lunch time… “Husband how can thee feast in one pub and criticise another when they both make thee the same drunkard? How can thee drink Gin and Beer and then criticise only the Beer and how can thee drink Beer and Gin and then criticise only the Gin. How can the salt of the Earth suddenly lose its taste and how can the apple of your eye suddenly make you blind? “ Duncan’s wife then turned to the other visitors in the pub and said “Let him who is of sober mind supply my husband his next drink.”

Duncan never swallowed another drop

(By Matthew Delooze 17th June 2008)

McCartney gives huge free concert in Kiev – A Delooze News Special Report

It’s Raining on Treachery Gate


A  Delooze News Special Report

Paul McCartney has just completed a free concert in Kiev. I was actually shocked to hear that ‘old tight arse’ McCartney had done something for nothing but apparently a millionaire business man paid for it so he didn’t use any of his billions. 200,000 people attending in the pouring down rain and millions more watched it on large TV screens. (Nothing new there then eh?). I have done a few Delooze News Special Reports recently about the old eastern block countries that have suddenly found ‘new wealth’ and a passion for building occult monuments. Kiev is no different indeed its a good example..
Please click here for some basic information.

Goddess Statue Kiev

I just did a little research on the location of the concert and sure enough the same basic principles of the energy extraction scenario appeared to me like a coconut falling on my head. Obviously the Goddess Statue (energy extraction point) was there in the form of obelisk and dome (See above). This time the Goddess Statue is disguised as an ‘independence column’. (Nice one). As I said a lot of things have happened in the East since the illuminati brought down the wall. I believe there is also an ‘awakening’ of old energy sites going on around the globe and the illuminati are recreating or reopening a network of spiritual energy extraction sites right under our very noses.  In Kiev ‘they’ have also restored what’s known as the Treachery Gate which i believe will be used for many rituals on the square in Kiev.

Treachery Gate Kiev.  I don’t have to mention arches, ‘sun’, pillars etc do I?

I will say that Independence Square in Kiev is going to be typical of many cities in the Ukraine and around the world in the future. Indeed the illuminati was creating this situation long before the wall came down. I also point out that the Goddess monument in Kiev has only replaced a monument of Lenin, its in the exact same location. This is typical activity with the Serpent Cult because it realises the public has to accept the statue as being in their favour to extract energy.  ‘Same Scam – Different Statue!’

These ‘squares’, as I have pointed out in the past, have been laced with occult symbolism. When the Serpent Cult wish to exploit energy at certain times they will attract a crowd to the squares either through concerts for positive emotions or through demonstrations for negative emotions. Its the same thing for the Serpent Cult.. and that is ENERGY. The aim is to gather a large crowd to a certain place. Indeed at this Square there is an underground shopping mall topped with Glass domes and pyramids to add further energy extraction in the area (See Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird regarding glass Pyramid used)

Energy Scam in front of the Goddess Statue and replica geometric temple in Kiev. ‘Plugging in the energy supply’!

The symbolism being displayed mainly goes unnoticed by the crowds. I am sure no one at the McCartney concert realised they were screaming under a symbolic Goddess deity and at the doors of a temple when they screamed for Paul McCartney at his ‘free’ concert. The same situation applies for the greedy shoppers ‘under’ the goddess statue in the globus shopping mall. They too are
just as much a victim to this scam as those that surrendered energy at the McCartney concert.

McCartney is the pied piper to get muppets to scream at at an occult monument and release free willed energy (click on the link to the concert, please do so now, and look what is directly behind the stage!)

It is not a crime to enjoy yourself at a concert. It is not a crime to shop please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. It’s just that the people cannot see that their activities have been ‘branded’ with occult symbolism (monuments logos etc) and all the emotions created by the said activities goes to the creators and suppliers of the symbolism.

That is the Serpent Cult.

This news report is just another small example of how the masses are being herded to create energy for inter-dimensional beings through release of emotional energy near occult symbolism and   spiritual energy points (pin pointed by occult monuments)

Ignore my claims by all means, but please don’t say you wasn’t informed.
Thank You

Matthew Delooze

McCartney gives huge free concert in Kiev


KIEV (AFP) – More than two hundred thousand people gathered Saturday
under a downpour on Kiev’s Independence Square, the high place of
Ukraine’s “orange revolution”, to hear a free concert by ex-Beatle Sir
Paul McCartney

Click here for official news report