Local concerns over Indian utopia – (Including another ‘Delooze News Special Report’ – Aborting from the Golden Womb)

Aborting from the Golden Womb


By Matthew Delooze

On initial observation it appears that a perfect world is being created in ‘Auroville’ . …Quote from official website….

“Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.”

Let me say now I am all for people doing what they believe to be right and in no way I am criticising folk that want to go and live in Auroville, especially if if matches up to what is claimed in the quote above. Click Here for info on Auroville. There is a symbolic building called Matrimandir at Auroville which simply means ‘Temple of the Mother’ or ‘Mother’s Shrine’. It is claimed that this is a place of non-religion Quote ‘The Mother’…

“Let it not become a religion”, the Mother said. “The failure of religions is… because they were divided. They wanted people to be religious to the exclusion of other religions, and every branch of knowledge has been a failure because it has been exclusive. What the new consciousness wants (it is on this that it insists) is: no more divisions.

I found it very hard to believe that this organisation was not linked to a religion. A look at the ‘founder’ of this organisation, Sri Aurobindo, should tell you that it is linked to religion, Mainly Hinduism. Sri Aurobindo was born Aurobindo Ghose and he was clearly inspired by Yoga and the Hindu religion. He died in 1950 but not before recruited Mirra Alfassa AKA ‘The Mother’ to carry on his work. Aurobindo created the ‘Sri Aurobindo Ashram’ but later did a runner and left the symbolic ‘Mother’ to build it up. The Ashram indeed did not use the ‘name’ of the Hindu Deities but Mirra Alfassa refers to Sri Aurobindo as ‘Krishna’ and Sri Aurobindo saw Mirra Alfassa as the ‘Divine Mother’. They were indeed, my truth seeking friends, symbolic deities themselves and are treated as such by the people, their disciples, who claim to be a non religious organisation. Indeed in my opinion Mirra Alfassa and Sri Aurobindo simply represented the Hindu deities. I am not here to tell you whether these people are confidence tricksters or whether they worked knowingly or unknowingly for a deceptive force.


The late Sir Aurobindo & The late Mother

Please do your own research but I tell you the truth when I say that I believe getting on your knees (or sat on your arse doing yoga) to respect Mirra Alfassa,The Mother, outside the Matrimandir is no different to getting on your knees surrendering to Isis at the Temple on the island of Phillae. Indeed this temple is on a par with the Egyptian midwife deity, Hathor, and her temple in Dendera. Take heed of this as I kid you not!

I only need to look at the geometry of the Temple known as the Matrimandir (Mothers Shrine or Mother’s Temple) to know that something doesn’t feel right. Take a look at these photo’s.

Half completed?

Take a look at the official site explanation about some of the main symbolism here. Basically this ‘thing’ is based on the Sun (Domed Temple), the Equinox (4 Pillars) and the Zodiac (12 Gardens). It is a ‘Sun Temple’. It is even allegedly laid out as a lotus flower. (Sun rebirth symbolism) Here is a picture from above.


Considering this Ashram at Auroville claims to be non religious, the aerial view of the area looks like the Cosmic Egg or World Egg to me, indeed I thought the Matrimandir itself represented the ‘Golden’ Womb which would coincide with it being named the Mothers Shrine. The Hindu’s call this the Hiranyagarbha but this thing has nothing to do with religion has it? Well has it? Remember The Mother says it has nothing to do with religion so you better bloody believe it and start going ‘baa baa’. This thing also has an ‘inner chamber ‘ that displays this one ball.

The inner chamber Click Here and scroll down

Please click on the link above but I will quote..the official site regarding the ball..It claims…

The most important thing is this: the play of the sun on the centre. Because that becomes the symbol, the symbol of future realisations.”

Oh my brothers I realised alright! ….So what can be said about this Auroville and its Matrimandir? Is it a place of tranquility? A utopia for the masses is it? Is it ‘religious free’? If so why do I not have the urge to bugger off there and wallow in spiritual freedom? You know and I know deep down that this ‘Auroville’ is just as much a prison as your own home town is becoming through our apathy, if not a lot worse. Indeed in my opinion The Matrimandir is another blatant in your face energy stealing monument. If you have clicked on all the links and taken in the info can I ask you if you want to run off and live there? Maybe the main stream media report linked earlier is true and the place is full of abuse and corruption anyway?

This Matrimandir is just an other rehashed version of the Dhammakaya Cetiya in Thailand that I reported on earlier in the week, in my opinion. The only difference is that the Matrimandir is more blatant about the actual Sun Worship.

I would be only too glad to say in this article..come on folks lets bugger off to Auroville and ‘boogie’. But I can’t. This is nothing new. It’s the same bloody scam that has gone on for millennia. WAKE UP!

In my honest opinion this Auroville is a farm full of delusional sheep that will surrender their own spiritual energy in the name of the adored ‘Divine Mother’ through the symbolic sun womb. The Temple (The Womb) known as the ‘Matrimandir’ will act as the energy transporter to the underworld (Lower 4th)

I can only tell you again that emotional respect creates spiritual energy. I can only tell you again that the masses will be conned into attending events around or inside symbolic ‘sun monuments’ that will be created to display symbolism and occult geometry. When this occurs the participants will be required to release emotion (energy) and these emotions will be created through manipulation of the mind (like Christmas time).

Once this spiritual energy is created it is directed to the central focal point of the event. In this case it is the ‘Mother Temple’ in Auroville. The energy was created ‘for’ the Temple, through free will, therefore the temple can harness and transport the energy to another dimension to the creators of the symbolism and the geometry that the temple is based and built on. (Cosmic Copyright sort of thing if you like!)

Laugh if you want.

I think I have said enough and I am sure those that have read my stuff before are now understanding the true meaning of certain esoteric monuments that are appearing in this world. Again I am not criticising any one who want to live in Auroville. I can see how peace keeping people would be attracted to the principles that are promoted by The Mother. But if this is a true ‘utopia’ then I’m a red assed baboon in kinky underwear. In my opinion its another sun worship energy extraction farm and it will help enslave mankind not free it.

Before I sign off from this ‘Delooze News Special Report’ :) I’d like to show you this picture.

Door to the Golden Womb (No sun symbolism there then eh? said Stevie Wonder)

It’s a ‘door’ in the Mother’s Temple. A vaginal opening if you like? Especially if you see the temple as a ‘golden womb’, in the ‘non religious’ Auroville of course. This door was inaugurated on February 21, 2008. There was a full lunar eclipse on that day.

There is no doubt in my mind that Auroville and its temple have been created not as a utopia but as a symbolic Sun Temple. I suggest that if you are you going to ignore these things then you do so at your spiritual peril.
Thank you for your time. May Love Reign O’er You All

Thank You

Matthew Delooze

Source for news report…

Local concerns over Indian utopia

Auroville sounds like a throwback to the 60s, advocating no rules and leaders and promising peace and harmony, but Rachel Wright hears claims of exploitation and abuse at the southern Indian community. Some call it the giant golden golf ball, and the description is just right. The Matrimandir – literally the temple of the Mother – is a huge eight-sided almost-spherical building.  “A place where there were no rules, no leaders and no money”

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